Gerard Baden Clay- The Prisoner-The man…Updates

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Update June 28, 2012

Gerard Baden-Clay has lost 13 friends on Facebook, including Premier Campbell Newman, since being arrested for murder of wife Allison

UNFRIENDED- A screenshot of Gerard Baden-Clay’s Facebook page.

However, he still has 372 Facebook friends, including federal Liberal MPs Jane Prentice and Julie Bishop.

A spokeswoman for Mr Newman said the Premier’s old Facebook profile, which has not been used since the election campaign ended, was shut down a couple of weeks ago.

“The closure of the profile means Mr Newman no longer has ‘Facebook friends’,” she said in a statement.

“Instead Mr Newman has a Facebook page, which anyone can like, with requests not requiring approval.”

Prisoners cannot access the internet, but many with Facebook accounts get their family or friends to update their profiles.

It’s been two weeks since Baden-Clay was moved to Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre and he’s yet to be admitted to the typical 3m x 4m cell. He remains in the prison’s medical unit and The Courier-Mail understands he’s had multiple visits from a psychologist.

The only external visitors have been in a two-hour non-contact visit with father Nigel and sister Olivia Walton and about an hour with his lawyer Darren Mahony.

A Queensland Corrective Services spokesman said all prisoners had to be assessed to find out if they were a suicide risk before being imprisoned.

“Prisoner Baden-Clay underwent a medical assessment prior to undergoing an induction,” the spokesman said. “At induction, the prisoner would have been informed about his obligations, rights and entitlements.”

All prisoners are initially placed under observation before entering the mainstream prison system.

Baden-Clay is expected to be given protection status, which is only granted if they are assessed as “at risk of harm within the general prison population”, have an intellectual disability or if charges relate to “serious offences”.

Upon entry, prisoners are issued with prison uniform – a green T-shirt, shorts, tracksuit pants, jumper and joggers.

Baden-Clay is not required to work in prison, but will be encouraged to participate “in some type of meaningful activity”, such as cleaning or kitchen duties, horticulture work or maintenance.

“If a remand prisoner chooses not to work, they must be paid an unemployment allowance – this is $1.30 a week. In addition, a hygiene allowance of $9.55 is payable per week,” a QCS spokesman said.

“If employed, they are paid (depending on the job) from $2.80 to $8.45 per week.”

Baden-Clay reported his wife Allison missing on April 20 and her body was found 10 days later at Kholo Creek in Anstead – 14km away from her Brookfield home.

Update 27/06/12 8.30pm

Police noticed ‘scratches on Baden-Clay’


His defence counsel Peter Davis SC told the court during the bail application that these were from caterpillar bites.

When officers showed up to Gerard Baden-Clay’s home after he reported his wife missing, they couldn’t help but notice deep scratches on his face.

The 41-year-old father of three told them he cut himself with an old shaver but police were not convinced and notified a detective, court documents released on Tuesday show.

The marks on his right cheek appeared similar to fingernail scratches, the detective said in his affidavit submitted during Baden-Clay’s failed bail application in the Supreme Court in Brisbane last Friday.

“They are not straight or clean cuts normally made by a sharp razor blade,” the detective said.

A government medical officer also found the injuries were not consistent with a shaving injury but were instead consistent with fingernail marks.

Baden-Clay, a real estate agent, was arrested on June 13 and charged with murdering his wife Allison, 43, and interfering with her corpse.

Her body was found in a creek bed 10 days after he reported her missing from their Brookfield home, west of Brisbane, on April 20.

More scratches were noticed on his torso and neck during an upper body examination, the court documents say.

His defence counsel Peter Davis SC told the court during the bail application that these were from caterpillar bites.

He did not address the scratches seen on his client’s face.

Mr Davis also argued the police case against his client was weak, with no cause of death identified, no weapon found, and nothing to place his client outside his home on the night his wife disappeared.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Inside the prison where accused wife-killer Gerard Baden-Clay will be held for up to three years

The Sunday Mail (Qld)

THIS is where accused wife-murderer Gerard Baden-Clay will live, possibly for up to three years, as the high-profile case goes through the legal process.

A toilet connected to a sink, a single bed, a mirror, TV, shelf and desk make up a 3m x 4m cell where prisoners spend 12 hours a day inside the Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre.

A small window overlooks the nondescript, high-security, prison grounds. Locked prison blocks remain under constant surveillance; thick, secure, doors slam loudly; guards walk freely through long, caged walkways; inmates workout with whatever they can find, pumping chairs like dumbbells.

Morning headcount begins at 6.45am, before a cereal and bread breakfast, followed by gym and activities such as football, tennis and volleyball.

Prisoners can smoke outside of their designated common area, watch TV or make a phone call.

The dinner menu over a week includes sausages in a curry sauce, fresh crumbed chicken, braised lamb chops, beef stroganoff and roast lamb, with meals served from 4.30pm.

Prisoners are locked in their cells two hours later.

The Sunday Mail toured the facility last week, entering the compound where 865 prisoners on remand were processed upon arrival. The five-stage process includes an interview, strip-search and shower.

Some are granted protection status if they are assessed as “at risk of harm within the general prison population”, if charges relate to “serious offences”, if they are bikies or if they have intellectual disabilities. They receive new clothes, toiletries and bedding and then wait in a cell. They are photographed, fill out paperwork for an ID and talk a counsellor about their state of mind. Questions cover how they are likely to cope in prison, family and other external supports and what they are looking forward to when they are freed.

Doctors and nurses examine them in the medical centre. Some high-risk, at-risk prisoners stay in the centre, under continuous observation every 15 or 30 minutes, while lower at-risk prisoners stay in cells under camera observation unit in W Block.

On arrival, prisoners spend at least their first night in an induction unit and get a booklet outlining their daily routine.

The booklet also explains employment, protection status, medical requests, dental services, optometrist appointments, chaplaincy services, discharge as well as requests for a special diet.

Prisoners are allowed a total of 10 CDs and cassette tapes, sunglasses, a kettle, photo albums and photos.

They can receive socks and jocks, plastic hairbrush, singlets, court clothes and five magazines and books through the mail without a request form. Personal and legal visits are set down between 9am and 11am or 1.15pm and 3pm.

Prisoners receive an amenities allowance of $9.55 a week.

A Queensland Corrective Services spokesman said that jobs – including cleaning or kitchen duties, horticulture work in gardens or maintenance – pay $2.80-$8.50 a day.

Money from trust accounts can “buy up” items, including cigarettes, chocolate bars, lollies, chips, nuts, biscuits and two-minute noodles.

Gerard Baden-Clay, charged with the Murder of his wife Allison Baden-Clay

DETAILS have emerged in the murder case against Gerard Baden-Clay from affidavits relied on for his Supreme Court bail application.

The affidavits handed to the court for his Friday bail application included details of text messages Baden-Clay allegedly sent to his wife Allison on the morning he reported her missing where he repeatedly asked where she was.

As part of the investigation, Baden-Clay also provided police with an extensive curriculum vitae, revealing his past schooling and work history.

Details are reproduced below:

Gerard Baden-Clay

  • Born September 9, 1970, in Bournemouth, England.
  • He spent his younger years in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe)
  • Married to Allison June Baden-Clay (nee Dickie) on 23 August, 1997
  • His family (father Nigel, mother Elaine, sister Olivia and brother Adam) came to Australia in 1980 when he was 10 years-old after forming the view that it would be “safer to live in Australia”.
  • They initially lived in Melbourne, Victoria, for eight months before settling in Toowoomba in 1981.
  • Gerard completed primary school in Toowoomba at Gabbinbar State School.
  • He then went to Toowoomba Grammar School until 1987, completing year 12.
  • Obtained a tertiary entrance score of 900.
  • While at high school, he worked as a waiter at Squatters (a Toowoomba restaurant) and also undertook strawberry and potato picking in Lockyer Valley.
  • Represented Toowoomba in hockey in under 17 and under 21 divisions.
  • After school, he completed five years in a Bachelor of Business (majoring in accounting and computing) at the now University of Southern Queensland, formerly the Darling Downs Institute of Advanced Education.
  • At the same time, he spent three years with the Australia Army Reserve as a training officer.
  • While studying he supplemented his income chipping onions and picking potatoes in the Lockyer Valley and continuing to work as a waiter at the Squatters restaurant.
  • From 1991-93 he worked as an accountant in the Audit Division of KPMG Peat Marwick. For approximately 12 months, Gerard worked as a company accountant for Designer Workwear.
  • From 1994-97 he worked at Flight Centre, initially as a travel consultant for the first 24-hour division, managing his own outlet. Later, he worked as an office and recruitment systems manager.
  • At Flight Centre he met wife Allison and after marrying, they travelled overseas.
  • In London, he worked as a Financial Systems Consultant with Blockbuster International for six months while Allison worked with Dale Karnegie Training.
  • While overseas, he also worked in the Project Department of Kandersteg International Scouts Centre, Switzerland, as a volunteer for three months. Later, he worked as an assistant director of the International Scouts Centre for 12 months.
  • Gerard returned home with Allison in 1999 and went back to Flight Centre as the Global Systems and Communications Manager until the end of 2000.
  • After that, he worked at Raine & Horne at Kenmore for 10 months.
  • Gerard obtained his real estate agent’s licence during the period from late 2003 to early 2004.
  • He started as Principal and Managing Director of Century 21 Westside in 2004, where he remained until his arrest on June 13.

* Source: Gerard Baden-Clay affidavit dated June 21, 2012

Previous threads can be found using the links below, One being very first and so on…

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378 thoughts on “Gerard Baden Clay- The Prisoner-The man…Updates

  1. Thanks Shutta
    Heh heh heh
    I needed that!
    There”s a thumbs downer on the loose very agitated and anxious about something or other
    Dunno but must be backed into a corner or something No other recourse


  2. •After school, he completed five years in a Bachelor of Business (majoring in accounting and computing) at the now University of Southern Queensland, formerly the Darling Downs Institute of Advanced Education.
    Can someone explain why this doesn’t say he gained a Bachelor of Business Degree?( usual term).
    Completing 5 years is longer than most degrees, and just might be one year failed five times?
    I find this very carefully worded…there is no mention of the wording …. gained a degree…


  3. Tomorrow 29/06/12 we are going to take on a new project folks. Been working on it today. Think of pieces of the Puzzle.There will be 3 separate Threads you can go to and SPECIFICALLY discuss that TOPIC ONLY, based on the following

    MOTIVE-That being the massive financial debt, the affairs and the promise to leave his wife to his mistress, Toni McHugh.

    OPPORTUNITY-Did Gerard have the opportunity to murder his wife. Could of someone else done it? Was he helped in anyway?

    MEANS-If he did murder her, How did he go about it. How was she killed?, where was she killed?, When did it happen?, Where was she taken?

    This will give us all a new perspective of each of the 3 Elements that are a big part of proving a Murder Case. It will also give people a few options for their own area of interest. By all means, you can visit any or all of the 3 Threads,

    ALL I ASK Is you stay on the subject of the thread you are in, keep it relevant, and keep it civil. I will be DISABLING the thumbs up/down function in those threads. No silly games required here please.

    I’m looking forward to seeing how it goes, as we don’t need any new info to do this, we can dissect what we have already!

    Cheers Robbo


  4. noticed a cherry picker outside the Taringa Century 21 office, as I was driving along Moggil Rd, looked like it might have been involved in removing the sign from the front of the building,


  5. Good point Hercule Poirot
    Completed the course but didn’t necessarily GAIN a Bachelor of Business degree.
    (Not saying he definately failed the course)

    But Hercule Poirot has a serios point here
    Especially in light of painting himself up a fair bit.

    Be good to hear from someone who was in actually in his class either at DDIAE or TGS


  6. June 28, 2012 at 6:19 pm

    Marian that is an awesome theory, but the probelm I see is that:

    ” Remember there were reports of no obvious cause of death on Alison–so he may have had to stand there and take it being the “guilty party”.”

    “I still keep thinking about the blood curdling screams heard 4 kms away from the house–could she have encountered the real murderer?? ”

    If she was unlucky enough to encounter some random after she stormed out …. how did the random kill her …. Jump out from a bush and frighten her to death ?
    The “no obvious cause of death” makes it seem unlikely she was attacked after leaving … the killer wouldn’t have stood there and taken it … I doubt Allison would have either being in a heightened state of rage.

    I think I also read somewhere that there was a party going on that night somewhere, and from that a lot noise possible screams were heard with it being a pretty roudy party.


  7. Ok Phil – I think I’ve really heard it all now. Your phone can unlock itself, punch in a password, search the contacts list and initiate a face time call to your pappa, all in the dead of night, while you’re asleep. Not only that, it can detach and reattach itself to a charger.

    Robbo, I’m trying real hard to be nice here, but you have to know, this is killin’ me lol.
    :D :D :D


  8. Robbo – great idea with the 3 threads. Can I make a suggestion that you p!ss the thumbs up and down off altogether? It just seems to cause angst in the school yard. If the faceless, slap happy thumbs downers have something to say, they should stop lurking in the bushes and come on in and have their say. I feel it causes more harm than good. Just my opinion though :)

    P.s. are you getting ANY sleep? Hope so :)


  9. Yep Mrsmuddle as per the bail- fat chance caterpillar hearing u r “on the money”
    Apologies Robbo – for those that directly attack you- obviously organised groups and premeditated pack of Mongrel dogs from what I see. There were 15 thumbs (or was that dumbs) down for Robbo’s post at 3.58pm. Cretins if you don’t like it leave-don’t vote. My opinion its sad grots- rellies/tsvlle flock/defnec lawyers- etc- with vested interests or disgruntled prior ex posters that were banned- just go to websleuths or another site. Don’t behave Like Guilty as Gerard/Gerbil ! Attacking Robbos posts – just STUPID!… your mate knows -time is better spend ……. Googleing “pleading the fifth or something that you are used to …;-) …..just sayin dolls! xox


  10. BrissieBella – I agee, the clay caterpillar – Peter Pan AND bottle fed from birth!

    Phil, I reckon something else in yer pocket has control of yer phone mate! Sad really, those organs aren’t known for their “thinking’ capacity!

    Curious too, she’s a “trollop” what’s that make him?


  11. I read somewhere recently that some local Children admitted to the screaming going on in the area that night. Has anybody else read that? It was in one of the newspaper stories, can’t recall which one.


  12. Robbo, Can your site identify who actually hits thumbs Down & Up ?

    (well if I tell, that would be giving all I know away wouldn’t it…Robbo)


  13. Go ARC…yes its all a Valid defence Baloney Fantasy..the clay caterpillar – Peter Pan AND bottle fed from birth ! the self dialing/ charging uncharging/recharging/video calling phone…HEY but what do we know- we are possibly STUPID JURORS- quack quack goes the evidence! Capice?


  14. Having just read about the deep scratches on the right side of his face, one assumes not only was the beard to cover those, but the constant phone to the right side of the face as well. One also assumes the QPS would monitor through the telco that he was REALLY talking to someone versus staging a fake as the time spent talking is easily verified considering it was photographed.. Is he right or left handed? Does he normally use right or left hand to hold phone? More circumstantial evidence ….
    RE : Potentially fraudulent statement of degree status from academic institution . NPD’s talk up their academic status … usually needs verifying. Except he didn’t say he had a degree…did he…?


  15. I think what big Phil is trying to say here kids, is Allison has framed Gerbs for her own murder. Yep, that’s right, it was her calling Bwanna at 12.30pm and putting the phone back on the charger -right before she said “Ok darling, everything’s in order, you can throttle me to death now, and no one will suspect a thing”.

    What a joke!


  16. Caterpillar (7:55am) it is comforting to hear GBC won’t meet the criteria for ‘mental impairment’! I figured someone who has the presence of mind to plan and execute a killing like this, have the presence of mind to concern himself with researching how to avoid self-incrimination (not that silence avoided suspicion!) etc does not seem impaired.

    The family’s reaction and uncovered midnightly video call leads me to believe Bwana was complicit in some way. I wonder if GBC’s face time call was to ask for assistance or SHOW Bwana his injuries (scratches), and ask for advice on how he is going to explain and/or hide them. This could explain the need for a video rather than a voice call.

    Re the right vs left cheek confusion, in this pic it does look as if there are some on HIS left cheek. Maybe there were ones more obvious ones on his right cheek? The photo is not a high resolution one, maybe it is shadows we are seeing in this pic, not scratches?

    GMT (10:02am) I have been wondering if they ever found the clothes Allison was really wearing that night – either the ones she was wearing at the hairdresser, or her PJ’s. I do hope that was one of the items they found and removed when they did the initial search.

    Mike (10:56am) I do wonder if he is not in some breach legally regarding continuing to borrow money and ‘trade’ when he really should have been declared bankrupt long ago…should be interesting to see how this angle unfolds….

    Caterpillar (1:03pm) I just had an idea when reading your post. It was obvious at the time GBC wanted to ‘play for time’ and not see the police the day he staged that car crash. Is it possible that the scratches got a infected and ‘angry’ – more visible, so he needed time….for them to get medical attention and heal and the concealing beard to grow ?

    Sierrakora (7pm) I agree – if there’s nothing pertinent to add to the discussion, please don’t post. There is no need for us to post hundreds of posts every day – in fact it is very time consuming to read them all. Working full time I definitely won’t be able to keep it up much longer if this continues. Please let us all just post when we have something potentially useful to add (not repeat) about the actual thread topic. I’d much rather read much fewer but all considered topical posts, instead of wading through a raft of repeats, chit-chats and/or spats, interspersed with well considered posts. Can we please omit the former and just stick to the latter, or will this spoil the fun for some?


  17. Brissie Bella 9.44
    What you say is true.
    But it has never been verified or unverified.
    Ended up reeking of a cover up of actual screams by ??????? IMO
    About that time suggestions began to emerge re coverups, people in high places. and masons etc


  18. Found out today my Dad has bowel cancer. Big shock when you hear the “C” word. Good thing is they caught it early so the prognosis is good. Got me thinking how lucky I am that I know the possibility that his time may be limited. Gives me a chance to attempt to make up for the time I got suspended from boarding school, for the first time I got drunk, for the attitude when I had friends stay at my house and he got out his guitar (so embarrassing Dad….just go to bed!!!). For going out with that guy you knew wasn’t going to treat me right but being there to hold my hand when it all fell apart. Allison’s family didn’t get that. They didn’t know that the last time they saw her was going to be the LAST time they saw her. They didn’t get to make up for any of those things that may have seemed petty at the time – but would be weighing heavily on their minds now. Perspective, friends. There have been some savage posts today. Let’s get the whole thing back into perspective.


  19. I seem to recall on a few occasions where police have stated that they believe Alison was murdered in the home and then her body placed in the vehicle. If that’s the case then the screams heard that night could not have been her.


  20. Sorry for your bad news duchess… I recently lost my mum to pancreatic cancer… diagnosed in Feb, passed on 15th May….
    Your dad is fortunate to have, as you say, been diagnosed early. Here’s to a full recovery :)


  21. Jen 10.11
    Another poster here couple of days ago put forward a theory regarding a deviation
    Meaning someone falsely created the screams to divert attention from the real place of action
    Given the amount of deceipt, lies and decoys in this case to date, that thought is not implausible.
    I do feel that what the police have stated thus far has been 100% accurate.
    Allison knew her killer
    There is no random killer on the street.
    (I must have missed that QPS believe Alison was murdered in the home)
    I have every faith in QPS


  22. Agree with you RIP @ 10.02, also working at the moment and finding it hard to keep up when I get home. I have to skim over so many posts… maybe it will help with the 3 threads… good idea Robbo. And I agree, get rid of the thumbs. Tonight especially, they are just out of control.


  23. So sorry for your loss Brissibella and thank you for your kind wishes. Our family is taking a very optimistic view and, in fact, giving him a bit of a hard time. He has always been a bit of a hypochondriac so we are all now saying “so you really were sick!” We are a bit demented, but it helps…


  24. In my humble opinion the midnight face time call to NBC is one of the most damning pieces of evidence.

    Some have suggested a scenario where GBC has a huge fight with Allison, involving scratches , she storms off and is killed by a lurking prowler.

    If GBC had said that he went to bed ,not caring at that point what happened to her, but later woke and when she hadnt returned home he then called NBC who said -Don’t worry she”ll be back tomorrow.” and he then returned to bed ,that would be somewhat plausible.

    GBC has presumably not been asked about the call because it was only revealed last Thursday.NBC has and refused to comment-his failure to provide any explanátion is damning.

    This is ,of course, coupled with the evidence re the charging of the phone.

    Individual pieces of the puzzle may be capable of alternative explanations, but the evidence so far.looked at as a whole, is , as the judge said “compelling”


  25. RIP always on the Money-please stay- Duchess-wishes are with u and yr dad- great post! Deeleym 2.38pm BINGO – ditto2 CENTS AT 2.58pm YA GOT THE DEFENCE WORRIED-rightly so, Judy 2.58pmand 3.21- money and daddy must own both houses..well there’s ya motive and control freak…#1 Narcissist -organiser- control- bingo Dan! Mr Gormsby 5.24pm.Gerbil the guilty magician- Yes it is. 990 was the highest but if someone got 900 catrepillar points…. then they must be pretty intelligent or a very hard worker. Smart but stupid! He’s NOT EVEN a CPA or a CA just a “daddy paid for me to go to uni for 5 yrs-retard ”…and there are plenty of them!… Simone at at 6:39 pm smart- impartial and well written ……………unlike me………………… there ya go GG…………….. dots 4 you, coz I can!….. Thx Mrs Scott at 6.39 – stay true and strong- even Robbo is under attack by the GUILTY and associates-thumbs downers, he knows who they are but doen’t even bother SO don’t take offence- Draw your Bow strong and TRUE! …Lil old angelkim…rhumbles as hard as she is rhumbled of course wines don’t help which is my own fault – but I post for reaction/vibe/heart many a time..and it works)…and so far no scratches on my face Gerby … coming back for more..please as I gouge your eyes- hit you in the throat! Sierra hit it on the head…called boredom…stircrazy..jumping the gun… whenever there is a lull in information people turn on each other.Yep yep and Yep…ha MARPS POPPED IN… trAVELLING, AND using PECULIR KEYBOard …What extra stupidity has Gerard got up to today? Hmmm thinking “Told Bubba he can F off and get his own mustard coloured c22 Straight Jacket…. Shutta 9:11 pm… Fish…hmm- gessing that’d be Q fish ! …yes interesting times.. but Tick Tick Tick QPS knows exactly who is involved- or the king pins and accomplicies at least- days are numbered,,, afew more arrests in the coming weeks- when it suits QPS- because Qld law needs changing- oo many grubs getting off from baloney! …just sayin,,,;-)


  26. …JMO..the whole family are Privvy to this info about what occurred, Sis Skull is in it thicker than Pigs S_it …….. NBC – guessing he’s the reason it happened – money and its def pre meditated that’s why QPS are waiting!…………………………………… JMO-All the others-married partners know enough to make em accessories…a wee pillow talk honey bun !!! ….. I reckon the intel QPS are collecting would be sickening but priceless just how dysfunctional BWANA AND MRS BWANA ARE…it would be cold/sad/boring/domineering/controlling- just like they are in real life now that their extravagant voyeur fantasies have been cut down and their lil Cherub Gerbs is in Medical incarceration! Boo hoo ! Poor gerbil !..;-)


  27. Good on you angel, the skies will clear tomorrow…haha Ive got thick skin and a bigger head! make sure to check out new threads from 6am.I just finished writing them, time for bed folks…goodnight all!


  28. What a strange 24 hours it has been….

    Phil and his Phenomenal Philandering Phone..

    Mrs Scott packing up her bat and ball (surely not? Perhaps it isn’t Scotty’s Missus after all?)

    Phil and his various mutations getting all Paranoid, then running out of Puff…

    Robbo muscling up even more than usual.

    Some interloper allegedly attempting to masquerade as a travelling and keyboard challenged Miss Marple?

    Not to mention the total distraction of yet further analysis of the Chamberlain case (sorry, but “yawn…”)

    To those who have asked for the blog to return to its original charter – thank you!!

    To return home to literally hundreds of posts off track, “cheerios” amongst friends, and discussions about the weather, is tiresome reading given the seriousness of the matter at hand – particularly now that we are hopefully getting down to “the pointy end…”

    That bleating aside, particulary good contributions from Hercule and Shutta tonight (amongst others).


  29. Just considering, clay caterpillar’s 2 other “companions” may have also made a point of “speaking” with QPS.

    So much more to be revealed.


  30. Well said GHS..

    It hit an all time low when the weather was the focus, I know some like to lighten things up, fair enough, but the weather???

    I think Robbo must be feeling the discussion has been drifting off the mark as well to be introducing the three topics, should be interesting and thought provoking.

    Well done.


  31. Well said GerbilHuntingSeason, it’s turned into a cross between Days of Our Lives and a knitting club.

    With the advent of all these “on topic” new threads Robbo, will you be giving the kiddies a separate “off topic” thread so they can still all play in the sandpit and throw it in each other’s eyes. I fear if you don’t you’ll lose a lot of your old crew as many seem to show that’s their main purpose in being here from what we’ve seen lately.


  32. Well said GerbilHuntingSeason, it’s turned into a cross between Days of Our Lives, a knitting club and posters who don’t make one iota of sense for being under the influence of some substance or other.

    With the advent of all these “on topic” new threads Robbo, will you be giving the kiddies a separate “off topic” thread so they can still all play in the sandpit and throw it in each other’s eyes. I fear if you don’t you’ll lose a lot of your old crew as many seem to show that’s their main purpose in being here from what we’ve seen lately.


  33. I hope it’s okay with you, Kenmore Mum, to just cut and paste your post here.
    I have been working all night here and you have said what I would say to Mrs Scott.
    I am burning the midnight oil here (and not even a sign of Peter Garrett to serenade me so what’s with that?).

    Kenmore mum says:
    June 28, 2012 at 8:50 pm

    Mrs Scott says:
    June 28, 2012 at 6:39 pm


    You were haunted by my husband? That in itself says a lot about the mentality of people in this forum

    Mrs Scott interested was not being rude. I read the post that she was saying how Scott had found out things a while back & I remember people were poo-pooing him. She was impressed. I agree that nerves get frayed in here when there is no new news. Hopefully you’ll come back tomorrow…new day, :)


  34. In response to mrsmuddle

    June 28, 2012 at 9:49 pm

    * * * * *

    With respect, I don’t think that (see below) is what Phil was saying at all when you write in response
    Phil has put forward alternative scenarios. I posted about this yesterday (just checked and it IS Friday morning) afternoon. Thursday, that is.

    I sense a lot of fear and anger from people who are reacting negatively to Phil’s comment (I am only referring to his first).
    I have no reason to think that people are reacting so strongly other than that.
    No reasonable person is likely to be enraged about the prospect of different scenarios… unless they really do know what happened.

    However, I believe it is unhelpful to re-word his/her post with:

    “I think what big Phil is trying to say here kids, is Allison has framed Gerbs for her own murder. Yep, that’s right, it was her calling Bwanna at 12.30pm and putting the phone back on the charger -right before she said “Ok darling, everything’s in order, you can throttle me to death now, and no one will suspect a thing”.

    * * * * *


  35. GG – with due respect, if Phil wants to throw up a possible scenario that this poor dead woman was running around making calls on Gerbs phone in the night, instead of the culprit himself (who’s behind bars I might add), then sorry, but yes I’ll have an opinion.

    The bottom line – there’s no evidence lurking about to suggest it was Allison, however there’s a truckload to suggest it was Gerbs – “compelling” even. I’ve been respectful of Phil (a lot more than other posters have here), I’ve not sworn at or berated him either. Its a healthy discussion.

    It intrigues me no end, why posters on this blog feel the need to fight other’s battles.


  36. And one more thing, while its always “possible” she made the 12.30pm call, its not “probable” given ALLLLLLLLL the other evidence, the lies, the affairs, the charger, the blood, the family, the googling….

    If none of that other stuff existed, sure, I think Phil may be on to something. Simply put though…there’s not a snowflake’s chance in hell Allison made that call. If she did, Bwana would be forthcoming, surely even for him, he wouldn’t let his son rot in prison while he held vital information that could assist with his release…. UNLESS…. it was Bwana himself who murdered Allison, and it suits him to have young yellow jacket take the fall. Possible, as I’d put nothing past this family, but this is up there with being as heinous as the crime itself. Could one person be that rotten to the core? I just don’t believe it.


  37. Judy – you’re kidding? How many fans? Have they got the wall activated to post? It’ll be a set up. No doubt done, so that the “haters” as they call us, will jump on the wall, leaving “hate mail”, hence trial by media… unfair trial… blah blah blah. Sookie sookie sookie! How bout you keep it in your pants Gerbs, do an honest days work and just NOT murder your wife. If you could nail the basics, it would indeed be business as usual bro!


  38. Just checked the new threads at 6.25am and they’re not loading – sent you an email Robbo. Ah well, need to head off to work soon. See you guys this evening!


  39. Gerbil Hunting Season

    I don’t pack up my bat and ball and run but thank you for your input. My husband is away working so it is me in here and not him.

    Kenmore mum. Thank you.

    interested. It would have been better if you elaborated on why you were haunted by my husbands comments. Had you done that, I wouldn’t have felt the need to go off my tree at you. I apologise.

    GG. I formed an opinion on another case and was crucified for it yet people in here are forming opinions about this case and they fly under the radar.

    angelkim. Thank you. I’m always strong, I have to be. I will not buckle to pressure and I never ever surrender to anyone. Given all the crap you have taken from people in here, you have done will to remain and not be put down by anyone. I take my hat off to you for that.


  40. mrsmuddle says:
    June 29, 2012 at 6:22 am

    yes you can post on the wall….I can’t believe how many sick people there are in this world.


  41. Robbo, I just clicked on one of the new threads to see what’s there, and it said ‘page not found’. It’s now 6:30. There must be a gremlin in the works.

    Wishing everyone a great Friday. Hoping to see some progress with the case soon – personally I think a supoena of NBC to give evidence asap will be the next most informative event. IF he is thuthful (both in NOT lying and NOT omitting information either, considering he’ll be at risk of perjury charges if he’s not), the cat would truly be out of the bag and the ball will be rolling very fast.

    He may have been given time to consider the alternatives and come to terms with the idea that he really does not have a choice. The secret is out anyway – for the sake of Allison and the 3 kids, the Dickies as well as any BC family members who were not involved, not to mention common decency -it really is time for the TRUTH to be told….. come clean Nigel and let this be over with! Everyone’s had quite enough of the games that have been playing!


  42. very well said again RIP- Yep NBC ….Man/Mouse or Monster (there’s one who’s COWARDLY in medical incarceration) …. NBC is obviously the ring leader/ track covered and is so scared he maintains his Cowardly Children’s Charade …. QPS will loosen lips ;-) …. So truthfull RIP….. – for the sake of Allison and the 3 kids, the Dickies as well as any BC family members who were not involved, not to mention common decency -it really is time for the TRUTH to be told….. come clean Nigel and let this be over with! Everyone’s had quite enough of the games that have been playing !


  43. Good morning BrissieBella

    Dumb question to ask but I have to ask. Is anyone in here computer savvy?

    I have made 4 attempts to sign into my hotmail a/c and it keeps prompting me to enter a valid phone number, excluding mobiles, then, it asks me to provide an the answer for my secret question.

    I’ve done what was asked and I still can’t access hotmail.

    I can’t ring Scott, no phones permitted until morning tea or lunch. I’m thinking my a/c has either been hacked or, its an attempted hack.

    Any ideas?


  44. Robbo, re; new threads.

    Error 404 page not found.

    What does that mean?

    (Sorry about that fixed now,I had them scheduled to go live at 6am, but they didn’t…Had to do it manually when I got on just now…Robbo)


  45. Good Morning Mrs Scott …. I know about as much about PC’s as I do about flying a space shuttle , however I’d take a punt you’ve incorrectly answered the secret question.

    Error 404 suggests there’s a problem accessing the new page …

    i cant get it to open either , another guess is that there is a problem and Robbo has not as yet been on his machine today ….

    Elliot may have had a bad night and Robbo may have been tending to his needs and getting some shut eye.

    I have a busy day and wont be back on till late this arvo or tonight …. it should be sorted by then.


  46. Poirot

    The correct term is completed a degree or gained the qualification of.. I’ve worked in a uni over a decade and never known study to be quantified in time studied. The closest would be someone studying in fourth year etc. I too, have never known a five year course in business unless it’s a double degree with law or similar. I can also attest that at that uni at that time double degrees would not have been offered.

    He had a TE score (tertiary entrance) of 900 and could have done many courses eg UQ, he was quite smart but seems didn’t apply himself. He came from a good school, very good results and opportunities so what went wrong? I think whatever it was would give an insight to his personality.


  47. Good morning Mike

    LOL, I’ve answered the question correctly, its not possible to get my mothers name wrong.

    I’m concerned because we were expecting bank statements that a/c at midnight last night.

    I’ve tried again and its still asking me to enter a valid telephone number and answer the secret question.

    Its possible it has been hacked. I’m not computer savvy so I don’t know what it is. I’ve never had it happen until this morning.


  48. Mike

    I’m hoping Phil hasn’t done something to Robbo’s website. That was my initial thought and only a thought. He threatened Robbo late yesterday so could have the technology to do something to the site?

    (The site is working fine, just a glitch in the schedule I set…Must of set pm instead of am, I did that so I could keep an eye on it from the start this morning.Hope things get worked out Mrs scott…robbo)


  49. Mrs Scott –

    I’d be sus of that…. I don’t have any suggestions on what to do though, sorry.
    Still not able to access the new threads.. perhaps Robbo has had a long night with bub.

    Puzzler –

    Interesting what you say about GBC’s TE score, they’re excellent and yes, he could have done any number of things. I too wonder what the heck happened to this seemingly “normal happy family”.as in the beginning, they seemed to have it all.

    I do believe he once loved Allison, even THAT fateful day I doubt he hated Allison. I’m angry because it needn’t have been that way. We all know that and hindsight is a wonderful thing.

    By all accounts and I’m sure she was a loving wife and mother and I dare say she’d have been wonderfully supportive of him.

    RIP Allison.

    I’ve seen the “affair” thing before with certain men, (not all men) they suffer what is commonly termed “pussy struck” and it tends to happen in situations where there are younger children in the family where the wife can become caught up in the day to day running of the home etc. These men (Peter Pans) don’t like that the spotlight is no longer focused on them and go out looking for attention.
    He found it with TMH.
    TMH should have known better. She has no morals. She worked with Allison for heaven’s sake and that in my eyes is inexcusable. What a two-faced thing she is.
    Even more infuriating is the fact that the BC’s knew about the affair.

    Along with that affair came the need to impress and the greed struck. She (TMH) of course would have fueled that need in him with her rumored race horse family connections and the like.
    His greed and his spoiled golden son upbringing have led to this awful tragedy. He was living beyond his means, I mean who goes out and rents an expensive office in light of the financial situation he’s in?
    I think he saw Allison as weak and that he sees himself and his family above everyone else (including the QPS) I believe he thought he’d damn well get away with it, after all, he is a BC and well, these Police are only public servants.

    I tend to agree that this situation is a result of his personality. A mixture of Peter Pan syndrome and narcissism

    *wonders if the new threads are open yet*


  50. Maybe into these new threads a fresh start can be made. I take note of the folks who say that things get off topic and irrelevant to the discussion.

    I have an idea that I’m surprised I hadn’t thought of before.That is a general sort of Lounge Page, where the chat can be about anything in general not really needed anywhere else specific.

    The other one is a chat window, a lot of you would be familiar with those instant chat things, 100 words tops or whatever….(that will take a day or 2 to set up,I have to change some setup)

    How does that sound to clear the number of trivia type chatter?


  51. Robbo, the lounge and chat window sounds like a great idea.

    I have posted a couple of comments (1 in here and one in the new thread “Motive”) and they’ve disappeared.

    Not sure why?




  52. Mrs Scoot, if you put the wrong password into hotmail 3 times you are locked out (24 hours I think). Same deal as with using an ATM.


  53. Puzzler,
    You are taking as truth his score of 900. i take nothing as truth knowing this personality type,
    all things need to be verified.I also understand the education , university system. You are right and I also know that unless he announces having a degree, he most likely doesn’t. I also see he states he did a 5 year study ( which one assumes he wasn’t qualified until finished) however he worked as an ” accountant ” prior to finishing his study…..look back the discrepency is there. Also he did not last at anything for long, usually less than a year ( pattern behaviour there).
    RE: Scratches covered up…. I have also looked at some videos of him walking with his phone, he was texting using his left hand only in one walking video away from the police station, 11% of the population are left handed, it’s almost impossible for a right handed person to text solely using left hand as quickly as he was. If he text using left hand (only ), then he is most likely to put it to his left ear to speak. All the photos after the event show him with the phone to right ear which made me wonder about him covering up scratches.Clearly people close to him know his handedness so I could be wrong about this. His wedding photo shows him with a pen in right hand but these photos are often done as posed for effect. when Allison went missing and the headlines immediately announced her talents (speaking six languages, winning competitions etc…) I thought what a strange thing to highlight…. but often NPD’s have “trophy” wives they like to hold up as extensions of themselves so if the source was GBC it would be what he thought was important e.g. qualifications, talents,competitions won etc… Allison’s were genuine but the source of GBC’s need to be verified before I would believe his. Part of NPD is over evaluating self, particularly in the intelligence department. The real evaluation is ….do his achievements match his so called intelligence?….


  54. Mrs Scott says:
    June 29, 2012 at 8:53 am
    Good morning Mike

    LOL, I’ve answered the question correctly, its not possible to get my mothers name wrong.

    Hi Mrs Scott…hopefully not too late for you to help. This happened to me the other day…my Q mums birthplace…no brainteaser but got it wrong everytime…
    I ended up resetting my password. Just click forgot password & it’ll send a new activation to you. Must be a glitch. Don’t go putting in anything private…ie phone numbers. I keep all that to myself. I even have separate emails for things such as this & FB


  55. Re Ozmosis (10:39am) Face Book site SupportGerardbadenClay, from the bit I could see without logging on, it looks like he is getting trashed on his own suppport page and have only 2 ‘likes’ at this stage. Maybe Dad & Sis??


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