So what now for Gerard Baden-Clay?

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What a specimen…What a PRETENDER

GBC allegedly called himself Bruce Overland and promised he would come to her a free man by July 1.

But Toni McHugh knew him as Gerard Baden-Clay – her long-time colleague and lover who wanted to free himself from his wife and his life so they could be together.

What she did not know, until police told her, was that Baden-Clay was also allegedly having affairs with two other women, police have claimed in documents tendered in opposition to his bail application yesterday.

According to those same court documents, Baden-Clay had severe financial problems and the string of mistresses.

Peter Davis, SC, for Baden-Clay, described the Crown case as “weak”, saying there had been no cause of death ascertained from the post-mortem examination, no evidence as to where she was killed, what date or time she was killed and no evidence to show he had left his home on the night she disappeared.

Justice David Boddice rejected that, saying the circumstantial case had factors that “if accepted by a jury” would make a strong argument.

He denied Baden-Clay’s application for bail, saying the Brookfield father of three remained a flight risk.

The affidavits filed in the Supreme Court reveal much about the Crown’s case for murder against the Brookfield real estate agent.

According to the police bail documents, on April 12, when Allison Baden-Clay had barely a week left to live, her husband picked up the phone in his office and dialled the company that held one of her two life insurance policies.

He asked for information on the policy but was told it could not be provided because it was not in his name, police alleged.

It had been more than a week since he had emailed his lover from a fake email account, reaffirming his love and reiterating a promise.

“I have given you a commitment and I intend to stick to it. I will be separated by 1 July,” he wrote to Ms McHugh under his pseudonym, the police documents claim.

His commitment, the police have alleged, involved sorting out his extremely dire financial situation so he could leave his family and be with her.

He could not afford a divorce, he allegedly told her, but he would work things out so they could be together, the police court papers say.

The documents say that on April 18, two days before he would place a Triple 0 call to report his wife missing, Baden-Clay picked up his iPhone, logged onto the internet and searched the term “taking the Fifth”.

The search yielded a raft of results, but Baden-Clay allegedly clicked on the “self-incrimination” Wikipedia link.

When Allison disappeared, the police argued, Baden-Clay was $1 million in debt.

Of that, $275,000 was owed to friends in “gentlemen’s agreements”, $200,000 to a former business partner, $335,000 as guarantor on a mortgage, $45,000 on a credit card, $75,000 to the CEO of Century 21, various business loans and police allege $58,000 to his parents, Nigel and Elaine.

“Enquiries to date have failed to identify any legitimate means of salvaging his debt or finances prior to July 2012 in order to meet his commitment to McHugh,” the police affidavit said.

But Baden-Clay had found a quick means of earning $967,000, the Crown has alleged, in his wife’s life insurance policies and superannuation fund.

In the police documents, officers said he told them he had gone to bed at 10pm and left her watching television.

He is such a heavy sleeper, he told them, that he had no idea whether she came to bed.

But the next morning, on April 20, he became concerned when he awoke about 6am and found her missing.

She was supposed to have gone to a real estate conference that morning and she needed to leave by 7am, police claim he told them.

But before he called police, he again allegedly logged onto his phone and searched for “self-incrimination”.

From there, he searched the Queensland Police Service website before dialling Triple 0, the bail documents say.

That morning police claim he would give four different stories to friends and family about a walk Allison could have taken when she disappeared.

To some, officers say, he said Allison liked to take a walk early in the morning. To his sister, Olivia Walton, he allegedly described a particular route. He told a close friend of Allison’s that she would walk at 10pm each night and he described to Allison’s parents two different walking routes.

But when police asked, they said he told them he had no idea where she would have gone walking.

A local hairdresser who had done Allison’s hair on April 19 said she would never have ruined her new “do” by exercising, the police argued in court papers.

Baden-Clay allegedly told police that day his wife had found out about an affair he’d been having. An affair that he had ended in September, 2011.

They had been having counselling, officers said he told them, and the counsellor had suggested they talk about the affair.

He allegedly told police he had had a conversation with his wife the night before but would not say what they discussed.

Police who searched the Brookfield Rd house would find a journal Allison had been keeping and according to the police affidavit, on April 18 and 19 she had been writing about her husband’s affair.

One entry was a list of questions: “how were the hotels paid for?” “Did ‘she’ ever say she felt bad because he was married?” “How many people in the office knew?” “Did (the defendant) regret the whole thing, or just being caught?”

Despite saying he had a heavy night of sleep, police have alleged Baden-Clay was awake for most of it.

Police say phone records show at 8.45pm, his phone was removed from its charger. It was plugged back in at 1.48am.

Shortly after midnight, it was allegedly used to call his father’s phone via a “FaceTime” call, which allows both parties to see each other and talk.

At 6.18am, Baden-Clay’s phone was again taken off the charger, the police bail documents say.

An examination of Baden-Clay’s car, leased just eight weeks earlier, found blood in the rear boot section and a blonde hair, the police claim in their opposition to bail.

The hair is still undergoing examination, the court documents say. The blood came back as belonging to Allison, the court was told.

But barrister for Baden-Clay, Mr Davis, questioned police claims that the blood found in the vehicle was Allison’s, and the Crown seemed to assert that Allison was murdered, put in the car and dumped.

“The post-mortem doesn’t support that,” he said, and that it was a luminol test only and not her blood.

Mr Davis said the only injury revealed a chip to her bottom left eye tooth.

“There are no cuts or wounds from which she could bleed,” he said.

The police claimed in their court documents, Baden-Clay maintained contact with Ms McHugh.

Police say Ms McHugh had told them he called her from pay phones and emailed her as Bruce Overland. He needed to “lay low” he said, but he would be in touch.

On April 30, when a body was found by a passing canoeist under the Kholo Creek bridge, Baden-Clay was allegedly back on his phone.

In their court affidavit, police say Baden-Clay allegedly had his financial adviser call about Allison’s life insurance policy, letting the company know there was a pending claim. He did this, police told the court, before the body had even been identified.

Baden-Clay also allegedly requested a copy of her death certificate and made claims against both of her policies.

Mr Davis said the discovery of the body was well publicised, and in relation to his financial affairs his client was only doing what he was obliged to do.

He said there was no evidence of a weapon, or that he had left the family home on the evening of her disappearance, or been seen in the vicinity of where Allison was discovered.

He argued there was no evidence of a cause of death, nor a geographical location of death, nor was there anything that placed his client where his wife’s body was found.

But the judge found Baden-Clay was flight risk and denied bail.

He is due to appear in the Brisbane Magistrates Court on July 9 for committal mention.



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  1. Dear Kenmore Mum,


    If you don’t mind answering, on Sunday, was the cricket match played as a proper game, or just for fun?

    If it was played as a game, who won?



  2. Who is in Brisbane? Can we talk about the weather for a minute? It’s too depressing for words. I go into a hole when the weather is like this and find myself on here instead of doing jobs. This is not good. Can someone kick me to touch as I am sure not a lot will be happening in the world of GBC today!! I did watch a news item on tele lastnight about the women in prison. He is NOT going to be having a nice time. Ever. Thanks.


  3. Morning, mitzi62.
    I’m not in Brisbane but have the same weather as you. Freezing and raining.
    What was the item about women in prison?


  4. Hi Mitzi,

    I think we all live in Brisbane, who are here at the moment?

    I like the rain 😀 It means that I rug my horses up, which they love, as I am tucking them in, I usually give them some extra hay, as they love that, too; and then, the grass is watered so everyone has feed. I do feel sorry for the little animals, though, when we have the cyclonic weather.

    Knowing the rain is coming, I thought I’d put this time aside for housework – I am starting, lol, I prefer to be outside!

    The first thing I looked up was conjucal visits, prisoners, according to what I read, don’t get them in Queensland!

    What about the women in prison, Mitzi?


  5. Oh mitzi!! I wanted to watch that! I forgot! Brissy weather right now is terrific for my fire 🙂 dropping in & out of here, & searching through cookbooks for something yum for dinner…I do have to do folding though :/
    Moonlight..the cricket match was for fun as the umpire said he could be bought for donations to the appeal…I believe the SES & firies “bought” 40 something runs to begin 🙂
    I don’t know who won in the end…


  6. Ohh Kenmore Mum, I laughed – sounds wonderful! I am so happy with the humour, the warmth, and the fun!!

    Very good, I am so glad I asked, thank you!


  7. GG – LMFAO! I watched The Castle on Saturday night & you beat me to it lol. First thing I thought… “it’s the vibe, it’s the vibe of “the thing”.. It’s the constitution” lol. Sorry cant help this, but altogether now… “we’re goin to Bonny Doon… We’re goin to Bonny Doon” lol.

    No hold up a sec


  8. “we’re goin to Arthur Gorrie, we’re goin to Arthur Gorrie, the whole fkn lot of us, for a fun filled family vacation”. Enjoy the Carp, not great for eating, but it’s the special of the week out there!


  9. Business as usual.
    Business has no clientele – usual
    Business has no staff – usual
    Business has no cash – usual
    Business of not taking responsibility for ones actions – usual
    Business of having affairs with unattractive people – sort of usual, except there are no women in the current accommodation.


  10. Ozmosis ………… re: the handshake between K.Rudd and a jocular looking real-estate person — didn’t pay much attention to Krudd’s thumb and haven’t brought the photo up to look since seeing your post. It was Bruce Underworld’s thumb placement our learned colleague over on the other forum was referring to, I’m sure. Maybe the slightly bemused expression on Kevin’s face could indicate he’s not of the Brotherhood

    Little bit of searching reveals the Baden Powell Masonic Lodge No. 505 Stone’s Corner Temple, just out of interest

    Oh, and re-tested the thumbs-up, thumbs-down issue a moment ago. Took a favoured member here up to 10-up within a couple of mind-numbing minutes

    End of thumb-post, lol


  11. That photo is on Google images.
    It certainly looks like the not-so-secret Mason handshake to me. Another reason we could talk about “thumbs” in here, perhaps.
    Well spotted whoever spotted it. I think you said, Burleigh is was someone on another website.
    Good on them.


  12. Three separate people have come past my desk in the past hour or so and each has been of the opinion OW was being a mite aggressive in the direction of journalists in the bail-denied Youtube vid. None have suggested she slipped or half-fell, which is interesting


  13. GG …………… yes, the person who pointed it out is from another forum. Regarded generally as a ‘voice of reason and understatement’. Legal background


  14. Please post recent photo of………… twisted old worn out/stretched sand shoes………… or smashed mudcrap- it’s nearly dinner time………………and my vision is GOOD- hORSEUS FACUS MAXIMUS…… thx LOL 😉


  15. Ozmosis,Queensland CountryLady&Moonlight1313-thanks heaps for answering my questions and providing further info on the OW & the BC’s.I wasn’t able to stay on but enjoyed all the comments since. We’ll miss you Scott when you have to go back to PL.Cheers everyone


  16. In the UK online news of a couple of days ago, possibly still current because of its controversial nature, is an article plus photos of a young murderer extolling the virtues of the prison system. According to him, it’s far better than life in the real-world: three meals per day, comfortable accomodation, tv, computer, gym, library, etc.

    The guy says he doesn’t want to leave, would be happy to live out his days there (he’s under 30, inside for murdering a disabled man in company with his mother and others, in order his mother could get her hands on money the deceased had promised to leave her in his Will)

    His cell is very similar to that to be occupied (once he’s discharged from the medical-wing) by Bruce Underworld

    Comments left for the article by the public express disgust and outrage over the fact they’re keeping criminals in relative comfort. Lots of calls for hard-labour and a return to the death penalty, etc.


  17. @GG…It’s been nagging & nagging at me all morning!! I just went back over last nights posts & you know what?…I got all churned up in the stomach!! WTF!! I don’t know if I’m on the right track but you said something about a picture…I’m not sure if I have it right but thats when I got stirred up…just looking…I don’t know how to explain it.


  18. Not sure how many of you good people are locals but I’m curious as to how this joker was regarded in the community before he (allegedly) committed this most heinous crime – was he well-known? Considered a “pillar” of society? Well-regarded among the community? Is he your typical Brookfielder? – pompous, arrogant, smug and a capital F %^&*wit? Or does he break the mould? Personally after viewing his C21 promo video I just wanted to pummel him.


  19. Hi everyone

    Oz … I thought i read it was only a (small) amount of blood they had found in the back of the car and that was only spotted under them blue light thingy thing , opposed to (so much) or (alot) of blood ..?
    But I do recall the police say they knew the cause of death almost immediately .
    Maybe the cause of death was so gruesome they hid that info for the sake of her children as you’ve said . But ….
    If the body was dismembered or even just the hands removed , how could the police determin more or less straight away, especially on a 10 day old corpse ,what cause the actual death ,because normally (?) a body would be dismembered after death …?
    Further to this , can we assume the body was intact because they weren’t looking for other body parts, at least as you’ve said, they haven’t told the public much to sheild the children .?
    I’m still racking my brain as to how the police were decisive about the cause death in a relatively short period before a forensic examination ..?
    Unless she had a rope around her neck , knife etc but they didn’t put a call out for any weapon ….. no mention of any weapon .Nothing in the tox report either .
    Like you , my impression of the prosecutor was one of self assurance too obviously withholding alot more ……. silence is deadly .
    Back to the drawing board ……. frustrating .


  20. @SAF…well I have plenty of friends who are “Brookfielders” & let me tell you they are salt of the earth real people! They have lived there all their lives & are hard workers too. I think you’ll find the pompous ones are the incomers who just want to say they live in Brookfield. It is a beautiful part of Brisbane.
    I used to see him around & as far as I’m concerned he was just a real estate agent. Just seemed like your normal kind of guy to me. Yeah he drove around in an expensive car (had to sell it) but lots do. The real locals drive around in their toyota utes. They OWN their homes & properties & do a hard days work.
    I don’t know how he was seen really as I didn’t float in his pond…saw them at dance concerts but thats about it. I have heard from people in the industry that he was a c*ck so I don’t know. But again I will say he was not a true Brookfielder as far as I’m concerned & his parents are just arrogant. I have that from someone who knows them.


  21. Recently watched a Youtube documentary about Frank Atwood, who’s been on death-row in the US for approx. 25 years. About to launch another appeal, apparently, if he hasn’t already done so

    He was released on parole, 3 years into a longer term for child molestation, kidnapping, etc. Just so happened that he turned up in a small town where an 8 year old went missing while riding her bike to post a letter, only a couple of blocks from her home. Police and townsfolk launched a massive search. 8 months later, the child’s remains were discovered scattered over a wide area in the desert

    Witnesses testified that Atwood had been blood-covered, had a blood-soaked knife. He claimed he’d stabbed a drug dealer. Was apprehended in another State. His father, a retired brigadier-general, had tipped off the police to his whereabouts. Atwood’s mother, in comparison, was not as cooperative, was described as ‘protective’ of her son. Atwoold went to trial, sentenced to death

    During his 25 years on death-row, Atwood (in addition to appealing against his sentence)

    * has married
    * has obtained 4 degrees
    * has written and published several books
    * has found God
    * continues to appeal, claim innocence, has legions of fans and supporters

    During the same 25 years, the murdered child’s parents have, with the help of concerned others, succeeded in having legislation changed with regard to giving early parole and light sentences to paedophiles. During that time, the murdered child’s parents have raised their other child/children, gone to work, paid taxes, paid for the roof over their family’s head, paid their own medical and dental, paid for their own food and clothing, entertainment, etc and have contibuted to the upkeep of t heir daughter’s murderer via their taxes — in order he may have all provided including time and resources to obtain 4 degrees and write several books


  22. @ SAF

    We don’t have room here, for bullies.

    Brookfield was, and is, a farming community.

    Logs were sent up Brookfield Creek to the Brisbane River. We still have banana farms, etc. A lot of the people here, have beautiful acreage, yes, with modest and older homes, working hard on their land. One of the larger parcels, they have allowed BCC to plant a lot of trees on their stunning farm land, the lady, who still works on her land, although not as much, is in her 80’s! Salt of the earth, and wonderful!

    Yes, some of the older community call those who move here and build the larger homes, “McMansions”. There are a lot of people who move to Queensland from Interstate, and settle here, and there is a difference.

    I was quite upset reading what you wrote, (thank you Kenmore Mum for your nice answer) as some very dear people in my life live at Brookfield, they work hard, they have always helped in the community after work, and on the weekends, giving of their time unselfishly.

    DO YOU?

    I don’t want to answer your question.


  23. Kenmore Mum, “new money”, I smelled it immediately. Of course now it’s “no money” but new money act like arrogant wannabes, old money have nothing to prove.


  24. Hi Kenmore,your analysis on the Nbc’s sounds very accurate as does the opinion of Gbc. Their contrived self importance and need to recognised/envied has come back to ‘bite’….and hard.
    Your posts are always well worth the read )


  25. Two Cents … my way of dealing with such matters is to regard the body as a container. Usually I liken it to a suitcase or handbag containing the essence of the individual, much the same as our clothes do. We throw or give our old clothes away. Yes, they used to clothe us, ‘contain’ us if you like. But they are not ‘us’. Nor are our bodies (known as our ‘fleshly vehicles’) ‘us’. No more than our cars or houses are ‘us’, although we use our cars to get around in the same way we get around in our bodies. And when our bodies get old (in the same way as our cars, handbags, clothing) they begins to break down, fall to bits. At which point we exit them, known as ‘dying’

    We all know Allison was no longer inhabiting her body, there on the mud bank, but it’s good sometimes to remind ourselves of that. She’d moved out and on. From all I’ve read and based a little in personal experience also, I believe we can and do exit our bodies very early after physical death. In fact, some first-hand accounts suggest people sometimes exit their bodies prior to physical death. There are several accounts by people who claim as their car headed over the cliff or into the tree, they lifted out (of their body) and have no memory of the impact. In their cases, they survived. Some say they remained outside their bodies and observed rescuers/doctors working on their bodies, during which time they felt no pain at all. The pain, they’ve said, commenced when they ‘returned’ to their bodies

    It’s helpful, at least to me, to remember all this in cases of murder, attacks on children, etc.


  26. Thank you Just Me…as moonlight said…I have some very beautiful friends in Brookfield & they would give you the shirt off their backs. They are solid fabulous people. I love them dearly & hate to think they are being lumped in. This has rocked them to the core!!
    Two Cents…no truer words were spoken/written. My dear mum used to say to me (I grew up comfortably, not rich & my parents worked hard & they taught us to do the same) when I used to have a moan about my 10-15 yr old car & I’d see someone in a shiny new one…how do you know they own that? At least you own yours & worked hard & paid cash for it!! Today we still do the same…yes we have a loan for our house but everything else we own outright!! If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it is my thoughts!! Damn being 1 mill in debt!!


  27. Got that Burl ….. our body mind and spirit are under-rated .
    But what a waste when you consider a tree can live well beyond a thousand years yet they don’t have an ounce of reasoning power , emotional intelligence or recall …. or do they …. ?
    Something horrific happened to me at 17 but I only remembered 30 odd years later …… I was protected by something …..


  28. Wow BB….Some say they remained outside their bodies and observed rescuers/doctors working on their bodies, during which time they felt no pain at all. The pain, they’ve said, commenced when they ‘returned’ to their bodies

    My mother told me a story of this. It was her. She was having heart surgery. She was in ICU for a few days & my son was just under 2 & he was her life! She adored him (to the day she died) & when I could finally take him up to see her we walked in & a nurse was with her. She lit up like a beacon!! The nurse said…ahh so this is who you fought for!!
    Great!!! Now I’m blubbering!!


  29. Oh dear…on that note I’m going to take my puppies out for a run in the rain. Thanks BB it was a great post. I believe there’s more after we’ve gone…I believe Allison is watching over her girls.
    Two Cents & GG…sorry 😦 I’m a sook when it comes to my mum…she was my best friend xx


  30. Two Cents. “Mr Boyle said Allison’s blood was found in Baden-Clay’s car, and “the quantity and position of the blood” suggested that the seat had been “laid flat to make it a boot”.”

    The GBC barrister bought up luminol to which Mr Boyle said nothing. Again, he didn’t have to explain anything other than what was necessary for getting bail denied.

    As to an intact body… I really hate being graphic but so many people picture a nice neat sleep-like body. It just isn’t so. When a body starts breaking down, flesh falls apart, then it’s really no longer intact. Bottom line, underneath the clothing and hair the body was probably in a bad state. I have heard horrendous stories of what morgue staff have to deal with.

    I think for the Dickies sake it is much preferred that they remember their daughter as they last saw her not on what they see on a morgue slab. This is why family are often not allowed to view a body, it’s for the family’s own good.

    The prosecution will have a good case, keep thinking that. I keep remembering the top cops’ faces, they were very disturbed after the body was found – and they are not young constables, they’ve seen a lot. How often also, do you hear a murderer has been charged with murder AND interfering with a body. I don’t want to even guess what it means in Allison’s case.


  31. I’m back 🙂 rain a bit too much now. Ozmosis I have to say thank you (sort of) for the explanation. You’re right…our heads tell us she would have just been her…but reality doesn’t kick in at all. I dread to think what they saw. As you say also…interfering with a body. I always thought it can just be as simple as moving the body but then I read (can’t remember where) that all murderers move the body. They don’t all get charged with interference do they? So I guess he has done something…god only knows what!! It sickens me.


  32. The Thinker,
    I think Two Cents is referring to the state of the body in its decomposing state, not external injuries or such.
    I have tried to block the image of the state the body was in and have hoped that the identification was merely done on dental records i.e. no member of the family brought in to do it.


  33. @The Thinker…we are being fed what they want us to know in dribs & drabs. They also said when they found her body they knew what she had died from…what do we believe. No wonder we all speculate.


  34. Ok.
    This might be something…
    Explosive new evidence in the Baden-Clay Case. Channel 10 news at 5.

    Unless it is “explosive” Channel 10 risks very much “boy who cried wolf” syndrome.


  35. Oz …… If he did horrendous things ( devil’s advocate ), you would think your son , brother would say , okayyyy Gerbil ,it’s time to talk to the nice man in the white coat ….. particually Nige .


  36. Thanks GG, for saying to watch Channel 10.

    I do hope that they aren’t “crying wolf” again, like Channel 7 did last night.


  37. Just getting back to what Mrs Muddle reported from court…. She confirmed that the body had not been mutilated and she seems to think that strangulation was the cause. I know this would be hard to determin at the scene especially due to decomposition but maybe there was something still tied around her neck, (apologies for image). The problem with this scenario is explaining the blood in the car which I thought I remembered hearing was quite substantial.

    The mind boggles but GBC has the answer to all of this and in his sick mind is probably getting quite a kick out of this. I’m sure his family will also be finding a way to bask in the attention also, hopefully not for much longer!!


  38. I don’t post often, preferring to read your (collective) very smart comments. Some of you are very clever, very astute. I’m therefore a lurker, I’ve got nothing to add, but at the moment, I do have some comments/questions. I know these aspects have been touched on before, but I need some specific explanations – if you would help me…?? After my initial high when hearing of GBCs refusal of bail. I’ve slunk into a sort of semi-depression, because things just aren’t moving along the way I would have thought they could/should. I need to be reassured.

    Do you think the midnight(ish) GBC phone call to NBC will be just passed off as a ‘g’day, how are ya doin’?’ type call, or will they (the police) be investigating this as something very damn significant in Allisons murder??)…What are they DOING!! Why don’t they POUNCE?

    Why do you think Nigel is so freely permitted to visit Gerry in the clink?? Do you think they’re continuing to ‘observe’ Nige?? (He and Gerry have at least been caught out telling porkies or omitting information, which is a bit of an indication of….something, anything, untowards! – innit?

    How did the cops know ‘immediately’ how Allison died, if externally she only had a chipped tooth to prove any trauma (be it recent or past)? Is it possible she may have, for example, been suffocated and remants of a plastic bag were found ‘stuck’ to her face, in her facial orifices (sorry)? I really can’t think of anything else that could give an ‘immediate’ COD….can you?

    ‘Tap water’ in her lungs (if it’s at all true), can’t externally prove a cause of death anyway. Where did THAT rumour/gossip come from. (Funnily, I thought as soon as it happened that ‘he might have drowned her in the bath’, and that ‘his accomplice was a certain chappy close to home’. I’ve always had nagging queries about sis’ involvement too, BTW.)

    What possibly could give them the knowledge that she was ‘killed at home’?And why would they think ‘she may have known her killer’? What on earth could/would lead them to that particular finding??

    I really do trust that the cops have a lot more evidence up their sleeve. Even if it’s circumstancial, in the least – they HAVE got a case, haven’t they?

    I have to trust. I’m nervous, I’m apprehensive. I can’t take it that someone could literally get away with murder. Allisons murder. Do you think it will all work out O.K, with the perp(s) eventually being found guilty in a court of law?


  39. Dear Kenmore Mum,

    Thank you so much for sharing about your mum and your boy. I am so sorry that you have lost her 😦

    ((((((( Kenmore Mum ))))))


  40. Two Cents, any murder is horrific but just imagine for a moment it is worse than we might think AND the family Do know something, if not been actual accomplices. The more sickening the crime the more justification I would have for totally disowning my child. As you say, how can their supposed loved ones not want to force this p#$%^ to won up and face it like a man. Big man while doing the deed, total cowardly baby now he risks a long incarceration.


  41. Hey moonlight,
    I am only telling what Channel 10 says that they have at 5:”Explosive”.
    I am not saying that anybody should watch it. I never spruik for the commercial networks. 😉

    I fell into the trap last night when Miss Marple posted that Channel 10 news had something on the case.
    Promised here to watch Channel 10, “first at 5” with their news on the case.
    So, I did.
    It got to about 5:15pm and I thought, “I’ve been had”. Their news (probably the same “news” you saw on Channel 7) was nothing new at all.

    The only way to check is to see if ABC or other news sources have anything.


  42. A “Baden Clay” search on Twitter should yield numerous results if there is ANY kind of news on the case.
    Channel 10’s claim of “explosive” news should be discounted at this point.
    Channel 10 would have employed “exclusive” if they were privy to a development that other outlets did not have.
    It’s 4:25pm.
    Channel 10 might update their position for claiming whatever they’re going to report is “explosive”. It’s a pretty strong adjective to use if they’re not going to come up with the goods.

    Reminds me of Fox News reporting – so much “explosive” language is employed when there is nothing that dramatic.


  43. deeleym – the visit with family was behind glass. They need to use phones to communicate. Of course it would be monitored. So at hat point in time there was no risk for father/son to say anything like, for example, don’t spill your guts or keep to the original story, blah blah. I think NBC’s big performance about not being able to see GBC straight after his arrest was a genuine fear that GBC would spill his guts in his “fragile” mental condition. On another site someone said GBC had a big breakdown upon reaching AGCC the first day. But only rumour.


  44. From twitter:

    Gerard Baden-Clay’s last text messages to his wife, and the photos police will use as evidence @tennewsqld at 5


  45. @renaehenry10 tweets:

    “Gerard Baden-Clay’s last text messages to his wife, and the photos police will use as evidence.”

    That’s the “explosive” news.

    Now, on the surface, those words are very interesting.
    1. “texts messages to his wife”
    2. “photos police will use as evidence”

    It just depends on whether they have exclusive rights to this as news. The other commercial channels should be, by now, reiterating this kind of information if they have it and tweeting same/similar information.

    Do they have it?
    It’s all about ratings.


  46. Hi deeleym, I think Police have plenty up their sleeves. When they say they believe that Allison knew her killer, perhaps the the method used to kill her indicates that it happened at home, especially since GBC reported that he was at home that night (meaning if a stranger had committed the offence, he’d have said so and may not have been around himself in those circumstances to report her disappearance).
    I read a couple of times that attending Police (on the morning GBC reported Allison missing) prompted them to alert Detectives to act immediately on her “disappearance”. This makes sense as a person to be nominated as a missing person, there is usually a 24 hour window.
    Hope this makes sense. 🙂

    Wonder what channel 10 has to offer at 5… probably nothing we don’t already know.


  47. Dear GG,

    It will be interesting.

    Perhaps Channel 9 will have “new breaking news” tomorrow, as they take turns?

    Thank you, so much, no “wolfies” today 😀

    Probably, there will be many to come, though!


  48. alisonsandy‏@alisonsandy

    All the details of the latest dramatic details in the Baden-Clay case @couriermail Stand by #badenclay


  49. Hi Deeleym

    They’d be too paranoid to speak with anonymity at the gaol-house ,with the exception of gerbil , he’d be catatonic …..
    I think they will plant a non discript ,approachable informant to extract info from him but not in the medical wing . If they did that under a drug stupur , it will be inadmisable i would think .
    The family visit would have a somewhat calming effect , enough to hurry him into the mainstream to implement the ploy though …. ?
    The explosive face to face call is the conduit to the whole sordid case i think …..


  50. LOL

    “Bold and the Beautiful” is a bit hard to take, lol, maybe we’ll all become addicted, waiting for the News! lol


  51. blood in the back seat of “a” vehicle….visible with luminol… wow there was heaps of blood
    texts saying he was concerned and asking where she was on the Friday morning…
    aha clan BC are refusing to be interviewed….


  52. No!!! Is that saying he didn’t do it & he’s covering for someone else?? The text mssgs…love G…hmmm…I’m sceptical but a bit worried now..


  53. I can’t type as fast as you guys ….. and all the reading in between …. then the thinking ….. making a cup of tea ….. what’s in the fridge … it’s all too much


  54. lol two cents…BrissieBella it was in the very back as well…they were the wheel hubs but also on the back door by the looks


  55. My uninformed point of view is that those text messages were so cold, and of course GBC was covering himself. There wasn’t a hint of being worried, or saying “I have the girls in the car, we are looking for you”. He wasn’t worried, boy, how cold. GBC was supposed to call Allison “Angel” Where is any of that love?

    GG, do you have any view on the texts?

    By the way, OW looked for Allison, herself, on the supposed “walking track”.


  56. Yes KM, the very back of the 4WD with the rear seats folded down exposing the wheel arches… there appeared to be more than just a drop!! awful 😦 poor Allison…
    He’s a smarmy piece of work… him and his clan… and they have the audacity to refuse to speak to Police, both NCB and EBC… Me thinks it won’t be too much longer til QPS pounce!! and won’t it be a wonderful pounce!


  57. Dear BrissieBella,

    I agree with you, I was shocked at NBC and EBC still not wanting to talk to police.

    They, really, have “guilty” written all over them. How could it be anything else? BrissieBella, I am so impotently angry at them!

    Perhaps Peter of Cairns, who used to be here, may agree? Do you still read, here, Peter of Cairns? I’d like your opinion?


  58. Moonlight …lol
    Just heard, we in Darwin have a loose armed maniac from Sydney on the run …. great there everywhere !


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