Allison Baden-Clay-toxicology results released- Arrests closer

Will this mean we are closer to any arrest or arrests with the reports being completed and released? It has been a slow methodical process investigating this terrible murder and anyone with a heart would hope her killer(s) are off the streets sooner rather than later…How her Husband can his trap all this time and think I better say something about my business, gee the rumour was we closed…That is just another bizarre act that defies logic by him. I just hope they got a years rent up front…

Please read this before you go on to read the rest and comment though folks!

I would personally like to make a plea to those of you who choose to make comments, to do so with due consideration to the circumstances surrounding this case and the 3 wonderful little girls lives have been destroyed.

WE all want answers and certainly Justice for Allison Baden-Clay and her family and we can honour her memory by trying to stay respectful of each other on here, whether or not you have formed an opinion on who is the guilty and who are not. Lots of ordinary folks like me and you have dedicated a lot of time to sit down and share themselves so we can have a collective place to delve into the who, where’s and whys of such a terrible crime.

WE are not judge or jury, that is obvious, and each and every one of you is entitled to say what you think, all I’m asking is NO PERSONAL ATTACKS, agree to disagree, and if it needs to be, just do not interact with a commenter you feel uneasy or judged by. You are welcome to contact me with any concerns as I will be stamping my foot down on the type of personal attack that sends valued contributors away and anyone found with multiple names/pseudonyms or resigns as a “New person” will be BANNED… I can see NO legit reason to pretend to be another (new) contributor etc. behave and you can be who you are simple…

Sound fair?


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Gerard Baden-Clay arrives at his new office at Toowong Towers. ((listening to an ipod?)

TOXICOLOGY tests into the murder of Allison Baden-Clay have been completed, but police are yet to announce what killed the mother-of-three.

It’s the last piece of the puzzle from the post-mortem examination and police say they are moving as fast as they can.

Police won’t reveal what information they’ve gleaned so far from the results and say they won’t be releasing the toxicology findings, which were returned on Monday.

Police Minister Jack Dempsey said last week the investigation was a priority and police would do everything they could to ensure no stone was left unturned.

Despite a backlog in forensic test analysis, data submitted from the post-mortem examination on Mrs Baden-Clay had been fast-tracked to try to secure an arrest as soon as possible.

Police this week again questioned residents in the western suburbs with cars similar to those driven by Gerard Baden-Clay about their movements on the night the real-estate identity’s wife disappeared.

Mrs Baden-Clay’s body was discovered on April 30 by a canoeist on the banks of Kholo Creek under the Mt Crosby Rd bridge at Anstead.

The 43-year-old was reported missing by her husband at 7.30am on April 20, after she failed to return from a walk.

Police appealed for information from anyone who saw either of the family cars, a silver Holden Captiva or a white Toyota Prado, on the night Mrs Baden-Clay was last seen.

They later made pleas for anyone who had driven through the Kenmore roundabout on April 19 from 11.30pm-4am the next day to contact them.

Anyone with information should call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

The Allison Baden-Clay Murder Investigation
(click image for full size version)

534 thoughts on “Allison Baden-Clay-toxicology results released- Arrests closer

  1. Angelkim – I’ve been on Websleuth trying to find a copy of a letter Lord Baden-Powell wrote to one of his mates he’d recently visited. In it he said how much he enjoyed looking at photos of naked boys with him. Apparently his mate had quite a collection of these photos and Baden-Powell said he was eager to visit again so he could look at more photos of naked boys.


  2. Here it is, posted by Vertico:

    Submitted on 2012/05/25 at 5:33 pm

    Quote: Another incident illustrative of Baden-Powell’s appreciation of naked boys occurred at Charterhouse, when he was staying overnight at the school with his old friend A. H. Tod, who had been in the Rifle Corps and in the football 1st XI with him.

    In November 1919 Tod was over the retirement age but still teaching because it was wartime and all the younger staff had joined up.

    ‘Stayed with Tod,’ Stephe wrote in his diary.

    ‘Tod’s photos of naked boys and trees etc. Excellent.’.

    That a bachelor housemaster should have taken large numbers of nude photographs of his boys evidently did not strike Baden-Powell as undesirable.

    A few days later he wrote to Tod about starting a Scout troop at the school and added that he would soon be visiting Charterhouse again, ‘which will give me the opportunity of seeing the football; and possibly I might get a further look at those wonderful photographs of yours!’ Unquote.


  3. Sounds like an interesting read……

    Famous British Pedophiles – Baden-Powell.

    Evidence :
    From: Jeal, Tim. Baden-Powell. Hutchinson. London, 1989. (680 pages. Illust.) These extracts really don’t do justice either to Jeals’s immense and definitive biography, nor to Baden-Powell’s complex personality. If you want a more rounded picture, you should read the book.

    [Page 103]

    “The evidence available points inexorably to the conclusion that Baden-Powell was a repressed homosexual.”

    [Page 92]

    “At Gilwell Park, the Scouts’ camping ground in Epping Forest, he always enjoyed watching the boys swimming naked, and would sometimes chat with them after they had ‘just stripped off’. When public censoriousness finally turned against male nudity, treating it in the same way as female nudity, Baden-Powell was appaled.”

    [Pages 92-94]

    “Another incident illustrative of Baden-Powell’s appreciation of naked boys occurred at Charterhouse, when he was staying overnight at the school with his old friend A. H. Tod, who had been in the Rifle Corps and in the football 1st XI with him. In November 1919 Tod was over the retirement age but still teaching because it was wartime and all the younger staff had joined up. ‘Stayed with Tod,’ Stephe wrote in his diary. ‘Tod’s photos of naked boys and trees etc. Excellent.’. That a bachelor housemaster should have taken large numbers of nude photographs of his boys evidently did not strike Baden-Powell as undesirable. A few days later he wrote to Tod about starting a Scout troop at the school and added that he would soon be visiting Charterhouse again, ‘which will give me the opportunity of seeing the football; and possibly I might get a further look at those wonderful photographs of yours!’


  4. You guys are great not to mention persistent in keeping the pressure on. Wish I had more time for discussion. A couple of items for you and I apologise in advance for any lack of sensitivity to those involved but this seems somewhat of a gossip channel on occasion…
    O How long before a “helper” moves in to help with the mothering duties? Who will it be?
    O The suspect … Those who aren’t deductively, perceptively, instinctively and logically retarded know who I am talking about … has a degree and computer skills .. Capable of “problem solving” and putting together a “strategic plan” … May be unwise to underestimate the same …
    O Finally the police commissioner doesn’t set the bar very high going from imminent arrest to maybe 8 years in the course of 2 weeks …


  5. Been thinking of Allison all day together with the dreadful story of Baden Powell Scouts leader
    discussed today.Totally mind bogling.
    Perhaps Allison’s undoing was she was NOT of the same ilk as Olave St Claire Soames.

    Allison was beautiful intelligent and talented.

    From the document of note
    55 Year old Baden Powell married 23 year old Pyschiatrically impaired lesbian
    Olave St Clare Soames, perfect paedophile cover
    In reality, Olave St Claire née Soames Baden-Powell became
    the most efficient in a long line of paedophile-enablers – the women
    who enable paedophiles to function.


    • Country Lady – my thoughts exactly – these predatory types and gangs exist – just no one wants to ‘know’ about it – very prevalant – as is the sex groupings and underground parties – esp in the more affluent suburbs of Brisbane – bout time this is spoken about!!!


  6. I went for a drive today out to Brookfield, Kenmore, Moggill, Anstead and Taringa to put flowers and have a look about.

    # BWANA’s car was at GBC’s place and Ma and Pa were busy working around a trailer they had reversed into the garage area under the house. It was all go go go there.

    #There were only sunflowers and wildflowers (3 bunches of flowers) on GBC’s fence. They looked pretty fresh.

    #The area at Kholo Creek bridge is muddy and there is only one place where a car is able to pull off the road which is on the way heading back to Brisbane. If you pull off the road there you would be able to easily drag a body through the bush further upstream and be at least 400-500m clear of houses in the area. The area is dense scrub with a fence but easy to get over (difficult though I would imagine in total darkness and not with a dead body though) – so if the body was placed further upstream (which I suspect it was) there must have been at least one accomplice. The land is quite undulated and muddy. The inlet curves back around where the cars can park so once across the fence the inlet is maybe 10-15 metres from the fence. So it is quite possible the body could have been dragged through this scrub and dumped there, however the risk of the cars being seen would have been quite high. I can’t imagine taking the body onto the bridge and dumping it over the side. It is just way too exposed – unless the car simply pulled up with the other car behind it and they both jumped out quickly and waited for the moment. Car’s however at that time of night could come around the bend quite quickly and they would be using high beams which would be quite exposing – so I really can’t imagine that someone would have thrown her off the bridge. There is a possibility that the body was placed under the bridge on the side that you can park a car, however that also to me would seem extremely obvious because the body would have easily been found. I believe from my visit there today that there are two possibilities 1. the body was taken across the small wire fence and dumped around the curve, which would explain why after the rains that the body washed up on the opposite bank. 2. The only other possibility was Wirrabarra Road which is the turnoff to the right just before the bridge on the way out of Brisbane. The inlet goes back into that area. There is only 3 properties on that road and it is quite isolated – my bet is that they dumped the body into the inlet there. It would have been much quieter, less chance of being seen and better concealment as the body would have had to travel a few hundred metres downstream to where it was found under the bridge. I believe this would have been quite possible in heavy rain.

    #Visited Skull Cave. Very quiet there – obviously everyone was busy moving stuff and therefore gone out. Looks like the next door neighbour though has ripped up their entire front yard not so long ago. All the gardens have been pulled up

    #If the cars were seen parked together on the corner of Kangaroo Gully and Sugar Roads it may have been possible that they were considering dumping the body in the Brisbane River – but then those areas off Sugar Rd like Hawksberry Road are pretty well frequented. I don’t know why they would have been there unless somebody was a bit lost or just chose it as a meeting place. Kangaroo Gully Road does lead back onto Mt Crosby Road so who knows?

    #Went to Century 21 at Taringa and the BWANA mobile with trailer hitched was there packing up all the Century 21 A-frames and office stuff. So while Dear ole Gerard is sitting in the comfort of his office at Towoong Towers, Ma and Pa are packing up the old gig in the rain. The place is massive compared to his old offices at Kenmore it is just ridiculous that someone would even consider increasing the size of their business from the fish and chip shop size that he had to the Tah Mahal he built. The place is huge!!! I just could not believe it. I was gobsmacked. I also could not believe that his elderly parents were packing all of that up and into a box trailer. Obviously doing load after load in the rain. What a jerk!!! Wouldn’t you just get a removalist or do it yourself Gerard? Bloody hell it only costs $100 for the day to hire a little 4 tonne truck. Surely you have got a $100 bucks? Plenty of removalists would do the whole job for a couple of hundred. I hope your giving them money for fuel – mmm probably not. What a jerk!!!! If you can’t afford to get a removalist you should not be in business. He is honestly a bigger jerk off than what I thought.


    • wow nthbrisvegas…you certainly got around. Wish I knew we could have met up. I was at the house earlier in the week and good to hear the flowers are still there,. Was the ribbon? I thought of going there again this afternoon my self, however, didn’t finish work till after school time….and it was pouring rain. I want to go back and place more flowers next week, so if you are going to go as well let me know.


      • Hi Millie,

        The lovely ribbon you left was still there as of last night. I have a photo; however, I don’t know how to upload to show it to you!


      • North Bris – yeah I saw the office at Taringa – a huge wank, for sure – but his parents are trying to save face too, and if you do have a removalist, who knows what they would see – so that’s why they are doing it themselves! ssshhhh…..secrets!!!


    • Thanks so much for the first hand account of the area and goings on North Bris Veg. It is very interesting and as you say mindboggling that he lets his aged parents pack and move the contants of the ‘Taj Mahal’. Everything about this man is just weird.


    • Hey NBV … thanks for the pic you painted , maybe a future as a journo for you, it gives those of us who are not familiar with the area a great insight ….

      i do wonder who would flag a thumbs down … fairly obvious either a nutter, one who is guilty or one of the lovers , each day seems to bring another new angle , i’d expect another new twist before charges are laid.

      Yesterday’s revelation of Baden Powells lifestyle beggars belief that Nige would want to have his name linked to a murderous paedophile , i’d run faster than Christopher Pyne leaving the House in Canberra.

      We have more questions than answers.


  7. Oh yeah another thing I found out today is that GBC’s brother Adam rents a house at Kenmore and owns another property out at Regency Downs. Isn’t Adam in Canada? Why would you keep a rented house then in Kenmore. Seems an expensive thing to do for a bunch of penny pinchers. Wouldn’t storage or relocation be a cheaper solution?


    • Hi NBV

      Wouldn’t they be just renting the houses out as an investment. Is that what you are asking?

      The houses appreciate, they receive the rent from tenants, they also have tax advantages.


      • No your right TE, definately not an investment when your renting. The current rent information indicates that the brother Adam is renting a house in Kenmore currently which is not owned by the family while he lives in Canada. Little strange I thought too? No tax advantage there at all. Unless the income is provable to the expenses then nil advantage for tax.


  8. Re: “They’re really just victims of crime too”

    NOT if the blue car was used Thursday evening/Friday to aid in the disposal of Allison.



  9. I have a good friend who has a nephew in realestate in the Kenmore, Brookfield area who says that one of the Kenmore agents [Erick I think she said] is trying to gain support for a no shave and grow a beard until an arrest is made protest in support of poor Allison and her family.
    On behalf of all the ladies at the CWA well done the gentlemen realestate agents of the western suburbs of Brisbane in showing support and God bless you all.


    • Yes well I too believe Sasha that the majority of real estate agents in the area are most credible and do exercise integrity which seems to be an area of dispute on most of the Baden Clays real estate sites. It appears that Mr GBC has attempted to build his credibility from disrupting other agents in the area which appears to be his attempt to build credibility for himself.


  10. Just heard that channel 7 and 9 were seen at Indooroopilly police station. There’ll be reports on the news at 6, apparently regarding “police are widening their search”.


  11. OK – Just in –

    The owner of Century 21 has been called in for questioning by police at Indooroopilly!!!

    Just like Lord Kitchener who was the protector……..

    Who said unsavoury sexual conduct had nothing to do with this???!!!???!


    • Any more news from you, Chris?

      This was just on the internet:

      Police interview NSW Baden-Clay connection

      June 1, 2012

      Police have taken their investigation into the murder of Brisbane mother-of-three Allison Baden-Clay to New South Wales as they continue to piece together what happened in the lead-up to her murder.

      A police source has confirmed detectives have interviewed a female associate of Allison’s husband, Gerard Baden-Clay, in Sydney last week.

      The revelation comes the same week police received the toxicology report into Mrs Baden-Clay’s death, but they have remained tight-lipped about what the report contained.

      Mrs Baden–Clay, 43, was reported missing on April 20 by her husband, who said he last saw her watching television in the living room and 10 days later her body was found by a canoeist under the Kholo Creek Bridge.

      A homicide investigation has since been launched.

      Her funeral was held in Ipswich on May 12 and her sister Vanessa Fowler used the eulogy to vow she would bring her slain sister justice.

      Read more:


  12. New twists in the case. Watch the news. Woman in NSW has been questions, previous associate of Gerard. And then the Chairman of C21, Charles Tarbey has been questioned as well. Got the info from the justice facebook page.


    • Thanks TE and Vertico for the latest twist in the tale. I don’t really have any ideas how Mr Tarbey could fit into the scheme of things. He was one of GBC very few supporters. Could there be more than just a C21 relationship between them? Anyone have any ideas?

      I’m wondering if the female associate who is now conveniently some distance away in Sydney and getting interviewed there is a mistress??? Maybe the blonde one we heard about who is supposedly pregnant? Or yet another!!!!


  13. WOW…I am shocked that a brazen paedophile can become ‘revered’ as the founder of a boys movement – it is beyond belief!! Is this the old boys club antics in action? How can it be?

    Surely the BC family must know this too!!?? Maybe they’re relying on the same system of ‘overlooking’ the truth to work in their favour…I hope not!!!!!!

    I have now reversed my thoughts re the poem I mentioned previously, it is seemingly not a question of whether their ancestor would be proud of them that’s the issue – it’s more a case of how can they be of him!!


    • The poem was beautiful RIP Allison
      I am still utterly shellshocked, dumbstruck, sick, gobbsmacked (words fail me) at the latest revelations re the ancestors
      I honestly always believed the illustrious ancestor was above board


  14. Fast forward this video to 3:00 minutes. Looks like GBC. It’s one thing to preach about integrity like GBC has on his blogs, it’s another to demonstrate it. There’s nothing worse than a hypocrite. Looks like a BS artist:


    • Mr Tarby, If you have any ounce of an idea of what your market is currently thinking I would very quickly disassociate myself from this particular franchise. While it was yesterday’s hero it is no longer. Times have changed and as a real estate person you should understand that and use the legitimacy theory and stakeholder theories of behavioural sciences to immediately gauge the difficulties which you are currently facing in your business from this particular franchisee.

      Stop your silliness on this site.

      Take hold of the macroeconomic effects that this particular situation will impact on the general majority of your honest and integral franchisees. You owe most of the franchisees in your business a lot more. They will over perform this idiot in the next years and you will disengage from this stupidity.

      Let go…………………………………..


    • I think so, too, Mikael, it is GBC. Interestingly, dancing and getting drunk with another man. I wonder where Allison was on the dance floor or anywhere else?


  15. Hi Robbo My Thumbs up or down Challenge went well an overwhelming vote for GBC WOW

    Anyway Robbo time for a new thread

    Channel 7 news exclusive Sydney woman Questioned WOW is this yet Another GBC Girlfriend ? ? ? ? ?
    The plot thickens


  16. If I was to have my “I did something wrong hat” on, there is no way I would dispose of any body that would associate my family (familiar surroundings etc). I would go in the opposite direction to a remote place.. Also think that based on evidence being posted, the body was probably upstream and with the rain was moved downstream and on subsidence of water ended up where it was found. The 2 cars seen at Sugar Rd could have been possibly looking for something – her phone? Maybe, just if they were driving slow, or sussing out places for disposal. Like others have said, most locals of any area wouldn’t have an idea of CCTV cameras, you wouldn’t think about this logically if you were moving an object from one place to another. Just a thought. Look at the Daniel M case, they were following the suspect from Day 1, and it took 8 years. I wonder also if they’ve had any physcis involved. I know one that helped police with several cases. Time will tell I guess, but we the public will never know the exact detail of what is going on behind the scenes. Just my personal thoughts.


  17. As I was about to log off the site, my eye caught your photo collage Robbo near the top of the page. It just occurred to me how many hundreds of people have been affected by or involved in this case.

    Apart from the immediate family, just think of the hundreds of people who crawled through the mud looking for Allison all over Kenmore, there was about 10 police vehicles plus countless occupants on Kholo bridge for hours when she was finally found, there’s the people who held the vigil for her at the show grounds, the mourners at her funeral, and hundreds of locals and people like us discussing the case daily.

    I just wondered if in some warped way the killer/s is not perhaps enjoying the cat and mouse game and/or the attention… or maybe the control…???


    • Oh yeah while all of the volunteers where getting wet and jogging through the bushes desparately trying to find Allison, arsehole was sitting in front of the fire pretending to be distraught that he had lost his wife. Go figure.;…………… I cannot wait for the day that I can personally kick him in the arse. I will get my day.


  18. On ch7 news tonight, it was said that they were investigating a female in Sydney, that GBC has met at a Real Estate Conference. I am surprised that no one here has added anything re this. Maybe they found emails etc on his computer relating to this person?
    Does anyone have any idea who this is? Has Toni moved to Sydney? Just a thought.???


    • That could explain the second car . It is a bit odd to have two cars disposing one body unless one of them lives out of town in the opposite direction …. perhaps Sydney ?

      The mystery person ( a lover perhaps ) might have come up for a dirty week with Gerbil and Allison sprung them or heard something at the hairdressers that day, that the mystery person was back in town leading up to a three way confrontation ending in awful circumstances .

      Interestingly , for all we know , both G and the MP are probably blaming each other for the cause of death and thats might be the reason the investigators really want to chase that rabbit down the hole before making an arrest ……

      I don’t think it was premeditated , I don’t think they’re sophisticated enough……


        • I’m erring towards Allison actually springing them in bed when she got home ,rather than Allison finding out about the MP then taking off in her car to find the person , purely from what she was wearing .

          If i were in Allison’s position i wouldn’ t be wearing my tracky dacks to confront my nemises so her murder would have to had happened at home …..

          Then again ….?


          • ….. and if it were a male MP you could argue all the sighting of his female lover he apparently overtly adverstised around town was a deliberate smoke screen re his sexuality .

            Therefore being sprung by Allison was a direct threat and she was dealt with , with urgency …..

            Every man has his price …….


  19. Is is me having a senior moment or is there a problem on this site?
    I cannot see any new posts that have been added since 4.21PM


  20. You know what I love the most about thumbs down here lately? It is an indicator that inspires me to get to the point. Your right people who call us muppets. I’m probably the biggest muppet in the group. I don’t need to work. I wonder if your jealous? I bet you are? I love my life. I am so blessed to have the most wonderful life that you could ever wish for. So free, and so available now that I have just finished another university degree that I am available for the next three months thank God for my personal situation that I can spend everyday of my life hunting you down. I will make it my personal obligation because I hate arseholes like you that think you can take advantage of me. Allison Dickie was a wonderful person from what I can gauge. I have no sister I make her my own.

    An extreme talent being able to understand many languages.

    An extreme talent for ballet and the arts.

    An extreme talent in the profession from my favoured University of which I am an Alumni (UQ).

    An extreme talent to raise three beautiful and gorgeous girls.

    An extreme talent to be such a wonderful daughter and best friend to so many people.

    An extreme talent to get so many acculations from those who worked with her and knew her.

    It humbles me to think that I even studied at the same University that this wonderful student once walked. I think to myself when I drive to my brothers house, when I go to St Lucia when I walk into the Shopping Centre at Kenmore that this person once spent her days here as a wife, mother and scholar. I beg that the culprit put themselves forward immediately. I feel so much pain everyday that you will pay for the pain that I personally feel and I will ensure that you do. I will make it my point and obligation in life to make you pay. I will put money forward to ensure that you suffer every single day of your life until you die. I will pay somebody to make sure you suffer. If you give yourself up now I may rescind and allow you some justice. If you don’t I will put my money behind the Dickies to make sure that you suffer every single minute of your life. I will sponsor them personally. And I will sponsor the justice system that locks you away to ensure that you are kicked daily, that you suffer and feel pain constantly and that you feel remorse for the rest of you life.

    I will make sure that you are sentenced to the maximum judgement that this crime will provide. I hate you so much in my heart for what you have done to these poor innocent children. I WILL MAKE SURE YOU PAY.


    • North BV, you sound fairly emotionally attached to the case and probably are personally connected to the deceased or her family. It might be cathartic to vent like this but it is quite another to post such intentions of revenge/”justice”. If it helps you sort through it all, that’s really good, but I don’t reckon any person you are addressing will get that message here.


    • North Bris Veg – if you want any assistance, (permitting my work time and family of course) I’m here for you! Like Millie – I am willing to meet and or privately contact :)


    • I love your sentiments, NorthBris, and agree that that perp (and I have my hunch as to who he is) should pay dearly, and then some, for what he has done, but man, you come across like someone who actually knew the no doubt lovely Allison very, very well. Extremely well. You may argue that you relate as a fellow scholar, wife, mother, etc, but lots of people in that demographic become victims each year. Do you feel the same level of personal responsibility for seeing justice in those cases too? The same intensity of hatred and personal involvement? The same level of investment?
      Maybe you need to take a breather and spend some time with that large family. No offense meant, but you sound extremely caught up in this. To the point of it not being healthy.
      (Or who are you really?)


      • I agree with a couple of the posters above. I too would love to see the law applied to the full extent in this instance. I will not use the term “justice” – it does not exist. Not in the legal sense. It is more innate or natural for victims to want “revenge” – but true revenge is not possible within the legal realms. Justice is a utopian concept in western society.
        NorthBrisVegas, I admire your tenacity, particularly given that you have implied that Allison was not known to you. But that level of intensity and obsession for a stranger, as wonderful as she may have been, cannot be a good thing for you. It is not within your power or locus of control to really do anything, apart from vent on a blog, or fund the cause in some way.
        I don’t think your statements about not having to work and your self proclaimed wonderful life are really going to mean jot to the perpetrator/s or friends of G. It is not sounding so wonderful at the moment, tbh. You sound to be as deeply affected as A’s parents must be. I too am a perpetual student and am fortunate in that I don’t have to work either, but I know that putting my life on hold, and that of my family, for a murder case over which I have no control, would be verging on showing signs of being unhinged.
        Perhaps I have misconstrued things, and you were A’s bestest bud – in which case, this is understandable.
        I hope you have a lovely Sunday.


    • All I can say is…………….the ninkompoop…which reminds me (miss you miss marple, burl, doc)……… has certainly opened a can of worms…hasn’t he?


    • Thank you for the link, angelwindsforalison,

      Interesting looking at CT’s facebook page, photo with previous PM, who beat him playing golf.


  21. Good Morning Sleuth World! (looks like this page is all over the shop, time/post wise)

    Focused on the clues?? GOD DAMIT, GBC must be saying>

    Bet the CM loved releasing this article, it’s like they’ve started to get that second crosshair into their line of sight, ready to blow his mind wide open.

    Geez sis has gotta come down from the Ville. Wonder if they’re getting ready to have a family discussion about fessing up.

    Game on GBCmoles!!


    • Goodmorning!

      Thank you for the link.

      The police certainly like their “cat and mouse” game, giving GBC something “pleasant” (sarcasm) for him to worry about every morning!


      • Morning everyone,

        Drip, drip, drip the information keeps coming slowly like a form of torture. The police are playing a very controlled and clever game with this case. The news reports last night about a woman GBC met at a conference on the Gold Coast said they interviewed her last week. So they release the information at a time when it suits them. Stir up some of the people close to GBC… someone will crack…

        Charles Tarbey has been interviewed too. As has been mentioned on this site, he will definitely not appreciate his name being dragged into this, and certainly not his reputation being questioned in any shape or form. Without a reputation, how does a real estate man keep his business going. Not good, not a happy chappy.

        The CM report this morning is positive and hitting small nails into those involved. We realise that the police are conducting the investigation into Allison’s murder along several different avenues that we will probably never know about, but they are selecting carefully what to release and when. As you said, TE, cat and mouse. And yes, give me the thumbs down, I can deal with them whoever you are!


  22. WTF,How big is this web,the killer/s have woven,or has the heat starting to get too much,so now they are spreading out thinging things might cool off,don’t think so james(quote) go QPS we know you will bring the killer/s and ayone else involved to justice


  23. Good morning all
    Re media release last week of affair
    Which story more palatable.
    Female mistresses or exposure of the whole Baden Powell story?


  24. I’ve been looking for an investment property in a large Qld city, not Brisbane. I won’t be dealing with Century 21 regardless of how perfect a property may suit me. If I do find a property and Century 21 is the agent I’ll leave a note asking the new agent to contact me. I’m cashed up and ready to go. But let me tell you, the market’s very, very ‘soft’ and there’s heaps of properties out there with owners desperate to sell.

    Yellow jackets make me depressed.

    I can’t look at those tacky yellow jackets anymore without thinking of Allison Baden-Clay and her three daughters.

    I can’t look at those tacky yellow jackets anymore without being reminded that Lord Baden-Powell was a pedophile.This is how I feel, I still can’t drive past the Belanglo State Forest sign without thinking of those lovely young backpackers.

    The jackets were made in yellow to attract attention and stay in peoples minds and that’s exactly what’s happened with me.

    People (except those involved in the murder) on this site and other similar sites have one aim and that’s Justice for Allison. I don’t mind being called a moppet, much better than murderer, and I can understand the feeling of powerlessness and seething anger the name caller must be feeling. My little moppet heart goes out to you and your ‘family’.


  25. Does anyone know if TMH maybe met him at a conference and perhaps moved back to NSW – I seem to remember someone mentioned she was a teacher there before. Is it perhaps her AGAIN having been interviewed?

    Wish I could be a fly on the wall in skull lodge this weekend, with Sis there too…a bit of a re-run of that first weekend. I wonder what they do with the kids when they discuss their ‘issues’….not a good environment for them at all.

    I sooo hope someone may allow sanity to prevail and suggest they own up to what really happened….let’s see…..


  26. Is anybody else having trouble getting into Greg Hallet’s PDF files today ? It wasn’t a problem yesterday .

    Also , i could be mistaken, but wasn’t the current Pope also in a Stalin’s boy camp when he was a teenager …. ?


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  28. I totally agree with you Not happy Jan- did you see the post I did further down the page-Paddington Brisbane-Ground Zero! So that leaves 11 unnamed persons, ALIVE in ? Brisbane/Aus who were at this pedophile party in Paddington, Brisbane, as was tabled in Qld Parliament (?and ignored) a few years ago.Thought please …roaming Free?


    • Many years ago, and someone else might recall, there was a policeman, he was employed as a presenter I think on Channel 7, who was a proven paedophile. I cannot recall his name, he had a motorbike, and a mustache, I think. “Mike” comes to mind, but I’m not sure. I was shocked.

      When I was in primary school, a man used to come around and watch us and “ummmmm”, we could look down where he parked in the car, I recall thinking it odd that he was there a lot, so I stood up to see (seeing more than a young girl should have). I got his number plate, he was arrested.

      It was quite a problem, lots of women have had these experiences, and sadly, more and more boys, that no-one knew about….


      • Constable “Jamie” Mal the footy guy and Bill H who had an ABC radio show called ” Hurry through the morning”, B went to jail M went to ACT to play and don’t know what happened to the cop. It was in 1983 or 1984.


        • I was a young uni student at the time and lived at Brookfield coincidentally. Bill H was living in a flat on Brunswick St at New Farm while he was doing hid Network ABC radio show and people used to come round and “gawk” at the flat and stare after my best friends moved in there. Bill H was put in jail and his radio morning show ceased one day suddenly and without explanation- Constable Jamie disappeared and the big league legend went to CANBERRA. Go figure and even when i was 23 y o I found it very unsettling. It was a paedophile ring.


  29. You just don’t know if GBC was under pressure to “come up with money” or something based on his financial problems. There’s also all these other rumours about dressing up and gay, other affairs. It could be a very twisted situation here with a number of people involved or black mailing him, so maybe he did away with ABC to get the life insurance to pay people off. I think there’s a bit more to this story, it’s not just DV.


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