Brandon Peter McGowan charged with murder over disappearance of Scott Maitland and his wife, Cindy Masonwells

Scott Maitland and Cindy Masonwells at their wedding in Kuranda in 2009




There were emotional scenes as hundreds of mourners turned out to the funeral of couple Scott Maitland and Cindy Masonwells this afternoon.

The crowd overflowed from the church into nearby grounds with people wearing brightly-coloured clothing to remember the fun-loving pair.

The couple were described as one another’s soul mates as family and friends wept before their two coffins laden with flowers, which were placed in the altar of St Michael’s Catholic Church in Gordonvale.

Majorie Maitland, mother of Scott Maitland is hugged by mourners outside St Michael’s Catholic Church at the funeral to farewell her son and Cindy Masonwells.

Scott’s parents Wayne and Marjorie Maitland were in tears before the service began with Mrs Maitland hugging Scott’s only daughter, Rhyane, during the funeral.

Family friend David Chalk presented the eulogy giving tribute to the couple who touched so many lives.

“Cindy (originally from Gympie) came north in her late twenties to find her soul mate and found him in Scott,’’ he said.

“Scott and Cindy, we will miss you every day for the rest of our lives.

“How can we begin to understand why you were taken from us? You had so many dreams, laughs and love to still share.”

Cindy’s sister Tanya Masonwells fought back tears as she remembered her younger sister.

“My little sister Cindy wanted everyone on the planet to be happy and get along,’’ she said.

“Cindy would do anything to make people laugh.”

The 50-minute service finished when friends wheeled Scott and Cindy’s coffins from the church into two hearses outside.

Scott was buried at Gordonvale Cemetery with Cindy’s body to be transported to Gympie to be laid to rest next to her late-father.

The couple were reported missing in July before their bodies were found in bushland along Lake Morris Road at Kanimbla.

Bungalow man Brandon Peter McGowan, 41, has been charged with murdering the couple.

Australian MP Bob Katter and State Member for Mulgrave Curtis Pitt were also in attendance.

26 JULY 2012 – NINEMSN

Accused double murderer acted alone: cops

The man accused of murdering a Mount Isa couple in far north Queensland acted alone, police say.

Brandon McGowan, 41, was charged with the murder of Scott Maitland, 35, and Cindy Masonwells, 33, who flew to Cairns to attend a friend’s birthday party on July 6, but never showed up.

The couple were last seen the previous evening, when they collected a restored panel van from a mechanics at Bungalow.

Their bodies were found in dense scrubland east of Cairns two weeks later.

Police had initially indicated further people could be charged over the couple’s death, but Detective Ed Kinbacher said they did not believe anyone else was involved.

“The reality is that (the involvement of other suspects) is considered extremely remote and unlikely,” Det Kinbacher told reporters in Cairns on Thursday.

“On the basis of the information we have at hand presently, the individual who has been charged was the sole person involved.”

He said the couple’s remains had been formally identified.

Det Kinbacher said it was likely the investigation would be scaled down later this week.

The murder charges against McGowan are listed for mention in Cairns Magistrates Court on September 3.

23 July 2012 – THE NORTH WEST STAR

MOUNT Isa residents have once again opened their hearts and wallets, in support of the families of deceased couple, Scott Maitland and Cindy Masonwells.21-year-old Daniel Graham, a friend of the couple, organised two sausage sizzles and an auction at the weekend to raise money for the Maitland and Masonwells families.

The two sausage sizzles at Colonial Shopping Centre and Super IGA raised more than $3200 and the auction raised $2070.

“I am absolutely rapt, the generosity of this town is unreal, we couldn’t ask for any better,” said Mr Graham.

He said 50kg of sausages, 20kg of onions and four palettes of bread were consumed over the two days.

“We had so much help too, we have a long list of people to thank,” Mr Graham said.

Mr Maitland and Ms Masonwells (pictured) were last seen on the evening of July 5, when they collected a restored Holden panel van from a workshop in the Cairns suburb of Bungalow.

Two bodies believed to be those of the couple were found last week in dense rainforest west of Cairns, after extensive investigations and searching by police.

Bungalow man Brandon Peter McGowan, 41, has been charged with murdering the couple and has been remanded in custody.



The mystery disappearance of Scott Maitland (35) and his wife, Cindy Masonwells (33) after arriving in Cairns on 5 July 2012, from their home in Mt. Isa, has further deepened with the arrest on 14 July 2012 of Brandon Peter McGowan (41) who has been charged with their murder. 

With Police investigations continuing, their primary focus at present is locating the bodies of Mr. Maitland and Ms. Masonwells, with the search currently concentrated on dense, mountainous bushland and also the movements of a white 2001 Ford Econovan between 9.45pm on 5 July 2012 to 1.00am the following morning.   

The 1975 HJ Holden Sandman panel van at the centre of the mystery

While Police have confirmed that the couple’s Sandman panel van was “no longer part of its investigation” the vehicle has a connection with the victims and the accused murderer which only increases the mystery of their disappearance and deaths.

Another senseless and cowardly case of murder which leaves behind only questions, heartbreak and devastation for the victims’ family.  May they receive the answers to their questions and above all justice for their loved ones callously taken far too soon.



Between 17 and 18 April 2012 – Fully-restored 1975 HJ Holden Sandman panel van owned by Cindy Masonwells reported stolen from the workshop of Brandon Peter McGowan who was undertaking restoration works on the vehicle.  Vehicle was mysteriously located at a later date.

5 July 2012 – 8.45pm – Scott Maitland and Cindy arrive at Cairns Airport.  Last known sighting of the couple.

6 July 2012 – The couple were expected at a friend’s engagement party but failed to show up.  Scott’s mother attempts to phone her son, but the call went straight to voicemail.

8 July 2012 – Cindy was due at a girlfriend’s house during the day but did not turn up.

9 July 2012 – Scott’s father was phoned by one of his son’s friends to ask if he had seen the pair.  Friends subsequently reported the pair missing

12 July 2012 – Police hold a press conference with Scott’s father to alert media and the public of the missing couple.

13 July 2012 – Investigators arrive in Cairns from Brisbane to assist in the case.

The accused: Brandon McGowan and Scott and Cindy in happier times

14 July 2012 – Brandon Peter McGowan arrested by Police and charged with the couple’s murder.

16 July 2012 – Brandon Peter McGowan appears in Court on charges of murder.  Is remanded in custody to reappear at the Cairns Magistrates Court on 3 September 2012.

17 July 2012 – 3.00pm – Queensland Police Service establish a crime scene at Lake Morris Road, Cairns with Far Northern Region regional crime co-ordinator Det Insp Bruno Asnicar interviewed in response to queries of whether the bodies of the couple had been located said “All I can say is we’re getting close.”


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179 thoughts on “Brandon Peter McGowan charged with murder over disappearance of Scott Maitland and his wife, Cindy Masonwells

  1. Post by Sandmanowners …….

    “My condolences to family and friends of the couple. There’s a lot more to this story…. The green sandman which has been in the media isn’t there car. Images were lifted from where my project was documented. Qld police have contacted me in regards to this matter and possible fraud of a substantial sum of money for so called restoration works of the maitlands actual vehicle.”


  2. OMG thank you for finding all this – I have just been reading that forum and have checked out those photos – this could be the whole story right there. It certainly adds up with all the other info that I am aware of.


  3. But I don’t understand, it is documented that the car was found after it initially went missing. Is that not the truth? What car was returned to them? Was it said to allow for further investigations to take place? If it was returned to them or if it wasn’t why would they come to cairns to pick up a non existent car? Or do the pictures show a car that is very similar to what their car looks like?


  4. I think it’s possible that Scott’s status on his fb regarding them finding the sandman wasn’t about him finding the car but what Brando told him was the car…… the car was never ‘stolen’ but ‘hidden’ and then ‘found’ by Brando then he told Scott a whole heap of bullsh*t about the nosecone and gearbox etc (my theory) – he actually came to our workshop claiming to be ‘looking’ for the car (at the time we had no idea who’s car it was) and he told us he was going to all workshops in Cairns tracking the car down – I think he was just covering his arse.

    I also don’t think Scott or Cindy had any idea what was going on until the last minute as if they had suspicions why didn’t they mention those suspicions to friend’s or family? Perhaps they did but only those people and possibly the police know.


  5. Well it sounds to me that you “The Truth Will Come Out” seem to have a lot of information about this whole investergation. And if you know so much why havent you spoken to the police instead of writing all this info on the net? Or have you got something to hide?
    I know Brando and consider him to be a good friend, from the things you have writen I can tell you know him also.
    Im very sorry about what has happened to Scott & Cindy and I understand that thier deaths have been tragic and sad to a lot of people.
    But Im very sure there is more to this story. They had a lot of close family and friends in Cairns that could have easily stopped by Brando’s work shop to check on the progress of the work been done on the Sandman. I think you would agree with me that the shed roller doors where always open during the day and the workshop is very small and they could have easly looked in to have a check on what has been done. Hummmm I wonder why they didn’t??? Im sure Scott and Cindy knew exactly what the progress was or wasnt up to.
    And as for his childs name been ….., It is PART of its name and it has nothing nasty or sinister about it. You should hear some of the names of children at my kids school! I have heard much crazier names than his childs.

    I dont know what has happened but i know one thing is Brando has not planned and organized to murder Scott & Cindy because that would make him the dumbest crim ever to be seen picking them up at the airport, taking them back to HIS work shop and leave their DNA all over the place and on top of it all be the known last person to see them alive.
    There is so much more to this case still to come out and I believe Brando is just a pawn in something so much bigger. More people are involved and time will tell.
    If you play with fire you WILL get burned and it is sad that Scott & Cindy have payed the ultmate price with their lives and Brando has ended up in jail.


  6. Again in regards to the childs name NO it is NOT its first name and i dont think his childs name has any relevents to anything about this case.
    Why put any risk to a small child that has nothing to do with this. No one knows who is involved and what dangers Brandon’s family could be facing.
    So please no more mention of his child!


    • no child no matter what should be brought in to anything like this everyone is not quilty till prove or offence has been laided so lets leave children out of it they are innocent and should remain so


  7. The Truth Will Come Out – how can it be their car?? A person in the Sandman forum has stated that it was a car he was working on and that the police have already been in contact with him? So either he is lying or no one knows what their car looked like?? As I stated previously, where are pics of the previously… there are none on either of their FB pages….(that I can see) But it is kinda strange that the exact pic used in the media is a part of a series of another car being done up…. As for the accused himself…. For all the ppl that are saying they know this and they know that… I have asked this question at least 3 times and no one has or can answer it… How did they end up taking the car to him in the first place…… IMO he is merely the puppet man with someone else pulling the strings! IMO he will take the fall cos he messed things up…. Others that were involved will never be known….


  8. “more to the story” mate I have not said anything here that the police aren’t already aware of.Obviously you don’t know Brando as well as you think. Do you know what he told the police? Having never been to his workshop can you tell me – was the Sandman actually there? Perhaps my theory of it being ‘stored’ at his old shed my be correct if it wasn’t seen at Machete Motors. Yes his family/friend’s could have checked on the car, perhaps they did.

    HighMaintenanceQueen – read my previous post where I said “OMG thank you for finding all this – I have just been reading that forum and have checked out those photos – this could be the whole story right there. It certainly adds up with all the other info that I am aware of.”

    – I too have seen those photo’s now on that site and read the forum and as I had not seen Scott since before he met Cindy I was not aware of what the car actually looked like but took it as gospel that as that was the photo put in the media and on his fb page that it was in fact Cindy’s car – I am as confused as you are now about this. Hopefully I will be able to find out more via family members when I speak to them.


  9. WOW…this case sure does do your head in. Some very interesting posts.
    I do hope the families get some positive answers soon…seems so confusing.

    DKsoul on July 23, 2012 at 8:43 pm said:
    3 Votes

    That IS the car .. look at the date when the photo was taken …. 14/03/04 ….

    DKsoul, I noticed one of the photos of the sandman…the date was 1969 ??????


  10. hey judy .. can’t see 1969 on there ? … there is a caption on a photo saying “Purchased Nov 1999″ …. whats interesting is the meta info on the photos .. ie date, member name and picture views – that’s when these photos were originally posted .. not the captions… :)


  11. Also from memory (think it was in the paper) Cindy had bought the car 8 years ago which makes it 2004.
    Is it possible this vehicle was actually bought by Cindy?
    But then again the bloke on the forum would have mentioned that in his post regarding the police contacting him.
    Back to square 1.


  12. soooooo…….. the pic of car is not their car. Scotts Facebook only has that 1 pic on his page. cindy has none. (people really should keep their privacy settings private!!) The restored pic on sandman site is not their car. So I would think that BM has used that 1 pic as a up date. BUT that colour is no way close to poison ivy even under bright lights.
    I think BM has a major heavy drug problem and being a mate he has been able to bluff/stall his mate scott. Scott being the nice bloke his friends say he is has given him the benifit of the doubt after busting BMs bull shit when the car went missing the 1st time.
    Heavy drugs can do some major damage that can not be repaired to peoples brains, BM may have freeked out in the way paronoid drug takers do and in his head this was the solution to his problem. People that do drugs usually flip out sooner or latter, Ive seen effect of this.


  13. Would explain why it was ‘hitched’ to an unregistered trailer…the trailer and the car never existed.Also Scott knowing the accused on a personal level explains why they let him carry out the works in the first place. Id say the accused has trolled the internet for a car of the same colour (note both cars are differing models) and fobbed it off to them as thiers. I can understand thier excitement at wanting to see thier car they have forgotten to turn on thier phones after coming into Cairns. I understand it was promised to them it had been completed. The Sandman in the pictures looks killer, Cindy would have been wrapped at the thought of driving it. As for the details of the accused and drugs, im not too sure but if thats the case – he could be ‘scattered’ and paranoid. It would be interesting to note that if Scott did see the car physically in the entire time of the restoration, if he did inspect the car after it was stolen, whos car did he see – his or someone elses?

    Whoever mentioned the daughter of the accused shouldnt have…she is just a victim as Scott and Cindy. That sort of information clouded the credibility of your post to me. Sorry.


  14. Just catching up with everyone’s comments over the past few days. Thanks to those contributing with a little inside information and for those doing some sleuthing of their own. Any case like this often raises more questions than it provides answers, particularly in the early stages and it’s often hard to make sense of something so incomprehensible. Sounds like there’s plenty of angles for Police to investigate and hopefully ensure whoever was responsible is held accountable…


  15. As for the Drug questions about Brando, I have known him for nearly 20 years. I have partied with him more times than I can count and I can never recall him ever taking any drugs of any kind.
    Im not a drug user myself and never have been but we have been at parties ect where they have been pressent. And I just cant remember him ever using/taking anything not even a puff on a joint.
    I may be wrong but I haven’t heard anything about him all of a sudden taking up drugs lately. I cant imagine now that he has a child he would rush out and become a addict.
    Their are more people involved in this murder. The police and media keep saying they haven’t ruled out more arrests been made.
    I also keep hearing that the Sandman was found in Scott’s brothers procession by Brando.
    Maybe Scott and Cindy did hand over the Sandman until a dept was payed off for either their dept or maybe a family members dept? And thought they could steal it back when they/brother saw it on the side of the road with the trailer unlocked.
    And Brando was sent to track it down which he did ealier in the year finding it in Scott’s big bro’s shed. They aren’t going to rush off to the police and explain that one to the cops and get them involved are they? Why weren’t any charges layed??? If it was my Sandman I would have been pissed and wanted the thieving bastard charged and locked up with their ball cut off!
    Anyway in doing this maybe they have REALLY pissed some big people off and this is how they got pay back. Brando was maybe just a middle man stuck between both sides and left to take the wrap. I have heard he was fed up with the Sandman in his shed and wanted it off his hands ASAP and have nothing else to do with it.
    I just dont believe Brando has murdered them, but was made to help clear up the mess or their would have been three bodies left to dump?
    And as for the photos that appear not to be “their Sandman”. Maybe there wasn’t any real reason to worry about having any current photos taken as they knew that was the lease of their worries. So when Cairns Post got wind of a great story involving a missing vintage car back in April then maybe Cairns Post wanted a photo to run with their story! And not having any current ones Scott, Cindy and Brando took some off the net of a similar looking car.
    This is just my guess of what has happened and hearing all the stories flying around who knows?


  16. It was on the news after the bodies were found that their Sandman was found also. But they didnt give any details of where or who had it? Its Bright Green and plastered all over the news for 9 days so I can only assume it was found in a shed or in a very well hidden place/bush?? I wonder whos shed or property it was found in/on the police are keeping that one very quiet they must have some involvement! And I wonder where it is now as they said it was no longer part of the investigation?


  17. the bright green sandman that has been plastered everywhere was actually on a forum in 2004…How the f$#^ after 8 years is it now there sandman….This guy has swindled them somehow and all will come out eventually….this info from previous poster above !!!!


  18. What a load of crap it was found in his bro shed !!!! Doesn’t make any sence that ppl would murder 2 ppl over an unpaid debt of HIS brothers now does it would would expect that he would b the one u would find in bush land especially if scott and Cindy were the ones paying the debt off not him


  19. where has the information come from to say it was found in his brothers shed???? Can anyone provide a link or a reference to back up that quote? As for hte car, not to mention everything else, nothing more has been released…. SInce the “finding of two bodies” was released there has been nothing.. no mention that the formal identification process did in fact find that it was scotty and cindy… it was only “believed to be” them… I think it is quite strange that it has all gone to ground all of a sudden…


  20. Heard a little bit of gossip, I do not know if its true but the source came from someone that worked with Cindy.

    Apparantly when the sandman was stolen they had tracked it down, stole it back and more. I was also told that the accused had funded the trip back to Cairns. There was also talk of some bikie links…also that there is drugs involved (past)

    They have not formally identified the bodies and I highly doubt that this case will be solved in near future – seems there is more to the story and looking like there are other players involved, not just the accused. Its looking like the theory of the accused being the scape goat sounds about right to me and The police are just sitting waiting that someone will cock up. Find it interesting the rumour of the the plane flights being paid for by the accused, I wonder who is in Mount Isa that wanted the heat taken off them?


  21. Hi ROBBO. Totally unrelated….. There are a few ladies that want to go onto this site from our IPhones, but the moment you select “responses”, the page closes and goes back to the home page. All of of seem to have the same problem. Do you think it has something to do with a setting on this page?


  22. Some very small comfort I imagine for Scott and Cindy’s families that with their bodies now being formally identified they should be able to make funeral arrangements.

    Interesting after some of the other comments that Police have today ruled out anyone else being involved. I wonder if that’s correct or a ploy by Police to shake the tree and see what falls and to have any other suspects “relax” a little?? Time will tell I guess…


    • Hi Yoshi, thank you for this news…I’m pleased for the families that their bodies have finally been formally identified……very interesting case indeed…


  23. Just a comment regarding scott and cindy with drugs, um they worked out on the mines in Mt Isa , you get drug tested often :-)


  24. I noticed on the news a number of arrests by a task force for crimes over the past 2 years including theft ,fraud some other serious crimes not yet specified and some being Bikies charged Could this just be a coincidence or have some connection to the Scott & Cindy case ?


  25. Innocent until proven guilty, in my mind Brando could not do this. I feel sorry for the Maitlands loss and pray that justice is served. But I have seen too often what garbage people believe once it appears in the media..


  26. I have known Brando for over 10 years, he has been my mechanic during that time. I have always found him to be a considerate and giving person. I find it most out of character for him to do what he has been accused of. I am not saying he didn’t do it, just most unlikely that he did


  27. @ Bert Moorhouse better get your vehicle checked out mate – I happen to know first hand from several of his customers that the ‘work’ he was supposed to be carrying out on their vehicles and charging them for it was either not done or secondhand parts were used. This is FACT.


  28. Now I see that Cindy’s mum is going to crush The Sandman… is she for real? I hope she is getting haunted by her daughter for being so selfish and inconsiderate of her own daughters dreams.


    • why dont you c what it feels like to have your baby girl murdered and her husband and then c if you still feel the same way mate it different when you a mum dealing with it dont think in greiveing mothers hearts cause hopefully we never find out what it will feel like


  29. @Hera I have been told by a very reliable source that yes BM has received a touch up in jail – seems Scott and Cindy have some supporters on the inside as well.


  30. I dont believe for a minute that Scott and Cindy didnt know that the green sandman panal van in the media/news papers wasn’t theirs, I just saw photos of their original panal van on a facebook site with a young Cindy standing next to it and the photo of the one printed in the papers and they are nothing alike. From the style of the grill, the colour of the grill (one has a black plastic grill and theirs has silver chrome) and the fact that their panal van had only single head lights but the one in the news papers has a double set of head lights.
    Any person would surely be able to reconize their own sandman after owning it for 8years. Those things you cant change on a car as they are completely different models. Either that or Brandon can perform miracles and they are very gullible.
    I think Scott and Cindy aren’t the innocent angels everyone is making them out to be. I think they got them selves deeply involved in something and very sadly this is how it has turned out.
    @Bert Moorhouse I know the Brandon your talking about and he is a very kind, calm and giving person. For him to do this, something has set him off and sent him over the edge in a big way. Making it so so hard for the ones who know him to understand what and how this has happened. I also believe there is a third party involved and maybe the police should be talking to the local biker clubs.


  31. well all i can say is so many ppl have gone from “i know” this and that to all of a sudden ” i think” funny how things change in such a short period of time….


    • I know for a FACT that some people involved are linked to Bikies. Wont say which ones but this does explain a few things, like the way Scott “found” the car after it was stolen, the fact Brandon got “touched up” in prison etc.


  32. what happened to this case, does anybody know where to get updated information, is Brandon a pawn in it all, or did Scott and he get into trouble together? Was Scott trying to help his friend Brandon out of a tight spot with the bikies? if so he should of put his and his wifes lives before a friends? I don’t know if the truth will ever be told or shown to us. I don’t know them at all but just originally thought it was fishy how they never mentioned how their lives were taken, because that is the first thing that gets printed, stabbed shot etc etc sometimes in life you just got to let things go (material possessions) most people value material possessions more than human lives, the whole world is riddled with it. It’s amazing to think that these two people would still be here if they just could of tweake their way of thinking, shit doesn’t happen it gets created through choices, and Scott & Cindy chose to hang on with hook sinker and line for a car? forget it, money comes money goes you just gotta roll with the changes that present themselves not hang on to it’s grim death!!!


      • It really is just too sad, as i said above i didn’t know them at all, i just wished people were more careful with their lives & what they allow into it, i really do feel for them and their friends and family, i knew a girl who was one of cindy’s bridesmaids, and even though i never met cindy, a part of me can’t shake how this must of affected the girl i knew, to lose a friend through murder, how are you suppose to process that, everyone has their appointed time of death here on earth but gee does murder have to be a part of it.


    • Brandon didnt murder anyone for a car! The car is just a small piece in this whole sorry story. The car I saw on the news was completely different to the one they owned and Scott and Cindy knew that.
      Of course there were bikers/underworld figures in volved in what has happened. No one involved were innocent bystanders.


  33. Why do ppl keep ranting that bikies are involved etc but cannot back it up … I hate to see ppl’s names get ruined through insinuation… ..


    • Im sorry HighMaintenanceQueenie but most Bikers/gangs are nothing but SCUM and if they dont want their names ruined through insinuation they bloody well should think twice before joining these gangs that involve in drugs, theft, murder and other crimes. They ruin lives!!!! Dont you watch the new? Each week there are shootings, bashings, drug crimes, club/turf rivalry ect involving these (poor Innocent) bikers!
      And yes as a person who knows Brandon and from friends that knew Scott, they both had Biker conections.
      I find it crazy that anyone would think all this happened over a old beat up panal van. Get real and open your eyes.


      • Well thank you More to The Story – yet again further allegations are laid down about these people with no evidence or facts to back it up. I am well aware of what bike clubs do, but thank you, nor do I need to watch the news as most of this is fabricated. Lets face it, the News hasnt exactly been close to facts with this case. Unless you have something factual to provide that Scotty was involved with “scum bags, and drugs ……” I think it would be nice not to make such comments… And yes I knew Scotty, and no I did not Brandon.. Second hand opinions on who has friends where really isnt factual… I mean we all have friends that someone would consider “less than desireable” doesnt mean we deserve to be murdered or have our names associated with unsavoury acts now does it! So once again, please provide evidence or fact or maybe we should be be quiet…. P.S I dont hide my identity…


        • HighMaintanceQueenie Im sorry but Scott did have a undesireable friend and his name is Brandon McGowen. I Never ever ment anything negetive or any nastieness towards Scott and Cindy. I truely am so sorry about what has happened and im ashamed at Brandon’s actions.
          But just like you I am trying to make sence about what and how this has happened. We are all upset and hurting. If I knew names or who or how this happened believe me I would past it onto the police. But I dont!
          Its not my intentions to upset or hide anything from anyone.
          I do have friends and family that are in complete denial about Brandon having anything to do with this but Im more realistic. This is the only reason for not showing my identity. Dont make out that Im a bad person just because Brandon was my friend as that is so far from the truth. We are all trying to understand what has gone so wrong.
          And if anyone knew what really happened the case would be solved so all anyone on this site is throwing in is hear say and maybes because we are all in the same boat trying to figure it out.
          Brandon hide his crimevery well from us for two weeks and this was a huge shock when he was arrested!


          • And that is ok… but I have heard scotty only knew him through scotty’s brother… And I have said all along I feel for Brandons family and friends that didnt know… All I am saying is that I dont think people can point fingers, yes we can assume and throw ideas around but no one apart from those three (???) know the full truth… And I am sorry if it came across as a personal attack… You are right we are all hurting and just want to try and make some sense of it all…


  34. I hurt for all of the uncalled for murders that happen, Scott and Cindy went quick I’d say, probably didn’t even have time to realise the extent of the atrocity being done to them, rest their souls. Have a think about poor little daniel morcombe, that kid was kept alive for months & most likely for a paedophile ring, sold until no longer wanted, people witnessed seeing him but no one physically jumped in to save him!!! could of followed the car whilst calling the police, yes i know this is a scott and cindy page and case, at least they weren’t kept alive for months tortured & raped!!!!! perspective people perspective. Reading some of the posts regarding Scotts brother having being in trouble & connected to drugs before…………… all criminals are cowards, no accountability for their actions, hiding from authoirty from crimes they committ, like cowards they truly are, all because they don’t want to get caught, why are they so scared of getting caught yet not scared to murder and rape, cowards cowards cowards


    • any loss of life is senseless… i think with so many unanswered questions still we are just trying to get by and make sense of it all…And yes Christina what happened to that little boy is terrible, but please dont tell us to have perspective when we are all hurting from losing our loved ones. I am sure you didnt mean this offensively but our feelings are valid and are just as important! A loss is a loss no matter how it is dressed


  35. Anyone know what is goin on with the case? Seem’s to have gone quiet on all fronts. I’m Brandons Uncle so I sure would like to hear from any of his freinds.


  36. I can hardly believe that nothing more has come of this, unless it has and only family and close friends have been kept informed. It just sounds very suss considering that most other violent crimes are kept in the loop to let people know what’s going on. My interest in this is purely through shock of it happening. Humanity has soured, who knows if there is more good/love on this planet than not, alot of shit happens behind closed doors that we don’t hear about. Life here one day gone the next, everytime i go to worry about something in life i remind myself of it’s futility. I hope those close to Cindy and Scott have been able to spiritually process it so their hearts can manage to smile again. Blessed Bee *


    • From what I am aware of he still has not even made a plea. It is still in the initial stage of mentions. I don’t even know if he has even stood in the court room since the start over 12 months ago. Maybe someone who is family can enlighten us into why this is taking such a long time to even get to Committal Hearing… Why would it take more than 12 months to enter a plea? Very strange if you ask me.


  37. People don’t be fooled by the family of the diseased ,they know full well what there BOYS were up to in MT ISA, that’s right there BOYS both of them. Maybe the real story should be told to police this may clear up some confusion.


  38. That would have to be very sad for cindy if she ended up marrying someone who was up to it, getting dragged into a shady world through your partner, unless of course she was up to it as well. Playing with fire? either way these things do not need to escalate to murder


  39. It is very strange and upsetting that this case went quiet. As friend’s of Scott and Cindys I can assure you all that none of us have received updates !!!! But we still find it very distressing to see these wonderful people portrayed in a bad light !! With accusations that they were involved in illegal stuff…. we knew them very well and they were wonderful hard working honest people that worked in the mines and regularly drug tested as their jobs required. All these lies and make believe stories are extremely hurtful and and unjustified ! Please have some respect for their families who’s lives will never be the same. And there was no cover up or big secret on how they were killed. The family were informed of this…. so everything I have read above is just here say. …


    • As I said, nothing needs to escalate to murder. Whatever went on and the reasons why, they didn’t need to die over any of it.

      Most times information is kept up to date publicly by media about murders, but not theirs, that’s what’s so unusual about it.

      I don’t think the pain will ever go away for those close to cindy and scott, happy memories of them is the best anyone can do when it comes to losing someone you love.

      Also situations like these serve as a reminder to all that our lives are not guaranteed, there is no contract out there that states we will survive the day, so as a lesson to us all, lighten up, don’t get stuck on the small stuff in life, let it go, and live your dreams, you only get one shot at this, and reincarnation doesn’t count because you never remember your past life in totality.

      Bee Happy

      Ciao xxxx


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