Wearing hand-cuffs, Gerard Baden-Clay is driven into the Brisbane watch-house on Wednesday night after being charged with the murder of his wife Allis

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Well tomorrow is the day Gerard Baden-Clays legal team go head to head with the DPP at Brisbane’s  Supreme Court to get bail.

AS has already been reported he may be in jail for several years before the case makes it to trial. That is the case whether he gets bail or not. I personally cannot fathom him getting bail, when you consider the potential to interfere with potential witnesses and evidence in this case. I’m certain that will be a hotly contested argument made tomorrow. His team will argue he has ties to the community, would abide by strict conditions and so on. It will be massive news either way. The  bail application is to be heard at 2.30pm and is scheduled to last 40 minutes.


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Is this true, bomb threats mid hearing, court has been evacuated? bloody hell. stay tuned, this is outrageous, is it connected to this hearing? There has been dozens of others without drama…I wonder…

Chaos reigns outside court amid claims of bomb threats and evacuations

His family keep their traps shut for 8 weeks, and now want some coin to help Gerard with his case today? Bit late to be seeking support now.

His family keeps their traps shut for 8 weeks, and now want some coin to help Gerard with his case today? Bit late to be seeking support now.

update 9.30am 21/06/12

THE family of Gerard Baden-Clay say they are “unwavering” in their support for “his innocence” and have appealed to friends and relatives to help them fund the legal defence.

A clean-shaven Baden-Clay is not expected to turn up to his bail application hearing today, but sister and brother-in-law Olivia and Ian Walton wrote in an email dated Tuesday, June 19, that they had raised sufficient surety to cover the amount required should he be released on bail.

However, the couple wrote they were still attempting to gather enough money to pay ongoing legal costs and required $30,000 by no later than 5pm yesterday.

Baden-Clay’s lawyer Darren Mahony said last night that he expected the bail application hearing to proceed today.

“Any comment about my engagement is prohibited by solicitor-client privilege,” he told The Courier-Mail.

The Courier-Mail also telephoned Baden-Clay’s father Nigel, but he hung up before any questions could be asked.

It has been confirmed Baden-Clay shaved off his beard to facilitate more forensic tests in compliance with a court order but a spokesman from the department of Justice and Attorney-General said yesterday he had not been asked to attend today’s hearing, but could if he wanted to.

If Baden-Clay is granted bail, he would have to comply with all the bail conditions before being released, which can often take several days.

After almost two months of a police investigation, which is continuing, the 41-year-old was last week charged with murder and interference with a corpse.

He reported his wife Allison missing on April 20 and her body was discovered 10 days later at Kholo Creek, Anstead, about 20km from the family home in Brookfield where she was last seen alive.

Baden-Clay will be represented in today’s hearing by barrister Peter Davis, SC.

The accused killer is currently in the medical unit of Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre, but if he loses his bid for bail it is expected he will be taken to one of the prison’s standard 3m x 4m cells.

The prosecution, in its bid to keep him behind bars, will have to convince the presiding judge that Baden-Clay is either a risk of re-offending, could interfere with witnesses, may fail to appear at future court appearances or might flee the jurisdiction.

Although it is rare for an accused murderer to be granted bail, it can be in special cases provided certain conditions are met.

Meanwhile, a cricket day fundraiser will be held on Sunday at the Brookfield Showgrounds to raise money for the three Baden-Clay daughters.

To donate to the Late Allison Baden-Clay Children Appeal, Sanction Number CP5609; BSB 084 737; Account 133196502.

 THIS is the man whose role is to argue accused wife killer Gerard Baden-Clay should remain behind bars until his trial.

Prosecutor Danny Boyle.

Prosecutor Danny Boyle has been chosen as the Director of Public Prosecutions‘ man to mount a case in Brisbane’s Supreme Court to deny the father-of-three bail on Thursday.

Baden-Clay, 41, is accused of murdering his wife, Allison, at their Brookfield home in April.

His lawyer Darren Mahony said Baden-Clay would “defend the charge vigorously”.

Mr Boyle is an experienced prosecutor who has tried a number of murder trials, including one in 2009 which led to the conviction of a Hervey Bay man who paid a hitman $10,000 to murder his wife.

In April 2010, Mr Boyle prosecuted a man convicted and jailed for nine years for the manslaughter of his de facto wife in September 2008.

More recently Mr Boyle won convictions against two teenagers who brutally bashed a 52-year-old man to death in an inner-Brisbane city park in July 2008, and three dangerous prisoners convicted of killing a fellow central Queensland jail inmate 12 years ago.

Lawyers for Baden-Clay lodged an application for bail in the Brisbane Supreme Court’s civil jurisdiction last Thursday, less than 24-hours after the well-known real estate agent was taken into custody accused of killing Allison.

Several hours before the bail bid was lodged, Baden-Clay made two brief appearances – one just 40-seconds long – in the Brisbane Magistrates Court in Roma St.

Under Queensland law a person charged with murder cannot apply for bail in the lower courts, with any application to be considered and ruled upon by a justice of the Supreme Court.

Court documents obtained by The Courier-Mail show tomorrow’s bail application is to be heard at 2.30pm and is scheduled to last 40 minutes.

The documents also show Baden-Clay is charged with the murder of Allison June Baden-Clay and improperly interfering with her body on April 19, 2012.

It is unclear at this stage, but it’s likely respected barrister Peter Davis, SC will represent Baden-Clay at the bail application.

Baden-Clay is currently being housed in Wacol’s Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre‘s medical wing, locked away from any visitors other than his lawyer.

The Crown, in its bid to keep Baden-Clay behind bars, will have to convince the presiding judge the accused killer is either a risk of re-offending, could interfere with witnesses, fail to appear at future court appearances or flee the jurisdiction.

While it rare for an accused murdered to be given bail, it can be granted in special cases provided certain conditions are met.

The range of possible bail conditions can be regular reporting to police, posting of significant surety, staying away from witnesses, living at a designated address and surrendering any passports.

Should Baden-Clay fail to secure bail tomorrow, he can refer the matter to Queensland’s highest court – the Court of Appeal.

The Allison Baden-Clay Murder

Previous threads can be found using the links below, One being very first and so on…

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UPDATE 3.06PM 21/06/12 New thread here folks http://goo.gl/wG56D

  1. MissMarple says:

    In the prayer room of the Northbridge Church, a gathering has taken place…..

    *Pastor Ian* ……………’now folks. I want you to dig deep. dig deep , as the Lord commands.. Dig deeper than you’ve ever dug before. Because why?? Because Gerard needs and deserves the very best… the very best legal team, I mean.. We all know why. .. now lets stand and sing while the bucket goes around… Verger! Verger!!.. lock the doors. No one is leaving until these buckets are filled.. we take eftpos.. we take cheques. we take promissory notes.. we take bonds and stock share certificates.. we take bills of lading.. DIG I tell you. Cant you hear the Lords voice??

    * Congregation * ………..*low murmurr… a few voices raised in wavering song* .. feet shuffling* ..

    * Pastor Ian* ………………GODS WRATH, Precious ones!!. REMEMBER gods WRATH!>…

    * Congregation* ………….’but , Pastor.. I have my electricity bill to pay, I am just a pensioner….

    * Pastor Ian* ……………….’Get a loan!!… DIG I tell you.. ……

  2. MissMarple says:

    wherever, ZIm… Rhodesia is the simplest for the example given. Gervase did in deed issue the driving licences, and did indeed issue the No 1 licence to himself. and I reckon it would maybe get 3 dollars on ebay.

  3. KatiKutloose says:

    If GBC gets bail, how safe will Brisbane’s corpses be from his interfering ?

  4. MissMarple says:

    god alone knows, kati…

    as if the corpses of Brisbane dont have enough to put up with …….

  5. Two Cents says:

    …. meanwhile ol’Tone sings the baygon blues sticking pins into a voodoo doll ….

  6. Gerbil Hunting Season says:

    In a meagre stable, far far away:

    Mary: Oh Joseph, that nice lady who does the patchworking needs money for a truly worthwhile cause.

    Joseph: Sounds like one of those Nigerian scams to me, Mary.

  7. Tishy says:

    Miss M 20/6 22:32 “one good thing, the roads of Kenmore and Brookie are safe as long as Gerard is clanged up. He should not be allowed bail on the grounds of his shocking driving.

    why doesnt Bwana sell the skulls? surely there is some whacko out there, who , in a crystal meth haze yearns for them on his front porch?” THIS is your best work yet!

  8. Puzzler says:

    Now remember, if GBC can get 300 000 for a failing business, then 30 000 shouldn’t be a problem. My gut is telling me he will get bail, can’t explain why.

    I also wouldn’t be surprised at a secret benefactor putting up the funds.

    We shall all know tomorrow.

  9. ggsydney says:

    I refer to Olivia Walton’s email.
    She has slipped up I believe, I hope the police are reading this blog.
    She states Allison went missing on 20 April 2012, this being when Gerard reported her missing. Olivia writes this to show that she is on the same page as GBC. However, in the next sentence she says her body was found 11 days later, dating the event of Allison going missing the night before or April 19 which is the date the police say, and by slipping up Olivia shows she knows Allison went missing the night before not the morning of the 20/4/12.
    Like they say the devil is in the detail!

    Opinions please, gotcha!!!

  10. ella says:

    just a thought…,took a huge loan from a loan shark,could’nt pay it back,they threatened they would hurt / kill his wife,when they did,they then threatened that if he talked they would hurt / kill his children ???

  11. ARC says:

    Previous post, GBC & OW DOB & years at school, cannot find post – could some kind person please post again? Thanks!

  12. Puzzler says:

    Ella that was my thought right at the beginning.

    Btw posters offering alternative ways to raise the funds through auctions and raffles made my night, very funny. I wonder what the yellow jacket would get on eBay hmmmmmm, can I do pick up?

  13. Sheldon says:

    My only comment here is that I hope it was a crime of passion that came about in the heat of the moment after months of stress and pressure – its still horrific but somehow I could understand it – If it was premeditated then truly he is a son of Satan..

    On another track ( I am an African and I once shot an antelope – a Springbok and I can still remember the uneasy feeling afterwards – something I did not enjoy) – however I work with an Australian who lives for hunting – pigs, buffalo, Kangaroos and Brumbies.. and my neighbours son owns a gunshop in the Valley and says business has never been better – his biggest seller ? – high powered hunting rifles with scopes ofcourse…

  14. Puzzler says:

    Re the email. I doubt the inconsistencies are anything other than lack of attention to detail. She must be so worried and scared that the correct dates would be the last thing on her mind.

  15. ggsydney says:

    Thanks Puzzler for shooting down my future as a Charlies Angel..lol.
    Seriously though, would you confuse the date your sis in law was murdered, and her body found??
    This coupled with her lip biting clip, when standing next to GBC looking soooo knowing, just has me suspicious.
    I just cant shake it, she mixed up her dates and the truth slipped out.

  16. gerryrocks says:


    So the Baden Clay’s are appealing for help financially with legal fees. Well I’d like to help them in the equivilent $$ amount as much as the help they gave looking for Allison $0

  17. kay peterson says:

    Unbelievable that they dare ask for money for Gerard’s legal mess.He has had plenty of time to speak up earlier to vindicate or mitigate his perceived role.

    There are three sound reasons not to bail Gerard, firstly he has had such massive losses, financially, socially and personally as well as medically dealt with as at risk in prison he is the stuff of suicides involving an entire family, big risk.Think of Josh Powell!

    Secondly he has traveled extensively and his family is widely connected everywhere, so that he makes a superb flight risk as well as an understandable one facing life locked up.

    He’d have prior contacts he has done slippery deals with in real estate who owe him favors in facilitating escape or even help harm crucial witnesses.Witness tampering is a valid issue.

    Gerard’s prior good standing is no reason to grant bail as his past positive life becomes irrelevant if he can do what he’s accused of and has made no admission to take responsibility.

    On one other site there is a rumor that the hands had been removed from the body, fitting the charge over the body. The water was too shallow and time too short for that to be a marine occurrence. If there is any substance to that rumor or anything else equally disturbing then that’s the full end of bail.

    I suspect that if Gerard does not get bail that he will be working on a plea bargain.

    While there are criticisms of his sister she doesn’t look at all or ever has comfortable with what she understands Gerard has done. She’s been from all appearances a very decent person. Her husband has more keen to support Gerard for whatever reasons.Lets face it not even his parents can spit out lies easily though are keen to support him.Some people think nothing will bring back the dead and to them their sons bad patch would not warrant the legal price.

    Has anyone noticed there is no appearances by Gerard’s brother Adam and his family at all?

    These are my tentative opinions, would love to hear what others think about them.

  18. RIP Allison says:

    Gerryrocks (2:11am) Yes!! People should offer to match their effort and cooperation to find Allison – zip!

    Kay Peterson (4:26am) I do agree largely with your post, except for the family not finding lying easy. My suspicion is that they all knew from day 1 what happened to Allison and stayed quiet quite easily. I find it very difficult to believe he did not fess up to them the first day. Personally I think they know the grizzly truth. Some of them looked like they were acting in a soap opera, not all looking saddened and distraught about their daughter-in-law’s fate. Only now that sonny-boy has been arrested, do they seem to display real concern. Sorry, seems suspicious to me…..

    Also he must have had if not an accessory, at the very least an advisor very early the next morning, to have been able to get a high flying lawyer to agree to represent him within hours of Allison going ‘missing’ when for all intents and purposes she was likely just lying in a ditch somewhere with a broken ankle or something like that. (if one believed the ‘going for a walk’ story, which most of us don’t.) He would have had to own up to the advisor and the lawyer at a minimum, personally I suspect to all close family members. And everyone kept nice and quiet, like him hoping no one will find the body and life will just continue…business as usual. (Horrible!)

    So it seems to me some level of collusion have gone on, and I think it will just intensify and further muddy the evidence water, so in my opinion he is best kept well away from all prospective witnesses and anyone willing to lie (actively or by omission) to assist him – ie preferably NO BAIL!

  19. Scott says:

    kay peterson. I agree with you. Has the family no shame at all? I was a bit shocked when I heard it on last nights channel 10 news. They had to have known about the bail money last week when his lawyer lodged the appeal. I think they are looking for sympathy, they won’t be getting any from me. Life for a life if he did infact kill her. Yesterday I asked about a plea bargain on the grounds of insanity or a murder that wasn’t premeditated. If GBC doesn’t have a pre existing mental health condition, he can still enter into a plea bargain if he had a brain snap and killed her. The law works in many mysterious ways, ways that I struggle to keep up with. I’m hoping the raised the $30,000 for todays bail hearing and GBC hears the words, bail denied!

  20. Mike says:

    Ch 9′s 6.30am news has just reported that the BC family has the surety to pay his bail but are begging for $30k to pay his mouthpiece ….. I’m wondering how they know how much his bail will be ???

    I smell a rat here !

  21. Scott says:

    Morning Mike. No shaking last night champ? I just read the CM and apparently GBC is clean shaven. Never knew about that until I read the paper. I knew the police wanted his beard but never knew they already had it.

  22. judy says:

    The B-Cs can put the properties they own as a surety, In a previous post I wrote some time ago re: Allisons and Nigels homes..Allisons being purchased 17th September 1997 and Nigels being purchased 4 days later 21st Sept, one would have to believe the same person (Nigel) owns both properties (maybe even more properties we don’t know about) both these properties on todays market would have to be worth approx $1,000,000 together. I am reading this email as they need to raise the $30,000 to pay legal team.

  23. judy says:

    anyone wishing to donate money, please donate it to Allisons 3 beautiful children, NOT these scum bags

  24. Scott says:

    Hi Judy. We’ve been donating $30p/w to the Dickies and we’re attending the fund raiser this weekend. I had it marked on the calender for Saturday but its Sunday so we’ll just switch a few things around and attend. The BC’s can use the property as surety but its the $30k they had to raise before 5pm yesterday that had me stumped. I just assumed they would already have this money knowing he was applying for bail. Just gets more confusing each day.

  25. bill says:

    $30.000 u got to be kidding i smell a scam here.its only a bail hearing how does that break down.

  26. Scott says:

    Bill. I had a passing thought last night and it wasn’t a nice one. I wondered if they were appealing for the funds to top up their own accounts or just looking for sympathy.

  27. Queensland Country Lady says:

    Maybe they have plans to have GBC leave the country

  28. Mike says:

    Does anyone know if the prosecution can ask questions at a bail application , questions such as GBC’s budget , how much he needs per week to service his loans , office rental, childrens tuition, home rental , car lease’s / repayments, murder defence lawyers etc .

  29. judy says:

    I don’t have a problem with religion and I am not against religion, even though I do believe that a lot of people join the ministry because they want to be the boss,the leader,an easy way of earning a living. What I do have a problem with is this family!! not once have I read where they have held a prayer meeting when Allison was ‘missing’ and not once have I read where their church has had any form of anything to raise money for the 3 little girls. If this email is genuine and not a scam, I think this horrid family have just put the icing on their cake.
    Hi Scott, this case sure does get more confusing every day. Wish I lived closer, I would love to go to the fundraiser,,sure hope you guys enjoy your day.

  30. Scott says:

    QCL. I thought about that too but GBC can’t leave if granted bail. He has to surrender his passport. Maybe there is another person involved in Allisons murder and that person could be one of the BC family so they are trying to raise funds to fight their own case. The plot just seems to thicken every single day. Did you know he had his beard shaved off? I knew nothing about that until I read the CM this morning.

  31. Mike says:

    Judy , the CM phoned NBC and he hung up , if it were a scam i’d have thought if nothing else he’d deny begging … they’re sure are a strange mob.

  32. Scott says:

    Mike. Thats a good question but what can he ask? Does he ask GBC’s lawyer how he knows he didn’t kill Allison and if so, where is the proof? I’m still tipping his bail application will be denied but stranger things have happened.

  33. Mike says:

    On a lighter note , The Today Show reported on the bail application and crossed to a reporter outside the Courthouse …. her jaw started a flapping , but no sound was audible ….. i wonder if it’s a sign of things to come !! lol

    After all there has been quite a deal of silence …….

  34. Scott says:

    Hahaha, the reporter is exercising her right to remain silent.

  35. NSW Aussie Mum says:

    Morning all
    Bill re the $30,000. that is for his legal eagles costs.
    Bare in mind…GBC engaged 2 legals, the day Allision went missing….what apprx 10 weeks ago.
    Most of us know…these guys don’t come cheap….and when you break it down…it comes as no surprise, he’s already chalked up this amount.
    i remember my divorce 15 years ago…..my barrister charged $5,000 per day to appear in court, let alone the solicitor’s fee. Now that was just a divorce!!

    I’m hoping we are all not going to get young boy scouts knocking on our door selling cookies….a fundraiser with GBC face on the box !

    Can’t to hear those words…BAIL REFUSED !!

  36. Queensland Country Lady says:

    Scott 7.58am
    New forged passport. New identity.

  37. judy says:

    Hi Mike, totally agree..sure are a strange mob, haven’t read the CM yet, will have to go read it when the Today show finishes

  38. Scott says:

    Morning NSW Aussie Mum. If any of the Scouts come knocking here they’ll be told to pee off. I don’t mind handing over money for a worthy cause but this isn’t worthy of our hard earned money. QCL. As far as I know, no criminal can get a new identity under deed poll, I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure I read that somewhere on the net.

  39. Queensland Country Lady says:

    Scott I didn’t mean a LEGAL new identity or passport
    Isn’t that what identity theft is primarily for?

  40. judy says:

    roll on 2.30pm..got everything crossed..fingers,toes,legs and anything else I can cross for a ‘no bail’ :)

  41. Scott says:

    QCL. Its possible he could obtain one illegally but if he gets caught, the hole he’s already in gets deeper. I don’t think he’d leave the country if bail was to be granted but I am worried that he and his family will pack up and take off interstate. Could take years for them to be tracked down.

  42. bill says:

    lawyers THEIVING BASTARDS how can they justify that.bigger SCUMBAGS than the crims

  43. judy says:

    I think by 3.30pm we will all hear the news that he has been placed in the ‘big boys’ jail and then G can use his own words to the ‘boys’..”business as usual”…”I only hurt a little bit”

  44. Scott says:

    Mike. Had a quick flick through yesterdays comments directed at you by Justice_is_not_at_the_end_of_a_gun. Can’t say I blame you for getting your back up. I’ll stick with Yoshi’s take on how the system works but I was playing by the house rules and that is, be polite and courteous.

  45. Kenmore mum says:

    Scott says:
    June 21, 2012 at 7:33 am

    Hi Scott, what a great thing you & your wife are doing for those girls. I might see you at the cricket match ;) don’t forget to buy plenty of tickets in the raffles. My son has donated some prizes in it (personal training). Pretty proud of him as he’s only young & just starting out on his own :) Have a great time there.

  46. judy says:

    Yoshi sure does have very interesting posts, knows what he/she is talking about and very sensible.

  47. Queensland Country Lady says:

    Regarding the hole he’s in
    The odds aren’t too good either way.
    To be charged, then jailed, a life on the inside or suicide maybe.
    To manage an escape successfully, the worst may be to lose the bail money which has been donated anyway. So no worries there.
    To retain the new identity would have to be the hardest but not impossible part.

  48. Mike says:

    Scott …. I’ve had my say on that person and will not be saying any more , this site is more important than i or the other person , perhaps i should’ve just ignored the initial remarks however i’ve always waded in when i see someone belittling another . Anyway i’ve put that one to bed now and will take the BC stance ……. Silence !! lol

  49. Scott says:

    Morning Kenmore mum. The Dickies seem to be a very modest family. It just feels right to deposit $10p/w for each of the three girls. We’ve set a budget of $250 for Sunday. You should feel proud of your son, he’s done the right thing. The world could be a much nicer place if everyone was more charitable. We plan on having a great day out, hope you do too.

  50. Mike says:

    Hey Bill …. dont be shy , tell us what you really think of lawyers !! LOL

  51. Chris says:

    Yeah, my response is probably too late here, but if it is seen by the family that they are trying to pay the legal fees and can’t……

  52. Scott says:

    QCL. If GBC did infact kill Allison then he only has himself to blame for the hole he’s in. Some people will say that it takes courage to take your own life. I think that would be an easy way out for him. Do the crime, do the bloody hard time with the big boys in the big house. A new identity would be hard to keep hold of but thats when DNA kicks in. At the rate he’s going at the moment, I reckon it would take more than the worlds biggest crane to lift him out.

  53. bill says:

    i wonder how much of the $30.000 is a bribe corrupt …..

  54. Scott says:

    Mike. I think Bill just broke his silence. I’m sure he’s just told us exactly what he thinks of lawyers. He painted a picture, not as pretty as the Mona Lisa but its a picture.

  55. Eddie500 says:

    I have this bad gut feeling he will get bail. The courts might see it important that he spend time with his daughters – even though we all know that will screw the daughter’s lives up even more. However, Gerard has convinced himself he is innocent so will surely want his daughters to believe that …

  56. judy says:

    Hi Kenmore mum, hope you all have a wonderful time at the fundraiser,I’m sure they will raise a fantastic amount of money. As for what your son is doing, I think that is absolutely fantastic, you have obviously brought him up the right way.

  57. North Bris Veg says:

    It is an interesting comparison isn’t it…..

    The Dickies ask for nothing and the community rallies behind them and provides full support!!! Three fund raising events already on the board.

    on the other hand

    The Baden-Clays ask for money to pay for legal fees which in their words ” Gerard deserves the best,” and I cannot imagine they will get a lot of support. No mention of his innocence really or any mention of the dreadful crime of his wifes death impact on the Dickies or the children. No just “Gerard deserves the best!” Well I think that Gerard had the best for too long and didn’t really show any appreciation for anything that he has had in life, so maybe “Gerard needs to learn to do the best with what he has got,” which by the sounds of it is very little. So Olivia…. learn to eat that humble pie my dear, because the disrespect that you gave to the public, your friends and family during the search for your sister-in-law has been dispicable.

    Mmmmmm…….. and very interesting.

    if you donate to the Dickies fund for the children the money goes through a bank account and is therefore accountable.

    if you donate to the Clay Clan it appears it will all be kept secret (anonymous)….. so what is the real agenda?

    I will certainly not be donating to the Baden-Clays legal fund that’s for sure. You already have the funds to pay don’t you? The application will proceed today won’t it? This is just the start of many a pleading for funds from a cash strapped family who have spent many years making out that they are better than the rest of us. Well if you are not prepared to put your own funds up to pay for your brother’s innocent plea then why would you expect other people to do that?

    Get Legal Aid like the rest of the population would have to instead of expecting others to pay for your brothers legal costs when he has got himself into this mess to start with through his own lack of cooperation with the Police. I believe that he will be denied bail today and I will be in court to watch it.

  58. Mike says:

    Well at least Bill tells it how he sees it ….appreciate your no nonsense response.

    Scott … spot on , Bill is quite a painter , no need to try and work out his message , it couldnt be clearer.

  59. livvy says:

    Absolutely appalled at the latest, asking friends to donate money. They are either completely lacking in any decency or are very stupid. Scratch on face ? Frenetic cleaning of cars and house, unexplained damage to car , how many coincidences do they have to ignore. I am seeing a pattern with GBC. The other kids don’t like him must be them not Gerard. Can’t cut it as accountant must be the practice not Gerard. Business partners leave obviously their fault. Has affair Alison did’nt understand him etc etc etc.

  60. judy says:

    Hi NBV, that was so well said, couldn’t agree more :)

  61. Scott says:

    Mike. Do we call him Leonardo Da Vinci? When you think about it, Bill is pretty much on the money with his opinion of lawyers. If you know someone has taken anothers life, where are your morals in defending that person? I know everyones entitled to legal assistance but geez, I couldn’t defend a murderer, rapist, paedophile etc. It just seems to go against everything they stand for and that is, justice. The system contradicts itself to a degree. I’m not the religious kind but the bible does say, thou shalt not judge but then a jury is selected to judge if a person is innocent or guilty. Thats what I mean by the contradictions. The USA are huge on religion and the bible also says, thou shalt not kill but yet some states over there have the death penalty. To me, sentencing someone to death is taking a life. Buggered if I can keep up with it.

  62. Mike says:

    NBV , i echo your sentiments exactly …..

    Is it decorum to clap and cheer when bail is denied ?

  63. GG says:

    I will not be surprised if bail is granted.

  64. Robbo says:

    Morning all, well what a start to the day just reading all this! What is GBC thinking this morning looking into his crystal clear plastic mirror in jail.Honestly, I mean it, what can the guy possibly be thinking as he has a good look at himself?

    The buried money nobody knows anything about maybe?

  65. KatiKutloose says:

    Mike and Scott – great posts guys, funny and interesting.

    People belittle others to make them feel better about themselves. They’re often sad soles who’ve eaten themselves into their houses and await the fire brigade to come and smash a wall down to get them out.

    The absolute best way to deal with them is to IGNORE them…..they hate it……confirms their worst fears………… they eat more……drink more…….troll the internet more…….and still the fire brigade doesn’t show up……….

  66. bill says:

    i won a case a few years back i threw 2 people out of my house for being obnoxious i got charged with assault 3 yrs later i paid a lawyer $1800 was awarded $3300 costs the lawyer took the lot.u figure.the judges back them up.the public have no hope against them the deck is all stacked there way.its not what u know its who u know.

  67. Scott says:

    Hi KatiKutloose. What is life if we can’t have a bit of a laugh and try to see the lighter side of things? I’m saving my biggest laugh for this afternoon when he’s told his bail application has been refused. Morning Robbo.

  68. judy says:

    morning Robbo, hope your little fellow comes home from hospital today, so draining running back and forth from hospitals..and can I please have a password so I can have a peek at your photos please…..have a nice day and keep your fingers crossed for ‘no bail’

  69. Scott says:

    Robbo. If I was him, I’d be worried about keeping my back to the wall in the shower, toilet and many other places. I reckon he knows he’s got no chance of getting out so he’ll spend his time thinking of ways of protecting himself against unauthorised sex and beatings while behind bars.

  70. bill says:

    when u apply for legal aid its means tested can be refused if u have over $500 dollars in the bank.they look like they will have to sell a few assets.legal aid is set up for the poor.anyway he musst have been a dumb bastard iv never known a poor r/e agent.they are as sly and shifty as lawyers.good bed partners.sleep with dogs u catch fleas.

  71. Scott says:

    Bill. Spot on! He is the dumbest R/E agent I’ve ever heard of. Our agent isn’t, he seen us coming and paid the bloody cab fair. Talk about getting stung! Once bitten, twice shy.

  72. Al Brocchini says:

    From the CM:

    ‘However, the couple wrote they were still attempting to gather enough money to pay ongoing legal costs and required $30,000 by no later than 5pm yesterday.’

    I dare say his lawyers have realised he is not as flush with cash as he made out to them back in April, hence the deadline for payment.

    I doubt he will be able to afford to retain them for a trial, can’t see them working pro bono. The BC clan was living beyond their means, they are low income earners, one step above being Centrelink dependents.

  73. Mike says:

    Katie … this case is the saddest thing i think i’ve ever seen, and the oddest , we all feel the pain on one side of a very well adjusted family and the strangest mob i’ve ever come across on the other.

    I believe a touch of humour every now and then is paramount otherwise we’ll all end up over frustrated.

    The Dickie Family have acted with only the best intentions and with grace.

    The Baden Clay Family have acted with what can only be described as complete arrogance , I could write pages on each member as they all have managed to shock the nation .

    The Pasta is a surprise , as one who preaches good against evil but has done nought to appease Allisons death , infact i dont recall any BC member mentioning any sorrow in her murder.

    A sad sad case that will go down in history as the self inflicted end of the names Baden Clay and Baden Powell …. the innocent family members will be heading off to apply for a name change and you cant blame them . No one in their right mind would want to be associated with either name.

  74. Ozmosis says:

    Wonder who OW resembles. Certainly not her immediate family.

  75. Robbo says:

    Bill Bill Bill, love the passionate comments, not so much that kind of word on here?! cheers

  76. GG says:

    It would not be unheard of for bail to be granted in cases like this.

    Granting of bail by the Supreme Court is not common in murder cases, but it does happen. I disagree with the Courier Mail’s reporting of “rare”.
    The fact that he was not on the run, does not have form i.e. a criminal record, his business-as-usual demeanour and his daughters could well contribute to his release.

    This is just a possible scenario I put forward.
    It does not reflect any opinion I hold on the case.

  77. bill says:

    no way will he get custody of his kids he’s on a murder charge of there mother. and IF he’s granted bail the DPP can give immediate notice of appeal to the supreme court he will remain in custody till the outcome that is law.if they dont do that someone has COPPED A SLING.

  78. mitzi62 says:

    He better NOT get bail!! IMO He is a definite flight risk… and there are plenty of baddies out there to assist him. Keeping fingers very tightly crossed.

  79. Queensland Country Lady says:

    Excuse me please Al Brocchini 10.11am

    I think you made a little word error

    You wrote “one step ABOVE being Centrelink dependents”

    (Generous of you)

  80. MissMarple says:

    Maybe when Gerard engaged his barrister, he thought he was due for a major windfall… I wonder where from?

    SOMEONE hasnt coughed up the money Gerard was expecting..

    Of course, the alternative view, is that Gerard was still deep into his fantasy of being a mover and a shaker…… I’m surprised his original legal advisor was sucked in , though.. Whoever has gone guarantee for Our Boy’s legal fees is right up the creek sans paddle.

    I thought Olivias extortion letter was a bit of a dig at the QPS.. wasting all this time chasing up the Persil White Gerard, while out there, just enough to frighten the folks of Brisbane, the real killer , whom Olivia knows, apparently, strolls around.

    Must have made a bit of a stir down at Police HQ..

    * Sarge* ……………………’Constable!.. on the double. Right now. In here.’…….

    * Constable* ………………’Sarge.,… ready for anything, Sarge!….’..

    * Sarge* …………………….’Get a load of this bloody woman telling QLD and AU that we are wasting our time , interrupting Pluckaduck Gerards life, allowing some bushy haired stranger to totter aound Kenmore seeking women returning from their midnite walks, and then evaporating. Who IS this new suspect, pray tell, Constable? ‘…..

    * Constable* ………………….I dunno, Sarge.. could be a terrroorrrist, or Russian operative, or, no. wait , Sarge… yea ………..its a mob of underground militant Scouts, peeved at being made to wear a woggle, and …..

    * Sarge* ……………………*(deep sigh)…… finished the filing yet, Constable? ‘………….

  81. jo-beth says:

    I have only just discovered this site, due to my interest in this case. when allison was first reported missing, I didnt take much of an interest, I rarely watch lame stream media. I rely more on alternative media. So at the beginning my knowledge of it was limited, until… The night before Alisons body was discovered I had what maybe a prophetic dream. Now please dont stop reading thinking I may be a crackpot, Im just going to tell you what I dreamt and compare with what has been released. Theres not a lot to my dream but maybe those here who appear to be following the case very intensely may be able to make heads or tails of it.. Dream.. Man with white shirt, with a very small pattern, carries a lifeless body (seemed to be completely drained of blood) and dumps it in what appears to be brambles (prickly bush) next to a very small green creek. when i woke from the dream, I immediately knew it was her. So i started to watch and read news clips about it. The man i dreamt (couldnt see face) his build was very similar to Allisons husband. the creek i had seen in my dream was exactly like a creek where the search crew were originally looking (as shown in news clips) The creek in my dreams was only about 3mtrs wide and very shallow but very green in colour. The brambles were quite thick. that day while following up on my dream, allisons body was discovered. When i saw where she was discovered my feelings were that this is not the spot where she was originally dumped. definately not the spot in my dream. I occasionally have prophetic dreams, but usually i have a connection to the person I am dreaming about. i live in FNQ so i couldnt, at first work out the connection. I discovered the connection, when findin out about the real estate business. Last year, i went to Brisbane on holidays and while I was there I visited many real estate agents looking and inquiring about properties. I was in and around this area where the business operated. so maybe (i dont pacifically recall) i visited that real estate. And also in my dream i could smell something very unusual, it appeared to be chemical, but nothing I have ever smelt before…

  82. Scott says:

    GG. He has no priors that we are aware of but he did hinder the police investigation by pretending he knew nothing. Led them up the garden path for 10 days at the tax payers expense. He said he had been helping police as much as he could. If he really wanted to help them, he should have told them what he’d done and where he put the corpse. I’m only assuming he’s guilty but everything keeps pointing back to him. I last seen my wife at 10pm watching the footy show. Then he calls the police to say she never returned from her morning walk but yet he didn’t see her leave? The evidence is stacked up against him. He’s been in sh*t since this happened its just that the depth has varied from day to day. He won’t get bail and if he does then I’m going to say that justice has not been done.

  83. moonlight1313 says:

    Hi GG,

    You quote:
    “The fact that he was not on the run, does not have form i.e. a criminal record, his business-as-usual demeanour and his daughters could well contribute to his release”.”

    What you say above, I bet, is as per GBC’s Legal advice, with his solicitor’s view that he would be charged of Allison’s murder in the end. They probably advised him to go ahead with “business as usual” and to take the girls out, to appear “normal” so that he will receive bail.


    I, too, am appalled at the hide of the BC family asking the public to pay GBC’s legal fees after his demeanour, his behaviour.

  84. ggsydney says:

    I am not a local, but from what it looked like on the news they were not well off.
    GBC and Allison just lived in a rented fibro cr&^per…what makes anyone think they had money??
    Also when I looked up GBC’s past online his cv was soooo long and sooo scattered all he did was change jobs. He went from a chartered firm that he stayed in for a very short time to a number of other dead ends. How does a person that could have been a chartered accoutant end up as a travel consultant? He met Allison and just sucked her dry. He was an underachiever, with a big smile and a big load of bullsh%$ that he apparently fed everyone, and everyone believed he was something. Without her success and class, he is nothing, and so today he resides in more appropriate accommodation for a man who is no hoper.

    Fellow bloggers, would love some opinions on my post 20/6/12 at 11:43pm regarding Olivia’s slip up regarding the dates of Allison’s disppearance. What do you think?

  85. MissMarple says:

    Welcome, Jo Beth….. this blog has lacked a psychic dreamer, ….it took you long enough to turn up., if I may say so with delight!….

  86. bill says:

    yea mate was busy getting married over here manila phil. pluss the net drops out over here when typhoons ome thru.typhoon season starting now.drives u crazy at times frustrating.

  87. Scott says:

    I can’t see him as a flight risk. There might be plenty of bad people ready to assist him but he’ll need the funds to pay them and he hasn’t got that kind of money in the kitty besides, he might be able to obtain a dodgy passport but his DNA and fingerprints won’t ever change. A risk of fleeing interstate, yep for sure.

  88. GG says:

    moonlight1313 @ 10.30 am

    Yes, I think he would have been advised to do just that. With no charges against him, he had no reason to do otherwise.

  89. moonlight1313 says:

    Hello Jo-beth @10:30am

    Welcome :D

    I know how you feel from what your dreams give you. I couldn’t take my eyes from the creek and run offs before Allison was found, I wanted to tell the police “the creek” but I didn’t want to be considered, well, I don’t need to say it to you! lol

    I will say, that a particular area on Rafting Ground Road is a site of interest to me, as I receive all sorts of feelings, there, just driving through.

  90. MM Fike says:

    I haven’t posted since the arrest because it is the hunt for the perpetrator interests me most.

    Once the criminal lawyers get involved my hackles rise and I fear for Allison’s ‘memory.’
    As we know the deceased can’t speak for themselves.

    There are many thoroughly decent young people posting here (yes, I know there are older ones like me too) and if the accused is granted bail today I respectively suggest you show the justice system a rage they cannot ignore.
    I believe the younger generation might be able to get more ‘justice’ into our legal system than my generation could.
    Really honestly, the suspects right to remain silent needs to be reviewed just for openers.

    Only a few weeks ago Allison had to fight for her life in a way none of us can begin to imagine. Can you imagine the fear as your life is ebbing away?
    It is marvelous the vast majority here are taking the time to see justice is served.

  91. Al Brocchini says:

    Queenland Country Lady qrote:
    Excuse me please Al Brocchini 10.11am

    I think you made a little word error

    You wrote “one step ABOVE being Centrelink dependents”

    (Generous of you)

    I was speaking in financial terms, not morally, ethically or socially.

  92. Scott says:

    Hi MM. I’m one of the older ones like yourself, 51 and counting. Justice will be served today. I would have liked to be in the court room today but apparently its only open to the media, I read that somewhere earlier in the week. There will be uproar outside the court if he is granted bail. I’d also like to be there but I have a clean record and would like to keep it that way. Freedom of speech can land one before the courts so its best I stay well away from it. I’d rather sit here in the warmth and read the breaking news in the CM.

  93. jo-beth says:

    @miss Marple and Moonlight. thank you for welcoming me.. Moonlight, Im not familiar at all with the area. maybe with your feelings when driving by might indicate that there is still evidence there. i understand that there was a lot of rain before the body was discovered, which probally makes it impossible for finding anything. My dream indicating to me where the body was dumped and not where it was found kind of tells me that the small creek is of great importance…

  94. Queensland Country Lady says:

    I was surprised from the start about the media reticence/ circumspection in daily reporting on this matter.
    Almost a blanket of silence.

    Where on earth this claptrap comes from “Precious friends, on another matter you need to be aware that the media are glorying in the most revolting and salacious gossip.
    They seem determined to do all possible to damage and destroy.”
    Talk about noisy drums clanging cymbals . And that was from BC family.

    So totally unlike other criminal cases in Qld which seemed to focus on selling papers and news.

    In fact that is how I stumbled on Robbos site.
    Had seen the brother sister interview and recognized immediately guilt.
    And cover up attempt. (I am not a vindictive person, in fact very lenient with personal opinions)
    What made it rotten was I thought I was the only one who KNEW.
    Then not much point knowing without being able to prove same.
    Not much point being able to prove same without 100% surety of proper conviction.
    QPS and Media should be applauded for their handling of this crime.

    Regarding BC family’s plea for money for bail

    Just when you think you’d seen it all…….

  95. KatiKutloose says:

    ggsydney – I agree with you, very good pick-up.

  96. Queensland Country Lady says:

    Al Brocchini 11.05am

    Yes, I too was thinking
    “in financial terms, not morally, ethically or socially.”

    The difference being those who do all they can to portray a veneer of wealth and high standing in society.
    And those who don’t.

    It appears the whole BC show has been an entire fabrication for at least one generation.
    The phrase Hanging on coat tails comes to mind.
    Making one’s fortune or success on the strength of someone else’s

    I have yet to see one good deed for which this family can be praised.
    Or one good business accomplishment.
    Or one act of altruism.
    Wannabees maybe.

    And I have yet to hear from one friend or neighbour, praising the good character of a BC

  97. angelkim2012 says:

    Agreed QCL-11.36 am , morning all A late awakener this morning….. little Cherubs to attend to:
    I’m playing catchup with some amazing posts overnight folks-congrats! Miss Marps-on the Money… .. Whoever has gone guarantee for Our Boy’s legal fees is right up the creek sans paddle.
    IMO-Gerby GErby Gerby- becoming a bigger Scab, in todays courier mail- a new low-pleading poverty. The Prosecution should charge him with two new “alleged crime” / charges;
    1. Contempt of Qld Public’s Intelligence
    2. Defamation of the Qld Public
    At least we know the “nature of the beast”. I still say they are not thinking rationally the whole family…Queen Victoria was onto them. Times change but some people’s character flaws/family traits never DO!-IMO ;-) Ditto-Gerbil is right up the creek sans paddle. Rumour has it this will be historical hearing “a complete eclipse of a certain Criminal defence lawyer’s brainwaves as he drains the coffers of a misguided few”, while absconding from the “brief hearing” to the Cunard travel agents to book his month long Queen Mary cruise”….Gerby Gerby Gerby.

  98. Scott says:

    GG Sydney. That could be why the police has requested footage from the media. It was a big slip up. How could she possibly get the dates wrong? It was her sister in law, not some stranger off the streets. As I said before, this whole case just gets more confusing by the day. Hopefully this afternoon is the close of one chapter and then another begins ie, the trial. He won’t appeal if bails refused, he doesn’t have the funds to do it.

  99. Queensland Country Lady says:

    I hope QPS read all this and pick up on your astute observation.
    “How to spot a liar” comes to mind here. Words sentences get jumbled up. Mistakes.
    Good pick up ggsydney

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