UPDATE-Gerard Baden-Clay will return to court on September 3 2012

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A MAGISTRATE said he was “flabbergasted” that police would need four to five months to scour Gerard Baden-Clay’s finances – a process set to delay court proceedings.

The Money trail will take months to unravel

Prosecutor Danny Boyle told Magistrate Chris Callaghan they would be unable to give Baden-Clay’s defence team the full brief of evidence because an investigative accountant would need until mid November to analyse bank accounts and insurance policies.

Baden-Clay, 41, who did not appear today, is charged with murdering his wife Allison on April 19 and dumping her body on the banks of a creek.

An earlier court hearing was told Baden-Clay is $1 million in debt and stood to gain about that from his wife’s life insurance and superannuation policies.

Mr Boyle said police were also waiting on computer and phone examinations, as well as post mortem results.

“The post mortem tests are outstanding … the forensics pathologist was away last week and this week until Wednesday,” he said.

A recent court hearing heard police still do not have a cause of death.

Police have so far taken statements from 330 people and still have another 50 to 100 to go.

“The investigative accountant is still to come,” Mr Boyle said.

“The accountant has indicated that it will be mid November.”

Magistrate Callaghan said he was shocked it could take so long.

“You’re joking, aren’t you,” he said.

“I can’t believe for a minute that it’s going to take five months for an accountant to look into the finances of one person.”

Mr Boyle said the records were “voluminous”.

Magistrate Callaghan ordered that the brief of evidence be handed to the defence by no later than August 20, except for the accountant’s statement.

The matter will return to court on September 3 for a committal mention.

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431 thoughts on “UPDATE-Gerard Baden-Clay will return to court on September 3 2012

  1. Mountain Misst, I’d say it is more likely that the lawyers want to discuss what has been made available to them by the prosecutor in the lead-up to Sept 3. More shocks for OW I would imagine. Nothing daddy doesn’t know already and perhaps a few things mummy doesn’t know. Wish I was a fly on the wall!!!!


    • No don’t want to be a fly on the wall…..Those people kill!! But would love to be able to put a ‘bug’ in skull manor!! I think there’d be some ‘interesting’ conversations at the dinner table.
      My bet is that the legals are presenting what they’ve been given to the BC’s.


  2. Am with you all – Bwana will be running the show, directing the legals now that baby is busy sucking his thumb.
    Interesting JD – I’ve been writing about ‘hell’ this morning. You’re right on my case!! Shall have to do a sweep for bugs here eh…


  3. I think these goons by the sound of things are [cattle trucked big time] good on the Queensland Police service I know for a fact they have not given all the stuff to the other side


  4. LOL…funny caterpillar pic Moonlight! :o

    I too would love to be invisible and just sit in on the skullduggery (good one Mountian Misst!) session at Skull Manor.

    I just realised GBC may not be able to have private conversations with his family, but he can do with his lawyer. So if his lawyer was to tell the family what GBC claims happened or they the lawyer tells GBC what his family claims what happened, he can assist them in getting their stories aligned. I do hope he is not facilitating more lies in this way.

    Wonder what the legal eagles charge for such a home-visit? Likely more than my monthly salary.

    Ozmosis and Aus I think you are right – it’s probably a ‘debrief’ session in preparation for Sept 3. I think if OW did not know the truth form day 1, she was likely forewarned by daddy during his recent visit to Townsville so the content of whatever the prosecution has submitted is not too much of a shock for her. I wonder if the pastor son-in-law is still as supportive as he was initially. He too must have an inkling by now that all is not well.

    Mountain Misst yes I can picture Bwana trying till the very end to keep up the charade and pretend all is well, indignant that anyone can dare question the BC’s honesty and integrity!

    Chiappa I believe the prosecution would have handed over the absolute minimum and will be saving a good few bombshells for the trial. Unless sanity prevails and one or more guilty pleas are lodged at some point, this will be an epic trial. A terrible waste of taxpayer money from day 1 with the mammoth search for Allison, but if that’s what it takes to put the guilty in his/their place and get justice for Allison, so be it.


  5. Hi RIP
    I strongly doubt the lawyers would be passing on GBCs story and faciliting colusion. Their case would be dead in the water. Lawyers do have ethics which they abide by and under oath, any member of the family could be asked to verify if they had got together to get their stories straight.


  6. I still wonder where Allison’s sister Vanessa lives. No-one seems to know. I suppose as the surviving parent, GBC still has a say regarding their custody though. Anyone know the legal implications of a sole parent awaiting trial with regards to rights over their children? It’s a bit of a legal and emotional minefield. I wonder if Yoshi is around and could comment?


    • As a very real shadow still hangs over those senior citizens with hyphenated names, surely no-one would allow the vulnerable to be subjected to further nightly “debriefings?”

      Please – ANYONE – say it isn’t so.


  7. Hi Sad for Allison and GHS,

    I had the reference to what I said deleted.

    I am so upset about the situation, as are you both. It is 100% fact, yes, OW is very involved.


  8. I am afraid we can’t say it isn’t so GBS. Providing OW is protective towards the girls (and I am sure it is not her intention to harm then) no one would have any cause to complain. Again it would not be in the interest of the BC family to attempt any “debriefings.” It has to be recognised, in the eyes of the law, GBC is innocent until proven guilty. He is not currently in a position to harm the girls but does have a right for someone to act on his behalf. Even “non-custodial ” parents are usually granted some form of access to their children and courts usually act in allowing visitation. Neither OW or her parents are under arrest or named as suspects. The Department of Child Safety would only act upon a substantiated complaints. I am equally sure the Dickies, if visitation was negotiated or court ordered, would be protective towards the girls and immediately notify any concerns to the relevant authorities. The law can’t abrogate peoples rights on suspician they might do something, rather than on proven harm.


  9. I heard GBC is sharing a cell with big black bubba and having a real ball. I also believe he has a terrible limp. Bubba must be going too hard on poor G.


  10. Hi Doha, moonlight, GHS, RIP and everyone. That is so strange that your comment this morning about OW has been deleted moonlight. It was there this afternoon. My comment at 3.29pm has been cut and only contains half of what I wrote. That’s very unlike Robbo to censor things. Puzzling. Very upsetting news indeed re OW. I realise that she hasn’t done anything harmful towards the girls, Doha, I was thinking more along the lines of where they lived and that they need stability, friends, their school…


  11. Yes, my comment this afternoon has been neatly censored too…..what’s that all about, I wonder?


  12. Very odd GHS, I’ve sent Robbo an email as I’m not sure how much he’s around at the moment. i think Doha’s post at 1.17pm has been cut too.


  13. Hi Sad for Allison, I have also left a question for Robbo about the mysteriously disappearing content from people’s posts in his ‘contact Robbo’ area.


  14. OW does not have custody nor does she have access to the girls. The family court has said that she may get access in the new year. That does NOT mean custody. The Dickies have custody until such time as the courts rule otherwise.

    This is not in msm as there is a media blackout re the girls. Please ‘keep mum’ as this topic is very sensitive.


  15. MBG, I fail to see why asking what relevant content which I clearly did not see was on 60 Minutes is a silly question! Why not just tell me instead of being so impolite?


  16. RIP Allison, I just noticed something really funny.

    MyBitchG was not meaning your question re 60 minutes was silly. No way!

    MyBitchG was asking why GBC is referred to as Gerbil! And that’s what she/he thought might be silly! Ha ha! Heh Heh!

    And just dreaming on has answered it for MyBitchG.

    In the beginning I don’t think we were supposed to be using his real name.
    That might have been seen as prejudiced. That was before he went to jail. And I’m not sure even now if it’s all right or not. So he got all sorts of references and Gerbil sort of stuck the most.
    Personally, I don’t like using that reference, for no other reason than it seems an insult to Gerbil Hunting Season our very special contributor here.
    I once spoke to GHS as Gerbil, (because I was in a hurry) and have regretted it to this day. Seems an awful insult. So from that time I say GHS instead.
    Hello GHS! Please may I be forgiven? I didn’t mean Gerbil.

    On that matter, the names here of our posters are something else again. And someone could write a story poem with those alone!



  17. Hey RIP Allison I was referring to my question being silly not your question re 60 minutes.

    I wonder if the Brookfield home has been rented yet? Anyone know?


  18. Calling MyBitchG

    Gee whiz I wouldn’t want to be calling out for MyBitchG in Arthur Gorrie AGCC!

    Easy for words to get misconstrued when we are communicating like this!

    Hope we all still have room for some humour here. Hi RIP! Chuckle chuckle.


  19. Ha ha!!! Good grief, I do apologise for my monumental misunderstanding this morning MBG!!! It all makes a lot of sense now. I see your ‘silly question’ which incidentally is not silly has been answered :o

    And mine re 60 minutes too….thanks MM! I take it the video referred to was this one: “License to kill – August 26, 2012: A husband or boyfriend kills in a fit of rage – then blames his victim to wiggle out of a murder charge. It’s called the Provocation Defence. The man says that his wife or girlfriend drove him to it – that she was a nag or cheat.”

    WOW….that video made my blood run cold!!!!!! How is it possible that in this day and age a woman’s life can be so cheap that guys can get of with only a few years jail time for brutally killing their partners when they claim they were ‘provoked’??? It is ludicrous!!!
    I am in shock that the legal system can support this ridiculous excuse.

    We are all provoked throughout life for a variety of reasons – not one of them would justify killing someone!! The only thing that would do is if the victim attacked the killer and was strong enough to kill him (ie self-defence), but this did not seem true for any of the cases cited, and is very rarely going to be the case with a smaller, weaker woman vs a bigger stronger man.

    The men in the video seem to treat women like chattels, and disposable ones at that. It is awful that the legal system supports this mind-set. These laws need a serious review!

    I am seriously in shock about the information in that video…..

    I do hope GBC does not try to weasel himself out of the situation by changing his plea to guilty with ‘provocation’. We’d better lobby for these antiquated laws to be reviewed before he gets sentenced!


  20. Hi Mountain Mist, your “Hell & High Water” articles sure are very interesting!!

    Being a scientist I did not take any notice of astrology until a few years ago when I read a relationship horoscope based on the exact dates and times of birth of myself and my partner, and it blew me away! It described the dynamics of our relationship to a tee. It was unbelievably accurate to the finest detail. So I am still a scientist but now I am one with a bit more of an open mind. o:

    The time of death of around midnight as indicated by your chart seems very likely, supported too by the facetime call made at around 12:30am to daddy. He would not have called daddy to say I am going to kill Allison soon, he would have called him to say the horrible deed had been done. Maybe showed him footage of the result…an awful thought indeed….

    The 152 degrees which kept coming up is also very compelling. You seriously should be trialling this method with a few other murder victims details, and see if it is repeatable. (This is the scientist coming out in me – wanting to test it – LOL!)


  21. Thanks RIP et al. If it wasn’t for Robbo supporting me, I wouldn’t be writing this post. This is my first case with you all as my team of researchers.

    If anyone can research on other cases Robbo has focussed on here on asussiecriminals and get me the detail I need, am more than happy to oblige and share here with Robbo’s permission, as my site is devoted to the Baden-Clay case.

    Gerbil was an obvious start for me as all the dates I needed were easily available online. In the meantime I continue to work my way towards a successful conclusion with Baden-Clay.


  22. RIP Allison
    Nice to see you

    Sorry, no insights,
    I’m just waiting anxiously to see what happens tomorrow like everyone else.
    Its starting to make sense to me because until recently I have been so far behind everyone else. A late starter, I am.


    • Its interesting to note (at least where I live) that nothings been mentioned on the news about GBC being mentioned in court tomorrow.

      Normally when a high profile case is in court there is something mentioned on the news about so and so up for mention/in court on xxx day for at least a couple of days previous to the date.


      • Interesting the Brisbane magistrate’s court has tomorrow’s list up but GBC is not on it. I guess they are keeping the hearing low profile because of the bomb threat last time. I think the magistrate’s court has the final listing up at 7 am on the day.


  23. @ Aus – good observation – we have to keep this case forefront – $$$$$ and “Old Boys Club”.


  24. I wonder if they can actually have the committal hearing until all the financial reports are in. I wonder if the judge did not set the date for 3 Sept initially when he estimated all should be able to be completed, but if the financial reports were not in that may delay it beyond this date until this data is in – which may then be as late as November only. Is this possible? See heading of article in July http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/nation/financial-report-may-delay-baden-clay-committal-hearing-over-wifes-murder/story-e6frg6nf-1226421007703


  25. I see there are quite a number of persons listed for court 18 at 9am. Does that mean only one of them actually will be seen at 9am, the rest just wait until called -ie it could be quite a bit later than 9am that GBC’s case actually comes up?


  26. Cheers JD. Positive feedback.

    446 witnesses – wow. That’s a community interested in justice. The paper pile just keeps growing; we keep the pressure on by sitting on the lid and I keep scribbling. September 24 will come up soon enough.

    Eagerly awaiting JJE to fill us in by sharing the personal touch and the feel of the place, which a journalist doesn’t have the room to do in their reporting..


  27. Well folks i have not made any comment for ages as there really hasent been anything to comment on has there and today brings us no closer..this is going to be the longest drawn out case imaginable…but we will all remain stoic and keep wishing and hoping the these crims are brought to a swift and effective justice, including the one/s inside and outside..
    Made another stop and said some words for Allison at the bridge today, the bridge now has all brightly coloured flowers on each side and these seem to be growing as if planted in a beautiful garden may these continue as a tribute to Allison and her memory.


  28. We waited patiently for the 3rd of September to come around…sure we can wait 3 more weeks till the 24th for justice to take its course! About 450 witness statements would have taken a lot of time and effort to prepare, and its important that the last few crucial reports are completed well, without any loopholes for slimy caterpillars to wriggle through! :o


  29. Agree with your RIP, another few weeks is not long to wait. A truck-load of evidence and more reports to come. GBC’s defence agreed to the delay (I’d imagine not much they could do about it) and some of the financial evidence would’ve been handed over today from my interpretation of the CM release. The BC family must be sweating a bit tonight. Does anyone know if any of GBC’s family attended today? And did you manage to go along Judgejuryandexecutioner? It must’ve been a bit of a let-down if you did, but I guess these things take time, especially with the mountain of evidence collected and the severity of the charges.


  30. The plods have got a lot more info to come out to nail these suckers
    Like a search on a computer regarding the destruction of DNA evidence with chemical solvents and the disputed missing hand.
    Got this info from a copper.
    A cracked tooth do’es not spray litres of blood all around the back of a 4wd also blood needs presure to spray around IE the heart needs to pump for this to happen


  31. Pingback: Gerard Baden-Clay case adjourned until September 24 2012 | Aussie Criminals and Crooks

  32. Hi all, a bit disappointing today but I have to say, as soon as I read the news I thought the police don’t have enough solid evidence and are using delay tactics. Seriously, the 2 main investigating officers have yet to complete their report? What are they waiting for? I too, want to see Justice for Allison, so c’mon and get moving!

    Has anyone ever thought that maybe jiltered lover or someone who is owed money may have been involved?


  33. Hi good folk

    I’m sure we are all a little disappointed about the lack of fireworks today – however, solace should be found in the plethora of witness statements and other evidence to be presented quite soon.

    And due to the diligence of several contributors here, we now realise the extent of the tangled web with regard to the financial maze created by Those Who Hyphenate.

    Even Mr Defence Counsel made no objection to an extension of time for the prosecution to bring their evidence to fruition over coming weeks.

    I’d venture to suggest that he is struggling with the age-old question “how am I going to get my client out of this mess?”


  34. I’m with you on that one Gerbil Hunting Season. How will GBC’s legal team do their job?

    At the moment they are under instructions from GBC to “defend vigorously”.
    No appearance by GBC today, and none when they next convene.
    Delays at this time as well as non appearances would help the Defence team.
    They need to review all the statements and look for their wiggle room and loop holes, but it also helps them to minimise the media attention. No need for cameras when GBC or family are not present, and without the TV cameras, there is no 6 o’clock TV news story.
    Last thing they need is a media circus.
    The only thing they can do is minimise.
    Trying to defend an obviously guilty person is hopeless, they wont win, but they may be able to reduce the length of jail term by minimizing the impact of how the case is presented in court. That’s all they can do.

    I bet like hell the defence team are hoping GBC will change his plea when confronted with all the overwhelming evidence. There may be ways to present the case to get a manslaughter conviction instead, but that would mean Gerard (aka Bruce Overland) would have to plead guilty, confess and tell a ‘minimising’ story, and also show remorse.

    At the moment the defence are being asked to pull off the impossible.

    But, I get the feeling Bruce Overland may never change his plea. In which case, GBC will get everything he deserves.


  35. Hello and thank you Theorist.

    My biggest fear today was that Gerbil would attempt a lesser plea.

    I’m no lawyer, but I would hate for his silks to access a reduced sentence.

    And just remember….if you lie with dogs, you get….caterpillars.


  36. GHS That is a really funny line of yours!

    The world of proverbs will be changed forever! (Only no-one will ever believe you!)
    “if you lie with dogs, you get….caterpillars”

    Incidentally the original proverb is interesting relating to unscrupulous people.
    An assertion that human failings, such as dishonesty and foolishness, are contagious.

    If you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas, or in Latin, qui cum canibus concumbunt cum pulicibus surgent. “He that lieth down with dogs shall rise up with fleas” has been attributed to Benjamin Franklin’s Poor Richard’s Almanack.[1][2]

    You should be cautious of the company you keep. Associating with those of low reputation may not only lower your own but also lead you astray by the faulty assumptions, premises and data of the unscrupulous.


  37. Well, logic seems to be prevailing in allowing Allison’s father to administer her estate until the outcome of GBC’s trial – some years away, no doubt.

    I was interested that the CM today gave a time-frame of the legal proceedings in GBC’s case as well:

    “Baden-Clay is in Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre awaiting a committal hearing on November 26, which is expected to run for two weeks before being adjourned until January.”


    • November for a hearing? Now that is very fast, interesting….. and I wonder why they are adjourning it after 2 weeks before even knowing what the future holds.


  38. Country Lady are you there?
    I found my way back but I feel all alone.
    My theory is we were paying out on GBC so much that we blew a fuse somewhere


  39. Hellooooooooooo! Is there anyone here?
    School holidays start today…spare a thought for 3 innocent children who must be wondering about how their world has changed.


  40. Hello The Shadow,

    I try to spare a thought for those 3 every day, and for the one who is no-longer with us. I also try to spare a thought for the Queensland Court process that I hope will bring the person who changed their world to justice.
    Isn’t there another mention at the Magistrates Court on Monday 24th?


  41. Well Theorist, and then there was two! Howdy!

    Tomorrow I take my two grandkids kayaking in our lake. nothing marvelous beyond a grandfathers puffery of an adventure. But I love it…and I think they do too.

    Simple things. Easy things. Explanations of nature handed down from my grandfather to my grandchildren. Forget about Apple IPhone 5, there are so many lessons to be learned…and I know the Dickies must be wrestling with the one which we all cannot escape…what happEns after me?


  42. What happens after the Dickies? I don’t think Mr or Mrs Dickie have any plans on buying a Lexus.
    I guess their plan is to stick around for as long as possible to give those kids every advantage they can get. So much for a quiet and well deserved retirement, but I am sure they have accepted their new responsibilities without hesitation and without any thought to the contrary.

    Those girls! What do they think about? What do they explain to others in the future?
    They don’t have a very nice story to tell.
    “My Father murdered my Mother, he is in jail for a long time, and I am not sure if I want to have contact with him. I visit my Grandparents on my Fathers side sometimes, and my sisters and I must stay at their house, but it is difficult to look at them in the same way as I used to because I think that they also had something to do with it.”

    Life must be so confusing for them


  43. Country Lady if you are around, check out the video in this one. Another husband with a missing wife. Can you see any similarities?


  44. Queensland Department of main roads have erected signs both sides of the Kholo Creek bridge [No stopping or turning next 500 metres] making it illegal to stop on the bridge.
    The locals say there have been a few near accidents.


  45. you are correct sasha the signs have been up for about a month now I had a very near miss coming down the the hill from Mount Crosby a few weeks ago in a 80k zone the vision is not good untill you are right on top of the bridge and some stupid person was doing a ten point turn on the bridge in a white panel van I had to stand on the brakes to avoid a side on crash.
    The driver smiled, waved and mouthed to me sorry.
    My responce was not so polite and I did report this matter to the local police.


  46. Looks like she comitted suicide – durimng latest bail hearing:

    “Mr Davis said a new toxicology report indicated there was “as good as if not better” evidence to suggest Mrs Baden-Clay took her own life rather than being murdered.”

    Mrs Baden Clay had a high enough level of anti depressants to kill her.


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