Grant Hackett obviously cannot Hack it…What a disgrace

So this bloke, once a hero to Australians as a swimming superstar, still a so-called Ambassador to major companies (what a stupid term that is, all for money, full stop) considers it all OK to totally humiliate his petite wife and petrify his little twins after a day/night out on the grog does he? Smashing the apartment they live in to smithereens when I imagine his wife dare question his need to stay out drinking all day and night…

I have no doubt in the world, even though she dialled Triple 000 that night, she was intimidated by the massive tower of a husband she once loved to smooth things OVER for his career… What bloody career, he should not have one. Not from back then, nor now. But certainly not now this is out in the open. he got smashed on Derby day races late October 2011 and embarrassed himself in the Marquee with other freebie seeking B Graders, went on to the Casino for more free time to UNWIND. So the 8 cop cars that rolled up was all for nothing we were led to believe the next day by Hackett – who will travel to London to commentate on the Olympic Games for Channel 9 in July – said at the time that it was “all a bit of an unfortunate misunderstanding”.

“Candice is 100 per cent OK, our apartment is 100 per cent OK and so are our twins,” he told Channel 9 days later.

“(We) came home and had a few private issues that we needed to deal with and we have dealt with those. Everything is OK. Our relationship is great,” the former Olympic three-time gold medallist added.

Alley backed the sports great, saying at the time: “Nothing happened. Everything is absolutely incredible. We are the happiest we have ever been.” Sounds like a well rehearsed forced statement to me from a scared wife ruled by her husband…Take a look at the damning photos. he had one of his little kids in his drunken arms as he did that!!!


UPDATE 22/06/12

Gold medal home-wrecker Grant Hackett slammed over TV interview

DISGRACED swim star Grant Hackett is making a desperate bid to restore his reputation with an interview on 60 Minutes this Sunday.

Hackett meltdown

Fallen swim star Grant Hackett to come clean

In a move widely seen as damage control by employer Channel 9, Hackett will address his marriage breakdown and allegations he assaulted his estranged wife Candice Alley.

Domestic violence campaigners slammed Nine for the Hackett interview, saying the network should make a stand on violence against women and sack him as a commentator for the London Olympics.

In the interview, an emotional Hackett talks about shocking pictures published by the Sunday Herald Sun of the damage he caused to their Southbank apartment during a booze-fuelled meltdown after Derby Day last year.

He tipped over a grand piano during his rage, which ended after police were called.

“It’s embarrassing to see those pictures in the paper, it’s embarrassing to be sitting here,” he says in the 60 Minutes interview.

“I didn’t think it would be this hard, to be honest.”

Hackett and Alley have two-year-old twins Charlize and Jagger, who have not seen their father for months.

The fallen star has also faced claims he drank five bottles of wine in two hours over lunch in April, before an incident that led to a police report.

The interview comes as Australian Olympic Committee president John Coates refused to answer questions about Hackett’s London role.

Coates came under pressure after AOC chef de mission Nick Green backed Hackett this week, saying he would extend a hand of friendship to the fallen star at an Olympic dinner tomorrow night.

Jess Boccia, a spokeswoman for women’s rights campaigner Reclaim The Night, said Hackett should be sacked.

“Channel 9 should take responsibility for preventing violence against women, rather than condoning it by putting him in the position of a role model,” she said.

“That’s condoning violence against women or excusing it, rather than saying this is a really serious issue that has a detrimental impact on our community.”

An AOC spokesman said yesterday he had spoken to Coates about Hackett’s role in London, but there would be no further comment.



update 30/05/12

Such fury proves Grant Hackett needs help

Miranda Devine

From: Herald Sun

May 30, 2012

Grant Hackett has not commented since photos of his trashed apartment appeared in the Sunday Herald Sun

THE images of Grant Hackett’s wrecked apartment are more disturbing the closer you look.

We haven’t seen scenes like this since a cocaine-fuelled Charlie Sheen trashed a suite at the Plaza, while a porn star cowered in the bathroom.

This was not just the product of a momentary loss of temper.

It was a sustained, violent and totally unhinged campaign of destruction throughout the luxury Southbank apartment the former Olympic swimmer used to share with his estranged wife, Candice Alley, and their two-year-old twins.

The extreme nature of October’s demolition job ensured it was propelled from a simple domestic disturbance into a national talking point.

In one image, police stand in front of a scene that looks like something out of a King Kong movie or perhaps just a gigantic spoiled toddler’s tantrum.

The gold silk rug and elegant armchair are incongruous accessories to the primal vandalism in the living room.

A tinsel-adorned Christmas tree lies on its side, a few fake branches torn off, silver balls scattered across the carpet.

Pretty white hydrangeas lie crushed under shards of glass and broken vases, violence against a homemaker’s efforts.

Sadder still is the brightly coloured children’s trampoline, tossed carelessly on top of the mess.

Full bottles of booze lie on the ground, and crystal objects are smashed to smithereens.

Tables and chairs are tipped over, open drawers spill their contents and a baby grand piano lies on its side, sheets of music strewn over the floor. Holes are gouged in walls.

A thin mattress, made up with a sheet and cushion, sits on the floor, perhaps providing a clue to the fury.

Down the hall, the master bedroom door has been kicked in with such force a man-sized hole has been carved into one side.

That kind of violent menace is rarely a one-off. It suggests anger management issues that are part of a lifelong pattern of behaviour

Paintings and random clothing line the floor, along with chunks of plaster and plywood.

There seems barely a chair or surface untouched, suggesting a lengthy rampage that must have been terrifying to a wife and children who might have been cowering behind a flimsy door.

In what looks like a small music room, wrecked furniture is tossed in a pile as if a tsunami has been through. Ironically enough, in the foreground lies a book, titled: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to World Conflicts.

It’s hard to have any respect for the adult who indulged in such wanton destruction.

Reputational damage is the inescapable consequence of such behaviour.

Unsurprisingly, Hackett, 32, and Alley, 29, this month announced the end of their five-year marriage, after Hackett was involved in another big night out at Crown casino, this time after the Logie Awards.

A messy, multi-million-dollar divorce looms.

Hackett has not commented since the photos appeared in the Sunday Herald Sun, but the fallout has been immediate.

He was ditched as ambassador for children’s charity, The Alannah and Madeline Foundation, and Channel 9, while stopping short of dumping him, is said to have significantly scaled back his commentary duties at the London Olympics.

Sure, the 198cm gold medallist is as entitled as anyone to the presumption of innocence, and Dawn Fraser has even suggested his tiny wife might be responsible for the destruction.

But whatever happened the night of Derby Day last year, the images are damning.

That kind of violent menace is rarely a one-off. It suggests anger management issues that are part of a lifelong pattern of behaviour.

And it is very much the business of the community to protect the vulnerable against such ferocious rages, especially when the law does not.

If Hackett intends to continue to earn money as a public figure, sports commentator and spruiker of banks and batteries, he really should explain how his apartment got into such a mess, and what steps he has taken to ensure such a scene never happens again.

UPDATE: OLYMPIC swim star Grant Hackett has been dumped as ambassador of a major children’s charity in the wake of an alcohol-fuelled meltdown.

The Allanah and Madeline Foundation, which aims to protect children from violence, last week (great to see some pro active stances…robbo) informed Hackett’s management they were cutting ties with the swim star, before the shocking photos emerged in today’s Sunday Herald Sun.

“The Alannah and Madeline Foundation advised Grant’s management last week of our decision to relieve him of his duties as an Ambassador, as part of our continuous review of our Ambassador strategy and their roles and public responsibilities with us,’’ said chairman John Bertrand.

“Grant’s management accepted our decision.

“Grant was very committed to his role with us and we thank him for the work that he has done.’’

Look at the size of Grant Hackett compared to his wife, who finally booted him to the curb!

rant Hackett with Candice Alley, left, and a police photograph of the damage to their Southbank apartment on October 30, 2011

A DOOR punched to bits. A cherished piano up-ended. Furniture hurled, smashed and strewn across the apartment floor.

That was the scene that faced police when they responded to a distraught emergency call from the luxury home of Olympic champion Grant Hackett, a three-time Olympic gold medallist and rated one of Australia’s best long-distance swimmers.

The Sunday Herald Sun has obtained photographs of the chaos police walked into that night at the high-rise Southbank apartment where Hackett lived with his singer wife, Candice Alley, and their twins.

It was in the very early hours of October 30 and Hackett had just returned home after spending the previous day, Derby Day, drinking and partying in his role as host of the Westpac Sports and Entertainment marquee in the Birdcage at Flemington.

The panicked call to police came soon after from Hackett’s songwriter wife, who was at home with toddlers Charlize and Jagger.

Months later, on May 3, Hackett and Alley announced their split after speculation surrounding the post-Derby Day celebrations.

Police who attended the scene were told Hackett – who weighs nearly 100kg and is almost 2m tall – grabbed his wife and threw her against a window.

The couple’s young twins, who were in the apartment, are understood to have witnessed the incident.

At one point, police were told, Hackett had one of the twins in his arms as he hurled furniture around the apartment.

The photographs, published in today’s Sunday Herald Sun, reveal the extent of the 32-year-old’s rampage.

The images show one side of an interior door completely ripped apart, Alley’s beloved black grand piano overturned, plastered walls punctured with large holes and dents from punches, equipment including a TV and stereo thrown on the ground, a glass table, candlestick holders and picture frames smashed to bits and bottles of alcohol littered across the floor.

Another picture shows a decorated Christmas tree toppled, a children’s trampoline thrown into another area of the room and large cabinets pulled over in a huge heap of destruction.

The Sunday Herald Sun contacted Alley yesterday. She declined to comment.

Two messages were left on Hackett’s mobile phone, but he failed to return calls.

The swimming great’s manager, Chris White, also declined to comment last night.

Hackett is an ambassador for the Alannah and Madeline Foundation – a charity set up to keep children safe from violence.

After the long day hosting at Derby Day, the incident happened when Hackett returned to the Freshwater Place apartment on Southbank.

After completing his duties at Flemington, Hackett had attended two parties at Crown, with the last being held at the Den lounge bar in the basement of the Atlantic restaurant.

Arriving home, Hackett started verbally abusing Alley before becoming aggressive, punching doors and walls and throwing furniture around the apartment. Up to eight police cars attended the scene “of total disarray”.

The Sunday Herald Sun understands that when police arrived at the apartment, Alley and the children – though unharmed – were distraught.

Officers who attended were concerned for their safety, the Sunday Herald Sun has been told.

Hackett – who will travel to London to commentate on the Olympic Games for Channel 9 in July – said at the time that it was “all a bit of an unfortunate misunderstanding”.

“Candice is 100 per cent OK, our apartment is 100 per cent OK and so are our twins,” he told Channel 9 days later.

“(We) came home and had a few private issues that we needed to deal with and we have dealt with those. Everything is OK. Our relationship is great,” the former Olympic three-time gold medallist added.

Alley backed the sports great, saying at the time: “Nothing happened. Everything is absolutely incredible. We are the happiest we have ever been.”

Six months later, the couple announced the end of their five-year marriage after Hackett, an ambassador for Westpac, was asked by security to leave post-Logie celebrations at Crown’s Club 23 in April for allegedly throwing grapes at Celebrity Apprentice contestant Lauryn Eagle.

Hackett was first seen leaving the Channel 9 party at 1am but was believed to have been locked out of the Southbank apartment by Alley.

He then returned to the Logies party until he was asked to leave some two hours later, about 3am.

It is thought he agreed to move out of the family home later that day, on April 16.

(I just reduced the size, sorry folks it was taking a while to load, click on the image to see the FULL SIZE destruction of their apartment…)

This is what Grant Hackett did to the family home when he arrived home drunk from a free day out as a Ambassador at the Races

Shallow words from a pool hero turned home wrecker

IN 2009, Grant Hackett appeared in a magazine campaign against violence in the home.

“If you suspect violence is occurring, stand up and say something,” he told the magazine.

Now compare that with Hackett’s words last October after he trashed the apartment he shared with wife Candice and their toddler twins: “Candice is 100 per cent OK, our apartment is 100 per cent OK and so are our twins … it is all a bit of an unfortunate misunderstanding.”

Now we know everything was not “100 per cent OK”.

Police arrived at the high-rise Southbank apartment to find it trashed and Hackett’s wife and children extremely distressed.

Police photos, published in today’s Sunday Herald Sun, show the Olympian destroyed furniture and smashed doors.

During his rage, he threw his wife against a window and also held one of the twins in his arms as he hurled furniture around in the midnight incident on Derby Day.

Hackett’s private actions are at odds with his public statements on violence in the home.

Hackett is an ambassador to the Alannah and Madeline Foundation, an organisation focused on ensuring children grow up in a violence-free environment.

His position with this charity is now untenable.

It’s likely Channel 9 – which is sending him to the Olympics to host its swimming coverage – and Westpac will come under pressure to review their association with the gold medallist.

99 thoughts on “Grant Hackett obviously cannot Hack it…What a disgrace

    • She’s the disturbed one – why do you think the photos have suddenly appeared. I now hope the media start digging into her – there are a lot of skeletons in that closet.


      • Hi Michelle…Who cares about anything she has ever done in her life before this….

        Are you saying she did this? These are police taken photos…who arrived in minutes of receiving the 000 call, as well as other calls from neighbours in the apartment who heard the goings on….

        These photos have appeared because he is treated like some god who says he supports those affected by domestic violence.

        He is being paid big MONEY to rave on about sport, and go to the Olympics and be a representative to commentate.

        I for one, do not one to hear one word out of his mouth ever again.

        Abusing a woman once, is once too many, he is a minnow, a gutless excuse for a man, and that’s coming from a man!

        For the sake of his kids I hope he grows a set, gets some help and sets an example for his children and others who used to look up to him.
        His efforts in the pool count for zilch now.

        That’s my view, thanks for yours.


  1. Sure is, and some bozzo like Chris Murphy will go the mental health alibi like M.Newton…They cannot bandy that excuse around for these celebrities when it suits them


    • Agreed Robbo , Murphy will try to baffle us with more bullshit …….

      But in the end i hope the sentence will fit the crime and not the criminal ……


  2. What a despicable guy he is. I’m horrified that his wife stayed with him after that night. Poor her, and how traumatic for those wee kids.What an excuse for a man.


      • To be brutal, bad word, you cannot be serious, I don’t know your connection but get a grip. This episode speaks for its self. This has nothing to do with trophy wives or gold diggers or any other angle you might be trying to shoot for. This is about this twits behaviour. It could of been his mother for the relevance…

        if you do not get that point, I wont bother replying


      • Yeah real lucky. I wish I had a man that gets drunk and violent. Mine just gets drunk and happy. So who cares who left who? It’s pretty obvious the marriage was crap, those things don’t exactly happen when everything is rosy. So what if she’s the worst wife on earth? Does that mean she deserves it? So what did the kids do to deserve it? The guy is an idiot at best.


  3. An ambassator for an organisation who protect children from voilence? Better get another one – and sorry Grant – an apology to the public and promises to your wife doesn’t cut it


    • Does Hackett get an apology from the ex for the abuse he suffered at her hands? Hope that his family speaks out. Sorry, but what doesn’t cut it is Candice’s attempt to discredit her husband. It’s very common for woman to become bitter when the husband leaves them but she’s taking this to a whole new level.


  4. My ex husband was violent physically and verbally. I feel for Candice and the twins. I hope she never goes back. A violent abusers are repeat offenders. Matthew Newton is a prime example. The fool had beautiful girlfriends (Brooke Satchwell & Rachael Taylor) and he terrorised them both.


    • Candice Hackett is the verbally abusive one – everyone here that has left a comment, the joke is on you. You are all sticking up for someone that wouldn’t give you the time of day and spends her days bitching about people like you because she thinks that she is better. The real criminals are her and her family. I hope that this gives Hackett’s friends and family the motivation to out the ‘real Candice’ – I for one have had enough of this evil woman.


      • Now that I have read over your comments several times “Michelle”

        If in fact, you are involved with Grant, I hope you are ok and have some friends around who you can contact at a moments notice.

        I hope I am wrong and I don’t hear about you, or someone else with him in another episode, 12 months or whatever from now. His career is in a nosedive with all this, and may be a trigger.

        He may be the best guy ever sober, the fact he behaves like that only under the influence makes him even more dangerous in my eyes, as he lets something build up and up.

        That of course is my year 10 educated opinion, BUT I have a lot of real life experience in this world we live in, let me assure you…


  5. BTW – he left her. That’s why she is on this rampage to destroy his career. She’s not smart enough to think ahead about the impact that this will have on her children in the long run. It’s all about her.


    • Hi there Michelle,

      Do you think that the wife contributed directly to the wrecked home seen in the photos?

      As in helped physically to smash the place up?

      Or are you saying that the violence is justified if he was provoked??

      Interesting perspective you have, especially from a woman, to condone physical violence from a man.

      If it happened, as reported in front of the children, then the awful effect on them surely is not justified by the excuse of provocation? And, apparently under the influence of alcohol.

      Sounds like you are either a gf or family (sister) of the husband ?


      • Sounds more like she(michelle) is involved with him. I don’t know Candice,but for some reason found her insincere when i saw a couple of interviews when they got married and had the babies. Regardless of whether she is nice or not,sincere or not,did the dirty on him or not, the fact is he clearly can’t drink and this would not be the first or the last time this or worse this has happened.And excusing his behaviour by saying she pushed him to react or she abused him or whatever, even if these things are true,they would have seen this side of him before and obviously not to this degree,but a bad drinker gets worse not better especially when excuses are made and no responsibility taken. Some people can drink and some can’t and knowing when you are starting to turn into a violent abusing monster, the drunk doesn’t see it but the partner does and so does everyone around them that has witnessed it,been embarrassed by it and even been apologised to because of it. I agree that sometimes people bring out the worst in each other but that happens drunk and sober and its not just a one off. He needs to accept that he has a problem with alcohol and fix it,and she Candice (if she leaked the photos) needs to not air dirty laundry,no matter how filthy it is. There are 3 sides to every story, his,her’s and the truth. And its none of anyones business unless the people involved make it that way.I am in no way condoning his behaviour,i know what its like,have been there, and know first hand how frightening it is to be the wife. I am a petite person to and whether they are 5’foot or 8’foot,at the time the drunk rage starts size doesn’t matter,they are insane and crazy strong and aggressive. Fortunately for me,the person that doesn’t drink to excess and now knows how he gets and the damage it does didn’t ever want to be that person and lose what was most precious to him and took full responsibility for his actions no matter how embarrassing it was for him. He is the most beautiful man and i respect him so much for making the changes he has to ensure bad things never happen again. I didn’t want or need to go and make it public knowledge to further the embarrassment or make myself a public victim. Michelle says there are skeletons in Candices closet and maybe she wants sympathy,which she will get because of what we all now know about him. And now we have another public break up that everyone will have an opinion on and take sides and slag off either one. Maybe people need to learn that a bit of class goes a long and if they weren’t in the public eye would she have posted these photos? marriages work and don’t work for many reasons,if you are unhappy and want to fix it then do that,but that takes hard work and if you aren’t up for it or just want out,then end it. As peacefully as possible and spare a thought for the children involved, do they really want everyone to know dad is a bad drunk and mum wants to tell the world.


    • As I am in yours Michelle. That’s why we are here though, but you are one of one who support him. I would have a lucky guess and say your might not even be female. is it Michelle or Michael?

      I could delete your comments and be ruthless, but let others decide on your fearless support of Hackett.It seems at odds with all reports I have ever heard, read and been told by people in the TV and sports business. Of whom I have close contact in production of these type events.

      Once a tool always a tool. Some past stars just cannot let go of that fading light upon them…They also do not like being told the truth, outbursts are then obviously NO suprise…



  6. All I can say Michelle is,

    Grant Hackett (by his own admission, “overwhelmingly embarrassed” by his behaviour) has an awful lot of work to do – give up the drink (permanently) for a start, to try and make amends.

    Let us hope he can do it and not be the stereotype repeat DV offender.

    Drink is never an excuse, but is clearly a precipitating, or causative factor here. He needs to give it up completely.

    Then start a serious course of doing something daily to help the desperate plight of both women and children affected by DV.

    It will take years of good work to undo a few mins of complete melt-down with wanton destruction of his family home.

    Good luck if you are the new gf … I mean this genuinely.


  7. This bloke doesn’t respect women Michelle …. he threw one against a window , threw another grapes and held a child while he destroyed their belonging …..and that was in just 24 hours that we know of ……


  8. Even if Candice manipulated the release of those photos for less than honourable motives, the fact is she has done the community a service. Any woman who gets involved with Hackett in future can’t say that they haven’t been warned.


    • I agree Kim, especially with celebrities/sports people, they bathe in the limelight loving the attention and the red carpets, yet they get up to no good, and then they want privacy.

      They are a protected species, and when something like this comes out, I think to myself, surely there are footballers whatever reading the paper etc and thinking to themselves, Gee I better pull my head in, that could be me if I keep carrying on and treating the wife/GF etc this way!

      Now I do not want to see malicious exes getting payback for some minor discretion of love affair.

      That is not what I mean, obviously domestic abuse and or violence, it comes in all sorts.
      Drunken embarrassing behaviours, disrespect to women etc…

      Threats to keep their mouth shut to save the guys career etc.

      Stuff their careers, they get no brownie points for being good at sport, or being on telly etc, big deal.

      It is a great warning to others that their disgraceful antics might make the news


  9. Just had a really quick scroll through some of the comments. I don’t think any of this is anyone’s business. I find it highly suspicious that photographs have been leaked so long after the event. And for what purpose? Does anyone give a thought to the children these days? The kids are the ones that have to grow up reading about their parents’ problems. Leave personal issues behind closed doors as ultimately it is the children are the ones who will suffer the most. Imagine in years to come googling your parents to discover this rubbish!! Have some human decency Candice and Grant … forget your own egos and your own agendas and get on with your respective lives…. God imagine if Grant was married to the likes of Susie Maroney!!!!! …. a public separation, a public boo hoo story … and lots of $$$$ without a second thought to the children. My advice to all … GROW UP!!!!


    • Hello NOOB, None of Our Business looks better…Thanks for sharing your thoughts…I am a bit confused though! Have I shown any pics of the kids? The internet is here to stay, and the kids most probably will look up their mum and dad online (every day kids do as well)

      I think this is worthy of the public knowing that celebs will get publicity for bad behaviour just like anyone else. They must take the good with the bad publicity, not just when it suits them.
      I did not publish these police photos…I have them here after they were splashed on every newspaper and media site in Australia.
      Also with all respect, who are you asking to grow up? The parents, Me, certain commentators here?

      Because for me, having some human decency means don’t come home pissed and angry and trash your house containing your little kids and wife, scaring the hell out of them and no doubt traumatising everybody concerned!
      Then maybe it wont become headline news…So who needs to grow up I wonder

      I am sorry it upsets you though…


    • You’re being very diplomatic Robbo ….

      Noob …. when a ‘celeb’ is paid squillions by sponsers it come with a degree of responsibility to conduct themselves accordingly …

      Moreover , if Hackett is aware of his propensity for violence while under the influence then subjects his own children to it , then damn it he should be vilified publically .

      As i wrote in my comment above , just because he has so called ‘ hero’ status adulation , that doesn’t mean his case be mitigated ( if it is brought to court ) by alcohol or drugs when he knowingly consumes it with a predisposition for violence .

      The sentence whether in a court of law or public condemnation , the sentence should fit the crime , NOT the criminal ……….


  10. Re the photos … I am not questioning anything other than the original source of the photos and the motives behind them now being released? And what exactly does publically vilifying a person achieve and who does it benefit? In the long term … no-one. My message being posted was to encourage people to focus less on the “intrigue”, the “gossip value”, the public condemnation … and to shift ones thoughts to the innocent children. We may not approve of what their father has done .. but in his children’s eyes he undoubtedly (and rightly) remains much loved. This isn’t (and won’t ever be) headline news to the children involved. For them it’s mum and dad. So perhaps instead of hastily casting stones (he in glass houses) and before sending out a lynch mob … about when they have grown up we take a moment to ask the children how all of this adverse publicity has affected them? I wouldn’t want any of my failures as a parent (no, really, I am not perfect) being plastered all over the media and I certainly wouldn’t want my children subjected to any future taunts as a result. Food for thought isn’t it.


    • I find it interesting that the second article that appeared on the Courier Mail website earlier today regarding channel nine sticking with him has been removed. Readers had started adding their own comments, he wasn’t getting much support. I added a comment but don’t know if it was included. I said I couldn’t handle having to watch Nick D’arcy swim AND listen to Hackett.


    • Doesn’t every crime or misdemeanour that involves parents have kids and baggage though? If we gave every person “Privacy to deal with the issues” well then nothing would ever see the light of day.

      I do not post stuff lightly, neither do the media when it comes to a big name legend.

      They are normally given 2 strikes and third one means ITS PUBLIC.

      So Officially that last 2 incidents have been published.He had his warning.

      Got a second one regarding if it happens again we cannot protect you…

      Read that as being the Man club at channel 9…
      They protect their boy band….


  11. Wow,,what an absolute hero,this bloke is,,can beat anyone in the pool and can beat anyone half his size and weight as long as they are female,,,piece of shit,scum bag. Dump him channel 9 ,or I dump you. Scum bag.and a weak bastard to boot.


  12. Too much money, too much fame, too much adulation, simply because he’s been good at his ‘job’. It’s not really fair, when you consider that (a lot of) people put in a good hard slog at their own jobs for not much pay, and very little reward. It’s about time that we as a society stopped treating very ordinary people as if they were gods. They begin to believe it, THEMSELVES!! This adulation of ‘celebrities’ just HAS TO STOP…for THEIR sake, as well as ours.

    Those poor babies! That poor petite woman! Having that spoilt hulk of a man throw a tanty because he’s half tanked, with the other half full of his own ego. I’m sure he was once a nice humble guy, but now he’s proving himself to be a major a**hole, just not able to cope with himself any more. (If he was such an innocent in all of this (as a few people would try to have you believe – yes, she MADE him do it; so it’s HER fault) it’s more than doubtfull that the Allanah & Madeline Foundation would have ditched him so readily.

    Nup. Sorry Rant…I mean Grant; you need help mate. I hate to be b**chy, but at this rate, your gonna turn out like another Matthew Newton…God help us if THAT happens. .


  13. Michelle is 100 percent on the money. All you idiots have all been had and are taking the Candice bait. For Christ sake will somebody investigate ‘the family’ and then make an informed logical opinion. Seriously figure it out. If she was man handled wouldn’t she end up like the grand piano? Someone that petite would be thrown into the next state. Were there any trips to the doctor the next day? No. You are all idiots. Use your heads. Really, I probably do need to spell it out for all you under achieves but first lets see if you have the capacity to figure it out. Actually don’t worry… I know the answer.


    • So you have to whack someone to be abusive do you? An adult would be scared senseless watching a man near 2 metres tall and a 100kg going on a rampage, let alone his little girls…

      maybe she locked herself in a room with the kids at some stage calling the cops? It does not matter, it is not her behaviour here, it is his…

      Never ever ever is there a justification for this in a family home. (edit, well anywhere, but the sanctuary of a wife and children in their own home???)

      And “Bob”, do not hold back, say what you mean, spell it out if need be so it can be debated.Do not half say something…

      Cheers from one of the idiots


  14. Grant Hackett you are a pitifulexcuse for a man just a big time loser ,you deserve to loose all your endorsements and tv engagements , you teerrorized your wife and children , no excuses mate if you and your wife had issues all you had to do was the honorable thing and say this just is not working and vacate the home , don,t use alcohol as your excuse you sad pathetic man


  15. I would like to thank grant for the time he helped my kids get through the hard times. He volunteered his time and heartfelt generosity. Truly was inspiring. I also witnessed the countless others he helped. We are forever in debt. Our kids are now on a path for success and will be invaluable amongst the community. We know the media has reported lies to make money off the bozos who read them. They are all on the gravey train just like your wife.


  16. “If she was man handled wouldn’t she end up like the grand piano?”

    Do you really think she overturned her own piano? Trying to damage his wife’s prized possession is abusive behaviour even if he never laid a hand on her. I’d rather my wife punched me in the face than wreck my piano.


  17. Hi te,
    I don’t need to explain it. He wrecked his own stuff, that he paid for through bloody hard work, behind close doors. Who cares what he does to his own stuff, it is his. Most people are guilty of this, maybe not to this extent, but he can do what he wants behind close doors. He didn’t break any law. He didn’t obviously touch his misses, otherwise he would have been charged by the police. Who leaked those very personal photos… I think little miss innocent, his ex, may have been a littlje bit naughty. Now she goes to the magazines to get more money. Also had her photo taken with the kids to soon after the split… Displaying the kids in public. Not a very good look and highly suspicious. I think we have a hidden agenda here and I’m sure it started a long time before all this occurred. I believe we need to look at this from another angle. To all you angels out there… The guy is a champion in many ways. He has touched many lives positively and you can’t deny that, otherwise you need to take a very good look at yourself.


    • Hi Bob,

      In my experience, there are underlying anger problems, lack of control problems, in a relatively young man, that may sadly manifest even more, when older, to be “not a pretty picture”.

      The professional swimming would have been wonderful for Grant to keep him fit and focussed.

      I agree, the entire episode should be private; Grant’s ex’s behaviour certainly isn’t like a “princess”, thinking in Heather McCartney.

      My thoughts are that the episode should have been private; however, that said, Grant needs anger management intervention and this is a huge warning for him, and I hope, unlike another well known “celebrity” Grant does something about this warning.

      Good that he helps people, and that should be known, and wonderful to hear.

      However, it is very unhealthy for that type of behaviour, and quite frankly, scary. I wouldn’t like anyone who is my loved one to be in a relationship with someone who has a tantrum like that.


    • I really can’t believe the lack of common sense of some people! Yep, he just shouldn’t be blamed for ANY of this….because he once help THEIR kids, he’s (was) a champion, he’s a good bloke, SHE’S a b**ch, I once had a beer with him – therefore he MUST be O.K. etc etc etc. This is the type of mentality that excuses abominable behaviour from ‘superstars’ who’ve got ‘issues’.

      Photos don’t lie, and Foundations just don’t give you the flick because there happens to be a bit of a rumour about you. He’s committed this type of thing before! Of course he has. And his bratty behaviour is probably gonna get worse as time goes by!


      he learns to see himself as others see him, addresses the booze (mis)management, gets some anger management advise, learn some humility, and stops believing that he’s a preciously important human being who has the right to throw his (not insignificant) weight around.

      And then he’ll be, once again, the Grant Hackett we all knew and loved.(Aussies are a forgiving mob).


      • In 12 months time he will be a paid ambassador for some foundation or Victorian Government health initiative getting 100,000 a year to say now now people…behave….

        Why we need to have a Name” attached to these things always irks me.
        Real people chip away doing stuff behind the scenes volunteering anon and without the need to be SEEN doing it. (I get the fund raising side of it, rubbing shoulders at the black tie things)

        But gee their are thousands of heroes who are ordinary folk with day jobs to feed the family who do plenty as well.The don’t walk red carpets and get asked to be Ambassadors (nearly of all are paid gigs)

        You are right deeleym, we are a forgiving lot, and if he owns up and says yep it was much worse than I revealed.I’m embarrassed and sorry and so on, he will one day regain some lost stature.

        But not if he goes the smoke and mirrors publicity machine bullshit train..Threatening to sue anyone who says a bad word about him.

        Who cares how the pics came out.I’m more concerned they HAD to be taken in the first place

        Well I’ve vented for the time folks….I feel good! Not a coffee coaster damaged anywhere.


    • I agree with you Bob – Hackett is a champion and to those that have taken the time to bag him on this page, I hope that one day you get to meet him and see how wrong you were to side with Alley.

      Alley is bonkers.


  18. Bob , You have got it so wrong Hackett is a very disturbed loser no man has the right whether affected by alcohol or not to terrorise his wife and dear children , he shpouyld have done the honourable thing and left peacefully


  19. I’m betting that was not the only time he went nuts I betting also his wife kept everything as quiet as possible for a long time however the neighbours must have heard this one and she rang the police for a very good reason, he was out of control she must have been terrified as the children would have been, looks like a war zone and when you live in an apartment building that size how the hell do you keep it private someone or many would have had to fix the mess and that would have taken days up and down in lifts carting out debris and the deliveries of new TVs furniture doors don’t tell me that would have gone unnoticed there must be more pictures.


  20. I’m betting Candice is no angel. quite the opposite. I bet she is hiding behind a big fat facade of fakeness. I for one am not fooled by a clearly gold digging, fame seeking phoney.


    • Oh yes – and that of course excuses Grant of ANY wrongdoing at all! That he threw a big blub tanty, and probably scared his little twins half to death (as well as her, AND half their neighbors) is neither here nor there. His most ungentlemanly and childish behaviour is all her fault…of course it is. Of course.

      Don’t think for one tad of a second that he hasn’t thrown this sort of act before! But then again, THAT’S becauses SHE’S an unashamed goldigger, innit?! He married her because of pure sweet love, and nothing else. Not for lust, image, or any other GD superficial reason. Just pure, sweet unadulterated, giving, selfless, deeply profound love. Yeah…right…..


  21. Watching Grant’s wife’s previous interview in happier times, her eyes dart everywhere with each question that is close to her.

    I think, sadly, she is a coverup, as was common decades ago, for famous gay actors to protect their careers while falsely appearing happily married in a heterosexual union.

    She wasn’t happy in that interview, while professing her love. Watch her eyes and her facial expressions.

    Quite honestly, alcohol is a terrible drug, it ruins lives, I do like a nice drink now and then; however, it can change personalities, or perhaps, those personalities were already lurking there, anyway.


  22. Candice being a former hooker/stripper/party girl isn’t the main issue here, it’s Grant and his inability to handle his drink and control his emotions. Being in the public eye like he is, he should know that every action of HIS (not hers) will be scrutinized.


  23. We’ll guys no one yet has figured it out. I have lived in Melbourne for many years. Candice’s old man and his brothers have been charged years ago as they were part of the painters and dockers union. Three of them went to jail for severe criminal activity. Emilio Giannarelli owns a stone mason business and has strong links with Mick Gatto. Just read Mick Gatto’s book, called out of the shadows. Or google it. There is loads of stuff about this family. Some of them live in the same building as Grant and his ex. Grant has been pushed around by these people for years and has probably broken under duress…. That’s my guess, it’s not hard. The Giannarelli name should be on this website for there criminal past. Someone please just do some research. Grant needs help from this family. It will be an underbelly episode one day!


  24. Bob

    After a some quick internet research I found out that Emilio Giannarelli and his two brothers were found guilty of perjury in the early eighties. He got a suspended sentence and his two brothers went to jail but were released after all their convictions were quashed by the HIgh Court.

    So what severe criminal activity are you talking about exactly?


  25. Robbo, this one is for you and it is a hypothetical question. As you are pretty vocal that Hackett is guilty, my hypothetical questions is this: how would you respond on your site if it came out eventually that this is a stitch up by Alley to ruin her husband?
    Your site in general is actually an interesting concept, definitely a good read – I suppose that I am asking you whether you look at both sides of the coin. There is some heavy noise at the moment that this is a stitch-up by Alley and that she and the children were not present when the furniture was tossed. I’m sitting on the fence either way however I am suspicious that photos were leaked, and the actual police report wasn’t …. most of the allegations are based on speculation.
    What are your thoughts on the interviews she has done post-Derby Day and her social media feeds which seem to indicate that the incident on Derby Day was actually not much to talk about and it is only an issue now that Hackett made the break?
    You are a smart guy Robbo and I can see that you enjoy stirring the pot. Not looking for a response about whether Alley is guilty or not. More so how you would respond regarding Alley IF this was a stitch-up?


    • So all this is the fault of the Giannarelli family?? Is Grant such an insignificant little twerp who has absolutey no clout, connections, influence at all, that he can be so easily ‘stiched up’??

      Please don’t try to paint him like a poor little victim. It’s belittling to such a huge (physically as well as being a great Australian sporting icon) specimen of a man. I’ve got a strange feeling that Grant just MAY HAVE played some sort of active role in this rather nasty little incident. (frankly, I think the ENTIRE trashing was of his doing; but I’m happy enough to ‘wait and see’, and IF he’s completely innocent, has been ‘stiched up’, I’ll be the 1st to aplologise to him (via this site) – not that he’d care much about the actions of a mean little know nothin’ nobody like me ).


    • Seeing Hacketts old man has already admitted his son did it…Who cares WHY the pics got out…if things did not get leaked we would not uncover a lot of crimes or pathetic gutless behaviours like hackett, I rarely publish stuff Im not pretty sure about.

      I have aplogised once in hundreds of threads/stories….for being wrong. I had heard about hackett months ago through TV people I know


  26. Sitting on the fence,

    what ever the “heavy noise” is, if Grant Hackett doesn’t deny any of it then it’s understandable that most people would assume it happened the way she said.


  27. More stuff making the news today. Grant just guzzled a quiet 5 bottles of wine over lunch in 2 hours a winery recently. He has no problems with alcohol, he was thirsty may be he thought he was drinking red Gatorade folks?


    • Believe that a receipt can be produced to show that only one bottle of wine was purchased during the day in question ….. Just saying ….


    • Preamble – I have never met grant, his family or candice. I am not an athlete, nor do I know any one famous. I am a scientist / researcher.

      Despite what has been reported in the media, only grant and eye witnessess actually know what happened. (at home or at the winery). Everything is hear say. The damage in his appartment could have been caused by other people living in the complex for all we know. Did you witness him throw a chair ? .. No.. Did you see the kids there? .. No (they may not have been).. Did you actually see him drink 5 bottles of wine or view a toxicology report / blood alcohol reading? .. No..

      if you shit on others.. You will one day become the subject of shit yourself. It’s called karma people.

      And until you see the evidence yourself… not secondary or tertiary information cited by a reporter / journalist, your opinion is not ethical or socially just. It is cr*p.

      I am embarrassed to be a fellow Australian, you hypocritical bloggers. I have made mistakes .. Fortunately I am not famous, and therefore my mistakes are not on the front page of the hs.. May only people that have never made mistakes, pass judgement on issues / people they know absolutely nothing about. To my knowledge, there is no such living human.

      thumbs downs will not faze me in the slightest- it says more about you as a person and human being. You would totally s**k as a friend, family member or colleague.


  28. To the fake researcher, the fact that Hackett trashed his apartment is not in dispute. Whether the kids were there is. Grant’s father was reported recently:

    …Nev, told The Daily Telegraph Ms Alley was not in the Melbourne apartment for “90 per cent” of his son’s Derby Day rampage.

    “Could you let people know the kids did not witness the outburst?” his father Nev Hackett said. “He’s a d . . k head, but I love him.”

    Hackett is disputing the five bottles of wine claim and I think he is entitled to some benefit of the doubt at this stage.


  29. Robbo – you have been completely had here, get ready to post your second apology of all time on your website !!!!!!

    I am familiar with both Hackett and Alley in the circle that I move in and it’s common knowledge that she’s nuts. From my understanding, classic case of husband leaves wife and wife does stupid things to take him down.

    Lying to the police and making false allegations to police is what I would be concerning me the most – this is a criminal offence. Allegedly, there is no evidence to back up the stories that have been ‘leaked’ to the press – if I was Hackett, I would be considering taking steps towards suing for defamation. What has happened to him is just not right.

    We all know that sources can be traced and phone calls made from unknown numbers can also be traced. If he wanted to get to the bottom of this, I’m sure he could easily.

    I hope that Alley gets over her hurt so that she can move on with her life. There are no winners with how this is being played out.

    No one can give Hackett back the time of not being able to see his children – this is the real crime that has been committed. Robbo, you are a dad and I’m sure that you would not be able to comprehend not seeing your daughter. Anyone that knows Hackett is aware that he loves his kids.

    Alley went too far with the ‘five bottles in 2 hours’ campaign on the weekend and lost a lot of credibility. Let’s hope that she is able to learn from this and play nicely going forward.


    • What are you talking about. He’s as guilty as Craig Thomson, but worse, he is abusive, mentally and physically, it’s there in black and white – he’s good ‘ol white trash


  30. just was the 60 minutes show with grant hackett interview….paints candice alley out to be a bit of a biatch…..locking him out because he was 40 minutes late…AND…hasn’t seen his kids for 70 days nor been allowed to talk to him.


  31. So is anyone still saying he didn’t come home blind drunk and trash the home of his children and wife? I have said he did all along and all you people said oh no, he didn’t do it, its a set up blah blah…He wiped non existent tears last night.He is only embarrassed because he was busted folks..

    Still stand by every word…Its fact!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.


  32. Hi Robbo,

    Did you notice, that in the taped interview of Hackett, that Channel 9 cut out Hackett’s facial expressions everytime they asked him a pertinent question?

    Even doing that, you could still see that he was acting.

    In this biased and ridiculously soft interview, they skipped over the point that there was a Police report saying that Grant, in fact, put his hands on his wife.

    Furthermore, in the interview, they softly, softly, skipped over the fact that verbal abuse is just as bad as physical abuse.

    Quite disgraceful that Channel 9 is assisting to cover this up.


  33. I didn’t see the interview but it was reported that “He admitted to targeting his wife’s most prized possessions during the rampage.”

    As was pointed out in an earlier post, that’s as bad as if he did lay hands on her.


  34. Hi Kim,

    That’s terrible. I didn’t get to watch the entire interview, just the highlights that were repeated.

    That is just plain nasty and shows a disturbed man.


  35. To all the anti-Grant comments, it is obvious that your source of truth is the newspapers, a very credible source of truth – not.

    Robbo, this is your chance to stand up and show people that you really do have ‘contacts’ in the police department. If you still support Alley after talking to them, I will know that you are lying …..


  36. I’m a personal friend of Grant Hackett, I went to school with Candice, shared a cell with the Giannarelli brothers and cut the police commissioner’s hair every month. I know for a fact that Candice Alley and her criminal family are responsible for the disappearances of Azaria Chamberlain and the Beaumont children, and the demolition of the twin towers in New York.

    I also know that Papa Giannarelli held a Glock to Grant’s head and forced him to trash his own apartment and his wife’s piano so he could compromise himself in any future custody dispute.

    You can trust that what I say is true because I am a researcher with a real PHD (I bought it on Ebay).


  37. Its an Olympic year, swimming is Australia’s no.1 Olympic sport, Hackett is a commentator on the the network who has the rights……….Can anything be believed? The ‘wife is nuts’ theory is a bit lame I think. If she was that bad, he should have left earlier. And its hard to believe what comes out of Hackett’s mouth, because the story keeps changing. First of all, its was ‘nothing’, a dispute where somehow the police were involved. Then, photos, required that Hackett change his story. If he is a domestic abuser (provocation is no longer a legal justication), don’t expect him to admit it. The chanel 9 ‘machine’ will put doubt in people’s minds, give him free PR via 60minutes, anything to keep him on the ‘team’. Mind you, they would drop him like a hot cake if public opinion became too poisoness, as well. What a complex, cynical world we live in!


  38. And now this loser is blaming doctors for giving him stilnox and that is why he lost gold in Beijing but guess what I bet he partied on it, another addiction, just like alcohol oh but he doesn’t have a problem with alcohol, only domestic violence and who is he blaming that on!


  39. Harry, pretty sure the paper that printed the Stilnox story originally has come out and said that Hackett did not leak the information around Stilnox and didn’t want it to go to print.

    Robbo – interesting developments this evening surrounding Candice Alley being caught on camera shoplifting. Thieving (when money is not a issue) is usually a common trait across those with some sort of mental illness.

    Perhaps the stories that the ex is nuts is not lame after all …. who would have seen this coming hey?

    All the other stories leaked to the press now make sense, the ex isn’t looking to good now – have to say that karma always comes and bites those that have been naughty …..


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