Lloyd Rayney Murder Trial Coverage

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The JUDGE ONLY murder trial for Lloyd Rayney has began. On trial for the wilful murder of his wife Corryn…I’m sure in what will be riveting stuff for those interested, so here is where we will be covering it. Feel free to join in the conversation below!


DAY 12 – AUGUST 7, 2012 – “Rayney ‘said he hated his wife”

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UPDATE, 12:40pm Lloyd Rayney “hated” his wife and was concerned about a series of allegations she had made shortly before her death, including claims he was sleeping in their daughters’ beds at night, a former colleague of Mr Rayney’s and aide-de-camp to two WA governors has told his Supreme Court murder trial.

The court was also told that Mr Rayney, who is alleged to have tapped his wife’s phone shortly before her death, asked his then colleague about “surveillance” options, saying “cost wouldn’t be an issue’.

Clare O’Brien, a former Perth-based lawyer who worked with Mr Rayney at the Director of Public Prosecutions appeared as a witness via videolink this morning.

Today is the fifth anniversary of Corryn Rayney’s death.

Ms O’Brien gave evidence about a conversation with Mr Rayney at a coffee shop, in which he said he “hated” his wife.

“I asked him how the situation was at home and if he thought the marriage could be salvaged and Lloyd said that he’d been making a great deal of effort over a long period of time, which I think also included marriage counselling, but that his efforts weren’t working and it looked like it was over,” she said.

“He said that he hated Corryn… He just said the words, there wasn’t any particular emotion.”

Ms O’Brien gave evidence Mr Rayney said he wanted to “know what was going on in relation to Corryn’s plans”. She said Mr Rayney asked her if she knew anyone that knew anything about “home security or home surveillance systems”.

She said she recommended Mr Rayney speak to a friend of her brother’s, who had been involved in installing cameras in nightclubs. Ms O’Brien said she subsequently asked her brother to make contact with his friend, Tim Pearson, which he did.

Under cross-examination Ms O’Brien said police threatened to charge her, costing her both her job and reputation if she did not make a statement to police. She said she was not told what she would be charged with but that the charges would ultimately be dropped.

Ms O’Brien said police told her that “by the time we eventually drop the charge, because ie: there is no evidence, it’s too late because the damage is done,” she said. She said she was told her brother could also be charged. “I was absolutely starting to get extremely scared,” she said.

However, Ms O’Brien said nothing police said to her led her to give evidence that was untrue and she would ultimately have made a statement in any case.

Ms O’Brien recalled a separate phone conversation she had with Mr Rayney in late June or early July 2007, in which he told her Mrs Rayney was making false accusations via email. The allegations include claims he was sleeping in his daughters’ beds at night, which he said he was not.

Ms O’Brien said Mr Rayney said Mrs Rayney’s claim was ridiculous. Asked for her interpretation of the emails, Ms O’Brien said she suggested Mrs Rayney may be “setting up an email trail” ahead of divorce proceedings.

“He wanted to let a few people know that he was having some difficulties with Corryn in his marriage,” Ms O’Brien said.

“He said that Corryn had been sending emails to his work and she was writing things that weren’t true in the sense that Lloyd was sleeping in the girls’ beds at night and he asked me what did I make of that by her doing that… I said that it looked as though she was setting up an email trail indicating that things had occurred when they hadn’t in order to be able to apply pressure to Lloyd in relation to the divorce proceedings.”

Ms O’Brien and Mr Rayney discussed the implications of Mrs Rayney’s allegations on his reputation and his aspiration “to be called to the bench”, joking he wanted to be “the first black judge in WA”. Ms O’Brien said she suggested Mr Rayney move out of the couple’s home but he said Mrs Rayney should move out instead.

Ms O’Brien said she told Mr Rayney that if his wife’s allegations “got out” they could negatively affect his career prospects.

Later, in August 2007, when Mrs Rayney was missing but before her body had been found Ms O’Brien said she visited Mr Rayney at his home.

“We all sat down and I remember that… I’d never seen Lloyd look so completely shattered,” she said. “He was on the point of tears and he looked at me and asked me how was he going to be able to tell the girls that their mother was dead. It was one of the saddest moments that I could recall, watching someone even contemplating having that conversation with his children… it was a moment.”

Ms O’Brien said that in an effort to raise Mr Rayney’s spirits she told him he should not assume his wife was dead and suggested he check if his wife’s passport or any money was missing. “It was like he’s jumped to the worst case scenario and I said, ‘well, it might not be the case that she’s dead, she might be missing’,” she said.

Ms O’Brien also gave evidence about the nature of her friendship with Mr Rayney after they both left the DPP. At times she said she recommended Mr Rayney to people seeking representation, including a police officer who appeared at the Corruption and Crime Commission.

“I recommended… clients to use Lloyd for their matters,” she said.

Ms O’Brien also gave evidence about a lunch she attended at the Rayneys’ Como home in 2007 with her then-fiancee. Asked about the relationship she observed between Mr and Mrs Rayney she said they were “very welcoming”.

“The atmosphere was very welcoming, it was very warm and cordial,” she said.

“It was obvious that they regularly entertained because they worked in tandem… it was very much a team effort and we had a very nice time.”

Ms O’Brien was a lawyer at the Legal Aid office of WA from 2004 to late 2007 and before that worked at the DPP with Mr Rayney.

Ms O’Brien now lives in Queensland. The case has been adjourned until tomorrow.

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Lloyd Rayney  Previous Coverage

Accused father reunited with daughters

LAWYER Lloyd Rayney has broken his silence over charges that he murdered his wife after he was granted $100,000 bail in the Supreme Court.

‘We will catch Corryn’s killer’

THE family of murdered Perth lawyer Corryn Rayney believes her killer will eventually be brought to justice.

Rayney in court for bail variation

BARRISTER Lloyd Rayney, accused of murdering his wife in 2007, made a brief appearance in court today where his bail conditions were varied.

Rayney trial $3m price tag ‘unavoidable’

BUDGET documents reveal that the murder trial of Lloyd Rayney will cost taxpayers almost $3 million.

Rayney attends injustice event

PROMINENT Perth barrister Lloyd Rayney, who will stand trial for the murder of his wife later this year, was among the high profile faces who attended a fundraiser for victims of miscarriages of justice.

Rayney trial to cost at least $2m

IT’S the $20,000-a-day murder trial set to sting WA taxpayers more than $2 million.

Bail altered amid more delays for Rayney

NEW conditions will be attached to barrister Lloyd Rayney’s bail before his impending murder trial, which could still be more than a year away.

WA’s trial of the century

PROSECUTORS are set to call almost 200 witnesses and tender 200 exhibits during barrister Lloyd Rayney’s Supreme Court trial, which starts in Perth today

Rayney loses ‘persons of interest’ bid

LLOYD Rayney’s defence team has lost its bid for information about  warrants on other “persons of interest” in the murder of Corryn Rayney to be produced at his trial.

Remembering Corryn Rayney

IN the days before Corryn Rayney’s untimely death she was the happiest she’d been for a long time.

Delays in Rayney murder case

THE murder case against barrister Lloyd Rayney has been delayed because the Prosecution is yet to file key documents,  the WA Supreme Court was told today.

Rayney wins two-month adjournment

THE trial of barrister Lloyd Rayney over the wilful murder of his wife has been postponed until July after he was granted an eight-week adjournment.

Rayney bars web from trial

BARRISTER Lloyd Rayney has stopped the opening addresses of his wilful murder trial from being broadcast live on the internet or television.

Rayney killed at family home – Prosecution

PROSECUTORS in the Lloyd Rayney murder trial will lead evidence they claim shows the Supreme Court registrar was murdered by her husband in their Como home.

Rayney opts for judge-only murder trial

THE murder trial of Perth barrister Lloyd Rayney will be presided over by a judge alone, without a jury.

Rayney charged with murder

PROMINENT Perth lawyer Lloyd Rayney has been charged with the 2007 murder of his estranged wife Corryn after a dramatic arrest in the city today.

Intense interest in Rayney murder trial

THE Supreme Court is preparing for intense media interest in the epic five-month murder trial of prominent barrister Lloyd Rayney, which begins on Monday.

Husband’s frantic plea to find missing wife

THE husband of missing Perth supreme court registrar Corryn Rayney has made a desperate plea for help in finding his wife.




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101 thoughts on “Lloyd Rayney Murder Trial Coverage

  1. the guy looks too useless to have committed this murder,i believe he hired someone who he knew well in lawenforcement,someone who would lose financially over many shady deals the husband was involved in,people assume any person hired to be a police officer must have a brain,they are as dumb as horse shit,yet they do keep me amused


  2. High profile Barrister….

    Allowed bail ….

    Trial by Judge only…

    Costing taxpayers $3 mill …

    Maybe I’m a sceptic …

    He’ll get off.


  3. Hi Mike, it has dragged on for a long time. 2 things re going to happen, guilty, or the framed defence will get him off.

    I personally think some smart people are not as smart as they think. Sure he will have former colleagues in his corner, but not everyone has always liked this bloke.

    His monotoned public appeals early on, caught my attention. very very aware of how he would be perceived. A well rehearsed act being a silk.

    Time will tell hey!


  4. I hear what you’re saying Mike. As I understand it though, the Judge is a retired Chief Justice from the Northern Territory that was brought in especially because of Rayney’s links to the judiciary. If anything I think the pressure will be on to ensure the trial is transparent. In most Judge only trials, the Judge returns a guilty verdict, but a circumstantial case like this might be a little different. It certainly sounds like Rayney has a few skeletons in the closet though. Should be an interesting one…


    • Thanks Yoshi , I didnt realise the Judge was from out of state … from when i first heard of this case i was surprised he got bail .
      Yoshi you may be able to shed a bit of light on bail conditions … I once went to the County court in Melb as a witness for an fella i knew , i was not allowed in the court until i was called to give evidence but after giving my evidence I was allowed to stay and listen in , when they took a lunch break the accused was locked up in a cell , i’d imagine he was on bail prior to going to court , is this normal procedure? Would this apply to Lloyd Rayney ?


  5. I cant wait for this one to unfold. I am sure the DPP would not have taken it to court,knowing the cost and the public scrutiny, unless they thought that there case was a winner…. The card with the queen written on it is pretty damning.. how else would have it got to the murder scene… planted by someone else… perhaps… all secrets will soon be reveiled… I hope


  6. The defence may claim that he was framed.
    If people were framing him then why that night that his wife threatens to expose him? why not a month before or longer? .. the timing seems suspicious.

    just thinking, if it went down like the DPP said it did then then pretty awful to think she may have been killed whilst one of the children were in the house and the kids fully support their father in his quest for innocence.. What dont we know…


  7. @Mike – In my experience bail is usually continued until the end of the trial or at least until the jury retires to consider its verdict, but bail can ultimately be changed or revoked at any time.

    But at the commencement of a trial subject to an indictment, technically (or at least it was the case back in my day) the accused is taken into custody and is technically a “prisoner” during the actual Court proceedings, so the issue of bail during adjournments/overnight etc is something that is normally dealt with at the start of a trial.

    In Rayney’s case they have reported that “Mr Rayney’s bail will apply at every adjournment in the trial, Justice Martin said, and will continue until the conclusion of the Crown’s evidence.” So I expect the Judge will review it again before Rayney is called on to give evidence.


  8. This has to be the biggest j0oke of all time and the different way murders are treated .
    He is as guilty as GBC and to live in WA and watch this scumbag on TV coming and going from court with his two daughters who have to sit outside the courtroom all day.
    Why have the authorities not taken those two girls from him.


  9. i thought the judge believed gerard baden clay was a flight risk,if so,why did’nt the judge take away his passports? This lawyer has’nt had his passports taken,i would think he would be a major flight risk !


  10. ella,
    how do you know that he hasnt had his passport taken?
    If he has hung around for 5 years (crime 2007, arrested in 2009) to have his day in court.. he is hardly going to flee during the trial.


  11. columbo
    re: why havent the authorities taken the daughters off him.

    We dont know what arrangements are in place wth respect to the children.The newspaper tells us that the children are supporting him not necessarily living with him. I think that because they are aged 18 and 15, that may be the difference but its just IMO


  12. clueless,i believe the lawyer felt he got away with murder 5 years ago,he did’nt want to look guilty by fleeing the country,he knows how the police work


  13. I know the family, and the girls are not allowed to contact corryns family. Is this normal? There are so many things that don’t make sense…plus, who else would go to those extremes, for nothing. Seems like there is only one person with a motive


  14. ella,
    ” the lawyer felt he got away with murder”
    quite possible, ella…
    he comes over very arrogant to me IMO
    I Cant wait to see the forensics


  15. Indeed, and plenty of other stuff that just doesn’t make sense for someone to commit the murder. It’s no surprise he is an experienced barrister. Was planning to write a book on the perfect murder. Now is that just an unfortunate coincidence? That’s the polices’ job. Let’s see if they know what they are doing.


  16. Sorry justice, trying to read in between the lines that you wrote but not really following the gist of what you mean???

    tried to insert emoticon but no luck they dont like me … bummer


  17. I had several dealings at the WA Supreme court with Corryn and she was always friendly and helpful ,I have heard many bad things about Lloyd Rayney before and after he murdered her. I have followed crime around the world for over 40 years and never have known of a murder suspect being treated so leniently like this ice cold killer
    Its like we should be apologizing to him for the inconvenience!


  18. The placecard with his name on it obviously will be a key element. If there was a period of time between the dinner with the placecard and it being “dropped” it does not quite jell with me. Firstly men, in my experience do not pick up placecards as souvineers unless they used it for something productive eg. to write down a phone number. Significant small items they want to keep go into their wallets usually. If it was just placed in a pocket surely it would have disintegrated with laundering.Cards do not simply just fall out of wallets–it may be possible to drop a whole wallet. Had Rayney just been to the dinner party the night before? It will be interesting to see how the evidence unfolds and how strong the “framed” defence will be.


  19. I have seen cold ice looks and expressions and I said, one can not go just by someone expression, for one needs evidence, I believe to have been gifted with a six sense, when I see a person face its hard for me no to see who I do have at front of me, I have a few instances in which I have almost been convinced to have met key dangerous people. I have seen actions and ways that I would have investigated been working in my criminologist profession. I never thought the police would take me serious, based in my perception and accumulated details of aspecific person behaviour. I see what others appear to think to be fantasy of the mind, so its pointless to go to the police…I do not need to be taken as a mental case when stating serious perceptions…and realities. Often I say is the attitude of the police that stops people in society for disclosing what could help investigating a case. Certainly, to me this husband looks have the power to steer up something inside me…, however, in agreement with other person in this section, I say, he could have plotted with the help of other, if he actually murdered his wife.


  20. It is possible that he dug the grave the same night of the dinner. The name card in a pocket of the clothes (jacket) he may have removed when looking for a place to dig or digging the grave. Upon removing the jacket (or putting it back on) the card has possibly fallen.


  21. Mr rayney has indeed had his passport seized. The children choose to have no contact with their mothers family. As for Mr rayneys demeanor, he is a very controlled contrived person that lives in fear of going to prison knowing the sort of characters he has put in there. There are two sides to this story and the man is a very good liar. No doubt his defense will get him off as the forensic evidence is possibly too weak, apart from the red brick scuff marks and the liquid amber seed pods. At the time where was the woman Clare O’brian he had the affair with. I heard she was packed off to the Eastern States. Why did she leave?


  22. From what I have heard, there are some questions about bank accounts in other countries, like say, Bermuda, which should be looked at closely.


  23. Adrian he will get convicted as forensic evidence these days is excellent.
    Also who else had a motive to kill her and he outsmarted himself by not having a jury which he would have had a better chance to manipulate.This judge is no fool and do you not think the WA Govt would engage the most suitable judge for this trial.


  24. i would like to take back something i said about ALL the police,i said they were ALL useless,well i met with some recently and they were very intelligent…what a relief


  25. Would love to have faith in WA cops, but the very fact that they didn’t search the home or have him followed straight away leaves much to be desired. It seems like country cops have no clue as to how to solve a murder. There’s a fair chance he calculated the risks, and it’s simple mathematics = WA you can get away with murder. Rayney knows this as he has been riding the system for years. Hope he gets what he deserves but am also skeptical that cops actually know what they are doing. Why else would they hire an investigator from overseas early on in the case? Love to believe justice prevails but it’s only the case for the filthy rich or those with connections


  26. this rayney guy used to protect the police in court,as i’ve said before,the corruption in the police service runs deep,they rape children in government run homes and jails and people wonder why they grow up disturbed and are put back in jail just to be raped all over again,many police are being killed as we speak,there is a pedo ring that police,judges and lawyers are involved in and it’s time for these so called people to be brought to justice,we are going to get you…


  27. These kids have been told not to cpntact Corryn’s side of the family because he knows they will tell the kids the whole truth about their horrible father lloyd Rayney is a really decieitful looking I am not sure what I should call him but all I know is I would not trust him with the smell of a dirty sock. Why did he got to England for 1 months holiday after the murder and take the girls with him at the same time a sa bikie who rayney had put in jail eartlier that would give Rayney a chance to meet the bikie and discuss allsorts of things.if his passport had been revoked. I wish Corryn had used her brains and never married that what ever you will call him. Corryn looked so terrified when she was in the picture with him on his motorbike. Corryn was far too good for the likes of him Just the sly snide sarcastic looking so called face of his would put me off everything for the rest of my life


  28. Absolutely sallyann! You rock! I must admit i was really shocked when this happened. Have known corryn for a long time and that freak was around too. But towards the end he wasn’t, but noone suspected anything. She was an extremely private person who never dissed that prick in public. I just wish she would have so we would have been able to protect her. Iam sure she herself didn’t know how cold and calculating he was. Who knew he was capable of what he did? He scammed everyone even the fraternity that welcomed him into their chambers. It’s ironic but definately scary ~ these people are meant to protect us not chuck us under the bus! What hope do we have if vengeful characters like Rayney are set free. I think this trial is about the very fabric of our society. It seems to have a whole lot of fraud unless someone has the guts to stop the madness. And yes sallyann, Rayney was petrified that corryns family would speak about the her death to the girls, so he forbade them to see the last link to their mother . Clearly he doesn’t give a shit about them. That poor girl who has to spend the rest of her life blaming herself for sleeping while her mother is murdered. Psychiatrists will be rubbing their hands for joy! Not to mention the makers of Zoloft!


  29. Appears that the big secret she was going to expose other than his relationship with Clare o’brian at DPP and money laundering was she didn’t like him sleeping in his teenage daughters beds. Cringe! Did he walk home? Know he has two cars so I think unlikely. All circumstantial so the prosecution better lift their game. She called him a snake. That suits look at his eyes and his calm manner.


  30. Definately! Although poor snakes are getting a bad rap! He is more like evil reincarnated. Besides, I have no idea why people always use animals to define disgusting human behaviour. Animals would not kill becAuse they hate, only people do that! I did not know he slept with his girls that is too weird. So many things Don’t make sense. But the fact that all these things were occurring through out her marriage and she just put up with it is very disconcerting. These women that let men treat them like shit have no respect for themselves. I just don’t understand why anyone would put up with being so unhappy. To me, if your partner has mistreated you, they are never going to change. This case is also about the power struggles that exist within relationships. Bottom line – he couldnt stand a women and his wife being more successful than him. His solution = get rid of her. He said he hated his wife. That’s extremely severe, and for what? Because she knew about his dodgy ways and wasn’t going to take it


  31. All I can say is I hope the DPP and the police manage to get a conviction on this slimy ball of snot. How sickening it is to watch those brainwashed daughters with their staged smiles flanking this twisted silk into court. Who the hell else do these girls think slayed their mother? Its difficult to comprehend what theses apparently intelligent girls are thinking. Lets hope the day comes when he hits the cells at the same prison he put others in, who hopefully are still there. He should never have been bailed.


  32. This case will no doubt expose a lot of corruption. I believe he is guilty as hell given all the evidence against him. He had motive and is a womaniser, gambler and money launderer among other things. The defence will no doubt say that he was framed and it is all circumstantial but it is just too strong. Why aren’t the phone Tappers charged and in jail? Where is this Claire O’Brien? Funny how there no mention on the media about her having an affair with rayney. I wouldn’t be surprised if they let him off because no doubt he will drag down a lot of people with him if convicted.


  33. I was in a court waiting room last year and I was talking to a young man who mentioned that he had purchased a stolen phone and that phone had incriminating messages from Lloyd and the police were trying to retrieve from him but he was not cooperating I thought at the time this guy was either a nut job or the police were negligent.I regret I did not try and get this guys name


  34. Putting the cat among the pigeons but a high profile gangster normally described a a Northbridge businessman served a sentence years ago for money laundering and a second conviction would incur a long sentence.Is it just a coincidence that he almost wins every trial he appears in.It has been rumoured that he was an associate of L.Rayney
    Rayney is a pathetic weakling and I doubt if he could lift a body or dig a substantial hole and what happened to the shovel ,I do not believe it was in the car and how did he get home from the broken down car.


  35. True, he is a scrawny bugger, but I also know he is conniving. There’s no way he would let someone else in the murder out of fear they would dob him in. People do anything for a bit of money, so if there was another party involved, it would be too stressful for rayney to know his gig is up at any time. Eventually the truth would emerge. Or there would be another murder cos Rayney would hate to leave trails. Bad enough he messed up with the oil slick. Yes he is no bigger than a turd, but any man who is filled with anger and hate can easily perform a murder like corryns. They find the strength and they can lift a weight twice their size. Anyone, regardless of their size can strangle another. Drag them – because if you had someone else to help you would carry the body. It’s good to know that people on here are as peeved as iam that this freakazoid is not behind bars


  36. Justice I agree. Never under estimate physical strength with adrenalin pumping through angry veins. He was once a very powerful man and an exceptionally good lawyer like most not concerned with truth just motivated by money. He can buy his way out of this but will always be looking over his shoulder. Makes me nauseous watching footage of him and his daughters walking to court happily smiling like going to the movies. Don’t they have any respect for their mothers family or are truly brainwashed. Guess they would rather keep a secret than lose their father too?


  37. I think we need to hear the actual evidence rather than the circumstancial stuff. With the relatively limited amount so far as I can see it is all circumstancial, very concerning but still circumstancial. I for one, find it hard to imagine a child sleeping through a murder like this one that was quite brutal. Maybe he was reluctant to ring the police in the morning and told his daughters she had gone to work early. That does not make him a murderer. With a marriage on the rocks staying away for the night would not be unusual. Perhaps he was trying not to alarm them. Unethical and immoral his behaviour may have been but I await to be convinced beyond reasonable doubt. I will read with interest the evidence over the coming days.


  38. Have we got any WA members? To keep the Rayney trial thread up to date Im looking for a wonderful person who could do a daily recap of proceedings at the top of the page each day or few days.I have too much happening to do justice to them with home life here taking priority with partners mum gravely ill in hospital. Emotional times

    Actually WA or not anyone who has a half hour at night and is willing to track down a few sources and pop up the latest would be fantastic…I will post this on the actual thread as well. use the contact form up top or here is cool in you are interested…Thanks…Robbo


  39. Doha, your opinion is interesting. Am sure though that any reasonable person can see that the circumstantial evidence is too much to be just that – circumstantial. Now some of rayneys dealings might be a bit shady, iam sure a lot of others out there have done some shady things in the past, that doesn’t make us or him a murderer. But how can there be so many things that don’t make Rayney the loving husband he so dearly wants to portray. Don’t know about you Doha, but I for one, and iam sure many others out there agree, that it just doesn’t fly being lied too. Corryns family has been lied to, us the public have been lied too. It irritates me to no end that someone like that treats us like dumbasses – thinking we are too stupid to connect the dots. That’s my major beef. And I do sincerely hope that corryn receives justice. Who are we – or anyone else to deny it to her? She had as much right as anyone, she was taken before her time and someone should pay. This is really quite simple Doha – who else has a motive? Think about the murder, what was taken what wasn’t. That is the biggest question , something Noone can deny. I’m sure most intelligent people following this case know the answer too!


  40. Re: the Gina Rinehart photo…

    …I suppose when Corryn went missing, the police would have asked Lloyd for a photo of her to make public. Lloyd would then have deliberately provided the photo with Gina Rinehart in the background in Gina’s private jet, in a name-dropping kind of way, as a way of bragging about what an important and successful person he was. The police, however (probably to Lloyd’s dismay) then would have photoshopped Gina out, as is their standard practice because the missing persons investigation had nothing to do with her…


  41. I noticed on the cemetery website that corryn rayney was cremated. I thought that would have been a bad idea seeing that the trial hadn’t started yet. Who knows if they would have to reexamine the body. well too late now isn’t.the evidence is forever destroyed.good idea Lloyd.


  42. The garbage evidence is now in play streams of people with irrelevant testimony of what a great wonderful man ,husband ,father a loving care-ring man Lloyd is.
    He also cunningly made comments to people to cover him.I can see this scumbag walking


  43. I concur Colombo. Such a drawn out unnecessary waste of tax payers money. Seems he cleverly confided in anybody who would believe him to come up with deflection and ridiculous scenarios as to what transpired. Why has he never cooperated with the Police to find her real killer then,and, he didn’t allow his children to be questioned until one year later. So he could manipulate them and pretend he was a loving concerned husband and parent. His plan unfolded and now his lies are unravelling. Would like to believe he is innocent but the facts speak volumes about what a shady man he is after all it is his profession to lie manipulate and bend the truth.


  44. I believe an educated person such as Mr Rayney,with his background knowledge of the law and criminal behaviour would find it very easy to paint a seemingly innocent picture. I believe it would be very easy for someone with a similar background to successfully act ” peeved” that his wife ” selfishly” went off to work early on the pertinent morning and then transform into an anxious worried man aT her alleged disappearance. One of the most telling things is the presence of Mrs Rayneys coat on the edge Bed,proving she came home after boot scooting. My heart Breaks for her daughters and the pain they will go through. Even if not found guilty He will always be thought of as guilty.


  45. The misconception of the justice system is that one is innocent until proven guilty. The guilty have to prove their innocence. However in Rayneys case regardless of the outcome he will always be known as the lawyer who murdered his wife. Perhaps he should have conducted himself more appropriately as he looks like a monster now. Does Ms Rinehart realize she is being played. It appears he was very jealous of his successful wife and resented her spirit. She obviously had come to terms with the snake she once loved and couldn’t tolerate him any longer. He was a failure and she knew it. He was driven by money as a gambler is. Gamblers always have secrets and become excellent liars to cover their ways.


  46. Interesting to read that the Prosecutor almost applied to have Rayney’s PA declared a hostile witness. Despite her evidence in support of Rayney, the Prosecution obvious had a reason to call her as their witness and not him. Maybe the e-mails and place card perhaps??

    I think one of the biggest tactical errors on the part of WA police was the declaration of Rayney as the sole suspect. The defence are going to try and milk that for all it’s worth IMO. Can’t see what they gained by saying that. Leaves them so exposed to criticism that their investigation was flawed in not looking at all possible options.


  47. That is news Yoshi, I have always had a theory that the cops utlilise, in never really meaning what they say publicly.

    Now they may well of stuffed this case up, we will see, but I always read those type of statements to serve the purpose of drawing out suspects under surveillance who think they are in the clear, into discussing the case.

    Not so much in this case now at trial, but I hope folks get what I mean!


  48. Find the sketch that shows her position in the ground. She was face up but her head was positioned lower than the rest of her body to speed up the decomposition of her head. btw that youtube clip is stupid. What a loser who made that? Get a life!


  49. If he had not run over the bollard and punctured the transmission it would have been a perfect crime.I noticed in a police video when they opened the car boot it was filled with garbage,this lady would not have had her car boot filled with garbage,reminds me of the Casey Anthony case the rubbish in her boot helped doubt the presence of a body being there remember the smell controversy and being rubbish from her house of coarse her D & A would be there then.
    If as the Police claim her boots were scrapped across a path/driveway surely there would be some particles on her boots and leather particles on the path/driveway


  50. Yoshi
    I agree it was not smart to name Rayney as the only suspect. Even more concerning to me, is to name him the only suspect and then take years to arrest him. Not all original suspects are necessarily charged and to be the only suspect effectively killed his career. So far, what has come out at trial is circumstancial evidence. I believe they should have arrested him years ago, if they had enough evidence or not named him the principal suspect. In this country we are all legally innocent until proven guilty. I don’t think it serves any purpose to have an only suspect live in limbo for years without a trial.


  51. Colombo. To call Corryn’s possessions garbage is a liitle unfair. Her housekeepers jurisdiction didn’t extend to the car obviously. Notice also in picture of the Rayneys she never looks happy with him. She was much smaller than him and this is the first time we have been able to establish comparative weights and heights. Also note that where car was found was outside house of collegue he still works with. That house was empty at the time. Did he leave a getaway car there?


  52. A point was raised by “cummins majella”. The body was cremeated so there is no longer evidence.. By his mates the cops. The running sheet of the day corryn was found HAS GONE MISSING. Okay. Throw this out of court now. What about the DNA in and on her ….gone gone gone. Suggest she was cheating not him. A very carefully planned murder but the defense will allege no murder. The prosecution have muffed this one.


  53. I don’t understand why a murder suspect is allowed free for five years! I hope Corryn’s beautiful daughter’s sue the state for allowing the man who allegedly killed their mother to live with them for all that time. (to pay for all the year’s of therapy they will need) This looks to be an “honour killing” very common in the defendants home country “Yemen”.


  54. I continue to read the newpaper summaries each day. So far a lot of circumstancial evidence but there seem to be a lot of holes in the prosecution case. It will be interesting to see what unfolds over the coming weeks.


  55. Iam sure Lloyd is pretty scared that his future rests on the premise if the origin of seeds. It seems his only defence us that the cops are useless – doh! Doesn’t our high crime rate establish that you doofus! Is it just me, or does
    The defence seem to be clutching at straws? Police tampering with evidence? That’s an interesting line to take especially when they have not argued that Lloyd did not. Lloyd – I would not pay your defence team as if the general public didn’t believe you didn’t do it then – they do now! Incriminating evidence is what they call it. Getting a dodge lawyer who is defending lloyds phone tapping case as a witness is purely idiotic. Treating the judge like he is stupid and I don’t think that will go down well. Seems like there are many witnesses who testify that corryn was having problems with Lloyd. Even cOrryns magistrate colleague . The whOle lying abOut the car he drove hOme frOm celebrity heads makes him look scummy. And too many lies and the truth will come out. Still feel sorry for his kids. Their father will always be know as that scumbag who murdered their mother. He didn’t even think a jut the effects it would have on them. Its child abuse when you ask you kIds to lie for you. Lloyd is so egOtistical he can’t even see that. How much more tax payers money do you want to waste? Havent you destroyed enough of society’s perception of you.


  56. Report on todays trial from
    “12.30pm: Lloyd Rayney’s colleague was allegedly threatened by police, who told her if she did not make an on-the-spot statement she would be charged in relation to phone tapping and her reputation would be destroyed.

    Lawyer Clare O’Brien told the court that in September 2007, she was told by two detectives investigating Corryn Rayney’s death she would be charged and then the charge would be dropped by police, destroying her financially and wrecking her reputation.

    She said the detectives were not threatening, “it was the message they were delivering that was threatening”.

    Ms O’Brien alleged the detectives had told her the directive had come from the commissioner or assistant commissioner of police.

    She said she was “absolutely stunned yet extremely scared” by the alleged threats.

    Read more: http://www.watoday.com.au/wa-news/the-rayney-trial-week-four–the-anniversary-of-corryns-death-20120807-23r8u.html#ixzz22r3P1Tef

    It appears to me that the police made a mistake by naming Lloyd Rayney as the only person of interest. From the emerging evidence the police had one focus. Its hardly an unbiased investigation when friends are intimidated like this.


  57. How outrageous this hard nosed prosecutor msssssssssss O’Brian obviously his mistress trying to degrade the police to help her stone cold killer lover. Would she suggest that when she is cross examining defence witnesses and a defendant in a trial that she is polite and non threatening !


  58. You know the more I read about the developments of this case the more I think slippery silky will walk……………. cops might have stuffed it up


      • Is that for real Matlock ?? If the judge is not compotent enough to understand evidence he should call a mistrial, stand down and the Govt should find someone with the intelligence to do the job …. that’s got to be one of the mos outrageous things i’ve heard in my life.


        • Yes that is what he stated to the prosecution last week and further stated a jury would have had no ability to understand the forensic evidence as most of it has never been used in a court before.The prosecution have given an undertaking to present it to him in a simpler format.Believe it or not !!!!


  59. For the measure that you use to judge others…..shall be used to judge you. Its interesting to read most of these comments…..seems like there are some here who are quick to judge a person……even by superficial things such as their looks……..

    Let the law run its course……..the universe is massive and has its own supreme laws…..we are infinitesimally small within the cosmic.

    Bad things happen to good people……all the time……but it is faith/love and not malicious words that bring about healing.


  60. Yes anonymous – we live in a world where bad people get away with murder. I would love to adopt your feel good approach but reality is Lloyd is hiding somethIng. What the law is about is protecting people in this world, and whilst it may be true that he will face court in the next life, the whole point is about protecting our society. We all want to feel safe when we venture out of our hOme (or in corryns case at home) and knowing that scumbags get away with murder and laugh in our face is no joking matter. Why don’t you use your form of justice when they murder your family member! Oh I forgot – that’s different. It only applies to smiling assassins. Anonymous I really hope you are never in that situation – if that’s your attitude I would hate to be related to you


  61. Just because the judge says the evidence is too complicated, does not mean he does not understand it. It meant imo that it was ‘too smart’. No need for the drama of complication.
    I’m thinking this judge is no fool and is not moved by all the detail either side is trying to add to the trial. He told them to shorten it and they have. No suggestion the evidence will not all be put, just less padding. Good for him.


  62. From what I have read so far, it is my bet Lloyd Rayney will be acquitted. The forensic evidence was lengthy, complicated and non conclusive and the saga of the liquid amber pods and dust from household bricks was drawn out. The way I read it there are liquid amber trees all over Perth and scrapings from bricks really proved nothing especially since an unproven and unresearched technique was used in the analysis. The prosecution is drawing a long bow. It is also emerging that his murdered wife was quite vindictive and obvioiusly very fit and Lloyd quite a small build.. I still find it hard to believe that she was murdered in her home by her husband while their daughters were sleeping and that in dragging her to the car she managed to get red stains from the pavers on her boots while they were being dragged AND liquid amber pods in her hair while being dragged to the car.


  63. Just finished reading all the news updates. Seems a whole lot of new witness statements may lead to scumbag LR getting off with murdering his wife. Personally I think he hired someone to do the deed while he waited for his daughter to get dropped off at home by her friends after a concert. This gives him an alibi and makes it easier for him to say he didn’t o it and knows nothing about her missing. Last few witness statements:
    A mechanic saw 2 cars driving, one following a car similar to his wife’s car, closely been tailgates by another car with 2-3 people pushing and shoving inside the vehicle. Apparently on the highway. A separate witness, police officer, said he believes he saw her at the park walking with a man and woman – all around the same time 10.30pm-1.30am on the same night she went missing. Further statement from daughters friend, around 10.30pm, stating saw Lloyd in his pjs at home when his daughter was dropped off. And more, the DNA found on a cigarette butt outside LR home is known to police….and it goes on and on….oh and no mention of his affairs, but speculation about the single school dad who she had a friendship with and his name bing withheld…..implying she had an affair….I get so mad because she is a victim, unable to defend herself yet he sits there all smug! Different rules for different folk! GBC in jail while this dirt bag still parading around town free! Makes me do angry!.. Seems that the defence has put in quite a bit of “doubt” to this point. I bet the judge lets him off. No doubt about that!


  64. I agree he will walk, too much doubt introduced. I stand by my previous comment after hearing events of this week that the cops may have stuffed this one up – I mean copying statements including spelling mistakes?? What school did some of these cops go to?


  65. Ashley- I agree, unbelievable copying even the spelling mistakes! I remember when I read that I thought the police officer obviously didnt write up a report and must have had the pressure put on him to ensure they don’t stuff up thereby he better have a report. But copying word for word including spelling mistakes? A colossal screw up!
    Rex- good point, I didn’t think of that. Grrrr.


  66. [email protected] on said:

    Even if he does get off and a payout no one will ever trust this lying m.f again. Seems he was a monster and got rid of women he slept with when it suited. The defense is painting a bad picture of corryn when it is he who is shifty and manipulative. I can only imagine the horror and last days of frustration for corryn. This man keeps many secrets. My bet is his children have no idea. Bad back. Thought he was a keen and active sportsman. …how did he keep up his affairs. Send the Arab back to Yemen.


  67. Interesting that the defense are suggesting sexual assault when what has been played out in the media is a deeply dysfunctional family of adulterers and liars. The two children have lied to protect their father. Losing interest in this case and dismayed to see the suppression orders only favourite Rayneys secretive life. Can anyone explain why Corryns long time confident had his name released when rayneys long time mistress has her identity suppressed. The adulterous AB. Is this Amanda Blackburn.? Often seen with Lloyd and was his junior solicitor? Why protect her sins and dray Corryns name through the mud.


  68. I have continued to follow this case with interest and, in my opinion, Lloyd has to be found not guilty. The saga of the liquid amber pods and how they were found the day after a detailed examination by a forensic pathologist, the open and one tracked discussion of police regards belief in his guilt and the very limited window of opportunity for Corryn to have been murdered at home all leads me to the presumption of innocence. The women who dropped one daughter off after a concert had orininally told Lloyd it would be 9.30 pm and never rang to say it would not be until 10.30. The other daughter was awake until after 9pm. Neither daughter saw Corryn home that night. She was sighted by an off duty policeman walking in a local park, dressed in her boot scooting gear at 10.30 pm. She also had a brief affair and hid the fact. She was vindictive and threatening in the lead up to separation and property settlement. Both daughters are clearly standing by their father and they were both in the house the night Lloyd allegedly murdered Corryn. All the evidence the police have was known to the police years ago and surprise, surprise Lloyd is arrested after he launches a defamation case against police


  69. The evidence is getting even more interesting. The police provided the court with an edited tape of the preliminary post mortum examination where 10 minutes of tape were removed. This tape show the examination of the hair when originally no liquid amber seed pods were found. The forensic scientist was surprised he could have missed them. He also asked for to view the tape before he gave evidence and he was also given an edited version.


  70. There appears to have been a deliberate attempt on behalf of the police to manipulte evidence eg. the video evidence of examination of Corryn’s hair. Much seems to have been make of Lloyd Rayney’s affair which is probably irrelevant to this case and a series of Corryn’s friends were brought in by the prosecution to build a wholesome picture. They stated she was such a lovely person and would never have an affair. This is probably more relevant, in the light of subsequent admissions, that she certainly hid certain aspects of her private life and she may have had enemies. Certainly her lovers girlfriend was none to pleased about their “friendship” and sent an email to Corryn regards this. The prosecutions case seems to be because of Corryn’s vindictive nature (making up stories about him being in bed with his daughters) and the fact she was pushing for an unreasnably large divorce settlement as the motive.

    It is certainly very unclear if she ever returned home that night–the major evidence regards her returning home seems to be a coat on her bed, some brick dust on her boots and three liquid amber seed pods. There are no witnesses that attest her car was home. However, there is conflicting evidence that she ever wore a coat to her boot scooting class and if she did, her daughters say the coat at home is not one she would have worn to that venue. Oh and its nice to know that police actuallly copy their colleagues statements word for word, including spelling mistakes!!! but we can rest easy because that was the first and only time that the policeman had ever copied a statement.


  71. There is no way he did what he is being accused of i.e physically kill his wife himself. His wife left the dance class around 9.45pm. So according to the prosecution in the space of 1 and 1/2 hours Rayney would have had to kill his wife at home (knowing his daughter could come home at any stage), carry her body into her car, drive all the way to Kings Park from Como, dig a fairly large grave and fill in the grave, dump the car, find a way home, shower and be in his pyjamas by the time he opened the door for his daughter when she came home…wtf ?


  72. Fitting time to say this because the trial is now done and dusted. The evidence? Circumstantial at best.

    Anyone can place a million reasons why Rayney might have wanted her dead but, whilst motivation helps ponder intention, the Police simply haven’t built a case beyond that point. They have thrown more and more motivation into the pot whilst coming short of PROVING intention and further acts. They’ve just tossed in the ingredients and hoped the pie would cook itself.

    Sorry, aint gonna happen because the only requirement from the defence is to add a sprinkle of reasonable doubt and presto, no pie.

    WA has endured this spectacle over the past few months ie the prosecution throwing in mountains of motivation and the defence dousing it with equal portions of reasonable doubt. Not necessary (albeit, it doesn’t hurt). A sprinkle of reasonable doubt is all that is required.

    I can only presume the defence’s reasoning for shoveling mountains of doubt is to ensure they don’t get shafted by the silly old bugger in the chair.

    After all, the Western Australian Legal System is hopelessly inept and the WAPOL have become obscenely incompetent over the years (20% less crimes solved under Karl O’Callaghan in the last 4 years, notwithstanding DNA technology advances).

    It’s no secret amongst my learned colleagues that if you’re facing a criminal charge in Western Australia, for God’s sake say nothing to these people, that is, apart from your name and place of abode if they haven’t got that yet. Then it’s zip, not even a ‘Go *&^) yourself’. Just demand to be considered for bail forthwith, go to court, seek an adjournment for legal advice and retain Queen’s Counsel from anywhere but Western Australia. I don’t care if it’s India, just not WA. Counsel in WA will sell you to the Police/Dept Attorney General quicker than you can say, “Not Guilty”. WA is a brothel of Police corruption. The Police Commissioner owns the Politicians and the Politicians own the Judicial System and its always been that way.

    I’m not suggesting you place your head between your legs and kiss…just don’t fight, play, pray or anything else with City Hall. You won’t stand a chance. Let someone who know beyond a shadow of a doubt they only have to do it for a few months at a time and then run back east.


  73. why did they have a judge not a jury i suppose it cuts down the odds off being found guilty by 12 to 1 now one will never know what happened


  74. Not surprised, was obvious he would be found not guilty by a judge only trial. Typical! Only for those with connections. Now all his “supporters, high profile lawyers, etc” are visiting him at his home to celebrate. It amazes me to this day, that those with powerful networks get away with so much.
    I guess GBC’s legal eagles will use this line of defence…. police only focused on him as the prime suspect. Hopefully QLD police wont have spelling mistakes!
    Drumroll…… Defamation case …..amount awarded…..$millions$!


  75. Given Lloyd’s personality and past associations as a criminal barrister, it’s far more likely that he hired a hitman to kill his wife than did the deed himself. The prosecution and police botched by not devoting enough resources to this possibility. It will be interesting to see if the defamation case succeeds – possibly it won’t given that the burden of proof will be on Lloyd this time!!


    • It was by no means a lack of funding that contributed to this result. Circumstantial evidence is just that. Also a likely consequence of making evidence ‘fit’.

      He only has to prove on the balance of probabilities, defamation as a cause of action has a lesser standard of proof. I think a successful defamation action is a high probability, given the absolute lack of defences open to those who have defamed.


  76. Does this mean that no woman is safe? Does this mean that a women cannot leave the marriage even when it is no longer viable? Does this mean that those who are connected to powerful networks get away with murder? There has been no justice for Corryn Rayney today. Justice means that sometimes the guilty are proved innocent and the innocent are proved guilty.


    • You must be careful Caro. No woman is safe in Perth. There is a sexual predator who trolls the suburbs of Perth. He wears latex gloves and he walks the streets with a shovel in hand looking for women in their mid forties to assault. He likes to take them by surprise and knocks them cold with a blow to the head. If they lose consciousness it would not be polite to panic and leave unconscious victims and run away would it. so he sneaks into their homes, puts a coat on the bed, then steals their purse and empties the contents in the boot of his victims car. Oh, while he is at it he also takes the husbands handkerchief, and to make it interesting he breaks into the victims husbands car to steal a dinner place card – then he takes the trouble to stuff the victim into their own car because he does not have his own- and goes for a joy ride around Perth for 3 hours before he buries them in Kings Park. Then he purposely drops the dinner place card within yards of the grave because he knows how smart some judges are.


  77. Lloyd rayney was given a verdict of not guilty. By no means was he declared innocent.

    He is trying to sell his story let us watch him lie so so well. Lloyd rayney is not the victim. Corryn rayney was and still is the victim. His career was on the rocks pending a lengthy divorce which would air his secrets and lies. Funny that the secrets and lies he fought so hard to supress came out in the trial. I imagine there are more lies hidden and more to come from Lloyd while he claims his is the victim. Why has he never said he didn’t murder her or try to find the killer of the mother of his children. All about the money. His defamation is nonsense carefully manipulated by a greedy lawyer. he plays the victim well and I see that he believes his own bullshit. The daughters know there is something very wrong with their father but have no one else now. Look at how he has manipulated them.

    Robbo best wishes.


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