Prosecutor Danny Boyle appointed to Baden-Clay murder case-BAIL UPDATES

Wearing hand-cuffs, Gerard Baden-Clay is driven into the Brisbane watch-house on Wednesday night after being charged with the murder of his wife Allis

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Well tomorrow is the day Gerard Baden-Clays legal team go head to head with the DPP at Brisbane’s  Supreme Court to get bail.

AS has already been reported he may be in jail for several years before the case makes it to trial. That is the case whether he gets bail or not. I personally cannot fathom him getting bail, when you consider the potential to interfere with potential witnesses and evidence in this case. I’m certain that will be a hotly contested argument made tomorrow. His team will argue he has ties to the community, would abide by strict conditions and so on. It will be massive news either way. The  bail application is to be heard at 2.30pm and is scheduled to last 40 minutes.


UPDATE 3.06PM 21/06/12 New thread here folks

Is this true, bomb threats mid hearing, court has been evacuated? bloody hell. stay tuned, this is outrageous, is it connected to this hearing? There has been dozens of others without drama…I wonder…

Chaos reigns outside court amid claims of bomb threats and evacuations

His family keep their traps shut for 8 weeks, and now want some coin to help Gerard with his case today? Bit late to be seeking support now.

His family keeps their traps shut for 8 weeks, and now want some coin to help Gerard with his case today? Bit late to be seeking support now.

update 9.30am 21/06/12

THE family of Gerard Baden-Clay say they are “unwavering” in their support for “his innocence” and have appealed to friends and relatives to help them fund the legal defence.

A clean-shaven Baden-Clay is not expected to turn up to his bail application hearing today, but sister and brother-in-law Olivia and Ian Walton wrote in an email dated Tuesday, June 19, that they had raised sufficient surety to cover the amount required should he be released on bail.

However, the couple wrote they were still attempting to gather enough money to pay ongoing legal costs and required $30,000 by no later than 5pm yesterday.

Baden-Clay’s lawyer Darren Mahony said last night that he expected the bail application hearing to proceed today.

“Any comment about my engagement is prohibited by solicitor-client privilege,” he told The Courier-Mail.

The Courier-Mail also telephoned Baden-Clay’s father Nigel, but he hung up before any questions could be asked.

It has been confirmed Baden-Clay shaved off his beard to facilitate more forensic tests in compliance with a court order but a spokesman from the department of Justice and Attorney-General said yesterday he had not been asked to attend today’s hearing, but could if he wanted to.

If Baden-Clay is granted bail, he would have to comply with all the bail conditions before being released, which can often take several days.

After almost two months of a police investigation, which is continuing, the 41-year-old was last week charged with murder and interference with a corpse.

He reported his wife Allison missing on April 20 and her body was discovered 10 days later at Kholo Creek, Anstead, about 20km from the family home in Brookfield where she was last seen alive.

Baden-Clay will be represented in today’s hearing by barrister Peter Davis, SC.

The accused killer is currently in the medical unit of Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre, but if he loses his bid for bail it is expected he will be taken to one of the prison’s standard 3m x 4m cells.

The prosecution, in its bid to keep him behind bars, will have to convince the presiding judge that Baden-Clay is either a risk of re-offending, could interfere with witnesses, may fail to appear at future court appearances or might flee the jurisdiction.

Although it is rare for an accused murderer to be granted bail, it can be in special cases provided certain conditions are met.

Meanwhile, a cricket day fundraiser will be held on Sunday at the Brookfield Showgrounds to raise money for the three Baden-Clay daughters.

To donate to the Late Allison Baden-Clay Children Appeal, Sanction Number CP5609; BSB 084 737; Account 133196502.

 THIS is the man whose role is to argue accused wife killer Gerard Baden-Clay should remain behind bars until his trial.

Prosecutor Danny Boyle.

Prosecutor Danny Boyle has been chosen as the Director of Public Prosecutions‘ man to mount a case in Brisbane’s Supreme Court to deny the father-of-three bail on Thursday.

Baden-Clay, 41, is accused of murdering his wife, Allison, at their Brookfield home in April.

His lawyer Darren Mahony said Baden-Clay would “defend the charge vigorously”.

Mr Boyle is an experienced prosecutor who has tried a number of murder trials, including one in 2009 which led to the conviction of a Hervey Bay man who paid a hitman $10,000 to murder his wife.

In April 2010, Mr Boyle prosecuted a man convicted and jailed for nine years for the manslaughter of his de facto wife in September 2008.

More recently Mr Boyle won convictions against two teenagers who brutally bashed a 52-year-old man to death in an inner-Brisbane city park in July 2008, and three dangerous prisoners convicted of killing a fellow central Queensland jail inmate 12 years ago.

Lawyers for Baden-Clay lodged an application for bail in the Brisbane Supreme Court’s civil jurisdiction last Thursday, less than 24-hours after the well-known real estate agent was taken into custody accused of killing Allison.

Several hours before the bail bid was lodged, Baden-Clay made two brief appearances – one just 40-seconds long – in the Brisbane Magistrates Court in Roma St.

Under Queensland law a person charged with murder cannot apply for bail in the lower courts, with any application to be considered and ruled upon by a justice of the Supreme Court.

Court documents obtained by The Courier-Mail show tomorrow’s bail application is to be heard at 2.30pm and is scheduled to last 40 minutes.

The documents also show Baden-Clay is charged with the murder of Allison June Baden-Clay and improperly interfering with her body on April 19, 2012.

It is unclear at this stage, but it’s likely respected barrister Peter Davis, SC will represent Baden-Clay at the bail application.

Baden-Clay is currently being housed in Wacol’s Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre‘s medical wing, locked away from any visitors other than his lawyer.

The Crown, in its bid to keep Baden-Clay behind bars, will have to convince the presiding judge the accused killer is either a risk of re-offending, could interfere with witnesses, fail to appear at future court appearances or flee the jurisdiction.

While it rare for an accused murdered to be given bail, it can be granted in special cases provided certain conditions are met.

The range of possible bail conditions can be regular reporting to police, posting of significant surety, staying away from witnesses, living at a designated address and surrendering any passports.

Should Baden-Clay fail to secure bail tomorrow, he can refer the matter to Queensland’s highest court – the Court of Appeal.

The Allison Baden-Clay Murder

Previous threads can be found using the links below, One being very first and so on…

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UPDATE 3.06PM 21/06/12 New thread here folks

369 thoughts on “Prosecutor Danny Boyle appointed to Baden-Clay murder case-BAIL UPDATES

  1. I doubt that the Mud Clan were involved in the security scare as a delaying tactic/ I expect thaey want the hearing to proceed without any fanfare at all.

    I suspect that it has been a hoax call intended to let the courts know that GBC is a marked man, and to prompt the court to consider that if they release him on bail, they do so at their own peril


  2. It would be safer if it wasn’t made public. Take it somewhere outside of Brisbane and not even the media would know about it. Sometimes the media attention around a case can inflame the case and the general public.


  3. Yoshi. The reason I suggested that perhaps the call came from someone close to him is because maybe his lawyer hasn’t built a strong enough case for him to receive bail. Delaying the hearing gives them more time to do it. His lawyer is up against the states best prosecutor and this prosecutor is like a bull terrior, once he gets a hold of something he won’t let go until he gets the result he’s after.


  4. I ‘m with you Scott….that would be the best outcome apart from life in prison with no parole ever. So he didnt attend the hearing and neither did his parents. Are the parents banned?? When will we hear his fate now?


  5. weavy. I think his parents have chosen to stay out of the public eye for now and after whats gone on this afternoon, it might also be in their best interests to leave the family home and move elsewhere. I really don’t know what to make of this. Its like a scene out CSI or something. Almost unheard of in this country.


  6. Scott,

    Totally understand where you’re coming from and what you’ve said is quite possible. Desperate people do desperate things…

    But they could simply apply to the Court for the hearing to be adjourned for a week and say (for example) that their client hasn’t raised sufficient funds for retainer, or still sorting out surety etc. Crown can’t object to adjournment because GBC already in custody anyway and stays there so no skin off their nose to have it adjourned. I just think it damages GBC’s ultimate case for bail and helps Prosecution.

    But it was a stupid thing to do period and if there’s someone out there thinking it’s a good idea or funny, I doubt they will when they find themselves locked up themselves.


    • exactly no way it was them to do it very damaging to there cause.just a dickhead hoaxer who wanted there 15minutes of fame.they will have the smirk wiped of there face if caught thats a serious offence in this day of age ‘.IDIOT’


  7. Yes apologies for the funny comment Yoshi- I meant it (as always in an Ironic-not a Moronic sense) if you know what I mean! Just firkin unbelieveable. I still reckon its a “paid job” and thats the reason he ain’t talking /appearing … :”? back to the public- shame or who’d shoot a man in the back? Dunno but what I do know is this case and family are desperate- will try anything. The Public is more OUTRAGE and logically so. But it happened someone made a bomb threat-would have happened before- but I don’t follow cases close enough to know when. Surely never in a “joe Real Estate public case” maybe in a Mafia / Thunder Belly case. Have you heard of this happening before Yoshi?


  8. Yoshi. I couldn’t possibly agree more. Someone does need to be thrown in the slammer for this. Its very un-Australian and totally uncalled for. We’ve all been counting down the hours for todays hearing and someone idiot goes and throws a spanner in the works? Its just so wrong.


  9. Bill. I hope the mongrel enjoyed their 15mins of fame because if they get the person or persons who did this, it won’t take a magistrate 15mins to throw them in the slammer for minimum three months!


    • TRY 5YRS that comes under terrorism laws.thats serious wouldn’t be heard by a magistrate districk or supreme court.and non bailable. see em laugh then


  10. I wasn’t directing my post to you at all angelkim… (although looking at my choice of words I could see how it could be seen that I was – sorry about that) “The someone out there” I was referring to was whoever called in the hoax, certainly no-one here…. :-)


  11. Yep I reckon it was some public Numbhead, as it has to cost the GBC clan money and time. But I will now be putting a disclaimer on my closing tick tick tick (its not a bomb-you FOOL!-don’t go there!) comments. sigh ;-) What a firkin circus- the perp obv ain’t talking!


  12. I can only see one way of this hearing to go ahead. Video link up from the Supreme Court to the AGCC. Keep it out of the media and only release the outcome of the hearing to them. Don’t tell them when or where. Safest thing to do all round. Thats just my opinion and we all have different opinions.


  13. Reeks of corruption from all levels…..what the….????? Seen many high profile cases not deferred…gangland….sh*% this Baden clay mob must have some pull….Hmmmmmm


  14. I still find it funny in an ironic kind of way……..Poor Gerbs, a weekend in the straight jacket? or will they hear him raving in the Supreme Court tomorrow via Videolink? it will go like ….mmmmummmy…ddddaaaadddyyyyy a bbbbbbbommmbbb threat…..does that means pppppreciousss’ s llllifeee isss in Dannnger ?????? ” I’m jjjjjjjust aaaaa llllllittle bbbbbit hhhhhurt (as he drops a runny one in his daks)…. “bbbbbbut ooootherwise I’m O.K!” Now go away!..or I’ll CRY ;-) …Miss Marps is gonna have some fun with this one…. Where is the old gal?


  15. So the hearing will go ahead tomorrow morning. Beats the heck out of sitting around all day waiting for afternoon to arrive. I opened the carton too soon. Might be early opener tomorrow. If Alan Jackson says its 5’0 clock somewhere then who am I to argue with him?


  16. This is the work of a crackpot for sure.

    This crime is as ugly as it gets and the proceedings will be even uglier.
    Be prepared for your anger levels to rise to new heights. Mine are elevated already.

    That Allison’s family has to endure all of this.


  17. If the person who made the hoax call this afternoon is in this forum following all comments, read it and weep. The Supreme Court has more security around it tonight than its probably had in its history. You won’t be able to pull the same stunt tomorrow so stick that in ya damn pipe and smoke it!


  18. I’m guessing security has also been beefed up at the BC residence incase something sinister happens before tomorrows hearing. Hope the Dickies get some sort of protection, they need it more than anyone else that I can think of.


  19. MM Fike. I’m hearing ya. Homemade hamburgers and I couldn’t eat them. I can’t get my head around why anyone would be so stupid and delay this hearing. If it was a member of the public then they must be on the other side of the fence to us in here? People who want justice for Allison and her family would not do such a thing. All day we’ve sat in here and waited for 2.30 to come round. It comes round and within minutes we’re being told the Supreme Courts being evacuated? Robbo, by the time this is over and done with, you’ll either need a new computer or you’ll have to upgrade the RAM in yours. I don’t think your hard drive can hold up, mines struggling!


  20. Why have the parents decided to stay out of the limelight when they believe their son is innocent…looks like they usually enjoy the attention. Why not now? Why wouldnt you defend your own flesh and blood (by supprting in court/bail) or even talking………..The whole clan smells of association in my opinion


  21. There were two other high profile cases before the Supreme court today being the Singh triple murder and the Comanchero’s OMCG (Outlaw Motor Cycle Gang)… I doubt the BC’s have the intelligence let alone the guts to orchestrate such a well-timed diversion.
    In light of recent events, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the bomb scare had something to do with the OMCG.


  22. Re: the parents not fronting Court…..any sollicitor / barrister worth their weight would know that this case is as much trial by media as it is going to be based on the evidence. I would say that they would have urged GBC to bring along his most “reliable” public rep, but given the gene pool, this doesn’t leave him many decent options … alas.


  23. Wow – some amazing revelations from the Bail hearing

    Baden-Clay was the last person to see his wife alive.
    – He had injuries to his face that he claimed were from shaving, but a forensic analysis concluded to the contrary. The analysis showed the marks were scratches.
    – He told police that he was a heavy sleeper and had no idea whether his wife had come to bed but forensic analysis from his mobile phone showed it had been unplugged from its charger at 8.45pm on April 19 and reconnected at 1.48am on April 20. Police also found evidence of a “face time” call between Baden-Clay and his father Nigel’s number shortly after midnight.
    – Allison’s blood was found in the rear of Baden-Clay’s car, consistent with “her body being moved by being placed in the rear of the car”.
    – Baden-Clay was suffering severe financial difficulties and was due a large insurance payout on his wife’s death.
    – He contacted the insurance company after a body was discovered but before it was identified as being his wife. Baden-Clay demanded an urgent copy of Allison’s death certificate and then made an immediate claim on the policy.
    – He had been having an affair with another woman and told police it was long over but evidence presented by police alleged it was ongoing and that Baden-Clay had planned to leave his wife for his mistress by July 1.
    – Entries in Allison’s journal on April 18 and 19 talked of the affair and a hand drawn map of Ms McHugh’s home was allegedly done by Baden-Clay – proving, the crown alleged, that they had been speaking about his relationship with another woman.

    HOW STUPID IS THIS GUY – When the whole of QLD police is watching him, he rings up and asks about ABCs INSURANCE POLICY!!??? WHO DOES THAT!!
    The fact that he has movements on his mobile phone and calls ect is VERY DAMAGING – so much for being a heavy sleeper – how about BIG LYING MURDERER…..creep


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  26. does anyone think the bomb threat could have actually come from the police to delay the hearing until they got the phone records back. just a thought


  27. what is diggler short for ”ding a ling” dont try and think to much u’ll end up with an arse ache.of all the stupid comments i’v read ur’s takes the cake. duuhh


  28. calm down mate. it was just riffing. you clearly haven’t read some of the other comments/theories if this is the stupidest thing you’ve read


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  30. If Allison’s blood was found in the rear of Baden-Clay’s car, consistent with “her body being moved by being placed in the rear of the car”. Where from her body did it come from, if there were no wounds etc?


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