Gerard Baden-Clay-How does the Puzzle look on MOTIVE?

Murder shall be taken to have been committed where the act of the accused, or thing by him or her omitted to be done, causing the death charged, was done or omitted with reckless indifference to human life, or with intent to kill or inflict grievous bodily harm upon some person, or done in an attempt to commit, or during or immediately after the commission, by the accused, or some accomplice with him or her, of a crime…

This high profile case has captured the imagination of everybody it seems. From the day Allison went missing,  the suspicious behaviour of her husband, to the search, The discovery of her body, The funeral, The investigation, The media, and Arrest which came from nowhere and then the Bail application, the Bomb Threat, then Bail was denied and now GBC is on remand in Jail

So here we are many months later and what do we have. We obviously have a highly circumstantial case of Murder against Gerard Baden-Clay at the moment.

I think any ONE aspect taken in isolation could be seen to be suspicious.

But as one links all the pieces together they start to paint a much bigger picture.

Means, Motive, and Opportunity is a popular cultural summation of the three aspects of a crime needed to convince a jury of guilt in a criminal proceeding. Respectively, they refer to: the ability of the defendant to commit the crime (means), the reason the defendant had to commit the crime (motive), and whether or not the defendant had the chance to commit the crime (opportunity). Opportunity is most often disproved by use of an alibi, which can prove the accused was not able to commit the crime as he or she did not have the correct set of circumstances to commit the crime. Ironically, motive is not an element of many crimes, but proving motive can often make it easier to convince a jury of the elements that must be proved for a conviction. Furthermore, a showing of the presence of these three elements is not, in and of itself, sufficient to convict beyond a reasonable doubt; the evidence must prove that an opportunity presented was indeed taken by the accused and for the crime with which he or she is charged.

Motive, that being the massive financial debt, the affairs and the promise to leave his wife to his mistress, Toni McHugh.

Opportunity, did Gerard have the opportunity to murder his wife. Could of someone else done it? Was he helped in anyway?

Means, if he did murder her, How did he go about it. How was she killed?, where was she killed?, When did it happen?, Where was she taken? The list goes on.

The pieces of clues to this puzzle are significant and reach wide. We are going to have a go at documenting them right here folks UNDER THE FOLLOWING HEADINGS


that being the massive financial debt, the affairs and the promise to leave his wife to his mistress, Toni McHugh.


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  1. Gidday here, its Bruce Overlander here. I don’t know why all youse seem to have it in for my great mate Gerardo. Its a miscarriage of justice mate. He is a loving family man. Put his wife and kids first before anything or anyone mate. Sometimes, a bloke just has to have a bit of relief on the side mate, nothin’ wrong with that love, just so’s no one gets hurt. A bit of innocent fun mate.

    What’s a few little outstanding loans to a couple of mates got to do with anything? A little bit of pressure from the other little lady- it’s hardly enough reason for murder mate.

    He had it all sorted to pay them all back- he had plans and some money coming- a payout of sorts- don’t worry love. Just give him a bit of time mate, and all his problems would go away.

    There was just a little matter complicating things, but he was going to sort it out one dark night in winter, and no one need know.


  2. Allison’s life insurance and superannuation said to be worth in excess of $900k

    Serious financial woes.

    $275,000 owed to friends in “gentlemen’s agreements”
    $200,000 owed to a former business partner (Toni McHugh I read somewhere)?
    $335,000 as guarantor on a mortgage
    $ 45,000 credit card debt
    $ 75,000 to the CEO of Century 21 and various business loans
    $ 58,000 to his parents, Nigel and Elaine Baden-Clay.
    $988,000 Total

    The affairs
    It is alleged GBC was having affairs with two other women whilst continuing his 4 year long affair with Toni McHugh even though he told Allison the affair with McHugh ended in October of 2011.
    The motive being that he allegedly promised Toni McHugh that they would be together by the 1st July 2012 and GBC had to do something fast! time was approaching quickly and the only way he could achieve this was to kill two birds with one stone!
    1 “top the missus”
    2 Claim the missus insurance and super

    Voila! GBC aka Bruce Overland, could after a suitable grieving period, continue his affair with McHugh, pay off his debts and live happily ever after…
    Or so he thought…


  3. Motives

    1. Serious financial trouble
    2. The mistresses

    Serious financial trouble:

    $275,000 owed to friends in “gentlemen’s agreements”
    $200,000 to a former business partner (reported to be Toni McHugh)
    $335,000 as guarantor on a mortgage
    $ 45,000 credit card debt
    $ 75,000 to the CEO of Century 21 and various business loans
    $ 58,000 to his parents, Nigel and Elaine Baden-Clay.
    $988,000 in total

    Allisons life insurance and superannuation is reported to be worth in excess of $900k.

    The Mistresses

    It is alleged GBC aka Bruce Overland was having affairs with two other women at the same time he was continuing his 4 year long affair with ex colleague Toni McHugh. He’s been such a busy boy!!
    GBC had allegedly told Toni McHugh that he would tell Allison that he was leaving her and be with her by July 1st 2012.
    He thought in his self-serving sick mind that he could achieve this and more by killing two birds with one stone.
    Voila!! knock off the missus and claim her superannuation and life insurance, pay back the outstanding debt and live happily ever after (after a suitable grieving period of course) with Toni McHugh.


  4. Motive was money. Documents submitted to the court on the day of his bail hearing show to that affect in the form of calls made to Allisons Insurance company.

    However, I don’t believe he meant to kill her on that night. I think they had a heated exchange and had what could be deemed a brain snap.

    If it was premeditated and it was meant to happen that night, he wouldn’t have made the facetime call to his father. I think that call was out of sheer panic. Dad, Allison and I have had a major arguement and I’ve accidently killed her and don’t know what to do. Please help.

    He was desperate for help or he wouldn’t have called his father at 12.30am.


  5. Love the puzzle graphic at the top of the page – great idea to segment the discussion into the different events – keep up the good work mate.


  6. I don’t believe he loved Toni either as he also had 2 other girlfriends whilst he was with Toni. He knew Toni had money as she had sold a house in Pullenvale (that is how they met) ..wouldn’t mind betting TMH would have been victim number 2. I also think he was using mental torture on Allison drawing a picture of TMH house in Allisons Journal, waiting for Allison to crack so he could say she committed suicide…..however it all went terribly wrong and in the heat of an argument he killed Allison….all because of his greed for money…money to pay his debts…money to live the high life…money to spend on his women, he couldn’t face being bankrupt as his ego couldn’t allow him to look like a failure…which he is ‘a failure’ in every area !!!!
    a failure as a business man
    a failure as a husband
    a failure as a father
    GBC is just a total ‘failure’

    just my thoughts 🙂


  7. What about the alleged argument that the DPP is hinting at…. the bit where the judge said the potential for conflict – meaning a heated exchange of words/fight scenario – became “quite acute”…

    Did ABC say anything that would be extremely incendiary to him?!! Maybe a certain word starting with D….. and this time she meant it…

    It doesn’t seem to have been planned for that night… But almost definitely, a general course-of-action had been agreed on by person/s (insurance)…. then things flew out of control without proper planning…

    He is a walking timebomb but did something set him off prematurely ? Was Bruce’s July 1st vow genuine or semi-genuine ? Course it was….. He had a good month to do this a bit more cleanly…

    Then again…maybe I am wrong… this could be Bruce’s idea of a well-planned murder…. geez… amateur-hour….


  8. Judy

    I agree. If he loved TM as much as he had her believing, he would never have had other affairs during his relationship with her.

    He didn’t have a whole lot of love left for Allison. He was planning to leave her by July 1. TM was blinded by his BS. Deep down, I think she really believed they would spend the rest of their lives together and live happily ever after.

    Thankfully, that didn’t happen. To the best of my knowledge, TM comes from a very wealthy family in Sydney. There was a good chance that had her and GBC been together and ended up married, she may well have been the next on the list because he had an obvious hunger for money.


  9. judgejuryexecutioner

    Yes! That could have been what started the argue or, the lack of funds available on the credit card to pay for the groceries.


  10. I agree with Mrs scott, motive was money. but i beleive this was planned for this night. It appears by earlier reports the girls were on a sleepover maybe that was how it was supposed to be. The facetime , I think GBC didnt realise that it could be traced. If he panicked because he lost the plot on Allison he would have rang his father using a normal call.. i think he made the choice to involve his father that night after killing allison, i think something went wrong and he neeeded his father.


  11. We have to try and think like a murderer and let me tell you, that isn’t easy.

    The latest reports suggested the girls were at home on the night Allison was murdered. So we go back too, was it a heat of the moment argue that spiralled out of control and he just thought, what the heck, I may as well do the job I planned to do?

    I’ve been trying to fit his father into this puzzle and that isn’t an easy job either because it means we need to be able to think like him as well as GBC.

    Did his father stand to gain from Allisons death? Were the BC family also struggling financially? Do we know if they have hired a lawyer? And if so, does this mean they also have a case to answer?

    What did they stand to gain from murderering or assisting in the murder of Allison?


  12. Mrs Scott, I went to give you a thumbs up..LOL
    jo-beth, it was revealed in court that the girls were at home that night..the sleep over was for the next night (Friday night)
    i think it was premeditated but not for that night.


  13. I think the GBC family do benefit from Allisons death, but I dont think this would be enough to warrant participation in the murder. i think NBC is guilty of an after the fact crime. but initially to help get his precious out of a big problem. The fact that they are not talking to police is an indication of something that they hiding.


  14. LOL Judy

    I think they had an argue over their current financial status ie; no funds on a credit card to pay for the weeks groceries. Allison comes home from the hairdresser, GBC asks, where did you get the money to have your hair done when we don’t have enough for food. Domestic erupts, he loses it and accidently kills her.

    I even believe the police know he killed her and offered him a lesser charge if he confessed to the murder.


  15. jo-beth

    I agree. Senior BC knows what was said in the facetime call and he is withholding vital evidence from the police by not speaking with them. Its the evidence they need to build a solid case and get a conviction but he is the father. Its only natural for him to want to protect his son from being imprisoned for life. Little does he know, the longer he withholds the evidence, the tougher it is for his sons defence team.

    At the very least, Senior BC should be charged with hindering a police investigation into the murder of his daughter in law.


  16. If we take that what the police said in court as gospel (no signs of injuries) makes the lost the plot on her a little hard to accept. If this is the case, you would think there would be more visible signs of that on her body. because when a person does a crime on the spur of the moment ie due to rage he wouldnt be thinking how to do it and not leave any signs of attack..


  17. @mrs scott, I agree they should charge him with hindering an investigation, why they havent amazes me. they must have a good reason not to..


  18. I think your on the money Mrs Scott
    If GBC is telling the truth 🙂 and they really were seeing a counsellor, then I would think that Allison would be under the impression that GBC had finished with his affairs and was seeing a counsellor with her trying to get their marriage back on track. Then suddenly that night he tells Allison that TMH would also be at the same meeting that Allison was going to the next day, I should imagine that would be enough to start an argument happening as Allison would want to know…’how do you know this Gerard’..’you have obviously been in contact with her again Gerard’
    I believe Allison would have had enough by then and possibly threatened with Divorce and Child Support for the children…….CHILD SUPPORT would totally cripple Gerard financially.


  19. UNDENIABLE motive – money, lust and a lack of love for and commitment to Allison. Probably the most powerful of these for a narcissistic low-life like GBC would be the money he owed. Where a lot of males resort to suicide in cases like this – he would see the death as himself as too great a loss to the world. The lust part – well it is an over powering drug for anyone – I watched my own ‘decent’ best friend struggle with this when he actually still loved his wife. For someone like GBC it was more a case of ‘get outta my way’!!! IMHO.


  20. Morning All

    Re Motive and timing, It is my belief that the July 1 Deadline, by which a number of loans were due for repayment was looming. There is evidence that TMH had spoken with GBC towards ensuring that ABC would not be attending the RE Conference the next day, and that such prompted eirhter a request to Allison that she not attend, or a direct attack to ensure she wouldn’t.

    Given that NBC had loaned GBC $ 58,999, and would have been aware of the dire financial position the Business and GBC were in, I wonder if he was aware the GBC’s only chance of repaying the loans, and of NBC recovering his money, was for GBC to access ABC’s Super and Life Policies, and that NBC was fully aware of GBC’s plan, with the next question being, Did NBC just condone the plan as it was the only chance he had of recovering hios money, or did he actually concieve the plan.


  21. jo-beth says:
    June 29, 2012 at 11:28 am

    What we have to remember jo is that the body had been out in the weather for 11 days, possibly in water, definitely in rain, so there could have been injuries….just not visible ….


  22. Judy

    That is spot on. I think Scott mentioned something about GBC only going because it was an ego thing and he felt the need to portray himself as a family man.

    His father has to be charged with something, even slap a charge on him for hindering a police investigation however, are the police hanging him out to dry? The longer he takes to open up about the call, the worse the charges could be. The police may have told him to speak up now or you could also end up doing time. One would think that sort of threat would make him talk about the facetime call or are the family all in on this together?

    If 1 domino falls, it seems to have a flow on affect.


    About time we had a place to make comments in general or off topic don’t you think folks?

    Hopefully it will remove a bit of the trivia we tend to chat about within a thread on certain subjects. Anything goes here, within reason of course, and still NO sledging permitted.

    I will also get a chat widget up and running too for quick little conversations folks can have with each other, without the need for permanent comments. That will be in a few days, I have to move my server over to enable some really cool widgets and features for us to enjoy!


  24. If his father is involved in this, did GBC also borrow money from his parents on the promise they would get it back in the not too distant future?

    That could be why Senior BC is refusing to co operate with the police. It would be self incrimination and would further implicate his son, if thats at all possible.


  25. Have you seen the photo of the childrens toys in the boot of the silver 4WD found with blood (and hair) ?

    The interior was photographed by the police when they searched it and it had a big basket full of dolls, another box that looked to full of toys, another big basket, and a collection of objects including small chairs…

    Remember…this silver 4WD was two months old on April 19th (it was a new car almost).

    I didn’t think Allison would have that large amount of toys in her car… to me it seemed a large amount of toys for one car…

    I think a “random attacker” would NEVER have done put them in…..

    They had to be put in there after the cleanup…. to me this is very suspect and points to certain person or persons….

    It suggests it WAS NOT a random attacker…

    Did anyone see the Toy photographs from the blood-4WD ? I think it is VERY important.


  26. I remember we were getting impatient wondering why the QPS hadn’t arrested GBC yet…then suddenly they made their pounce on him,the QLP then blew us away with the evidence they had against GBC…I think the same will happen to NBC, we’re all getting impatient wondering why the police haven’t yet arrested NBC…I think when the QPS do make another arrest they will blow us away again with the evidence they have against NBC.


  27. yes judge, I saw the photo of the toys and what amazed me with the toys..they were all lined up across the back as if to hide something


  28. After the killing, the 4WD boot area would have been cleared off anything, seats collapsed, body loaded in…. drive, dump it, return and then clean the car…. add the childrens toys to the boot for the final touch…

    BUT ask yourself this…. would a random attacker load these large amount of toys into this vehicle ? Of course not….


  29. Can we rule out GBC paying someone to kill Allison in the form of an IOU? He stood to gain almost $1m from Allisons death. He could have hired someone to do it and then paid that person out the life insurance money.

    Just another crazy thought I had when I was outside.


  30. @judy, so he maybe have been hiding the blood, wow thats very laksy daisy. He may have thought that he was never going to be a suspect. As you would have thought that he would have attempted to clean it more thoroughly. but maybe time got away with him that night…


  31. That’s possible Mrs Scott, but not probable as the amount he stood to gain wouldn’t even cover his current debts. I doubt he’d pay for it. The evidence points to him, and IMO he did it. Sure he had an accomplice after the fact, also IMO. 🙂


  32. Yes BrissieBella however, he would have been more concerned about paying the debts to financial institutions before paying his mates. Mates will usually wait for their money but not banks. It was just a crazy thought I had but it detracts away from those incriminating scratches on his face and oh boy, the scratch on his left cheek is rather deep.


  33. What I am saying is….

    A random attacker wouldn’t kill her, load the body into her car, drive out to Kholo, return the car, clean it… and then for the final touch load the boot with a basket full of dolls, toys and childrens chairs….. and the toys came from inside the house maybe ?

    The random attacker scenario has no evidence supporting it… and the toys in the boot of Allison’s car further discredit the concept IMO.

    Anyone follow ?


  34. judgejuryexecutioner

    I hear you and yes I’m with you on that. The police did say that Allison knew her killer/killers.

    The toys on the back seat just sickens me to no end. How dare anyone put kids toys on blood stained seats! Beyond my comprehension.


  35. totally agree judge, I don’t think he thought he was going to be a suspect and maybe planned to clean his car a bit better another day. He wouldn’t of had much daylight between disposing of a body, tidy the house,doing a bit of googling on the net and then hosing out the back of the car before he had to ring 000.


  36. I think some are a bit hard on the parents,being the father of 3 adult boys I would give my life for them,so naturally I would support them under any circumstance.This is real life not a crime TV show ,so get real


  37. The 1 thing that keeps sticking with me and I can’t shake it off is, why did he report Allison missing inside the 24hr standard time thats allowed for someone to file a missing persons report?

    When our child went missing, we went to the police after about 11hrs and we were told that we had to wait 24hrs before they could file a missing persons report so why the rush with Allison?

    The police had to have seen something other than scratches on his face to get the search underway almost immediately.


  38. We have to go off whats in the Affidavit.. and its a big affidavit… and make reasonable extrapolations from that evidence….

    The chipped tooth…. maybe its points to COD….. AND the place of death, which is the house. The police seem to know she was killed in the house (with the kids home)…. Was there a chip of this tooth found? Why did they mention the tooth of all things… ? hmmmm

    And where is the affidavit ? I still can’t find it online… anyone help ?


  39. Sorry judgejuryexecutioner.

    I can’t find it either. I searched for it a few days ago and like a lot of things regarding this case, it seems to have disappeared or I’m looking in the wrong places.


  40. Afternoon Guys! Remember weeks ago it was reported that a witness had come foreword who saw a large white 4×4 and a smaller maybe blue 4×4 near the area where Allison was found – poor soul! xxx. One of the vehicles ie the larger white 4×4 was tailing the other with only park lights on. So therefore “they” drove both family cars out to Kholo and planned to leave one there and create fake suicide scene. BUT the cars were seen parked there by another witness. So they paniced and took both cars back to Brookfield Rd – thinking OW’s statement “she was depressed you know” – it explains the late night phone call and phone on and off charger and texts in the morning. Go back through the earlier threads guys but just my opinion. Also think maybe EBC went to house that night while the boys cleaned up and disposed. One of the daughters was reported to say on the Friday when a school bus was in transit to/from sporting activity – Mum went for a walk and didn’t come back. So who would send young girls to school under those circumstances. BC clan must have told the girls it would be okay somehow????


  41. @ Columbo

    When you refer to people being a bit hard on the Father, are you refereing th NBC and his support of GBC,

    And if so, are you saying you would support and assist one of your sons conceal a crime like the murder of his wife ?

    I say to you, Get Real


  42. Columbo

    I am a mother of 2 children, 1 of which is still missing. I don’t need to get real because the reality of having a child go missing hits harder than anything you could ever imagine.


  43. Lili, that’s a very interesting post….I thought of many different scenarios as to why they drove 2 cars, however never thought of what you have just written about leaving one of the cars there to look like a suicide….sounds like the best theory I have read…smart thinking Lili.


  44. Actually Columbo, I’m pretty sure I said that in 1 of the new threads.

    Family stick together no matter what the circumstances are. I also said that perhaps Senior BC is covering for GBC by not disclosing the details of the facetime call. He really is hindering a police investigation and doing his son no favours by not co operating with the police.

    If he wants his son found not guilty of murder or be given the lesser charge of manslaughter, he needs to speak now or forever hold his peace.


  45. Mrs Scott, I read somewhere on a couple of occasions that attending Police alerted CIB straight after they left the BC home on April 20th. Whether it was the scratches visible on his face, his demeanor, blood on something….it could have been anything.
    I dare say Police attended as a matter of urgency due to his triple zero call and feigned distress. In my work, if we receive a triple zero call, it’s treated as an emergency and handed straight over to operational police Sgt at Police communications for that area. He/She ultimately makes the call as to the urgency of the matter…


  46. @ judy – thanks but it’s all in the older threads and news stories. They surely all conspired and had the means and op to do it. They made a mess of it but facts are 2 cars seen by 2 separate witnesses, strange texts and calls – G with his different stories and still goes back to 2 cars which the police released info about weeks ago.


  47. BrissieBella

    I remember reading the same thing. They uniform officers alerted the detectives because when they attended the property, they did find something out of the unusual. Whether it was the scratches, his behaviour or blood in the care, I don’t know.

    The media has put out quite a few different versions of events so its up to us to decide which one we feel is most accurate.


  48. My computer won’t copy and paste but there is part of the affidavit in the CM dated June 27 2012. Its only bits and pieces but it outlines what was presented at the bail hearing.


  49. I also find it difficult why he rang police so early, usually you would spend more time finding her yourself especially after an argument. In his shoes i would have spent half a day trying to find out where she was first, like ringing all her friends, i wonder if these phone calls happened..


  50. @ Mrs Scott – what??? a missing child??? OMG! can’t describe how that has affected me! Love and blessings to you xxx. When???


  51. Lili, I’ve read all about the 2 cars and the witnesses and what they said and another witness that says she stopped to check the cars out at Kholo creek and nobody was around and she got spooked so she kept going etc. however I had never read of or thought of what you wrote about leaving one car at Kholo to make it look like a suicide.


  52. BrissieBella

    Missing since November 30 2008.

    Last seen leaving our house at 9.30pm. All we heard was, going to stay at such and suches house, be home first thing in the morning to get ready for work.

    We haven’t heard a word since. The police are struggling to track our baby down because there is no drivers licence and no registration with the AEC.

    We missed our babies 21st birthday. Its hard at christmas, mothers day, fathers day, its hard every single day. We live in hope that we will hear something but that day hasn’t come around for us yet.

    I don’t think theres any foul play. As the police said to us, some people just leave without reason and only the person who has left knows why they left. Sometimes its drug related, sometimes not. We just don’t know. Its so frustrating not knowing where someone is and if they are okay, are they still alive. Not a day goes by where we don’t ask ourselves all of those questions but the answers haven’t been forthcoming as yet.

    We do hold hope that we will see our child again.


  53. @ Judy Hi! I know but why else would they have put 2 cars on the road -“She was depressed you know” and then think insurance superannuation etc – she couldn’t have walked that far at night in that timeframe and also they needed a body to be found for quick payout. Horrible horribe crime and people. x No body no payout for years. Insurance policy was over 13 months it is alleged so ……


  54. Mrs Scott I have the greatest sympathy for your circumstance,I have a friend in NSW who’s daughter was brutally murdered some years ago and he is 100% certain it was an ex boyfriend,but the attitude of the Police is that she was just a worthless junky prostitute.She had a young son that my friend raised to be a fine young man


  55. Lili, I think your right..the only scenario I could come up with re the 2 cars was that maybe if it was a woman helping him then she didn’t want her DNA found in Allisons car as that would be a dead giveaway….your scenario makes much more sense.


  56. ABC may have suggested stopping payments to the life insurance coy in an effort to save money and this is what tipped someone over the edge.


  57. @mrs scott, Im so so sorry. Its unimaginable what you must be going through. i hope you find your child and everything is ok ♥


  58. Columbo

    Thank you. We keep in touch regularly with the police in the Hunter Valley and ask if there has been anything, anything at all but they struggle to find someone who doesn’t have a drivers licence or enrolled with the AEC.

    I believe we will see our child again. If we don’t keep faith and hope then what do we have?

    Thats why I like to spend time in forums like this. You never know, she might pop up in here. Its a long shot but at least its something.

    Besides, forums like this keep my mind busy, a bit of a distraction so to speak.


  59. Mrs Scott 1:08pm – It was reported that it was the scratches that sent the 2 uniformed police’s antennas off, they’re the ones who reported it to ‘a detective’. Plus Gerbil’s suss acting and story telling wouldn’t have helped.


  60. @ Mrs Scott

    I do hope your son is alive and well, and decides to make contact sometime soon, it must be all consuming. I would’t know what to do or where to start if our daughter went missing. I really fwwl for you.


  61. “Suicide” would ensure big payouts on super and insurance after qualifying period. So “she” drives to bridge and jumps – Bingo problem solved – BUT they were seen those 2 cars by witnesses – so back to Brookfield they all go and concoct another story and not very well. Olivia still not clued up or so stressed sticks to the suicide scenario – “she was depressed you know” Arrghh! Horrible


  62. jo-beth

    Thank you but we need to keep the faith and stay positive. I’m sure she is out there somewhere, just don’t know where.

    Now back to this puzzle Robbo has put together for us.

    I’m getting a little lost from flicking from page to page however, we need to put this jigsaw together if any of us are to get any peace of mind.


  63. Kati

    His acting won’t get him an Oscar at the next awards ceremony. I’ve seen fakes but this bloke takes the cake! And yes, I do recall something about the police reporting back about the scratches on his face.

    I say they know more than they are letting on but only because they cannot afford to give his defence time to build a strong case for him.


  64. Motive?

    Undoubtedly money…or more precisely, the lack of.

    Given the precarious state of their affairs I’d suggest that this had been a nightly discussion between them for quite some time. How can we repay? Where can we get other loans? What could we sell? What should we do?

    No great secret in knowing that this is massive stress and would have had them at loggerheads. Throw in the GBC “ego” and the options narrow…to sell the business would only raise the goodwill factor on their rent roll…probably $2 for each $1 in annual commissions…and not a good time to sell anyway. From the little that has been stated, bankruptcy was a most likely commercial course of events.

    Not a palatable option for the Kenmore Chamber of Commerce President, the Century 21 high flyer yadda,yadda.

    ABC would have handled all of this a lot better…such is the maternal strength and primary focus on the children. she would have got a job and tailored her living to suit her new circumstance.

    GBC ego could never have accepted this, that’s why he tried to keep all the business balls in the air by borrowing more and more. He should have pulled the pin on the business when he broke up with the partner…was it mid last year? As an accountant he must have known this.

    His ego ultimately drove events to the conclusion which we now sadly confront.


  65. The Police are not obliged to report every detail of their investigations. We only know that GBC’s father is not talking to the Police from media observations. How do we know whether or not the Police and DPP have not offered the father immunity in return for the truth about his involvement ? Either that, or the Police are still piecing together evidence on the father ? I believe that the father will be forced to roll over, sooner rather than later.


  66. As with all matters like this the motive was GREED!

    Pay yourself first and everyone else last and that is how all people who do business in this way act. They care so little about others including those closest to them that they lose sense of right and wrong and will take from whoever will give to them. Unfortunately most people are the loving and giving type and want what is best for everyone not just themselves. I have seen this first hand so I know how it works. GBC just took one more step than most and got noticed, really noticed. Many others dont get so noticed because the victims are usually so fed up that they speak up long before it gets that bad. I believe ABC was a beautiful person inside and out and I also believe she deserves justice. How justice will be served is yet to be confirmed but ….. the motive was GREED.

    And its not money that is the root of all evil, it is the LOVE of money that is the root of all evil and that evil is GREED.


  67. re lilli (1.16pm)
    Lilli I think you have nailed it !
    Yesterday or maybe the day before I suggested that it looked to me as tho he had been trying to set up a ‘plan’ to look like Allison committed suicide…..(Depressed, went for a walk, he googled ‘West Brisbane psychiatrists’ etc) Your suggestion as to taking ‘her’ car to the scene now makes sense to me…..
    A sad but good theory ! Well done !


  68. Caring

    That is so true. Greed is evil. Some people are just never satisfied with what they have. They’ll do what it takes to keep up with the Jones’. GBC seemed to love living the high life and had to present as a well to do with person. He lived off the back of Allison and her successes in life. Without Allison, he was a no one.

    Well now he is a somone, he’s a new boarder at AG and his flat mates are highly undesirable.

    He put himself into that position but we need to establish how? How could a person take another persons life for money?

    I’ve even asked myself if he has multiple personalities because there is a good chance he may suffer from Bi Polar. Does he have a pre existing mental health issue we don’t know about as yet? We know he has a hunger for money and that is all we have at this stage.

    The puzzle is getting much more complicated to put together.

    We’ve heard there were 2 cars the police were looking for. 1 was a white 4×4 and the other was a darker car. His parents have a silver car so else is involved in this? Did one of his family borrow a car from somewhere or do they own another car that is dark in colour?


  69. Who owned the car that he crashed ? I heard it was a friends….which friend ?

    Just a thought….could this have been the small dark car seen near Kholo bridge on the night that she vanished ? (Allsion’s car was a grey Captiva)

    If it was could his ‘accident ‘ been staged to get rid of ‘that’ car ? (in the link above)


  70. Re the police suspicion upon confronting Gerald – he must have looked like he proverbial wreck of the Hesperus – murder an the subsequent disposal and cleanup I stressful work- he would have been red-eyed and dishevelled – at odds with his slept heavily all night statement – the stench of cleaning product on him would have confirmed it.


  71. So who owns the mystery blue car? I’m sure the BC family only have the 1 car and thats the Holden Stateman.

    Well Robbo, you’ve certainly left us with a 50,000 piece jigsaw to put together.

    Thanks for that.


  72. ABC’s Captiva 4WD was silver though, not white or blue, so that’s not consistent with the theory. The two reported 4WDs may be unrelated – there are a lot of 4WDs on the roads in the outer suburbs of major cities. I wouldn’t be surprised if the GBC- NBC call was just GBC creating another trail of lies to explain himself to his judgemental, moralising parents, without necessary disclosing the crime to NBC.


  73. They’ve nailed him on motive, that’s for sure. The holy trinity of motives is greed, sex, and power. With his massive debt and a mistress he ticks the first two boxes, and you could argue that clearing his debt also has to do with power (social status).

    Being the last to see her is opportunity – the last person to see the victim alive is always held in high suspicion by investigators.

    As far as means is concerned, well most people could find a means of killing someone – I think what is a more interesting question is efficacy – does the person believe they can do it. Killing someone requires physical, emotional and psychological skill. Many people here have repeatedly brought up the “skull mansion” and this is insightful, because people who have practice in killing and violence are more likely to carry out violent crimes: hunters, people who work in abattoirs, people who collect weapons, people with a history of violence, people who have killed or tortured animals in the past*. People who have successfully used violence in the past and/or know how to use weapons are more confident in using violence in the future.

    From memory, GBC was 10 when the BC’s moved to Aus, and if his father was a keen hunter, I think it would be safe to assume that Gerry had killed a few animals by that age. So he had experience in killing. Also, he had apparently been working out a lot, (as evidenced by photos where he as lost a lot of weight) in the months before Allison’s death. Allison was quite petite anyway so she would not have been hard to overpower, but pumping iron and building up his strength would have given him extra confidence in using brute force, if that is what he did.

    I don’t see GBC as your stereotypical killer, which is what makes this case so fascinating to so many, but when you scratch the manicured surface, at least from a criminological perspective, he looks guilty as sin.

    *I would like to qualify that most of these people do not go on to commit violent crimes, but most people who commit violent crimes have these experiences in their background.


  74. Mrs Scott says:
    June 29, 2012 at 4:02 pm
    The senior BC’s have the silver statesman and a gold coloured Suzuki 4wd. Could the light blue 4WD have been mistaken for the silver Holden Captiva perhaps?


  75. The motive was money! The mistress(es) was neither here nor there to him; if anything, he used her for whatever money SHE had. (Don’t mean to sound disrespectful of ol’ Tone, but gee, let’s face it…she isn’t what you’d call a ravishing beauty – in fact, she’s a major disappointment in the ‘looks’ department. Certainly not what you’d think ‘G the playa’ would be wanting to ‘settle down with’, and show off as his beloved new partner in life (and business too??)

    Allison represented money to him too. But in HER case it was only if she was DEAD. IMO this man had planned to get rid of Allison for some time. Perhaps it wasn’t meant to be that night in particular – I’ve got a feeling it all came to a head (perhaps Allison became aware of some things that he’d been hiding from her), a massive argument evolved, and he had to strike while the iron was hot.

    Hence the 12.30am call to Bwana, (who could very well have hatched a plan for his darling and desperate son) to get back-up, some reassurance. This is when it all became panicked and very much undone. Certainly not the slick little ‘suicide’ (aka ‘murder’, very much made to appear like suicide) that had been planned.

    I reckon the entire BC clan is in it up to their eyeballs. Always have been. Sis gives me the creeps. Just doesn’t ring true. They’re all very strange people. …and I’m STILL reeling over that sickening, exhibitionist, most inappropriate pash that those two BC elders INTENTIONALLY made a public display of, when most other people would be wringing their hands in utter despair given the same circumstances. Utter despair. No, this lot are sick sick sick. I know that being sick sick sick doesn’t necessarily make people murderers, but I reckon they can ‘stand in’ until the real one comes along. (And I’ve got a feeling we’ll be waiting a hell of a looong time.


  76. Not sure if I have the “right” thread for this question, but its to do with one of the first posts that listed Gerby’s debts – so I guess its related to motive.

    Can someone please, preferably a male, tell me what a “gentlemen’s agreement” is exactly? What does a “gentlemen’s agreement” consist of? Is it some secret of the brotherhood or what? I’m painting a picture of secret sects, freemasons, seedy swinger clubs, possibly paedophilia, corrupt cops & pollies, under the table blowys, bogus insurance claims, secret hand shakes, p!ssing comps, the list goes on.

    I’m guessing its not just your average “loan” between mates, someone please enlighten me. The irony is, Gerby is about as far from a gentleman as you can get.


  77. mrsmuddle, when you make a gentleman’s agreement you are agreeing without the formality of legals contracts etc. In other words people (probably friends) have loaned GBC money informally, maybe just a shake of the hands.


  78. I’m not a male so take my opinion for what you think it’s worth, but a gentleman’s agreement is an agreement that has no legal contract, but is based on the idea that a “gentleman” will keep his word to honor a deal over a handshake, so no formal contract is needed.


  79. Oz, thank you. Thought it would have at least involved no formalities or legalities, a sort of loan between mates, I just wasn’t sure if there was other stuff involved lol. Cheers 😀


  80. The only thing Gerbs appears to have been shaking is his willy! More than 3 shakes makes you a wanker doesn’t it? How many gentlemen’s agreements did he have? I’d be thinking 3+ !!


  81. A gentlemen’s agreement is an informal agreement between two or more parties. It is typically oral, though may be written, or simply understood as part of an unspoken agreement by convention or through mutually beneficial etiquette. The essence of a gentlemen’s agreement is that it relies upon the honor of the parties for its fulfillment, rather than being in any way enforceable. It is, therefore, distinct from a legal agreement or contract, which can be enforced if necessary.'s_agreement


  82. Pris, I agree .. “I don’t see GBC as your stereotypical killer, which is what makes this case so fascinating to so many..”.
    But many have said this: ‘desperate people, sometimes unfortunately do desperate things’.
    Looking at motive and opportunity and his desperate circumstances, GBC is a guilty man.
    And as many have noted, the family’s silence is just crucifying them too.
    What a bad nightmare for Nige & Elaine huh?


  83. Dear MrsMuddle
    A Gentlemans agreement, beautifully described by Pris is actually very “gentlemanly” in the finest sense of the word gentleman.
    The agreement relies on honour and truth and integrity, and is sealed with a handshake.
    A proper right handed normal handshake.
    It is what you wish all legal agreements were.
    There are absolutely no sinister implications whatsoever. On the contrary.


  84. Hi All
    Missed a few days as just started new job “Yippee” I’m off the unemployment list.

    Robbo…love the new thread & hopefully will keep all on track & loose a little of the idle chatter.

    Haven’t had a chance to read all, so Apologies if I’m repeating others.

    I believe the QPS know exactly how Allision died. Stating “No visible signs of COD is not a lie”..but not being forensic experts, this was a just statement.
    As to this repeated at the bail hearing (after the forensic experts have done their job) again I don’t believe this to be a lie.
    These guys would be in deep S..T if they lied !!
    They all know how poor Allision died but I believe they are keeping MUM as don’t want to give a “head’s up” to the defense.

    The BLONDE hair…found in the back of the BC car…..
    Some have assumed it may have been from one of the other Bimbos.
    TM has “Mousey” brown hair.
    Allision HAD brownish/ red hair.
    Known FACT….Allision had her hair done that fateful evening.
    I believe it was infact Allision’s hair found !!
    Allision had her hair done….maybe a few blonde streaks ???

    It has never been said anywhere…that it was from a natural blonde…..just a BLONDE hair.
    I’m sure the QPS have tested & bleaching does NOT strip your DNA.

    Hey bloggers…particularly us women but you guys too…we just love to experiment with our hair.

    I truly believe that BLONDE hair found in the car…will have Allision’s DNA.


  85. Ooops ! Sorry everyone.
    I have just noticed that this present section of the blog (Jigsaw) is on MOTIVE…..and I have been babbling on about cars etc !

    Motive….definately money and possibly a way out of a less than exciting life. I say this with all due respect. Some find the whole married with kids a far cry from what they had hoped life would be…ie fast cars, house on the river, fast boat, caviar and champers…


  86. Hi everyone, never posted before so here goes. Re the discussion of why the police cottoned on that there was foul play early on, we know some people who live in Brookfield not far from Allison’s house (wont call it bc house because she held this family together not him) and they say that the inside of the house was a mess with holes in the walls etc..really don’t know if it’s true but maybe this was what set alarm bells ringing?


  87. I’d also like to add that I believe this was a PRE PLANNED murder !!
    Maybe not on the night ….but I believe Bruce planned to murder his wife.

    Promises to TM…ready for you by July 1…..How did he plan to get rid of the “Wife & DEbt” in such a short time frame ??

    Took me 2 years…Nil debt or murder plan involved.

    Was daddy involved….Oh Hell Yes…
    Whether daddy knew before, during or (at least After) he is protecting his little “Golden Boy” or maybe we should call him “YELLOW Boy” !!

    Not wonder little bro lives overseas…has he needed to be as far away from them as possible.

    I (like many here) want to hear that daddy is made accountable & faces charges.
    He is a failure as a father….to continually hinder the Police & support his son…at the expense of the rest of his family…..His granddaughters, even his daughter & even the Scout movement…Odd but been really good for a lot of kids.


  88. MrsMuddle 5:24pm: talking about shakin’ 3 times…..apparently he IS doing it in Med Unit and doesn’t mind being ‘observed’……..wankin’ his heart out …!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  89. salley says:
    June 29, 2012 at 6:49 pm

    Salley, If that’s an accurate account of the state of the walls, it sure sounds like Allison put up one hell of a fight.
    One would imagine the sound of such damage would most definitely wake the girls 😦
    I believe the facetime call to bwana was to have him and EBC come over and for bwana to help him dispose of Allison’s body and EBC to watch the girls…
    We’ll find out one day

    Poor Allison, RIP


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