Prosecutor Danny Boyle appointed to Baden-Clay murder case-BAIL UPDATES

Wearing hand-cuffs, Gerard Baden-Clay is driven into the Brisbane watch-house on Wednesday night after being charged with the murder of his wife Allis

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Well tomorrow is the day Gerard Baden-Clays legal team go head to head with the DPP at Brisbane’s  Supreme Court to get bail.

AS has already been reported he may be in jail for several years before the case makes it to trial. That is the case whether he gets bail or not. I personally cannot fathom him getting bail, when you consider the potential to interfere with potential witnesses and evidence in this case. I’m certain that will be a hotly contested argument made tomorrow. His team will argue he has ties to the community, would abide by strict conditions and so on. It will be massive news either way. The  bail application is to be heard at 2.30pm and is scheduled to last 40 minutes.


UPDATE 3.06PM 21/06/12 New thread here folks

Is this true, bomb threats mid hearing, court has been evacuated? bloody hell. stay tuned, this is outrageous, is it connected to this hearing? There has been dozens of others without drama…I wonder…

Chaos reigns outside court amid claims of bomb threats and evacuations

His family keep their traps shut for 8 weeks, and now want some coin to help Gerard with his case today? Bit late to be seeking support now.

His family keeps their traps shut for 8 weeks, and now want some coin to help Gerard with his case today? Bit late to be seeking support now.

update 9.30am 21/06/12

THE family of Gerard Baden-Clay say they are “unwavering” in their support for “his innocence” and have appealed to friends and relatives to help them fund the legal defence.

A clean-shaven Baden-Clay is not expected to turn up to his bail application hearing today, but sister and brother-in-law Olivia and Ian Walton wrote in an email dated Tuesday, June 19, that they had raised sufficient surety to cover the amount required should he be released on bail.

However, the couple wrote they were still attempting to gather enough money to pay ongoing legal costs and required $30,000 by no later than 5pm yesterday.

Baden-Clay’s lawyer Darren Mahony said last night that he expected the bail application hearing to proceed today.

“Any comment about my engagement is prohibited by solicitor-client privilege,” he told The Courier-Mail.

The Courier-Mail also telephoned Baden-Clay’s father Nigel, but he hung up before any questions could be asked.

It has been confirmed Baden-Clay shaved off his beard to facilitate more forensic tests in compliance with a court order but a spokesman from the department of Justice and Attorney-General said yesterday he had not been asked to attend today’s hearing, but could if he wanted to.

If Baden-Clay is granted bail, he would have to comply with all the bail conditions before being released, which can often take several days.

After almost two months of a police investigation, which is continuing, the 41-year-old was last week charged with murder and interference with a corpse.

He reported his wife Allison missing on April 20 and her body was discovered 10 days later at Kholo Creek, Anstead, about 20km from the family home in Brookfield where she was last seen alive.

Baden-Clay will be represented in today’s hearing by barrister Peter Davis, SC.

The accused killer is currently in the medical unit of Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre, but if he loses his bid for bail it is expected he will be taken to one of the prison’s standard 3m x 4m cells.

The prosecution, in its bid to keep him behind bars, will have to convince the presiding judge that Baden-Clay is either a risk of re-offending, could interfere with witnesses, may fail to appear at future court appearances or might flee the jurisdiction.

Although it is rare for an accused murderer to be granted bail, it can be in special cases provided certain conditions are met.

Meanwhile, a cricket day fundraiser will be held on Sunday at the Brookfield Showgrounds to raise money for the three Baden-Clay daughters.

To donate to the Late Allison Baden-Clay Children Appeal, Sanction Number CP5609; BSB 084 737; Account 133196502.

 THIS is the man whose role is to argue accused wife killer Gerard Baden-Clay should remain behind bars until his trial.

Prosecutor Danny Boyle.

Prosecutor Danny Boyle has been chosen as the Director of Public Prosecutions‘ man to mount a case in Brisbane’s Supreme Court to deny the father-of-three bail on Thursday.

Baden-Clay, 41, is accused of murdering his wife, Allison, at their Brookfield home in April.

His lawyer Darren Mahony said Baden-Clay would “defend the charge vigorously”.

Mr Boyle is an experienced prosecutor who has tried a number of murder trials, including one in 2009 which led to the conviction of a Hervey Bay man who paid a hitman $10,000 to murder his wife.

In April 2010, Mr Boyle prosecuted a man convicted and jailed for nine years for the manslaughter of his de facto wife in September 2008.

More recently Mr Boyle won convictions against two teenagers who brutally bashed a 52-year-old man to death in an inner-Brisbane city park in July 2008, and three dangerous prisoners convicted of killing a fellow central Queensland jail inmate 12 years ago.

Lawyers for Baden-Clay lodged an application for bail in the Brisbane Supreme Court’s civil jurisdiction last Thursday, less than 24-hours after the well-known real estate agent was taken into custody accused of killing Allison.

Several hours before the bail bid was lodged, Baden-Clay made two brief appearances – one just 40-seconds long – in the Brisbane Magistrates Court in Roma St.

Under Queensland law a person charged with murder cannot apply for bail in the lower courts, with any application to be considered and ruled upon by a justice of the Supreme Court.

Court documents obtained by The Courier-Mail show tomorrow’s bail application is to be heard at 2.30pm and is scheduled to last 40 minutes.

The documents also show Baden-Clay is charged with the murder of Allison June Baden-Clay and improperly interfering with her body on April 19, 2012.

It is unclear at this stage, but it’s likely respected barrister Peter Davis, SC will represent Baden-Clay at the bail application.

Baden-Clay is currently being housed in Wacol’s Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre‘s medical wing, locked away from any visitors other than his lawyer.

The Crown, in its bid to keep Baden-Clay behind bars, will have to convince the presiding judge the accused killer is either a risk of re-offending, could interfere with witnesses, fail to appear at future court appearances or flee the jurisdiction.

While it rare for an accused murdered to be given bail, it can be granted in special cases provided certain conditions are met.

The range of possible bail conditions can be regular reporting to police, posting of significant surety, staying away from witnesses, living at a designated address and surrendering any passports.

Should Baden-Clay fail to secure bail tomorrow, he can refer the matter to Queensland’s highest court – the Court of Appeal.

The Allison Baden-Clay Murder

Previous threads can be found using the links below, One being very first and so on…

One (26/04/12) here Two (14/05/12)  here Three (17/05/12) here Four (20/05/2012) here Five  (23/05/12) here Six (26/05/12) here Seven (28/05/12) here Eight (30/0512) here Nine (02/06/12) here Ten (08/06/12) here Eleven (11/06/12) here  Twelve 13/06/12 here Thirteen 17/06/12 here


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UPDATE 3.06PM 21/06/12 New thread here folks


369 thoughts on “Prosecutor Danny Boyle appointed to Baden-Clay murder case-BAIL UPDATES

  1. Judy. What? I’ve been trying to get the lunch break in the CM, the one where they do live interviews with their police reporter. I can’t the one on GBC. For some reason, they are talking about Fairfax media and ice skating? Someone want to tell them this is QLD and we don’t have ice or snow up here? God help us.


  2. All good Judy. I just tried the CM again and they are still talking about ice and snow. So much for keeping us up to date! That carton of Bundy is looking good right about now.


  3. They’re just doing the lunch break news on GBC now. Its a replay in the CM. If bail isn’t granted, he remains in the medical centre at the AGCC.


  4. i think it is absolutely disgustiing this family is allowed to appeal for money. Also no fundraiser should be allowed for the children either. This family should do what most honest people do pay their own way instead being bludgers. Think of the mothers with sick children in the cancer ward at the hospital that ask for nothing whatsoever. This is a very dsyfunctional family and eveyone is trying to make them out something like The Brady Bunch and they are the opposite.


  5. Robbo. You’ve covered a lot of stories on these sorts of things. Do you think with the states best going head to head this afternoon in the Supreme Court, is there a chance GBC is going to be bailed. He’s hired the states best criminal lawyer and he’s going up against the states best prosecutor.


  6. GG says:
    June 21, 2012 at 11:51 am……
    Hi GG…here is some of the email. I can also give you a link for the paper but it doesn’t have the email…just that they have asked for money…

    Part of the email from Ian and Olivia Walton.

    To: Our family and friends
    From: Ian and Olivia Walton
    Subject: PLEASE HELP

    To our dear friends and family

    Our extended family around the world and those of our friends folowing the news in AU will know the heartbreaking news that our sister-in-law Allison went missing on Arpril 20th and her body was found 11 days later. Last Wednesday, 13th June, my brother Gerard was arrested and charged with her murder. We completely support Gerard in his innocence and are unwavering in continuing to stand with him.

    We have been led to believe that there are two key legal events between now and any trial that may commence.

    1. This coming Thursday 21st June, Gerard will appear for a bail hearing. At this hearing there will be a determination as to whether or not he is able to be released from prison until such time as the trial begins – which we understand could be several years away.

    2. In the next several months there will be a committal hearing. At this hearing, it will be determined on the ‘balance of probablilities’ whether there is any likelihood that Gerard may have committed this offence. If they feel this to be the case it will be referred to the Supreme Court, with a trial at a date to be determined (again, this could be several years away). I it is felt on this balance of probabilities that there is not sufficient evidence we underrstand that he will be released and the charges against him will be dropped.

    We have been told by Gerard’s lawyer that he requires AU $30,000 by no later than this coming Wednesday evening, 20th June, or the bail hearing will not occur.


  7. Sue. Don’t you think your being a bit harsh on the fundraising for the children? They are with grandparents who are a very modest family. Hard working honest people, blue collar workers. Would you rather see the grandparents do it tough to the point they can no longer assist these children at all? Sorry to say it this but I think your comment is cold and bloody heartless. That comment has just prompted me to open a can of Bundy!


  8. It doesn’t go down real well at this time of the day but neither did that comment. Sorry folks but thats just disgraceful. Sue please show some heart here. The Brady Bunch? Bludges? As the young kids of today say, build a bridge and get the hell over it.


  9. Scott says:
    June 21, 2012 at 10:30 am

    “GG. He has no priors that we are aware of …”

    Scott, he has no priors. I haved checked.


  10. My prediction for what its worth , is won’t get bail due to the predictable intense media scrutiny and overwhelming public interest which could predudice his subsequent court appearances …. and that couldn’t be healthy for his children ……


  11. wow emailing friends and family for money….

    how about MAKING their son/brother – speak/plead/help find her/show concern for his missing wife in the 7 weeks leading up to his arrest.

    these people are so self absorbed! hell, maybe they are all scared of him????


  12. Thanks GG. When I’ve downed this can I’m going to have to have another one knowing he has no priors. No priors doesn’t mean he’ll be granted bail though. I still say he’s too big of a risk as in, he’ll flee interstate and go into hiding. Its a big country and it usually takes years for the police to find the person/persons they are looking for.


  13. I’ve heard a rumour that Olivia is seeking custody of the children. Won’t there be an outcry if that happens! What happens with the Trust Fund money etc????


  14. Scott says:
    June 21, 2012 at 1:30 pm

    “Thanks GG. When I’ve downed this can I’m going to have to have another one knowing he has no priors. No priors doesn’t mean he’ll be granted bail though. I still say he’s too big of a risk as in, he’ll flee interstate and go into hiding. Its a big country and it usually takes years for the police to find the person/persons they are looking for.”


    I have only written that I will not be surprised if he is granted bail. You’re right when you write that no priors doesn’t mean he’ll be granted bail. It will however be a factor if he is indeed granted bail (as opposed to one with form, where the situation becomes different).

    He might be seen as a risk. He might re-locate for his own safety, if granted bail. I suggest that given the public interest in the case, the court would sanction his relocation to a place other than his own residence or locality.

    All supposition on our parts.


  15. I don’t think sue has been following this case, cause I sure as hell haven’t seen anyone on here make out the BC family is like the brady bunch..I don’t really understand Sues comment. I think the fundraisers etc. are fantastic!!! Allisons parents will need so much financial help to try and give those kiddies as normal a life as they possibly can..and they don’t get any government assistance while they have custody of those kiddies..the emotional help those little ones will need will be very draining financially, so why shouldn’t the community raise money to help these kids…I’m Gobsmacked !!!..yes the children with cancer etc. are also very important, however these blogs are to do with Allison Baden Clay. RIP Allison


    • they will get gov assistance.anybody who take in kids not the biological parent are intitled to gaurdianship allowance.look up centrelink if u doubt it.that has been in place for many years i claimed it for a nephew i was caring for over 30yrs ago he was about 2yrs old then.i’ll check out the current rate for 3.


  16. Sue @ 1.19pm. People are free to give money to whomever they please (even to the putrid B-C family if they wish). Just because people ask for money doesn’t mean they get it. I am offended at being told who to think about! I support kids cancer research and “Heart Kids”, for some personal reasons and if I want to support the B-C kids then that is my prerogative and business. You can choose to give whatever you bloody well want to but don’t tell me I who I should be thinking of. If it was meant to put any of us on a guilt trip then I doubt it will work. How anyone could put the B-C’s and the children into one category is beyond me. Those kids are innocents, hopefully they will now be able to rise from their dysfunctional roots, given half a chance. The kids aren’t dishonest or bludgers but I agree that the B-C’s should get nothing to support a bail hearing, but who knows what kind of people will respond to the appeal and donate.


  17. Hi All

    What a JOKE Gerbs and Co asking for donations to fund a FANCY Legal Team .

    He will just have to do what lots of accused persons have to do

    APPLY FOR LEGAL AID and accept whoever Lawyer they give him


  18. GG. I agree there is a chance he might try and relocate but where can he go in QLD? Everyone up here knows who he is and I doubt he’d ever be allowed outside the state. We have to stay positive and say he won’t be granted bail. Judy. I’m with you on that one. Sue thinks its unacceptable that a fundraiser is taking place for the children. I know theres kids in hospitals dying from cancer but we have Daffodil Day and Morning Tea days to help raise money for these kids. This is a different matter all together. The mother of three children has had her life cut short through no fault of her own. So are we meant to just sit on our bums and do nothing to assist the grandparents who have temporary custody of them? I’m not sitting on my hands and doing nothing. Sue, please apologise.


  19. Word is GBC will not front court for his bail…what a man he is (not) An innocent man fighting for his freedom would be in there standing tall and proud with nothing to hide…Gutless coward


  20. “One more hour and my life will be through…” I am so pissed off that if the bail fails he gets to stay in the medical area. By the W’s making a public appeal they have ensured that GBC will be doubly at risk of copping a severe beating when he goes get into a proper cell. They’ve already shown a very bad side of themselves by remaining silent and ignoring the plight of the girls and the Dickies, appearing totally unconcerned about a missing then found murdered wife, SIL and DIL. Now another nail in the coffin, they have no sense of decency, none. This appeal for money has to be the biggest kick in the guts for the Dickies.


  21. I’m rarely moved to anger, but Sue’s derisory and holier-than-thou comment managed to incense me…..does she realise that Allison’s elderly parents have NEVER asked for anything as they take over full time care of these three little girls? Fundraising for the children has been undertaken by a compassionate and caring community of its own volition. I detest Bundy at the best of times, but I’m with Scotty on this one….off to the bottlo!


  22. Agree Robbo. He was big and tough when he did it but now he’s scared sh*tless. He’ll be like a scared puppy, hiding in the corner with his tail between his legs and shaking like he’s sh*tting razor blades. Serves him bloody right.


  23. Hi All

    What a Shame if Gerbs Legal team Quit for lack of Monies

    He can just sit there in Arthur Gorrie until legal aid can get a brief together and apply to court for bail
    He is not a special case he has to accept the normal procedures in these matters


  24. 35 mins to go b4 bail application….I have a bad feeling he will get bail….If there is a GOD please do the right thing for Allison and her family….


  25. “Word is GBC will not front court for his bail…what a man he is (not) An innocent man fighting for his freedom would be in there standing tall and proud with nothing to hide…Gutless coward”

    It comes down the law here. He doesn’t need to be there regardless.


  26. gee I wish we had live court proceedings. Aussies would much rather watch their tax dollars getting used in the courts and see the wheels of justice for themselves rather than the childish buffoons we elect to play silly games in Parliament. I know what I would rather watch, (and I do watch those silly children in Question time when possible…I cringe every time the speaker announces a delegation from overseas watching our children in suits at play!


  27. asha. I think the police have got more evidence than we know of. They did send something of his to Perth for testing and maybe they have the results back. The Prosecutor won’t have much arguing to do this afternoon. I think he knows he has this one in the bag based on the evidence already submitted.


  28. Scott,
    You write:
    “GG. I agree there is a chance he might try and relocate but where can he go in QLD?”

    There is no reason why he cannot relocate elsewhere in Australia, unless the court says so. I predict, if bail occurs, that he and members of his family might relocate interstate or away from the suburbs, away from the area of interest at the least.
    Again supposition.
    I maintain that I will not be surprised if bail happens. With that is the other side: bail might well be rejected on the basis of the two charges.


  29. Re GG says:
    June 21, 2012 at 2:00 pm

    I know he doesn’t have to, but why wouldn’t you, fighting for your innocence and so on.I just know what I would be doing If I were accused of something I didn’t do,

    I would be making sure everyone who needed to could look me in the eye directly at every opportunity. The bum has looked down in every situation so far just about.Cannot face his accusers….sad


  30. Cheers Robbo. All we have is hope. GG, I don’t think he’d be allowed outside of QLD, well I hope not anyway. Tax payers would again have to foot the bill to have him extradited back here. I’m confident he won’t get bail. Since we don’t live to far from the AGCC, I might drop him off some soap on a rope, just as a friendly gesture of course.


  31. Just when you thought you’d heard it all
    And the request for bail money (no questions no guarantees either)

    How much money and time and resources were spent in looking for Allison?
    Would have saved a lot of dollars had searchers not been taken AWAY from the right area in the first place.
    Then they, the entire BC did nothing to help.
    NOTHING. Not even some faked words of praise for Allison.
    Should be made to repay that debt
    Not ask of dollars to defend the “dear brother”

    I’ve seen some gall but boy that’s something


  32. asha. I’m not sure because the media wouldn’t say what is was. I’m guessing maybe the hair off his beard which the police took a sample of last Thursday when he appeared in court. Thats the only thing I can think of. And Robbo, this Question Time we so stupidly choose to watch, I think they talk enough bullsh*t in there to fertilise all the grass and gardens around Parliament House! Fair dinkum they go on with some crap. Good for a laugh though.


  33. Gerbil Hunting Season. I’d be happy to take him a pair of stainless steel jocks but I don’t know where to buy them from.


  34. At Kenmore local, please dear God don’t let that septic family anywhere those kids. Let’s hope it is only a rumour. I have a feeling there was a pre arranged thing with the Dickies getting the kids if GBC was arrested. Just a feeling….


  35. Scott, I tune into A PAC whenever parliament is sitting. Buffoonery at its best but at least you get to see what they really say, not the abridged and out of context version the media give us. Usually with a biased and baited headline.


  36. Alyshia Gates @alyshiagates
    Gerard Baden-Clay’s sister Olivia Walton is front row in Supreme Court..waiting for bail hearing to begin. Standing room only @9NewsBrisbane


  37. Renae Henry from Channel 10 is reporting on Twitter that the bail hearing has begun. Standing room only apparently… @renaehenry10 if anyone is interested


  38. Tuning into some of those shows is better than watching a sitcom. Always end up walking away laughing at mature adults bitching over who got what and who lied to this one and that one and who made calls to who. Its really good value for a laugh although we shouldn’t be laughing at people who are meant to be running this country. They are running it alright, running it right into the ground.


  39. Media were there at start. Peter Davis SC started submissions then Court was abruptly closed. Minutes later, security evacuating everyone. This is from Twitter, but multiple sources.


  40. all too much for him …. they might be trying to tranquillize him with a dart gun through the steel bars as we speak ….


  41. Don’t tell me they are resorting to terrorist tactics to delay this. This is getting ridiculous with this family. It has to be a set up. I’m sure many other cases have been heard in that very same court today without incident!


  42. Geez, no parents at the hearing? Or are they at the local phone booth calling in bomb threats! Wonder if Olivia is getting a clue yet about how the general public view GBC and the FITH family.


  43. Ozmosis. I’m with ya on that one. More bloody dirty tactics to delay the hearing because his Barrister doesn’t have enough evidence to grant him bail.


  44. Could be a delaying tactic, the family are good at little bit hurt accidents to delay facing the music. On the other hand emotions will be running high in those who believe he is guilty.


  45. Kenmore mum. Its a bit worrying. Other cases would have been heard in that court today and gone off without a hitch but not this one. Someone had to do something to delay the hearing. I hope its not a member of the public. Do they realise we want justice for Allison but delaying the hearing is also delaying the justice?


  46. If GBC or his legal team needed a delay, there’d be ample things they could use to apply for the hearing to be adjourned. I doubt they would need to phone in a bomb threat.

    What better way to give impression that GBC and family in danger if he is released on bail (and thus suggest to Judge he should not be given bail) than by phoning in a bomb threat???


  47. Yoshi. The public have been waiting for this day for a long time. I would like to think someone out there wouldn’t be stupid enough to do this knowing that this hearing could well be thrown out today and set down for another day. I’ve officially seen it all now. Bloody disgraceful behaviour.


  48. I’m almost willing to bet someone has already started writing a book about this case and boy, with a bomb threat thrown in, it’ll be a best seller. The mentality of people doesn’t amuse me, just leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth.


  49. Apparently GBC’s court was first to evacuate. Judge’s Associate conferred with Judge just after Peter Davis commenced his submissions. Now all of SC building evacuated.

    With Court normally finishing at 4pm, I think we’ll be waiting some more time before the hearing will be reconvened.

    @weavy – He wasn’t at the bail hearing. The sister was. No sign of the parents is what is being reported…


    • lol @ Two Cents. QCL, I wonder if the B-C’s were friends with the Skase’s…. bwwana, wonder if Olivia will have to make another appeal for appearance money for the QC. Oops SC, showing my age!


  50. Twitterspehere saying that bomb threat phoned in specifically to Court 5 which was where GBC’s bail application was being heard. Sorry, not sure how reliable this one is…


  51. Well if it doesn’t get heard today, the lawyers stil get their money for wasted time. Hope the hell they dump him for lack of funds. I have never heard of a SC working for nothing, they will need more than $30K, they said his legal team were shielding his sister from the media frenzy, well what did she expect, a bunch of roses.


  52. Scott, there is provision in the Supreme Court Act for Judge to order a change of venue, but I’m not sure any other Court precinct outside of Brisbane would necessarily be safer????


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