Allison Baden-Clay’s husband Gerard had an affair, But we all knew that…

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POLICE are still interviewing friends and family of Allison and Gerard Baden-Clay in their quest to solve the murder of the Brookfield mother of three.

A month after she disappeared, police have made it clear they have a suspect, possibly more than one, but yesterday continued to run out numerous leads as they worked to solve the case.

They have also confirmed they believe Mrs Baden-Clay was killed by someone she knew.

But a police spokesman yesterday declined to comment on whether toxicology results from Mrs Baden-Clay would be able to confirm a definitive cause of death.

“Any investigation requiring forensic testing adheres to its own process and time-frames depending on the amount of evidence requiring testing and the nature of these tests,” the spokesman said.

“As this is an ongoing investigation, we are unable to comment further at this time.”

BROOKFIELD mum Allison Baden-Clay’s husband Gerard had an affair with a woman who worked in their real estate franchise, friends say in evidence confirmed to police and central to investigations.

Former Century 21 Westside saleswoman Toni McHugh is alleged to have had an affair with Gerard Baden-Clay

Four weeks after her death a picture has emerged of a tumultuous final year for the Baden-Clays.

It included a public outing of the affair as the couple’s business imploded.

Police have been told the relationship between Mr Baden-Clay and former Century 21 Westside saleswoman Toni McHugh was widely known among friends and colleagues.

Ms McHugh is the former staffer reported to have been interviewed at least three times by detectives and confirmed the relationship to police, The Sunday Mail can reveal.

The affair has been a focus of investigations and may be a factor in Mr Baden-Clay’s near-silence publicly since his wife vanished and was found dead on a Kholo Creek riverbank at Anstead.

Friends were last year led to believe the relationship had ended but police have been told it was ongoing, helping to explain the repeated interviews of the former staffer.

Mr Baden-Clay’s lawyer declined to comment and Ms McHugh did not respond to calls yesterday, but has refused several interview requests since Allison disappeared.

“I’ve got nothing to say to you,” Ms McHugh, a former NSW art teacher, told The Sunday Mail when first reached a week after Mrs Baden-Clay vanished.

However, numerous sources spoke for the first time to reveal how the affair unravelled publicly long before Allison’s disappearance.

Staff reported spotting Mr Baden-Clay leaving Ms McHugh’s home after hours.

As the suspected relationship became a frequent discussion topic there was disquiet over perceptions that Ms McHugh received preferential treatment with new property listings.

“People saw them at events together. People saw them at dinners together. People had dinners with them together. It wasn’t a well kept secret,” said one person with intimate knowledge of the situation.

“I was shocked. Gerard’s history was of integrity and honesty. It was not something you could have suspected he could have been capable of being involved in. I had put him on a moral pedestal.”

With the marriage in trouble and Mrs Baden-Clay last year opening up about a breakdown in her relationship with her husband, friends are known to have asked her if her husband could be having an affair.

She denied it.

One person said: “She wanted the marriage to work.

“She did everything she could to make a happy home.”

Police have also been scouring the financial affairs of the Baden-Clays, who had rented their home at Brookfield.

Their Century 21 Westside business was ranked the brand’s top Brisbane franchise in 2010 and expanded from Kenmore to a bigger office at Taringa over Christmas, but nosedived after the January 2011 floods, insiders say.

Mr Baden-Clay’s business partners left the franchise late last year, records show.

One source said: “Things became incredibly difficult financially.” Educated at Sydney University, Ms McHugh taught in the Blue Mountains area outside Sydney for several years before moving to Queensland.

“She quickly won a role in property management and three years later caught the attention of Century 21 Westside principal Gerard Baden-Clay,” says an online profile.

Gerard Bayden-Clay at the Brookfield Show yesterday, was having an affair for much longer than first thought

The pair first met when Mr Baden-Clay presided over the sale of Ms McHugh’s block of land at Pullenvale.

“I wouldn’t have worked for just anyone,” Ms McHugh says in her profile.

“Century 21 Westside were ethically strong, results-driven and very much team players. I bring to this position empathy, understanding, a talent for solving problems and, above all, a true love of property.”


Allison Baden-Clay’s husband had an affair with a woman at his work that was widely known about, friends say in evidence central to police investigations into the Brisbane mother’s death.

The mother-of-three reportedly learned of the affair between Gerard Baden-Clay and Toni McHugh, a former saleswoman at the couple’s real estate franchise, around a year before her body was found under a bridge in West Brisbane on April 30.

Ms McHugh has been interviewed at least three times by police and confirmed the affair, which was ongoing and widely known among family and friends, The Courier Mail reports.

Mr Baden-Clay’s lawyer declined to comment on the reported affair and Ms McHugh was not answering her phone yesterday — she had refused earlier interview requests, saying she had “nothing to say”.

But numerous sources spoke to The Sunday Mail, saying the affair became public long before the 43-year-old mother was reported missing by her husband on April 20.

One colleague said things came to a head around the middle of 2011 when Mr Baden-Clay came to work and told staff his wife had discovered the affair — Ms McHugh resigned almost immediately after.

“People saw them at events together. People saw them at dinners together. People had dinners with them together. It wasn’t a well-kept secret,” a source told The Mail.

Mrs Baden-Clay’s husband reported her missing from their home in Brookfield at 7.30am (AEDT) on April 20 after she failed to return from a walk.

Her body was later found under a bridge over Kholo Creek.

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  1. Its a real shame the Mr Bayden-Clay let his own self obsessions & implulsive behaviour get in the way of his beautiful wife & mother and for their three children. If he had of thought more about his children he would not be in this position at the moment. The almight $ seems to get in the way of what really matters in our lifetime and thats family, because without it, you are no-one. Isnt it always the way, the person they are having the affair with, never seems as good as the partner they have, but they dont realise that until its all gone. I feel for Mrs Bayden-Clay’s daughters and parents, such a terrible, terrible loss.


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