Evacuations at Brisbane Supreme Court during Baden Clay-update Bail DENIED 22/06/12

PRECAUTIONS-Police dogs check the courtyard at the Brisbane courts complex this morning

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Bail DENIED 22/06/12

Thursday, April 19: Gerard Baden-Clay allegedly claims he last saw his wife Allison watching Channel Nine’s The Footy Show in their living room about 10pm.

Friday, April 20: Mr Baden-Clay phones police to report his wife missing about 7.30am. Police establish a command post at the Brookfield Showgrounds to co-ordinate an extensive search for the mother-of-three.

Sunday, April 22: Gerard Baden-Clay crashes a borrowed car into a bus terminal at Indooroopilly Shopping Centre.

Wednesday, April 25: Detectives interview a former female colleague of Mr Baden-Clay for three hours at Indooroopilly police station.

Thursday, April 26: Police search Mr Baden-Clay’s Century 21 Real Estate office in Taringa.

Sunday, April 29: Mr Baden-Clay attends church with his three daughters and then spends one hour at Indooroopilly police station receiving an update from police on the search for his wife.

Monday, April 30: Police reveal a body has been found by a canoeist under the Kholo Creek bridge at Anstead about 11am. Investigators are for information about the movements of the Baden-Clays’ cars – a white Toyota Prado and a silver Holden Captiva – between 8pm on Thursday, April 19, and 6am on Friday.

Tuesday, May 1: Police confirm the body discovered is that of Allison Baden-Clay.

Friday, May 11: Allison Baden-Clay’s funeral is held in Ipswich and attended by hundreds.

Wednesday, May 30: Police receive toxicology reports from Brisbane’s John Tonge Centre, but remain tight lipped about the results.

Monday, May 28: Mr Baden-Clay relocates his new business to the Toowong Tower.

Friday, June 2: Police interview a female associate of Mr Baden-Clay in Sydney.

Wednesday, June 13: Gerard Baden-Clay is charged with his wife’s murder and improperly interfering with her body about 6.30pm.

Thursday, June 14: Gerard Baden-Clay faces court for the first time. He is remanded in custody until July 9. He is taken from Brisbane Watchhouse to Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre. His lawyers lodge an application for bail on behalf of their client in the Supreme Court.

Thursday, June 21: Gerard Baden-Clays lawyers attend court for Bail Application but building is evacuated within minutes admin a bomb threat scare. Rescheduled for tomorrow 10am Friday June 22, 2012


BLOOD was found in the rear of Gerard and Allison Baden-Clays’ family car that was confirmed to be hers, according to a police affidavit submitted to a Supreme Court bail application hearing this morning.

But Peter Davis SC, for Mr Baden-Clay, disputed this, saying it was a luminol test only and not her blood.

Mr Davis said the only injury suffered by Allison as revealed in the post mortem was a chipped tooth. He asked why there would be blood in the car if she had no injuries.

At this morning’s bail application hearing for Mr Baden-Clay, it was also claimed police recovered a journal kept by his wife where she wrote about her husband’s affair with Toni McHugh on April 18.

They say in their affidavit that this would have led to an argument between the two of them but Mr Davis said that was an assumption only.

Baden-Clay’s counsel has not yet responded to these allegations.

The prosecutor Danny Boyle claimed the Crown did not need to provide evidence showing it was Allison’s blood in the car at this stage of the proceedings.

The Crown relies on the facts as outlined in submissions, Mr Boyle argued.

He alleged the financial gain from Allison’s death went to the motive for her murder.

He also alleged Mr Baden-Clay had a “deadline” of July 1 for when he intended to separate from his wife.

He claimed in Allison’s journal there was a diagram of Ms McHugh’s house, drawn by Mr Baden-Clay, as part of their counselling.

Mr Baden-Clay allegedly told police his affair with Ms McHugh had ended some time before Allison’s disappearance, “when in fact the relationship was continuing when she went missing”, the prosecutor argued.

He said Ms McHugh would give evidence at a trial.

The Crown said its case against Baden-Clay relied on several points:

  • His relationship with his wife was unstable and “his intention for a future with Ms McHugh”.
  • He was in dire financial trouble and stood to benefit greatly from Allison’s death.
  • He had the opportunity, being the last person to see her alive.
  • The deceased’s blood was allegedly found in the boot of Gerard’s car.
  • Mr Baden-Clay told police the mark on his face came from shaving but a forensic examination concluded that was not the case, and that it was a scratch.

Mr Davis, SC, has asked for a non publication order until 2.30pm today when the matter would be argued further.

TAKE TWO- Gerard Baden-Clay’s sister Olivia Walton arrives for the bail hearing on Friday morning

POLICE have conducted a security sweep of Brisbane’s Supreme Court ahead of the bail application of accused murderer Gerard Baden-Clay, after a bomb threat closed down the courts yesterday.

Police with sniffer dogs conducted another inspection of the courts complex after yesterday’s lock-down.

The bail application is set down for 10am.

The Max Sica murder trial, whose summing up was also interrupted by the bomb hoax yesterday, will resume on Monday.

Chief Justice Paul de Jersey yesterday blasted the security scare: “It’s absolutely disgraceful, if this is a hoax, that the proceedings of the state’s highest court can be disrupted in this dreadful way.”

More to come…

update 22/06/12

SWEEP-Gerard Baden-Clay’s father Nigel watches as police search his vehicle at his Kenmore home last night

DETECTIVES investigating the alleged murder of Allison Baden-Clay returned last night to her in-laws’ home where they conducted further searches of their property.

The Courier-Mail can reveal the car owned by Gerard Baden-Clay’s parents was searched. Police rifled through the boot and back seat of the couple’s silver Holden Statesman about 6pm.

After Nigel and Elaine Baden-Clay walked their dog, they were intercepted by five detectives who spent about an hour with them, mostly inside the house, only coming out briefly about halfway through with Mr Baden-Clay to search the vehicle before leaving about 6.20pm.

The couple’s daughter, Olivia Walton, was the only family member to attend the bail application hearing, which had to be rescheduled yesterday after a bomb threat. The hearing will continue today.

Gerard Baden-Clay courtroom cleared

Crowds mill about Brisbane‘s Supreme Court after it was evacuated in a security scare that interrupted Gerard Baden-Clay bail hearing.

June 21, 2012 4.29pm Update

THE Supreme Court bail hearing of Gerald Baden-Clay has been delayed until Friday due to a security threat that forced the building to be evacuated.

Justice Paul De Jersey told the media there would be no more court sittings today and business would resume tomorrow morning.

June 21, 2012 3:17PM

THE bail application for accused murderer Gerard Baden-Clay has been interrupted and the courtroom cleared.

Five minutes into the proceedings in the Supreme Court in Brisbane, Justice Glenn Martin asked for the packed court to be cleared.

Supporters of Baden-Clay and the media were asked to leave the Queensland Law Courts building.

Baden-Clay’s legal team have also left the building and are waiting in the forecourt outside.

The Brisbane man is accused of murdering his wife Allison, who he reported missing on April 20, and whose body was found on the banks of a creek 10 days later.

A hearing to determine whether Gerard Baden-Clay will be granted bail on a charge of murder is being heard today by the Supreme Court in Brisbane.

Court Evacuated- Confusion reigns

2.10pm: Gerard Baden-Clay’s sister Olivia Walton has arrived at Brisbane Supreme Court with his legal team for the accused killer’s bail hearing.

Olivia Walton arrives at Brisbane Supreme Court to support her brother Gerard Baden-Clay’s bail application

Ms Walton did not speak to waiting media on her way into court, nor did his barrister, Peter Davis SC.

2.20pm: Dozens of people have crowded into court five of the Supreme Court to hear the bail application of Gerard Baden-Clay who was last week charged with murder and interference with a corpse following the death of his wife Allison.

The public gallery and press bench are full, with at least 30 more people standing by the doors.

Baden-Clay’s sister is sitting in the front row with a friend. There is no sign of his parents.

2.35pm: Baden-Clay’s barrister Peter Davis SC has told the court of extraordinary allegations made against his client, who has undergone two forensic examinations.

The court has now been closed the media with no explanation as to why.

2.40pm: Security has instructed members of public and media in Baden-Clay’s bail hearing to leave via fire escape.

2.50pm: Media continue to wait for information on when the court will reopen.


679 thoughts on “Evacuations at Brisbane Supreme Court during Baden Clay-update Bail DENIED 22/06/12

  1. Thanks mrsmuddle. He obviously didn’t get much joy from his “acting incriminating” google search either if he was was trying to claim insurance while the police were airlifting an unidentified body from kholo creek. I bet the defense try to use that in his favour – “If the defendant knew it was Allison’s body why would he be so stupid as to get on the phone to the insurance company right at that moment? No murderer would do something so completely and utterly moronic and incriminating!”


  2. @ Chris

    re: Livvi’s friend and the Mona Lisa smile — I think she must be one of the Northern Branch Davidians and has been conned into playing Right Arm at the hearings because she’d been told they’re on a holy mission. She knows different now. If she has an ounce of intelligence that is. On the other hand, she might be ‘psychiatrically challenged’ as Greg Hallett describes some people connected with that family, in which case she’ll just go and pray harder now that ‘ QPS will find the REAL killer ‘ as one of the holy-mission emails to the faithful put it


  3. Sooo.. he was up plugging and unplugging his phone that night, supposedly while he was heavily sleeping? Also made a facetime call to daddyo and contacted the insurance company before the body was even identified as being Alison. Bail denied Moron. BOOM!


  4. Scott, the highest court in QLD is the Supreme Court, where the bail hearing was heard. An appeal would be held there, in the Court of Appeal. So much for Mr SC, he didn’t do much today it seems, hope everyone is happy that they blew a crapload of money on the SC.


  5. Kids were not home that night. They were having a sleepover as Allison had to go very early to the realesate conference. Poor lady, cut her life short becuase of her husband’s greed.


  6. I was just thinking, if the event took place at home and the corpse was moved, does that mean he left the children at home unattended, or did he have help? Surely if the children were left alone then this is a docs report and child protection trigger in itself. Is it legal to leave a 10,8 and 5 year old home alone?
    It just gets worse every minute.


  7. Oz, he won’t appeal and if he does, I’d like to know where the hell the money is coming from. They can only have so many sausage sizzles and then they’d have to pay tax out of the monies made so yeah, he’s no chance of appealing.


  8. What fantastic news, he will also go down when his trial begins, next stop Nige the so called marriage enhancement facilitator – by the way I have no idea what that means but it used to be on his linkin profile?


  9. @ Justice

    From what I’ve heard (could be Mrs Muddle’s excellent summation of events in addition to numerous news and other reports prior) the children were at home when Allison was killed. I know various people have been claiming otherwise in past months, but it seems certain now the girls were at home. Which simply magnifies the horror, the arrogance and the total lack of care on the part of stinking Gerbil for his daughters


  10. If TM gave GBC an ultimatum, which it sounds like, to be out of there by 1st July then I hope she feels suitably distraught that she may have been partly responsible for GBC doing what he allegedly did.


  11. wow, the lies are incredible. and how DUMB is he, googling “the fifth” and “self incrimination”. ringing his insurance company to see how much he gets if his wife dies….phone the insurance company before her body was identified, asking for a death certification asap…..phoning his dad on the night of the crime, telling people he’s a heavy sleeper but unplugging and plugging his phone back in in the middle of this night.

    jesus – i could do a better job than him! but i suppose most crime buffs could hey!

    HE DESERVES LIFE…..! what a joke of a human he is.

    and if his family claim they didn’t know a thing – well they are all liars…but i suppose the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

    i am actually offended by this man.


  12. ggsydney, I agree about the jeans, its so off. She was one of the stars in the courtroom not observers and media. I think she might have dressed the part more but maybe courtroom protocol has changed.


  13. @ Ozmosis

    Don’t know how much humanity we can expect to find in a creature who sleeps with her boss at the same time she works alongside the bosses wife who just happens to be mother of the bosses young daughters, living in a crappy rental while the mistress herself lives in relative splendour and comfort

    How much conscience can we expect from a creature like that?

    Anyway, I hope the mistress lives a VERY long time. A long time. With her memories and guilt for company


  14. If the good pastor has any sense he will do what he claimed the family had decided to do from the starts and that is to STFU! I can’t believe the family had made a pact to be silent, well yes I can I suppose.


  15. I was reading the news articles about 5-6 weeks back and it says Allison had a big day planned for Friday, she got her hair done on Thursday and planned to drop the kids for a sleepover? May be they were home then!! I am surprised Police left the Kids with him for this long then. Kids are not stupid. They must have heard parents arguing and they care for parents and they may not have gone to sleep – how did he mange to do do all that without kids not knowing. So if kids were home why did police leave them there?


  16. mrsmuddle, so it gets back to who minded the children while the body dumping went on or did they get left home alone. Both scenarios are sickening. It suggests either being totally negligent or there is a 3rd person involved (mama pash?).


  17. Justice. Thats exactly right. No child is dumb. They see and hear things just like the rest of us. I think of the eldest child and my god, my heart really goes out to her because I firmly believe she knows what happened that night. If only minors were permitted by law to give a sworn statement. He’d get a double life sentence!


  18. @ Ozmosis

    Good to finally get it all out, isn’t it?

    Guess all the faux legal threats about ‘def-am-aaaaaay-shun will cease now a lot of what we all expected to hear came out at the hearing

    Maybe Tone’s legally pissed-off family will have bigger problems to occupy themselves now, seeing she’s going to be up on the stand for the prosecution, facing down her bed-partner in a murder trial

    As to the pastor, time for him to rein in his show-biz aspirations now and get back to raising his own family who unfortunately, like himself, will suffer the fall-out, courtesy of half-wit Uncle Gerard


  19. Yes fawltytowers, I have always said that he needed a body for insurance and that he meant for the body to be found sooner rather that later. Soon enough to get the ball rolling on the insurance payout and just later enough for his DNA to be obliterated.


  20. I’ve just quickly read the article in the Brisbane Times re; bail hearing. He claims he’s a heavy sleeper. If a person has money problems and god knows he had plenty of those, then wouldn’t he have spent many a night tossing and turning wondering where he was going to make money to provide for his family? He’s a habitual liar and its bitten him on the ass fair and bloody square.


  21. mrsmuddle please explain the protection order thing. Was it a court ordered one while Allison was alive? Or one made since the disappearance?


  22. NSW Aussie Mum 3.03pm

    I too couldn’t believe my ears, I thought I had misunderstood what the SC had said. I thought perhaps he was referring to the heavy duty construction machinery made by the company called Caterpillar at first, but then he said GBC had had an allergic reaction to it, and it was only then I realised they were seriously talking about the animal. Its just unfathomable, I’m sure this guy felt like the biggest d!ckhead. In all honesty, its a bald face porky and how they can stand there in front of the Judge with a straight face is well beyond me.


  23. @ asha — he should, you’re right. But he doesn’t have a bean and never will

    My own solution is for a blown up photo of Allison’s remains to be permanently attached to his cell wall so he has to live every day with what those whose job it was to retrieve her remains have to live with

    All those people — the retrieval team, the police photographers, the forensic people, the coroner, the undertakers, etc. … they will never be the same no matter how experienced they are. They have nightmares and flashbacks. They’re human, like us

    But precious Gerard didn’t have to see any of that. Didn’t have to look at what was left of Allison after eleven days on a mud bank being attacked by vermin and the elements

    Well, he deserves to have the nightmares and flashbacks. He should be forced to live with what he did to her. He should have to face it daily until it’s ground into his neurons indelibly so that no matter how long he lives or wherever he goes — that memory is part of him that he can never escape. In the same way his daughters and in-laws can never escape their grief and rage


  24. Macca, I’ve already suggested Robbo hire Yoshi on a f/t basis and I reckon if we contribute to Robbo, he should also be able to take on mrsmuddle. The contributions from both of them today have been priceless. Both should stand up and take a bow.


  25. Oh myfkngloriousgod! Oh sweet justice. Thankyou MrsMuddle for the fantastic updates! Thankyou QPS! What an absolutely splendid finale (or, more to the point, ‘beginning’). What utter joy! I couldn’t have wished for a sweeter public exposé of that lying snakes skullduggery, if I had orchestrated it myself . (And I suspect there’s a lot more to come!) GBC’s a goner…and he’s gonna take that smarmie Bwana bloke down with him too!

    And thankyou one and all for your contributions to this forum. I’ve only made one other post, weeks ago, preferring to satisfy myself by reading your well researched, thought provoking, and sometimes even humerous remarks. I’ts been a real education – and I’ve never been far from my computer for many many weeks. Thankyou Robbo for your unflinching dedication to this wonderful site, ‘Oz Crims & Crooks’. Bravo!

    Bless those dear children

    Bless the Dickies

    May they continue to be given the love and support, the thoughtfulness and respect, that you have all shown over these past few months. You have warmed my heart, no end.


  26. TwoCents “the indelible, piognant impression of one of Allison’s girls driving past her home in the school bus saying ..” mummy went for a walk but didn’t come home ‘ … will stay with me forever .So sad.” Yes, heartbreaking but who got the girls ready and off to school that morning?


  27. Oz, there was a bit of talk about the dept child safety, however they were softly spoken and it was a bit muffled. It was right at the beginning when the press were still farking around in their seats getting organised. There were also several reps still standing at this point, blocking the view of the Judge from the gallery, so it was hard to hear the beginning of the conversation with the court not settled yet. What I got from the end of it, was the Judge said words to the effect: “I understand there was a protection order in place but it has since lapsed”. More muffling and carry on, it was difficult to hear. Sorry I can’t give more, I know NBV was planning on going today, so maybe she can fill in the blanks if she was there. I really should have took pen to paper to get more detail, sorry about that. I have no idea if the order was while Allison was alive or not. It doesn’t make sense for it to be after, as GBC had custody of the girls up until his arrest.

    Heck, it could have even been the dregs of the case heard before his. Its hard to tell, because BC’s counsel were at the bar at the same time the counsel for the previous case were, just before they left. I just assume he was referring to an order concerning the BC daughters as he had officially called the BC case by that stage.


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  29. I have noticed that the thumbs “down” are not as prevelant as they have been recently, so that may add up to something. I also posted previously about 2 weeks ago that i believed that Allison’s murder was probably due to money that could be claimed from her recently updated insurance policies. The newspaper reported “Superannuation Funds” but that was obviously and error and it seems that it was “Life Insurance” policy.

    I am “so” glad that he has been charged and refused bail as his premeditated murder motive seemed so clear in the light that he was having financial difficulties, plus had a girlfriend on the side and Allison had the money to make his life easier also he did not seem to show any emotion at the discovery of her body.

    I often wonder if Souls on the other side help to bring about justice in this world!!! when answers to us humans are unclear without us ever knowing about it.

    Regardless of the situation i am glad that TMH is going to come clean and give evidence regarding this terrible situation at the time of the final hearing… The Queensland Police have done a good job In arresting him and preventing him for receiving bail.

    As mentioned previously in reference to the calls received on the night of the murder, if the Father actually knew the facts or if he was lied to as well as the Police, the Lawers and the General Public, believing that GBC had accidently killed his wife and the father was just trying to cover it up for him. (Not that this would be the right thing to do, but some families may have different views on this and react in different ways to come to the aid of their loved one). I know personally i would encourage my Son or my Father or my Daughter or my Mother to go to the police and in the end if they did not go to the Police i would go myself and tell the police what i know, but perhaps not every family would do this!!! (it is interesting that GBC’s parents were interviewed last night and the family car searched, especially in the light of the bomb threat at the Brisbane Supreme Court). (Just a thought buzzing through my mind).

    I know many of you will not agree with me here, but i would tend to give the Father and the Mother and in fact the Sister of GBC the benefit of the doubt as to what they were told and what they believe happened on the night in question, as we all know how GBC has lied his way all through this whole case so why would he not lie to his parents/Father to come to his aid.

    Yes, and i agree that NBC will possibly be arrested as an “accessory” especially in the light of the midnight phone calls to benefit himself for the crime, but what a terrible situation if he has “used” his Father and implicated him in this sordid crime. ith your lies). (I think if you would go that far to cover your tracks who would think for a second about bringing others into it with your lies and deception).

    Again, i do not condone the actions of the NBC clan if they were involved i just question what information were they “fed” to make NBC become involved in the first place. I think it would have been a cry for help from GBC claiming it was an accident rather than a deliberate attemp to make financial gain or otherwise.

    Again, I know many will not agree with me, but it is just my thoughts as i ponder on this situation.

    At least we are starting to see a little bit of “Justice For Allison”. Not much but it a start anyway.

    I cannot imagine what the Dickies are going through today with all of this information coming to light, what a monster of a son-In-Law they had????


  30. I wonder who’s going to pay the Kholo Creek $13000′ dumping penalty’ fine that if found guilty, he should be issued..

    Burleigh Beach 3.46. How well said.. Yes.. he should have no peace from his inhumanity towards a woman he once loved who is also the mother of his children.

    Shame GBC.

    RIP Alison.


  31. I think the argument that because there was no injury the blood evidence was not valid is flawed. Livor mortis happens quite quickly after death, along with autolysis, which could be enough to give a positive result with forensic testing. While the prosecutor is not a pathologist, I am sure that once they call their expert forensic witness(es), this counter argument will be shot down in flames.


  32. @lilli I did look at the FB page and that’s why I said why… I should’ve been more angry instead of just questioning. It was more a statement of, everyone being aware of the affair etc and being fine with everyone being happy friends! TM must be out of contact with him most, if not all of the time and she must feel a bit used. He said something like the affair was over long ago. Just trying to cover himself & letting TM deal with it herself! Ahhhhhh, what a big mess.


  33. Woohoo….I have just got in and so glad that bail was denied. Was only the very slimmest of chances that they’d grant it anyway. BUT…….. what sort of ‘caterpillar’ scratches???????? WTF.
    Maybe it was a pretty little butterfly fighting for her life type caterpillar???


  34. ish kala. I had a shot at the bloody moron doing the thumbs down thing on goodwill gestures. They’ve backed off a bit but expect them to hit back in mass numbers when all his supporters get home from work today. Immature, spineless bunch of bloody cowards is all they are.


  35. I also hope, that not only is Gerbil convicted of murder and interfering with a corpse, but also after the trial is done and dusted, he’s hit with perjury and perverting the course of justice as well. I am just so furious!

    Cheers Robbo for the new thread with my reporting, I really would have gone back and proofread it again to clean up the errors had I known you’d do that lol. Adrenaline was pumping as I wrote that post, I just wanted to tell you all as quickly as I could what I’d just seen before I forgot too many details. I hope it has helped put all the innuendo and BS to bed finally though, as the truth and the real answers is what we’ve all been waiting for. The speculation has been unbearable at times, but good to see we weren’t far off the mark at all.


  36. And here we go with the thumbs down again. Put them where the sun ain’t shining. It isn’t shining on the AGCC today so maybe you should take them down there you spiteful bloody jerk. Justice has just begun for Allison so build a bridge and get the hell over it!


  37. Thats it Scott I could disable it, but why let the silly people win!

    In our hearts we know the thumbs ups come from a certain mother who is now watching over her children for rest of their lives.

    The downs, well who cares…


  38. Renae Henry ‏@renaehenry10
    An avalanche of evidence was revealed during Gerard Baden-Clay’s failed bail hearing. I’m live on @tennewsqld at 5


  39. Firstly….. Thanks to Mrs Muddle! ……. Well done on the good information you reported.

    Secondly……. Catapillars……. You have to give him the Gold Logie for imagination. He certainly wouldn’t get it for his acting ability or his ability to conceal a murder. Sounds like even the Judge has heard it all now. This will go down as one of the most ridiculous cases of all time. So I think in two years from now it should be quite a quick one compared to the Sica case. Even that idiot is smarter than Gerbil.

    Thirdly….. Looks like Sis needs to buy some clothes…..wearing the same grubby jeans as yesterday. At least she wasn’t all giggles and smiles like she was yesterday and wasn’t holding hands with her friend just arms. Starting to learn a few manners but needs to go to St Vinnies and get some decent clothes to wear to court.

    Last of all…… tick tock NBC…….he has always appeared to be the family removalist. Moving stuff when the office closed and possibly on the night Allison went missing. Looks like they may need to book a family cell.

    Also…….Milli, AW from the Sunshine Coast is married with child to PMcH……. are you saying that PMcH is TMH son? He is a prominent lawyer on the Sunshine Coast and his wife is a very prominent real estate agent on the Sunny Coast. Is TMH old enough to be his mother? I know she is no kitten but she is not that old is she? He would have to be at least in his 30’s and she is in her 40’s? Where did you get this information from?



  40. …i’m a danger to myself being on the road … it has gripped my attention , enough to pull over and say ……… i hope this vulture is buried UNDER the prison beep beep !


  41. On listening to the news and the activity of a certain mobile to another in the middle of the night, someone else is going down bigtime too, or is HE the dobber?


  42. @Moonlight 3.48….I think LIvvie loves the attention….poor baby – but I;m sure the church will come to her aid – emotionally, with prayer and financially…..


  43. So was the supression order agreed to by the court today? I take it, it was not, but did the Judge say why he refused it?


  44. Sometimes I wonder about Criminal Lawyers and Barristers. They know their clients are guilty…so they fight for them, but just that little less harder than is required, consciously or unconsciously argue that little less tighter than what they should, loose the case but still get paid, get the public exposure for it. It is a win win situation for themselves.


  45. A good example of this is why would have the defence argued that GBC required bail to care for his daughters. Not only has his business gone bust, but DOCS would have been involved in this case from day one. DOCS would have been making moves from the moment GBC became a person of interest to be prepared to legally lodge documents to place these girls with Allison’s family. Can just imagine Defence ….”Sure Gerard…. of course darling you need to get back to those girls…lets argue that” heheheh, that won’t work but will still get paid”


  46. Personally,

    i think he will be safer on the inside as opposed to the outside. He will face his demons no doubt on the inside but the demons he will need to face on the outside will far outweigh those compared to the inside. I cannot imagine how he would expect to support his children and live a normal life in the outside world. Who would bring their budiness to him in the light of his pending charges??? I Does he really believe that he could survive in the outside world???. His only hope to survive with or without his children would be on “centrelink payments” and i do not think this is in harmony with the lifestyle he tried to promote to his community, to his wife, to his lover and to the public.

    Not sure about this but i do not see many other alternatives to his predicament.


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