Shane Andrew Bond not guilty of the murder of Elisabeth Membrey

A SUPREME Court jury has found Shane Andrew Bond not guilty of the murder of Elisabeth Membrey 18 years ago.

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Shane Bond leaving the Supreme Court last week.

The jury this morning found Bond not guilty of murder and manslaughter.

Bond, 45, of Launching Place, denied murdering the 22-year-old at her Ringwood East unit in 1994.

Ms Membrey was last seen leaving the Manhattan Hotel in Ringwood in Melbourne’s east, where she worked as bartender, on December 6, 1994.

Her body has never been found.

This morning Bond stayed impassive as the verdicts were delivered.

The judge thanked the Membrey and Bond families for the way they carried themselves.

The accused’s mother Nola Bond and father Les entered the dock and hugged their son as mother and son wept.

At the beginning of the trial, the Crown criticised initial police investigations of Ms Membrey’s disappearance as biased and flawed and Mr Bond’s defence said there were no witnesses, DNA or fingerprint evidence linking him to the alleged crime.

In evidence given during the trial, father Roger Membrey told the jury of he and his wife’s growing concern when they went to their daughter’s unit after her disappearance and found blood.

Mr Membrey told the Supreme Court he recalled going to his daughter’s Ringwood unit with his wife Joy after phone messages went unanswered on December 7, 1994.

Elisabeth had failed to attend a doctor’s appointment that day, the jury was told.

“We were getting a bit concerned because the girls didn’t seem to be there, they weren’t answering, and the place was in darkness,” Mr Membrey said.

They managed to get inside the unit.

“We were pleased to see that everything was neat and tidy . . . so it all looked very normal, but there was one exception to that, of course,” he said.

That exception was a pool of dried blood in the hallway. Mr Membrey said he rang 000 and taxi services to see if an ambulance or cabs had been called to the home.

“It was all negative, negative,” Mr Membrey said.

14 thoughts on “Shane Andrew Bond not guilty of the murder of Elisabeth Membrey

  1. This sad case was always going to be near impossible to have someone convicted of the crime. When it came down to no physical evidence ,only the word of someone saying they mentioned something to them years back makes it virtually impossible to convict . Feel so sad for the young girls family,and pretty sure the cops know who killed her,they just don’t have that crucial link that definitively ties the killer to the crime. I doubt the cops would want a normal joe blow locked up for murder on such flimsy evidence of he said,she said. So I feel they’ve got the right bloke,just not that crucial breakthrough,again,how heartbreaking for the family.


  2. Yes its a long bloody time to wait for the family to get this result isn’t it Johnny! A lot of time has passed and DNA now just wasnt the same back then, either was the collection and retention of potential DNA.

    Bond will still have it pretty tough but I bet ACA or some mob is doing a paid interview right now!


    • Terrible result after 17 years for Elisabeth’s parents and family. However, that is our system of law. Due to the prolonged jury deliberations, I had a feeling it would be a hung jury or an acquittal. If/when the double jeopardy law is abolished in Victoria, provided new evidence becomes available, this case may be revisited. Very much like the result of the Jaydyn Leskie case, but at least his parents had a body to bury. There was no solid evidence to connect this defendant to the case and acquittal is always the risk when there is a prosecution on circumstantial evidence alone. Very disappointing for the hard working police who gave their all to bring this matter to trial.


      • Hi Kathy the double jeopardy law has been abolished her in Vic as far as I know. Would be brave prosecutors to take any murder suspect on again unless they have 110% DNA proof.

        I think it has to be NEW and substantial evidence that has been discovered etc…


  3. How i would love to have the system of justice that says you have to prove your innocence not guilt just as we do with traffic offences. Justice is justice why is there a difference is it just money?


  4. Hi Robbo, Yes I agree. I was not aware that the amendments had actually passed into law. Have sent you an article in relation to the same. The amendment is restrictive and requires at least 110% as you say.


  5. Thinking now this case being solved is in the laps of the gods. The one real chance to have the pig responsible for this murder brought to justice lies in someone,somewhere actualy finding a body. It will happen one day,what day,who knows,but really apparat from a confession,it is the only hope they have. I’d bet apart from the killer,someone else knows where the body lies. Do they have a conscience ? Think of the shoe being on the other foot. Come on whoever you are,have a heart. Why protect this maggot. Karma is a bitch.


    • i was a witness in the case against shane and am disgusted at the acquittal. i can tell you he has priors for bashing girls the maggot


  6. The main witness, his room mate at the time, is a close family friend of ours and he has told us that Shane has boasted to him a number of times about murdering him. He is however a known alocholic and has been in-and-out of jail so doubtful that his word is correct.


  7. I was 13 years old and my father was a Police Officer at the next station along from Ringwood at the time, and there was a theory that her body was buried in the construction site that became the extension to Eastland shopping centre in Ringwood. If that’s the case, sadly, her remains will probably never be recovered, and new evidence probably won’t appear.


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