4 Weeks since Allison Baden-Clay vanished, later found murdered…UPDATES

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Overnight Update 2.20am

I hear a breakthrough was made overnight, and you might say the pressure has become too much for some…………………

Also some significant words from the Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson earlier folks, I think the snowball is rolling and getting massive…Damn its 2.10 am and I won’t be able to sleep, I hope some cowardly, gutless, weak, conniving, filthy, dishonest, murdering folk get taken away in the morning. They will cheer in the streets if it does. Go you Queenslanders…

ALLISON Baden-Clay was an innocent whose tragic story captured the hearts of Queenslanders, Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson said yesterday.

As police continue to scour for clues in the hunt for Mrs Baden-Clay’s killer, the commissioner said her heartbreaking death had struck a chord with the public.

“This is clearly a case with significant public interest.”

Mr Atkinson said the intense public interest in Mrs Baden-Clay could be due to the fact that she was a true victim.

“It is dreadful that a mother of three young children has been taken from them,” he said.

“I think in this case there is an innocence about Allison Baden-Clay, there is something that triggers the public.

Allison Baden-Clay, Daniel Morcombe, Sian Kingi, Anita Cobby – I think because people relate to the victim .”

Mrs Baden-Clay was reported missing about 7am and just a few hours later her suburb was overrun with police.

It was the start of a frantic search involving hundreds of police and State Emergency Services volunteers.

A passing canoeist eventually spotted her body under the Kholo Creek bridge.

Mr Atkinson said police responded swiftly and in large numbers for a reason.

“There were alarm bells from the moment she was reported missing,” he said.

Mr Atkinson said some cases needed immediate attention.

“As soon as he (her husband) reported her missing there was concern,” he said. “When it comes to women and children, if you don’t move quickly you might miss something.”

The Police Commissioner chose to not even use Coward Clays name…

Sadly tomorrow already marks four weeks of heartache since mother-of-three Allison Baden-Clay disappeared but the floral tributes being laid at her Brookfield home and at the Kholo Creek Bridge near where her body was found only grow in number.

Flowers are left as a sign of respect on the bridge above where Allison’s body was discovered.

More than 20 detectives yesterday continued their methodical hunt to find Mrs Baden-Clay’s killer from a major incident room first erected at the Indooroopilly Police Station almost a month ago, shortly after the 43-year-old was reported missing by her husband at 7.30am on Friday, April 20, 2012.

It is understood detectives are scouring hundreds of witness statements and are still interviewing widely as they wait for final toxicology results.

Police earlier this week declared that members of the Brookfield community should not fear for their safety, adding they believed Mrs Baden-Clay’s killer was someone she knew.

The community celebrates the annual Brookfield Show this weekend.

Residents of Lintrose Tce at Karalee, on the opposite side of the Brisbane River to where Mrs Baden-Clay’s body was found, said yesterday that they only wished they had heard something that could help the police investigation.

click on IMAGE to enlarge

Residents of Lintrose Tce at Karalee, on the opposite side of the Brisbane River to where Mrs Baden-Clay’s body was found, said yesterday that they only wished they had heard something that could help the police investigation. (CLICK TO ENLARGE)

Many of the properties on the street front the river and have a direct view of the mud bank where Mrs Baden-Clay’s body was discovered.

One neighbour denied rumours that residents living in the area heard a “splash” in the days after Mrs Baden-Clay was reported missing.

“You can hear the traffic on the bridge, definitely, and you probably could hear something if it was quiet but no one along here did,” he said. “It’s awful. I wish we could (help).”

Anyone with information which could help the police investigation should call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

The 2 known people to have been questioned by police happen to be work colleagues, they both have sought legal representation early in the piece…

Does this intersection hold the clue to the Baden-Clay murder?


Moggill Road and Brookfield Road, Kenmore QLD (Click to enlarge)

The police are rightly playing their cards close to their chest in the Allison Baden-Clay murder investigation.

Roundabout approach

Did the killer drive through the Kenmore roundabout at the corner of Moggill Road and Brookfield Road on the night of the murder between 11.30pm on Thursday 19 April 2012 and 4:00am the following morning?

Was Allison still alive in the killer’s car at that time or did she die later?

Kenmore Roundabout taken from CCTV

Even if the killer did traverse this route, the camera may not have captured that exact moment.  Take a look at the above image from the position of the Department of Transport and Main Roads CCTV traffic camera at that location.  The camera points east towards Indooroopilly, meaning that a vehicle turning right from Brookfield Road into Moggill Road would be in view of the camera for a maximum of just over 1 second., perhaps a fraction less.

With the camera updating public images only every 60 seconds, the chances of capturing a particular vehicle at any specific time of the day or night would be at long odds.  A vehicle on Moggill Road travelling eastbound from the direction of Moggill, turning left into Brookfield Road would not be captured at all.

This camera may hold the key clue to the murder

Equally, the killer may have avoided being captured on this CCTV installation by the barest of seconds.

Either way, the Brisbane community rumour mill is now in feverish overdrive that the police will wrap up this case very soon with residents in homes, workplaces and street corners openly opinionating their views.

Like the unsolved Betty Shanks murder in Brisbane in 1952, the Baden-Clay murder will be etched into the minds of the people of Brisbane for generations to come.

The on-going tangled web of circumstantial evidence will slowly but surely point to the killer whose days of freedom can probably be counted on a single hand.

It is not too hard to predict what will happen from here.

 The eventual suspect in the murder of Allison Baden-Clay is likely to be taken for serious questioning to the Indooroopilly Police Station on Moggill Road opposite Indooroopily Shopping Centre and, subject to a successful prosecution for murder in the Supreme Court, remain incarcerated from that moment for the next 20 years or even longer, given the gravity of this horrendous crime.

D-Day approaching for killer

With a team of more than 20 detectives moving forward with their investigation and final post mortem tests becoming available, “D”-Day is about to arrive for Allison Baden-Clay’s killer.

Police have already publicly announced that she may have known her killer.

The team of homicide detectives is playing a masterful game to flush out the killer, drip feeding small tidbits of key information to the media which must be driving the killer insane.

With each small piece of carefully released information, such as the 2 cars seen at Kholo Creek where the body was found, the killer must be frantic to speak to any accomplices to refine their story – something near impossible with police wire taps and electronic surveillance certain to be in place.

The time must be just about up for this killer.

The arrest and subsequent trial is likely to be one of the most-sensational ever witnessed in Queensland.


679 thoughts on “4 Weeks since Allison Baden-Clay vanished, later found murdered…UPDATES

  1. Another question.

    Why would you drive on main roads in your own vehicles with a dead body to Kholo bridge or upstream of it anyway.

    If I am not mistaken you can go through the State forest. Straight off Mill Rd.

    Google maps appears to show quite a number of tracks and the rain came after the disappearance.

    Is that correct?

    What would be the logic of driving around without your headlights on, in your own car, on main roads, with a dead body?


  2. When this link fed across my twitter feed I started reading because I had heard about the case and felt saddened by the death of Allison and devestated for her young family. There are so many blogs to read across the word press site I belong to and I have to admit reading about crime is not my usual genre so perhaps I am just not made for seemingly what it entails. I started reading / commenting thinking it was somewhere people discussed the case and possible reasonable scenarios. I have seen some of that and Robbo I respect your blog and the opportunity for free speech regarding crime that it offers. Mostly though what I am reading now is just post after post of personal slurs against Gerard and the rest of his family, people that I doubt many commenting on here know personally yet somehow feel educated enough on their persona via a mere 4 weeks of media insight to make continual derogatory statements. I have no idea who is guilty of this crime because as yet no hard evidence has been presented only speculation. I enjoy discussion and am obviously interested to learn the truth as much as anyone however the derogatory name calling and nasty commentary seems to be outweighing intelligent discussion here. Perhaps this is because most here are commenting via an alias therefore zero accountability? Or perhaps people just enjoy being nasty at any opportunity ? I’m not sure however whatever the reason It’s definitely not for me and I find it a shame that instead of intelligent adult discussion regarding the sad case of Allisons murder that we have to sift through comments reminiscent of schoolyard bullying. I have had enough however I hope those of you that are commenting in an adult manner continue to enjoy the site and that Justice is found for Allison and her family sooner rather than later.


  3. If you followed the Korp case in 2005 you will see the many similarities as in this horrid tale. Husband has affair. Husband has money troubles. Husband gets mistress to kill wife. Wife goes missing. Wife found alive after 4 days but eventually dies. Mistress jailed for murder. Husband committs suicide. Two children left without a mother and father. http://www.theage.com.au/news/national/betrayal-murder-and-final-torment/2005/08/13/1123353541219.html


  4. I think it was Ozmosis who earlier suggested the numbering of posts..I was thinking the exact same thing, it would make it much easier to navigate through the posts. Please consider…


  5. Theory:

    ABC returns home after her hairdressing appointment, an argument erupts possibly due to new revelations regarding GBC’s affair or her new found independance re her meeting the following morning. The argument escalates and ABC is killed in a fit of rage. In desperation he calls the owner of the blue car for help, they meet and the blue car owner assists with putting ABC’s body in the GBC’s car. With the blue car leading the way they dump Alison’s body, GBC returns home gathers his thoughts(!!!!) and calls the police to report her missing.

    Would love to know who owns the blue car.


  6. I’ve just woken from an alison Dubois type dream…. I am Allison, asleep in my bed, and I awake to Gerard climbing on top of me kneeling on my chest trying to smother me… There was nothing I could do….Scary and horrific.


      • I bet there will be some re shuffling in the CBC camp now……The household will be like a spilt deck of cards….with all the what if’s. They would be up to plan number 176. Adrenaline will be running wild. They have sure placed themselves in an abnormal situation with the coverups and porkies that they have told.


  7. The police have made another media release this morning, Monday, now saying “police have made it clear they have a suspect, possibly more than one, but yesterday continued to run out numerous leads as they worked to solve the case.” This is the first time I’ve heard the police confirm they have a suspect. The wording seems to indicate what? They don’t have enough evidence, or are still pursuing further avenues? The report headline is “Police continue the inquiry into ABC’s murder despite having suspect”. They again repeat they are confident the killer is someone she knew.

    Regarding toxicology, the police report in this article “yesterday police declined to comment on whether toxicology results WOULD BE ABLE to confirm a definitive cause of death”. So are they saying the results have/may come back inconclusive? Or else they’re not counting on them telling them much? Not sure.

    As information is coming in slow drips, I re-read Allison Sandy’s report in the CM from 16th May which says witness told police of seeing 2 4WD’s in area where Allison’s body was found “10 days later”, which seems to be different from what I’ve read before. I thought it initially said around 4am on the Friday 20th April, but I suppose they are saying the witness came forward 10 days later? They also said in this report “several people came forward triggering a number of new lines of investigation” which I know I’ve seen before, but am wondering if this means it has taken them on a different tack? There must be mountains of information the police are sifting through right now. As has been said here before, if there’s more than one suspect, it makes the job that much bigger.


    • Dear Sad for Allison,

      I can only surmise, that they police are close, and advising the public, while placing pressure on the perpetrator/s.

      With regard to the toxicology, they aren’t giving more away; perhaps, hopefully that is all.


  8. Suspect 1. tick, tick, tick, tick, tick.
    Suspect 2. tick, tick, tick, tick, tick,
    There new uniforms awaits them at Arthur Gorrie Correctional centre……..The uniforms are not yellow.


  9. He might have stonewalled the police, but is it working 4 him? Does he still have a business? How is he paying the rent on his house & business? How is he paying 4 the vehicles & mobiles? How is he paying legal fees? Who would employ him? How will he support his kids? Who’s supporting him_ his parents age pension? Govt. Family Allowance? Family members? For how long?

    Longer he stalls, the worse it will get. Does he have a plan? What is it? Is he waiting 4 some rich benefactor or rich woman to save him? Did he ever have a plan or has his life limped from one self-promoting scheme to the next? All talk no substance? You’d better get a plan Gerry. You’d better get a job. You have 3 kids to raise, remember? So why not get down to the cop-shop & tell them everything so they can solve your wife’s murder and devote their time and resources to the next crime. Because we the public are paying 4 all of it while you play at being Greta Garbo

    Man up. Grow up


  10. Sad for Allison comments on the 2 cars etc.
    The 2 cars were allegedly seen on the cnr of Kangaroo GUlly rd and Sugars rd in Bellbowrie in fronr of vacant house on overgrown acerage block – no street lights. Police were asking local in that area if they had seen the cars on the night of Friday the 20th of April from 7pm onwards. Police visited locals – asked questions – locals expected searching etc in the area – but after the visits and the questions – nothing more happened. Does this mean that Police think the sighting of these 2 cars was not linked???


    • Local Lady, I felt this information to be important the first time you revealed it, a couple of days ago

      If I were you, I’d be relaying the same information to the media – maybe to Paul Tully too

      Everyone seems to be under the impression (based on media and police reports) that Thursday night alone is to be concentrated upon. Yet from what you’ve said, Friday night’s activities re: the two cars could be crucial

      Sure, the police are great, good, etc. etc. But they’ve been known to mess things up too, whether via incompetence or design or sheer corruption

      The fact police questioned locals (plural) about potentially suspicious activities Friday night, should become known to the public every bit as much as the much-publicised Thursday night. After all, there may be members of the public (in addition to locals) who saw something on Friday night but who haven’t bothered to come forward because the focus (publicly) has been solely upon Thursday night

      The question must be – why haven’t police asked the public to report suspicious activities noted on *any* night from Thursday on? And if the police won’t ask, let the media do it for them, eh? If I were you, I’d take the initiative and tell the media what you know. Tell Paul Tully also. Email Crimestoppers and tell them as well. And let them all know you’ve contacted the others. That will prevent cover-ups of any little secrets. As a concerned citizen and local resident, you have every right to do this. After all, the cost of all this is coming out of your pocket


    • I’m really not sure whether the police think the two cars you mention are not linked, but it’s possible given that no more searching or questions were asked of locals afterwards. Thanks for the information. I’m not clear on whether the witness who saw the cars on the corner of Sugars/Kangaroo Gully Rds has indicated they were stationery at the time. I think Robbo suggested identifying details were obtained from the car as the witness was able to get close to them. Media reports are confusing because one in the CM said the white 4WD was ‘closely tailing’ (or words to that effect) the smaller 4WD in front, which would indicate they were moving at the time.

      As Burleigh Beach suggests, the general public gets the impression police have focussed on the night of Thursday 19th April, not the Friday or any other night. Very interesting, as there is nothing suggesting anywhere when Allison’s body was disposed of, and if the police even know that yet.


  11. Re: today’s (Monday 21st’s) media release, I see it as a rift between investigators and the media, with the media deciding to push ahead for market share and advertising dollars. The media have complied with police requests to keep it low-key, but now they (on behalf of the paying public) want some action. So I see yesterday’s expose of the affair between TM and GBC as the media sending a warning shot across police bows – give us some info or we’ll print whatever we can find, sort of thing

    Today’s release was in name only, because it didn’t say anything new but at the same time it was letting all concerned know that the media isn’t going to let this case drop as long as the public continues to clamor for information and arrests

    To be suspected is that if the police don’t start coming up with something, the media will start to dish the dirt from a variety of sources. And I’m guessing there are dozens out there just dying for certain information about a grieving husband to be aired

    One way and another, the pressure is building. Who will crack – the media, the police or those whom the public believes played a role in the murder of Allison?

    There are other pressures too. Money doesn’t grow on trees and people can’t live on thin air. GBC has to get some money rolling in for essentials. His business is all but finished, apparently and he’s going to find it difficult to get anyone to hire him in any capacity. Lenders would have closed their doors. Friends and associates likewise, because they wouldn’t want their names and reputations tarnished by association unless GBC were declared innocent beyond any doubt

    Don’t know if he’s ever had all doors slam in his face simultaneously before, but it must be close. Time for him to rapidly mature and appreciate his position. No-one that I know considers him a victim. The ‘poor little me’ whine isn’t going to work.

    He’s out of options, as far as I can see. Sixty Minutes won’t be banging on his door any time soon and even if they did one day, surely it would be soaked up before he touched it in outstanding legal fees?

    Time for him to realise his position and take it on the chin. Get down to the police and answer all their questions. It’s grow-up time, finally. Get this matter sorted. Only once it is will life be able to move forward for Allison’s children and extended family members, not to mention all those who’ve been caught in the web of this crime

    Hope those around him are sick of his moping and hiding and also of supporting him like a child. Hope they kick his backside out the door and/or drive him to the cops and say, ‘ He’s yours’

    just my opinion


  12. I’m actually suprised that QPS are allowing a Hazard Reduction to be conducted today in the Kolho area. It may or maynot hold clues/evidence and if the burn is allowed to go ahead that clue or evidence will be destroyed. I would think that all round that area would be wanted to be kept in tact until this thing is cleared up!


  13. I think you will find the kids were home Thursday night btw. Sleepover due on Friday night. Sister took kids to school early Friday morning. Police have never been allowed to talk to kids.


    • If my wife was murdered i’m sure i’d want the police to talk to my children as they may have heard or seen something , not allowing them to and not making a statement leaves a very dark cloud over GBC.
      His lawyer appears to be doing little talking that he was supposedly employed to do ….

      Siege , you appear to have close knowledge of Allison and her family , have you heard anything of the rumour Robbo has enquired about?


    • Hi Siege, is this a known fact that the kids were home on Thursday night? I also read that Allison’s best friend (is it Kerry Anne?) has also said the children were ‘due to have a sleepover that night’ and thought she was referring to the Friday night. It was the CM article where she revealed that Allison had a busy day coming up on the Friday with a conference to attend. Are you referring to GBC’s sister when you say ‘sister took kids to school early Friday morning’?


      • A known fact? Well, only Gerard and the kids can say for sure I suppose. But I defy anyone to find the people that say the kids were at their place on that Thursday night. Who has a sleepover on a Thursday night anyway? School night. Who has said the kids were away that night? Where does it say it? Has he said that?

        Yes, GBC’s sister was to whom I was referring.


        • Early in the piece i read that the girls were having a sleepover at NBC’s Pashin Pit , if incorrect you just blew my theory outta the water.


  14. I don’t think it was premeditated , i think having their children away for the night gave them a chance to vent their frustrations , resentments , fianancial problems etc . …. ( the catalyst $300,000 perhaps)
    GBC may have been spooked at seeing Allison with her hair done gaining a new found confidence by attending an independent conference , an indication and sign she is fed up with his double life and had announced her intentions of moving on with her life with the girls persumably.

    With financial problems , his standing within the community and perhaps his mistress giving him a pending flick , he just couldn’t anticipate the shame and loss of control and perhaps even a possibility of losing his business to boot ……..
    The realisation of his future being undermined by Allison ( she now had the power of his future in her hands ), she says , “I don’t want to argue anymore , i have a big day tommorrow ( conference) ,I’m going to bed……. He’s still reeling with anger and frustration while she is seemingly relaxed , in control and could sleep !
    He snaps and suffocates her …..

    The question now is ….. who is that close to sympathise with him ? Not the mistress, not his sister , but maybe someone with blood ties or/and a person who has a vested interest in either financial or/and reputation to uphold that depends on GBC’s ability to sustain that position …….



  15. regarding the 2 cars. The Blue and white 4WD in Bellbowrie were sighted as stationary. Of course they moved “from and to” that location – so they may have been driving slowly with just parking lights on. the area is quite populated – so people would have seen them if they were doing anything odd.
    locals were questioned by 3 plain clothes detectives – the same ones in the video shown leaving NBC house with the paper bags full of evidence. Locals here were questioned thoroughly and asked to speak to others in the area regarding anything suspicious. I can only presume this led to nothing that was substatial.


  16. i also know first hand that the kids went to school on Friday. school did not know anything unusual was happening until later in the day when the sports bus went past GBC house and it was a taped off crime scene.


    • Thanks for the info on the two 4WD’s local lady. Does make you wonder why no further questioning was done of local residents in Bellbowrie after the initial interviews.

      What a terrible way for the 3 BC girls to find out what had happened. I wonder who actually told them, poor mites.


      • the girls knew – as one of the girls was on the sports bus at lunch time on the friday when the bus drove passed their house and saw the police. another student said – look that’s your house! and the daugther said – yes Mummy went for a walk and didnt come back so daddy called the police….how awful!


  17. Truly awful. I suppose their father broke the news to them, but how hard would it be for children that age to comprehend even then, and what was to come later.


  18. The police have said several times that they have a suspect, IF it is not GBC wouldn’t it be logical for the police to announce that and clear his name for the sake of the families. Also, surely IF there was another suspect, by clearing GBC iit would turn up the heat on whoever the suspect is.

    This alone convinces me that GBC is the one.

    Your thoughts please.


    • Local lady, we have never been told who the canoeist was, I wondered about it myself. Doc is on the other (this mornings’) thread. I’m not sure we’ve heard from Miss Marple recently, have we?


      • i am not really across the whole thread thing….. am i right saying there are 3 threads that started on different days? and you enter them on the home page via the date link?


  19. Yes, you are right about the threads. But I couldn’t access the link to the thread that started today from the home page. I hit the ‘older comments thread’ (just below my post hopefully) and found Robbo’s link to it that way. I think he put the link up lateish last night. There are 190 or so posts on there already. Miss Marple and Doc are both posting there.


  20. Ok, it keeps getting raised repeatedly that ABC had her hair done, probably for a romantic evening to impress GBC and talk things over etc etc. For some reason, this really bugs me. Maybe because it depicts Allison as a timid, subordinate stepford wife type that did everything to please GBC and make sure everything was “just so”. I think she was stronger and better than that, and that was probably the last thing on her mind after having to deal with his shit for years. As a female, I get my hair done every 4-6 weeks, as do most women who frequent the hairdresser. It doesn’t have to mean anything, other than it was due. If anything, most women will tie in their hair appointments around social functions that are up and coming, not simply to impress their other half. I can also tell you this, if ABC had a conference the next day and she’d had her hair done on Thursday, there’s NO WAY ON GOD’S GREEN EARTH she took that hair for a 10pm walk. It just didn’t happen! Women who have their hair done know this. Walking equals perspiration, perspiration means damp, wet, humid, frizzy hair. Completely defeats the purpose of the blowdry. An argument ensued alright, and he killed her. The kids were probably home and asleep at the time. If they heard arguing, it probably wasn’t anything the kids hadn’t heard before given the marriage problems, so they may have not given it a second thought if it had become the norm. I say GBC sister and Dad hot footed it over to help him cover up the mess. Sister stayed to mind the kids (while they slept) while dad and bro took a drive to get rid of the body.

    I’ve said it all along, they find who owns the blue 4wd and they find GBC’s accomplice.

    Jeez, I should be a feckin detective lol.


    • Spot on mrsmuddle says
      Couldn’t agree more, and I believe this is actually very important!
      “if ABC had a conference the next day and she’d had her hair done on Thursday, there’s NO WAY ON GOD’S GREEN EARTH she took that hair for a 10pm walk”.

      Also seems Allison has known of his infidelities quite time. Why waste a lovely hairdo for a “romantic” evening on the Domestic Violence, Narcissist, smug, self centred, (neatly shaven) jerk she unfortunately has to call her husband and father of her children?


  21. Exactly. If anything, the hair would have been timed with the conference to make her feel good about herself and to rub in GBC’s face that she is strong, independent and beyond his shit. In no way do I believe she’d have done it to impress him. The best way to get to these controlling types is to show strength, independence and that you don’t NEED THEM.


    • Do you know that everyone else is in on the other thread tonight? You make great points. I’d hate for everyone else to miss them.


  22. Thanks for the heads up, there’s a lot of stuff on here so its a bit hard to keep track! Now… off to find the action :)


  23. K from Sunshine Coast says
    What do they say “the good die young”.?
    I feel sad for Allison, this should not have happened to a loving, caring mum of 3. This case in particular has rattled & upset me, just by her mysterious circumstances. We all know who did this, why cant he man-up and admit it or at least who did do it and stop being a coward. He owes it to his children, & Allison’s parents. He is a weak speciman. He wont win any Academy Awards anytime soon, because he sucks at acting upset for Allison when interviewed outside his parents house when she was only missing at that stage, when he thought he had the game all sewn up. Once she was found he soon wiped the smerk off his face & grew a beard, so he could look like he gave a shit & that he was physically upset for her. “BULLSHIT”. He isnt fooling anyone, everyone has him pegged.


  24. I always thought he could have drugged the kids, hence no contact with the police. This way they could never give evidence. Just a thoguth


  25. The media were allowed to mention Allison’s best friend but who is Gerball’s best mate ?
    Does G have a brother or just the one sister ?
    Who was the tall skinny guy standing behind him at the funeral …… they look related , is he a cousin or brother ?


  26. That laundry basket of clothes and stuff GBC was takingout after the police had been….

    was he doing some washing, taking stuff to burn or taking stuff to put in wheelie bin?

    If he was doing some washing, why take away from his house?


  27. I heard that too Kenmore Mum.

    Does anyone find it odd that both threads on this site have gone very quiet since yesterday afternoon? Could be some computer glitch. Where is Robbo? Maybe it’s because it’s frustrating trying to find the latest posts with them being out of chronological order. Or is it coincidence that many of the regular posters are busy elsewhere, any thoughts from those who are here?


    • Hi Sad for Allison, it appears it’s not only quiet here but also no word from the police or media , this may be because they’ve run out of leads , have no proof or it could be a smokescreen to make the perpetrator / perpertrators sweat.

      Releasing the identity of the ‘other woman’ i’d have thought would have caused someone to break , however on the surface that does not seem to have happened.

      As the days pass i’m begining to believe the evidence is far from conclusive otherwise the police would be dragging suspects in for questioning , in saying that if they heed legal advice and stick to the ‘ no comment’ stance the police would be wasting their time.

      If the police have more it’s probably time to hold a press conference .

      There was comment made that two MP’s had visited NBC offering support , if correct , is it possible the police have their hands tied ??

      No doubt the investigating officers have kept an eye on here and looked at all the theories put forward . About the only one not put forward is ‘ the dingo did it ‘ …..


      • I wish everyone was back!!! I really enjoyed reading all the thoughts. The bickering yesterday, which continued all day, certainly took that comoraderie away. Alas, work beckons.


  28. I am so sad for the family I wake thinking about Allison and go to bed at night tuck my three beautiful kids in bed and have a moment of silence and pray for her the dickies are so brave through all this I hope they can feel the love we are all sending x


    • The other thread is worth a look Aus, it’s more current and has 514 comments on it, but has gone very quiet at the moment. Not sure about a legal injunction, Puzzler but anything is possible.

      Interesting comments Mike – yes the police could be playing a ‘make them sweat’ game or have no new leads. Or they have new leads and are putting it all together at the moment. I know many won’t like to hear this but I get a feeling it’s going to be quite some time till they have enough evidence, circumstantial or otherwise. I do hope not though, like all of us. Can’t imagine what Allison’s family must be going through. They are probably focussing, being the lovely people that they are, on giving support to the 3 girls.

      I’ve been reading through the American forum in the absence of much else happening, and a blogger put up a link to photos of a 2012 C21 awards night, which I’ll post here – put it on the ‘newer’ thread on this site too this morning.


      It’s been suggested this may have been taken in February 2012, but in any event the photo is from this year, so not too long ago. It shows Allison and GBC together – she looks amazing, so sad to think what may have been going on in her life at the time.


  29. Is it possible that allison commited suicide. Why are they waiting for toxacology results and not obvious cause of death Did the husband panic because of his affair when he discovered her missing and engaged a lawyer believing he would be in the frame if she had met foul play I am leaning towards the husband being the guilty one but the only way to prove him guilty is to first try to prove him innocent. All i am basing the suicide theory on is the emotional state allison would have been in due to the lenght of time she had known about the affair it must have been heartbreaking for her to have to live with being the beautiful person she was and only ever wanting a happy family


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    • Has anyone thought outside the box?? Imagine this scenario..Allison found out about G’s affair, then started one of her own with a person unknown to us at the moment.. Why would she go out at 10.00pm every night for a “walk”? Maybe she was meeting her “Friend” and not just walking around.. This new paramour wanted to end the relationship, they drove to their usual spot well away from where they would be seen by locals or family….somewhere near Kholo Bridge?? They had an argument and he accidentally killed her in the struggle, or she jumped from his car and over the Bridge Railing, not knowing it was so high, and then was killed on impact with the ground underneath..The paramour panicked and drove away from the scene..Just Asking????

      Personally, I still think that Gin and Tonic did it….Innit….


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  34. hello all have a good day hope they solve it real soon my son 1yr old today celebrating my good fortune with his beautiful mother.sorry robbo just so proud all the best


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