Lloyd Rayney Murder Trial Coverage

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The JUDGE ONLY murder trial for Lloyd Rayney has began. On trial for the wilful murder of his wife Corryn…I’m sure in what will be riveting stuff for those interested, so here is where we will be covering it. Feel free to join in the conversation below!


DAY 12 – AUGUST 7, 2012 – “Rayney ‘said he hated his wife”

Courtesy of: thewest.com.au

UPDATE, 12:40pm Lloyd Rayney “hated” his wife and was concerned about a series of allegations she had made shortly before her death, including claims he was sleeping in their daughters’ beds at night, a former colleague of Mr Rayney’s and aide-de-camp to two WA governors has told his Supreme Court murder trial.

The court was also told that Mr Rayney, who is alleged to have tapped his wife’s phone shortly before her death, asked his then colleague about “surveillance” options, saying “cost wouldn’t be an issue’.

Clare O’Brien, a former Perth-based lawyer who worked with Mr Rayney at the Director of Public Prosecutions appeared as a witness via videolink this morning.

Today is the fifth anniversary of Corryn Rayney’s death.

Ms O’Brien gave evidence about a conversation with Mr Rayney at a coffee shop, in which he said he “hated” his wife.

“I asked him how the situation was at home and if he thought the marriage could be salvaged and Lloyd said that he’d been making a great deal of effort over a long period of time, which I think also included marriage counselling, but that his efforts weren’t working and it looked like it was over,” she said.

“He said that he hated Corryn… He just said the words, there wasn’t any particular emotion.”

Ms O’Brien gave evidence Mr Rayney said he wanted to “know what was going on in relation to Corryn’s plans”. She said Mr Rayney asked her if she knew anyone that knew anything about “home security or home surveillance systems”.

She said she recommended Mr Rayney speak to a friend of her brother’s, who had been involved in installing cameras in nightclubs. Ms O’Brien said she subsequently asked her brother to make contact with his friend, Tim Pearson, which he did.

Under cross-examination Ms O’Brien said police threatened to charge her, costing her both her job and reputation if she did not make a statement to police. She said she was not told what she would be charged with but that the charges would ultimately be dropped.

Ms O’Brien said police told her that “by the time we eventually drop the charge, because ie: there is no evidence, it’s too late because the damage is done,” she said. She said she was told her brother could also be charged. “I was absolutely starting to get extremely scared,” she said.

However, Ms O’Brien said nothing police said to her led her to give evidence that was untrue and she would ultimately have made a statement in any case.

Ms O’Brien recalled a separate phone conversation she had with Mr Rayney in late June or early July 2007, in which he told her Mrs Rayney was making false accusations via email. The allegations include claims he was sleeping in his daughters’ beds at night, which he said he was not.

Ms O’Brien said Mr Rayney said Mrs Rayney’s claim was ridiculous. Asked for her interpretation of the emails, Ms O’Brien said she suggested Mrs Rayney may be “setting up an email trail” ahead of divorce proceedings.

“He wanted to let a few people know that he was having some difficulties with Corryn in his marriage,” Ms O’Brien said.

“He said that Corryn had been sending emails to his work and she was writing things that weren’t true in the sense that Lloyd was sleeping in the girls’ beds at night and he asked me what did I make of that by her doing that… I said that it looked as though she was setting up an email trail indicating that things had occurred when they hadn’t in order to be able to apply pressure to Lloyd in relation to the divorce proceedings.”

Ms O’Brien and Mr Rayney discussed the implications of Mrs Rayney’s allegations on his reputation and his aspiration “to be called to the bench”, joking he wanted to be “the first black judge in WA”. Ms O’Brien said she suggested Mr Rayney move out of the couple’s home but he said Mrs Rayney should move out instead.

Ms O’Brien said she told Mr Rayney that if his wife’s allegations “got out” they could negatively affect his career prospects.

Later, in August 2007, when Mrs Rayney was missing but before her body had been found Ms O’Brien said she visited Mr Rayney at his home.

“We all sat down and I remember that… I’d never seen Lloyd look so completely shattered,” she said. “He was on the point of tears and he looked at me and asked me how was he going to be able to tell the girls that their mother was dead. It was one of the saddest moments that I could recall, watching someone even contemplating having that conversation with his children… it was a moment.”

Ms O’Brien said that in an effort to raise Mr Rayney’s spirits she told him he should not assume his wife was dead and suggested he check if his wife’s passport or any money was missing. “It was like he’s jumped to the worst case scenario and I said, ‘well, it might not be the case that she’s dead, she might be missing’,” she said.

Ms O’Brien also gave evidence about the nature of her friendship with Mr Rayney after they both left the DPP. At times she said she recommended Mr Rayney to people seeking representation, including a police officer who appeared at the Corruption and Crime Commission.

“I recommended… clients to use Lloyd for their matters,” she said.

Ms O’Brien also gave evidence about a lunch she attended at the Rayneys’ Como home in 2007 with her then-fiancee. Asked about the relationship she observed between Mr and Mrs Rayney she said they were “very welcoming”.

“The atmosphere was very welcoming, it was very warm and cordial,” she said.

“It was obvious that they regularly entertained because they worked in tandem… it was very much a team effort and we had a very nice time.”

Ms O’Brien was a lawyer at the Legal Aid office of WA from 2004 to late 2007 and before that worked at the DPP with Mr Rayney.

Ms O’Brien now lives in Queensland. The case has been adjourned until tomorrow.

TRIAL UPDATES: (click on links below for daily coverage)

DAY 1 – July 16, 2012 – “Family home scene of Corryn Rayney murder – prosecution”

DAY 2 – July 17, 2012 – ‘Lloyd Rayney place card found near Kings Park burial site’

DAY 3 – July 18, 2012 – ‘Rayney murder trial moves to park site where wife’s body was buried’

Map of sites visited by Judge (click here – then on next screen select link again)

DAY 4 – July 24, 2012 – ‘First witnesses take to the stand in Rayney murder’

DAY 6 – July 26, 2012 – ‘Murder trial told of Rayney’s security fears’

DAY 7 – July 27, 2012 – ‘Lloyd and Corryn Rayney went on Bali holiday with Gina Rinehart’

DAY 8 – July 30, 2012 – ‘The Rayney Trial – Week three begins’

DAY 9 – July 31, 2012 – ‘Lloyd Rayney didn’t drive his wife’s car on night of party – witness’

DAY 10 – August 1, 2012 – ‘Lloyd Rayney investigator says evidence was not ignored’

DAY 11 – August 2, 2012 – ‘Seed pod bag seals in dispute’

Lloyd Rayney  Previous Coverage

Accused father reunited with daughters

LAWYER Lloyd Rayney has broken his silence over charges that he murdered his wife after he was granted $100,000 bail in the Supreme Court.

‘We will catch Corryn’s killer’

THE family of murdered Perth lawyer Corryn Rayney believes her killer will eventually be brought to justice.

Rayney in court for bail variation

BARRISTER Lloyd Rayney, accused of murdering his wife in 2007, made a brief appearance in court today where his bail conditions were varied.

Rayney trial $3m price tag ‘unavoidable’

BUDGET documents reveal that the murder trial of Lloyd Rayney will cost taxpayers almost $3 million.

Rayney attends injustice event

PROMINENT Perth barrister Lloyd Rayney, who will stand trial for the murder of his wife later this year, was among the high profile faces who attended a fundraiser for victims of miscarriages of justice.

Rayney trial to cost at least $2m

IT’S the $20,000-a-day murder trial set to sting WA taxpayers more than $2 million.

Bail altered amid more delays for Rayney

NEW conditions will be attached to barrister Lloyd Rayney’s bail before his impending murder trial, which could still be more than a year away.

WA’s trial of the century

PROSECUTORS are set to call almost 200 witnesses and tender 200 exhibits during barrister Lloyd Rayney’s Supreme Court trial, which starts in Perth today

Rayney loses ‘persons of interest’ bid

LLOYD Rayney’s defence team has lost its bid for information about  warrants on other “persons of interest” in the murder of Corryn Rayney to be produced at his trial.

Remembering Corryn Rayney

IN the days before Corryn Rayney’s untimely death she was the happiest she’d been for a long time.

Delays in Rayney murder case

THE murder case against barrister Lloyd Rayney has been delayed because the Prosecution is yet to file key documents,  the WA Supreme Court was told today.

Rayney wins two-month adjournment

THE trial of barrister Lloyd Rayney over the wilful murder of his wife has been postponed until July after he was granted an eight-week adjournment.

Rayney bars web from trial

BARRISTER Lloyd Rayney has stopped the opening addresses of his wilful murder trial from being broadcast live on the internet or television.

Rayney killed at family home – Prosecution

PROSECUTORS in the Lloyd Rayney murder trial will lead evidence they claim shows the Supreme Court registrar was murdered by her husband in their Como home.

Rayney opts for judge-only murder trial

THE murder trial of Perth barrister Lloyd Rayney will be presided over by a judge alone, without a jury.

Rayney charged with murder

PROMINENT Perth lawyer Lloyd Rayney has been charged with the 2007 murder of his estranged wife Corryn after a dramatic arrest in the city today.

Intense interest in Rayney murder trial

THE Supreme Court is preparing for intense media interest in the epic five-month murder trial of prominent barrister Lloyd Rayney, which begins on Monday.

Husband’s frantic plea to find missing wife

THE husband of missing Perth supreme court registrar Corryn Rayney has made a desperate plea for help in finding his wife.




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    Sincerely, Matthew Fowler BSc

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  2. Matthew Fowler

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    Matthew Fowler

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    2/ Alan Hamer (16 years old juvenile) was the only one convicted and
    ordered to pay hospital costs, Brian Millwood (another 16 years old
    juvenile) was also charged and both were held on remand in Longmore
    Detention Centre (Brian was released after a few days, Alan was held
    for a total of 12 weeks), the other of three assailants was Barry John
    Grigg (adult). The two juveniles were given alcohol and coerced by two
    other adult males, Steve Layton and Steve Collins (whom Alan Hamer met
    for the first time that night) thus there were a total of five
    assailants (two 16yo juveniles and three adults). The three adult
    males were held in the East Perth Lockup that first night; in 1972;
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    grievous bodily harm in the Adult Court; the incident took place at
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    otherwise give evidence to defend himself and was advised by the Court
    Prosecutor QC who allegedly was working on Alan’s behalf, to plead
    guilty on all charges. The Court Justice gave a suspended sentence for
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  3. Dearest Vivian, thank you so much for all that you have and are doing. I became so tired as I have woken early these last two


    Matthew Fowler

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    mornings in response to all the thoughts as to what to do, that I have
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    Can you please let me know that it reached you and Mr Rayney safely.

    Thank you kindly


    On Sun, Dec 6, 2015 at 3:08 PM, Florence Knight freshwaterlilly8@gmail.com

    The Rayney case

    On Sun, Dec 6, 2015 at 3:07 PM, Robin Napper robin.napper@gmail.com

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    In relation to which case please?


    On 6 Dec 2015, at 11:49 am, Florence Knight freshwaterlilly8@gmail.com

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    I hope you are able to find a satisfactory resolution to this matter.

    Yours sincerely

    Mark Fraser LVO OAM
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