Gerard Baden-Clay denied bail in case against him for murder of wife Allison

Lawyers and supporters of Gerard Baden-Clay leave Brisbane’s Supreme Court after hearing that he had been denied bail on a charge of murder.

Bail denied 22/06/12

GERARD Baden-Clay has been denied bail because of the “real risk of flight” – the chance he might flee – while awaiting a possible life sentence.

“Flight is a real possibility,” Justice David Boddice said today, announcing his decision over a bail application heard in Brisbane’s Supreme Court.

He said it was a concern that a person could be kept in custody for up to three years without having been convicted of committing an offence.

“Delay is obviously a matter of considerable importance,” he said.

He said Baden-Clay had substantial ties to the community, including his business and his three daughters.

However, he said those factors must be balanced against the fact Baden-Clay was facing life in prison.

Earlier, the court heard that Baden-Clay’s mistress had insisted he warn his wife on the night of April 19 that both women would be at the same real estate conference the following day.

It was that same night, police have alleged, that Allison was murdered.

In outlining the facts of the case, Justice Boddice said Baden-Clay reported his wife missing on the morning of April 20, 2012.

It is alleged Baden-Clay said he had gone to bed at 10pm the night before but had no idea whether she joined him because he is a heavy sleeper.

He allegedly told police he called them at 7.15am because Allison had been due to leave for a real estate conference that morning at 7am.

Justice Boddice said Peter Davis SC, for Baden-Clay, described the Crown case as “weak”, saying there had been no cause of death ascertained from the post mortem, no evidence as to where she was killed, what date or time she was killed and no evidence to show he had left his home on the night she disappeared.

But Justice Boddice rejected that claim, saying the circumstantial case had many factors that “if accepted by a jury” would make for a strong argument.

He said those included:

  • Baden-Clay was the last person to see his wife alive.
  • He had injuries to his face that he claimed were from shaving, but a forensic analysis concluded to the contrary. The analysis showed the marks were scratches.
  • He told police that he was a heavy sleeper and had no idea whether his wife had come to bed but forensic analysis from his mobile phone showed it had been unplugged from its charger at 8.45pm on April 19 and reconnected at 1.48am on April 20. Police also found evidence of a “face time” call between Baden-Clay and his father Nigel’s number shortly after midnight.
  • Allison’s blood was found in the rear of Baden-Clay’s car, consistent with “her body being moved by being placed in the rear of the car”.
  • Baden-Clay was suffering severe financial difficulties and was due a large insurance payout on his wife’s death.
  • He contacted the insurance company after a body was discovered but before it was identified as being his wife. Baden-Clay demanded an urgent copy of Allison’s death certificate and then made an immediate claim on the policy.
  • He had been having an affair with another woman and told police it was long over but evidence presented by police alleged it was ongoing and that Baden-Clay had planned to leave his wife for his mistress by July 1.
  • Entries in Allison’s journal on April 18 and 19 talked of the affair and a hand drawn map of Ms McHugh’s home was allegedly done by Baden-Clay – proving, the crown alleged, that they had been speaking about his relationship with another woman.

“I do not accept the contention that the crown case is a weak case,” Justice Boddice said.

He said despite having many links to the community, the risk of flight was too great.

Earlier, The Courier Mail reported that blood was found in the rear of Gerard and Allison Baden-Clays’ family car that was confirmed to be hers, according to a police affidavit submitted to a Supreme Court bail application hearing this morning.

But Peter Davis SC, for Mr Baden-Clay, disputed this, saying it was a luminol test only and not her blood.

Mr Davis said the only injury suffered by Allison as revealed in the post mortem was a chipped tooth. He asked why there would be blood in the car if she had no injuries.

At this morning’s bail application hearing for Mr Baden-Clay, it was also claimed police recovered a journal kept by his wife where she wrote about her husband’s affair with Toni McHugh on April 18.

They say in their affidavit that this would have led to an argument between the two of them but Mr Davis said that was an assumption only.

Baden-Clay’s counsel has not yet responded to these allegations.

The prosecutor Danny Boyle claimed the Crown did not need to provide evidence showing it was Allison’s blood in the car at this stage of the proceedings.

The Crown relies on the facts as outlined in submissions, Mr Boyle argued.

He alleged the financial gain from Allison’s death went to the motive for her murder.

He also alleged Mr Baden-Clay had a “deadline” of July 1 for when he intended to separate from his wife.

He claimed in Allison’s journal there was a diagram of Ms McHugh’s house, drawn by Mr Baden-Clay, as part of their counselling.

Mr Baden-Clay allegedly told police his affair with Ms McHugh had ended some time before Allison’s disappearance, “when in fact the relationship was continuing when she went missing”, the prosecutor argued.

He said Ms McHugh would give evidence at a trial.

The Crown said its case against Baden-Clay relied on several points:

  • His relationship with his wife was unstable and “his intention for a future with Ms McHugh”.
  • He was in dire financial trouble and stood to benefit greatly from Allison’s death.
  • He had the opportunity, being the last person to see her alive.
  • The deceased’s blood was allegedly found in the boot of Gerard’s car.
  • Mr Baden-Clay told police the mark on his face came from shaving but a forensic examination concluded that was not the case, and that it was a scratch.

Mr Davis has asked for a non publication order until the court’s ruling on the bail application was handed down.

The court broke for lunch and was due to continue the hearing from 1pm.

The police are objecting to Mr Baden-Clay getting bail because they say he could interfere with potential witnesses.

Mr Davis said his client should have bail so he can continue caring for his children.

He said Mr Baden-Clay had no valid passport at the moment.

Mr Davis said there has been no cause of death, no evidence putting him at Kholo Creek, no sightings of the car and no evidence of a time of death.

A large crowd has again turned out for accused wife killer Gerard Baden-Clay’s second attempt at applying for bail.

Yesterday’s hearing was shut down after just five minutes when a security threat was phoned in to the Supreme Court.

Mr Baden-Clay has been charged with murdering his wife Allison, 43, at their Brookfield home on April 20 and interfering with her corpse at Kholo Creek on the same night.

He has not appeared in court this morning, but his sister Olivia Walton has attended.

Mr Davis SC has indicated his client will seek to gain a suppression order.

Earlier, police with sniffer dogs conducted another security sweep of the courts complex after yesterday’s lockdown.

Our Fly on the Wall in court revealed what really happened in there today though

So I arrived about 9.45am. Olivia and GBC’s representation then arrived and we both stood outside the court. I stood two feet from Olivia and friend before going in. She was pretty non-descript and I can’t form an opinion either way. I think she knew he did it, but wasn’t involved. Danny Boyle and the rest of the DPP team showed up.

We shuffled inside and sat and waited while the cases before were dealt with (callover).

Basically, it went as follows.

SC argued his point first, rebutting the submissions made by the DPP.

Some of the facts:

1. The children WERE home at the time.
2. GBC lied to police about his affair being over.
3. T .McHugh made a statement saying it was still ongoing and he had until 1 July to leave Allsion.
4. ABC had a journal, and she had written in it in the days leading up to the murder. GBC had hand drawn a pic of McHugh’s house in the journal.
5. ABC and GBC were undergoing counselling.
6. T. McHugh was also attending the SAME conference on Friday as ABC, T McHugh wanted GBC to tell this to Allison. It is alleged this is when an argument ensued.
7. No visible signs of trauma on the body (no cut off hands), besides a chipped tooth.
8. ABC had two life insurance policies, enquiries about the policy were made twice on or about 17th April. Once by ABC – she was aware of said policies. It is thought that they were struggling with the premiums and the call was made to roll them into one or to this effect.
9. GBC hired his lawyer on day 3 after being made aware he was a suspect.
10. ABC’s Blood was found in the back of the 4wd.
11. On the day a body was discovered at Kholo Creek, GBC contacted Insurance company and initiated a claim. This was BEFORE she was formally identified.
12. DPP believes the car crash was stage to hide the scratches. GBC claims the scratches on his face was caused by shaving, however forensics say they are not consistent with shaving injuries, but of scratches.
The ones on his chest… wait for it, he claims came from a caterpillar.

Here’s the nail in the coffin though peeps…………

Gerbil claimed he was a heavy sleeper and was asleep from 10pm to 7am the night she went missing. Lo and behold, Gerbil’s mobile phone was removed from his phone charger at approximately 8.30pm. He phoned Nige at approx. 12.30am, it was a video call that lasted approx. 1.23 secs. GBC’s phone was then reconnected to the phone charger at 2.30am.

But wait, there’s more. Searches on his computer found, that in the couple of days prior to the murder, Gerbil had done an internet search on “acting incriminating”. He also did another search, on “acting incriminating” just prior to phoning police on the morning he reported her missing. morning.

I am really pleased I went, to clear up some of the innuendo going around.

It is clear the motive is financial gain and the affair and new life planned with Toni. Toni has sold him out to save her own skin. I am just waiting for Nige to get arrested as an accessory now.

There was nothing mentioned that it was premeditated and meant to happen in July though, as if Toni had said this in her statement, it would have been submitted to court today and it was not.

They have no COD, it looks like suffocation. The judge wasn’t taking any of the SC’s sh!t either.

IMO, no way in hell will bail be granted. .

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915 thoughts on “Gerard Baden-Clay denied bail in case against him for murder of wife Allison

  1. Hi flower, I share your thoughts for Allison’s parents, family and children. This is such a sad case thinking of Allison and the possibilities in her life, her future, now cut short out of sheer greed. I agree with your regarding NBC, now that we have confirmation from yesterday’s failed bail application, that GBC made a call to him just after midnight the night Allison was last seen alive. NBC is clearly implicated, to what level I’m sure we will soon find out.

    I’m not sure that Allison didn’t share anything with GBC, apparently the DPP’s evidence shows that in her journal GBC had drawn a map of Toni’s house (how bizarre is that!) and they had discussed the affair as part of their marriage counselling. I think it was Allison’s best friend Kerry-Ann Walker who said she ‘should have done more’, so perhaps Allison shared her pain with her. She was by all accounts a proud woman who didn’t want to burden her family and friends with her problems, but went out of her way to help others. I’ve met good unselfish people like that, and they so don’t deserve what happened to Allison – no-one does. That’s the really sad part, and something we can all learn from. So many posters here have spoken of their shame and silence in marriages to gutless manipulating men like GBC, which prevents them from seeking help in some form.

    You speak about sociopathy, I had thought GBC had traits of psychopathy, but more knowledgeable posters here in the field of psychiatry, and those who have experienced it in their own lives at the hands of their own partners, suggest GBC has typical narcissistic personality disorder traits. His ‘plan’ as you say, was always and only about himself. Not Toni, not the other mistresses, just himself. He will be spending a long time with himself for many years to come now, in Arthur Gorrie.


  2. IcanCU offers…’Could it be possible the search was so frantic because TMc had already alerted the police of her fears for allisons safety and they were already monitoring contacts received by her from accused and will use these as evidence?’

    in my world it isnt possible, Ican.. lets see how it pans out though….


  3. Miss Marple like you I’m struggling to comprehend the depths of depravity involved in instructing a woman to sit there acceptingly while her multiple-timing POS spouse drew his mistresses house in the wife’s diary

    Svengali doesn’t even come close

    We’re looking at a Jeffrey Dahmer here, a Fred West, a Bundy

    It’s beyond SADISM… It qualifies as the extreme end of Cruel and Unusual Punishment

    We need to know the identity of this marriage facilitator. We cannot let anyone else suffer the same fate as Allison

    Do you see a possible agenda behind getting Bruce to draw TM’s house in Allison’s diary ?

    Do you see how Allison might become extremely ‘depressed’ ?

    Do you see how, confronted by her husband’s intimate knowledge of another woman’s house might cause Allison to ‘take something’ ?

    But she was too bloody STRONG for that. She took it in the guts and she stayed standing. Her father’s a fireman ! Used to putting his life on the line without a blink. Her mother’s a lady in the truest sense of the word. Allison was born of top-flight stock

    So they had to KILL her. She wouldn’t go down for them. They had to kill her themselves. All we need to know is WHO tried to kill her with pain and grief — I want the prick’s name. Then we need to know how MANY of them it took to kill Allison Dickie

    Let’s hope these questions will be answered


  4. wonder what nigelaine are doing tonight. Washing the car maybe in case they get another visit from 5 detectives.
    I was thinking they probably sent 5 cops to do the following:
    a) 2 were outside with Nige
    b) one was probably inside with the hot granny
    c) the other 2 are bugging the joint so now Nigelaine cant even let one go without the cops knowing.


  5. As for GBC’s hasty attempt at an insurance claim as soon as the body was found (but before she was identified) he clearly did so because he of course knew without doubt that it was her – after all he put her there, so he did not need to wait for any formal identification! The idiot was in such a rush that it did not even occur to him that for her insurer and the rest of the population, identification other than just by her killer would be important.

    The killing was clearly premeditated, and some of it was in fact though through (like using Allison’s phone as a decoy to keep the initial search around Brookfield). But then he made so many other stupid blunders (thank God!), that showed him to be terribly callous but not equally clever.

    It does make one wonder if he actually masterminded it all himself, or whether he perhaps had an advisor, someone more knowledgeable than him on the topics of finances and insurance (and relationships for good measure!)…..

    …someone who was in such high spirits days after Allison had gone ‘missing’ that he felt it appropriate to showcase a granny pash to the media….and was seen in funeral photographs looking somewhat amused rather than grief-struck….

    Maybe GBC did act all on his own……or just maybe, command central is yet to be unmasked… doubt time will tell!


  6. 100 thumbs, Burl

    it just defies , defeats and buggers me.

    I imagine you are hoping , as I am that the ‘counsellor’ wasnt Nige… that would have been cruelty of the very depths of depravity.


  7. For sure the counsellor is Nige. GBCatterpillar would have said “My fathers a counsellor” when Allison suggested they could work it out. As if he was going to pay a counsellor. He is flat broke, and why would he pay for counselling knowing full well, he has no intention of reforming. He was just seeing his dad the “marriage enhancement facilitator” to calm Allison down, while he figured out a way to pay for his million dollar debts and just kept on running around town with Toni ( underbight ugly head), and not even trying to fix his marriage


  8. Burleigh Beach, Now that I can exhale I want to say that I thought your post was so damn funny and I didn’t know how to say that without you thinking I was “making fun” of you.
    I admired the hell out of it, and as I was reading I thought, damn, I’m getting it with both barrels here but I don’t care cause this post is Somminelse and it’s all straight off the cuff and can’t this girl or guy go.
    So, thank you very much for your welcome.
    But lets get something straight, I don’t feel sorry for TM and if I gave that impression I didn’t mean to and I’m not emotionally invested in her in any way,
    I feel only for Allison and her little girls and her family and friends.
    I don’t have words to describe how I feel about GBC and my revulsion at how many lives he has devestated, but I’m sure you could help me out Burleigh.
    I only want justice for Allison and I don’t care who else gets jailed to bring that about.
    My hope is that this woman knew nothing and does everything in her power to bring Justice about because to think another woman would condone the killing of another is too awful to comtemplate.
    Thanks again Burleigh.


  9. @osmosis 10.15. In my dream she was wearing tights (short) and top both were black. this does not fit the description she was found in. but my impression of the clothes were that they were her underwear. the shorts she was wearing are the underwear type i think they call them boyshorts. have to wait and see.


  10. Miss Marple, if it WAS the old kahuna ……

    Consolation lies in the fact QPS already know EXACTLY who it was

    Guess everyone knows by now that (unless things have changed) ANYone can hang a shingle on their gate claiming to be a ‘counsellor’


  11. Thank you ‘Sad for Allison’. I didn’t realise there was a map of the other woman’s house in Allison’s journal. Yes this is quite bizarre and tells me that Allison was enmeshed in this confusion of Gerard’s behaviour. I’m a psychologist, and from my experience there is a vortex that surrounds people with mental illness / personality disorders, and those who love them find they get lost in emotional upheavals, trying to keep up with the latest twists and turns of such a desperate personality. It’s exhausting. It’s very hard to see the forest for the trees. Allison would have been so deeply troubled and torn, loving her beautiful children and trying to give them a happy childhood despite their father. My heart aches for her.

    I believe GBD is far more sociopathic than narcissistic due to the extent to which he was willing to go. And yes you’re right, the mistresses were just another stepping stone for him, they would be foolish to believe they meant anything to such a man.

    I will continue to pray for those gorgeous little girls and Allison’s parents, I hope they have much love and support around them x Thank you again for your heartfelt post in reply to mine.


  12. Miss Marple, I know I’m running way behind on this blog, I’m not used to this. But damn, now you have me laughing. You have a very good point there about TM just finding out about his other dalliances, yep, I reckon that would make her squeel pretty loud.


  13. Gerbil Hunting Season: I read on websleuths that Olivia had a photo on her FB of G and T hugging and laughing while painting Nigelaine’s house after the Brisbane floods. Some of the posters there had seen it but it is apparently not there now. If that was TM snapped comforting EBC outside their house then it all seems to me that the family totally accepted TM as GBC’s “partner”.


  14. Welll GBC the Chump is climbing the walls of the Gorrie, and we are all celebrating on the outside, Tick Tick Tick who’s next ? NBC ….EBC …Sis Skull…… My pick is a long slow wait as QPS know the answer but are leaving the “deluded” who thought they would get away with it to roam deludedly free , to show a few more patterns and associations and feel the walls cave in. A Night time thought….what if QPS is offering immunity to spouses…will the preacher preach on Livvy? Will Ma skull “cut her self loose and do a deal for Immunity?” it must be humiliating know what you have bred and whom you go to bed with. For TM sleeping with monsters, and storming marriages is wrong and TM you appear to have fessed up very late/after the face-therefore you have a responsibility before that fact of co-operating, intruding on a marriage and partially responsible for the result . Thx again to Robbo and all on here for the work they have put in for beautiful Allison, the gracious Dickie family and Allison’s children. If any of the guilty have half an ounce of humanity left in them , they will start to talk, as the QPS, DPP, Inmates and the public have had enough and the ongoing demail,not talking-IMO is adding decades onto the sentence and the time inside will become harder the lesss you own up! Your Choice-the game is up! The guilty sleep with two eyes open ;-)


  15. Well Lordy, Lordy….take a look at that…

    The previous plethora of thumbs-downers seem to have picked up their bat and ball and largely disappeared into the ether!

    Hmmmm – what could possibly have caused that to happen?


  16. Up in Skull Cottage, a pair of ‘marriage enhancement’ clients clamber out of their dusty Nissan ute and wander past the mouldy bones on the front porch, and start to get a bit uneasy..

    It is Bert and Viv, a couple from Cloncurry, Bert a bit cranky at being hauled along to this rigmarole, and Viv, sundried, determined, bent on getting Bert told just what is what in a marriage….

    Bert………’.. err.. Viv.. maybe this isnt a good idea, you know I have 4 hiefers in calf, and…’..

    * Viv……..’ we’ve come all this way, Bert, and by god we’re going in, press the bell. Dont argue with me…..

    * Bert…….’looks like no one is home… we’ll come back later ,.. its tea time and you need to…

    * Viv*…….’just press the bell, Bert, stop this mucking about pull your shirt straight, fix up.. OH, Hello!!.. I’m Viv, and this is Bert, … we ..

    *Nige.. ‘Come in !! Come in !!.. first.. are either of you insured?? ‘……..


  17. Before yesterday I had a real fear that Gerbil’s high powered and high priced legal team would pull some trick or the BC’s would pull some strings somehow.
    The BC’s have been shown to have the proverbial feet of clay and the Gerard BC who before April 19 was “Mr Brookfield”” is now seen to be the pathetic weak creature he always was.
    I can’t see the BC’s more “respectable” relatives such as the current Lord BP putting money in the kitty to fund Gerard’s defence .
    Lets hope the pastors flock up north have a revolt and refuse to throw any more coins in the plate when its passed around tomorrow morning.


  18. Miss Marple we are going to nail you to a desk until you’ve churned out six or more full length books before you get more than lukewarm tea and a stale scone or two

    You do realise, don’t you, that if heaven forbid you were to slip on the soap in the shower or be struck by lightning then ALL the stuff in your constantly refreshed head will be lost forever to humankind

    So think of your public. Think of the saying about it being a sin to hide your talents beneath the bushell and START WRITING for real, woman !!!


  19. Ozmosis: Are you really serious???!!!

    Olivia WILLINGLY put her photo on Facebook????

    If so, there’s another to add to the list of GB traits: masochism…


  20. Hi flower, yes, it’s hard to imagine how Allison kept going with a smile on her face while all this turmoil was going on in her life with GBC. The lies, the deceipt, the fact they were undergoing marriage counselling while he was setting up a date to ‘be with’ his mistress… She must have been an incredibly strong woman.

    It’s great to have your insight of a psychologist, as I’m sure you come across all sorts of disturbed personalities in your line of work. This blog is fascinating, as we have a legal guy here (Yoshi, thanks!), a lady who works in a jail, therapists, mothers, fathers, singles – great to get so many perspectives on a very sad and twisted tale.


  21. OW doesn’t support gay marriage for what it’s worth. She answers that in a Q&A on her fb page. Would nige give counselling to a gay couple that aren’t necessarily married?


  22. Dunno, Caterpillar. Just make sure you get a receipt. Wouldn’t want the tax man to get diddled, would we ?


  23. At Skull Manor, late at night:

    Elaine: Nigel, I think we need to talk.

    Nigel: Elaine, for God’s sake, what do you think I am, some kind of relationship enhancer?

    Elaine: But Nige, it’s just that…I don’t know..we seem to be in some sort of trouble.

    Nigel: Oh for Christ’s sake Elaine, get a grip on yourself. The way you’re carrying on, you’d think someone had died.

    Elaine: But Nige luvvy, what am I supposed to say about that call you got from our son – what’s his name agaiin – the one in trouble? – late that night?

    Nigel: Listen, Pashface, I’m a busy man. I can’t account for every bloody phone call I receive. Don’t you know that I have irons in many fires? I’m an expert in finance, insurance, real estate and relationships, you stupid woman. I can’t be expected to keep track of all the commoners who come to me for my expertise.

    Elaine: But now it seems that Olivia has got herself into a bit of a mess by writing Nigerian scam letters and turning up in court acting like a giggling teenager.

    Nigel: Who the hell is Olivia, anyway? Goddamit Elaine, we can’t be taking on the worries of the world, no matter how superior we are.

    Elaine (simpering): But Nige, remember how good I looked in that photo of us on your Facebook page? Don’t you still care about how I feel?

    Nigel (sighing): Oh alright then, let’s take the dogs for another bloody walk….


  24. Good late evening to all of you. So I start reading back to all of the comments from today. All of it seems pretty normal. People swapping back and forth/ some agree, others not so much. newbies too, i see. Nice stuff. Then at 10:06 the complete atmosphere here changed. all was swell with regular banter until spite and anger arrived. Whoa! what a difference it made to reading the blog.
    Such a shame when it was quite functional until then. Shame. Had been quite enjoyable until that point. aah well.


  25. Imagine what a hell it would have been for Allison being part of a family where:

    •the husband is having an affair with a co-worker and you suspect others at the office know and are going along with it. (you suspect he’s cheated with others too, but this one seems more serious)
    •unlike you this mistress is even loved and fully accepted by his family, in fact you get the feeling they wish he was married to her instead….
    •She is loaded and as a result very attractive to the family and husband (the BC’s love influence and power, to them $$ = influence and power) how can you, a stay at home mum compete???
    •You know you are a kind, talented person and think you are doing a stirling job raising the kids, but it seems it’s just not enough….


  26. Burleigh Beach – lovin your description of the fugly mistress. Honest to god, I just about vomitted when I saw the photo of HER. OMG – she’s gotta be loaded or outrageously awesome in the sack!! (sack on head!).


  27. what I would love to know is: how close do the Dickies live to Gerbil and did he cal them that morning to see if ABC was there? Or did he call any other of her close friends that live nearby?


  28. One other thing….. the cops must have asked Nige what his spoke to his son about late at night in the facetime chat. I would love to know what he said the topic was. Maybe what cream to use on caterpillar scratches.
    I also wonder what the friend thinks who lent him the car that he crashed.


  29. Ah stop baiting, Sippowitz

    You’re so confident everyone’s going to scroll back to 10.06 lol

    How about YOU come up with more than unsolicited critique to enhance your own sense of importance for once ?

    All you see to do is critique other’s posts. I’m pretty sure Robbo doesn’t pay you for that

    Oh, and just kidding, lol, lol and hugs you funny little critter you


  30. *Blushing* Ms Beach.
    nah, i dont reckon anyone will SCROLL BACK TO 10:06. at all.
    innocent bystander who likes to watch what goes on ;-)


  31. Well you know how those in the space shuttle crew would get woken by a morning song. I wonder if this happens at Arthur Gorrie coz this is the song to wake Gerard Bloody Clumsy everyday…haha

    flicka flicka flicka!
    here you are
    cata cata cata!
    caterpillar girl
    flowing in
    and filling up my hopeless heart
    oh never never go
    dust my lemon lies
    with powder pink and sweet
    the day i stop
    is the day you change
    and fly away from me

    you flicker
    and you’re beautiful
    you glow inside my head
    you hold me hypnotized
    i’m mesmerized…

    your flames
    the flames that kiss me dead
    dust my lemon lies
    with powder pink and sweet
    the day i stop
    is the day you change
    and fly away from me

    cata cata cata!
    caterpillar girl
    cata cata cata!
    caterpillar girl
    cata cata cata!
    caterpillar girl
    cata cata cata!
    cata cata cata!
    caterpillar girl


  32. Sippowitz

    don’t you like people criticising TM ? Does it pain you? Wrong place for you then, huh? Because we call it as we see it here, unlike other sites where agent provocateur tactics succeed in silencing comment about our precious ones


  33. good night “jo-beth”, good night” john-boy”.
    Now really, has anybody else (ahem of a certain age) realized that Olivia Walton was the characters name of the mother on “The waltons”? Classic seventies show set in the dustbowl or some such place in the US (hence my good nights above…thats how the show was finished each night)
    If you google her name, you are thrown right back to 1970’s telly, my childhood just when instead you think you will get a link the the sister lady.
    no apologies for being an old fart.
    it was a good show.


  34. Ms Burleigh. Go ahead and criticize her all you want. free country and all of that. as i said, i watch… i read. You are pretty methodical, Ms Beach so you might get this bit… i reckon somebody who arrived here tonight is… well if not her… somebody connected. Scroll back… you might see what i mean… an apologist for the mistress. just saying and all. “Not that theres anything wrong with that” (ok not the waltons there but seinfeld reference for those in the know).


  35. I havn’t run away, I’m in moderation but it is getting very late and I could be in moderation for days for all I know so I will say goodnight all.


  36. Hi Sad for Allison, yes she was obviously a very beautiful, talented, strong and devoted mother, however I feel she must have been incredibly lonely in her despair. I live in the area, not far from Allison’s home, and I feel incredibly sad that our lives didn’t cross paths (in fact once they nearly did not that long ago). I so wish I had met her and somehow helped her so that she could still be here today with her girls. Yes I feel very sad for her dear best friend also and the grief she must feel, but she should not blame herself in any way. It’s very hard to see more than what we want to see in people sometimes, and people like GBC are very convincing. It would be difficult for anyone close to Allison to have fully understood the man’s capabilities.


  37. Lemsip for my head! tastes more like lemsuck, ms Burleigh. however, strangely comforting. i will bid you all well (cos i really do). jo-beth, good line. what shall we do? put him in the scuppers with the hosepipe on him? (from the song)


  38. Sippowitz

    You’ve piqued my curiosity now, I admit it – going to have to go give it a looksee

    We were momentarily hit by what seemed an organised soft-sell on the mistresses behalf. Thought we’d let it be known we weren’t feeling particularly charitable in that direction

    Too much hide and gall about these days, isn’t there. Appeals for money for accused murderers. Appeals for sympathy for people identified by the media as mistresses of accused murderers. People submitting claims to insurance companies when bodies haven’t even been identified. Accused murderers claiming to have been marked by caterpillars when their siblings have already said the marks were caused by falls …


  39. Hi Burleigh.
    Feeling okay, just dreams that interrupt otherwise good sleep.
    I think I will go to the tv and look for Letterman or such.
    Have a good night.


  40. Oh, I go away to make a cup of tea and just like that, I am out of moderation, well some of my posts are.
    Sippowitz, are you referring to me being, apologist for the mistress?
    And you can come straight out and ask me.
    If you are referring to me, I am not, I don’t know the woman from a jar of vicks.
    I know I look like a suspicious commodity cause I have never posted here before, but fact is that pretty much everything I read on here I agree with.
    The topic of TM was one that I thought there was at least room for reasonable doubt so I decided to plunge in and write my thoughts.

    And yes, I noticed the name Walton and thought it ironic at how very unWalton like the BC’s are.


  41. Sippowitz, if you’re still here — the 10.06 mark is Miss Marple, who’s been highly critical of the mistress

    You think Miss Marple is TM and trying to aTone for her association with an accused wife-killer by giving herself a public online kicking?


  42. Ok GG. Otherwise, Youtube has some fantastic soothing music and videos. Hope you’re ok


  43. what has happened to justice at the end of a gun——– Hope he has not accidently shot himself


  44. A bit of a come-down for the boy, but on the other side of the coin better than lying in the dirt under the Kholo bridge….

    Midnightly phone call to father BC now receiving more media attention …. questions will be asked….answers will be required…


  45. Jo Beth —- I can’t poke fun at anyone’s avvy, seeing mine looks like a double-nosed poo on a spring :(


  46. Jo Beth, yes I realised that but thought I’d say the worst about my avvy myself, lol. I am pretty fond of it now though, the poor little two-nosed poo thing. Someone had to have it. Might adopt it when this forum closes down and we all go our separate ways. Hate to leave little poo out in cyber-space on its own, because no-one else would take it in I guess :)


  47. I hope this is not posted twice – just didn’t appear for many mintes – here goes again:

    A bit of a come-down for the golden boy, but better than lying in the dirt under the Kholo bridge….

    Midnightly call to father BC is now getting more media attention….questions will be asked ….answers will be required…..


  48. Tonight my prayers are that Allison’s girls, her mother & father, sister & brother, extended family, aunts, uncles, cousins & friends – all of whom love & cherish Allison keep their strength and courage, to hold each other close in their hearts knowing each moment they live is filled with Allison’s love for them.


  49. Burleigh Beach, I replied to your post at the top of the page here, but it is still in moderation, I don’t know why, so I wasn’t ignoring you but I really am going to bed now and thank you for giving me a fair crack of the whip and your humour.


  50. That’s nice, ARC :)

    I’m no fan of Fakes In Frocks, but I do believe in the power of prayer, as I believe those who’ve passed beyond the mortal coil still take an interest in those to follow

    Very nice sentiment of yours :)


  51. I am having trouble posting…will try for a third time: (hoping other 2 posts don’t turn up much later – maybe we need a new page???)

    A bit of of a come-down for the golden boy of Kenmore, but better than lying under the Kholo bridge….

    Midnightly call to papa BC now also coming under media scrutiny….questions will be asked…..answers will be required……


  52. Mary Jane — you’re well blessed with tolerance. Priceless trait so good on you

    See you next time :)


  53. RIP Allison —- agreed. Having so much trouble too. My post to Jo Beth just got lost, for example. My machines working overtime. Was wondering if someone is downloading the entire thread. Wouldn’t surprise me at all. But definitely not running smoothly


  54. Golly gosh, now it’s up twice! Sorry!
    Robbo this thread has now reached breaking point – it is behaving very strangely and posting has become difficult – posts just disappear into the ether.


  55. RIP Allison — thank you :)

    So much explosive information came in a flood yesterday didn’t it. The attempt to collect on Allison’s insurance must have shocked many who were on the fence. And the 12.30 a.m. call can’t be described as anything other than highly suspicious by anyone, even supporters

    Can’t imagine how Allison’s family and friends must be feeling now the information’s officially out

    As to the jail conditions, it doesn’t seem that bad at all – about the same as boarding school. Not as if he’s going to be picked on by anyone and he doesn’t have to share a cell with Mr.Big or anything. Very humane conditions, imo — like a big pre-school for naughty boys


  56. RIP Allison — yes. The thread’s in trouble. Poor Robbo has so much on his plate too and hardly any sleep last night because of Telstra

    I’ll call it a night. Thanks for the info and see you tomorrow maybe :)


  57. Dear BB otherwise known as poox2 :),
    I also do not subscribe to “conventional” religion, I do however believe there is a power far greater than us in the universe. Coupled with the fact Allison was murdered, prematurely & criminally taken from those she loved & adored. I strongly feel she has her arms wrapped tightly around those who were her world….


  58. •Baden-Clay was the last person to see his wife alive.
    •He had injuries to his face that he claimed were from shaving, but a forensic analysis concluded to the contrary. The analysis showed the marks were scratches.
    •He told police that he was a heavy sleeper and had no idea whether his wife had come to bed but forensic analysis from his mobile phone showed it had been unplugged from its charger at 8.45pm on April 19 and reconnected at 1.48am on April 20. Police also found evidence of a “face time” call between Baden-Clay and his father Nigel’s number shortly after midnight.
    •Allison’s blood was found in the rear of Baden-Clay’s car, consistent with “her body being moved by being placed in the rear of the car”.
    •Baden-Clay was suffering severe financial difficulties and was due a large insurance payout on his wife’s death.
    •He contacted the insurance company after a body was discovered but before it was identified as being his wife. Baden-Clay demanded an urgent copy of Allison’s death certificate and then made an immediate claim on the policy.
    •He had been having an affair with another woman and told police it was long over but evidence presented by police alleged it was ongoing and that Baden-Clay had planned to leave his wife for his mistress by July 1.
    •Entries in Allison’s journal on April 18 and 19 talked of the affair and a hand drawn map of Ms McHugh’s home was allegedly done by Baden-Clay – proving, the crown alleged, that they had been speaking about his relationship with another woman.

    “I do not accept the contention that the crown case is a weak case,” Justice Boddice said.

    – – – – – – – – – – –

    I read that again…… and again…… and again…….

    Oh god… even only a glimse of justice feels soooo good….better than sex


    – – – – – – – – – – – –

    Next: 3 more arrests, please!


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  60. I would have to agree totally with flower, GBC is no doubt sociopath… And….Something doesn’t fit with the drawing of TM house in Allison’s diary……..I can’t help but wonder if there was a bigger plot…..

    Anyways……at the end of the day Gerbs is in a good place….as far as karma pans out……..and I can’t see him going about business as usual anytime soon ……

    Caterpillars for goodness sake! sheesh……

    Snr Det Sgt Ainsworth……you, your team and forensics are legends!!!


  61. @ BB 10.30pm
    We know its the big wank of the family – the QPS have put away the little wank, now for the Financial Advisor (and his slag wife :) – did I say that????!!)


  62. Love the catapillar song!

    It’s a shame that Gerbil will be protected from mainstream catapillars though!!


  63. GGSydney @ 10.30

    As previously mentioned – I was a single mother, caught up in an affair with a married man…I constantly told him to tell his wife, but obviously he didn’t – until I did!! I do agree, in the beginning, there was the ‘feeling of up yours’ so to speak – I was swanning around being the mistress, while he had his ego stroked – after I told her, he turned around and was sssoooo vicious to me!!!

    I was just as responsible and learnt my lesson, big time – I was sucked in and just as to blame – I felt so bad (just after a couple of weeks) for culling my sister!!! She is better off now, left him to go to England with her son, he’s here in Brisbane, cross-dressing with his daughter……

    Old slag Tone has no one to blame but herself – working for greed and not for need, in the first place – but for continuing the affair for as long as she did – lol and you all didn’t know about each other!!! Sometimes your brain kicks in, but obviously not for blondie, (was it square chin, MM???) Tone, his mum and the others!


  64. @ MM – 11.12pm

    Sooooo funnyyyyy!!!

    The residents of Skull Manor Nigelaine – here is my theory…..

    Nosy bloody in laws!! Mumma and Dadda Skull HAD to know everyone’s business (keeping the heat of their own swinging times) and being a marriage facilitator (??!!) gave them the perfect opportunity, and to make the perfect smokescreen for their own family’s bullshit! For example, the way that Allison’s bio on the website was so small – who do you think had a play in that?! That is the perfect example of a controlling behaviour by publically alienating someone, publically embarrassing them – while small prick Kahuna and Oh-Comfort-Me-Neighbour-at-the-letterbox slag have wonderful and full bios and of course, they preferred Old Tone – bringing in those bikkies!!!!

    Clearly Allison was and always has been a threat to them coz she was honest, hardworking and a wonderful person.

    Small prick Kahuna – fess up you little boy – but then again, let the public have more time to spend paying out on you, the media hassling you, the neighbours protecting you and others involved toying with you…’s fun… realise you won’t be able to go anywhere without being recognised for being alleged accomplices??!!

    Whether you believe in God, Karma or whatever…..

    You will be punished, however long it takes, you will suffer….

    People pay for what they do, and still more, for what they have allowed themselves to become. And they pay for it simply: by the lives they lead.
    – Edith Wharton


  65. Burleigh – He is still on Nige’s FB site, my mistake…sorry….hadn’t opened the correct page. It’s that dreadful Century 0 head shot of him in his mustard jacket.

    In answer to your questions; He only has 21 friends (sad) and they seem to be Baden-Clays, Baden-Paedos and Clays, there’s no TMH or Allison.


  66. The woman walking down the street who the media questioned in the youtube video Ozmosis posted yesterday, is NOT the same woman who attended the bail hearing with Olivia. I stood 2 feet from them, and sat 3 down from them in the gallery, its not her.

    I also don’t think the woman hugging EBC outside the house (same video) is TMH either. Yes she’s got short (bob) black hair, but that’s the only similarity, the face is nothing like her. Also, pretty sure by that stage, TMH was being questioned by police, that happened pretty rapidly. From that point on, I don’t think TMH would have been seen dead anywhere near skull lodge. Also, even IF she hadn’t been questioned by that stage, speculation was rife from the get go that Gerard had done it. If she had any smarts about her, she’d be keeping a very low profile. I just don’t think it was her.

    To Jo-Beth – my God, your story made me feel sick. You poor poor woman :( You seem to have the advice now, but I was going to say to you that you could apply for a relocation order. I went through the courts myself last year and I was given this advice too. I don’t think though, that it could stop him moving to wherever you relocate to once he leaves prison. It just means he can’t stop you from moving away by digging his heels in. That said, you could always get the order, move and just not tell him where you’re living exactly. It happens all the time. Hopefully he’ll be rehabilitated though and wise up and leave you the hell alone. I hate to say this, but you are lucky he didn’t kill you, and if I were in your shoes, I’d be packing sh!t over the day he gets released. I mean, how ballsy, he knew you were going to call police after he left, but he fronted up to do the deed anyway. What a sick [email protected], I just have no words.


  67. Robbo – something is wrong with the thread. Just typed a big @ss post and it didn’t post it, took me back to the top of the story. Arghhh I hate that!

    Re: the youtube video Ozmosis posted yesterday, the woman walking down the street being questioned by the media is not the same woman that attended the bail hearing with Olivia.

    I also don’t the black haired woman is TMH either. Same sort of hair, but that’s where the similarity ends. Looks nothing like her. I’m pretty sure by that stage she had been questioned and wouldn’t been seen dead near skull lodge. And even if she hadn’t, speculation was rife that Gerard was involved, if she was smart, given she’s his mistress, she would have kept a very low profile.

    Then again, none of these idiots appear very smart! In fact, the bluntest tools in the shed is more like it!


    • mrsmuddle, bluntest tools is most appropriate. Its very painful watching this family self implode. Has anyone heard more about the “rumour” that Olivia was arguing with relatives outside the court on Friday? I saw a news report that her grandparents attended Friday (not sure if maternal or paternal).


  68. Oz, yes the grandparents were there, I think they may have been Nige’s parents as old mate was a dead ringer for Nige. I don’t know about any arguing, I left the gallery ahead of Olivia. They reconvened at 1pm for judgement, which I wasn’t there for the judgement, wish to God I was now, but had to go back to work. No doubt there was cheering. There may have been an argument after judgement outside court but this is the first I’ve heard of it.

    I see my first post has now been posted, after I followed up with a shortened version… now I look like a total loon lol.


  69. Chris – Allison has a degree in Psychology. I didn’t notice that any of the wannabes had anything close to that. Qualified real estate agents? LMAO. GBC had the license. Can’t remember Mama Skull’s alleged position and qualifications.


  70. @ ella – Only if you leave legally. If he found someone with a boat or plane he could abscond without papers.


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