Gerard Baden-Clay – Bail Application on Murder Charges June 21 2012

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As I type this Gerard Baden-Clay is sitting in a cell, awaiting news from his lawyers at to whether or not he is granted bail. Poor Gerard may have to cool his heels a little longer than he thinks as the Supreme Court can take 48 hours or more to consider any such application. He spent last night behind bars after being charged with the murder of his wife Allison. He was also charged with unlawfully interfering with a corpse.

It was nearly two months ago he phoned police to say the woman he called his “angel” had disappeared. Allison Baden-Clay was reported missing by her husband at 7.30am on April 20 2012  when he told police she had left the house the previous night and not returned.

The media frenzy has always been big, even before Allison Baden-Clay’s body was found, cold, soaked and muddy all alone  10 days later by a kayaker on the banks of the Kholo Creek at Anstead.

That has amplified and will only increase with each and every court appearance, as it will if and when there are any further arrests in relation to the murder investigation. There has been some rumblings in relation to what role the mainstream media play in the reporting of high-profile cases, as there are about social media and blogs like this one.

This is the information age, we are in the 21st century, over a decade in, it is 2012 and things are not going backwards. It is up to the courts and the law makers to ensure they keep up. Gone are the days of listening to news on the radio at 6pm to find out what has happened. We live in a real-time world now and as such we want to know what is happening in our lives. Knowledge is power and people have embraced having a voice  everywhere. Twitter, Facebook, email, Instant Messaging, Blogging the list goes on.

I started this blog nearly 2 years ago because I was frustrated by newspapers and radio asking for our opinions and then disregarding  it completely if it didn’t fit, or editing it to their liking. What was the point? If we could not have a say and discuss openly things that concern us, our families, and communities and instead be spoon fed certain info and not other vital facts, it defeated the whole purpose.

This blog nor any other, is yet to rightfully or wrongfully convict anybody, the courts do that with a Judge and Jury, as it should be. We can however have an opinion and seek the truth, fact from fiction, and there is not a lot anyone can do about the thoughts and feelings of millions of people around the world on blogs, water coolers, members lounges and anywhere else we want to have a view.

Whether you like it or not, this is the future and you better catch up. For people to suggest that 12 Aussies with average intelligence cannot sit in a trial and come to their own conclusions based on the evidence inside that court is pretty sad and to me says we are selling ourselves a bit short

Cheers Robbo


Baden-Clay to seek bail next week

June 14, 2012 4:23PM

 ACCUSED murderer Gerard Baden-Clay will remain in custody for at least a week until his bail application is heard.

Lawyers lodged an application in the Supreme Court in Brisbane this afternoon indicating Baden-Clay, 41, would seek conditional release while he awaits trial for allegedly murdering his wife Allison and interfering with her corpse.

The bail application will be heard on June 21 and is expected to take 40 minutes. (let him get a weeks taste of life in jail….keep him comfy in there people)

Baden-Clay reported his wife and the mother of their three children missing from the family’s Brookfield home on the morning of April 20, saying she’d failed to return from a late-night walk.

The body of the 43-year-old was found on the banks of a creek at Anstead 10 days later.

Baden-Clay was arrested on Wednesday and faced the Brisbane Magistrates Court on Thursday morning.

Wearing a checked business shirt and dark pants, Baden-Clay sat in the dock with his back to the packed gallery.

He did not speak during the 30 second hearing, and the matter was adjourned until July 9.

However he was brought back into court around one hour later where he consented to police obtaining “non-intimate” forensic samples from him as part of their ongoing investigation into his wife’s death.

Police did not elaborate on what forensic samples were sought, however this type of order can include hair from the head or beard.

After his appearance in court, Baden-Clay was taken to the Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre at Wacol, west of Brisbane, where he will remain at least until his bail hearing.

Baden-Clay’s lawyer, Darren Mahony, indicated outside court his client would vigorously defend the charges.

At Brookfield, a chalkboard with “We love you Allison,” written on it in a love-heart has reappeared on the front fence of the Baden-Clay family home on Brookfield Road after being absent for several weeks.

New bunches of flowers have also been strung up to the family’s front fence, although there’s no one home to see them.

The Brookfield community is still in disbelief after Mr Baden-Clay was charged with his wife’s murder.


Author: Robbo

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  1. Thanks Robbo, the blog is fantastic and most peoples comments are great. I have been following this blog since the beginning and found it most imformative not to mention quite compelling. Keep up the great work. My user name has always been “bwwana” has been for years. Nothing to do with NBC’s stupid number plate.


  2. I heard the bail hearing would be Monday. Hope the tracky dacks are comfortable – not. He’ll be lost with the phone he normally has glued to his ear.


  3. I bet Gerry luvs a long weekend …

    This is going to be the first of many longggggg weekends ….

    Hopefully Daddy might join him and they can play ‘ backs to the wall’ ….


  4. The sad part in all of this, is that he will never plead guilty and therefore her family and friends will never truly know what happened to her that night. He will never, ever give in and tell the truth.


    1. If he killed her (which imo there is NO question about) – the circumstances – the whole process of lying, dumping her, etc are ALREADY the lowest of the low. Nothing/noone can go lower.


    2. He hasn’t got the ballz to admit because that would mean ‘picture perfect’ becomes ‘shattered life’ – no matter what – ONE DAY – the TRUE reality of who he is will manifest, to him if no one else – and he will be damned in that knowledge – can’t run away from yourself buddy!!!


    3. I believe you are correct there Paradoxy. Accountability will be zero forever. When people apply their standards e.g. confess for your children’s sake…There is a sad lack of understanding of this person’s inner state.


      1. He reminds me of Scott Peterson. Regardless to evidence, he’ll forever claim to be innocent. I can see the lonely hearts queuing up now, desperate to be pen friends.


  5. I think its so ironic that NBC used to have “marriage enhancement facilitator” on his linkenin profile which has now disappeared, what a joke, maybe it should have read “murder coverup facilitator”.


    1. Is the parent’s abuse of the police yesterday captured on video anywhere?
      I also wonder what was in the bags in their car that they eagerly carried into the house…..hope they did not remove any further ‘evidence’ from GBC’s house or office before the scientific officers moved in yesterday for further searching…????


      1. Perhaps they tried to leave the country? hmmm no, cant be. Perhaps they just got their son’s final things from the house.


        1. The parents had been moving everything from the Taringa office in boxes to the Brookfield house (rental) where Gerard had been living and it does concern me that because he lawyered up so early it allowed time for evidence to be tampered with and stories to be collated. It has been reported on the media that the Police were at that house going over it all again.


  6. Now his daughters will have no parents at all. Can anyone imagine what it must feel like to know your father murdered your mother? He is a complete, but sane, idiot.


  7. just listening to yahoo news, he’s in the big boys jail now and will be having beef stroganoff and penne pasta for dinner tonight…still got the same pink shirt on


    1. Hi Judy
      How’d you find out what’s on the dinner menu for Gerard tonight??
      Sounds better than what my family will be eating tonight.
      Had really hoped it would be a “Porridge Sambo” !!

      Again hope …his bed is hard..his blankie thin….& the cell cold !!
      Also hope NO visitors allowed to sneak in the odd Mars Bar


      1. I was hoping bread and water for his dinner….it was on yahoo news and shows a photo of him from the back standing in court..just google yahoo news


        1. I think it was the courier mail that states the murder took place at their home and he interfered with the corps at kholo ck


          1. Judy: the media are on a news embargo for this case. They are being fed news by the Police Media at specific times (usually around midnight) for most info that has been trickling in. They can regurgitate old news but if the media are reporting the murder happened at her home then it is so.


    2. Weird. I’ve been over on the old thread. Didn’t see this one until just now

      Been scrolling down

      Family has just arrived home

      Guess what we’re having for dinner tonight ?

      Yes, I kid you not. Same, with addition of steamed veggies. Not sure if our pasta is the ‘penne’ type … we’re having the big hollow ones, but close enough

      Now on to all the other posts I haven’t read ….


    3. Judy – I am confused by your comment. Are you suggesting that the colour of a mans shirt is an indication of his sexual preference. Are you suggesting that men who wear the colour pink are homosexual. If so I suggest you exit the gene pool – the world has moved on and you have been left behind. When narrow opinions like yours are translated into action they result in the type of violent thuggish crimes that provide the content for this blog. Pink does not equal gay you idiot. Sad and scary to think that people like you still exist in 2012.


      1. Spot on Average Joe. Seems a little simplistic to be able to determine sexuality by the colour of a persons shirt. I don’t have an item of pink clothing in my entire closet and have been proudly out of it (the closet that is) for 3 months now. Am having the time of my life since my divorce BTW. My son is not gay but he wears Ralph Loren pink polo shirts all the time. Judy why the pink prejudice?


        1. Not so young and free! While I appreciate you agreeing with my position please understand that mad moment to Judy should in no way been seen as an endorsement of your lifestyle choice. I do not condone nor do I support it. Also do I need to know about the fantastic time you seem to be enjoying since liberating yourself from the shackles of your repressed sexuality? No! I also don’t care to know about the choice of attire your unfortunate son happens to be wearing as he is forced to walk five meters behind you in public for fear of being associated with another Liberace type. Spare me the detail. My point is that pink does not equal gay and I stress that so I don’t get bashed by Judy’s boorish thug sons filled up on Jim beam and cola as I happen to be walking down the same street wearing the pink shirt that my girlfriend bought for me in Paris. Peace out.


          1. Wow Average Joe and not so young and free, what a huge presumption on the part of you both! You based a whole lot of criticism on a remark about a pink shirt? If you two had bothered to read previous posts you would have known that there was talk about whether or not GBC was in prison garb or not yet. In the courtroom it seems he wasn’t. You would have also known that the pink shirt has been almost the only shirt he has worn in public for quite a while now (hence the still got the same pink shirt on).

            Average Joe, you started off well, asking Judy if she meant something discriminatory by mentioning a pink shirt but then launched into a name-calling accusation “When narrow opinions like yours are translated into action they result in the type of violent thuggish crimes that provide the content for this blog. Pink does not equal gay you idiot. Sad and scary to think that people like you still exist in 2012.”. Wow, just wow. Peace out man.



      2. average Joe, you’re on the wrong track, for you to actually make this comment must be the way you think ??? and I don’t appreciate you calling me or anyone else an idiot..maybe you should have asked me what I meant by the pink shirt before you go mouthing off..for one, my very best friends are gay and I love them, each to their own so long as they don’t involve me in their way of life. What I was meaning by him having the same pink shirt on was that many a photo the media have of him he is wearing that same shirt..the shirt he wore to the police station,slept in and then had to wear it to court.
        Many of the news today have referred to him still having that pink shirt on…so are you going to accuse them of being against gay people also…..’wake up’


      3. You need to see your confusion as a sign you are totally nuts- that was a ludiscrous jump – nothing to do with sexuality just that he hadnt changed. Your comments to Judi were disgraceful – you must be so unhappy about life – get help.


  8. He’s the same asshole he always was. Bail should not be allowed because that would give him a chance to leave the country. Remember what Tony Mokbel did?


    1. Yes Rhonda

      he was asleep all night, wasn’t he? Right there. Went to bed at 10, didn’t he? Up early in time to report his wife ‘missing’

      So he slept through someone else murdering his wife and removing her body from the house?

      Whatta man, huh ?

      Never did find out as far as I’m aware. Maybe now we’ll learn if the children were also in that same house that night

      or did his sister babysit them elsewhere?

      Guess she needs to clarify for old ‘sleepy’s’ sake now


        1. Paradoxy: we don’t actually know that he snapped. I am leaning towards it being pre-mediated and for money. Remember there was a rumour from a while back where someone said one of the POI’s had snapped and spilled, stating it was pre-meditated but not meant to happen for another month. The “alleged” incident where his debit or credit card was declined earlier in the night could have brought things to a head and a need for the event to happen earlier than planned. Here he was, stone broke, owed $300,000 to ex business partners and no money in the bank…. An insurance policy was raised a while ago, again, allegedly. The rumour back then was that the policy payout had been increased earlier this year. I personally think he intended to kill but have the body found earlier and no connection to him. Haha. He seems likes the dumbest criminal on earth to me and coupled with his father’s arrogance I am sure they felt they had pulled it off – unless GBC was allowed to speak again. He was the weakest link IMO. Still is. The parents must be shitting bricks knowing they have no control over his mouth at the moment.


          1. Ozmosis 11.46am.

            I’m a lurker who is more than happy to read posters (mostly) intelligent well reasoned comments…and I just leave it at that. (There’s really nothing that I can add.)

            I absolutely agree with you, Oz – in that it was premeditated, IMO obviously for financial gain. To what extent do you think our murderers ‘accomplice(s)’ was involved? Was it in the planning and actual execution, or just as an accessory after the fact? I believe there was a fair amount of (shoddy) planning carried out by both from the outset, rather than a panicked and hasty attempt at a cover-up.

            BTW, thankyou one and all for your wonderfully thought provoking theories re this extremely sad case. We can only hope that it’s all resolved in good time; we can only hope and pray for those dear little girls. A big thankyou to QPS


  9. Shocking how he is claiming innocence, and apparently “devasted” at the charges. He wants to waste tax payers money for a long, drawn out case. I will be flabbergasted if he gets bail, because he already had over a month’s freedom following the murder of his wife. She lost her life, he should not be given any more freedom. One only has to look at his shocking acting on an earlier interview to realise he did it (see YouTube). Besides, no decent husband would allow their wife to go out walking late at night. He wanted her dead, so he could keep all the money and shack up with the ugly mistress. SHAME!


    1. Channel 7 Brisbane reported in nightly news tonight that no family members of GBC were present in Court.

      If one of his family members is prepared to offer a surety in support of his bail application next week, they will need to be present…


        1. Most Court proceedings are open for the public to attend. Main exceptions are for Youth Justice matters and in some sexual offence matters. DPP or defence can apply for proceedings to be held in closed Court, but Judges/Magistrates are generally reluctant to grant such an application on the basis of the fundamental importance, that justice should not only be done, but should be seen to be done. Normally, such applications are opposed by media outlets on the basis of the public interest.

          So unless the Court approves an application to close the Court from the public, then the bail hearing should be open for members of the public to attend.


  10. Hi Ozmosis, I firmly believe what the newspapers are stating is totaly correct, I don’t believe any of them would be saying anything in this case which would be much public interest in the case.


  11. I hope for the sake of his beautiful children that he is not guilty of what he has been accused. They are distraught.
    Random attacks in homes do happen – my sister was bashed and raped in our family home by a stranger (she woke to find him on her bed). I slept at the end of the hallway, completely unaware of what had happened. While there was a suspect, no-one was ever charged. We lived about 2km from the next house (homestead out of town). My sister’s experience was that the media compeletly mis-represented the facts (and she felt that way as the victim). This, and for many other reasons (including compassion for the girls and the extended family) means I will believe GBC is innocent until proven guilty. If he is guilty, then I will be heartbroken again for the beautiful girls. I also hope that the nastiness written about the extended family will stop-the eldest BC girl is a tween and does not need to ‘google’ the names of her grandparents/ aunt/ uncle and father and read the most revolting, low level, mis-informed remarks. They have been through enough!


    1. Dj — poor children are already privy to the face-sucking indulged in by her grandparents — in public — as their mother’s body lay undiscovered beneath a bridge and while their father declined to give any sort of support to search and rescue teams, saying only that he wanted life to return to normal

      So doubt those kids have any illusions, even now. They will already have witnessed (as did the world) their aunt running flat out across neighbour’s lawns as if in an action movie, in order to collect their father who apparently was lurking in a back street


      1. I’ve already called for her arrest…. she could be arrested off her suspicious behaviour alone…

        its only a matter of time before they bring her in…..

        The anticipation for the next big charge here is amazing…. you can almost feel the big fella reaching for his pen…

        The pressure these people must be under is huge…. what about TMH ?


      2. And if local ‘rumour’ is anything to go by they may not be unfamiliar with varying levels of DV either. They already know a lot more than any of us about what really went on behind closed doors at that address, and have their own opinions already. Kids are not stupid. No one can shield them from this horror, now or in the future. In time they will find out all the grizzly details that will be exposed in court. They likely will want to know these anyway when older, to try and make sense of it all. We can just be thankful they have family who have their best interests at heart and pray that their love and support will see them through this awful ordeal.


        1. It is such a shame that all of the “local rumours” (and so very declarative ones, at that) did not amount to local INTERVENTION long before this tragedy.
          Evil flourishes where good men do nothing.


          1. I agree, Logic9, but how? I know someone, now, who is unhappy.

            Allison thought that they were sorting out their marriage. As was reported by those closest to her, she kept her troubles to herself. In my experience, when you ask someone in a marriage if they are “alright” they’ll not admit to anything, and could even be hostile if someone senses something going on, as rightly so, it really isn’t anyone’s business.

            Where is the fine line where one can help without interfering in someone’s marriage, if the people don’t want, and refuse help?


    2. He could have joined the search, made an appeal, visited the command post, asked a few questions… i dont know instead he and his family arrogantly ran away from all acountability…
      he had responsibiltiy to look for his wife BUT he didnt even pretend to try… why ?

      DON’T mention the children…. (or claim a moral highground)


    3. Fair enough, but considering he got a lawyer the same day she was reported missing, I think the police would have made absolutely sure they ‘got him’ before making an arrest.


      1. In the Channel 9 news last night it was reported that the Police had been attending the parents home for the past couple of days and then they said that the police had been verbally abused by the parents after the arrest. So I would say that the Police had been in close proximity and watching the girls all the time. Apparently (according to Channel 9 news) they had contemplated arresting him on 3 different occassions and were planning to arrest him today (Friday) but they had made observations that he was becoming a little fragile and decided to jump on the Wednesday instead because of his state.


      2. 8 Weeks of living a horrible lie must be stressful, and contemplating continuing to do so for 3 more years even more so. Come clean GBC, stop the deceit, unburden yourself….and get this trial over with asap so your kids and everyone who love and acutely feel the loss of Allison can have some closure and move on as bet they can.


        1. He will if only for his conscience, either for his own guilt, shame or that of taking down others. Must also be hard contemplating how he will explain it all to his daughters if he does get bail. I personally suspect that his daughters were realistically Allison’s only innocent silent witnesses and he may very well know that they may have already said things to their grandparents in his absence. Children have more perspective than we sometimes think and no doubt have witnessed much more before that fateful night. Here’s hoping they have spoken.


  12. Speaking of fair trials… I have this horrid feeling that the reason we aren’t being told how poor Allison was killed IS because there needs to be a fair trial. Something is telling me that the murder (or what was done afterwards) is so horrific that the only way to have a fair trial is to keep the nation in the dark. I mean, can you imagine the national uproar if we find out that she has been mutilated after death? Be like that guy overseas who saw his kid being molested and he killed the guy with his bare hands. The police have gone to great lengths not to let us know the cause of death and I find that very strange. There are reports of murders all the time and you always hear things like someone was stabbed dozens of times or bashed around the head with a tow-ball or whatever.


  13. It’s been over a month now since I first read it somewhere online

    — someone dismissed the entire tribe by describing them as a ‘bunch of ferals’

    Short and sweet. But it seemed to say it all

    Still one of the most astute remarks I’ve read. Rings true. And as the silence from that quarter continues, it becomes more true — in the truest sense — with every passing minute


  14. Just did a bit of research… DNA results usually take 5 to 7 days with hair samples. So if bail hearing is 1 week away, and there’s evidence of something significant found in results. Definitely NO bail !!!


    1. Transcript from ABC news report:

      ELEANOR HALL: Now the police were also asking for a forensic procedure order. What does that mean?

      MATT WORDSWORTH: Yeah, this basically is DNA. They first appeared, you know shortly after nine o’clock, packed courtroom but it was very brief, less than a minute. Gerard Baden-Clay was brought in, his lawyer got up, addressed the magistrate saying who he was and they basically remanded him in custody and set down another mention date for July the 9th and everybody filed out.

      Then quietly about an hour later with only a few people around they were back in the court and the police were asking for this forensic procedure order.

      Now Darren Mahony who is Gerard Baden-Clay’s lawyer did consent to it but the Magistrate Liz Hall also had to consent to it and she said on the balance of probabilities, there are reasonable grounds for performing this forensic procedure because it may provide evidence of the commission of an indictable offence.


      1. Anyone else been wondering… why the DNA request now ?
        The answer is. Because the suspect had to be under arrest first. With grounds that the suspect had committed the offence.


        Matters to be considered by senior police officer before ordering non-intimate forensic procedure.

        A senior police officer may not order the carrying out of a non-intimate forensic procedure under section 18 (1) unless satisfied:

        (a) that the suspect is under arrest, and
        (b) that there are reasonable grounds to believe that the suspect has committed an offence, and
        (c) that there are reasonable grounds to believe that the procedure might produce evidence tending to confirm or disprove that the suspect has committed the offence referred to in paragraph (b)


  15. Don’t know about sis, but Char posted a link to a news release, over on the last thread. I’ve been watching it

    No amount of watching Gerbil doing his whiny routine renders it any more believable than first viewings

    and of course, we get to see sis all over again, chewing her lips, eyes darting, etc.

    Just takes me back, time and again, to Greg Hallett’s description of Great Granny and her allegedly being ‘psychiatrically challenged’


    1. Hi BB.

      I noticed a recent link you posted was from the (andard

      Do you happen to hail from the Western Diftrict of Victoris ?


  16. That ******* (edit by rob, mate you dont need to use those words) Bwana is a creep and one thing has creeped me out…. that scene where he drives out of the parking lot at the old big Century21 offices on the day detectives arrived to tell GBC the body was found…. his expression has this panicky/regretful “sh^% they found it……” uncertain look on it that looks more worried about himself than anyone…

    youtube Body found in Baden-Clay search 1:40 whose vomit-colored suzuki is that ?


      1. It has previously been suggested that she was the weak link and sold him out and may not be charged. We’re all waiting for other members of the BC clan to get their official ‘call up’


          1. There have been a few more mentioned in past weeks and one or two potential identities revealed. People out there know far more than they’re credited with, perhaps


        1. Heard QPS flew up to Townsville to swarm her Tuesday…..Olivia that is….this morning she comes out nigelaine house in Kenmore???…………………..


    1. redback: my thoughts were that he rushed home to make sure everything was in order at the house. What father leaves his son just after he has “learned” that his wife’s body has been found??? There is nothing subtle about this family. Also, check out the sister’s eyes when Ger tells the media that Allison wasn’t upset, her eyes came wide open, as opposed to those furtive side glances she kept giving. I think that interview was the point when the family told him to STFU. I also can’t get that image of his head leaning to one side as he approached the camera. its the sort of look and head thing I give my kids when they have been in minor trouble.


  17. While there’s a lull, I’ll respond to someone over in the last thread who seemed to me to be canvassing for sympathy for the suspect

    Yes, I can feel sorry for individuals who’re doomed to carry the burden of shyte genes

    Having registered my sympathy for the accused, here is the order of priority, re: my sympathy:

    * Allison herself

    * Allison’s daughters

    * Allison’s elderly parents

    * Allison’s siblings

    * Allison’s closest friends, lifelong

    * Allison’s nephews and nieces

    * Allison’s cousins and other family members

    * Allison’s pupils and their parents

    * Allison’s past employers (Flight Centre) and colleagues, also her recent colleagues

    * Allison’s neighbours, past and present

    * Members of the Queensland Police Service who retrieved her body from Kholo bridge. This event will scar them for life

    * the Coroner who was required to examine Allison’s remains

    * all the scientists and staff at the forensics labs who were required to exactingly seek the truth despite the unpleasantness of the situation and the pressure under which they have laboured

    * all the men and women who searched high and low for Allison throughout eleven days and nights, in heat, rain, swamps, rugged terrain, during which they suffered hardship and anxiety and separation from their own families, friends, homes and lives

    * members of the Queensland Police Service who also sacrificed their own comfort and health in order to bring justice to a nice woman whose life and future had been stolen from her and her family and friends

    * all those who dedicated their own time and comfort, their lives and own pressing needs, etc., in order to provide dry clothing, food, drink and support to searchers and police, volunteers etc. during the long search for Allison

    * all those who’ve gone out of their way to keep Allison’s name, and justice, at the front. People like Robbo who’ve dedicated long hours to providing a medium via which the public could communicate and stay informed during the past two months. And all those who’ve driven out of their way night after night, in order to place flowers and messages on the fence of the house where Allison drew her last breath

    * the media, which has cooperated with police as far as reporting in concerned, in order justice could be served

    * the undertakers, who despite their years of experience, must have suffered emotionally as they prepared Allison’s remains for burial

    I’m sorry for failing to mention many others deserving of praise and respect

    The suspect is last on the list as far as my sympathies are concerned


    1. Well summarised Burleigh Beach! I cannot believe some people feel sympathy for Gerard. The fact his family did not support him in court today says something. I realise some people think that you are innocent until proven guilty but Gerard has displayed nothing but guilt from Day 1.


  18. At the bottom of the last thread, Char has provided a link to recent news reports. Towards the conclusion of the report, a tv presenter states that police have requested information from the channel, dating back to April

    I’ll have to listen to it again as I’m not quite clear on it. Anyone care to throw some light, opinions, etc. Wonder what the police angle is?


    1. Police are requesting TV program schedule 4pm 18th April til 4am the next day…. Which doesn’t make sense because didn’t she go missing til 19th/ reported missing 20th April? So they’re matching his statement to her watching Telly the night before…. ?


    1. Hi BB it is good to see you back, you make some good points. I think I remember their was some talk of him stating going to bed and she was watching the footy show. They were asking for programming for for 18th at 4pm to 4am 19th April I think. I live in London now, not sure is the footy show on Nine pretty sure it used to be. ???


      1. Actually she was reported missing on the morning of the 20th April I think, so not sure why unless to prove that programme was not on night of 19th?? But was on night before???


    2. Yes BB, very strange, seeing that it was the night before. At first I thought they might be checking about the Footy Show times. Maybe there was a CSI program the night before that had a similar murder.


  19. To dear redback1
    I dont know who you are but I have read ALL of your posts. Very powerful, very real. and very emotive. I hope you will not be stopped contributing.
    One question Are you related to Allison in any way?
    Just ignore if you are and dont want to say so. Or say “close enough”. Or nope.
    I would love to offer you a cuppa and scones. Something to settle you down just a bit.
    Not settle you too much though because all the stuff you raise. sure needs to be addressed somewhere down the track. Very relevant, yes. And I note ….you are on fire!
    Keep up the good work but please do get some rest and some sleep!
    I admit being glued to this site also near 8 weeks, because I knew from the start GBC and OW were lying. Then the granny **** vileness
    And Oh dear I haven’t got much other country work done lately.
    Being a country lady I read body language long before I read words. Saves money, saves time. and saves lives
    But oh by crikey! I hate seeing injustice. Worse still those guilty getting away scott free.
    All the rest of the BC famly sh*t has been accidently exposed. And OMG what an exposure!
    I had always thought good of the scouts. There are some truly good people there. Yes.
    Love you redback1!


    1. Robbo please time out that ADHD child redback1…….he is a psychopathic narcissist who is so self interested it is ruining your blog/our sharing and a waste of oxygen space here……..FFS please get rid of him……………………………


      1. That particular person does polarise the blog and do grate at times, but comments like this do not really help Berry, because I ask we don’t make personal attacks on each other. Feelings for players in this saga are open to your own opinion. I’m sure I drive some crazy sometimes too.

        Thanks for your honesty though


    2. Yes in support of Redback although one of the little buggers bit me several months back and I hope that wasn’t forewarning me regarding this rambling off the plot Opinion…

      Living in the area I fully endorse Redback’s comments relating to the political representation…

      No action in areas greatly needing it – maintaining a 1940’s ferry at Moggill for pete’s sake. Lazily watching hundreds of motorists go crazy in the daily traffic jams.. No action no care factor no ability – oh sorry the odd overnight speed limit change from 60 to 40 and accompanying hidden speed camera to fix the traffic problems…

      But plenty of time to jump in the media scrum to be seen supporting “recognised” members of the community oops albeit in the wrong jersey. I reckon Councillor should spend some time with Redback if she wants to mix with influential people in this new age of open communication and 100% accountability….


        1. Coming from a distinguished veteran of this blog such as yourself BB “good post” is most kind ….

          .. Arthur Gorrie Correctional high and maximum security prison is not a sparkling new prison by any means opening in 1992, although “relatively” modern(wiki). I imagine a night or several isolated in there would give one lots of time to reflect and maybe feel inclined to chat to someone maybe?…. Here’s hoping honesty shines through ….


          1. Here’s hoping, IcanCU

            Stranger things have happened, although any time I suggest he might decide to unburden himself, people roll their eyes as if I’m an idiot, but like you, I still have hope that now it might finally hit him that it’s over, everything’s in ruins, so many lives damaged, so much suffering and a hard future for his children. (If he’s guilty) he could prevent more damage, more suffering by confessing, thus sparing everyone the horror that will be a trial with all the ghastly photographs and evidence entered into public record for posterity — and for his daughters to see and have to live with later

            Personally, I still think there’s a chance he’ll confess so fingers crossed


  20. QLD Country lady – can you give me a quick summary of the BC family and the granny thing. I missed those posts. I have only seen his sister on the You Tube clip. THANK YOU


    1. Excuse my interrupting QLD Country Lady……Eddie, I don’t think there is a quick summary, you may have to research…..just sayin’


      1. Oh dear Millie
        What a wonderful response Thankyou!
        Eddie, Just google Baden Clay granny pash. Get the full unedited version.
        Then add into that the time frame. Daughter in law missing not found. Public out searching in dreadful weather. Key words here time frame. Dates.
        Re the whole family,Baden Clay Powell scouts etc all has exposed on previous threads right here, Has taken 8 weeks of serious research by members of the general public not expecting any or all of this!


        1. Yes compare the BC’s responses when Allison went ‘missing’ – they looked like they were practically celebrating the event – with a lengthy pash for the cameras. They looked almost as happy as most of us were last night when we heard about GBC’s arrest!!

          Now compare and contrast their reaction yesterday when sonny got charged….!!!! I rest my case…..One can’t help but smell a rat…..


  21. Hi All Well i guess the speculation has to be HOW SOON the next
    And of Course Who and how many , i Bet there are some very nervous folk out there right now .

    yes Male and Female .


  22. So many of us have been on Robbo’s site since the beginning and seen lot’s of rumours and participants come and go. A while back there seemed to be commentary from people with inside info but (and I understand why) no longer participate.

    The media embargo is uncharacteristically amazing, and the police information has been so controlled. There really seems to be a collective effort to ensure that nothing will undermine a murder conviction. While we are all waiting for new information I feel assured that they know what they’re doing.trickle feeding the public.

    His proclamations of innocence are farcical and I don’t believe anyone is well connected enough to overturn the public interest in a murder conviction. I’m looking forward to more arrests in the next couple of days.


      1. Would seriously like to ask … Your sons wife is missing, then found and defined murdered … Wouldn’t you as a parent or support be asking wtf happened, wtf is going on?!?! All the media, the investigations, the police visits, the funeral, the girls phone call after phone call …. Family or not the integrity and morals of a person/s can’t support murder? You think he just played dumb and said I don’t know, I don’t want to talk about it, or just stayed silent. My parents would want answers or kick me out on the street immediately… Leads me to think they have to be involved somehow.


    1. as i have said before – there is nothing passionate about this.
      He was merely stopping her saying anything further in case the media were able to lip read


      1. No, he actually stopped closing the garage door and gave the media a show. He could have closed the door first. It did not look as if she intended talking anyway. Their body language and behaviour like those of GBC have been very odd indeed.


        1. Dear RIP Allison,

          My view is that they were sick of the media, and decided to give them something to watch.



  23. Oh yuk Eddie you found it.
    Coffee anyone or something for afters? Mmmm? So theatrical so dramatic.
    Did you get the signifigance of the time frames? Dates?


  24. I seem to remember the original version showed an elderly woman sort of dragged herself through to greet the men and initiated the exhibitionistic and public passion. The old man seemed surprised. Then better judgement seemed to depart him too and the result is what we see in what I suspect to be an abbreviated version

    Viewers are left to decide if the seniors were being defiant

    or thought the media was there to focus on them (as if they were Brad and Angelina)

    or if the notoriety of their missing daughter in law triggered a sexual lust they could not contain

    I’d love to hear the religious member of that family explain just what went on there and why …


  25. Hi All
    Well Gerard MUST have had help Question is A Girlfriend ?

    Wasn’t it dear old dad helping to clean the cars and house the morning police first arrived when she was reported missing ?

    Is one of the cars not the one that had Alisons blood in it ?

    Questions Questions


  26. Just listened to Channel 10 News where it was revealed that the prosecution is arguing that Allison was murdered in her home whilst her children slept. I am more shocked and shocked by this case. That is completely sickening.


    1. Oh Halifax — this is what none of us wanted to hear, isn’t it

      Maybe the murder was carried out beneath the house, out of earshot of the children. Because even though it’s said / hoped they were asleep, I think most parents will suspect otherwise, simply because children have a bond with their parents, can sense when something is upsetting their parents, and will often awaken out of the blue if something’s wrong

      This is terrible if true, because although parents believe their children tell them everything, the fact is, children don’t for some reason. Some things they just hold in. The children themselves don’t even know why they keep some things to themselves

      So although it’s to be hoped the children heard nothing, I wonder if it’s true

      If one or all of them did hear something, this situation is far graver than anything we could imagine, for those girls would be reliving that memory, would be tortured by it, no matter how much they claim to be ‘ok’ on the outside

      It’s the sort of trauma that often results in self-harm, suicide etc. In addition, the girls would suffer what’s known as ‘survivors guilt’ and of course, deep deep guilt anyway

      I hope for the girls sakes they heard and saw nothing, but most parents know just how much kids actually see and hear, no matter what precautions are taken

      So many people hurt by Allison’s killer. And no real way to repair it


      1. Yes it is terrible information to hear. I didn’t know whether the prosecutions argument had been published on this site or not, I had not seen it, however I believe there has been much confusion with regard to whether the girls were on a sleep over on the Thursday or Friday evening. The Channel Ten definitely reported that the prosecution believe Alison was murdered in her home whilst the children slept…..

        This lends support to the idea that more than one person was involved in Alison’s death.

        Tonight I say more prayers for these beautiful girls and the Dickies
        RIP Allison my heartbreaks for you.


        1. Thank you for this information, Halifax (thumbs up)

          I had not heard of it before you posted and I haven’t seen it posted elsewhere as being official

          As you say, there’s been endless discussion and confusion over which night the girls went to the sleep out, even as recently as half an hour ago on other online forums

          LIke you, I’m saddened at the thought of Allison dying so close to the children she adored. Saddened for everyone involved

          I hope the killer is put away and never sees freedom ever again


        2. Halifax, if this is true then there is either definitely a 3rd person involved (one to sit in the house while the body dumping happened) or they actually left the kids alone in the house for a long while.


    1. I know what you mean but sounds like ‘we got 3 young girls’ … to me. But I could be wrong too… If he did say it as ‘they’ve’ then perhaps he’s talking about the grandparents trying to care for them.


        1. ” I’ve got 3 young girls”. That’s what my mind ‘chose’ to hear, because it would have made sense

          However when I actually listened to the tape after the suggestion he may have said, ‘They’ve got three young girls’ etc., I was astonished to hear ‘They’ve’

          Honestly don’t believe I’m very suggestible. Just ‘lazy listening’ and expecting the ‘I’ve got 3 young girls’ when I originally listened. And I haven’t actually listened to it all that often prior to reading Sensing Something’s comment, because after the first rendition, I was disgusted by his whiny, false way of speaking. And because I thought I’d possibly learn more by watching him without the sound on

          Which made it all the more astonishing when I turned the sound on after Sensing Something’s enquiry

          Guess the only way to know for sure would be if the audio were cleaned up and slowed down, not that it’s all that important from our perspective of course, other than to suggest he really does live in an alternate reality


    2. I think you might be right about that, ‘Sensing Something’

      It’s hard to watch and listen to — it disgusts me, because he seems to be using a fake voice and tone as if to imply he’s overcome with emotion, blah blah

      What has always struck me about that footage is his face when he first begins to walk to the reporter. To me, his initial expression is one of condescention and repressed anger and OVERT irritation. That’s how it comes across to me. If I were on my own and he approached me that way, I’d be scared, to be frank. Because he seems capable of physical violence. His movements seem aggressive, to me

      I almost expect him to physically slam the reporter. Then, as it seems to me, he appears to realise that he’d better put on a bit of a show for the idiots (meaning the world outside himself) and he starts wobbling his head around etc. and tries to put on a phony whiny voice to suggest ‘concern’ and ‘deep grief’, etc. It was an insult to viewers’ intelligence in my opinion

      But yes, now it’s been suggested to me, it does seem he says, ‘They’ve got three girls to look after’

      THEN, a few milliseconds later, he realises he’s stuffed up, it seems to me

      so he drops his head and deliberately mumbles away to try to hide the stuff up


      1. BB,

        I agree with your appraisal of GBC’s interview footage.

        Don’t forget he putting his head down, eyes up (pleading to see if his acting worked) and……………. THE (measured) GULP!!



        1. He doesn’t clearly say it but it is “We’ve…”
          The next line is “We…”
          It’s unlikely he switched from “they’ve” or “I’ve” to “we’ve.
          The lip- synch suggests “we’ve”. However he was mumbling a bit.


      2. ” I’ve got 3 young girls”. That’s what my mind ‘chose’ to hear, because it would have made sense

        However when I actually listened to the tape after the suggestion he may have said, ‘They’ve got three young girls’ etc., I was astonished to hear ‘They’ve’

        Correct from me too in all aspects.

        In learning “How to spot a liar”,
        this is exactly what happens. Words, sentences get accidently jumbled.

        Note Sis standing right behind and beside ready for discreet nudge.


  27. Thx Robbo-great quote- eat a snickers mate….Calm down a bit please!..Redbacks def ona cause and a good one! And even better “A case that a team of hundreds has been working on. I trust their decisions. I and millions of others are certainly not going to give this bloke the benefit of doubt for 1 second longer.” Mahoney what were you thinking? Ditto!


  28. I say-How Cowardly? is this “Conceited Coward-clay” as has been previously labeled upon the Gerbil- “Baden-Clay again avoided looking at the public gallery and sat facing the front of court.” 2cents- that’s the smartest Post I have seen- yesterday-June 13 – 11.20pm “Someone should whisper in his hear …… if you love your daughters more than life itself, you would spare them the trauma of a trial with all its dirty laundry and plead guilty…….”..YEP GBC- Man/Boy/or Monster?- you choose!- Wake up to yourself for your daughters, friends and families, QUEENSLAND/AUSTRALIA’S sake ! 😉 Mike so many truths in your post-“ Well done QPS …. now to round up those who helped this insipid excuse for a human as none of them had a skerrick of concern for the children. Mr Mahoney don’t you think the 3 girls are devastated ? YES


    1. Please take a bow, Angelkim

      that’s one hell of a post

      wish I could award you half a dozen up-thumbs

      My opinion, having known a few like him, is that by keeping his back to the world he convinces himself there’s no-one there and none of it is happening. Mr. Can’t Be Told. Mr. Never Wrong

      I personally despise him on the way he’s conducted himself, let alone what he’s been charged with

      and I despise all those who’ve pandered to him, covered-up for him, protected him, lied for him, assisted him and supported him


    2. It wouldn’t surprise me if one of his supportive family didn’t dog him out to save their own butts. My bet is on Olivia dogging him in to save herself. I’m glad she has but it just shows the type of family support and the no show by the parents at court yesterday does not show a great deal of family support either.

      The Police arrested him on the Wednesday rather than today because he was becoming fragile due to the increased questioning of his family. (Reported on Channel 9 news).

      I agree with your last comment Angel – in particular “don’t you think the 3 girls are devasted?”

      As a parent regardless of your own feelings you always put your children first and foremost.


  29. Nice work, Redback THUMBS UP !

    There have been hints here and there along the way. Can’t help wondering what a nice girl like Allison found attractive about him, especially considering her professional insight into the workings of peoples minds

    But then, maybe she got too close as in couldn’t see the woods for the trees


    1. What do you mean by ABC’s “professional insight”, BB? I think there has been a mistaken belief by some that she was a registered psychologist. She was not a psychologist. She held a Bachelor of Arts (from UQ, I believe) but never trained as a psychologist. And her work background was in HRM.




  31. It’s over 100 posts, but I can’t see a red ‘older comments’ thing after the last post (which is Robbo’s on my screen)


    1. It is 100 comments not including all the extra replies! Has this page reached it yet I dunno I am on iPhone app in bed haha! I know it is there in the murder charge thread I tested it


  32. Tomorrow is going to be a big start to the weekend.We will find out a fair bit Friday, stuff that was to come out ages ago! See you all in the early morning. Im going to hospital after breaky so feel free to update best you can in my absence, home around lunch

    Night all


  33. Is anyone else here concerned about the legal ramifications of GBC’s defence arguing that he won’t receive a fair trial because of the strength of current anti GBC feeling and pre-judgement of the case on the internet and social media?

    It would be a travesty of justice if GBC walks free because of this argument holding up in court. I listened to a solicitor speaking on 4BC this afternoon about the roles of the judge and jury in a murder trial which made me stop and think.

    The solicitor interviewed was called Guy (didn’t catch the surname) from Bennett Carol Solicitors. Basically he said the role of the judge is to interpret the law for the jury, and the jury’s role is to look at the facts (evidence.) The judge needs to be certain that the “minds of the jury are clear”. The point Guy made was the judge could rule that it was impossible to find 12 unbiased jurors to hear GBC’s case, based on developments in social media (FB and Twitter) and blogs like this one and others out there.

    The crux of the matter in legal terms seems to hinge on the fact that GBC has now been charged with murder, as of last night. Prior to him being charged, comment/insinuation/supposition on the internet was okay, but the matter has now moved on in the legal sense. The solicitor said a precedent was set in Victoria relating to comments made on FB regarding another case, that any comments made ‘out there’ on the internet have the same laws applied to them as any form of publication, as in they can prejudice a jury. He said that basically anything written should only be done if the author was prepared to defend their thoughts/implications in a court of law.

    I am only raising this concern as I wouldn’t think for one minute GBC’s defence may not use this argument to get him off the charge. Defence barristers’ career goals are to get their client off, or at the very least get a lesser sentence – their reputation depends on it. I think it’s entirely possible a new precedent could be set in this murder case and it’s something I’m mindful of.

    The world is spinning at a faster pace than ever, with information on the internet being instant and global, and it’s being suggested that GBC’s defence team will be all over any evidence they can gather to argue this point of a fair trial being impossible.

    I’m trying to be realistic here, as I for one would be gutted if it came to this: GBC gets off the charge of Allison’s murder because of the fact that a judge rules he cannot get a fair trial. It’s certainly given me something to think about, not for myself, but for Allison.

    Yoshi, GG, Ozmosis, anyone with some legal knowledge – what are your thoughts on this please?


    1. This is what Robbo’s posted at the top of this page. It’s part of a longer statement


      *** This blog nor any other, is yet to rightfully or wrongfully convict anybody, the courts do that with a Judge and Jury, as it should be. We can however have an opinion and seek the truth, fact from fiction, and there is not a lot anyone can do about the thoughts and feelings of millions of people around the world on blogs, water coolers, members lounges and anywhere else we want to have a view.

      Whether you like it or not, this is the future and you better catch up. For people to suggest that 12 Aussies with average intelligence cannot sit in a trial and come to their own conclusions based on the evidence inside that court is pretty sad and to me says we are selling ourselves a bit short *** unquote

      I fully agree with Robbo’s expressed sentiments

      Right now, all through online discussions of this case, people are determined to frighten the public with warnings about ‘defamation’ and about negative influencing of the case through online discussion

      Nonsense, in my opinion. I’ve had taxi drivers deliver their opinions about this case and they’ve pulled NO punches. Same with people at work and in supermarket queues

      People discuss matters which engage them emotionally and the murder of children, husbands, wives, lovers etc. hits people where they live. People have STRONG opinions about these matters

      To suggest that online discussion is in any way different to person-to-person discussion is farcical

      A lot of insecure academics are attempting to jump on the social media bandwagon to ensure their mortgage payments. They’re deliberately hijacking cases like this to promote their OWN causes, out of personal interest. They’re busily writing books and seeking publishers

      To justify to publishers the alleged viability of their book (much of which is drawn from overseas and even national sources) they go online — they ingratiate themselves with rank and file posters — then, when they have people’s trust — they start hammering on about the dangers inherent in online dicussion of criminal cases. They post urls to their own or university websites. People click on those sites. Then the wannabe author boasts to publishers, ‘ See — see how much public interest there exists in this issue. The people NEED this book to guide them in their online participation

      They see themselves on tv talk-shows. They see themselves being quoted in overseas journals. They see themselves being lionised by the media as ‘new age experts’. They see the book royalties flowing in. And to kick start their brilliant future —- they’re right here online, pretending to be ‘concerned’ for posters’ welfare

      Again — see Robbo’s statement at the top of the page

      And again, we’re not insane. We do realise that people will discuss criminal cases now as they ALWAYS have — by telephone, by letter, in person, etc. etc.

      That’s my view


      1. Well done Burleigh Beach – even the local talk back radio will cut you off if you make the slightest mention that they don’t agree with!


    2. Sad for Allison: I have seen many high profile murder cases get nation-wide attention with very angry supporters (Keisha Abrahams for one, Jason Downie, the Sica murders etc). No one is going to be able to suppress an outpouring of human grief when a murder touches a nation’s heart, it’s the nature of the beast.


      1. Yes Ozmosis, thanks for that- throw in few wines to “numb the abhorrence” and the posts become rather emotional, with the best intentions at heart!


    3. It is unlikely IMO that social media will affect the real outcome of this case. I don’t see anyone walking free because something negative was said on a blog etc. Look at all the politicians, Dr Patel and all the others that have come before the courts, their legal teams may have put this argument forward but little WEIGHT is put on it by the courts. The judges moderate the case by instructing juries to ignore certain things when deciding a person’s guilt.


      1. exactly most murder cases get publicity some more than others there has been a lot of higher profile cases. the falconio case that went international.


    4. Hi Sad,

      I know that all Australian Courts have the power to permanently stay proceedings against an accused on the grounds of prejudicial publicity rendering a fair trial at any time to be impossible.

      Dennis Ferguson here in Queensland a few years ago was initially successful in arguing for a permanent stay of proceedings regarding some child sex offences he was facing, but this was overturned on appeal. He had argued he couldn’t get a fair trial because of the pre-trial publicity.

      I think Robert Long may also have tried to argue something similar regarding the Childers Backpacker’s case and was unsuccessful too. I don’t think the Courts generally like to permanently stay proceedings due to pre-trial publicity, preferring to leave it the Judge to give certain directions to jury members that will alleviate any problems and also to reinforce the faith in jury members that they can reach an unbiased decision due to adverse publicity.

      Not long after Ferguson’s case was overturned on appeal, the Queensland Government introduced changes to the Criminal Code to allow Judge only trials in certain circumstances.

      Section 615 Making a no jury order – Queensland Criminal Code

      (1) The court may make a no jury order if it considers it is in the interests of justice to do so.

      (2) However, if the prosecutor applies for the no jury order, the court may only make the no jury order if the accused person consents to it.

      (3) If the accused person is not represented by a lawyer, the court must be satisfied that the accused person properly understands the nature of the application.

      (4) Without limiting subsection (1), (2) or (3), the court may make a no jury order if it considers that any of the following apply—

      (a) the trial, because of its complexity or length or both, is likely to be unreasonably burdensome to a jury;
      (b) there is a real possibility that acts that may constitute an offence under section 119B would be committed in relation to a member of a jury;
      (c) there has been significant pre-trial publicity that may affect jury deliberations.

      (5) Without limiting subsection (1), the court may refuse to make a no jury order if it considers the trial will involve a factual issue that requires the application of objective community standards including, for example, an issue of reasonableness, negligence, indecency, obscenity or dangerousness.

      It is my understanding that an application for a permanent stay of proceedings due to pre-trial publicity is still available, but that provisions such as s615 of the Criminal Code do leave Judges with wider range of options to ensure a fair trial without having to stay the proceedings.

      I don’t have any direct experience with such a situation but I would suspect that if GBC tried to apply for a permanent stay in proceedings due to the negative/prejudicial publicity of the case, that the Court would probably refuse the request, but may consider a Judge only trial.


      1. Hi Yoshi,

        Thanks for your reply, I appreciate it. It’s good to hear some real legal reasoning behind this, and that a Judge only trial may be an option. I have a feeling GBC’s defence is going to come up with all manner of arguments.


        1. One thing I forgot to mention is that if defence makes an application for a permanent stay in proceedings, they are required to establish that the accused will NEVER be able to face a fair trial. It’s obviously a pretty big hurdle to overcome and there is always the option of delaying a trial or alternatively allow for a Judge only trial as well.


      2. Dear Yoshi,

        Thank you so much, the time you spend to reply is very much appreciated, I also enjoy your company, thank you.


      3. If
        gbc’s legal team are concerned about detting a fair trial due to the publicity, they could always seek a trial by Judge alone as it is my understanding that everyone has that option available to them.


          1. RobboMurderedMe, please just calm down and be civil to others with a different opinion to yours. You clearly feel very strongly that GBC may be innocent. It will take time but will be decided in the court of law, and be clear and accepted by all. No one is arguing against that. We have opinions based on events and behaviours to date, plus the outcome of a very intensive and I am confident thorough 8 week long QP investigation.

            It sounds as if you have knowledge to the contrary. I’m sure if there are facts we are unaware of we’d all love to know about them – please fill us in on the reasons for your different point of view.


  34. redback1. Stick to the facts! You seem to be on some sort of crazy mission. If it’s not, as you state, directly related to the case, what is the point?

    I’m not interested in scandal, of even a “hint” of it. Read the Woman’s Day et al if you want scandal or salacious gossip.


  35. Where he (and his sister) went to school is public knowledge: just do a Google search.

    Does Toowoomba have the biggest Zimbabwean expat community (white or black) in Australia? Please give your source for that information.


    1. I boarded at UQ Gatton for some of my university years and yes there was a white Zimbabwean girl that was in our group (only one) and she was one of the nicest people I have ever met. She is a lovely girl and from a lovely family. While I have met good and bad in every race I do not think that you can pile everybody into the same basket just because of where they are born Redback.

      Really, this is not a conspiracy case for a Zimbabwean takeover, it is a murderer for gods sake of 3 little girls mother. I do like a lot of your input Redback but really?


    2. What’s the connection … Most white Zimbabweans have fled from fear & lawlessness & had been living under Mugabe for 30 years … Many were killed by Mugabe backed forces & take over of their lands – they are not violent people … They are persecuted – & could not defend themselves (since many black police /army officers stole their farms etc)I’m confused at what’s being implied here ? They have come to Australia to be safe & live in a safe environment – the no 1 priory – same with white south africans fleeing the random high crime rate to safety


  36. Yesterday – I think (it’s been a very looooong eight weeks) – it was mentioned Allison had a $900,000 insurance policy on her life. Can anyone verify this? The suggestion was that it would be motivation for her murder.

    IMO, the Baden-Clays would not have had the funds to pay the premiums on such a policy. And, in any case, most life insurance payouts are nullified by suicide of the nominee and/or homicide of the nominee by any beneficiary. Thoughts?


    1. People provided links to news reports yesterday in which tv reporters provided that information, from memory

      As to the premiums, again, it’s been discussed, yesterday from memory. Premiums would not have been prohibitive, based on what people employed in that area have said — something under $20 per week I think was suggested


    2. correct the policy is now void till after the trial;if found guilty no one can for bail not a hope in hell of getting it at this stage.after declarations are submitted after the committal depends how much evidence they have .if its a flimsy case maybe but i doubt it very rare to get bail on murder.anyway they wont even consider it till all the forensics are in which can take months some are very complex.there in no hurry now they’v got him on ice in the cooler. he aint going nowhere real soon.his lawyer is grasping straws.wishfull thinking.


  37. Something strange is going on, from the look of it

    For example, the Mail Online did a spread and article (quite lengthy) about the arrest and murder charges against Gerard Baden Clay, etc.

    Not there, less than 16 hours later, although the Lindy Chamberlain case is still up on Mail Online, for the 3rd day running

    So it seems ‘certain parties/vested interests’ are applying pressure

    LOL. They have no damn hope of burying this


    1. Found it in yesterday’s news

      Amongst the Comments section was this:

      quote: ***The Baden-Clay family are all model citizens. Let’s pray that truth prevails for both sides of the family.
      – Sean, Brisbane & London, 13/6/2012 12:52**** unquote

      It received 57 DOWN VOTES

      and NO upvotes

      Read more:


  38. This blog experience is cutting edge and confronting (replacing) traditional media and authorities because it is a new phenomena. Even the technology can’t keep up.

    We are all just expressing opinions for our own various reasons .. Personally being very local to the action you may say I am loony but I believe my family all felt something wrong in the air that thursday night subconsciously … And then we found out why and eventually the outrage at the body under the bridge we had been driving over not knowing it had been the killers choice of dump spot … Natural human reaction to seek reasons and justice for the victim being one of the community you rub shoulders with.. We are not alone in these feelings obviously ….

    We are the voice of the community that cannot be censored or quietened. The law makers just have to deal with it I reckon … tweak the justice system to handle it… Tweak is a technical term meaning make sure killers get justice by closing loopholes such as Blaming social media for being unable to select an impartial jury …. Killers 100% held accountable for vicious crimes …. Anyway I am sure a jury can easily be found from people who have little knowledge of or interest in the case due to their particular circumstances…. Others may know more about jury selection ..


    1. before a juror is accepted they have to declare if they know anyone involved in the case.this baing high profile they may be more the time it gets to trial things will have quitened down.


    2. Well said IcanCU.

      The alarmists can say what they like.This thread has had some excellent comments and views the law makers would well be worth their time in reading.

      This in Australia right here in a nutshell.

      Without spending millions on a bus full of academics and experts hauling in the cash. WE could save the Government millions. Just click the buy rob a beer button Julia, that will suffice.The rest is free.


    3. Thanks for posting ICanCU,

      I was belittled, when I first joined here, for observing the same feeling at you express. Even now, things feel odd, like we are “waiting”. I jumped on my horse to look for Allison, full of concern for her as she was missing, and my big, beautiful, Quarter Horse didn’t want to go the direction I was riding him, towards Brookfield and Rafting Ground Road, I had to be particularly kind and firm with him; all very “strange” how we find the atmosphere.

      I joined here, for the reasons you express.


      1. Yes moonlight the Whole place still seems somehow unbalanced around here. I have grieved for 2 members of my immediate family and it feels a little like that feeling. Something good now lost…. I shudder to think of those cars driving around the neighbourhood that night looking for somewhere …. It is very hard to get some things out of your mind …


      2. Hi moonlight1313
        You were one of the horse riders out looking for Allison? Wow! Good on you.
        I wanted to give you all a big pat on the back.
        Was interested that your horse didn’t want to go the direction you did
        You mean you were going the wrong way?
        Horses “know things”. Especially if you have that wonderful bond. Yes they can mind read.
        Dogs often “know things” too


        1. Hi Queensland Country Lady,

          We just popped out to have a look for Allison; as residents, so sad, so many people did so.

          I was heading in the direction of Rafting Ground Road, and my horse wasn’t have a bar of it! He acted as if there was a wild dog, fox, or snake that I couldn’t see, in front of us.

          He is very sensitive, extremely so (he was mistreated before I got him so he has issues, actually, he absolutely hates a lot of men, which is sad) and is an absolute pleasure to ride and handle, because of his sensitivity. He kept stopping, then went as far as wanting to turn around, and he is a willing, forward moving, horse! Yes, I agree, with all you say. Thank you, and I wish you a lovely weekend.

          Do you have horses (and dogs)?


          1. Hi again Moonlight

            Your horse wasn’t going to have a bar of going to Rafting Ground Road?
            And your mind had told him you were on search for Allison?
            What direction DID he want to go?
            His behavior very interesting (unless he simply wanted to go home.)
            Personally I have found that my horse no matter how skittish or silly under normal circumstances, will not fail in a situation that is really important. Perfect in mind reading at that time. And perfect behavior at that time. All for me. And whatever I might ask.

            Either there was something there (I don’t mean dog, fox, snake or something silly)
            or he was telling you you were off track.

            Another creature attuned to people’s souls is the willy wagtail.
            Different cultures use messenger birds; for instance, in Indigenous stories, the willy wagtail is a messenger of death. Birds are widely accepted as being associated with the soul, as messengers from the gods or from other worlds.
            Wagtails have been known to report a death to the next of kin, even though that person may live far away.

            Yes I love my animals They bear no malice or vice.


            1. Dear Queensland Country Lady,

              My horse wanted to go the opposite direction (all our horses love “going out”) the correct direction – OMG!

              Queensland Country Lady, I have goosebumps, and am very sad and emotional. The other morning, a willy wag tail (I adore them) flew all around me as I went out the back door, she was with me, you know what I mean? She flew and landed and looked and then flew around my head and then landed and looked at me, but she wasn’t as wiggly as they normally are, she was with me. I commented on her to other people!

              With no word of a lie, honestly – I later found out that day that my birth father died. I found him that day after searching for years, and he had died two weeks earlier!

              My horses milled around me, giving me comfort later in the day.

              That afternoon, I went to feed them, and the willy wag tail, who was smiling at me that morning, came and did the same thing, up where we were sitting, watching the horses eat, I was receiving comfort.

              OMG! You say this, too and tell me!


              Is there anything more? Gosh.


          2. moonlight1313
            Yes that is it.
            You have been spoken to.
            Funny how we humans are a bit slow on the uptake?
            Methinks you must be a special person. Always remember that.


          3. moonlight1313
            And having said all that, I can’t stop blubbering.
            Very emotional over your two messengers.


            1. Thank you so much, Queensland Country Lady, you have given me comfort. I feel like I’m in a movie!

              I have my horses, who “know”. You should have seen them, trying to comfort me, all being gentle, standing around me and also making me laugh. It is so important to be in tune, and you have reminded me. Thank you.

              You are very special.


  39. Gosh you are a weirdo………….got to leave this blog man/child/psychopath……who would allow you in a house let alone a blog sheesh…………go far away redback1 cya get in your bed you ranting bleeding ardvaark dikwad…god help your mother and family…….


      1. Umm what nasty about all that GG?
        None here are being paid to post
        All posts reflect the poster.
        No hidden agenda (except the few exhibitionist, over the top, type who want to peddle their own vitriolic diatribe).

        MM provides some much needed light relief in the midst of what history will prove to be one of the most horrible crimes in Australian history

        On top of that Marples comments have acerbic incisive wit, central to this god awful case.
        And I for one appreciate that


        1. Queensland Country Lady,
          I am not sure, but perhaps glean that you thought I was untoward. I’m not sure if that’s what you meant.
          I made a comment in reply to Berry whose comment I didn’t think was very nice. I also made a frivolous Logies comment about Miss Marple that I have tried to clarify to Burleigh Beach.It involves the popularity idea, which I didn’t think came into this at all (thumbs, or no thumbs, I don’t enter into that).

          I really like that sometimes here the comments are whimsical. We need to do that in light of what has happened.

          I apologise if I have caused offence. I’m not sure if I have done that, but will apologise if I have.


          1. GG
            No offence taken whatsoever
            You are not untoward at all
            Keep on being a caring person!
            It would be boring if we were all the same here.
            Thats what makes it interesting
            Its only the personal character assassinations I dont like here.
            They dont serve any real purpose at all.


  40. This will be my last message…

    Thought I always followed the rules of the blog…. never attacked no one on here … 😦 (few thin skins IMO) if an opinion eloquently stated – however polarising – is still an opinion….its you job to respond in kind…. is the argument polarising or is your reaction polarising ? There a small but important difference…. And I always said “I may be wrong etc” never claiming to be 100% right…

    While I was abused, called religous and political (already stated I am simple guy non-religous and… I live abroad… but I do care about Kenmore, where I grew up, near a soccerfield at Kingfisher Park…)
    and more…but I never denigrated people with bad words (except valid outside targets)…. go back and check…. and if you can’t defend things you value without complaining to the headmaster (to robbo, I mean), then you simply need a kick in the bum….

    I tried to spur more intelligent discussion… but was sadly left hanging…
    such as why kneejerk lawyer bashing is juvenile… but no one joined me….
    or the scouts… i cannot go on here…. you all let me down…. (I stood alone defending the scouts – and proud to – I never complained to Robbo or ran off and sook… I looked at the absurd stuff that was written (much unintentionally scornful in the circumstances… but we understand) and just made a rebuttal argument…. isnt that what adults do people ?

    NOTE – Scouts Queensland provided police access to Tyamolum, records and anything else (which there wasnt) immediately.. they then made a statement saying “GBC left an unpaid position on the Oxley Scout group in 2008″…. a statement of disassociation clarifying they had no ongoing relationship… exactly what every individual or group should be doing in this whole damn case… including politcians… they is what I pointed out from the start !!!!

    If the scouts had supported GBC like these two politicians, they would have been crucified… but we crucify the scouts and attack me…. and fail to see the double standard… and it is one…

    And on serious subjects… then the politics of the sunny state – while “boring” or “political”, are
    actually quite relevent to this case…something you Mexicans south of the Tweed will come to learn and you’ll say… “hey that redback was right….” when you see some of the shenanigans that are coming… they don’t call it the moonshine state for reasons of nocturnal vision….

    Lastly I would like to state my personal connection to the case, however small… I was a scout (openly and proudly stated from the start) who used the Tyamolum Scout Campsite and the simple idea of what that man has done… it makes my blood boil… talking to my parents over the last few days it has actually just begun to sink in the amount of emotional damage in the community… many senior people around here… they just dont talk and sit still and stare, and you can see they are thinking about it… but you can see its shattered the whole place…. while all victims are equal, i have seen it hit the elderly out here very hard… just like Allison’s parents… it was just a real uncalled for kick in the guts to the senior citizens around here… a real deflating blow to people in the twilight years of their life…

    I never knew Allison. I grew up in Queensland and Kenmore, so I am sure somewhere our paths have crossed… a terrible truth but major change in our justice system sadly require Allisons to bring change… enough has been destroyed…. let us not lose this one… you will regret it….

    Not ignoring anything or anyone, Seeing Mr Dickie make that helpless, struggling but stoic appeal for his daughters return…. that was too much for me….I flew into a rage and had to break something… Maybe its me being a male, but that outrage commited against his dignity, to force any man into that humiliating position…is a crime against manhood…. maybe women can comprehend, I know they have a more femine one…

    Robbo you are a legend, please dont take anything I have said here against you, I know you have to manage all these personalities… we are fellow travellers with the same goals…. I wish your family well… lets keep lobbying and agitating for law change, victims rights-in-sentencing.. etc etc

    My small band of supporters who have voiced their much welcome support…. thanks I read them all and digest every word… QLD Country Lady… thankyou especially and you too Burleigh Beach… there were others… Kenmore mum… Sam… if I can’t name you forgive me…

    Tried to mix an aggressive argument with biting, acid ridicule… if it was too much for you… I apologise… it was meant to be provocative,… that is a debate !!!!

    (I am right about those politicians… their heads will roll BTW)

    Marple made a mention of this … Thanks Marps!!! Signing off… Cheers guys and gals.

    RIP AD


    1. Redback, I’m responding before reading your post, but please rethink your decision and decide to remain because you are always interesting, straighforward, humorous, responsive to others opinions and you’re intelligent and raise valid issues with which far more agree than not

      You’re an asset to any forum/blog, are dynamic and keep things rolling

      A lot of us would feel your loss if you decided to leave. You have a lot to offer discussions and you’re likeable and well liked and respected

      With all those qualities you’re bound to step on a few toes, so what ? We all step on each others toes, lol. As the Americans say, you can’t make an omellette without breaking eggs (think I misspelled omellette there … too late to be attempting big words, lol)

      You have enthusiasm, you’re a leader, a natural communicator. Don’t let a tiny bit of criticism get to you. Otherwise you’ll be playing into the hands of those who’d greatly prefer you be silenced — right ?

      I hope you reconsider — genuinely want you to reconsider and hope you’ll continue to post with the same flair and energy as always. This forum/blog/town square would be far the poorer without you

      Hope you’re back here tomorrow and will be saddened if you’re not

      Best regards, BB


      1. Ok Redback, I’ve read your most recent post in its entirety now

        It is well written. You’ve expressed yourself and your motivation etc. extremely well

        I criticised the scouts movement by raising the issue of the commissioner for police being on the same branch council as NBC, which I saw as having the potential for a conflict of interest. As well, the scouts are affiliated with the freemasons and between the pair, they carry a lot of clout and aren’t afraid to use it

        You, on the other hand, are an ex-scout and proud of the way the scouts in Brookfield handled the situation and cooperated with searchers and investigators. I admire you for defending those and that in which you believe and I’m sorry for offending you. Wasn’t intentional

        Are all freemasons crooked? Of course not
        Are some/many freemasons admirable in their intentions and works? Yes, most certainly
        Are some freemasons a disgrace to their organisation and responsible for disgusting exploitation? Unfortunately yes

        Is the scout movement an admirable organisation in its intentions and works? Yes, without doubt. It’s been a wonderful and rewarding influence in the lives of tens of thousands of children and adults and has done a great deal for which it is justly proud

        Are all scouts masters paedophile monsters? Of course not. But as always, the bad eggs gain the attention of the media and cast a dirty shadow over the guilt-free majority

        The same could be said of virtually any group or organisation

        The issue of the scouting movement would of course never have been an issue in this case had not the Baden Clays made it an issue and had they not exploited their scouting connections before and after Allison’s murder — we all (including yourself) know this

        The same could be said of politicians who’ve involved themselves at professional level in this case

        There may exist NO involvement of any scouting, freemasonic or political attempts to influence the outcome of the case. Nevertheless, they exist as elements for consideration as most of us do not have local knowledge, were not members of the Brookfield area scouting groups, unlike yourself

        I realise now, very late in the day, that my comments some weeks ago offended you, insofar as mention of scouting and other cliques were concerned and I apologise for offending you. It was not intentional. I must have been ‘on leave’ when you objected for I don’t remember bad blood between us

        Sorry also for attempting to persuade you to stay, because after reading your post I see that you don’t rate us very highly, which is your prerogative. And of course, you may be correct in your opinions of us

        If you do read this though, please take the time to put the boot on the other foot, for your own sake basically. See how you expected us to immediately grasp and understand your opinions of Zimbabweans (?). I have to admit you lost me with that because I didn’t grasp or understand your point, although I appreciated you were in earnest about it. I still don’t understand the point about Zimbabweans/ex Rhodesians, because my admittedly very limited experience of them has been positive — in the same way as your experience of the scouting movement. Do you see?

        One of the most sterling old gentlemen I’ve ever known settled in what was then Rhodesia in the fifties apparently. I knew him when he was in his 80s and was still a magnificent human being — humble, humorous, philosophical and brilliant correspondent and conversationalist, despite all the hardships and injustice in his life. I defend him in the same way you defend the scouting movement – without question

        So a bit of give and take on all our parts and willingness NOT to take offence when none was intended in addition to realising that the things we hold dear are not necessarily everyone else’s cup of tea are the oils which keep blogs/forums/cyber town squares ticking amicably

        If we don’t hear from you again, I wish you well and would welcome your return any time you like 🙂


        1. I agree – your posts were provocative and evoked reaction which invigorated debate redback. You will be missed should you choose not to return.


        2. Thank you BB for your wonderfully worded post. Your thoughts are mine exactly. No one can hang ALL scouts or Masons for the disgusting deeds of a few who bring them disrepute .
          In every organization and work place there is a small % that are bad apples and we should not class all the people involved, with the scum who somehow are in their ranks.


  41. Can’t help wondering which ‘family members’ alerted police, as reported, to the suspect’s deteriorating state of mind, to the point the police (as reported) undertook to take him into custody without further delay

    Whichever ‘family member’ it was, I’m in agreement with their and the police’s decisions. I’ve been worried about Allison’s daughters for considerable time and in fact am still amazed the authorities gambled as they apparently did


  42. One would think if GBC has any love for his children he would plead guilty to spare them the trauma of hearing / seeing the horrendous nature of the murder of their Mum .As a parent I would not want my children exposed to this, however i dont think he cares.

    I hear the maternal grandparents have temporary custody , does this mean if given bail he has the right to have them live with him ?

    If as reported he could not afford the excess to have a car repaired where is the defence money coming from ?

    I dont believe Mr Mahony would be working pro bono as this case will only hinder his career , i dont believe Mr Mahony realise’s being associated with GBC is extremely detrimental to his practice.

    I still wonder what GBC told his lawyer to get him act on his behalf prior to a missing person report being alerted to the police ?I cant see a lawyer getting out of bed for such a case .

    If he is given bail i’m fearful for the safety of his girls , very fearful.

    GBC is in the place he belongs until he gets his day in court.

    This is such a sad case , i realised my marriage was untenable so i left , why couldnt he ?


    1. Hi Mike,

      I agree with all of your points, and in particular the risk Darren Mahony is taking in that there would appear to be a major shortfall in funds with which to pay him, but as for associating with GBC being detrimental to geis career, such is not the case in Legal Defence Circles, wherein those with the highest profiles are those who have defended the highest profile cases, regardless of whether the cases were won or lost.


    2. Mike makes an excellent point at 7:13am guys – if any of our spouses happily went for a walk in your acreage suburb and did not return, firstly will you not hit the road and go and look for him/her first, look for places where they could have fallen down or sprained an ankle etc, then maybe phone a friend in the area if there was one where they could have stopped at, perhaps if you still could not locate him/her you’d get panicky and phone the police and say you suspect foul play because the situation is not normal. But will it EVER cross your mind to phone a LAWYER even before you phone the police and ask him to represent you ??? For what??

      And IF YOU DID ….what do you think a lawyer’s reaction would be: “Sure no problem, I’ll take on the case”…?????? Or:” are you nuts, she’s probably just sprained her ankle – why would you need legal representaion if you’ve been in bed and have no idea where she is or what happened?” You think he’s going to jump up, accept the case and give you his account details for you to deposit a retainer? Or do you think he’s gonna think you’re a fruitcake and out down the phone?

      We all know the story about her going for a walk when she’s just paid a lot of $$ to have her hair done and expected to be so busy early in the morning that she planned to have the kids sleep elsewhere that night, is just utter nonsense.

      But putting that aside, even if she did go for a walk and did not return, the likelihood would be that she sprained her ankle in a gully or something like that. Why on earth would a lawyer be interested in anything to do with this type of event at 6am in the morning?

      Mike noticed what I haven’t before – for him to get a lawyer’s attention, interest and cooperation at 6am in the morning when Allison had just barely gone ‘missing’ and no one other than the KILLER knew something requiring him to get legal representation asap had occurred, means he MUST HAVE TOLD THE LAWYER SHE WAS KILLED!!

      Which means the lawyer must have known for 8 weeks while the search and investigation was in progress, what is going on…..Is this what a good lawyer is supposed to do? Is this honouring and facilitating justice??

      And another question has just come to mind….why would Gerard keep a prominent criminal lawyer’s details on hand? If you ‘accidentally’ killed someone tonight, would you have any idea what lawyer to call, and how to call such a lawyer at 6am? Or woould you need to ask someone for advice on this? I wonder who advised GBC so terribky early in the morning of which lawyer to call??? There too, if he phoned anyone to say Allison just has not returned form her walk, and he needs legal representation, it would be very odd – he would have had to confess to whomever he called for advice why he would need legal representation……

      My gut feeling that several people knew she had been murdered from very early on was right, I just did not see it quite so clearly until I read mike’s comment – thanks!! :o)


      1. A very good post RIP Allison, and Good Morning!

        You also hit a very “worried cord” from “someone” responding to you, not liking your very pertinent points! Please don’t let them worry you, which I know you already know, I just had to say it 😀


        1. I agree with you moonlight. Excellent logic, RIP Allison and Mike! My guess regarding the criminal lawyer’s perspective in taking the case on, is didn’t Yoshi or one of the posters with a legal background say it’s difficult/impossible for a lawyer to decline a case, a bit like a doctor treating an ill person? And of course whether they get paid or not, the high profile nature of the case will put them up there on the radar in legal circles whether they win or not.

          But yes, RIP, very good points you raise. Was the lawyer informed at the outset on 20th April that Allison had been killed? As to why GBC had their contact details on hand, perhaps the lawyer is a friend, at the least an acquaintance, as to call that early in the morning the office would not be open. So he would have to have had his personal mobile number, you would think?


          1. a lawyer can refuse a case its only when he has started representing them in court he has to ask for permission to withdraw if he wants out….first thing they ask for is money in there trust fund..lawyers dont give a flying f’;.-.’;about anything but the dollar. dont forget judges are ex lawyers big brotherhood all look after each other.try and take a lawyer to court and see how u go.been there done that just got laughed at .we the public haven’t got a hope in hell.but he’ll be ok because estate agents are tied with the same brush.SLEAZY lying assholes how many do u all know that have lost there bond money unfairly..most people say too hard then they get away with it.[scum] sorry for getting off track a bit there.


          2. I am pretty sure a high profile lawyer will be very choosy about which cases he accepts, it can’t believe it’s possible for a lawyer to have to accept everyone who contacts him – his time is limited too. Being a high flyer, how long do you think it will take you or me to get an appointment to see him? Would he respond and take on a case at at the crack of dawn from some bloke whose wife supposedly went out walking while he was fast asleep and did not return?

            At that point there is no reason even to suspect foul play – least of all involving ‘sleeping beauty’. Why would he give the case the time of day, UNLESS the client fessed and clearly needed high level representation. Also I doubt GBC just ‘coincidentally’ walked around with his name and contact details – he must have sought advice and referral form someone – whom he also would have had to fess up to as to why he needed legal representation.

            What’s your take on this Yoshi?


  43. Redback, with all due respect, you make such good points and then seem to go off the rails now and then. I know people from a variety of countries, including where these folk come from. They are all very nice, moral people with much integrity. There seems to be a ‘wannabe’ thing in this family, riding on the coat tails of a distant supposedly illustrious (but as we have discovered actually all but) British ancestor, to the point of them having changed their name by deed poll to reflect his name.

    The namesdropping probably opened doors for them, got them to climb the social ladder. It is a hollow triumph – does not give them any real substance as is evident too now. Many people have well-known great-grandparents? Quite a few. Do you see them publisicing the fact? No. People generally make their own way in liffe based on their own accomplishments and merit. This particular (wannabe Baden) Clay family’ss modus operandi is very unusual. Not even other family members have done what Nigel has – using the Baden name to climb the social ladder seems to be unique to NBC. No doubt his children were brought up in this atmosphere and now likely have a similar mindset. Even so, it may well have nothing to do with the murder.

    So please do not generalise and make out that all people from this part of the world are fruitcakes – it is absolutely not true and IMO very unfair. There are hunderds of Australian born criminals from every conceivable part of the country – what are you going to blame for the way they turn out? Please just remain objective and unprejudiced about people’s countries of birth and where they grew up or got schooled – their integrity has nothing to do with this!!!


    1. Hi RIP I second you on this 100%.

      I’m just reading through all the comments first, then will decide what to do. I want this on topic, and not made into a race thing, or political merry-go-round.

      Anyone can go start another blog if that’s what the agenda is,I will even promote it in the blog roll, but I do not ant my blog (or this particular Case really at this stage) overtaken by what appears at times a whole different agenda that needs its own forum.

      Am I making sense readers?


  44. Couldn’t figure out why a smart lawyer would defend this case possibly pro bono then remembered “Any publicity is good publicity” So would help him greatly in the future. No more need for expensive advertising.


    1. Some really great posts and thoughts coming through-however polarized/controversial in their viewpoint . The attacks direct at fellow posters are a waste of everyone’s time and efforts for closure –JMO . The many personalities on here that have come and gone have all been valid “in my view”, the forum is GOOD, and this is the first online crime forum that I have been involved in- such is my Outrage at this Incident. I hope those same many personalities on here stay and continue to contribute. So many non vested interests- “vested interests” and opinions and life experiences are portrayed, it hopefully allows changing of attitudes on various points and hopefully wisdom to prevail, and hopefully a leaf taken, out of one another’s book, if it helps. One thing is for sure- that the outcome of this trial will hopefully push Queensland law and its gridlocked processes into a better place, as the Public outrage at what has unfolded in this case, The Sica case, The Patel case will only continue to mount, as it appears to me it is bleeding this great states resources dry!-JMO.


    2. “…. help him in the future. No more need for expensive advertising.”

      My dear QCL, he’s one of this state’s, if not one of the country’s, leading solicitors in his field.

      He needs no “help” in the future, as he’s already and has long been in the fortunate position of being able pick and choose his clients to suit his own needs at any given time. Any “expensive” advertising he does in the likes of YP’s etc. would only be for image.


  45. Has anyone wondered why the 3 girls spent several hours “waiting” at the police station before being picked up by the Dickies?

    They were no longer in the guardianship of a parent ie. Gerard, I assume he revoked that right the second he was arrested.

    Perhaps they have provided a statement to police and been formerly interviewed.


    1. Hi Al Brocchini
      I’m not lawyer but I suggest..
      Mother dead…Father arrested….In-laws under some suspicion.
      Girls at police station until they could be released into their loving grandparents arms.


    2. I expect that the decision to place the girls in the care of the Dikies would have been made in conjunction with the Queensland Child Services Authorities, and following discussions with the Dickies, who would have needed to breifed by and satisfy the Authorities that they were prepared for the dificult task ahead., I also rxpect that the
      Authorities would have provided aq councillor to address the girls in regard to what was happening as part of the handowver proceedure. Qld Police would have had the girls welfare top of mnd throughout the investigation.


      1. Agree, and that considering all the public exposure and talk around town and school, getting away from it all ie) grandparents gold coast, would be most suitable for them at present time.


  46. Now back to ranting in the morning………….Dear Queensland and Federal Judiciary, are you going to continue to allow Australian Criminals-MURDERERS to CONTINUE to walk free after a few years at us the taxpayers expense? We want more funds available to JUDGES/POLICE/FORENSICS THE CHILDREN (Not Criminal defence Barristers/Lawyers such as GBC’s). Please Note the type of defence lawyers available in the following link….. to this once mega wealthy U.S ex-Billionaire thief-are COURT appointed-NOT the best defence lawyers in Brisbane/Australia. The length of sentence-110 years for a PURELY FINANCIAL misdemeanor NOT MURDER for the good grace of god, says a lot as to the severity-length and type of punishment. PLEASE CHANGE THIS SOCIETY RUINING INADEQUATE SET OF RULES/LAWS and THIS STUPID PROCESS THAT EVEN A SMART WIGGLE can see is WRONG. When whoever is found guilty, then we the taxpayers must find $1 million to put them in their luxury cell, that is just the initial building cost. Then we the taxpayer have to find ?$250,000 per year to accommodate them, so that they can perform their Charade of a “reformed person” whom will be released back into the community, and make society a better place-Am I missing something?


    1. I am really enjoying people’s personalities being expressed – AngelKim – LOL

      Quote: Now back to ranting in the morning…………. Unquote LOL


    2. Good Lord, Angelkim

      why on earth aren’t you in politics ?

      You’re what we need, speaking on our behalf and doing it with ENERGY !!

      Also, great post of yours again


  47. Morning All

    Geez, things seem to have heated up overnight between some bloggers.
    We are all entitled to our opinions. Opinions are neither right nor wrong but just an expression of one’s thoughts.
    However, I agree with ROBBO…it is not acceptable to name-call, belittle or bully others just because their opinion differs from yours.

    We all just want answers & JUSTICE FOR ALLISSION.
    So maybe a few people should take a chill pill.

    Now to my opinion:
    I believe that GBC will get a fair trial as I don’t believe in this beautiful country of ours, they cannot find 12 intelligent people that will listen to the factual evidence provided during the trial & not the rumors.
    Obviously the Police have many of the answers (that we the public are graving) or they wouldn’t have made an arrest.
    OMG why would they disclose these & give the Defense a “Heads Up”?

    Also where were the little girls that fateful night??
    Did they have a sleepover on the Thursday or Friday night? Seems some confusion on which night.
    I believe quite probably both nights.

    FACT…Allission had a huge business day on the Friday & also was at the hairdressers Thursday evening, so makes sense to me that they overnighted (somewhere) on the both the Thursday & Friday night.

    My opinion….
    As in one of his Real Estate statements GBC stated he needed his dinner & foot-spa ready when he came home from work & has previously expressed the difficulties looking after the girls when Allission was away.
    As a loving mum, I think Allission organized the sleepovers, in the best interest of the girls.
    She had a huge day Friday, leave early & home late & knowing hubbie couldn’t cope.
    And who would get the foot-spa ready??

    I truly hope those little girls were not home on that Thursday night as they already have enough scars to carry.

    Finally…Let’s all remain civil to each other !!


  48. I don’t think that the children can be interviewed by Police like that. I believe that special court orders would have to be made surely before they are able to be interviewed? I believe that they were taken to Ferny Grove Police Station to keep them separated from what was happening at Indooroopilly Police Station to protect their interests and they had to wait there to be collected by the Dickies who had to come from the Gold Coast. From media reports the Dickies were not aware (prior to the events unfolding) that an arrest was being made. They were notified some time after the arrest was made and the children had already been taken to the Police Station and into protection.

    It is all just so very sad and extremely confusing for those young girls. Remember this is their father and whether he is a monster or not he is still their father. These poor young souls are probably just coming to terms with the fact that their mother is not coming home. It may take them years to realise that their mother is not returning. This would be extremely hard for them to fathom that Dad is now not going to be coming home any time soon. I cannot even begin to imagine what is going on in their heads and how the Dickies are coping. This torments me more than anything else. I just hope that the girls are allowed the privacy and dignity they deserve and that the Dickies love and support will bring some sort of normality to these young and impressionable lives. I feel pain and sorrow for these children and every thought of them suffering through this ordeal just polarises me and I am sure it does all of you.

    I hope that if he is guilty that he does spare the children any further pain and suffering by fessing up and sparing them and the Dickies the ongoing saga of a trial. I’m hoping that whether guilty or innocent (we all have our thoughts – me too) that time out to sit and think in a jail cell will make him more forthcoming with any information that he may have and that he tells the Police exactly what he knows. I’m hoping that if his family, friends or ex-lovers have any information, that this will trigger the same. Realisation has now set in surely that this is serious stuff and that lives have changed forever.

    The most important issue in this whole case is the lives of the three young girls who through no fault of their own are now made to live through this horrible ordeal and nightmare.


    1. They may have interviewed the 10 year old but it is unlikely they would have spoken with the younger ones unless they had specifically told the police something. Interviewing children for court matters is called a child forensic interview. Specially trained police officers, in this case it would most likely be females would interview the child who has a support person present ie. an adult family member or another adult who is close to the child. The interviews are audio visual. If the child is required to give evidence in court the court would be closed and the child may even be on video link if he/she is not comfortable being in the courtroom.


      1. Hi Shutta, thanks for your informative post. Would the child be told that anything she says can be used in the court case? I would assume so, and what a burden would that be on her, I can’t begin to imagine…


        1. Just like any statement that people make before police, a child forensic interview is used to build a brief of evidence which the prosecution puts before the court. When a person makes a statement to police and swears upon it under the Oaths Act, or whatever the relevant act is in a particular state, the statement is not admitted to the court as evidence until it has been tested. It is tested when a person testifies in court and the validity of the persons testimony is what is considered by Judge, Magistrate or Jury. In this case if one or more of the children had been interviewed and their evidence had been used in the police brief then the childs evidence would have to be tested in court. However I strongly doubt that any of the children had been used to provide evidence due to the fact that GBC had been a suspect since the start and the children had been with him for the last 8 weeks since the horrible crime. Police would be negligent to leave them with him if they had any important evidence to provide.


          1. Hi Shutta, thanks for that info. It’s great to have people in the know explain things for us. I have a link here from 1 day ago & only read it this morning & found it had some things I hadn’t seen earlier. You said that you doubted they had spoken to the children. I’m pretty sure in this article it says he kept the children with him almost all the time so I am assuming the same as you. They haven’t been allowed maybe.


            here is a snippet…

            Baden-Clay and his daughters moved into his parents’ Kenmore home and the girls went with him everywhere.

            He took them to parks and they went with their grandfather to pick up their father from his Century 21 office when he returned to work.


  49. I am actually changing my mind about Olivia Walton. She is more likely to be an accessory in the crime rather than that she is only aware of it.

    3 more arrests at least….that’s my thinking.


  50. Thank you for your information Shutta. Yes I didn’t think that the girls would be subjected to any such “interviews” unless it was deemed necessary and that the Police would be using special highly trained professionals and in the presence of supporting family members. Thank God for that. I think the greatest focus now should be the girls, their welfare and their future.

    The rest just doesn’t really matter anymore to me. I feel it is now in the hands of the law and that justice will prevail. My only constant thoughts are those little girls.

    I’m going to blog off now and spend some time with my family this weekend – blog free. My hubby was starting to get a little bit worried and the house was starting to fall to the pack. I trust now that the law will be upheld and that the journey to justice will begin.

    Have a great weekend all …. love to all families!!!


  51. Ok Just read from top to bottom (in a ever changing thread as folks are always responding to certain comments, so one in not “Always” up to date.)

    Redback actually chose a good nick, can hurt you if they bite you, but harmless from a distance. A very passionate, very intelligent man. Who has put a lot into this blog. I hope we do not lose him forever, and I thank him for sharing some personal background.

    I do not like anyone leaving for any reason.The idea is to bring people together on these issues.

    The dilemma is in me trying to best create that environment of being able to be heard, versus not allowing this site to become and backyard barn free for all.

    I don’t always get it right, just like you, we work sleep eat and live separate lives, and come from different cultural educational, political and religious backgrounds.

    The beauty of the internet is how it brings the world closer. Redback and quite a few others live overseas and can chat like they are in our rooms how great is that?

    To waste that valuable asset of a true wider community discussion all because our views may be different or not in agreeance would be sad.

    Me personally, am pretty tolerant, as a blog owner I have to consider the views or others more so than my own if I want members of the public to come here and spend their time. To best do that I hope you all understand I have to make calls I do not like making for the good of the blog.

    It is not personal, because I seek what you all give, so if I email you and seek some clarification or ask you to take a look at how you approach things, it is always about how, no what you have to say!

    But at the end of the day if folks decide to leave the blog, I wish them well, and say to them it is always an open door here.

    Thanks for reading



    1. Thanks Robbo! Since Gary Hughes ‘Gotcha’ blog was shut down, I haven’t been able to find another blog spot that covers the topics I want to read about! 🙂


    2. HI ROBBO i live overseas also [ manila- philippines].if not for the net i wouldn’t know what’s going on back in auss either.its great to keep up to u starting all over again with a an adult daughter back in auss.any way i now ignore people on here who want to be smart asses bacause i say something adverse to what they think.i point out legal points but some dont want to take it on board’ i know what im talking about not big noting myself either.some of the shit iv read on here should be in a fiction novel haha.or vivid immaginations.RB ISM and others stand ur ground and hang around. email me if u want robbo buggered if i can get gmail to work for me.have a good one. p.s getting married sunday. no parole on this one haha later


        1. thank u– i think i’v taken leave of my senses;’ no parole either.haha take it easy…i haven’t made any comments about guilt or innocence just watched everything unfold first.till i read a long post tis morning cant find it now; anyway a few things pointed out i cant see a defence everything points directly to him and MAYBE others.i don’t like to judge anybody till i know the facts.i thought it may of been him but kept my thoughts to myself till in my early 60’s and have seen and heard a lot [university of life] best school of knoledge there is scuse my spelling left school in 62.I RECKON HE’S AS GUILTY AS SIN if not he knows who stupid to insure some body then knock them. oldest trick in the book.a bloke in adelaide did the same thing to his girl friend she was a lawyer.he got 30yrs.he was a bank execitive.its always the professional ones who pull the life insurance trick.u they know why they think they r smarter than everybody a cop who break the law they allways do it so dumb.cos they think they know it all.peoples own ego’s is there worste enemy. cheers —from the book of knoledge haha


    3. You just opened a can of worms your blog redback rants last post from me will come back and read some 🙂 thanks Robbo hope your back is feeling ok .


  52. That person that is a poor excuse of a human being, I believe did this over greed and money. He was in so much debt. He has 3 listed companies and 1 delisted. He borrowed $300,000 on the 23rd December 2011, in order to do that ASIC has a document listed (309a) which is like a mortage on the company should he default. How on earth was he going to pay it back, the company was going down the gurgler. Maybe (and I dont know if its true) Allison did have insurance, people get desperate over money issues, or maybe she was going to leave him because he had spent all their money on keeping up appearances and mistresses. His crappy companies are worth zero! Settle Westside Pty Ltd, Settled Property Sales Pty Ltd and Century 21 Westside. Oh and one of them has a bogus address of 22105 Moggill Road Kenmore – no such address! he was desperate man. Hope he rots.


    1. bwwana – the actual address is 2/2105. HTH. Either way, he was a desperate man. Somehow I don’t think he actually planned this on his own (I am a pre-meditated theory supporter, lol). But I do think he took an opportunity to do the deed before the agreed time and as a result there are many blunders.


  53. Just listened to the 11 o’clock news on 9 and the reporter said the reason it could take as long as 2 years for BC’s trial to be heard is because of the long list of cases waiting to be heard in the Supreme Court. It’s worrying, but not altogether surprising, to hear that apparently the volume of serious crime has doubled in the past 5 years. John de Jersey has called on the govt. to appoint an additonal Supreme Court judge to help deal with the amount of serious crime in Qld.

    The reporter also commented on GBC’s first night in jail saying it would have been a ‘sobering experience’ (that’s putting it mildly!) He would’ve had a physical and mental assessment beforehand, and in the next few days will be interviewed by a psychologist to assess whether he is at risk (to himself?), and then the authorities will decide if he can be placed with the general prison population.

    He certainly has plenty of time to mull things over in his mind now… What I imagine he would also be mulling over is who are the police talking to now amongst his family and mistress/es, and what exactly is it that they might be saying? ‘Sobering’ indeed…


    1. Absolutely Sad for Allison. He is now in the world where he can’t even take a crap in private. But he is alive, more than we can say for poor Allison. I cry every time I think of her shattered dreams. Like all of us, we think ahead, what we will do with our kids, imagining their futures and all that is now gone. Then there are the girls and the Dickies ;(


      1. I agree, Ozmosis, I think that’s what has pulled at so many people’s heartstrings. Allison seemed like someone with so much to give to others, not thinking of herself, positive and bubbly. And now she has no future. I really hope that her girls remember who she was when they grow older… the youngest at 5 is so very young. I’m sure that’s what Allison’s family and friends will be focussing on in the future, keeping her memory alive. But that can never replace having her physically and emotionally there for them.

        I do wonder where the girls will finally end up living in this sorry saga. I think someone on this blog said that one of the Dickie parents are in poor health and in and out of hospital? No doubt they have the love that the girls need to sustain them, but how tragic it is that they should be going through this in their 70’s… I’ve asked if anyone knows where Allison’s sister Vanessa lives? I’m not even sure if she’s in Queensland? So many things for Allison’s family to consider now.


    2. My aplogies, I called the Chief Justice John, instead of Paul de Jersey! For anyone who missed the report, here’s the CM link:

      The volume of cases is huge “there were 470 active criminal matters on the (Supreme Court) list with another 83 going to trial last financial year.”

      “If a criminal case were to become ready to proceed to trial in the Supreme Court today, the earliest available trial dates would be in the first half of next year,” he (de J) said.

      “A number of factors explain that delay. Most seriously, substantially more alleged homicides are going to trial.

      “Also, there have in recent years been a number of very long trials, beginning with Dr (Jayant) Patel’s trial which lasted 12 weeks.

      “Another factor not infrequently raised is delay in forensic testing, which delays readiness for trial.”

      It’s a good thing that more murders are going to trial, as I suspect in the past the police couldn’t get enough evidence to make the charges stick. It’s a case of looking at small mercies then that the QP gathered enough evidence in the case of Allison’s murder.


  54. I have to explain to Burleigh and thankyou for that morale boost 🙂

    While the battle for justice rages in this theatre, the war goes on….

    This QPS investigation into an unnsolved homicide in Brisbane this year starkly demonstrates the importance of policing crime in Australia’s complex mosaic of ethnic groups and cultural gulfs…that often exist in our community at large… and how an investigation can “hit a brick wall”…. (anyone that knows Sunnybank area will know who and what I am talking about).

    And its also applicable in this case…

    This is NOT aimed at anyone…. but “if a google search does not find it… does that mean it or the concept does not exist ?”

    White africans emigrating from post-colonial states to Australia is documented… no point to explain the dynamics of the history/politics of Africa/Aust and how they came about being here…

    But large numbers, especially farmers came (apparently including a certain family) and settled in QLD….

    I made a spaghetti-jumble of my point but its meant to be about establishing the presence of a large ethnic group from which the subject-family comes from, looking into wehther they are related by family, marriage, culture, language, common history, similar socio-economic circumsance etc etc
    and whether this would play a part…. especially in any potential rich benefactor helping them win bail (could be a farm around Toowoomba used as surety ???)… and you’d be mad not to even consider it with this man looking for support from all quarters

    (I have confirmed the family lived in Toowoomba and GBC and OW went to private schools in the area… digging into their links in the Darling Downs)

    Look, my own experience, I know these people exist (they look just like you and me, but they are out there… and most are nice!), and I AM NOT tarring enitre ethnic groups with the same brush…

    But Queenslanders aren’t even aware of this…. Where did this family come from ? There must be other families in the same ethnic group – and these people are potential supporters !!!!!

    People out there have not got their heads around the fact that this man is applying for bail because there is not an unreasonable expectation that it be given…. I know its hard to stomach…. but Robbo’s blog hasnt existed in the past when such travesties have occured so I have had to experience of seeing it happen !!!! Maybe because Australia is watching, these moonshine-chuggin pollies might sober up a bit….

    I don’t want bail!!!! I am trying to throw the spotlight (and blowtorch) on any and all quarters that this man will get support from….

    Strongly believing in this mans guilt (i do, and in few cases have I been so convinced, not a shred of doubt….) is matter of opinion… but like you may have the opposite opinion (your right)…. that means I can also believe in the presumption as innocence as a concept…. (which I clearly do, I just dont believe he is innocent…. he is legally entiteld to that presumption… i am not arguing that !!!! )

    I am allowed to stand up and say “that man is guilty”… that is my right and opinion…. But under our current system, that conviction would reasonably and correctly exclude you from judging the man…

    I am honest and I would refuse to serve on any jury in which I had feelings… let the facts speak for themselves… Lastly still… does anyone enjoy my attempts at comedy ? I try to mix it up and inject some humour (go back to the gold coast prosecutor, If you are offended… thats me…I mean none! and Im sure you ladies understand 🙂 )

    It takes all types to make the world go around… (Burleigh… I never have “badblood” and really took no offense… just mild surprise…)

    Our facilities are much better (Robbo’s blog) then the Vic-Melb “gangland wars” era… and for that period we were glued to Melb… but they are all dead, locked up, killing each other in jail and getting more jail… and even the fat queen Moran herself is getting bulied in the pen !!!!

    So attention has swung north to this gripping crime (and its historic gentlemen), but it will swing elsewhere (gold coast… cant wait !!! ) or down to Sydney…. always hoggin the limelight down there haha….

    So in the regard, during the “down times”, you know its been a drip-drop (but an inreasingly exciting one), I have tried to put out some relevant, researched background pieces on parrallel topics in Queensland… maybe some people dont like because its not “directly related” but as this case unfolds, the policitcal aspects and things i have mentioned will come glaring into view…last week issues that seem irrelevant become central once suspects enter the system, start applying for bailll… ???

    And if anything guys… I am like the guy raising the worst-case-scenario type demon… trying to do some shadow-boxing to toughen up everyones beliefs….


    1. Oh my happy aunt!!!! I thought I’d seen the worst come from you Redneck, but that takes the cake, 1st, 2nd & 3rd prize in one fell fkn’ swoop.

      I make a point of consistently avoiding yours and one other’s incoherent ramblings, but did read this one as I was curious as to the “Return of The Redneck” …. sorry, it’s Redback isn’t it, my mistake.

      That post goes down, seered into my memory as the most ridiculous, outlandish pieces of BS I have ever laid eyes on, or want to again – I cannot believe Robbo will leave it up, because it taints this site beyond belief – it is a filthy piece of speculative garbage that insults the intelligence of all who read it.

      And, as for you Backslider, damn it man/woman …. you made something click, some horrible bloody epiphany appeared and struck me out of no-where and I was in another realm, struck with fury, nausea, repulsed; a head-spinning moment when I realised I’ve been transported back, way, way back to those terrible days when everyone you met wanted to talk about poor, beautiful Lindy a darling young mother who wasn’t allowed to cry, and 95% (or so it seemed) spat venom in your face as they glibly insisted “The Dingo dun it mate!” – on the bus, in restaurants, standing in queues, across the Doctor’s waiting room”, it went on and on, it was hell for us – god only knows what it was for her.

      AND THAT, TODAY, IS PRECISELY HOW SOME ON THIS FORUM BEHAVE – it’s history repeating, “Oh he’ll enjoy having his rectum stretched”, “He’s used to being a sissy”, “He’s gay it won’t hurt”, “Well not after they smashed his teeth out so he can suck …..” (yes, I’ve read it), “Strap the witch to a chair and throw her in the river” – how did humanity become so hateful?


      1. Hmm HHB seems “you think” like you are God himself in your little Gotham city like world. Ever though about going into online preaching? You pathetically try and berate firstly Miss Marps (she flew the forum), and then Redback, enjoyable/ valid contributers- among many other posters- and we have been told repeatedly do not attack other contributors. You try and have have a pathetically nasty wee swipe at whoever you seem to dislike. You have posted “that you find Redbacks post- the most ridiculous, outlandish pieces of BS I have ever laid eyes on, or want to again”-just foul mouthed and I find your attitude with these repeated attacks “self serving and as you state -that of a bigot”. Again you foul mouth others viewpoints-with your “filthy piece of speculative garbage that insults the intelligence of all who read it”-?Hey its only a viewpoint! Then you try and give Backslider the same dribble “And, as for you Backslider, damn it man/woman …. you made something click, some horrible bloody epiphany appeared and struck me out of no-where and I was in another realm, struck with fury, nausea, repulsed; a head-spinning moment” and you summarise with “TODAY, IS PRECISELY HOW SOME ON THIS FORUM BEHAVE – it’s history repeating”. Who are you to say that? and repeatedly attack others. It would appear to me you are zinging all over the place- self serving and hypocytical- so please just “keep it nice and on track” or if you want to rant- Rant with humour. You are like an aggro Chihuahua with a bee up its behind, all is not well in Gotham city? 😉 …now back to Ranting!


        1. Why does it not surprise me that you would support someone’s words that has suddenly TURNED THE WHOLE THING RACIST hmmm, little one, with the years will come maturity, wisdom and insight.


        2. angelkim2012
          Ignore HHBs exhibitionistic venomous posts. They only leave a bitter taste, and get you off track.
          Trust me angelkim2012, your posts are very good. As were Ms Marples. Considerate, and healthy.
          Robbos forum site is about Justice for Allison
          Not about or for exhibitionists.


          1. Good post Queensland Country Lady 🙂

            The majority agrees with you !

            Angelkim’s a treat

            If I knew where Doc and Miss Marples were, I’d start a petition to beg them back. We lost gems when they left


          2. Thx QCL yes he HHB does seem an angry wee Chihuahua- try hard to be exhibitionistic attack at all costs individual, but venomous- well compared to a redback, he’s a bee (and we know where he’s situated). Sigh-oh well he seems to think he’s an expurt on maturity, wisdom, racism and insight-so whom am I to argue with Batmans colleague? He is so talented he should apply for a role at No Hope Baloney criminal defence of the Innocent until proven guilty attorneys? Xox lol 😉 Totally agreed Robbos forum site is about Justice for Allison-Not about or for exhibitionists, so many good people! Come back Miss Marps! -humour in this insane act please!


        3. Angelkim — so Miss Marps has left, as in permanently ?

          I can’t believe it. Thought she was on holiday or behind the scenes. Been missing her …

          Cannot believe Miss Marples — THE most popular contributor to this blog re: this case — was driven away ! 😦

          Hope she returns. And Doc as well. They lent strength and CHARACTER in addition to being extremely knowledgeable, entertaining and NICE


          1. Thx Burleigh/QCL, i am unsure where Miss Marps is-I am sure she just can’t be bothered with “captain HHB / insignificant who runs around in lady’s tights and his size too small jocks on the outside” and his posts..pathetic! Totally agreed Miss Marples — THE most popular contributor to this blog. Hope she returns. And Doc as well. They lent strength and CHARACTER in addition to being extremely knowledgeable, entertaining and NICE. Oh well Robbo has control – so we’ll leave it to his wise judgement as to whom and what is acceptable! Beautiful gesture by the Morcombe’s tonite-what an amazing couple! They can show us ALL a lot! xox


          2. Burleigh Beach, what do you mean when you write,
            “Cannot believe Miss Marples — THE most popular contributor to this blog re: this case — was driven away!”
            I must have missed the pop quiz on the most popular! She or he was certainly attracting negative comments last I checked.
            Must have missed Robb’s Logie Awards.


          3. GG — anyone regarded by certain cliques as ‘dangerous’ to themselves will of course attract ‘negative comment’s

            Of course

            The way things are here, negative-comments are to be regarded in most cases as badges of honour

            as we all know

            And in order to rid those who are considered (by certain cliques) as ‘dangerous’ ….. pack-attack ‘negative comments’ sprout like weeds

            NOT because certain cliques give a rat’s about regular members here

            No, it’s because there are 100 TIMES more lurkers than commenters

            And it is these … the lurkers, the readers, members of the public …. that the negative-commenters are afraid of

            They are AFRAID of people like Miss Marples and her incisive comments

            They are AFRAID Miss Marples will educate the reading public in all those issue the main stream media ‘forgets’ to report

            You and I know well about ‘Editorial Intelligence’ organisations. Of course you do. And now the public will know also

            Editorial Intelligence POST FOR PAY

            They promise to DELIVER

            The boast they have the power to ‘shape and form public opinion’

            They provide the script. And they PAY drones to POST

            They USE and ABUSE free platforms such as Robbo’s blog — use it FOR FREE

            to peddle their disinfo

            and to drive out people like Miss Marples and Doc and all the other smart people who devoted their own time and energy

            So don’t make me laugh with your claims of ‘negative comments’ aimed at Miss Marples

            When it was an orchestrated campaign, no doubt

            The only thing that surprises me (because I wasn’t around when it must have happened)

            is that Miss Marples succumbed to the prairie dogs nipping her ankles

            I have hopes she and Doc and all the others will return

            with a VENGEANCE



            1. I, like you Burleigh Beach, am a free-thinking individual and a regular poster here. I am neither part of a clique or a pack.


              1. These posts are so out of whack… This comment on June 17 at 12:06am is in reply to BB’s post on June 16 at 12:39am.


            2. Burleigh,
              You might not get this because I’m just posting now, after 6pm Sunday 17th June.

              I was being a tad frivolous because I didn’t know there Miss Marples was THE most popular contributor idea. My Logies comment was frivolous.
              I am sorry that it caused any offence.

              I know that a number of people enjoy certain contributor’s comments, including Marples’ and didn’t mean in any way to take away from that contribution.


    2. Hi Redback 🙂

      Scanned through your above post swiftly, but suspect now I see where you were coming from with the bail angle, which, I’ll confess, has occupied my thoughts since his arrest. I’ve posted one or two times asking where the money was coming from, not only from the much-publicised bail aspect but also as far as his presumably high-cost legal reps are concerned

      We had all gathered the suspect had little to no accessible cash of his own to pay his expenses, based on the failed business enterprises and the fact he’s been living in rented accomodation for many years. His parents also, according to reports, have little to offer in that respect.

      Some suggested ex female buddies might chip in whilst still others speculated the head of the Qld franchise operation or associates in Brookfield itself might try to foot at least the bail amount

      I even suggested jokingly that the North Qld support group might have to start baking lamingtons (chook raffles even) to make the bail

      But your explanation concerning a largish ethnic group explains quite a bit, imo. Would explain the childish thumb-down nonsense, for a start. But doesn’t take a genius now, in light of the news of a gang of cashed up ethnic supporters, to understand the sheer arrogance displayed in my opinion, by the suspect and those close to him. If they had been assured money could be found to assist the Gerbil, then of course they’d think they could walk on water

      So thanks for explaining Redback. Forming perspective now, for me a least, as to what you’ve said in the past

      I *was* unaware the suspect had yet *another* group of backers in addition to those in what appears to be his carefully cultivated ‘network’

      Just something to consider though — those same backers did ZIP to save his crumbling real estate ’empire’ — lol. So maybe they won’t be keen to prop up his legal battles either

      Anyway, good to see you back in print again Redback 🙂 and thanks for making it all clearer and providing me at least an education re: group-think migrant groups


    3. Redback. Keep the blog motor running. What you are doing is very important. You have done a great job of pushing over the personal attacks in the past … Get your mind and emotions right and keep on rockin… Gees you’ve unknowingly insulted me in your broad groupings but it’s the fertility of your thoughts that is important to the blog …


      1. lol, ICanCU

        You come out with some gems. So erudite and original in your thinking

        LoL … you’re a hell of a lot smarter than your avatar (not that I have any room to talk. Mine looks like a poo, lol )


    4. Hey Redback, I also would not like bail to be given, but we are at the mercy of the courts here, and will have to trust their judgement – no choice….
      I have enjoyed many of your pposts in the passt but I still do not get your issue with ex Zimbabweans. This is a young country – a country full of immigrants. MORE THAN 1/3 of it’s inhabitants have been born elsewhere!! where I work there are more immigrants than locals!
      So maybe GBC has a rich farmer uncle or someone who would be willing to pay a small fortune on his bail. It could just as well be a local pal. Aussie born criminals get thieir bail paid too – by well to do relatives or friends if need be….Sorry, I just don’t get why you seem so prejudiced about ex-Zimbabweans.


      1. Look I have to qualify this and end this topic… I am not predjudiced, racist or biggoted (been accused of all three but i dont care…. RIP take no offense, i enjoyed your read) I happen to live abroad so it is unlikely that I would have or display these attributes (you’ll just have to trust I’m not this type of person)… infact it can be the reverse where I live!

        I mangled my point (admitted it)…. but it is a relevant one.. and I know about OZ 🙂

        And if I unfairly associated the many good white immgrants from Africa (I do know some from the farming community in the Darling Downs) then take no offense and I apologise for causing it….
        I sincerely didnt mean to associate them with the actions of a certain family….


  55. Let’s assume that when his bail application is heard next week.. person or persons who are required to be there in-person do turn up in conjunction with his legal team (and I think they will) with sufficient assets that could be put on the line… and that the judge is satisfied as to the amount and worthiness of such individuals is beyond reproach…. (doesnt matter what you think of the man…and I think such people will attend because why is this application even being made if they didn’t think and know so…).
    Assume this side of it passes the test…
    Then his lawyers will base their argument that the police case is heavily circumstantial or relies on 3rd party electonic evidence (in the absence of any bombshells because the big fella is keeping his cards close), no eye witnesses or murder weapons, COD unestablished….no proven link (yet) to the crime scene…

    Then they will offer up a Kenmore roundabout fruit-bowl of reporting conditions to police… he has his family and local support from (very) minor quarters and who-knows-supporters….

    Nigel and Elaine will turn up, may even shed a tear (or a pash)… Maybe even sis…and the priest. Family is a strong appeal.. especially in person… both families have to be considered now…..

    And they will close with a sneaky but seductive reminder about the even he, yes EVEN HE… is “entitled to the presumption of innocence” (which I believe in, and this man is certainly entitled to)
    and I predict will be given… thats my point from the start !!! and the weight given to this is much bigger than say… in a trial……

    Mr Mahony and his fair-haired colleugue (whom fashion sense I have lampooned) is a smart man and a reasonable one… lets not associate him unfairly with his client… he knows full well what he is doing…

    Can you see the terrible demon I am raising ? ( It has happened before and is perfectly legal)

    Ignore this at your own outrage next Thursday afternoon…. I already have….

    -click-click (unclicking sound of handcuffs) and…. well… dont say I didn’t………


    1. Redback

      You’re making a lot of sense

      Things are falling into place in my mind — clunk, clunk, clunk

      Big showy arrest to keep the plebs happy

      Then big long faces as bail is granted (and they’ve sure prepared us, haven’t they, with the ENDless reporting of the BAIL, lol )

      Then off into the sunset …..

      Yes, can see it happening

      Maybe the reason for the flurry of reporting in the last few days — giving the paying public something for their money ? Giving the howling wolves a few drops of blood to shut them up?

      Had suspicions from the start if you remember

      NO ONE is as arrogant in light of the circumstances from Minute One, as those people

      Had to be a reason for the arrogance

      And all the palaver about the round-about for weeks on end. Even blind-fred had to be asking ‘why’

      Wouldn’t be the first time someone was murdered in cold blood with the suspect/s walking and whistling


      1. With all respect to those considering this…

        Do some think he will get bail and disappear? (with or without kids) He will not get bail with passport intact EVER EVER by law or with all this publicity on the case

        So unless a rich “Game Hunter” from Zimbabwe with his own Lear jet flies in and out scooping him up from a secret airstrip in “Toowoomba” it aint going to happen. Farcical if that is what anyone is suggesting..

        Sounds like a movie, stranger things do happen but no damn way…Tell me I am reading this wrong please!!!


        1. Robbo, I think the elder B-C’s should have Drama as their middle names. It seems they do everything in a dramatic way. I can fully imagine them grabbing a bewildered GBC and the kids and bundling them into a Lear jet. But my logical side tends to think that GBC won’t get bail, the ‘rents will chuck a tanty, threatening to sue and all will be quiet for the next few years, despite them having friends in high places. I feel sorry for the Morecombe family that their son’s killer won’t go to trial for a while yet.

          This whole thing is rather movie-like.

          How’s the little tacker going? Gaining weight still? I can’t imagine having to go through the premmy thing.


          1. He is going well thanks Oz (I am a 2 finger warrior and as a sign to others, I need to find some shortcuts ! Or a secretary)

            He is amazing the docs, the nurses, and me with his shitty nappies.

            Seriously, how big is their tummy, science and mathematics were certainly my weaknesses but that much does not equate to my google research of his tummy size…hahaha

            Mum and bub doing all they can to get out of there…

            I also must say, in a new outfit that a fantastic contributor to this site, as well as a more than generous donor insisted on, in relation to the donation…

            I will post him in the gear we buy for all to see…Promise

            I have had a few requests for the handsome young fella’s pic


          2. Kenmore Mum

            LOL. So I didn’t ‘get it’ after all

            Even when I thought I’d got it, I was wrong

            Thanks for putting me straight, re: ‘rents’ PaRENTS. Thanks. I’ll try to remember

            I’d deciphered ‘rents as abbreviation for ‘low rents’ (as applied to you know who)

            What a dill I am, lol 🙂


        2. Robbo, first off, you have lived through miles more of this than the rest of us combined, most likely. Your experience motivated you to launch the blog. You’ve seen cases come and go and no doubt by now have an intuitive ‘feel’ for the way things are moving. If your gut tells you this case will go the distance, I respect your gut and hope it’s tuned and running beautifully, lol


          1. Hi Burleigh, that’s a very considered thing to say…I have done plenty of miles since being booted out of home and school as a 15yr old. You learn how to just survive, living normal? that comes down the track sometime.

            I’m 45, raised 3 older kids and the stringbean Mark II, who you all know and have shown care about…I have never been shown this much respect and concern in my life…Honestly, thank-you

            I still struggle and am getting there with plenty of mistakes and stuff ups on the way. What has changed is my broader outlook on life. Some call it life experience

            But this site isn’t about me I just thought of it, but thank you.

            Just some things seem just too much to believe…Having said that I have had visions which conflict with every other thought I have had on this case…

            That is, this (I cant bare to call him a man) prisoner will kill himself. All the personality traits say he wont, I have even talked about his grand vision of book tours and movie deals when he “Gets Off” (In his own lunchtime)

            But this feeling has haunted me all day. The only saving grace is he would be treated with kid gloves in there so he cannot use anything for bail (like brutality, death threats etc)

            He will have to kill himself (Or get a little bit hurt) tripping over a penne pasta shell….



          2. ROBBO 🙂 (an attempt to grab your attention because the Reply tab isn’t at the bottom of your last post, so I’m using the Reply tab from your earlier one)

            **** What a GREAT post you’ve written there ****

            Most of all, you are living proof that Good Stuff comes through, regardless of adversity

            Other people would use your early-life misfortunes as an excuse. You on the other hand have turned them into assets !

            Common and Garden type universities can’t compare with the University of Life, as you’ve demonstrated through your character, your courage, your very endearing humility and human touch and your most admirable tolerance. You should write the book on tolerance ….

            Much of the time I tell myself I’m pretty brave, but never in a hundred years would I have been as brave as you were when you published photos online of GBC’s mistress, TM

            You really put yourself on the line there. I was worried for you. But you did what NO media had the guts to do and took everyone involved in this case by the short hairs and SHOOK the bloody life out of them. You set the pace. The rest followed. So for a guy who left school and home at 15, you had the media chasing YOU just so they could keep up and compete in the ‘news’ stakes

            and you did it for FREE. No multinational Murdoch empire backed by billions in resources. You, on your own, set the pace

            (but don’t do it again soon, please. My heart can only deal with so much stress)

            I like your style. We ALL admire your style. Little Robbo is off to a good start with you at his back and all the best to Mrs Robbo and your extended family while the chance presents itself 🙂

            Robbo, you’re the sort of guy we look for out there but seldom have the pleasure of meeting

            You are REAL and would make friends anywhere in the world

            We’re all so jaded with the multi-degreed slick suits and their babble. We *want* real — in politics, in business, in the media and in our daily lives

            You’re a gem Robbo. You have made yourself into a gem. Regardless of adversity and those who failed to appreciate your depth and potential during your early years, there is *someone* way back there, in your gene pool. Someone who bequeathed you The Goods ! They sent them down that twisty DNA trail and knocked aside all the crap genes on their way ! I hope they continue to watch over you and yours, And I hope that you meet your benefactors some day way down the track so they can give you a pat on the back for keeping true to those fantastic genes they sent you 🙂


        3. Evening Robbo, I would’ve replied below in the corresponding post, but the reply button is missing from quite a few random posts ….. You said:

          “He will have to kill himself (Or get a little bit hurt) tripping over a penne pasta shell….”

          I know, without doubt, that if I was him and had brought all this about in a fit of anger, moment of madness etc. that is exactly what I’d be trying to do – alas, the damn prison officers make it rather difficult to achieve though.

          My point, though, is what a bloody travesty it would truly be if he should succeed in killing himself and it turns out, against all the odds, against everything we (myself included) sense, feel and believe, that he did not actually kill his wife, rather, someone else did, and he’s not speaking up? For all we know NBC could’ve been there reading them the riot act about the state of the business about to collapse, and NBC lost it with ABC, or his rather unattractive old sidekick may’ve. It could be any number or combination of things.

          Nor, people, is it a foregone conclusion that his daughters will despise him and not want to have anything to do with him – not at all. I’ve seen kids forgive and continue relationships with their parents in these circumstances several times over the years, even step-parents as a matter of fact.


  56. People who post in this forum would do well to remember this site is FOR ALLISON & ABOUT ALLISON!

    The personal attacks are puerile & childish.

    It’s seems, no matter how many times Robbo states guidelines, there are certain posters who persistently choose to ignore the guidance, boring the rest of us with nasty back & forth palaver – none of which has anything to do with ALLISON!

    Those who are engaged in this boorish behaviour, why not take it offline? Email Rob, he’ll facilitate a channel for you.


    1. Please make this about Allison not other people and where they came or about people from the western suburbs and not grand thoughts stick to facts please


      1. LMFAO Westi, oh those poor well-to-do wonderful people of the western burbs all coming under the discerning (NOT) eye of the Redneck … being berated, castigated and virtually spat on for their postcodes.

        As if that’s not bad enough, not only are those hideously ghastly and gauche people decried enough, page after bleeding page, he, Redneck then launches page after endless page of his hysterical ranting directed at well meaning COUNCILLORS, calls for their heads at the Premier’s intervention for pity’s sake.

        Then, may god spare us, the Redneck has got yet another bee in the bonnet …. this time it’s relating to the entire unsuspecting, completely innocent, diligent and entirely lovely Afrikaans population of Toowoomba.

        They all are, of course, complete strangers to the BC’s mind you, but don’t let that get in the way of the Redneck’s latest fantasy that those sneaky Afrikaans blood is thicker than any other race’s don’t ya know, and they’ll all fight to the death for each other, just based on their terrible trials and tribulations back in their motherland, pfft.

        Did ya know, can you believe, one of them’s blood is so farken thick, he’s thinking he may just put up farm as surety to get a fellow countryman a bit of respite from behind those nasty prison bars.

        Oh, and look out for the flying flibberdy-gibbets, they’re feeling a tad threatened and vainly going for the jugular of anyone who dares say a word against their latest idol Mr Redneck who, to an outsider, would appear to be the bona fide owner of this blog, instead of merely just a poster that many wish would eat a carton of freaken’ Snickers bars, just for a bit of peace.


        1. Holyhell….have you taken your medication today? Honestly, your aggression is quite unbelievable…are you determined to close this site down for any personal reason???


          1. That wont happen If I’m involved, but I do want to ask what the caped crusaders agenda is? If he or she feels so strongly about it, maybe a blog of their own is what is required? I ask this of him/her, just like I have of others to see why they came and why they stay.

            If there is a bigger picture, I will gladly do all I can do help them on their way, to in all honesty, do what I did.

            I DO NOT WANT to be the next best thing.

            This site is clearly , (well I thought it was, it has grown, and I will readdresses it if not, but in the short term feel free to contact me .) about the crimes and the people that commit them. To support the victims, be a voice…

            This is not for other inspired folks to launch their beliefs, it is for the crime that is attached to the topic up the top…


            I wish I spent my most recent time reporting and commenting on the crime. I do not know who is luckier, you guys or me! My lad is minutes away thank you god. This site may not of been updated for days on end…Maybe consider that when you have a read over your own comment/reply before you hit that button!


          2. Yes Chris, he is so sad- but No WAY will he close the site down-Robbo won’t let him and too many GOOD PEOPLE on here! His problem.symptoms appear to be…. just take one bee, and place it up the sphincter of a Chihuahua, and we can only…hopefully…. understand why HHB-is an aggro/sociopath/tickets on himself- bunny! He will attack ANYONE! thx


        2. You know something, Batman …? You’re intelligent and articulate. You know that already. But you could, if you wished, make your point/s without alienating dozens of people you don’t know

          The reason you’re alienating people is because your rage is over something else. It has nothing to do with the case. It has nothing to do with the people you castigate endlessly here

          Your rage involves a personal issue. You’re in a personal rage. It’s clear

          Just as clear is that in the real world, people have stopped listening to you. They’ve had enough. But you haven’t. Whatever eats you won’t quit

          So you’re using this board and a murder case as a means of trying to get rid of your personal fury

          You are HAPPY when you alienate people in this blog

          You LOVE stirring people up

          Your rationale such as it is, appears to be that if YOU have to suffer and cannot find any relief from your personal issues —- then everyone ELSE should suffer too

          That’s you and your presence here, in a nutshell

          We’ve ALL known people like you, Batman. That’s why you’re not getting the outraged responses you crave in order to satisfy yourself that you’ve made others as miserable as yourself

          We SEE THROUGH YOUR GAME, Batman

          We know you were booted from Websleuths for the same thing

          That’s it. You won’t get the satisfaction of any more contact from me

          Just letting you know you’re see through, we know your game, it’s boring, it’s been done to death



          1. Angel and Burleigh – Im just new to these blogs (well, a month now) but yeah, can totally agree with you both – esp. Burleigh with Batman’s mental health issue!


          2. Oh dear, poor Burleigh, how long have you suffered this conversion hysteria?

            If you had the superb and privileged lifestyle that I enjoy, you would understand there is absolutely no room or need for anger, fury, jealousy or any of those other such unattractive emotions you speak of, and clearly suffer from yourself, vis a vis the Afrikaan matter together with numerous other examples I could cite.

            Nope, sorry to burst your bubble darls, my motivation and drive keeps me busy in the areas of social justice, equality and other things that concern world citizens, rather than those poor souls trapped in their own parochial, miserable little existence whereby their only joy comes from lashing out at slamming others, guilty or innocent.

            LMFAO your definition of Freemasonry was priceless BTW, I’m sure it convinced the ignorant masses – the next time they see the insignia on a ring, cufflinks, tie, cigarette lighter, coffee cup, they’ll run screaming from the person so they won’t become a sacrificial offering.

            Poor Robbo, having to read and edit Redneck’s posts in their entirety due to legal issues, next thing we know he’ll have to be doing the same to yours, but will it be the Toowoomba Afrikaaners or the Freemasons, or both whose noses will be out of joint I wonder ….. and then the whole damn place will have to shut down because there’d be very little left to read.

            Hmm, let’s say that again slowly, Robbo said “legal issues” – poor bugger, as if he needs that sort of shit at this time in his life. Of course, that couldn’t possibly mean anything remotely to do with defamation issues could it, nah, according to the in crowd, that’s all just scare tactics trying to achieve …. what was it trying to achieve again?? Something absolutely ridiculous and out there was suggested, I was laughing so hard I now can’t remember what it was though. Not laughing now though, it seems as though people out there may just be taking this web stuff seriously huh?


        3. LMFAO holyhellbatman?
          “Laughing My F***ing Ass Off”?
          You think this is all a laughing matter?
          This bloody awful real life murder of a lovely lady from a lovely family leaving three lovely daughters, motherless. Forever.
          No-one can begin to measure the ramifications of that
          For Christs sake HHB pull your head in, and get grip of what this is all about
          It is NOT about you or your vitriolic diatribe.
          I recognise you might have some degree of education. Maybe even in psychiatric nursing.
          Hence your ability to post some half reasonable comments.
          I recognize your family may even have even been country orientated Hence your supposed “country gal” assertions.
          Kindly leave alone the positive posters here and forget your own exhibitionist agenda.
          I repeat this is not about you.
          This is about Allison Baden Clay and justice for this beautiful lady.


          1. Deary me sweet QCL, it would seem your powers of perception and comprehension have let you down yet again … Yes, I admit it, I was laughting, I was most certainly LMFAO, at poor hapless Westi’s plea that Redneck get off the case of those who live in the western suburbs that he’s been rabbitting on about for days and days.

            Poor Westi even felt the need to apologise to Robbo for opening a can of worms by asking Redneck to stop it.

            I must confess, I was also LMFAO at Redneck’s unbelievable tirades about Afrikaans people over the last couple of days – at least the sodding coundillors were getting a break. So, you see, there’s no need for me to pull my head in at all, I consider having a chuckle at highly deserving material very good for the soul. Redneck does provide the perfect material which, as I’m sure you’ll agree, has no bearing whatsoever on the grief I feel over this heartwrenching scenario, so do set your mind at ease dear, sweet lady, and go back to your pumpkin scones & tea..

            As for everyone else’s commets, ok, you’ve convinced me … I want, nay NEED, desperately NEED to swap sides so that I can come & be part of the “in crowd” too … I so desperately want to join you all in talking about raped bottoms, teeth being smashed out, witches strapped to chairs and thrown in rivers but, most of all, for the first time in my life, I’d really love to experience voicing prejudice …. will you let me join in on all this prejudice and persecution of the Afrikaans, oh please say you will welcome me into your sandpit? I promise I’ll conform to your collective mindset.

            Oh, and I just know little one and I could be really good friends, especially after I’ve taught her how to use the word “whom” in its proper context 😉


        4. Just FYI Afrikaans is not a northern or southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) language.
          Can we please stop all the ranting about irrelevant nonsense and get back to sensible discussion?


      1. Is there an “in crowd”? I’ve observed people agreeing to disagree, and at times totally disagree and other times agree. Sometimes rationally, others not so. I’ve had my posts agreed to and disagreed to by the same persons. I think you’ll find everyone here has an opinion which some will and won’t agree to……..just like any topic in life. I don’t think anyone needs to conform to anything.

        I often find it interesting those who show their hypocrisy through outlining disgust via disgust….kinda like painting a blue wall blue…the purpose?……. to freshen up the blue?

        As I have said before…….if things here offend you, bore you, disgust you…….. then don’t look….seems pretty simple….


  57. I am honestly surprised that people charged with murder can even be considered for bail. Surely there is the risk of that person committing suicide as it would be the easy way out, rather than spending years in prison being bashed etc. I sincerely hope Gerard does not get bail. It is not fair on his wife or daughters.


    1. why would he get bashed.jails are full of people in for murder the only ones targeted are pediphiles;informers [dogs] and personal grudgers dont believe everything u read and hear.


      1. I guess what I mean is that the thought of going to jail would totally scare the average person. I imagine suicide would be a nicer option. Even if he does his time and is oneday freed, his daughters will not want to know him. Would you if you were them?


        1. His daughters absolutely suspect their dad did something to their mum. No 2 ways about it…Their were and are no other suspects in her MURDER…(Let’s prey they never met the “other” women in his life…)

          What he has told them, what Allison’s parents HAVEN’T told them and it seems, GBC’s parents next to never told them and have no influence thank god!

          Those 3 kids need to be remembered by us all, as victims and be looked after.

          Allison’s parents have already done the hard yards raising a top notch daughter, who, in turn raised 3 rugrats ( a term of endearment I promise you all…That I cannot let go of) the best she could…They deserve all the opportunities their mum ever dreamed for them.

          The Dickie Family are to be admired by us all!

          They have done their best and raised their daughter who raised their grand kids, and after all the stress of knowing their precious daughter was killed the way she was ( remember they have the confidence of the police and private conversations)

          Have the reality of basically raising these gorgeous girls. Do not quote me but they are way beyond retirement age and will do their best.

          They deserve every scrap of help regardless of your thoughts on who and why this crime happened and I hope in time the poxy bloody current affair shows and the like jump on board with sensationalising anything and do something to secure these innocent victims future.

          The “caring” grandparents will not be around forever with all respect.

          The block and bloody Lara Bingle are a waste of money. Do something important your greedy ad seeking leeches


          1. Good post again Robbo

            I’ve a sneaking suspicion that as long as the suspect’s fate is in limbo, the donations will be moderate

            However, once people are assured he’s somewhere where he could never, under any circumstances whatsoever, get his hands on the money — then donations will flow in

            Unfortunately, it seems likely that his fate will remain in limbo for some time to come. And by that time, other worthy causes will have captured public imagination and generosity

            It’s sad


        2. Eddie, just my opinion, but it could be that the suspect — for the first time in his life — will be able to enjoy some time alone

          No pressures to perform from his parents

          No expectations that he always be seen looking like a confident achiever

          No more need to bull-dust 24/7

          No more need to provide for a family

          No more need to have a flashy office

          No more need to satisfy wife, children, parents, extended family, clients, employees, seniors in C21

          No more need to rock up to chamber of commerce meetings looking like an executive on the run

          No more need to drive vehicles he can’t afford

          No more need to explain why, if he’s so successful, he’s still renting in his 40s

          No more need to talk himself up all the time, everywhere

          No more need to cultivate women with money

          No more need to maintain an image as a stud

          No more need to satisfy anyone’s demands or expectations

          No more need to lie to himself or anyone else

          No more need to accept responsibility for anything or anyone else

          In jail, he can drop all the acts, all the bundles

          He can be alone maybe for the first time in his entire life

          Gives him time to think and sort his priorities

          Who knows what might result ?

          He might decide he likes it in there where no-one can get to him and dump their failed ambitions on his shoulders

          He might even decide to confess and then settle back to 15 years inside, knowing that when he re-enters the real world, his parents will be dead, his kids grown and the world has largely forgotten about him


          1. I agree with your above considerations Burleigh – the hardest thing for Gerbil to have to experience, will be when he is on his own, with his thoughts – agreeing with Robbo, he will do himself in because he has never stopped to face himself and his issues – that’s why all the acts and bullshit all his life – Gerbil, enjoy your ride…….you deserve it!


        3. the majority of people in jail for murdering their spouses are clean skins no prior record at all like this bloke.on remand there too worried about there own problems.if he’a found guilty and then goes into general he’ll have learnt the ropes by then and know will be scary for a couple of days but u learn the routine very starting a new job and new field uv never done before after a couple of days ur settled.he wont get bashed unless he mouths off.or acts as though he.s better than them.i reckon he’d be smart enough not to confide in anyone in there cos the joint is full of DOGS who will commit perjury to better there siuation [jail house confessions]


    2. Mate, this is more about violence against women and in this case, murder. Those blokes in that correctional centre would have read and watched the news bulletins and already formed an opinion of this person. I think even a dirty mongrel pedophile would take to him with an axe if he was given one. Violence against women isn’t acceptable at any level. I doubt he’ll get bail but because he has no criminal history and did work hard within the community, he may very well get bail but the conditions would be extremely strict. He would have to surrender his passport and I have no doubt a restraining order would be slapped on him so he had no access to his children.


  58. Outside the Magistrates Court, Mr Mahony said his client intended to fight the charges.
    “Mr Baden-Clay maintains his innocence. The next step is to apply for bail in the Supreme Court,” he said.
    Regarding the above statement by Mr Mahoney. Of course his client will maintain his innocence.
    That is indeed the very nature of the Narcissistic personality.
    Worse still I believe that GBC in his own mind believes he is innocent.
    That is the whole essence of the problem.


    1. GBC certainly has tickets on himself, that is a given. He sees himself as the professional businessman. What I find bizarre is how he grew a beard not long after the wife disappeared. Now, we know what they say about men with beards. Hmmm.


      1. The only thing he had to be proud of was the success he had in punching soooooooooooo far above his weight!!!! Allison was far too everything for him.


  59. Holy crap, apparently there was a story on him on channel 10 news and the police said there would be no further arrests! Police wouldn’t say it and mislead the public, they don’t do that sort of thing. I’d hate to think anyone else is involved in this case. Enoughs enough. Let Allison rest in peace and let her family try to slowly rebuild their lives with the three grandchildren. I think they’ve been through enough already. How much more could they possibly tolerate? Not much I’m thinking.


  60. I just found a post from the 15th in answer to the issue of immunity being discussed way back.

    If true (and I have no reason to suspect it’s not, at least not when compared to other sources who’ve put forward their ideas and assertions on the topic), will have a huge impact on what’s been going on or already done behind the scenes that we’re not aware of, and will also undoubtedly be known to the Judge hearing the bail application.

    This was written in answer to Mr Marple’s summary of her take on the so-called necessary requirements for witness immunity – so, based on these wonderful revelations, one has to wonder how many girls (Toni, sis, Sydney connection etc.) lined up to to get themselves “immuned” lmao ….

    Reg Howard says:
    June 13, 2012 at 10:35 pm
    1 0 i
    Rate This

    Who says that to be entitled to be given immunity they must be able to “outline a definite threat to themselves.”?

    The decision to grant immunity is at the discretion of the Attorney General to say that the person being granted immunity must show that there was a threat against them is totally untrue.

    You also say that there is an obligation to tell the police what you know, this is not true. Only in very limited circumstances are people obligated to tell the police what they know about a crime.

    You really should refrain from making comments when you have no knowledge about the subject matter, or when your knowledge comes from the latest crime novel


    1. Geez if it was as easy as getting an ‘immunity’ shot to the arm , these three or more girls would be clampering over each other by now ….. pick me pick me .!


  61. OK, let’s comment about Gerbil’s alleged mental health status…… sounds like a polite way to keep him from the rest of the family…..


      1. wHO Cares….GBC sister or parents..they appear to be complicit…we know that…can I get a quick SNOG?…darting guilty eyes…patchup commments…how Far does the Web go? does it go Outside the family…thats all that is left to be resolved …apart from how many centuries we have to pay for these SCUM to be in a cell!


      2. From what I understand It usually takes many weeks to be approved by QLD authorities to be “approved” to visit a prisoner. On another note, is he really going to put his daughters (whether they believe him or not,) through the many years of trauma, in the hope that maybe he will be able to get off with a technicality? He is hoping everyone, including his daughters believe and trust his words…. if he cares about his children the whole truth in every detail will be told before they have to go through many years of potentially damaging BS.


    1. Chris/NBV/BB?MM- HHb(captain too tight underpants) is one of Guilty’s defence team/legal practice- and he is trying to whiteAnt US…Make no mistake..Know Good and Know BAD!


        1. Cheers KM – if you’re ever over Kevvy Krudd’s way, I would happily let you sight me so you could reassure the hapless little flibbertigibbet that I am indeed graced with mammaries, not testes as she is apparently convinced otherwise, bless her little nylon socks..


      1. Yeah, I agree with that Angel, plus all the thumbs down etc. it is just an intimidation tactic, but I must admit, it is fun to give a bit back to these predators – Allison didn’t have a chance, did she???

        BTW Batman – eewwwww


        1. How can we ‘match’ the thumbs down when we have the whole of the youth group in Townsville joining in with the button pressing


          1. Chris 🙂

            Can you imagine how impotent and seething with puny rage a creature would need to be if the best they can do is sit huddled over a monitor, pressing buttons ….. just the thought makes me laugh. Glad to see you’re laughing too


          2. Interesting thought Chris re Northreach Baptist Church Towwnsville
            and Robbos poll results and thumbs downers.
            Surely Northreach Baptist Church Towwnsville members wouldn’t be that gullible?
            Surely Church members wouldn’t be that brain washable?
            Could they?


    2. Chris, I don’t have a spare 50 grand, not even 50 grand…But in cases like this,some co stars are bound to make money.

      The longer they shut up the more it is worth. The fact he is in jail may move forward those temptations to give their side…

      What any of it means down the track, time will tell.


      1. And on that note, daaaa daaaa daaaaa

        what happened to the ‘rumours’ that one of The Girls was pregnant ?

        That died a swift death, didn’t it ?

        and it wouldn’t look good, media-wise (the BCs bible) for old arrested dad of 3, would it ?

        So where is the glowing mum to be

        and why isn’t the media following the story and reporting it ?


          1. pressing buttons….that’s a way to ‘get back and anger the public’ coz YOU f*%^ed up and feel like a fool – supporting this murderer LOL


        1. Someone posted that it was terminated. Of course no one knows what if any of it is true… best to ignore the rumour unless in the trial it proves to be true and relevant.


      2. Absolutely Robbo – I can see the magazines/tv shows – Bwf(%^wanna and Passhin Pop (come join our swingers circle), The Pastor and the sister (lets bring our robes with us), Ole Tone (ok, another single mother fail by chasing a guy and not believing in myself), Blondie – (I may have dobbed him in, but still need a stylist and a job), Bwf*$%^nna’s neighbours (cool, we get the house that was the rental)

        Be interesting – as now – all the different behaviours and personalities taking advantage of the death of this beautiful woman…..


  62. Quite sad! There is no real news or development on this case, so people have take to belittling each other, why? Bored? Frustrated? It is ruining this whole site. Please stop and just talk about the case not all the other BS


    1. As long as we aren’t bagging each other (Batman, are you reading this???) We are paying out on the ‘stars of the show’, the supporters of Gerbil and Associates – we are still in a country where we can ‘chat over the fence’ and if you aren’t happy with something on this site – Go Away!!

      People can still have freedom of speech – and yes, we know ‘the rules’ so not to offend (pfft) There is an incredible amount of frustration, Weavy in the public due to the outcomes of this guys’ selfishness and narcissist behaviour and the damage that has been done – a mother taken from their children, parents and relatives missing their loved one, friends, real estate renters/customers, women he has taken advantage of, past and present employees, church supporters, neighbours…..the list goes on…….all feeling that they have been spun a web of lies and now are having difficulty dealing with the outcome – that they believed in Gerbil and Associates and now have difficulty knowing where to turn….


  63. I have just checked GBC’s Facebook page. Unbelievably he now has more friends that when he was arrested. How can that happen????


    1. Wow, what happened to my half finished comment ….. lol ????

      All I saw was a flash on the screen consisting of what looked like ‘ fiddddooooo ooooooo ‘

      Twilight zone


  64. I hope as long as his mouth stays shut and he keeps lying to us- May he and all his accomplicies ROTT in a place far worse than Hell ! Tell Australia the TRUTH…you are so priviled (MR MURDERER) THAT YOU ARE NOT IN THE USA!


  65. Robbo, I often visit your blog and thank you for it.

    However, I am a little concerned about some of the postings I have seen here recently and cannot bite my tongue any longer. I feel I need to comment on some points made possibly in ignorance.
    You see, I was born in Southern Rhodesia, grew up in Rhodesia, got married in Zimbabwe-Rhodesia and then left Zimbabwe due to political violence. (All the same country !)
    Northern Rhodesia, Southern Rhodesia and Nyasaland were 3 separate countries though part of a Federation. These countries became Zambia, Zimbabwe and Malawi. (still 3 separate countries) Afrikaans was NOT an official language and Afrikaaners were not a large group in any of the afore mentioned countries. (Afrikaaners are South African, Zimbabwe is NOT South Africa !) (LOL !)
    It appears that Senior (Nigel) Baden-Clay was born in the UK and went to Zambia as a child []
    It appears that he and his family moved to Rhodesia in 1972.
    [] This is understandable as things went awry in Zambia in the early 70s. BTW it was quite common for Zambians to send their kids to private schools in Rhodesia ie Peterhouse.
    It appears they (Nigel and his family) then moved to Australia in 1980 ie They only spent 8 years in Rhodesia and have spent 32 years here in Australia.
    According to my sources and research Senior Baden-Clay was NOT in any military unit, well known or otherwise. (He was over 40 when he came to Rhodesia and was not a Rhodesian) The Baden-Clays are not typical African farmers but they ARE typical wannabees and these exist in all countries!
    So…before you go barking at shadows or ‘see’ a ‘clan’ of rescuing ex Rhodesians in Learjets please think on this. My forefathers served and died on the battlefield with your forefathers in the Boer War, World War 1 and World War 2. My son is an officer in the Australian Army and his job is to die if necessary to protect you and me in ‘our’ new Country Australia !

    Please keep this about the horrific murder of Allison. (RIP) Justice must be served and those guilty, regardless of where they come from must be punished !


    1. Look Zim, we all have a family history, don’t we

      So please nip in the bud your need to capitalise on the fact Zimbabweans have been mentioned in relation to this case

      You know, deep in your heart, that there was NO reason, other than ego, to post as you did

      You KNOW the ONLY reason Zimbabwe has even been mentioned is because the Baden Clay family **themselves** have made much of their time in Zimbabwe

      If the Baden Clays themselves had not tried to capitalise on the scouting movement and Zimbabwe, it would never have been an issue, even in passing

      However, the Baden Clays HAVE attempted to elevate themselves using long dead ancestors and deed poll appropriation of his name as well as his founding of the scouting movement. And the Baden Clays have three animal skulls adorning their humble abode

      And that’s it. As far as it goes. Because I am not interested in reading here or over on the other site about random nobodys’ family trees, blah blah, using less than ONE PERCENT of the postings in this forum as justification for talking about themselves

      Frankly it’s boring


      1. Sorry Burleigh I know I’ll cop flack for this & redback I apologise to you too but redback went on about Zimbabweans earlier & I found it quite strange. He made it sound like they were from another planet & were coming to eat our brains!!! Not from another country. I don’t think redback meant for it to sound the way it did. Sad for Allison has also commented on this & obviously worded it better than me. I felt it was racist actually & if I was Zim I would have been appalled.


        1. Evening to you Kenmore Mum

          This has been the issue I have dealt with. When I read anything and the vibe is off, usually I am right. (Not being a wanker, just perceptive of feelings on my site)
          I must say, as I have earlier, no crime, no offence, can ever be broadly brushed over as a wider picture of any community, race, country or specific regional area, no matter what the stats or someone’s agenda are. I know soldiers who were in war zones that are friends of mine, who consider people they met from those war torn countries as good friends. Get my point

          There are bad apples in every cart on every street corner, that’s the extent of my lesson, but you know what I mean…



        2. Kenmore Mum — no flack from me and I doubt from anyone else either. It remains for Redback to explain it even more fully if he feels inclined, because like you I found it strange and wondered if Redback had suffered personally (possibly as a member of a minority group) at the hands of certain people in Zimbabwe. It’s the only explanation I’ve been able to arrive at

          I’ve already defended Zimbabweans (ex-Rhodesians) in responses to Redback, late last night, as my comments attest. Not that I know many Zimbabweans, but I’m out of the loop as far as conspiracies involving white Zimbabweans go

          Come on, Redback, clear it up please. All we have from you is words to the effect:

          ‘ They’re white. They look like you and me. They’re here in their hundreds. They go to certain schools’

          Well, I’m white. I look like you and me too. I went to schools in the South Burnett and the Gold Coast. There were lots of others like me, too — also white and looking white and playing hopscotch and ‘statues’ together, lol

          Otherwise Redback, can we just chalk it up to personal experiences you’ve had with white Zimbabweans which in turn have left their mark on you ?

          Otherwise, your comments have the potential to rile up people with even the remotest connections to Zimbabwe, after which they’ll start flooding this site with outrage along with their friends. All of which would derail discussion and split the site-community


          1. My only possible thought is redback is a black Zimbabwean …? As they are the only people who could ever have a problem with white Zimbabweans ? Having said that as many black Zimbabweans have been persecuted by Mugabe as white zims – or is it just downright ignorance ? If an Aussie lives in uk for 8 yrs – is he english or aus ? What difference does it make anyway -170 woman are killed by spouses / partners loved ones every year in australia – what difference does it make where their parents grew up ? Murder is murder .?


        1. Reason I put forward the option is cos Burleigh Beach wrote this:

          “And that’s it. As far as it goes. Because I am not interested in reading here or over on the other site about random nobodys’ family trees, blah blah, using less than ONE PERCENT of the postings in this forum as justification for talking about themselves

          Frankly it’s boring”


          1. I’m not particularly proud of that post, Sippowitz and admit to regreting it more than anything I’ve posted here. So your comment is fair and I take it on the chin

            It shouldn’t have happened. I apologise to Zim, wholeheartedly

            Think it was a poorly worded reaction to a stream of personal anecdotes triggered by offhand remarks

            For example, someone jokingly wrote, ‘ Maybe NBC is suffering early onset dementia’. It was a throwaway remark as people knew. Yet next moment, someone grabbed the opportunity to take offence, claiming her mother had suffered early onset dementia and it was a ‘horrible thing to joke about’. Followed by endless apologies from others in the forum — and then THEIR tragic experiences of people with early onset dementia

            Same with depression. Someone mentioned Allison’s alleged depression — to be followed by wall-paper-rolls of people’s own struggles with depression

            When domestic violence was raised in relation to Allison, all and sundry posted about their various experiences of domestic violence

            When the Zimbabwean connection’s been raised in various fora, people have leapt at the chance to become outraged, citing their often tenuous Zimbabwean links

            As I say, I’m not proud of my post up there. It sits to remind me of what an arse I can be

            I don’t blame you for taking a shot at me. I deserve it

            I will upvote you for slinging off at me. Best I can do 🙂


          2. Sippowitz — a post-script. The ‘depression’, ‘domestic violence’ and ‘I’m from Zimbabwe or my friend is or my penfriend is and I take offence at what you’ve said about that fabulous nation’ type scrolls I referred to above didn’t take place here in Robbo’s blog. They occurred on other sites. And one of the reasons I spoke so badly to poor Zim was a misguided effort to prevent the whole Zimbabwean issue throwing Robbo’s site into turmoil

            My bad, my fail. My apologies across the board and glad for the opportunity to apologise because the whole thing’s been bothering me a lot, as it should

            and I’m female, by the way


  66. Thank you Zim for your accurate historical post on Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi. You have provided some interesting facts. BB, I can’t personally recall the Baden Clay clan going on about being from Zimbabwe, the scouts yes (to their chagrin), but I may have missed something there.

    Redback, I’m not sure that I’d agree that southern Africans (ie from the southern part of Africa which comprises the countries Zim refers to, as well as South Africa) can be regarded as an ‘ethnic’ group. If you visit those countries you’ll find they are extremely complex in terms of different language groups amongst the white population, also originating initially from various parts of Europe, Asia etc. That’s before you bring in any black tribal groups, which makes it even more complex.

    You say “I was merely tring to throw a bit of light on the topic of white-african immigration to australia over the last 20 years… because I have met many of these people… and they look just like me and you… thats why we dont notice them… and in this case unfairly associated… (likes many ethnic groups when it comes to policing in Australia)”. The reason why they ‘look just like me and you’ is that they are in fact assimilated Australian citizens, much like Greeks, Americans, French, English who have migrated here decades ago.

    I read your posts and must admit I sometimes find it difficult to work out the point you are putting across, as you use a lot of innuendo. Can you let us in on what you’re suggesting with your last post? As in “But there are potential bombshells in this area that you don’t know about… (the family history and family tree)… so be wise to consider…. for reasons that will become more apparent very soon you will see…..” Are you suggesting they are good actors, or there is something in their family tree we haven’t discussed here before? I have to confess I’m confused.


    1. Sad, reason for my comment is for example the ‘Bwana’ rego plates. They’ve been in Australia for decades, yet each year they an additional fee for personalised plates in order they can drive around in a vehicle bearing the word, ‘Bwana’, which isn’t a commonly used word in this country — as they cannot fail to be aware considering the length of time they’ve lived here

      That rego plate is an attention-grabber, which is probably one of the reasons they chose it

      More than that, though — it bears distinctly African (not necessarily Zimbabwean) connotations

      If all they’d intended was to pay extra for a distinctive rego-plate which would draw attention AND connect with their time in Africa, they could have chosen ‘Zebra’ for example, or ‘ BigTusk’

      But no, they chose ‘Bwana’ — African top-man – boss-man – big-shot white man (and as the old saying goes, ‘ Show me what you boast of and I’ll show you what you lack ‘ )

      The closest terminology of which I’m aware that would qualifiy as Aussie translation of ‘Bwana’ would have to be ‘Cow Cocky’ I suppose. But Cow-Cocky has none of the imperialist, colonialist, supremacist connotations of ‘Bwana’

      Yet ‘Bwana’ is what Nigelaine drive around as. A vehicular advertisement to let people know,
      ‘ Hey, we be African and pretty bloody brash about letting it be known ‘

      Then there are the animal skulls gazing dead-eyed from the house-front — gazing at the wrong continent in the wrong time

      In Australia, we don’t as a rule adorn our homes with the remains of slaughtered wild animals, as far as I’m aware

      The Baden Clays could not fail to be aware that their skull-display is inappropriate to where they reside now and may well be offensive to passers-by and neighbours

      If they truly draw some spiritual enrichment from the display of dead wild animals, the rear of their home would be more appropriate, I feel. But then, the rear of their home wouldn’t advertise the fact those skulls are from a different continent, from Africa

      Personally, I regard the Baden Clays in the same way as ex-pat Aussies who adorn themselves, their vehicles and homes with plastic boomerangs, cork-bobbled hats, Aussie flags and inflatable kangaroos

      All simply my own opinion, of course


      1. I have an Australian friend who regularly goes hunting in Africa, he regards it as a form of sport. His home is also adorned with the heads of animals he has hunted, as a sort of trophy or decoration. Distasteful, yes, but I don’t think hunters associate them with ‘spiritual enrichment’ as far as I’m aware.


        1. Sad — the reason for my response above is because you said you weren’t aware of the Baden Clays playing up to their Zimbabwean residence (which was actually far shorter than the time they’ve spent in Australia)

          I believe they have drawn attention to their Zimbabwean ‘links’, I suppose you’d call them

          and to support my beliefs I provided examples in the form of the ‘Bwana’ rego plate

          and the animal skulls on the front of their home

          Ergo: yes, they have attempted to make it known they have Zimbabwean/African links, imo

          Why is open to speculation. In my own opinion, Zimbabwe during the time they lived there may have provided superficial ‘elevation’ for whites, thus making the Baden Clays feel they were a cut above the natives and far more important than they were probably perceived in the UK

          They came to Australia and apart from their MUCH touted scouting links, they were otherwise just ordinary suburbanites, imo.

          This must have been quite the ego-deflator. No more humble black folk stepping out of their way or making their beds in Australia

          So it appears they missed being big fish in a small puddle to the extent they attempted to

          (a) draw attention to themselves


          (b) fantasise about those brief days on the African continent

          via a car rego-plate bearing the word ‘Bwana’

          I think they’re tiny minded silly sods, quite frankly. I don’t think they mattered a damn in Zimbabwean/Rhodesian society any more than they do in Australian suburbia. I regard them as tragic wannabees

          Just my own opinion, of course

          But there it is. I commented the Baden Clays *themselves* had drawn attention to their time in Zimbabwe/Rhodesia, quite apart from anything Redback has to say

          You countered by stating you do not believe the Baden Clays have drawn attention to their time in Africa

          I responded by providing examples of ways in which the Baden Clays have sought to advertise their time in Africa, i.e., ‘Bwana’ rego plates and distinctly African animal skulls

          You responded by saying a friend of yours hunts in Africa and exhibits skulls as trophies

          I find myself now in the position of returning the discussion to its origins (in which hunters and their skulls actually have no part) by saying again that I do believe the Baden Clays are responsible for it becoming known they spent time in Africa

          Gerbil nor his sister speak with a Zimbabwean accent as far as I’ve discerned. Would be remarkable if they did, considering their young ages when they came to Australia to live permanently

          Therefore, there would be no reason for ANYone to comment on the Baden Clay’s relatively brief time in Zimbabwe/Rhodesia, if the senior Baden Clays had not gone out of their way to ensure people DO know they have ‘African connections’, via a stupid, ridiculed rego-plate and inappropriate African skulls ornamenting the front of their home

          I honestly believe most Zimbabweans/ex-Rhodesians would consider the Baden Clays to be a ‘type’ – and an embarrassment, in the same way Aussies overseas cringe when they see Aussie ex-pats speaking in exaggerated strine, or draping themselves with the Aussie flag or sticking inflatable kangaroos and flags in their windows

          Redback appears to be of the opinion that a sort of Zimbabwean/ex-Rhodesian mafia exists which will pool its resources to spring Gerbil

          Maybe this will be the case although I personally doubt it very much because I just do not believe the Baden Clays possess any clout at all within either ex-pat Zimbabwean/Rhodesian society or Aussie society. Nor do I believe (until it’s proven to me beyond all shadow of doubt) that ex-pat Rhodesians/Zimbabweans would choose to associate themselves with a man whom police have charged with murder of his spouse

          Why would they? Ex-pat Rhodesians/Zimbabweans not ONLY ‘look just like us’ — they ARE just like us and as such, I believe they’d be as repulsed by what they’ve witnessed re: this case as WE are !

          As for NBC’s boast on the Meet the Team page on the now defunct C21 Westside site that he’s a ‘Big game hunter’ — honestly, is he a living example of a social-dinasaur or what? Does he not know that ‘game hunting’ these days is deplored by most right-thinking people? Did he actually believe his anachronistic boasting of his African experience of 30 years ago, killing wild animals for sport, was a PLUS for C21 and his much treasured BADEN Clay name? Why didn’t the younger generation educate him in how to get along in this, the 21st century ? I would NEVER do business with anyone who not only counted killing wild animals for sport as a privilege but then went on to *boast* about it to boot !

          ‘Big game hunting’ ? Cowardly bastards and that goes for your friend as well

          Note these ‘big game hunters’ use high-powered rifles — with back-ups AND high powered vehicles as well, to escape like the cowards they are if their bullets fail to murder their targets

          They don’t strip down and go ‘big game hunting’ with just a bow and arrow or knife, do they? No. And nor did senior Baden Clay, I’ll bet

          Instead, they give themselves EVERY possible advantage against animals that do them no harm. And they have the GALL to call it ‘hunting’

          Anyway, all just my personal opinion as always


          1. Holy smokes BB
            This has to be the best post ever on this site
            Highly intuitive
            For all those thumbs downers READ if you possibly can read.
            I dont mean look at the avator first, then thumbs down because you have been told to do so
            Thumbs downers
            Do you really care about “animals that do them no harm. And they have the GALL to call it ‘hunting’”
            Do you really care about LIFE itself and the sacredness of LIFE?
            And your own life?
            And the life of INNOCENTS?
            Are you really prepared to defend a murderer and give away your own soul?


            1. Above post was directed to Burleigh Beach

              June 15, 2012 at 11:34 pm

              But posts have gotten a bit out of order hence the reply


            2. Umm, aaah, QCL, I can only take from that very naive post that you do not actually reside on nor own farmland, nor ever have.

              If you had, you would have some understanding of the millions of dollars worth of devastation and heartache feral animals do to our farms AND ECONOMY. These animals are hunted by professional, licensed shooters who barely make a dent unfortunately.

              Having shown livestock at Royal Show, all my life, no-one gets more up in arms than me about the brumby slaughter by snipers in choppers – they’ve learnt to keep that all hush-hush these days, for the most part.

              Yes, it’s heart breaking, enraging, downright inhuman, but it has to be done, even though the city slickers have no idea how, when, where and why. The cost involved is astronomical, lives are risked and lost, and it all ends up tacked on to the bread and roast lamb you enjoy, albeit not the deserved % the farmers should recoup!

              What would you have real farmers do, divide up their properties and have that portion there set aside for the feral pigs, goats, camels, foxes, rabbits (and roos) etc, and that portion over yonder for their crops and livestock? You find a cheaper and better alternative to hunting & you’ll be a wealthy animal lovin’ woman!

              But, please, don’t talk about people sacrificing their souls when it comes to hunters just because some antsy woman on a forum chose to run off at the mouth (or not, depending on your camp) justifying/generalising apparent Aussie attitudes towards Afrikaaners, and what our customs are and are not in comparison, ffs. She’s clearly never been out bush & seen our country homesteads and station entries decorated with skulls of all types, or foxes tails flying from every 2nd aerial, nevermind skulls attached to every self-respectin’ ute.

              Now can we please get back to Allison, the RSPCA might have a blog for people who hunt & kill animals to be berated on.


              1. Holyhellbatman,
                Regarding your reply to QCL, what are you referring to?
                I have too many in the thread to make sense of your response.
                What did that person write that prompted your response?


                1. I actually get a big thrill from the thumbsdown stuff…….. annoying people with so little effort is always satisfying.

                  Burleigh….. . you think Our Boys story is going to go all the way back to Zimbabwe?

                  And we could be trying to figure out what his defence is going to be.

                  I cant think of one that will work…


                    1. Really, I had no idea of the endless requirements a visitor to a QLD prison must adhere to..

                      Even clothing regulations for visitors… how will Nige and Elaine deal with this??

                      There are very strict rules about what you can wear when visiting a prisoner. You must wear proper shoes or sandals (no thongs), and your clothes must be clean and in good condition. You will not be allowed to wear clothes with obscene or offensive words or diagrams on them, or clothes that are revealing.

                      Before visiting a correctional centre for the first time, a personal visitor must apply for approval using a Form 27 Application to Visit a Prisoner (Personal Visitor).

                      You must return the Form 27 to the correctional centre along with photocopies of appropriate identification, which must be signed by a Justice of the Peace…

                      and so on and on and on…. forms, certificates, identification, times, even on how , should you need to , visit the ladies or gents..

                      this is going to be awfully irritating to Bwana… I can forsee a few tantrums….



                  1. Never paid much attention to those thumbs, half the time they’re not even there, along with the MIA reply button, which is very odd.

                    Nonetheless, you know Mr Marple, I’m actually starting to see the inherent value in them too, especially after the Beach person drew my attention to them when making such a fuss about them being like fish or some such nonsense, and then going on to gloat that she’d found some way to trick the system into giving them out non-stop – something I’m sure Robbo would be delighted to know about if there’s a malfunction.

                    It seems that only the most controversial of comments receive a large number of them, which would indicate people are actually reading and absorbing same, then the rest is, of course, up to their powers of comprehension, sense of right and wrong i.e. the Afrikaan debacle. Hence I can see how some would view them as a “Badge of Honour” as Beach person put forward.

                    I’m not sure that I can see how any sense of “annoyance” (as opposed to disagreement by others) could be attributed to them though.


        1. Totally agree AGAIN Burleigh – I may, just be Century 21’s requirement to have employees who do bullshit and take advantage of those who are vunerable, so yeah, having ‘big game hunters’ just goes to show whoever agreed that, that line should be on the site, has to now deal with the ramifications…..

          BTW – I wouldn’t let the car indicating to get into the lane with those rego plates…..minimum….


        2. You’re on fire this morning Chris, despite your teenagers and night shift


          By the way, if you ever want to level the score with the pathetic button pressers, here’s what you do ( I discovered it after realising I was upvoting comments I’d read and upvoted before the previous day ) ——- you just hit the down button then click out of the site. When you return to the site, it’s a whole new ball game and you can click again and again it registers. Now, just imagine the sad individual who’s doing that all day and most of the night to get even with whichever poster failed to agree with them

          I’m sort of waiting impatiently for downvotes of 100 or more to show, knowing that each downthumb that lands on somebody’s comment has cost an idiot another few seconds of their pointless life — lol


      2. Geez BB
        I’m a cow cocky I think,
        Meaning I have cattle. And a little spread, won only through stint and thrift.
        Have done some hard, dry, and very hungry yards.
        Haven’t operated on coat tails, or other financial benefits of ancestors either
        Dont even agree with Qld Labour either (sorry Redback)
        Qld Labour does NOT represent what it might have meant say 50 years ago
        Worse still OPPOSITE.
        I think Labour might have meant something proper say 50 years ago.
        Not now.
        Just vote getters. Money grabbers, Land grabbers. Not proper business like either. See Council Amalgamations unwanted except to steal money from financially healthy regional council budgets to broke big councils budgets. Legal theft.
        Just parasites.
        Off those who have made it, or can contribute financially to those who can’t or won’t contribute financially to Qld or Australia.
        Not interested in truth, honesty, justice, loyality, integrity and the Australian way.
        And that, dear friends, is why I am here. I am humble, I am honest.
        Not politically motivated. Not financially motivated. I am not a crook, or fraud.
        Normal hard working tax paying Aussie
        And I care. Yes I really do care.


        1. Geez, I could’ve sworn we were here to discuss ABC….. the relevance of all that I, me, myself and I waffle, is???

          So, you don’t like pollies of any pursuasion, obviously must like cattle, in fact adore all animals because you told us so in a very long post where others were accused of “selling their souls”, and you uphold the unearthly talents of the Willie Wagtail to boot, wow, I’m impressed.

          Moreover, you assert you’re possessed of seemingly super saintly values (as above), are hardworking, humble and honest (oh goodie make an appt to visit GBC, it may just rub off on him after a few scones, and if he’s real smart, he can start talking Willie Wagtails & end up in the infirmary until his trial).

          Not really sure how any of the voluminous life story material we’ve seen you sprouting has any relevance whatsoever to ABC, but it is, nonetheless, one of the most extraordinary examples of hypocracy I’ve ever seen – REMEMBER QCL, IN YOUR VERY OWN OFT SPAT WORDS, THIS IS ALL ABOUT ALLISON, not your trials and tribulations that, quite frankly, are …. what’s that word the Beach person always says about others’ posts … oh yes, boring!


          1. HolyHell – you definately have a mental health problem – it is clear by your postings – you are a very angry and bitter person – perhaps put that effort into yourself, instead of taking it out on others!


              1. ah well… whats for breakfast at the Gorrie Centre today? Whatever the Governor says it is, Gerard!

                mornin, Robbo, Angel, Burls, QCL, Chris, and really, Good morning to all. Including Bats, who’s hemmarhoids appear to be playing up. Again.

                I have no idea why this fixation some seem to have with the Chamberlain matter. There simply is no correlation. None at all.

                Surely Gerard is not suggesting Allison was killed by a dingo, are they? how odd. I hadnt heard that.


                1. I hope he doesnt get bail. And if he does, I want to know who is puttting up the surety and how much it is. Murderers wandering around are a bit dodgy, but interfering with a corpse is just too much.


                2. Miss Marple
                  I love your blogs!
                  Intuitive but with humor.
                  Loving your narrative between GBC & mummy, daddy & police.
                  Please keep it up


                3. ohh Marps you are a doll, back into it! Maybe you have given Gerbil an Alibi.a lead a theory..a Hendra’d rabid dingo with hemmarhoids did it ? Creeeeeeeeaaaaaak was the cell door opening.. is Bubba out tonite?


          2. I have been reading and not posting for a few days, somehow WordPress was not letting me in. I feel incredibly sorry for those 3 little girls–first their mother murdered and now their father arrested. Their lives will never be the same again. What surprised me from the reports that I have read was that GBC was arrested because of mounting circumstancial evidence. The police had both cars impounded for long period of time, the house cordoned off for several days, teams of police were going through everything with a find tooth comb etc. and there was no single breakthrough as such. In my opinion it is a cold, calculated, methodical crime where every step is covered or there is potential for another defence–an incredible set of circumstances to give the impression of guilt. I will await with interest what evidence is given to oppose the bail application. Something substantial will have to come out or bail will be given. I can’t help but think back a few days ago when the last chapter in the saga of Azaria and Lindy Chamberlain unfolded. There was a woman, perceived not to behave or grieve normally, hounded and put in jail on a host of circumstantial and incorrect pathological evidence relating to “blood” (in reality rust proofer) in her car. I am the first to admit GBC’s behaviour has been questionable, the stories don’t add up, the marriage because of his continuing infidelity a sham and probably very tense and I can understand why he was a prime suspect. However I think they will have to come up with more than circumstancial evidence to keep him in jail.


          3. I have been reading and not posting for a few days, somehow WordPress was not letting me in. I feel incredibly sorry for those 3 little girls–first their mother murdered and now their father arrested. Their lives will never be the same again. What surprised me from the reports that I have read was that GBC was arrested because of mounting circumstancial evidence. The police had both cars impounded for long period of time, the house cordoned off for several days, teams of police were going through everything with a find tooth comb etc. and there was no single breakthrough as such. In my opinion it is a cold, calculated, methodical crime where every step is covered or there is potential for another defence–an incredible set of circumstances to give the impression of guilt. I will await with interest what evidence is given to oppose the bail application. Something substantial will have to come out or bail will be given. I can’t help but think back a few days ago when the last chapter in the saga of Azaria and Lindy Chamberlain unfolded. There was a woman, perceived not to behave or grieve normally, hounded and put in jail on a host of circumstantial and incorrect pathological evidence relating to “blood” (in reality rust proofer) in her car. I am the first to admit GBC’s behaviour has been questionable, the stories don’t add up, the marriage because of his continuing infidelity a sham and probably very tense and I can understand why he was a prime suspect. However I think they will have to come up with more than circumstancial evidence to keep him in jail.


          4. Batman
            Holy you are not

            You violate all that is pure and sacred and holy
            And you do not even know
            Return to your bat cave and remain there
            Do even you know what you are here for?

            Waste not your wily words on me
            For I seek not your company
            Who bound the shackles of the serf
            How dare you tread on sacred turf.
            You praise yourself with worthless chants
            Your suckling choirs of sycophants.


    2. I’m jumping in mid comments, and as they are a ever changing situation, this will be in context, or not…

      Redback, say what you want to say, as long as that is what you believe to be true no harm can come your way…

      Unless those faceless men the opposition government talk about get on board

      No more riddles champ!


      1. The master riddler has many riddles to deliver, many parodies to make and many people to lampoon in the great aussie tradition of ridiculing and shaming our pollies into action…. it has happened from day one and why should it cease now? We’d still be living in the age of the Iron and the Moggill ferry…. ohh oops the Moggill ferry is still there…. has Australia advanced ? You wouldnt know it out here from the little political”blue-ribbon” fiefdoms that are carved up… and now cease your chatter of such talk mere Australian commoner…. SHHHH hush hush… that is none of your taxpaying business….



    Channel 10 reported tonight that GBC’s business is indeed in trouble, “In light of criminal proceedings Century 21 Australia is currently viewing its legal obligations and options in regard to the status of the franchise agreement between it and Mr GBC.” While this comes as no surprise, I wonder if the business can be sold to fund the legal costs which will no doubt be enormous while his defence prepare his bail application, not to mention when it goes to trial?

    I think you’re right Robbo, the Arthur Gorrie staff also seem to share your concerns about GBC committing suicide… The report says GBC was kept in the medical centre last night which is standard procedure for new prisoners ‘under emotional stress’, but when he was assessed today they decided he will be kept under observation in the medical centre ‘at least until the end of the weekend.’

    It also confirmed despite ‘numerous people’ being questioned in the investigation, police say they are ‘not planning for any more arrests in this case.’ I guess time will tell, and it’ll depend on whether GBC continues to remain silent. It may become impossible for him to keep silent not knowing what other family and associates are saying to police now that he is isolated from them. He seems to lean very heavily on his family, so how it pans out will be interesting.

    There is also some discussion on tonight’s feed about his chances of succeeding in the bail application next Thursday.


    1. Redback, he has a brother, as was pretty much open knowledge early in the piece. Then supposedly he returned to Canada. Other information involves several properties within the Brissie region, according to report. But as the brother has not played a role publicly, people have pretty much left him alone


    1. Millie ! 🙂 my lighthouse on a stormy sea, lol

      I didn’t know about the tests and everything went skew-whiff and I couldn’t find my way back here

      Now for your *very* interesting bit of info about the senior counsel ……

      Interesting because I didn’t know he wasn’t representing GBC any longer

      Do you have any additional info re: this, because I haven’t seen it mentioned before and I’m guessing others don’t know about it either


      1. BB….sorry….maybe I should have asked if he was…….rather than not…..i’m not up on Lawyer stuff and I was just wondering why we haven’t seen him …….or does the SC step in when and if a trial commences?


        1. S’ok, Millie. After reading your comment I went searching for news to see if his legal reps were leaving him, but found nothing to support that, so looks as if they’re still around

          Based on the photo of one of them at the top of the page, it’s causing them some grim expressions. Must be an interesting line of work, defending someone like GBC …..


          1. Thanks BB….I looked as well and have been unable to find anything and just assumed…..which we all know…. we shouldn’t 😀

            I certainly wouldn’t be cut out for that line of work… has to wonder what goes on in a lawyers head when faced with these kind of cases. They would obviously see it as a line of work where they deliver all their years of study….like any other line of work.


          2. Maybe they render it tolerable by telling themselves they’ll retire early and write books of what they’ve experienced

            but then they end up dying on the golf course

            or, confronted with the task of writing all they know, find they feel nauseated and try to compensate for what they’ve done by making large donations to boys’ homes


    2. You know, I’ve tried, I’ve really, truly tried so very hard to see how it is at all possible for down votes to indicate that posters are “hitting the mark, far too close to the truth, making the perps fear for their freedom, or somehow discovering information no-one else is supposed to know”, as you always say and/or allude to, BurleighBeach. I really didn’t want to believe the worst, in that they were merely tossing out red herrings with gay abandon, trying to alleviate the embarrassment of getting more negatives than positives, sometimes up to double, triple, even quadruple.

      It is something that has perplexed me for such a long time now, and when I read your statement above, “The way things are here, negative-comments are to be regarded in most cases as badges of honour as we all know”.

      Well, I just had to go and investigate further what people actually do and say to achieve these highly esteemed, but imaginary, badges of honour and see why some appear to miss out altogether even though they’ve made brilliant posts, or even been hateful towards the accused and still remained on 0 negatives – how could negative votes possibly translate for “badges of honour”, it became a burning question.

      So, my curiousity lead me to a magnificent post relating to the intricacies of what most Ockers consider “South Africa”, and for his/her trouble Zim rec’d 25 thumbs up, zero negatives, it can be found here:

      Zim from Oz says:
      June 15, 2012 at 8:14 pm
      25 0
      Rate This

      Directly underneath Zim’s brilliant and enlightening post, we see your reply, whereby you state, inter alia:

      Burleigh Beach says:
      June 15, 2012 at 8:22 pm
      5 23

      “…… So please nip in the bud your need to capitalise on the fact Zimbabweans have been mentioned in relation to this case

      You know, deep in your heart, that there was NO reason, other than ego, to post as you did ……”

      Now, for your effort you rec’d 5 positives – were these people indicating they agreed that poor Zim’s ONLY reason for posting was his/her ego? – surey to god not, no-one could be that simpleminded, could they?

      Then we see you very unfortunately rec’d 23 negatives for your perception, much more appropriate imo.

      However, I’m sorry, but I am still at an absolute loss to see how you can purport negative votes are a badge of honour “around here”. Perhaps you could enlighten the masses with a detailed explanation because comments such as that are enough to drive any sane, rational person away from the blog when they see the corresponding posts, as fast as their little fingies can tap the back button imo, just sayin’.

      Oh, and you’re quite right, Mr Marple will be able to enjoy exploring the bat free caves, I too very much hope in Egypt, as it’s where anyone who’s anyone is at the moment isn’t is, and I’m sure that’s where the all knowing Marple would head – perhaps he’s researching his gross misinformation about immunity requirements.


      1. HHb thx for the post about NBC doing it..for all we know, but is what you are saying is GBC is too stupid or mentally impaired to reveal this and swap places? Surely not? booted from Websleuths for the same thing (ooooh I see ;-)….and supposedly feminine….roflmao 😉 Whom needs friends, unless they are Genuine !……One Erudite? Gerbil never quite figured that out 😉 ..(No doubt HHB will enjoy my Grammar, Punctuation, and Oxen Morons…and other “new words”- you get the jist 😉 … roflmao..Stop slagging BB or anyone else ! We all make mistakes!


        1. Booted from Websloths, that place that’s always slinging off at this one you mean? Oooh, now that’s an honour I could only ever dream of having bestowed upon me, if only!!

          OK, I know, I’ve got it …. how’s about I give you my user ID and p/word and you can log on pretending to be me, prattle away to you sweet little heart’s content, and get me banned, barred, booted or whatever it is they do.

          Oh, just think of the bragging rights that would get me, I’d be in seventh heaven, even the thought of it has me pmp with excitement and anticipation – will they send me an email advising of their actions do you think? I could cut & paste it here, sign in ever day and give you a thumbs up to counter-balance the 100’s and 100’s you get, then add them to those over there, you’d be a star bloggerer!

          Will you do this small thing I ask of you little one, oh please, please say you will … it’ll be even better when you keep putting “whom” in all the wrong places, just gives my bogancy status a whole new level. C’mon now, we can do this!!!!


  68. Sorry sorry What an idiot I am.

    I stupidly thought for some crazy moment, the test thread would be the only thread exposed to my dastardly tests. I had a heart attack as I’m guessing some of you did this time on night.

    Go read my comments in the test thread. Thought I had lost my theme and all my settings…

    Never to be repeated


    1. Does that mean you’ve decided not to use the new theme? I was still on the blog and it switched over fine after displaying a different screen momentarily. It was great!! Crisper, easier to read and follow in every way. What do other posters think?


      1. It certainly was crisper…….my only issue was that you couldn’t see what the most recent post was if someone replied further up the thread…like we can see here on the left. And I’m wondering if and how we can have the posts show automatically when they are written rather than have to reload the page…or is it just me?


      2. Yes, Sad for Allison — I saw it and left a comment and think it looked very clean and fresh — crisp is a good word for it 🙂


  69. Does anyone know more about the families connection to the Freemasons?..The freemasons as I understand are quite an elite group and quite corrupt I may add, they also have a lot of “conspiracy” theories attached to their cult…Anyway, I am questioning their involvement in the cult because I found how this case has been handled from day one, very mysterious..from the way the police and forensics were on the scene as soon as she was mentioned “missing” and now I see above in Robo’s photo clips that there is a photo with Gerard hand shaking with Kevin Rudd, whom Ive also heard is mixed up with the Freemasons….

    If anyone knows more about this family and their connections. Please tell.

    Also, anyone else commented on the fact that Gerard doesn’t appear to be hiding or bent down in the car as photographers are taking photos of him. Usually when suspects are caught, they do their upmost best to hide from the cameras…Makes me wonder why he doesn’t seemed phased by the cameras…



    1. Everything about this crime is a mystery……….who’s involved, motive, cover-ups etc……..sheesh, one has to wonder if we’ll ever really know why it all happened………resulting in three children now without their parents. My instincts tell me there’s alot more to this crime……..time will tell…..maybe.


    2. It’s not what you know it’s who you know Melb . There is a Perth barrister currently on bail for the murder of his wife in 2007 . Get this …… it took until dec 2010 to arrest and charge him with murder . He was released on bail only one month later in jan 2011 apparently to care for his two teenage daughters . The prosecution says it has 729 statement to sift through before being presented to the defence …… This prick is in the know allowing him to roam free for the last five years to date ……


      1. I remember a certain soon to retire police commissioner claiming it would take a year plus before the forensics re: Allison Dickie’s murder would be released due to ‘backlogs’ and ‘insufficient resources’

        They force the paying public to become cynical, don’t they