12 thoughts on “Problems making a comment or logging in?-UPDATE

  1. Testing testing. Just seeing if I can comment,,didn’t before ,but trying again robbo,if this works mate r u able to delete please? Cheers.

    • Yah ,on third time it worked ,wouldn’t accept my email,then password ,but all appears ok now,working anyway robbo,so things are good now this end,,ps last two tries were about a week back,so something’s sorted.

  2. Hi Robbo,

    Thank you for getting me back into your site :-)
    I can post in the puzzle thread, but when I cannot even bring up the lounge thread.
    Any ideas? I have deleted cookies etc too.

    Thank you

    • That’s not good Pug is it?…

      I have never ever had these problems running websites and upgrading, yet I pay the professionals this time to do it and they stuff everything up!

      Have you tried in Chrome or IE or Mozilla (whichever is not your normal browser? Then we can tell if it is browser related problems.

      These Happiness Engineers must only work when I am asleep fair dinkum, they dont answer me till 3am every night

  3. RIP Allison,
    Just as well GBC is locked up while Robbo’s techs sort it all out.
    Robbo, we have until Sept 3rd cos then this site will go nuts!!!!
    GO NUTS.
    But heaps of time, just as Gerbs does.

  4. :Cry-Out: :Shout:
    sadly laying in bed testing in phone!
    :iPad: :Sad-Lonely:
    Keeping notes for when I sue them for hair loss

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