24 thoughts on “Adrian Ernest Bayley

    • Good pick up Marie Anne … bet she regrets her affiliation??
      Well I seem to think its the mother of his 2nd lot of fathering .. I don’t know why?
      The pic is not of recent times I would of thought???
      Can you imagine carrying half his genes as do his 3 sons do and more scarey is he has a daughter.


  1. I’m not angry with Bailey, I am angry with the people and ‘justice system’ that gave him the opportunity and permission to do what he did.

    This crime was 100% predictable and 100% avoidable, what did they people who let him out think he would do.

    The people who make up, and benefit from, the system (democracy is a myth) didn’t care about his victims before and they don’t care about this one now.

    How much public money will the defence lawyers, and other unaccountable parasites, make out of this little earner.

    One thing is for sure it will not be a ‘fair’ trial, like all trials it will be biased towards the accused.

    Having said that this is one murder of a woman where the lawyers will have to be very careful abusing the victim. If they don’t treat Ms Meagher with respect it is likely to backfire on their client.

    Maybe a quick guilty plea will be the way to go on this one, that is a tactic sometimes used to keep further evidence from getting into the public domain.


  2. This sick &^%() will get his in jail , &*&^*^& **&^*&^*^ . I swear to tom and both family’s that we Melbourne’s under ground world that this sick *&&(^ will have no safe place for him or his famiy we have people that are waiting in side . We will take his family out ! And this sick &^(&* Will die very painful after we rape him over again again we swear to Tom he have revenge melb under world!!


    • The police have had numerous reports of attempted rape and violent, threatening behaviour throughout this year. From a quick search, all these have taken place in the northern inner suburbs. On each occasion, the women have described a man fitting Adrian Bayley’s description. I have seen at least four identikit releases and the resemblance is remarkable. Let’s all talk about what the police have done? They have known about Bayley all year. Women in the inner suburbs were not warned to take precaution, no identikit photos were circulated. Some reports were not even noted – see today’s age article ( Sept 3o,) 22012).Yes, Adrian Bayley is a very nasty, sick individual. But what about our local police?:


  3. please stop commenting on the likely outcome of this trial. it can give the accused a defence and no trial can be held. STOP. THINK and remove all posts which contain adverse comment on the accused. Thanks!


  4. She never stood are chance against a Huge Prick like this.Even if a another Man came to her Aid which might have happened, too big, to Strong, probaly on Steroids as well, which makes for even more agro.A very Manipulating Personality as well.Nice on the outside but extremly Dark and Disturbed on the inside like an ivan Milat able to Trick his Victims into thinking he is nice then Turn at the Last Second[.Which might explain why she followed him]and he probaly has done this before but hasn’t been Caught, thank heavens for those in store Cameras, for he could have easily turned into another Mr Cruel, who could have been Caught mind you with Today’s Security Cameras.


  5. I am really sorry, but why should the Australian public have to watch thier peas and clues over this low life piece of crap. Hang the SOAB, I am not paying taxes to keep this piece of shit alive. Social media caught him, social media should determine his fate! Bring back captial punishment!


  6. Ditto,ditto, ditto to everything above, but I would like to add that bailey was the weapon, the lawyers, barristers and judges are the real killers! They let him out on bail knowing full well that he had raped other women, I think the number was 15. I am also against keeping this vermin alive, he will get better treatment in jail than our aged pensioners and the homeless. And why are we giving him ANOTHER TRIAL? I will tell you why, because putting this vermin to trial is just another income generating exercise for everyone involved in the justice system. They mention that he is entitled to a FAIR???(where was Jill’s fairness) Trial. When there is a question of doubt, yes I agree but when there is no doubt, as in this case, as he has already admitted and taken police to grave site. Then he should go straight to the hangmans noose!!! Get rid of him, GET RID OF HIM!!!

    Question: If he was already a known offender why was he allowed freedom to walk the street? he should have been tattooed IM A RAPIST! Or tagged and Jill would be alive today


  7. Regrettably in Australia today we have a Criminal IN-Justice System ; because the Judges who do the sentencing, sitting High & Mighty and still wearing those idiotic, archaic robes and wigs without the least embarrassment in the 21st century ( the greatest age of scientific enlightenment, the era of : Computers – I.T. – Internet – Mobile Phones – Ipads – G.P.S. – Space Shuttles – Landings on the Moon – Robots on Planet Mars – etc., etc.) with their psyche stuck in the 19th century, were in Previous Lives Very Successful Criminal Barristers who made a Great Deal of Money Defending all types of Scum – and so Proud of having been so Successful at it. How can we possibly expect THEM to administer JUSTICE when quite obviously they have No Concept of the meaning of the word ?
    Criminal Queens Counsels (or as they are now called, S.C’s – whatever those initials stand for ) are today’s version of the U.S. old west ‘Guns For Hire’. Do Not Expect Justice From Them either, when They get to sit High & Mighty on those 19th century benches. It’s Hopeless…..


  8. It’s so infuriating when those seemingly normal, unremarkable people go out and do such horrible things because it increases a pervasive fear and paranoia that anyone out there could rape and murder you at any time. The sheer “normalcy” of both the victim and the (alleged) murderer makes it all the more difficult to rationalise how this could happen. The sad life history of Adrian Ernest Bayley (crap relationship with his father, his failed marriages, his use of prostitutes, low-income etc.) is not nearly so tragic as that of all the other monsters in gaol (like Luka Rocco Magnotta, or Ivan Milat – to name just a few). Bayley didn’t exactly live a tragic life that could make it even remotely understandable that he did this. If he’s convicted, I really want to be present so I can shout at him for how globally useless he is – for such an inconsequential person to go and end Jill’s life and wreack havoc in the lives of all of her loved ones is absolutely infuriating.

    I am against the death penalty as well as vigilante killings of murderers because a murderer deserves to live out a very long and sad life full of day in and day out of constant pain and hopelessness. Murderers need to live long lives of daily discomfort and fear; murderers must never find any rest for the long years of Eternity – only then will they truly beg for death, thus realising that they should have never taken it upon themselves to end the life of such an unsuspecting victim as Jill Meagher was.


  9. We have had countless terrible criminals – as said before: Ivan Milat, Gary Ridgeway, Moses Sithole even Jack (or Jill) the Ripper! What is this world coming too, we are bringing up criminals! How does this happen!? Why does this happen!?


  10. If you want this person to go to trial and potentially be punished, you should NOT post things like those posted here. You are giving him a defense! Because of posts like those above, he’ll claim that he’s already been tried by social media, and that he thus cannot get a fair trial in court. Please remove the statements above!


  11. I can only hope that deep in the Meagher family there is some distant relative that has been associated with the IRA. He will certainly find out where he went wrong when they come a calling.


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