Peter Finn, aka the Fat Aussie “Barstard” you are the thief!-Update must read

There comes a time when you have to stand up and have your say. This bloke is funny, he is popular on YouTube. I have been to his YouTube channel many a time and agreed with what he has had to say about certain issues. Often says what others wont.Makes lot of money with all those views probably


Because he is also a thief. He stole money of good people. One couple ultimately in the end, who  won an auction of his tooth he said was to go Royal Children’s Hospital in Brissy. he spent it on himself, who cares on what.

Well he has been convicted and sentenced to 6 months jail suspended for 12 months.

I wrote on his YouTube channel, but I will NOT be surprised if it gets deleted. because he often says ask me anything. So I did, Why did you keep the tooth money?

Peter Finn, aka The Fat Aussie Barstard, has been sentenced to 200 hours community service for conducting an unlawful appeal for support and converting the money for his own use

UPDATE 20/07/12

Just when you think this could not get worse, this bloke has the audacity to post a apology on youtube (where he makes heaps of money from videos) and asks folks to watch a video with ads, to help pay the money BACK. Can you believe it?

He is not sorry, not genuine, he has $$ on his mind, and wants to capitalise on it. Who knows how much he will make from the poor fools who click through…Sick and one of the lowest acts I have ever seen on the internet Peter Finn.

He says he deserves the flak, yet he must of spent the entire day deleting or blocking people like me who ask him genuine fair questions. he refuses to dig deeper that a crappy self serving apology…Thanks to screen caps here it is folks. But to see what’s been going on, at his site go to the bottom of this page…A fair dinkum wanker…

Makes a living bagging others, and now cannot handle the heat!

Just when you think this could not get worse, this bloke has the audacity to post a apology on youtube (where he makes heaps of money from videos) and asks folks to watch a video with ads, to help pay the money BACK. Can you believe it?

I have made this VIDEO so we dont need to go fill his dirty pockets by going to his channel and earn him one measly cent….I implore to to stay away from his site.


Peter Finn, aka the Fat Aussie “Barstard” spent Brisbane Royal Children’s Hospital charity funds

by: Robyn Ironside
From: The Courier-Mail
July 18, 2012

A MAN who extracted his own tooth and then auctioned it off online has been ordered to do 200 hours community service.

Peter Michael Finn, who uses the alias the ‘Fat Aussie Barstard’ (sic) claimed any money raised from the sale of his incisor would go to the Royal Brisbane Children’s Hospital.

He even appeared on national television to promote the stunt.

The winning bid on eBay was $6543.21 but the money was never donated to the hospital or any other charity.

He was charged with conducting an unlawful appeal and converting the money for his own use following an Office of Fair Trading investigation.

Appearing in Noosa Magistrates Court on Wednesday, Finn pleaded guilty to both offences.

The court was told he did not apply for a sanction from the Office of Fair Trading for his public appeal.

A conviction was recorded and he was also sentenced to six months jail, suspended for 12 months.

This afternoon most of Finn’s YouTube appearances were removed, with the exception of his presentation of the tooth to the winning bidder. 


click on image for full size

The Official Office of Fair Trading Press release on this slime-ball Peter Finn (Fat Aussie Barstard) the thief

44 thoughts on “Peter Finn, aka the Fat Aussie “Barstard” you are the thief!-Update must read

  1. The other thing I meant to add was, his you tube channel, has millions and millions of views, and he would be making nice coin from that at a guess.

    He needs to make a video of himself saying sorry and paying the hospital back the money he promised.


      • Ohhh, all his charming little deeds are coming to light!

        He even tried to tell people on a video that Darren Gaudry did with him, that he purchased $5,000 worth of electronic cigarettes, that was seized by Customs because he didn’t know he couldn’t import them. This was to supposedly explain away the money he thieved from his FAMILY and that because they lost their money to him, that’s why they were bad mouthing him when the tooth scam went public , saying he’s always been a con man and has ! thieved from them many times. Customs NEVER seized a thing and know nothing about it … like, that’s a surprise? LOL

        Social Blade says he makes between 2.8K – 34.1K … I’d guess it at around 10-12K PA. You can bet, IF he declares it to Centrelink and the Tax Dept., that he’s claiming it’s a hobby. Perhaps a few people should make a report to the Tax Dept about him …. after all, he’s probably dodging paying tax, like the rest of us have to! And if you do tell the Tax Dept., copy some of his skiting video’s to send along to them, where he talks about HOW MUCH money he gets from YT … and that he’s in a defacto relationship with someone who does actually work …. tax rates and Centrelink payments are much different for couples :-D

        Q: How does one tell if the fat grub is lying?

        A: His lips are moving!


  2. Well , there goes his credibility , I too have watched many of his videos , but no more … i realise the buyer thought he was donating to the Childrens Hospital so why didnt he make the cheque out to them.


  3. He has deleted my comment to him already. But for my readers, here is what I wrote. An invitation of sorts.

    “Deleting the truth? You are gutless FAB, go see yourself on my website for all to see” lets see how long that one lasts, what a disgrace and a hypocrite he is. often slags off others but cannot now take the heat he lumped on himself.


  4. The Courts should come down harder on offenders of these types of crimes IMO. Easy to perpetrate in some cases difficult to detect. Although in his case, given the publicity he drummed up for it, it’s hard to see how he ever thought he’d get away with it.

    Well for the publicity hound that he is, I’m glad he’s been outed and that the public and his “followers” have an opportunity to see him for what he really is – no more than a common thief…


  5. I put the CM story up about it because a couple of people on my friends list used to go to his FAB party’s.

    Someone commented that he should change his name to FLAB now.

    Fat Lieing Aussie Bastard.

    I tend to agree with them!!!

    Thing is I used to watch his YT videos too as he did tend to speak out and say what a lot of people were thinking. But he began to lose my interest when he said something about people with ‘mental illness’ issues and told them to ‘just get over it’

    Quite a flippant arrogant uneducated comment wasn’t it Aus? The tool got on a roll and never stopped until it snowballed out of control…He will learn nothing and get greedier for lost time…I mean dime…Robbo


  6. Yeah I have heard a few things, only rumours, but if true they are at least false advertising/entrapment or something.
    Like come to my house for BBQ and free booze, and when folks came he charged them! True or untrue I cant say, poor form if true.

    Also I wanted to expose him, but not give him more free publicity, that’s why there is NO link to his channel. Please do not add it here…Cheers


    • Hi Columbo , The FAB is / was a loud mouth beer swilling bloke who made videos that were quite funny and he’d ask the hard questions of Govt etc … during the QLD floods he made a scathing attack on looters and insurance companies … now he’s not only stolen but to take monies given toward a kids hospital and that is unforgivable.
      I’d take a punt and say he was a very popular bloke , now he could meet all his fans in a phone box and have lottsa room to spare.
      Shame Shame Shame FAB !


  7. I have detested this man’s actions ever since he crucified an innocent family, with no proof, after the floods in Brisbane/Ipswich. They were later cleared of any wrongdoing by OFT, but the abuse from his “followers” continued for months afterwards. I contacted a television show that had publicised the “auction” telling them they were supporting a bully. They chose to ignore me. And while I know it hardly made a dent in their viewer numbers, my family and I no longer watch.

    The “auction” started out on Ebay, but was pulled, as it violated their T&Cs, selling human parts, I think. So it was done via email, I believe.


  8. Before people leave negative comments on the video shown here remember that the vid linked is noswonky’s not pete’s. He’s been ripped off by pete.

    Good point, I should of uploaded it myself…I didn’t realise, thanks for passing that on


  9. I watched this guy for about 5 seconds, years ago, and thought to myself, “What a low life, and what the rest of the world would think of Australians if they watched this!”. The guy oozes ‘scam artist’.
    Some of his videos are disgusting. Have you seen the ‘Bed time stories’ video, where he talks to a bunch of 5 year olds about “crack whores” and “blow jobs” ? Post it Robbo so your readers can see it. It gives an insight into this sociopath who has developed an “alter-ego” that is without doubt, the true character of this man.

    He fancied himself as a celebrity and has a lot of people on you tube (very gullible people) convinced he holds some sort of pull in the celebrity world. The couple that donated the money foremost. They tried to gain celebrity by donating the money through this scumbag so they could be mentioned on his channel instead of humbly just sending a cheque off to the childrens hospital.

    The guy was never upfront about his “expenses” and if he had to spend all but $1500 on expenses, he should have phoned the couple and told them his expenses would eat into the donation. Surely they would have understood and happily seen the entire amount go to the charity. Although I have a feeling that couple are somewhat naive. In my opinion, he was scamming them from the start and this should demonstrate what sort of person this guy really is.

    You Tube needs to take down his channel for illegally profiteering, apparently he’s run a few scams including one that involved IGA matching him dollar for dollar in donations. Just an utterly disgusting human being that has shamed Australians through a media platform he has abused.


  10. Mike, what he did is try to use the character that is endearing to all Australians of the typical ‘Aussie Bloke’, rough around the edges, but sticks to his dignity and ethical standards, a lovable Larikin It was clear to me from the start, it was the character he was trying to portray. In this way he has also dirtied the true persona, of many GOOD Australian men that truly fit the character.

    Hes not a lovable larikin. He’s a fat, lazy, obnoxious, thieving, lying, self absorbed fat mouthed PIG.


  11. If memory serves me he had a computer shop. How many people did he rip off in that?
    He should be made pay the hospital the $6000…..whether he needs to sell his own personal items or whatever means it takes to get the money to give to them.

    I believe theres some sob story he’s dribbling now about it all too.


    • On TV last night FAB explained what ‘really’ occured …….

      He stated his expenses were taken out , including a flight to Sydney to deliver the item …. ($4500.00) the balance he claims was to be given to the Childrens Hospital , but he states they wouldnt allow him to film him handing over the dough ,(The Hospital denies any contact with him ) so conveniently he says he disposed of the funds by giving it to homeless people in the city and Fortitude Valley.

      For a man who luvs his head on the screen he forgot to film any of his generosity …..
      i guess the Magistrate didnt believe him either.

      I hope now he’s been exposed as a liar and thief he doesnt gain employment as a Travel Agent …. $4500.00 to fly from Brisbane to Sydney and back … must have taken an entourage of serious drinkers to rack up that sort of expense.

      Sadly the magistrate doesnt appear to have ordered him to pay the funds to the Hospital.


  12. Have just watched the Today Tonight piece on the Yahoo7 website, and he has certainly not done himself any favours. He stuttered and stumbled when explaining his reasoning for deducting $5000. At around 1:43 or 1:44 on the TT video there is a shot of the Ebay page. It says “ALL money raised goes to CHARITY” – his capitals, not mine, and I have taken a screen grab. It also says Free P&H. Nothing says he’s going to deduct money for his time to run the auction or to deliver it. And imagine if it had to be delivered overseas? Would he have charged RBCH the extra, or perhaps the “lucky” recipient of the tooth? Even if it isn’t illegal to deduct costs, since the auction and “donation” wasn’t legal to begin with, what’s legal and illegal in relation to auctions and charitable donations hardly applies.

    I read elsewhere that he said he didn’t film himself handing out the $50 notes out of respect for the privacy of the recipients. But if he was happy not to film them, why couldn’t he accept that RBCH didn’t want to be filmed accepting his donation, if in fact he asked them at all. (3:19 would suggest he didn’t.)


  13. Update, this tool uploaded a video apologising, and then asks folks to click on a video with ads TO HELP PAY THE MONEY BACK? is he crazy, he needs to be banned from youtube, not go on to make more money!


    • The best way to have his channel whacked is to hit google where it hurts, all the tips on how to do this can be found here watch from 23.37 I am sure these adword advertisers wont like the fact their ads are being displayed on a convicted thief’s channel especially one low enough to steal from a children’s hospital


  14. Thanks for the video Robbo… I must admit, I kind of tuned out after the 50th time he mentioned how much the whole thing had affected him personally and professionally. Poor baby…

    And to then be uploading it and having ads so that others can fund what he is required to repay is just amazing. The nerve of some people…


  15. It is a disgrace Yoshi, and he deletes/blocks any legitimate questions put to him, but keeps all the backslappers etc. I just hope this story didn’t go viral overseas and folks think we are all like that cretin.

    Enough said


  16. Robbo, you didn’t get the video of him abusing everyone for making videos about him. Absolute snake this guy is. Sociopath inside and put


  17. Hi Lindax, what did he do, slam the folks daring to give him some of his own? that’s funny…he deleted it…Maybe someone will of got it and send us a link…


  18. Deserves ten times what he got in all fairness. Stealing from little kids. Asking a 4yr old what a blowjob was? Next it will be along the lines of how Dennis Furgurson works. Police were worried when yhey saw that bedtime stories tape. Plus where did the $7,000 plus you rsised for the homeless go? IGA matching it was a load of rot. Jyst like your teeth. How about giving that money to to homeless and filming it correctly by showing the $50 notes. If i was homeless and you asked me if i could filmbyou giving me money. Id say OOOH YEAH! TIME TO STOP LYING PETER FINN…


  19. Deserves ten times what he got in all fairness. Stealing from little kids. Asking a 4yr old what a blowjob was? Next it will be along the lines of how Dennis Furgurson works. Police were worried when they saw that bedtime stories tape. Plus where did the $7,000 plus you raised for the homeless go? IGA matching it was a load of rot. Just like your teeth. How about giving that money to to homeless and filming it correctly by showing the $50 notes. If i was homeless and you asked me if i could filmbyou giving me money. Id say OOOH YEAH! TIME TO STOP LYING PETER FINN…You have been lying for a year now. But other reports say since 2007. You need to sit down. Think about what youve done. If you really sho no remorse,no empathy. Then it is time to do the world the last favour. Darn it i wish that site showing all the attrocities was still up.. Me thinks you conned the site owner the night before. Maies perfect sence to me for a cover up. Guess morals are the words he/she uses for taking down the site. Care to tell the people how true my questions have been regarding this snippet?


  20. Good work Mike, I will post that image of the letter on here and get it passed around.I am certain the governemnt and Fair Trading will be looking right into his other little deals for “Charity” and the needy i.e. himself


  21. I dont understand all the youtube politics for the You tuber community, it does seem to have some abrasiveness towards each other, but it should come as no surprise the whole community bar a few fake FAB supporter channels have turned on him. It ruins their own reputations about what people think Aussies are about.

    me personally, I have ads or partners disabled, not sure what it does, but I hate ads myself so I cant expect my readers do either…

    I get where you Aussie youtube people are coming from, this is your job/business that he has tainted…all the best to you.


  22. Unfortunately, I am a blood relation of this man. He has always been a con artist and has swindled many vulnerable women out of their life savings. He has even swindled his own mother and sisters. His family always knew he’d keep the money from all of his so-called charity fundraising. As we have always said, “The only charity Pete supports is the Pete Finn’s Pocket charity”. His “shop” is nothing but a front, his apparent “ranch” is a share house where he rents one room and all the assets he claims to own actually belong to other people. This man is so vile, even his own family refuse to have anything to do with him.


  23. Well, when Julia Gillard sets such high standards of honesty (Craig Thompson, Peter Slipper, Alleged AWU Slush Fund fraud etc) and she says she’s there for the Aussie Battler, you could hardly blame him for resting on the standards set by our Prime Minister.

    Nevertheless, Fat Aussie Idiot now!


    • That IGA thing has been going on for a long time. I am amazed that youtube keep him on as a partner with the things that he has done. I wouldn’t have thought they would have wanted to be associated with him. After all he used youtube to comit a fraud perhaps he didn’t do it intentionally do it but it does look bad for youtube. I suppose they put profit before principles.


  24. It’s now 5th Dec 2013 and by the looks of it sadly Pete Finn is still on youtube making money, shame on youtube they should have pulled his channel years ago.
    I remember him bad mouthing others in his rant videos and look at what he did with his various scams. Youtube broke their own rules and regulations by NOT banning him and closing down his vile channel, but i guess they make a lot of money out of him, only ones that do mind.


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