Allison Baden-Clay's husband Gerard had an affair, But we all knew that…

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POLICE are still interviewing friends and family of Allison and Gerard Baden-Clay in their quest to solve the murder of the Brookfield mother of three.

A month after she disappeared, police have made it clear they have a suspect, possibly more than one, but yesterday continued to run out numerous leads as they worked to solve the case.

They have also confirmed they believe Mrs Baden-Clay was killed by someone she knew.

But a police spokesman yesterday declined to comment on whether toxicology results from Mrs Baden-Clay would be able to confirm a definitive cause of death.

“Any investigation requiring forensic testing adheres to its own process and time-frames depending on the amount of evidence requiring testing and the nature of these tests,” the spokesman said.

“As this is an ongoing investigation, we are unable to comment further at this time.”

BROOKFIELD mum Allison Baden-Clay’s husband Gerard had an affair with a woman who worked in their real estate franchise, friends say in evidence confirmed to police and central to investigations.

Former Century 21 Westside saleswoman Toni McHugh is alleged to have had an affair with Gerard Baden-Clay

Four weeks after her death a picture has emerged of a tumultuous final year for the Baden-Clays.

It included a public outing of the affair as the couple’s business imploded.

Police have been told the relationship between Mr Baden-Clay and former Century 21 Westside saleswoman Toni McHugh was widely known among friends and colleagues.

Ms McHugh is the former staffer reported to have been interviewed at least three times by detectives and confirmed the relationship to police, The Sunday Mail can reveal.

The affair has been a focus of investigations and may be a factor in Mr Baden-Clay’s near-silence publicly since his wife vanished and was found dead on a Kholo Creek riverbank at Anstead.

Friends were last year led to believe the relationship had ended but police have been told it was ongoing, helping to explain the repeated interviews of the former staffer.

Mr Baden-Clay’s lawyer declined to comment and Ms McHugh did not respond to calls yesterday, but has refused several interview requests since Allison disappeared.

“I’ve got nothing to say to you,” Ms McHugh, a former NSW art teacher, told The Sunday Mail when first reached a week after Mrs Baden-Clay vanished.

However, numerous sources spoke for the first time to reveal how the affair unravelled publicly long before Allison’s disappearance.

Staff reported spotting Mr Baden-Clay leaving Ms McHugh’s home after hours.

As the suspected relationship became a frequent discussion topic there was disquiet over perceptions that Ms McHugh received preferential treatment with new property listings.

“People saw them at events together. People saw them at dinners together. People had dinners with them together. It wasn’t a well kept secret,” said one person with intimate knowledge of the situation.

“I was shocked. Gerard’s history was of integrity and honesty. It was not something you could have suspected he could have been capable of being involved in. I had put him on a moral pedestal.”

With the marriage in trouble and Mrs Baden-Clay last year opening up about a breakdown in her relationship with her husband, friends are known to have asked her if her husband could be having an affair.

She denied it.

One person said: “She wanted the marriage to work.

“She did everything she could to make a happy home.”

Police have also been scouring the financial affairs of the Baden-Clays, who had rented their home at Brookfield.

Their Century 21 Westside business was ranked the brand’s top Brisbane franchise in 2010 and expanded from Kenmore to a bigger office at Taringa over Christmas, but nosedived after the January 2011 floods, insiders say.

Mr Baden-Clay’s business partners left the franchise late last year, records show.

One source said: “Things became incredibly difficult financially.” Educated at Sydney University, Ms McHugh taught in the Blue Mountains area outside Sydney for several years before moving to Queensland.

“She quickly won a role in property management and three years later caught the attention of Century 21 Westside principal Gerard Baden-Clay,” says an online profile.

Gerard Bayden-Clay at the Brookfield Show yesterday, was having an affair for much longer than first thought

The pair first met when Mr Baden-Clay presided over the sale of Ms McHugh’s block of land at Pullenvale.

“I wouldn’t have worked for just anyone,” Ms McHugh says in her profile.

“Century 21 Westside were ethically strong, results-driven and very much team players. I bring to this position empathy, understanding, a talent for solving problems and, above all, a true love of property.”


Allison Baden-Clay’s husband had an affair with a woman at his work that was widely known about, friends say in evidence central to police investigations into the Brisbane mother’s death.

The mother-of-three reportedly learned of the affair between Gerard Baden-Clay and Toni McHugh, a former saleswoman at the couple’s real estate franchise, around a year before her body was found under a bridge in West Brisbane on April 30.

Ms McHugh has been interviewed at least three times by police and confirmed the affair, which was ongoing and widely known among family and friends, The Courier Mail reports.

Mr Baden-Clay’s lawyer declined to comment on the reported affair and Ms McHugh was not answering her phone yesterday — she had refused earlier interview requests, saying she had “nothing to say”.

But numerous sources spoke to The Sunday Mail, saying the affair became public long before the 43-year-old mother was reported missing by her husband on April 20.

One colleague said things came to a head around the middle of 2011 when Mr Baden-Clay came to work and told staff his wife had discovered the affair — Ms McHugh resigned almost immediately after.

“People saw them at events together. People saw them at dinners together. People had dinners with them together. It wasn’t a well-kept secret,” a source told The Mail.

Mrs Baden-Clay’s husband reported her missing from their home in Brookfield at 7.30am (AEDT) on April 20 after she failed to return from a walk.

Her body was later found under a bridge over Kholo Creek.

562 thoughts on “Allison Baden-Clay's husband Gerard had an affair, But we all knew that…

  1. What I am starting to doubt is the official unnamed suspect that the police have – I am starting to doubt that it is GBC.

    Why would the Queensland Police have the husband as the number one suspect and not arrest him now, how are they 100% positive that we will do no harm to the 3 girls – that is a massive gamble to take.

    So if he is the suspect and then he does something terrible to the girls (I mean we all suspect he has done something horrible to the mother) then they would be held partially liable for not intervening and arresting him having already singled him out.

    I understand the necessity for a water tight case but surely the time is now for the cops to make a move on the suspect and if it is the husband this makes the timing even more crucial.


      • Possibly, but that is an assumption too. None of us really have a clue. It’s all educated guess work based off rumour.


      • I think they have something on GBC but not enough, I say just do it, put him through the ringer, even if he gets away with it, his life will be nothing afterwards
        – they just have to make sure the 3 girls are out of his reach


      • Oh I think they have heaps on him. There r lots of murder investigations where the evidence is not released and the only one who may no certain things is the murderer, as has been shown to be true in this case. They have much more up their sleeve than we no.


  2. For the life of me I just can’t work out what Dickbrain GBC saw/sees in TM – I mean compared to Allison, that woman has a head like a hat full of cat’s a**holes. What a bloody insult to Allison.


    • So ladies if your not as hot as Elle there is something wrong with you.

      Your as stupid as he is to say such a retarded comment.


      • My ex husband targeted very plain, lonely older ones, that way he never got a knock back and they were incredibly grateful for the attention. I’d say GBC has done the same with this one.


      • Oh goody, happy Peter of Cairns is back on line tonight, on the defensive as usual. Was wondering where you were actually? How old are you the by way? “Your (sic) as stupid as he is to say such a retarded comment”. As stupid as who, Peter? GBC? I don’t think so, somehow. And retarded for saying TM is unattractive compared to Allison. Sorry Peter (not), but I couldn’t give a fat rat’s clacker what you think.


      • Peter from Cairns, i like to think that most of the time i am very patient and polite but after the rubbish you have been trotting out for the last few weeks i have to say you are a professional idiot. Thank god your not investigating the case. Lets see if you surface when the grub GBC is put where he belongs. You are a raging tonsil Peter.


      • To be fair, the pictures we have seen if Allison tend to be about twenty years old. I think I have seen only two recent and fuzzy snaps if her. I wonder why we have mainly been shown pics of her that would have rendered her I recognizable when she was only deemed to be missing? Maybe Ms T should have the chance to show only twenty year old photos too. Lol
        She may be a woman of ill repute but she is not unattractive or ugly. What is she meant to look like? Affairs are rarely about looks only, anyway.
        So absolutely no one here has ever ever been involved in an affair? What a strange sample of the population we have here given the stats.
        I guess I will be accused of being T’s supporter now just for bringing in another point of view. I don’t agree with what she has done either.
        But women! Come on. Surely you yourselves get tired of being scrutinized and assessed over looks? Is there nothing else to being a woman? Break the discrimination. Rise above this shit.


      • Fergs, I will be here when he is found guilty, and I will be quite happy.

        If he is found innocent, will you be here?


      • Oh hello Happy Pete! You’re a smart dude aren’t you? What…….. it took Pious Peter that long for a comeback like that?? Honestly though, your comments/replies mean zilch to me, care factor of zero here I’m afraid………


      • Kibby70,

        I have 3 daughters between the ages of 19 and 12.

        Based only on your post, your sexist stereotyping is exactly what I want to keep away from them.

        I also have 3 sons between 21 and 10

        Based only on your post, I doubly want to keep them away from learning your type of attitude to women.

        In person you might be a fine person, and your post may have just been a very poor attempt at humor.

        If it truly reflects your attitude to women, well, I hope you dont have daughters.


    • You are helping to perpetuate outdated stereotypes about women. Everyone will get old one day. Based on that assumption then
      Men married to ugly women should feel
      Entitled to shag glamorous women on the side, yes?


      • Lol. And if you draw the bow longer than maybe the outraged people here who think roots on the side are all about the looks would say that it would be understandable and indeed acceptable if A was as ugly as sin.


  3. RE Finger prints after body being immersed in water. Google……… The Human Glove Mystery 76………. There you will see how fingerprints are obtained from a human glove after being immersed several weeks. Worth a read.


  4. WE are all impatient, we need a result, we want the murderer caught, shamed and punished, well, how do you think the Police feel? They saw the body, the children and Parents suffering but they know they cannot fluff on single aspect of this case. How would it be if they made an arrest and the guilty party got off on a technicality as has happened a few times recently. I am prepared to wait for a water tight result and pray that the Police get every detail they need absolutley right


  5. Local lady, do you know any talk about mistresses other than TMH? Maybe younger or an obsessed younger mistress who was obsessed with Allison? Maybe jealous of her? Who may be pregnant?


    • These rumored are all so contradictory. On one hand A was bashed about constantly and cheated on many many many times over. Yet some young chick was jealous of her?
      Methinks the Lorna Jane wearing school car park brigade should discuss more cerebral


  6. “On that note, I don’t buy the theory that T M wanted the real deal with G”

    This from Felix, and I had my doubts about that scenario too… it was just that I had the distinct impression that ole Tone had lent Gerard the $300,000… where she got that money is not known to me, but I figured,, she wouldnt be lending it to him without some sort of promise.. not just paying the money back, but some sort of legal partnership, of a binding sort… and PDQ, too.. She has been around for a while, gone away, come back… got fired on Gerards say so yet it continued on. No closer to getting the money back, ( the money being why Gerard was attracted, I presume, didnt he meet her when she was selling her block at Pullenvale? “hang on’ says JacketMan to himself.’ one can bonk a rich woman as easily as a poor one, I’ve been paying over the odds so far, ‘……) and action on the part of JacketMan being essential.

    Gimme the money or the ring.!

    or worse, the money AND the ring!

    oh the pressure.

    oh dear… tooo much.


    • Days before Christmas, Mr Baden-Clay took out a $300,000 loan for one of his companies from two partners who exited the business the same day. Courier mail May 2


    • $300,000 a hellava lot of money. Phew! Enough to ……….
      What interest? Repayment schedule? Over what time frame? She should have had a signed written agreement.
      The money or the box?


    • Hard to say if she is rich or not. The BC family also give the illusion if wealth in their dealings and image and cheap talk. Turns out that that was a load of shit. This T woman may not have a nail to scratch her arse with in reality. Who knows?


  7. Where did the initials MH come into all this. It was mentioned in an earlier thread and I cant find it. Did she work at Century 21


      • Hi Bella, had a look at the MH you mention (could only see her on the one profile on FB), blonde and ‘likes’ two real estate agencies (but not C21). Could she also be a real estate agent?


      • Hi Sad for Allison, I saw somewhere on here she worked for C21 Westside. I remember looking at her facebook profile before but now it is wiped. Seems strange he had a f/book profile with 381 friends and another f/book profile with 12 friends and she is on both of them. Just an eerie feeling I had.


  8. We discussed Toni McH long before her name was published in the media. I’m just wondering what is so special about the owner of the blue car that her name can not be mentioned. Is it because she clearly is not involved, or because she could be yet another of the many mistresses? Was she Gerard’s friend or his father’s? Her identity seems of importance, considering the possible collusion of a white and a blue 4WD the night of 19-20 April….I can’t help wondering, who is this mystery person???


    • jodi meynell, a week after allison disappeared i checked out “meet the team” and Toni Mchugh wasn’t there but Jodi was and the blurb written about her was quite interesting. The word passion was used 3 times,she was a keen and accomplished bush walker and kyaka,loves getting her hands dirty and is understanding and bla bla bla. My point is, the rest of the team had short bland and professional things said about them.Jodi’s was over the top gushing and so different to the others. I didn’t know about TMH until reading this last week, i had my mind made up that Jodi was at the centre of this with GBD. Look at photo’s from century 21 awards night.. no TMH but JM is there. The photo’s of JM now are a far cry from the photos of her prior to ABC missing. What car does JM drive? if he had more than the 1 affair then this is highly possible and TMC may have been used for the money purpose if its true the 300,000 came from her. Maybe she didn’t know about JM? The plot thickens….



        By the way, the police did state earlier that about 20 employees left the company last year and two business partners left near the end of the year and loaned GBC the $300,000. On another site someone said TM didn’t loan the money, it was a man and a woman and it wasn’t nigelaine. I checked ASIC and unless I pay money I can’t see who the company partners were that parted company. ASIC never used to be so private :) I am amazed that GBC is blaming the floods for the downturn in business. Was that area so badly affected that no one rented anymore or bought property? At that point he apparently had the best selling staff with a passion for property. He shoulda stayed where he was instead of moving premises. I personally don’t feel JM is anything other than a person who might have lent a friend/employer a car. May I ask why you feel Jodi is in thick with GBC?


    • So way is the suggestion? G hacked off a hand with a chainsaw? Texas chainsaw massacre? That would not leave blood around the place? Lol.


    • well you are assuming the scratches came from ABC, whats to say that someone other than ABC attacked him. We don’t know whether he had the scratches before ABC went missing. What if he came home with scratches on his face and ABC confronted him ? maybe his lover was sick of him not doing what he said he would do and leave ABC? they could have also been done in a moment of passion.intentionally or not, either way ABC would see them..


  9. How many times do you think the Courier Mail can rehash the same story without adding anything new to it ? They are doing a good job of it at the moment.

    Further, some of the personal attacks on this website are an absolute disgrace. How dare you come on here and judge others for things that you know nothing about. Shame on you.


      • In all seriousness, does some of the tripe said here honor a dead woman’s memory? Or help the kids in any way? How would Abc have conducted herself on a forum like this had someone else been
        Murdered? Never like this. I can assure you. She would have been mortified to see this. She was kind and classy. Maybe we all need to reexamine how low the comments and barbs can go. Instead of uniting a community these discussions are starting to dismantle it. Some of the nastiness in the crime forums is insane.


      • GraceTruth, I appreciate your sentiments and even though I didn’t know Allison, by all accounts she seemed like a truly special lady.

        The loss of Allison, an innocent wife and mother (I’m sure she had her faults, we’re all human) has touched not only locals and QLD, it’s touched the nation. There’s a lot of anger in people for what has happened to Allison and obviously her 3 children and family, who have been irreversibly affected by the senseless loss of her life. Gone is a caring and loving wife, mother, daughter and sister and for what?

        As humans, we’re not infallible, so some of us are going to say the “wrong thing” but that’s life and on a forum like this, people are going to speak their minds. Having said that, I truly believe that most people who contribute on this forum only want justice for Allison and her family.

        At the end of the day, I’m sure we all agree on thing – that whoever is responsible for Allison’s murder needs to be brought to justice and swiftly.

        Take care :)


    • Some of us do know! Thank you very much. Regardless everyone has a right to their personal opinion. Just as I, am in my rights, to say…”I don’t agree, with you! How dare YOU, to presume to know all, to be so high and mighty and to be the moral compass for us all.”


    • Oh dear, that’s a very judgmental comment trialbymedia, we don’t know who’s on this site or what they DO know about Allison’s murder.


    • Seems we did …………

      It is stupidity to put one’s head in the sand. Now that what we read isn’t controlled only by “Big Brother”, perhaps something can be done about cleaning up some places in our world, and getting rid of the filth that is on the street; especially those who murder and interfer with our children.


  10. It looks like this case is going to be built on circumstantial evidence.
    There is nothing wrong with that. It just takes a lot of leg work and a lot of time.

    If there was some good forensic evidence or an eye witness there would have been arrest by now.


    • MM, I doubt all forensic results are available at this point in time. I have no doubt when they are there will be an arrest.


  11. Anyone else think it was bizarre that A Current Affair should run a story on it tonight about the affair etc? I can’t think of a case where suspects haven’t been charged YET a tv network decides to run a story.

    This is still very much a game of poker,cops hold all the aces whilst GBC is trying to bluff.


  12. trialbymedia.
    How dare you come on here and behave like you’re above the rest of us lowly people. Most people here are not cynical like you. We’re here to express our views and thoughts for Allison. Have you any empathy at all for this slain woman and her family? Regardless of how she died, 3 little girls have lost their mummy and her parents and sibling are surely devastated.



  13. Yes, my friend at that school, mentioned to me, that they were washing the car when the police arrived. That, with the “cleaned” house, were the initial triggers to this search. Plus, someone mentioned previous call outs to that house regarding violence?????


    • That Facebook page is a joke, with all due respect. Lol. It makes an absolute mockery of this whole horrendous incident. It reads like a social gossip column with its Word on the Street updates. In academic circles it would be called plagiarism because much of it is not referenced.


      • Hey FelixTheCat. Yes, indeed you are a Cat, want to have a bit of milk? Read the description of MY facebook page. If you look closely you will see that I DO copy and paste by using the INVERTED COMMA’s on the keyboard. Otherwise, if not, it means it is MY words.

        You are an idiot. The entire bloody case is a JOKE!

        PS: Thank you for advertising my page. Since your comment, more people joined. They told me about your uckedf comment. Oh please give me the thumbs down.


      • The creators give no credit to their sources. True. Lots of analysis of minuscule bullshit details and that is that. Bombastic bastards too. Murderous, almost.


    • Is it fact or just heresay they had washed the house/ car with Dettol?
      Ummm any one here wash their house or car with Dettol?


      • No Queensland Country Lady, personally I don’t. No wonder if the above is true detail that he lawyered up so quick.


      • Not at 7.00am I don’t. Bit of a strange thing to do at that time of the morning, what with gramps and all??? Oh, and the wife’s been missing a few hours by the way. Something stinks if this is true.


      • Schnitzel. Narcissism in action right there. You are a text book example. If droves of peeps are flocking to your rehash page then we will no doubt no longer have the pleasure of your outbursts of rage. Splendid. You sound about nine years of age. Enjoy your moment of Facebook fame. It is a shame you were too obese for the actual olive force. Ta ta!


  14. If it isn’t a rumour, then maybe Allison’s car has the key to the answer of this mystery? I have followed this case for weeks and the only outcome I wish for (NO MATTER HOW LONG IT TAKES) is to catch all involved and jailed. No one in this world has the right to end someone else’s life. I hope the killer would just hurry up and confess. I firmly believe that TRUTH WILL ALWAYS COME OUT.
    I obsessively check the news every morning hoping that arrests have been made.
    If the fellow in the yellow jacket is guilty of this horrendous crime, I hope he gets nabbed soon before he does something awful to the 3 girls.


  15. I worry about Allison’s 3 girls because GBC is apparently abusive and violent. If a man hits the mother of his children, he can’t possibly love his children either.


  16. Detective Superintendent Mark Ainsworth is a man to be well respected. He has caught plenty of big fish. He will arrest the persons responsible and catch two with the one hook.


  17. Ok as far as the girls are concerned does anyone know 100% that they are in hios total care, are they at anytime alone completely with GBC, maybe not which might explain why if it is him nothing has happened yet, ie arrest. Everything would be bugged anyway and under 24hr watch ummmmm imo

    Sorry if this has been mentioned previously but this is the first chance I’ve had to visit since late Sunday.


  18. Yes, I believe the qps will have those girls under 24/7 watch. I also think this is why they are ensuring a watertight case, can’t risk harming girls any further. I don’t believe the mistress is involved and I doubt the murder was premeditated. Just perhaps a tussle that went too far perhaps. This is a good explanation for the bc parents anyway.

    I guarantee the bc are more concerned about protecting the bc name than anything else right now. Protecting their “honor” as it were. Would a divorce have dishonored the family? Are we seeing a cleansing by the removal of abc? I still hear the sister in her interviews, “we need to find her”, “she needs to be returned to us”., sounds like a possession.

    Now, what about all the computers etc that were immediately seized? Any news there? Why immediately create a crime scene and seize cars, technology etc? I doubt this is normal procedure? I know police start with families and move out in concentric circles, as 95 percent are killed by family members, but the “unknown” assailant” theory was eliminated very early on.

    The bc parents home was also searched? There must be phone records somewhere, when GBC called his dad? Why clean? Why the cover up if it was an accident? I’d be guessing strangulation, and if so the killer would have looked into her eyes for at least four minutes whilst she slowly expired. Chilling isn’t it? Especially when it is someone you know.

    Anyway these are my thoughts for the day.


  19. Hi I normally never comment on any page but I am always on Robbo’s website which I find thoroughly interesting and everyone’s comments fact and fiction on ABC murder is intriguing. I just wanted to know if anyone has checked out NBC FB pic. The person that he has got his arm around doesn’t look anything like EBD. Not sure if it’s just an old pic or totally someone else!!


    • Oh right, so now I am a BC? That will quickly become fact.

      I am not going to put my real name on here because there are too many Pyscho types posting on here.

      I guess thats why I have been posting on the site for well over a year. All part of the plan.

      Robbo can verify I am not a BC as he has my real name.

      Might be time you should toss out more of your funny remarks; that’s all they’re good for.


  20. I think everyone just needs to be aware that GBC himself and his clan likely constantly trawl trough every news article and blog comment available to them on the internet – this site too. It sounds as if “Peter from Cairns” and Trialbymedia could be two of them.

    Well guys, regarding the ‘things that we know nothing about’, how about telling us exactly what did happen on the night of 19/20 April in the BC household, and who exactly was involved in disposing of Allison. It will save us a lot of speculation.


    • Why would Peter be a B C family member? It looks like anyone who does not agree one hundred per cent and to the hilt with the main consensus here us automatically labelled a B C or close friend. Peter seems to have been reasonable to me. I think he admitted that things certainly look bad for G. Absolutely. But what is wrong with expressing doubt? Noone can say that we absolutely know that G did this even if we are ninety eight per cent sure. Ninety eight per cent sure does not a court case maketh if the police are still trying to obtain enough concrete evidence. We have to wait it out and see.


  21. If the murderer is lurking on this forum I would like that person to know that I think he/she is an oxygen thief and pray that they rot in gaol and fry in hell. To murder anyone and deprieve 3 little girls of their Mother is unforgivable. If you have any conscience think about how many times in their future lives these children will need the Mum and how you have destroyed their lives forever. Grow a backbone, what happened is history and cannot be altered, why it happened is irrelevant but for mercy sake do the right thing by these children and ease their minds and let them begin to accept and heal-come clean. You must know that no matter how long, you will be caught, just grow a heart and do this one right thing by the kids. Maybe if you do God will let you glimpse heaven as you pass by on your way to hell.


  22. The idea of the Police arriving unannounced due to a neighbours phone call after hearing DV from the BC home is interesting …

    I have been suspicious since the get-go of the alleged 7:30am phone call supposedly made by GBC as it is only half an hour after she would be expected back from her usual morning walk … No-one would voluntarily call the Police for someone being only 30 min late.

    GBC & NBC being caught red-arsed vacuuming the car ?? Oh gawd I wish … As this would surely sink both of the fckrs.

    Like MM Fike wrote, circumstantial evidence can still convict, but it takes hard work and some serious ‘circumstantials’ … Being caught the next morning washing & vacuuming away ‘evidence’ is seriously damning.

    We can only hope that this is true and not scuttlebut. If so, the contents of the vacuum cleaner would have been analysed. Err, but naturally the car will have traces of Allison … It is her car.

    So a circumstantial conviction it shall have to be … Most definitely why it is taking so long for charges to be made. The toxicology report & fine details of the autopsy will likely be ‘non conclusive’. But even so, we should be confident that they will get their man/men.

    I have gone off the idea of their being a new (younger) woman involved directly in the murder … It makes more sense that son did the deed and father-and-son the subsequent cover-up …

    The motivation for the murder very likely the usual suspects of money, power, sex jealousy etc … The Police musy have a huge amount of info by now on the financial & extra-marital affairs of the BC’s … So being at the scene of the crime, having motivation & opportunity, bizarre behaviour after the fact … Guilty as charged your Honour.

    But this is no Agatha Christie novel (with all due respect to Miss Marple) as the culprits are too moronic in their smug narcissism, no, this is more like a Mills & Boon pulp fiction trash edit. Tragically so.


    • If that is a Word on the Street update from one of the tuck shop lady armed house fraus I would take it with a grain of salt. Another Word Has It rumor was also that G was high pressure hosing his garage and car that morning too. And that he told cops he was spring cleaning. Lol. I smell bs.
      Some of the rumors are serving to muddy the waters and confuse the issue further.


      • I don’t know if there is any truth in the ‘springcleaning’ operation that took place at the BC home early on the 20th. If this is true I think he should have been arrested on the spot. Who on this earth in his/her right mind springcleans after discovering his/her beloved spouse mysteriously missing??? !!!!!!!!


  23. Umm, err, there is still one missing link … The owner of the elusive small blue/grey 4WD that was allegedly seen driving in front of the larger white 4WD … This mystery person is a POI who could help in MY enquiries I can tell ya that for nothing. ;-)

    Quite obviously someone does know the answer to that Q here .. But has chosen, for presumably personal reasons and fear of reprisal, not to divulge. Other than to state cryptically “they are friends of GBC, about the same age, and very prominent in the local community” …

    Obviously the Police know the answer … So again we just wait and theorize with precious little factual information, but very creative, imaginative minds to help fill in the gaping holes !!

    The two BC vehicles were impounded immediately, so too the entire house … This lends weight to the theory that the Police sprung GBC & NBC while they were doing the ‘spring cleaning’ of all the above. Can you imagine the performance they must have put on … going by GBC’s pathetic display in his one subsequent interview. (Miss Marple a dialogue of this event please).

    The more I think about it … The more this latest theory seems plausible … The idea of Police being greeted at front door by the lawyer that morning doesn’t. The scratch on the face ? Not enough, could have cut his face shaving. But arriving in the morning finding them doing the Harvey Keitel, (Mr. Wolfe) ‘clean job’ and then desperately trying to bluster their way out of it? … Now THIS rings true.

    The usual DNA type evidence may not be relevant here (well unless there was the highly unlikely presence of another woman – a stranger) as DNA and body hair etc from all members of the family and invited guests would be normal/expected and therefore non-incriminating.

    Finding Allison’s blood in the house and car, not to mention GBC’s blood (the little there may have been from his facial ‘scratch’) in the same places would be damning surely? Again, the police would have known immediately the autopsy began whether they needed to double check for blood. But they didn’t revisit the house or cars … Maybe they had already found what they where looking for (evidence) maybe not.

    Don’t worry, I reckon the (hopefully overwhelming) circumstantial evidence will be enough to convict. These BC’s are way too indulgent in their narcissism and ordinary in intellect to pull off something like this without fcking up badly … It is just a matter of time.


      • I doubt the contents of the vacuum cleaner will shed any light on the matter (see my explanation above) …

        Err, unless there was blood on some of the debris caught up in it. Obviously the Police would have been onto this. Seriously. We are not dealing with the fictional Mr. Plod here (or a cliche mid-west deputy sheriff with shiny aviator sunnies, chewing tobacco) !! ;-)


    • I believe they have the rego numbers of the cars because the person that saw them wrote them down. I have also been told about the vacuuming…maybe they were. I do wonder if anybody could be that stupid though…really? I keep thinking she may have made a 000 call the night/early morning & it got disconnected maybe & when he reported her missing things popped. But then I think why didn’t the police act then so maybe I’m wrong there but they do get prank ones remember. He had scratches not just one scratch….hence the crash into the pillar. He did get bruised ribs poor pet. But then I have been told she was seen early morning looking disoriented…so if you see this & know who this is don’t you stop & help? Anyway thats my 2 cents for what it’s worth :/


      • Not that stupid huh?
        Dead animal heads front of house
        Granny pash at such a time
        The granny pash with the dramatic flourish ending.Gargage door Curtain coming down saying to all THE END
        That conceited ‘semi amused” at all the fuss look at the funeral


      • Queensland Country Lady that was my point…I didn’t realise people could be THAT stupid! The whole thing reeks of stupidity. I was being sarcastic…sorry


      • Hi Kenmore Mum
        Sorry for looking dumb her but Who was the “she” seen early morning looking disorientated?I
        I like your 000 idea.
        Wonder why the mobile phone went missing?
        Wonder if mobile phone is at burial site, near drag marks
        or between BC house and that site. More likely buried or in river at that place.


      • Well I just responded to you Queensland Country Lady but my response is nowhere to be seen. I must have said something wrong…the answer was Allison. I’ll leave it at that.


    • Your statement implies that the vehicle seen in front of the white 4wd on the night in question is the same vehicle that the suspect crashed into the bus stop at Indooroopilly. I doubt they are the same. I think you will find he only borrowed the crash vehicle after the police impounded both of his cars. Far more likely the two cars seen that night (if indeed it has anything to do with the case at all), are both the suspects. His second car is grey, which could be misinterpreted for blue at night.

      To call the owners of the blue 4wd “very prominent” is drawing a long bow. Does attending church make you “very prominent”, or just more likely to be so gullible as to believe in someone’s innocence regardless of the evidence. Option B for mine.


      • Quite right ‘Siege’ I was quoting a previous post regarding “prominent community member” … The poster was reluctant to name them. I agree their degree of “prominence” is of no consequence.

        And yes clearly, small blue/grey 4WD are not uncommon in the area !! ;-)

        So there may be no connection with the crime at all. (the staged crash purely to delay talking to Police and maybe cover up scratches/bruises)

        But again how stupid, the EM docs would have documented the injuries and been in a much better position that the Police to determine if they were consistent with a low impact motor vehicle crash. I wonder if the car had air bags ? Moron.

        The forensic examination report of the crashed Honda CRV would be interesting reading.


    • hi there Doc Watson,
      It is well known around the local area who owns the crashed car. The Police know who that is also- i am sure from rego detail etc. The person is on GBC facebook friends list. I just feel very uncomfortable about publishing that info in this forum. i dont personally know them – they used to be parents at our kids school (not the Brookfield school) I have seen them at school pickup etc but dont know them to speak to them. I am certainly not trying to conceal anything that the public and police know – just not very cool with naming people here in this forum who may be COMPLETELY innocently associated to the baddies who have done the deed.
      If a friend of ours wife went missing – and the police had siezed their cars and i was asked to lend them a car – i would not do it – but others may.
      Hope this makes it clear


  24. I think its pretty easy given the emotive tragedy of this event to paint GBC to be far worse than he actually is. All this talk of NPD, I mean really, how many of us know him personally? This opinion has been based purely on his behaviour since the event. People weren’t running around town calling him a psychopath pre-murder.

    Yes he’s a filthy adulterer with financial problems, but a psychopath it does not make. It’s clear GBC was in over his head, I mean shit, if I had his life I’d probably be highly strung too. The pressure he would have been under would have been immense. What with his dick running all over town, creditors knocking on his door, his eftpos card being declined etc.

    What I think happened, is he was known to police for domestic violence long before the murder. The night of the 19th was just another night of his abuse of Allison and this time he went too far. He got help to get rid of the body and is now doing his best to cover it up. I seriously think that’s the size of it.

    Reason being, if it was pre-meditated he’s pretty feckin stupid and clearly can’t act his way out of a wet paper bag let alone orchestrate a murder and get away with it. There is no doubt in my mind he did it, but I expect when charges are laid it will be for manslaughter not murder. All of his behaviour since the murder, is merely an individual trying to act as if they haven’t done anything in accordance with their story. It doesn’t make him a psychopath, just a fool, because unfortunately forensic psychologists are smarter than him!

    This will absolutely unravel, because there are too many people involved who have to keep quiet and someone will crack under the pressure.


  25. Hi Felix,

    Mmmm the alleged high pressure hosing would presumably be due to all the mud on the outside of the car as he/they must have driven down some very rough tracks to get her poor dead body to the river edge up stream from where she was eventually found.

    Quite clearly near the Scout camp. So friggn obvious … Almost too obvious, but that is what narcissism PD does to them … Turns them into smug morons who think we are all so easily duped.

    Not his time … Although I have to say, if not for the torrential rain washing the body down to where it was discovered, they might have gotten away with it …


    • It is frightening to think that they would probably have gotten away with it – excerpt for that torrential rain that weekend.


    • See now that is probably the only thing that made me stop & think that maybe he was set up…the great grandson of the scouts founder murders his wife & dumps her body near a scout camp…not real intelligent. Don’t get me wrong…my “the hubby did it” radar still keeps pinging. I am by no means a Baden Clay fan…


      • Dear Kenmore Mum …

        You are not related to Craig Thomson are you ?? lol (just messing with you)

        There is no way this is a set-up by an outsider … Not impossible, nothing is, just highly unlikely.

        Despite our lack of factual evidence, I reckon the contributors here have done a remarkable job theorizing on what might have happened. and it has been a fascinating and therapeutic exercise (release of anger, frustration, pain, empathy).

        But as some have said, clearly still not quite enough evidence yet to convict or the Police would have already done so.

        It will come however.


      • Thanks Doc, I’ve been reading these posts for a while now. As I said It made me stop & think…but then they have done plenty of stupid things so I knew it was just another notch on his belt of stupidity. I don’t post often & I read & shake my head. Why is my comment scoffed at when someone went all crazy about a damn taxi driver ffs!! Posts & posts about a taxi!! What about the cut off hands?? I believe the report was…no evidence of trauma…I’m pretty sure no hands would look pretty traumatic. I live 2 minutes from this house!!! I along with everyone here want these bastards put away. I have to stand behind them in the supermarket & not hit them!! I have really enjoyed reading a lot of your posts but I think I’ve had enough now. Anyway…I’m done. Thanks for your time.


    • Agree with you on that Doc they definately would not of found poor Alison. But why havn’t they searched that area before? Or if they did when?


  26. One more thing …

    Was Allison dumped up stream (at or near the Scout camp) and washed down to the bridge? (most likely in my opinion) or thrown over the side of the bridge ? Inspection of the site under the body, before removal, and autopsy findings of post mortem trauma consistent with the fall plus the gravitational pooling of blood after death should have given Police the answers long ago … I hope.

    From what (minimal btw) experience I have had in a mortuary, an autopsy is about as gross and sickening an experience as you can possibly get … It is not an exact science as TV would have us believe. But in this case the Police would have a fair idea of the answer to their questions.

    But not firm incriminating evidence (no murder weapon found in the possession of the accused matching the method of death for example) but again just adding to the growing circumstantial body of evidence that will eventually be enough to convict the bastard(s) who did this.


  27. Hey Kenmore Mum,

    I was not putting you down, just joking with you !!

    There is no theory that is not worth listening to …

    Although I cannot stand the sight of him (especially the mouth, the eyes and those creepy small feminine hands) but I am sure that Thomson has got people out to ‘set him up’ … It is just that he has done a pretty good job all by himself !! ;-)

    Whereas GBC is a different matter all together … Craig Thomson and his fraud is meaningless compared with this awful crime.


    • “..and those creepy small feminine hands…” Oh, give me a break! Why don’t you get someone to study the bumps on his head as well? Then we can bring back Phrenology and convict killers with the shapes of their noggins…Honestly, stick to the facts, people; wild “He’s a killer because he has small hands/evil eyes/hairy toes…” nonsense just makes you all look like a group of peasants yelling, “Stone her, she’s a witch!!”

      I’ve been watching this blog for quite some time now, and haven’t been tempted to comment until now. But, the facts speak for themselves in this case and given the circumstantial evidence he’s guilty as hell; but whipping up sentiments of hatred on his (or the mistress’) appearance is just tawdry and beneath any sensible, logical discussion of the facts in this case.


      • Oh come on now Colin
        Give us a break!
        Who said that everyone here has all their i’s dotted and t’s crossed perfectly?
        Lots of things discussed have been horrible in the extreme. Not the contributors making, but the perpetrators. Lots of things here are physically sickening. Makes me retch.
        But Allison can’t speak for herself. Her parents have demonstrated remarkable intestinal fortitude. And if QPS say too much, possibly bastards will get off. All fine line stuff. Need some light relief here sometimes.
        Many good points made here.


      • I, too, am worried about the way things are going, “stone the witch, we have circumstantial evidence.”

        I looked for somewhere to speak with like minded people, as I too live in the area, we’ve frequented what beautiful Brookfield has to offer, the school, the show grounds ,the markets, the creek, the pony club, the shop, the hairdresser, the produce, the cemetery paddock; however, this isn’t a game, this is real. We need to find the actual culprits, or, we, in this area, more importantly our children, are still in danger.

        How can I go to the supermarket at night by myself, if I want to? Take my horses to the cemetery paddock alone? Go and say “hi” to people we know, riding our horses, or the like, if we feel like it? How can we do anything, now?

        Facts are what are important.

        Again, this isn’t a game!


      • Sorry but she does look like the lizard from the V series . And I don’t feel sorry at all for her hope she is crying like a baby.


      • Yes you are so right about name calling Colin… Like from the ‘Holy Grail’ … “She is a witch” “she is dressed like one” “the nose” “the wart” “she turned me into a newt” …

        But luckily we are on a blog that has absolutely no influence over this case or anything else for that matter … Except a way of lettting out anger and frustration. And there is, quite obviously, a fair bit of that in you too.

        But we all need to (including myself) avoid personalizing and commenting on someone’s unfortunate looks … I am guilty and do feel remorse for my childish words. But only a bit. ;-)


    • Has anyone else considered the theory of GBC setting it up to look like another person was involved/did the murder. (Meanwhile he & family await the arrest of the jealous mistress) Perhaps a mistress who possibly owns the blue car but was not involved or even at the scene & GBC
      is using her as a scape goat…could of been
      premeditated or last minute quick thing.


  28. If I was the sole parent of three children and was self employed and the success of my business was based on trustworthiness, honesty etc, I would be screaming from the roof tops declaring my innocence and assisting police in all ways possible.

    No, no, not Mr GBC his silence is deafening.


  29. All will be revealed when the time is right. The police do not bow to public opinion, but need to have a watertight case before laying charges. At the least, the behaviour since the disappearance of ABC, exhibited by the BC clan is very strange and does not fit with a missing family member situation. There is definitely a cover up of large proportion going on here. Just my opinion.


      • Peter of Cairns: “The law and the right to silence

        Common law dictates that if someone has a reasonable belief that they are a suspect in the commission of an offence, a right to refrain from answering any questions from a person of authority is available to the public, especially in relation to any information surrounding the alleged offence, as well as the identities of any other alleged perpetrators. Additionally, common law has stated, that no inference can be drawn from someone who has chosen to exercise their right to silence, and if any conclusions are indeed made, it will erode the right, or make it worthless, as noted by the High Court Justices in Petty and Maiden v The Queen.

        Generally speaking, the right to silence presupposes that if a trial was to occur in the commission of an offence, it is up to a jury to determine the innocence or guilt of a party, relying on the facts of the case, rather than the silence of an accused.

        Can a jury be told that an accused has exercised their right to silence?

        When evidence is put forward during a trial, that an accused had exercised his or her right to silence, case law has stated that as soon as the point has been made, the presiding judge should direct the jury that a person exercising the right, cannot be interpreted as evidence of their guilt.

        The general approach can be found in Badgery-Parker LJ’s comments in R v Familic where His Honour said:

        “…It is that where an accused person replies to a question put by police officers or responds to an invitation to comment on some matter put to him or her, what he or she says is in general admissible in evidence. If what is said amounts to no more than an assertion of the right to silence, it may be admitted but the jury should be immediately directed about the right to silence and that no inference adverse to the accused may be drawn by reason of exercise of it…”

        That pretty much encapsulates the right to silence perfectly.

        Sure Australia may not have Miranda warnings dictated to us as seen on televisions cop shows. However, the right to silence does exist, and readers should be aware that no inference can ever be derived from anyone exercising such a right.”

        IF GBC has decided to exercise that right then what point in bringing him in? To stare at his silence?


      • The right to remain silent does not preclude the Police form asking the questions.

        Bring him in and force him to say “no comment”


      • AND, if they are so sure it is him it will surely add more pressure than the media guessing and turning rumour into what too many in the public then go on to repeat as fact.


      • Hi Ozmosis, this right to remain silent issue is baffling to me. I can’t see how anyone NOT guilty would want to be silent, and furthermore, what if every crim elects to remain silent – then no one can convict them of anything, or what? That is not justice! I must be missing something.
        Clearly GBC knows all about it and how to use it. That was supposedly one of the topics he googled on his PC the night Allison disappeared….how very coincidental – no wonder he prefers to remain silent!!


      • RIP Allison, if there is enough evidence he can be charged and tried without ever saying a word. He has been coached on his right to silence for sure. I also believe that everyone associated with this crime and cover-up knows he can’t be allowed to speak without losing it and bringing everyone down. In my opinion the few things that have come out of his mouth have made him look guiltier than ever. I think the mother would come undone too. Nige is made of sterner stuff I think.


  30. Just to clarify, people with narcissistic &/or psychotic PD’s can indeed show the emotion of pain and suffering … But only if it is THEM that is suffering …

    Nothing for anyone else’s pain … They are oblvious to other’s suffering … No empathy, no remorse, no guilt, no shame. (ring alarm bells in this case?)

    That is what makes them so dangerous … Not that they are all murders … Far from it … It is just that they are not obvious, fit into society very nicely, can do such horrible things, and then continue as nothing has happened.

    People think psychopathic PD = Charles Manson types … Not so. (Manson may well be, but is also likely to be schizoid, paranoid, delusional with major psychoses +++)

    Politicians & Lawyers … Real Estate Agents & Used Car Salesmen … Would make interesting study groups for narcissistic/psychotic PD’s. ;-)


  31. Ohhh gawd … Please add multinational company CEO’s to the list !! Oh and sporting millionaires (Tiger Woods for example) And former International Monetary Fund bosses (Dominique Gaston André Strauss-Kahn) … Bldy hell the world is full of them … ;-)


  32. The reason ABC’s phone is missing is because that’s the phone GBC used to phone daddy after he got a bit rough with ABC and he needed help to get rid of his handy work. If he had used his own it could be traced so he used hers. Phones are like women, one good kick in the guts and a dunking in water and they shut-up every time. Silly son forgot that incoming calls are tracked as well (daddy’s phone). You have to lawyer up real quick to stop the police getting their hands on your phone records….

    Could GBC and Craig Thomson be the same person, the plot thickens.


    • “The reason ABC’s phone is missing is because that’s the phone GBC used to phone daddy after he got a bit rough with ABC and he needed help to get rid of his handy work.”



  33. In fact, and I will mercifully shut up after this, a certain amount of narcissistic & /or psychotic traits is a prerequiste for a life in the fast lane and must be an evolutionary advantage … No question about it …

    Damn, if I had different genes, just two or three more such traits, not burdened down with feelings of shyness, integrity and guilt, I could have been somebody, I could have been a contender !! ;-)


  34. Hi Kati, yes I reckon the phone records of all the perpetrators will make very interesting courtroom reading …

    Every phone number will have been logged and the time spent talking recorded …

    Every SMS text message will have been recorded, retrieved and analyzed …

    The PC seized from the BC senior’s residence will have every sordid e-mail, photograph and Google search stored away in the temp folders deep inside the Windows operating system that poor GBC & NBC would not have had any idea even existed let alone know where to find them or how to delete (clean) them …

    The guilty parties will be sprung big time soon.


  35. The media is very quiet at the moment. The police are working on this 24/7 with a whole bunch of them. I’m sure they would have taken vaccum, cleaning products, checked the garden shed etc.. If he smothered her there wouldn’t be much. They are going to need leads from the night, witnesses and put GBC’s past associations together first to rule out any other possibilities.


  36. Don’t leave Kenmoremum (or anyone else – good or bad), if the murderer/s and their families are on this site, picking on you might be their way of shutting you down if your theories are a bit close to fact. Allison has been silenced, don’t let it happen to anyone else!!!


    • Thanks KatiKutloose but when your replies just disappear…too close or not good enough? When your opinion gets scoffed at! Maybe it was a joke…but I’m not related to any low lifes thanks very much!! I live here & I look everywhere when I go out to lock up my animals at night!! I see these people driving past me!! I drive out onto Brookfield Rd & think WTF did this poor woman endure! What was going through her head when somebody was draining her spirit!! It has rocked our community that was so safe & secure!! I feel as if I don’t have some degree or doctorate my opinion is worth squat. I don’t know if I’m good or bad…I’m just an ordinary mum living down the road to where another ordinary mum was callously murdered!!! & felix, I don’t have tuckshop lady arms…
      I agree…Allison would be appalled!!


      • I hear you, Kenmore mum, we may know the same people, or, our children may have attended Brookfield State School together, or Kindy, or Play Group, or anything ….

        We are genuinely scared, or concerned. I, for one, didn’t attend the Brookfield Show, heavens, we used to enter Regional Day, then hang out all weekend.

        I wouldn’t leave my children to play in the creek on their horses anymore, or to jump their horses (with a group and an adult) in the cemetery paddock. This has hit us, hard.


  37. The Police would have been building a detailed timeline of events right from the beginning based on all the information they have received and are no doubt still receiving … That is why they were so specific about the timing of the vehicle movements that night … I reckon there must be an incredible amount of info on that timeline too … Be patient the arrest(s) and conviction(s) are coming.


  38. I reckon the only chance of catching him is if it was an accident, not premeditated. One would think covering up evidence is easier when you are planning the crime, rather than damage control after the fact. My gut feeling is he abused her like so many times in the past (explains the arguing) and he took it too far and killed her. His family have come to his aid to dispose of the body and clean the house and cars to reduce the evidence. Now they’re all running around tight lipped sh!tting themselves. His undoing will definitely be phone records. He would had to have made a call to ask for help. He’s damned either way regardless of whose phone he used. If he used his, wasn’t he meant to be in bed asleep? If he used hers, wasn’t she meant to be out walking presumed missing? Hardly think if she felt in danger and did have the phone with her made a all, it certainly wouldn’t be to his family for help. You’d assume it would have been her own family?


    • If the BC seniors live reasonably close by as I get the impression is the case, GBC would NOT have had to make a phone call to summons help – he could have gone there to discuss the issue face to face. If he was so careful about covering his tracks, this is what he would have done. And someone, likely NBC would have come back with him to advise his and assist with the disposal and clean-up.

      He could have done the same with the mistress – gone to her place instead of phoned. Maybe that’s when he had to go through the Kenmore roundabout, and the both of them (her in the blue 4WD) would have come back though it…then in the early morning hours they wouold have gone out with Allison’s body to Moggill Rd – maybe by a different route…

      I’m keen to know who the owner of the smashed blue 4WD is, and find out if any other family/friends/mistresses owned a blue 4WD which could have been used the night before. I’m sure the police would have been after this info too…they probably know by now exactly who did what.


  39. I think BC family/friends are reading some of our posts!
    There’s a couple of people here who are fans of the BWANAS.
    Who thumbs down EMPATHY & COMPASSION? Horny grandparents?


    • How do you know these people are fans of the “BWANAs” as you put it? Is it because they don’t have the same opinion as yours or that they are keeping an open mind? I for one can’t stand them but I am also feeling that things have got out of control on here now. Just because someone isn’t pretty doesn’t made them a murderer…yes…she’s an adulterer. I also wondered if they’d been set up…(so maybe I am a BWANA lover)…but that got shot down in flames…so maybe it was a taxi driver!! Are you kidding me???
      “We believe that Allison may have known her attacker,” he said.
      still think it was a taxi driver? Give me a break…I was thinking for a bit there that Peter from Cairns was a douche but now I can see some of his points.


      • Thanks Kenmore mum.

        You know there is an old saying “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” (Edmund Burke)

        That’s why I have a go at Rascist and Sexist people, if I say nothing then what am I?

        And perhaps if a few more people had more courage this lady may still be feeling the grass between her toes.


    • Good on ya happymum…lets hope they also see how pissed off the public are about their family members and what has happened!!!!


    • Definitely. If those of us who are not in any way related to the BC’s are interested in the case, you can bet your bottom $ the entire BC clan are scouring the internet day and night. I have no doubt they are reading this blog. So what?? The truth is the truth, read all you like – and it is going to put you awaywhere you belong for a long time GBC plus accomplice/s. Whoever killed Allison is an animal and does not deserve to be free.


  40. “Peter from Cairns” could be a sensible citizen, who works on facts, or, he could be a detective, reading what we have to say.

    All is good!


  41. It is hard to imagine what the BC clan will be doing right now actually … I doubt any of us could possibly imagine what must be going through their minds …

    Coming up with wild theories (with so little factual material at our disposal) is one thing … Getting into the sick mind of a killer and the accomplice(s) is another … I would rather not even try.

    I doubt though that either the Police or the killer(s) would be scouring through the blog here … Seriously unlikely.

    It would take a narcissistic PD to think we were that important or could come up with a theory that hadn’t occurred to the Police way before us !! ;-)

    I do sympathize with those poor people who live close by in Broofield and are feeling physically threatened by all this … Understandable. But you must trust the Police. They would not put the community at risk.


    • I don’t know, Doc, if they are crossing every “T” and dotting every “I”, why not have a look to see if any information is given?

      I went onto a site a few weeks ago, the information, that I was too late to read, was removed; someone had given some information that other posters had insisted they tell the police.


      • Mmmm yes you may be right … But then hopefully everybody/anybody with real first-hand information (and not rumour & scuttlebut) has been calling crimestoppers themselves and not theorizing on these types of sites ?

        I am jusy exercising the freedom to make comment to maybe help release the frustration of all this … I only wish I did, but I don’t, have something concrete to add …

        Let us keep hoping for a breakthrough or final circumstantial ‘nail in the coffin’ of the perpetrator(s).


    • Why would the residents of Brookfield feel physically threatened?

      Unless they *want* to

      Unless they are narcissists too and want to make this all about themselves

      Have the police issued warnings in Brookfield? No

      Yet they go into forums whiniing ‘look at me, I feel threatened’, JUST because they claim to live in the vicinity of where a woman was murdered NOT out walking, NOT in her yard, NOT while she was riding a horse or feeding her animals

      Listen to the police, People of Brookfield. They state that Allison knew her killer

      There you go. So now you can stop pretending you’re living in a war zone, stop using Allison’s murder to get attention and sympathy for yourselves

      and by the way, People of Brookfield who come to the forums to make it all about themselves

      — are you the same People of Brookfield who knew all about GBC’s affairs, as stated in the media, yet were happy to go to dinner with him and his mistress? If so, take a damn good look at yourselves. And if you were also scrambling to get an invite to the Fake Prince’s parties too –then that’s all anyone needs to know about you

      So quit with the self righteous whines thanks. Some of you, *claiming* to be People of Brookfield, have been dragging yourselves through all the forums, trying to get attention for yourselves at the same time you criticise and pontificate about others


      • Whoa & Im not a local….I think thats a bit harsh, the whole situation is creepy & I wouldnt like to be walking around that community with ‘A’ killer….regardless of the lack of risk to others….just my humble opinion tho!


      • not happy with this comment. I live a suburb away – and its not that we dont feel safe – its hard to explain – but it is just a bit too close to home. When the Police came to our house to ask about the 2 cars – i actually was quite shaken.(and i am no shrinking violet). It is just the thought that someone quite like you – living not too far away from you – has been through all this…. it is just too close to home.
        Also our 3 children are a bit freaked as well – as they see it in the news/newspaper and hear people talking about something that is far beyond thier PG rated imagination.
        We did not tell the kids about the Police visit to our house….


      • Well done, Burleigh – just like the Samford area! LOL

        If the locals were so concerned, why didnt anyone investigate or stick up for ABC? Why didn’t you interfere and make it your business, instead of turning your head?


      • Hi Chris, I am lost here….where does Samford fit into this argument???
        I think locals know logically they do not have to fear because this was a crime of passion, I just imagine it feels eery to them that something so horrific happened right under their noses and no one saw it coming. I don’t think they fear for their lives really, I just think they feel nervous to think that a person they considered ‘normal’ and that they trusted could turn into an animal and do this. Hence the feeling of mistrust and unease…who else could turn into a monster?? … this right locals?


      • Yes, all 4000 of us knew he was having an affair and we all still attended dinner! Hands up, its our fault a mad man murdered her. We don’t pretend to live in a war zone but it is certainly unsettling and eery to see a suspect close up. I’m not sure why how we feel bothers you so much. It must be nice to always be right.


      • Chris just because we are locals doesn’t mean we knew Allison personally. Would you know if the person in the next street to you was having an affair & was planning on killing his wife? Are we not allowed to be shocked & alarmed that it has happened here?
        Yes you are correct RIP Allison & well said Lucky


      • Absolutely!!! That is the truth Brookfield supporters!!!! The media have been attempting to help in this situation (no they arent always right) but I work in the community and am close to a media employee so actually know what Im talking about! It is the ‘culture’ – there were muffled screams heard, but then no one in the street or area investigated!!!!


      • You are right Chris…I was gobsmacked by the fact that the people heard that, stuck their heads out & then went back to the tv. I think you’ll find that most people (yes even outside Brookfield) don’t want to get involved. Sad but true. I would have been nagging my husband that something was wrong because someone had screamed. But thats me. Anyway I understand what you’re saying.


    • What are BC doing right now? Probably watching telly, looking SMUG, and not having a care in the world.Completely without remorse Ugh Hope QPS nail ’em good


      • That’s it for me, if people like “Burleigh Beach” are around, this place is not for me!

        I hope that the perpetrators are locked up, that the dear little girls are safe and loved as they already are, and all are safe.

        Take care :D


      • Chris,
        Brookfield and the surrounds are rural as you know. Kids scream most weekends, they can, its acreage. We can’t see neighbours. We can’t pinpoint the direction of sounds. We don’t call the police every squeal because it has always been kids having fun.


  42. Haha Doc you are funny! I agree, I hardly think any of the theories we’ve come up with wouldn’t have already been thought of by detectives. I expect what actually went down isn’t anywhere near as elaborate as we’d like to believe. At least I hope for Allison’s sake. Just so awful to imagine her looking into his eyes as he choked the life out of her.


  43. Hello mrsmuddle … ;-)

    The BC’s are dealing with a crack team of experienced, highly intelligent detectives not some outback deputy (god bless them) who has been drinking at a pub all day/night then stumbles across the crime scene, contaminating the evidence, and allowing the perpetrator (maybe a distant cousin) to get off on a technicality … ;-)

    Oh don’t they (BC’s) wish this to be the case ?

    But unfortunately for the BC’s this is not the case … The Police will be slowing but surely tightening the dragnet as we write …


  44. Hi Kenmoremum, I am not here to argue. Regarding my earlier comment= it is that. Mine. I hope I am allowed to share my VIEWS?
    I do think they have friends who read these stories and comments.


    • Yeah you are right…I apologise to you. I do believe that too & I also believe that Allison family & friends are on here too.
      Please forgive my outburst. Us local women have been accused of having tuckshop lady arms & other crap. This is about a murdered mum not attacking the local community & I just cracked I’m afraid & sadly I took it out on you.
      I’ve settled down now & I’m making a cuppa :/


      • PS: re: the tuck-shop-lady-arms

        one way or another, your arms will go to crap and no amount of pilates or dieting etc. can change that. They’ll either go tuck-shop-lady style (like dimpled pork sausages). Or they’ll turn to crepe from armpit to elbow. There’s no in between


      • No, Kenmore Mum, I’m not a man, lol. And I don’t have tuck-shop-lady arms or yards of crepe – yet :) Just speaking from observation re: the fate of arms. Happens to lots of mens arms too, but they have more sense than to go around in tank and string tops in their 50s and upwards, so you don’t notice it as much with men


      • Yes Kenmore Mum, can see your smile and glad you recovered fast. I’ve always upvoted your posts, long before I registered here :)


      • Burleigh Beach I like you :D & I don’t have tuckshop lady arms yet either but I suppose it is inevitable…damn I wish you were a man…you gotta admit that was a good call…rather TSLA than saggy scrotum…


      • Lol Kenmore Mum …. when it gets to that point, we have to hope all of us will have developed eyesight problems. They don’t see our scraggy arms and we avert our eyes from their … um … and we all live happily ever after (and well covered up)


      • This is a perfect example of the community damage that the killer/s have also accomplished – us – at each other – unbelievable what damage the killer has created not just with Allison and her family but total strangers who are here in support of finding and punishing her killer/s


  45. I think that if they found them vacuuming or cleaning and were so sure she was murdered by him wouldn’t you think they’d have him in questioning for a time until he cracked and told them where she was? The police said they were phoned early morning so that must be true, they wouldn’t make it up. I think that there’s a lot of unclaimed rumours that are thrown around and even though I enjoy reading them I doubt most of them are true. I do think his silence is deafening. I can’t see how this could’ve been done by a random person, the “going for a walk” scenario seems far-fetched as no one saw her walking & for multiple people to be involved it seems like the main guy + gf or mg + family.

    For what it’s worth, I am distraught at what has happened. No one deserves what she went through regardless or who did it. I am too obsessed with crime & some times need to think about the actual deed & how disgusting these people are to do such things.

    Please police have this thing sorted soon so we can punish the right people & have the right people properly grieve & deal with what’s happened.


  46. Hi Kemnoremum! No offence taken. I do understand. I reckon you & I would be friends had we met in normal circumstances. I am just a normal mum of 3 and I also help out at my childrens’ school canteen. I, too, would be mortified if one of the parents here are murdered and everything around it is shrouded in mystery.
    Let us all hope for the best outcome= to put the killer(s) away.
    Justice for ALLISON!!!!!!!!!!


    • Hear, hear…I’ll drink to that!! Look after those rascals won’t you? That is one of the most horrific images I have of Allison…her last thoughts would have been those beautiful babies or hers. That makes me cry!! Take care x


  47. In my opinionm I don’t think his three girls are at risk of harm from GBC or anyone else in the family, cops would be surveilling and listening to every word that he said, I’m sure the Police have the girls welfare in their sights and have his place bugged and phones tapped, trying to catch him out, I suspect all the suspects have had bugs placed in their houses, not hard to get a warrant and enter home and place bugs when your not there….I suspect the suspects are aware they are being surveilled. I hope the girls are ok and not living in fear as they suspect their father is a murderer…. I’m sure the kids must have put 2 and 2 together by now…..You can only shield children for so long and this is not Michael Jacksons kids we are talking about.


  48. Is anyone seeing the posts not in chronological order? Mine are all over the shop and I can’t keep up with the order of comments.


  49. hi there Doc Watson,
    It is well known around the local area who owns the crashed car. The Police know who that is also- i am sure from rego detail etc. The person is on GBC facebook friends list. I just feel very uncomfortable about publishing that info in this forum. i dont personally know them – they used to be parents at our kids school (not the Brookfield school) I have seen them at school pickup etc but dont know them to speak to them. I am certainly not trying to conceal anything that the public and police know – just not very cool with naming people here in this forum who may be COMPLETELY innocently associated to the baddies who have done the deed.
    If a friend of ours wife went missing – and the police had siezed their cars and i was asked to lend them a car – i would not do it – but others may.
    Hope this makes it clear


    • Local Lady, won’t lie and say there aren’t lots online who’d love to put a name to the car for the simple reason it’s one of the few details the police and media have focused upon. As you say, police have that information and the person involved may be guilty of nothing more than trying to do a good deed for someone whose wife was murdered. I’m thankful for the information you have revealed in this forum *upvote* and like everyone else I’m sure, can understand why you wouldn’t make the car-owner’s identity known in a forum


  50. Hi Kenmore Mum

    I don’t think you should be scared in your familiar surroundings …
    I say this because if there was a raving lunatic on the loose and that loony targeted GBC’s family for whatever reason , blackmail , setup etc , you wouldn’t take your children to a local Fair and leave them there even with a family member if that loony murdered your wife would you ?

    We must be patient with the investigators .

    I wouldn’t arrest any of the BC’s clan until i had absolutely water tight concrete evidence between the killer and the accomplist ( probably from the same clan no doubt ) because they ARE after all , from a very very historical world renown, well respected family and you wouldn’t want to stuff up another international , high profile case ie ; yankee diver’s wife who drowned ?

    Rest assure , the cops know the two immediate perps , they’re just undecided which one of those two actually pulled the trigger so to speak .

    They have to get this one right otherwise Q police will be condemmed to the hilt and be sued like there was no tomorrow for wrongful arrest …….

    Therefore in my humble guesstimation , the father covered up for GBC to protect the family’s name and reputation ….


    • I hear what you’re saying Two Cents & I’m usually not a worry wart but you just have an eerie feeling in the dark with no street lights…anyway I’m with you about them doing it right the first time no matter how long it takes. Thanks for your thoughts. :)


  51. I say time for new thread Robbo. And I agree with the previous poster who said you should number the post so it’s easier to navigate. Cheers keep up the great work. PS I’m new to this site came across it last Thursday and love it…..


  52. Attention Robbo !

    You are needed in the engine room ……. the posts are all about the place ….. can we have a numbering system as well please .
    Thanks mate ….


    • Guess everyone’s is waiting (me too) for the site to sort itself out. Looks like Robbo’s busy working on the suggestion the page be widened. Lol, the page is wider, but it’s messed everything else up at least for the moment. Nothing’s where it should be, making it very difficult to log in. Not knocking Robbo for trying though :)


  53. i have no idea what thread to read anymore, there are posts from everywhere!

    also, have to say its really sad to see all the name calling, b*^tching and moaning and derogatory comments to each other on here lately. it’s very childish and robbo’s site deserves more respect than that and also that it isn’t really achieving anything is it!


    • People are always going to disagree, Asha, whether it be in a forum or real life. That’s normal. Important thing is that when the fireworks are over, people shake hands. And that seems to happen in here, which is great. The cameraderie in Robbo’s site FAR outweighs momentary disagreements. After all, there are people here from all over Oz and maybe even further afield, all trying to nut out a crime that’s captured the attention of a nation

      In addition, people with vested interests are leaping into all sites where this case is being discussed, trying to influence people’s opinions, lol — as if it matters. Maybe they think it’s going to be trial via online posters. Or, they may be terrified their own reputations are going to go down and they think they can save themselves by posting online

      Anyway, it’s an online discussion, heated at times, not a church hall discussing scone recipes, lol..

      and I’m typing here without being able to see what I’m writing, because the log in box is obscuring the page


      • Burleigh Beach Sorry if I have offended you earlier. Lots of difficult stuff to digest. That was a good post at 3.21pm


  54. hey i am all for heated discussions and differing opinions and do not expect the discussions to be sugar coated or resemble a church group discussion.

    its the personal attacks and belittling personal comments directed to people that offends me. thats all.


    • Well you know what they say Asha — if it offends you, why read it? Why not move on to posts you find more pleasing?

      What I very much like in Robbo’s site is the fact it is self-moderating

      Why, you might ask. Ok, it’s because in old-fashioned, last-century forum-models, people who like to dominate and who like to control the course of discussion, etc., get to complain to the ‘mods’. And in that way, they get opinions they don’t like (or of which they’re afraid) removed

      They also get other posters removed via their self-righteous whining and phony ‘complaints’ about being offended. You see?

      But in Robbo’s site and others (like topix for example) that little game doesn’t work. Because Robbo’s site and topix are self-moderated. People can up or down vote to express their agreement with a post, or their disagreement, etc. No need for old fashioned concepts like ‘moderators’. And no ABUSE of the system ither, via phony complaints about being offended

      That’s why I post here. I very much approve of level playing fields. Everyone’s opinion is valid, imo. No interference by power drunk mods or abusers hitting ‘complaint’ buttons

      So maybe the Websleuths forum would be more to your liking? People are always claiming to be ‘offended’ over there and succeeding in getting information removed and posters silenced

      Me, I’m staying here. It’s a site for grown-ups


    • @ Queensland Country Lady —- no way have you offended me, but thanks and kudos for you for your post

      I’ve been reading your posts for a while now. All interesting, informed and a lot of intelligence there behind the humour

      I have your back, kid. You’re good and you’re fair :)


  55. Burleigh Beach….

    how can i “not read” the posts. they come to my inbox so once opened i can see the content. i am 40 years old, a university graduate, wife, mother, crime enthusiast, so would consider myself very grown up. I have been on this website for about 18 months and i find it very much to my liking. i am also a member of websleuths and have been for the same amount of time, however find their theorising of events to be a little far fetched so don’t really take too much time to read their forums.

    however the baden clay threads have been the only threads I have ever seen where people make personal attacks at people, not at what they have to say, but at what they look like, how dumb they are etc etc etc and i find it really unnecessary and immature from “grown ups” as you put it.

    i’m not one to “dob” on people to moderators as i see no point, never have and never will. i am grown up enough to value differing opinions and i also know when to bow out of an argument without resorting to name calling – hell that went out with highschool! don’t you agree?

    its not the content i am offended at, its the behaviour of a few in terms of name calling and personal attacks.

    that is all.


    • This particular thread for some reason is putting all the latest comments in a section in the middle. It’s not just you. : ) I agree with the rest of what you said. Attacking each other over personal issues, isn’t the answer, choose a thumb instead to register a protest – up or down, point made.


    • Asha, as they say, you’re only as good as your last post, regardless of how long you’ve been here

      People can be anything they claim to be … online. Very often bears no resemblance to the truth. Everyone knows that. No one cares

      And again, if you’re offended, don’t read it

      After all, if you’re a tenth of what you claim to be, you should know that you alone are responsible for how you choose to *react* … to the tv news, for example, or to content in movies or in online sites. So it’s your choice to ignore it, react to it, complain about it, whatever

      Now THAT is all, ok?


      • I strongly disagree that online some people bear no resemblance to who they are in real life, and do not post according to what they believe. This is a very serious matter we are looking at, and I do not participate in forums on that basis. I think this is the whole point that is being raised here.


    • It’s *you* who needs the last word, obviously

      Now you’re sulking and stomping out

      Why not read my first response to you again. Reasonable and concilliatory, wasn’t it?


    • I am with you here, Sad for Allison.
      I do not pretend to be someone I am not. I am only a mum of 3. I don’t need to go on-line and live a fantasy world. I only come here to read updates and comments and leave the odd reply every now and then.


  56. Robbo’s site is excellent. We’re all here because of Allison. Please guys, no name-calling or arguements. We are all entitled to share our views & thoughts about Allison’s murder. Comments should be relevant, not personal attack to anyone whose opinion might differ from yours. Hell, it would be boring if we all think alike.


    • Some of the well intended people posting here could be just like Allison was. Lovely. Innocent. Caring. Sensitive. There is enough to deal with in life offline let alone online. Remember that people are real behind these screens. Save the bickering and attacks for when it really matters. And it’s not rylevant here.


  57. Any chance of some news on the east keilor seige or is this the alison baden clay fan club now and not aussie crims and crooks????


  58. Posts are not in chronological order. It seems people who work in the day read and reply to posts at night.. So one would have to scroll through each days posts to see all the replies made at night. I see there are a few mysterious ‘old’ ones at the bottom too, and the page is getting a bit slow to load and post to. Robbo maybe time for a new thread please….wish there was some major news flash to start the new thread off…. :o)


  59. Interesting – the “YES Gerard killed Allison” vote is steadily climbing….now >1400 YES votes and about 10 times fewer NO’s…… fast approaching 90%. Your fate is sealed GBC! We are NOT fooled!


    • Yes Milly. I think Robbo needs to do a new update but there also seems to be a lot of regulars missing so unless there’s a new one we don’t know about…


      • Ok, thanks Kenmore mum. Perhaps I will just go to bed and check tomorrow if all is flowing again. Odd, only few are posting comments.


      • Hi there, I think we’re all confused about the postings being out of order. I don’t know of a new thread, so if you hear of one can you let us know please! Thanks RIP for posting the link to the ACA footage. Just had a look at it, such a sad summary of events.

        One thing I picked up that I hadn’t noticed before was when police searched NBC’s home, amongst computers and other things they took they mention ‘a bag of clothes’. Wonder why that would be, I’m sure everything has been tested by now.

        Yes, happymum, what a tragedy in Darwin today, wasn’t it? I too fear for the BC girls, there can be no ‘normality’ in their lives, that for sure.

        I’m guessing we will get another news feed in the next day or two, the pattern so far with media reporting in the CM seems to be every few days from what I can gather. This appalling crime has really gripped so many people, and I sympathise with all the locals, such a tranquil part of the world, your equilibrium must be severely shattered.


  60. Not sure if this hearsay has been written here today so sorry if its a repeat. I heard a mum from the school was talking with Allison at the cross country on the 19th. Later that night (about 11pm) she allegedly drove past the B-C house and saw two people putting something in the back of the Prado. Once she heard about Allison’s disappearance she contacted police. If true, this is another reason I guess why a full scale search was launched so soon for a “missing” person.


    • WOW this would be very significant! No wonder they too kthe cars for examination. I wonder how much of the people were visible…..I do think the police has a lot of info – and they are still gathering more… will be like a floodgate in court! Can’t wait for the day! Robbo this page is now impossibly slow – please create a new thread!!


    • Hi Ozmosis,

      The BC’s house is behind trees with a narrow driveway. You would need to stop the car to look down the driveway during the day, I don’t know how vision would be at night.

      It would be good, though, if people observed these things as they went on.


      • TE, I haven’t driven past the house but using Google street view from various points on Brookfield Road outside the house allows one to see a significant part of the driveway including part of the curve and part of the house. They may have a sensor light there as well.


    Thread to Base
    Thread going down Thread all over the place
    Do you copy?
    Repeat… Base… Do you copy?


  62. I am sorry to have reacted so strongly and said I’ve had enough; however, we all have our stories and no-one needs to read what was directed at me, which was basically, an attack, for no reason. I was trying to sooth another person. The general consensus in the Brookfield area is one of eeriness, for lack of a better word, these are not just my feelings, this is a fact, that has been mentioned to me time and time again, by many people. Furthermore, the look of concern as we talk to each other, I’ve never seen it before.

    Like us all, we want the perpetrator/s caught, that is what we are here for.

    In my observation, one cannot trust any bureaucrats 100%. Think about our history with people being blamed/shamed/jailed; our wars, the propoganda and spin by the politicians. I would think that the police do what they are ordered to do by the powers that be. Remember the Fitzgerald Inquiry.

    I have some very disturbing and sad news:

    Why was the Kenmore round-about of interest? That is because the chains from the Coles car park, that are there to keep people out, where used around Allison.

    ABC also had a DVO out against GBC. ABC had also been thrown down the stairs some years ago. They were trying to work their marriage out this year, and this was made known. This makes sense as to why the police where out by 9.30am that Friday morning.


    • what? used to weigh the body down? I feel ill. That is just horrific! That poor, poor woman.
      I had heard that the focus on the round about wasn’t actually because they were asking about a car but a person. Someone linked to the case was seen at the bus top….as the rumour goes.


      • It is, horrific, Lucky and hello :D

        I wonder if the murder may be treated as premeditated, as the police would think that someone to think of that, and have the bolt cutters available to do so, may have planned it? Chains that may have been touched by many, something that is so public.

        What is slowly being revealed of what happened to Allison has been carried out to her by a very, very, very, sick mind, and you can’t tell me, that a person like that wouldn’t have shown some signs of sick behaviour, previously.


  63. Can they do that??? Can certain posts be “taken” by “Big Brother”? R we going back to the ugly censored days of Joh?
    OR maybe everyone is bored and has a life,lol.


    • Mmmm an army veteran eh ?

      I still have doubts about this woman (GBC’s sister) … Why did she feel the need to add the unsolicited: “she was depressed” …

      Sis came across very measured indeed n the interview …

      Looked scared, handled it much better than the histrionic brother, but still came across in a questionable manner …

      Can’t put my finger on it though.

      I guess her alibi (allegedly hundred’s of km away that awful night) has been verified by Police.

      Still think she was covering for her Bro’ during the interview.

      The chains rumour is interesting, i am surprized that more tit-bits have not been leaked out about this case … true &/or false .. Human nature as it is …. Precious few for us to work on … way too much supposition.


      • Hello Doc :D

        I, too, have doubts about the sister. Although she appeared genuine, something just didn’t sit right with regard to her “she was depressed” comment. Coming from such a “private family” as they claim, it seemed calculating.

        Yes, I agree, not enough to work on.


  64. We have some serious admin problems here on the site: missing posts, those that are still left are out of order &/or disorganized on different threads …

    Robbo is missing in action (MIA) since sponsoring his family last weekend …

    His subsequent posts, after they left, were cryptic to say the least … i could not make sense of them.

    ‘Badman’ (who does bear more than a passing resemblance to Robbo) has just been arrested in Melbourne after a siege (for the same period Robbo has been MIA) lol

    I am typing here blind, as the ‘leave a reply’ dialogue box is not showing my cursor …

    Should we send out a search party for our site host ??


    • Morning Doc, we missed your posts yesterday – am only assuming you have got a job to do in your medical line, unlike some of us layabouts here (including me!) I agree with you about the site, in fact it was eerily quiet last night, on both threads.

      Talking about missing threads, I put one up here this morning with a link to a photograph at a Century21 awards night this year, a photo of Allison and GBC, and it’s no longer there.

      I am sure you are joking about the reference to Robbo looking like ‘Badman’, Doc, but seriously where is he, and what has happened to the site?

      A question, TE, about the Coles carpark chains if I may. I used to shop there years ago, and at that time there was CCTV (especially around the back where the St Vinnies bins were). Do you believe the chains were usually at the entrance to Kenmore Village, at the roundabout? I have heard this rumour on the American site which I looked at last night as no-one seemed to be on this site. (That’s where I got the link to the photo mentioned above.) Can this be possible, or just more speculation? I guess the point is none of us know, but if it is true it is very difficult to stomach, and points to sick on another whole level to me.


      • Hi Sad for Allison,

        I heard this from people whom I trust, who don’t become involved, so, sadly in my case, I believe it.

        There are now chains, where there never used to be any. Where people would park past the parcel pick up and around it, on the islands, etc., chains had been placed. I don’t know if these were the chains, or not.

        It is just sickening.


      • Morning ‘Sad; …

        Awful about the chains rumour …

        And before we all get lambasted by a ‘holier than thou’ contributor (about the obvious danger of jumping to conclusions based on rumours) there is absolutely no problem with us discussing anything/everything we choose to discuss and theorize on … including the chains. We are not the Police and certainly not a jury, so with freedom of speech being what it is … Let’s fire away !!

        As awful as it seems, I presume this supposed, alleged use of chains is after-the-fact and (if true) used to weigh down or attach Allison’s body so that it would remain in an obscure part of the kholo creek system up stream from where she was eventually found.

        As Miss Marple (who is also MIA) put it last weekend … What rotten luck for GBC and his accomplice(s) that Allison was subsequently found.

        The actual cause of death would definitely be known (almost immediately during the gross autopsy) unfortunately, what precipitated &/or contributed to her COD and how that fits into the circumstantial evidence so far presented to the Police is what is taking so long to determine.


      • Hi Sad for Allison, Take Exception is right about the chains near parcel pickup but they also chain off parking areas every night. Not sure about all of them but especially across the front (looking towards roundabout) & the ones around the side too. Now I can’t remember what night it was but I was dropping my daughter at dance in KV & a police car drove past me. Not so strange but the shops were closed except for Coles & they do normally have security driving through. What I thought was odd, he didn’t turn right towards the shops, he turned left & went up behind the new undercover carpark. As I said it doesn’t seem weird but you don’t normally see them doing the rounds. My hubby even thought it odd & he’s not one to get too into stuff like that.


  65. No gag on the site as you can still post – it’s just that Robbo is not around to create a new thread as the amount of comments is making the page misbehave…


    • Err, obviously I just did leave a post !! lol But it was out of order and I missed it … Interesting phenomenon going on here. ;-)


      • I agree with you Doc, we wondered where you were! Neil, see my comment above, I posted an image here on this thread this morning, which is no longer there. It was of ABC and GBC at a C21 awards night this year.


      • Dear Sad for Allison…. your post is still here, just second from the bottom of the page, right at the end. Strange I know. I checked it out and she did look lovely.


    • Hi ‘Sad for Allison’, ‘Lucky!’ and ‘happymumOf3rascals’ …

      Yes we are having admin troubles here on the site for sure … We need Robbo to do some damage control. (yes I was joking about his resemblance to the career crim: ‘Bad to the Bone’ … ;-) But, having said that, I still would like to see them in the same room together to make sure !! lol

      The picture you posted this morning, C21 awards night from earlier this year (your post is displaced down the bottom of this page) took me by surprise, as at first I did not recognize that it was Allison.

      In fact, being a male, I am still not 100% sure it is her … But I trust you can spot Allison in make-up with hair done better than me. ;-)


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  67. Thanks Luck!, but this little trick (clicking on the recent comments link at the top left of the page) is not working either !! ;-(


  68. What I don’t understand about Robbo being missing; who is updating the news on the left side banner? I’m only new here, so not sure how it all works and whether Robbo or others are responsible for those updates.


  69. Surely the best that this forum can do, is assist, with any “new details” that may assist in exposing the Killer/killers and other “significant/relevant details/facts-clues”. JMO The reason for the delay is to “get it right-expose all”. Has anyone heard any “reliable details”, about EXACT types of vehicles allegedly spotted and yes TE I TOTALLY agree with yr comments “We are saying that apart from the GBC case, our advice is that there is a swingers’ group in the region, that have been around for many years. I know a couple who were approached, again, many years ago, who told me what they know. What our fellow posters are saying, who also live in the region, is unrelated to ABC, and this was said in the beginning. It doesn’t hurt for anything that could lead to something, for the police to be advised. We were backed up by others in the region, saying the same thing. We haven’t said anything about dear ABC, and I find it very strange, and suspicious, when this has been repeated and repeated, when we were talking about the region, and confirming same, that we are being attacked when it is obvious what we said. Very suspicious.


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