So what now for Gerard Baden-Clay?

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What a specimen…What a PRETENDER

GBC allegedly called himself Bruce Overland and promised he would come to her a free man by July 1.

But Toni McHugh knew him as Gerard Baden-Clay – her long-time colleague and lover who wanted to free himself from his wife and his life so they could be together.

What she did not know, until police told her, was that Baden-Clay was also allegedly having affairs with two other women, police have claimed in documents tendered in opposition to his bail application yesterday.

According to those same court documents, Baden-Clay had severe financial problems and the string of mistresses.

Peter Davis, SC, for Baden-Clay, described the Crown case as “weak”, saying there had been no cause of death ascertained from the post-mortem examination, no evidence as to where she was killed, what date or time she was killed and no evidence to show he had left his home on the night she disappeared.

Justice David Boddice rejected that, saying the circumstantial case had factors that “if accepted by a jury” would make a strong argument.

He denied Baden-Clay’s application for bail, saying the Brookfield father of three remained a flight risk.

The affidavits filed in the Supreme Court reveal much about the Crown’s case for murder against the Brookfield real estate agent.

According to the police bail documents, on April 12, when Allison Baden-Clay had barely a week left to live, her husband picked up the phone in his office and dialled the company that held one of her two life insurance policies.

He asked for information on the policy but was told it could not be provided because it was not in his name, police alleged.

It had been more than a week since he had emailed his lover from a fake email account, reaffirming his love and reiterating a promise.

“I have given you a commitment and I intend to stick to it. I will be separated by 1 July,” he wrote to Ms McHugh under his pseudonym, the police documents claim.

His commitment, the police have alleged, involved sorting out his extremely dire financial situation so he could leave his family and be with her.

He could not afford a divorce, he allegedly told her, but he would work things out so they could be together, the police court papers say.

The documents say that on April 18, two days before he would place a Triple 0 call to report his wife missing, Baden-Clay picked up his iPhone, logged onto the internet and searched the term “taking the Fifth”.

The search yielded a raft of results, but Baden-Clay allegedly clicked on the “self-incrimination” Wikipedia link.

When Allison disappeared, the police argued, Baden-Clay was $1 million in debt.

Of that, $275,000 was owed to friends in “gentlemen’s agreements”, $200,000 to a former business partner, $335,000 as guarantor on a mortgage, $45,000 on a credit card, $75,000 to the CEO of Century 21, various business loans and police allege $58,000 to his parents, Nigel and Elaine.

“Enquiries to date have failed to identify any legitimate means of salvaging his debt or finances prior to July 2012 in order to meet his commitment to McHugh,” the police affidavit said.

But Baden-Clay had found a quick means of earning $967,000, the Crown has alleged, in his wife’s life insurance policies and superannuation fund.

In the police documents, officers said he told them he had gone to bed at 10pm and left her watching television.

He is such a heavy sleeper, he told them, that he had no idea whether she came to bed.

But the next morning, on April 20, he became concerned when he awoke about 6am and found her missing.

She was supposed to have gone to a real estate conference that morning and she needed to leave by 7am, police claim he told them.

But before he called police, he again allegedly logged onto his phone and searched for “self-incrimination”.

From there, he searched the Queensland Police Service website before dialling Triple 0, the bail documents say.

That morning police claim he would give four different stories to friends and family about a walk Allison could have taken when she disappeared.

To some, officers say, he said Allison liked to take a walk early in the morning. To his sister, Olivia Walton, he allegedly described a particular route. He told a close friend of Allison’s that she would walk at 10pm each night and he described to Allison’s parents two different walking routes.

But when police asked, they said he told them he had no idea where she would have gone walking.

A local hairdresser who had done Allison’s hair on April 19 said she would never have ruined her new “do” by exercising, the police argued in court papers.

Baden-Clay allegedly told police that day his wife had found out about an affair he’d been having. An affair that he had ended in September, 2011.

They had been having counselling, officers said he told them, and the counsellor had suggested they talk about the affair.

He allegedly told police he had had a conversation with his wife the night before but would not say what they discussed.

Police who searched the Brookfield Rd house would find a journal Allison had been keeping and according to the police affidavit, on April 18 and 19 she had been writing about her husband’s affair.

One entry was a list of questions: “how were the hotels paid for?” “Did ‘she’ ever say she felt bad because he was married?” “How many people in the office knew?” “Did (the defendant) regret the whole thing, or just being caught?”

Despite saying he had a heavy night of sleep, police have alleged Baden-Clay was awake for most of it.

Police say phone records show at 8.45pm, his phone was removed from its charger. It was plugged back in at 1.48am.

Shortly after midnight, it was allegedly used to call his father’s phone via a “FaceTime” call, which allows both parties to see each other and talk.

At 6.18am, Baden-Clay’s phone was again taken off the charger, the police bail documents say.

An examination of Baden-Clay’s car, leased just eight weeks earlier, found blood in the rear boot section and a blonde hair, the police claim in their opposition to bail.

The hair is still undergoing examination, the court documents say. The blood came back as belonging to Allison, the court was told.

But barrister for Baden-Clay, Mr Davis, questioned police claims that the blood found in the vehicle was Allison’s, and the Crown seemed to assert that Allison was murdered, put in the car and dumped.

“The post-mortem doesn’t support that,” he said, and that it was a luminol test only and not her blood.

Mr Davis said the only injury revealed a chip to her bottom left eye tooth.

“There are no cuts or wounds from which she could bleed,” he said.

The police claimed in their court documents, Baden-Clay maintained contact with Ms McHugh.

Police say Ms McHugh had told them he called her from pay phones and emailed her as Bruce Overland. He needed to “lay low” he said, but he would be in touch.

On April 30, when a body was found by a passing canoeist under the Kholo Creek bridge, Baden-Clay was allegedly back on his phone.

In their court affidavit, police say Baden-Clay allegedly had his financial adviser call about Allison’s life insurance policy, letting the company know there was a pending claim. He did this, police told the court, before the body had even been identified.

Baden-Clay also allegedly requested a copy of her death certificate and made claims against both of her policies.

Mr Davis said the discovery of the body was well publicised, and in relation to his financial affairs his client was only doing what he was obliged to do.

He said there was no evidence of a weapon, or that he had left the family home on the evening of her disappearance, or been seen in the vicinity of where Allison was discovered.

He argued there was no evidence of a cause of death, nor a geographical location of death, nor was there anything that placed his client where his wife’s body was found.

But the judge found Baden-Clay was flight risk and denied bail.

He is due to appear in the Brisbane Magistrates Court on July 9 for committal mention.


1,244 thoughts on “So what now for Gerard Baden-Clay?

  1. Hey Miss X
    Welcome ….
    We’ve all been from from our young years …Please don’t believe what you read in the papers !
    Geez what astounds me now….in 2012… that the reporter can contradict themselves within the same spiel ….where are the proof readers??….not about spelling errors …like mine…but contradicting their own facts.
    How did these so called reporters get a job….when it took me over 8 months??

    MS Muddle (unpaid) gave us more facts during the “bail hearing” than any paid reporter did!!!


  2. I’m as outraged as all of you about the incredible gall of this family – either lying or refusing to cooperate with QP!!! It’s soooo annoying!!!!!!!

    I suspect one or more of the kids may have heard something that night, so hope they get heor evidence. Unless Allison was totally drugged and almost comatose, it would have been very difficult to kill her in complete silence. People do not just allow someone to kill them, even if they are caught completely unawares they will fight back as much as they possibly can.

    The post mortem said no EXTERNAL injuries except the tooth. Is what they are omitting ie INTERNAL injuries or evidence of suffocation and/or tap water in her lungs maybe where the answer lies to the COD – only QP has chosen not to share the details until the trial.

    Re COD I wonder if it could not have been a combination of drowning and suffocation. We discussed drowning her in the bath weeks ago once; it seems like an option. She may not have intended to bath (keeping the hair-do in place – he on the other hand may have been livid about the hair-do considering the cost and him having zero $ left in his account). So he may have run a bath supposedly for himself, lured her into the bathroom, and then dunked her head down into the bath from behind. If he got a good grip from behind especially, it would have prevented her to fight back much.

    I do think she fought back as much as she could, hence the scratch/es on his face (and maybe body), but not having many scratches tells me she was at a disadvantage – struggling while trying to drown her could account for this. Also she would have tried to scream and he would have tried to prevent this at all cost, so he would have put his a hand over her mouth, which is likely where biting down on his ring came about and the tooth chipped – with associated tongue, cheek and lip damage which would have bled profusely as these areas do.

    It will also explain how the police can be pretty certain the murder happened at home……terrible thought…..Either way I feel pretty sure PC knows the COD.

    The amount of blood shown up in the car looks more extensive than what one would expect from a bleeding gum/tooth/lip/tongue, but I suspect with them trying to clean it (and spread it around more), it now looks like a lot more with the Luminol on.

    The ‘rumour’ about him and papa spring-cleaning the car certainly is beginning to sound very plausible!!!!! So too the strong disinfectant smell in the house. The kids likely would have seen strange goings on that morning – their testimony will be very important I think…

    I find it a bit outrageous that people can refuse to give statements to the police!! GBC sure learnt a lot form his googling of self-incrimination and exercising his right to remain silent!! It seems the snr BC’s are just as astute in their knowledge of this law. In fact the entire family appears to be united and in on the deal. How does one loosen these people’s lips – I wish they’d arrest them all for obstruction off the law! Grrrrrr!

    Re those ‘final’ early morning texts of his supposedly to Allison – clearly they were texted after her death – they are utterly worthless – just an attempt at manufacturing an alibi! Not worth the time it takes to read them – just BS. If he was really worried he would have phoned. But he knew where her phone was – and he would have known full well that Allison would not read texts ever again when he sent them – disgusting!

    I just had another thought- I wonder if he tried to charge her phone up during that night before concealing it wherever he did, so that it would give off signals coming form Kenmore for as long as possible. It will be interesting to find out in the trial…..if he did we will find out….

    Weavy (6:21pm) I agree GBC is never going to fess up out of his own free will. Hopefully one of the other family members will crack. He has everything to lose, so there’s no incentive for them to own up. Just think, if lying is able to give GBC:
    • Freedom
    • Access to $960 000 insurance money
    • Access to children and their funds collected over the past weeks
    • Father not criminally charged for being accomplice (maybe others too?)
    • Can get back to womanizing, not sure TMcH still will want him, someone might?
    • Reputation restored (not sure it will be even if he gets off, but some may be fooled)
    If telling the truth gives him exactly the opposite – he loses it all, and likely other family members with him – why would he choose TRUTH? No he’ll be lying till the very end…. QP this ball is fully in your court. Please stop them playing these ridiculous ‘silent’ games!!! Please go get them!!!!!!!!!


  3. So much blood. Maybe a fight, GBC hits her, chipped tooth and a broken nose etc produces alot of blood … then suffocates her


  4. @mrsmuddle, perhaps they are just holding their cards close to their chest,maybe angling toward(hoping for) a plea bargain for a lesser charge depending on the evidence presented at trial?


  5. Evening all, back again…

    I posted this in the new thread too…. til I realized nobody was there (except for Jusbav) who I think has left also! :)

    I took the liberty of taking a note of the two text messages GBC sent to Allison’s phone on the morning he reported her missing (20.04.2012)

    Message 1
    Good Morning!
    Hope you slept well?
    Where are you?
    None of the girls are up yet!
    Love G

    Message 2 (approx 20 mins later)
    getting concerned. Where are you?
    The app doesn’t say either?… ‘
    Please just text me back or call!
    Love G

    I also noted what DETSGT Roddick stated relating to the NBCEBC Clan…
    “I have previously asked NBC for a further interview and statement to obtain further details relevant to the investigation; however, he has declined my requests. So too did wife Elaine.
    SUS MUCH? hmmmm


  6. Macca, there was a piece written by OW’s husband Ian a while back, where he states that the “silence” was a family decided-upon thing. Why would he think (if he isn’t privy to the truth) that keeping silent would help a missing person??? Why, if he didn’t know a bit of the truth, would he agree to what really amounts to not helping find his SIL?


  7. I am not familiar with the prison system, so some clarification would be helpful.
    Charged with murder, can anyone ask for some heavy sedatives to ‘chill’ and sit and wait it out in a medical bed/ward? And for how long ..


  8. Sis and Dad have gone for a visit? Interesting, I didn’t think that they would let either of them visit him because they would both have to be on the radar. The absence of Mum is a little strange.

    Maybe just checking out their future accomodation :) Surely one of them helped out on the night as they have been the most protective of him. The plot thickens. QPS know what is going on and I’m sure they will take their time to ensure that the cards fall one by one.

    Just bizzaare…….


  9. Well they must be stupid, because I think every man and their dog in Qld thought he had done her in, right from the very beginning!
    He had guilt written all over him. Evil man.
    Those poor little girls.
    Thank goodness they are with their maternal grandparents NOW.


  10. deeleym, with every new revelation one could think they are out buying more brown underwear. All this time they have obviously thought the police didn’t have enough to haul GBC in, now they are perhaps thinking that they have enough to do a Family Deal!


  11. Q,How many BC’s does it take to change a light bulb?
    A,One to hold the bulb and the rest of the world spins around them..or so they thunk


  12. mrsmuddle, I have a thought about why it was brought forward (if it was that is, only going on rumour). He had a June 30th deadline for some of the debts and he owuld have known that life insurance isn’t paid the day after a death. There would be some period of waiting after a claim is made before the payout.


  13. It doesn’t make any sense for GBC to have texted Allison rather than phone her if he believed her to be out on a walk. You would expect someone who is out exercising would be in a much better position to talk rather than text so why text? He only texted her because he surmised that the content of that text could be looked at by police and thus make himself look innocent…wrong assumption!


  14. NBV – would love to have been a fly on the prison glass :) I doubt they would have been able to have too much to say……or plot, I should say.

    It’s mind boggling to imagine what path the next few weeks will take for the BC family……..


  15. I’m a newbie and this is my first post, but I have been glued to this site for weeks, and following the story with intense interest. The murder of Allison Baden-Clay is so senseless it sickens me, as does the motive of money meaning more to someone than the taking of a life, especially your wife, and mother of your 3 children. But it goes to show you should never underestimate a cheat, someone who goes out and has affairs on their partner. The partner is usually stable and emotionally balanced and loving. The cheat is often narcissitic and arrogant, but when their cover is taken off and they become unmasked, as is the case with GBC, we see how weak and pathetic and despicable and cowardly they really are underneath – likewise the whole BC family, a nasty family of cowards, pretenders and cheats… I am sure they are not breathing easy… it will be their turn next in the good old 3 x 4, the great leveller for those who think they can get away with murder and not be caught…


  16. I wonder too miss x – I wonder if he tried to call first, as you said, makes more sense……and I also wonder about him saying love G…what the? Like she knows who the call’s from….wouldn’t you say love you….or something like that? Dunno, we’re all different I spose….just doesn’t fit, like a lot of things in this crime….


  17. I dont mind NIge and Elaine, and Olivia and even the Pasta keeping silent.. its all ok when Ainsworth drags them in like he did Silent Gerard..

    oh of course he texted her.. he knew he had to.

    you useless murdering idiot, Gerard


  18. millie, thanks for bringing up that bit about signing it with his initial. None of my phone contacts need me to sign, we know exactly who we all are already, lol. In the aftermath of the Twin Towers plane crashes I read reports of people on the planes phoning home from their mobile phones. One guy said mum (mom) its Jack Smith, etc etc. Who rings their mum and has to say anything more than Jack??? I don’t even need my kids to say their name at all.


  19. Indeed it will Oz!! I have every faith in our boys and girls in blue!! The’re human too and I can say this would have rocked them as much as us… I pity the ignorant BC’s as by the time the QPS are done with them they’ll wish they’d never came to Aus!


  20. Dont worry…… they can only keep silent for so long.. SOOON they will have to sing…

    but better yet, Ainsworth and the QPS will sing for them, like they are singing Gerards song right now.. no wonder the fool wanted a supression order..

    No one in this matter will be granted a suppression order OR bail.

    they can keep their mouths shut till Kingdom come… some one else will do their talking.


  21. Aha! good point there millie, who signs a text message? least of all to your spouse!?!?! what a wally!! OMG, too ridiculous for words!


  22. Hi Millie,

    Saying “Love G” as you say, I wonder if someone else formulated the texts and sent them for GBC?

    Wouldn’t most of us say, in a marriage/partnership, “I love you”?


  23. Someone mentioned it earlier – the media have access to more than the public do, they are more frustrated than the public are aware of…..they have been gagged…Bf&*(%wanna and family – the longer you stuff around, the more the public will treat you with contempt.


  24. I just want to do a shout out to Robbo – he has created this site supporting public consensus, juggling his personal life and the health of his newborn son with our interest in justice, A nomination for an Order of Australia for Robbo, anyone?


  25. I notice that there are two threads running, so I’m not sure which one to be on.
    Anyway, apart from the information released about the two text messages, I have found it intriguing all day to consider that mother didn’t visit son in jail.
    Media gave us “face time” call between Gerard and father.
    OR, was it “face time” call between Gerard’s phone and father’s phone?


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  27. Hey, I just had a thought. Didn’t he apply for ABC’s Death Certificate? Do we know if he got it for the claim? It would have listed the COD.


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