GERARD Baden-Clay has been charged with the murder of his wife Allison Baden-Clay.

The day we have all been waiting for my friends arrived yesterday afternoon. The 13th June 2012, with the charge of Murder been slapped on Gerard Baden Clay…The man who thought he had it all figured out…It could be years before he goes to trial, who cares how long it takes. Justice is all we want for a wife and mother killed in the prime of her life. Three cheers to QLD POLICE

This will not be the only arrest people….

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On a much nicer point

Flowers and Sign have returned outside the home of Alison Baden-Clay

At Brookfield, a chalkboard with “We love you Allison,” written on it in a love heart has reappeared on the front fence of the Baden-Clay family home on Brookfield Road after being absent for several weeks.New bunches of flowers have also been strung up to the family’s front fence, although there’s no one home to see them.The Brookfield community is still in disbelief after Mr Baden-Clay was charged with his wife’s murder.(if you have been there to visit with flowers etc, please send us a pic or 2 to put up folks…)

Breaking news, Baden-Clay moves to yet another new office…Rent Free
(could not resist folks…)

UPDATE 14/04/12

GERARD Baden-Clay has appeared before a packed court to face a charge of murdering his wife Allison.

Baden-Clay agrees to give police his DNA

The 41-year-old was led into the dock at Brisbane’s Magistrate’s Court and stood with his back to the public gallery before being led out again in less than a minute.Wearing the same pink checked business shirt and grey slacks that he had on when he was arrested last night – as opposed to the usual brown prison tracksuit – Baden-Clay was led back into court after the matter scheduled before his was completed.He sat down facing the judge, his back to the gallery, and was remanded to appear on July 9.
The hearing lasted less than a minute.His lawyer Darren Mahony confirmed he would go to the Supreme Court today to apply for bail for his client.Baden-Clay was charged on Wednesday with the murder of his wife Allison and also with unlawfully interfering with a corpse.
 Allison Baden-Clay murder case: Gerard Baden-Clay vows to fight murder charge

June 14, 2012

GERARD Baden-Clay spent last night behind bars after being charged with the murder of his wife Allison. Nearly two months after phoning police to say the woman he called his “angel” had disappeared, he was taken into police custodyand charged him with causing her death.The real estate agent arrived at Indooroopilly police station yesterday afternoon where he met head of homicide Detective Superintendent Brian Wilkins and the top cop in charge of the drawn-out investigation, Detective Superintendent Mark Ainsworth. The detectives left about 5.20pm refusing to comment.It’s understood Baden-Clay was in the police station for several hours before his lawyer Darren Mahony arrived.On his way in, Mr Mahony confirmed his client was inside. About an hour later he emerged and said his client was about to be charged. “Police have indicated the intention to charge my client with murder,” Mr Mahony said. “He’s devastated.”He said clearly Baden-Clay would “defend the charge vigorously”.Members of the public watched as media waited for Baden-Clay’s departure. Shortly after, the 41-year-old was bundled, handcuffed, into a police carand driven to the Brisbane watchhouse by detectives.Upon arrival, Baden-Clay looked shocked but just stared straight ahead.Allison Baden-Clay was reported missing by her husband at 7.30am on April 20 when he told police she had left the house the previous night and not returned.Her disappearance sparked a massive search, with police turning up on their days off to join dozens of investigators and State Emergency Services volunteers to scour the bush around the family’s Brookfield home.Search crews checked dams and even abandoned mine shafts in the densely wooded suburb, pleading with locals to conduct searches of their own properties.Her body was found 10 days later by a kayaker on the banks of the Kholo Creek at Anstead. At the same time, homicide detectives and scientific investigators arrived at Baden-Clay’s Brookfield Rd home.Police asked The Courier-Mail to move back and blocked the driveway with their cars while investigators scoured the property with torches.The couple’s three daughters, aged 10, 8 and 5, were taken into police care at a separate station before being collected by Allison’s parents, Geoff and Priscilla Dickie.In a statement, the family thanked “all the people who have worked so tirelessly in the wake of this terrible tragedy”.

“We are extremely grateful for the support of the community, the people of Brookfield, the SES and the police who have gone beyond the call of duty,” they said.

“We love Allison and will always miss her dearly.

“We have a long road ahead of us coming to terms with this horrific crime.”

A close friend of Mr and Mrs Dickie said last night they were relieved somebody had been arrested for her murder but were “a long way from achieving closure”.

“They (the Dickies) have gotten no joy from this,” the friend said. “But at least there’s been progress.”

In an exclusive interview with The Courier-Mail last month, the Dickies said they wouldn’t rest until her killer was brought to justice.

Devastated with the discovery of Allison’s body at Kholo Creek crossing, they spoke of the emotional turmoil they had been through and continued to suffer.

A statement released by police last night said a 41-year-old Brookfield man had been charged with murder and would appear in Brisbane Magistrates Court today.

“Police thank the media and public for their assistance during the investigation,” the written statement said.

“Media and the public are also asked to respect the privacy of the family and friends of Mrs Baden-Clay during this difficult period.”

Baden-Clay’s parents, Nigel and Elaine, made no comment to media when they arrived at their Kenmore home yesterday evening.

Mrs Baden-Clay was an accomplished ballerina who travelled Australia and the UK as a girl with the Australian Youth ballet.
As an adult, she spoke six languages and rose through the ranks from a Flight Centre sales assistant to the company’s national human resources manager.

It was while working at Flight Centre that she met Gerard Baden-Clay. She left her career to care for her family of three daughters.

Her husband’s great-grandfather, Lord Baden-Powell, started the scouting movement, a fact Baden-Clay mentioned often in his online business profiles.

He was regularly quoted in media reports about the real estate market.

“In business, it’s simple: never lie,” he said in 2008. “For starters, it’s the wrong thing to do but secondly you will always get caught out and usually when you least expect it.

“There are just too many people, too many personalities, too many trails . . . and too much to lose.”

Gerard Baden-Clay being taken to Roma St watchhouse after being arrested at Indooroopilly police

A handcuffed Mr Baden-Clay was taken from Indooroopilly police station to the Roma Street watch-house by police, arriving just after 6.40pm.Mr Baden-Clay’s lawyer Darren Mahony said his client was “devastated”.

He said it was Baden-Clay’s intention to “defend the charge vigorously”.

Gerard Baden-Clay’s lawyers at the police station.

Mr Mahony said Mr Baden-Clay had instructed him to make an urgent bail application.

Accused murderers cannot apply for bail in the magistrates court so Mr Mahony will have to go to the Supreme Court.

However, a Supreme Court bail application cannot be heard until at least 48 hours after it is filed so Mr Baden-Clay is likely to remain behind bars until at least early next week.

A Queensland Police Service spokeswoman said police would not be making any comment on what remained an ongoing investigation.

Several police cars, including scientific police and detectives from State Crime Operation Command’s Homicide Squad, have arrived at the Baden-Clay family home on Brookfield Rd.

Police had moved the media away before the cars arrived at 6.25pm.

Scientific police appear to be searching the Baden-Clay home with torches and have switched on several lights both up and downstairs.

Mrs Baden-Clay was reported missing from her Brookfield home on April 20 after she failed to return from a walk.

The mother-of-three’s disappearance sparked a massive hunt involving hundreds of police and SES personnel.

Her body was found on the banks of the Kholo Creek at Anstead 10 days later.

Hundreds of mourners turned out for her funeral on May 11.

For more than six weeks, dozens of bunches of flowers, cards and even whirly-gigs have decorated the front fence of the Baden-Clay’s family home on Brookfield Rd.

Tonight, just five bunches remain but they continue to be a testament to the love and sadness of the Brookfield community, west of Brisbane, in the wake of Allison Baden-Clay’s senseless disappearance and murder.

Elsewhere, the parents of Gerard Baden-Clay arrived at their Kenmore home about 5.50pm without Baden-Clay’s three daughters.

Nigel and Elaine Baden-Clay rushed into the house from their car while two neighbours ran to the boot and grabbed their bags before joining them inside.

The Courier-Mail understands Allison and Gerard Baden-Clay’s three daughters were taken into police care before being handed over to the Dickies.

Gerard Baden-Clay faces a three-year wait to face court over the murder of his wife Alison Baden-Clay

ACCUSED murderer Gerard Baden-Clay could wait up to three years before a court decides his fate.

If the father-of-three is unable to win release on bail in the meantime, he will spend that time in custody among the full range of accused criminals, from burglars to serious violent offenders, at Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre in Wacol.

Baden-Clay, who spent last night at the Roma St watchhouse, will have to wait until after his appearance in the Brisbane Magistrates Court today to apply for bail.

His legal team will apply separately in the Supreme Court for his release into the community, a hearing which could take place within the week.

Expert criminal lawyer Cameron Browne, of Potts Lawyers, said accused murderers rarely won bail because the gravity of the alleged offence was a judge’s core consideration.

Murder cases also are unique among serious criminal charges in that discounted sentences are not available. Even those who plead guilty receive a life sentence without chance of parole for 15 years.

Mr Browne said the first priority of a legal team applying for bail would be to demonstrate the defendant’s “ties to his community”.

The second move would be to “point out any shortcomings in the prosecution case, which can be of assistance in getting bail”.

However, bail hearings were “not traditionally where cases rise and fall”, he said.

The defence team would offer up conditions such as regular reporting to police, curfews, the need to seek permission for any change of residence and a surety from a person financially independent of the accused.

This person will offer a bond in the form of cash or property as a guarantee the accused will show up in court.

If unsuccessful, the accused can apply again at any time but his lawyers must show “a substantial change of circumstances, for example, the case progresses in a way that shows up glaring weaknesses in the prosecution”, Mr Browne said.

While courts were “mindful of people being in custody” in scheduling the long line of hearings, murder cases generally took 12 months to three years to conclude, from charges laid to a Supreme Court verdict.

But new steps introduced last year by the Queensland judiciary to speed up the first phase of such cases through the Magistrates Court could cut this time, he said.

A key factor in the long duration of murder cases was the considerable time taken to process forensic evidence, Mr Browne said.

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429 thoughts on “GERARD Baden-Clay has been charged with the murder of his wife Allison Baden-Clay.

  1. I want to make a prediction…

    A certain unnamed criminal defendent will probably have a falling out with his legal team over unreasonale (and impossible) demands he places on them to obtain his immediate release…

    I can see the writing on the wall… Look at Mr Mahoney’s outside the court today… he looked a bit down… well I suppose he had just been meeting with you-know-who… Col.Mustard was proably demand to be let out and complaining about the food….

    imagine having to meet that man… you would feel the same…. And I told you…. Mr Mahoney or Mr Davis aren’t going to pick this grenade up…. there’s no pin and its going to explode…..


    • Dunno, Redback, although hope you’re right

      Taking a look at the suspect’s legal rep in the photo you mentioned, though, seems to me that any guy that age and in that line of work who still dyes his hair that unbecoming and fake colour — is vain, imo

      Vain. Likes attention. Big ego. Delusional obviously because time marches on and anyone who spars in court for the lives and liberty of others would surely have more sober preoccupations than covering GREY ! Don’t you think ?

      Also depends upon just WHO the suspect knows and claims will vouch for him

      If those names are influential enough, powerful enough, backed with sufficient cash — then I fear a conceited, attention-seeking ego-maniacal legal rep would be in clover and will grab as many headlines and as much cash and clout as he can by representing the suspect all the way to Hell

      Imo, the reason the ‘Hawaiian Prince’s’ legal reps dumped him was because it had been decided (at high political level) to limit the damage to *themselves* that would follow had competent legal representation be provided the ‘Hawaiian Prince’ and had the case occupied the media and public for any length of time. So he was dumped by his legal reps, ostensibly because he couldn’t pay them, but in reality (imo) to limit public exposure to the unsavoury evidence which would have become public knowledge had the Prince been adequately represented

      Not sure how much dirt Gerbil has on certain cliques. In my opinion, that’s the primary cause of concern for certain people who believed (probably for years, decades, and with good cause) that they could get away with blue murder behind the public’s back

      The question is — what does Gerbil have over people with the power to exert influence in his favour ? How influential ARE they, actually ? Can they in turn bring down the really ‘big’ people and cliques ? Or is Gerbil’s sphere of influence mostly in his own imagination or limited to people who like to THINK they’re ‘important’ ?

      Can people who might stand to lose their reputations via this case limit the damage? Can they afford to cut him loose at the mercy of the court ?


      • Redback and Burleigh- you were on a roll this avo-Nice-“ seeing how a certain twelve people react to this dishonest, lying bullsh*t-artist…. he looked like someone who imagined a different type of chauffeured luxury vehicle for his spoon-fed future. Wow the whole JML practice, and the Yellow jackets and the parish are gonna be thumbing you! onto you- loving it- keep up the Good Analogies! …. Nothing like a poetic fall from grace for a complete fool…Please slow Redback my stomach muscles are hurting! These bombastic truths! …. Their family name is now a byword for spouse-killing-freaks…. and bad driving…factual Genius ;-) … The family name, which he has been unfairly peddling like a junkie – would also be tainted…. More Classics… Burleigh superb…. seeking to turn back the tide of criminal investigation as if they were Moseses turning back the tide..AND THE PRINCE…he was Tahitian..ficticous, but on a VERY SERIOUS NOTE- I hope that the reason his-Joel the Thief’s – legal defence was inadequate, was because he wisely fessed up, and broke down…the money trail would have been too damming JMO. I certainly hope that there is NO political interference in the Judicial process and it is tried by a very harsh Justice from the Opposite political spectrum to Gerbil, and all is exposed and transparent. thx guys!


  2. Oh ffs redback, think about it, what on earth would they use for bail surety – 200 baggies full of asst’d leaf and powders, 5 Harley Davidsons, 2 HSV Utes and a partridge in a pear tree.

    They can’t raise their IQ, they can’t raise bail, the only thing that lot can raise is Freddy to reproduce more of their own kind.


    • HolyHellBatman…your posts have gotten slightly better…but the elastic in your batjocks is doing you a disservice. You seem to keep standing the “moral high ground”/attacking against many long term respected posters- we’ve seen and all know what characters/personalities walk this path of moral high ground. You disspeared for a while and that was a good thing- discussion/results/varied prespectives happened. Please don’t patronise us with your virtuoso’s or I’ll go and ask to be locked in Wacol with Gerbil for a week for a stimulating conversation. The charges are murdering his wife and interfering with corpse…!..and that’s just the start! If posters are having a few too many drinks “in dealing with this heinous crime and posting whatever” it is not your role to “judge them” for that-people are in massive SHOCK- you are but just another poster, whom many find rather boring. This forum is a very healthy VENT of OUTRAGE FOR THE COMMUNITY, thanks to Robbo. If you have watched TV tonite and viewed the IMPACT this has had on the good people of Qld, then your mate-Mr GBC- Innocent until proven guilty and all his “aides” deserve every bombastic vil, vit, ven etc etc barrage they get!


    • Hmmm…..Batman, I don’t know but one does have to wonder where funds are coming from….that’s gonna create some kind of investigation…maybe?


  3. First GBD was slammed, then his father, mother, sister, brother-in-law, minsters, liberal voters, and now everyone living in the western suburbs! A sewer you say…why the anger towards such a large group?


    • Thanks, Char :)

      I like that new photo that Robbo’s put up, at the top

      the one with Gerbil moving to his new office, lol


      • No problem! Hahaha Gerbil, love the names for this scum, he won’t be just “a little bit hurt” after they have their way with him in jail….


        • Please refer to my comments on schadenfruede earlier on…

          And so many of you say this doesn’t go on here.


  4. I guess his family and friends will be pleased that some of the vile previously directed at them is now being directed towards his lawyers. You people continue to amaze me with your stupidity.

    The guy is entitled to a defence. It has been that way in this country for over 200 years. Just suck it up and get over it.

    If he is as guilty as you say he is, then it should be a slam dunk. Just remember Lindy Chamberlain and Graham Stafford as you sink the boot into the justice system.


    • trialbymedia says “The guy is entitled to a defence”.
      sure is but those lawyers of his even if they decided to pull out! got the sense they have earned a new reputation they’r stuck with for ever.
      They do seem to me on last appearance reg bail that they not having much fun associating with whole smelly case or BC (I wasn’t convinced they genuinely up to the mountined challange ahead of them).



    • Maggy
      June 14, 2012 at 7:59 pm

      “What do you believethe charge ‘interfere with a corpse” at Kholo Creek means??”

      Someone posted the legislated definition of this earlier on.

      Having said that, however, on this site it is probably best to allude to the most grisly interpretation you can assign to it, replete with a sordid (and, probably, overblown) description, followed by some appeal to the baser instincts to “Do the same to him”…


  5. The dingo dun it!

    Forensic tests will be made on a folded piece of clothing that turns up shortly…

    Haven’t we learnt anything from history?


  6. Classic ‘Law & Order’ (tv show) style case. Most crimes are scum on scum and thus rather boring. TV shows like to sex things up by having a high profile white upper-class defendant (see also Tom Wolfes “Great White Defendant” in Bonfire of the Vanities). Doesn’t happen that often in real life but when it does the media goes ape shit over it because it’s far far more interesting than the usual same old.

    Still it’s a classic to see the reaction of redback et al. They lap it up! “We’ve got one!” they scream. Hey redback, maybe if you keep inundating this blog with comments Labor will magically be returned to power in QLd?! lol.

    In saying all this I don’t like the vibe the accused gives off in this case. May justice be served.


  7. Could TMH be described as a junior salesperson in Gerard’s office, or is this article referring to yet another mistress?

    P.S. Robbo this site is now impossibly slow again for me to load, and crashes frequently. Is there something you can do to stop this from happening when posts exceed 200…?? Maybe a new page when it gets to over 200 posts…??? Do others have the same problem?


  8. Oh, spare us, I can just hear it now …. “You Honour, if it pleases the Court, my client’s surety will consist of 200 x baggies of assorted powders, tablets and green matter, 6 x Harley Davidsons of dubious origins, 3 x HSV Utilities all modified and none road-worthied, 5 Purebred Staffies without papers, 6 Fully Trained Pig Dogs, and a partridge in a pear tree”.

    They can’t raise their IQ, they can’t raise their bail, all they can damn well raise is “Freddy” so they breed more to walk amongst us, and then they can’t raise them!!!!


  9. Would going back to retreive her rings from her body constitute ‘interfering with a body ‘ . Meaning the fingers might’ve been broken in order to do this as horrible as it sounds …..?


    • Sections 236 (b) of the Criminal Code Queensland states:

      “Any person who, without lawful justification or excuse, the proof of which lies with the person –

      Improperly or indecently interferes with, or offers any indignity to, any dead human body or human remains, whether buried or not.”


    • If that was the case (and I know we don’t know any thing for sure yet), fingers been cut, blood found in the care and suggestions of DV that night, then may be there are some messy clothing are being burried some where, and may be (I stress may be) they are in one grave with Allison’s mobile!


      • I mean “Blood found in the car” not care….. Aaaaah, making so many spelling mistakes.
        My eyes are so sore, my time is divided between FTworking and been on my laptop…not much sleep these days :(
        I will try to have a break


  10. Redback…Great line and so so relevant to the CHANGES THAT MANY OF US HAVE DISCUSSED- NBV, CARO etc etc a few days ago before this Flea Bag got Charged.” This is my main complaint about our current criminal justice system…. its allows you to buy justice… and that is un-Australian…. richer people like these jerk gets things unavailable to others under our law” THIS IS INJUSTICE- MONEY BUYS- NOT GUILTY WITH THE LEGAL ILK GERBIL IS ATTEMPTING TO “HIDE BEHIND” – UNDER THIS SYSTEM- SO QLD CHANGE IT !


    • Hi Angel, I’m definately with you on that one – the inequality of the legal system where the rich can lawyer up to avoid questioning and having to comply with Police requests and the poor are not offered the same justice because they cannot afford it.

      My personal opinion is that it should be a level playing field and one rule for everyone – not the rich (or in this case pseudo rich with rich friends) can lawyer up and get advantages whereas poor old Joe Citizen from Woodridge who commits the same crime has to face the music straight away.

      Why didn’t Gerard face the music straight away? Why wasn’t he made to answer questions and in particular give DNA immediately?


  11. I just read GBC has been transferred to the medical centre for observation. Is this where he will cool his heels until his defence attempt to bail him on Monday.?


  12. so he must’ve used their two cars on that night , one to dump the body the other to go back to it with no accomplice … ?




  14. Not sure how this fits in with QPS asking Channel 9 for a copy of the network programming schedule for the 18th April from 4pm till 4am!! Source is above video posted by ROBBO. Allison was reported missing on the morning of the 20th April. She got her hair done and spoke to her best friend on the 19th April. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?


    • Did the reporter get the wrong dates? Programming schedule…that just means what was on TV right? It doesn’t mean a copy of the footage of the shows?

      Really strange, only thing I can remember is that he may have said she was ‘watching TV or the footy show’, something like that. Strange.

      Staggered to hear they nearly charged him 3 times separately, wish they had of.


    • My idea on the programing has to do with what was on telly at the time (obviously) also what is running in background on phone calls he made etc, and his phone showing he was (and allison no doubt) somewhere else when he reckons he/she was watching telly at home


      • In regards to QPS asking about programming schedules for the 18th April from 10-4am, recent reports have now indicated that she expired ‘on or about 19th April’. Maybe her body has given away that information (decaying of body) etc that she may have died earlier.
        OW claimed she spoke to her on Wednesday evening and her friend KAW best friend said she received an sms from her on Thursday to say that she needed to drop some things off to her on the way home from this conference. Is it too farfetched to say maybe it wasnt her sending the sms’s!! Were the children taken to school by her on Thursday morning? Did she get her hair done on Wednesday or Thursday? All that is said is that she got her hair done the night she went missing!! Also the their have been no reports from the hair salon, have they been ordered not to speak to media or anyone.


        • ceefer, for what it is worth, I haven’t seen a hairdresser open on a Wednesday night, only Thursdays. Perhaps the programming info needed is for another person, not GBC. As for the on or about the 19th, it could mean late 19th or early 20th. After 11 days it would be hard to pinpoint time of death.


  15. All new prisoners are put in the medical centre. They are assessed as to their ‘state of mind’ and a decision is then made whether they will be put in with the general population of the jail or needs to be kept in isolation, under watch, or in an area for high profile prisoners.


  16. They all seem to have issues……..that Charles Tarbey FB page……….pics of naked kim kardashian???? Are they all sicko’s??


    • I have had a second look at “sicko’s”.
      The apostrophe is necessary.
      Wihout the apostrophe we might well be talking about a Greek island, “sickos” (I went to Sickos and had a jolly good time eating moussaka!.

      And, sickoes doesn’t do it either.
      Aus is right.
      Sicko’s is the only way to write it.
      NO, naysayers it doesn’t really matter. However the apostrophe matters to some.


  17. Keep up the good work Robbo ! Thankyou ! I don’t mind admitting I considered making use of my Dictionary to fathom out some of the comments. On reconsidering, I decided there is one in every crowd always………. May Justice prevail.
    I am still proud of my occupation and know for a fact, there are many genuine people working in Real Estate. A certain person may not have been one of them.


  18. wonder how GBC enjoyed his second night in paradise….sure will be ‘business as usual’ in his cosy little cell….wonder what’s on the menu for dinner tonight ??? and those dear little girls, what he has shown the three girls isn’t any form of love whatsoever.


    • judy
      June 15, 2012 at 1:44 pm

      “…wonder how GBC enjoyed his second night in paradise…” (?)

      Given his metaphorical microcephaly, I very much doubt that he spent it making up palindromes a la Napoleon… :-)


  19. hello…..having just perused the member for Moggils home page i see unfortunately he has forgotten to mention the passing of one of his most prominent supporters wife…Not sure if that is a political issue with the liberal Nazi party or just forgetfulness on behalf of one of our states leaders…he also has been unusually media silent in the last few days.


  20. seems “justice is not at the end of a gun” has a PhD in stupid!

    your constant correction of the written word on this page is tiresome.

    go find other people to bother….no one here cares.


  21. you know what — end of a gun – you think you are so clever but you are not! you are right that justice doesn’t come from the end of a gun and that’s not what most are doing here! most are simply expressing their ideas/feelings. It’s not SHADENFREUDEN! Mostly just outrage about an awful crime that has upset people xxx

    a lo



    “It’s understood there won’t be any further arrests.”

    Yet again it’s a comment made by the CM that I don’t buy into,smoke screen, that’s my opinion.

    On a side note, interesting summing up in the Sica case. Having sat in on the trial for several days, the defense barrisiter ramming home in his summing up the “beyond reasonable doubt” has me a little concerned. But having said that, I’m hoping that justice will be done.


    • Gerryrocks: there is a news embargo on this case. That means that the media can only print or announce what QP Media tell them and when. having said that I think it is a smokescreen too. GBC couldn’t drive two cars out there.


    • Hi gerryrocks, I didn’t see that you posted that about no more arrests (I just posted same below). I don’t know if it will be a smoke screen.
      The two cars information might have been found to be unrelated to the case. They might have enough information about one of the cars only and that could have led to the arrest.


  23. I am not well versed in arrest and detainment processes, but would imagine that people who are newly arrested and still undergoing assessment would likely not be allowed visitors except for their legal representatives. Makes sense to me anyway.


  24. On an unrelated note, I haven’t managed to read every single comment on this topic but was wondering if anyone knows why one of the cars had damage to the front of it? Saw a photo of one of the cars in the news when it was released from impoundment and the front was quite badly damaged. But I guess if police thought that the car had relevance to the case then it wouldn’t have been released? Is the other car still impounded?


  25. So my question is how was his cars front damaged? But I guess if it was pivotal to the case then they wouldn’t have released it from impoundment, is the other car still impounded? Didn’t they find blood in one of the cars (from memory Alison’s car?). My initial thought on seeing the photo, before GBCs areest, was that she may have been run down with a car, but the police have stated that she was killed in the family home….so I guess that rules that theory out.


    • Failing eyesight here. I was about to reply to “Sam” but I think it’s “Sarn”?
      There has been nothing released about the car’s front damage that I have read. I agree that the car would not have been returned unless it was deemed to be unrelated.


  26. He may not be on suicide watch. He could be held in the medical wing for his own safety also. They have never said he’s on suicide watch which they normally do if people are in there. They may deem it to risky to put him in the general population and/or they may not have room in the isolation or ‘special’ high profile area.


    • Cut in half what we already know about the case. Then cut that in half again. And again. *That’s* how much we know and/or are being told about what is really happening. The media might have had have special conditions slapped on them from a legal point of view, so while he could be in the medical wing for his own safety, GBC strikes me as being the most selfish of people and I would not be surprised if he would spare himself by taking his own life.


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  28. GG
    June 15, 2012 at 7:41 pm

    “I have had a second look at “sicko’s”. The apostrophe is necessary…”

    GRAMMAR RULE NUMBER ONE: Never use an apostrophe when a word simply ends in ‘s’ because it’s plural. NEVER!

    “Wihout the apostrophe we might well be talking about a Greek island, “sickos” (I went to Sickos and had a jolly good time eating moussaka!.”

    GRAMMAR RULE NUMBER TWO: Never use an apostrophe when a word simply ends in ‘s’ because it’s plural. NEVER!

    “And, sickoes doesn’t do it either. Aus is right.Sicko’s is the only way to write it.”

    GRAMMAR RULE NUMBER THREE: Never use an apostrophe when a word simply ends in ‘s’ because it’s plural. NEVER!


    • Justice … i see your post as a waste of space , this site is full of different people from all walks of life and guess what , many of us were born into a family that could not afford to put us through the education we’d have liked. If someone doesn’t use the correct grammar i don’t see the need to belittle them.

      If you wish to start a site ” Justice’s Grammar & Spelling School ” I’m sure Robbo will add a link .

      If not stop being pedantic and if you have a worthwhile contribution , post it , if not , use self restraint and keep your rudeness to yourself as the only person who looks like a fool is your good self.


  29. lilli
    June 15, 2012 at 10:18 pm

    “… It’s not SHADENFREUDEN!…”

    You’re right, Lilli, it isn’t; it’s “SCHADENFREUDE”

    You have a nice day too, dear… :-)


  30. Justice_is_Not_at_the_end_of_a_gun


    (I went to Sickos and had a jolly good time eating moussaka!.”

    If you use and open parenthesis …. you should close it …. ALWAYS!


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