UPDATE-Gerard Baden-Clay will return to court on September 3 2012

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A MAGISTRATE said he was “flabbergasted” that police would need four to five months to scour Gerard Baden-Clay’s finances – a process set to delay court proceedings.

The Money trail will take months to unravel

Prosecutor Danny Boyle told Magistrate Chris Callaghan they would be unable to give Baden-Clay’s defence team the full brief of evidence because an investigative accountant would need until mid November to analyse bank accounts and insurance policies.

Baden-Clay, 41, who did not appear today, is charged with murdering his wife Allison on April 19 and dumping her body on the banks of a creek.

An earlier court hearing was told Baden-Clay is $1 million in debt and stood to gain about that from his wife’s life insurance and superannuation policies.

Mr Boyle said police were also waiting on computer and phone examinations, as well as post mortem results.

“The post mortem tests are outstanding … the forensics pathologist was away last week and this week until Wednesday,” he said.

A recent court hearing heard police still do not have a cause of death.

Police have so far taken statements from 330 people and still have another 50 to 100 to go.

“The investigative accountant is still to come,” Mr Boyle said.

“The accountant has indicated that it will be mid November.”

Magistrate Callaghan said he was shocked it could take so long.

“You’re joking, aren’t you,” he said.

“I can’t believe for a minute that it’s going to take five months for an accountant to look into the finances of one person.”

Mr Boyle said the records were “voluminous”.

Magistrate Callaghan ordered that the brief of evidence be handed to the defence by no later than August 20, except for the accountant’s statement.

The matter will return to court on September 3 for a committal mention.

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431 thoughts on “UPDATE-Gerard Baden-Clay will return to court on September 3 2012

  1. Hi justtdreaming, thanks for the clarification, seems we are both talking about the same person. I didn’t realize Kettering Prof Services had a real estate focus hence the confusion. The company are business improvement specialists I think.

    Chippa the spelling is different with the person you are talking about – there is an extra ‘e’ after the ‘s’ whereas the newspaper refers to a Cheesman not Cheeseman.

    Still think it’s the director of Kettering prof services based at the TTowers, like justtdreaming also thinks it is.


  2. Good morning all,
    Thank you SfA…It’s great to have people on this site that actually come from the Brookfield area and can explain the area to us all…it gives us a much clearer picture.
    GBCs facebook has a photo of both Bob (snr) and Rob (jnr) Cheesyman…..wonder where Ozmosis is lately, she usually keeps us all up to date on GBCs fb LOL…..


  3. Hey guys

    Just throwing this out there but you think that
    there may be a slight minimal chance Gerard could be an innocent man??


  4. Hi MbG and RIP Allison,
    MybitchG…would an innocent man search ‘self crimination’ and ‘taking the fifth’ 3 days before Allison went missing….would an innocent man search ‘taking the fifth’ again on his pc half hour before ringing 000 to tell the Police Allison is missing…..would an innocent man sit at home looking up these things on his pc 7am the morning Allison went missing, then ring 000 and he hadn’t even gone to the front fence or had a quick look around in case she may have fallen over and hurt herself…if you were innocent and thought your spouse was missing would you say ‘business as usual’ and carry on with every day business and NOT be out there looking for your spouse and pleading for her return….and if your spouse was missing would you walk around with a ‘SMIRK’ on your face….
    and don’t forget whilst Allison was still classed as missing, GBC decided it would be a nice time for him,his parents and children to go for a break up the Coast…
    Oh and the dead line ole Toni gave him to be separated from Allison by 1st July
    Oh and the life insurance policies…he told Toni he would have all his finances up to date by 1st July…$1,000,000 of debts…??????

    does anyone really believe those scratches on face and the cut on his palm also came from a catterpillar…and the blood in Allisons car was that from dead catterpillars….

    my opinion only ……


    • OMG justtdreaming!

      Are you SERIOUS???

      Did he really take those poor little girls with King and Queen Skull for “a break up the Coast” while Allison was missing???

      I hadn’t heard this. Please tell me it isn’t so.

      I am so gob-smacked by this revelation, that a veritable horde of caterpillars could descend upon my innocent torso and be immediately repelled by the ferocity of my quivering rage.

      It may hurt a little, but I’d be OK.


      • GBH, the Waltons went too ;) Incensed enough? All part of sweeping Allison under the carpet and getting on with business.


    • Sorry – lost my marbles – in a spin over this news.

      I should have said “what is the next ADJECTIVE up from incensed.

      I think.

      Still trying to get my head around this callousness/stupidity……and simply can’t


  5. I didn’t know that either GHS.

    I think he’s guilty too but we will all have to wait and see.


  6. Good evening everyone :D

    Let us add that Allison was allegedly killed in the house – so if GBC didn’t do it (who did and why didn’t he know?) ……

    Wait………… “it” sleeps heavily, only waking to phone ………… “Daddy” via face time call.


  7. Ozmosis – I can barely breath here….

    What is the next verb up from “incensed?”

    Did this further incrimination of all people sullied by the Hyphen ever hit the mainstream media?

    Clearly I missed it.

    So am now growing an even healthier disregard for all things Gerbil-related.

    My elderly mother would say (reserved only for matters of great import and tarnished with utter disbelief):

    “Yee Gods and bloody little fishes!!!”

    (Showing my age, I know, and no disrespect intended to little fish here. Anyone recall that line? Always saved for the most momentous of news)

    p.s. If it makes you feel better folks, don’t forget that Wikipedia reports that gerbils in captivity have a much-reduced life span.


  8. Hi justtdreaming, thanks for the clarification, seems we are both talking about the same person. I didn’t realize Kettering Prof Services had a real estate focus hence the confusion.  The company are business improvement specialists I think.

    Chippa the spelling is different with the person you are talking about – there is an extra ‘e’ after the ‘s’ whereas the newspaper refers to a Cheesman not Cheeseman.

    I am loving all the discussion today! I also heard that G took the family down the coast when Allison was missing.


    • Yes Scubadiver, the person that visited GBC in jail is a Cheesman. He is on GBC’s Facebook.


  9. GHS, yes he sure did take those 3 precious little girls and co for a nice little break up the coast whilst A was still missing…you might remember the photo in the CM at the time of ‘Pasta’ Walton packing the family car..getting ready for a nice family getaway.
    I often wondered at the time…how much evidence did they expose of on this trip ??? blood stained clothes etc. etc…….
    Also it really upset me at the time thinking how the little girls felt leaving the family home whilst their mummy was still ‘missing’…I know if I was in that situation and my mum was missing, I would want to stay at home, by the phone in case someone or my mum herself rang…I would be quiet upset to leave the family home and go on a holiday and be expected to act all happy …..
    How sickening is this family ???? I am so pleased those dear little girls are safe with Allisons lovely, normal Parents……

    On September 3rd…even if GBC isn’t convicted of murder..doesn’t mean he is innocent….just means the QPS couldn’t find enough evidence to convict him !!!!!!
    after all, that family weren’t very cooperative…they were very dodgy !!!!!


  10. It was actually the Labour day long weekend, the week just before Allison’s funeral, that the BCs spent in Tallebudgera. GBC left all the funeral arrangements to Allison;s family, and went away to the coast.

    See http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/archive/national-old/a-funeral-but-few-answers-in-the-murder-of-allison-baden-clay/story-e6freuzr-1226349294052 :

    “(Husband) Gerard gave permission to us to arrange the funeral in co-operation with him.”
    It’s understood that Mr Baden-Clay, who reported his wife missing the morning after she reportedly took a late-night walk and didn’t return, spent the long weekend at Tallebudgera on the Gold Coast with friends and his three daughters, who are still coming to terms with their mother’s death.
    The trip was part of an annual gathering that the late Mrs Baden-Clay had joined in previous years.”

    GHS I hope you are sitting down….I remember at the time that there were rumours that the mistress would also be present at the holiday venue. If you read the blog comments made at the time you will find reference to this. I wonder if that was true?

    Does anyone know who lives or owns the property at Tallebudgera that the BCs regularly holidayed at? This also happened to be the venue that he Dickies last saw Allison at Easter.


  11. FYI:

    FelixtheCat on May 9, 2012 at 5:11 pm said: “Interesting that said woman, ie, affair woman and ex colleague, has reportedly / allegedly spent the weekend with G and the girls, down at the sunny coast. Tacky!”

    Whilst hunting for this post, I happened to see another interesting one… remember we were told a third affair he had was with a young staff member in his office……:

    Southern Rain on May 9, 2012 at 9:44 pm said: “…There is definitely a female involved. I picked that up earlier. I have since looked around the internet and Facebook. I looked at GBC and have found that he has 2 profiles. I also found a “younger” colleague from his real estate agency who appears to have been added more recently (through viewing her wall) who also has 2 facebook profiles. On one her facebook profiles (the more social one), on recent activities, she liked the Queensland Police on 20 April 2012. Interesting. That seems strange to say the least. I wonder if the Police have reviewed the messages/chat on Facebook between these two people?”


  12. The Katie Cheeseman on the same page is also a Facebook friend. And the elder Cheesman (Bob) is a Facebook friend also. He looks about Nige’s vintage, actually they look a bit alike at first glance, lol.


  13. Good morning all,

    Ozmosis on August 7, 2012 at 9:57 am

    Hi Oz, Yes we worked out the Bob and Rob Cheesyman….
    below is a copy of my post August 3rd….

    the 2 Robert Cheesman’s in the Toowoomba Prep School..if we take into consideration the years they started Prep School…
    Robert Graham (snr) started 1944, then he would be aged in his 70′s….approx
    Robert Anthony (jnr ) started 1976, then he would be aged in his 30′s….approx
    Robert Graham Cheesman who calls himself BOB worked for the ‘Cheesman Applegrath Firm’ which is a Taxation and Accounting business at 121 Herries St. Toowoomba. BOB’s Father Robert S Cheesman founded the firm and retired 1969…
    Robert Graham (BOB) had a son named Robert Anthony Cheesman who calls himself (ROB)..this Guy works at Toowong Towers, level 3 (same place GBC moved his C21 business to before he was arrested ) and this business has something to do with Realestate.
    In my opinion it would be Rob Cheesyman (jnr) from Toowong Towers who visited GBC in Jail…

    Scubadiver on August 5, 2012 at 10:03 pm
    The company are business improvement specialists I think…..

    thank you for your thoughts…I think you may be right ..that was my thoughts also, like I said in my post August 4th…I’m not quiet sure :)..

    RIp Allison, thank you for the link

    Have a nice day all :)


    • Hi JD It was in the spam queue for some reason, sorry about that I cant see anything that gave reason to send it there…all fixed now


  14. thanks Robbo…No probs…..I knew it was magic….. :) I see it now above my other 2 posts :)


  15. I wonder if this Rob Cheesman accountant was GBC’s accountant before? I wonder how he calculated GBC was going to get out of his $million pickle???
    Kind of interesting having both his accountant and financial advisor visit him in jail while forensic accountants are sifting through his business dealings…

    To get back to the comment by Southern Rain on May 9, 2012 at 9:44 pm, re the “younger” colleague from his real estate agency who also had 2 FB sites and on one of them “liked” the Queensland Police on 20 April 2012…….a bit odd isn’t it??

    I keep wondering about the blonde hair that was found stuck to Allison’s blood in GBC’s car. I know it could just have been a child’s that was in the car or somewhere in the house and it stuck to Allison and fell off there. But it could have been from one of these mistresses. And it is not TMcH – she has dark hair. The Toowong Belle has blonde hair. I wonder what colour hair the younger mistress form his office has – anyone know?


  16. Yes it was in the court documents – ref http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/queensland/taking-the-fifth-the-case-against-alleged-wifekiller-gerard-badenclay-20120626-210bz.html

    I think it got mentioned on the blog that the hair was stuck to her blood, but this is not exactly what this article says, I’m not sure about its accuracy. Anyway, the hair seems to have been found in the boot in the same area as the blood. It would have been analysed, only the result has not been made public. Should be interesting to find out who it belongs to.

    Also will be interesting to find out why GBC’s beard had to be sourced for forensic testing – I wonder as if they may have retrieved a bit of beard stubble ripped out by Allison somewhere on her body, and needed to see if it matched up with his beard…???


  17. Hi Just Dreaming, and good morning :D

    The article has been removed. What did the article say?


    • moonlight, I will take a guess that it was the article about the Baden-Clay house being up for rent. I saw it in bed this morning when i was reading news on my iPhone before I got out of bed ;) Just said house they had lived in for 6 years was up for rent and available in a couple of weeks (presumably after a clean). It went on to talk about how GBC found his wife missing after a walk and how her body was found by a canoist on April 30.


  18. The place looks pretty grotty. A lot of mould on the outside of the house and there’s mould on the ceilings inside. I wonder if they’ve throughly cleaned any dusting powder from finger printing or other chemicals where they’ve looked for blood in the place? Think they might have a problem renting it really. Especially if people keep putting flowers on the front fence for Alison.


  19. Hi Everyone…

    RIP Allison – Your post on Aug 9 at 8.20pm has me wondering…. I thought initially his beard needed to be shaven to check the scratch marks… As you say, maybe there was some beard stubble found……I’m thinking, maybe beneath Allison’s fingernails. hmmm interesting.

    I’m with you guys….I am thinking too, if the house will be rented any time soon? One would think it would have had a thorough clean and fresh coat of paint…..hmmm I find that odd… surprisingly ;)


  20. Hello everyone,
    Yes Aus and Millie, the house does look very grotty and sure is in need of a paint job and a good clean. How sad to see a once ‘happy home’ now look like this…
    If my Husband was out screwing around with every Tom,Dick and Harry and I was left at home knowing my marriage was falling to bits, trying hard to put the pieces back together by trying to influence my Hubby to see a Marriage Counselor, trying to feel wanted by the one you love, suffering mental and verbal abuse, watching my children suffer with 2 parents not seeing eye to eye…etc..etc..

    I try putting myself in Allisons place and with all that dear Lady had to deal with, I could imagine how quickly her house could become very unkept looking..and GBC wouldn’t have been any help as he would have been away most of the time with the Mistresses…the lawns look so overrun and untidy…and this small speciman that calls himself a ‘man’ also calls himself a ‘business man’….A REALESTATE AT THAT…..selling homes, advising people how to improve the looks of their home so as to get a better sale………

    Also there may have been a lot of mess with forensic, finger print dust and muddy boots walking in and out also…..My heart aches for dear Allison,her Kiddies and her Mum and Dad and Family….

    I can remember O Walton saying ‘she is depressed you know’……well of course she would be…living in a house that obviously needed a mans help and dealing with such a selfish, womanising Husband….In his life there is only ONE 1st, 2nd and 3rd to think of and that’s HIMSELF !!!!!
    my opinion only :)


  21. Hello All, Sept cannot come soon enough.
    Re: beard stubble, I think he was clean shaven when Allison was murdered.


    Create an account to get more informationRequest to be removed from Google
    ABR Information
    ABN 37943208801
    POSTCODE 4000
    ENTITY TYPE Discretionary Investment Trust
    GST STATUS Not currently registered for GST
    All Australian businesses with a registered ABN are listed on CreditorWatch. Please note that this does not mean that the business has a default registered against it, or has a bad debt associated with it.

    The business information listed above is publicly available and sourced, with permission, from various public databases.

    Default and bad debt information is only available to members of CreditorWatch.

    I’ve been doing a bit of fishing around and came across this info….yet another business venture that GBC was involved in…another business that hasn’t succeeded.
    GBC was $1,000,000 in debt with a large amount of the debt being from the good old ‘Gentleman’s handshakes’ ……GBC borrows a large sum of monies to lend people to buy a home who have a not to good credit rating and can’t get a loan for a home from the bank. I would seem to think that down the track if these people can’t afford to repay their loan to Oasis then their home would be taken from them and resold by the Realestate…….anyone have any ideas about how Oasis operates???


  23. I just can’t believe how many business this family start and none seem to take off and do good……would be’s if they could be’s…..
    Here’s a few more businesses NBC started ???



  24. WOW Justdreaming, registering all these businesses is just weird… maybe it is a way to keep robbing Peter to pay Paul, a perpetual cycle of debt or laundering money. Seems very odd indeed. The forensic accountants should find all this very interesting.

    For someone who claims to have so much financial management knowledge, NBC did a very poor job of helping his own son. He should have advised him on “BETTER CASH FLOW AND ASSET MANAGEMENT SERVICES” indeed!

    Re Beard, ARC I do realise he was clean shaven the day before she went missing, but I am thinking maybe those deep scratches she gave him could have resulted in beard stubble getting scratched out root and all, and it may have been found somewhere on her and could be why they needed his beard – for something like electron microscopy comparison. My imagination may just be running wild…..I guess we will find out!


  25. Hello Rip Allison,
    Yep, I agree with you, did think about pre/post growth & how it might fit the investigation. Hopefully, we will find out. :)


  26. Good morning JD… send him an email (from hotmail or some such) and see what comes back I reckon. Daddy is in T’ville at the moment so may take a while. Go on do it you little ripper of a sleuth… (I can’t – am too public a face)


  27. Members referring to ASIC:

    From Bwwana 27th June, 1:16pm

    Nigel was a shareholder in one of Gerbils companies “Settled Property Sales” it is a listed company with shares. Last week 21st June when Gerbil has his first attempt at bail until the bomb threat, someone lodged through ASIC – ” a change of company details” which you can also redeem shares or remove yourself as a director etc – its just weird how the last document lodged was on the same day as his hearing, so Nigel must have done it. Funny thing to worry about when you son is at a bail hearing?

    bwwana – 15th June, 2012, 11:55am

    That person that is a poor excuse of a human being, I believe did this over greed and money. He was in so much debt. He has 3 listed companies and 1 delisted. He borrowed $300,000 on the 23rd December 2011, in order to do that ASIC has a document listed (309a) which is like a mortage on the company should he default. How on earth was he going to pay it back, the company was going down the gurgler. Maybe (and I dont know if its true) Allison did have insurance, people get desperate over money issues, or maybe she was going to leave him because he had spent all their money on keeping up appearances and mistresses. His crappy companies are worth zero! Settle Westside Pty Ltd, Settled Property Sales Pty Ltd and Century 21 Westside. Oh and one of them has a bogus address of 22105 Moggill Road Kenmore – no such address! he was desperate man. Hope he rots.


    North Bris Veg 5th June, 2012, 7:30am

    Fake skulls for sure – like everything in the Clays life they are not real. If the books are cooked that’s fine because forensic accountants are quite good at working out this type of deception. I’m sure ASIC and the tax office in particular would love to have a look through his books. I would also encourage REIQ to go through the books to ensure that money hasn’t been “borrowed” back and forward from trust accounts.

    It is fairly difficult in the real estate business to cook the books. While this doesn’t stop agents from trying to do it – plenty of them do – they are getting away with it less and less now days. The receipt process is fairly strict and separation of accounts is also very closely monitored by the REIQ with frequent audits of these accounts.

    The link between particular properties and client cards and payments would be interesting.


    North Bris Veg 30th May, 2012 at 1:33pm

    If the loan “as such” exists and is not simply a handshake deal then it should be registered against his company as a “charge” through ASIC. You can do public searches for that type of information. A “charge” is simply a registering of the debt to the company. It will provide the date but without a full search not an amount.



  28. moonlight1313 on August 15, 2012 at 11:46 am
    Hi moonlight, the post you have put up from Bwanna 27th June 1:16pm is the post I was referring to, however I thought it was from Redback…my apologies…
    I could remember the post because when it was posted I tried to do a search through ASICs at the time and my pc went down :(

    MM, sorry, this little Duckie’s not sending anyone emails :)

    wonder how many $$$$$$ it is going to cost GBC in court costs…someone very close to me is dealing with a court case at the moment, it’s been going on for years…they have 3 of the best QCs and at the moment the case is in the approx. of $5,000,000…and that 5 mill is only from one of the parties involved……..


  29. Thanks for your time finding all those quotes moonlight, very interesting to go back over them. I’m sure the forensic accountants have been working frantically these past weeks over this tangled web of companies, accounts and trusts etc. I think at the committal mention the judge was horrified at how much time the prosecution said they needed to submit evidence to GBC’s defence, and they set a date in late August, for all evidence apart from the forensic accountants. So they seem to have more time up their sleeves to keep unravelling the web.

    Wow justtdreaming, that is a staggering figure your acquaintance’s legal costs have amounted to! I knew QC’s were expensive, but didn’t realise they were that expensive! You do have to wonder who is going to foot GBC’s mounting legal bills, don’t you? No doubt money and greed are at the heart of this sad case.


  30. Thanks Moonlight and JD (rubber ducky).

    Duly noted. Reckon it’ll cost me $5mill to get a copy of the accountants report and that’s just to cover the photocopying.


  31. Justdreaming, thanks for the Oasis link – that ‘finance company’ sure sounds shady – wonder how many people got sucked into this ‘guaranteed finance’ scheme, and at what cost?

    It is surprising given GBC’s position in the real estate industry, that he owned no house…maybe he was too busy investing in this myriad of companies (that perhaps his ‘financial advisor’ dreamed up and registered) that he had no chance. Or was not owning a home deliberate so he did not have assets which could be seized if one or more of these companies went belly up??

    It of course remains to be seen what the facts show in the end, but I for one will not be at surprised if his ‘financial advisor’ was his undoing in more ways than one – financially and also in terms of his marriage – it sure looked from a distance as if Allison’s death was no big shock or loss to the BC’s. They seemed to actively support his extramarital affair(/s?). It won’t even surprise me to learn the ‘financial advisor’ planned the awful ‘solution’. I hope I’m wrong but something just does not feel right about this family, and big Daddy seems involved and integral to all the bizarre goings on.

    Interesting Mountain Mist, that he is in Townsville at the moment….wonder if son-in-law still believes in GBC’s innocence… Is Bwana there to confess or try to ensure support – financial and otherwise – remains forthcoming…??

    Has sis visited GBC yet since he lost his bail application? I wonder if after hearing all the evidence against him on bail day, if it was still possible for her to believe the did not do it…she did look pretty angry – perhaps she felt lied to??? Or perhaps she was just angry that no one bought the caterpillar and other stories.

    September 3 should be interesting…..


  32. Hi all,
    I sure wouldn’t want to be the forensic accountants dealing with the B-Cs….here is another business…..there’s a few more as well, however I wont post them all..

    ACN: 010 665 282
    ABN: 61 010 665 282
    Previous state number: 86B06381Y
    Previous state of registration: Queensland
    Registration date: 6/10/1986
    Next review date: 6/10/2010

    Status: Deregistered
    Date deregistered: 18/02/2010
    Company Type: Australian Proprietary Company, Limited By Shares
    Locality of registered office:
    Regulator: Australian Securities & Investments Commission


  33. If you read the last company I posted… NIGELAINE PTY LTD you will then see further down this companies former nameS was NIGEL BADEN-CLAY PTY. LTD., and PUNDIRA PTY. LTD……..

    weird ???? sounds like something you would hear about on ACA….yes RIP think they were robbing Peter to pay Paul….bet Paul never got his money though :)

    Even when they start a business they have to keep changing the business name….if your company is doing well and is an honest company then why change the name ;)

    Re: the $5,000,000…It’s a different type of case than GBC…it’s a case between 2 companies, one company is alleged not to have abided by the law and now a few deaths have occurred. I should imagine GBC will be paying in the $100,000s..especially if his Leagal team have to check all his business dealings as well.


  34. Hi and good morning Just Dreaming, it is good to help. I went through and searched for ages, not recalling myself, who posted the details. You did well raising the subject and going through it all! I thank you for that!

    It is good to pull together and help Allison, so your searching is fantastic, thank you :D


  35. moonlight1313 on August 16, 2012 at 7:49 am
    Good morning Moonlight and everyone else,
    Thank you so much Moonlight for your help and for the time you spent looking for that post..very much appreciated.

    Oh no !!! it’s not my acquaintance that owes the $5,000,000 for legal costs…I’m not married to a naughty person :)…what I said was someone very close to me is dealing with the court case :)
    Makes me wonder though how they reach that sum of money and it’s still rising…….

    cheers all…have a nice day :) :)


  36. Here is another company I found interesting WORLD OF TOP STEP PTY LTD ….GBC company that has had it’s particulars (addresses,names etc) changed 10 times, last time being June this year.
    Also one of the Nigelaine pty ltd companies have had their particulars changed more than 20 times.

    Organisation Name WOTS – WORLD OF TOP STEP PTY LTD – Purchase an ASIC Extract
    ACN 096695546
    Organisation Type Australian Proprietary Company
    Organisation Status Registered
    Organisation Locality Suburb TOOWONG
    Organisation Locality State QLD
    Organisation Locality Postcode 4066
    Australian Business Number 71096695546

    below is a part copy from the Brisbane Newspaper…

    Certainly the couple were facing new challenges in 2008 relocating the family real estate firm to more expensive premises in a bid to ramp up the business.
    That same year a house they owned at the Gold Coast through their company Wots World of Top Step was listed as having been mortgaged and late last year they took out a $300,000 mortgage through another family company.

    Read more: http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/national/the-reclusive-side-of-a-grieving-husband-20120512-1yj5w.html#ixzz23fpuR4Uo

    I’m totally gobsmacked at how many companies this family can put their name to and yet have the backside out of their trousers…….after all the family was asking for help from outsiders to pay a $30,000 Legal fee……….I SMELL A RAT !!!!!…….WHERE IS ALL THEIR MONEY ?????



  37. Hi Oz,
    Could be right there Oz, World of Top Step pty ltd is still a registered company…below is their add, so I phoned them (thought maybe they could lend me a $ or 2) anyway the phone tells me that this mobile isn’t accepting incoming calls….below is their advert….this strange Co. is only contactable by po box address or mobile :) :)……

    Mmmmmm…this company teaches account management,handling conflict,*handling change* :) and *time management* :)

    World Of Top Step – Toowong

    PO Box 1903, Toowong, QLD 4066

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  38. If all that shuffling is for tax evasion then heaven help them – they’ve bombed at everything else they’re sure to have stuffed that up as well.

    Please Mister Tax Man, read the forensic accountant’s report.


  39. Nigelaine

    Contact details
    Address: 21 Campbell Terrace, Wavell Heights, QLD 4012
    Brisbane City North
    Tel: 072606282

    Is this one of their properties? Does anyone have access to rpdata??


  40. Today’s posts sure make interesting reading! So many companies, names and details changing so many times….it definitely sounds very fishy…. I bet it is going to be a memorable case for the forensic accountant/s involved. It sounds like a web of financial deception has been woven over years.

    That the one company specialises in teaching communication, financial management and conflict resolution is a joke, considering these people appear to have zero skills in these areas!

    Another one astounded me last week – doing home finance. How can they finance other people’s homes if they could not even keep the Taj Mahal afloat? I wonder if anyone actually got a home loan through them? Imagine handing over a home deposit to them for ‘safe keeping’…??? I would not trust them with $1.

    What did the company Nigelaine aka Nigel Baden Clay aka Pundira claim to do for a living??? More financial management or marriage enhancement I wonder??

    It is seriously bizarre to say the least – like a maze full of dead ends. It will be interesting to see what the forensic accountant finds. Looking forward to Sept 3.

    I also wonder how they plan to pay hundreds of thousands of $ for GBC’s legal fees over the next few years, if they could not even rub the bail application fees together recently.

    Do they have properties they can sell? Is the ‘GBC renter’ and kindy one of the family company properties?

    Everywhere one looks money seems to be at the heart of what they chased – at all cost. Sadly even Allison’s life had to be converted to $$…it is heartbreaking that this seemed like a ‘solution’. How utterly callous and heartless does one have to get for it to come to this??? So sad…

    It seems like they got onto a mad money merri-go-round that went faster and faster and in the end spun totally out of control.


  41. Good morning all,
    There are a lot more businesses recorded than what I posted on here…to many to post..people would have got bored reading them all….really amazed me that one of the Nigelaine companies changed it’s name/address 20+ times.

    I was going to do a ‘Land and property Title search’ yesterday, however I felt it a waste of $23 to spend on this lot, I would love to have done a property search on GBCs rented home to see who owned the home and to especially read the ‘first schedule’. Would have to do a Title search and a Historical search to get all the info……the monies would do better to go to Allisons childrens fund…….

    MM, you could give her a phone call :) like the mobile # I rang yesterday on one of these companies addverts and it told me “this number is not taking any incoming calls”……. :)

    Everywhere one looks money seems to be at the heart of what they chased – at all cost. Sadly even Allison’s life had to be converted to $$…
    RIP, what you wrote here is so,so, true………
    Have a nice day everyone…..no researching fro me todoay…just ironing :(


  42. Dearest Just Dreaming,

    Fantastic work! I am absolutely thrilled that you found all this information and it will do a lot of good for Allison. We, the general public, should be informed.

    The general public truly care, it isn’t a matter of writing an article for a paper or for the news and being paid – we want people such as these exposed!

    I hope that the other Blogs “pinch your work” (if you don’t mind) and spread the news!!

    Nothing more disgusting than, besides murder, which is disgusting enough in itself, the BC’s, basically, stealing innocent people’s money. Changing business names as they do, hence how they make their money, would be the only reason they do change names, as QCL already stated.

    I hope that GBC and N is charged, E, etc. – let Karma work, please!

    (You can’t tell me that OW didn’t know all of this – shame on them and their “Religious work”). OW must have been angry coming out of court when GBC was locked away – their family “ways” have been exposed – let it all unroll!

    No wonder they ask people for money for GBC’s trial – will they ever stop trying to rip off everyone?!!!!


  43. Hi all…my opinion only…maybe Yoshi could further help us here…

    I do not believe the change of name / address etc. has anything at all to do with Bankruptcy, like I said previously “I think they are trying to keep their head above water”..people do a similar thing with credit cards,when they have no more credit, they apply for a new credit card to pay the old debt..are given so many months B4 they have to pay that card and then apply for another and do the same thing….ROBBING PETER TO PAY PAUL….
    The reason I don’t believe the change of name / address etc. has anything at all to do with bankruptcy is that it is an offence if you trade under a different name unless you notify everyone that you deal with that you are bankrupt…
    …I can’t see the would-be’s if they could be’s telling people they are bankrupt !!!!!
    Also you will note in what I post below, the 3 businesses all use the same ABN…

    ABN 19262241039
    BETTER CASH FLOW AND ASSET MANAGEMENT SERVICES – from 2001-07-13 to 2002-08-16
    POSTCODE 4064
    ENTITY TYPE Other Partnership
    ENTITY STATUS Cancelled
    GST STATUS Not currently registered for GST

    1st Business name-Al Car Financial Service pty Ltd..operated 20 mar 2000-13 July 2001
    2nd Business name-Better Cash Flow start date opperated was 13 July 2001…
    Better Cash Flow business started same day Al Car Finance Pty Ltd ceased operation….
    All these businesses above had the same ABN … If you choose to use the same ABN for each business then you have to notify the ATO to arrange to have ABN reactivated if you are Bankrupt !!!!!
    They would NOT have had the time to notify ATO to deactivate and then reactivate ABN all on 13July 2001 when one business ceased and another started. It takes time through the ATO…..
    If you do still operate a business whilst Bankrupt you cannot use multiple names as B-Cs have done….you have to trade under your own name and notify all people you deal with that you are bankrupt !!!!!!


    by the way there is still a few of their Businesses ‘active’….and OASIS Finance is one of them…….SCARY !!!!!

    my opinion only ….

    anyone can check NPII to check Bankruptcy it does cost though…maybe we all need to send a prayer and truck load of grog for those Forensic Accountants

    posted this on the ‘lounge’ meant to post it on here :)


  44. moonlight1313 on August 17, 2012 at 9:11 am

    Hi moonlight…thank you, I don’t mind who “pinches” what I have posted…it’s all open to the public and there’s no copyright :) :) :)
    I don’t agree with QCL though re ‘bankruptcy’….think you will find a lot of ‘robbing peter to pay paul and tax dodging’……those forensic accountants have a mammoth task ahead…..
    makes me really sad to see how some families operate…I would hate to spend my life with everything I do revolving around trying to make $$$…wake up in morning and 1st thing to think of is how they can make the next dodgy dollar….people like that are very selfish and don’t think of others…just think who they can wrip off next….

    The 2 songs I would like to dedicate to this family are….’I’ve got friends in higher places’ and ‘going down,down,down in a burning ring of fire…and it burns,burns,burns and the flames get higher’

    all my opinion only…


  45. The money it will cost for the forensic accountant also the defence would also hire a team to play ‘tit for tat. This is going to be an epic trial.

    I believe the skull manor residents purposely left GBH house dirty for another dig at Allison (see how our son had to live).

    What would they be living on with no income-a pension maybe-I’m sure, being the financial experts they are- would have organised payments from a few of their companies. They’d now be living on church monies being in Townsville.


  46. Hey everyone.

    Wowwwww, JD…you been busy sleuthing :) Nice work!

    I’m thinking the financial investigations are going to reveal a lot more to this crime. I’m actually rethinking my theory of motive. I believe greed is still the motive…hmmm but I think there’s more. I am thinking perhaps Allison may have found something out that didn’t sit right with her…..apart from the affair with TM. I’m wondering if Allison was actually a risk much larger than I thought…..

    Time will tell…….


  47. Hi Mrs Brown,

    I actually don’t think the house would have been an ‘unclean’ house at all. I believe with kids, come the odd scuff marks here and there… I believe there would have been quite a mess left by forensic investigators….hat’s just the way it is. GBC had spent most of his time after Allison’s murder at his parents house. Also, moving house creates mess…..I don’t believe the way the house looks is a reflection of Allison at all. But you’re right, I don’t think the BC’s gave a rat’s arse what the house looked like or how it may reflect on Allison…..


  48. Hi Millie,

    I agree with you – perhaps they feel that cleaning a house is beneath them …………


  49. Hi Moonlight,

    Yep, I honestly don’t think they care two hoots about anything or anyone but their ‘greater than thou’ existence…..


  50. Hello all and thank you for that amazing detective work justdreaming.

    I now understand why the prosecution sought such a long adjournment in order to receive forensic audits – at the time, I sort of shared the judiciary’s exclamation of “you’ve got to be kidding.”

    But the information you have provided reveals a very tangled (and likely tarnished) web of nefarious goings-on.

    I would like to think that The Courier Mail might follow up your sleuthing with a story – but my instincts tell me that they are treading very gently in their reporting, likely in cooperation with the prosecution.

    Then again, they didn’t report the house being up for rent until that fact was first aired here….thank you to whoever posted that and my apologies for not remembering.

    Unfortunately, I have nothing new to share. But I’m hopeful of a truck delivery maybe after September 3 – not long now, folks.

    Best wishes to you all.


  51. I see GBC’s home is no longer on Realestate.com.au … wonder if it now has new tenants…. must be a tad unsettling living in a house where such an horrendous crime had reportedly happened just 4 months ago.

    Also wonder how relations with the Townsville son in law is, unless he lives in a vacuum he must have some idea all is not well….I wonder if he gets debriefed on what he may think and say…???


  52. Can’t help but wonder so many variants in this case RIP…. How tight is this clan? Something has to give, this crime will eventually do one of their heads in…..surely?

    Knowing someone within your family has taken an innocent life is something, I believe, not everyone could carry for too long. I would imagine the only time you would be able to live the rest of your life without having something like that constantly in the back of your mind, is when you clear your own soul….. It’s a tough one – family bond vs justice.


    • Hello Millie

      And therein appears to lie the problem.

      As details unfold, it becomes more and more obvious that we are not dealing with “normal” people nor usual “family dynamics” in this sad and sorry case.

      I’m no expert on anything, but this whole scenario is unravelling some of the strangest stuff I’ve ever heard.


    • millie, the family bond I don’t understand. If it had been my son in law or daughter in law I would have been right beside the other parents from the beginning. The way the B-C’s closed themselves off from the Dickies and anything to do with the search was so unnatural to me. To me their behaviour means either they knew he was guilty straight away, were involved in some way themselves or they are just hard hearted a-holes who don’t give a rat’s about anyone but themselves. Their behaviour has come at a big cost – freedom and the loss of their children/grandchildren. They will never get normality back again.


  53. Hi RIP Allison,

    I went past the house at around 6:30pm, not a light was on. Of course if someone is living there, the lights could be turned off as the people are out; however, usually when it is so very dark, I would think that it is usual practice to leave a light on.

    There wasn’t anything on the fence.


    • The rental house may have been temporarily pulled due to the publicity. I do know that the available date was for around now. Despite the photos shown on realestate.com the place would have have been cleaned before a new tenant came in, either by use of the bond if nigelaine don’t do it or at the expense of the owner. I have looked at heaps of rentals that hadn’t been cleaned but agents reassured me that they would be clean before the available date or it would be repainted, re-carpeted or whatever. Agents work for landlords and tenants, if the rental is in the hands of an agency (and it is – or was) then the agency would insist the owners bring it up to spec.


  54. I agree with you Ozmosis, to me also the behaviour of every one of them was completely unnatural from the start. It looked like they all knew the truth from day 1, I suspect more of them were involved in some capacity with Allison’s disposal as that early morning face time call clearly indicated, and I will not be surprised to learn that Bwana masterminded and manipulated the situation to some extent towards this end – something about his jovial behaviour during the search and at the funeral just did not look right to me. And judging by his idea of good business and cashflow management (registering companies and changing their names left right and centre), and helping run GBC’s real estate business into the ground as its financial director, plus whatever advice he must have been giving GBC as a ‘marriage enhancer’, supporting his extramarital alliance with TMcH, all looks like he probably had a hugely negative influence on the overall situation and possibly played a big part in the outcome. Yet he hides in the shadows and as yet has not taken any responsibility, seemingly encouraging GBC to do the same. If GBC was Bwana’s puppet, I hope he has enough time now to think things through clearly and realise this, and for once have the courage to tell the truth.


  55. Hi Mountain Misst I just saw your reminder in the lounge that it is actually tomorrow, not only 3 Sept that documents (is it all except financial report?) has to be handed over. Does anyone know if the content be made public, and if so when?


  56. Thanks RIP Allison…
    Whisper is out that a certain someone has now had a breakdown while in AG.
    Do you reckon it might be connected to tomorrow – I do.
    I’d like to think we may get a confession, however his ego enjoying centre stage so much – I doubt we’ll be that lucky.


  57. I seem to remember he had some sort of (probably lesser?) breakdown on his way to the police station once, and decided to blindly crash into a concrete pillar then. In AG that sort of antics won’t be possible. I wonder what he’ll try and do there. Is he’s hoping for sympathy or is he genuinely moving towards a realisation that the game is up and he can either make it more difficult and costly for himself and everyone else, or come clean and allow everyone, especially his kids, and including himself to move on sooner? Fingers X’d for the latter….


  58. This breakdown was said to be a nervous breakdown. Maybe he was told what evidence the DPP have on him.


  59. Hello GHS – I wholeheartedly agree, this family has not displayed “normal” behaviour since Allison’s death. However, they managed to appear “normal” to a whole range of people every other day prior. So we’re obviously dealing with some very cunning people here.

    I still do not believe they can pull this charade off for too much longer. If they could have cleanly got away with murder, they would have continued “business as usual”.
    But that may not appear to be the case; there’s evidence that has them concerned….

    That I feel, may be the straw…..and may just be with G himself?


  60. One would have thought that with having had the benefit of so much time between 20 April and when GBC was arrested, that they would have got their stories to align long ago….unless they were so over confident about the face time call not being detectable, that they did not even bother to fabricate a story around that. Mind you it will be hellishly difficult to concoct one after he told the police he slept like a baby all night…

    His lies are all catching up with him. Let’s have the truth Gerard! Come clean and you may be able to sleep better. Your life is still ruined but that was entirely your own choosing. People are sick and tired of the lies and deception. It’s an insult to their intelligence. It looks like the BC’s thought the rest of the population is so stupid, we’ll just believe everything they say and write Allison’s murder off as a mystery….

    Well think again – you under-estimated us! (or rather overestimated yourselves). There will be justice for Allison. Her children and family have been robbed of an absolute treasure in the most heartless manner imaginable. Justice must be served!


  61. Well well well! Finally found you all in this thread! Here I was thinking everyone had gone away.
    Is this the main thread now? Just Dreaming must have been rolling her eyes whilst talking about companies etc.
    Bit like trying to solve a matter with ultra limited clues.
    Another thought struck me today whilst cleaning out the shed.
    It was regarding when the police said they knew immediately what had caused Allison’s death.
    And I thougt this too could be considered suicide.
    Zip ties. (Zip clips.) Around Neck.
    That is nothing more than my imagination. A thought only. And if someone wants to erase this comment, that’s fine by me. It’s gruesome.
    Pretty awful. But there is nothing not awful in the whole matter. And there’s nothing wouln’t surprise me now. That whole family is full of it.


  62. WOW QCL that is a gruesome possibility but as you say everything about what happened is gruesome. I see it has been done before – one example at http://articles.nydailynews.com/2012-06-05/news/32060899_1_bodies-zip-tie-suicide

    I would imagine that would leave very distinctive evidence, making the cause of death pretty obvious. I seem to remember the police did search a shed in the early days – not sure if it was GBC’s or Bwana’s……


  63. You’ve all been busy. Makes good reading thanks.

    I’ve been doing my version of ferreting into GBC’s supposed ‘nervous breakdown’ on the weekend and posted the results today – click on my avatar.

    IMO – he is currently in the nutty corner…


    • Interesting stuff Mountain Misst. Here is my take. The family does have narcissistic tendencies, probably GBC does as a result of such a strong, iron-willed father. I think the father is directly responsible for GBC’s emotional immaturity (probably by his father being such an over-bearing person but also by his father taking care of everything all his life, never letting him grow emotionally). The other two kids appear to have made their own way without the father, especially Adam. GBC was a puppet in my opinion. A happy, narcissistic puppet but still a puppet. Two major things have happened to GBC that I think have flung him into the nutty corner. 1. His strings puller has been cut off and 2. he knows there will be no freedom for him now for a very, very, long time. I suspect it is the latter that has thrown him over the edge. If he has regrets I think it is because he got caught (and possibly can’t understand why, considering daddy has always been there to get him out of trouble – while at the same time being a brutal father, weird relationship).


  64. Ozmo… I have a very sneaking suspicion – that mummy is not so innocent in all this. Am a fair way off looking at her chart yet but the can of worms is open… Will be pleased to hear your thoughts as I go. Thanks so much for the feedback. Am walking a lonely journey here.


  65. Mummy and daddy like to refer to themselves as Nigelaine. They have a company name and even signed an “in-memoriam” as such (not Allison’s) – which disgusted other mourners. They obviously consider themselves a unit (correctional unit perhaps) – this may extend to their role play of bad cop/good cop at the expense of their progeny.

    Adam has the ability to rebel showing in his chart which is lacking in GBC’s. Adam has not escaped unscathed altogether, however as he has managed to stay away he has risen above their influence. I doubt if Nigelaine can cause any more damage now that their balloon has been pricked… ahem


  66. Mountain Misst, I agree about mummy. I don’t know how involved she is but she know something, a whole lot of something!


  67. We’ll nail those who are guilty to the floor – I PROMISE.
    If the law turns out to be an ass with regard to any guilty party, we will expose them.

    Thanks for your support JD and all who have been on my site.
    I appreciate the support network of you all and if it wasn’t for Robbo, I would never have even realised I could be of help, let alone start up a whole site devoted to this particular crime.

    J.D. Am not on facebook – have the family all cleaned out their pages? I did find a photo online of Nigelaine at the Blue Mtns but looks probably about 10yrs old.

    Ozmo I’ll be able to get an ‘angle on mummy’s dangle’ – just need to get the basics done on GBC first. With daddy having a hearing aid I thought she may have taken the face-time phone call, however Doc Watson informs me that this is probably not the case as most people with age/industrial deafness are usually still able to hear the mobile without their hearing aids.

    Am still needing to know the birth date and place of birth for Toni McHugh. I have all the other characters. Anyone know anyone???


  68. Interesting reading, thanks Justdreaming, Ozmosis and Mountain Misst!

    Does anyone know what exactly we can expect on 3 September? I don’t suppose GBC will show his face. So I am surmising like with the bail hearing it’ll largely be statements by the prosecution and defence. Will the evidence submitted to date become available to the public then as it did after the bail hearing? (everything except financial stuff which is to be submitted mid Nov only, that is)..
    Can GBC be committed to trial now with out the financial reports due in Nov only?
    I do hope much about which we have been speculating will become more clear….less than 2 weeks to go to find out!


  69. Haha, 349 FB friends now, dropped another in the past couple of hours. Mountain Misst, Olivia may be involved in some way. I thought she was right from the beginning but I don’t think she faked her shock at the bail hearing. So not so confident about her involvement now. I think at that first interview with GBC that she was edgy and worrying he would say the wrong thing but that could have been because she didn’t want anyone to think he was guilty of Allison’s disappearance and not that she actually thought he was.


  70. Mountain Misst
    You are definitely not alone.
    You are alone, only insomuch as you have superior knowledge in astro type matters. That is all.
    I for one, am keenly interested in your take in this matter. Never in my whole life have I ever looked into this area. Astro type stuff I mean!

    Regarding full moon:
    I DO know however that anyone who has worked in or near a hospital with psych patients knows that psych patients “go off” at full moon. Big time.
    Mainly vocalizing. Like howling.
    Also full moon affects not only psychiatrically inclined people, but all sorts of people and animals and fishes and life in general.

    Have lately become interested in fishing, and am astounded to note that all fishing is intricately and inextricably connected to moon phases and tides.
    All professional fishermen through centuries have in fact become educated, (through necessity) about the moon’s effect on fish habits. In fact the moon’s effects on the habits of all life forms including humans.

    Mountain Misst, I am very interested on your views on these seemingly “scientific” matters concerning the planets and their positions and their relevance.

    Another matter, I was always fascinated in the myths and legends of which you speak. But never considered them any thing more than just that; myths and legends.
    Also I was read to as a child, fairy stories, such as Hansel and Gretel with the wicked stepmother, and many more. I always considered them all fairy stories, nothing more than that.
    (Perhaps it is here I should mention, in my very country upbringing, I never heard the word divorce or witnessed split families, or step parents or stepmothers wicked or otherwise.)
    Ooops! Learned later these “fairy” stories are actually based on facts.
    Ooops again! Because you are naive in matters doesn’t mean you are immune to the truths contained therein.

    And so dear Mountain Misst, please can you educate me, one humble Queensland Country Lady, as to whether or not these matters are related, the Full Moon, it’s effects, and your astro science?

    (“The word “lunacy” means insanity, and is derived from the Latin stem “luna,” meaning moon. For years, stories have been told about how incidences of violent crime, suicide, emergency room admissions, and cases of anxiety and depression increase during a full moon.”)

    Also Mountain Misst, I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for your input in this whole sordid matter.
    Highly educational.
    As are all the excellent posts within this entire site drawn from personal experience.


    • Hello QCL and Mountainmist

      If I could add my own tuppence – I worked in an aged care facility for several years, and there was no doubting the “pull” of the full moon – particularly with those who had dementia.

      Many years prior, I worked for a senior politician – a nice enough bloke most of the time, but come the witching hour at full moon, his personality deteriorated markedly!


  71. Mountain Misst, I see on 19 April it was 2 days before new moon on 21 April. The moon seemed to rise around 4am that morning and set again at 4pm that evening. I think this means it would have been a dark moonless night on 19 April until on 20 April the moon rose at 5am. If so the dark moon would have given Allison’s murderer rather more cover in the middle of the night than he would have had 2 weeks later during full moon.


  72. GHS

    Apologies for being trigger happy.

    I am that person who was under your feet when you were “peeping over the parapet”

    (Tee hee, I still giggle when I picture that) For those who came in late, GHS was a bit shy about posting on this page, and wrote those words.

    Regards Queensland Country Lady


  73. RIP Allison – On 3rd Sept – unless GBS spills his guts or something dramatic happens before then, the accused is not required to attend the “committal mention” This is when the defence and prosecution stand together and report to the magistrate that they have done what he told them to do. That they are being good little girls and boys. Sounds like primary school does it not…

    This tells you about the difference between the court procedures: http://www.gnl.com.au/index.php?action=view&view=3708&pid=66


  74. Morning QCL.. Big question you’re asking re Moon. Consider this – our bodies are 70-80% water. The moon’s gravity is what creates the tides in the ocean. That same gravity affects our “waters”. We would be sloshing around twice a day if the water wasn’t sealed within our bodies so what is happening? We are born with this ‘event’ and so it is innate in us and we are unable to separate from it – it is our lifetime companion as is the sound of the earth’s heartbeat.

    Yes the planet has a sound as they all do. The study of it is called the ‘harmony of the spheres’. Have I sent you off on another exploratory mission – I hope so. lol


  75. RIP Allison re the dark moon at the time of the murder – that is one of the reasons why I went off on this idea of using astrology as a ‘can-opener’.
    I wrote about the dark moon yest after the reported (could be rumour) “nervous breakdown last Saturday” (follow the link to it thru my avatar)
    I’ve made a chart of the late evening of 19April and compared it to the birth chart of GBC and that is what my entire study is about – an effort to understand from an astrological standpoint (not science, not fact) as to what might have been going on in GBC’s head.

    Just like so many of us here, I am fascinated (macabre but true) why and how someone could commit such a dreadful crime and then have the audacity to pretend that they didn’t.


  76. Hi Mountain Misst, thanks for the link re the court proceedings.

    It sounds to me as if GBC is unlikely to make an appearance, and the defence may or may not ask to cross-examine any prosecution witnesses. It sounds like it involves a lot of tactical posturing, and an opportunity for the defence to gain info to assist the accused’s defence.

    I can’t make out whether the information which had been supplied by the prosecution to the defence would be made available to the public or not – do you know?

    What does this mean: “the accused person must enter into a fresh bail undertaking”? Does it mean he must apply for bail all over again?

    Re the dark moon, I was so focussed on the dark moon close to the time of the murder, it completely escaped me that it was dark moon again last Saturday! Maybe it reminds him of that fateful night in April….. perhaps darkness has become his enemy, bringing back memories of events that as you say he wants to pretend didn’t happen…..


  77. I’d think the defence would try and explain that call away. Fell off charger, cat knocked it over blah blah.

    Correct me if I’m wrong-the day the Police put out the appeal for Alison, they asked neighbours to search their properties and old mine shafts for Allison. They asked searchers to look for clothing? and phone.

    The QPS on arrival, noticed scratch marks on him ALSO one of the girls said mummy might have fallen into a hole!!! hence the mine searches. That excuse of a father had obviously told the girls that.

    Although I cannot find it in MSMedia- it was there and pulled off soon after. Maybe someone here will remember it.

    Please excuse my grammar-English is not my first language.


  78. RIP Allison – legal stuff is not my forte so unable to answer you, sorry. I do doubt much will get released to the public until we have the documents read out in court / on the public record (available to msm).

    We rely on msm to tell us most of it and the rest “falls off the back of a truck” and some kind soul shares with us. Given the opportunity they’ll toss a few pages over the parapet.

    Love the cat theory Mrs Brown.


  79. Ha ha re the cat theory…knocked it over, dialled Bwana and entertained him for a minute and a half :o

    Or maybe it was one or more of be those giant caterpillars that crawled all over GBC’s face and upper body that also attacked the phone!! LOL.

    Whatever explanation will be forthcoming, will likely be quite be entertaining. As the caterpillars were.

    Oh well, now only a week and a half to go before there should be more obvious progress.


    • Facebook friends 344, dropping in big drops now. Mountain Misst, is the info about the meeting at Skull Manor in the news, or have you heard something on the sly? If it’s in the news, do you have a link?


  80. MM – LOVE “skullduggery”! Brilliant.

    But now have an uneasy feeling about a change of plea come September 3…..


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