Allison Baden-Clay Killer(s) still not arrested…Makes one wonder!

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Hi folks well we are around 2 months into this sorry saga and as it stands, we have a Killer or Killers still out there.

  • The facts are, one or more person known to Allison killed her.
  • Maybe one or more others known to her, helped in the crime and or after the fact.
  • Maybe one or more others known to her, helped in transporting her body
  • Maybe one or more others known to her, helped in Disposing her body
  • Maybe one or more others known to her, helped in clean up of one or more crime scenes

The rest is in the previous multitude of Posts and thousands of good bad and ugly theories, Various Modus operandi ,comments  and arguments etc here on the site, can be found up the top or via these links.

Here is a gallery of all the pictures that have captured what are sure to be revealed as pivotal moments in this tragedy as well as ensuring the conviction of the perpetrators involved.

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update 12/06/12

Allison Baden-Clay murder: Rumour of indemnity application for accessory rejected

QUEENSLAND’S top lawmaker has denied claims he’s been approached to grant immunity to a suspect in the murder of Allison Baden-Clay, but says he would be happy to consider such an application by police in the future.

Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie yesterday blasted Ipswich councillor Paul Tully for blogging about an alleged offer of immunity from prosecution to a person who may face charges over the murder, as an accessory before or after the fact.

“If the police put in a request I have the power to grant immunity to someone if they believe they can get someone by evidence that’s going to incriminate someone else, but I haven’t had that approach as far as I know,” he said.

“I’d just caution Cr Tully from spectacularly blogging about murder cases in Queensland and encourage him to get back to his constituents.

“He’s not a journalist, he’s a councillor.”

Mr Bleijie said the application was not unheard of, and he’d granted immunity in the past because sometimes it was “better to get the real bad person rather than the underlings”.

Allison’s in-laws: ‘Expect more, worse’

Baden-Clay business dries up after murder

Police return Baden-Clay’s impounded 4WD

Search teams in to bat for Allison’s girls

Cause of death may remain secret

Focus stays on clues in killer search

Baden-Clay breaks silence on business

Baden-Clay murder case goes south

“But in terms of this particular case, I haven’t signed off or seen anything and neither has my office,” he said.

“If anything does come, I’ve got to look at the evidence and make an assessment on it.

“I can’t make an assessment yet because I haven’t received anything; not saying that I’m not going to in the future.”

Cr Tully said on his blog any deal which the police considered necessary to put a murderer behind bars would be a “totally appropriate way of ensuring that justice is finally done in this bizarre case”.

“Although the police have a prime suspect for the murder and apparently have no doubt whatsoever about that person’s guilt, they are apparently facing some serious evidentiary problems in proving their case beyond reasonable doubt before a judge and jury,” Cr Tully wrote on his blog.

“If the evidence of a reluctant accessory would overcome that evidentiary difficulty and ensure the guilty party is brought to justice, it would be a powerful inducement to a person in such predicament to give evidence against the murderer in exchange for an iron-clad deal to give them legal immunity from prosecution.

“Normally, such immunities are rarely given early in a murder investigation.”

Police said yesterday there was no basis for the speculation, and asked if Cr Tully could call them should he have “any information or inside gossip” in the future.

When asked about the strength of his sources, Cr Tully told The Courier-Mail they were “reliable, but not impeccable”.

Cr Tully also wrote that the Crime and Misconduct Commission may already be using its “star chamber” coercive powers to make people talk.

A spokeswoman for the CMC yesterday said the commission could neither confirm nor deny involvement.

Please read this before you go on to read the rest and comment though folks!

I would personally like to make a plea to those of you who choose to make comments, to do so with due consideration to the circumstances surrounding this case and the 3 wonderful little girls lives have been destroyed.

WE all want answers and certainly Justice for Allison Baden-Clay and her family and we can honour her memory by trying to stay respectful of each other on here, whether or not you have formed an opinion on who is the guilty and who are not. Lots of ordinary folks like me and you have dedicated a lot of time to sit down and share themselves so we can have a collective place to delve into the who, where’s and whys of such a terrible crime.

WE are not judge or jury, that is obvious, and each and every one of you is entitled to say what you think, all I’m asking is NO PERSONAL ATTACKS, agree to disagree, and if it needs to be, just do not interact with a commenter you feel uneasy or judged by. You are welcome to contact me with any concerns as I will be stamping my foot down on the type of personal attack that sends valued contributors away

Anyone found with multiple names/pseudonyms or re-signs as a “New person” will be BANNED…

Obviously I understand the one household who may use the same connection and use different names.

I can see NO other legitimate reason to pretend to be another (new) contributor etc. behave and you can be who you are. simple…

Recent Summary

ALLISON Baden-Clay’s cause of death may remain a closely guarded secret until her killer is charged after investigating officers yesterday ruled out releasing the key detail.

How Mrs Baden-Clay died has been one of the primary questions since her body was discovered under the Kholo Creek bridge at Anstead on April 30, 11 days after she was last seen alive in her Brookfield home.

Police commonly withhold the cause of death in murder investigations and yesterday said they would not be officially commenting on how Mrs Baden-Clay died.

“We won’t be releasing any details in relation to the cause of death at all,” Detective Superintendent Mark Ainsworth said yesterday.

But shortly after the grim discovery of her body police had clear views on how Mrs Baden-Clay died, people close to the case have told The Sunday Mail.

It is understood Mrs Baden-Clay’s body was cleared for release for burial only a day after she was found, with police confident they had the information they needed.
In other developments, Mrs Baden-Clay’s husband, Gerard, is yet to gain formal approval for a relocation of his Century 21 Westside franchise from Taringa to Toowong.

In a rare public comment since his wife’s death, Mr Baden-Clay last week said it was “business as usual” in the new location.

However Century 21 owner Charles Tarbey yesterday said he was yet to receive the required application to relocate the business.

Mr Tarbey – who last week told The Sunday Mail he had spoken to Mr Baden-Clay a number of times since his wife disappeared – gave a routine statement to detectives in Brisbane on Friday.

Police also declined to comment on reports that NSW detectives had interviewed a Sydney woman who met Mr Baden-Clay at a Gold Coast real estate conference.

Investigations continue from Indooroopilly police station. Supt Ainsworth confirmed: “The major incident room is still continuing to run.”


471 thoughts on “Allison Baden-Clay Killer(s) still not arrested…Makes one wonder!

  1. Hi Robbo

    I’ve only posted 2 comments on your thread but must say I love your passion & commitment to getting rid of the abusive bloggers.
    The majority here are after justice for Allision & want the killers bought to justice.

    I would have loved to respond to so many but finding it a little difficult as comments seem out of sink & don’t want to bore others with repeated questions.

    Finally, all the best to you, your partner & young Elliot.
    Thank God you didn’t name him GERARD!!

    Much Love xxx

    • Thank you NSW aussie mum

      Don’t keep it at 3 for too long, I try, as do others to keep a level head, passion and personality can be taken the wrong way in words only. It is a tough gig keeping it all nice,I can only ask, tell,warn, then kick to the curb those who refuse to listen…

      Hopefully this new thread is a fresh start.

      • Robbo
        I may have jumped the gun and this is not a slam dunk,it is frustrating ,but its important that the Police get it right. They have so many tools today in survey lance

  2. Thanks for the new thread Robbo – the other page was getting impossibly slow and difficult to load and post to. Glad to hear your little man is doing well! :o )

  3. by the looks of it they have gone as far as they can go all they can do now is wait till somebody slips up if there’s no evidence.a case like this the ddp may have the final say if charges are laid.they wont prosocute if no chance of slips thru the cracks forever then.patiance is a virtue.

  4. Hi Robbo

    your doing a great job

    whilst we want an arrests with all this delay it now seems inevitable that we may have to await the outcome of a coronial enquiry ,

    at least all the evidence can be tested and evaluated before arrests that way we can be sure those arrested are convicted and go where they belong

    • Hi Macca,

      yes cases can go on and on, sometimes the truth is still not believed by all.

      I note the Lindy Chamberlain has arrived in Darwin? for the findings of yet another inquiry in Azaria. It was only just released this morning

      It ruled a dingo did take her baby but I wonder will that poor family ever really have true closure…

      She has no doubt go a huge pay-day from A Current Affair for tonight’s big interview. But does anyone begrudge here? I don’t, whether she has moved on etc or not.

      I can see chat about this case going on for years too, but totally different circumstances here. No real actual animals on 4 legs involved….

  5. Robbo, thank you for all your efforts at stability here in a volatile blogg, done with your own problems to deal with. And with best wishes to you & yours.

    • Think we are headed for a long wait despite 2 indisputable points:
      1. the QPS knew when they found her body it was a murder.
      2. the QPS know ABC knew her attacker.

    • Thanks interested, and all the other well wishers…

      I’m sure all your good thoughts and prayers are helping the little tacker recover and get healthy in hospital. I really am humbled by the care you have shown to my family guys and gals!

      I will share something funny though as we are all nearly anonymous on blog/comment land(well except me that is my ugly head) I wonder sometimes when I am out and get a double take every now and then, I notice someone looking at me, surely they don’t come to my blog I think !

      Nobody has ever said Hello are you Robbo or anything but it is weird.It is a small world we live in and I can assure anyone I’m a big softy these days so say hi! I have heard worse!


        • Robbo are you in the vicinity of the Yagoona/Condell Park area? did I see right once on a post or was I dreamin it lol? if you are then one day don’t be frightened when someone yells out “oi aussie criminal” lol better chance of you turning around then, I am a few minutes from there.

  6. Hi Robbo and your partner, Congratulations on your new little man, lovely name choice. I hope he is going ahead in leaps and bounds. It is amazing you find the time to run this site.
    You did a great job in collating the pics. They sure give one a feeling of extreme sadness.
    Thanks for your time in doing that. I have not commented on here since I was asked am I blonde and do I work for Belle. I am far removed from that scene here in Perth and I am sure the whole of Australia is saddened by this horrific crime.
    However, I am reading the posts and am worried that time is ticking by.
    I hope justice soon prevails. May sweet Allison Rest In Peace.

    • Hello doll, Thanks little fella is piling on the grams….they all add up!

      Because there have been so many threads (I think 10) with around 500 comments on each, gee that’s 5000 comments/replies on this sad case.

      On each of them I posted pics and or media, but I had even forgotten some I had collected myself.

      Rather than have to scroll down the page I thought folks might just take a moment in silence and look at what we have with no distractions. let the pics do the talking and even raise some questions some may have.

      We all want the same result, and the truth is only going to make so many people happy, others not so…

      Doll, (or anyone else) don’t let anyone ever stop you from popping in and sharing your thoughts. You all are great in my view for bothering to take a moment in your day to care enough about this to say how you feel.


  7. Evening all – noticed earlier discussion about the perps trying to make the murder look like a suicide. I saw that O W announced ‘ she was depressed you know’ and there has been speculation as to why 2 cars were seen at Kholo bridge area. Someone on here said they thought ABC’s friend/s had said she may have been depressed. Is this what was in the media as all I can recall is that ABC’s closest friend said that Allison had told her things and she wished she had done more. This I read as Allison perhaps confiding about GBC’s infidelities etc etc etc. And her good parents were quoted as saying ‘ she wasn’t one to complain”. Poor soul – sounds like she was stoic and strong and proud and brave and there for her daughters who she loved. They were trying to portray her as maybe depressed unstable and early in the piece even hinted that she had taken off. Low life behaviour by these people Uggh!

  8. The picture of GBC with Pie Face in the background gets me every time. Thanks for your efforts Rob and kudos to you for attempting to keep this blog sorted and deal with the little ones issues. We will keep waiting and watching however long it takes. I haven’t changed my mind once and it saddens me to think that whoever did this has the freedom of life to go about their daily duties hoping not to slip up while everyone affected by their selfish actions waits, hopes and prays for a resolution. I appeal to them to get real and get it over with because everyone will feel better including them.

    • I have 0 faith in those people, so no I won’t appeal to them. I appeal to people in Australia who care about what goes on, eager for change and people who could think of Allison Dikkies as if she was someone they knew, loved and shared some memories with. It is then very difficult to imagine let go without a justified outcome.

      Dear all, just contiue doing what you are doing. Do not forget Allison.

  9. Caring 1 – Pie face and poker face. Except for the child-like tiniest of grins when he was asked about his injuries after his car’accident’ – and also child-like when you look at the phoyo of him carrying a box in the carpark of Toowong Tower where new ‘office’ is with his ipod headphones in his ears like a teenager.

  10. A coronial enquiry could be interesting, as witnesses are subpoenaed and compelled to testify, unlike criminal trials. It would be determined if there is evidence capable of satisfying a jury that “known persons” had committed indictable offences. If there isn’t a resolution soon then this might be the next course of action. I believe that sooner or later justice will be served on the perpetrators.

    • I actually thought of that as a resolution, if things had to come to this, just didn’t know how to put it.

  11. Goodevening all,
    Interesting the QLD A-G shot the indemnity issue down in flames according to the Courier Mail –

    Robbo, peace be with you for continuing on whilst you have your little one to care for… we have had 3 premmies, 30, 31 and 24 weeks so we know what its like both mentally and physically through those first months – but our 24 weaker is now nearly 7 and doing great – you never think its all going to be roses when in the NICU – but it does happen – just not overnight!!! Our last bubba went full term and we are hoping number 5 – last one will too… hence the late night ramblings of SEAmummy – pregnant with jumpy legs!

    Thanks for keeping the blog in line – I do wonder whether this case will ever realise an outcome? Id like to think so – meanwhile Ill read and try and decipher the ponderings from the unrealistic gossip and just sit back and wait….

    I don’t really know the exact details but I do know my husbands friend was a homicide detective in NSW – and there was a murder where the body was in the boot of a vehicle and left at a railway station – apparently the police knew from day one – the husband was responsible but it literally took months and months for them to “nab” him – including leaving the small child (again can’t remember details perhaps 4-7 age group) with the father the whole time the investigation was going on – including the sister in law knowing that he was responsible but having to work with the police – so there is hope – there was a positive outcome in the end – with a conviction and a jail term… so I sit back and hope those that are empowered to do this as their profession are currently doing it!

  12. It seems that Paul Tully jumped the gun on his recent blog regarding the Attorney General granting immunity to get answers regarding Allison’s murder.

    “If the police put in a request I have the power to grant immunity to someone if they believe they can get someone by evidence that’s going to incriminate someone else, but I haven’t had that approach as far as I know,” he said.

    “I’d just caution Cr Tully from spectacularly blogging about murder cases in Queensland and encourage him to get back to his constituents.

    “He’s not a journalist, he’s a councillor.”

    “Mr Bleijie said the application was not unheard of, and he’d granted immunity in the past because sometimes it was “better to get the real bad person rather than the underlings”.

    “But in terms of this particular case, I haven’t signed off or seen anything and neither has my office,” he said.

    “If anything does come, I’ve got to look at the evidence and make an assessment on it.

    “I can’t make an assessment yet because I haven’t received anything; not saying that I’m not going to in the future.”

      • Tully, whether on the mark or not, does need to remember his station. He’s trying to win points for himself by going out on a limb here. He isn’t a crime journalist and as a councillor should be seen to be above reproach.
        And no. Sigh. Thus doesn’t mean I’m a friend of the BC clan. Just sayin.

  13. Pastor Walton’s publishing of a letter this weekend that he wrote a month ago before GBC’s extramarital antics and various other issues became public knowledge, making the content of the letter seem rather out of step with reality, seems rather odd. So I wondered why someone would do this…..surely it must have a purpose!

    It occurred to me that someone had gone to a fair bit of trouble recently to try and hack into Robbo’s site. Is it possible that an alternative plan was hatched, and this letter is an attempt to evoke ‘defamatory’ comments to be made to the church’s FB site, so that their origins can be traced…???

  14. A certain blogger and lawyer has effectively been reprimanded by the headmaster for his conduct, with a stern wrap over the knuckles and public berating, pointing out he is a councillor – not a journalist – only a local councillor…. and ordering him to butt-out and get back to his neglected constituenty that includes Ipswich-area, the Dickies and all the concerned people in the area who want this important matter of public interest put to a rest….

    Wel,l another local government councillor of the opposite polictical persuasion, in a nearby ward, in which a recent high-profile crime took place, saw it fit to speak out on behalf of a particular family multiple times, visit their house….. and make televised public statements…
    Some of these statements this person made in relation to a certain individuals commitment to, and involvement with, local community groups and organisations, stood in stark contrast to revelations in a certain newspaper about that individuals marital infidelity and sexual escapades… and lets be frank… it wasn’t a big secret in the western-burbs rumour mill.

    I am trying to establish if this unnamed councillor made a reciprocal visit to a certain showground which hosted a certain police-command-post in the same constituency…

    This is a matter of public interest.

  15. It seems councillors just can’t stay out of this case… I wonder if the Attorney-General is aware of the high-profile, televised pilgrimage a certain councillor, of the same political party, made to a bizarrely-decorated family residence to pay her respects to the clan that resided there…

    This person then justified it as caring for the children… which bothered me because a certain individual has since used them to shield himself…

    Paul Tully is no “journalist”, but was this other councillor a Social-Welfare-Worker ?

    The issue of identities choosing to associate or disassociate themselves from certain groups of individuals while question marks are still there is a valid one… and one of public interest and record..

    And silence is an admission of support… This issue will be explored so the public record can be set straight…

    • I have to agree with the AG.  

      As an elected local council member, Paul Tully is a person of some standing in the community.  A lot of people will read his blog with the belief he is talking facts, or at the very least, inside information.  

      I understand his interest and disgust in the case, but he should be sticking purely to facts. Even if he knows things that haven’t been released to the public (from reliable but not impeccable sources – as he himself is quoted in the Courier Mail), he could be potentially damaging the case if he discusses them on his blog.

      Personally I think the other local councillor, Margaret De Witt and the state politician (was it Bruce Flegg?) (who both made home visits early in the piece)  probably regret that decision – in any case neither appear to have done so since.  It’s possible they may have been seeking some harmless publicity, an opportunity to be seen supporting a constituent amidst a high profile case.  The media were crawling all over the place.  

      Perhaps they were genuinely offering consolation to a family in the midst of an awful situation.  I find it difficult to believe either of them thought at that point that they were supporting a guilty person/s.  It just doesn’t make sense.  Politicians are generally self-preserving first, community supporting second. (And to date no one yet has been charged or named a person of interest.)

      Does anyone here know if anyone notable has visited the family since? 

      Paul Tully likes to be front and centre – even if the issue at hand does not directly involve him.  Don’t get me wrong – I believe he cares sincerely about this case – but I think he has lost sight of his position and about the effect of the information he is posting.  I think he is very much like the 2 who made the home visits – only his involvement is electronically.

      I like Paul Tully.  He has done some great things for his constituents over his very long service as a council member. Undoubtedly he is as gripped and horrified by this case as we are.  

      But when he wants to speculate, he should be posting anonymously on a forum like this like the rest of us.

      • These people are public servants… and they should be held to a higher standard…. and they should know that better than anyone… how dare they pretend otherwise…

        Mr Headmaster…
        Paul Tully is no journalist… nor is that councillor a Social-Welfare-Worker…. or that other fair haired guy, he’s not a combat-surgeon…

        So I can’t imagine whaty they – as elected public servants – were doing or thinking to be at such a location at such a time… nor can I conceive of a possible application of their auxiliary-skills…

        It was personal/business/professional related and I want transparency.

        The Surgeon-General conducted a night operation at 10pm on th 24th, so he must have seen the “I’m a little hurt, but I’m ok” interview…. and the “car crash” and all the other suspicious behaviour…. by then…. come on…. don’t kid yourself……

        But thats not the point. The point is these peope are public servanst and should be held to a higher standard..

        Where’s the Headmaster on this one ?

        I want an explanation…

        This is what people are getting at… double standards…

        The headmaster gets out the cane for the poor (ALP) kid out at Ipswich who has clearly – and unequivocally – sided with the public interest… (and he belittles him I think, with a touch of that snide, western suburbs attitude which Australia is beginning to learn about and despise)

        But the richer (LNP) kids are being given a free-pass and allowed to avoid accountability for their actions… despite the controversial (and in my opinion incredibly stupid) actions of these individuals…

        Why the double standards ?

        No wonder this political party contemplated parachuting this non-achieving, lying individual into a blue-ribbon, non-effort policital career…. typical of this mans entire rely-on-your-family-name attitude and lack of accountability in this whole incident.

  16. the new photos you have put on here Robbo are very interesting..haven’t seen some of these photos before. whose house has the tape around the front lawn..anyone know ?

    • Paul Tully has his own website and is not constrained by the rules and regs of the other social media. So he is free to take a risk. If he has released this information to help Allison’s case, then we say thank you Paul Tully. Keep it coming. The AG have virtually said he is ‘open’ to an approach from Police for ‘immunity’ but is not aware if one has happened yet. There is ‘formal’ and ;informal’ communication. Speaking publicly is ‘formal’. Maybe there has been ‘informal’ discussions about these things. This case offends our collective consciousness and the community wants justice for Allison and her 3 little girls. This is my opinion only.

    • It is the next door neighbour to Skull Lodge. It appears their entire garden has been ripped out and taped off. Just looks strange.

  17. I would like to applaud another unnamed Western-burbs political figure…I’ll just call him the Surgeon-General… who currently has a moving condolence message on his website…. unlike his city-hall counterpart. He also made a high-profile visit to a certain post-colonial three-bedder to pay his respects…

    I wonder if this person or his city-hall counterpart visited the brookfield showground comand-post in their constituencies…

    Now how about a full explanation of business/professional dealings here ?

    How about a bit more transparency here ?

    I have never witnessed such a charge-of-the-light-brigade barrage of local politicians through the front door…

    If someone can get a very public wrap over the knuckles from the headmaster for blogging about an important matter of public interest… then I am still waiting to see what the headmaster will do to address the controversial actions of these two unnamed individuals in a clear, transparent, public way…

    • Redback1. Both the politicians you refer to are long-serving and highly respected people (with nary a whiff of scandal around either of them) and would have met GBC, and his parents, in various capacities, at many functions over many years in the Western suburbs. I personally know of instances where both have gone out of their way to do things for constituents and community groups, without any thought of publicity or cudos. You are being very unfair!

      Would it cross your mind that they were visiting to express their condolences, empathy, etc ….. and keeping an open mind?

      And, the suggestion that GBC was ever considered a contender for Liberal Party pre-selection is pure fantasy (and publicity-seeking) by disgraced former-MP Michael Johnston. Were any of the BCs at any time members of the Liberal Party? Find out.

      And, I like Paul Tully. I think he speaks with inside information, and he is a lawyer ….. but maybe he was wrong to be so frank, as he may have jeopardised the police case by stating what he has … for his own political aggrandisement. IMO

      • Hey Robbo, Marple,, Kenmore Mum, everyone… I am being unfair here…. I am being unreasonable… I’ll just shutup… We cannot question the actions of public servants…

        Who is dictating what is “newsworthy” here ?

        I consider the actions of the SG and his counter-part to be at best blundering into an ongoing investigation without exercising judgement or proper thought…. and at worst unwittingly providing this man moral cover to hide behind his children at a crucial, early phase… and use lawyers to do so… either way, I demand an explanation.

        If he/she wanted to express condolences they could have used a telephone…. they are still public servants and cannot run away from this fact….

        A short message doesn’t cut the mustard I’m afraid… will someone break radio-silence on this.

        • Sorry redback1 but I’ve just been sitting in the bleachers…I haven’t commented on here for a couple of days. Only to Robbo….got nothing to add as I am not a fan of politicians.

  18. What i find fascinating is that last Thursday in Adelaide police were called to a disturbance in a house and then charged a Finks member with assault of the man missing from the house they were called to. Police believed the man was taken from his house in a grey Peugeot with number plate bla bla, and even though they had no body as yet the police said they wouldn’t say how the assault was carried out,but still they had charged someone. So 5 days later a walker found the body of the missing man and bloodied clothing and upgraded the charge to murder. I guess what i don’t understand is.. How the Adelaide police could charge someone with assault when they had no body? Was that done on information gathered from witnesses? Did the Fink admit to doing it? (doubt it) So why is it that with Allison’s murder we have police attending a missing person at the house,and setting up a crime scene, they have cars that they impounded,evidence they have taken from the house and office, proof there was an affair, multiple ‘witnesses’ saying they heard something the night Allison disappeared and then finally they have a body. So why has no one been charged with anything at all? I know the police do things carefully so that they can ensure a conviction but apparently in Adelaide you don’t need a body to be be charged with assault and if you are a bikie does that make things different? i wonder if GBC was a bikie rather than a Real Estate agent that lied and cheated and had motive and opportunity and a huge amount of evidence circumstantial or not,and apparently knows through family and friends some people in high places, would he or would anyone have been charged. A good thing for him and his helpers that he isn’t a bikie because maybe someone would have been charged a long time ago..

    • I suggest KSG given the initial notable string of well wishes from his network of bourgeios key decision makers and his background in accountancy and realty , may have felt an obligation to secure him with the best legal representation money could buy ……..

      Words are very powerful …. one wrong word from the police would all it would take between justice for Allison and a monster’s freedom …….

    • Could’t agree more KSG. I was thinking the same thing when I read the Fink story. Not sure that many bikies are FaceBook friends with prominent politicians tho…

  19. If they regret it they could say so…. plus some comments about that mans “community involvement” indicated someone didn’t know who they were talking about… this person hasn’t clarified these statements….

    And the children, the children, the children… It was SO important to get normality back into these childrens lives that this person had to become a self-appointed welfare-officer ?

    The problem here is these people cannot seriously claim they were unaware of the massive level of suspicion surrounding a certain unnamed family when they chose to support them publicly and associate with them, which is their right…

    And those children that were of such concern, another person who we all know has hid behind those children using lawyers throughout this whole saga… avoiding accoutability….

    • I agree Redback, it is very odd that he was not charged on the spot. Perhaps a combination of him heavily pulling strings amongst the family’s ‘connections’ and his heavily lawyered up status early on the morning already when the police got there – maybe a somewhat unlikely set of circumstances that they faced that morning…..playing in his favour for the moment…..but hopefully not for long. The longer the cat and mouse game is perpetuated the harsher the penalties will be – so really just digging deeper holes for themselves.

  20. Robbo.. what an excellent montage of photos… really brilliant, thankyou for them…

    you must have put in tremendous effort and discernment to choose the ones you put up..

    Very , Very impressive.

  21. Hi Robbo!!! Congratulations on the birth of your son. Best wishes to you and your lady!

    I still remain a big fan of your site. I have refrained myself from commenting lately because of the squabbles and mysterious thumb down voters.

    Wow! You’ve had nearly 2.4 million clicks!!! It’s no wonder as it’s a great site.

    • ‘ I have refrained myself from commenting lately because of the squabbles and mysterious thumb down voters. ‘

      Happy…its the thumbdowners that encourage me to post more and post often!!

        • MissMarple, if we took the thumbs up/down away, half the comments would vanish…I just ask nobody take it too personally…Heaven help us I’m getting them, where has all my power gone…haha

        • I probably need to make a post-emptive post (yeah, making up expressions here).
          I am having a go at thumbsies (yeah making up a word there). Not having a go at anybody specific. I am just thinking opposable thumbs would be an advantage here at any time. :-)

      • I love your posts too MM. Some of them have had me in fits and fits of laughter. You bring joy and unity to this blog site. :) I love the nicknames, the tongue in cheek humor and the hope that it brings to us all. We’re all here for the same purpose, so sometimes when we are just waiting for the next big break it is good to have a bit of light in what is a dark and sad crime.

    • Thank you happymumof3rascals (and praise to you for getting 5 min to yourself for a coffee and getting online before the rugrats call…been there done that!)

      I can honestly say I have had no say in the visits either…The official wordpress stats do not count anything I do!…Cheers

    • Marple… maybe I’m being unreasonable here…. and I don’t know about other political constituencies in the Smart…. errrrr Sunshine State… or across Australia and what people expect of their public servants… and I know that these people are capable of antics by nature of profession or inclination… I don’t know what your MP does but the last thing I expected my local pollies to do is rush down there…. I mean, I was flabbergasted….

      You can begin to see the problem here in the western suburbs and what the underlying symptons are in this whole saga… you know, its like a overdue window has swung open on the fruitcake society out here… and everyone across the country is watching in amazement….

  22. Good morning all, thanks MissMarple,

    Not as much time as I would of liked to of late, but most of you understand why! I see Tully has made the paper again, even got a quote…Must be very tough in Qld when everyone is seeking answers and wants that one snippet of truth that will make sense and snap in the pieces of the puzzle.

    Generally speaking, these immunity things are a lesser of the 2 evils or whatever that saying is. WE want the big fish to be caught as a priority in any crime.But in a murder surely that culprit should be caught by all means necessary.

    Keeping other participants before or after the fact, out of jail is one thing, getting damn rewards is another.

    They should never ever be compensated financially for dobbing any one in other than some jail time. I just prey that if this rumour is true, they get nothing…

    Having said that, is there a reward out on this case up there?

  23. robbo, one of those pictures (the one with the man in the blue forensic coveralls) in the montage is from a different case. he was the man arrested for murdering his wife with a towbar in their home i think? can’t remember the name….but he fled in his car but was then arrested. correct me if i am wrong.

    maybe it’s an “omen” that this picture is in here.

    • Hi asha1972,

      eerie that, it has jumped folders, I swear to god, I had typed the message below and only saw yours after I had hit enter…Thanks for noticing it though,I did not see it when compiling…Read my thoughts below.That poor victim was Noni Zischke, her husband Trevor was charged with her murder, he killed her with a car towball (allegedly)

  24. Robbo , any clues why i cant get this thread to direct posts to my emails , it tells me it sent a confirmation email but it hasnt ?

    • Looks like after a half dozen attempts , i just got confirmation , i dun wanna miss out when Det Ainsworth slaps the cuffs on !

      • Hey Mike, re that confirmation thing, that is an auto thing via wordpress.Not me and a list I tick off or anything. I assume you want comments and replies to go to your email address to read as an alternative to the web?


    • If it were that easy Vicky.It is a tough job, but I would not handle being nice to people who do bad things to others, like women and kids, if you get my drift.

      Knowing who did something is a lot different to putting them in jail for a long time.

      There are many killers out there who were found inside a court of law NOT GUILTY for one reason or another, it does not mean they did not commit it.

      If we run a red light and not get caught does that mean we didn’t run a red light?


  26. Hi Mike glad it got sorted…

    Off topic but the time stamp issues thing, does it make any difference where people post from?

    I see posts made in reply to one or another and the times are an hour out. Is that confusing people maybe, or is it more complex?

    When you first sign up as a commenter it only asks for a name and email addy yes?

    But say you are already a wordpress user/blogger and have a “Dashboard” Within those controls one can adjust the time for their blog (I’m not sure what the default is, maybe a USA city where wordpress is from, by I always have to scroll down to set AEST of +10 hours living in Vic…

    Just wondering if anyone can add to this,especially in a different time zone.

    As a matter of record for instance, I am about to hit post comment and in Vic it is about 1.03pm in the afternoon 12/06/12

  27. Hi Robbo – The Courier Mail just had a live interview with the main journo covering the case, and in it she referred to the sentiments being expressed on blogs (yours, I assume). Her comments were very supportive and understanding of all those contributors – it was very positive. By the way, as far as I know, there has been no reward offered in this sad case.

      • Gidday Bill, yeah I do recall them being offered as a matter of urgency in kidnap of children cases, more so overseas to get someone who knows, rather than the snakebelly who wants the ransom… Ta

        Lets hope we do not get to the point of a reward being offered before a “Knowledgeable Person” comes forward.

        I can tell you right now, they will be much more admired prior than going for the dollars than later.Life changing even…Hope they are reading

        • hi robbo;it could be months before they do if not solved.u know it could be years before a coroners inquiry they dont move to fast for some unknown reason.there is hundreds of unsolved murders with big rewards but still remain unsolved.maybe they should offer a reward sooner while its still fresh in the mind; time dims memories. if more than one involved the greed might be enough bait to do the trick.

  28. A certain western suburbs political identity, the Surgeon-General, is also the richest politician in Queensland with assets of over $20 million putting him in the top 100 richest people in the state.

    It’s probably the first time he has stepped into a post-colonial fibro three-bedder on a quarter acre…

    but we have not learned the business relationships in the western suburbs and how they overlap in this case…. and the Surgeon-General in known to have big portfolios of property….

    Did he do any business with an unnamed real estate company known for their silly colored jackets and the people who run it ? is there any ongoing business…?

        • I cannot imagine Dr.Bruce.Flegg having anything to do with this case. Redback are you saying that he has visited skull manor? Isn’t he the current Minister for Housing? I know he owns a property at Brookfield but I think that is his private residence and disclosures for politicians and their families property dealings now is quite rigerous.

          I do not know Bruce Flegg personally but I do know all the politicians in my local area quite well and on a first name basis (both sides of politics) and have had them at our house and know them from community fund raising, local development issues, sporting events and so on. I have a bit of insight into how they operate. I can’t imagine how anything he would do would overlap in this case? Not sure about your angle? I do know that generally politicians like this type of high profile figure who are quite wealthy work for a lot less money in politics than what they could earn in the private sector and generally do it out of personal interest and challenge.

          Politicians (in general) I have found like to be seen when there is a photo opportunity which shows their commitment to local community interests and issues. Particularly around election time. It is not unusual for Politicians to compete with each other (current and opposition leaders) of local and state government in these local areas to be seen to be active within the community. If any politicians have visited the house I can assure you as soon as it becomes a legal issue they will back off really quickly. Since the election I have noticed a marked decline in communications from all politicians as they regroup both State and Local.

    • So let me get this straight ???? …..Some Political Parties/Councilors appear ON TV to “side with those WHOM THE MAJORITY OF THE PUBLIC reckon is guilty” and other Councilors of ?the same party make STATEMENTS “ that may are EITHER untrue or if True- may jeopardize a MAJOR Manhunt/Murder investigation and then attack us the General Public- IMPARTIAL AND SEEKING A RESOLUTION FOR JUSTICE/ALLISON. WE WHO ARE TRYING TO GLEAN THE FACTS/HELP- NOYT SPECULATE ONA BLOG AS A PUBLICALLY PAID FIGUREHEAD. If that’s the case then these Councilors should stand down/be held accountable-Step Down? Paul tully even questions why the Attorney General has issues with him stating that granting an immunity to an accessory is a legal avenue that could be pursued, subject to the AG’s approval (Paul idiot Tully then attacks this blog) This P.T idiot should be thrown out on his ear for being a Buffoon! As the Attorney general said “I’d just caution Cr Tully from spectacularly blogging about murder cases in Queensland and encourage him to get back to his constituents.”P.T Idiot! Redback- I have zero political persuasion, but what you have said is the truth, but you must be careful (like me) because politics and religion and 2 things that polarise GOOD people- I love ya post, and agree so many truths – but maybe just hold back a little… for cohesion of the thread /blog. But then again The Wise Miss Marp has posted “I’m enjoying your scathing little digs there, redback1…..most astute and pertinant.” And this is definitely Oscar material from you Redback so I may be wrong “its like a overdue window has swung open on the fruitcake society out here” lol-Ditto! and another for the Labotomy Surgeon General “It’s probably the first time he has stepped into a post-colonial fibro three-bedder on a quarter acre…”. So these political associates really had better pull their heads in- because they are exposing their allegiance to rather alleged dubious characters..and “birds of a feather” (& small furry animals in small crevices). Well we will REMEMBER and the facts/Time will expose the Murderer…and Associates ;-)

      • These people who I shall now rename Breaker Morant and his local counterpart…. they know they have crossed a line… I’m sure that these people are aware that they have wandered into a minefield out in no-mans-land…. But what fool stays out there and calls in artillery on himself ?

        Length of duty to country has nothing to do with it… a line has been crossed…
        Time to face the music Morant….

  29. Hi All ABSOLUTELY MICKAEL you have the picture Gerbil & co will have to answer questions under oath or go to jail for comtempt , no more hiding behind fancy lawyers and barristers YEAH BRING IT ON !

    • Lets hope the Crime and Misconduct Commission is involved and those people are forced to answer their questions or fact hefty penalties. Wake up Australians. The conduct of this criminal case, so far, has absorbed many resources in terms of time, manpower and all to be paid for by taxpayer monies. The alleged murderer and accessorie(s) need to be made to submit and be held accountable in The Criminal Courts of Law. My opinion.

      • Caro perfect again –I agree ‘Lets hope the Crime and Misconduct Commission is involved and those people are forced to answer their questions or fact hefty penalties. Wake up Australians. I am hoping that the CMC have got the balls to stand up and make a point on this PUBLIC OUTRAGE to the good folk of Queensland! and the political INEPTNESS shown (Haven’t we seen enough of that in recent times?) This is turning our state into a National Joke!

      • Definitely Caro! Firstly the event was a terrible waste of a beautiful life, and since then it has been a terrible waste of taxpayer money. Can you imagine the manpower and other resources that has had to be involved so far!!! And the perpetrator/s still have to gall to keep going, day after day….trying his/their luck to get away with murder… is sickening!!

  30. After an interview on 4BC this morning, Paul Tully has more to say on the subject of immunity from the AG on his blog today. This time he brings in blogs and websites (like this one, Websleuths, Topix and FB, I assume) stating that by posters speculating and naming a perpetrator, this might prejudice future jurors and thus prevent a fair trial, and that the Attorney General should be looking at closing them down. He refers to them as “a growing internet menace”!

    “The Attorney-General, in conjunction with his federal counterpart, should be using all available powers to close down other websites which identify the alleged killer in this case.

    The enduring nature of websites means that such material will be available to jurors in the future which represents a growing internet menace.

    We might have a free society but that cannot embrace a so-called “right” to say and report anything and everything which might prejudice a future fair trial.”

    Paul Tully also questions why the Attorney General has issues with him stating that granting an immunity to an accessory is a legal avenue that could be pursued, subject to the AG’s approval, reminding us that it is unusual to do this early on in a murder investigation.

    “Unlike other web and blog sites, this site has never speculated – and never will – on the identity of the killer or any possible accessories before or after the fact.

    If someone is “in trouble” for simply reporting the various factual investigative tools and legal possibilities, it raises the question – Why?” (end quote.)

    Although I question many of Paul Tully’s comments, I do wonder what pre-empted the Attorney General to make a statement to the media about this case, as that must be unusual I would think.

    Paul Tully leaves us with this message

    “What was expected to be a quick wrap-up of the case has turned into a painstaking examination of all of the key evidence by detectives at Indooroopilly Police Station.

    But as they say in Canada: “The Mounties always get their man”. (end quote.)

    I do believe this will ultimately be the case, but it is obviously proving to be an extremely complex investigation for the police. I’m not sure how much I believe this is due to ‘connections’ of the family, but more to do with the number of people involved in Allison’s murder, either as accessories before or after the fact.

    • i had that problem also just tick the 2 boxes below before u post when u do the confermation dont tick anything that should fix it i said a month ago they would be lucky to get anything from the ortopsy because the body was too long in the water.dna if contaminated is not accepted in other words useless. it could take months they might have to send it to the FBI who have very advanced testing.looks like its a very testing case

    • As far as Tully is concerned, he states everything but the bleeding obvious.He must like to leave that to sites like OURS!!!
      (I may of started this joint but we are all apart of it by nature of involvement)

      At least he has a point of difference in his eyes, and if it massages the community into action good on him.

      But Mr.Tully cannot act all saint like, knowing the posts on his blog get out there, then go point the finger at others about what speculation and so on will have on any future trial.

      This is 2012 and we are certainly not going backwards…So the quicker the laws, the courts and the legal profession catch up, the better. Things can only get MORE instantaneous.

      God help us, the courts are chocker block full now, with pathetic sentences being handed down because the jails are full…

      Do they want to fill courts and jails full of people with opinions, or those who commit terrible crimes?

      Enough said!

    • I find Paul Tully’s blog extremely amusing Sad for Allison. I followed your link and read all the quotes in particular”Unlike other web and blog sites, this site has never speculated – and never will – on the identity of the killer or any possible accessories before or after the fact.”


      Underneath this blog is a historical case from 51 years ago that is about a husband who planned plotted and murdered his wife to be with the mistress. Nice one Paul!!! It couldn’t be clearer what your thoughts on this case are – no speculation at all. :)

  31. Greetings all
    - It appears Mr Mustard’s phone had the GPS information between the hours of 9pm and 5 am deleted – I believe this “deleted data” can be retrieved and said process may be underway as we speak. I trust my source – make of it what you will :)
    Biggest hurdle ((though not insurmountable for the DPP) as I see it is inability to establish a cause of death given the decomposed state of Allison’s body. RIP Allison.

    • IDK your ‘source’ or by any means want to accuse you of anything, your comment interested me as it sort of went against how I understood phone records/data being collected or where it is stored. AFAIK, a phone attaches the closest tower with best signal strength (which would be recorded by the phone company as an authentication (ie who) and time.) Whilst it’s not unlikely that a phones system logger would add entries as its proximity to phone towers changes, I only wonder how many people know where this log is, and how to make sure it’s cleaned, if that were your intention. Many phones have a ‘factory default’ setting, and with most it’s possible to do an external wipe too…. I guess my point is that the police would most likely use the carriers records to extrapolate position (phones without a specific gps component use 3 towers to triangulate an approx position I think…) rather than any data on the phone itself. I would imagine they would consider that as potentially tainted evidence and at least want confirmation from the telco. (I used to work for a certain large telco as an engineer, but it has been a few years. Also never dealt with court orders/police etc)

      If I’m off base, happy to be wrong, just thought I’d add my 2c.

      As for decomp and establishing COD, well forensic science is quite advanced in that regard and can often find COD from skeletal remains. ABC’s I’d imagine whilst decomp would have set in, I would think any marks on the body would still have been apparent.

    • WOW SAF, if this is true it is soooo telling!!!! If he was sleeping innocently like a little baby in his bed at the time, why would he need to do that??? It also shows a lot of forward planning. Just like lawyering up at the crack of dawn and I believe purposely leaving ABC’s phone on in the Kenmore area as a decoy to focus all attention there and away from where she really was…To me this seems like a very cold, calculated act, just as cold and calculating as the main players’ behaviour hass been since. I think the perpetrator/s fully expected to get away with it, maybe still do….seemingly calling for support from people in high places….
      We can only hope that justice will prevail.

      Which brings me to another question to the law buffs – I imagine as medical drs have a duty of care to achieve the best medical outcomes possible, do lawyers not have an obligation to let justice prevail?? How can using one’s smarts to use loopholes or whatever mens possible to actually subvert the law in reality and get someone guilty of murder off on a lesser charge or even scott-free be honouring justice????? Where do lawyers’ obligation lie in terms of ensuring that justice prevails, when representing a guilty party for $$?

      • Where do… Criminal defence lawyers’ obligation’s lie? Time for a play on words/humour…..From my pesonal experience in Brisbane…… in reality…they lie like Troopers ;-) ……. and in reality Criminal defence Barrister’s obligation’s lie……….. often on the beaches of South Pacific Islands in winter ;-) …more commonly known as “their back pockets/wallets” lol ;-) I am sure under Qld law ” where their obligation’s lie in Statute/ case law – ideally and theoretically is a whole different kettle of fish- from what I experienced. The rotten obligation to lie- in reality- purely for money- that I have directly experienced from the lowlife Brisbane based criminal defence ilk (note thats not Silk!), forms a basis for my experienced opinon. The law is no-doubt altruistically good for the qld public- in theory!.. Even if the Qld criminal law is more antiquated/ circumventable than Gerbil making a simple and honest statement to Indooropilly police- without crashing his car into an overramp pilon- way off- on the side of the road- on the way to the station! requiring urgent medical treatment…because he is hurt but Ok ;-) lesser charge or even scott-free- thats exactly what this scuzz criminal defence industry will be aiming for- forget justice ! thats the reality and thats why its taking so long!

  32. in one of the latest photos Robbo has put on here there is one taken where Allisons body was has a rather large piece of black plastic and something white. any suggestions what you think the white is..I thought it might be a roll of kitchen tidy bags ???

    • Hi Judy, When we were out there it looked like plastic from road works or something like that. They were doing road works just up the road from the site on the day we were there but it looked like plastic that had just been laying under mud, maybe washed downstream or something. It is not a very nice place. My son wanted to jump back in the car because he felt really sick and an eerie feeling came over him and he is a fully grown 27 year old male who doesn’t normally have any fear. I felt comfortable to be there and to look around but it was very muddy and not a pleasant place to leave someone. Just makes me more determined to ensure justice is served.

  33. Hi All

    Paul Tully means well but should stick to local govenment matters unfortunately he beleives all publicity of his name is good publicity for political purposes

    he should make use of this site for anonomous personal views or speculation, he is just an attention seeker

  34. Hi Robbo

    He should devote his time and energys to what the people elected him for and what he is paid for

    Unfortunately he is an attention seeking headline grabber for his own political game

    He should post his personal views and speculation on this site ABSOLUTELY

    • Mate I looked a bit more at his numerous places online, he has at least half a dozen websites, plus other activities, when does he get to serve the rate payers?

      Hope his internet is not being paid for by them…That would be a scandal!

      Also to save time…Me, well I’m a rate payer, employed by nobody, nor receiving a dime off any agency,now nor ever…

      • Your right Logic, like all Politicians they serve themselves first, second and third. They forget that they actually work for us – the public.

  35. The other BIG news is…

    Thanks to some very generous folks here who donated their well earned coin, we have gone for the upgraded Poll Daddy Pro account, which means a lot..As it costs 200 bucks a year…We were using the free one…So more stats and filters etc.

    (which also means better polls, surveys, questionnaires and the like…More involvement on issues)

    Now that does not mean I would abuse that info in exposing anyone for having a vote or opinion…I cherish your privacy enough to go to jail before I surrender any ones.

    It does mean those bored sorry souls that sat there day in day out pressing PRO Gerard to falsely alter the true stats on the polls have been revealed to me though

    Not publicly of course!

    I just wonder how much will change with those facts known now…And who will disappear!

    (As a note to some…When it was discovered that I had made the mistake of allowing more than 1 vote on that actual poll, it became very evident that some people here counteracted the sabotage by voting the opposite. You are not in my radar, it is something I would do as well. Rest assured)

    Having said that, it will always be one vote only from here on in!

    • Ha ha, Exposure is a bitch , as Gerbil and ass..ociates will soon find out in the shower blocks fo their new abode;-) . Busted by Robbo misvoters- The stats will be telling…Maybe on certain theories (surely the pro Gerby Gerard team will vote highest…against those theories …closest to the truth) …Tick Tick Tick…. ohh is that my heart?..chest pains….panic attack pills quick …….. Tick Tick Tick :-)

    • Hi Robbo that’s very interesting!! There must have been more than a 1000 votes done in a few days in favour of GBC being innocent!! Please just tell us if this was primarily done by one or more people, and whether he/they are still with us. It will really be interesting to know since so much time and energy must have gone into it, perhaps to try and sway opinion???
      One vote per person is absolutely fair! :o ).

  36. Is it not true? that what Gerbil has done by “going to ground” is he has Cowardly hid behind the Criminal defence smokescreen, wasting the public’s / Police’s time and money …. and as we are saying the Police have been impeded /stonewalled, and the system has become even more incompetent (depending if you / father Skull / the relatives have enough money to retain the legal crim defence ex-spurts / talk to your political mates ), as surely once again… this delaying of an Autopsy/ the Coronial Inquiry by Gerbil and his associates ongoing Charade is OBVIOUSLY “perverting the course of justice” and once again a huge waste of public/police funds/time and public tension/frustration.
    Once again we have a murderer on the streets, once again the logical closure process is circumvented whether or not it is a random or premeditated act. So as Caro suggested and NBV likes …surely the law can be changed only TOO QUICKLY ….. and of course WILL the “HIGH PROFILE smart media ATTENTION GRABBING Councilors pop their ugly faces up again when the LAW IS MOOTED FOR CHANGE!…Or are they SCARED ? because they will have to stand up against potential murderers and their criminal defence scuss’s and asociates on both sides of the cell walls. Open ya Pie Hole GERBIL- it’ll help you in the long run….opps emotional again, Robbo. Please excuse! Arvo tanty !!! ;-)

    • Gotta love a fair dinkum inspired rant in the afternoon Angel…

      Written with passion…Nothing wrong with that…But listen, I never want to curb anyone’s enthusiasm for what they believe in folks.

      Do not water down your feelings…Problems of late are more so about personal attacks on fellow individual posters…(Different from any ones free opinion of others outside this community…I cannot protect them)

      I will protect those that make the effort to come here from being put down or picked on unduly for what they believe…

      The others can fend for themselves…I do not condone protection of any other kind

      • Yahooo-Thx Robbo- “Open Season” on Gerbil, Father Skull and entourage- Redback, Redback please hold back dear Redback!… Miss Marp- you have been very subdued as of late… G ‘ up old Gal “Kick em square in the Nads” !!! ;-)

    • ..When I was at school and someone had done something very wrong… the teachers would round up anyone who could have conceivably, possibly done it. They would them sit them all down in a room and inform them that no one was leaving the room until the matter was soughted out correctly and fairly…

      There were stern faces and lies, friends banding together, incredible pressure for people to cover up, there was the inevitable clamming-up that people do.. it would might take an hour or even 4 but I guarantee you… It worked everytime and the truthful version of events always emerged…

      Maybe when it comes around to the changes in our laws and criminal justice system… we won’t be talking about the little tweaks here-and-there, but the full and complete extent of the top-down-overhaul from the groundup that this bloody vehicle needs, just like a certain silver Holden Statesman with attitude plates that I suspect is a lemon and needs more than just a wheel-balancing….

      The role that is being set here is not good. That is what bothers me most, more than the ethical questionmarks hanging here….. and the clear and impulsive lack of judgement shown here….

      Aren’t these people meant to be role models ?

      They know who they are… (the SG and his city-hall counterpart)

      Why won’t they just come out with it because these questions are not going away?

      They can set the public record straight at any time…….

      • Hello Redback – I enjoy your thoughts. A disclaimer – I know (or rather, knew) the councillor to whom you refer. While I don’t want to sound like an apologist for her, I believe that her intentions were good at the time – she is a truly caring lady. However, I agree that she unwittingly stumbled into a nasty nest. Why in God’s name she allowed herself to be interviewed on television in support of the clan is beyond my comprehension – and you can be sure that the media minders that rule City Hall will have voiced their disapproval extremely clearly – and LOUDLY.

        • Fail, Councillor – GHS – I think there are many, many people who will be hiding their heads in shame now and in the future – they won’t admit to supporting Gerbil and Associates as well as Pappa Skull Bwankanna :)

      • Here here Redback, I enjoyed your post. I agree totally that the legal system for criminal law is definately in need of a big overhaul and plain common sense for a lot of it like your explanation of the school days analogy. Lessons learnt.

        If only they could bring all of the people in who know more than they are saying and make them sit there until they speak out.

  37. Hi Angelkim

    Fear not the Coronial Enquiry WILL Happen and Gerbil and co and others will all have to answer under oath or go to jail for contempt
    there will be a result to this hideous crime which at present is held up and impeded by an out of date judical system that allows lawyers picnics

    • Thx Macca,It seems like a Stupid legal system… allowing suspects to remail silent to investigating police – (Nope I say Sorry- tell us your “version”)…… speaking via a lawyer-(Nope I say most of us cannot afford a lawyer-Let alone Queensland’s Best or a 2 pack of em! and they are a burden on society-JMO) ..If we wanted a circus..Gerby may aswell be driving around on the LA Freeways in his 4×4 (Bronco in the states) for a few hours encircled by a squad of Police cars on the phone to his defence team, while we all watch it on TV ….I know an “Ass” of a system when I see it !
      Just guessing a scenario- what if Gerbil and his associates, paid for the murder, and they know that “they will be next-if they reveal”- So they will never talk- Isn’t their best option to remain silent and goto jail for contempt? Whats the sentence ………. Not death of course.

      • Hi Anelkim , yes i agree we have an ass of a judical system but i can tell you whilst it may take some time the muders will be charged , in the meantime bear some comfort by the fact these lawyers cost lots and lots of money to only delay the inevitable

        • Thx Macca, I hope you are right, in that; it is inevitable, and that all is exposed. When do these bureaucrats make a “coronial inquiry” decision, and when that occurs, will it be like that farce “the floods enquiry (sweep it under the carpet-costing Qlders millions of wasted $$ on Overpaid lawyers-who get it wrong the first time at least)” or the Eddie Groves Charade? (that involved the same slippery defence Barrister if I understand correctly). The Police know who did it- and obviously there are accomplices…but is Queensland once again going to have more injustices / magical escapes performed by some over paid criminal defence lawyer, acting (Yes dual meaning) for the obviously guilty, getting off on a technicality- because the law is an ass? This is murder and the police need more power and the politicians need to change the laws and give them those powers to arrest/question FAST. As for the councilors who have “miraculously appeared/made Buffoon backflip statements- including attacking innocent bloggers trying to help”, they have to know that we the Qld Public are no fools, and your actions/retractions/attacks on public trying to help- are duly noted /remembered.
          I am signing off- I never mean to attack any fellow poster unless I see a Rat or an unjustified attack and Robbo thanks again. I hope a star in the night sky sheds some light on this heinous crime as we sleep.

      • thats what i’d like to know. how on earth can he remain silent, he should be compelled to talk. what will happen when/if he is charged….can he still remain silent? if he chooses to remain silent…..what happens throughout the trial???……

        its just bizarre. i don’t understand it at all but i’m no criminal lawyer i suppose.

        • The whole non-effort, cold, disconnected, smug attitude of the you-know-who family, their total disregard for the people out searching, their flagrant disregard for basic human decency….. it’s what has really upset and outraged everyone…. its disgusting, cowardly and Un-Australian….

          You have to look at the idiotic actions of the Surgeon-General and his city-hall counterpart in the context of this… they effectively aided and abbetted the stance this family took…

          It was plainly insulting, means they are no longer able to serve their constituents fairly and frankly, if these people can’t see it’s not a matter of if, but when, they resign…. then they must labor under the same “business-as-usual” attitude that seems so prevalent in their social circles…

          Mr Newman, Mr Quirk..???!!! This is getting beyond a joke. This political party is playing with fire.

          No wonder they call it Pineapple Politics in the Moonshine State….

          I find it hard to believe the Baden-Clays were not Queensland Liberal Party or Liberal National Party members…. their cars are plastered with propaganda whose message stands in contrast with the apparent inability of this government to bring this important matter of public interest to satisfactory conclusion…

          Their facebooks are a whos-who of spoilt brats from a certain political party known for recruiting people based on a colonial-victorian-england-class-system criteria….

      • You have some really good points Angel regarding suspects and police investigations. It certainly does appear that so much of taxpayers funds are spent in searching for evidence while the wealthy are able to lawyer up with a “catch me if you can” attitude.

        Then to pour salt into the wounds they may then through clever legal advice and angles be able to remain silent to get a lower sentence.

        Your right it sucks.

  38. I am getting emails of people posting yet my own browser shows last comment as being from Macca…at 4.34pm…For records…Hope it is not everyone

    • Are people clicking the red word “reply” instead of just leaving a comment below? Perhaps this would put it out of order…

      • Yes thats me Caring- clicking the red word “reply” instead of just leaving a comment below! .Is that not the correct way-clicking the red word “reply”- to reply directly to a post, if it is further up in the thread? and then you put the new ones /ideas thoughts down the bottom- if you want? Dunno please educate me! Robbo apologies for “incorrectly” thinking you have identified the GBC thumbs down clan ;-) . I will lower the Caffienne intake lol ;-)

  39. Hi Robbo
    Sorry for the confusion i have 2 computers i post from to follow this crime as much as possible , a work 1 and a home 1

    the 4.34 post to angelkim was indeed mine

  40. Hey Robbo… Been realy busy today and apologise for not messaging earlier regarding your son.. I’m glad to hear he is doing better and my thoughts and prays are with you and your family.. Thank you for the update and the time and effort you put into your site.. Really appreciate it

  41. Star Chamber is:

    CMC using “Coercive Powers”

    Coercive hearings power

    “We are the only law enforcement agency in Queensland with the power to conduct coercive hearings, which enable us to compel people to attend and give evidence. This greatly increases our ability to break through the ‘wall of silence’ that frequently characterises major crime and corruption, and get to the truth of matters under investigation.

    Coercive hearings enable investigators to:
    •open, advance or eliminate lines of inquiry
    •tie the witness down to a story
    •test the reliability of a witness
    •test the strength of a witness’s version of an event
    •fill in evidentiary or forensic gaps
    •override the right to silence and the privilege against self-incrimination
    •secure otherwise unobtainable evidence.”


      • Thanks Berry, this is really interesting! For others, here is the link:

        What I’m encouraged to hear is that they can “override the right to silence” (great!) and “fill in evidenciary and forensic gaps”! I’ve never heard of this and didn’t know it existed.

        It seems that the Star Chamber has powers that the police do not have, which is clearly hampering this investigation. I just hope they can use it in a murder case like this one, not only the ones mentioned below (which is on the above link):

        “This power enables us to respond to the growing sophistication of organised crime, and to the impact on society of sexual offending against children and other serious crimes that can at times defy ordinary investigative methods. We use our hearings power, not only in our own investigations, but also when police request our assistance with theirs as they do not have the same range of coercive powers.

        As well as the power to compel people to attend and give evidence, we have the power to require the production of documents and other items. This is a vital tool for conducting financial investigations into organised crime and money laundering, and we use it extensively to help in confiscating the proceeds of crime.”

        Let’s hope they use this power on one of the accessories!!

        • acc-[-australian crime commission]have that power its usually used on orgonised crime;but need evidence to support it as it should be.if they refuse to answer they are then charged with refusing to answer and have to appear in court usually 3 mths jail .coroners inquiry a different matter;if ur called and refuse to answer or refuse to appear that is contempt of court.u can be detained indefinatly till they decide to answer.

          • Great, I am very keen to see this right to remain silent which is absolutely used for all the wrong reasons in this case to be removed from GBC and all his potential accomlices – then this case will progress at the rate of knots. If they insist they can then all go and sit and be ‘silent’ in jail for contempt of court for as long as it takes them to decide to loosen their lips and fess up to their involvement in this awful crime. It’s all too convenient being able to refuse to cooperate from the comfort of their homes – let’s see how long they are silent from the discomfort of jail!!!

            • RIP Allison , i too wonder how long it would take people to fess up after meeting Bubba and the Boys ……. I can hear them now, singing the Johnny Cash hit ” Ring of Fire “

    • I never really knew anything much about this avenue. Thank you Berry for that information and lets hope to hell that if the Police are hitting walls that they can bring this one out and the CMC is used to fill in evidentiary or forensic gaps. Great info :)

    • Thanks Berry regarding explanation on Star Chamber
      It would be good if the police are allowed to interview Allison’s children.

  42. let me put this out there…..

    1. if i were innocent – there’d be no need to come to aussie criminals and thumbs down anyone.

    2. if i were guilty – the last place i would be would be aussie criminals thumbing down theories and getting all worked up over things – because wouldn’t the mere fact that you are trolling the internet for stories about yourself – be incriminating should police be tracking your every move? i’d certainly be staying clear of anything to do with the crime if i were guilty and trying to get away with murder.

    surely these people can’t be THAT dumb huh?

    • The sick psycho that slayed the Rowe family here in SA not only watched the report on the news with his mum at the breakfast table, but also VOLUNTEERED his DNA!! Killers are not of sound mind and for all we know ‘they’ were probably part of the search party for Allison.

      • I have seen a couple of stories like that South Aussie and it just makes me feel so sick. I saw one just recently … not sure if it is the one you mention where the young guy was actually part of the Rural Fire Service who came to the rescue but he had purposely lit the fire in the first place and people had been killed. Just sickening to think that these people pose as the volunteers and innocent.

  43. Id like to actually thank P.Tully for planting a seed of thought. There are many of us who do not know what options are available within the criminal justice system and you just never know who is reading this or any other blog for that matter. It could have made someone, somewhere reconsider their own options in regards to this situation. Ive also noticed that when the heat is applied by the public on websites/blogs etc the authories give us a little more insight…I like it!

    • Waves to South Aussie and hopes you’re not too cold down there in that exquisite place, oh to be sipping a strong Latte in Aldgate right now, even a cafe on The Parade would do :)

      Now, don’t be feelin’ too grateful to the not-so-illustrious Tully …. check out all the rest of his time wasting blogs and learn up on the nature of this beast .

      Bear in mind, this rather insignificant to everyone except himself, COUNCILLOR, comes from an area, let me see – take all of Elizabeth (sorry to generalise but there’s no real room to differentiate in that locale based on stats), that large cluster of buildings known at “Yatala” and “Northfield” combined, add Hindley Street, and RAH’s Emergency Dept. at 3am on a Sunday morning and you’ve got a reasonably good insight into is turf that has more Staffies than people (wink). I wish I could say he’s simply “salt of the earth” to soften it, but I simply can’t, and won’t.

      Personally, I can’t figure out why Redback doesn’t save us the angst hasn’t and make an appt. to go see Tully and hit him with all his manic concerns and allegations …. “Tully’ll sort ‘em right out, don’t you, don’t you, don’t you worry ’bout that mate”, blithering idiot.

  44. south aussie, i followed the downie case from day one – he even went to the memorial at the house and read the flowers/cards etc….unreal.

    i had never thought of it in this case…..i know some murderers like the notoriety, maybe these people are just the same!

    • I know this is a murder investigation but there has been talk about depression and suicide so for what its worth, family friends of mine just lost their mum to suicide. No note, no nothing. On furthur investigation it has been revealed she was a gambler with over $300,000 dept to her name….

      Two years ago a friend was killed in a murder/suicide situation because she wanted to leave her long term partner…

      On the weekend a friend was arrested for domestic violence, she is not pressing charges but currently the police have taken out an AVO for 22 weeks…

      You never really know what’s going on in peoples minds or behind closed doors, it can be pretty ugly!

    • Hey! thumbs down person! Asha’s saying “MAY BE these people are just the same!” can you explain why keep thumbing down????? Thank you

    • Thx Asha, as I think Robbo explained thumbs down can mean simple disagreement, which is fair enough, nothing to do with innocent or guilty. But there definitely seems to be a lot of those with “vested interests” posting “thumbs down” on some very impartial but exposing comments. The media coverage/ exposure about these forums, such as Robbo’s, shows that this very exposure is making some very close to the Perp’s or Publicly named person’s very nervous/uncomfortable, or maybe it’s just bad for their back pockets – great! Robbo knows their IP addresses/Avatars, but he will not expose this! As you say we get the general “vibe of who they are and how they operate” ;-) .

      • Yeah the thumbs downer has never been my fan Angel. Maybe we are just too close to the truth that it hurts them a bit. :)

  45. It’s abundanty clear the S-G will have to fall on his sword…. or a court-martial will be convened….

    and that goes for his civic-action, red-cross-minded Mother Teresa colleague who was in there on some counter-insurgency mission to rescue those kids apparently….

    This is simply too serious…..

    If the Headmaster doesn’t do something soon we’ll have to ask his boss to put that catchy slogan of his into action…

    Oh, hang on second… that slogan… what is it again? Can ……

    Hmmmmmm…… these slogans are plastered all over certain individuals vehicles….

    I am suprised these two individuals refuse to do the honourable, honest and decent thing and resign immediately…

    … For everyone over Australia who is watching this spectacle….. you can begin to see where this “business-as-usual” attitude originates out here in the Western suburbs, and this phenomena is not exclusive to a certain family… it’s quite contagious out here and many people suffer from it….

  46. Central Command to Delta-Bravo-Foxtrot and Mike-Delta-Whiskey… do you read copy ? over

    …now consider this…. I know it’ll be hard… but everyone please… it’s makes me want to punch a hole in a wall…. but there IS a possibility – however slight – that certain individuals may or may not be bought to justice in this case for certain crimes…. I don’t think I need to elaborate or name names here…. or paint possibilities that could include lawyers and controversy and people getting off on a really sleazy legal technicality and the massive community outrage and backlash that would definitely occur and that TWO CERTAIN INDIVIDUALS would be the #1 and #2 candidates on the hit-list for that outrage…. and jesus… lets nots think about that because that would be ugly that mongrel….. the potential wrath and fury of Australia that would be unleashed here… its too much to imagine…. but you will be held partly responsible… I guarantee it…

    I would not associate yourself (and everyone near me) to the juggernaut that would come crashing your way…. should such a travesty occur… you will be run out of the country…..

    I would get as far away from this toxic puddle that your have foolishly waded into NOW.

    No ifs and no butts…. set an example here…. they know who they are….

    You have sat too long here for any good you have been doing.
    Depart, I say, and let us have done with you.
    In the name of God, go.

    • Are you claiming that those two politicians are involved in obstructing justice?
      It’s hard to interpret your post as you seem to be channelling some of the more dramatic posters, and you were writing at the witching hour.
      But this is the gist that I’m picking up. You’re implying that two conservative politicians are involved in obstructing the course of justice.
      I wonder what the pay off is for those two?

      • I don’t recall the guy out at Ipswich a few years ago… the guy who actually made a reasonably, semi-convincing, lame, half-arsed televised appeal for his “missing wife” and who did actually make an effort to pretend he was joining the search… I don’t recall him receiving a visit from a Queensland Government Cabinet Minister and his local Councillor through his door to defend him and speak out on his behalf… if he did, would it have stopped him from promptly getting arrested and charged ? Again… I don’t know…. would support be welcome in such circumstances ?
        Think about it if you were in the position… These politicians clearly assisted this family with highly visual, verbal and moral support for the collective decision of the you-know-whos to adopt that flagrantly offensive uninvolved-attitude to his wife’s search…. what an insult….

        Are you saying that they were unaware of the specious – and deliberate – lie that a certain husband made about being “banned-from-a-command-post”.. when they made their visits… or the interview or the car crash…. they cant claim they didnt…

        If these clowns had had the barest, most simple common sense to balance their stance with a visit to the Dickies and the police at the command post… they might not have to resign… they sure would have been welcome… and some were surprised… not to mention offended… by the way they chose to associate themselves….

        They couldnt use a telephone ?

        I’m not suggesting a “pay-off” or a kooky “Colonial-LNP-Zimbabwe-Baden-Powell-Clay” conspriacy… I’m just demanding some transparancy here… they cannot duck these perfectly valid questions and issues of public interest… and especially not when they are public servants…

        The actions of the two individuals is inappropriate… I will give Breaker Morant and his colleague the benefit of the doubt and assume he has severed ALL business links, and I mean all….
        If they could come out and say that now, that would be appreciated… also they should be sitting down to work on their resignations/full explanations… Thats their current assignment.

        That extinct real estate agency that peddled those foul blazers is slain… but business interests in the area have not disengaged from this family… they are being propped up… who ?

    • Oh Chris and what a cruise it would be….I can just seem them all on the drive for recruitment…. we are only looking for the young and talented ….. not the old or middle aged and talented…. only the young. Very very scary and I believe it is also illegal in this country now to state a particular age group that you are targeting for recruitment. In resumes now you are not supposed to put your age down because we have been told that in Australia people are hired on merit not age. I wonder how Chucky got around that one?

  47. I havent had a lot to say of late however i have read each and every message and have noted many ‘thumbs down’ being posted, i take it that is some sort of support for POI’s , what i cant fathom is why they dont come on board and tell us their reasoning …. that would make sense to me.

    I’d have thought the Reverend who is unfortunately related by marriage would have the intestinal fortitude to step forward as his flock would by now be wary of anything he preaches.

    Mr n Mrs Dickie along with Allison’s brother and sister have acted with honour and decorum befitting a close and loving family , i do hope they are in constant contact with those poor children who i feel will be being fed lies about their Mum .

    I sincerly hope the ‘resolution’ Det Ainsworth alluded to very soon brings about murder charges.

    And to the Baden – Clam Up’s …. i’m no cactus expert but i do know a prick when i see one !

    • totally agree Mike, nowhere have I read the brother in law held a prayer meeting or anything of this nature whilst A was reported ‘missing’. surely as a Minister of the church if he had ANY concerns for A he would have gathered his ‘flock’ together praying for her safety. This is just a sad,sad case and I sure hope that ‘full of himself monster’ gets what he deserves in prison. Hope when it goes to trial it’s an open court and all us bloggers can have the front rows :)

    • It appears that our Criminal Legal system is in need of an overhaul to remain a vehicle for Justice against Crime in our society. This family is using its ‘right to remain silent’ to avoid being called to account in a serious crime of murder.It has cost millions of our taxpayer dollars and resources in the Police/SES search for 11 days. The crime investigation involving many Police officers, 25 detectives,forensic officers, forensic testing, etc over the past seven weeks has cost thousands of taxpayer dollars – because of their ‘right to remain silent’! This is not acceptable to the Australian taxpayer. If the QLD Police have approached CMC to use ‘star powers’ as alleged, then this would be appropriate. Remove this families right to remain silent.The community is collectively outraged.

      • Thx Redback/Mike/Chris/RIP/NBV/Caro and all others, there is clearly a “sense of Outrage” at the process (or lack thereof-excluding the QPS and their outstanding back breaking workloads). Those External to this blog/thread (mostly paid individuals) – quick to jump onboard for publicity (notoriety), Money (parasites), or political spotlight (shame) and they have only but exposed their true colours (blazers anyone?) and those external have also shown us their lack of integrity, as the majority vote on here and agree. I agree Sth Aussie-mR P.Tully has explained what “should possibly be advertised/explained to the Qld public, that is part of the unsolved murder resolution process”-make them talk and split their ranks and shut down their legal criminal defence entourage/smokescreen. The Public is being robbed of Justice, closure and significant funds-that “Can Do” says we don’t have- TENS MILLIONS WASTED BY INACTION!- AGAIN!

    • According to the Reverends website his wife is too busy organising scrap booking parties to worry to much about her murdered sister-in-law in Brisbane. Suggestions that had been put on their FB site to say prayers for the Dickies, children, Police and rescue teams who assisted in Allisons missing person and subsequent murder investigations has been taken down.

      They probably didn’t like the suggestion for special prayers to be said that the murderers are brought to justice to end the pain and agony of those left behind.

    • Hi Mike,

      Quote: And to the Baden – Clam Up’s …. i’m no cactus expert but i do know a prick when i see one ! Unquote.

      LOL, LOL, LOL!!!!!!!!

  48. A very positive thought for today would be, police being allowed to interview Allison’s children with Star Chambers powers!

  49. Redback- again a Quote that ticks so many boxes- old habits/traditions/connections die hard –Love it- so true…. Pineapple Politics in the Moonshine State …. That’s what we have just observed by those politicians 2 attending and 1 post by Tully posting. But the flipside is that those in Canberra are leading the way for that same quote on the exact opposite side of the political fence (without Pineapples growing in their backyard!). I have no political affiliation- but I know when something stinks! Yep that “ join the winning side Cans ” can be a contagion, glad you are keeping them partially honest in their “elite” circles.

    • I loved the “Pineapple Politics” Redback.

      If we could put all the Politicians Bullshit into cans and export it all overseas we would have enough work to start factories in every local area and manufacturing in this country would again start booming.

      “The Moonshine State” – well half of them talk as if their on it.

      I’m like you Angel I have no affiliation to Political Parties but I get involved in Community Stuff in my local area so unfortunately Politicians are part of that bandwagon. Some of them are quite helpful whereas others are so transparent that you can see what they had for breakfast. The ones who roll up their sleeves and help out in Australia’s Biggest Clean Up and do plenty of charity and unpaid work for the community are the ones who get my vote.

  50. Bill-Thx- now we are “talking”… Australian crime commission…I think the CMC is ?Qld and a little to “close to certain state political Processes/persons, as we have already seen –Pop up! Star chamber / coroners inquiry-this sounds like “Can Do!” or is it “interstate/federal”? If u r called and refuse to answer or refuse to appear that is contempt of court.u can be detained indefinitely till they decide to answer…Bring it on – FAST! The problem is, we know that characters involved and they will all LIE like their very LIVES/ASSES depended upon it, just as “Many Current Politicians in many countries do with Pre-Election undeliverable promises and backflips”…thus is it correct to say the “suspects/perps” will without the confirmation of perjury or tripping one another up (which QPS should have been ALLOWED to do in the first place BY GETTING SWORN STATEMENTS FORM THE POI) , that will be their only chance of (a lesser) undoing/conviction, without concrete forensic evidence? I am saying that Yes we should very quickly call in these Australian crime commission / Federal and star chamber / coroners inquiry, as it has gridlocked (Kind of like a “simple tunnel” in “Can do” terms!).

  51. Congrats Robbo! I had my boy at 25-6 weeks @ 810gms in Brissy ICU for 3+ months – being premmy makes for really, really strong kids (in all spheres down the track), you’ll see!

    Not a friend or known to a single soul in this terrible crime, not part of the clan, not even a supporter! In fact, I do believe that GBC’s actions and inactions had more than a little to do with ABC’s demise, but whether she died at his hands remains to be seen, and proven in a court of law..

    Now, before you all run off bleating and filling poor R’s inbox with your emails of complaint, I am expressing an opinion, something this blog welcomes, and I am NOT pointing the finger at any individual in a favourable or derogatory manner as you can see …

    Gawd I’m having a chortle though – some people actually allow themselves to think for a single moment that the perps/s, friends, family or associates would be huddled around a computer giving thumbs down to certain people who feel their posts are being victimised, getting too close to the truth (that’s my fave), hurting perps’ feelings etc .

    Does it not make more sense to take your posters’ hats off, sick back, read the comments from a totally neutral perspective and, before assuming anything, SEE THE BLOODY PATTERN of thumbs down (an up) – go’on look really hard, you’ll see it.

    Blind Freddy can see the pattern of those offering clear, consistent, irrefutable non-emotioinal facts and information …. surprise, surprise, where the hell are their thumbs down??? Doh!! Their facts must be terrifying for the perps who know them to be true but we, the readers, the giver of the thumbs, find their posts valuable and interesting, not base, common, coarse, bombastic and ot the least bit self-serving, distasteful or offensive as so many others can be.

    Those who have nought to offer other than total forum domination (oh lordy, it’s post after post after ruddy post with barely else getting a word in edgewise between the fixated rants), or totally incoherant ramblings understood only by the writer, or vile vitriol, venomous nastiness that brings down many other peripheral individuals just for the hell of it, obviously forgetting that EVERYONE’S KIDS named, shamed and dragged in, whether rightly or wrongly, will be reading your stuff for generations to come – wow, your chance to be heard, read & revered (NOT) ad infinitum, they get the majority of the thumbs down? And why the hell wouldn’t they? Seriously folks, can you not see that? Some thumbs down, of course, appear because readers disagree with what has been said, and they simply choose not to respond, that’s their choice but the majority appear the minute emotion comes into it and all that that entails.

    Those of you who’ve taken absolute ownership of this in the most bizarre fashion, here night and day, all day every day and night …..99.9% didn’t know Allison, you’ve formed your angelic status opinion of her based entirely on a few glowing snippets in the media. Maybe she was an angel who walked among us, maybe she wasn’t, it’s an entirely moot point suffice to say, for all we know she could’ve been ALL of those things you’re suggesting about her husand and, so what the bloody hell if she was, it’s no-one’s damn business except hers, just as his & his family’s private business is theirs, until proven guilty!!!! Then & only then is it fair for all the BS allegations to come out imo, but what person in their right mind could be bothered in any event?

    Oh, but all you care about is the kids & justice – well don’t type $hit for the kids and their kids and theirs to read until their dying day, wtf is so hard about that, keep your filthy, acid tongue to yourself – I’ve read the F word, the C word, suggestions that the kids’ father is a male’s bitch etc etc – nice, real nice! Murder isn’t nice either but no-one knows who dun it yet so hold your venom for them until we do, hey!

    How dare any of you drop $hit on gays, bi’s, swingers, bdsm’ers etc as though there is something wrong with them, that they’re misfits etc? I can easily point to more and bigger misfits than that, Canberra is full of them, as are many other areas, both real and virtual :)

    C’mon down Mr. Marple, use the balls you were born with and put me back in my box as you so love to try doing – ’tis not why I left btw, the nastiness was making me lose faith in humanity.

    • Well said. People are getting beyond carried away, when we barely know any real facts. No one knows what happens behind closed doors unless they are your doors.

      • Why thank you The Observer, best you brace yourself for the onslaught of being called part of the clan, a cohort, perhaps even a perp, and, shock, horror, the multiple thumbs down that are surely about to befall us both just because our opinions on what’s right and wrong, just and unjust, don’t appear to fit with the majority’s beliefs herein.

  52. Some thoughts on the Qld Crime & Misconduct Commission that may help a few posters.
    I do not have a legal background but am grateful for received informed knowledge.
    I’m happy to stand corrected, by other informed argument.

    The CMC is not a quick fix for where the QPS cannot find enough strong evidence to secure an arrest AND conviction.

    The CMC was largely set up to assist in investigations into (say) the Public Service & corruption;
    it was not set up for criminal investigations as such.

    Evidence given in the Star Chamber cannot be used against the person giving that evidence. Hence it has been used to get evidence from those around the scene – accomplices after the fact, witnesses etc … who can be forced to inform on the main suspect(s).

    For example, in the case of a bikie related shooting, it could be used to gain evidence from wives & girlfriends and mates of suspects, rather than the suspects themselves. And in some cases those people may have chosen to go to jail for 9 months for refusing to answer questions, rather than dob in their mates.

    Hope this contributes to a perspective on QPS, who are doing a great job.

  53. HolyHellBatman – you started off so well……… unfortunately you lost it big time towards the end, you really need to watch that temper. Thumbs down for you!

    • Temper Kati? I have no temper sweet thang, and I cannot help but wonder at your perception that you arrived at such an conclusion.

      Oh, I see, it must be it’s because ultimately I dared to challenge the “in gang” who just love the oneupmanship games of their oh so witty little comments about fags, hags, and swingers, or those who become fixated with something entirely unrelated like a Staffy with a bone until the inevitable & hilarious brawl breaks out, or those who like to sling the word “Bubba” about as though he’s their big Bro & he’ll make ‘em pay, lmfao.

      Oh, and enough about the freakin’ useless pollies already, who gives a flying rat’s crack if they visited whomesoever for whatsoever … clearly one person does, to the point of bloody distraction. Jees if only they wrote so tirelessly about female circumcision, women being stoned, jailed for adultry because they dared to report rape, ffs, get over the minion moronic pollies who’ve had more bandwidth than they deserve. WTF was this blog about again?

      • sorry to be a “distraction”, its an open forum… express your opinion, listen to others…. thats this blog….

        This is about accountability and transparency here… I am not “ranting”… and this outrageous issue which is just being swept under the carpet with a “business-as-usual” attitude won’t be going away until these people knock off the moonshine….

        Local constituent or not (which I am), this is of urgent concern and a valid issue of public interest.

        Give me another slug of the moonshine….

        • Sure it’s an open forum, that’s why we had to suffer “the bridge” ad infinitum, now we got the stinkin’ pollies ad infinitum …. a quick perusal of your past thumbs would indicate that this open forum likes to post and MOVE ON ….. onwards & upwards, onto a plethora of issues as to the ins and outs of a duck’s guts.

          Hint, it’s those with short, sharp, crystal clear, unemotional facts, figures and info who get the accolades here, some just don’t get the hint though. Moi, I don’t give a damn, ‘coz it’s all totally inconsequential until “his” “her” or “their” day of reckoning in Court comes, and when that guilty verdict is read out is when my tone changes and I become more vicious than anyone on the planet, difference is, I do have the contacts to make life uncomfortable, not just piss and wind like so many sprouting off about small-fry Bubba.

          • Holy shite batman!!!! Your frustration has been building up, and now the overflow. You have just made me do a rather pig snorting laugh. Thanks for your words, but don’t think they will understand it.

  54. A line has been crossed by these public servants… they abused their public position to give the (perhaps non-intentional) impression of special privilege or support,,, when they should have stayed neautral or done nothing – or gone done and supported the Dickies and the police/SES search…

    These two individiuals are attempting to duck this fact, in what is the most juvenile display of non-accoutability in this whole saga by people who should be setting an example…

    It seems this “business-as-usual” attuitude of these people is common in their western-burbs social-circles….

    I cannot recall I accused murder suspect in Queensland receiving a personal, publicised, shoulder-to-shoulder show of support and association… by a Queensland Government Cabinet Minister and his local councillor…. this has never occured before !!!!! Its bizarre….

    And the final problem iis… these two people are known to be speaking out and defending the family in public and private – they are Baden-Clay supporters who have overlapping business/finanacial interests…. they havn’t been forthcoming about this and they know it…. that is their right to do so, but not as elected public servants and they failed to consider this before acting… but that is no excuse….

    And the most a serious allegation agianst the people – one I am reluctant to make – is their involvment with the children…

    Thats what bothers me… this man has used lawyer tactcis to hide behind the children (and prevent those children from talking), and these two policiticians has given him very visual verbal, moral and public support….that would have no doubt encouraged this clan to adopt that offensive non-involved attitude during his wifes search.

    RESIGN NOW OR BE PUSHED Mr Flegg and Mrs De Wit.

    Campbell Newman is starting to look a little non-involved in the biggest policitical issue in recent Aussie history…. he can start by can-do firing these clowns…..

    • You are sounding a bit “chip on shoulder” there, Redback. I bet you see people as the “haves” and “have nots”. Seems to me that you are looking for leverage to get on a personal favourite political soapbox.
      Holybatman is spot on – the political slant is completely irrelevant.

  55. Redback. You’re getting a thumbs down too, this is not a political forum so give us a break from your anti LNP rants.

    • By the living christ, that’s a huge thumbs up for you right there Kati girl – see, ’tis only one of the “in gang” who could get away with saying that though, all others would be driven out with garlic & biggus stuckus lmfao.

  56. OK fair enough – but this is my last short one :-)

    I am just saying fellas… listen up… and I can’t make it any clearer than this…

    The Beast is slain but a certain witch is still floating…. and they are not sinking anytime soon…

    Can you not see this? The wool is being pulled over our eyes….

    I am just trying to understand why…. and there are reasons….

    Think…. the chair is not sinking them….. why not ? its not heavy enough ?

    whats holding it up ? We need a bigger chair ? Its a pretty big damned chair already !!!!

  57. HolyHellBatman – thanks for the ‘sweet thang’ and ‘Kati girl’ but do they still apply if in fact I’m a boy?
    These bloody anonymous forums can be so gender confusing….

    • Well hell yes, the sweet thang is still applicable, but I guess we’d better ditch the Kati girl unless you’re a CD :)

      OMG what have I done, oh nooooooo ….. I’ve planted the seed, in addition to being a swinging, gay, wifebeating (rumoured) turd, now I have no doubt accusations of being a CD will be bandied about too by those in the know (of their own sandpits lmfao).

    • Well katikutloose I think I may be right in saying that holyhellbatman is a lady…yeah thats right!! I said lady!! Always thought she was a he…:)

  58. Note to all Beware
    A contributor has returned to this site today after a couple of weeks absence.
    This is the contributor who bullied Doc Watson off the site IMO
    He or she starts out softly and semi intelligently then starts getting stuck into other contributors, and then gets filthy.
    This agenda for this contributor is not in seeking justice, but to start internal brawling here. And making a name for him or herself.
    Thought it was just marvelous to find out Doc was a woman. I don’t ever recall Doc she was a male doctor. Threw vitriolic diatribe at Doc then gloated about it. See Thread 7, 27 May
    I do know that Doc Watson’s posts were positively brilliant caring and thoughtful. And I am very sorry she /he left this site. This site is so much poorer for losing the Doc.

    • Now come on Queensland Country Lady, let’s be a little more truthful for the folks here shall we dear, telling fibs and untruths will get you no-where.

      Robbo and I discussed matters at length as to why I and others left and, more importantly, if you search back to a very long post I made about those poor, poor kids, and theirs and so on as well as every other beloved of Allison’s reading all the horrific, unfounded gossip, accusations and nastiness etc, Doc Watson herself made an equally long post going to great lengths to point out that (in her professional wisdom, lmfao, despite my mental illness or words to that effect, again lmfao) the basis of what I had said was indeed very, very true in that everything put onto the www stays there forever and can do nothing but bring grief to those poor babies and that she and others should/will/would have to think long and hard about what they were going to post.

      Now Queensland Country Lady, is it necessary for me to go and find those posts of the good Doc & mine, and to cut & paste them here to totally refute your vicious BS here and now, or will you concede you’ve made a comment based on your, for what it’s worth, opinion instead of actual fact and the truth hmmmm?????? It’s there in black and white for all to see, no trouble for me to go and get it, really it’s not.

      The gauntlet is down my dear lady, the ball is in your court to save your face, instead of making up scurrilous lies that will be shown … go for it.

      • Holyhellbatman….It sounds that you strongly don’t approve of much that is written here, and I agree, at times it get’s a little over the top. I just pass through and read what does interest me. I get it that you have a point to make about nastiness etc and rambling etc. What I don’t get is why you bother to waste your time reading everyone’s so called bullsh*t and ramble on about it? Just pass over it if you don’t like what you’re reading, cos this world is full of people who will ramble and say sh^t not everyone likes…….doesn’t make it right…..just is. Do you generally sit and listen to people talk sh%t?…..No, you walk away…well I do. Just seems odd to me that you come here at all…..given your negativity toward the blog.
        I share your concern that the children one day may ‘choose’ to read about what was going on when their mum was murdered…..but I doubt it. At the end of the day, I, nor you will be able protect them from the horrendous fact of what happened to their mum.

    • Yoo hoo Country Lady … oh, incidentally, I’m a real country gal too, can’t ya tell :)

      Re cutting & posting previous posts here: A simple yes or not will suffice as to whether or not it would be of assistance to you in your efforts to clear up your, shall we err on the side of politeness and say, grossly muddled, recollection of the posts heretofore referred to that were made by the good Doctor and myself pertaining to the status quo of the childrens’ reading material foreverafter.

      • Regarding politeness

        I considered it more polite to refrain from repeating your vitriol as it is embarrassing to yourself.
        Moreover this site was for justice for Allison, not about peronal attacks, not about you.
        You left a bitter scar on this site, quite unnecessary.
        Doc W was a great asset. Yes these true professionals do work in hospitals.
        Burleigh very true and utterly caring
        Miss Marple provided some light relief and splendid insights when all around the truths being exposed were too terrible to comprehend.

        holyhellbatman As you insist on clarifying….

        27 May 11.05am

        From holyhellbatman

        On my way out the door and, incidentally this WOMAN will not be letting it hit her in the back of the head as she goes, I can tell you here & now, and I’ve not written it anywhere else, Doc W …… my feelings as to who the perp/s are is identical to yours in every respect. I nearly threw up when I watched his one and only interview, but who am I to judge?

        The difference is, due to my background (lmao, which is so far removed from what you describe, I wish it was that simplistic) is that I could not live with myself by adding to the pile of shit already left behind for those poor kids and loved ones to be out there haunting them and future generations for the rest of their days..

        I’m glad my vile vitriol reached a part of you and resonated, it’s made my time here entirely worthwhile, because people will listen to you and you will lead by example.


        27 May 9.20am

        From holyhellbatman

        LMAO, “How did it slip past us?” A murder investigation, but no COD – well, none that’s been released to those who do not need to know. You people really are superior Darwin Award contenders!!!

        Some bufffoon above tells folk like myself and Seige to go take some meds and seek psychological help, because we’re too close – wtf, nothing could be further from the truth, for my part, at least. We simply find the Behaviour of super-sloths everywhere in this matter to be beyond despicable. The scary part is, they walk among us …. People like the attention seeking Mother Superior Marples, the highly questionable Good Doctor who’s now being watched closely by their peers nationwide, and you, BurleighBrain, the tag-along-wannabee who’s a good inciter if not much else. Perhaps you all went through the same witch burning trials together in a past life and have been reunited to hang, draw and quarter the entire BC family, and anyone who’s ever had anything to do with any of them. Don’t forget those little girls have 50% BC blood coursing through their little veins.

    • I’m sorry to say this QCL but I think you are wrong!! I KNOW who you are referring to & IMO SHE did not bully anyone. I think you will also find that Robbo didn’t think so either. She came across with some very good points & people just didn’t want to see her point of view because it wasn’t theirs. I have to admit that I myself stopped posting for a bit about then too because I couldn’t keep up with the Doc & Miss Marple blog!! Emotions have been up & down on here & that is totally understandable. I myself was accused of the being the enemy basically because I said maybe GBC didn’t do it!!! So I will stand by this lady. I have always had respect for you & think you must be a lovely lady but I don’t agree with you about holyhellbatman!!

      • Thank you ever so much for those words Kenmore Mum, they mean a lot.

        It’s a sad place when such a fantastic forum that I have visited for research purposes long before this case ever came to pass, is dominated by a just a handful who gang up on those who don’t fall into line with their beliefs or principles, won’t let them speak up without deriding and ridiculing them, and then take on a misguided hero status for themselves, or wage a vendetta so unbelievably vicious based on their own past life experience and very little more it defies belief. Shrugs, such is life for the spiritually unevolved (based on their words, actions and behaviours).

        What a shame Country Lady didn’t reply in the affirmative that Doc’s and my posts would help her reconsider her befuddled opinion which will also clearly be upheld by a couple of others who would like to believe they ran me out of town – they didn’t, their apparent & very unsavoury group sickness turned me away, just as it will again around about now … like attracts like, and I have no desire to read about impending violence of a sexual or other nature, nor elaborate fantasies about how mates of mates, of mates, of yet other mates, will get him, her, and anyone else they choose to point the fickle finger of fate at regardless of innocence or otherwise.

        Once again “in-crowd” the door won’t be hitting me in the back of the head this time either, toodles.

  59. Moving on… there is a lot of useful information out there relating to Allison’s murder where thinking people are analysing the very sparse amount of information we have to go on, while trying to make sense of this horrific crime.

    I find it interesting reading instead of getting hot under the collar and frustrated. For instance, the poster Toowong(s) who is a statistician, posted facts recently on Websleuths relating to the fact supplied by the police, that they believe Allison knew her killer.

    I found them really interesting and will paste them here for you to ponder. What the poster is suggesting is that statistics indicate that only 6% of the possible perpetrator/s of Allison’s murder would be classed as a stranger, hence not known to her. In my view this considerably increases the possibility of who could have committed the murder, given that I have not read anywhere that police specified that they regarded her murder as an ‘intimate homicide’.

    Here is the link, followed by Toowong(s) comment:

    Toowong(s): “I don’t really doubt the “intimate homicide” stat i.e. for 9 out of 10 intimate homicides, the offender is the partner of the victim. Or call it 85%. I’ve had a quick look for a link but can’t see one. I’m happy to accept that stat.

    I just don’t think it is relevant.

    All QPS have stated is that ABC was murdered by someone “known” to her, they have not said it was someone “intimate” to her.

    If it is confirmed by QPS as “intimate homicide” then yes I agree with your opinion that there is a 9 out of 10 (or thereabouts) chance it was the victims partner.

    But all we know as fact is that this was a “homicide”, and according to the Aust Gov link I posted earlier, for female homicide victims, offenders fall into the following categories:

    - 53% of offenders are intimates
    - 21% of offenders are family
    - 16% of offenders are friends/acquaintances
    - 6% of offenders are strangers
    - 4 % of offenders are “other” which is defined in the fine print of the webpage as “work colleagues, employee/employer, former employee/employer, gang members, and former gang members”

    So I am sorry to harp on it CC, but I work with numbers and stats in my day job so I am pedantic about these things! Apples with apples and all that…

    If posters are quoting statistics about the likelihood the offender was an intimate partner of ABC, then IMO, 53% is the correct statistic. And there is a 41% chance it was someone else “known” to ABC, and a 6% chance it was a stranger.

    The link again for anyone who missed it:…-offender.aspx” (end quote.)

    Let’s stick to the facts.

  60. I would have to wonder, did this family have money problems ? from research I’ve done the older BC’s seem to be cashed up and even possible they own GBC’s rented house as it was sold 17 sept 1997 and the older BC’s house sold 4 days later on 21 sept 1997, so possible same person bought both houses and rented one to their son at a small fee.
    also noted the last house sold by the realestate (1)Currong St, Kenmore and (2)Sugar Rd, Anstead both sold 9th May. (3) Kangaroo Gully Rd, Bellbowrie sold 24th April.(4) Hawkesbury Rd, Anstead sold 10th April. (5)Woodfield Rd, Pullenvale sold 2nd April
    Not many sales over a 2month period and he hadn’t sold another house since 16th Feb
    NOT many $$$ coming in and don’t forget he has to pay rent,wages etc possibly lease vehicles,petrol.
    The marriage would have to be nearing the end with him having an affair so then there would be the issue of ‘child support payments’ which can nearly send a person to live in poverty.
    I know someone who pays $247 per week for one child (he does have a well paying job) however I would hate to think what a person would have to pay for 3 children (especially when business is going so bad) as they take it all on your last financial year tax statement.
    At this stage he doesn’t have NOT ONE house for sale in his realestate :) …but check out West Brisbane realestate they have lots and so do Brookfield Property Realestate and
    the other realestates. I would say that he isn’t very well liked in the area :)
    Does that really surprise anyone if he isn’t very well liked :) He is just so ‘full of himself’

    • Tick..Tick..Tick..Tick..Tick..Tick..Tick..Tick..Tick…Tock…SNAP!…. KA THUD!…hhb…did boy wonder just SNAP and plunge to his death? ;-)

  61. Ah, here we go … for those of you who believe your posts are being victimised, sodomised and bastardised, getting way too close to the truth or upsetting the precious feelings of the perp/s and are therefore receiving lots of those nasty, wasty little thumbies down …..

    Here’s proof positive that calm, thoughtful, rational, non-vitriolic posts that do NOT involve any sick attempts at humour, vile name-calling, poking fun at all and sundry, making outrageous accusations about sexuality, house front decorations, facial oddities, big bums and little boobs but DOES SAY GBC WILL END UP IN JAIL (where he belongs if he’s the perp or accomplice), as at 3.51pm Qld time has 22 thumbie wumbies up and, are you ready for this …. zero, zip, zilch, nada thumbie wumbies down, yep, that’s right, NO THUMBS DOWN, not a one ….. yet Macca rightly says they WILL go to jail for contempt if/when he/they don’t answer questions, and rightly so …. and all we reads elsewhere t/out the blog is, “Oh why is it so Professor, it’s just not fair, why do they hate my posts so” or “C’mon out here you gutless so and so and tell us what you’re thinking” lmfao, I can only say it again, Doh!!!

    Now, surely this post strikes real fear and hatred into the hearts and minds of GBC and his band of cronies, people in high places, low places of any persuation or orientation, the confused now embarrassed pollies, his truckloads of lovers both known and unknown et al, it’ll surely make their collective blood run cold, perish the thought of their precious GBC in such a place ….. can’t you just hear them now screaming, “Quick, rally the troops, more thumbs down requ’d over at Robbo’s place”, but nope, it doesn’t happen, and and it doesn’t take Einstein to figure out why……

    macca says:
    June 12, 2012 at 4:34 pm
    21 0 i
    Rate This
    Hi Angelkim

    Fear not the Coronial Enquiry WILL Happen and Gerbil and co and others will all have to answer under oath or go to jail for contempt
    there will be a result to this hideous crime which at present is held up and impeded by an out of date judical system that allows lawyers picnics

    So, I ask, what message does that send to you misguided posters who are indignant at your many, many thumbs down – if GBC, his friends, family, associates, lovers by the supposed droves (pick a sex, any sex will do and don’t worry about who got who’s keys out of the bowl), his supporters in high and low places alike, are NOT sitting there working their bleeding fingers to stumps giving out thumbs down, it is quite simply people who don’t like all of you’ve said, or disagree with something within your post. There’s many 100′s of examples similar to this where the main players have been named and their hoped for fate succinctly stated, that have received accolades … it’s all to do with the words you’ve chosen that allow your TRUE nature to shine through as to which thumb you’ll get from the non-in-crowd (who all speak the same language).

    • Interesting….Whiteanting …a late avo Mass the lad in red tights and green jocks!… , with the attempted aim of confusion/division ;-) ….awaken the scorned criminal defence attorneys and their integral staffers, awaken the councilors who’s prim reputations and associations have been queried, awaken the real estate staff supporters clambering for the last crumbs of their reputation, awaken my relatives from the vast African Veld, awaken the flock who follows us so faithfully in worshipping a higher power and defending our ?innocent man, awaken awaken and start the thumbs down….counter attack…charrrrgggeee…. . there are heathen masses…more numerous than the Zulu dawn amassing on the horizon as our ancestors so gallantly foughtt! So Many many heathens! So many badges and medlas to be bestowed! Prepare for the counter attack, as only the strong will survive, there are SKULLS FOR THE LODGE AT STAKE! ;-) Miss Marps you got that left flank? There are masses of small furry animals trying to infiltrate the thread! ;-)

    • Hi holyhellbatman. You make some valid points, but it may be preferable to take the sting of sarcasm out of your written ‘voice’ which would make it easier to listen to what it is you have to say.

      What is it you really want to say? I agree, we don’t know who murdered Allison, and we have very few facts to go on. Some posters are judgemental, accusatory, some are highly emotional and some are downright rude and offensive.

      I agree, certain posters dominate this site at various times and even though I have followed here for many weeks and intend to continue to do that, I tend to think of participating in a forum like this as being a bit like life really – there are people with louder voices than others and of opinions I don’t agree with. Although I am following the conversation, I have to admit I don’t even read some posts, but focus instead on ones that make sense to me, while I try to make sense of this appalling crime.

      • Hi Sad for Alison, I have no sarcasm in my voice whatsoever, I simply say it how it is – nice, simple, straight and direct so everyone knows exactly what it is I am attempting to convey … ’tis how I was trained many decades ago.

        • There are too many people saying otherwise HHB, you obviously don’t know your own sarcasm and your own written- want to be high moral vitriol as we have witnessed. Your training is “out of date’ and your perspective is tainted, and rather non-lateral/boring/ attacking fellow posters(I guess thats why you have been laying low for so long). Many posts here are just “taking the piss”-whether right or wrong-there is a very wide playing field-thx to Robbo. It appears to me you like pulling hair,and believe you can stand the moral high ground, but I have seen only one decent post, so time to brush up, rethink, join in, or jump out. I see your posts later this afternoon have taken a “turn for the better”, you wouldn’t want to try humour on this thread would you- coz the very popular MissMarp would make you look like “a wiggle”.

          • And who might you be, little upstart, to be telling me to “brush up or jump out” – it’s such blithering nonsense that has caused so many good, thinking, rational people to give up in disgust and jump as far away as they possibly could, but that’s ok, so long as the in-crowd still have their very own little platform to spruik into the never-never to, all is good in their world, lmfao.

            When and if my track record looked anything remotely like yours, I’d take a wee break for some R&R without the need to be told by anyone, if you know what I mean.

            In the meantime, you just keep calling on your back-up, Mr Marple, whom you consider the funniest person on the planet judging by your open and constant displays of adoration, I’m sure he’ll puff himself up and think up a superbly hilarious diatribe to amuse the masses and take their minds away from the horrible reality of ABC’s murder, if only for a few seconds.

            As for your precious Mr Marple making me look “like a wiggle”, seriously, DILLIGAF????? No, I don’t, no about the glorious Mr Marple, you, or anyone else baying for further misery, mayhem and pain from anyone, regardless of who they may be, even a murderer per se – why is that do you think? I won’t go there, little one :)

  62. I don’t think anyone should ever claim a moral high ground and accuse others of “crocodile tears” or not caring… how dare they… it’s just not right…

    We have never pretended to claim the mantle of judgement… that bitter-sweet pill, that belongs fairly and squarely to the Dickies – her parents Priscilla and Geoff and Allison’s elder sister Vanessa and younger brother Ashley… who have had this travesty imposed upon them…..they are victims no less than Allison’s children…… age makes no difference…. her sister has been hit particularly hard by it…

    We are not vitriolic and vindictive… We simply want the offenders to look these people in the eye and account for their despicable actions…..
    If and when they decide to extend forgiveness – and I’m sure they will – and set these fools on the long path (and it will be a long one with the way certain human remains were callously disrespected) of redemption, then we can consider the futures of all victims equally in the aftermath of this outrage against human decency)

    One of the few shining examples in all this is the Dickies stoic, unbitter grief…. and we will not stop asking questions until this nightmare is bought to a close for them… and particularly his parents who must be shattered in their senior age… and no less Allison’s siblings… They know the community is feeling their immense pain. No rest until justice is served – and seen to be served….

    There are many people setting poor examples here… they should hang their heads in shame…

    I did not cause this tragedy – and I sure don’t want to add to it – and if and when in the future I am accused of such by anyone’s children… I will beg an apology and forgiveness…. We act with sincere intentions with no malice towards anyone…. and even wish these fools redemption…

    The ultimate imperative is ending the second insult imposed upon the Dickies… and if questions have to be asked, toes stepped on and feathers ruffled…. Then so be it… The actions of individuals have repercussions… they should know that….

    RIP AD

    • Yes, very exciting, a news flash in the Chanel 6 news, says he’s been questioned but not charged, anymore news?

    • Well if GBC did this shocking act or was involved in any way then I trust he has enough conscience left to really come clean and if he didnt do it but knows who did then I also hope he has enough common sense to speak up. Whatever the case its all horrifically sad and it has affected an enormous amount of people.

    • Insert PlaySchool’s tune, “And the wheels on the justice bus go round and round, round and round” – god how I hope it’s nearly reached it’s destination.

      Those journo’s would be fairly sure of themselves to say, “expected to be charged tonight”, please let it be and on with the court case pronto tonto!

      Where’s that rogue Tully with his “inside information” lmfao.

      • I very much doubt the court case will be heard “pronto tonto” as you suggest, that’s not the way the legal system works as far as I have seen. More likely there will be a news blackout for months after the initial reporting over the next few days, until the trial begins. Perhaps it’s terms you use such as “lmfao” that people don’t find particularly amusing in this case.

        My heart goes out to the three Baden-Clay girls with this news tonight. God help them, how they will deal with this for the rest of their lives.

        RIP Allison.

  63. “GERARD Baden-Clay is at Indooroopilly police station, sparking speculation there could be a breakthrough in the investigation into the murder of his wife Allison.”

  64. Hi Judy, Business not so good and sales down. It appears that the demise of the business had been happening throughout most of 2011 for GBC. An agency the size of what he was carrying would not have been able to pay the rent let alone the staff with such low sales. I’ve always wondered whether the financial pressures just got too much and Allison unfortunately paid the ultimate price. If she wanted out of the marriage it possibly tipped him over the edge. In comparison businesses like West Brisbane RE have been trading probably twice as long and most likely have strong affiliations with key investors and a strong rental roll which ties them over when things are tough.

  65. I just read the breaking news hes being questioned, keep fingers, toes, legs and any other piece of anatomy i can crossedXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  66. Channel 10 5pm news just reported that he was taken in by the Police a short while ago and that he is being questioned and his lawyer has just arrived a short time ago. We will just have to wait and see what the developments will be.

  67. In a breakthrough in the Allison Baden-Clay murder investigation detectives are now interviewing her husband Gerard.

    It may bring to an end to the seven-week investigation with her husband expected to be charged with murder later tonight.

    It is the first time he has been interviewed formally by detectives in relation to the death of his wife.

    Allison vanished eight weeks ago tomorrow.

    More to come…

  68. I’m hoping tonight will bring some news, that the person/persons responsible are charged. If it is the hubby, the thought of the daughters finding out, makes me feel sick and want to cry. Justice for allison.

  69. Most people are murdered in Australia by someone of sound mind, who is well connected to them, and who cares too much. In reality – more often than not – only some one who knows you would care enough to kill you. Most Australians are murdered by someone they know and most likely by someone in their own family. People are rarely murdered by strangers. This is fact.

  70. Straight from the lawyers mouth!!! GBC expected to be charged tonight with murder!!!! Ya fucking whoooooooooooo

  71. Chanel 7 news – Gerard Baden Clay is to be charged with murder – his lawyer has told the press.
    Children are at Ferny Grove police station and are going to be picked up by Allison’s parents.

    • Oh of course he’s Devastated !!
      He thought he was so clever & untouchable.
      Devastated cause he got caught, NOT because Allission is gone.

      What a week for Australian Justice…First Lindy (never ever thought her guilty) & now Gerard (thought he guilty from day one)

      Congratulations to all involved in making an arrest possible

        • Congratulations to the QPS and all involved, you wouldn’t have charged him if you were confident! Why not give a statement Bwfuckinwanna!?? What about a pash or two? Hey Chucky, Blondie, Tone – where are you????

          Actually, we probably need to thank you Tone!!!!!

          • Trauma Trauma Chris they replayed the Pash! PUKE ….YAHOO…gerbil CHARGED ON ABC AT 7.26PM! yAHOOOOOOOOOO

  72. For those who are negative about this website, the one thing they have to accept, via the internet, people can stay informed, not like years ago when things were kept quiet and the only information available was what the Police wanted anyone to know. Now, as an old expression says, websites like this can KEEP THE BASTURDS HONEST, information is power, however it is portrayed its still powerful to know many things, people like Kenmore Mum who is right in the area, she can give us logistical information that others wont.

    The most enlightening thing I can say is that, this website has been informative, and thanks to the efforts of Robbo, we are all better off, ever you haters out there, why did you read the stuff if you didnt like it??? because you wanted more and more information. Fair play to everyone, the more people talk the more information is out there, never for get KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.

    3 cheers for freedom of speech.

    • Hip-ip hooray, hip-ip hooray, hip-ip hooRAAAYYY!!!!!

      Sandra well said :-)

      Agree or disagree… it takes all types to makes the world go around (except for a certain mustard-colored blazer peddling scumbag…)

    • Well done Robbo for providing this site and a place for us to ‘go’ to ….in addition, your efforts have been priceless – this is just the beginning, but you are right, Sandra – power to the people!!

  73. This is fact too – National Homicide Monitoring Program since 1989. DOMESTIC HOMICIDE account for 40% of murder/manslaughter cases in Australia. Domestic homicide also reveals a supplementary fact beyond the nature of the relationship between killer and victim, and that is the location Most Australian homicide victims 63% of them in fact are killed at home or in the home of a spouse or relative. This means that for some people its safer to walk alone at night through a rough neighbourhood waving a wad of cash that it is to sit down at their own dining room table.

    • If you account for gender, the murder rate of females is even higher for those who are killed at home. Men tend to be assaulted or killed outside the home :(

  74. “Tonight’s the Night”
    Never again will I think the number 13 is unlucky…..Well maybe for Gerard it is.

    Hoping the police are going to announce the arrest during the prime time news at 6pm.

    Got the champers chilling…..

    Finally Allission may be able to Rest in Peace

  75. I can hear a massive round of applause, cheers, champagne corks popping, sporadic bursts of joy…

    A certain burly Park Ranger will be the toast of the town all over OZ tonight…. he collared this poacher…

    My hat goes off to you sir….. well done big-fella…. and all else… To the Dickies… have hope…

  76. OMG Robbo, Gerard has been arrested!!! How on earth could he do this to Allison!? I feel so sad for those beautiful little girls. RIP Allison

  77. Yes, just heard it on Channel 10 news too – what a long awaited sense of relief – well done Queensland Police and thanks Robbo for this site and all the posters providing a great outlet of some news, any news, during what has been a long long wait.

  78. I say lets stop & say a prayer for those poor little girls!!! I’m not religious but I am in tears now thinking of those poor babies!!!

  79. About time they charged this cold blooded killer too. Question is who helped him?
    Courier mail said he’s ‘devastated’. yeah he bloody looked it didn’t he? The whole time they were looking for her, the funeral, never once did he seem upset. Just the sight of the man makes me want to puke!!

    • Probably the father or Old Tone assisted, What a relief!! I was starting to think they would never arrest him!it is terribly sad for the children, god bless them, but better not to be bought up by him. Surely the Dickes will be their guardians, that will be good. Oh he is devastated, poor dear, what about Allison!!! Narcissist ! and your children. Unbelievable creepy and selfish!

        • There is generally no protection in remand while you are awaiting trial unless “special circumstances” arise. He will be processed like the rest of the trash in there and then assessed after he is sentenced, if he is found guilty in a court of law. While he is waiting though he will be in remand at Wacol with the rest of the garbage.

  80. From mustard to green attire. He may have been able to hurt and kill Allison and destroy his children’s and Allison’s family and friends lives and stupidly believe he could get away with it. Welcome to your new life GBC,hope you’re ready for some GBH, see how you like it. Well done Queensland Police. .

    • Gerbil, you won’t survive jail at all, even if you are protected …… ha….there are ways to get at you…..don’t forget the public are now even more aware of wankers like you and the perils of domestic voilence that hover behind closed doors.

      Bwfuckwanna, Chucky, Good Pastor and Assoc…..time is of the essence now, if you and your mates are not charged….you will forever suffer as the public will never forget….boycott business, boycott Northreach Christian Church, Boycott Century 21…..can’t wait for the truth to finally emerge… bring on those thumbs down, babee!

  81. Oh no! This is the worst possible news for ABC’s children. Far better for it to have been a random stranger. This is just horrible for everyone involved.

  82. Who the F*CK can give thumbs down to all these posts!!! You sick F*CKER!!! I’m sorry but thats just wrong!! I got a thumbs down for wanting to say a prayer for those girls!!!

    • Hi Kenmore mum
      The thumbs down is obvious isn’t it !!
      Gotta be mummy or daddy or sis BC as don’t think he got any friends left !!
      Don’t let the thumbs down damper this night for you.
      We have all waited for this night for so long.
      Get that champers & candle ready….for the over whelming love we all have for Allission

    • Kenmore Mum, I guess it’s really how the post is written, anyone thumbing yours down and those like yours sure have their thumb and ass kicked off here and IP blocked, unless it was a once of unlikely mistake (which can & does happen).

      However, there are other posts going on right now that are gloating about brutality to come to someone who’s been only charged, NOT found guilty yet, and imo they will of course attract thumbs down from thinking people who’re concerned about what the kids read in the future i.e. imagine them laying in bed at night knowing that someone was thrilled to bits at the prospect of their daddy being raped or bashed by Bubba huh?

      It simply beggars belief – sure, we can think it, but to actually gloat about it is just wrong imo. What if this AH, IF found guilty, was YOUR brother, uncle, cousin etc – would you seriouslly wish that on them, those who’re spruiking about it so gleefully???

      • You are right holyhellbatman. I was just so furious at the time to see them. Great to see you back btw…I always did enjoy your posts. :) (& NO I’m not just sucking up people). I have been sitting in the wings myself for a while now & just reading. I have to say I hope he rots in hell for what he’s done (if he’s found guilty). We are all very pleased he’s been charged & I’m assuming the police made sure they had it right…but we don’t know yet if he is guilty. But at the end of the day he is still their daddy & they didn’t deserve to lose their beautiful mum & then find out he took her away!

        • Damn right Kenmore Mum, the lump in our throats, knots in our guts & pricking of our eyes is just one miniscule part of what this monster has caused to a massive number of people in varying degrees, if in fact he is guilty.

          I can’t bring myself to wish anything upon him at this point in time without knowing all the circumstances, albeit the $900k life assurance could be a fairly outstanding one in this case, but once the evidence is in and we know all the how for’s and the why for’s, I truly hope and pray that it was a moment of madness, an out of control moment, crime of passion on foolish damn part, just so those gorgeous girls don’t have to lose, and and let go, respectively of both their parents’ love. The Dickies are not young people, one of them is in ill health I believe, I sure hope Allison’s siblings are in a position to take on the sole custody of her beloved girls.

          Now is the perfect time for the media to push their girls’ trust fund barrow again!

          • Well I am proud to say that my son has donated some things (rather not say what so as to keep him out of this) for the cricket match fundraiser for Allison’s girls & I’ll be there with bells on (I HATE cricket lol). It makes my heart swell that he has done this. So if anyone is in the area just drop in & even just have a minutes silence for Allison :(


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