What happened to Jill Meagher? Well allegedly Raped and Murdered by Adrian Bayley

This bloke is one dirty dog with plenty of form, including sexual violence! I have started a new thread based on his arrest, charges and beyond today for discussion moving forward… here is the link

Update – alleged rapist and killer leads police to shallow grave this morning

September 28, 2012 6:31AM

Jill Meagher’s body found, Adrian Ernest Bayley, charged

Adrian Ernest Bayley has been charged with the rape and murder of Jill Meagher, her body was found 50km away from Melbourne. This is allegedly an image of the despicable mongrel dog

The alleged-Adrian Ernest Bayley

With this disgusting crime there are more than one victim, my personal apologies and thoughts go to Tom Meagher, the husband of Jill, who had to endure the scrutiny and suspicion of being a suspect in her disappearance from early on in the investigation.

It is the first place they go looking when a partner disappears, the police the media the social media. Random Opportunistic crimes of this nature in Australia very rarely happen like this in the city, if anywhere.

How wrong a lot of us were this time. Robbo

THE Coroner has removed the body of Jill Meagher from a shallow grave near a remote road about 50km northwest of Melbourne.

Police made the discovery early this morning on Black Hill Road at Gisborne South, about 15 minutes drive from the Calder Freeway.

Coroners remove the body of Jill Meagher from a shallow grave near Black Hill Road, 50km northwest of Melbourne.

The body was in a shallow grave near a tree about five metres from Black Hill Road.

The Coroners Office put the body into a white van just before 4am after detectives finished their five-hour investigation of the scene.

An autopsy will be conducted today.

Police say they were led to the scene by the man charged with the murder and rape of Ms Meagher.

Adrian Ernest Bayley, 41, was remanded at an out-of-sessions court hearing shortly before 3am that lasted only 90 seconds at St Kilda Road Police Station.

The bail justice told Bayley he should not be given bail given the seriousness of the charges against him.

She asked him whether he understood the charges, to which he replied a simple “yes”.

Asked whether he wanted the charges read to him, the accused said “no”.

The accused wore a blue T-shirt, jeans and red-and-black Nike runners and showed no emotion as he sat with his chin in his hand.

Police will allege Bayley raped and murdered Ms Meagher on the morning of September 22 in Brunswick.

He will appear at Melbourne Magistrates’ Court later today.

This morning’s events came after police swooped on the suspect’s Coburg home at 2.30pm and took him to the St Kilda Rd Police Complex where he was interviewed.

Police will allege he is the man seen on CCTV wearing a blue hoodie top and talking to Ms Meagher on Sydney Rd early on Saturday Rd moments before she vanished.


31 yr correction 41 yr old man from Coburg has been arrested in relation to Jill’s disappearance- More to come

POLICE have arrested a man over the disappearance of missing woman Jill Meagher.

A 41-year-old Coburg man will be charged with her abduction and murder.

Police swooped on the man late today at his home and took him to the St Kilda Rd Police Complex where he was being interviewed. No charges have yet been laid.

The Herald Sun has been told police have no other suspects and it was allegedly an opportunistic crime.

His arrest by the homicide squad missing persons unit came a day after police released CCTV video of a man wearing a hoodie, who was seen talking to Ms Meagher, 29, at 1.43am on Saturday as she walked home.

Police have not said if the man who has been arrested is the person in the hoodie.

Ms Meagher’s brother, Michael McKeon, was overwhelmed when told of the arrest. Police fear Ms Meagher was abducted while making the short walk home from a Sydney Rd bar in Brunswick.

This sad situation is becoming more mysterious and sinister as each day passes


THE CCTV footage video makes for some interesting new possibilities, the end result is what is important no matter how police get to it. One person in the video has already come forard and provided a statement. Others are urged to do the same as reports of new CCTV has been made available.

Here is a interactive map of the Bridal Boutique from which the current CCTV footage came from (I hope it works)

Also someone sent me this video, which shows the path Jill may have taken with all the info available.

The walk from where Jill Meagher was seen on CCTV to her home

A video walk from the last confirmed sighting of missing Brunswick woman, Jill Meagher, down Sydney Road onto Hope Street, the lane where her handbag was found on Monday morning and to her home on Lux Way. Note: the purpose of the video is to show the distance and landmarks on this route only. It is no way implying that this is route Jill took in the early morning of September 22, 2012. For those of you in Brunswick and familiar with the area, this is not made for you. Rather, this video is made for those not familiar with the area- By Matt Mitchell

Update 11.55am 26/09/12

POLICE have confirmed that they will release “relevant” CCTV footage into the disappearance of Jill Meagher today. Says a lot, very selective in what they are releasing

Homicide Squad Det-Insp John Potter said the footage would be released after he provides an update on Ms Meagher’s disappearance at a press conference at 1pm. Will post video on completion folks

Update 10.30am 26/09/12

‘Mystery man captured on CCTV’ on morning Jill Meagher disappeared

THE image of a mystery man who could be following Jill Meagher is being analysed by police investigating the ABC employee’s disappearance, according to reports.

Missing woman Jill Meagher in a picture from her Facebook page

Police twice search Jill Meagher’s home

Hunt for Jill intensifies

Detectives at Jill’s home

A man was pictured in the same frame of CCTV footage with Ms Meagher on the morning she disappeared, and police will decide whether the image of that man will be released today, 3AW reported this morning.

Homicide detectives spent five hours in total inside the Melbourne home of the missing woman yesterday, leaving at 8.20pm with filled brown paper bags.

The search for clues continued after the last known moments of Ms Meagher were recovered, with crucial CCTV images showing the Irish national just minutes from home in the city’s inner north.

A time stamp on the footage places Ms Meagher, 29, walking north on Sydney Rd in Brunswick less than 100m before Hope St, where her bag was found just around the corner.
As the probe enters its fifth day, the homicide squad’s Detective Inspector John Potter said they did not have a suspect but it was odd there was no evidence of a struggle in Hope St, where her bag was found in a laneway.

update 4.20pm 25/09/12

UPDATE: MISSING person Jill Meagher has been captured on CCTV in the early hours of Saturday morning, police revealed this afternoon.

Homicide Squad detectives said the footage shows Jill walking north along Sydney Rd, Brunswick, just south of Hope Street, at 1.41am.

update 3.30pm 25/09/12

BREAKING Police have removed bags full of potential evidence from the apartment of Tom and Jill Meagher

Police have removed bags full of potential evidence from the apartment of Tom and Jill Meagher

September 25, 2012 11:58AM

Jill Meagher, 29, was last seen leaving Brunswick’s Bar Etiquette about 1.30am on Saturday

Jill Meagher, 29, was last seen leaving Brunswick’s Bar Etiquette about 1.30am on Saturday

UPDATE: POLICE are probing whether missing woman Jill Meagher’s handbag was planted as a decoy to distract the investigation.

Meagher outside the Brunswick Police station amid the search for his wife Jill.

Recommended Coverage

Police find items of missing woman

ABC radio employee missing in Melbourne

Search for missing woman Jill Meagher

Ms Meagher, 29, failed to arrive home following a five-minute walk from Bar Etiquette to her Lux Way apartment after leaving a friend in Sydney Rd, Brunswick, early Saturday.

Questions about the handbag have emerged as more than 60 calls were made to Crime Stoppers about the disappearance of the Irish-born woman, with other women reporting abduction attempts in the vicinity of where the ABC worker vanished from Melbourne’s inner-north.

Police today are examining the calls prompted by pleas for information about the case.

Homicide Squad Det-Insp John Potter, who is spearheading the investigation, told the Herald Sun it was odd that a police search of the area on the weekend which “left no stone unturned” had failed to locate the handbag, which police were alerted to early yesterday.

“On Sunday police conducted a full line search up and around Hope St,” he said.

“There’s two options – the original search found nothing and then on Monday the bag was found by a local resident.

Police find items of missing woman

Police say they’ve found items they believe to belong to an ABC radio employee who disappeared in Melbourne.

“You’ve got to ask which is true.”

He said the bag was found in a “clearly visible” spot on the ground in a laneway off Hope St.

“We’ve got to look at the possibility of the bag being placed there late on Sunday or early Monday morning,” he said.

He said the bag’s contents had been untouched, except for Ms Meagher’s mobile phone which was missing.

“Her cards and the other contents were still inside. She hasn’t accessed the bank or anything like that,” he said.

He said questions raised surrounding the discovery of the bag had prompted investigators to re-examine whether Ms Meagher had even left Sydney Rd in Brunswick the night she disappeared.

“One would now argue that we don’t know for sure if she actually walked up Hope St,” he said.

“We don’t know whether she made it that far.

“We hold grave concerns for Jill’s welfare – the fact the bag was discovered so close to home and the fact this disappearance is totally out of character for her.”

Insp Potter said it was now thought that Ms Meagher left Bar Etiquette after 1.30am, and it was unclear whether she left with by herself, with others, or got into a car.

No CCTV footage was available from Bar Etiquette, making it harder for police to piece together her night.

Det-Insp Potter urged any patrons of Bar Etiquette in Sydney Rd to contact Crime Stoppers immediately as they could “hold the key” to establishing a detailed timeline of Ms Meagher’s movements before she disappeared.

CCTV examined as cops probe more kidnap fears

Insp Potter said police would also continue to review CCTV footage from nearby businesses.

The spike in reported abductions and kidnappings comes as Ms Meagher’s family made desperate pleas for her return.

Ms Meagher’s mother, Edith McKeon said her daughter would have fought any attacker.

“Whoever (has her) just let her go, let her (go),” she said.

“Even though she’s tiny I think she would have fought.”

Insp Potter said police were investigating claims women have been followed by a car in the same area that Ms Meagher disappeared.

“Some of them (the claims) have not been reported to police and we need those people to contact us,” he said.

The calls come as messages of support continue to be posted on a Facebook page dedicated to finding the Irish national. Help us find Jill Meagher has more than 50,000 likes.

Brunswick nightlife attracts hipster crowd

The desperate search for Ms Meagher comes as Victoria Police figures show reported abduction and kidnap offences have skyrocketed in the region, up from 226 in the previous financial year to 291, a rise of 28.8 per cent.

There were 611 offences recorded in this category in 2011-2012, and 159 of those occurred on the street.

has also been posted on the Facebook page.

Official reports show:

ON June 24, a 34-year old woman reported that she was attacked on Albert St in the early hours.

ON May 6, a man attempted to abduct a woman as she walked along Mitchell St towards Sydney Rd.

The man covered the woman’s mouth and forced her to the ground but she was able to fight him off. Police believe he threw kerosene in the woman’s face before he fled.

IN July 2010, a 29-year-old woman walking her dog through Gilpin Park was struck on the head, dragged and thrown to the ground before a man attempted to sexually assault her at knifepoint.

 Charlie Bezzina examines the scene

IN January that year a 13-year-old girl was assaulted by a man behind a church on Saxon St after being lured from Sydney Rd.

Police fear the ABC staffer has met with foul play.

Insp Potter said Ms Meagher’s will be forensically examined.

ABC fear for colleague

“I think there is always concern for the community when something like this happens,” Insp Potter said.

“The biggest problem is we don’t know what has happened to Jill so I would say people should be cautious when walking along the street at night.”

Insp Potter said somebody must know what happened to Ms Meagher.

“It’s not too late to tell us or indeed if Jill can hear this, please contact us,” he said.

Delays hamper police inquiry

In a heartfelt plea, her husband, Thomas, said he was going through “hell” with only hope keeping him going. “It’s just devastating,” he said.

“I just hope somebody saw something or she will just walk through the door.”

Hoping for a clue on Jill’s path

He said he couldn’t allow himself to believe his wife was no longer alive.

Mr Meagher has appealed for help from the public using Facebook and flyers posted around the area.

“I just want as much out there as possible,” he said.

“It’s Friday night on Sydney Rd, it’s busy – people have to have seen something. Somebody has to have seen Jill at some stage.

“I just want people to really think if they’ve seen anything at all.”

Mr Meagher rejected suggestions his wife was going through any personal problems.

Brother Michael McKeon, who arrived from Perth on Sunday, said Ms Meagher phoned him about 1.45am on Saturday to check on their father, who recently had a stroke.

“I suppose I was the last one to talk to her,” he said.

“She was just calling to see how things were. She hung up and she just sounded a little worried.

“I called back a few times and she never answered.

“It sounded like she was on her way home.”

Mr McKeon described his sister as happy-go-lucky, fun-loving and always positive.

“It’s not like her at all,” he said.

“She always does what she says she is going to do.”

Speaking of his parents, he said: “They’re just distraught and worried and just hoping for the best.”

Jill is described as being of a fair complexion, 165cm tall, slim build, long curly black hair and brown eyes.

She was wearing a blue dress, black jacket, black patterned stockings and high heels.

WHAT a difference a day makes to a homicide investigation.

On Monday the police hunt for the missing Jill Meagher concentrated on streets she might have used to walk home from a Sydney Rd bar in the small hours of Saturday morning.

Police ran crime scene tape across half a dozen streets and lanes in one seedy light-industrial block, apparently spurred on by the discovery of her handbag in a narrow side street early on Monday.

But by yesterday morning things had changed.

None other than the chief commissioner cast doubt on whether it was Ms Meagher who dropped the bag the night she vanished.

Chief Commissioner Ken Lay hinted the bag might have been “planted” by an unknown offender in an attempt to distract investigators – who, he said, had already searched the area where the bag turned up.
But the homicide rulebook states that before widening the search, detectives first have to eliminate the people closest to the missing person.

That means the proud young man, photographed with his bride in the good times they shared, now has to endure the routine procedure of being treated like a potential suspect.

Within three hours of the chief’s cryptic statement, the search had swung from the mean streets where the bag was found to the nearby modern apartment block where Thomas and Jill Meagher have lived for about a year.

Just after midday two homicide detectives had returned to the Meaghers’ first-floor apartment to run the worried young husband once more through the exact sequence of events in the hours his wife vanished.

Then the cavalry arrived.

Two vans parked on a nearby council reserve. In them was a team of four forensic crime scene analysts, dressed head to toe in blue protective clothing and carrying a pile of oversize empty paper bags.

They, too, trooped upstairs into the rear apartment on the first floor.

They did not use the lift that takes residents and their shopping or luggage up and down from the ground-floor internal carpark enclosed under the three residential floors.

The apartment was so full of forensic specialists looking for clues that Tom Meagher and his wife’s brother Michael McKeon had to sit outside on the balcony at the rear.

For more than two hours the pair sat in glum silence, fiddling with their mobile telephones. They were joined at one point by a female detective wearing rubber gloves.

Mr Meagher was showing the strain of four days of hell. He appeared not to have shaved since the weekend and his eyes were red.

Earlier, before the forensic team started combing the apartment, he and his brother-in-law had put on a brave face by laughing and joking with camera crews outside the apartments.

There was no joking by 4pm when the forensic team finally emerged with half a dozen brown paper bags, all full.

Police said no evidence was taken from the flat, but it looked as if a lot of material had been removed for testing at the forensic laboratories at Macleod, which has hi-tech equipment to test DNA and fingerprints.

Early in the day, Tom Meagher told the Herald Sun he would consider talking about his ordeal.

But he later got in touch to say he would be too busy going through some details with the police.

While investigators combed the Meaghers’ apartment yesterday, their colleagues pinpointed security camera footage of Jill Meagher taken at 1.41am on Saturday morning in Sydney Rd, just south of Hope St.

This tallies with information from the staff at Bar Etiquette, the fashionable nightspot where the beautiful and popular young Irishwoman had a last drink after a long night out with colleagues from the ABC radio studios in Southbank.

Bar Etiquette staff stopped serving and locked the door to new customers at 1am.

But it let existing customers out over the following half hour or so.

It seems beyond doubt Ms Meagher left the bar just after 1.30am and walked north up Sydney Rd, apparently alone. She had earlier told work colleague Tom Wright she was happy to walk home alone after he twice offered to escort her.

Sometime after that, she vanished.

The investigation is continuing.

ANALYSIS: THE Investigator Charlie Bezzina examines the scene where ABC radio worker Jill Meagher went missing.

As an investigator I’m scratching my head.

The first thing you do is to ask yourself why someone would pick Jill out.

If in fact foul play is involved, it is still possible she may well still emerge safe and sound and we hope that is the case.

Something isn’t quite right to me. If it’s a robbery, they take the bag and go. Why take the victim?

Looking around the scene, it’s a very good spot to launch an attack or assault or abduction.

More pictures from the search scene

Its industrial and there’s not people living here, even though it’s near Sydney Rd.

The lighting is poor.

I suspect everyone until I can rule them out of the investigation.

And there are some crazy people whose behaviour you just can predict.

She had her ATM card but there is no facility for police to check her card movement – we have to wait until business hours Monday.

You are in the hands of the corporate world.

It’s so crucial to investigators but we just don’t have that clout. Police and crime happen 24 hours a day seven days a week and it’s a problem for investigators that we can’t do it.

Your chances of solving a case are best in the first 24 hours. It’s now been more than 48 hours.

I’m surprised they didn’t conduct a line search sooner. The line search will indicate any evidence, including forensic.

They would be looking for blood, anything that will indicate a crime has been committed.

With missing persons, you need to do things early to get the evidence. Time is of the essence. It’s critical to make an assessment early in the piece if it is serious.

There might be reasons for it, but my usual process would be a line search along the route.

Only about 50-60m is cordoned off, but widening it would include searching drains, rooftops, front yards.

If she was hurt, you’d think she would have been found.

Getting someone to go somewhere against their will is not easy, and would need a car.

Someone else might have been leaving at the same time and followed her from the bar, so its important to track down people who were at the bar at the same time.

You have to open up your mind to looking at any criminal reports in that area – there may have been reports of attempted abductions, burglaries, peeping toms.

I’d be going to all the local bars to ask regulars if they saw anything. People often won’t come to you so you need to go to them.

I’d suggest flooding the area next Friday night and saturate the area around midnight, talking to people who may have been out at the same time the week before.

You never write off that someone may have simply left. It would still be open that she may have gone missing by choice.

That’s why you speak to neighbours, including at previous addresses. We need to get to know the victim.

The handbag being found doesn’t really add much to the picture – it may have been planted there, it may have been discarded there on purpose or fallen accidentally.

The area is an industrial area and would be very quiet at that time of the morning

There would have been activity alone Sydney rd., but once she turns off that, it’s quiet

If we take it it’s an abduction, they are very rare.

Homicide would come out to oversee things as its not clear as yet whether it is a homicide or not.

Someone may have been infatuated with her, stalked her. Is it opportunity, or planned?

Ms Meagher’s brother, Michael McKeon, believes he was the last person to speak to her.

Mr McKeon, who arrived from Perth yesterday, said Ms Meagher called him in the early hours of Saturday to check on their father who recently had a stroke. He believes she called at about 1.45am.

“She was just calling to see how things were,” Mr McKeon said.

“She hung up and just sounded a little worried.

“It sounded like she was on her way home.

“I called back a few times and she never answered.”

Mr McKeon described his sister as happy go lucky, fun loving and always positive.

“It’s not like her at all,” he said.

“She always does what she says she is going to do.”

It is now more than 48 hours since Ms Meagher was last seen after mysteriously vanishing following a night out with work friends.

Ms Meagher had been drinking for several hours at The Brunswick Green bar on Sydney Rd before catching a final drink at nearby Bar Etiquette, where she was a regular.

Police will door knock in Melbourne’s north today as the hunt for the 29-year-old, who works as a unit coordinator with ABC radio, intensifies.

She insisted that she wanted to walk home alone, a friend has revealed.

Her distraught husband, Thomas, is still holding out hope his wife will walk through the door safe and well.

Mr Meagher said he was going through hell as he anxiously waited for news about his wife.

“I’m just trying to push on,” he said.

“I just hope somebody saw something or she will just walk through the door.”

He said he couldn’t allow himself to believe his wife was no longer alive.

Mr Meagher has appealed for help from the public using Facebook and flyers posted around the area.

“Friday night on Sydney Rd it’s busy – people have to have seen something,” he said.

“Somebody has to have seen Jill at some stage.”

Mr Meagher told 3AW radio station this morning that he rang his wife’s mobile phone “non-stop” from 2am to 6am on Saturday with no success.

He also went out looking for her at about 5am.

“Her phone has gone flat,” he said.

Det Acting Sgt Steve Bull said police were treating the disappearance of Ms Meagher very seriously.

“We have concerns for her safety. This is totally out of character for Jill and we just haven’t been able to find her,” he said.

Phone records which could shed vital clues into the disappearance of Ms Meagher are due to be retrieved today.

ABC Local Radio has released a statement about the disappearance of Ms Meagher.

“Friends and colleagues of Jill Meagher are saddened and concerned by the news of Jill’s disappearance,” the statement said.

“Jill is the Unit Coordinator of Local Radio Victoria. She is a highly valued and much loved member of the Local Radio team.

“Our thoughts are will Jill’s family and friends during this very difficult time.”

ABC colleagues also told of their distress today.

“Jill works with us here at 774 ABC Melbourne. She is our unit manager. She keeps the place running. She is a delightful colleague and it’s impossible to imagine that something bad may have happened,” 774 host Jon Faine said.

Reporter Rochelle Hunt said Ms Meagher’s disapperance “was one of the most difficult stories any of us at the ABC has had to try and cover”.

“Jill is a dear friend and colleague of ours and hasn’t been seen since Saturday morning,” Ms Hunt said.

“I know everyone at the ABC is absolutely distraught at the moment.”

Another ABC colleague, Tom Wright, told the Herald Sun he was the last person to see Ms Meagher.

Mr Wright offered to walk her home, but she declined.

“I said, ‘can I walk you home?’, because it’s late at night, and she said: ‘No, no I live around here, I know it really well, don’t worry’. I said goodbye and I said, ‘really, you don’t want me to walk you home?’, and she said: ‘No, no, no’,” Mr Wright said.

An Irish cousin of Ms Meagher’s said that her family is “desperate” for information on her whereabouts.

The cousin, who didn’t wish to be named, told the Herald Sun that Ms Meagher’s parents were “distraught” at hearing of their daughter’s disappearance and were hoping that police would be able to uncover more details by examining CCTV footage.

“My mother has been speaking with her mum and dad in Perth and they really just feel as if their hands are tied,” he said.

“Her brother has travelled from Perth to Melbourne but they are all just waiting to get more information from police.”

The man said that Ms Meagher’s family, which includes relatives in Spain and England, continued to be baffled by her mysterious disappearance.

“As far as we know she was out with colleagues and she was very close to her home when she went missing,” he said.

“That’s what’s killing us.”

The cousin, who last saw Ms Meagher when she visited Ireland last year, described her as a “bubbly” person with a “big time happy-go-lucky” outlook on life.

He said that they had stayed in touch via Facebook and occasional visits since she moved to Australia from her home town of Drogheda on Ireland’s east coast.

He said Ms Meagher’s disappearance was “all over” the Irish national news.

He is now helping to support a social media campaign spearheaded by Ms Meagher’s husband, which is already being followed by Irish celebrities including pop-group Westlife

Ms Meagher, who moved to Australia from Ireland three years ago, had been drinking with work friends from ABC radio and lived a short walk from the bar.

Mr Meagher said he was “freaking out”.

“She didn’t take her purse out, so she didn’t have any identification or anything on her other than her bank card,” he said yesterday.

“We’ve checked with all the hospitals, but I think that someone has done something to her.

“I fear that because it’s not something she would do without contacting anybody.”

Mr Wright said Ms Meagher had expressed some anxiety about her job, but otherwise seemed upbeat.

“She said to me she was having some sort of mid-life crisis – she didn’t really expand on it,” he said.

“There was nothing to suggest disappearing as abruptly as she did.”

Mr Wright said he was riddled with guilt about not taking her home.

Although she was captured on CCTV in at least one bar, the vision has not helped the investigation, police said.

“We still have more to review, but we’re hoping someone may have seen her and can shed a bit further light on what her movements might have been,” a spokesman said.

A Facebook page has been set up and people are sending Ms Meagher’s image to other networking sites in the that hope someone comes forward with information.

Colleagues, friends and relatives have also put out appeals for public help on Twitter, using the hashtag #JillMeagher

Ms Meagher is described as being of a fair complexion, 165cm tall, slim build, long curly black hair and brown eyes.

She was wearing a blue dress, black jacket, black patterned stockings and high heels.

Anyone with information on Ms Meagher should contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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926 thoughts on “What happened to Jill Meagher? Well allegedly Raped and Murdered by Adrian Bayley

  1. Evidence in Adrian Bayley’s committal has finished, but there’s short break before magistrate reveals whether he’ll stand trial.


  2. Hamish Fitzsimmons ‏@hamishfitz
    Adjournment as discussion about what to release in Jill Meagher case evidence. Described by Magistrate as extremely distressing & sensitive


    • Peter Mitchell ‏@Peter_Mitchell7
      Yes, the court details in the Jill #Meagher case are harrowing, but please remember there is no verdict yet. Social media users beware!


  3. Hamish Fitzsimmons ‏@hamishfitz
    Adrian Bayley pleads not guilty to murder of Jill Meagher.
    Just now… he pleaded guilty to one count of rape, not guilty to murder. Must be incomprehensibly harrowing for the family.


  4. Apparently this worms’ MO was to rape prostitutes.
    In Jills’ case he picked on an innocent young woman.
    Now, a prostitute would know how to survive in the case of someone like Bailey. The thing for them to do, unfortunately, would be to allow him to do what he wanted and not struggle.
    Jill on the other hand would have struggled and would have fought back as much as she could. This meant he would have needed more force than usual to restrain her.
    It is feasible that he did not intend to kill her.
    Regardless of this, he did what he did to get what he wanted.
    He murdered her.
    With or without intent, it is still murder.


  5. Ok, I shouldn’t have singled out any specific group of people. You are right, I don’t know how any individual would react to those sort of circumstances.
    Innocent people who have never thought of how to react to the circumstances faced by Jill would probably have done exactly the same thing.
    In general, people live in a state of denial “it will never happen to me”. And I agree, this sort of thing should never happen to anyone.
    The video in front of the Bridal shop shows Jill calling her brother. This appears to be an instinctive reaction when she felt a sense of danger, and it worked. It deterred Bailey for a short time.
    Maybe if she had stayed on the phone all the way home she might have been alright. This was an instinctive action taken by Jill, but the telephone may have been the only defence she has ever thought of or needed.
    The following events around the corner and in the alley called on her to react to something she may never have thought she would ever be confronted with.
    For anyone not trained, or “street wise”, or for anyone who has never given it much thought, the only 2 alternatives in a critical situation can sometimes only be: Fight or Flight.
    These are termed “Instinctive Actions”, IA’s.
    If they cannot fight they will run, if they cannot run they will fight.
    However, someone with training or someone who has given it a good deal of thought, will be equipped with a larger repertoire of alternatives which still offer a certain amount of control even when confronted with a superior force. A trained person may display a certain composure that could confuse an attacker and buy time. Unfortunately, in some cases, a controlled submission may be the only alternative for survival.
    In other cases, someone who fights back may only be making things worse.


    • You’ve gone from talking about prostitutes to talking about ‘trained’ people like you are refering to prostitutes as being trainined in self-defence. When a woman is faced with a hugely violent man, training or not there is not a lot you can do. Bailey was sadistic beyond comprehension in his past crimes and he clearly was like that with Jill. It was going to be as bad as can be whether she fought or not and he may have killed her either way.

      Jill probably called her brother to feel safe but you said her staying on the phone could have detered him. Fact is that women are always advised NOT TO TALK ON THE PHONE when walking home at night. It is a false sense of security and you are not as aware of your surroundings as if you are off the phone. It actually makes a suprise attack easier for the attacker. There are many, many reported rapes when the woman was on the phone at night.

      You don’t know if a controlled submission would have helped Jill. If you read the accounts of Bailey’s previous attacks he inflicts the most amount of pain on the women he attacks. Bailey did not want sex he wanted power from his victims and he degraded them as much as he could. This type of crime often escalate hugely through time and can end up at murder so it would be that sort of escalation of violence.


  6. I think from what the neighbours have heard, there hasnt been any noice after she screamed few times saying “get out of here “. Does that mean she submitted as a defencive action? Or did he restrain her making any noise. Looks like none of the neighboars felt it is a crime scene. Otherwise will her body lie there till 4 am without any one suspecting or calling police? It is a mystery…


  7. I dont think Bailey had an intention to murder her even if he suspect she would report to police. He has been in jail few times related to rape incidents and he is ‘ known to’ police. he just wanted to have some ” gross sex” somehow that night and leave. Jill been an innocent victim who fought back which lead him to restrain her, unfortunately ending her life.


    • Gorgio thank you for giving us an insight to your character. I guess the fact that he only wanted to have some ‘gross sex’ excuses his behaviour then. How dare she try to fight him off?! I am sure that Jill’s husband will be warmed by your ‘flippant dismissal’ of Bailey’s rape and murder of his wife. If he walks I guess we will have to thank others like you who may get on the jury. So Jill endangered her own life by struggling with her murderer? :( I guess that should be a lesson for all women, just lie back and enjoy being raped! :(


    • You’ve shown you know nothing about why men rape. It has little to do with sex. Rape is a crime of control, dominance and power, a desire to inflict pain and suffering on a person who is weaker and can not stop you.


  8. And what abiut the broken SIM card? Some of the information is already captured by the mobile network. could it be that Jill recorded the interaction with Adrian on the phone, after she made the call to brother? Being a journalist, she could have tried that? Did the detectives find any additional information on her sim or phone?


  9. Oh .. Why do all these questions come to my mind? I think detectives have track down the criminal, but still they are some mystries unsolved.

    Why didnt Bayley did not plead guilty to murder? Is he going to say that it was a defensive action to safeguard himself when she bruised his nose?

    Why is not guilty for other two rapes? Was there anyone else involved in those rape incidents? Or was she raped after her death? ( which freaks me out!!) so is he going to say he is not guilty as it was dead? Sorry, for asking these wiered questins, but the society will become so vulnerable unless a justice is made for Jill’s fateful incident.

    Who picked the hand bag up from street on Saturday morning and planted it again in the street? Looks like some neighbours who witnessed this crime to a certain extent is hiding the truth. Please come forward to help police and detectives serve justice!


    April 4, 2013 – 12:09PM, by John Silvester, Crime reporter, The Age


    The man charged with raping and murdering Jill Meagher is expected to change his plea to guilty in the Supreme Court tomorrow.The decision comes after months of negotiation between the Defence and the Office of Public Prosecutions.

    It is an established legal precedent that an offender is entitled to a substantial sentence discount for admitting guilt and avoiding a protracted trial.


    • 2:15 pm R v. Adrian Ernest BAYLEY Arraignment – Supreme Court Melbourne. That would be daylight saving time. His own family warned police about him before the murder of Jill.


  11. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/law-order/adrian-ernest-bayley-arrives-for-court-hearing-over-death-of-jill-meagher/story-fnat79vb-1226613275706

    Adrian Ernest Bayley pleads guilty to murdering Jill Meagher
    Paul Anderson From: Herald Sun April 05, 2013 3:14PM

    ADRIAN Ernest Bayley has officially pleaded guilty to murdering Jill Meagher.
    Bayley, 41, stood in a Supreme Court dock this afternoon and uttered the word “guilty” when asked for his plea to the charge of murder.
    Bayley also pleaded guilty to one count of rape.
    He has been remanded in custody to re-appear before Justice Geoff Nettle for a plea hearing on June 11.

    Yeah! … and another one bites the dust! Rot in hell Dog.


  12. The point is, not only did he violently rape and murder Jill Meagher, but he ‘concealed’ his crime with significant effort afterwards. Calculation was evident. Once arrested and faced with incriminating evidence collected by Victoria Police, he reluctantly admitted his crime and took Police to the place he buried Jill.
    He then decided to ‘plead not guilty’ and waste public money with Legal Aide defense. He allegedly tried to ‘negotiate’ a manslaughter charge instead of ‘murder’. It became a game of him ‘playing’ with the system again with his legal rights. This is disturbing in itself. He had done this before by his own admission with the sexual offenders program. Calculation was evident again that his admission of guilt may result in a reduction in sentance for himself. IMO the Law needs to be above this type of manipulation.


  13. His sentence should have been never to be released if he lives on he still has a chance for parole he shouldn’t have any kind of chances because he’s now got hope and this moron does not deserve that privilege. I hope he suffers mental and physical pain everyday of his lousy useless existence and he isn’t protected inside feed him to the wolves and let them tear him from limb to limb.I have noticed with other killers that they put on weight and don’t tend to get ill because they don’t have the worries normal men have on the outside I hope I am wrong there. He won’t last the distance that’s what we should hope for because the justice system has failed us again and again.Be careful out there because evil walks among us.


  14. Yes evil is walking amongst us. And all because, the Australian and Victorian Criminal justice systems, mercy and reluctance to hand out indefinite and life sentences, of never to be realised, to the worst criminals. And the parole boards, mistakes and negligence, and lack of liability, time after time again and again, with their poor supervision and liaison with our police forces to better keep these crims under check, by strict surveillance., and curfews. Instead they change the released prisoners names, and release them to secret locations and ongoing protection from the public, by using a media block outs, and laws, that are with holding information on the repeat offenders criminal record, and past parole violations, and any dangerous sexual offending register files.
    And the softly, softly, rehabilitation methods of the Corrective services management of Victoria prisons are weak, today, with the lenient attitude towards prisoner rights and their welfare. And they care more about the safety, protection, redemption and humane containment and legal rights of their violent , incorrigible bad and mad, recidivist inmates. Than the victims of crime left with a life sentence and no mercy or justice served for them.
    Instead of locking them up in hard condition supermax prison under the most strict of prison regime management, where by
    the prisoners fear being locked up in solitary confinement with no television, cigarettes and other modern prison comforts, like the gym and pool and contact visits, and loss of priviledges, LOPS,
    like back when the Victorian system was known to be brutal, with hard labour, and very military and regimental regime of prisoner control. And a place no crim was in a hurry to return to again.

    Aussie criminal readers, please check out the” youtube” documentary, national geographic,
    ”RUSSIA,S TOUGHEST PRISONS”, which shows how a proper prison system for the worst inmates should operate. It shows inside the BLACK DOLPHIN SUPERMAX PRISON, the VLADIMIRSKY MAXIMUM SECURITY PRISON and the SIBERIA PRISON CAMP 17.
    If only our elected governments unite and would build prisons like these excellent examples of, properly run criminal justice systems and corrective services and police and courts working together for a safer public community from the worst of dangerous and repeat recidivist career criminals. Rapists, Murders, Serial Killers, Rock spiders, and abductors,child molesters and terrorists, etc. And the Russians love their children too! Go SOVIET UNION and PRESIDENT VLADIMER PUTAN, come out to Australia and shows us how it can be done.
    It could be done, and Australia would be a better and safer place with Supermax prison flagships like these, to send out the message, that crime does not pay. And we don’t have any -30 degree
    cold blizzards or snow to stop us building these prisons out here.
    We could name the prison The big boomerang, because no one would ever what to come back again. Or it could be named the H.M. PRISON ADRIAN EARNEST BAYLEY MAXIMUM SECURITY FACILITY, and he and STEVEN JAMES HUNTER, AND JUILIAN KNIGHT COULD bbe its first official prisoners for life!…….


  15. This week more than five reported violent attempted abductions, armed carjackings, devient rapes, vicious assaults. A brave man robbed and kicked to the head and his body more than 30 times on a Melbourne suburban railway station. More stalkings, all with intent to rape and bash and possibly murder if the victim had not fought back against these low life cowards, and got away. And there are also the armed robbery on their victims and armed robberies on banks and soft targets, another outlaw bikers related shotting in the streets and counterfeit banknotes being spread all over Melbourne . And more daily hard drug seizures and raid on properties in possession of the proceeds of crime. At least two of these heinous, sicking, violent rape abductions, assaults and armed robberies on their victims, have been identified as Victoria prison released, rehabilitated parolee prisoners with prior records of imprisonment, for violence, but the usual legal protection of the offenders names and where abouts and parole records have been hidden with a legal gag law on the alleged parolees criminal identity and prior sentences. i How is this for a offensive insult to the victims of crime and all struggling Victorians, recently sacked from their jobs by cost cutting measures and through no fault of their own, trying to survive on a poverty $35 a day centerlink welfare payments, and struggling with daily food, petrol and rent and government taxes and the power, gas, council rates , water and the impossible cost of surviving day to day. All the while the greedy politicians of both political parties and the justice department and legal system public service, and QC Judges and justices, get are totally out of touch, high salaries up to and well above 100K per year, plus increases and bonuses, and 15% superannuation increases, of which is a lot more than many people can make in a year, in todays economic instability, and growing 11% plus un-employment and lay offs, every day and week. All this for their incompetence of keeping our community safe by their continual leniency towards sentencing and handing out, slap on the wrist, un supervised parole to our worst possible recidivist convicted hardened criminals. And their total disregard for peoples safety, by their poor judgment in the risk assessments they are making in bureaucratic cover ups, undisclosure of criminal records, background checks and the paroles protection to privacy and there safe relocation for their safety and not the police and publics safety, cost cutting to the bone and disregard of emergency services,and their ,safety whom are often assaulted and overworked, unpaid overtime in the course of there duty. Having to search for on a
    large police manhunt again and track down and re- arrest the crims, when the should not have been released in the first place. The,ambo, thefirey,s, the ses and the police and protected services, time and budgets wasted, unnecessary, by trying to re-capture, locate, investigate and bring back to prison on remand and the courts, and re prosecution and police paper work, legal documentation and reports and to give them the right to more legal aid or lawyers representation, the dangerous, violent, callous, hardened recidivist re-offenders on breach of parole and public safety, to keep there expensive prison and justice department and legal aid costs down, all the while they give the prisoners in their custody, evermore prison wage rights, and legal representation and grievance complaints and legal litigation, vexatious litagants endless access to court outings for the price of cigarettes, and computer rights in maximum security prisons.
    The people and victims of crime, have the given right, to be protected from these criminal scumbags and their legal protectors.
    Mean while the the horrible crimes are going to keep happening, unchecked. ” SHAME, SHAME, SHAME”!………..VICTORIA THE PLACE TO BE….ON OUR NUMBER PLATES, OR THE CRIMES AND RAPE AND BASHINGS AND MURDER STATE. VIC 1 , VIC 2, AND VIC 3, AND SO ON AS THE CRIME STATITICS KEEP CLIMBING IN THE GANGLAND PAROLEE STATE……………………………………………………………………………………………..


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