THEME testing taking place tonight 10pm (aest)

THEME testing taking place tonight 10pm (aest) which in Vic Time

Hi folks, after 10pm tonight I am going to run some other themes and see how they look and function. As much as I adore my original theme called greyzed. There are some others much more adaptable in terms of size, functions, readability for our bigger screens these days and so on! I can always customise the colours and header etc.

The main things I get from feedback re the look of the site are

  • The narrow column could be wider and mean less scrolling
  • Better comment management
  • Wasted space on left side as one scrolls down
  • Text could be bigger (A hint though is in most browsers you can increase the size of the font to your own liking by using Ctrl and the + and –  (OR Ctrl and your scroll button on your mouse)

To make the look crisper and easy to read is the main one now it is so popular I guess.

So if you would like to help out and give me some feedback that would be great. I imagine I will test for say 15 minutes a theme, so we can have a look around, make a comment, or reply to one and see how it all goes?

For those who are new to wordpress or don’t use it, here is a link to the themes.  Some are very customisable, others not so. They also have premium themes that cost a small amount, but with that comes greater functionality etc

For simplicity and clarity I do like Twenty Eleven But there are several hundred. If would like to see one in action live, ask and we will give it a crack.

The comments and replies are set out much clearer, and notice the width increase in content, means less scrolling down the page…more time for thumbs up and down…

Theme Twenty Eleven, sets out comments and replies much clearer

We can see any theme live with the site and all its content instantly, but only one at a time of course!

So if you have some input fire away and we can have a look and see if we can improve. I will sadly give up my theme to move forward! Promise…(I think…)



31 thoughts on “THEME testing taking place tonight 10pm (aest)

    • Robbo do not get too Nerdy it looks good to me already ,the content is more important than the presentation,take into account some of us are in the over the hill gang and only have basic computer skills


  1. I like it as it is! But if change was necessary then yeah maybe not leaving the gaps at the sides so more room for text and therefore less scrolling. p.s I’m new here but love your blog, thankyou for the hard work! Beer money definitely coming your way when I get paid haha.


  2. Hello Rob,

    Firstly a HUGE congratulations to you, your partner & precious new son. Hoping he grows up pursuing justice & democracy – just like his DAD (& probably MUM too, can’t imagine you’d hook up with any who didn’t have integrity, a sense of right and wrong & the desire to expose evil)!

    Blessings to you all.

    greyzed is powerful mate, don’t change what ‘aint broke! If some of the additional functionality (you speak of) can be “tweaked” into greyzed I reckon that’d be good. If the site must change I’d go for simplicity as the information & comments are what make your site a great site.


  3. No good me trying at 10.00pm on a Friday Night ….. i’m having a serious debate and at the same time contemplating my navel … the argumentive bugger who seems to always win as i stagger off to the cot goes by the handle ‘ Johnny Walker ‘ ……. besides i’m about as savvy with these electonic machines as you’d be showing me how to fly a space shuttle … good luck with playing with ya new toys ….. hope Elliot is able to wipe the mushroom sauce off his dial when chewing on a T/Bone by now ……


  4. I have to agree with Max on this. Not that great with the computers myself. WordPress, Twenty Eleven, I’ve got absolutely no ideal what you are talking about.

    I’ve come across your site a few week ago, and I’m hooked :). I don’t spend a lot of time on the computer so I’ve probly not navagated your site enough to it’s full pertentual (I don’t think that is spelt right) so I would like to see a find/search button. For example I was interested in finding out the why and how of the Daniel Morcombe murder and gave up because I run out of time and got sick of looking.

    Yes to column wider and I’d also like to see a return to top/bottom/home button.

    And I would like see more polls.


  5. Robbo, I first started looking at your site not long after you started it. I didnt register because I thought there would be a cost. When Allisons murder started to gain momento I joined and now realise that Blogs don’t cost. At first I found your site really difficult to navigate because I couldn’t figure out how to get into different topics., trial and error mainlynyway I’m all good now and thanks for a great site.
    Cheers, Catherine


    • Thanks guys for throwing some thoughts this way. I am too old to be one of those tech savvy dudes who demand the latest.

      It is all about simplicity, ease of navigation and so on. I will not change what is not broken, just checking what I can do better…

      I do not want to scare anyone, thinking the whole site will change and you will be all lost…Just considering cosmetic changes to improve…I hear you…See you at 10pm.I will not change anything prior nor is anything permanent…These are just little tests when most are not online to see what they look like…



  6. Could the text of the posts be in a slightly larger font? I am not that old and have ok eyesight, but I find it a little small.


    • Kitty if you read this reply pre 10pm…

      Try this…it works not matter what you are looking at.
      Hold down Ctrl on the bottom left of the keyboard…Keep it pressed and then tap the PLUS sign + the fonts should get bigger on your browser.AS pressing the MINUS- will the other way.

      Pressing Ctrl while using your scroll on your mouse will increase or decrease the size of fonts on ANY page on the internet.

      If you have problems let me know I will help you out.


  7. Hey Robbo, I’m not too computer savvy either.hmmm I looked through a few and they look soo complex ….to me……and I really have not much, if any idea what kind of format would suit. In saying that, the twenty eleven looks fine and you have in mind what would be viable. Apart from that, to have an input……. maybe the magazine…….only because it looks simple…to me :D.

    I’ll tune in to see what it all looks like at 10 :) I agree with you though, this seems fine…always what we feel comfortable with is fine though.

    Yep, I no help whatsoever….sorry Robbo….:D


  8. anyone seeing a different theme…Ignore the header, the bit on top, they may need resizing…make a reply or comment to get a feel…You can really tell a comment from a reply from what I can see!


  9. I just checked the poll, some folks have added they think he is NOT involved in his wives murder…They must see the absolute best in everyone…Good on them…The facts will overwhelmingly show otherwise.


  10. The only problem I can see………..or not see is the most recent if someone replied to something further up the page……or am I missing something? Otherwise……it works:)


  11. bit of a dud this experiment, anyway it is now 10.18pm any one coming to the site will see a different theme till 10.35pm…hope they comment …Give me a minute to change


  12. And is it just my computer Robbo?…I find the posts don’t automatically update ie: I need to refresh my page to see a new post.


  13. Robbo, this format is nice and clean looking

    Now, how do I return to the page I was on before the tests ? Have tried to navigate my way back to it but after I’d posted my last comment, that was it. No way back


  14. Folks…I had an out of body experience.I thought Id lost my original theme…

    The last hair on my head ran to the mutts who are in the garage very unhappy after being ladies of luxury…(With the new king on his way!!!)

    IT looks ok…That was too scary…

    I’m back in normal theme. please tell me you all are..Press F5 to refresh the page to double check…


  15. Hi Robbo, do you still want feedback on which theme is better? The one you had on say 15 minutes ago was great!! Same format but easier to see which posts were replying to ones above (screen gradually got narrower). Also thought the font size what great, even though I know you can increase it on your own PC. My vote is for that one you had up!! Do you want us still to look at the other options available? I do web management, so imagine it’s a case of you just picking one you/the bloggers like?


    • That is my fav above the one we have SFA. Just a bit clearer crisper. The scary part was I forgot it would affect anyone else on the site at the time and scare the heel out of them thinking they had a virus or something…Rest assured people…No virus, just me checking a new look out.

      Im pretty tired at this moment so will call it a night but we can check it out down the track…Thanks for your help


  16. Hi robbo,,can I say mate,I am fortunate enough o have all three iPads,one,two and most recent released three,which has retina display,which means your writing and Columbs are coming through crystal clear. For all with an iPad it doesn’t affect us at all because we can enlarge the screen or writting with the touch of a finger,so what I’m getting at is that it all depends on what your running,as lots of browsers and iPads,phones iPods,apple tv ,flat screen view,I view,the list is endless,so changing one will affect the others if you know what I mean. Of course the call is your mate,I’m sure everyone will read your great stuff whatever way you go,but just personally I’d leave it mate.
    Robbo,let me say ,you do a great job,at times a very difficult job and are always well balanced,and most impressively you have a knack of finding and weeding out people with alternative agendas,or are trying to rewrite history with some billsh*t . Don’t often get a chance to put it in writting mate,but I’m sure we all appreciate the time and work you must put in to be on top of so many stories.
    Mate you do a great job ,and I admire your never ending energy to at least give victims,or victims families and friends a chance to be heard,or that you say what most are thinking.. So well done robbo ,keep up the great work.
    Cheers Johnny


    • Here, here, Johnny!

      This is what is so great about this “Before its Time Blog”. Our thinking isn’t guided by the media and those who “guide” them – this place is of concern.

      This is why there are “people” infiltrating the blog, trying to tear this Blog apart, picking on the well thought out and intelligent posts, calling the bloggers names.

      We, the general public, need a voice, and we have it here.


  17. Youre doing great Robbo. My only thought is if it is possible to have the posts numbered it would be easier to refer to.
    Congrats on your wonderful son. May he have a long and happy life.


  18. I was thinking; Robbo, regarding this new theme..the one we have works……… and with all that you have going on at the moment, there’s probably no need to change anything at this point in time…..
    There’ll be teething problems….. endless emails….etc, lots of extra time, that you’re probably pressed for now. It’s important to enjoy all the the things…rather than any one become taxing…. Just a thought……

    This one’s fine.


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