Site was blocked, now working

Hi all

Site was blocked by host tonight, from around 8pm or thereabouts

something to do with drain caused by chat plugin. Stuffed if I can work that out, but it just came back online. Will look into it in the morning.

Cheers :Cry:

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3 thoughts on “Site was blocked, now working

  1. Was it something I said? I have been blocked for a while.
    I know I was going pretty hard on the Gerard Baden-Clay threads, I might have gone a bit overboard.


  2. Hello moonlight,
    Thanks for that, I thought maybe I had crossed the line somewhere, but obviously it happened to everyone.
    I went to the old thread, looks like just QueenslandCountry Lady and the shadow are the only others I have seen that have made it back

    Next court date for GBC is on Mon 24th of Sep, maybe this will prompt others to return to this site.


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