Max Sica GUILTY- Singh Murder-UPDATE-GETS 35 YEARS

UPDATE 06/07/12

ALMOST a decade after her children were murdered, Shirley Singh still lays out their clothes, makes them dinner and lights a candle so they don’t have to sleep in the dark.

They called her their tiger – their ferocious mother who would protect them from the evils of the world.

But she couldn’t protect them from Max Sica.

It is a truth that haunts her every day, a reality that has seen her attempt suicide, blame her only living child and push others away as she descends into the madness of a grief too great to bear.

The tragic life of Shirley Singh was revealed yesterday through victim impact statements read to a packed courtroom as her former neighbour was sentenced to 35 years’ jail for the brutal murders of her three children – the longest penalty in Queensland history.

The jury was discharged on Tuesday but nine chose to return to hear Justice John Byrne lock Sica away.

They stared in shock as the Crown detailed Sica’s life of crime.

Before he murdered the Singhs, Sica and a gang of thugs burnt down police stations, set fire to schools and fired a rifle into a house in a violent “rampage” lasting months, the court heard.

This was information that had been kept from the jury, so as not to skew their view when it came to deciding whether he was guilty of killing his former lover Neelma, 24, her brother Kunal, 18, and sister Sidhi, 12.

The jury’s mouths hung open and their stares of disbelief soon turned to glares.

They folded their arms, shook their heads and waited for him to look up. Sica never raised his eyes.

But it was the story of Shirley that had them wiping away the tears as they shared in her sorrow.

It had been nine years since “that” phone call, Shirley said in her statement to the court.

The children were dead, the caller told her. They’d been murdered.

It was her years of torment that would see most of the court reduced to tears – even Sica’s mother, Anna Maria, a steadfast believer in his innocence.

Sometimes Shirley would take sleeping tablets, drink wine and stumble into the nearby cemetery in the middle of the night, searching for their graves.

On the day of their funeral, she went on a cleaning frenzy, telling her friends that her children were coming home.

Once, she was found passed out in a park. It was Sidhi’s favourite place and Shirley had gone looking for her.

She stopped eating meat after seeing the state of their bodies after having been left in a hot spa for two days.

She was told not to sit with them before the funeral, with others worried the images might haunt her.

“I so much wanted to touch them but was scared as I did not want to hurt them because their skin was burnt,” Shirley said.

She became distraught when they were cremated. She wanted them embalmed and kept with her always.

Later that night, she went into Sidhi’s room and took her pillow. She hugged it as she sobbed for the little girl she’d lost.

“I then wrapped it in a blanket and held it in my arms, asked her for forgiveness for not being there and sang her favourite lullaby song and slept with it.” She did this every night until the pillow was taken away.

Kunal had left half a can of Coke in the fridge. She still has it. Sometimes she kisses it.

She hung pictures of them all over the house so they would always be with her. Some, she placed on their beds, where she lays out their clothes each day. She irons for them, folds for them and cooks for them.

Supermarkets are a nightmare and she tries not to look as she walks down aisles that hold their favourite foods.

The Singh house is a shrine to their dead children. The spa that became their grave is where she lights a candle each night “so they are not in the dark”.

“Even though people have asked me how I am living here, and my answer is, ‘How could I turn my back to my children after what has happened to them? What will they think of me – their tiger and not a coward?’ ”

The police telephone call that changed Shirley’s life in 2003 came to Sonia Pathik, too– her eldest and only surviving daughter who no longer lived at the family home.

How tall were her sisters and brother, the police had asked. What were their dates of birth? What did they look like?

Three bodies had been found in the spa of her parents’ ensuite, they said. Her descriptions matched. Could she come and identify the bodies?

She got off the phone, gasping for breath, the shock bringing on an asthma attack.

“I am the oldest and I am the protector,” she told the court through her victim impact statement.

“I hated myself. I know what it feels like to be numb.”

For a long time she blamed herself. But worse – her parents blamed her, too, saying she should have been there.

“I became a forgotten child,” she said.

“My life will never be the same. They will not come back to me.”



CITATION: R v Sica [2012] QSC 184


SICA, Massimo

FILE NO/S: BS68/11




COURT: Brisbane

DELIVERED ON: 5 July 2012


HEARING DATE: 5 July 2012


ORDER: As per sentencing remarks.


– GENERALLY – where accused convicted of three counts of murder – where accused on parole when committed the murders –where a non-parole period of 35 years was imposed for the three counts of murder

COUNSEL: B Campbell for the DPP

S Di Carlo for the defendant

SOLICITORS: Director of Public Prosecutions for the applicant

Legal Aid Queensland for the respondent

[1] Massimo Sica,

[2] In the middle of the night of Easter Sunday 2003, you went to the home of the Singh family.

[3] Neelma Singh was expecting you.

[4] Her brother, Kunal, aged 18, and sister, Sidhi, just 12 years old, were also in the house, probably asleep.

[5] Something happened in Neelma’s bedroom between the two of you

[6] Enraged by jealously most likely, you strangled Neelma with both hands, using sustained pressure for about a minute, intending to kill her.

[7] To ensure that Kunal and Sidhi would not tell that you had murdered Neelma, you murdered them too.

[8] You struck their heads with the tines of a garden fork, inflicting multiple blows with severe force.

[9] Neelma was probably dead when you struck, and disfigured, her face with the garden fork.

[10] You put your victims into the spa bath in the master bedroom ensuite.

[11] Your savage attack on Kunal had rendered him unconscious. He drowned after you filled the bath with water and covered the three bodies with bedding.

[12] These are brutal, horrific crimes – in the worst categories of murder.

[13] You set about covering your tracks.

[14] You cleaned up to some extent, using bleach.

[15] You implemented other measures to deceive the police.

[16] The deception you practised included using your own children, taking them to the house on the Tuesday afternoon, when you pretended to discover the bodies.

[17] You are manipulative and deceitful; and the pretences continued.

[18] A couple of examples may be mentioned.

[19] You feigned distress in making 000 calls and later that Tuesday during an interview with the police.

[20] Much the same thing happened when, during a walk-through of the house on Anzac Day, you presented yourself as overwhelmed by grief.

[21] And you lied – often: in particular, when you asserted that you were at your own home that Easter Sunday night.

[22] You were 33 years old at the time, on parole, with a criminal history that includes serious offences.

[23] You have no remorse whatsoever. Your only anxiety is for self-preservation.

[24] Illustrative of the absence of any remorse is this; since the killings, by your deliberate conduct, you have consciously added to the agony of the Singh family; as examples, you had it insinuated that Mr Singh may have instigated the killings, which is despicable; and, at the committal and at trial, your defence raised publicly matters of private concern with, obviously, a significant potential to humiliate Mr and Mrs Singh and Mrs Pathik; matters that, as you well knew, had nothing to do with the murders. Such misconduct tends against leniency.

[25] The murders have had devastating consequences for the Singh family.

[26] The victim impact statements of Mr and Mrs Singh and the surviving sibling, Mrs Pathik, reveal the awful miseries that they have experienced in the last nine years, and point to the suffering that they will endure for the rest of their lives.

[27] I have had regard to the factors specified in s.9 of the Penalties and Sentences Act

1992, including those listed in sub-section (4), in deciding on the minimum non- parole period.

[28] I have also taken into account totality considerations, which require the Court to examine the overall behaviour involved in the three murders in deciding on a just, appropriate non-parole period. Totality considerations operate as an ameliorating factor.

[29] Still, your offending is so very grave that it must be met with condign punishment.

[30] Massimo Sica,

[31] You are sentenced:

  • for the murder of Neelma Singh, to imprisonment for life;
  • for the murder of Kunal Singh, to imprisonment for life;
  • for the murder of Sidhi Singh, to imprisonment for life.

[32] Pursuant to s.159A(3) of the Penalties and Sentences Act 1992, I declare the 1,299 days spent in pre-sentence custody from 29 October 2008 until 13 November 2008, and from 30 December 2008 until today to be imprisonment already served under each of those sentences.

[33] Pursuant to s.305(2) of the Criminal Code, it is ordered that you must not be released from imprisonment until you have served a minimum of 35 years imprisonment, unless released sooner under exceptional circumstances parole under the Corrective Services Act 2006.

UPDATE 03/07/12

Max Sica faces decades in jail after being found guilty of murdering Singh siblings

Max Sica has been found guilty of brutally murdering his ex-girlfriend and her two siblings.

MASSIMO “Max” Sica is now staring at the prospect of one of the longest non-parole jail terms in Queensland history.

Standing in the dock of Brisbane’s Supreme Court yesterday, he remained motionless, stony-faced, almost uninterested as he was told three times he was guilty of murder each verdict taking him a step closer to spending the rest of his life in prison.

After 79 days of evidence, during which Sica was animated, blowing kisses and greeting his family, his team of supporters gasped, cried, wailed and muttered words of disbelief.

But the 42-year-old simply stood, hands clasped in front of him, as his jury’s foreman said he was guilty of killing his former girlfriend Neelma Singh, 24, and her siblings Kunal, 18, and Sidhi, 12, in April 2003.

The trio were found dead in an overflowing hot spa at their parent’s Bridgeman Downs home in Brisbane’s northern suburbs.

Sica is expected to receive a mandatory sentence of life imprisonment for each murder, but it is also expected the Crown will ask he serve a minimum of 45 years in jail, 15 years for each death.

Murder carries a mandatory life sentence in Queensland, with a minimum non-parole period of 20 years for those found guilty of multiple killings.

Max Sica 000 call

Listen to the Triple-0 call Max Sica made to report the discovery of three bodies in a bathtub at the Singh’s Bridgeman Downs home.

The siblings’ mother, Shirley Singh, in the public gallery of Court 1 two floors away, hugged herself as she watched the video feed of the verdict.

After the verdicts Mrs Singh said she still carried “horrible visions” of what Sica did to three of her four children.

Relive the Max Sica trial with our online coverage

Sica, when asked if he wanted to address the court, said: “Well, I didn’t kill no one and the Queensland justice system is corrupt, OK? Sorry. That’s all I have to say.”

Justice John Byrne then invited the jury to remain for the sentence if they wished.

All 12 jurors, weary after four months of evidence and four days of deliberations, elected to stay.

However, Sica’s barrister, Sam di Carlo, was absent, leaving his instructing solicitor Peter Saggers to request sentence be adjourned until 10am tomorrow.

Prosecutor Michael Byrne, SC, said the delay would allow the Singh siblings’ father Vijay Singh, the opportunity to be present for the ruling .

Outside court yesterday, Sica’s enraged mother, Anna Maria, maintained her Max was innocent. “I know my son’s innocent!” she said. “I know my son! You understand?”

Sica’s father, Carlo, wept as he tried to comfort his wife, saying: “Come on baby let’s go.”

Police Assistant Commissioner Mike Condon, outside court, paid tribute to his officers and the Singh family.

“The Singh family are a courageous group … (and) their energy drove us when we were struggling and perhaps starting to second guess ourselves on whether we’d ever solve it,” he said.

Jury retires to decide fate of Max Sica, accused of murdering Singh siblings

UPDATE 27/06/12

THE jury has retired to consider its verdict on the 76th day of the Singh siblings murder trial.

In the Supreme Court in Brisbane, Justice John Byrne finished his summing up to the jury and then sent the panel – eight men and four women – to deliberate.

The panel was minus the three emergency jurors who sat through the entire trial in case they were needed to replace someone on the panel proper.

Follow the Max Sica trial day-by-day here

The jury will consider evidence from 100 witnesses including Sica and Singh family relatives, friends of the victims, forensic experts, Singh family neighbours, workers from nearby building sites, and police.

If found guilty, Sica could face three life sentences each with a minimum 15 years before he is eligible for parole – making 45 years.

Max Sica, 42, has pleaded not guilty to murdering Neelma Singh, 24, Kunal Singh, 18, and Sidhi Singh, 12, at Bridgeman Downs, on April 21, 2003.

At the resumption of the trial on Wednesday morning, Justice Byrne told the jury he had realised that he missed a page while reading his summary.

He then read a passage in which Sica allegedly told witness Andrea Bowman that he would not be stupid enough to take police to where jewellery missing from the house was to be found.

Justice Byrne then told the jury if they needed any assistance for redirection on the law or any matter he would do his best to help them.

Triple murder trial adjourned

May 10, 2012

The trial of accused triple murderer Massimo ‘Max’ Sica has been adjourned as a result of “unforeseen matters”.

When court was due to resume this morning for the 49th day of the trial, Justice John Byrne sent a message to the jury saying “matters had arisen” that would delay proceedings.

Mr Sica, 42, has pleaded not guilty to murdering his ex-girlfriend Neelma Singh, 24, her brother Kunal, 18, and sister Sidhi, 12, at their Bridgeman Downs home in the early hours of April 21, 2003.

The court was due to hear today from Canadian crime scene impression specialist Robert Kennedy who was called upon after the alleged murders to examine bleached foot impressions that were found by police at the base of the staircase in the Singhs’ home.

The jury has previously seen video footage of Mr Kennedy conducting a series of tests with Mr Sica at the Petrie police station in 2004 using a set of replica stairs.

Prosecutors have alleged Mr Sica strangled Neelma and then murdered her two younger siblings with either a garden fork or a heavy long-handled spatula, to prevent them telling police.

The trial will resume on Monday.

The Max Sica Trial-Commenced Jan 31, 2012 – at the Brisbane Supreme Court – Currently on Day 45

Already the Biggest and longest Criminal Trial in Qld History

Scheduled to go for 5 months, over 800 witnesses and a jury pool selected from thousands down to 12 jurors and 3 reserves. They are all there for the Murder Trial of Massimo “Max” Sica, who has been charged with murdering Neelma Singh, 24, (his ex girlfirend) Kunal Singh, 18, and Sidhi Singh, 12, who were found dead in their family home at Bridgeman Downs, in Brisbane’s north, on April 22, 2003.

THE MAIN PLAYERS (hover over each photo for information)


‘Nasty’ police called Sica witness ‘loony’

POLICE investigating murders of the Singh siblings accused of ignoring a witness in the trial of Max Sica because they thought she was “loony tunes”.

Singh detective denies tricking witness

THE lead investigator in the Singh murder trial denied he had tricked a witness out of claiming he saw one of the siblings hours after police believe she was killed.


Cool down, gents, orders Sica trial judge

FIERY scenes in Singh siblings murder trial lead judge to call for “composure break” during cross examination of the chief investigating officer.

Kindnap plot ruled out in Singh case

FOUR men caught before they carried out a kidnap plot on Brisbane’s southside were in jail when the Singh children were murdered, a court heard Tuesday.

2 days ago

‘Cops blamed Sica from the start’

COURT hears lawyers for alleged killer Max Sica accuse police of treating him as the prime suspect in Singh sibling murders from day one.

3 days ago

Murder scene footprint ‘may be Sica’s’

AN expert forensic podiatrist could not eliminate accused killer Max Sica as the person who left a footprint at the Singh family murder scene, a court heard today.

5 days ago

Podiatrist to tell of footprint clue

AN EXPERT podiatrist will on Monday give evidence about whether a footprint found in bleach at the Singh siblings’ murder scene could be linked to their accused killer Max Sica.

Last week

Police built replica staircase in Singh case

POLICE built a replica staircase of the Singh house to test accused killer Max Sica’s feet after a foot imprint was found in bleach, a court has been told.

Police tested whether Sica put foot in it

POLICE experts spent hours examining feet of accused killer Max Sica after an imprint was found in bleach at the Singh siblings murder scene, a court hears.

Last week

Not my car near Singh house, says Sica

ACCUSED killer Max Sica vehemently denied to police it was his car spotted in a street near the home of the Singh siblings on the night police say they were murdered.

Blood of victims on garden fork

THE blood of all three murdered Singh siblings was found on a garden fork that the killer had tried to wipe clean, a court was told yesterday.

Last week

Sica ‘home the night Singhs killed’

ACCUSED killer Max Sica told police he was home the night the Singh siblings died after plans to visit Neelma fell over because she was ill.

Sica’s computer was erased, court hears

POLICE found accused killer Max Sica’s computer was encrypted and its hard drive erased when they went to his house on the day he found the bodies of the Singh siblings, a court heard.

Last week

Sica admits sending nude Singh pics

ACCUSED killer Max Sica changed his story and agreed he had sent nude pics of his ex-girlfriend Neelma Singh to her family and friends to spite her father, a court heard today.

Neelma kept Sica texts after nude photos

MURDER victim Neelma Singh kept phone messages from accused killer Max Sica after she believed he had emailed nude photographs of her to friends and family.

Last week

Mum ‘belted Singh sister’ over cake for Sica

MURDER victim Neelma Singh was once assaulted by her mother because she had given her now accused killer Max Sica a banana cake, a court has heard.

2 weeks ago

Sica used ‘Mad Max’ as online alias

ACCUSED killer Max Sica used a series of noms de plume on the internet that included Psycho Max, Naughty Max, Mad Max and Softservelover, court hears.

2 weeks ago

Alleged kill weapon stashed behind BBQ

POLICE found a garden fork allegedly used to bash the Singh siblings hidden behind a barbecue in their garage two weeks after the children were murdered, a court hears.

3 weeks ago

Video shows Sica crying in Singh home

ACCUSED killer Max Sica broke down and couldn’t continue when police took him on a walk through of the Singh siblings’s murder scene, a court has seen.

3 weeks ago

‘Why would I do such a thing?’

ACCUSED killer Max Sica tearfully denied to police that he had murdered the three Singh siblings, asking detectives why he would do such a thing, a court has heard.

3 weeks ago

Sica cheated on new lover with Neelma

MAX Sica told police he remained in a sexual relationship with Neelma Singh up to the time of her death despite having a new girlfriend, a court hears.

3 weeks ago

Police didn’t ‘drop the ball’ at Singh home

ONE of the first police officers to find the bodies of the murdered Singh siblings has told a court how she didn’t have time to “drop the ball” as she followed procedures to secure the area.

Police officer tells of finding bodies

THE barrister for accused killer Max Sica yesterday clashed with the first police officer to see the murdered Singh siblings bodies.

4 weeks ago

Sica trial stalls as juror takes sick

THE Max Sica murder trial will not sit today after a juror became ill and was taken to hospital by ambulance.

4 weeks ago

Don’t call my girl, Sica warned love rival

ACCUSED killer Max Sica warned off a Fijian rival who lost his virginity to Neelma Singh, telling the love-sick teen to stop ringing her, a court hears.

5 weeks ago

Sica ‘at death house for 30 minutes’

WITNESS says Max Sica arrived at the Singh family’s house 30 minutes before the accused murderer called the police to report that he had found the Singh children’s bodies.

5 weeks ago

Docs know how, but not when Singhs died

FORENSIC experts unable to estimate the time the three Singh siblings were murdered because their bodies were left in a running spa bath, a court has heard.

5 weeks ago

Neelma ‘bashed with garden fork’

ONE of the murdered Singh siblings, Neelma, was bashed with a garden fork before being strangled to death and her body placed in a hot spa bath, a court heard.

5 weeks ago

Singh murders later than thought

A YOUNG girl and a dog were spotted at the Singh house hours after police believed the children were already dead.

6 weeks ago

Flying trestle ‘almost hit Sica children’

FLYING trestle almost hit Max Sica’s children while they were waiting for him at a house where he found the bodies of the murdered Singh siblings, court told.

6 weeks ago

Sica ‘cried’ after deaths, web date claims

ACCUSED triple killer Max Sica was “inconsolable” and often cried following the deaths of the Singh siblings, according to a woman he met on a dating website.

6 weeks ago

‘Scream, shots’ day after Singhs killed

SINGH murder trial takes a twist with witnesses telling of  “blood curdling scream” and “gun shots” day after police say the siblings were killed.

6 weeks ago

Time dispute in Sica murder trial

THE time accused killer Max Sica arrived at a house to discover the bodies of the three Singh siblings was put under the microscope in a murder trial today.

7 weeks ago

Friend’s horror over ‘naked Neelma’ email

A FRIEND has told the Max Sica trial of her distress when she received a photograph of Neelma Singh naked and handcuffed to a bedpost.

7 weeks ago

Singh girl ‘cried after seeing Sica email’

Sidhi Singh was reduced to tears during her 12th birthday party when she saw an email from her accused killer Max Sica, a court has been told.

7 weeks ago

Murder trial told of picnic before death

THE youngest of the murdered Singh siblings, Sidhi, was happily playing with a friend on a picnic only hours before she was battered to death, court hears.

Sica trial: Singh sick before death

ONE of the murdered Singh siblings had declined to go to a party on the night he was murdered because he was feeling ill, a court heard yesterday.

7 weeks ago

Sica warned ‘not to do anything stupid’

MAX Sica’s parole officer told him to “not do anything stupid” when he complained that Neelma Singh might try to have him arrested, the Singh murder trial has heard.

Questions over mystery in Singh case

LAWYERS for Max Sica, the man accused of killing the Singh siblings, have raised questions about the night a mystery car was seen near the murder victims home.

7 weeks ago

Mystery car spotted near Singh house

A MYSTERY car was parked in a street near the home of the murdered Singh siblings on the night they were allegedly killed, a court heard today.

Sica tells of kidnap plot

THE accused killer of the Singh siblings, Max Sica, knew of an unrelated plan to kidnap an Asian businessman and hold him for ransom, a court was told yesterday.

8 weeks ago

Neelma didn’t believe brain tumour claim

NEELMA Singh told her doctor she didn’t trust her ex-boyfriend Max Sica’s claim that he was dying of a brain tumour, murder trial hears.

8 weeks ago

Sica and murder victim had ‘rough sex’

NEELMA Singh allegedly told a close friend that some of her “intimate experiences” with her now accused killer Max Sica had “hurt her”, the Singh sibling murder trial hears.

Neelma Singh fist fight lesbian sacked

LESBIAN French woman who had fist fight with Neelma Singh at airline attendants’ training course in Dubai was sacked, the Singh murder trial heard today.

8 weeks ago

Neelma ‘had fight with French lesbian’

NEELMA Singh had a “physical fight” with her French lesbian flatmate while training to be a flight attendant in Dubai, the Singh sibling murder trial has heard.

8 weeks ago

‘Gay Sica in sham relationship with Neelma’

ACCUSED killer Max Sica claimed to be gay and in a sham relationship with his girlfriend Neelma Singh when he encouraged her ex-boyfriend to rekindle a relationship with her, a court heard today.

Singh ‘feared for daughter’s life’

VIJAY Singh complained to police shortly before deaths of his children that he feared for safety of his daughter after she broke up with accused killer.

8 weeks ago

‘Mystery visitor’ on night Singhs killed

THE identity of a mystery visitor to the Singh home on the night three siblings were murdered had troubled their surviving sister for nine years, a court hears.

‘My sisters were scared’, says Singh

SISTER to murdered Singh siblings said Neelma and Sidhi appeared “frightened” at a family function a few days before both were killed, a court hears.

Singh sister issued warning before slaying

A WOMAN whose three siblings were brutally murdered repeatedly warned her younger sister to stay away from the accused killer, a court was told.

9 weeks ago

Singh sister denies sending sex emails

THE older sister of the slain Singh siblings has denied creating adult sex web pages of herself that were emailed to her extended family and friends, a court has heard.

Singh mum: I won’t look at naked pics

THE mother of the slain Singh siblings threatened to walk out of court if she was shown a naked photograph of her daughter which had been emailed to family and friends.

9 weeks ago

Singh mum ‘argued with husband’s lover’

MOTHER of murdered Singh siblings had heated argument with her husband’s married lover outside a pizza shop in Fiji, court told.

9 weeks ago

‘A wife’s duty to be in threesome’

FATHER of murdered Singh siblings told wife she would be failing in her duty to him if she didn’t take part in three-way sex with strangers,  court told.

9 weeks ago

Accused killer kept visiting us – mother

12:44PM ACCUSED triple murderer Max Sica persistently visited his alleged victims despite being repeatedly told by their parents to stay away, a court has heard.

Nude photos of Neelma sent to family

MURDER victim Neelma Singh was ashamed when emails featuring nude photos of her were sent to a large number of her friends and family, a court heard today.

10 weeks ago

Singh’s sleep haunted on night of murder

FATHER of the murdered Singh siblings had a “horrible dream” and woke screaming on the night they were allegedly killed, a court hears.

Sica trial delayed by traffic chaos

THE Singh sibling murder trial was delayed after a juror failed to arrive on time – almost certainly because of traffic chaos around Brisbane.

10 weeks ago

‘Goody goody’ Sica ‘brainwashed’ Singhs

THE father of the murdered Singh siblings accuses murder accused Max Sica of brainwashing his family by acting in a “goody, goody” way, a court hears.

10 weeks ago

Sica trial reveals sex in the suburbs

SORDID sex in the suburbs, bitter business deals and domestic violence were among the accusations thrown before the jury in Queensland’s biggest murder trial.

10 weeks ago

Singh bashed daughter for talking to boy

FATHER of the murdered Singh siblings once faced court for bashing his daughter with a pool cue because she was talking on the phone with a boy.

Sica trial sex secrets aired

ALLEGATIONS of threesomes, prostitutes and erotic massages arose in the Singh murder trial as the sex lives of the victims’ parents were laid bare.

11 weeks ago

Singh father ‘wanted threesome with Sica’

THE father of the murdered Singh siblings today denied he once asked his wife to approach his children’s accused killer Max Sica to take part in a sexual threesome.

Sica trial hears of three-way sex

THE “dirty laundry” of Vijay Singh, the father of the murdered Singh siblings, was aired in court with evidence of three-way sex and a mistress.

11 weeks ago

Sica ‘threatened to kill father’

ACCUSED triple murderer Max Sica was caught on tape threatening to “put down” the father of the Singh siblings, court told.

11 weeks ago

Singh father tells of row with Sica

FATHER of the murdered Singh children told a trial how he had a heated argument with their alleged killer, Max Sica, when Sica asked to marry his daughter.

Jury hears call of ‘upset’ Sica

THE jury in the Singh siblings murder trial has heard a triple-0 emergency call in which accused killer Max Sica was distraught when reporting the discovery of their bodies.

11 weeks ago

Sica suicide threat over ‘brain tumour’

JURY in the Singh siblings murder trial hears recording  in which accused killer Max Sica claimed he would commit suicide because he had a brain tumour.

Sica called Hindu god on Singh father

THE man accused of murdering the Singh siblings had earlier sent an  email to their father hoping for his divine punishment, a court has been told.

11 weeks ago

Victim ‘sent email wanting her dad bashed’

NELMA Singh once asked her alleged killer to bash her father because she believed he was cheating on her mother, a Brisbane court has been told.

12 weeks ago

Sica ‘confessed’ to Singh killings

A MAN who is accused of strangling his girlfriend and killing her two siblings allegedly “confessed” to killing her to a friend who was writing a book on the murders, a court heard.

12 weeks ago

Sica had complex relationship with victim

MAX Sica allegedly strangled his girlfriend and then murdered her two younger siblings as they were the only potential witnesses to his crime, a court heard.

14 weeks ago

800 witnesses for Sica murder trial

ONE of the biggest murder trials in Australian history under way with 800 witnesses listed to appear as Max Sica pleads not guilty to murdering the Singh siblings.

14 weeks ago

Jury challenge for Sica trial

SEVERAL hundred potential jurors have been told to gather in Brisbane’s Supreme Court on Tuesday for the start of one of the biggest murder trials in the state’s history.

-115 days ago

Sica fails in bid for judge-only trial

ACCUSED triple murderer Max Sica will have his case heard by a jury after his application for a judge-only trial was refused.


33 thoughts on “Max Sica GUILTY- Singh Murder-UPDATE-GETS 35 YEARS

  1. I was a friend of Max’s and I know how much he loved Neelma – I do not believe he did this. Just wish they would find the true murderer!


  2. I feel very sorry for the Singhs. Not only have their lost 3 children but they’ve also had to endure the very public revelations of their non-traditional sex lives in court for the whole world to judge.


  3. To the friend of Sica. I don’t know enough about this case to say whether I think he’s definitively guilty or otherwise.
    I do know that he’s a bad egg, though. Trash. Burning down cop shops and then wanting to sue Corrective Services for a purported back injury. He’s a waste of space, through and through. Bludging scum. Just like like the Bogan family screaming and swearing at the media. Calling jurors ‘retards’. Pots and kettles!


  4. I agree Logic9. It was a completely disgraceful display by the Sica family outside the courthouse following the announcement of the verdict. Although this case was based solely on circumstantial evidence, I keep coming back to the fact that personal items relating only to Max were taken from the home at the time of the crime. These personal items would mean nothing to anyone else but Max Sica. I’m sure no other person would bother to take a diary or a locket with Neelma and Max’s picture in it.


  5. Disgraceful display by the Sica clan – the apple has not fallen far from the tree. Sica is a psychopath and belongs behind bars. The Singh parents are not much better. Poor kids never had a chance.


  6. I remember that week in April of 2003… and that grim find up in Bridgeman Downs… and the rumours that were going round then….

    BUT I knew HE did it from the outset…

    I knew this man burnt down the old Ashgrove police station on the corner of Waterworks and Jubilee Tce years ago…. and did a whole lot more which I won’t mention…

    (Back in the 90s Brisbane still had suburban police stations dotted throughout the suburbs… just like a house with a “police” sign on it…. before they were shut down (or burnt down) and they established big stations like the “new” Indooroopilly one…)

    When the police spoke outside the court in the presence of Mrs Singh, it’s clear just how much these things affect the actual police officers too…

    Assistant Commissioner Mike Condon in that Channel Nine report Robbo posted… that man has seen much in his career… for him to get emotional like that… it shows the impact…


  7. anonandthatshowilikeit: people DO kill people they love, sometimes its because they love someone so much that they actually kill them. IIRC Neelma cancelled a visit from him just before the murders? He might have been in a jealous rage. Someone else mentioned there wasn’t a trace of his DNA. That in itself doesn’t prove him innocent. It just means he was careful, therefore pre-meditated.


  8. From the CM…

    Sica’s barrister Sam Di Carlo has asked for a sentence between 20 and 30 years for his client.

    Di Carlo says the Singh murders were not in the “worst category” because both Kunal and Sidhi were killed in their beds while asleep and did not experience the horror of other notoriously brutal murders committed in Queensland.

    But Justice Byrne interrupted, saying it was not known how much terror the children experienced.

    “The lives of an 18-year-old and a 12-year-old meant nothing to him,” he said.

    “Why is it not in the worst category?”

    “It’s certainly a horrific murder,” Di Carlo conceded.


  9. Interesting that Sica’s barrister is seeking less served time rather than appealing the verdict? Also, how does the barrister know that the other two were asleep?


  10. the prosecution says the yonger two were killed/attacked in their sleep…. he is just going off what the prosecution allege happened… rather ironic IMO


  11. He got the longest sentence ever in QLD….

    Then that shows we need heavier sentences for murder… how many do you need to commit before you are locked up permanently ?


  12. I think 35 years without parole is pretty much a permanent stay in prison. What’s happening with the child sex offenses charges? Are they still pending as well?


  13. Anon. I note you use the past tense to describe your friendship with Sicko Sica. Did things sour? He doesn’t seem like someone who would have a host of loyal pals from youth group days, etc.
    I agree with poster re Mr Singh, too. He’s an embarrassment.
    But the Sicas Took the prize for their self righteous and indignant display of disrespect and utter filth, with their bombastic bombardment at the media. The old mamma Mia was like a wild cat, too. You wouldn’t want to accidentally clip their heels with your trolley in Woolworths. They’d just about knife you.
    Filthy pigs.


  14. Hi guys…

    I think you’ll find he has always had a defiant attitude to the law in general and police in particular. And it’s built up over the years, with the family standing behind their boy Max. And the brief times where the law has caught up with him… have only ramped up his/their attitude even further, his crimes have become more brazen… we are seeing that even now amazingly.

    Actually I’d be VERY concerned if this man were to be released on appeal. Because he is a one-man crime wave and certain to reoffend.


  15. I only just noticed the double negative Sica used in Court after the verdict… “Well, I didn’t kill no one…” I wonder if that was his subconscious talking for him??? ;-)


  16. BTW…

    on the 000 call, towards the end… his parents turn up and they speak in Italian…

    Did anyone notice that ?


  17. I havent followed this case at all until today and after reading a littleI was wondering about his children and niece that he had in th car were they put on the stand as I notice another 12 yr old evidence was put to the court and we all know when u are a kid 5 mins seems like 30 mins….Surely the kids would have heard something …I dunno but this case just doesnt seem right…Forgive me if I havent read everything yet but am endevouring to once I get some time to sit and read through all the links on this thread….


  18. yeah its pretty “horrifying” for anyone to be murdered in any circumstances…

    And its amazing…. kill 3 people in America and you’ll defintely get a Red Card or a permanent timeout…

    I ask again Australia… How many people do you have to murder before you get locked up for good ?!?!?!

    3 ? 4 ? 10 ?


    • Maybe you should ask Australia how many people they DON’T murder before you get locked up for any year at all…
      If you don’t realize it your problem but Australia’s justice system is &**&^.

      Edit for “don’tneed”:

      This site is rated, G.


  19. I agree. Just how many murdered people us considered to be the limit here?
    I have a friend who is a forensic psychiatrist. He’s jaded. Understandably. He says that we need to reclassify what constitutes a human being. Sica is testimony to this statement. He’s a textbook example of a repeat offender. I will go so far as to say that he’s in a different category to GBC. Alleged killer GBC committed a heinous crime. Without a doubt. But he IS of a different ilk to Sica. He’s probably a one off offender. Obviously he deserves to be punished to the full extent of the law and then some, if found guilty. Undoubtedly. Someone like Sica gives the everyday parent cause for concern if their child is in the wrong place at the wrong time. He’s spent more of his life offending than contributing anything of value to society. He’s a menace to ALL in society, because he has actively sought out trouble. With little to gain apart from a sick and smug satisfaction.


  20. Ok after reading just what robbo put up 2 days ago I apologise for my previous posts…..this guy is a bloody monster who got what and he deserved and then not even that!!!


  21. OMG I take back what I said. After hearing and reading more into this story I am disgusted with Max and that I ever knew him! I sat back and thought about the kind of relationship I had with him and so much of it makes sense…he is one sick bastard and I hope to God he rots and gets what he deserves in prison. I cannot believe I was fooled by such a psycho.. As my niece who was a friend of Sidhi’s said “I hope he gets F’d up in jail with a pitchfork”.

    Just shows that you don’t always know people.

    RIP Neelma, Kunal and Sidhi


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