Have criminals got it TOO good in jail?

Every now and then I get a news item or a report on the telly that really spikes my attention. Whenever a story about prisoners either whining about conditions (like a paying renter does to a landlord, who actually have legitimate complaints and pay for the right) or an expose’ on what they get and don’t get in jail comes up, I get really frustrated. 

A  list was revealed from the ACACIA UNIT at Barwon prison, a haunt for the major crims in Victoria down the road from me. The other day we had a story about Fat Tony Mokbel, cooking his own food, as he did not LIKE the prison food…I could swear my head off, but I ask others not to so I wont….grrrrr

What happened to porridge for breakfast, some sandwiches for lunch and some meat and 3 veg for dinner. Dessert a few times a week?

I will tell you why, because surely it cannot just be me who thinks “No wonder they go back for more”. For starters, yes it is a sentence and their freedom is taken away, but bloody hell, not much else is. Just consider the savings on rent, electricity, food, clothes, dental, medical, entertainment, EDUCATION and all the books, materials and computers and stuff. Sports, recreation, pool tables, gym (think of the savings on gym membership!) all the legal aid they need. Transport…I could go on.

If one were unfortunate enough to be on the streets, but NOT commit crimes, maybe they should reconsider their career. I am not joking, think about all the benefits versus the negatives. What are they, let me think, ok you are behind 4 walls, and get locked in your room at night. The cost to the taxpayer is massive, and the jail population is growing. I bet my last dollar they grow by returning crooks who just throw the towel in and say it is too tough on the outside I am going back in…I’m better off inside…Some with money, may even think…Gee maybe even rent out my place for 400 a week while im here…leave jail and not pay back one bloody cent, have a nice kitty when I get out. pay the victim nothing either…I’m a mere poor prisoner…

Driven to court and back, unlimited free calls and correspondence to lawyers etc It makes my blood boil actually. I want the view of all you guys, I’m sure (well I hope) we also get the view from the other side, those who have been in, or have partners on the inside.

I will tell you know, it will take a lot of convincing to tell me that beyond all of the above, these poor people are suffering the lack of freedom etc. Well that IS the point of it all, the committed crimes, and suffer the consequences, my point is most Aussies would have no ides how generous these consequences are! Cheers Robbo

Barwon Prison in Victoria, which contains Victoria’s worst criminals

THE state’s most dangerous criminals are enjoying cut-price junk food and luxury items in our most secure prison.

While working families are struggling to meet grocery bills, our most heinous inmates jailed at Barwon Prison, including serial killers Peter Dupas and Paul Denyer, are living on discount smoked oysters, ice cream, popcorn and cheese.

The Herald Sun has matched prices at an inner-city supermarket chain with the Barwon Prison canteen, finding prisoners are saving up to 22 per cent compared with average consumers.

Overall, 16 items of a basket of 22 were cheaper at the Barwon Prison one-stop shop. The items were taken from 267 listed products available to prisoners.

The biggest win for the crooks was for John West Temptations, a mega-saving of a dollar from a supermarket price of $2.36.

Prisoners were also able to buy Mint Slices for $2.23, well under the supermarket price of $3.10, while Tim Tams were 10c cheaper than the going rate.

Other cut-price items at Barwon canteen included a 25-cent saving on Coon cheese, a 50c cut on a Gillette Mach 3 razor and a pack of Salada crackers down 35c.

But it wasn’t all red-spot specials for the bad guys.

Delicious Chocolate Royals were 20c up on the supermarket, Lipton tea (50s) 12c higher, baked beans 26c dearer while Palmolive shampoo was a rip off at the canteen, with a marked price of $5.41, 42c higher.

A Corrections Victoria spokesman said prison shops were run by each prison and no profit was made.

He said products were purchased directly by the prison, usually at wholesale prices.

“They are allowed to a purchase a basic range of items such as telephone credit, toiletries or food products in limited quantities from the prison shop,” the spokesman said.

“Prisoners pay for these themselves at no cost to the taxpayer.”

RMIT criminal justice advocate Peter Norden said people should be questioning the cost of building and staffing more prisons for more inmates – which is estimated at $500,000 a cell – rather than the price of food.

“They can get cheaper food in the prisons because it’s an expanding population,” he said, tongue in cheek.

“They can buy in bulk.”

Pam Greenbury, the mother of murder victim Tracey, said prisoners should not be getting sweets or any other luxury item, let alone at a discount.

“I wouldn’t like our daughter’s murderer to get any luxuries,” Mrs Greenbury said.

“Luxuries at a discounted price? I’d say no.”

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  1. I wanted to borrow this guys comment from the paper today as the first…I loved it…

    Joe from the bush Posted at 6:10 AM Today

    This is unbelievably stupid,these scum of the earth are thumbing their noses at the rest of society and living the life they could not afford on the outside,maybe thats why that clown …errr whats his name again? brainless?oh thats right he calls himself badness did what he did just to get back inside with a higher profile to join that williams exterminator as someone special in the prison system,what a joke,pensioners are barely scraping by and eating cheaper everything waiting for years at times for hospital procedures and these ar**ho**s are laughing to each other,discounted luxuries,computers,cable tv’s, cd’s, dvd’s,any school courses they like and to add insult to injury and to really rub it in to all of us honest people they in the ultimate irony get to choose if they want to work or not!!!!! i kid you not.Hey Ted B.i thought you were going to get tough on crime and criminals?we are still waiting for you to start!!a quick ps. if i may – at the going rate it would be cheaper to house these crims at the hilton than jail = $500 millions for a jail to house 350 cons with the food and lux


  2. A little bit off topic Robbo, but… check out this sentence handed out today in Sydney…
    Murderer gets 15 years for killing girl next door. Will be eligible for parole in 2024. It’s a far cry from the sentencing in other countries, such as Bali where you can get 20 years for importing Marijuana. Is Australia the most lenient country in the world for criminal sentencing??



    • It so sadly is, Makael,

      I also notice most crims in our country do not even EVER serve even half their sentence. All our elected mob care about is staying there and collecting the perks…They could not gives 2 tosses about REAL change.

      Finger pointing multi million dollar election ads is the main concern


      • For the benefit of our readers this is the article Mikael is talking about.

        WE as Australians need to make a stand against this…I have posted about these nonsense sentences time and time again since I started…

        Family ‘devastated by lenient sentence’ as man who killed girl gets 15 years
        June 4, 2012

        A man who murdered a 12-year-old girl and tried to kill her grandmother has been sentenced to at least 15 years in jail.
        Renzo Da-Pra, 48, was last month found guilty of murdering his neighbour Emma Wighton, whose throat was almost severed, and causing grievous bodily harm to her grandmother, Vivienne Wighton, 77, with intent to murder her at Wetherill Park in south-western Sydney on December 18, 2009.
        He was also found guilty of the manslaughter of his father, Gino Da-Pra, 77, on the grounds of substantial impairment.
        Sentencing Da-Pra in the Supreme Court today, Justice Robert Shallcross Hulme found a large part of Da-Pra’s offending was as a result of an “abnormal mental state”.
        “I remain persuaded the attack on Mrs Wighton and Emma was not premeditated and reflected some substantial mental aberration,” Justice Hulme said.
        “I find it impossible to conclude that the psychiatrists were all wrong in their diagnosis that the prisoner was suffering from a disease of the mind leading to a defect of reasoning.”
        However, he said the sentence must reflect previous judgements.
        The jury was told Da-Pra believed a bikie group wanted to kill him and his father, and that if he killed his father he could save his mother.
        After Da-Pra woke up in an “anxious and nervous state” on the morning of December 18, he killed his father before attacking the Wightons who lived next door to his parents.
        Justice Hulme sentenced Da-Pra to a minimum of four years, six months for the manslaughter of his father and a minimum of four years, six months for the attack on Ms Wightman.
        He sentenced him to a minimum of 10 years for the murder of Emma Wightman.
        Justice Hulme ordered some of the sentences to run concurrently, meaning Da-Pra will be eligible for parole on December 20, 2024, taking into account time already served.
        Ley Wighton, Emma’s aunt, said the family was devastated by the leniency of the sentence.
        “My mother will never ever forget the look of terror on Emma’s face when she died,” Ms Wighton told reporters outside court.
        “My mother’s sentence is greater than that given to the accused. My mother cannot resume a normal life.”


          • He will not serve fifteen years you can be absolutely certain of that, There needs to be a dedicated political party setup to oversea the gross and homo sexually sympathetic incompetance of the Australian judicial system and most deliberate lenient sentencing that is always given. If the killers were heterosexual they would probably hang them or give multiple life sentences or At least never to be released.

            I remind you to all take note of Rodney Francis Cameron and what he did to my grandmothers best friend Granny McKenzie stabbing her Thirty Times then planting a mattock In her Head and what he did when he was released after about ten years for the murders.

            Kick Any Pollies Arse that supports them, because its the politicians behind this leniency in sentencing, The Filthy Rich bi sexual Luxury Car Mercedes driving solicitors provide their election funding and get rich by being their Solicitors.

            Who has most financially to gain from a constant series of child murders?


            • they have to do the minimin sentence set by the judge no more remissions apply since they bought out truth in sentencing laws im pretty sure its australia wide. its been in practice for quite a while now.lets hope his sentence is appealed by DDP.i would have thought 25to30 at least for so many victims


        • Emma was my cousin. My family are still struggling in subtle & obvious ways. People can persevere through the unimaginable, but the results aren’t there. We all become damaged.
          What I found odd was my research into this **** of a being and he was a sub standard attempt of a lesser known group who I believe showed up for the trial. I bet gambling & poor retail sales left him in debt & gaol (jail) was safer for this man & he thought elderly & young were a big challenge for a prick that stands over 6 ft.hing is, the laws have it so he may very well serve less depending on his falsified condition. I am sure he is safer where he is now than outside a supervised mental health unit which he is likely in.
          As for Peters’ comments; this is true. Drug sales of small low wage caliber attract bigger sentences & funnily our economy is not benefiting from this the same way the US one does. . Really drug ‘crime’ is a manifestation designed to benefit privatized prisons & subsequently the only way police receive funding.
          I don’t believe in our legal system, I do believe in justice which is not another word for punishment. I cannot comment on T.M. Competition sees subtlety like financial murder while illicit trades see risks that are financial & life related. If I go into that business & there is no one to blame. Home invasion to kill elderly women and 12 yr old girls however to avoid paying your naughty debt Renzo….I suppose you considered the risks and legally it was worth it. Heck, you could still fight for the inheritance of the Father you killed due to sub standard legal process in NSW. I guess you are waiting till your release since that’s when you need to pay non forgiving debt collectors. Enjoy your pc access, Foxtel and 3 square meals a day funded by the very victims of your crime little Renzy. Be sure to take a purple flower with you on release.


  3. Better than being a pensioner as well. No need to survive on Whiskas, cold showers and no lighting or heating. Just commit a serious crime in your later years and you will be properly looked after.


    • Hello Barb, please tell me you are not surviving on whiskers? Unless it is the remains of a roast off your hubbies mustache?

      If you are I will be around with a basket god help us…

      (I am a bit of a master chef I must say, comes with leaving home at 15 many moons ago!)
      It does Highlight the way we are in Australia though, rocketing power bills.

      I feel guilty having my lovely gas heater in my office setup knowing some poor pensioners and struggling families are in blankets and the like as they cannot afford the bills.

      I bet these bums in jail click their fingers for the heater/air conditioner…Its disgusting to think about.


      • I knew some old ladies when I worked in supermarket in the Ryan family who used to buy cheap cat food.

        The NSW government really needs a massive kick in the arse, about it’s housing policies over the last fifty years since Mensies. They have swallowed up rival community housing organisations because they were becoming too effective and making them look woefully and criminally incompetant and Negligent, WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE.


  4. damn, if they hadn’t of made prison no smoking I would go to bloody jail, god knows its hard to survive out here with the increasing costs and no extra income to supplement it, but I tell you what Robbo, your blog just gave me the best idea, there would be hundreds of people locked up with houses on the outside, that I am sure they would love to make a penny off of for when they get out, hell I can use those houses for people that constantly are contacting me to find themselves and family accommodation due to their doing it rough (as the government put it) when face it 10,500 Australians per night are without a roof and there’s 85,000 homes sitting vacant across Queensland, my god!
    Hello robbo your a clever man giving me that idea, meanwhile its a win all round situation for the prisoner and the family who needs a home, plus I have the bonus of being insured under landlords insurance…….nice robbo and great blog by the way


    • This is a very bad idea because the poor people in the crims house wiould be the targets of the crim for the rest of their lives. I have to wonder who you really are?

      What a good way to spot Targets for criminal and sexually exploitation and way to make more money for mafia drug maggotts.

      And a good way to sidestep the laws of Not Profitting from criminal proceeds and their houses they have bought with it.

      Apart from the obscenely rich drug mafia crims and Legal Eagle mafia solicitors and paedophiles and pimps, their wouldn’t be too many prisoners with houses.


  5. I am totally bewildered with these inadequate, disproportionate sentences …….
    By what formular does the judiciary subscribe too , that clearly go against community standards and expectations for suffient consequences of gross behaviour …. ?


  6. Completely agree with you Robbo and its pretty crap that prisoners get looked after better than out senior citizens. We have a joke saying we need to send the oldies to jail, where they will be showered and fed well, have contact with family and get medical care when required, Send the prisoners to live in nursing homes, where they are forgotten about, showered once or twice a week, and fed crappy food. The correctional system is too lenient these days, I’m only in my mid 20’s so not sure how tough it used to be besides reading old books, but it seems the crims lead a life of luxury while inside. No wonder many go back time and time again. Free education, roof over their head etc like mentioned above.

    Something needs to be done, we need to be tougher on them or why would they want to change?


    • My Aunty Joan Atkinson died in a nursing home 18 months after being forced into it against her will and she was living in a perfectly safe Nerang Qld retirement village with her mates, she was absolutely healthy when she went in.


        • She didn’t throw the towel in she was murdered by being situated by a criminal religious fraternity who operate the home she was forced into by her religious daughter totally against her will. If you don’t join their religious group they kill you.


  7. Hello Crazy Cat…Cool name, but nothing wrong with these comments…Turn the prisons into hotels for elderly…Has potential…The criminals deserve nothing more than basic roof, food and clothing…

    WE are talking about old folks who gave their all, raising children, working and being in the community.

    Here we are pandering to low life bums who many of, have never even held a job in their entire lives, choosing to steal and con their way through life…

    Worst case scenario I take a holiday free of charge


    • Andrew Garforth is one of those low life bums that sidled his way into my flat via a workmate, my sisters boyfriend, and after I chucked him out in the mid eighties, he murdered Ebony Simpson because she was effectively my niece, he waited until she was old enough Nine Years Old for a good root. He was a car thief originally.

      He refused absolutely to pay any rent buy food or do any housework, don’t forget they get paid an allowance as well, he also buggered over and framed the mate he used to get in my house and a whole host of other people he knew in Mittagong NSW his home town.


  8. There is no way in the world that Australia will ever be the same again unless THE DEATH PENALITY is reintroduced immediately. They are living in completed subsidised housing with every convenience they want handed to them. NSW Prisons of note are Silverwater, Lithgow and Goulburn.

    They are even provided with the resources and training they need to Fag To Death their Victims families and sabouertage their careers and kill the witnesses that have testified against them.

    They operate Inside Out Prisoner Gangs who stalk the people and witnesses that have convicted them.

    Personally myself I would have absolutely no quarms in pulling the switch to initiate a lethal injection, I would prefer a Firing Squad.

    The government lets them out back onto the public to ease overcrowding, when they run out of space and child murdering paedophiles are the first ones they let go, eg.Kenneth William Johnstone and John David Lewthwaite, both of whom are serial killers they didn’t bother convicting for their other crimes.

    I have old pensioner mates who have lived in and out of jail for 25 to thirty years who committ petty crimes just to go back to a comfortable home.


  9. It will never make a difference what we all think of this, it will never change. If I may go a little sideways off topic you can see how so many us have it worst off then those in Prison!!!! Pensioners do not surivive, not on 500 a week its ridiculous – rent is bad enough but the bills and food is a killer so yes I know many pensioners going without heaters this winter and some power, others might be lucky to eat meat once a month! My dad is no longer here but until he was killed he barely made it on the pension and it disgusts me as he was a war hero. How many war heros do we have left and look at the way we treat them. WW2 heros sbe treated with honour, respect and we should still today be getting on our hands and knees and thanking them somehow, instead they are dying from stupid things that are avoidable like starvation and malnutrition!!! Do not get me started on refugees, its hard not to come across as racist when a leaked report shows some are receiving 1000 a week and they are getting help with housing and some are even getting a one off $10,000.00 setup payment — well here is a thought, how about the government give a one off $10k payment to our WW2 Diggers?? Have a good look around at our homeless population, have a close look at the enthnicities of them, notice anything? Again not to be racist but the facts are there if people just open their eyes and look. Problem is alot cannot be said so you will never hear it on the news about the growing amount of aussie homeless people but none seem to come from non australian backgrounds. The reason for that is simple there is a lot in place in way of support systems and housing for as an example The Arabic Housing assoc and the Koreans and Indians and Torrest S I all have designated housing and other welfare support systems but someone forgot to do something to help some of our most vulnerable people including elderly war vets……. Oh and do not get me started on Carers, and when I say Carers i mean the parent kind not the ones paid for a job in hospitals, nursing homes and such( I really wish they would call them something else) Carers in this country are unsung heroes and classed as UNPAID, they too are barely surviving on the same as the pension with a little extra for their caring duties(i think 100 a fortnight, thats 50 a week to cover a wheel chair, nappies, feeding tubes you name it), you know those duties like wiping back sides and changing nappies of sometimes other adults in their care, feeding them, teaching them, watching them sometimes 24/7 so they do not choke and die in their sleep — everyday aussies forget about carers or do not realize what they do or simply do not care. Fact is Carers are saving tax payers around 500k per disabled person per YEAR that they care for. Regular Aussies do not stop and think about this, it is all documented and for those very few disabled people that do go into full time government care it costs taxpayers 500k a year!!! If and it is a huge IF, there were enough institutions to go around then this country would be in a lot of trouble. INstead the government saves 500k a year per disabled person and pays Carers 20k a year to work 24/7 most without respite,without sick pay, without holidays, without a break. What country do you know of that gets away with paying its slaves , I mean people like this?. If any of you thought this was the lucky country you are very very mistaken!!!!


    • It does make a difference what everyone thinks because you can change it by standing up to useless and corrupt politicians. If you take the attitude that all is lost then it will be.

      My father and uncles were all diggers and ANZACS and the problem is that there are’nt to many left to act as guides and clue everyone up.


  10. The Government should get a few tips from Sheriff Joe Arpaio, (http://www.listentoluigi.com/NC/0/173.html) as to how prisons should be run so that no prisoner would want to return to prison or they would cop more hard time (Joe Arpaio knew the true meaning of what hard time actually is for prisoners) and absolutely no luxuries what-so-ever. Most people (who live on the poverty line or the homeless) pray/dream for luxuries that some take for granted. Prisoners who do the crime should do the time including doing it damn hard inside. How are they meant to learn anything and then choose to not commit a crime again so as they don’t make it inside, if they have it too damn good on the inside, which in some ways, way better then they’ll probably ever have it on the outside.


  11. Ok, if we’re talking killers [both child and adult], rapists, armed robbers etc then yes, they shouldn’t have the rights and conditions they currently have, but what about the petty thief, fraudster etc? They are housed right alongside the abovementioned and more often than not, have to watch their backs for the duration of their sentence.


    • paula i have been in that situation… i was sentenced to 8 months jail for bashing a man twice my size who had just punched my wife in the face and had thrown her to the ground and was choking her, this happened out the front of our local police station, i thought i would be ok after being charged with actual bodily harm but the cameras surrounding the BRAND NEW police station happened to be out of order that night. i was jailed along side murderers and some pretty heavy guys. Being my first time in prison i was to be sent to a minimum security farm but i needed a tooth pulled out so i was sent to the medical wing at long bay…. a maximum security unit. when i first got there and was in the reception cells there was an older man walking laps of the cell, i noticed his hands shook alot but i didnt recognise him, the first time he spoke to me he asked me out of nowhere what i thought of Ivan Milat? i said how i felt, that he was a putrid piece of shit and a bad dog.. i almost got stabbed for that comment, the guy i was talking to was Neddy Smith and for the rest of my time i spent every day in the yard with newspapers lining my body under my clothes and a sharpened toothbrush in my hand 24/7… nothing ever came of it but i can tell u it was truely terrifying…. im all for rockys and rapists dying in jail but as for other crimes i dont think inmates have it too good at all… i could have died for trying to protect my wife…. as for getting it easy, i dont think so, in nsw prisons u can work, u work ur arse off for $20 a week, once a week u have buy-up where u can buy food and toiletries and smokes, have any of u ever eaten jail food??? its in humane, u wouldnt feed it to ur dog so why is it “there getting it to easy” when they spend the little money they get on food for themselves??????????


      • A similar thing happenned to a mate of mine and he was beaten over the head by two guys in the local pub with pool cues and then got charged with GBH for defending himself, but didn’t get time suspended sentence i thiink from memory, but lost his lively hood and work truck licences and fork lift licence because of it.

        The Security Cameras not working is about the most common Police Con and they would have been working perfectly, you got screwed by Mafia Cops and the guy that bashed your wife had to be one of their Pub and Drug and brothel crawling mates or a very valuable snitch.

        After constant harrassment by ‘a paedophile gang’ in Mittagong, Bowral, Moss Vale and ‘Tahmoor’ the same excuse was used by the bus company to clear all them of any guilt or suspicion and save them having to do any work and get of their arse.

        The lack of video evidence on their security system should have been grounds for the case to be dismisssed.

        My grandfather was a prominent solicitor and the cops failed to frame me like this because I am too clued up, I would say the cops put him up to it because your wife is bound to be attractive and the object of some scam Motive and so she was left defenseless and home alone.

        Best Advise for anyone is never talk to a police officer without a lawyer present. It doesn’t matter in Australia if you have never committed a crime they will frame you anyway, Especially if you defend yourself. If you have no background dealing with police you are a dead easy target.

        You are likely to be a member of a racially targeted group or a Pioneer Australian family like mine whose Uncles and cousins defeated them in World War Two Malaya, Korea and Vietnam.

        There are so many Nazis in the Australian Police Forces it is like Adolf Hitlers SS but worse they are more cunning.

        If you are ethnic I recommend contacting a local group for financial advise, are you Greek, Eurasian or Scottish Germanic?

        The are led by Paedophiles in The Catholic and Colin Cams Church Of England business fraternities and numerous very greedy solicitors.

        Never ever go to any police station on request or on your own unless you know exactly what you are doing, because they always use the visit as a Verbal Frame Up and report it as if you were interviewed and under suspicion of a serious crime and proof of your guilt By constant public inference. They basically conduct defamation campaigns against you as a matter of course.

        Remember they are lying deceitful politicians and the higher up in the Police Force the more proficient they are.

        All they need is one excuse to ‘Tell The Truth About You’ to everyone they speak to.

        They are experts in wording things to make anyone look guilty, no matter how innocent.

        I recommend you sue the government for compensation and appeal the sentence, in Campbelltown Lawyers are getting rich of Police Corruption and it is Ivan Milats and Lewthwaites home base basically John David Lewthwaite works for the corrupt cops in Campbelltown and Bathurst.

        They will do anything they can to get you a police record or Mug Shot ie use any excuse, It won’t be the last time they have ago at you.

        Have your lawyers or ethnic community organisation look into the man who assaulted your wife, background and testimony and any information he has supplied police with and who he associates with, for your reference Colin Stagg in the UK was framed by a UK policeman for murder to cover for one of their psychotic snitches named Robert Clive Napper.

        I would also suspect the Judges political an sexual preferences, I was targeted by this legal and police fraternity because I was a child molestation victim of a gang of Police mate homosexuals.

        The New South Wales Police Force has to be one of the most corrupt and incompetant INFECTED by ……………………. police forces in the world.


      • Just another note in South Australia one of the most viscious homosexual rapist and killers is on a Prison Farm and his name his Bevan Spencer von Einman, he killed his victim by shoving a very large object probably a Baseball Bat up Alan Barnes rectum.

        Prison farms are not necessarily safe, I recommend anyone of Any Ethnic or Eurasian, Aboriginal Hindu or Scottish Germanic ancestry learn martial arts and self defence ASAP. It is not hard to bring down a homosexual bi sexual thug, fag, they don’t like the possibility of getting hurt themselves and work in packs.


        • uv got to be kidding hes a suspect in about 8 other homo murders.has the press got hold of that.[what jail is he in]; the only prison farm in sa is cadel.sex offenders are not allowed to be there as far as i know.that mongrol is an animal.


          • I saw a report on the net that he was on a Prison farm somewhere.

            There was also a site I saw called wiki crim which had details about John David Lewthwaite who is A Professional Homosexual Infector, Nazi Trained and a member of the Illuminati, as i suspect they all are.


  12. They get fresh fruit and prawns in there too … Afford that on a low income budget … I wonder how the victims end up in these situations – someone has to ask The Goverenment ‘WTF?’ and I don’t mean ‘Where’s The Funding?’ I mean, ‘What The Fvck?’ …

    Hey Robbo ‘waves’


    • I living on a low income budget and I can never afford meat but I am better off without it. The meat is used by the Nazi Maggott Drug Dealers to breed their stuff in your belly, Cancer Heart Disease And Diabetes Viruses hosted by Macrophages living of the undigested meat in your stomach, mainly beef and lamb.

      It is probably better that they ‘The Muppetts’ get fed fresh fruit and veggies rather than “Beefies And Meaties Only” because the Manic Drug Maggotts I have struck are like they are because they don’t anything but Maccas Beef And Fat. They suffer from Scurvy and their minds turn to mush. A Parasite lives in their intestines and brains blood stream makes them very easy to manipulate.

      Prawns are a bit much lets have a BBQ Beer Garden Party!

      Herbs and Vitamins in fruit and vegetables help kill the parasites ‘Cysts’ and ‘Spewties’ and boost the immune system.


      See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meningitis A Brain Disease.

      The Drug Pushers manipulate them using very sophisticated techniques the More Stupid and uneducated they are the more drugs they buy and the easier they are to con. They are especially Paranoid and Suggestive.

      I know all the techniques they use to manipulate “Little Kiddies” into becoming Petty Thieves and Drug Addicts because i am from Maroubra just down the road from Long Bay Jail and Kings Cross, A Vietnam War Flower Power Kid who he tried all of his scams on.

      Some inmates have been abused all their lives and never received any education ever dietary and hygiene advise until they get to a low security jail.

      If they are doing hard time for murder rapes, child abuse, granny killing, They should be deprived of most privileges, especially television and computers. What they should do is give them film screenings of a very selected limited set of movies only. That way they can’t create their movie and TV scams. Let them play cards and Gin Rummy.


    • The common statement is that it costs $50.000 a year to house and inmate and People on New Start Get About $10.000.00 a year?, wonder why they let them out so quickly. Easy Save Of $40.000.00 for the NSW budget.


  13. It is disgraceful that they are able to go shopping and have all of these “little treats” at their disposal and get to choose whether they work or not?

    Oh please. This is insanity. If you break the law you need to pay for your crime. Not go on a holiday where you can sit back and eat smoked oysters while you watch TV in air conditioned comfort.

    The victims of these criminals should be the ones who are paid any money they earn. They shouldn’t be allowed to go shopping. Discounted as well…. that makes my blood boil.

    While the tax paying and law abiding citizens of this country have to work to earn their living these low life scums of the earth are taking advantage of us once again. People put money into their “prison bank accounts which allows they to purchase all the little treats they want.” I’m sure a lot of this cash is from the profits of crime and should never be allowed.

    Exercise Classes, Television, Educational Courses that are not related to future work prospects, Free food, clothing, heating, cooling, Medical, Dental, Accomodation ……. this is simply ridiculous. Oh and don’t forget the art classes and making stuff they can take home with them when they get out.

    The prison system should be teaching these people a lesson by taking away the freedoms of the outside world not treating them to opportunities that they wouldn’t have been able to afford on the outside. Without being inhumane I believe that they should have access to educational books that firstly help them to understand that the crimes they have commited are not tolerated in this society. After they have read and understood all of these books and sat tests to prove that they have read them, make them write to us … society and tell us why they should be allowed to apply to receive further education and make them pay for it the same as the rest of us have to…. HECS. Not free. Handouts do not teach people values. Kids have to compete at school for places at Universities so how do these scumbags get automatic privlige to it.

    The cost of their prison sentence should also be paid for by them through some sort of repayment scheme. If they work when they are in prison and contribute to the payment of their food and board then they do not have to pay when they get out. Make it compulsory that they take citizenship education type classes that train some of these animals how to be human beings. No television …. classes and education to train them how to be human beings not animals.

    Television should be a privlige too ….. Only something that they earn after having to complete certain tasks. The shouldn’t be allowed to watch it in the first year of their sentences ….. instead make them spend the year being sorry for the crimes that they have committed.


    • In the 1800’s criminals had to work off the value of the goods stole to repay their victims directly, they became indentured servents, who changed that law?

      There is no consequence for theft any more


      • That is a very good idea, TAFE school and university students have to pay of their HECS debt.

        You can’t train these animals to be human beings, It is impossible. They would pretend until they got what they want then go out and do what they want again anyway, i know to many of them personally. They are too lazy to work That’s Why They Steal, I don’t know a single one of them that isn’t a sodomiser aka anal buggerer.


        The cost of their prison sentence should also be paid for by them through some sort of repayment scheme. If they work when they are in prison and contribute to the payment of their food and board then they do not have to pay when they get out. Make it compulsory that they take citizenship education type classes that train some of these animals how to be human beings. No television …. classes and education to train them how to be human beings not animals.


        • Hi Peter,
          I’m currently doing some research into Andrew Garforth and would be really interested to speak to you. If you see this message, I wonder if you could kindly contact me at [email protected].
          Many thanks.


  14. A mate of mine did six months in jail for a repeat offence DUI just a driving offence Driving Under The Influence, and he is a good bloke Why do you think the local police followed him everwhere until they caught him enough times to have him jailed.

    Some people in Australian Jails jail are put their by police for not complying with their Nazi Drug Police Commanders directives failing to by drugs of the Mafia, Perorm sex acts for them or telling them to f………Off.

    I don’t drink otherwise they would have done it to me, When they catch Police Officers children so rotten drunk they can’t stand but are driving they let them off without even a warning. .

    I know a lof viscious crims that get a lot less than Six months for rapes and drug selling. Money the only thing that matters to the Australian Judicial system and especially who they steal off and who they rape.


  15. Wow…. i’ve read everyone’s opinions and i agree with ‘Northbrisvegas’… Make them pay for their stay…. i wonder how we could really make a point about this? I’m going to write to my local federal member of parliament… see what he tells me about the prisons in Queensland…. i know abit about prisoners and benefits…. my ex father-in-law has finally retired…. therefore i can see both sides… but i do wonder… if i can’t survive on the pension when i’m old…. i’ll gladly kill a pedophile to get into a nice cushy prison cell….


  16. Hey! Someone in my Facebook group shared this website with us so I
    came to look it over. I’m definitely loving the information. I’m
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  17. I do agree with what you are all saying and it is unfortunate that people like yourselves honestly think that these criminals dont deserve anything while incarcerated . I did my time of 6yrs in nsw and did not expect tim tams and what not but guess what i can guarentee if the situation were different and you went into jail that you would buy all the little goodies you could because you realize that the food you do get in there has been pre cooked and frozen numerous times that your sick and tierd of being ill all the time …. dont get me wrong i cant stand how the laws work and crims get away with so much but hell just rethink about it if the tides were turned ..No one ever thinks it will happen to them .but big shock cause it can happen to anyone .


  18. To any of you ex crims and do-gooders of prisoners rights, who think you had it too hard during your time in stir, with your pre-cooked, frozen food, in the modern condition resort prisons. I was a Screw locked up in the old maximum security conditions with you low-life scum bags for 5 years, in Pentridge Prison. And while some of you think you were the victims of society, most of you crims were cunning violent drug dealing and using parasites , that didn’t mind extorting, terrorising, standing over fear tactics, threatening and manipulating with violent gang bashings and stabbings, prison sex, and gang raping each other in the shower block or the cells, while cockatoos kept a look out on the tiers, to make sure no one interrupted them, and the weaker prisoners were stalked and pack raped, like a pack of wolves, doing anal and oral sex. I once saw a group of neo- Nazis prisoners hold down a younger prisoner in his cell, and they all took turns, behind him, forcing him to give oral sex, and anal sex, while they had a x-rated magazine opened up over the victims back, and not one screw or any other crim, stopped it happening. And why would they? They didn’t care to get involved, as long as it kept the crims quiet and not causing trouble in the cell block, division, tiers. Then the prison rapists all ejaculated in his mouth. And I later saw this prisoner in the muster yard with semen all running out his mouth, and all over his face and clothes and he remarked to me, that I would be next, if I didn’t smuggle in some drugs for him and his rapist cell mates. So I know all about the brutal way of trying to survive in jail, by sharing around the division your arse and mouth like a bitch for every crim that needs his sexual tension relief . Also whacking up your veins with smack and shit and sucking weed through jail made bongs, with the drugs and fits used over and over again, which are supplied by the bent screws and the outside visitors. You young tough guy gang banger crims, need to be locked up in the old H. Division and Jika Jika, B.Division tough conditions of H.M. Prison Pentrige. Then you wanna be bad arses, would get a taste of real hard Australian jail.
    In Hell H. Division, The Slot.


  19. LOL I remember Pentridge in 1991 if you raped or killed children you pretty much had a hard time in prison. This is not unique and at the same time across Australia if you did the same your time in prison would not be fun. Regardless if they were bashed or had their food shat on life was not fun in prison for child rapists and their ilk. We had a kettle and a black and white TV and that was it back in those days. Then remember when public liabilty came into Australia in the 1990s. All of a sudden the State governments were being sued by kiddy killers rapists etc? Since that time now the kiddy killers and rapists (protection prisoners) get all the good jobs Kitchen , Laundry etc and all the luxuries so the state is not sued. It makes me sick.


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