Bracken Bridge mother Noni Zischke found murdered -Husband Trevor Zischke Charged…TOWBALL USED

What a shocking situation for another family, this time in Bracken Ridge  Qld…More details to come, but we do know the husband was taken into custody after his car was intercepted on the Bruce Highway following the discovery of his wife’s body this morning…It is alleged he smashed her head with a towball and then stabbed her…A Despicable, gutless, cowardly act

UPDATE 10/05/12

Trevor Ernie Zischke, 53, of Bracken Ridge stared at the floor during his brief appearance in the Brisbane Magistrates Court today where he was accused of murdering his wife Noni, 55, in the bedroom of their home yesterday.

A MAN has faced court charged with the murder of his wife after he allegedly bludgeoned her about the head with a car towball before stabbing her with a knife.

Trevor Ernie Zischke, 53, of Bracken Ridge stared at the floor during his brief appearance in the Brisbane Magistrates Court today where he was accused of murdering his wife Noni, 55, in the bedroom of their home yesterday.

Zischke was arrested when police intercepted his vehicle a few hours later at Morayfield as he headed north towards the Bruce Highway.

Defence lawyer Adam Magill adjourned the case for a mention in June before his client was remanded in custody.

Zischke must go to the Supreme Court if he wants to seek bail, but outside court, Mr Magill said he had no plans to make that application.

“He’s in a terrible state, he’s both emotionally and physically devastated,” he said.

“It’s a tragic end to a very long relationship unfortunately.”

Police are expected to allege Zischke used the towball of a car to bash his wife in the head before stabbing her.

“The facts are very sketchy at this point in time but it does appear that the intention was for him to end his own life but he just couldn’t get to that stage,” Mr Magill said.

Despite the charge, he said Zischke’s family are still supporting him after engaging Mr Magill on Wednesday night.

He confirmed the 53-year-old would be on suicide watch during his time in custody and was more of a threat to himself than anyone else.

“I think there are definitely some mental health issues there. I think the gravity of the whole thing has just hit him now,” he said.

“He’s not in a good way. He’s really struggling with it.”
NEIGHBOURS are “heartbroken” by discovery of Noni Zischke’s body in a Brisbane home. Their reaction follows dramatic roadside arrest of her husband, Trevor  Zischke.

NEIGHBOURS are “heartbroken” by discovery of Noni Zischke’s body in a Brisbane home. Their reaction follows dramatic roadside arrest of her husband, Trevor Zischke.

Police found the body of Noni Zischke in her Bracken Ridge home shortly after 10am.

Neighbours described the mother of two as a “beautiful lady”.

Mrs Zischke lived at the home with her husband Trevor and adult son Tim. Their adult daughter Nicole had previously moved out.

Mr Zischke was intercepted while driving toward the Bruce Highway this morning.

He was driving a vehicle heading north.

Detectives, scenes of crime officers and forensic experts are at the Tallara St home.

Police cordoned off the street after being called to the double story brick house about 10.20am where they located the body inside.

Lathmahina said he had known the family since 1982.

“My wife and I, we went out shopping (about 9.45am) and when we came back the road was packed with cars and we were just wondering what was happening,” he said.

“We came back from shopping and (Tim Zischke) was already here with his sister Nicole.

“Trevor does the mowing. I help him out sometimes with fixing up the whipper snipper.”

Mr Lathmahina broke down as he described Mrs Zischke.

“I look at them just like my family,” he said.

“They were a very nice family.

“She’s a beautiful lady. She respect me. I respect them.”

Mr Lathmahina said he was “heartbroken”.

“It was just like a surprise,” he said.

“Where I come from (PNG) these is no such thing like this. We just help one another.”

Anyone with information which could assist police with their investigations should contact Crime Stoppers anonymously via 1800 333 000 or 24hrs a day.

Detectives driving both marked and unmarked cars detained the man at the entry to the northbound exit onto the Bruce Highway off Buchanan Rd at Morayfield at midday.

He was fitted in a blue suit at the scene, likely in an effort to preserve any forensic evidence.

Police have cordoned off the exit and warned motorists to exercise caution.

Police were called to the double story Bracken Ridge home about 10.20am where the body of a woman was located inside.

10 thoughts on “Bracken Bridge mother Noni Zischke found murdered -Husband Trevor Zischke Charged…TOWBALL USED


    Stunned neighbours, struggling to comprehend the mysterious events, broke down when contacted.

    They described the Zischkes as “the most loving couple you had ever seen”.

    Bradley Brewer, 53, went to Brighton State School with Trevor before moving in across the road almost 20 years ago.

    “We’ve lost two (friends) really,” he said. “We’re just stunned. Since I’ve been (living) here we’ll go and have a beer. We even have street parties here at Christmas time.”

    Mr Brewer said there were no hints of trouble in his friends’ marriage.

    “(Noni) was very quiet. She didn’t drink or smoke. She was always pottering around the garden. Everything (at their house) was always immaculate. (Noni was) very kind-hearted,” he said.

    “(Trevor) and Tim were always tinkering about with his cars and bikes. It’s their kids now we feel most bad for.”

    Barrie Heathwood said Mrs Zischke, who worked in retail, was quiet and the family kept to themselves.

    “It’s a total shock to us all because they were a close family and quite friendly,” he said.

    “There were no problems whatsoever. You don’t hear any domestic arguments – put it that way.

    “It’s all a total shock to us. We’re all still getting over it.”

    J Lathmahina, 24, has known Tim and Nicole his whole life.

    “I’m shocked and upset and just can’t believe it,” he said.

    “They are very upset. I could tell Tim was very upset but on the surface he was just trying to be strong for him and Nicole.

    “(Tim and Nicole) are close and will support each other. They were a lovely family.”


  2. Murder is not in most peoples character…Tragic story…very sad…

    I wonder if recent spousal homicides have ignited something here bill.
    Where something sparked and amid all the current media he said “Fuck it?”

    It does not remove the fact he or others committed a terrible crime.

    But for the majority of murders, it will be the killers only crime they ever commit…

    But for me they all count… Just because someone was known as a good bloke it does not mean they do not deserve to be punished for the rest of their lives…


  3. My thoughts go out for the children. I know them personally and can only imagine how hard this must be for them. Noni was a kind and gentle person.


  4. Noni is my sister and I miss her terribly. I really just hope my brother and my other beautiful sister and Tim and Nicole can maybe one day have some answers as to why it occurred. Noni bought a little fridge magnet for Mel (sister) that I wanted to share as it is lovely : “sister my chance, friend by choice” Noni is sadly missed by everyone who’s life she touched.


  5. I worked at Katies with Noni for only 11 months I may have not known her as well as others, but I am just as shocked as everyone else. It only ever seems to happen to most amazing people. My prayers go out to her family and friends


  6. It is now over 12 Months since that tragic day and I am still to come to terms with it. My thought and feelings go out to His and Noni’s families. No word that I can add will lessen their pain or unfortunately even improve the situation. I am Trevor’s oldest cousin (73) and would willing swap places with Trevor if I could. What happened on that day I do not know, BUT, what I do know is what happened was not characteristic. Having known Trevor since birth if I had to make a list of 100 people who could find themselves in Trevor’s situation, He Would Not Have Been On That List, NEVER.
    Our thoughts Our Love.


    • I am Conans wife (Noni’s sister in law). I hope Trevor realises what he has also done to the family of Noni left behind. I have watched my husband and his family suffer terribly, be kept in the dark, not know, have no input, no rights. Yes you say how out of character…doesn’t excuse the FACT he brutally murdered Noni in cold blood. Mental Health issues? What about the mental health of our family now? He has destroyed so much of our family. I lost my husband over it, watched him hit rock bottom, my children lost their daddy, we lost love, our home, everything. We are now strong enough to reunite again as a family, only after a lot of help and very hard work. I personally believe Trevor should be locked away for the rest of his life. Why should he have rights. He chose to take his wife’s life, he chose to take it in such a inhumane, cruel, brutal way, he chose to take the life of a mother and sister, he should now man up and take responsibility for his actions. Lock him up for life and throw away the key, he does not deserve a family, or support or help, he deserves constant reminding inside a cell of what he DID and the constant pain he has left so many others. Behave like an animal, be treated like one. Can take the life of a beautiful lady but too pathetic to take his own. I only hope his life is totally miserable and non existent.


  7. Well, as yet i dont know much, as usual, but apparently he is being transfered to a mental health institution as its been thrown out of supreme court. My family only know this because of our own efforts to find out with the exception of a few helpful souls in the legal system. Its pathetic!! No word, no info, no nothing! I personally want to lay my beautiful sister to rest properly. The law is insulting, any advice


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