Bikie wars: Jacques Teamo shot at Robina – Updates on Finks bikie Mark James Graham

update 03/05/12

AN ACCUSED bikie gunman – with tattoos spelling ‘carnage’ and ‘revenge’ on his face – has appeared in a Gold Coast court amid massive security.

Scores of uniformed and plain-clothes police surrounded Southport Magistrates Court for the appearance of Finks bikie Mark James Graham.

Bikie gunman Mark James Graham is escorted by police officers into Queensland on Wednesday.

Graham, 26, faced court on a string of charges over last Saturday’s double shooting at Robina Town Centre.

Senior Bandido’s bikie Jacques Teamo and a woman bystander were shot when Graham allegedly opened fire in the packed shopping centre.

Graham was arrested in Melbourne on Monday night and extradited to Queensland on a police jet.

With fears the Southeast Queensland’s bloody bikie war could escalate further, police were taking no chances today.

There was a large police presence at Southport Court for the appearance of a man accused of shooting a bikie.

Police including officers from the elite Special Emergency Response Team massed at the courthouse.

People going into the court were stopped, questioned and in some cases searched.

A heavily-tattooed Graham displayed no emotion as he sat handcuffed in the dock with a posse of police standing guard and SERT officers watching closely from the front row.

Six officers stood guard over Graham in dock.

He was formally charged with attempted murder, unlawful wounding, acts intended to cause grievous bodily harm, possess a weapon, discharge weapon in public place and dangerous conduct with a weapon.

Police prosecutor Peta Eyschen asked for Graham’s image be suppressed from media publication for 72 hours.

Magistrate John Costanzo asked for justification for making such an order.

Sergeant Eyschen replied that identification of the shooter would be central to the case and police did not want evidence to be “tainted”.

She said Graham’s image should also be suppressed “in the interests of justice” for him and his family.

Mr Costanzo asked for legal precedents and the case was briefly adjourned.

Sgt Eyschen returned to withdraw the application.

Mr Costanzo remanded Graham in custody to re-appear on June 13 by video link from jail.


HEAVILY-armed police have arrested a Victorian man over a Queensland bikie shooting which wounded two people, including an innocent woman.

Officers from the Operations Group and detectives from bikie taskforce Echo swooped on Mark James Graham in Melton about 8.20pm yesterday.

The 26-year-old Keilor man was remanded in custody at an out-of-sessions hearing.

He will face the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court later this morning.

A Queensland police taskforce into the wave of bikie violence had been unable to identify the heavily-tattooed man who allegedly opened fire on a rival in a packed Gold Coast shopping centre on Saturday.

Forty-two-year-old Jacques Teamo, who is linked to a bikie gang, was shot in the arm and a 53-year-old woman was caught in the crossfire in the shooting at Robina Town Centre.

Detectives from Queensland are expected to travel to Victoria to apply for Graham’s extradition.

Officers from Victoria Police, Queensland Police and the Australian Federal Police were involved in a joint investigation which led to his arrest.


POLICE have released images of the man wanted over the double shooting at Robina Town Centre yesterday.

It is alleged he was shot in the arm and the woman in the buttocks. Both were in a stable condition last night.

Investigators are looking for a man who has been described as being of either Pacific Islander or possibly Middle Eastern appearance.

He is approximately 180cms tall with a muscular build and has heavily tattooed on both arms, neck and face.

Three of the images depict a man with a black jumper and two of the images depict the same man with a white shirt.

VICTIM: A file picture of Jacques Teamo, the Bandidos motorcycle gang member reportedly shot at Robina Town Centre on the Gold Coast

A woman, 53, was shot in the crossfire as a heavily tattooed bikie opened fire on a rival gang member, believed to be Jacques Teamo, at the packed Robina Town Centre.

Police confirmed the male victim was aged 43.

It is alleged he was shot in the arm and the woman in the buttocks. Both were in a stable condition last night.

Hundreds of shoppers ran for their lives while shopkeepers closed stores and cowered behind counters with customers as shots rang out outside a phone shop near the centre’s busy food court and cinema complex.

Man and woman shot at Robina Town Centre

Bikie Inc – Organised crime on the Gold Coast

Bikie’s wedding on rival clubs’ warpath

“I heard a massive bang and turned around and saw the gunman with his hand out and he went ‘bang, bang’,” said one young male witness, too frightened to be named.

“I ducked down and grabbed my girlfriend and ran. We saw the guy who got shot – another big bikie guy had been shot straight through his arm.”

The witness said the bleeding bikie started walking away with a young child who appeared to be his son.

“The guy who shot him just casually walked out and went down the escalator, just like nothing happened,” he said.

Witnesses said both bikies were covered in tattoos.

Hayley Crowe, who works in a shop metres from the shooting, said she heard the gunshots and saw shoppers screaming and running.

“There were people running into our shop,” she said.

“Pretty much everyone locked themselves in our back room and closed the door.

“We were pretty scared. It’s not something that happens on your average Saturday afternoon at Robina.”

English tourist Jason Chambers was heading to the food court with his girlfriend.

“I don’t want to say it was like something out of a gangster movie but that’s exactly what it was like,” he said.

“I didn’t think this kind of thing happened in Australia.”

Tweed Heads woman Aimee Tilton said she scooped up her two children, aged 5 and 2, and ran into a card shop to hide.

“My first thought was obviously my kids so I just grabbed them and ran into Kenny’s Cardiology and jumped behind the counter,” she said.

Dozens of police swarmed on the centre and cordoned off a blood-spattered first-floor thoroughfare, which only minutes earlier had been crowded.

Shoppers said they were shocked and angry the bikies were now waging war in public places where innocent people could get hurt.

“It’s completely ridiculous,” one man said.

Why don’t they just take their feuding and violence somewhere else where nobody can be killed?”

Police Inspector Bruce Kuhn said the gunman was still at large but did not believe he was a public threat.

“At this stage we don’t believe there’s a threat to any other person,” he said.

He would not confirm a link to Tuesday’s drive-by shooting at the Bandido-owned East Coast Ink tattoo shop at Mermaid Beach but said investigations continued.

Insp Kuhn said it was fortunate more people were not injured. “It is a very busy shopping centre and there were a lot of people in the vicinity,” he said.

Queensland Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson yesterday said the bikie war was the worst he had ever seen in Queensland, while Police Minister Jack Dempsey said the Government would crack down on illegal firearms, imposing harsher penalties.

Mr Dempsey said the Government would look at laws specifically focusing on outlaw motorcycle gangs. “We’ll be looking at all laws to ensure that these illegal groups are not feeling comfortable in their beds and in their homes,” he said.

The gunman was described as being of Islander appearance, 180cm tall, of muscular build, with full neck tattoo.

Call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 with any information on the incident.

24 thoughts on “Bikie wars: Jacques Teamo shot at Robina – Updates on Finks bikie Mark James Graham

  1. give them all a 200 acre compound somewhere.
    throw all the bikie gangs in.
    give them an arsonal of guns & ammo & let them at it….
    Problem solved…


    • you can take patches away and you will still have these flare ups this is not a bikie war it is a few drug dealers sorting their shit.Baning clubs won’t put a dint in this type of thing.We have a piss weak,corrupt system that shits and pisses it’s pants even thinking about trying to reign in the drug industry so they gee the media up about those outa control bike clubs.The bloke who stupidly let a couple rip on at robina would of done it regardles of wether he or his mate where patched up


      • If the filthy rotten corrupt cops had any brains or balls, then they would just blow up all bikie clubhoue’s simultaneously and point the finger at each blown clubhouse’s rival gang. Gang warfare is shoved in the publics face by the media constantly so its believable Hoppers, not to mention too easy. In fact its almost the perfect crime …


  2. My husband & 10 year old son were there. My heart was in my throat waiting for him to answer his phone when it came over the radio. I have never in my life felt so ill. It’s getting beyond a joke & were it happened is were we shop all the bloody time. My children don’t need to grow up with this sh*% happening.


    • I also was there and seen it unfold literally before my eyes. Teamo’s 2 kids were also there. Teamo managed to keep that from the media and the most detrimental part (for him) of the ordeal, that he in fact instigated it by provoking and lunging at graham with a knife. As the saying go’s, you don’t take a knife to a gun fight .


  3. IDIOTS. One of the rules about “business” is “be discreet”. This kind of thing will attract the very kind of public outcry smart gangsters try to avoid.


    • I reckon the so called hitman wasn’t given a “Choice”…regardless of whether he thought it was a stupid place to do it or not. It may of been his (very short lived) get out of jail free card from the threat of something similar?!?!???

      Because a chimpazee would know that inside a shopping centre in broad daytime with thousands of shoppers and cameras is not a ideal place to carry out a hit…


  4. This f&*(er lives in my neighbour. He is a major creep and is it any wonder my house got robbed last year. Wish he had got shot and killed, don’t need scum like him here.


    • Do you even know him? I’ve met him around a few times, he is actually a really really nice guy, maybe he would be so “scary” if you weren’t an intimidated little bitch or maybe if you didn’t stare at him.


      • He is scum and i reckon your full of shit saying u ‘met up’ with him a few times unless u already know him and tryin to make ur Nike bikie bro look good or u think u do, which would make u his little lacky to use at his disposal. Wake up to yourself loser. Its because of leeches like u, that these plastic gangsta’s get around thinking they invincible the way u suck and stroke their egos while glorifying them. Only good bikie is a dead bikie!


  5. Firstly, our media glorifies the under dog, Chopper had done a good job of this. Now a few years down the track after the publication of his silly sh%$ series, you get people like graham and teamo getting tatted n’ roided up running around thinking their street kings, but when really they’re just a bunch of sad kids that didn’t make it to the football team and got picked on in high school and have to prove themselves to society.

    Secondly anyone with face tats on their face with Carnage and Revenge obviously is “majoring” in the faculty of unemployment and has no “choices” in life (as you say Robbo) but only to shoot and kill and be glorified by their own shit club for bicycle enthusiasts.

    Lastly, the whole scene of bikies firing at each other and carrying on like a bunch of retards (especially the finks, they are just a bunch of stick-up kids with no bikes) should have zero tolerance from the police. This can be done by gun control laws as such, even introduce a law on disbanding members from gangs. Yes, you’ll have the odd dickhead coming out saying everyone has a right to join a a Motorcyclist enthusiasts club, but that one should also be locked up too, because liking a bike and being apart of a social club that helps society is the right way to go, these clubs obviously don’t do that.


    • Very well said australiano75! getting sucked into those so called Clubs is a form of brainwashing.The bottom dwellers are used and abused while the money lads are living on the coast somewhere untouched waiting for the cavalry to turn and and take all their toys away as profits from crime, and maybe a short stint in jail.

      These younger punks are being sucked into to potentially killing someone for basically nothing.

      Dickhead probably never touched a gun a month ago, head to toe in tats, he might of looked tough in the street he lived in, but he will get into jail and see that everyone looks like him, and they wont taken a second blink… and he will learn what tough really is with all the other losers. A waste


  6. Saw some bad dudes in his street looking like they might be planning to have another shot at getting him this morning. Maybe they might succeed this time. If I was him I would go into hiding and not return to where they all know he lives.


  7. Face and hands – that’s crown land Jacques, naughty boy..
    As the gunman committed this shooting in QLD, will he serve time there or will he serve time in VIC? Do some bikies purposely get locked up to provide protection in jail, or boost numbers of the clubs in jail?


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