Alison Baden-Clay Investigation-Police interview owners of same type of cars

In what one would imagine is a due process of tracking down all the similar cars in make and model and establish their whereabouts on the day(s) in question. One would imagine this could be very important down the track at a trial, where any decent defence would attempt to raise doubt about the cars. Here is a piece from the Courier Mail that came in overnight.

Please read this before you go on to read the rest and comment though folks!

I would personally like to make a plea to those of you who choose to make comments, to do so with due consideration to the circumstances surrounding this case and the 3 wonderful little girls lives have been destroyed.

WE all want answers and certainly Justice for Allison Baden-Clay and her family and we can honour her memory by trying to stay respectful of each other on here, whether or not you have formed an opinion on who is the guilty and who are not. Lots of ordinary folks like me and you have dedicated a lot of time to sit down and share themselves so we can have a collective place to delve into the who, where’s and whys of such a terrible crime.

WE are not judge or jury, that is obvious, and each and every one of you is entitled to say what you think, all I’m asking is NO PERSONAL ATTACKS, agree to disagree, and if it needs to be, just do not interact with a commenter you feel uneasy or judged by. You are welcome to contact me with any concerns as I will be stamping my foot down on the type of personal attack that sends valued contributors away and anyone found with multiple names/pseudonyms or resigns as a “New person” will be BANNED… I can see NO legite reason to pretend to be another (new) contributer etc. behave and you can be who you are simple…

Sound fair?


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Police chief defends Allison Baden-Clay investigation

May 28, 2012 2:07PM

Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson

QUEENSLAND’S police commissioner has defended detectives investigating the murder of Allison Baden-Clay, saying it’s important they are thorough.

It’s been more than five weeks since 43-year-old mother Allison Baden-Clay disappeared from her Brookfield home on April 20.

Her body was discovered on a creek bank 10 days later and toxicology results are expected to arrive this week.

No one has been charged and police refuse to say if they have any suspects.

Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson defended the slow-moving investigation, pointing out that it took eight years before there was a breakthrough in the Daniel Morcombe case.

“When you’re an investigator … you have to get it right. You don’t get a second chance,” he told reporters in Brisbane today.
“Everything that they do has got to be done properly in a considered way to gain all the evidence possible before they make a move.”

He was confident in the ability of investigators, whose commitment to catching the killer was “unwavering”.

“We will continue without in any sense easing off in terms of our efforts in the intensity of this investigation,” Mr Atkinson said.

“When and if we decide to prosecute anyone we have to make sure that we’ve got that as right as we can and we’ve done all we can in that space beforehand.”

Reports suggesting delays in the return of forensic results were a misunderstanding, he added.

“My understanding is that from the investigators’ point of view we’re in fact fine with the way this has been progressed,” he said.

POLICE are questioning western suburbs residents with cars similar to those driven by Gerard Baden-Clay about their movements on the night the real-estate identity’s wife disappeared.

The Courier-Mail understands one local woman, who owns a silver Holden Captiva, was questioned at the weekend on whether she had driven through the Kenmore roundabout at the intersection of Moggill and Brookfield roads on Thursday, April 19 – the night Mrs Baden-Clay was last seen alive.

In an apparent bid to clarify reported sightings and rule out various vehicles in the area, the woman was also asked whether she had recently pulled her car over to the side of Mt Crosby Rd.

Mrs Baden-Clay’s body was discovered on April 30 by a canoeist on the banks of Kholo Creek under the Mt Crosby Rd bridge at Anstead.

The mother-of-three was reported missing by her husband at 7.30am on April 20, after she failed to return from a late-night walk.

Police initially appealed for information from anyone who saw either of the family cars – a silver Holden Captiva or a white Toyota Prado – on the night Mrs Baden-Clay disappeared.

They later made repeated pleas for anyone who had driven through the Kenmore roundabout on April 19 between 11.30pm and 4am the following day to contact them.

On Thursday, May 10, police went to the roundabout and stopped cars between those same times looking for people who might be able to assist with their investigation.

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The Allison Baden-Clay Murder Investigation
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434 thoughts on “Alison Baden-Clay Investigation-Police interview owners of same type of cars

  1. Hi Robbo ! I like your page, thanks for all your efforts here. Until now I have just read everyone’s opinions and info.
    I am keeping an open mind, as I feel nobody is classed as guilty until proven so. For the sake of the three beautiful little girls, family members and all concerned, I hope Gerard is not involved ! He is not the first and won’t be the last to have an affair or affairs and this does not necessarily make him a murderer ! I do feel he has GUTS to continue on with his Real Estate and take on new premises etc. The children do need providing for and I am glad he is trying to do that. It will not be easy with all the derogatory comments and publicity. However, surely he has the brains not to commit to a new venue if he is expecting to be tapped on the shoulder at any time. Maybe not?
    I have not liked some of the comments generalising about the low integrity of Real Estate Personnel as it has been my chosen career for about 30 years and I have done my best by everyone and repeat business has backed that up. Yellow jackets are not my colour, but heck, wearing a yellow jacket is not a label or and indicator to being a horrible person who does not do their job properly and in the best interest of clients.
    From what I have taken in, Alison was a beautiful person in every way and I am so sad about her horrific demise and may she Rest in Peace lovely lady. She obviously was a true lady and a very gifted one and very caring Mother. For the record, I also dislike the nasty references to Gerard’s parents, we can choose our friends but not our relatives or siblings. I am in no way connected to this family except have feelings of sympathy. Thanks again, I hope you publish this I am in Perth very far removed from this horrific crime but it sure has saddened me.
    Time will tell I hope and may Justice prevail. I do realise I am in the minority here but thanks for letting me have my say :)


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