Gerard Baden-Clay – Bail Application on Murder Charges June 21 2012

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As I type this Gerard Baden-Clay is sitting in a cell, awaiting news from his lawyers at to whether or not he is granted bail. Poor Gerard may have to cool his heels a little longer than he thinks as the Supreme Court can take 48 hours or more to consider any such application. He spent last night behind bars after being charged with the murder of his wife Allison. He was also charged with unlawfully interfering with a corpse.

It was nearly two months ago he phoned police to say the woman he called his “angel” had disappeared. Allison Baden-Clay was reported missing by her husband at 7.30am on April 20 2012  when he told police she had left the house the previous night and not returned.

The media frenzy has always been big, even before Allison Baden-Clay’s body was found, cold, soaked and muddy all alone  10 days later by a kayaker on the banks of the Kholo Creek at Anstead.

That has amplified and will only increase with each and every court appearance, as it will if and when there are any further arrests in relation to the murder investigation. There has been some rumblings in relation to what role the mainstream media play in the reporting of high-profile cases, as there are about social media and blogs like this one.

This is the information age, we are in the 21st century, over a decade in, it is 2012 and things are not going backwards. It is up to the courts and the law makers to ensure they keep up. Gone are the days of listening to news on the radio at 6pm to find out what has happened. We live in a real-time world now and as such we want to know what is happening in our lives. Knowledge is power and people have embraced having a voice  everywhere. Twitter, Facebook, email, Instant Messaging, Blogging the list goes on.

I started this blog nearly 2 years ago because I was frustrated by newspapers and radio asking for our opinions and then disregarding  it completely if it didn’t fit, or editing it to their liking. What was the point? If we could not have a say and discuss openly things that concern us, our families, and communities and instead be spoon fed certain info and not other vital facts, it defeated the whole purpose.

This blog nor any other, is yet to rightfully or wrongfully convict anybody, the courts do that with a Judge and Jury, as it should be. We can however have an opinion and seek the truth, fact from fiction, and there is not a lot anyone can do about the thoughts and feelings of millions of people around the world on blogs, water coolers, members lounges and anywhere else we want to have a view.

Whether you like it or not, this is the future and you better catch up. For people to suggest that 12 Aussies with average intelligence cannot sit in a trial and come to their own conclusions based on the evidence inside that court is pretty sad and to me says we are selling ourselves a bit short

Cheers Robbo


Baden-Clay to seek bail next week

June 14, 2012 4:23PM

 ACCUSED murderer Gerard Baden-Clay will remain in custody for at least a week until his bail application is heard.

Lawyers lodged an application in the Supreme Court in Brisbane this afternoon indicating Baden-Clay, 41, would seek conditional release while he awaits trial for allegedly murdering his wife Allison and interfering with her corpse.

The bail application will be heard on June 21 and is expected to take 40 minutes. (let him get a weeks taste of life in jail….keep him comfy in there people)

Baden-Clay reported his wife and the mother of their three children missing from the family’s Brookfield home on the morning of April 20, saying she’d failed to return from a late-night walk.

The body of the 43-year-old was found on the banks of a creek at Anstead 10 days later.

Baden-Clay was arrested on Wednesday and faced the Brisbane Magistrates Court on Thursday morning.

Wearing a checked business shirt and dark pants, Baden-Clay sat in the dock with his back to the packed gallery.

He did not speak during the 30 second hearing, and the matter was adjourned until July 9.

However he was brought back into court around one hour later where he consented to police obtaining “non-intimate” forensic samples from him as part of their ongoing investigation into his wife’s death.

Police did not elaborate on what forensic samples were sought, however this type of order can include hair from the head or beard.

After his appearance in court, Baden-Clay was taken to the Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre at Wacol, west of Brisbane, where he will remain at least until his bail hearing.

Baden-Clay’s lawyer, Darren Mahony, indicated outside court his client would vigorously defend the charges.

At Brookfield, a chalkboard with “We love you Allison,” written on it in a love-heart has reappeared on the front fence of the Baden-Clay family home on Brookfield Road after being absent for several weeks.

New bunches of flowers have also been strung up to the family’s front fence, although there’s no one home to see them.

The Brookfield community is still in disbelief after Mr Baden-Clay was charged with his wife’s murder.

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  2. Morning all, just read a bunch of nasty stuff from someone called who was on around midnight slagging everyone. called “Backslider”…He is now banned, we are not that short of sensible polite members we need folks like him/her…


  3. Has anybody noticed the latest photo of Gerbil ….. looks as though they’ve shaved a bit of hair off and his beared almost back to a stubble wearing prison gear . He looks like he’s had an all nighter , my heart bleeds ……


  4. Madonna Kings’ column in the CM today is a perfect example of being able to express your thoughts on the case strongly, support his presumption of innocence and right to a fair trial and do both publicly in a manner that is restrained, reasonable and perfectly legal….

    I agree with Madonna King 100%

    And its just another example of the excelllent coverage of this important matter by the media….


    • Thanks redback…that was brilliant. I hadn’t seen that. I’ve read a couple of her articles. I think she is a fabulous journalist. She has shown so much compassion through this whole unpleasant case.


    • Yep, a fanastic article ideed.

      I couldn’t agree more, especially with her statement, “Gerard Baden-Clay is innocent, until proven otherwise. He deserves ……” and your own words too, never a truer word was typed.

      However, you words above appear completely at odds with everythig else I’ve seen come from your writings, completely at odds – if you were wanting to lash the apparently uninolved womenfolk in chairs and hurl them into the river, I forgot what fate you had in mind for the accused and his father, what was it again?


      • Holy, bat.
        Some stuff you write is good. no need to badger someone here. I have been reading a lot and don’t know if Kenmore Mum wrote anything about punishment or stuff.
        Go easy.


        • Hiya Sippo, not understanding what you’re meaning when you say “not sure if KenmoreMum wrote anything about punishment or stuff” – I’ve never known KenmoreMum to write anything other than excellent posts, so I’m lost there.

          If you’re talking about my reply, that was in reply to Redneck’s post putting up that fabulous article which previous neverending contradictory diatribe of what he’d like to see happen to the family as a whole, not the least of which involves lashing the women to chairs and hurling them into a river = Redneck’s very, very much the “innocent until proven guilty” attitude, NOT!!!!


  5. IMO the surprise visit at Toowong to detain GBC was a very strategic move by QPS. IMO they could have alerted his highly respected and learned Lawyer to have GBC attend voluntarily with him. Why do I think it was strategic, well IMO the QPS need to question / interview the children and they were not able to, so the best way was to wait for GBC to move back into the residence at Brookfield. Why is this important, because of the Procedure needed to gain access to the children.
    I ll explain further, DOCS would have been informed of an arrest/detention and would have taken custody of the children if there was concern for their welfare. If they were with the BC s then I assume that that arrangement should have been suitable for them to remain with them during this assessment period. DOCS would have to Apply to a Magistrate immediately for a TAO (Temporary Assessment Order) which places the “care and control” of the children with DOCS for 3 days in order to make a proper assessment of where the children should be placed. They can apply for an extension of assessment however they should be following the Family Court Principles which usually is causing as little disruption to their routine, what they are familiar with and used to, where their friends are, school etc, and in the absence of any danger / threat or unsuitability, then they should be placed with their best interests at the forefront of any decision. Why is this important, well ultimately the Family Court could/should decide where the children reside and who should make decisions about their short and long term welfare. Any decision that is made in the Family Court will override any decision made by any State Qld Dept.
    Why is this important, because whoever has “care and control” of the children could allow QPS to interview them, I am assuming Dickies will, BC s wouldn’t, a massive difference to any relevant evidence.
    However, it is interesting to note here that if and when any Application is made to the Family Court by the BC s, normally you need a strong case to alter the status quo ie where the children currently are comfortable, with willing and able carers, amongst other things such as assessments made previously etc until a proper determination/ Application could be made, which could be some 2 years away. I think the subsequent abuse of the Police by the BC s in informing them of an arrest would form part of this assessment as to “unsuitability” and thus allowing QPS access to the children s evidence. If the children were still living at BC s, then the Dept would not (in a normal world) have any reason to alter their custody. However the media seemed to have played their part in this, how do they justify camping out at the BC s where the children are previously, but now leaving them alone while they are at the Dickies, DOUBLE STANDARDS.
    As we operate in an Adversarial Justice System, applications/complaints have to made by people, evidence presented and determined by that evidence. Decisions are not made just because they should or everyone thinks they should. This process is for everyone’s protection, not just for this case. Put yourself in similar shoes to try and grasp the severity of the process. Who should determine where your children are placed if you are sick, hurt etc and couldn’t t care for them. Should the media camp outside your place because it makes them money until such time as they are placed somewhere else. If you can grasp this, then you will see similarities to the stolen generation of indigenous where improper manipulation and process and opinion was used to alter their rights.
    IMO custody of the children and the ability to allow questioning ( probably involving TV programming) will form part and a major part of the DPP s brief and the strategic move without informing the Lawyers, GBC moving back to Brookfield and the subsequent “care and control “ of the children’s best interests have resulted in QPS and DPP “outplaying, outlasting and outwitting” GBC and his legal team. IMO very poor advice to move back home, a fatal error.


    • Morbidcuriosity, your opinion is interesting but I think many will wonder why you think this supposed ‘strategic move’ was a mistake. Why do you feel the kids would be better off with the BC’s? Also if it assists in solving the murder, why not take into consideration what the children know – after all they will know better than anyone what went on behind closed doors in that home.


  6. It’s like a chessboard…. the pressure on some people out there (and in there) must be incredible…. you can just feel the drama and sense of anticipation of when and what the next move on this crazy chessboard will be….

    Great how they collared a certain man…. and now they goanna let everyone stew in their sweat…. this drip-drop of news…. has got me doing it too….

    Take as long as you want big fella…. you know as much as anyone how these people screwed over everyone…. so a bit a “what goes around, co……” is in order…..

    (and make sure you and your mate wave those chargebooks at the cameras again after the next round of click-clicks…. we are waiting for it…..)


  7. Hi Robbo

    Sorry to Say But the time has come for BACKSLIDER to be rejected and banned from this site

    I am a very fair and reasonable poster but enough is ENOUGH


  8. I don’t say much on here, but ……. maybe backstabber would be a more appropriate name ?
    So many nice people come here to give their point of view and do it in a proper manner, and yes we do agree to disagree. Australians will not “shut up” about this very a very long time.
    Nobody except the guy himself knows 100% that he is guilty. But everyone is having their say and it is interesting to read. I hate it when the topic gets removed from the reason we all follow this site.
    Even Kindergarten kids don’t do that.
    An horriic crime has occurred and it has shaken Australia !!!! I don’t care much about the thumbs up or down statistics, but I sure do care about what happened to Allison and the ramifications of it for the family and friends !!!


  9. You may of noticed Redback1’s comments are not showing at the moment. They have been put aside as I need to check them for legal reasons. I may re-approve many and they will appear back where they were, in time. (It will take time I wish I wasn’t wasting, to be honest!)

    I again want to remind everyone think about what you write please. Vendettas and other agendas are for another place. Somewhere I do not have to deal with them nor be responsible

    I have better things to do than screen every word folks


  10. Just wondering, do you think class resentment has anything to do with the much of the innuendo and rumour that seems to follow GBC and his family and the way that they are reported about? Obviously he’s been charged and so there must be, in the eyes of the police at least, reasonable grounds to suspect him of the murder of his wife. However, apart from that and a few other fairly trivial facts about his business and family life no one really knows anything yet. Despite this, I’ve heard that his whole family are swingers, that his father was in on the crime (hasn’t been charged), that they’re members of some weird Zimbabwean society sect, that domestic violence in the family was routine and well known in Brookfield and that his business dealings were shady. I’ve lived in the area a long time and never heard any of these things before. I don’t notice this type of conjecture with other crimes generally, even when it does involve a relative. The one case where it has come up is of course with the Chamberlains and I think at the very start the fact that they were Seventh Day Adventists had something to do with it. In this case, I notice that many of the people hypothesising about the murder seem to be, from their comments, not the best educated or most intelligent or successful people going around and so just wonder if the fact that it all involves people who are a bit at the other end of the social spectrum adds to the salaciousness.


    • Bonfired, not from me. And I disagree that we don’t know many facts. Right from the beginning the body language, story changing and apparent uncaring nature of GBC stood out like a neon light. The arrogance of the rest of the family also. The elder B-C’s couldn’t even make the effort to a) appear upset at the funeral or b) to even try to comfort their grandkids and c) no obvious approach to the Dickies to offer comfort and/or condolences. Personally I can’t even see why the elder B-C’s even attended the funeral. Forget the affairs, the rumours of swinging, financial problems and domestic violence. They are minutae on the outskirts of the the core reason. The B-C’s have by choice or ignorance, set themselves up to be suspects from the outset. Are they stupid? Or are they just so damn arrogant as to believe that they will somehow be above the law, for whatever reasons. I have never seen anyone on the Allison blogs that appear to be playing the tall poppy scenario.


      • To the knockers and indignant who keep popping in, please consider that those cases which seem to grip public interest are quite often those in which the main players set off alarm bells in the mind of the public. One or two come swiftly to mind and in those instances public interest did not depend on socio-economic factors, religious affiliations or anything of the kind. What made the public sit up and take notice were the odd behaviours and reactions of those involved, a phenomenon (on the part of the public) which may well have its roots in the natural world of the dim past

        It’s the same on the street. When someone is behaving in a manner that strikes our super-consciousness as ‘different’, instinct demands we become watchful and aware, ready for fight or flight (it’s how we manage to evade violent drunks and duck behind cover moments before an armed bank-robbery, for example)

        We don’t learn how to grieve or laugh. Compassion isn’t taught. These emotions are inherent within us. When someone demonstrates behaviours/reactions which we individually perceive as ‘not normal’, we observe them via our ‘ Mmmm ‘ radar

        Communication is natural to our species. When we’ve observed someone or something which seems ‘off’, it’s in our nature to communicate with others to see if they’ve observed/intuited the same ‘off-ness’. We used to check our bearings through over-the-fence chat or via family, colleagues. Now our frame of reference has been expanded via social-media. But basically we haven’t changed a great deal in this regard since we were crouching in caves

        Public interest in the BC case isn’t driven by envy or tall-poppy syndrome, nor by religious or cultural differences. People’s interest in this case is exactly the same as always and for the same reasons; it doesn’t ‘fit’, it doesn’t ‘jell’, i.e. something is wrong with what we’ve seen from some ( a few) of those associated with a woman who was murdered and tossed away

        Of all the millions of disturbing crimes to occur globally each year, a few have driven the public (again globally) to seek out others in order to discuss and confirm suspicions, unease. Recent amongst these have been the Madelaine McCann case and the Casey Anthony case. Madelaine’s parents were photographed posing for the cameras atop rocks, greeting crowds in the streets with wide smiles on their faces, their clothing colour coordinated, make-up and jewellery attended to carefully — all at a time it was suspected their very young daughter was at the mercy of one or more paedophiles. Casey Anthony repeatedly assured her mother that her again – very young daughter – was ‘fine’, was ‘with the babysitter’ etc. for approx. one month, later for it to be revealed the child had been dead throughout that time

        Public interest in both examples was intense. Those who participated online were accused of being ‘ghouls’, of being ‘frustrated, bored housewives’, of unjustly throwing suspicion on the parent/s, of ‘cruel’ commentary and ‘witch-hunting’ etc., in exactly the same way as public interest is being decried re: Allison’s case, when in fact the public interest in this case is driven by the same need to make sense of individuals close to the victims and a strong desire for justice

        The worst thing that could befall society would be if people did not harbour that strong desire for justice, for it’s what keeps society running as well as it does, it’s what drives witnesses to come forth despite often inconvenience to themselves (later, at trial) and it’s often what produces witnesses, without which few trials could proceed

        In short, we here are healthily normal and via social media we are behaving very much as our distant ancestors did — and for the same reasons


        • “Madelaine’s parents were photographed posing for the cameras atop rocks, greeting crowds in the streets with wide smiles on their faces, their clothing colour coordinated, make-up and jewellery attended to carefully — all at a time it was suspected their very young daughter was at the mercy of one or more paedophiles.”

          bb – you reckon these parents reacted the wrong way? The McCann folks.
          Tell us all the right way to react.
          “Healthy and normal”?
          You are really really judgemental!


          • bb, got your answer to my earlier thing.
            i just don’t think the McCann mob should be judged that way.
            Don’t reckon anybody should be judged cos they didn’t react the way society thinks they should behave.


          • Ah Sippowitz, why, oh why aren’t there more of your intelligence and rationale to be found hereabouts – a voice in the wilderness indeed. Clearly there must be some out there, based on the voting counts, but what a shame they don’t have the guts to step up to the plate and verbalise their opinions!!!

            Unfortunately it would seem that anyone who dares to say those “innocent until proven guilty” words, or anything that doesn’t remotely fit into the “he’s guilty, no two ways about it” basket, must be either family or close friend of the accused. Your post will result in a bit of head scratching & frowning too, I’ll bet because it’s bloody well spot on.. Then the answer will be, “Oh, but they’re not Aussies, they do it different over there! We do things OUR way and WE KNOW ‘coz we’re ever so smart”

            It seems the “impartials” are ridiculed, abused, have names and vicious insults hurled at them when they dare speak out. Their mental health is challenged by those who are clearly in urgent need of such assistance themselves based on their own writings, and oft times confessions.

            God help the dissenters if they can string a half decent sentence together that may possibly make for some confronting reading, that exposes others’ writings as misleading fantasies, or their words may even lead to some deep analysis (as is did for Doc Watson, which subsequently saw Robbo making certain requests of posters), for example.

            The most amusing attempt at abuse I’ve read thus far, being called “an exhibitionist”, because I dared to speak out clearly and succinctly challenging the majority’s mentality when things became bizarrely racist re the Afrikaaners conspiracy.

            Formerly there were others who, like you and I were open minded, but I think they found the brick wall impenetrable and moved on for the sake of their own inner peace.

            It’s indeed been a very sad eye opener to see our society behave as it has after this grotesque crime if SOME posts were really meant and are a true indication of how people at large feel/think -I guess we oldies’ memories had faded somewhat about how the public behaved during the Lindy travesty but this is de javu – those of us who knew a dingo could and would do such a thing were completely ostrasised, but only ever in “the big smoke”.

            Yup, I’m afraid this is Lindy all over again, albeit there is a very high chance the accused is guilty, but even if he is, are we to put up with this sort of relentless BS and speculation, the mob mentality of “hang the bastard, no need for a trial, and do the rest of his family whilst you’re at it”, this legacy left for his daughters to read, for the next 2-3 years before the mob is sated when all the daily papers are with horrifying information of daily trial updates.

            Why can’t people just get on with their own lives, have their thoughts and await an outcome? Christ, the Dickies and those poor, sweet girls are making every effort to get on with theirs, I’ll bet they’re ever so grateful to those who’re here every waking moment discussing the ins and outs of a duck’s guts until it putrifies, and then re-hashing it all over again. They’ve shown incredible decorum and dignity thoughout unimanginable suffering, why can’t society, I wonder?


    • Abso-bloody-lutely yes, Bonfire, to ALL of the above. Imagine for a moment if it had been someone other than Allison, in one of the lower socio-economic suburbs where violence, murders et al are commonplace – the uproar would’ve died down in days.

      However, as Ozmosis points out, the behaviour of each of the B-C’s (even excluding the accused) has been absolutely bizarre to put it mildly, and I do not think the mass perception of that could in any way be said to be wrong, or even slightly off the mark – even if they detested Allison with a passion, they could not have have displayed it more if they tried.

      That is, of course, not to say that she died at the accused’s, or their hands, albeit it would seem very likely. Having said that, there is definitely way too much “strangeness” on their part to be ignored, and for it to only translate into, “Oh, yes, the whole family is a bit odd, don’t you think?”


    • Bonfired, yes I agree also with Ozmosis – the ‘parents’ have feathered their own nest, so to speak, and as far as my information came from, I know it was a legitimate source that has been gagged….

      Arrogance – it was clear from the public pash display….not even mentioning the rest…..


    • Interesting thought path bonfired however disagree with the ending remarks …

      I am from the same socio economic demographic community with education as the accused and value the hypothesising and discussion immensely as I believe it is the notice board of the community where venting is occurring …. While I disagree with the words some choose to express their sentiments, there is no class issue here more a lack of tolerance of fake public profiles by people who are murder suspects.

      Views and ideas can be interesting and valuable regardless of a persons background or station in my opinion … We all express in different ways it is the message that matters ….

      It is the nature of this crime and the behavioural facts of lack of public concern or remorse displayed after the crime by the accused and the substantiated adverse background knowledge from the local community .. Affairs etc … that has heightened ill will towards the perpetrator/s as it is very clear the accused lived a different life from the values he professed to represent and the public profile he portrayed … Leading inevitably to questions of closest associates’ involvement and background by the public and the new age of blogs facilitates this..

      The Chamberlains case is so far removed historically in terms of police technological capabilities and modern media that I reckon comparisons aren’t relevant …


  11. You may of noticed Redback1′s comments are not showing at the moment. They have been put aside as I need to check them for legal reasons. I may re-approve many and they will appear back where they were, in time. (It will take time I wish I wasn’t wasting, to be honest!)

    I again want to remind everyone think about what you write please. Vendettas and other agendas are for another place. Somewhere I do not have to deal with them nor be responsible

    I have better things to do than screen every word folks


  12. Lecturer Peter Black ……. the only abuse of process levelled at the public is the ousting of Diana Rouvas on ‘The Voice’ ….. If you are making the Chamberlin’s a case example think again, it was politically motivated , a travesty of investigative bungles and had no precedent . If it were influenced by public opinion then that would suggest the whole judicary is flawed right from the outset .


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  14. I feel I’m on the wrong thread, could someone save me if that’s the case.

    Redback – Can you tell us more about Nigelaine doing their temper or was that when they went to the police station to see sonny boy.

    I was thinking that if he did get bail one of the conditions would be that he stay away from witnesses. That would include the children, the eldest one at least, if a statement has been obtained from them.

    The other thing is that perhaps he did do this by himself. He could have drowned her in the bath (she would have had a bath to protect her new hair do and save her time in the morning). Then put her into the clothes she was found in, place her in the car and then roll her off the bridge to where she was found.

    Heaps of people have disposed of people like this in past murders. He would have adrenalin pumping through his system giving him a bit of extra strength.


  15. I feel I’m on the wrong thread, could someone save me if that’s the case.

    Redback – Can you tell us more about Nigelaine doing their temper or was that when they went to the police station to see sonny boy.

    I was thinking that if he did get bail one of the conditions would be that he stay away from witnesses. That would include the children, the eldest one at least, if a statement has been obtained from them.

    The other thing is that perhaps he did do this by himself. He could have drowned her in the bath (she would have had a bath to protect her new hair do and save her time in the morning). Then put her into the clothes she was found in, place her in the car and then roll her off the bridge to where she was found.

    Heaps of people have disposed of people like this in past murders. He would have adrenalin pumping through his system giving him a bit of extra strength.



  16. Redback’s and Burleigh Beach’s comments are but the eeking noises of a dying regime and for that I believe we should all be thankful. For decades Australia has been ruled by cultural marxists (from both political parties) who care not for the well-being of decent law abiding citizens but who would rather pander to special interest groups and big business.

    In QLD we recently saw the massive rejection of the proliferate spending and socially left Bligh government.Nationally the Gillard government is on it’s knees. Personally I don’t think the replacemnets of either of these two decrepit governments will go far enough to steady the sinking ship that is our states and nation. However it is a step in the right direction.

    We may as well ask why are blogs like this fine one so popular? Because people yearn for sensible, strong leadership from their government and law and order. We don’t want mass third world immigration driving up Australia’s crime rate. We don’t want a consilient media covering up these crimes by failing to mention the race or origin of the perpetrators. We don’t want our ‘elites’ to accuse us of ‘racism’ on our national public holidays.

    Why do the cultural marxist’s rear their ugly heads when a man from a supposedly upper class family is accused of murder? Purely so they can gloss over their own crimes and the crimes of the under class they attempt to cower decent citizens with. The class warfare types like burleigh and redback can keep running interference for the decaying cultural marxist regime all they like. They claim to be ‘men of the people’ but the people have voted, and if they have to they will do much worse. We’re not falling for that line anymore fellas, but make sure you say hello to GBC for us when we chuck you in with him.


    • Bartholemew
      Why do you judge “Redback’s and Burleigh Beach’s comments are but the eeking noises of a dying regime?”
      If you don’t mind me saying that is one dumb arse statement. I refrain from thumbs down until you have clarified your comment.
      This is Australia
      No need for for cultural marxist here.
      One is judged by their own merits in Australia.


  17. I have been reading these posts with great interest and have been overwhelmed with the insight of some of the posts. I feel so compelled to comment.

    We won’t soon forget the horrific death of ABC, the beautiful mother who leaves behind three impressionable young daughters. The saddest gut wrenching feeling that overwhelms me about the whole thing is this. If the truth is that she was killed while the children were at home or sleeping, I despair in thinking that realistically, her precious children may just be her only innocent and silent witnesses.


  18. 170 woman are killed every year in aus by spouses / lovers/partners – are all murderers foreigners ? Or people have dodgy traits because they came here at age 10 ? Bizarre ! – regardless of where people are born murder is murder …..


  19. My political parodies are considered too offensive and indecent with calls for their ban. The allegations and issues, too incendiary for mere mortals, queenslanders, aussies, plebs, numbats… well just about everyone to discuss, are provoking hissy fits of rage in the western-suburbs-LNP-roundabout set… This long Australian tradition of shaming our pollies into action, is considered redundant in the information age, they are too honest and transparent… IMO its the only thing that has kept the bloody frame up on this rickety-structured Skull Manor-system that we call a government in this country and if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen…

    and we’d be mad to go down this Rohypnol-spiked moonshine-induced path of jumping at shadows… shadows are what we say, how we act and what we do… its our behaviour, repuation, accountability and conduct… it follows us around and you cannot run away from it….. its goes to sleep at night but is still there and can be seen anytime the lights are turned on.. so if you have done something wrong, you don’t “sleep easy”…. you can see where the expre….

    When the headmaster (haha) rebuked that Ipswich-based pupil with his cane, he was jumping at the shadow of public interest in immunity for murderers… you could see it spooked him ! BOO! Can you take this man anywhere ? haha

    Unfortunately when someone in such a senior position freaks out and jumps at a shadow…. it provokes a cascade of shadow-jumping that descends into ridiculousness… and we lose the overall picture of how we should be able to openly, freely and legally express our opinion in the 21st century on such topics…

    Does the headmaster wish me to just shut up or bend over and drop my dacks too… and give me a little bit of that spanky-feeling that his cane directs at cute-boy political targets… stay away big boy… we know you are the headmaster but you cant treat pupils like that… hahaha

    I can hear the distant engines of an approaching bomber formation…. BBBRRRrrrrrrr


  20. I actually get a big thrill from the thumbsdown stuff…….. annoying people with so little effort is always satisfying.

    Burleigh….. . you think Our Boys story is going to go all the way back to Zimbabwe?

    And we could be trying to figure out what his defence is going to be.

    I cant think of one that will work…


    • Keep em honest Miss marp ;-) .The defence Ivan Mallat didn’t do it!….. hey you want to buy some real estate- I have contacts ;-)


    • Hi Tishy
      Yeah thats the softened up version of Granny Olav BadenPowell
      made palateable for the kids and plebs
      The other version is not quite so sweet.


      • Hey QCL
        I thought the personal perspective of the story about ‘My Gran’ told in NBC ‘own words’ – albeit secondhand – was interesting and possibly validated previous points made about the influence of lineage contributing to a sense of superiority/entitlement


        • You are perfectly correct Tishy
          Sorry if I offedended you. They get up my snout and make my flesh crawl.
          They seem to want to change history to suit themseles, Bit like Hitler
          That sure does validate previous points made about the influence of lineage contributing to a sense of superiority/entitlement


  21. Let’s suppose that GBC will be tried on circumstantial evidence. What evidence would convince you that GBC is guilty “beyond reasonable doubt”?


    • I’d say the same circumstantial evidence that has convinced over 90% of the population that he is, as has been discussed and debated in detail on the street, at workplaces, in homes and on a multitude of social media sites for the past 8 weeks…


        • Draw that bow long and hard that technical/intellectualised/legalise…yes 100%Tosser ;-) … A fine choice of words by the Courier mail today …quote”In Brisbane Magistrates Court this week, Mr Baden-Clay’s manner remained unchanged from recent public appearances; he betrayed no emotion and kept his head held high and his back to the media. Despite this, he is reportedly “devastated” according to Mr Mahony”.unquote…..The cowardly little BC weasel tries to defy the public,,, and his associate lawyers…Forsaken and Baloney…..Trying to uphold “the Charade”…We are fortunate we live in scientific / forensic age !- yes innocent until proven guilty ;-) ….. But one only has to look at history to know Queen Victoria could spot a Rat from 100 paces ! …ooops I mean Gerbil ;-)


  22. I love this blog robbo, you do a great job! Do you know why all the posts seem to be mixed up (time wise) when you go to read them. LOVE your site but it gets frustrating sometimes to find comments etc…side bare is great, but of late even that playing up. I don’t comment often but I really enjoy reading (with the occasional comment of course) keep up the great work. cheers


    • lol. big NYPD Blue fan.
      If i could be a detective i would be Sippowitz. Dennis Franz is the actor.
      Wonder what happend to him.
      Dunno if i’ve been sarcastic. But i get your point weavy!


  23. I’m going to go off on another tangent……..though , not really, And this thread seems to be getting overloaded… I will retrieve and post it in further threads……

    Ok…..This is a crime blog………and I’m aware it’s not Dr Phill’s……….But here goes……

    Most of us, from what I have seen, are here to hope that Justice is served for Allison’s murder.

    Within these moments….I’m reflecting on who Allison is. Amongst her family life ……she was also a strong contributor towards a program called Pathways.

    Nothing can bring Allison back, but we can begin to become aware of……..and carry on her legacy.

    Through the emotional postings we’ve seen here on this site, (I briefed another site previously), and chose……with the little time I have…….. to ‘reside’ here; there surely is something, if a speckle, we can learn…….we can learn to become aware of empathy. To be mindful of bullying….and to grow and learn from all we have shared..the good, the bad, the ugly.

    We can learn that with perceptions and opinions, we can rationally discuss and debate those opinions……..

    I just hope, with little positive that can come out of this…….we can take a good look at Allison’s passion, apart from family …….and to bring that into our own lives.


    • There are sites that are wholly for tributes to Allison – I think the reason why this site has so much emotion and ‘people having a go’ is because of the frustration. This site is like the ‘over the back fence’ scenario, where people can have a rant, air their frustrations, add their theories and yes, there is stuff that will offend others on this site but we are all here for the same reason – to expose – the negative and positive outcomes of this crime….there needs to be someplace that this can be done and I am sure Robbo and others understand where I am trying to come from here….we are all entitled to our own opinions…..just people are passionate and frustrated at the same time and it is better to have these things ‘out there’ and written, than people from the public stewing over and festering inside….


  24. …… well i for one still think he’s guilty as hell . I think i have a licence to make a judgement on Gerbil’s deafening body language . Of course we all have the ability to read unspoken words it’s inate , but as mothers this is further enhanced for the survival of her young infant ( just as developing a big behind where fat is stored to ward off against famime , at least in Africa so I’m told )
    I can’t imagine what went through Elaine’s head the instant she realised the truth then confirming it by watching his ‘I’m okay ‘ speech ……


  25. Hi all.
    I am posting this again and hope that it does not repeat….So bear with me the first time I posted it it did not appear.
    Thank you for your supportive posts re Zimbabweans.
    I can assure you I did not write my earlier post because of my ego ! (I can get my ego stroked very nicely else where ! ;-) )

    I have been horrified by this story from the beginning and am now fascinated after finding out about the ‘African’ connection.

    Since last night I have been on a major history hunt to try and figure out why this family has an ‘air’ about it.

    To understand this family’s attitude you need to go back a generation in history to ‘Senior’ Nigel’s father, Gervas. Also, it appears I was wrong about senior’s birth place. Nigel was born in 1943 in Mbeya, Tanzania and not in England as I had assumed. (Damn google !)

    His father Gervas (Charles Robert) Clay was with His Majesty’s Overseas Civil Service to Africa for many years..
    In this service he was mainly a District Commissioner from 1930 to the early 1960s serving in Kenya, Tanzania, Barotseland (now part of Zambia) and Zambia. It actually sounds like he was a fine man, maybe misguided in a Colonial way, as many of the English were in Africa (and here) in those days but a good man by all accounts. He served his final days as Director of the Zambian Museum before retiring in 1964. He returned to England and wrote the book “Your Friend, Lewanika” and passed way at a ripe old age of 102 in 2009.

    Anyone knowing about ‘those’ days in Africa will tell you that being a DC in those days was a pretty big deal. (Much more important that a police man) This did not seem to faze Senior Gervas much even tho in the course of his service he and his wife Betty hosted the Queen Mum for a few days. (!)
    However…. children of such elevated ‘Overseas Civil Servants’ never had to ‘stand in queues for very long’ if you ‘get my drift’. His son Nigel (Senior BC) would have had a very privileged life, hot and cold running servants, basically getting everything he wanted and doors would have been opened for him everywhere….hence the sense of entitlement, change of name by deed poll and the superiority attitude.
    To understand more one really needs to look at the end of the funeral service to the section of CV, Tributes and Memories by family members. (esp the parts about hunting etc by Nigel !)

    It did not surprise me to see that Nigel followed in his father’s footsteps tho locally in ‘Internal Affairs’. (Open door ?) Not such a big deal and to my delight I found that unlike me he was NOT a farmer ! So all their ‘airs and graces’ are not for any of their own accomplishments but those of his father and those of the Baden-Powell’s scouting achievements (on his wife’s side)…..So Nigel did not actually do a lot really…. :-( (Probably a bit of a family disappoinment ?)

    You may well wonder why Allison fell under this family’s spell…..well they would have had some pretty ‘cool’ stories to tell. Australians find stories of Africa intoxicating.

    many of you ask will he get away with it ? Maybe a hundred years ago in Africa he would have but today in Australia ?…..I think not.

    As I have always said, this is about Allison and justice for her horrific murder, that justice is served and the guilty punished !


    • Very interesting background information Zim, thanks very much for enlightening us and for the effort you put into this. Like you, I don’t think GBC will get away with this.


  26. Looks like Century 21 is beginning to distance them from GBC – see

    And very sad….
    Just like Allison, these little girls have been robbed of soooo much. We can only pray that they will recover emotionally, in time.


  27. A little off topic here but its something I’ve been thinking about. Just say you were the landlord of the Brookfield home, what would you do with the home knowing what has occured? An investment property is meant to set you up for retirement, well add to your retirement funds. If I was the owner of it, I would take it to auction as soon as possible, I’d even cop the loss of tens of thousands just so that I could clear my mind and distance myself from that horrible night. If I was cashed up, I’d donate it to the church next door where Allison used to attend. They could turn it into perhaps somewhere for the needy or even bulldoze it and create a garden in memory of Allison. It would be fair to say that this has really got me thinking about buying an investment property.


    • I don’t know if I understood this correctly Scott, but previous posters indicated that the home is part of the same property as the kindergarden and is possibly owned by NBC or some BC company. Can those who know the detail please confirm?


      • I’m not sure who owns it but I really feel sorry for the owners of the property. I can’t and won’t even try to get my head around how they are feeling or thinking. Can anyone confirm who owns it? I can’t say I’ve read it any of the papers or heard it on the news. I just put my thoughts out there because I’ve been stewing on it for a couple of days.


  28. I am so sorry, Holy Hell, that you crave to be near other people, and will do it by any means, even to insult them in long diatribes.

    It is alright to feel and to be friendly (no sarcasm meant at all). There are people who do care, and Queensland Country Lady isn’t one to whom you should speak to, as you are. There are real people around, they are just hard to find. Yes, there is room for gentle people, too, Queensland Country Lady is one of them, and I always feel that people who care, should be treasured. Queensland Country Lady gave me something I needed at that time, which I appreciate so very much, probably realising she’d be “stung” by you, and she didn’t care; and no, I don’t need you to insult me at the moment.

    Life is too short to be angry, believe me, too much time is lost on things one shouldn’t waste their time on.

    Yes, it is about Allison, and one look at her face – she was gentle, loving and in tune with all around her, yet you are running down people who are similar.

    I know the type of the alleged monster she married, down to the family background, the whole thing, so I feel for Allison and I understand.

    We can see when someone is hurting, and that is you.

    By the way, I make beautiful scones, I also love all the animals, birds, and plants around me, down to those tiny little honeyeaters that are so small, you just worry about them!

    You need a scone and a cuppa without the roughness that our existences can bring.


    • Moonlight, you are an incredibly sweet, sincere and incedibly caring person from what I’ve read, so much more than most.

      However, in this instance your judge of character has let you down badly imo on all counts I’m afraid, but each to their own, it’s a forum full of opinions afterall. Allison was a customer of one of my shops, as were several ladies from the area, (childrens’ boutique, sold a few years ago) ….. you went out searching for her …. we all have a connection to her in some way whether it is physical or emotional by nature, or we wouldn’t be here.

      I’m here for two reasons, and two reasons only …..

      1. To support the premise of innocent UNTIL proven guilty which every single soul here would expect/demand for their loved ones and family if they found themselves in this terrible, unimaginable situation, as the girls and Dickies do. I personally don’t believe there can be any other verdict, and believe that in the interim, the least said about the sexuality of the accused in all respects, rumoured abortions, swingers clubs, DV, affairs and jokes made at the expense of the accused and family may just spare those little girls some horrendous emotions down the track when they know their family’s dirty linen is ot there, for the whole world to see, forever after. Of course, the media will contain every last detail of the trial, but that’s not the same as 100’s & 100’s of people discussing every aspect of your heritage, inside out, joking about the fact you may’ve had a half bro or sis that was quickly aborted, or his other mooted behaviours.

      2. A great source for links instead of having to search out all news releases.

      All the best to you, don’t ever lose that heart.


      • holyhellbatman,

        You attempted to humiliate me when you first joined this site, for the very person I am.

        There isn’t any reason for anyone to become personal and insulting.

        If one has an opinion, one really (and I am far from being where I want to be on this) should discuss the point, calmly.

        I strongly don’t agree with the religion/cult that this is in relation to; however, I am sure you have heard about the “Tone Scale”? It is probably a “quick and ineffective fix, really” however, have a look at, I mean it with all sincerity and care :D


  29. As for the comments re “innocent till proven guilty”, if GBC were released today and police said they made a mistake, many of the posts here would still be truthful accounts and observations of a family whose behaviours and acts that are outside of societal norms.

    If he is innocent, it makes for an even more cold and callous reaction to the death of ABC by this family.

    Can’t wait till Thursday, we may hear some of the evidence as part of the bail hearing. From a purely academic interest in crime (which I believe is the main reason most of us are here), I’d like to know some details.


  30. Sunday the 17th ..The Sabbath….If there is a god, and a guiding star,,,What will tonight bring?…I know I’ll be sleeping in a “happy state” TONIGHT! …So many great posts above-dispite the disparity..tHX AGAIN ROBBO for clipping the Vultures wings !… A fine choice of words by the Courier mail today …quote”In Brisbane Magistrates Court this week, Mr Baden-Clay’s manner remained unchanged from recent public appearances; he betrayed no emotion and kept his head held high and his back to the media. Despite this, he is reportedly “devastated” according to Mr Mahony”.unquote….OK RANT BABY! LIKE SISTER skull on camera ;-)…..The cowardly little BC weasel tries to defy the public,,, and his associate lawyers…Forsaken and Baloney or was that Broken and Phoney- I jest of course…..Trying to uphold “the Charade…BBBB..But… We are fortunate we live in the scientific / forensic age !- yes innocent until proven guilty ;-) BBBBBB…But one only has to look at history to know Queen Victoria could spot a Rat from 100 paces ! …ooops I mean Gerbil ;-) Where’s my blunderbuss?….RANT RANT RANT ;-)….Tick Tick Tick ! ;-)


  31. Seriously Folks, I know its been said before, is it really that hard to stay on topic here. Yes, this is a forum, one we have all chosen to participate in. I am inspired by the insight many of you have, it intrigues me to see different perspectives on how or why someone can do such a horrible crime and that we are fortunate enough in this modern age to be able to express our opinions in order to perhaps help each other comprehend such an horrific crime. However, it is not about us, only our opinions about the case, not, each other.

    It is easy to hide behind a computer and throw condescending personal attacks on a complete stranger, but when we are discussing this topic in our daily lives, IN PERSON be it at work or at home with our loved ones (we are so lucky to have them) would you express yourself the same way you do on here with a harsh tongue because you don’t agree with their opinion.

    I understand that we are all affected by this tragic event in our own individual way but surely it doesn’t have to come down to ego’s and personal attacks.


  32. There’s a report on GBC’s business in the Sunday Mail this morning, and (surprise, surprise) C21 rejected his application to move the business from Taringa to Toowong – a bit late now!

    Interesting that Ainsworth say the investigation room is still running with at least 15 detectives working on the case. Although he says this is usual as they’ll be working on the “preparing the brief of evidence and finalising enquiries”, he also won’t comment on whether there may be any more arrests in connection with Allison’s murder so we can’t assume anything in that regard yet.

    It looks as though some of the facts will come out on Thursday though when GBC’s barrister applies for bail, so hopefully we will find out more then:

    “Some of the key evidence against him may be revealed during the bail hearing if prosecutors seek to keep Baden-Clay behind bars.

    The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions would be expected to spell out some of the strength of the case against Baden-Clay and any concerns it would have about his release.

    Baden-Clay, 41, could be expected to argue that he is the sole provider for his three young daughters and poses no flight risk as he has remained available to police since his wife’s disappearance.”

    In the hard-copy Sunday Mail there’s a 2 page spread on pages 8 and 9 called “DNA of a Murder” which has some interesting information. “Qld Health’s forensic unit will complete up to 100 tests to find the cause of death” in complex cases. They routinely do a CT scan at every autopsy and can store the electronic images from them forever – I’ve wondered about this as I’m sure defence teams try to argue certain scientific points about results from the autopsy during trial, so this way they can produce the images years down the track.

    No doubt the DNA testing done in this case will play a huge part in the evidence that’s been gathered – hopefully we find out more on Thursday. Taking a sample of GBC’s beard a few days ago will surely be used to prove his presence where Allison’s body was found a Kholo Creek. “Police say DNA is just as important as fingerprints in getting a suspect they can focus on”. While the DNA testing can take 5 to 10 days in routine testing, they can speed it up in a murder investigation and they can get a result in 48 to 72 hours. I’m sure they’ll be ready with this in time for GBC’s bail application this week.

    Greg Shaw of the FSS says “we will try to get a DNA profile from anything. That enables police and ourselves to match an unknown profile witih a known crime scene or to match a known criminal with a sample from a crime scene where there were no suspects previously.” I have every faith in the QPS and forensics getting the required evidence in this very sad case.


    • After having a recent conversation with a psychologist who works within the criminal system she said there are 25 different points of DNA on the human body and it takes 7 to put you at the scene of the crime. Anything under and its not enough to place you there. Can anyone confirm this?


  33. Just wondering, does anyone think that there’s any amount of class envy that goes with much of the speculation around this case? Obviously, the police have charged GBC and so they believe that there is enough evidence to convict him. However, apart from that and few fairly trivial aspects of his life that’s about all anyone knows. And yet, I’ve heard all kinds of stories about – the whole family were swingers, his business dealings were shady, they’re all part of some weird Zimbabwean sect, his family helped him cover it up, he had a long history of domestic violence and all these things were well known in the Brookfield community. I’ve lived in the area for years and have never heard them before. It seems that this case is generating a lot of extra interest, more than most cases do and I’ve also noticed that the common description of the BC’s was as some sort of ‘high flying’ and successful couple. ABC was a stay-at-home mum who had once worked at flight centre and GBC was a real estate agent – hardly seems like heady stuff. I believe their house was also rented. They seemed like a pretty average couple and family to me. I’ve also noticed that a lot of the speculation seems to come from people that don’t exactly sound very educated or intelligent and wonder if perhaps there’s a bit of schadenfreude at seeing people they perceive to be at the other end of the social spectrum experiencing this type of tragedy.


    • What absolute crap Fraser. Its the normal response to a despicable crime. Keisha Abrahams came from Western Sydney from a low socio-economic area (if I recall correctly they were living in Housing Dept accommodation). The Morecombe’s I believe are “working class”. The Herman Rockefeller murderers were dirty, looking unkempt, greasy-haired persons. There is NO more interest in this case than many before it. Perhaps you are only paying attention to this one because you live in the area.

      As to Schadenfreude haha, everyone has known pretty much right form the start the B-C’s are not well off. Plus, you have no idea what “class” anyone here is in. I’ve know quite a few so called high class persons who are as dumb as dog %$#%, can’t hold a decent conversation and spell atrociously and use incorrect grammar. But there they are in high society.

      I was once a special ed teacher in a private school in Sydney. One night I was invited to dinner with the family of one of my intellectually delayed boys in my class. The family was very well heeled and pompous to boot. They didn’t allow their mildly disabled child to speak during the dinner, kept telling him to be quiet but encouraged their other two sons to speak on subjects the parents brought to the table. I have since taught special ed in a number of state school and you have no idea how absolutely proud all the parents are of their disabled kids whereas the pompous family actually admitted to being ashamed of their son.

      I don’t have any envy of this so called other end of the spectrum class you speak of, none. What I do have is extreme empathy for the Dickie family and Allison’s girls and I want to see justice, whether GBC ends up being guilty or some poor as a church mouse vagrant. Its the crime I want to see justice over. The police obviously have enough evidence to know they had to look no further than immediate family on this one. We in here didn’t put the emphasis on the family.


    • You maybe best qualified to answer that yourself Fraser ….. do you derive a source of pleasure and satisfaction at seeing their fall from grace …?


    • Fraser, it strikes me as simply that a modern community which accepts, values and respects common social values and has a worldwide back fence has encountered a situation where a member of that community who appeared to espouse, uphold, promote and embody those values has allegedly betrayed them deeply, suddenly and without apparent reason.
      A community is a collective consciousness. People identify and need to understand something that simply doesn’t make sense, and that offends their collective sensibilities and agreed values. Looking behind the curtains helps – provided it’s done constructively – to educate on how situations like this come about, and how they might be prevented in future.There, but for (?), goes one of us…

      The community also empathises deeply with the direct victims and wants to help alleviate that unimaginable pain.


  34. I hope he doesnt get bail. And if he does, I want to know who is puttting up the surety and how much it is. Murderers wandering around are a bit dodgy, but interfering with a corpse is just too much.


    • ‘The interfering with a corpse’ charge probably just means that the body was dumped rather than being dealt with legally. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it was mutilated or that some sort of serial-killer style ritual was performed if that’s what you’re thinking.


      • It may be but I have a feeling it may be something worse, like cutting off fingers to prevent DNA under fingernails to be found….you remember that scratch on the face that resulted in a beard being grown?? (there may have been a few more scrathes in other less visible locations). Will explain the blood in the back of the car….awful possibility though….


        • Oh god I hope not RIP , that’s too much to bare , besides if he did , you know with fingers , you’d also have to do the teeth as well wouldn’t you …?


          • okaaayyy … i retract my last statement ,clearly haven’t had enough sleep …. sorry didn’t read yours properly RIP ….


  35. Can someone re-post Redbacks post that got everyones knickers/jocks in a twist and saw him leave the blog?? I can’t seem to locate it on here?? Any assistance would be appreciated??


    • I understand Robbo removed Redbacls posts pending verifivayion of some statements, but that Redback is not banned.

      Someong called Bacckslider has veen tossed off the site, and I expect HHV will be next


  36. According to my calculations, if the police requested Gerbil’s DNA last friday and the DNA processing has a turnaround rate of 5-10 days with murders taking precedence , then by about wednesday this week , the day before the bail application then doesn’t get bail , i’d say the prosecution would have it in the bag ……. so we won’t be looking at him for the next few years until he next fronts court with receding grey hair and looking like one of the cast in one flew over the cuckoo’s nest …..


  37. Kenmore Mum,
    Not sure if you got the “THANKS” I sent for the flowers & Robbo “THANKS” for supporting the call, the Dickies and Allison’s girls, the extended family & friends may never see the support via the net but I’m sure they will see the flowers and know there are MANY people expressing care & concern for them.


    • Thanks ARC & you’re very welcome…posts are everywhere atm. I’m heading to the cricket match (I detest cricket) this sunday…my beautiful son has donated some prizes for the raffles for the girls. I’m a very proud mum to have such compassionate boys. This is where I get heartbroken for Allison, her girls & her family. Her girls will do her proud…of that I am certain.


  38. Given that the blog is owned by Robbo, he can allow anyone he wishes to post here, and ban anyone he wishes too. It’s his decision alone.

    What I can’t quite fathom is why you are so affronted by it?

    Why don’t you just start your own blog? I’m sure others will find it and post, just like we have found this blog. And then you can police it, or not, if you so choose.


    • Maybe you should leave Robbo alone. He has a new born baby and family, just like any other normal person! No one is ignorant of real issues and you shouldn’t accuse them of being ignorant. State your name please! I mean, state your real name instead of hiding behind a bloody screen name! Robbo, where the bloody hell are ya?


    • Oh no, I can do better. Problem is that I really don’t care enough to do so.

      See – I haven’t forgotten the purpose of the blog and of the discussion I have been reading and contributing to for some weeks. I was being polite to you, but I have no need to continue engaging with you past this.


    • Well, well, well RobboMurderedMe, aren’t you the new mustard-coloured coward, up with the big players now. Now tell me again what your opinion of this murder is? What? I couldn’t quite hear you. The noise from your opinions of only the people posting here, not the actual murder itself drowned it out. Do you want to discuss ignorance then eh? Your ignorance where you can’t comprehend what Robbo is saying in that passage you quoted above? Or your ignorance of the effective way to have a discussion/argument/debate? I can fully imagine how you “discuss” things with your spouse or other people. It would be full of yelling, screaming, name-calling with a whole lot of cowardly SHUT UP, SHUT UP!!! Your heart and mind is full of murder buddy. I haven’t seen one shred of anything come from your keyboard other than bullying, cowardice and vitriol. Oh, and Lindy Chamberlain was an eon ago. Can’t possibly be compared to these more enlightened days of forensics. You may as well compare today with the 18th century.

      You weren’t discussing by the way, you were plainly and simply name-calling and criticising other people. If that’s your idea of discussion then there is no hope for you. I can see why you tell people to SHUT UP, because you have absolutely no clue at all about discussion. I can’t believe you actually gave your examples of why you thought you were banned yet didn’t understand why you were banned?? Yes, you were banned for the reasons you provided, surprised? Build a bridge.


  39. Holy mother of Jesus! Who the bloody hell are you? Robbo a murderer? You can’t be bloody serious! Go and get some flippin help! If my words offend you its because they are meant too! What kind of bloody coward are you? All big and tough sitting on the internet and carrying on like a bloody psycho, get on the outside in the real world and you’d be like some scared puppy, sitting in a corner with your tail between your legs sh*tting razor blades! How about taking a hike and don’t take your GPS as that will allow you to find your way back in here!


    • If your Jesus then yeah, I’m going to say that! And I am also being dead serious. Why would I want to know what murder really is? An innocent womans life has been taken here and you want to accuse Robbo of being a murderer? What has Robbo done to you to deserve this crap? Robbo a coward? Robbo has stuck his neck on the line with this forum and you have the hide to call him a coward? Now, state your name instead of hiding behind a screen name! You know who I am but I don’t know who you are. I can guess what I think you are but I have no clue as to who you are.


    • Listen – ‘robbo murdered me’ or ‘backslider’ or whatever your name is PLEASE go away! You are making no sense and only trying to ruin this blog for your own reasons. I really dont think many want to have to read your nonsense. All the best!



        You are clearly related or a supporter of Gerbil and Associates – we will not go away or leave you alone


        • With all due respect Chris you’ve missed some posts. They were deleted. A banned poster had returned & they have been banned again. Sam was responding to that particular poster.


        • Chris, the context has been lost as the posts have been removed. The now banned poster was bleating on how hardly done by they were for being banned by Robbo – going so far as to repeatedly claim the poster had been ‘murdered’ by Robbo.

          I was merely stating the irony – I promise you that in no way was I being disrespectful. The victim here is Allison – not anyone else who sulks that they have been banned from the blog.


          • Sorry folks, I had to delete that rubbish, the minute I saw it.In doing so it has put comments out of context, that may not make sense now.My apologies. I have started a new thread, it is a story that was posted in the CM on Sat I think. Please take a moment to read a few things I have written at the bottom before you go on and post.Hopefully we can have a fresh start. Cheers Rob


  40. @RobboMurderedMe. Cut Robbo some slack please. The man is trying to do his best with this forum. He’s giving everyone a chance to vent their anger and frustrations because an innocent womans life has been cut short, for a reason most of us don’t know or understand. To accuse Robbo of being a murderer goes beyond ridiculous. He can’t kill you with the click of a mouse! Robbo banned you for a reason, he’s a pretty tolerant person so you must have stretched his patience to the limit. Lindy Chamberlain has nothing to do with this forum, this is about Allison. A dingo didn’t take Allisons life so lets get that straight now. Why do you hate Robbo so much that you had to come in here and abuse the living christ out of him and accuse him of being a murderer?


    • Yeah Dan, he came back to do a bit more of the same stuff that got him banned. A 4×2 wouldn’t make this guy understand what he has to do to stick around. Plenty of people have different opinions but only one person has to tell everyone to SHUT UP and take personal jabs. It might be how he has argued all his life but anyone can change if they really want to. I know at least one person here who was reprimanded for their way of posting and apologised and smartened themselves up. Others unfortunately just don’t change and then wonder why the whole world is against them.


      • I cannot find a single post from the individual calling him/herself “Robbo Murdered Me”.
        Perhaps he or she was deemed unacceptable and Robbo has removed the comments.
        I haven’t been on the blog all day.
        I don’t know what has gone on,
        Can anyone let me know?


        • Hi GG Yes I did, same old incitement etc. No need for that here.

          Zero tolerance, he/she was lucky I sent him/her an email. others may not be so lucky, just more time I have to waste on troublemakers.

          They seem to miss the point about it nearly always being about how you say something not what you have to say.

          And I will not accept a person speaking in a way in which I would not be happy if there were saying to my face.

          Some folks hide behind the keyboard…Great for them, go use it to do you own thing…


          • I’ve been out all day and still have 80 odd posts to read … i had a beaut lunch today so no need of a feed tonight but i was wondering what fare i should have for brekkie … fancy getting the menu on here …. it’s a no brainer after reading the last few posts ………

            FRUIT LOOPS !!

            Another brownie point for you Robbo , i’d have lost it with that bluddy goose.


  41. The Chamberlain case:

    Dear, poor Lindy, was heartbroken, and you could see it, she could hardly function, and that was obvious – comparison with GBC, his behaviour and what he did and didn’t do, speaks louder than words. I would like to add, that the tense of his words showed that Allison was gone when he said that she went for a walk.

    The Chamberlains – The tracker, in an interview, told how the police knew that a dingo took the baby and why – allegedly ignored by those examining the case later on.

    Lindy Chamberlain said that all the people present on the night,that Azaria was taken, including the police, believed them.

    Where are the comparisons? The police have evidence on GBC; he, himself, by his strange behaviour, caused the public to doubt him. Moreover, GBC has been charged with interferring with a corpse.

    Lindy’s measured words with regard to her case (the poor, dear, lady):

    “Definitely some political intrigue in the Northern Territory (snip) at least one gentleman in particular could do with not being around so that we can tell the truth (snip) there was some very personal ambition involved in this”.

    Again, it was the media who allegedly fed the public information, from those who Lindy mentions above, referring to her comment above and in the attached video on “political intrigue” and “at least one gentleman” – where are the comparisons?

    The Chamberlain case – some of the public based their opinion on, what they were fed and told by the media (to sell their papers and magazines, which we are very well aware that they do), and from, who Lindy refers to, “the gentlemen in the Northern Territory” who allegedly had “ambition”.

    The general public have people’s interests at heart. We aren’t being paid for a thing!

    I am sick and tired of how the general public have had no choice and no voice, now we do! Doesn’t this tell you the opposite? That the general public should be involved, rather than being told how we should think?


  42. Hi folks, just got home from a day with family and visiting hospital.

    Sorry, I was going to make a new thread this morning before I left This one has got all out of whack and I have comments in moderation that I need to look at, and I got rid off robbomurderedme who was backslider.

    Listen hard, this is MY blog, and I will boot anyone I like.Out of hundreds and hundreds of contributors and thousands upon thousands of comments.You are the first I have banned. You talk nonsense AND are only here to slag others and stir the pot.

    Every time you join back up I will ban you.I am a patient and persistent person you pest, so go away. I will out live your enthusiasm to stir the pot….

    To the rest, I hope you all enjoyed your weekend,




    • Robbo – shame you have to come home from what was hopefully a lovely family day to have to deal with this tripe.

      I’d be perfectly happy for you to delete any/all of my posts that responded to the ones you have already disposed of. Your call.


    • Interesting, but the circimstances are rather different. According to the article Rayney’s kids had nowhere else to go, and Allison’s do. I’m not familiar with this case but it also sounds as if Rainey had a steady income with which to support them, not the case with GBC.


  43. Just logged on and saw some recent comments about a poster called RobboMurderedMe which I assume is Backslider. Have scanned twice through the thread and cannot find anything from this poster- can anyone enlighten me where their post/s are? Not that I can’t guess what sort of vitriol they will be posting. I somehow doubt that poor Robbo with his newborn premmie baby has already had time to delete their posts!

    Does anyone have any comments on the Sunday Mail’s reports this morning? I am heartened by the news that some of the evidence the DPP has against GBC will probably be put forward on Thursday when he applies for bail. I posted on this at around 11am this morning if I remember rightly.


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  45. For the moment I have turned OFF nested comments that show replies.

    Until I can sort out the “Out of order problem.

    AS you can see hopefully, comments are in time order now (9pm) use the Older Comments (in red) at bottom, just before the Leave a Reply Box


    • Brian, last time I looked this blog wasn’t Facebook. Facebook has a huge following. How many people follow this blog? Facebook is a real in your face type of media.


  46. Really Osmosis? So you are saying that because Facebook is a larger website, it and the people who post to it have more responsibility? Thats like saying The Illawarra Mercury has less responsibility than The Sydney Morning Herald.

    Perhaps we should ask QPS what they think of this blog? Everybody here are all about upholding the law, right?


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  48. Ok there has to be a thread about todays Bail hearing……I cant find it lol Just reading the courier mail and court has been locked to public and media. WTF? Privledged or what. Anyone point me in the direction of any thread where things are being discussed please. :)


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  52. So you believe it’s similar to a movie or tv plot, whereby State police inform the paying public that they have charged an individual with murder, as a ‘ruse’ to fool the real culprit into feeling secure enough to make a blunder ?

    And you believe the paying public should ‘shut up’ and not believe the claims of State police when they advise they have charged an individual with murder ?



  53. Backslider you seem to have a very angry bee in your bonnet. People do not join a blog to ‘shut up’ (not a nice term by the way), they join one to converse, share views, discuss, debate the topic of interest….it sounds as if you are not interested in any of these – it seems you just want to lash out because people have a different point of view to yours. You are welcome to yours. Likewise so are others to theirs. We can all agree to disagree peacefully. Time will tell. The TRUTH is what it is, and everyone will accept that when it eventually comes to a verdict.

    For now, the sad events and people’s odd behaviours over the past 8 weeks have led to the public having strong opinions. Like you others have based their opinions on whatever information they do have, plus trust in 8 weeks of intensive QP investigation and evidence gathering. Public opinion too is what it is. And until proven otherwise it will remain.

    If you know more than we do and/or contrary to the QP have proof that GBC is innocent, please share this with us and especially also with the QP. I’m sure everyone is open to new facts coming to light.


  54. I highly doubt that arresting GBC is a ruse to fool ‘the real culprit’ or would be a tactic used by authorities. The authorities would not put three beautiful young girls through anymore unnecessary distress by arresting their father just to see if there might be a blunder. That’s just ridiculous.


  55. With All due respect Backslider, While the Police may state that a person should be presumed innocent until proven guilty, and only a Court can prove someone guilty, they would able to lay charges without some significan evidence and their own judgement that such evidence is sufficiently robust to withstand the scrutiny of a criminal trial.

    I believe that most bloggers here would actually be pleased., for the sake of the 3 georgeous young girls, if some party other than GBC were found to have committed this devastating murder

    Your resorting to personal attacks on other bloggers who do not share your views suggests you have a closed mind on the matter, and are prepared to lash out at anyone who indicates that they belive GBC might be Guilty as Charged, and begs the quaestion, are you a friend or relative of GBC.


  56. Backslider: So if a jury says a person is not guilty then they are not guilty? Am I understanding you correctly? Do you also have to resort to name calling and criticism of a person’s intelligence level? Some people really don’t know how to argue effectively.


  57. Backslider, For your information, I never doubted the Chamberlains version of events from day 1, ,

    I also question your ability to read my or anyone else;s mind over the internet,

    An I am sure I am not alone in deciding to toally ignore your ranting.

    Any request tfrom you to “just shut up” will encourage rather than deter me.

    Your actions are simply counter productive to your cause.


  58. Backslider, clearly you are hurting, and yes, innocent people do go to jail for offences they didn’t commit. As you said yourself, the justice system is flawed. I don’t think anyone here has denied that. Using terms like “somewhat challenged” and “stupid” are judgemental, it appears that you are lumping an entire group with your opinion of them – which also displays the bigot in you.

    You have made the comment “shut up” more than once, which is your subtle way of saying you disagree. Like another acid-tongue poster here a few days ago, with a name like “justice is not at the end of a gun”, every one is entitled to an opinion. We are not the judge and jury. I personally think that what happened to Lindy Chamberlain was appalling, justice at its worst.

    Unless you are coming here to have a conversation, I suggest you refrain from telling other posters to “shut up”.


  59. Backslider, you questioned name-calling?
    I quote…”bigots like you” from your posting.
    That is name-calling. “Bigots”. Right there,


  60. Im thinking the same thing, we are not that short on sensible polite people BS.Time for you to move on Im afraid, I have read enough of your “Contributions”…


  61. I wonder if Backside would like us all to believe that Allison wasn’t actually mridered, therefore ther is no murderer.

    He/She does not appear to have any purpose other than to lash out at anyone and everyone who is interested in seeing justice occur for Allison and her three precious gitls.

    His/Ger onluy point appears to be that the jusatice system does not work, such is the result of our mob mentality, and that we all should shut up, but it appears dear Robbo has had the final say on who should shut up.


  62. Robbo, so many wise words as always from you- thx. I like…” To waste that valuable asset of a true wider community discussion all because our views may be different or not in agreeance would be sad”-that’s the truth of the matter- I agree! When you wrote “There were and are no other suspects in her MURDER -“are you sure he is the “only suspect”? Surely still accomplices? I mean we will Never Know- as he’s “NOT Talking-? On daddy’s honour-or now lack thereof family honour now ” because it’s business as usual, Helping Golden Boy wash the inside of the car, Helping dear blessed brother appear on TV because he’s a wee camera shy! – The Statesman and the Trailer at the office, and the little children all “safely controlled by the Skull Clan” –until police intervened, The Nevlaine and the Pash Duo rocking uo at Arthur Gorrie (with the cake and file/cell phone…clean jocks ) ;-)- thank GOD! …..Also Robbo? The longer they (Gerb’s repositories?) shut up the more it is worth…How does that work? Hows the lil fella going-?repowering/growing fast I hope! thx


  63. You’re right, Angel

    On my way through to the lounge here, I was reading some of Robbo’s comments, one of which was along the lines of : ‘ Easy to take your weekends for granted until you don’t have them any more’ —- addressed to an accused now enjoying the benefit of some alone-time at Arthur Gorrie

    So Robbo’s one of those still waters-deep thinkers and it’s well worth the time to read his commentary at the top of each new thread, for those new to this site


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