Former Vic cop Trevor Adair stole cash during house raid-BUT avoids jail

Former Vic cop Trevor Adair stole cash during house raid BUT avoids jail…On the surface it appears one rule for some, and not for others. Can you imagine Joe Blow not doing time for stealing nearly 10 grand. Here we have a copper who was stressed…Poor bugger…We all are mate…At least he has NOT still got his $90,000 a year job. His cop buddies bragged about him in court, I do not believe it was a one-off. Fraud Squad hey…Go figure…

A FORMER Fraud Squad detective was today given a suspended jail term for stealing $9120 from a Prada purse during a police raid on a house in connection with suspected credit card scams.

Trevor Adair leaves the Melbourne Magistrates Court last week.

Trevor Adair, 42, had 22 years of otherwise unblemished service in the police force but had taken the cash in a spontaneous “moment of madness”, Melbourne Magistrates’ Court heard.

Magistrate Elizabeth Lambden, in imposing a three-month jail term wholly suspended for a year, said the case involved a serious breach of trust and would normally attract a prison sentence. So why isn’t he doing time?

Adair, who was highly-regarded by colleagues, pleaded guilty to the theft and said the pressure of child support payments may have been a factor.

Magistrate Lambden said she took account of Adair’s heightened anxiety and depression at the time of the offence, coupled with marital problems in the aftermath of his father’s death.

Adair was alone in a bedroom of the Glen Waverley home when he came across the money – which the woman whose purse it was claimed had been accrued as winnings at Crown Casino and from fruit picking earnings.

It was found in Adair’s backpack in a police car outside the property after the police raid in January and Adair made full admissions, the court heard.

Defence lawyer John Kelly said Adair should be given some sentence benefit because of his ready admissions, contrition and loss of livelihood, as well as consideration that most charges of this type were contested in court and Adair had been given separate legal advice he could fight the charge. No doubt pleaded because other stuff would of come up.

“It’s a pretty brave and lonely step to take (in pleading guilty),” Mr Kelly said.

Adair, who was earning $94,000 a year with the force and paying $9000 a year in child support, resigned from the police and now works as a labourer and bottle shop attendant, the court heard.

“It was a spur-of-the-moment brain fade… I don’t understand it,” Adair told Ethical Standards Department investigators. Greedy bastard thought he would get away with stealing from the enemy obviously, and she must of screamed out theft before they left.Good on her…

Trevor Adair has avoided jail for stealing $9120 from a Prada purse during a fraud squad raid.


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11 thoughts on “Former Vic cop Trevor Adair stole cash during house raid-BUT avoids jail

  1. He pleaded guilty because he was caught. If not, he would have happily walked away and kept the money, because he was a bent cop! How many other times did he get away with it!? His marriage broke down 4 years ago!!! How dare he use that as an excuse! He’s in another happy relationship, expecting another child and is just a theIf who got special treatment how wrong!


  2. if i stole 10k id be looking at 3to5yrs what a joke GREED bought the low life undone. i left my ex 3yrs ago who can i rob bacause it looks like we all got a license to rob and plunder.


  3. SIck to death of crooked cops but as we all know it will never end! Imagine what he has done that we do not know about? And as someone said above me I also believe his mates were pissed because he did not share and they missed their cut. I mean come on, cops do not dob other cops in, well it is as rare as buggary anyway . Also the excuse of child support really pisses me off, why? because it was less than 10% of his earnings, and also less 800 a month = its no huge amount considering his earnings and it was not as if he had nothing to live on after the payments, so what bloody gives? Bettya he has a sweet house too , I think it is about time we start checking out assets of all these coppers, I mean thats what they do for the drug lords right? So whats good for the goose sbe good for the gander or whatever that saying is lol


    • Dirty Cops are low lives. Breaching all trust we have in them and undermining the good ones out there. He looks like he’s done it before. Too smug that he has gotten away with it. Fortunately he doesn’t get to keep his job. I thought that the Police forces had all be cleaned up back in the 80’s and 90’s.

      Then spruiking about the costs of Child Support Payments Issue – simply disgraceful. If you bring children into the world then you look after them and pay for them. I’m sure the large pay packet he was getting was more than adequate to pay the $9,000 a year in child support. That still left him with $85,000 a year. People live too extravagantly these day and always want more. It is just plain greed. Look at the poor old pensioners in this country. They manage to survive on a hell of lot less than $85.000/year.

      He should have been jailed for 3 years for breaching the Police Code of Ethics.


  4. Did you consider the fact that he pleaded guilty at the earliest possible opportunity? And that he was not stood down from his job, he immediately resigned as he felt it was the right thing to do.

    Have you thought about the fact that he paid money into a fund that could have given him all the support he needed to get away with it, especially given it would have been a (previously unblemished) cops word against a know criminals? He could have easily hidden the money and denied he ever did it, and I believe he would have got away with that!

    Give the man credit for being so honest and upfront about something he could have far more easily denied!

    Cops are subjected to temptations we will never be! How often have you been alone in a room with thousands of dollars in cash, that you know is dirty money? How do you know how you would behave, when you have never (and likely will never) be subjected to such temptation?

    You might think that his salary was impressive, but with the cost of living in the city these days, money doesn’t go that far!

    Do you know this man personally? I’m guessing not! Because if you did, you might understand that he is a VERY good man who made a mistake that he will have to live with for the rest of his life. How dare you sit back in the comforts of your home judging people you know nothing about, except for the few lines you have read about them in a newspaper or seen on the nightly news. T

    Trevor Adair is a lovely, sincere and gentle person, but when you see his kind face, you say he looks smug!! He’s not smug, he’s absolutely devastated that he made a poor choice in a moment of weakness – have you never done that?

    Pull your heads in guys and GET A LIFE!!!!!!


  5. u miss the point a$#hole how many people has he put in jail for stealing;’plenty so u get a life u lover of a low life SCUM. iv been stolen from by the police they allways get away with it.haha not this time dumb loser.


  6. Yes, he should be investigated for other crimes. Maybe ebay fraud, could Trevor Adair be the same person as Grant Rudlin?


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