Prison officers arrested on drug trafficking ring with crims at Barwon Prison

This comes as no surprise actually folks but the ramifications will be wide and far…MORE TO COME

UPDATE 11/07/12

EXCLUSIVE: KILLER bikie Christopher Wayne Hudson and one of Australia’s most feared hitmen were allegedly able to run a drug ring with corrupt guards inside Victoria’s most secure jail.


Three Barwon Prison officers were arrested during raids in Geelong and the northern suburbs yesterday, after an eight-month investigation. Two have since been charged with drug offences.

Sources close to the operation claim one of the guards, a 40-year-old man from Grovedale, had formed a close relationship with the two killers and had been monitored having long conversations in their cells, as well as passing notes and other items under their doors.

Authorities are also concerned about information passed between the cells and out of the prison.

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Charlie Bezzina: Risk of mixing with the dark side

Barwon Prison security faces fierce scrutiny

Hudson, a Hells Angel, is serving a minimum of 35 years in jail over the 2007 CBD shootings of father of three Brendan Keilar, who died, and Dutch backpacker Paul de Waard.

The contract killer, who cannot be named for legal reasons, is serving 32 years for the murders of Dorothy and Ramon Abbey in 1987.

Charges against him over the murders of police informers Terence and Christine Hodson were dropped.

The veteran trigger man is linked to some of Australia’s most infamous underworld figures and is suspected of multiple murders.

Last night a 40-year-old Grovedale man was charged with trafficking a drug of dependence, misconduct in public office, possessing an unregistered firearm, possessing a prohibited weapon and possessing and using a drug of dependence, while a 40-year-old Norlane man was charged with possessing and using a drug of dependence.

Both were bailed to appear in the Geelong Magistrates’ Court on 26 September.

A 31-year-old female prison officer from Norlane was interviewed and released pending further inquiries.

A 46-year-old Norlane man and an 18-year-old Delahey man, who were not Corrections Victoria staff, were released pending further inquiries.

Operation Puli, run by Victoria Police drug taskforce detectives, started in November after intelligence was passed on by Corrections Victoria.

Houses were raided in the Geelong area and at Delahey, in Melbourne’s northern suburbs, from 7am yesterday.

Cannabis and prescription medication were seized.

Victoria Police acting Deputy Commissioner Jeff Pope said the suspect behaviour was confined to Barwon Prison, the state’s highest-security prison.

“It does seem to be isolated to this core group of prison officers,” Mr Pope said.

“One or two of these guards has formed a relationship with a small group of inmates that is inappropriate.”

Acting Corrections Commissioner Jan Shuard said the guards worked across the prison and were not restricted to one particular section

An aerial shot of Barwon Prison WHERE SCREWS HAVE BEEN ARRESTED AMID A drug trafficking RING INSIDE THE PRISON!

UPDATE 3.15PM 10/07/12

Those arrested were a 40-year-old Grovedale man, a 31-year-old Norlane woman, a 41-year-old Norlane man and a 46-year-old Norlane man.

Victoria Police officers swooped on several properties in the Geelong region connected to Barwon Prison from 7am, completing searches a short time ago.

Four prison officers have been arrested as part of an ongoing investigation by police and Corrections Victoria which has linked guards to inmates.

PRISON officers accused of running a drug trafficking ring with criminals have been arrested in a series of co-ordinated raids.

Victoria Police officers swooped on several properties in the Geelong region connected to Barwon Prison from 7am, completing searches a short time ago.

The Herald Sun understands four prison officers have been arrested as part of an ongoing investigation by police and Corrections Victoria which has linked guards to inmates.

Barwon Prison, near Geelong, houses the state’s worst convicted criminals, among them influential organised crime figures.

Gangland killer Evangelos Goussis, drug boss Tony Mokbel, and middle-eastern crime gang members are all housed at Barwon Prison, however no identities of inmates connected to today’s raids have been revealed.

Inappropriate relationships between staff and inmates at Corrections Victoria’s jail are considered a major security risk.

Staff at Barwon came under unprecedented levels of scrutiny following the death of  Carl Williams.

More to come …

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13 thoughts on “Prison officers arrested on drug trafficking ring with crims at Barwon Prison

  1. This does not surprise me one bit. Has been a well known fact in most of Australia’s prisons for a long, long time. As a mother of someone who was incarserated for some time, this comes from the “horses mouth”. Shame on them, how on earth do we rehabilitate prisoners when the very thing that has put most of them there, is being bought in by the their minders. One word comes to mind very quickly “GREED”


  2. With all visitors being searched, an opportunity to operate a lucrative little business would be too good for some to resist temptation and pass up. I expect any prison officers involved would have been earning a tidy sum on top of their wage that the Tax Office will be interested in checking into also. Although I suspect that might be the least of their problems at the moment.


  3. I am so NOT suprised either :0/ I am a daughter of a past prison officer and one day whilst in a teenage nosey mood (there had been odd behaviours at the time of which I felt it was my duty to see if I could find out any info) .. Anyway.. I found a VERY VERY BIG haul (Large black garbage bags) FULL of needles hidden inside of one of his warderobes…and trust me not even the most chronic diabetic would have needed THAT many (and also none of us had any medical issues necessitating needles). I took three of the needles out to have a little looky (as you do when your a teenager) …. then disposed of them in my rubbish bin and put everything back in its place so not to be found out. I had heard a rumour that there was some sort of prison officer drug ring or something…but was not one that wanted to be caught in rumours and such..and I can say I was a little on the freaked out side and wanted to pretend it never happened. A few days later my father had obviously performed a room search on me and found the discarded needles in my rubbish… I had forgotten that he used to search my room :0/ . Needless to say he felt it neccessary to cover his own back … and to take the heat off himself blamed me for being a drug user & made sure to try make the whole family believe that I was trouble…of which I was neither :0/ ..I’ve met some really nice prison officers..but unfortunately it is true there are some really dodgy ones..and sadly my father was one of them and this is but one story !!


  4. Gee Bella, what an awful situation to be in as a teenager (well any age really) Now matter how much one gets paid, some feel it is their right to take that little bit more on the side. In my experience following these things it is GREED that catches them 100% of the time…

    Like an addict they want that little bit more…

    Thanks for sharing that!


  5. Robbo did you see that Jose Bayez claims that George Anthony thought he was Kaylees father and murdered her to cover up the incest in his book..At the very least the reaction of George when questioned by Bayez about the incest


  6. Can anyone tell me: Why have the prison officers (reported to be) responsible not been named?

    p.s- Just read the ‘reply NICELY here’…Giggle


    • a person must be charged and proven guilty before they can be named, and surprise surprise, not everyone arrested that day was involved in what was allegedly going on…a word of advice from sum1 who knows…… dont put your faith into our cops and justice system! i know i have certainly lost all mine.

      - 31 yr old norlane female :)


  7. This sorta thing has been goin on for years one enterprising west heidelberg lad threw tennis balls full of smack over the wall to his brother……………….


  8. THIS is Another really Classic Example of Why Gay Men And Bi Sexual Men Should NOT BE, Let into the Correctional Services or any Australian Police Force, I can’t expand on my extensive experience for Legal reasons. Oh we lovey pancakes do very well with our Gay Boyfreinds like John David ‘Loousies’ Lewth Waites the Computer Bookies Scammers, behind all the Drug Trafficking.


  9. Victoria Police Drug Squad Detective Sergeant Paul Dale, knows what happened to Drug king pin Carl the premier Williams, and Barwon Prison hitman Matthew Johnson didn’t act alone, as he said in his police record of interview, he must really love jail, to plead guilty, and get a life sentence, for a bent corrupt ex cop, sacked by his own police force, because they knew he was dirty. while Matthew Johnson, who is now the Top Dog hit man of Barwon Prison, getting free jail sex and money and drugs, to make his time easier, his mate Paul Dale goes free?……….Also the drug squad police informers murder, he was sacked from the police force and later sent to jail, with other drug squad detectives, for conspiracy to murder, but then found not guilty, of ordering the contract murders of Christine and Terrance Hodson, who were police informants to corrupt jailed Drug squad Detectives, including Paul Dale, along with being the bag man for Carl Williams drug empire, in gangland Melbourne. but he wasn’t found innocent either. And the best crown witness was later secretly removed from Barwon Prison to secretly talk to police, about dale and police corruption matters, But after being returned to Barwon, later murdered in Acacia High Secuity Unit, and no one Prison Officer saw a thing, while Prisoner Matthew Johnson, in full view in front of recorded security CCTV cameras, bashes with a prison exercise bike seat , Prisoner Carl Williams to death, before his could become a crown witness?.DOG!???…Prisoner Matthew Johnson, must be the most stupid or the smartest professional hitman ,in Barwon Prison or he…. is going to be well looked after by vested interests, for silencing of Carl Williams , which is more likely to be the reason!!! ………Paul Dales involvement in.this. Case should not be closed, there is a lot of internal and external corruption of Prison Officers and high profile prisoners who helped in this prison contract killing, while Paul Dale walks away, and remains untouchable. The current clean Vic police forces image needs to keep investigations ongoing on Paul Dale, a lot of persons of interest are getting away with this corruption of the highest level……???………It was,notorious ,violent, drugy serial underworld killer hitman ,Prisoner: Rodney Collins, did the dirty deeds, and contract killing of The Hodsons for Paul Dale………. Rodney Collins ,who once was a old armed robber hold up man and hitman in the Melbourne Underworld with The famous criminal prisoner Peter Lawless, Pentridge Prisons jailhouse lawyer of choice and prisoners rights activist. Christopher Wayne Hudson, his 1% OMG Biker mates and corrupt screws are running the drugs in Barwon Prison…….!!!HELLS ANGLES, BANDITOS, COMMOCHEROS CONTROL THE DRUGS TRADE INSIDE PRISON.


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