Allison Baden-Clay Murder Investigation- Everyone is under pressure

Service notes at the funeral of Allison Baden-Clay

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Well after several days of silence surely the pressure in mounting for all concerned in this investigation. I cannot think of any other reason, other than a directive from the Police that the media reporting on the case cool it for a few days. Why, well maybe to encourage some discussion or activity from the suspects? Maybe it is the calm before the storm, give a false sense of security and breathing space. …

So this post is largely blank for any news breaking today and to continue the discussion,

(I have been crook so don’t think I have ignored any emails or questions you make of asked.I will catch up folks…)

Here is something ponder in the meantime from Paul Tully Blog, which has some we can try to answer…

When will the police take Allison Baden-Clay’s killer into custody?

The police have said a number of things about this murder:

1.   It was not a random attack.

2.   There is no killer on the loose around Brookfield ready to strike again.

3.   Allison Baden-Clay may have known her attacker.

4.   The police have a key suspect.

5.   The police are confident of bringing her killer to justice.

Questions which the public is now asking:

1.   Why is it taking so long to make an arrest?

2.   Is the key suspect at the start of the murder investigation, still the same key suspect?

3.   Is more than one person under investigation for murder or as an accomplice to murder?

4.   Is any person under investigation as an accessory either before or after the fact?

5.   Is the killer aware that he or she is a suspect in the murder?

6.   Was a vehicle used not only to take Allison’s body to Kholo Creek but was that vehicle – or another vehicle – used to kill her?

7.   Was any part of her body dismembered?

8.   Was any incriminating DNA evidence found on her body?

9.    Did this killing appear to be premeditated or pre-planned?

10.  How soon is an arrest likely?

11.  How many persons may be arrested in relation to this murder?

12.  Has any person under investigation for this murder made any incriminating statements by phone, SMS or email?

13.  Have there been any tracking devices placed on any vehicles or concealed microphones placed in any homes, businesses or vehicles during the course of this investigation?

The police seem tantalisingly close to making an arrest in this case.  

The public can only conclude that the killer is so stupid, he or she is continuing to say and do things which amount to admissions of guilt or is engaging in other incriminating actions which are building a rock-solid case which no defence counsel could ever wriggle out of for their client.


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  2. Pingback: Allison Baden-Clay murder investigation hampered by delays in forensics « Aussie Criminals and Crooks

  3. JMO but the family name and the nationality, should be left alone , as it would be unfair on the descendants/siblings, they have to carry on their lives after this~! Appreciated the Jack Shit clip- Twas just superb…but family personal attacks I believe are wrong. Also attacking anyone else on the forum seems pointless-just like or dislike! …More info required please….


  4. Seen the old chooks over at web sleuths gossiping? They wouldn’t know fact if it came up and kicked them in the arse. An especially big shout out to Linette the imbecile, who is allergic to googling and sits on her fat arse asking people to research for her. Indromum who has spun so much crap about the case, no one over there knows what’s fact and fiction any more. Marlywings, the forum Nazi who starts an argument then alerts the mods to get you banned and last but notleast ColdCase ie. Mental case, the little puppy that will turn fiction into fact in the speed of light to keep on with the gang.


      • Yeah Logic ….. you could probably guage their dwindling popularity by the decline of red checked covered pyrox dishes being delivered to their cave entrance …oh dittums


    • Highly entertaining reading – I’ve been sitting here all day scrolling through catching up from yesterday, cracking up at the catfights – so funny…keep it up people…

      Not that anyone cares but I’m not offended by anything anyone says or does – opinions – everyone has one and are entitled to express it in whatever way they see fit as far as I am concerned or don’t express, whatever tickles your fancy…as I said KEEP IT UP PEOPLE :).

      But I will say this – if anyone is going to be the BLOG POLICE it should be Robbo

      Robbo love your work :)


  5. Oh this is ridiculous , having us believe the whole case hinges on a toxi report …pifftt

    Why don’t they just get agent Popova or agent Komarovski to infiltrate skull cave posing has laminex glaciers so they can crack an invisible crack into their ‘ dome of silence ‘….ssshhhsss


  6. I reckon if nobody is discovered yet responsible for AB’s murder, those children will forever have a suspicion in the back of their mind about their father given everything that has come out in the media. I have seen people supporting GBC and his family who have proven themselves to be frauds and also been exposed all over the net as frauds. No amount of using and abusing other human beings is acceptable and particularly not from anyone who is claiming to be a person of good standing in society and someone that others should look up to. I am fully aware what evil and greed is capable of so I have enormous sympathy for the family members who will eventually have to deal with the consequences of one or maybe two peoples actions. I find many things that GBC has said and done highly suspicious but maybe I’m just jaded from my own experiences. And how ironic that he is claiming to have ethics and found overly enjoying the company of his female staff, using people to fund his own life dreams and probably promising the world while doing it. A typical pattern of narcissistic frauds it seems. I’ve seen this and experienced this all before and I find it very stomach churning.


  7. The case is what it is, no spaceship came down and abducted this woman. Strong likelihood husband did it, family member/s or someone else close may have helped cover it up. Toxicology also becomes “oh he must have drugged her”. It’s ridiculous. If you don’t have any knowledge of how crimes are solved, you shouldn’t be out there voicing ridiculous theories. I’m learning a lot from some people, but I also have the common sense not to make up crap just so as I can feel involved in solving this crime. People should put up or shut up. The latest about the pregnant woman makes me feel ILL. Some poor woman with a family now dragged into it, and the dinner at the restaurant in which a fight took place between GBC and ABC. Absolute crap, some people should be ashamed of themselves and most of them hang out at


  8. *for Twocents*

    *Sarge*……….’Step in here, Constable’…….

    * Constable*…’yes, Sarge?? you got a job for me? ‘…

    * Sarge* ……..’ Ya reckon you could pull off being a laminex bloke, and a Russian at the same time? ‘…

    * Constable* …’ ooo , Sarge.. I get ya.. oh yea.. surveillance at Skull Cottage!!.. oh yea, I know a few verses of the Volga Boatmans song, I can hum that, and oh, yea. Dos Vadanya, Nige!… Nyet!Nyet!, Elaine!!..


    • Miss.M

      Were you aware Police Commissioner Atkinson and Nigel Baden Clay were both members of the Qld. Scouts Assocn. Branch Council ? Loads of funny-handshakers of course, as well as other men’s organisations also involved, as would be expected

      Atkinson was reported last week as due to finish his contract end this year, I think

      Yesterday’s news reported him as claiming delays in tox and forensics to blame for basically no news

      They continue to harp on about the ‘two cars’ and invite public to come up with more info

      yet Local Lady has said a few times that those ‘two cars’ were seen near her place, late, dark, parked and on FRIDAY night. She told the three detectives who appear in news clips, removing evidence from NBC’s property

      Local Lady said the 3 detectives did nothing with the information provided them by herself and other local residents

      ** FRIDAY night


      • Burleigh, I read your earlier comment:

        “Pretty niggardly of investigators not to pop in to at least let us know cause of death”.

        So, are you so impatient that you have now invented a conspiracy about the Police Commissioner?

        That is very harsh. And desperate.


        • Nothing ‘harsh’ about it, GG

          It’s a conflict of interest, isn’t it ?

          The media accompanied every single report about Allison’s murder with the tag that her spouse was ‘the great grandson of the founder of the scouting association’

          The Baden Clays had their name changed by deed poll in order to capitalize on their dead ancestor

          Why didn’t the media mention the police commissioner is himself a Branch Council member of the scouts alongide Allison’s father in law ?

          Who makes the decision about what is and what is not ‘public interest’ ? You ?

          If there’s nothing untowards about the police commissioner being a Branch Council member in company with Allison’s father in law — why are YOU riled, for example?

          If their association plays no role at all, why would it bother you that people would learn of it ?

          If you see what I mean


          • Why hasn’t the media mentioned the police commissioner’s association with the scouting movement (nothing shady about it is there, even the governor general is its patron or something) each time they mention * his* name

            in the same way they attached ‘Baden Powell, founder of the scouting movement’ every single time they referred to Allison ?

            see what I mean ?


          • Burleigh Beach,

            I see a bit of what you mean.

            I am not riled.

            I agree that it might look to be a conflict of interest, the Scout Association connection.

            You wrote:
            “Who makes the decision about what is and what is not ‘public interest’? You?”

            Public interest is certainly decided by me or you. The police force releases information based on what they can release. That this piece of information regarding the Scouts has not been released does not ring any alarm bells for me.

            Patience is the key.


  9. Unable to post the link for some reason, so I’ll post it and put spaces in. All needs be done then is close the gaps

    then scroll down until you come to Branch Council

    http:// www. scoutsqld. com. au/ Content/ Attachment/ AnnualReport2008. pdf


  10. @ Websleuthsgossipcow

    You have them worked out very well. One of them (won’t say his name here but you still might twig as to who he/she is) was in here last night, I’m pretty sure, taking pot shots and MissMarples, Doc, myself (who, me?) and a few others

    came in with a vanguard of supporters who post here and there. Think they thought they’d split this forum – cause a pandemonium – wreck the place. Pisses them off no end that this forum — 21st century model thank you — is self moderating. Makes it nigh impossible for them to play their ‘provoke and report’ game, lol

    We ignored it. They gave it a few concerted tries. We went to bed. Don’t feed them

    If you took a look at the Scout Assocn. site I’ve posted above, you’ll realise just how many Brissie/Qld folk are involved. Very probably they know personally those involved in the case. Probably been to scouting camps, bar b ques, swapped yarns with them, think they’re ‘ loverly ‘ people. And of course, they’d be taking it all very personally because the scouts are involved (which isn’t our bloody fault, is it )

    So they’re out there in cyberland, thinking they’re working ‘for the cause’

    There’s a system known loosely as ‘editorial intelligence’. Most are aware of it by now. It claims the ability to ‘form and shape’ opinion. It uses hundreds, sometimes thousands of paid and unpaid little drones to infiltrate cyberland, pushing a certain view, serving a certain agenda. Other groups simply do it off their own bat

    The topix site has been wrecked for the past few days with this sort of activity. The wrecker-gang would be celebrating in the bunkers. This (Robbo’s) site would be major amongst their targets. Websleuths is a loose-woman type site. Weak because it’s an authoritarian model. You know, bullies and cowards simultaneously. They llike to harp on about ‘defam aaaaaaa shun’ to try to silence the unwary and to make people reluctant to post

    As the wrecker-gangs can’t ‘report to mods’ anything in this forum, Robbo’s site, they have to try new tactics

    One of those tactics is to polarise opinion. To drive wedges between posters here. To pretend they’re ‘offended’ (which is the Websleuths model for ‘ I don’t like your opinion so I’m going to complain about it to shut your opinion up’.)

    The next and most frenzied, destructive attack would be to gang-bang this site with random filth and idiotic posts, to the point people won’t stay or come back

    so whatever happens, don’t respond in kind, because that does at least half their work for them

    As there are thousands, even tens of thousands (if brought together on the dib dib jungle drums) who will get all excited about protecting people who’ve wrapped themselves in the name of an old fart who, while he did some worthwhile things, also admitted to enjoying photos of naked boys) who are pretending to be normal posters and then — when they have people’s trust — will begin suggesting ABC was responsible for her fate in some way. Or they will gradually attempt to blacken ABC’s reputation, claim to have ‘genuine first hand’ info and so on

    Go with your gut. State your opinion in straightforward manner. Don’t be drawn into petty arguments, because that is their primary weapon and I do believe they are now organised and have a plan of action to shut up forums and various sites, while at the same time the media has gone quiet

    and acknowledge member of the Scouting Assocn. Branch Council alongside NBC — the police commissioner himself — is claiming delays in forensics and toxicology due to insufficient funding, backlog, etc

    I don’t like the way this is going


    • I think it’s fair to say that there are two camps on the forum. I think that’s healthy.

      Everyone can express their opinion and say what they think. If there are differing opinions, well and good. Why not, I ask?

      It’s okay to question what is going on with the investigation. It’s okay to question the very few facts released by the police via the media. It’s okay to question one another and ask for clarification. Again, why not? That’s normal, healthy communication.

      I think it’s really important to question what is written rather than question the character of the author.

      If the “opposing group” has supporters, remember that your group has them too. Nothing wrong with people forming alliances and their own like-minded crowd. It would be good if that could occur without all the negativity.


      • By referring to ** Robbo’s site ** as ‘your’ group, are you telling us you’re a member of the ‘other’?

        Everyone DOES express their own opinion, don’t they? And far as I’m aware, they don’t need anyone’s permission. So all that goes without saying

        Be nice if it were possible to disagree with an opinion without questioning the character of the author, wouldn’t it? But of course, the character and AGENDA of the author are what form the opinion

        This isn’t websleuths. Almost everything you’ve written could have been lifted verbatim from a websleuths moderator’s ‘warning’

        This is ** Robbo’s site **. We aren’t bound or gagged by websleuths rules. But I do believe Robbo’s site is growing as that other site is shrinking, which makes sense

        I don’t post to be popular. I post my current opinion or theory. I don’t feel a need to comply with the opinions and theories of others. I refuse to be controlled in that way. Which is why I’m here on ** Robbo’s site ** rather than another

        I don’t form alliances. I don’t trust them

        I don’t trust ‘chat rooms’ within forums, either. THAT is where the alliances and agendas are cooked, to be unleashed then on any poster the ‘gang’ wishes to knock off and silence

        This — ** Robbo’s site **– is a free and open forum where everyone’s theory/opinion is regarded as valid. People may not agree with those theories or opinions, of course, just as in real life


        • Oh wow. The opposing group I was referring to was the group of people who don’t agree with you here. What’s ‘the other’?

          I am not familiar with ‘websleuths’. I have missed something here so will need to look again at the threads to work that out but I guess it’s a different blog on another website. (Yep, googled and confirmed). Sheesh. Settle down.

          I think though to be fair, you have formed alliances here and that is good. I just read over some stuff between you and Miss Marple. By the way, you and her/him have a lot of anger in your posts. I just re-read stuff from last night. And here again with the anger. I don’t get why you are so angry when you post. Two opposing views from two groups ON THIS BLOG, unless you have not understood.

          You are actually agreeing with me because you said that everyone’s theory/opinion is valid.

          Nothing wrong with having alliances, even though you reckon you don’t trust them. You have them. Embrace them. There might be really worthwhile connections made here and I am not saying that in any way to be sarcastic. I mean it. I’ve seen your posts and you value the blog. I am not against you.


    • This post is very strange to me, since I was personally attacked, on a lot of different levels, while trying to make someone else in this area feel better, as I was stating what the general feeling is in the area. Suddenly, this long, negative, trying to demean, post, is dedicated to me.

      I am concerned for ABC, her children, and other people who need help, I’m not into bickering and trying to be dominant. I have looked once on another site, for a few minutes, then left, this is the only site I am reading.

      I just don’t like seeing injustices.


      • Don’t know what you’re talking about TE

        I look up and see 3 upvotes for your last comment

        unless that’s you again, posting as ‘hold the phone’ ?


        • Burleigh Beach,

          I am the one person, with the same avator since the beginning. Robbo has my email address, we have also spoken privately, so he has my IP address, too.

          I am “Take Exception” who you got stuck into some days ago. I shortened my name to the nickname given to me on here, “TE”.


    • Hi there team …

      I am on the road this weekend, but just pulled over (before I either crash or get pulled over by the Police) to say that, as usual, I totally agree & support everything that BB has written …

      My only reservation is that I am not so worried by the Chief Commissioner being in the Scout movement … I doubt whether either he or Det. Sup. Ainsworth or the >20 detectives working on the case could give any credence to a secret boys club at the compromise of a murder case.

      They didn’t hesitate to call a full-scale search and then upgrade to a murder investigation (retrospectively) …. I suspect the toxicology result is just the final nail (missing piece) rather than ‘hinging’ or being totally relied upon.

      I also suspect that the Chief Commissioner is using this high profile case to further highlight the apparent appalling lack of funds for the forensics division (>12 months backlog is ridiculous). This situation must be particularly frustrating & galling for the detectives – they obviously need more staff to streamline the forensics laboratory.

      So hang in there people … Totally ignore the morons trying to incite a revolt here, and they will go away to hunt some more furry animals or bully others at home, in the workplace or online.



    • My goodness BB, sheesh I hope to bloody hell this isn’t a cover-up. I do remember hearing conversations on ABC radio in the past about backlogs at the John Tonge centre, so it really didn’t surprise me. Oh dear, but this whole connection within the Scouts really has me concerned now.
      I agree, Don’t be baited by ‘trolls’. What I have seen of the regulars here since I have been a part of this forum is of the utmost intelligence and a genuine want for justice. I for one will certainly remain an active part (even if now and then….time permitted)

      Keep the B#@%^*&@ honest!!!


  11. What I AM interested in to the point I’m on the verge of contacting a few journalists who’ve been prominent in writing about Allison’s murder

    is why the three detectives didn’t act upon information provided them re: FRIDAY night, by locals and as mentioned here in Robbo’s site by esteemed poster, ‘Local Lady’

    Why the focus by police on a roundabout near a shopping centre, when Local Lady has several times nominated the junction of Kangaroo Gully and Sugars roads ?

    Why do police and the police commissioner continue to prevail upon members of the public to provide information about the ‘two vehicles’ on Thursday night, when Local Lady and other local residents have provided investigators with information that has *never* as far as I know, been broadcast by the police or media involving * Friday* night ?


    • I have been unable to locate the info pertaining to Friday night and Sugars and Kangaroo Gully Roads. Could someone be so kind as to recap for me? This may be of significance to me.


    • You Know BB, another thing that has puzzled me as well……..IF the police were suspicious from the beginning……why did they not search the Scout area nearby where Allison’s body was found?


  12. Hi Hold-the-phone’, I think there’s three camps on this site, the one you refer to, the one Buleigh refers to and then there’s the rest.

    Luckily we’re in Australian and not America or Africa – we are free to have an opinion and express it here.


  13. To date, I haven’t seen the media or police mention Friday night in relation to the case

    The focus has been on Thursday night almost exclusively

    Of course, most of us would automatically assume that by Friday night, police would be all over any potential suspects

    But maybe not ? Maybe there was a lull ? Maybe because at that point police and media were still (publicly at least) speaking of ‘A’ as being missing rather than a potential murder victim — maybe potential suspects were left unsurveilled ?

    Or, maybe others were conducting clean-up and removal tasks on behalf of potential suspects ?

    It’s possible a lone individual might confuse Friday night with Thursday night. But there were multiple local residents who, according to Local Lady, observed funny goings-on with two vehicles (one a white 4 x wheel, the other a smaller, darker vehicle) on Friday night

    I’ve often wondered why police nominated Thursday night instead of asking the public to come forward with anything they might have felt strange or unusual during the days/nights prior and after ‘A’s alleged disappearance. Why not ask for all information within a week or ten days either side of ‘A’s alleged disappearance? For all anyone knows, the killer/s could have been scouting the land and doing test-runs in the week or so prior to ‘A’s alleged disappearance


    • I have not got the link to a news clip which shows flowers delivered to the small church next door to Allisons home. However I do recall seeing there was a wreath sent from mason friends. I do not believe the masons would have sent them but someone wanted to draw attention to them.


  14. Hello there team,
    I am not saying the police didnt follow up the info…. what happened was
    We read about the 2 cars in the courier mail.
    That same morning – the police arrived going from house to house to ask if we had seen anything unusual on the Friday night between 7pm and 4 am – ie 2 cars parked on the side of the road???
    We said we hadn’t noticed anything – they showed me the exact location – that some other member of the public had previously said they had seen the cars …
    Police went to other houses and did same
    We expected a search of the area they mentioned.
    Nothing has happened since then…
    I can only presume that no -one else saw the cars??

    Hang in there everyone – dont let anyone’s attitudes or negative posts stop you from having your say…


  15. i dont know of anyone who actually saw the 2 cars.
    We just read it in the Courier mail – and then the police visitied.
    We actually thought the police report referred to cnr Mt crosby and Kangaroo GUlly rd – so we were surprised when they said it was closer to home.


  16. Hi Local Lady

    It id possible that occupants of some nearby residence provided a totally acceptable explanation for the two vehicles, i.e, we had a dinner party and our frends soandso and soandso parked there in the street.

    Also, with regard to the Screams, although some kids in the neighbourhood have acknowledged that they were screaming that evening, it is quite possible that the screams reported by neighbours were that of Alison, as the screams od kids messing about would not be as chilling as those of someone being strangled, and would not be muffled, as reported, and as would have occured in a strangulation.

    Then in addition, we haven’he heard GBC’s “Versopn of events” provided to the police to explain the scratches on hiss face, and the police stating that he has provided them with ‘a version of events” is a long way from them saying he has provided the, “an acceptable explanation”

    With regard to acomp0lices, I cannot see how anyone who was not complicit in causing the breakdown of the relationship between GBC ansd ABC would agree to assist in disposing of the body. If any relative or friend of mine asked for such a favour, thay would be told no way, and immediatly reported to the police, no matter how close they were to me.

    And finally, if there is truth the the rumour that ABC’s hands were removed, such would indicate that they fully expected the body to be found, but needed to ensure her hands, and the incriminating DNA thereon, would not be found.


  17. Hey dearest Allison,
    I know, like EVERYONE else does, that you’re over in Nirvana now, looking down (or maybe even across ~ who knows?) at life & everything unfolding here on Earth, and if you’re remotely like the majority of us, then you too are surely a tad frustrated.
    Anyhow, I suddenly thought to dedicate my favourite Marianne Faithfull song to YOU, precious angel. I hope that you enjoy it too ~ and mostly, I wish you an awesome ride through Paris & anywhere else that your biggest heart desires, in a sports car with the warm wind blowing through your hair. :)
    ‘The Ballad Of Lucy Jordan’ ~ /watch?v=d0NxhFn0szc << (On You Tube)
    Biggest hugs with love & LIGHT,
    @nnie ~ Durban ~ KwaZulu Natal


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  19. I have been reading this blog with interest. However there are a couple of issue that I don’t understand. The missing mobile phone was BIG news for the first couple of days but never found. Its signal was triangulated to bushland near where Alison lived. Would it not have been a huge risk GBC to hide this in the bush? I still think it is quite feasible Alison went for a walk. There was obvioius tension at home, there was yelling. Surely it is understandable to escape the tense situation you may choose to go for a walk. Would GBC noticed when she returned–after a row like the one described she is likely to sleep on the lounge or one of the kids beds. If she had taken night walks before he may not have been very alarmed, just assumed she would come back when whe cooled down. While I don’t condone the behaviour, GBC by having an affair broke moral laws bit not criminal ones otherwise Prince Charles and Bill Clinton would be in jail. Just because someone does not act “normally” does not necessarily make them a criminal. If his business was going down the gurgler he may have tried to continue to work, desperate to be able to provide for his girls. He would also be intelligent enought to know that parners are often prime suspects (particularly if the marriage was not a happy one). Fear of arrest, even if innocent, could make someone hire a lawyer. You guys may be right in your assumptions but I don’t believe its conclusive and of course we are not privy to all the evidence.


  20. I have been reading this blog with interest. However there are a couple of issue that I don’t understand. The missing mobile phone was BIG news for the first couple of days but never found. Its signal was triangulated to bushland near where Alison lived. Would it not have been a huge risk GBC to hide this in the bush? I still think it is quite feasible Alison went for a walk. There was obvioius tension at home, there was yelling. Surely it is understandable to escape the tense situation you may choose to go for a walk. Would GBC noticed when she returned–after a row like the one described she is likely to sleep on the lounge or one of the kids beds. If she had taken night walks before he may not have been very alarmed, just assumed she would come back when whe cooled down. While I don’t condone the behaviour, GBC by having an affair broke moral laws bit not criminal ones otherwise Prince Charles and Bill Clinton would be in jail. Just because someone does not act “normally” does not necessarily make them a criminal. If his business was going down the gurgler he may have tried to continue to work, desperate to be able to provide for his girls. He would also be intelligent enought to know that parners are often prime suspects (particularly if the marriage was not a happy one). Fear of arrest, even if innocent, could make someone hire a lawyer. You guys may be right in your assumptions but I don’t believe its conclusive and of course we are not privy to all the evidence.


  21. To those who cannot understand what is taking so long with arrests and charges and so on remember that husband that used a kind of spear gun to kill his pregnant wife and child? that took some time even though police later said they knew it was him all alond and just had to build a strong case. The same with little Keisha Abrahams – it is believed the police knew from the beginning as did a lot of others that they did it but again police had to be dead set certain and build such a strong case ….. why? to ensure the bastards responsible for shit like this don’t find some kind of “reasonable doubt”!


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  23. This seems to be a carefully executed murder; the circumstance says it is so.
    Following are the circumstances which clearly tells the tail
    1. The three daughters where not at home when she disappeared. That left the husband as the only witness of her last movements. Is her disappearance on the same day just a coincidence?
    2. Out of a blue moon she decides go for moon walk. Any of her close friends know of her previous adventures like this, even does her kids know of this story?
    3. Husband informs police, she is gone for moon walk while he was sleeping. Limiting police investigation to 2Km search circle. Whether this itself indicates something fishy?
    4. It is a paradox that her husband has another love which she also knows and both hired criminal lawyers for the defence or for what?
    5. Two mysterious slow moving vehicles witnessed by someone which resemblances her husband’s car and the car involved in Taringa accident.
    6. A neighbour and guy who lives 4kM hears the cry same night roughly same time.
    A simple mobile phone call history of the final witness and his accomplice can itself unfold truth which police might have already done. From the information provided by police and astonishing silence of the final witness the answer to this mystery is almost clear which is further underlined by hiring of attorney and there is only the cat and mouse race for the court evidence is remaining. There is no need for a speculation here. But one thing need to be said, the crime is committed by cold blooded criminal and he deserves the maximum penalty.
    Feel sad about those 3 little girls, my thoughts are how they are trying to cope with the gruesome reality what more is awaiting them with end of this sad saga.


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  26. I think the Baden-Clay family are not participants or particularly pleased about the problematic situations Gerard created for all of them, financially and getting charged with murder. Especially landing in prison without bail as that curtailed any hopes of Gerard with others assistance locating or earning more money to avert financial losses of other family members. Nonetheless they have been involved in trying to assist him and seen as supportive of him This has had the unfortunate outcome of putting them up to ridicule and being tarnished as persons who can be seen as lacking in true decency and suspect morals.It’s actually a sad tragic fall for this family who have been usually hard working, community contributing, well educated and part of an impressive heritage beyond just Baden-Powell.I’ve no doubts that they and others they are connected to were ready to aid Gerard’s escape promptly once bailed to South Africa starting via a cruise ship and falsified passports in the surname of probably Ovland. Wether Gerard worked there in real estate or the many Overland 4WD tours and caught up with likely investments he could have in the housing markets in South Africa. The Baden-Clay network have never appeared as financially disasterous. Gerard who has been taught and in many ways reflected family competence has ended up the narcisstic traited that cannot handle migration. Many traited narcisstically for some reason end up fullblown narcissists , a law unto themselves in a foreign land without the restraint their homeland can keep in them. They do anything they see as expedient and take no ones advice, becoming dangerous disasters for any connected to them as well as themselves. Gerard’s financial dealings may well have had him generating investigations before Allison disappeared. It’s possibly his phones have been tapped surreptitiously for that purpose. Were that the case his insurance enquiries on Allison’s policies would cause alarm bellsThis may have been reported to police as a concern and maybe some other concerned parties enquiries which caused the instant police response to the missing persons call. Gerard’s greedy stupidity in putting in his claim when the body was found and not yet formally identified made clear his prior role in the disappearance. Claiming promptly after identification can be at least justified by trying to beat red tape delays in obstructing even innocent persons valid collection of payouts. I don’t think the Baden-Clay family anticipated Gerard’s clumsiness in committing a crime or the pace the police investigation would proceed at or that the situation couldn’t be salvaged, money owed and the good family name. To some, as the dead can’t be brought back it’s preferred to reduce the losses of the living. Instead their responses have added to the damage.


  27. My earlier lengthier post dealt with the Baden-Powell family. They have been intelligent and competent persons who tend to give a lot to their communities. They have not been narcissistic-ally vain as Gerard turned out, despite sharing the same basis of talents as they had. Finding themselves in a position to feel forced to defend Gerard to salvage money they assumed to have later and the good name of their family.

    They can hardly say via Olivia as spokesperson::
    “We’re very sorry that Gerard stupidly killed , but as nothing will bring back the dead it would be logical to reduce other losses.

    He ought to have just dumped Allison. A divorce settlement in Gerry’s current position, half of nothing is survivable.

    Then he and Toni ought to have gone back to South Africa, mum and Dad following soon.
    There he in real estate and Toni in adventure 4WD tours were to work their butts off so we can recoup what we expected to.
    I can assure you the squeeze we’d put on Gerry for the first half of a decade a would be harsher and fairer than any prison punishment QLD jails could offer over a life sentence.

    If his South Africa(SA) real estate investments are as good as he thinks, he’d have enough for himself for a bit of flash and Toni’s assets as a basis to start with..

    We need him to go over as one of his funny fake names… stupid used Overland and in SA a typo made it into Ovland… that there are a number with that surname of , …so one person is now collecting on his investment… in error…and that needs Gerry to in person fix it with the right fake passport he has.

    Now that reminds me.
    His defense was useless in saying Gerry’s not having a current valid passport was proof of not running away. Even Gerry’s not s
    Actually glad not enough money was raised
    for this useless guy. Fancy saying that they never noted more injury than a chipped tooth, so how could there be any blood?
    I’ve dealt with women abused in helping them, the amount of blood with a strong forced smack with no broken teeth or broken nose can soak a pillow or two. If he tcaused a tooth to get chipped, she’d be bleeding like crazy! This point just brings more attention to Gerry’s killing looking as unnecessarily heavy handed in the hurting her side of it.

    We Baden-Clays and Waltons don’t think its decent or nice to kill your wife, even if she nolonger suits ones needs.Nor does it help get you her insurance money.
    It ends up hurting a lot of people in many ways. Our family is no less disappointed and distressed by Gerard’s lazy short cuts, escapism and rutheless cruelty and as we too want justice for Allison who now in heaven would understand that what we’d have done to him in forcing him to eat humble pie and provide financial restitution for all by our means in SA would have made him pay ltke he’d never hurt so much.
    Gerry we realise isn’t so stupid that he couldn’t have concocted better alternatives in any part of the puzzle. His idiot call after killing was to speed up the investigation and make sure he wouldn’t get to SA under or terms once his finanial mess was to implode. We thought we’d have time to get him over there, but had not kept up with his purosefully partial incriminating extra parts to get locked up, but with no witnesses in three years get off and get the insurance money. Over that time he thought Toni would work her but off dealing with and working in SA to have a good basis for him to go to and the rest of us would patch up other messes or give up on our money. Then he emerges like a wrongly convicted innocent. I can assure you we never knew enough to think that police had so much on him or could act so fast or Gerry had left so many clues for them. There is no way I’d have humiliated myself or let my wimpy husband insist I put my name on things to further what seemed a better type of justice, one that would really make Gerry pay. People like Gerry are impossible once they go their own way. I hope people can understand we aren’t as we’ve been painted and youi’d only understand if you’ve dealt with the twists of narcissism once they panic and fix weirdly with the intent to bring all down so no one can look better than them. The fact is he could have murdered without becoming a suspect, not that that’s good, but he couldn’t bear the stage of financial embarresment in public. So if Gerry’s inconventenced everyone will be more inconvenienced. We apologise for underestimating him, so please limit judgements on us as we’re already kicking ourselves hard enough.


    • TO KAY – your comment “We thought we’d have time to get him over there, but had not kept up with his purosefully partial incriminating extra parts to get locked up”

      are you saying you all knew he did it and in between the day that he killed her and him being arrested that his family (IE YOU LOT) were trying to get him out of Australia over to South Africa????

      and this “There is no way I’d have humiliated myself or let my wimpy husband insist I put my name on things to further what seemed a better type of justice, one that would really make Gerry pay”

      WHO ARE YOU????

      If this is true, then you are ALL tarred by the same brush!


  28. Robbo I don’t think that the intensity of the investigation and clearly determined efforts to convict Gerrard are just about speeding up forensics. Sure they can be slower than ideal in some cases, but I gather Allison’s case was treated as a top of the list one. There are tests that do take a longer time to get done. The police misused expectations to get in a point for some simpler tests that take too long though.

    I’m optimistic that at last in one police force that the Baden-Clay case with a perfect oght not to be a victim wife so no question exists on the victim has been used as a case to detter what has been a trend as emerging , more in the US. “the alternative to divorce” being spousal homicide that I saw an article written by a family lawyer. She stated that those committing murder of that type are regular generally law abiding citizens who may even be involved in community charities etc. The animosity in divorces doesn’t seem to perturb moving onto murder and often not convicted if dealt with well enough. Another article was a thoroughly researched one that did find prompt investigation and processing with severe penalties does reduce the number of crimes in most categories.
    The effective fast persual and results may be hoped to reduce dealing with any further types of this kind of crime and the amount of investigations that such cause The pubnlic responses of disgust and making such a person a permanent pariah ought to detter as well. Lets face it Casy Anthony has a very heavy public sentence and in not doing time she won’t be assisted in concealing her identity as time goes on. Both the Baden-Clay and Anthony case are examples of the social payback their relatives get if seen to support these accused perpetrators. QLD police are making divorce courts look the realistic only sane option.


  29. To not happy Jan’s question “just curious, does anyone actually know GBC’s siblings have children and if so, will they carry on the Baden-Clay name????”
    At this point in time it doesn’t look like promising to keep the name. GBC has 3 daughters who may not fight to keep their surname over any husbands re the disgrace, Adam the youngest Baden-Clay has a daughter so far only and Olivia being now a Walton is no help there if she has any kids.


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