Allison Baden-Clay Killer(s) still not arrested…Makes one wonder!

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Hi folks well we are around 2 months into this sorry saga and as it stands, we have a Killer or Killers still out there.

  • The facts are, one or more person known to Allison killed her.
  • Maybe one or more others known to her, helped in the crime and or after the fact.
  • Maybe one or more others known to her, helped in transporting her body
  • Maybe one or more others known to her, helped in Disposing her body
  • Maybe one or more others known to her, helped in clean up of one or more crime scenes

The rest is in the previous multitude of Posts and thousands of good bad and ugly theories, Various Modus operandi ,comments  and arguments etc here on the site, can be found up the top or via these links.

Here is a gallery of all the pictures that have captured what are sure to be revealed as pivotal moments in this tragedy as well as ensuring the conviction of the perpetrators involved.

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update 12/06/12

Allison Baden-Clay murder: Rumour of indemnity application for accessory rejected

QUEENSLAND’S top lawmaker has denied claims he’s been approached to grant immunity to a suspect in the murder of Allison Baden-Clay, but says he would be happy to consider such an application by police in the future.

Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie yesterday blasted Ipswich councillor Paul Tully for blogging about an alleged offer of immunity from prosecution to a person who may face charges over the murder, as an accessory before or after the fact.

“If the police put in a request I have the power to grant immunity to someone if they believe they can get someone by evidence that’s going to incriminate someone else, but I haven’t had that approach as far as I know,” he said.

“I’d just caution Cr Tully from spectacularly blogging about murder cases in Queensland and encourage him to get back to his constituents.

“He’s not a journalist, he’s a councillor.”

Mr Bleijie said the application was not unheard of, and he’d granted immunity in the past because sometimes it was “better to get the real bad person rather than the underlings”.

Allison’s in-laws: ‘Expect more, worse’

Baden-Clay business dries up after murder

Police return Baden-Clay’s impounded 4WD

Search teams in to bat for Allison’s girls

Cause of death may remain secret

Focus stays on clues in killer search

Baden-Clay breaks silence on business

Baden-Clay murder case goes south

“But in terms of this particular case, I haven’t signed off or seen anything and neither has my office,” he said.

“If anything does come, I’ve got to look at the evidence and make an assessment on it.

“I can’t make an assessment yet because I haven’t received anything; not saying that I’m not going to in the future.”

Cr Tully said on his blog any deal which the police considered necessary to put a murderer behind bars would be a “totally appropriate way of ensuring that justice is finally done in this bizarre case”.

“Although the police have a prime suspect for the murder and apparently have no doubt whatsoever about that person’s guilt, they are apparently facing some serious evidentiary problems in proving their case beyond reasonable doubt before a judge and jury,” Cr Tully wrote on his blog.

“If the evidence of a reluctant accessory would overcome that evidentiary difficulty and ensure the guilty party is brought to justice, it would be a powerful inducement to a person in such predicament to give evidence against the murderer in exchange for an iron-clad deal to give them legal immunity from prosecution.

“Normally, such immunities are rarely given early in a murder investigation.”

Police said yesterday there was no basis for the speculation, and asked if Cr Tully could call them should he have “any information or inside gossip” in the future.

When asked about the strength of his sources, Cr Tully told The Courier-Mail they were “reliable, but not impeccable”.

Cr Tully also wrote that the Crime and Misconduct Commission may already be using its “star chamber” coercive powers to make people talk.

A spokeswoman for the CMC yesterday said the commission could neither confirm nor deny involvement.

Please read this before you go on to read the rest and comment though folks!

I would personally like to make a plea to those of you who choose to make comments, to do so with due consideration to the circumstances surrounding this case and the 3 wonderful little girls lives have been destroyed.

WE all want answers and certainly Justice for Allison Baden-Clay and her family and we can honour her memory by trying to stay respectful of each other on here, whether or not you have formed an opinion on who is the guilty and who are not. Lots of ordinary folks like me and you have dedicated a lot of time to sit down and share themselves so we can have a collective place to delve into the who, where’s and whys of such a terrible crime.

WE are not judge or jury, that is obvious, and each and every one of you is entitled to say what you think, all I’m asking is NO PERSONAL ATTACKS, agree to disagree, and if it needs to be, just do not interact with a commenter you feel uneasy or judged by. You are welcome to contact me with any concerns as I will be stamping my foot down on the type of personal attack that sends valued contributors away

Anyone found with multiple names/pseudonyms or re-signs as a “New person” will be BANNED…

Obviously I understand the one household who may use the same connection and use different names.

I can see NO other legitimate reason to pretend to be another (new) contributor etc. behave and you can be who you are. simple…

Recent Summary

ALLISON Baden-Clay’s cause of death may remain a closely guarded secret until her killer is charged after investigating officers yesterday ruled out releasing the key detail.

How Mrs Baden-Clay died has been one of the primary questions since her body was discovered under the Kholo Creek bridge at Anstead on April 30, 11 days after she was last seen alive in her Brookfield home.

Police commonly withhold the cause of death in murder investigations and yesterday said they would not be officially commenting on how Mrs Baden-Clay died.

“We won’t be releasing any details in relation to the cause of death at all,” Detective Superintendent Mark Ainsworth said yesterday.

But shortly after the grim discovery of her body police had clear views on how Mrs Baden-Clay died, people close to the case have told The Sunday Mail.

It is understood Mrs Baden-Clay’s body was cleared for release for burial only a day after she was found, with police confident they had the information they needed.
In other developments, Mrs Baden-Clay’s husband, Gerard, is yet to gain formal approval for a relocation of his Century 21 Westside franchise from Taringa to Toowong.

In a rare public comment since his wife’s death, Mr Baden-Clay last week said it was “business as usual” in the new location.

However Century 21 owner Charles Tarbey yesterday said he was yet to receive the required application to relocate the business.

Mr Tarbey – who last week told The Sunday Mail he had spoken to Mr Baden-Clay a number of times since his wife disappeared – gave a routine statement to detectives in Brisbane on Friday.

Police also declined to comment on reports that NSW detectives had interviewed a Sydney woman who met Mr Baden-Clay at a Gold Coast real estate conference.

Investigations continue from Indooroopilly police station. Supt Ainsworth confirmed: “The major incident room is still continuing to run.”


471 thoughts on “Allison Baden-Clay Killer(s) still not arrested…Makes one wonder!

  1. I wonder if anyone else gets lost with abbreviations in the posts. How about a check list?
    Please tell me what is GBH? Is it my age showing? Am I the only one?


    • It stands for grievous bodily harm. A charge that has been around forever,so you are showing your age,and in a good way. To young to know what that meant :} There is also a designer drug that hit in the late 80’s called GBH. however i was referring to the the charge. Although maybe a bit of both GBH’s that way he will be stuck in his nightmare with no escape and the scar’s to remind him everyday of the life he took away.


  2. The Park Ranger is now the Big Game Hunter and is doing a touch of retrospective Marriage Enhancement Facilitation on behalf of this scumbag….

    When are they going to bring in the rest of these bloody-freaks ? where are the kisses ? are they gettig in a last shag ? is it still “business-as-usual” ???

    Pass me more of that Moonshine…..


  3. he has been arrested and charged with her murder and right this minute he is on his way to the watch house – it is all on facebook, the media are as usual BEHIND lol




      • Then Kenmore- yes taken in- of course…about 4hrs ago…..wouldn’t want him to crash on the way! Dangerous area that lol ;-) …The JackAss gets hauled in! like a common Crim! Great work QPS.


    • Police can phone a lawyer and instuct him to produce his client at a police station voluntarily.
      I assume this is the case….
      If they don’t come in voluntarily, then they go out and get them…


    • Good point – the “arrested” word being bandied about is completely incorrect, he has NOT been arrested (can’t be until he’s formally charged) BUT it would be very interesting to know if he presented himself there at their request he “come in for a chat” or whether they actually went out into the field to “collect” him unexpectedly.


      • Was reported police brought him in. He hasn’t been arrested but they are charging him for her murder…his lawyer said they are charging him & he will fight the charge vigorously


  5. The person giving the thumbs down is obviously someone who has a problem with getting their thumb up, i would suggest that the person has probably being sticking it in the wrong thing for some time hence the impairment!!! thumb that down you [email protected]@@ head.


  6. Hello,

    It was reported on the News that GBC will attend Court tomorrow morning, what will transpire for this initial Court date?


      • I don’t think so, if that were the case he would have done so already. Too much egocentricity and self preservation factors inherent in this individual. Most likely believes he can still get off on technicalities and lies have worked a treat in the past. Mind blinded by his own past successes, entitled states and delusional ideas.


    • He will appear at the Magistrates Court where, if as reported the charge is murder, he will automatically be remanded in custody to a future date for further mention of the case. A Magistrate is unable to grant bail to a defendant charged with murder.

      His lawyers may apply to the Supreme Court for bail at a later date. But this is not commonly granted. It would depend on the Crown case against him and what factors he might try to claim to suggest he should be granted bail. The facts currently known in the case would suggest to me that he would be unlikely to be granted Supreme Court bail.


      • Thank you so much, Yoshi.

        Where would GBC be taken, normally, from Court?

        If he is taken to jail, he wouldn’t be put in with the “population”?


        • He’ll be taken to a remand centre, probably Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre. They usually keep remand prisoners isolated for a few days to a week immediately after being charged, but afterwards they are usually admitted to the general remand population. These are only those people waiting for their charges to be dealt with by the Courts and not actually sentenced for crimes.

          Assuming bail isn’t eventually granted by the Supreme Court he’ll stay there until the eventual resolution of the charge through the courts, however long that might be.


          • Thanks, Yoshi.

            Going into general population of Arthur Gorrie, GBC will be “fair game”? Would the police be game to let him in with the general population, in this type of case? What happens to someone such as GBC where he may be highly likely to take his own life? He’d be under 24 hour watch?

            I was watching a Special on TV, I’ll qualify it, by saying it was filmed in the U.K., during the Special it was said that if someone is guilty, they actually aren’t in a rush to go before the Courts as anything can happen between now and then, i.e. people die, etc.

            Would that be the case in Australia, or not, with this case being a high profile case?


            • GBC HAS been charged with his wife’s murder, he is being driven out of Indooroopilly Station to the City (just confirmed moments ago, so was reported).


              A Current Affair.


          • Well he’ll invariably end up in general population of those on “remand” as distinct from those already serving actual terms of imprisonment. He’ll be assessed as far as a security risk is concerned and as a risk to himself, but given the period of time that will pass before any trial will take place, it’s very unusual that he’ll be kept in solitary for too long. Segregation of prisoners such as police informants, child sex offenders etc does happen, but they aren’t kept in solitary forever.

            As for time spent in pre-trial custody/delaying trial, it really depends. You can only delay a trial for so long, but it’s ultimately not a quick process. The Police have to complete their investigation, charge anyone else that may be involved, present a brief of evidence to the defence, have a committal proceeding and then an eventual trial. If there is anyone else charged, the Prosecution will want those charges resolved in Court first before going ahead with GBC’s trial. An 8 week investigation tends to result in a huge brief of evidence and witness statements you need to compile and disclose. There’s also Court scheduling that comes into play.

            In some cases, where you can can delay a trial can be an advantage, but without knowing the evidence in this case, it’s hard to say if there’s any advantage there. Sometimes its good if only to let public opinion subside a little if it’s going to go to trial. Conversely, there can in some cases be an advantage in trying to speed the process up before the Police/Crown can cover all their bases. No doubt this is why the Police have waited so long before making an arrest.

            I doubt GBC will plead guilty to murder, but the fact his lawyers have said he’ll vigorously defend a charge of murder doesn’t mean he won’t still argue it was a big ‘ol accident and try and convince a jury it was manslaughter. I’ve said it before, it can be very difficult to prove prior intent to kill. Hard to say at the moment and none of us will probably know too much of the Police case unless he applies for bail or up until a committal hearing.

            Just talking from my own personal experience (not of being charged with any offence of course ;-) )


          • Thank you Yoshi, just read your posts. You are very informative and it helps me to understand what the criminal processes in these cases will be. Much appreciated. :)


    • Arrest of anyone is fan-fkn-tastic BUT, not proven guilty yet, remember so can we leave brutalised a$$holes and Bubba out of things in the interim?

      Wonder where the tribe of female accomplices are, perhaps the paddy wagons are converging on various police stations all over Brisbane & Sydney as we type?

      Those poor, poor little girls their 2nd horrific life changing event in such a short space of time, my god it’s tragic. Thank heavens they’ll be in the loving arms of the Dickies, but why weren’t they at the station already instead of having to drive up whilst the girls waited, wondered and questioned, that is particularly sad.


  7. Still no confirmation on channel 9 news in central NSW. Don’t get 7 news till 6.30 but I do expect an announcement is imminent.

    May I suggest to all fellow bloggers that when we all get confirmation…..

    We light a candle…spend a few minutes passing on our love to Allission, her girls, parents, family & friends..

    I’m sure some of Allission’s camp has being following this thread so let’s show solidarity & pass on the love


  8. Just when every available avenue was exhausted as far as public knowledge goes, I thought this thing was going to drag on forever – I guess thats it, the Cops have to play with the cards they hold, so glad they have made that move now – let the truth unfold – time for Gerard to loosen that tongue


  9. Kenmore Mum will know more; however, it was reported in the Courier Mail updates that GBC’s lawyer didn’t know why GBC was at Indooroopilly Station.


    • On the News on Channel 9, they are reporting “Breaking News” that cameras are at Indooroopilly Station, and that GBC is about to be charged for Allison’s murder, “More updates to come ……”


  10. Well done to the QPS, it has been a tough case to crack.
    Now to nail this low-life in court and just for once let the justice system hand down a sentence that fits the crime.


    • Nice One Welcome To Club Buggery Mr Baden Clay…….Top Bunk Or Bottom?
      Now We Are Going To Play Mummys And Daddys You Be Daddy And Come Over Here And Suck Mummys D&$k!!!!


    • The Channel 7 news reporter said blood had been discovered in Allison’s car (her blood) and that she had a life insurance policy of $900,000 – not sure how she was able to report that in the current circumstances, but she did. My heart goes out to the Dickies, who will now surely be caring for the little girls.


  11. Tremendous work, and what a day for QPS ! Thanks to Robbo for his amazing efforts and the Forum, with a prem baby at home. Thx to all the positive posting people in confirming what we all suspected. A partial step in closure and possible justice for the Dickies, what an amazingly graceful family they are. Well that’s the lynchpin bent, but he ain’t yet broken!…and he still ain’t fessing up what he knows. My personal opinion is that he never will “fully confess” as he is complicit and scared for his life. As for his criminal defence TV clowns I say again you are lower than Gerbil – if he is the perp (and it’s looking very likely) and your names will ring in folklore alongside Gerbils- in disgrace by association- your choice!/ Greed! This is a great day for all the good people involved, and there are so so many, i will be shedding a tear of happiness tonight. . .Congrats QPS- step1 !


    • I know defending lawyers is never popular – but questioning the character or integrity of Darren Mahony is not appropriate…because he is known to be man of good judgement… and you will see that. He wouldn’t hitch his horse to this blazing wagon of gunpowder….

      (unlike the judgement of certain local and state politicians from the area where the crime took place)

      That said… it looked like the big-fella played his cards right… even Mr Mahoney and his aide looked a little stumped and surprised, waiting there, on that bench…. like they were waiting for the 85B bus from a certain bus terminal to Kenmore… the same terminal where that “crash” took place… oh… er got sidetracked….. nicely played PR….. made them all look like clowns…

      Anyone know the details of the arrest ? Did they get him at work ? on his way home ?

      Did Mr Business-As-Usual ignore a phone call from his lawyer instructing him to present himself at Indro PS by noon…. so they went out and picked him up…. wouldnt surprise me….


      • SORRY REDBACK, i have stood beside you for many posts,,and defended you, but Gerbs was collected like the specimen he is by QPS- Bravo!, AND rewarded as such…nite Gerbs..?cold in there?….. Redback these criminal defence lawyers douches…who claim that BushRanger Ned- TIN HEAD is innocent,,,are nothing…. AND I REPEAT NOTHING BUT PLAGIARISERS/LIARS AND FANACISTS AT BEST.,,,believe me I have caught them out ,,,, as Cowardly Money grabbers!…thats just what they do! …as common sense says “They are lower than Gerbil” and their inept- preverting the course of justice,,, will be a landmark case/ precedent in the new Qld…start packing them offices Southport- Crim based lawyers! JM!- your reputation is sh%$!


  12. You can all jump on me and thumbs down me as much as you like – I don’t know GBC or any of his family – but have done the hard yards reading all these posts for weeks.. I don’t believe he did it – I think he comes across as a wimpy wussy type of bloke who would have a hard time remaining unaffected by murdering someone and should have been looking suspiciously like a blubbering wreck by now.. Just my two cents worth – but I hope he is able to get a fair trial.


    • Each to their own NorthernCowboy…you are allowed to have your own opinion. No thumbs down from me. I don’t believe he did it in cold blood…I believe it was an accident but what happened after was done in cold blood!


    • A certain charged individual – whom I shall not name for purposes of strict non-identification – strikes me as a selfish, intense and compulsive narcissist who almost certainly blames his wife for all this…. even now… thats the sought of deformed person he is…. he is worthy of a new category…..


    • NorthernCowboy ……. a very small part of me hopes you are right. But the odds are not stacking too well for him right now. I have refrained from speculation, because I do not know enough about the facts, and vindictive comments are not called for.
      The connotations of this are horrendous in every shape and form for the family.
      My heart bleeds for those beautiful little girls and Allison’s parents and siblings etc.
      And yes, everyone is entitled to their opinion, you are dead right there !!
      Some have not liked my posts, re generalisation about shoddy character of Real Estate personnel. I am sticking to my guns on this one, and still do not like some of the comments. However, those people are entitled to their opinion too. I gave you thumbs up for being fair.


        • GIve it a break, for God’s sake. It’s getting old.
          The ridiculousness, as can clearly be seen, is detracting from other readers wanting to post. For fear of engaging with BS.


          • You have been unusually quiet tonight, Chris. Lots of work to be done on the FB Justice page, huh? ;-) Are you Admin 1, because Admin 1 seems to be the more bombastic of the two identities.
            Just using a touch of sarcasm, love. S.A.R.C.A.S.M.


          • Actually, Logic … answer your questions……..

            I just joined the page and it was their decision to Admin me

            Arrr….I do actually work shift work, so maybe that is why I have been quiet

            Hey, you are probably a bit shaken that now you may have to think of some response tactics in regards to supporting this murderer and his associates….ha! Nothing worse than having to admit you failed at judging and supporting people the wrong way and NOT having the maturity to admit it.

            I joined Justice and Dignity, Logic, because it is a LEGAL way for me to make a difference and to use my personal experiences, education and career experiences to help educate, protect and empower women and children to stand up to men who you may be supportive of… one, actually, has the right to overpower another and it needs to be ‘shouted out’ that there is help, protection and support for those who are in a situation similar to Allison Dickie’s.

            Bill was correct, you are just trying to get a rise out of me, but instead of ignoring you – I will not let you or your supporters continue to try and intimidate me or anyone else on this site or examples of you in the public forum – what I am trying to say, is that now days, women are starting to stand up and be treated respectfully by real men who are supportive, loving and caring, not like Gerard Baden-Clay and his family/friends – they aren’t naturally compassionate and empathetic people – they need to feed their ego and feel ‘strong’ about themselves by maximising fear, intimidation, anxiousness and controlling behaviours – this done through their ‘professional’ business dealings, fake personas and networking etc.

            Yeah, I can be sarcastic, bombastic and out there – anything to break the cycle of violence and those abusers who refuse to acknowledge their own abuse :)


    • Unfortunately he will get a fair trial. That’s a whole lot more than Allison got! I hope he gets a fair trial & then I hope the remainder of his life, right up until his last breath, is a living hell! Ditto for the accomplices.

      Prayers for Allison, her girls, parents, brother & sister, her friends and all who knew, loved & cherished her.


  13. OMG!!! The girls are at a police station waiting for the Dickies!!!! That is heartbreaking!!! A Current Affair is doing a report on it too!!!


  14. We have all spent the last weeks regularly checking and contributing to this site for Allison, her girls, the Dickies and justice.

    Thanks Kenmore Mum for your regular updates tonight, I think we all feel a bit like you … relieved and heartbroken for those that loved her and utter contempt for the SOB that took it all from them.


    • Honestly sierrakora I can’t believe how much it has affected me today. I am so heartbroken for her family! We have all been following this for so long…all of you people on here from all over. It’s just so so sad.


  15. “UPDATE6:18PMAlison Sandy, Kate Kyriacou GERARD Baden-Clay has been charged with the murder of his wife Allison, as scientific police search the family home at Brookfield.
    A Queensland Police Service spokeswoman said police would not be making any comment on what remained an ongoing investigation.

    Several police cars, including scientific police and detectives from State Crime Operation Command’s Homicide Squad, have arrived at the Baden-Clay family home on Brookfield Rd.

    Police have moved the media away before several cars arrived at 6.25pm.

    Scientific police appear to be searching the Baden-Clay home with torches and have switched on several lights both up and downstairs.”

    -copied and pasted from the Courier Mail onlite site


  16. I feel relief and an overwhelming sense of sadness for those 3 girls. Thank god they have the Dickies who are apparently on their way to collect them from police. :-)

    Channel 9 reported the case will focus heavily on forensics – Allison’s blood was found in one of the family vehicles and that the couples phones and computers are being examined by the Australian Crime Commission.


    • Well, it’s done.
      I have not been one to vehemently state my opinion on the blog, but I will say this…
      There was an outstanding Brisbane band in the 1970s (yes, showing my age with that)
      Their song, “Matter of Time” has been ringing in my ears for weeks.
      “It’s only a matter of time …”
      Always hoped the husband wouldn’t be involved. Always concerned for the daughters of the deceased and the parents of her. Doubtful that a husband would do this to his wife.
      It’s so bloody heart-wrenchingly sad.


        • Why? because he is a DEFUNCT, JEALOUS COWARDLY MURDERER, WHOM WAS EXPOSED BY THE GOOD LADY ALLISON’S TALENT AND TENACITY AND THE gOOD people at QPS- hats off Indorropilly! …GBC, AND HIS ANCESTORS PLACE IN HISTORY ARE ASSURED…and it is a dark the depths of HELL…PREACHER MAN RELATIVE IN TOWNVILLE-PLEASE EXPLAIN!…I am not a lady of the cloth,,,,are you agast or are you deeply deeply sorry and praying as we speak/ arrest?…BECAUSE SO FAR YOU ARE LOOKING COMPLICIT!


          • Angel Kim – Why should the preacher man have any answers? How is he accountable for the actions of some eejit brother-in-law he may barely have anything to do with?
            This is starting to sound like a lead up to a Kevin Rudd Aboriginal Apology speech with a dollop of Pauline Hanson “please explain.” I doubt very much that he can explain.
            You are sounding a just a tad paranoid, I might add.
            We don’t all align ourselves with our inlaws at the best of times, you know.
            Some of the posts of a stirring nature on that church website just make the posters look classless. At best.
            And no – sigh. I am not in league with the BC clan, the preacher man and his congregation, the real estate industry, or anyone remotely associated with the perpetrator of this crime.
            I just think that decorum is a fine thing.


          • Well said, Angelkim!!

            Actually, the Preacher has a responsibility to his ‘flock’ (sheep do follow each other) to reassure that his wife and himself are not involved – the congregation do rely on personal positive experiences that they can ‘compare to’ with His way and their lives….looking at the Preacher for that reassurance and strength….

            Perhaps as our friend as explained, decorum may be more advantageous …… not when children have been left without a mother because of a selfish, self-centred and mentally ill ‘man’ who couldn’t find the guts to dig up some real strength and get help to attend to his issues……


          • Hi to everybody, while I don’t agree with all that has been said here I do agree that the Preacher is a person whom people look up to and as such they hold a position within a congregation which is quite powerful. While I understand that the Preacher made his comments while the search was underway for Allison, he is now aware that a murder has transpired and that the Police were looking for the perpetrator of this evil crime.

            I think that the anger that is out there about the Preacher is because he has not seemed to want to pray for justice to prevail or for the Dickies, the girls and the family unit as a whole group but seemingly and selectively chooses to only want to pray for the Baden-Clay family in particular he mentioned Gerard and his parents, which are obviously his brother-in-law and parents-in-laws.

            Another issue which I believes sparks anger is that it appears everything is just apples when it is not. Like the planning of events and scrapbooking parties online where Olivia is Face Booking how wonderful it will be to have another party. I understand that lives must go on and that the church and its parish is far away from all of this but a little decorum on the part of those who are directly associated to this would be in order I believe.


        • I know, right, Logic9!
          A fairly esoteric interest. There are some who know and some who don’t regardless if they’re borderline Gen X or Baby Boomers!
          Love Railroad Gin!
          Through a friend of a friend of my husband, I have a connection to a band member! Flimsy association?
          I don’t care.
          What a band!
          A Railroad reunion would make go back to Brisbane for a night :-)


          • Thank you Logic9, again for real logic when you wrote:

            “And no – sigh. I am not in league with the BC clan, the preacher man and his congregation, the real estate industry, or anyone remotely associated with the perpetrator of this crime.
            I just think that decorum is a fine thing.”

            I couldn’t have expressed this better than you, Logic.

            Logical. Rational.


    • Yes asha, interesting that the 3 girls have been taken in by Allison’s parents. Thank goodness. The reports tonight said police’s charges have been based on scientific evidence. I can’t believe how awful it must have been for the three daughters to wait several hours in a police station. How would they deal with that? At least their grandparents have picked them up now. My heart goes out to them all.


  17. Mr Mahony said it was Baden-Clay’s intention to “defend the charge vigorously”.

    isn’t this an interesting choice of words…….

    Mr Mahony could have said “my client is innocent of these charges”…….but he didn’t did he!


    • asha…. that is standard lawyer-legal-speak that translates as “He will never, never, ever plead guilty and he will invent any story no matter how outrageous, even dragging the victims name through the mud, refusing to admit guilt ever… to the bitter end…”


      • Exactly Redback/Chris- agreed, if it ain’t GBC then his lawyers had better find the Perps quicksmart- If they are as good as they “think they are”…and if a Judge lets him out on Bail (without the actual perp/perps locked up) ….you will see more Vilif, Vil, Vehem, etc..his defence masses seem to like the V words… well forget Victory….because JMO- can’t see you getting that!


  18. Hello Robbo. Hello Everyone Else.

    i posted some comments when this whole thing started and this is my comment now this big event has happened.

    i have read every post here in each thread and followed this to the hilt on various sources but stayed quiet because i had my own beliefs about what happened and i just was waiting for this moment to talk about it.

    i am so happy as of 5 o clock today to finally have this monster away from his children. this whole case was heartbreaking and serious had my own moments following it when it took so long to bring this guy to justice so he may face the public his family and god, we have all had many theories on what may have happened but none of us will ever really know. we can only start to sort it together with snippets of information drip fed to us via media or other sources.

    i would like to say thanks to all the regular posters here. all of you even the people with a different opinion. its make what places like this great. if we all said the same thing it would be very boring.

    now onto this case.

    this case was a pretty obvious one. the police did an awesome job. tireless effort and relentless devotion for Alison and her family

    most of us knew this animal did this to his wife for personal gain. his gain was great if he got away with it. life insurance pay out. the kids to himself. his new mistress and the fact Alison would never be with anyone else.

    from now on we should all say some prayers for Alison family and children to heal and deal with this terrible situation and hope a huge hope her family will have some closure and lead a some what normal life.

    i hope this bastard rots in hell

    nobody who can truly call themselves a MAN would ever harm their wife. this is only the act of a shameless weak individual.



    • CK…

      I agree with you… its the incredibly selfish reasons for why this was done that is hard to stomach… if you look at the morals and motivations of characters and compare and contrast them.. especially focus on the selfish motives of a particular individual and the generous qualities of a certain victim,…. and it really makes my blood boil to think this man could have been my local MP from a compliant party that considered parachuting him into this safe electorate…..


  19. Finally after 8 weeks of blatantly obvious lies and deception, the scumbag is finally heading to where he belongs – for a very long time as far as I am concerned considering the devastation he has created in the lives of Allison, her 3 girls and everyone who loved her so dearly!!!

    Keep up the good work QP – he’s done the most terrible crime, make him pay for a very long time!!! It looks as if he still is not planning on coming clean – unbelievably his lawyer says he plans to “defend the charge vigorously”!!! QP, please do not allow lawyers to get paid big $$ for using their smarts to prevent justice for Allison!!!!!

    My heart goes out to those little girls, sadly it is a tragedy of epic proportion, all of his doing. I pray that they will find a loving home with Allison’s family. I was glad to hear from flyonthewall that they were getting picked up by Allison’s parents, although it must be hell for them to explain…..

    As for us on the blog, we should now have at least one less thumb-downer!! I don’t think we will miss him. After all we still seem to have a couple of trigger-happy thumbs downers with us, who add thumbs down to very positively worded posts – they must still be caught up in the same parallel universe as GHB.

    I think Asha1972 has a point, why would one keep lying like this for weeks while thousands of people are involved at some level to unravel information that you know so very well? Maybe he really does enjoy the attention and notoriety. Good for him, I hope he likes his first night in the watch house. Hopefully there are thousands more to come.

    Mike the ‘no cactus expert’, you had me in stitches – your comment at 7:24am was priceless!
    Well now our wait will start, for the court case in which the charge is supposedly going to be defended “vigorously”. So the fat lady still has not sung…. As GMT says “Lets hope the DPP keep the charge at murder no plea bargains and definitely no downgrade to manslaughter.” Hopefully his lawyers ensure he gets a fair trial but don’t try and pull a OJ Simpson on us, so that there will be justice for beautiful Allison!!!!
    I wonder if the court hearings’ contents will be made available to the public?
    Maybe he will only have to plea tomorrow, and it sounds as if he is still not ready to fess up, so will likely be “not guilty”…..sigh….he’s going to make everyone work very hard to the bitter end it seems….


    • Tomorrow’s Court appearance will not involve a plea of any kind. Just a formal remanding into custody and a mention date for a future Court date. I see that the CM have reported his lawyer saying he’s been instructed to apply for bail. This will usually take some time to get together, but it’s possible they have been preparing for this in the event of his arrest, so could be sometime next week for a bail hearing. He’s actually not required to enter a plea until at the end of a committal hearing in the Magistrates Court before the DPP is then required to present an indictment to the Supreme Court for ultimate disposition of the charge.

      He can of course plead at any time, but the DPP are highly, highly unlikely to accept any plea other than to murder at this stage, so it’s a matter of bucking in for the process ahead I would think…


      • Yoshi, I am interested if you agree with me here.
        The single arrest stands alone and there should be no immediate speculation about any others. That the single arrest has taken “this long” (not long legally at all from my point of view) doesn’t preclude any other arrests in the future.
        However, a single arrest, without mention of accessories seems pretty solid from the prosecutors’ point of view. It suggests they need no other party to get this as a secure arrest.

        What are your thoughts?


        • Hi GG,

          I agree with your assessment.

          The Police will have been consulting this past 8 weeks with the DPP and they would not effect an arrest on GBC without evidence that GBC was involved directly in the death of his wife. The DPP don’t want to have to construct their case after an arrest… That the investigation is continuing is usually only an indication (to me at least) that they are seeking more evidence to support their case.

          I can speak again only of my experience, but normally, to the extent there are accessories, either before or after the fact, you will want to arrest everyone involved at the same time if you can. You don’t want to leave someone out there who was involved, having been tipped off by GBC’s arrest, either absconding or destroying evidence or manipulating other witnesses etc. That said, any accessories are probably under surveillance anyway.

          Only issue might be if they have done deal with someone for immunity, they might wait to announce this and wanting to keep their cards close to their chest at the moment. Doesn’t mean this person (if any) would not have to face some minor charge(s) down the track.


  20. My few contributions on this site have focused on Allison, her girls and family – tonight I am truly angry at that piece of s#^t. Whilst the local community searched and the State government funded SES & police – he knew all along.

    Not only did he (allegedly) kill the mother of his children dumping her like rubbish, he did nothing to indicate remorse. He could have confessed at any time during the past 8 weeks but he was more concerned with advertising the stability of his real estate business.

    I hope the beds in the watch house are cold and hard and his dreams tonight are filled with the horror of the past and fear for his future


    • Sierrakora I had my truly angry time when he stood at the back of the hearse with his girls & watched them cry & touch their mummy’s coffin. Knowing that she was their because of him!!


      • Sierrakora and Kenmore Mum, I have been feeling somewhat releaved but numb since the arrest. The day he stood at the funeral and used the little girls like a shield truly sickens me if he knew all along that it was his hand that perpetrated this evil deed. That picture will remain in my mind forever, as will the picture of Allisons parents standing beside him at their daughters funeral. Gerard was crying for himself that day. I could see it in his eyes and I could see the selfishness and anger pulling him in different directions and then I could see the guilt of what he had done coming to a reality for him.


  21. Yeeeeeeew!! It’s a great day,I never lost faith in the QPS, they’d played the poker face way better than stupid GBC. Is the “Oh he’s devastated” in the similar tone of “I’m a little hurt, but I’m okay”

    I’m more excited about GBC getting charged than the State Of Orgin.

    I went to post the other evening regarding the CM’s article re Paul Tully but I couldn’t remember my wordpress password to post on here.

    I didn’t buy into the CM’s article, I felt it was a smoke screen aimed squarely at GBC to make him nervous. Don’t you find it almost beyond belief that an Attorney General would publically comment that he’d consider an application of immunity if applied for. That to me was a bell ringer, that things were actually progressing better than what the cops make out to believe.

    Geez we’ll all want to be there in court when he goes to trial just to watch the police interogations at Indooroopilly police status. You could imagine he’d be whimpering, low life piece of trash.


  22. Jesus wept, after all this time, Robbo’s either in Special Care with Elliot or in transit oblivious to the news …. hope he doesn’t hear of the arrest whilst cruising down the highway, he might start doing donuts & fishtails out of excitement.


    • A message for Robbo – your blog has been followed by those in a position to enhance the chance of justice in this sad and sorry situation. So tonight’s news represents not only vindication for the stand you have allowed us to make, but more importantly, reveals quite starkly the importance of your forum. It is a night of celebration for you Bro!


      • Thanks, thanks to each and every one of you.I am only one, you all make this huge, without your input folks I would still be talking to myself! I knew from the moment I laid eyes on him.Coward Clay can rot with the other criminals


        • it will take 1to 3yrs before it will go to trial.a bloke got sentenced yesterday to 13yrs who has been in custody since 2008 4yrs thats not acceptable.all states have the same problem not enough judges.anybody looking to buy a veeeryyy cheap real estate agency;


        • first night in a cell the door bangs shut all alone reality starts to kick in terror fear the unknown.after court wacol. more fear not knowing what to expect.all those people we agents rip off for there bond money karma i cant run home to mummy @daddy who’s talking.?? thats the way it is for a first timer mummies sissy boy .a rude awakening


          • Actually Bill,this is not Gerard Baden-Clay’s first time being someone’s sissy boy or bitch – he has plenty of practice – anyone here, like to elaborate on that???!!!


  23. Surely anyone charged with murder can forget bail?

    I think there is a way to go in this investigation.
    I don’t know if it has been posted here but did anyone hear a TV news reporter mention a $900,000 insurance policy? Blood in the back of a car?
    Apologies if I’m wrong.


    • Hi MM…I did hear about the blood but missed the money mention…somebody did mention it on here though. Mind you I was blubbering everywhere & posting on here & FB so it may have been mentioned.


  24. There is something I have not said, I have kept my silence since this murder, all for the sake of it being just an awful thought, but Allison;s condition would have been horrendous, when found, the first Post Mortem I saw was of a drowned lad, he was found after 7 days. If anyone knows anything about the conditions of a body which has suffered from immersion of any type will know what I am saying.
    The fact is the kids didnt get to say goodbye to mummy, no kisses or touches, the mother and father never seen their daughter for the last time, etc. If it is him who did this, he deserves all the rath hell can rain on him simply because he knew where the body was for all those days. Time will tell but I can tell you this much he deserves no mercy for the reason I have outlined above if not for any other.
    And as for bail, hes got overseas contacts in Africa I would assume, hell no dont give him squat.


    • This is going to be a delicate issue for Mr Peter Davis SC and a certain group of 12 people… I can tell you…

      Particularly when they will be seeing the actual closeup details of this unnamed, and I stress… he is unnamed – and charged-indivdiuals handiwork in full detail….


  25. I have watched this case from day one and read almost every single post on this website (thanks Robbo!) and am very excited by this latest development… I just hope the charges will stick and he doesnt get off somehow.
    The reason for posting now is to ask you all if someone could please post the links to any news reports about him being charged as I am a Brisvegas girl living in Dubai so am watcing from afar and I don’t get access to the tv reports on the news websites…have been scouring and cant see any of the news reports! Please help!
    BTW, thanks to all of you posters I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute although maybe I will get some of my life back now as this has kind of been all-consuming for the past two months…my husband is happy as he thinks I won’t be glued to the internet anymore….he he.
    I told him…now we have to follow the trial :)


  26. Won’t be bail until at least Monday – has to be applied via a Supreme Court for murder charges – at least he’ll get a small taste over the weekend – wish it was the good ‘ole County LockUp


  27. Excellent coverage by CM – see

    Robbo those puzzle pieces look awfully familiar!!! :o)

    I trust the scientific police currently scrutinising the BC home will find what they are looking for – what GBC (and accomplice?) tried to wash and disinfect away in the early morning hours of 20 April…very sad….

    This page is getting very slow again, can we please have a new one Robbo?


    • Robbo thank you so much from another state, your single blog/thread even if it has “no effect” (and that I doubt!) on convicting those culpabil for this heinous crime-what I supect is an insurance rort! and for this heinous crime. The fact is that we in Qld have a result that the majority on here believe in (and Obv QPS are privvy to results that we will only glean over time!)….Robbo…amazing….Thank you!


    • This is a landmark, although bittersweet night in this horrendous case. Whilst the wheels of justice churn onwards, any final shred of hope that those girls won’t have to suffer a second major blow, has now abated.
      Justice is a strange concept. Impossible to achieve in the full sense. People want restitution, which can ironically never be achieved within our societal standards. The best we can hope for is an exceedingly long time in prison.


  28. I, like many have watched this from day one. I am extremely happy, excited of developments today/tonight. I so feel very sorry for the beautiful girls but know they will overcome as best they can with the wonderful support they will receive from Allisons parents and extended family.

    We can only hope that once all the evidence the police have, that the accused, if as many believe is guilty will plead guilty and avoid any more sadness for Allisons girls and family…..maybe I am dreaming…..


  29. A message from the Dickie family was posted on Yahoo Seven a short time ago:

    “Mrs Baden-Clay’s family thanked everyone involved in the search and investigation.

    “On behalf of Allison’s loving family and friends, we would like to thank all the people who have worked so tirelessly in the wake of this terrible tragedy,” they said in a statement issued on Wednesday night.

    “We are extremely grateful for the support of the community, the people of Brookfield, the SES and the police who have gone beyond the call of duty to find answers and help restore peace to our lives.”
    The family said they would not be making any further comment, and asked for privacy as they came to terms with what had happened.”

    While they may now eventually get some answers, I don’t think there is such a thing as closure for the victims of crime in this case, which has offended our collective consciousness – Allison’s parents, brother and sister, her friends and her three young daughers. Her family have retained a huge amount of dignity throughout this horrific ordeal.

    RIP Allison.


    • It’s terrific those girls are where they belong now… I wish they didn’t have to be there….

      It’s makes your blood boil some of the aspects of this case… it really does…. Its news that these girls and Allison’s parents and siblings can only slightly… and slowly… make something out of this nightmare thrust upon them…. that gives you hope…

      Make certain you rewatch what a charged individual’s lawyer said and that he stresses that “he” (his client) would fight the charges… which is exactly what a normal lawyer says….

      Lawyers dont dream up stories for people…. they argue a clients version of events…..

      His lawyer is doing his job… and his integrity is impeccable.

      And as I said, no lawyer would hitch their horse to this blazing wagon of gunpowder by doing anything remotely unethical…. (unlike the Surgeon-General and his city-hall counterpart, your heads are next.)

      He’s a victim just by knowing him but we can’t hold him responsible. He’s a victim if anything…

      RIP AD


      • Great Redback, it’ll be wonderful if he does an impeccable job then of helping to settle the matter in a manner that allows justice to prevail.


      • then his Ned kelly lawyers should refuse the case- if he can’t – then again the law needs to be changed…GBC should have access only to Joe Dirt legal defence from Douchebags ville!…well it’s kind of close ;-)


    • amoral/conscienceless
      care only about appearances
      critical of others
      disappointing gift-givers
      don’t recognize own feelings
      envious and competitive
      feel entitled
      flirtatious or seductive
      hard to have a good time with
      hate to live alone
      hyper-sensitive to criticism
      lack sense of humor
      strange work habits
      unusual eating habits
      weird sense of time

      thats the traits of a narcissist – remind you of anybody ? – he will never plead guilty – to plead guilty you would have to have a conscience simply something this thing doesnt have = his one word to the world after being charged “He’s devastated” yep he sure is cause he got caught = not one word about his innocence and innocent person always says I am innocent of these charges blah blah I will fight to prove my innocence. Not one word about his daughters all about him again typical NPD. He is the victim dont ya get it ? he will play this role now for all its worth trust me. He is a coward always has been – his business failed because of him and him only not Allison but she had to be blamed and she had to die for his failings. Cry for the girls losing their mother but dont be worried he is out of their lives he would only destroy them like he destroyed their mother.


  30. Halleleujah!…….Have only posted once here but have been reading here every day. Had a few wines tonight when I heard the news……..shed a few tears for absolute strangers…….. guess that makes me human just like all the other average posters here……..over to you, Robbo, and thank you so much.


  31. I wonder what time frame it might take before there is a trial.

    Yoshi or GG, any idea? (I realise it might be impossible to say – not really knowing what the police have or even if there are accessories yet to be charged)

    There is an avenue for the bail application, but could he actually get bail? What usually determines this?


  32. Hi all,
    I’m a clinical and forensic psychologist and have followed this blog and the case from day dot. I have always thought that GBD was guilty based on his VERY uncharacteristic/abnormal behaviour during the search for ABD and following the confirmation of her unfortunate death. I’m unsure however, whether it was an accident that he tried to cover up or was premeditated. In any case, he has behaved appallingly. I now feel the courage to speak my mind that I believe in his guilt and to express my sympathies for the poor Dickies and even more unfortunate girls who have been left orphaned by this awful series of events. God bless them. As a psychologist, I know the pain and potentially different and less fortunate lives the poor girls will lead due to this event having occurred in their lives. And god bless the police and all involved in this case and this thread in never giving up in achieving justice for Allison. My thoughts and prayers are with the Dickies and the girls tonight and always.
    Regards to all involved in this thread,
    Karma for Allison.


    • Will we ever see the old BC folks throwing a french kiss for the camera ever… ever…ever again?

      Thinking of you dear Mr and Mrs Dickies, I hope you will find away to cope with your tremendous loss and I hope will live a long healthy life to get to watch Allison’s girls growing up healthy and happy, with the help of your family and friends.


    • Agreed VERY abnormal behaviour, he knew she was no longer alive. I had more concern when our cocker spaniel went missing, searching the neighbourhood at 5.00am in my car every day, I did not give up for over a week exhausting every avenue, I could not rest knowing he was out there until luckily someone had picked him up from the middle of the road and he was found. So even though he is just a doggy. I know how that feels and I could not sleep or rest, until he was safely home. I was DISTRAUGHT, he was not distraught, he was only concerned with getting back to his preciouse business. This was his WIFE, THE MOTHER OF HIS CHILDREN, AND he was business as usual, back to his life almost immediately. Sent children back to school, they should have been with family, being consoled. VERY cold and callous, strange behaviour, how could he, chilling really, makes me shudder to think there are people our there like him! Thank God those children are away from him now. God Bless them. Hopefully they will be like there mother, they will have to be strong.


      • An interesting sermon this past Sunday from Pastor Ian Walton (Gerard Baden-Clay’s brother-in-law, who had previously accused concerned observors of “crocodile tears” for Allison) – and I quote: “God’s way of relationships in the Bible is a covenant, which is a relationship entered into based on commitments and promises.” I suspect no mea culpa will be forthcoming from the reverend gentleman now, although as a “man of the cloth” he must surely have a conscience…wouldn’t he?


    • Damnn haha you were sleeping Robbo…. I am making a wild guess here… but maybe, just perhaps…. for one unnamed scumbag of a certain post-colonial upbringing of privilege and entitlement and spoon-feeding… this could be his first experience of handcuffs and involuntary detention/incarceration ????? haha…… Business-as-usu…..


  33. So sad for Allison.
    So sad for her 3 girls, parents & siblings.
    So HAPPY he’s been charged.
    Everyone knew all along……
    HIs body language said it all.
    Actions do speak louder than words.
    Damn you to hell Gerard F%$k-wit.
    How can you even think for a second that you could get away with it? Dumb a$#e.
    RIP Allison


  34. There will be a change of attire for GBC very soon. This fellow has indicated he will contest the charge. Yet, he has maintained his silence and stated it is “business as usual”, until today. The evidence will emerge and GBC will most likely try to have the charge downgraded. Then we have the witnesses and potential accomplices who quite possibly could turn police informants.
    Further arrests will more than likely follow.
    The clock is ticking for GBC.


  35. yEP thx robbo, Its a great night in Qld!..and the world is a better place! -One psycho killer off the streets.and idiot and his legal defence flys,,,will push Qld in the opposite direction to what the GoldCoast/SthPort criminal /legal defence flys thought…aka FOFF back to Monash…or defending OJ you scum alliancing bottom dwellers!….Guilty OF MURDER as charged!


  36. Congrats to Robbo and everyone posting on here… We all wanted to find Allison peace and i’m sure we all know the Scumbag was involved.. Enjoy your hot sandwhich and warm popper in the watchhouse… How could he go to the funeral and witness such a wonderful tribute to his wife is beyond me… I honestly think that maybe someone cut an immunity deal?? to give the detectives the final piece of evidence?? i could be wrong but Mr Tully mentioned something yesterday, so it will be interesting to see the final outcome.. big pat on the back to Robbo for having such a wonderful site for us to get involved in, and for us to post our theories… I reckon we should all deposit some beer money for Robbo to show our appreciation of his up to date information.. Your a Champ Robbo!!!


  37. His arrest is really dominating my every thought, but more than that, how does a five , eight and ten year old process what must be a dreadful overwhelming sense of ultimate betrayal . How does he square that up … ?

    Someone should whisper in his hear …… if you love your daughters more than life itself, you would spare them the trauma of a trial with all its dirty laundry and plead guilty…….


  38. wonder who wrote the insurance policy?

    r.i.p. allison
    the hearts of many people who didn’t have the honour of knowing you are with your girls, family and friends tonight
    good job, QPS


  39. Law Change

    Bring back life WITHOUT parole for selfish murders

    Now imagine certain groups of individuals being inserted into this…change the people…

    I’m a little hurt, but…..


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  41. If GBC has an ounce of LOVE for his daughters, he will plead guilty & spare them all the gory details being aired in court.

    Whether it was a crime of passion or a planned murder…the disposal of Allission was just absolutely disgusting !!

    To the BC Clan…I believe you are following this site…FESS UP to all you know…& save your grand-daughters anymore hurt.

    Those gorgeous girls may be still quite young, but if not now….one day they will seek the truth about their mum’s death.

    Thank God they have the Dickies…who I am sure will ensure they get the appropriate counseling & be surrounded by LOVE.

    Also just wondering how Ton MH is feeling tonight??
    Bad enough to be the mistress but now knowing she slept with a KILLER !!
    Bet you she’s happy she didn’t cross him.


  42. I read this famous quote in a book tonite and think it applies a bit …

    ‘they have digged a pit before me, into the midst thereof they are fallen themselves’

    Wish we hadn’t lost Allison and even the imprisonment of the wife killer can’t bring back one of our best .. Just gives some small satisfaction to those close to her and a hope for some truth to be revealed although it may be horrible and may not help at all … I would think if there is any humanity in the killer then reliving the murder by confession may be something he cannot bear hence the absolute denial and pretence it did not happen ….. Allison has managed to leave a great legacy for her children in that now our whole community will be looking out for them and helping them … I applaud those who shared the belief in the suspect from the beginning and stuck to their guns in this forum … Best wishes all … Tomorrow will be a little brighter ….


    • I’m a first time blogger but have been reading this site daily. Congratulations Robbo on a fabulous site. I think now legal rules should be immediately passed through Parliament to stop anyone refusing to be interviewed by the Police. This barstid has caused the whole of Australia (and more particularly the Dickies and the three little girls) a massive heartache and huge expense and time of QP, SES and many everyday volunteers.

      Our laws stink when a person can commit a crime and blatently say to the Police and Detectives “no comment” – hey, this is Australia, lets get a blog and petition or letter together to send to the Courier Mail and to Parliament requesting an immediate change to current laws.


  43. Got this info from a journalist……………..

    Murder AND charged with interfering with a corpse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!​!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Interfering with a corpse is about as low as you can go. The little girls have lost their mother and now to know their Father did it is beyond belif. Also what sort of parents does he have that they would surely have known he did it and covered for him. I hope his parents and sister also get charged.


  44. It is interesting that only one person has been charged at this point given the indicstions that there was probably an accessory after the fact (Teo Cars seen travelling together, one of them belonging to the BC;s). Doe this indicate that the accessory has turned informant and one an imunity pin ?

    It is also interesting that the 3 Girls have been directed into the loving arms of the Dickie Family !, does this indicate that the powers to be in this matter do not consider the BC Family to be worthy and capable guardians.

    How would one go about informing the three precious girls that they not only have lost their loving mum, but their father as well.

    The life insurance policy theory is interesting. If true, I am sure that the Policy Providor or Agent would have bought such to the attention of the Police early in the case. I belief such would be paid out, but not a cent will go to GBC. I cannot see his Layers sticking with the case for the duration as it appears GBC was skint, unless his parents and family put their hands in their pockets and come up with many tens of thousands of dollars.

    sny thanks to Robbo for providing this forum that allows so many to express their interest and concerns in this matter.


    • wrong–there will be no insurance payout when foul play involved.they’ll refuse to pay out.obviously she was already dead before ending in the water that’s the charge of interfering with a corpse.they’d know by if no water in the lungs.


  45. I’m seriously thinking that he’s done this all by himself. No one from his family were in court for him.We all decided there was an accomplice when the two cars were mentioned by the police. That could have been a clever ploy by the police to see what they could have picked up on their bugs.

    I’ve been in and out of range but did Redback (or was it Batman) follow up on one of the Nigelaine’s having a temper tantrum. Could have been when they realised they had sporned an idiot.


  46. Real estate is rife with egos and adultery, and I thought from day 1 this was an extramarital affair related murder. I also thought GB-C’s sister looked nervous in the media interview. I believe she either knows for a fact or suspects he murdered Alison. Those poor little girls – how will they ever come to terms with this. This case has similarities to the Joe Korp murder case from many years back.


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  50. Good day! I know this is kind of off topic but I was wondering if you knew where I could locate a captcha
    plugin for my comment form? I’m using the same blog platform as yours and I’m having difficulty finding one?
    Thanks a lot!


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