Allison Baden-Clay murder investigation hampered by delays in forensics


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News has been scarce folks, but here is the latest, and a fresh start for new comments…

update 9.30am 27/05/12

Gerard Baden-Clay and his father, Nigel Baden-Clay, embrace yesterday while his mother Elaine looks on

THE future of Gerard Baden-Clay’s troubled real estate agency is uncertain after his office was put up for lease and his staff left the business amid ongoing fallout from the death of his wife Allison.

Mr Baden-Clay’s large Century 21 Westside office at Taringa was offered for lease, along with naming rights to the building, through the Knight Frank property agency last week. Key sales staff have left over the past fortnight and the franchise’s website has removed references to the remaining team, listing only three homes for sale.

According to friends, Mr Baden-Clay was left with no salespeople and the business has only office and rental staff who have been assisted by his parents, Nigel and Elaine.

Mr Baden-Clay removed a trailer full of goods from the business yesterday. His lawyer declined to comment and the building’s owner could not be contacted.

Century 21 owner Charles Tarbey said he was waiting to learn the fate of the Westside franchise but Mr Baden-Clay was yet to seek required approvals to move.

“Because team members have left and the office has been offered for lease, all indications are he may be relocating the business,” Mr Tarbey said.

Speaking about the case for the first time, Mr Tarbey revealed that he spoke to Mr Baden-Clay “a couple of times” after his franchisee’s wife Allison disappeared: “Everybody at this point needs to be scrutinised until it is resolved. Gerard needs to be scrutinised like everybody else.”

In one conversation when police were still searching for his wife, Mr Baden-Clay reportedly told Mr Tarbey: “I’m doing everything I can to make sure they have all the information they need to find Allison.” Mr Tarbey was critical of speculation online about how Mrs Baden-Clay may have died. One website, he said, had published thousands of comments, including unsubstantiated and possibly defamatory posts.

“People on blogs are saying some horrible things which is impacting on many people,” Mr Tarbey said.

He said Mr Baden-Clay’s affair with former staffer Toni McHugh – revealed in last week’s Sunday Mail as central to investigations – was at odds with the way he was viewed within the franchise network.

Police investigating the case from a major incident room at Indooroopilly are awaiting toxicology results due back within a week.

UPDATE 4.10PM 26/05/12

THERE are no delays in forensic tests being run in one of Queensland’s biggest murder cases, Queensland Health says.

Senior director of Forensic and Scientific Services, Greg Shaw, says forensic examinations in the Allison Baden-Clay murder investigation have been given the highest priority.

The announcement comes after The Courier-Mail today reported lengthy delays in forensic test results are compromising police investigations, prompting a push for better resources and a cut in red tape.

Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson said they were yet to receive toxicology results following the post-mortem examination of the 43-year-old mother of three.
However, Mr Shaw said he expects to have final toxicology results within “the next week”. Hopefully that will rubber-stamp the arrest warrants

“Queensland Health understands the importance of closure for the family of the deceased and is treating this case with priority.”

Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson said yesterday they were yet to receive toxicology results following the post-mortem examination of the 43-year-old mother of three.

“We will, as is our tradition, just keep the efforts going and will never give up,” he said.

“We haven’t had a breakthrough as yet, but that breakthrough is only one piece of information away.”  freedom is such an over rated thing until you do not have your own, enjoy your weekend killer(s)

The Murder Investigation of Allison Baden-Clay (and others I imagine) is being hampered by delays in forensic testing.Not good enough in 2012…

LENGTHY delays in forensic test results are compromising police investigations, prompting a push for better resources and a cut in red tape.

As family and friends of Allison Baden-Clay still await details of her murder and the cause of death, the State Government says it will look at ways of fast-tracking the process.

Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson said yesterday they were yet to receive toxicology results following the post-mortem examination of the 43-year-old mother of three.

“We will, as is our tradition, just keep the efforts going and will never give up,” he said.

“We haven’t had a breakthrough as yet, but that breakthrough is only one piece of information away.”

The Baden-Clay murder

4WD clue in Baden-Clay murder hunt

Allison Baden-Clay’s funeral

Police visit husband as hunt continues

Body confirmed as Allison Baden-Clay

Mr Atkinson again appealed to the public for any information about Mrs Baden-Clay’s disappearance from her Brookfield home on April 20 and discovery of her body at Kholo Creek crossing in Brisbane’s west 10 days later.

For friends and family of Mrs Baden-Clay, the wait for justice is weighing them down.

Her parents Geoff and Priscilla Dickie said they wanted closure and were grateful for support from police, emergency officers and community.

“It is with broken hearts that we write to thank the many hundreds of people who have supported us throughout the last five weeks as our world changed forever,” the family said in a statement.

Police Minister Jack Dempsey said there had been constant problems with backlogs during the past 20 years at the John Tonge Centre – the mortuary for Queensland Health Forensic and Scientific Services – and other facilities where testing takes place outside of Queensland.

“Time frames are enormous. In the past, it’s been years,” he said.

“A lot of that has been because money is being used in other areas and that’s what we’re all about, making sure the pointy end of policing is resourced properly.”

Police Union president Ian Leavers said delays by Queensland Health in forensic testing of vital evidence could hamper investigations.

“I’ve seen cases where forensic testing analysis has taken over a year between when police have sent off evidence to be analysed and when results arrive back,” he said.

“Clearly it’s not the fault of the scientists charged with administering the forensic and DNA tests as they’re working as fast as they can. However, there’s simply not enough of them to meet the demand.”

Anyone with information on the murder of Mrs Baden-Clay can call Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000.


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  1. BTW who the hell are these jerks clogging up[ a perfectly good blog with their long winded interpretation of the facts the rest of us have the intelligence to restrict to a couple of sentences.
    Perhaps the long words are compensating for something.
    Yeah thats right I went there……


      • Simple Simon and Grandma Chode, can you please give your contributions about your theories to this crime. I agree that blogs should be kept to a minimum in length, however I also believe that blogs shouldn’t become a slinging match of personalities. Who are you?

        I know GBC needs a new job but he hasn’t started working here already has he? I know Centrelink won’t pay the rent but it will buy groceries for ma and pa.

        Just fill out the forms ——– don’t be proud.


        • The name is ‘Simon Says’ not Simple Simon – you come across as a dominant and controlling person right off the bat – eventhough I have not addressed you in any manner – as i said just pipe down


          • Okay Simon …………. so “Simon Says” ……………..”isn’t everyone entitled to have an opinion”……………….. well yes Simon Says that’s right………… I had mine and you told me to “just pipe down”………….well no Simon I won’t. I’m not a controlling or dominating person at all……. right off the bat…….. however……. I won’t be told to shut up when I want to have my say. I’m standing up for what I believe in.

            You on the other hand appear to get a little agitated after you dish up sarcastic remarks and don’t seem to like copping a few back. I’m not getting paid to treat you tonight.

            If you would like to have a conversation about this crime I’m really keen to hear your thoughts, but come on, surely you don’t expect to join a blog site and become an instant friend of the night by crapping everyone out.


        • A lot of people are asking for theories, but I think they just want validation of their own theories. Time and time again, as soon as someone says something that is slightly different to the mainstream opinion here, the stock standard response comes out: Say HI to the faaaaaaaaaamily!
          Some folks above come across as very posturing. Looking for a verbal joust.
          Some people don’t know SHIT from Bayden CLAY!


  2. Hey fellow blogger’s… Regarding my comment earlier, it makes you wonder ( if what i was told is true) the Killer/s obviously planned the murder and was pre-meditated… If the police and experts are finding it tough surely this cant have been an accident, or a last minute thought… The lack of a quick arrest and delays with results etc, can only prove how thorough the killer/s were.. Do you agree and what are your thoughts?? I haven’t stopped thinking about it all day


    • Clearly, the case is not straight forward. Whether or not it is a “last minute thought” or pre-meditated is yet to be seen.


    • Oh , i know what you mean Max ,the other night i turned the shower on only to go back and turn it off again as if i already had a shower and about to grab the damn towel to dry myself …. oookay !

      Why would anybody want her dead . Was it for money or a crime of passion ?


    • Too bad capital punishment has been abolished in Australia, because as far as CC is concerned, thats what they both deserve. YES HE SHOULD DIE FOR WHAT HE HAS DONE IF GUILTY
      If he didn’t kill his wife himself, he definitely had a hand in her murder, perhaps helping to cover it up if he wasn’t involved in the planning of it. ONCE AGAIN THE HIRED HIT / BODY RELOCATION….


  3. Delays are normal in cases like this despite people’s belief in the instant infallibility of CSI. Allison’s body would have decayed by the time it was found. To prove she was murdered requires not just a clear cause of death but also concrete proof that no other possibility existed – otherwise there is reasonable doubt. And all that does take time.


  4. Hi Bernard, I agree with you totally. I personally think that the delays are the police having to sift through piles of information and details. Wait for forensic reports etc.. I believe the delays are normal in this type of case too. With what they are up against they definately need to prove beyond resonable doubt.

    Oh and Simon the “we” I previously referred to is my family who help me to contribute to this blog with their thoughts and opinions on this case. Yes I have a family, a big one, and I have a life too.


    • Hi justamum – i believe that the perpetrator is GBC.

      I think the most likely scenario is it was a night of full on confrontation between Gerard and Alison without the kids being there, they argued about them and them as a family, their relationship and their future, which probably just degenerated into a real abusive verbal fight and escalated into a physical one which ended in her death but not a pre-meditated one at that.

      Then I think he disposed of the body in a panic/shock state – but alone – I can’t imagine a son calling his parents at night to help dispose of his wife’s body, especially to his parents.

      I think he genuinely believes that what happened was a true accident in his opinion.

      And he has convinced significant others that this was the case.

      I don’t believe his parents or sister was involved, I believe he genuinely loves his kids and at some point he obviously loved his wife.

      I can’t stand the fact he remains silent but understand we he is doing so, I imagine he will be arrested next week and deservedly so.

      Then the trial will begin.


  5. Good night …. studying tonight for exam tomorrow. Hopefully we will get more information from the police soon. It looks like it is going to be a matter of patience.

    Good night Simon Says and Grandma. I hope you take some happy pills before you jump on board tomorrow. I hope Batman comes back soon too. I too will try to come back a better blogger and will now retreat to a chilled glass of wine to reflect on all of my faults and try to rectify these before I return.

    I will take my inspiration from the following extracts I have chosen from a once prominent business person of the Western Suburbs of Brisbane:-

    “Honesty, integrity and no surprises … to provide anything less is to put the client in jeopardy.”

    “Personal philosophies of ethical excellence and team loyalty”

    “Commitment to the local community is genuine and entrenched”


    • I don’t need ‘happy pills’…… perhaps you do !

      That’s another dig you have had, you seem to be very defensive


  6. Dear Burleigh Beach
    I am utterly distraught.
    Your late night ponderings have been utterly insightful together wth your very lateral thinking.
    I was so looking forward to your thoughts tonight
    You have brought up some amazing thoughts regarding this entire matter and other related matters too
    I hope no-one has “got to you” internet-net wise
    If you have truly decided to quit this site, please accept my most sincerest thanks for all your wonderful and sincere input. Thank you from the bottom of my heart
    And may this site continue to seek Justice for Allison Baden Clay and her beloved family.


  7. I absolutely second QLD lady’s remarks, Burl… I miss your late night meandering, and particulaly so since it drove Bats batty, ( why? who knows… ) that was an unexpected bonus, ‘to be sure , begorrah’. And like QLD country Lady, I thank you for your unique and sharp insights and sudden comedy.. I appreciated it immensely.


    • The caped one will be back…We had a chat, and I enjoyed the subject matter of the comments as well. We all cross that personal line now and again. But thought provoking…yes

      I just need some help in getting all the so called politics sorted.I like to blog,I’m not a forum style person with all that etiquette and protocols.Do you get what I mean, those huge communities that people have about babies or their hobby etc?

      I never ever thought hundreds or thousands would come and comment on stories.So I am out of my depth with that side of it. I can tell the pros here as they know all the shortcut lingo and acronyms for stuff…I have had to google some to know what you guys mean a few times…hehe


      • Hi Robbo, yeah I get what you mean, and you must be amazed at the amount of traffic on this site! You’re doing a great job just facilitating it, so don’t stress too much about the politics here. Personally, I will keep reading here as do many of us, and won’t be leaving any time soon because of a few big personalities and voices out there. I think to a large degree the group is self-moderating by itself, and I guess like life, people will always get upset and stomp off at some point, but they do have the option to come back. And come back I think they do!


      • Blogs evolve , people come and go on them, Robbo.. except the blog owner who has all the worry and cops all the bricks.. I’ts one dimensional, too. That is, no one hears peoples voices, or tone, or expression, one is solely presented in a typed text. Sometimes this is a good thing, and sometimes it causes some confusion. And this subject will be of a very long duration, I think. Stamina, Robbo. Stamina.. Hang in there, and do what you are doing so well.


  8. An accident… like.. she walked in to the knife I was pointing at her?? I left my hands squeezing around her throat too long? I don’t buy accidental death for one moment. Although it’s almost certain that he will spin that one for all it’s worth. Even self defence.. ‘ she ran at ME with the knife’ etc… the story has to be believable…it just doesn’t scan for me.

    Might for the jury , though. who knows……


  9. I got the significance of your arithmetic, QLD country lady.. took me a while to work out what you were pointing out, thanks for the tip…


  10. Whatever we discuss here is likely the tip of the iceberg compared to what would be discussed in Kenmore social circles, amongst Allison’s friends and family, work colleagues, all the thousands of people whose lives she touched in a positive way and who are not going to allow her to be murdered and disposed of in such a disgusting and disrespectful manner, while suspects and accomplices quietly hide behind the right to avoid self-incrimination and continue with their ‘normal’ lives as if nothing has happened.

    One does not have to be a rocket scientist to figure out who the prime suspect is, considering the police has announced that they know she was killed by someone who knew her. She was so loved by the people who knew her that this statement eliminates just about everyone, except the person who habitually cheated on her and had a massive row with her immediately prior to her mysterious disappearance. According to the media the same person also came up with a ridiculous story about her not having been upset that night and supposedly having gone for a cheerful walk after 10pm that night while he peacefully went to sleep, he had a mysterious scratch on his face the next morning which he covered up by immediately starting to glow a beard, and he felt a need to consult a lawyer at the crack of dawn before anyone had even started searching for Allison…. Who for all we knew at that stage could just have sprained an ankle badly somewhere on her cheerful bush walk….???? This person obviously knew otherwise….

    He also has behaved extremely unnaturally over the past 5 weeks and probably the most telling is that not just on this blog for example do ~90% (and climbing!) of respondents believe him guilty of her murder, but even people who know him well having worked for him does not stand by him either – they all walked out of his business…..they voted too – with their feet! Usually there are two sides to every story. In this case feelings are strongly one-sided. There has been a lot of criticism and suspicion about his behaviour, yet no one is defending his honour, integrity, and especially his innocence – not even himself!

    If the killer had an accomplice/s to help him dispose of the body, there aren’t many possibilities, because there are not many people who have enough vested interest in the killer’s welfare and freedom to risk their own….

    And as for obstructing justice, I guess in time we will find out how many people knew the truth from early on but either said nothing or lied when asked, while strangers crawled through mud and muck feverishly looking for Allison in all the wrong places….

    It will be nice if the person/s responsible can finally muster the courage to tell the truth about what happened the night of 19/20 April. Please just come clean, stop wasting taxpayers money on a complex investigation that can be cleared up in minutes with a truthful confession. It will be so much better than this cloud of suspicion hanging over everyone concerned, which will not lift until all is exposed. Enough is enough!

    Let’s have the TRUTH this week!!!!!!!!!!!


  11. Just in case you read this , Burl…..

    It’s Monday tomorrow… for Nige and Elaine and Gerard, there’s no busy busy business at the office.. there isn’t any office any more. No cashed up clients gasping to buy one of the properties.. no property owners trying to tune into the ‘honest integrity and no surprises’ 21 Century franchise.(Gerard certainly gave us all a bloody big surprise that Friday morning) and get the right price for their homes… no phone ringing, no handshaking to be done, its just another Monday, and I guess the thought would cross those minds at this stage of the game to shoot the whole day down. Many Mondays to come. No targets to reach, no zipping here and there..

    I wonder, Burl… if real estate was the game Gerard should have been in? It must have been a provoking career, in a silent way.. here’s these people, with properties to buy, and to sell, and he, with his true love of property, an emotion he shared with Tone, it must have been infuriating. He, a Baden Clay , never owned a property in his life ( I checked with the land registry) and they, common people, unhyphenated folks, no ‘background’…with all this capital. People not as good looking or as imbued with his charm and chutzpah, his gift of the gab.. ordinary people..

    Some of the homes would have been beautiful, the very thing he fantasized about, the places he could see himself inviting the Chamber of Commerce around to for a quick Sunday Snifter… the places he deserved, really. I can see it driving him nuts, in a quiet simmering way. Where he could really show Nige that he was a genuine success, look see the bricks and mortar, Dad.. See? Aren’t I good, Dad? …. And Allison, suddenly not playing the game. not .. well.. not obedient, not worshipful… knowing things about him that interrupt the fantasy…. ..

    Gee, I wish you were here, Burleigh..


    • Come back Burl and Well done again MM – Gerbil Bin Clayton Pot and the Knight and Lady of Skull Castle must be enjoying their new found freedom – no pressure to bullshit for a while – but then again, this might be their last harrah! lol Yep – ordinary people, living outside their means and enjoying a fake persona – living the ‘high’ life?!!?? Running on a name…..

      I bet it drove him insane the feeling of their wonderful Century 21 business going down – all those handshakes, those photos – ahh….just a memory….


    • Yes there seems to be an air of entitlement around the “wannabe Baden” Clays.

      Allison on the contrary really was ‘someone’ in her own right, purely on her own merit. She came from Ipswich and was not ashamed of that. In fact she wanted her girls to follow in her footsteps and attend Ipswich Grammar. She understood what was important in life. She did not have to change her name by deed pole to that of a well-known ancestor, in order for her to be ‘someone’.

      The Clays on the other hand felt entitled to add ‘Baden’ in their surname, live in leafy Kenmore even if it meant renting a place, and no ordinary office for them – it had to be big and flash. In addition to feeling entitled to living the high life, Gerard of course was also entitled to cheat on down to earth Allison as and when he saw fit. And considering the recent threats of ‘defamation’ it seems they also feel entitled to their actions being beyond scrutiny….

      These two people’s value systems could not have been more different. Unfortunately opposites do attract, and the implications only become apparent much later…


      • The use of the hyphenated name amuses me as in my youth (1960’s) the scouting movement was the brunt of many accusations of child sexual exploitation , my parents banned us from any contact .
        I dont know (nor would i want to be associated with) NBC as he comes across as a white supremeist who bolted from his birthland as apartheid was losing it’s grip.
        I still believe Ol Nige is the killer , most likely Allison threatened divorce along with that would come the loss of the failing shop and with it his precious name would be mud … so far he’s thumbed his nose at us , however Nige Australia wont rest until the killer / killers and accomplices are locked away for a very long time …. and remember your fellow inmates too are Aussies and will want a piece of you and if you think your jailers will protect you …… think again as the whole of Australia wants justice for Allison . Bubba n the Boys are really looking forward to your company. You best head for the Name Change Shop and find a new monniker , maybe Nige – Vaseline Clay.


    • For a case, for some, that appears to be going no where I think it’s always been full steam ahead. These detectives are dotting the “i’s” crossing every “t” to make sure their case is so water tight. It should give many supporters of ABC (reading today’s article about the cars) that it’s business as usual for the dectectives. Yes we’d all like to see person/s charged soon BUT I would rather they take their time so the scumbag/s who did this never see the light of day again. If that means contacting every owner of a similar car to GBC before an arrest so be it. Let the BC’s continue to sweat & go into panic mode within their own little world. Sure they appear to be snubbing their noses to us on the outside, but inside it’s a whole different ball game. #gameonBCmoles


  12. AGREED-but what happened to the lights off at dump site… white 4×4 and the followed by the small blue? 4×4 …….silver captiva..thats a new clue ?…easy to get colours wrong in the earlyhours of the morning.


  13. Good morning & goodbye to those of you who are genuine here.

    I have written everything I had to say, and don’t wish to give medical receptionists (who wish they were ER doctors) a bad name by continuing to contribute. ;-)

    It is difficult to ignore some of the recent arrivals (about x5 of them co-incidentally) and their moronic posts filled with bullying personal attacks on, as usual, clearly the female contributors.

    Human nature is often repulsive, especially so the male variety. Even more so on the Internet where they can hide behind anonymity and indulge their bullying without fear of being taken to task.

    Accept when Robbo takes them on, then they cower and wimper and blame someone else. Pitiful stuff.

    Hope this week brings some closure.


    • Morning Doc, couldn’t agree more about the bullying and nastiness that has been going on here lately, and it hasn’t been only only from newcomers unfortunately. It has put me off this site too. Just a comment though, I think holyhellbatman did say she was a woman… I personally enjoy everyone’s posts, as I said earlier on we all accept some people are just better at expressing themselves than others.


    • Doc.. dont even think of going. FAR too much coming up be without your take on it. Simply roll on past the bullying, its irrelevant. Reconsider, Doc , please.


  14. Hey dearest Allison,
    I know, like EVERYONE else does, that you’re over in Nirvana now, looking down (or maybe even across ~ who knows?) at life & everything unfolding here on Earth, and if you’re remotely like the majority of us, then you too are surely a tad frustrated.
    Anyhow, I suddenly thought to dedicate my favourite Marianne Faithfull song to YOU, precious angel. I hope that you enjoy it too ~ and mostly, I wish you an awesome ride through Paris & anywhere else that your biggest heart desires, in a sports car with the warm wind blowing through your hair. :)
    ‘The Ballad Of Lucy Jordan’ ~ /watch?v=d0NxhFn0szc << (On You Tube)
    Biggest hugs with love & LIGHT,
    @nnie ~ Durban ~ KwaZulu Natal


  15. Dear MissMarple, you know there is going to be a twist, you know there always is in any murder investigation you dutifully follow. We wont know what that is until they slap on the handcuffs, but I wonder what it is?


    • “Happy families are all alike.. every unhappy family is unhappy it it’s own way.” Leo Tolstoy ( Anna Karenina, chapter 1) …

      In it’s own unique way, Puzz.. thats the twist, isn’t it ?. Unique to Gerard and Alllison, this particular death. Murder is overwhelmingly a private occurence.. a very private event, a hidden and shrouded, then suddenly extremely public and scrutinised to a minute degree.


  16. The bullying, snarky comments, nastiness is ruining this fabulous blog. Enough!!!! I wish everyone an equal say without being attacked. Let’s respectfully respond about theory and facts. Nothing personal PLEASE! No-one would be this rude face-to-face. If you don’t like a contributor, then ignore their post. Please do not rant, bully and spew vitriol at other contributors until they leave. Everyone’s opinion is valid and has the same worth.
    I hope the lovely Doc and the courageous Batman and others return to ave their voice heard!!!!!!


  17. Five weeks into the investigation the police are still investigating who was driving what and where in Brookfield.
    Jeepers, it’s a bit of a worry.
    Is an arrest even on the horizon?

    Wishing the detectives a lucky break in this case.


    • I ‘think’ that they are just trying to rule out other similar cars. With a witness not getting a plate I suppose they have to eliminate all other to establish it was one specific car. Really nothing has changed but (according to the paper) we know their focus now.


  18. Bullying is a sign of one’s own feelings of inadequacy.

    They who are confident do not need to control or overtake others, nor do they need the masses to back them up!!!

    Watch what you reveal up here – it exposes the site’s owner to breaches of privacy.

    If you know something about someone – make sure the person you are talking about isn’t identified publically


  19. I don’t know about anyone else but the patronising and dismissive, condescending comments of late leaves a bad taste in your mouth ……

    Get off yourselves you people have a bex and a cup of tea ,smell the roses and get back to what you do best ………. to get justice for Allison , the girls , her family and friends …….


  20. Does anyone know anything about Geographical Profiling? I know bits and pieces about it, but it really requires the interest and knowledge in navigation, timing, vectors, distances and directional factors to be coherent about it. ..Needless to say, my cat and I are complete amateurs about this… Any blogger out there with these interests?

    The basis for Geographical Profiling is to ascertain the ‘centre of gravity’.. that is, where the actual murder took place, then a working out of the events that took place after this, the distance between them , the time frame to do it in, the possible routes taken, the method of transport, etc. It assumes that everyone is under the same constraints, you , me, the murderer.. we leave from ‘home, and return ‘home’ , the clock ticks for everyone the same, and for most human beings , we take the shortest , least difficult path. One has to leave from a certain point, reach a destination and return to base. But thats about all I know….

    Hoping to hear from you………………………….


    • Wouldn’t have a clue re Geographical Profiling MM .

      Her missing mobile is a sticking point for me . If Gerbil did do the deed at home , tossing her phone is a bit obscure , but if she did go for that walk ( which i don’t buy given she had her hair done ) while her children were away from home for the night and she had a barney with G , then you would, has a mother take your mobile in case one of the girl were sick or something .

      However , if she had contact, via her mobile ,with the mystery killer immediately prior , then yes it would be evidence against them if they’d tossed it .
      Having said that , the police wouldv’e been all over phone records of course . But …..

      if that mystery caller or ,recipient of a call from Allison herself had split in the ‘mystery’ car interstate and the absence of Gerbil’s statement , the police have hit a wall, especially if they are having trouble with inconclusive or cross contamination evidence when this person in not on a data base ….. ?


      • Thanks, 2C….. the missing mobile is a hurdle I agree.. Gerards phone stuff will be interesting. that bloke will have to have his phone surgically removed from his mouth.. I have yet to see a pic of him without it, he loved it so. I wouldnt be surprised to find he rang himself occasionally, just to hear his own magic voice.

        *ringring* ……. ‘This is Gerard speaking’….

        *Gerard*………..’Hi, Gerard , how are you ?’

        *Gerard*………..’Im still a little biit hurt…* sniff* …

        * Gerard*………..’Buck up, Gerard……are you ok ? “…

        *Gerard*……..’Yea…. Thanks for calling, Gerard……”


      • Re the missing mobile phone – everything seemed well thought through so I suspect it had a purpose. It could not go with the body, because it would have identified the actual search area. It would have been easier to disconnect it altogether, so the fact that it was left on to run out of battery looks to me as if it was intended to mislead search parties to search in the wrong area – which it very successfully succeeded in doing. Maybe it got buried somewhere for this purpose…??


  21. One would suspect there is a lot of forensic evidence that would have been analysed. The hair strands have been mentioned but also the shoe prints could play a part. From Wikipedia: “There can also be latent impressions not easily visible to the naked eye, on many different surfaces such as floor tiles, concrete or even carpet. Detection may require the use of additional specialized light sources such as portable ultraviolet lighting. Recovery typically includes photography as well as lifting with “gel” or “electrostatic” dust lifters.”

    This could be telling to reveal if there were others in the home (or the car) on the night of April 19.


  22. The forensic testing at the John Tonge centre would be along the lines of the following.
    GC and GCMS (gas chromatography mass spectroscopy) – alcohols and gasses (so for example carbon monoxide from car exhaust) – in blood, tissues and hair samples. These would be easily found.
    LC and LCMS (liquid chromatography mass spectroscopy) – drugs and toxins in blood, tissues and hair samples. It takes time. Sample preparation is critical and then the analysis itself is time consuming because there are multiple samples and multiple conditions. Toxins are the most difficult to find. I do not know about the availability of a special instrument (called a TOF – ‘time of flight’ at the John Tonge). It can be like looking for a needle in a haystack for toxins if something obscure was used.
    Other scientists would be doing the DNA testing. They’d be looking for any DNA that doesn’t match Allison’s. This would be time consuming because there would need to be a lot of samples. It would involve PCR and then possibly DNA sequencing. In order to do PCR in the first place, DNA needs to be sequenced and suitable testing material chosen (primers) – this in itself can take weeks.
    I’m a scientist btw.


    • Thankyou very much FC …..

      Consider this ….

      Maybe Allison was watching the footy show while G organised a secret rendevous with a mistress ,picks her up in his prado then take off to the scout camp for a bit of hanky panky.

      Allison , aware of his history of cheating rings him a few times but no answer .
      On a hunch she then rings the mistress as well .

      As a women her bones tell her drive to the scout camp ( nice and secluded for moonlight panky ) and discovers them both .

      All three get into a slanging match and she is ‘accidently’ snuffed .

      They bury her in a shallow grave in the vacinity of the scout camp up stream ,G gets in his car and the mistress takes Allison’s car then tosses her mobile en route …. ?


      • Hi 2 Cents

        The reporting of Chilling and Muffled Screams by Neighbors, and tng the unconfirmed reportsd of the overwhelming smell of cleaning agents has me believing that the Murder occured at the home following a dpmestic dispute that got out of hand.

        Allison had much to be critical of, the affair/s, their poor financial position etc.

        A couple in their 40’s and still renting indicates GBC was not a good providor, or financial aby genious.

        He had built a facade around himself, but it was all a house of cards.

        I am wondering if the decision to close the Business had already been taken, and the associated debts, which there was no prospect of repaying, meant that he was about to declare bankruptcy, might have been the final straw for Allison.


        • Hi Dan

          – think your are right, without the kids being home, I think a verbal argument between GBC and Alison got very intense and went to a physical level – a push, a slap, a fall – knock to the head.

          Hell he could have slammed her against a wall and she could have died from that.

          Panic sets in and he foolishly decides to dump her body.

          Think about the recent events of a well known swimmer currently in the news, she slammed his ex-wife against the wall in a drunken rage – what if she died from that – would it be murder? I think it would be manslaughter – because if not then and since she is ok it would be attempted murder.

          GBC has created the biggest hole for himself – I can’t ever see him getting out of.


        • Yeah i am aware of the reports of cleaning fluids but is that a rumour or ridgy didge, i don’t recall reading in in the news ?

          Hard to decipher the rumours from fact

          If G did the deed ,off the cuff ,at home like you’ve said ,he would’ve been in a flap and clearly not thinking straight .
          To then ask someone independently after the fact to help him in the cover up , that person has to be someone very loyal ….. a family member or bestie .

          But you’d think ‘that’ person would have more clarity of thinking at that point and would assess the killing scene concluding …… ” mate ,calm down it was an accident , you’re under stress the business going down etc , people will understand ……… and mate what about our scout’s oath etc .

          I don’t think that scenerio happened ……

          The only other scenerio could be IMO , she wasn’t going to sign a imminent fraudulent doco that could’ve potentially save his fianancial arse …..

          doon’t noooo …… ?????


          • They would have to be mighty strong cleaning fluids to be smelt by neighours. I can say I have never smelt my neighbours cleaning fluids unless I have been inside their houses. An the BC house does not seem that close to neighbours.


        • Just to clarify, I have quite a few friends who run successful realestate businesses and financial planning companies (ourselves included) who have decided for various reasons due to the current economical climate to sell out of our homes, rent for a few years and buy back into the market, I just don’t see why there is an emphasis on this and as for the cars, seriously a prado can be worth $80k plus. For the record I think the blogger who said abc followed gbc to confront him and his lover at the scout park may be onto something…..and seriously all this talk about scouts being molesters etc please, how the crap does that have any weight in this case and how stereotypical!!


          • Oh, two cents, it was you, pretty viable I think!!! Maybe that’s why the two cars were there, the lover drove abcs back home after a heated argument that ended up in an accidental death.


      • I also believe that the midding phone is a decoy as part of the coverup. He may have called it multiple times to appear the concerend husband, but could not then have it found in the house all along, so it had to be made to dissappear.


        • The phone didn’t entirely disappear, it was still giving out signals before it ran out of charge and they triangulated its positition to an area of bushland but didn’t find it before the signals gave up. It doesn’t make sense to me GBC would have himself dumped it in bushland. If you wanted to get rid of it you would take the battery out first and then make sure the SIM card was properly disposed of.


      • Century 21 would have had the keys for the empty rental and sale properties. If the mistress’s house wasn’t an option then wouldn’t they have used one of those? I should imagine ‘hanky panky’ in the bush would be a bit risky.


        • Chances are though , he wouldv’e had keys to the scout camp and i don’t know about you but it would’ve been a more romantic setting than rabbiting in a cold unfurnished rental house in a close knit prying eyed community ……
          Then again , by the looks of the landscape around the erea , there could be alot of secluded houses dotted everywhere …..

          Mmmm ???


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    • I notice some typo’s in my posts, which are the result of a degree of visual impairment, but I am sure people can decipher what I meant, however, can anyone explain what the above post is about ?


      • that one starting with […]? It is what I think is called a pingback in blog terms.It is just a kind of notice that there is a new post. It grabs bits and pieces in the summary though…It is a wordpress thing, I never used to see it, but I do not like it either, I mean you cannot even click on it to go there, what’s the point.


  24. Hi all, Dont give up to any stirrers that easy,…

    I have started a new thread with some new rules, no more nonsense, and anyone found with multiple names/pseudonyms or re-signs up as a “New person” will be BANNED…I have ways of finding out easy enough…I think that’s fair


  25. An interesting thing my other half just mentioned , if innocent one would think by now the Baden Clay mob by now would have defended themselves, gone to the police and had a yarn ( remember Gerry in his TV interview said something like we’re doing all we can to assist the police) or at least their legal eagles would have made a statement.These actions alone would make anyone appear guilty as hell ….. by now they’ll be as jumpy as a cat on a hot tin roof knowing that knock on the door is coming. tick tick tick


  26. I like many of you all have been left concerned and interested in the murder of ABC, I have kept a close eye on the developments of the case. Yesterday out of frustration in the time it was taking I took a drive out to Kholo to see if I could make any sence of the situation.

    We went over Kholo creek and about a hundred metres after took a right hand turn which took us directly to the scout den. It has been reported that the scout den is futher away from Kholo creek. the river flows down from the scout den to the bridge. I believe ABC has been dumped – by someone with a knowledge of the scout den in front of the scouts then in the heavy rain has been washed a couple of hundred metres to underneath Kholo creek bridge. It is blaringly obvious to me. The roads out the front of the scout den are dirt roads and there are only a couple of houses that could of heard something.

    Does anyone know who the canoeist was ? I heard it may of been a bloke with either the first name Tom or Herman? well that person i believe was looking for allison as Kholo creek in that area looks allmost uncanoeable to me?


    • Has there been a forensic team at the scout camp , haven’t heard anything and usually a news copter would televise this wouldn’t they ……?

      Tom , Herman have’nt heard much about him ….mmm


      • Hi Two Cents (love the name) I haven’t heard either, but not only news choppers, locals would be telling us too I reckon. Having said that, a lot has been going on, meticulously behind the scenes one would think…I can hear the chief Commander of the force relaying the Police Ministers words “Dont stuff this up, the whole of Queensland want justice on this one, enough is enough” or similar…


    • Off the top I cant be sure, but I do recall hearing a man found her….To my knowledge that persons name has NOT been revealed, nor have they spoken to the media…


  27. They must of been a keen canoiest as the creek is full of logs – I have good mail his name is herman and that he was infact looking for her.


    • Hi thebear (such a weird thing to say, but trying to be welcoming…)

      Early on in my posts, the 1st or 2nd heavy media content ones, I recall seeing what I assume where police canoes or SES going down free flowing rivers and such.

      Then when I saw where they discovered poor Allison’s body I did think, hey that does not look like a normal arvo out type of place to canoe…

      I am not for one moment meaning to sound callous, but at that stage was there any monetary reward on the table for info etc. in QLD for help?

      Having said that, there is a well established community of folks across the water there and maybe they do go there when conditions are high, or a local thought hey, bridge, middle of nowhere, only take a second to toss someone over…I’m going to check that bridge out..?

      Just a thought I had…Thanks


    • Did you find something between last comments and this one bear? I actually had not seen your 2 earlier ones. How did you feel taking a drive around there? Eerie I imagine.

      I also feel for the few folks that live in that area, as for years to come now, they will have people coming for no other reason than to trace Allison’s last steps. The reason they moved there was the quiet I’m guessing…


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  29. So now the toxicology reports have provided nothing – according to The Courier Mail. This is devastating news, if it is true.


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  31. Ok one more time for the people in the cheap seats. The Police could have a sh%$ load of evidence or they could have squat how stupid would it be to let the murder know. At the moment I’m sure he is hoping he is toooo tricky to have left any evidence but you can bet your sweet bippy if the investigators were foolish enough to splash it all over the paper he and his legal team would immediatly start working on his defence.


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