Adrian Bayley ALLEGEDLY Raped and Murdered Jill Meagher

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A fantastic article by veteran crime journo John Silvester, gives us a real insight behind the scenes as to how they caught the “Alleged” rapist and murderer, including the early speculation about why Jill’s husband was checked out as a suspect in a case like this.

Police suspected Jill Meagher’s killer might strike again and acted quickly, writes John Silvester.

At first it was just a missing person’s case. A person who had a little too much to drink had not made it home – an event that happens every night across Australia

By Saturday afternoon Homicide Crew Four, the suspicious missing persons unit under Detective Sergeant Dave Butler, began to monitor the situation. Soon it became obvious this was not a matter of a night spent on someone’s couch.

Jill Meagher’s phone had gone dead and she had not attempted to access her bank accounts, which discounted thoughts she had engineered her own disappearance.

Public grief over Jill Meagher

So by late Sunday, more than 36 hours after she was last seen drinking with her ABC work colleagues in Brunswick, an inner-city Melbourne suburb, Crew Four moved in.

But, at least initially, this was not a normal murder probe, as police were not sure there had been a murder at all.

While the investigation had to remain measured, there was an unspoken urgency. What if Jill had been abducted and was still alive?

When homicide detectives arrived in Brunswick on Monday morning detectives did not even have a crime scene.

What they did have was a starting point. They knew she had left Bar Etiquette to walk to her home in Lux Way. They knew she had refused an offer from a colleague to accompany her for safety.

Eventually her handbag was recovered in Hope Street but police were convinced it was not there when they checked the area on Saturday afternoon. This meant it had been planted some time later.

This would have initially indicated the offender might have lived nearby. (The reality was a local found the handbag in the lane on Saturday morning then returned on Sunday evening to put it back as a result of the media publicity.)

The first step for police was to confirm she had not made her destination, which meant interviewing her husband, Tom.

He was told firmly, but politely, that the homicide squad begins with those closest to the victim and then work its way out in ever increasing circles.

The reality is that in the majority of murders the victim knows the offender, and in most cases involving females they are killed by their partners.

Meagher had fallen asleep in front of the television late on Friday night and missed a text from his wife saying, ”Meet me at the pub.”

Police were able to corroborate much of his story, which effectively removed him from the suspect list by Tuesday. He was as he appeared. An undeniably decent man subjected to grief beyond imagination

Detectives began to trawl through her personal life to determine whether she had a boyfriend, was under work pressure, or suffered depression or a medical condition that could explain her disappearance.

When these were discounted the strongest theory became the most ominous. That she had been abducted off the street. That someone seeing a pretty, isolated and vulnerable woman simply bundled her off into the night.

And in the void came the theories. The husband had not reacted as he should. Why had she made the last call to her family in Perth and not to Tom? Why had he said she had not gone out with her handbag when she had?

This reflected not so much on Meagher as our need to come up with acceptable alternatives to the awful possibility she was the victim of an opportunistic abduction.

On Wednesday morning the homicide detectives had to make some tough decisions. They had sourced some CCTV footage from a Sydney Road boutique, which showed Jill outside the shop at 1.43am – her last known sighting just 450 metres from home. It also showed a man in a blue hoodie talking to her.

From the moment the detectives saw these images he became their number one suspect.

There was some debate over whether to make to the footage public. Police knew that he would surely be identified once it was released, but if Jill was still alive the consequences would be disastrous.

The truth was police had concluded she was dead. There was further debate over whether releasing the vision could lead the blue hoodie man to destroy evidence, fabricate an alibi, flee or self harm.

Perhaps in a regular homicide investigation police would have waited another 48 hours before releasing the film. But this was anything but normal and they decided to call for a public appeal to find this man. They feared they were hunting a predator who could strike again.

The response from the public was overwhelming, with 550 calls made to Crime Stoppers. Disturbingly many of the calls reported similar abduction attempts in the area that were not initially been reported to police. This is now the subject of a separate police investigation.

The suspect was ultimately identified internally by the homicide squad and by late Wednesday they had a name: Adrian Ernest Bayley, 41, of Coburg.

The surveillance squad, known as ”The Dogs”, was called in to watch him for two reasons – to check if he acted suspiciously and to ensure he could not strike again.

By Thursday morning he was confirmed as the man in the blue hoodie.

Surveillance police observed him behave as if an average guy from the suburbs, heading to work and following his normal routine. But his past showed another side. He was, as they say, ”known to police”. He had a history that fitted the likely profile and the CCTV vision showed him talking to the victim just before she disappeared.

As he was followed on Thursday morning by The Dogs, Crew Four started to rehearse the interview they would conduct with him later that day. They spoke to police who had previously dealt with him and carefully prepared a strategy designed for his personality.

The interview room was arranged to be non-threatening. Gone was the desk, the notebooks and the straight questions of a formal record of interview.

This was to be a friendly conversation rather than the third degree.

On Thursday afternoon Bayley was apprehended and taken to the St Kilda Road homicide office.

At first he was friendly but insistent. He was not in Sydney Road early Saturday morning, had not spoken to the victim and was not the man on the CCTV footage.

After some hours police played their ace. They showed him evidence that he was the man.

Police will allege that he eventually told them the story, admitting he grabbed Jill Meagher and took her to a side street where he sexually assaulted her.

They will produce the videoed confession in which he says he drove to Gisborne, a town 55 kilometres north-west of Melbourne, and used his own shovel to dig a shallow grave to hide his victim.

After initially denying any involvement he finally took police to the site where the body was recovered.

Yesterday he appeared in the Melbourne Magistrates Court charged with rape and murder.

It took six days to catch him. It took six minutes to remand him.

UPDATE 1pm 28/09/12: THE man charged over the disappearance of ABC employee Jill Meagher sat with head bowed in court this afternoon, charged with rape and murder.

Adrian Ernest Bayley, 41, of Coburg, sat in the dock of courtroom one at Melbourne Magistrates’ Court only metres from Ms Meagher’s husband Tom and her brother Michael – both men sitting in the first row in the courtroom flanked by homicide squad detectives.

Nine hours earlier, detectives had uncovered Ms Meagher’s body in a shallow grave beside a dirt track in Gisborne South.

Mr Bayley had appeared at an out of sessions court hearing about 2.30am, charged with rape and murder in Brunswick on September 22.

In court today, Tom and Michael did not look across at Mr Bayley throughout the short hearing.

Before the filing hearing started, Deputy Chief Magistrate Jelena Popovic greeted Ms Meagher’s relatives and told them the matter would take only a couple of minutes.

Mr Bayley sat in jeans and a blue T-shirt, a tattoo prominent on his muscled arm.

His face appeared flushed.

His legal aid defence lawyer told Ms Popovic there were no custody management issues.

In a meek-sounding voice, Mr Bayley replied “Yes” when Ms Popovic asked him if he understood that she could not entertain a bail application due to the murder charge.

Tom Meagher shot a gaze at Mr Bayley as guards led him from the court, and then whispered something to Ms Meagher’s brother.

Mr Bayley will re-appear in court on January 18 next year.

This thread is for discussion for after the arrest and beyond. This bloke is one dirty dog with plenty of form, including sexual violence! See below

IN the early hours of this morning, homicide detectives were led to a dark field on the edge of Melbourne, to the body of Jill Meagher.

Police will allege Bayley raped and murdered Ms Meagher on the morning of September 22 in Brunswick.

Shortly afterwards, 41-year-old Adrian Bayley was charged with the rape and murder of the popular ABC Radio manager, who disappeared six days ago after spending an evening out with friends and work colleagues.

Mr Bayley did not enter a plea in the brief out of sessions court hearing, speaking only to say he understood the charges. He was wearing a navy blue shirt and jeans.

He is alleged to be the man in the blue hoodie police had been searching for since the broadcast of CCTV footage taken from within a bridal shop on a busy road in the north Melbourne suburb of Brunswick which showed Ms Meagher being beckoned to by an unidentified man.

Of all the possibilities that confronted police when Ms Meagher first went missing early last Saturday morning, this was the least likely; a genuinely random, opportunistic attack.

Police believe Mr Bayley did not know Ms Meagher, a petite, vivacious 29-year-old Irish woman who had been living and working in Melbourne for several years.

Ms Meagher’s family, including her distraught husband Tom Meagher, were told of the tragic developments in the homicide and missing persons investigation yesterday afternoon.

When Mr Bayley was arrested in Coburg and brought to the homicide squad’s St Kilda Road police headquarters, he at first refused to answer questions. Eventually, after several hours in custody, he helped police locate her body.

Ms Meagher’s death will shock her family: her parents George and Edith McKeon, who live in Perth; her brother Michael, who arrived from Ireland in the days of uncertainty since she was last in the company of friends in Bar Etiquette, a regular haunt in her Brunswick neighbourhood.

The apartment she shared with her husband was just a five minute walk around the corner from the bar. Despite the offer from a friend to walk her home, she insisted on making the short trip alone.

The news will also devastate the tight-knit ABC Radio community at the broadcaster’s Southbank studios, where Ms Meagher had worked since January.

In a job where broadcasters and producers and journalists and technicians work around the clock in shifts, Ms Meagher was a constant presence throughout the day.

She did the rosters, made the travel arrangements, solved problems. If anyone needed something done, they went to Ms Meagher. At other times she sat at her desk on the other side of a glass partition from one of the broadcasting booths, sharing in off-air jokes.

In the days after she went missing, broadcasters and others struggled to do their jobs. That was when they hoped she was still alive.

The emergence of CCTV footage showing Ms Meagher walking along Sydney Road in Brunswick at about 1:40am last Saturday appears to have been crucial to solving the case. Prior to then, investigating police were uncertain whether Ms Meagher had attempted the walk home, or whether she had left the bar in other circumstances.

The discovery of her handbag in a nearby laneway a day after police had combed the area perplexed detectives, who believed they would not have missed such an obvious clue. They suspected it may have been planted, but did not know by who.

The field where Ms Meagher was found lay off a dirt track near Gisborne South, a country town fast being absorbed by Melbourne’s suburban spread north west of the city. As daylight broke this morning, police were continuing to scour the crime scene.

Mr Bayley was remanded in custody to appear before the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court this morning.

HERE is everything we know about the disappearance of Jill Meagher:

Saturday 1.39am – A man in a blue hoodie is seen walking in front of Sydney Rd shop Duchess Boutique between 1:39 and 1:43am

1.43am – After leaving Bar Etiquette around 1.30am, the 29 year-old is last seen on CCTV speaking with a man wearing a blue hoodie. The footage captures her looking unsteady on her feet and checking her phone. Minutes later, Ms Meagher’s brother Michael McKeon calls his sister several times, with no response.

2am – Ms Meagher’s husband Tom Meagher tries calling his wife’s mobile phone “non-stop” between 2am to 6am after she fails to return home.

4am – Mr Meagher heads out from their home on Lux Way to search for his wife. He contacts police after failing to locate her.

Saturday morning – Police commence the search to find the ABC worker.

Sunday – Police continue to search for the Brunswick woman. Posters are placed on Sydney Rd appealing for information.

12.30pm – A Facebook page is set up, urging the public to come forward with clues.

3.15pm – Police release a statement appealing for anyone who knows of Ms Meagher’s whereabouts to contact Crime Stoppers.

Monday 6.30am – Police find Ms Meagher’s handbag in a lane off Hope St, Brunswick. Police say they had previously searched the area and suspect the bag may have been “planted” after Sunday afternoon. There are no obvious signs of a struggle and her bag still contains her credit card. Ms Meagher’s phone remains missing.

8.50am –Homicide squad takes over the case.

1.45pm – Forensic experts emerge from the alley way with two brown paper bags.

Monday 1pm – Mr Meagher is questioned by police as routine.

Monday afternoon – A Sydney Rd shopkeeper’s security camera captures one man – possibly two – walking behind Ms Meagher. The shopkeeper also notices a car at the scene. The footage prompts police to seek other store footage. Police confirm Ms Meagher’s phone and bank card had not been used since Saturday.

Tuesday 12.30pm – Police search Meagher’s home and take away the Meaghers’ car for analysis. They spend a total of five hours searching the apartment and leave with six bags filled with personal items. The apartment is so full with forensic specialists, Mr Meagher and his brother-in-law Michael sit outside on the balcony for more than two hours.

3.55pm – Police release a statement and footage of the 29-year-old Irish national walking north along Sydney Rd. Police release several minutes of footage in which a man in a blue hoodie can be seen walking in front of Duchess Boutique.

6.15pm – Police return to the Meaghers’ apartment for a further search. They go back to the squad car to collect more evidence bags.

8.20pm – Police leave the Meaghers’ apartment with more paper bags.

Wednesday 11.43am – Police release another statement urging other people in the CCTV footage to come forward to give details of what they may have seen on the night of Ms Meagher’s disappearance. Prompted by the footage, women emerge with their own stories of attacks on Sydney Rd. The Find Jill Meagher Facebook page attracts more than 67, 000 likes and an outpouring of tributes. A witness claims to have seen the man wearing a hoodie running after Ms Meagher on Sydney Rd.

Thursday morning – Six days since Ms Meagher was last seen. One of six people seen on the CCTV footage released comes forward. Daniel Gregson says he did not see the man in the hoodie or Ms Meagher on the night she disappeared.

2.30pm – Police arrest a man at his Coburg home in relation to the disappearance of Ms Meagher. He is taken to St Kida Rd police complex to be interviewed.

3:15pm – Social media platforms are ablaze with news of the development, and tweets mentioning Ms Meagher’s name hit almost 12 million Twitter news feeds. Hundreds flood to the Help Find Jill Meagher Facebook page to post their thoughts.

10pm – Police whisk away the man, Adrian Ernest Bayley, from St Kilda Rd police complex. He leads them to Ms Meagher’s body.

1:45am – Police charge the 41 year-old man with the alleged rape and murder of Ms Meagher after discovering her body. They allege he is the man seen on CCTV footage wearing a blue hoodie and talking to Ms Meagher in the early hours of Saturday morning on Sydney Rd.

Friday 3am – Bayley is remanded in an out-of-sessions court hearing that lasts only 90 seconds at St Kilda Rd police station. The bail justice tells the accused he should not receive bail given the seriousness of the charges.

4am – After discovering Ms Meagher’s body in a shallow grave on Black Hill Rd at Gisborne South, Coroner’s Office staff put the body into a white van. Police complete a five-hour investigation at the scene.

11am – Ms Meagher’s husband and brother arrive at Melbourne Magistrates’ Court for the filing hearing of the accused.

Thug, 40, jailed for drunken king-hit

Karen Matthews   |  February 28th, 2012

A 40-YEAR-OLD thug, still on parole, claimed he was too drunk to remember king-hitting a Geelong man, breaking his jaw and rendering him unconcious, a court has heard.

Adrian Bayley, of Burgundy Dve, Wyndhamvale, pleaded guilty in Geelong Magistrates’ Court yesterday to a single charge of recklessly causing serious injury.

Police Prosecutor Leading Senior Constable David Vanderpol said that, about 1.24am on August 12, last year, the 20-year-old victim was standing outside a cafe in Little Malop St having something to eat when Bayley approached.

“Bayley started yelling and abusing the victim, then punched him with a closed fist to the face,” Sen-Constable Vanderpol said.

“The power of the blow lifted the victim off the ground and knocked him unconcious to the ground, striking his head as he fell.”

The prosecutor said Bayley then ran off and the victim was taken to Geelong Hospital with a fractured jaw.

Sen-Constable Vanderpol said the entire incident was captured on CCTV footage and there was also footage which showed Bayley earlier at the Eureka Hotel.

He said police later arrested Bayley who claimed he was too drunk to remember but recalled being involved in some sort of altercation.

Michael Brugman, for Bayley, said his client was distraught that he had harmed someone else.

“He has been losing sleep wondering how or why and trying to remember,” Mr Brugman said.

The lawyer said his client had spent most of his life in jail and was currently on parole until March 17, 2013.

“He stopped drinking on Boxing Day, is due to start a new job today and has no priors for violence,” Mr Brugman said.

But Magistrate Ron Saines rejected Mr Brugman’s claim that his client had no priors for violence.

“I have no alternative but to order an immediate custodial sentence,” Mr Saines told Bayley.

“Your past history involves sexual violence and you have been jailed for other serious matters.”

Bayley was convicted and sentenced to three months jail.

He was also excluded from entering Geelong’s CBD for 12 months.

1,097 thoughts on “Adrian Bayley ALLEGEDLY Raped and Murdered Jill Meagher

  1. In all the understandable outpourings of grief, disbelief, and rage, there is one matter raised earlier that seems to have gone to the backburner.

    Several posters commented on the killings of women in Perth with a similar modus operandi.

    One contributor claimed to have knowledge that the man who I cannot bring myself to name WAS actually there at the relevant time.

    But perhaps his surname was not at that time the one he goes by now.

    Could someone with far greater computer and research skills than I possess look into this please?

    Maybe something there worth investigating to bring closure to other families similarly devastated.

    I feel that Jill has left a lasting legacy in her short life in very many ways.

    • Hi Gerbilhunting

      It’s good you’ve raised the issue again. Throughout this thread and elsewhere online, people are continuing to do the same. So the issue of the Perth murders keeps being drawn to people’s attention. It’s for good reason, no doubt. Fate has a way …

      As to whether or not the creature under discussion travelled under a different name, the answer, apparently, is ‘yes’. He did. His surname was ‘Edwards’ it seems and he changed it by deed poll after one of his stretches inside. Don’t take this as gospel, but from memory, this occurred in the 90s. It’s a big job, but somewhere in this page, someone has provided more detail or at least has provided a link. Wait a tic and I’ll see if I have it saved …

      • Ok, here we go:

        [quote]It was shortly after that relationship broke down, in July 2000, that he changed his surname by deed poll from Edwards to Bayley.
        A neighbour at that time said he lived in a boarding house in Wyndham Vale[end quote]

        Further info gleaned from information posted by others is this:
        DOB: July 14, 1971.


        • No, I at least will not let that pass

          The vast majority of males are NOT ‘evil’, nor ‘misogynistic’

          In fact, look around, research, observe, experience — and you will find there are as many ‘misogynistic’ women as there are men

          Yes, you heard that correctly. There are as many misogynistic women as there are men. And ‘evil’ is universal and in itself is a much disputed concept

          We’re all at individual levels of evolution. It’s a sad state of affairs and the reason there’s so much violence and suffering on this planet. But it’s all we have. Until we’re all evolved beyond violence, ego, greed, lust, etc. we’ll continue to have problems. For violent individuals, the way they are seems ‘normal’ to them. They regard less violent people as ‘soft’ and ‘easy targets’. They live by a different set of rules. They live in a dog eat dog world

          We regard them as ‘crazy’ and ‘evil’ because their way of thinking and behaving is as foreign to us as our values and beliefs are to them

          So let’s not try to capitalise on a woman’s murder to score points against either sex. We’re here together to try to make things better, not worse


              • I understand your anger, even with me, so I’m not going to take offence

                The fact is, women, since the beginnings of Time, have been the physically weaker sex and have struggled through and survived. Women comprise slightly higher than 50% of the world’s population and that’s remained constant throughout history. So although I understand the rage and fear many are feeling right now, the truth is, men are not going to ‘exterminate’ the female sex. Not now. And they haven’t done it throughout history, ok. So please stop worrying at least as far as that goes

                Possibly because women are the nurturing, physically weaker and more vulnerable sex than men, they are more enduring, more resilliant, more emotionally stable generally speaking and stronger because of all that. I can see no reason to suspect this will change

                It’s a shame therefore, imo, that so much authority generally, still remains in the hands of men. But it’s changing and fast. It may not appear to be changing much and the progress may appear slow, but even in my lifetime, women have made enormous strides. The problem often is (although this might rub some people the wrong way) is that when women attain positions of power, some choose to abuse that power in the same way men did in the past, so there needs to be training in that respect so that women can maintain balance even when invested with enormous power

                As to ‘evil’, I’ve tried to explain in it my previous response to your original posts. What is ‘evil’? We toss that word around in the same way we overuse the word ‘love’. Sure, it’s a handy shorthand tool to describe people who fall beyond the bounds of acceptibility. But if we eliminate the melodrama and historical associations with the use of the word ‘evil’, what we’re left with is individuals who are less evolved. This renders them less compassionate, less affected by conscience, less empathetic, more violent and aggressive, etc. They feel these emotions in relation to *themselves* and their own problems, of course.

                It’s doubtful there will be a return to the death penalty in this nation, expedient though it would be. Even if the death penalty were returned, it would be a pain in the neck as it would be exploited for profit and fame by the legal profession, resulting in expensive and lengthy appeals

                Only solution seems to be a stiffening of legal spines to the point ‘life means life’. Because surely the intelligent goal is removal of less evolved and violent creatures from our communities – on permanent basis ? NO parole should mean just that. What is the point of judges sentencing these creatures to life, to ‘never to be released’, when subsequent authorities decide in their less than perfect wisdom to release them? We have to impress upon the legal system that OUR safety is priority and we do not intend to tolerate release of these animals (because that’s basically where they fit in the evolutionary chain – as members of the animal kingdom)

                Men are not interested in ‘exterminating’ women, nor to they wish to do so. Nature alone would prevent that as it has throughout millions of years

                Nor does the vast majority of women wish to exterminate men

                Women and men are working alongside with a common goal, which is to create a safe environment for their offspring. That’s evolution in progress. More than any time before in history, men and women are becoming of one accord. Throughout the journey there will be misfits, throwbacks such as JM’s killer, who will fail to make the grade and will stand out as failures in the evolutionary process. Now we need to quit with the failed ‘cures’ and find an acceptable way of dealing with and isolating those failures … as early in their lives as possible in order to limit the damage they’ll inflict on the rest of us

                We have to isolate and cage them. I’m not one of those who wants them to be tortured, any more than I’d participate in the torturing of other wild beasts. But our governments need to understand that the rights of the majority far exceed any rights claimed by dangerous sub-humans. imo

                • Good discussion points. However when the original poster said “EXTERMINATE EVIL MISOGONISTIC MEN”, I don’t think they were saying that all men are evil and misogynistic, but rather “Those men who are both evil and misogynistic should be exterminated.”

                  However I agree with your points and that evil is poorly defined, the death penalty is too legally complex to handle the situation. Also misogyny is too broad a term to warrant the death-penalty.


                  • I’m glad we’re on the same side and thanks for your post. You’re right. I think we might see something approaching justice this time. Been a long time coming for JM’s kiler. Be nice to see him removed from our midst

                    Cheers :)


                    • Have to admit, I’ve often wished I could obtain a gun to protect my family and self.

                      Trouble is, with my barely controlled ptsd, I’d probably use a gun if I had one and felt it warranted (at the time, as over-reaction resulting from ptsd). When the mental hurricane had cleared, I might wish I hadn’t, not to mention the legal ramifications which would result, which wouldn’t do my family any favours

                      When the guy broke through the fire-door last week and commenced attacking the walls and final door leading to our courtyard, I was inches from grabbing a lethal chef’s knife. It was a toss-up as to whether to get the knife or risk going into the courtyard to access the store-room & grab my husband’s lump hammer. Fortunately, I resorted to phoning the police, who arrived like gang-busters and took him off

                      If I’d charged berserker style into the stairwell with either the knife or lump-hammer, I’d be in jail now I suppose. And at the end — despite the truly blood-curdling bellows, roars and howls emitted by the intruder (which because of the echo potential of the stairwell made him sound like at least three demons from hell) he turned out to be a drunk, confused and frightened Irish man who’d been at a party, become lost in the underground basement system and for some reason had chosen to break into our place. When I saw his tiny feet wearing only socks, and his dumb looking, harmless face, I felt sorry for him. If I’d had a gun though, it would have been too late for regrets

                      In other situations, I would definitely have shot at least one man if I’d had a gun. As it was, I tried to run him down but didn’t know how to work the gears. At that moment, he deserved to die, to my mind. I still half believe so. But I escalate from mild fear to full-on survival mode in only a few seconds, courtesy of terrifying abuse in the past. So if I had a gun, look out

                      Doubt JM would have shot her assailant though, in her state of confusion. If a woman on the street at the time had seen what was going down and had also been in possession of a gun, the story might have ended differently. If a man had been around at the time, it may very well have ended differently without inclusion of a gun. But Fate decreed that was not to be

              • Stop shouting! Most men are decent and shouldn’t be condemned because of another person’s vile actions. I have an awesome dad, stepdad, brother and son. Don’t blame a whole collective because of one person!

            • You ask how many women rape and kill men

              Come on, you’re not silly, seeing you’ve managed to get yourself online. Women have their own means of torturing men, lol, any woman knows that. We emasculate them. We humiliate them. We ridicule them. We betray their secrets and laugh about them. We undermine them. We seize credit that belongs to them. We make them feel less than adequate. We make them work to keep us in comfort. We pass off other men’s children as theirs. The list goes on

              Not all women do all these things to men. Some women, saints, do none of them. Most of us do some of them at some point. So let’s not try to portray women as blameless because to do so would be ridiculous and a lie and would do no justice to either sex in addition to insulting people’s intelligence

              It’s NOT a war ! Men and women complement each other. The world would be a horrible place if comprised only of women or only of men. If it occurred, men would turn other men into women and women would do the same with their sisters

              Do women kill men? You bet. History is filled with examples, some subtle, some overt

              Now let’s put all of this in perspective. You’ve heard or read about women who’ve poisoned their husbands, murdered their children, lied their faces off and escaped penalty because society (men in particular, generally speaking) do not want to believe women are capable of the above. But let’s imagine the news right now was filled with the tale of a woman who murdered her child. Would you like men to judge ALL women through that example? Would you like men to gather in a corner of the room or pub and glance at you suspiciously on the basis that you’re a woman? Would you? Well, it’s the same as demonizing all men on the basis of the foul crimes committed by JM’s killer


                • Misogonistic evil male shit, well done you hijacked a debate in CAPS spouting your crap, obviously you have past issues. from an interersting fact sheet of the topic to your ramblings taking over i suggest a mental health proffesional not a internet forum thats not about YOU.>>>IT might suprise you that men are more disgusted by this than women & as the sites owner stated if you bothered to read before unloadingpersonal shite a $8 personal alarm could have made all the difference, predators exist a previous victim of this pice of shit was a male eating a kebab SEEK HELP

                • Your ignorant statement, lack of grammar, over use of upper case typing and non-factual claims are insulting yourself as part of the human race. Please stop embarrassing yourself like a fool and more importantly, please stop talking about nonsense that is absolutely unrelated to the topic and frankly more boring than watching grass grow.

                  • You sound like you are scare of the person making the posts. You seem terrified of the thought of women carrying a loaded gun. If you do not harm women, you would have nothing to worry about

  2. Robbo, I’ve just read your comments again, those from the top of this page regarding personal alarms (congratulations on your comments and couldn’t agree with them more, across the board. Flowers are nice, but JM is gone. A personal alarm on the other hand could save one or more lives, would last a lot longer than flowers and could be worn in honour and memory of Jill)

    When I was at the post office over the past year or more, I’ve seen those personal alarms. As you say, they’re very inexpensive considering what they offer and do. I told my daughter about them and offered to buy one for her and her brother as long as they’d use them (they’re adults). Daughter wasn’t interested. Said she already has too much stuff to lug around – was worried she’d activate the pin by mistake on public transport, etc.

    I replied that she could wear it over her wrist. Easy to activate. Unobtrusive otherwise. Could save not only her but someone else she might see in difficulty. I continued to point out the benefits of a personal alarm. We didn’t have them in my day but if they had, I would have had one over my wrist all the time because what a brilliant invention. Far better than the little paring-knife I used to have tucked inside the flap of my purse as I trod dangerous streets

    Just could not evoke interest in my daughter. Same when I enrolled her and her brother in martial arts. Granted, the martial arts guy turned out to be a psycho more interested in sadism, but I’ve pondered and worried about the lack of concern in healthy, intelligent, alphabet-generation people re: their own welfare. My daughter’s a smart cookie with a good career. She’s always being praised for initiative, reliability, responsibility, communication skills, etc. etc. So why so blase about her personal safety? It’s the same with the single woman living across the walk who seems oblivious to the fact she lives next to an elderly peeping-tom and chooses to sit at her computer very late at night/early morning, fully visible even to me despite the gardens, etc. and who doesn’t bother closing her bathroom door when she showers or goes to the loo. The fact she’s remained unmolested throughout the decade-plus we’ve lived here is proof the world is safer than we sometimes believe it to be, although only last weekend a man broke through our fire-wall door well after midnight and howled like a banshee from hell, not quitting until the police answered my call and dragged him away. It’s safe but it’s not. Why not take precautions, why not carry a little alarm over the wrist? Shocked people very often cannot scream, cannot move. Pulling a pin on a little personal alarm will scream for you. At very least it has the potential to scare away someone who might otherwise pull you down or drag you off

    I suspect a lot of the reluctance comes down to people’s inhibitiions about drawing attention to themselves. They don’t want to ‘make a fuss’ and are wary of personal alarms which would do just that. As well, I suspect the majority of people simply do not believe bad things could happen to them. And lastly, I suspect it’s similar to the often-reluctance to take out life-insurance or pre-paying for one’s funeral — people feel, deep down, that doing these things will ‘attract’ death or injury. By that faulty reasoning, they may also feel that if they purchase a personal alarm, they’re tempting danger and will attract to themselves the very dangers personal alarms are there to protect them from

    I’m getting nowhere with my own family re: personal safety and don’t want to harp on at them too much or they’ll turn their hearing off. They and millions like them get about with headphones on, tuning out the environment, believing they’re safe in their own little bubble. Hope the rest of you have more success in encouraging those nearest and dearest to you to take responsibility for their own safety and to stay safe

    • Great reply BB,

      I guess in a general sense, both male and female young people have a sense of invincibility about them…

      I even reel in fear with how young people post on facebook and their phones with “Checking In” so any ratbag who sees them on facebook and so on even knows where they are and can plan stuff. I’m at this pub, this cafe etc, they can work out where you live, how far away you are and so on…should be bloody banned, greedy facebook assholes only care about ads around where the kids say they are, has nothing to do with connecting with friends!!!!

      Don’t do it kids…You are setting yourselves up, not being cool!

      • its like a shopping mall for the sickos photo Identification and all. Our government should ban that crap, worst thing to EVER happen to personal privacy and safely ever…But will they?

        • Seems to be all part of the greater plan, Robbo. Thank goodness I managed to get *some* things through to my kids and thankfully they remain out of that/those scams

          Helped too, that my daughter read one of Ben Elton’s book which dealt satirically with much of what you’ve mentioned (the programming away from any sense of privacy or separateness) so that confirmed much of what I’d relayed to her through the years

          One of the reasons JM’s murder from a seemingly safe environment has shocked many I suspect, is because they’ve been living for much of their lives in an artificially created sense of security and immunity from the grit of a world that lies just beyond their bubble. You’ll note that many of those who’ve posted here and who are familiar with the reality of that particular environment have said they are fully aware of its inherent dangers

          Maybe when you consign your privacy and personal details etc. to the cyber world, you believe that same cyber world will encase you like a safe, friendly and protective mantle, I don’t know

  3. Thank god the victorian police know how to do their job! Yes, the m.o of this murder is glaringly similar to the claremont serial killer. Abut is it not surprising that the w.a police have not found the killer? Just look at the Lloyd Rayney trial. The cops there are seem a bit simple and could have never pieced this case of jill together had it happened in Perth. It scares me to think if this scum murdered there he would be a free man, as the cops there are busy booking aboriginals for minor offences – a homicide is way out of their league. It requires them having a brain! Kudos goes to the victorian police for getting it right the first time. I reckon the w.a law enforcement need to be trained by the east coast and let law abiding w.a citizens feel safe at night. The case of Jill meagher is closed now and at least the family can get on with their life. Awful situation but something corryns family may never have thanks to the useless Boys in blue

    • There were 2-4 cars that showed up at Bayley’s place 15 minutes after Jill was abducted. The case is not closed, far from it. Everyone involved in the murder of Jill Meagher needs to be found and prosecuted or justice is not served. Hopefully Bayley squeals. He’s already led the police to the body disposal site, there’s no way he’s ever walking free. What will he have to lose? He may as well get some company in there.

      Interesting you declaring the case closed so soon, just as it’s beginning. What’s the big hurry? Are you worried about something?


          It’s 17 minutes actually, close enough:

          ‘Neighbour Dale Trotter said he saw at least two cars pull up outside the house about 2am on Saturday – 17 minutes after Ms Meagher was last seen on CCTV on Sydney Rd, Brunswick. “I saw some cars rock up. I didn’t suspect anything of it,” Mr Trotter said.’

            • What I’m thinking is the arsehole has a plan. It’s on parole and knows the cops know his record. Passing cars and pedestrians have seen it in the vicinity and time frame, even talking to Jill before abducting her. When its ‘mates’ describe it as smart – cunning is more appropriate.

              It’s called some ‘mates’ immediately (2 am) to come around and unwittingly provide an alibi – if asked they’ll say they’d dropped in at the supposed time it was seen on Sydney St. (it probably even changed the time on the kitchen clock)

              I’m supposing Jill’s body’s in the car while whoever’s there has a beer or two. After they leave it drives up to the dump site. Then comes back and calls someone else to drop by in case a neighbor has seen or heard its car it can say ‘visitors’ .

              Too tricky? Don’t forget that it was out on the street when it should have been behind bars (at least), and may be the Claremont Killer into the bargain!

                • Mark, he got 11 years, had to serve 8 and was still on parole when he king hit the guy earlier this year. It was the king hit that got him 3 months.

                  • As Bayley was on parole until March 2013 and breached that with the assault conviction why was he releasd from prison , if he’d been incarcerated as he should have been Jill would still be alive … someone has to answer for this.

                    • Agreed. The Parole Board has a lot to answer for as someone said on WS: the fighting back should be at the Parole system that keeps letting deviants like this out. It is time the public sued the Parole Board to make it account for its decisions. Those 20 people n the Parole Board need to be held accountable for their decision. They should have assessed the ‘risk’ he posed to women and girls. Was is mostly men who let him out? Jill Meagher is dead and it appears other young women have been threatened because they failed to grasp this.

              • What I’m thinking is that his accomplice(s) have internet access, post on blogs and internet forums, and don’t want to go to prison for rape and murder. Hence they post comments about how Adrian Bayley managed to get all his friends to rock up at his house at exactly the same time, just so they could provide him with an alibi. This helpfully exonerates them. (Who would think that criminals would go on the internet to sway public opinion and not want to spend the rest of their lives in prison? Criminals have internet access and know how to use a keyboard and google? Nah, that’s too far fetched!)

                I’m reminded of nothing so much as the Dr Phibes of the Claremont case getting online to rubbish the police and throw out false leads.

    • An absolute travisty of justice. This creature is an animal they should take to slaughter. I would like to apologise for previously stating I thought Jill was murdered by her husband Tom. I am very very sorry; I feel ashamed I thought this.
      In NO WAY is Tom anything like that murdering scum Baden Clay.


          • You are an idot! Read what was written and think about the ideas and notions raised. Why does a woman not have the right to protect herself?

        • What purpose are you serving starting an “all men are bastards” sentiment? The guy may well have become a murderous monster because of sustained abuse dished out by his abusive, alcoholic mother during is first seven years of life. You just don’t know. He will get the punishment he deserves I hope, but your put all men in one basket rant, as if there are no sick and twisted evil women out there, helps no-one. This is not and should not be about male versus female or men versus women. It should be about what the hell is so wrong with our society, that enables children to grow into evil monsters capable of such vile and despicable acts to begin with

        • After reading your comments, i believe you to not only have a strong opinion but also a strong hatred for the male race. i dont believe that a man only has to commit unspeakable crimes towards a woman to warrant your outbursts at men, no after reading all your posts, its clear that you are a disturbed and tormented soul who thinks they have the right to shift the blame to an entire population of the opposite sex. I Do Not Condone in any way what inhumane crimes men commit against women and that goes for this Pederast Adrian Bailey, but reading your posts, i truly believe that you could and would be capable of
          committing evil deeds against men for the same reason this piece of shit Bailey did against his victim, FOR NO GOOD REASON WHATSOEVER.
          Grow up and get over your hang ups on men who aren’t catoragised as Sex Fiends , Murderers, Women Abusers and Paedophiles because your anger at the male population and your hate filled words make me as sick as the HUMANS, men and women who commit otrocious acts…

  4. ha this offender spent half his life as a convicted multiple rapist in Ararat Prison in Protection life of luxury now he will go back to Prison in Protection as a Rapist and Murder ,life of luxury 3 meals a day a canteen spend a job in industry he done many rapes since he was released on parole after serving 8 years in Ararat Prison on previous multiple rapes blame the Police and Justice Department and Dept of Corrections and The Judges ok legal system stinks no death penalty here just life of luxury in Victoria Prisons

  5. Why was this man ever allowed out on parole.Who was on the parole board to allow this. How deeply sorry I feel for this young woman, how ashamed I feel that Australia has such a weak, pathetic justice system. A system who allows predators out of prison and luxury in prison. For goodness sake, predators are evil, they cannot be rehabilitated. Fix our disgusting legal system now!!


      • Hatred is hatred!!! Please seek help. Thou shall not kill…… and in addition we do not have the death penalty so as to avoid killing the innocent, fact!! if you have a death penalty innocent people will!!! be put to death

    • He met his father while both were in jail ? In Western Australia ? He ‘looks forward to a long term of incarceration (again) with his incarcerated father ‘ ? (paraphrased)

      That’s strange story. Thanks for posting it. Beggars belief

          • Ifthis is true which it looks to be Im feeling sick, hope this hit this media in a week when the public start asking questions and hopefully and im sure thet are the police Vic and WA are all over it.

        • That is if it is actually in fact him??? (but yeah that same thought did cross my mind!) I’m not saying it is him as I personally have no idea, can’t rule out that it could be just a coincidence right!?…although they say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! Just putting it out there.

          • Can understand your doubts because I’m beginning now to have some myself

            36 people ‘liked’ it ?

            Double space between the introductory paragraph and the body of text ?

            Hoax? Did someone remove the original introduction and insert what we see now?

            If it is a hoax, the hoaxers must have a stop-watch on it, waiting for it to go viral

            Only way to know is investigate. I’m too lazy, but someone might

            • READ : The author of the God Tube artice is
              Sheridan Voysey – religious speaker and blogger check it out. Did she come across him in prison, maybe in the rehab program. Check it out people
              God Tube is American she used to live in Aus but now lives in Uk .

                • Thanks for the second link. Looks as if Sheridan is a man

                  The first comment in response to the tale is dated 2010 (as are other comments)

                  What does this lead us to conclude, if it’s genuine — that Bayley was in touch with a ministry around 2010 ? That Bayley needed some God-squad in his corner, possibly to sway a parole board ? That Bayley invented most/all of it, repeated this tale to a prison quack or other body he was hoping to con and that they in turn were members of a God-squad and it eventually (couple or more years later) found its way to Sheridan?

                  Does the tale sound credible ? Or more WTF ?

                  This needs sending along to someone like Alan Jones who has an army of researchers at his command and who could speak direct with Sheridan and get the low down. Would be classic, wouldn’t it, if Bayley concocted it and was released on the strength of it

                  If it’s true, though, it puts Bayley in WA years ago

                  Wonder how many current/ex parole board members are busy at the shredder right now

              • Very nice find!

                Note that if this is true, Adrian Edwards (as Bayley was known then) was in Fremantle Prison as a teenager. Fremantle Prison is only 5km away from the Cottesloe Groyne, where Julie Cutler’s car was dumped in 1988, when Edwards was 17 years old. It’s very possible that Julie was one of the first victims of the CSK.

                If you read The Devil’s Garden, the Cutlers talk about two youths of European extraction who Julie was associating with. If Adrian was cooperating with at least one (if not more) other people in Jill’s death and is the CSK, it’s likely that the CSK is really two or more people. If they are smart, two or more killers working together would make creating alibis really simple because all they would have to do is to take turns during abductions – one may be suspected, but will later be excluded by police when they are very publicly seen while the next victim disappears.

                Note also that there is a big gap in missing persons/murders before Sarah Spiers disappears in 1996 (and the other two certain Claremont victims). What happened between 1988 and 1996 in Adrian’s life? He gets married at age 18 (1989), is incarcerated from 1991 or 1992-1993 (for 22 months) and in 1995 he splits from his wife. A marriage breakdown is often a pre-crime stressor. Adrian’s life events match up very well with the Claremont killings so far. More to the point, when he is in prison there are no murders going on. (Though really, if the CSK is a team the presence of a murder while he is in prison does not clear him as a suspect).

                Then in 2000, Deborah Anderson was killed and Sarah McMahon disappeared. And then the CSK goes quiet. What happens in Adrian’s life? Supposedly in 2002 he ends up in prison for 8 years, and is probably out in 2010. Food for thought.

                What is imperative though is that every one of his murdering accomplices are put behind bars. Multiple neighbours heard multiple cars pull up at Adrian’s house 15 minutes after the abduction. It is very unlikely he operated alone. While these murderers roam the streets justice can never be served.

                • Do you believe the accused is the tight black shirt wearer in the Jane Rimmer cctv footage? What are your sources that he lived and was incarcerated in WA in the 90s?

                  • Just being an armchair detective, it has been reported that Bayley/Edwards was a pastry chef and I presume if and when he was in Perth may have worked at restuarants there. Mark Dixie (killer of Sally Anne Bowman in the UK and suspect in the Claremont Serial Killings) was also a chef in Perth around the same time!! Is it too far fetched to say perhaps they together could have had something to do with it. The WA Police dismissed Mark Dixie as a suspect because his DNA could not be linked to any of the victims. He also may have had an alibi if there was no DNA evidence present on the victims. Could Mark Dixie be the dark headed man talking to Jane Rimmer in this CCTV footage? Could the black T shirt guy be Bayley/Edwards? I really dont have a great computer but can anyone magnify this video and see if the black T shirt guy has a tattoo on his left arm just like the photo that Robbo has posted of Bayley?

                    CCTV footage of Jane Rimmers last moments can be seen on YouTube ‘jane rimmer CCTV’.

                • Just watching the CCTV footage of Jane Rimmer (CSK) the guy in the black T shirt looks quite similar to that of Bayley/Edwards. SH has commented on here that he met a similar looking guy while he was visiting a mate in Hakea Prison (Perth). The police always wanted to know who the guy was that approached her and never came forward but maybe there was more than one person at the nightclub that night who is responsible. Also in the CCTV footage the black T shirt guy is punching the air like he’s boxing and on reading the below article about a woman named Stacey Scaife that was harassed by a similiar looking man Bayley/Edwards she states that this guy was punching the air like he was boxing someone. The CCTV footage of Jane Rimmer is so old and grainy even back then the police the police asked everyone who was at the club that night to come forward. So not sure about black T shirt guy. I wonder if the bouncers can still recall what he looked like and could perhaps make an ID.

                  CCTV footage on YouTube ‘jane rimmer cctv’. She is leaning against a pole on the right hand side of the video.


    • OMG
      If this is correct its no doubt the same person MO identical and yes I hate to say it Perth police are not known for their brains, its a sleepy town, back then this stuff just didnt happen alot, granted they canvassed extensively for years and the public was panicked but at the end of the day it was ‘without a trace’ The two bodies found had no ‘fertile DNA’ I read today.
      I fear this is the same scum. CCTV footage on Claremont Sk on You Tube punch in Claremont SK. Man in tight black t shirt in footage never came forward to Police mmmm
      My info he had a foot fetish and targeted women in heels, also connection to quarry work or driving and victims where killed in a different location to which they where dumped.
      Food for thought. For now RIP Jill.
      I am checking out this evening as I feel overwhelmed.

    • I feel physically ill reading that Food4Thought.

      So the good old Church paints him as a victim.

      Wonder how the author feels today.

      • The author Sheridan Voysey now holds a position at Kings college London, moved from Aus to Uk. This whole thing has been a stuff up and what its not the same person because the birth date is different but the same the same….??
        Please,,,, look at that Cctv of Claremont man in black t shirt.

      • if it is the same person it does paint a very sad picture of our many of these offenders have been in and out of foster homes ect abused as children…..while we need to be reactive and lock these people up we need to look at the children of today…..our child protection system is stufffed!!! It is creating criminals and at the very least broken people! Clean up our act with protecting children and maybe save another Jill!!!

  6. For those of you who believe us pro death sentence are just as barbaric, I offer an alternative sentence for this scum. A pitch black 2m x 2m prison cell – no windows. Just a bed and toilet. He’s never allowed to leave the cell and is fed 2 slices of bread a day and a glass of water. Oh, I’d make sure there’s a rope in there as well for him to use as he sees fit. Fair compromise me thinks.

  7. I wonder if his previous victims were notified of his parole hearings… from his sentences meted out for his previous crimes, he should have been in prison till Kingdom come, but silence seems to have surrounded his parole hearings, his parole verdicts, and his parole hearings after his parole and re incarceration. In his revolving door process, he seems to have been awfully lucky that he didnt get the same parole board.. Why is this? Seemed like no one got co-ordinated , and yet, the hysterical demands for silence still continue. Silence was what got him OUT of prison and into parole, and even while on parole, the silence about his continuing determination to commit crimes against persons was not hampered in any way by the odd reportage in the news on a slow day of a local jerk getting a sentence for assualt, or rape. When he got parole, the silence was deafening. no one said a dickybird, it was ‘okidoki ,Mr. Bayley , here’s $100 and see ya later’.. Were his previous victims notified each time he again got his sentence reduced, or paroled? What conditions was he on for this current parole period? A curfew? not allowed outside a certain area? Were his neighbors notified that a convicted rapist was living next door? Who actually runs these kind of parolees? Quafified psychiatrists, one hopes, and large and hefty ones, too.

    There should be a whole lot less silence, not more. of the same.

    • Great post as always, Miss Marple – and spot on

      Have to admit, I have little if any time for the ‘rehabilitative’ process and/or prison quacks as a species

      Wasn’t always that way with me, but back in the mists of time I came across a lengthy article which was the result of over 20 years investigation/research into rehabilitation within the justice system. The research was conducted in the UK and had been exhaustive

      At the conclusion, the researchers reluctantly conceded that rehabilitation was basically a very expensive failure. Expensive in terms of time, energy and money. And expensive in terms of lives taken and damaged by supposedly ‘rehabilitated’ prisoners

      A failure, they said. And I’ll always remember what for me (and also the researchers, I suspect) was the nut, the condensed wisdom to be extracted from the exercise. ‘ The only true deterrent to crime lies in the fear of the individual about how it may harm them’. Something along those lines. Basically, the only time an offender might curb his supposedly ‘uncontrollable’ impulses is if he thinks it might result in pain, discovery, capture, imprisonment. Says it all. You or I could have told them that, as could our ancestors reaching back to Year Dot — and all without 20 years of research and bean-counting to try to distort what they must have known by year-one would be the result

      Prison psychiatrists/psychologists and their ilk came out looking non to impressive in the same study. As Adrian Ernest Bayley nee Edwards himself said — he told them what they wanted to hear. And they deemed him ‘cured’, ‘rehabilitated’ and let him go free

      Obviously they had doubts about the effectiveness of rehabilitation, and for quite a while, before commissioning the study. Rehabilitation was the cure-all back then and there were endless ‘experts’ prepared to tout its wondrous powers

      Rehabilitation is back in vogue (in some places it always was) and today, you’ll need the skills of a professional locksmith to uncover evidence that a 20 year study proved it a failure. Ve haz vays, they snicker and yes they do – internet is purged on ongoing basis of anything that might rock the status quo

      There seems to be a complete lack of imagination as regards the prison system. It’s as if they can’t bridge the gap between the hell-holes of the 18th century and the basket-weaving, softly-softly rehabilitative approach

      Gee, separate cells for a start, to put an end to the hells of prison rape. Separate cells shouldn’t be too difficult to arrange. Separate showers, too, at one end. Retractable shower-heads, or pinholes drilled direct into the ceiling, all switched on and off at a central control at regular intervals. No need for shower screens if they could manage the correct gradient of shower floors. Dispensers set in the wall (don’t want them hanging themselves). Blow driers so again, nothing they can devise from towels to do themselves in. And periods of total nothing. No diversions. For meditation travelling under any name you like, so they have no distractions, nothing allowable but contemplation – calming, beneficial contemplation, ‘ Shut your gobs and SIT. This is QUIET TIME you laggards’

      Hard labour sounds good in principle, I’ve nothing against it, but in this day and age is probably more trouble than it’s worth, considering guards, checks on tools, transport to and from, etc. etc.

      But incarceration should include punishment, imo. Isolation from the world out there. A realisation that you did wrong and this is the result – you will not be permitted to enjoy the life you squandered via whatever means. You are beyond society, outside it, excluded and must resign yourself to your punishment and exclusion because that is the result of your own actions

      In Australia though, we’re still singing the rehabilitation mantra and to make sure it’s accepted and believed, the government and its lover the media trot out tales of successfully rehabilitated felons who gained a uni degree, found God, repented their sins and were released to run children’s charities and animal shelters, never again to put a foot wrong. There now, isn’t that better than keeping these sterling if previously misguided rough-diamonds locked up in nasty prisons? Sure it is. They’re a credit not only to society but to *themselves*. Just goes to show what compassionate felon-management and a bit of effort on the prior rapists and killers part can achieve. Oh, it’s a golden, glorious world, folks. Dreams come true

      Not saying there have not been success stories and those who’ve turned their lives around, but I believe that’s due NOT to the prison system with its quacks and basket-weaving classes but is attributable 98% to the man inside the man, to those decent genes who were shocked into life by the realisation that yes, I can be better than this and yes, I am shamed and sickened by the actions which led me this far down

      I don’t like cowardly parole board members who hide behind anonymity and who in many cases live their sick fantasies vicariously through the crims they release on society. Nor do I like the vast majority of fakirs who pose as psychiatrists and even less do I like psychologists who are able to tack a 12 month course (actual time in the vicinty of six months) class time (they don’t even need to get out in the field) onto your standard arts degree in order to hammer their shingle on the wall or talk their way into prison jobs. Physician heal thyself is as true today as it was 3000 years ago, imo. And let’s not even bother discussing what happens to those shonky prison psychologists (the same as who write loads of drivel claiming in their ‘professional opinion’ Felon-A is now well-adjusted and motivated enough to take his place once again in society) after listening avidly as felon after felon recounts in drivelling detail the way they raped those kids, that old lady, their best friend’s wife, etc.

      Aaaarrrrghhhhhh !

        • What rehab …it is well known that rehab does not occur for most prisoners. If they have no support they are likely to reoffend! Period! Most are refused study…courses they are meant to do are cut or not offered because of resources! Yes a person in prison rehabs himself with help from family and friends…

  8. My husband has always told me to carry and small spray bottle . Boil up some chilli s and pour the liquid in spray bottle . If you have ever had the unfortunate experience of touching chilli and accidently touching your eye you would know how much it burns . If you sprayed it into an attackers eyes he would be instantly blinded and the burning stinging of the chilli would be agony giving you time to run . Just one suggestion for woman to keep safe

      • Thinking about it, it would give you time to slash his Achilles tendons too, before you took off. And he’d still be there for the police to find

    • Good idea, your husband, but where do you get a good enough spray bottle that won’t leak in your bag and that you don’t have to desperately pump 10 times to get a little puff that might just fall on your hand? Actually, this just made me think that one of those squishy leak-proof travel bottles that you get now in camping stores might work. It would just squirt the liquid in a burst, rather than spray – might be better for aim and then you don’t risk the spray blowing back.

  9. To follow up the previous thread, the Adrian Edwards being referred to here….

    … is no doubt this guy, Adrian Michael Edwards (born 1973), which the judgment mentions has become a “staunch Christian”…

    Unless the court judgment has the birthday of the accused wrong, that is not the same person as Adrian Ernest Bayley (prev. Edwards) who is a few years older!!!

    • A lot to muddle through. Herald Sun states it was shortly after his 2nd marriage broke down in July 2000 that he changed his name by deed poll from Edwards to Bayley. He then lived at Wyndham Vale in a boarding house. To my understanding, a name change may be effected either by using the changed-name for 12 months (and using it exclusively) before it becomes official, or via deed poll, which I think also takes 12 months after application to become official, although I may be wrong about that

      The WA matter was heard in June 2000. It was delivered in August 2000

      Having learned that his solicitor claimed in relation to the king hit incident that he was ‘losing sleep’ blah blah, I put no store in claims of having become a ‘staunch Christian’. I think these crims tell porkies in their sleep, i.e., ‘telling them what they want to hear’

      Could be two different guys and just coincidence. Odd though that JM’s alleged killer chose as his name ‘Bayley’ and that another ‘Adrian’ Bayley existed – unless they’re one and the same

      Would he have to be present at the hearing in WA in June 2000?

      In the document to which you linked re: the WA exploits, it seems a later judge cricitised and correct a previous judge in relation to sentencing. If the judges are stuffing up at sentencing and if these guys are in and out of prison and parole periods regularly, would the system even realise a middle-name differed to other occasions someone had come before the bench? Did the name change of 2000 that’s mentioned in the Herald Sun article simply continue years of using false names, changed names, etc.

  10. To all of you who are stating that we shouldn’t comment about the case for risk of a mistrial……..GREAT!!! That would be the best scenario/outcome. That way he would not be protected behind bars and he would have to fend for himself on the outside!! Can you inagine what pain we could inflict on him!
    Isn’t that what we all want???

    Please Mr Judge, do us all a favour and set Adrian Bayley free.

    • “Can you inagine what pain we could inflict on him!
      Isn’t that what we all want???”

      No, the idea of living in a free-for-all violent vigilante society scares the proverbial out of me actually.

      I want to live in a civilised society, where a fair and transparent justice system consistently locks the uncivilised, the barbaric and the evil away where they cannot cause any more damage, that is all.

      The worst possible consequences of them NOT doing that, and ordinary citizens losing patience and getting to the end of their rope, IS a vigilante society where angry baying mobs go around exacting their own version of “justice” or “revenge” in their own way… that would be a nightmare if you think about it honestly.

      Our system is broken and needs FIXING, not throwing out completely.

  11. I’d like to get a new critter icon/avatar I think. Something with more than one colour for a start and prettier. Then I look at poor Poo and feel sorry for it, poor thing. So I’d better keep it because no-one else would want it and I don’t want to desert it or hurt its feelings. Sigh



    Corrections Victoria offer a range employment and educational programs at the prison as well as sex offender, violence and mental health programs.
    The aim of this is to help prisoners gain skills to assist them with finding employment when they’re released and reduce the likelihood of them reoffending.
    Corrections Victoria deputy commissioner for prisons Rod Wise says sex offender treatment may increase with the expansion of the prison and Corrections may consider implementing programs such as pet programs at Ararat.
    “The job of Corrections is to make the community safer and to move people out into the community having addressed their offending behaviour and so part of the Ararat function will be to run those sorts of programs.
    “There are a number of sex offenders at the prison, so we would expect that there would be a greater emphasis on sex offender treatment at the prison.”
    The Department of Justice says Victoria has one of the lowest recidivism rates in Australia with the number of prisoners who re-offend declining for the past seven consecutive years.
    Robert Turnour is a senior field worker with Grow, a not-for-profit mental health organisation.
    He runs support programs at Ararat and Langi Kal Kal prison.
    “We go out and provide our Grow program and structured meetings for the prisoners who want to attend.”
    “Our aim is to provide some tools to help its members in their recovery, rehabilitation and personal growth.
    Robert says the program’s purpose is to help people deal with the prison experience and help them live more fulfilling lives when they’re released into the community.
    “Part of our 12-step process is we sort of get on the way of growth and recovery by acknowledging we’ve got some need, that could be wrong behaviour, bad behaviour, it could be anxiety, depression, isolation.
    “Human beings we can be going through things and think we’re the only one who’s feeling as we’re feeling. So that can be one of the great benefits to realise that the anxiety, the isolation, sometimes the remorse, the guilt about some of the things that people have done, to realise that and to be able to get the skills I guess to live better lives.”

    • Hey…sociopaths cannot develop empathy or compassion, but they can ‘fake’ it.
      Some just can’t be rehabilitated, they are deviant and will always remain so.
      The Parole Board seems to have a problem with ‘denial’ that some prisoners are deviant for life, cannot be rehabilitated and therefore, should not be released because they are an ongoing threat to women and girls.Its only a matter of time before they stalk for their next victim.

      • If it were up to me, parole board members’ identities would be posted online, complete with the felons they’ve released into the community

        In addition, it should be a requirement that parole board members are required to live in certain suburbs and that those they deem suitable for release should ONLY be released into the specific suburbs in which parole board members are required to reside with their families

        No more parole granted. That would be the result. Or, no-one would volunteer to serve on a parole board

        • In fact, I would go further. If our esteemed parole board members are so confident that these loathsome criminals pose no further threat to decent citizens, then they should have to provide them with board and lodging within their own homes, indefinitely.

  13. I think this grub is looking like the prime suspect in the Perth serial killer victims too probaly got them the same way in Perth saying they were getting followed..Interesting there is no more recent cases of missing people in Perth once he went to jail or left state…AND he changed his name via deed poll as well at that time?Why did he have to change name if he wasn’t hiding/running from something?I DARE SAY THE W.A POLICE WILL BE LOOKING INTO THE FILES AND DATES HE WAS IN PERTH A LOT CLOSER NOW!!!!!

      • Robbo, please remove this video if you want. I didn’t mean to insert a video in the page. All I intended to do was post the link, but next minute the video appeared

          • I haven’t looked at it on this page, Ozmosis. But there’s a version on Youtube (where this one came from) under the titled ‘Claremont CK’ or ‘Claremont Killings’ — something like that. It’s fairly old, with old cctv from the 90′s, and pretty grainy black and white, but you get some reasonable shots, enough to make out body shape, movements, hair cut, etc.

    • Call me cynical. I won’t mind. All idealists become cynics after a while

      But something tells me the WA police (and their interstate buddies) know a hell of a lot more about this guy than they’ve revealed or maybe even acted upon

      so they might not have to dig into the files anywhere near as much as we the mere public might expect

  14. Well …. words fail. Read this:

    Young woman approached twice by man suspected of being JM’s alleged killer. Happened near where JM was abducted

    The woman went to the nearby police station – told them what had happened – said she was terrified and asked where she could buy pepper spray. Police told her that was illegal

    Police did not provide her an incident number. They did not follow up. Nothing

    Again she was approached by the same man, even though she was with others. He repeatedly said he would kill her. Even when her friends clustered around her, he continued to walk alongside her

    Woman moved from the area (very close to where JM lived) a few weeks ago because she did not feel safe

    That’s all I’m going to say at the moment because what I’d really like to do is slap the police around the ear, hard

    • Similar version here:

      [quote] Shaken, she said she asked officers at the Brunswick police station where she could buy pepper spray, but was told it was a prohibited weapon.

      She was not asked to make an official complaint but was told to call police from her mobile phone if the man threatened her again.

      Ms Scaife said she was disappointed that the police did not record the incident at the time.

      ”They should have at least taken a description down as it happened in the same area. I’ve never felt safe after it happened. It made me feel bad for her, knowing what she went through and knowing how scared I was,” she said.[end quote]

      Read more:

      That’s right. We can’t have these prohibited weapons falling into the hands of potential victims, can we

      • It’s not illegal to buy pepper spray (say, from the internet) but it is illegal to carry it. I’m a woman who will be breaking that law, I’m afraid. (I’ll be getting an alarm from the Post Office, too. Good suggestion, Robbo.)

        • carry what you like!
          Remember that this disgusting miserable tragedy is the exception though. The number of women murdered in Oz is declining and almost every woman who is murdered is murdered by someone she knows, usually in her family. Which is why Jills husband had to cope with suspicion early on. This tragedy is an aberration, its just sitting in all of our hearts and minds in a really huge place.
          For most of us tho, if women will ever need to use pepper spray or alarms, they’ll probably be against members of their own family.

        • Pepper spray in the wrong hands, for example, in the hands of a rapist, murderer, a robber or a chronic man hater, is probably the reason it is not legal.

          • If so, how come women in the US for example are free to arm themselves with things like pepper spray, yet we do not hear of man-hating women cruising the streets firing off at random men, do we?

            In the US, women can arm themselves legally with firearms. Yet how often do we hear of man-hating or psychotic women shooting random males or even those they know ?

            The ridiculous victimisation of Australians by our government which prohibits people from protecting themselves at the same time they KNOW and ALLOW criminals to have massive caches of firearms is a joke

            Crims fired on police stations in Sydney. What happened? Did they catch them? Don’t think so. Did it happen more than once? According to the media, it did

            So why one rule for crooks and another for the taxpaying, voting population ?

            It’s insane. We’re a laughing stock. If I could move to the US, I would, despite the supposed dangers. How safe is Australia, compared with the US for normal law abiding people? At least as safe as Australia imo

            A man has just left the UK for the same reasons. He resides in Mexico now. IT’s in the news. He feels safer in MEXICO than in the UK. And that’s because the UK is similar to Australia in that it’s swamped its population with migrants who are given leave to victimise the natives while the natives sit in fear in their houses

            I’d go to the US in a shot if they weren’t blocking white migrants in favour of non-whites. Cheaper houses in the US, cheaper everything and at least there the citizens are free to defend themselves, unlike zionist controlled and destroyed Australia

    • Yes, no wonder women don’t report these things – when police treat you like a nobody and treat the event as being trivial. They need a good boot up the proverbial for this sort of lackadaisical attitude. And we’re paying them to protect us?

      • Yep. Still FUMING here

        And something tells me this *alleged* murdering rapist piece of excreta who stole the life of JM believes (and possibly with very good reason) that he’s invincible

        He’s the proverbial repeat lotto winner, isn’t he ? So confident of his invincibility that he felt free to terrify and threaten that girl within shouting distance of the police station – twice !

        Now WHO could provide a numb-nut with such confidence? He treated that area (and who knows how many other areas) like his own personal playground, right under the noses of the cops

        What the hell is he — an informant, a procurer, a supplier, a blackmailer — what ?

        More’s to come out imo, even though someone is keeping the lid on hard. Wouldn’t surprise me if dozens of women came forth with similar stories, which of course would require a suppression order from above to silence the media

        The police are going to have to work hard from now on to persuade me they do not and have not, for a very long time, known all about this guy and his activities

        • I basically think they just can’t be bothered. A friend of mine went missing in 1979 (ironically also called Jill) and when I and a friend went to the police station to report it, they just weren’t interested. Much further down the track, when it was put into the hands of Homicide, there were eventually a couple of detectives who worked really hard to try and find out what happened to her (and we never did find out, sadly), but the initial guys at the station were bored and disdainful of the whole thing.

            • Yes, I think the psychological testing for the forces falls way short of what it should do… Having said that I’m sure a lot start out with the best of intentions and fall prey to cynicism along the way.
              Anyway that’s it for me tonight. Been fascinating to see all the comments and points of view, some better thought out than others! Main thing is that this guy gets he sentence he deserves… in other words, throw away the key.

        • Maybe you’ve never had experience with the law as a victim of crime. This sort of thing is typical wherever you are in Australia it seems. It’s not until someone is actually murdered will the police do something, maybe.

            • Keep up the posting and the research, Burleigh! I love your posting. I’m coming from a very similar place as you are. Unless you keep your eyes and ears open, you just do not know how crap the system is until you’ve experienced it first hand.

              I don’t want to tar the whole police force with the same brush. There are some incompetents in there for sure, what else would you expect for a job that is not well paid, potentially dangerous, involves dealing with the scummiest 5% of the population all the time, with all the motivation that comes from a system that releases one crim before his time for every crim you manage to lock up. People who can do something easier and better paying usually do. Police forces need more funding, IMO, and the pay needs to be better.

              Really, we need to acknowledge that rehabilitation is a failure and the politicians need to do what is required to make the system better – larger prisons, more money to run them, 3 strikes laws, eliminating the possibility of felons changing their names are just a few of the reforms. I daresay that criminal records need to be publicly accessible too. The way it stands, your daughter could be dating a serial rapist recently released from prison and you won’t find out about it until she’s lying in a ditch somewhere.

              What is also needed is a fully funded federal level police entity that is tasked with linkage analysis and profiling of violent crime, accessible to the public. The existing system of a few profilers in the larger states on an ad hoc basis is a great effort on the part of those states, but at a national level, Australia is a joke. Hey, violent criminals have been known to cross state borders in the past. Maybe it’s a case of “someone else’s problem” from each police jurisdiction’s perspective, but for every violent criminal that leaves a particular state, another one enters. There needs to be an FBI-like agency that does this work, and if they already do it they need to be more explicit on their web page.

              As it stands, Australia is the world’s paradise for migratory, state hopping serial killers. Actually I lie, that dubious claim to fame probably belongs to some random third world country in South America or Africa. But to be a first world country with the third world’s lack of effort in this area is a shocking embarrassment.

              There also needs to be a commitment to putting some details of all
              unsolved murders as well as missing persons on the net, going back to 1980 at least. The police need to leverage the free efforts that family members of victims will give in order to get murderers and rapists convicted. What they’ve got is a good start, but it’s only a start.

        • Police, to a large extent, have their proverbial hands tied by our pro-criminal legal (I would never call it ‘justice’) system. Every day they put their lives on the line to catch these vermin, while the lawyers/judges/parole board/psychologists/politicians/etc do everything within their power (an intentional exaggeration for the point of emphasis) to get them out of their ‘holiday camps’ and back on the streets. The blood of the victims drips from the hands of these smug, white-collar champions of evil. Yet, they (the so-called do-gooders that release the vermin) walk the streets with impunity.

    • yeah, women know this happens, all the time…and idiot men ask why all the previous assaults werent reported- so many women not believing that the police would lift a finger.

  15. Why am I not surprised. You know, we might have a somewhat competent police force if we allocated more money for larger prisons necessary to keep felons in there for longer. Then the police wouldn’t have to deal with all the extra work created by supposedly “rehabilitated” criminals like Bayley nee Edwards. He should have been locked up permanently in 2002 (if not earlier).

    • Yes, indeed…. so let’s allocate the money to building larger prisons not to rehabilitation programs, at least for convicted rapists and murderers and serial offenders.

    • Would the accused, if he is linked to CSK, go ‘back’ to just raping prostitutes after three murders over a short period? Is it possible he was an apprentice of sorts, still working his way up. All seems far fetched.

    • The police are beating their collective heads against a brick wall. No sooner do they catch the vermin of society, than the legal system release them to continue reoffending. Responsibility for these heinous crimes lies wholly with those that make the laws. The politicians/judges/parole boards release vermin that should never be released. Kill/rape once and it’s the criminals fault. Kill/rape a second time and it’s the legal systems fault. You cannot put lion into a day-care centre and expect it not to kill. That is the way of the jungle.

      Predators should never, never, be given a second chance.

      If the parole board is so confident that these vermin will not reoffend when they release them, maybe they should be willing to offer their own lives as a guarantee.

  16. im really sly of the underworld in Melbourne lol Adrian had nothing to do with crime in WA ever..
    but there were many more rapes he committed that went unreported and he has murdered other girls..this will all come out very soon

    • It will have to be revealed by the public, surely, considering the police and legal system seem keen to conceal, not reveal

      For example, the police have been quoted in the media, almost immediately the ‘alleged suspect’ was apprehended, as claiming he had no previous serious criminal history

      The police also stated, according to the media, that they are not seeking anyone else in relation to the alleged crime (despite the Herald Sun citing two neighbours/witnesses who claim to have seen two to four vehicles arrive at the alleged suspect’s home at almost the time he would have been arriving, or shortly after he had). And the alleged victim was in the alleged suspect’s vehicle, traumatised or dead

      The media has also quoted police reports stating the alleged suspect raped and murdered the victim within minutes of dragging her from the street.

      I’m prepared to accept the alleged suspect may have completed the rape in ten seconds, but murder takes slightly longer. It’s claimed quite often that in real life, it takes from 3 to 5 minutes to manually strangle someone. There were no gunshots. A knife wound is not necessarily fatal. Subduing a terrified victim, even a relatively small victim, is easier said than done. Yet the media says the police claim that’s how it was and all in a few minutes

      For all the alleged suspect knew, the victim’s husband, boyfriend, friends from the bar, etc. could have happened upon the alleged suspect’s vehicle at any moment. He had no certainty he hadn’t been seen pulling the victim along the road and into his car. He had no way of knowing if a patrol car would cruise up the lane on its way to Sydney Road. For these reasons alone, I tend not to believe what we’ve been told. Not much of what we’ve been told makes sense. But it’s what they want us to believe, apparently

      I can easily believe the alleged suspect/alleged killer/alleged rapist has done it before. I thought so as soon as I’d viewed the bridal cctv for some reason

      So it will be interesting to see what comes out and from which quarter

      • One of the oddest comments to emerge from the police and media is the detail,
        ‘ He used his own shovel ‘

        That really gets curious minds ticking

        Do the police and media wish us to be in no doubt that it wasn’t the police’s shovel he used ? Wasn’t a stolen shovel ? Wasn’t a borrowed shovel ? Wasn’t a friend’s shovel ?

        They want it established, for some reason, that he dug the grave and he used his own shovel

        WTF ?

        Shame they aren’t as eager to explain about the two to four cars which arrived at the house at almost the exact same time as the alleged rapist/killer

        When did the cars depart? Who was in the cars? Why did the cars go there at that time of night ? Was it arranged they would arrive then? Who arranged it and when ? How was it arranged ? What did the occupants of the cars do ? When did they depart ?

        But it’s apparently vital we hear and accept that he ‘used his own shovel ‘

        • The fact that he brought his own shovel could be used as proof that the whole scenario was premeditated, eg if he put the shovel in the car before he had allegedly abducted anyone it can be argued that his intent this time was always to use it to dig a grave for his victim.

        • Yes, we must know who else was involved. Prosecuting Bayley/Edwards alone would be like prosecuting one of the Murphy brothers in the Anita Cobby case, while leaving Jack Travers, Michael Murdoch and the other two Murphy brothers get off Scot free. It wouldn’t be right then, and it’s not right now. Each of the gang of 5 involved in the Anita Cobby murder got life sentences and will never be released.

          For all we know, Bayley is not even the ringleader, just the guy who bundled her into one of the cars. These are evil people. They ALL need to be found and made an example of.

        • Its been stated in the media that Bayley lived in a unit at the back of a family home, renting, the family have stated he was no trouble and quiet. I assume some of those cars could have been from the family at the front. I get the impression from police statements that he did what he did and then immediately disposed of her. The poor girl

      • Isn’t he now the accused? Now that he has been formally charged? Nit picking I know, but suspect has a different meaning. The police were suspicious of Tom right up until Tuesday. Or maybe AB is now a defendant. I know that one term is used in lower courts and one in higher courts – just can’t remember which one. Unless you defend yourself and you are called by your name.

      • The other thing that strikes me as strange is the media’s lack of attention to this issue thus far. Type in “Adrian Bayley accomplice” into google news search, and what do you get? I’ll tell you. One lonely link in that highly regarded bastion of intrepid news reporting… the “” forum. W…T…F?!?

        Wake the f*** up, news media! There is a story here!

  17. Been some really great comments and theories by everyone. I replied Tuesday to the thread but the board was buzzing with speculation and for some reason my comments didn’t stick. I was suprised and disappointed how so many contributors were quick to judge the marriage dynamics of Jill and Tom, but that is all hindsight now.
    BB I thought the same thing about the shovel information provided by police. Seemed odd. Then I got to thinking, who carries a shovel in their car? (What sort of car does the filth drive? What was he doing for a job?) Did he take it with him with the plan to dig a grave for a victim? Murder on his mind? Did he go back to the house to get it with Jill in the car, already deceased or dying?
    Thanks Robbo, giving the public a place to express and digest..

  18. I posted this earlier. Thinking about all of the calls for women to arm themselves better:
    carry what you like!
    Remember that this disgusting miserable tragedy is the exception though. The number of women murdered in Oz is declining and almost every woman who is murdered, is murdered by someone she knows, usually in her family. Which is why Jills husband had to cope with suspicion early on. This tragedy is an aberration, it doesnt often happen like this. Its just sitting in all of our hearts and minds in a really huge place.
    Statistically tho if women will ever need to use pepper spray or alarms, they’ll probably be against members of their own family or people they know.

  19. Cool article about how the police used modern technology to find Bayley.
    Some points:
    - they were able to trace her phone even tho Bayley allegedly removed the SIM card and switched it off (I feel sick again, they think he did this moments after she spoke to her brother)
    -The phone could be traced without a sim card, switched off and low on battery (far out! full on surveillance!)
    - Cameras on the Tullamarine tollway filmed car heading towards Gisborne.

  20. This man should not have been out of prison.
    Any man with a history of sexual violence will always be a danger to women.
    RIP Jill, from

    • Hi Ciara. Sorry you have to visit us under these circumstances

      You’re right. We’re all of one accord. He should not have been granted his liberty. Should have been in prison for life. It’s said in other fora that a 20 member parole board unanimously granted him parole. Wonder if this will cause them to think about the decisions they make which rarely if ever harm them or their own families, but which impact so cruelly on those of us out here working and paying taxes to support our disgusting legal system

      Ordinary Australians are saddened and outraged by what happened to Jill, her husband and their families and friends, as you can see from all the comments here and all over the net. Decent Aussies send their condolences and will do everything they can to put pressure on Aussie authorities to ensure people like Jill’s alleged killer are kept in prison instead of being released to stalk the streets


    • We have a permissive legal system here in Australia where criminals can commit the same offence numerous time (and I do me many, many, many times), yet always be let out to do it again. We have our esteemed politicians to thank for that. There should be no second chance, ever, for crimes of sexual violence.

    • This has been posted over and over on this thread. We know, he’s sick. But if we keep spreading the news he might use it as a defense & Jills husband has asked us all to be careful what we post so I for one am glad that this clippings not up on this thread as yet.

    • It’s outrageous, isn’t it, Alan k ?

      What sort of corrupt half-wits are running our legal system ?

      Where are they today, right now, last week, when this horrific case unfolded before us ?

      Where are the parole board members now ? Are they joining us, under their usual cloak of anonymity, to say they’ll try to ensure they’re not party to anything like this ever again ? No. No sign of them. Hiding safely as usual

      Where are the judges who pronounced those laughably inadequate sentences ? Where are they ? I can’t see them. Why don’t they come out and explain themselves ? And I’m not interested in excuses about the government dictating they issue joke sentences. These are judges, entrenched in the legal system. It’s provided them and theirs a damn good living. Panelled offices. Women to trot around making coffee for them. People tipping their hats to them. Attending seminars (junkets) to confer with their fellow worthies about ‘Da Law’. Nice life. Nice living. Heaviest thing they’ve ever lifted is a pen. Sat on their bums their entire lives, fed clothed and houses from our taxes

      I don’t want to hear their excuses when they’re regularly sentencing convicted murderers to 10 and 12 years and immediately lopping the top off even those light sentences by pronouncing parole can be sought after three years

      They need to be held accountable. So the governments who’re instructing judges to levy light sentences. We pay the freaking government. What would they know about the law, about murder, about scum killers anyway? They’re just failed lawyers and used-car salesmen who crawled into lower level of the joke called ‘politics’ and slimed their way up the political ladder by brown-nosing, lying and covering up for their equally despicable political cronies

      Bring the bastards down to the mean streets, the cruel streets filled with unemployed and sorry voters. Show them what grief looks like and feels like when a family member has been slaughtered by an animal who should never have been allowed to see the light of day again LAST time he went before a judge

      Shake the political tree house to its foundations ! Write, email and phone your local political slob and tell them what you expect and damn quick ! Scare the pants off them. They need your vote so they can continue their easy lives

      Don’t underestimate your power. People ARE power. People ARE government. Politicians are OUR employees. As are judges. Don’t be intimidated. They want you to be. They trained you from pre school on to regard them with awe

      Don’t fall for it. De-programme yourselves. See the slugs for what they are. These are the scum who’ve destroyed our nation, who’ve sold us out, who grin in our faces and deprive us of safety on our own streets. Kick them in the guts and make them shake. Demand BETTER from our creaking, useless, corrupt excuse for a legal system

      • Burleigh , there is but one thing wrong in your post, that being i wish i was as eloquent and intelligent enough to compose such a reply ….. i hope someone passes this on to the ‘Gentry’ as they sip on their Pimms or Voddy n Tonic at the Club , however we know nothing will change unless an election was imminent … todays march shows how we all feel , by jingoes it’d be different if an election was next week , we’d get more false promises.

    • There are always those new to this case who might not have had the chance to see it

      Astonishing piece of evidence, no ?

      No wonder they’re trying to keep it under wraps

      Well, genie’s out of the bottle. People are waking up. And people are ANGRY !!

      • I don’t pretend for a minute to understand about the phone technology, but am in awe of what it can provide in terms of evidence.

        What I do understand is the people power witnessed today on the streets of Melbourne – tens of thousands in a silent and respectful walk in honour of poor Jill.

        Those images will stay with me forever.

  21. Having a friend who has worked in Prisons for many years as a Prison Officer, the stories he has told me would make most people puke. In 99.9999% of cases the scum in the slammer are the lowest form of sub-human life on the planet, lower than dog shit on the ground in most cases. Sadly from what I’ve been told (from someone who knows first hand) Prisons operate as a “revolving door/hotel” for crims, they come in, they do their patheticly short sentances and the system lets them back on the streets. Exactly like what appears to of happened here……sadly this animal will be back inside with his old crim mates and will not bat an eyelid to the evil he has commited to this poor women and her family. The one solace we can be assured of is he will be in there for a very long time. Also the stories of cars arriving at this cowards house early in the morning are extremely disturbing, no doubt the boys in blue will be looking into this, and I wouldnt be surprised if more comes of it. As we all know nobody wants this low life filth walking on a technicality, so he is to be “considered” innocent until proven guily as our system dictates. Just my two cents worth….

    • Thanks for your post

      I differ in one detail however. I do not think the boys in blue are keen for it to be known about those cars, which is all the more reason we should, right ? Puts an entirely different complexion on the details of the case. A case WE are paying for. Our RIGHT to know. And stuff criminal’s rights, imo

      The police have claimed they are not seeking anyone else in relation to the crime

      It was the Herald Sun which exposed the cars at the house, not the police

      and the police have said nothing to inform the public re: those cars. If it does not come out at trial, in full detail, no cover ups, then the Vic police and the entire political legal edifice will be called to account

      Remember, Ireland, the UK and the world have their eyes on this case now. So the police and legal system are going to have to dot their i’s and cross their t’s. Australia’s dirty undergarments have been exposed and more’s being revealed every day. About time a fire hose was put through the entire legal joke system. And what better than giving the world a front row view

      • Thank you Burleigh. If the police are doing nothing to investigate the occupants of the other cars at the house, it stinks to high heaven. The truth had better come out. Whatever they used to get the confession and the body location from him, they need to use to get the names of his accomplices.

  22. There is a book out there that i cant remember the name of,written by an ex police man who worked on some high profile cases,its all about behaviours that may save youre life from violent men. What with date rape drugs tasers and the body going into shock it may not help much but someone please find it for me and give it a read.
    I agree that the death penalty will not come back,i wish,so lets all try for life is life,no parol, no chance of release ever,great column.

    • I was in a forum years ago, discussing the same thing — how to protect women from predators

      A policeman posted to say that it was his firm belief that an armed woman — one in possession of a firearm and trained in its use, etc. — was the safest woman. All the rest was ‘window dressing’ he said

      He didn’t mess around. And said all his daughters carried a firearm and attended training regularly, with him as their tutor

  23. When I was in my early twenties, I did a self defense course with my friend. This was a couple of decades ago, but I remember so many things. Like, when I’m walking to my car at night, I carry my keys with one through my fingers like a knife…. it is a handy weapon without actually being one. I always check the backseat to make sure no one is there. If, for some reason I don’t do that and someone is behind me telling me where to go… DO NOT listen to them! Drive to the nearest police station, or a very populated area…. if you can’t do that, crash the car! If you are attacked, go for sensitive spots, eyes, throat, groin…. use what you have…. nails, heels, teeth….I think at the end of the day, we (men and women) need to be wary….

    • A friend in the States teaches TKD and always tells students to do the key thing which he does himself. The other thing is that after you check the back seat and get in your car, lock the bloody doors :-) He said women are known to get into their car and then fiddle about with stuff before driving off, giving potential attackers a chance. And keep doors locked when driving. Ambos tell me they can get in to get you out in a heartbeat so don’t worry about being trapped if you have an accident.

  24. Good idea about the Personal Alarm

    I brought one this weekend from The Personal Security Company.

    Hopefully will make be feel safer

  25. hey, did a bit of googling re any possible Claremont connection.
    The accused separated from his first wife or partner in 1995.
    You’d need someone with access to Centrelink records, electoral rolls or old phone numbers in 1996/97 to check him.
    I’m not convinced the police are onto it. Theres tons of stories about poor police communication between states.

  26. Should he ever see the light of day outside prison again im fairly sure there are people much worse than Mr Bayley that wouldnt mind introducing him to worse than anything he could possibly imagine doing to others. Food for thought, technicality or not he will get what is coming to him.

      • I understand the cost of keeping these vermin incarcerated is something in the order of $300 – $500 (juvenile offenders) a day. I know I could devise a detension system for under $10 a day.

  27. Folks.
    My head is swimming.
    I can’t focus at the moment to read through the above posts properly but I have had a quick scan and I believe that the man described in the God/religious posts is a man called Adrian Edwards that I met at Hakea prison a few years back. To clarify, I wasn’t (nor ever have been) an inmate – I was at Hakea visiting a friend of mine on narcotics charges and my friend ‘Tommo’ had befriended Adrian Edwards who joined us in the visiting room from time to time.
    I was told he was a dangerous violent psychopath but completely bipolar – on the few occasions that I met hiim he was doing his ‘God-thing’ – leading us in prayer, trying to get us to sing hymns and generally just praising the lord at every turn. I believe he was on armed robber charges at the time and I remember his co-accused saying “every time he gets a stint in the slammer he becomes a born-again christian, but then forgets about it the moment he gets out”.

    I noticed that the Adrian Bayley that was arrested in the Meagher case bore markedly similar physical characteristics…. I noted the coincidence at the time but thought nothing of it because they had different surnames. Then, this morning, I read in the paper that “Bayley changed his name from Edwards by deed poll” and I jolted in shock.

    I’m still confused – trying to work out if it’s definitely him or not – can’t really get my head around it because there are a couple of things that don’t seem to add up but then again there are so many other things that do… and as I said, I only met him a few times so probably wouldn’t know enough about him to say for definite anyway. I’m trying to get in touch with my old friend Tommo because he would have a much clearer memory of the guy because he was actually inside with him.

    I’m not sure it really matters though anyway…
    I can’t even really see the point in ringing crimestoppers because surely the cops would know all this.

    • HI, I think I read in someones post here that we’d established that the born again crim was a different Adrian Edwards to this slug
      Its all haunting, hey.

      • yes i saw that too..

        but i still find it uncanny that i thought they look like the same bloke even before i had any idea of the name change

    • If it looks like a dog and wags it tall, its a dog. When you talk to tommo post details please. They got the birthdate wrong same name. Whats the chances honestly. They fuckked everything up so their sure going to f up a birthdate.
      Hakeas in Perth right? What year we talking?

      • Jail is a fukn joke, its more like a summer camp for boys
        Hakea u hav ur own showr, toilet & foxtel
        Altho i did hav to prove myself on the second day(fight someone) if u loose then ur time can b difficult.
        Whilst being happy clappy he was no doubt keeping himself in peak physical condition, dead weights and various martial arts, just a hunch.

    • THANK you for your post. I’m going to save it in fact, in a little file I have running

      Now, if you scroll up a bit, you will see, next to my avatar, a link to a Canberra Times article of yesterday. In that article, a young woman, a nurse, recounts for the media how she was accosted twice by a man who demonstrated what she – a nurse – described as ‘bi polar’ behaviours

      These attacks occured within spitting distance of the police station and very close to where Jill Meagher was abducted. The nurse, until very recently, lived within 50 metres of Jill Meagher, states the article

      After the first and second attacks by the individual who the nurse appears to suspect may have been the accused, the nuse went to the police to report the incidents. She says she was not provided an incident-number, nor was she asked to view identikit pictures. Instead, she said, the local police told her to ‘phone them’ if the guy attacked her again. That’s a commendable police response, isn’t it ?

      IF the police had followed up the nurse’s reports, it’s possible the culprit would have been apprehended and this ghastly tragedy would not have occurred

      There are people posting that the two Adrian Bayley Edwards characters are two entirely different people. They are anxious to nip the information in the bud re: a WA connection. So it’s up to each of us to ask ourselves if we believe such coincidences are likely to occur

      You can list the ‘coincidences’. You can tick or strike them off as you feel is the case

      I’ve done it. I believe there is definitely a connection between the two supposed different guys. There’s every possibility they are the same guys. The one in the news right now has a penchant for changing his name, as we’ve seen.

      Also, when you find the article about the nurse, you will see that the guy she described as ‘bi polar’ told her he had a brother and about how they bashed people, etc. It’s not beyond the realms of possibility that the guy and his brother were changing names to the extent they were using the SAME name, imo. What a ‘smart’ way to stuff up the system, huh ?

      So I haven’t written off what you’ve said and thanks for adding to the discussion, I’m pretty sure your information would be appreciated over on Websleuths, too

      • Here is the link, to save you looking

        September 30, 2012

        An exerpt from the article:

        [quote]STACEY Scaife isn’t the only young Melbourne woman who felt disturbed when the disappearance of 29-year-old Jill Meagher was reported last weekend.
        But as the week wore on and more details emerged, the 23-year-old nurse felt the horror of deep recognition.
        A man had threatened to kill her late one night just two blocks from where Ms Meagher was last seen, and had menaced her in the same spot on an earlier occasion.
        She went to the Brunswick police station after the second incident and described what happened, asking if she could buy pepper spray to defend herself from the ”terrifying” man

        She said no details of the incident were recorded and she was disappointed that police did not make follow-up inquiries or ask her to make an official report.
        When police released CCTV footage last week of Ms Meagher speaking to a man in Sydney Road – her alleged killer – Ms Scaife was prompted to report her encounters again.
        The way the man caught on camera walked, his jeans and his shoes, and his stance when speaking with Ms Meagher, resonated strongly

        On Thursday, she phoned Crime Stoppers to report again the threat made to her 10 months ago, but she has not heard back. Neither Crime Stoppers nor the police have contacted Ms Scaife since.[end quote]


        The Sunday Age yesterday accompanied Ms Scaife to the Brunswick street where she said the confrontation occurred in December.

        She says the man crept up behind her on a dark side-street wearing a black, hooded leather jacket, jeans and white shoes. He ”wrenched” his black leather gloves and told her he was going to strangle her with nunchukkas.

        At the time, Ms Scaife lived in a flat about 500 metres from Jill Meagher, who was abducted in what police have described as an opportunistic, random attack on Sydney Road[end quote]


        Ms Scaife, who moved from Christchurch to Melbourne in mid-2011, said she moved out of Brunswick two weeks ago because she no longer felt safe.
        Ms Scaife says she was with a group of friends when a man with ”gingerish” hair singled her out and started talking to her at a rapid pace about how he used to ”smash people with his brother in a boxing ring”.

        The nurse believed he was either on drugs or having a manic bipolar episode.
        He started to punch and kick the air
        around her, ”pretending like he was in a boxing ring”. When the lights turned green she crossed the street to get away from him.

        About six weeks later, Ms Scaife was with a group of women friends at her flat on the corner of Hope and Breese streets when they decided to catch a train into the city about 11pm.
        The group was walking along the dimly lit Upfield Bike Path towards Anstey railway station when Ms Scaife fell behind the others to send a text message.
        Ms Scaife said the same man ”came up behind me, close to my ear and started talking in a loud whisper”.
        He had black leather gloves, the hood of his black leather jacket was pulled up, he had a backpack, and jeans and white shoes. ”I remember everything,” she said.

        ”He was saying something about nunchukks and strangling me with them. He was talking really fast again like last time and he just kept describing to me how he was going to kill me. He kept saying it over and over, ‘I’m going to kill you’.”
        As he was talking, the man was continuously pulling his gloves up and moving his hands ”like he was imagining strangling someone”.
        ”There was no swear words, it was more just him describing how he was going to do it. It was his voice and the way he was moving his hands. His demeanour was like he was really trying to frighten me. Had I been alone, I think he would have killed me,” she said.

        Her friends were only about five metres ahead of her and came back to try to get the man away from Ms Scaife but he continued to walk ”shoulder to shoulder” with her right up until they entered the busy train station.
        The man was walking alongside her for only about a minute and never touched her, she said.

        Ms Scaife, who walked the same path in the dark on her way to work at a hospital, decided to go to the police.

        Shaken, she said she asked officers at the Brunswick police station where she could buy pepper spray, but was told it was a prohibited weapon.

        She was not asked to make an official complaint but was told to call police from her mobile phone if the man threatened her again.

        Ms Scaife said she was disappointed that the police did not record the incident at the time.

        ”They should have at least taken a description down as it happened in the same area. I’ve never felt safe after it happened. It made me feel bad for her, knowing what she went through and knowing how scared I was,” she said[end quote]

        .September 30, 2012

        • The report from the nurse is worrying. Would be different if police had taken details at the time and now weren’t commenting. Whatever they might have done to speak to her in recent days is too little too late, her whole story is uncanny. JMO

            • Seeming more and more as if it’s Victorian legal system and policing which is on trial here. And they wouldn’t like THAT

              But the public is being informed by the media and lots of stories from women are right there, in the mainstream news. How many similar stories to that of the nurse, the Dutch and French girl and others will be revealed by the media before it’s tipping point?

              These are OUR streets, folks. These are OUR legal systems and police depts. We pay for all of it. We pay for the prisons, the trials, the legal aid, the barristers, the police cars, the forensic labs, thousands of public service employees .. we pay for all of it — the entire edifice. Are we getting our money’s worth ? Your say ….

      • For some reason at websleuths they are completely overlooking the likelihood of other accomplices involved in JM’s murder. Not sure why.

        • Seems Websleuths (who are not required to comply with arcane Aussie ‘laws’ re: discussion, seeing they’re based in the US) are terribly concerned that if they ‘offend’ Australian dictators this time … well gee … they might not ‘ be asked to assist law enforcement in the future ‘

          Are they for real ? LOL LOL LOL LOL

          (laughing at WS admin here, not the posters, who are a good lot )

          • Not all psychos act alone – based in experience. Psycho who abducted me years ago acted alone and with others, as opportunity presented itself.

            He finally made the mistake of stealing a car from a service station. Woman had gone to pay for petrol and left her keys in

            The psycho dumped the car in the middle of a road when he realised there was a baby in the back. The child’s father was a serving policeman from one of Sydney’s larger stations

            They found him in the cells, dead. Rumour had it that the policeman had suffocated him with a plastic bag. Don’t know if that’s true, but he was dead, later buried. No-one was too disturbed about it, not even his own family

        • AJ

          Many Websleuths posters have raised the issue of the vehicles witnessed by neighbours. Not sure if their posts have been removed, but I’ve read them myself

          Seems the police don’t want the public picking at that can of worms

          Tough. We’re picking. This isn’t a private investigation service we’re speaking of — it’s owned and paid for in totality by the taxpayers of this land, who are entitled to transparency

          I think the entire issue of the other cars would have been concealed, if the herioc Herald Sun hadn’t published it

          So we’re asking why the police are claiming they aren’t seeking anyone else in relation the case. We’re asking why – when two to four cars arrived at the house at almost the precise time the accused was arriving there with his victim

          If we didn’t ask ‘why’, we’d be idiots. And the fact is, we are not idiots and we want to know the WHOLE truth, as is our right

    • So proud that 30,000 Melbournians marched today.
      Women and men.
      It says a lot about us, and shows that good people far outnumber the bad.

      • I wonder how many politicains marched, yet fail to institute laws that would prevent habitual predators from roaming the streets.

  28. Jill fought back with her telephone
    and Tom actually helped to find her.

    A telephone is basically a transponder. When you get off a plane and switch your phone back on, it sends out a signal to find the nearest relaying tower so as to connect you back with your service provider. The tower too will broadcast out signals at regular intervals to see what phones are switched on in its area. The owner of the tower wants your business, and so the tower keeps your phone on a list so that you can be easily found if you get a call. When the next tower picks up your signal, it will keep you on ITS list.

    Jill had her phone on and receiving the whole time. Tom was calling her until Jill’s phone went straight to voicemail.
    If Jill’s phone kept ringing, this would have prompted her attacker to throw the phone away or switch it off. The fact that the phone stayed on for so long indicates the phone may have been set for silent receive and not going straight to voicemail. This would mean she could keep her phone hidden from her attacker, but also, if Jill kept her phone on and set for silent, everywhere she was taken would have been recorded by the tower in each area she went into.
    The calls that Tom made ensured that a receive signal was sent to Jill’s phone regardless of the tower’s broadcast signal.
    If Jill kept her phone with her for as long as possible, the police would have been able to retrace her steps, albeit without much accuracy, but it would have been able to give the police a general timeline and an indication of her movements.

    • It has already been established that he took the sim card out and vodaphone helped the police track the phone and they used cctv on the tulla freeway also because of the gps tracking in her phone despite the removal of her sim. It’s in today’s paper.


    Whistleblower … the prisoner was in charge of screening movies in a 55-man unit at Ararat jail / file Source: No credit

    SEXUALLY explicit videos have been shown to some of Victoria’s most notorious sex offenders in their cells at Ararat Prison.

    Brian Jones, the pedophile known as “Mr Baldy”, male witch Robin Fletcher and Robert Lowe, the killer of Sheree Beasley, are among prisoners who have had access to the videos.

    Two of the movies show naked children playing and include close-up pictures of children’s genitals.

    Another, says a former prisoner, is “a full-on rapist’s handbook”.

    The whistleblower prisoner was in charge of screening movies in a 55-man unit at Ararat.

    He was alerted to the content of one of the movies after a sex offender repeatedly asked for it to be replayed.

    “There are some very inappropriate shows that you certainly wouldn’t expect to find in a prison,” he said.

    Corrections Commissioner Kelvin Anderson said the explicit movies had been removed after he was contacted by the Herald Sun.

    He has also ordered a review of all movies available to inmates.

    Mr Anderson said X and R-rated films were banned, but there may be some material which was inappropriate for certain prisoners.

    “We are currently reviewing both reading and viewing materials made available to all prisoners. I will personally oversee this process to ensure proper procedures are put in place,” Mr Anderson said.

    There are more than 500 tapes in the Ararat prison’s video library.

    In addition, a video company provides all Victorian jails with a weekly supply of current-release movies.

    Prisoners are allowed to watch two of the movies a night on small televisions in their cells.

    Other movies are shown by request, mainly at weekends, and are streamed into cells by video billets in each unit.

    Other sex fiends believed to have watched the movies include pedophile priest Gerald Ridsdale and Kenneth Trotter, described by a judge as a callous, sadistic and most heartless human being.

    The Ararat movie library included: Silent Prey, the story of a New York policewoman who goes undercover to investigate rapes in a women’s college and is “seduced by a sexy lesbian student”, it stars a former NYPD policewoman who was sacked after appearing nude in Playboy and The Truce, an Italian movie about a young man’s travels after he leaves a Nazi concentration camp. It includes a scene of him watching boys and girls aged under 10 frolicking naked in a field.

    One of the weekly movies supplied to the prison and shown in all units last year was Before Night Falls, the story of gay Cuban writer Reinaldo Arenas, which includes a scene of a young boy watching naked men and boys in a river. Before Night Falls is advertised as featuring “strong sexual content, some language and brief violence” and also includes gay sex scenes.

    The former Ararat video billet said prison records showed The Truce had spent long periods in the jail’s Wimmera intensive treatment unit, where sex offenders underwent programs intended to address their deviant behaviour.

    “I lost count after 100 when I tried to check how many times it had been shown in Wimmera,” he said.

    “Everyone who’s done the treatment program in recent years would have had access to that video.

    “Any major sex offender was guaranteed to have had access, because there’s not a cell that’s not connected to the video distribution network,” he said.

  30. life of luxury for Rapists and Murderers well done Australia!

    Ararat provides accommodation for prisoners with low to medium protection requirements, including a high proportion (50%) of sex offenders and (50%) protection/special needs prisoners. It includes a treatment facility for sex offenders, the Wimmera Unit.
    Address: PO Box 431 Ararat VIC 3377
    Telephone: (03) 5352-2111 Fax: (03) 5352-4404
    Capacity: 397 Prisoners
    Security Rating: Medium
    History: The opening of Ararat in 1967 allowed the closure of Ballarat Prison. Built at an initial cost of $1.25m, an ongoing redevelopment program has included a new external security fence, new kitchen and mess room, major industries complex, new accommodation and program areas, and a new Visit Centre. The prison is located 200 km west of Melbourne.
    Accommodation: Ararat consists primarily of single, two and three bed accommodation, with single bed accommodation in the Wimmera Sex Offenders Intensive Treatment Unit.

  31. disgusting what reasoning and rationale is behind this stuff, give them hard labour not lying round all day masterbating, sick.
    The public should know this stuff.

  32. If someone can get a hard on raping a woman or fiddling with kids, there is no amount of rehabilitation that can fix their minds. the involuntary response that comes from what sexually excites woman & men is natural, think about what turns you on men & women be it boobs a six pack a great arse or the sexual acts you love etc etc… now tell yourself its wrong & never feel it again…impossible…you will have the same sexual response
    .Society needs to stop kidding itself that these people can be reprogrammed they cannot, they should just be removed from society & culled how may chances did this prick have, how many times does he have to offend before society says enough is enough LIFE or Death. They do not belong in society, how this prick was within the community after his previous offenses beggars belief.
    Maybe websites like this should list local offenders and be searchable just so you can avoid the futters

    • Great post, John

      Great idea

      This tragedy has been the catalyst for change

      Change in sentencing

      Change in 11th century protection of repeat offenders when brought before a jury

      Change in policing

      Change in legislation instructing the ludicrous maximum limits for sentencing

      Life to mean LIFE. ‘Never to be released’ means ‘Never to be released’. If you cannot understand what such simple terms mean — get OFF our payroll. Now !

      Change to hobbling of judges who wish to impose far more severe sentences in the interests of the voting, TAX paying public

      Change in parole boards and their anonymous power to put scum back on the streets to repeat offend. In fact I’d like to see complete eradication of parole boards and the way to achieve that is for parole board members and their decisions to be public knowledge, online and elsewhere, alongside the scum they toss back at we the public

      Changes across the boards re: the legal process which currently favours crims

      Introduction of a two strikes and you’re in the clink for life, no exceptions, no appeals, no parole – for violent criminals, offences against the person and sex offenders including the universally despised paedophile community

      The lids are being RIPPED OFF now

      The justice/legal process is exposed to be a can of stinking worms

      Included in the necessary and unavoidable changes must come recognition by the legal fraternity/justice system that GONE is the behind-closed-door shenanigans which have kept the paying public in ignorance and confusion

      It’s OVAH guys. Over. You’ve had a thousand years of strutting your capes and wigs. MOVE OVER — the power of the people demands you step aside and learn to embrace instantaneous, universal communication. It is not going away. It’s what was needed to put this world to rights. Wearing blinkers won’t save your archaic systems and secret deals. Everything belongs to everyone now, courtesy of the world wide web. We watch you. WE judge YOU. We PAY you and now we see what you do. And we don’t like it. The net is forcing transparency. The net will bring true justice. You will be held to account and this very moment you ARE being held to account

      We want to know why dangerous, predatory, murderous scum are released from OUR prison systems. You are responsible here, for what’s gone down. We will make you hang your heads in shame. And we’ll make you pay. The power is OURS now. So quit stalling and amend current legislation to accept social media instead of trying to fight the tide and Time. You bastards had a good run. Now you’re through

  33. Sex Offenders and Violent Predators should be listed in a public forum that anyone can access, imagine how many more could be caught or even stopped with a little bit of public access. After all the accused was on parole and convicted of rape MANY times.

    • Yes. I agree. All thinking people agree

      Would also like to know why MAKO Files did NOT include this latest bastard in their online, freely accessible website, alongside all the other sick excuses for humanity

      I suspect MAKO was monstered and forced to either remove him, or was warned beforehand not to include him

      If that’s the case, MAKO, you are gutless and a fraud. If you are compromised, get offline and stop wasting people’s time

      If MAKO was monstered and forced to remove/not include this latest accused, we deserve to know WHO was behind the cover up. Because I very much suspect this latest accused sub-human has been enjoying high level protection for most of his stinking life

    • “THE man charged with the rape and murder of ABC Radio employee Jill Meagher is a father of four who once worked as a pastry chef and has a history of using prostitutes.

      Adrian Ernest Bayley, who was known as Adrian Edwards before he legally changed his name 12 years ago, had been living in a granny flat in a quiet, tree-lined street of Coburg in Melbourne’s north before his arrest on Thursday.”

      It is him… the same guy.

    • YES !!

      Good ON you, Herald Sun !!! Never heard of you until this case but to me, you are the HERO of the people. You have consistently exposed the ROT behind Victorian legal system and incompetence in Vic police

      NOW the people of this nation can see what goes on in prisons, under the eyes of ALL those well-paid suits whom we employ to ‘reform’ and ‘rehabilitate’ the scum you leisurely drag off our streets

      And the people of the world are now getting a true view of this country and the corruption and mismanagement which are endemic

      Herald Sun, you are HEROES

      And get on your bike, Corrections Commissioner Kelvin Anderson. Get on your freaking bike ! I’d like to see a refund from you for ALL the money we’ve paid you to run our prisons — which we ALSO pay for — to be run like BROTHELS

      I want a refund produced for all the video FILTH you’ve allowed convicted repeat offender paedophiles to masturbate to in the comfort of the cells we ALSO pay for !

      And I want YOU, Corrections Commissioner Kelvin Anderson — and ALL your CORRUPT PRISON STAFF to be brought before the bench and charged and sentenced for your VILE crimes against this nation and its taxpaying VOTING citizens

      You BASTARDS !

    • Thank you. Here is the link.

      From this newspaper article:
      “Adrian Ernest Bayley, who was known as Adrian Edwards before he legally changed his name 12 years ago, had been living in a granny flat in a quiet, tree-lined street of Coburg in Melbourne’s north before his arrest on Thursday.

      As neighbours yesterday expressed their shock at discovering the man they had seen, but had rarely if ever spoken to, had been charged over Ms Meagher’s abduction and death, details began to emerge about Mr Bayley’s life.

      The 41-year-old had an emotionally and physically abusive childhood, and a violent and fractured relationship with his father for many years.

      He did an apprenticeship as a pastry chef and has found work in that role over the years.
      Mr Bayley married at the age of 18 when his partner fell pregnant and the couple had two children before separating in 1995.

      Mr Bayley then began a new relationship which also produced two children.

      Within a few years, he began to visit the prostitutes in Melbourne’s red-light district of St Kilda.

      Mr Bayley had been living in Coburg for only a few months, after moving from the outer western suburb of Wyndham Vale.


    I came across this 99cent app designed for android & iPhones today which if you own one you might find to be an empowering & worthwhile investment to make. I wouldn’t have thought to buy an alarm (that is until Rob strongly suggested to do so in a link… (BTW Thank you sooo much for that helpful, practical, simple & potentially life saving advice!) I thought it was important to at least put it out there…sharing is caring!
    I know its not a gun or pepper spray, but at least it is something! It’s the Daniel Morcombe Foundation ‘Help Me’ App. A great way to not only help keep kids safe, but assist people of all ages, from 7 to 97, covering all kinds of personal emergency situations!

    Here is just a brief extract (from a totally different website!) to give you a quick run down & basic idea of what its all about. I hope you find this to be a useful link that helps in some way.

    The murder of  Australian teen Daniel Morcombe – brutally killed eight years ago –  was an horrific tragedy that may have been prevented if help and technology were at hand. Now, Morecombe’s parents have developed a safety app  for iOS to help other teens in dangerous situations.

    Bruce and Denise Morcombe – committed child-safety advocates – spent months developing their HELP ME app that can be found in iTunes

    HELP ME ($0.99) is packed with safety features, including a panic button that kids can press if they feel threatened; this sends an SMS alert to two nominated contacts with information on the sender’s exact location.

    The app also lets users document and record unusual activity, such as car number plates, identifiable evidence of potential suspects and other relevant information. There’s also a host of useful resources, including emergency phone numbers, safety tips and educational material.

    HELP ME can be used by adults too, particularly in the evrnt of suspicious activity. Any information recorded via the app, could later be used as part of a witnes account in the courts.

    Mr Morcombe thinks that an aid like HELP ME could have saved his son’s life.

    “We’ve come back to, ‘What is it that would have helped Daniel?’ One thing was a phone and the option of conveying, ‘I feel threatened’,” he said. ” ‘Run’ would have been our first instruction to Daniel. But then when he was at a safe location, maybe 200m down the road, he could have pushed a button on his phone that would have sent a message saying, ‘I am here and I need help urgently’.”

    Just for the record, Truck driver Brett Peter Cowan was arrested last year in relation to Daniel’s murder, after the teen’s remains were found in the Glass House Mountains.

    • Brett Peter Cowan aka Cohen is on MAKO files

      Prior convictions. Bleeding 7 year old. Imprisonment. Early release

      Same old story

      How did our nation fall victim to taxpayer paid enablers ? They’re paid to protect and serve

  35. Why are people jumping up and down about social media and prejudicing the case? I believe journalists began tweeting warnings as it is important that -they- (and not people on the street) don’t widely report his priors as they’re not admissible in this case if it goes to trial.

    But for some stupid reason PEOPLE ON THE STREET have jumped on this shit about ‘prejudicing the case! social media! omg be careful! nobody can know anything about (it)! People here cut and pasting messages like sheep— get real!

    The Herald Sun reported that he has a history of violence. The Geelong Addy article mentioned the judge saying that he has a history of sexual violence. It is well known.

    It is also well known that he confessed and led them to poor Jill. So most likely–no trial, just a jump to sentencing and hopefully a heavy sentence because this was despicable, and people will be up in arms if he is out in the foreseeable future.

    So I think that this site is a good thing– a place to share and get detail. Newspapers are slow– I know this personally through experience — it takes them a while to keep up with rapidly updating cases like this. Yes, there’s rumour and name calling and some unsavoury elements, but after thinking about this and reading this thread, I’m glad it is here. For people to get their anger out. I just bought some personal alarms, and have been touched by the stories on this site.

    So to people bleating about prejudicing the case: fucking wake up! This monster should not have been on the streets. The overstressed, burdened down, insulated legal system failed a beautiful woman. She was let down by so many people and organisations. Try to change this, before it hits closer to home than Brunswick.

    Rest in peace lovely Jill.

    • Lovely to see you here, Law Student

      We feel as you do. We’re people of the streets and suburbs in every town, city and State in this land. And joining us are similarly sane individuals from around the world, all speaking as you have, all refusing to bow down to hysteria

      As you and we know, people have *always* discussed such cases – in the home, over the back fence, over coffee in the kitchen, at bar-b-ques, outside school grounds, on trains and buses, in the workplace. Now we use the net, but it’s the same thing and in addition permits us to speak with people from all over the world

      The legal system will accept it because there’s no turning back and any attempt to suppress and dictate is doomed to fail

      The powers that be should be thanking their lucky stars that the populace has sought only to pay respects to Jill Meagher through peaceful, well-intentioned street marches instead of storming the citadels of power demanding the heads of those paid by the public who are *actually* to blame for the monster in question

      We know where the blame lies, where it should be placed. And now, a few posts above, we learn from the heroic Herald Sun that monsters who live from the sweat of our backs are free to indulge their perversions in the jails built from our taxes. Did you know serious offenders are provided two movies of their choice, per night, in the comfort of their own cells? I didn’t know that, let alone the fact that prisoners throughout this land are free to watch hard core and kiddie porn at the same time we’re paying FOOLS who pretend to be ‘rehabilitating’ these aberrations of humanity

      This all has to stop. All of it. We the people, in this and other online fora and in every office, street, bus, train, tuckshop, canteen etc. in this land have had enough — enough of light sentences, early parole, brothel-type prisons with billion dollar budgets and crazed monsters being released into our neighbourhoods

      If the biggest thing the Victorian legal system has to worry about is a mistrial, it better think again. That’s the LEAST of its worries. And threatening the taxpaying, voting public with the possibility of a mistrial is a joke in light of the fact this particular criminal has been thumbing his nose at the legal system AND the public which pays for it, for most of his sorry life. If they declare a mistrial justified by social media, they’ll find that piece of scum in pieces on some Victorian courthouse step. And then the legal system will have the public to deal with, right across the board, regarding all the other stuff-ups to be placed at the door of an utterly disgusting, incompetent and corrupt joke of a system of law

  36. Hi…I’ve been keeping a keen watch on this thread for days…being a ‘dummy-sleuth’ though, I am interested as to why it is preferable that we believe that Bayley acted alone. Can you please shed some light.

    • A cabbie shrugged over the question and offered: ‘ Maybe the cars reported arriving at the accused’s house at that particular night, under those particular circumstances (woman probably bound and helpless) — were plain clothes cops “. And he didn’t mean in the line of duty

      It’s stuck with me. Especially as the police seem to be studiously avoiding the entire matter, with their ‘We are not seeking anyone else in relation to the crime’

  37. single bed accommodation in the Wimmera Sex Offenders Intensive Treatment Unit.
    “Everyone who’s done the treatment program in recent years would have had access to that video.

    “Any major sex offender was guaranteed to have had access, because there’s not a cell that’s not connected to the video distribution network,” he said.

    The State of Victoria responsible for her death untimately!!!!

    • Agreed

      Sentencing judges

      Parole boards

      Prison quacks who declared him ‘fit for the streets’

      Police who should have kept tabs on him, who couldn’t have failed to have known his record and location. And who ignored the nurse when she reported she’d twice been threatened by him in the same vicinity

  38. Adrian Ernest Bayley did ALL of his prior prison sentences in Ararat Prison…enough he goes to Barwon Prison as rapist and of luxury tax payer funded!

    • Woe betide the next bastard who decides to release him back to the community

      Solitary confinement. No muscle-enhancing drugs or supplements. No release. No arty-farty pretensions of ‘rehabilitation’ (and anyway, he’s already laughed in their faces and publicly recounted how he fooled them into deciding he was ‘rehabilitated’ and ‘remorseful’

      I hope he’s dead soon. I’m out of patience with this crap. Same as at school — the time-wasting morons always took up the teachers’ time and energy at the rest of the classes expense

      Let’s get a society back on track where the interests of the majority take precedence over the minorities. I’m sick of zio rule

  39. Emotion is running high here – as well it should.

    However, I reiterate my earlier post about the importance of the extraordinary scenes of thousands upon thousands of people taking to the streets of Melbourne in support of Jill and justice.

    I can’t recall having seen anything like it.

    Rest assured that the powers that be will have noticed that ordinary citizens have been galvanized into action this time….and in huge numbers.

    Politicians, the judiciary and even the police will ignore that at their peril.

    • It was an amazing thing to ever come from a tragedy.
      A friend sent me this post on fb tonight:
      We took a walk on Sydney road tonight and lit a candle, some incense – we all feel violated in our liberty by this tragedy. In the heart of the bridal walk we felt such an archetypal attack on the feminine as we walked in her last footsteps. Heart breaking

  40. Wow… after following this case since it broke, I have found more about this scumbag here than anywhere else. I guess what I’m struggling the most with is why do some of you think he didn’t act alone? Why has there been no mention of the cars arriving at it’s house at the same time the attack was occuring? I believe the authorities knew far more early than they led us to believe, To the point where they made up the bullshit “if we release this footage, and she is alive it might anger the perp and he might do something”. At this time they new she had been killed, but I feel they just needed the confimation from the public on who this guy was. As they stated they had been watching him from when the footage was released. The whole things makes me sick. I’ve been in the same situation as this young lady 100 times.. A few, or a few too many after work drinks, along with a short walk home. Sadly, if it wasn’t JM, it would have been someone else daughter, wife, mother, or friend.
    I’d be shocked if this gets to a trial before a jury. He’s obviously led them to her body, he’ll just plead guilty and hopefully get life. Speaking off leading them to her, did he actually go with them? Is that where the footage came from of him in that back of the car? Or did he just give them the location. I don’t know if this has been mentioned??
    In other news it’s late, i live on my own and now i’m scared to go to bed. Awesome! Thanks!

    • I’m a bit confused by your comments Intrigued – you say they were hesitant to release the footage in case it angered the perp so he would ‘do something’ (meaning to the victim?) – but at the same time you say they knew she had been killed… so why wait to move in on him?… and if they had already been watching him as a suspect, why did they need ‘confirmation’ from the public before arresting him? As a known sexual offender, why would they need to wait for this confirmation? I don’t think they were watching him at all, but only sussed who he was after several women identified him by, or contributed to, an identikit picture of him… then they figured out who he was and made their arrest. As for the cars at his place… two neighbours claimed they saw/heard two to four cars pull up at his place at around 2am on the Sat morning but didn’t think anything of it – this was reported in a couple of news reports immediately after his arrest, but it hasn’t been expanded upon and the police have not commented on it, only to say they are not seeking anyone else involved in the crime. I have no idea why these cars pulling up are being ignored/dismissed by the police. Of course, there was also early on (before he was identified) a mention of other CCTV footage that apparently showed him running towards her, another man behind, and a car doing a U-ey… again, this has not been commented on by the police and no further mentions in news reports. Some kind of cover-up? I don’t know. Perhaps if he had some mates involved the police don’t want to put the scarers on them but would rather they think they are home free so they are easier to track down and arrest? Or perhaps that footage was just a rumour in the first place, and perhaps the cars pulling up outside his place were found to be actually for another neighbour … Who knows? I only hope we get to find out at some stage!

      • Sorry, I should have made my point a little clearer, I’m saying the police said there reasoning for not releasing the footage sooner was not to antagonise a perp. And they said they released the footage because they were quite certain JM had already been murdered at that point. The aim for releasing was to get confirmation and/ or witnesses. I read (and clearly not always accurate) that they had been following the alleged from Wednesday afternoon. Footage was released much the same time. Did they follow him so he wouldn’t run, attack again?? I think they already knew. Or did they release the footage in case she was still alive? And he would panic and take them to her??? I guess my point is they already knew who it was. Another point… And again please correct me if I’m wrong. But didn’t the neighbour who witnessed the cars at 2am, didn’t he witness police cars??? Wasn’t it reported that the police arrived to his house at 2am? I’ll need to check that again. What were they doing? Had he already to menacing in the area that night?? Or like someone else said… Did Jill’s brother call Tom, who called police/ Vodafone… To track the last known location?? When he went back for a shovel, or did he already have a shovel?? Seems a little too quick to be able to do everything in. I believe he acted alone… Although very interested to hear others opinions on that issue. This whole ordeal has rocked Melbourne, but great to see that people care and are interested in the logistics / forensic sides of the story.

      • Here is the link to the article mentioning the other CCTV footage, in the Melbourne Age newspaper from Thur. 27/09/12.

        “Police would also not confirm reports that new CCTV footage has emerged showing a man in a blue hooded jumper running after Mrs Meagher along Sydney Road in Brunswick just moments before she vanished.

        As the search for the 29-year-old enters its sixth day, police said they could not comment on claims that new vision given to police also shows a car performing a sudden U-turn while the man in the blue jumper runs after her.

        An unidentified witness told News Limited that the footage shows the Irish national walking unsteadily along Sydney Road in the early hours of Saturday morning, as the car turned around and the man ran towards her. A second man was walking some distance ahead, the witness said.

        A trader on Sydney Road is believed to have given the footage to police, prompting officers to approach every shop along that section of the busy road to see if they had CCTV cameras.
        The new claims come after detectives yesterday released footage from a Sydney Road bridal shop, Duchess Boutique”

        Also this thoughtful article on the investigation with perhaps a reason why they have not released all CCTV footage?

        “A telling consideration was that as his face was not shown clearly, [in 'The Duchess' boutique clip] the release of the footage could not be seen to bias a jury if the hoodie suspect was ultimately charged”.

        • This sentence absolutely amazes me:

          “A trader on Sydney Road is believed to have given the footage to police, prompting officers to approach every shop along that section of the busy road to see if they had CCTV cameras.”

          I can only hope it’s a case of poor paraphrasing on the part of the journalist, because if that is not the case, may I ask WHY THE FCK did the police need to be “prompted” to approach the shops and ask if they had CCTV????? Surely that would be one of the FIRST lines of inquiry to come to mind?? I just don’t/won’t/can’t believe that the decision to approach shops for CCTV footage was inspired entirely as a result of the dress-shop owners voluntary tendering of his footage..

          • Agreed.
            This is an interesting insight also.

            “The community probably also don’t know that the numbers of police involved in the Jill Meagher investigation is relatively small, perhaps just two dozen.

            That covers detectives from Moreland CIU and elsewhere, uniform officers, forensic investigators, members of the missing persons unit, analysts, and crime scene examiners.

            As in many organisations, resources are a scarce.

            Compare our approach for instance to the UK, where in a homicide investigation, they will put a superintendent in charge of an investigation and would saturate a case with 30-50 investigators early on, to really assault a case and break the back of the investigation.

            Unfortunately we haven’t gone down that path. We tend to get along with the handful of detectives, and if it escalates, might get people in from other areas, including calling on the SES to assist with searches, etc.”

            • HOW many million is spent on prisoners in Victorian prisons each year? So they can loll around watching hard and kiddy porn before raping each other ? HOW many millions of our dollars ?

              Well, I’m sure the public can point to STACKS of money being wasted which might be diverted and used to buy more police to protect we the taxpayers, the voters, the majority

          • Could it be because they believed they HAD the culprit and were scouring his home forensically and allowing media to film them coming and going with big ‘forensics’ written across their backs and emerging with huge but almost empty bags of evidence in their hands ? It’s said that when police permit themselves to be filmed by the media that way, that they are subtly pointing the finger at the primary ‘person of interest ‘

            In the Joanna Yeates case in the UK a couple of years ago (young woman went missing, out of character, found dead not far away eventually) it was the same story. Traders told media that they’d been contacted by police after quite a while and were asked to view their own cctv and take anything that looked important down to the station. I kid you not. The cctv which police did release to the media concentrated on a pizza and two bottles of cider purchased by the victim in a local store. For weeks, the ‘missing pizza’ was the central pole of the investigation. ‘Where’s the pizza?’ became the call

            Next, they grabbed her landlord, a sixty-ish retired professor and held him for several days while the media conducted a witch hunt of him, ridiculing him to the roof for his appearance and eccentricities. They conducted a cursory search of the victim’s flat. Several days later, they conducted another search and removed items like carpet, etc. They were forced to release the indignant landlord who later sued them

            All along, the perp was a neighbouring tenant of the victim, or so it’s claimed. I actually don’t believe they got the right guy, but it’s history now

            But between whizzing around the snow in the comfort of heated police cars and holding press conferences and sticking around the incident room snaffling coffee and rolls, they didn’t have time to question local traders, despite the last known whereabouts of the victim was the street leading to her house and to get there she had to pass dozens of businesses and bars. Too busy to door-knock traders until the lead had gone cold. Too busy to collect cctv and instead asked traders (middle of Christmas rush) to review their own cctv and ‘ to take anything interesting ‘ down to the station. True. They expected traders to do the work and leave their businesses and stand in line at the police station desk, cctv in a bag, until someone could come and take it from them. Anyone who’s ever run a business during Christmas New Year trading can envisage the situation

            Too busy to check the contents of garbage bins until AFTER they’d been emptied. And so on. A litany of incompetence. Like Keystone Cops

            TV and movies give the public a false view of the way police work — a rose-coloured glasses impression

            • BB, the police stated that they were running two parallel investigations, presumably one was for the husband and one for an unknown suspect. They also said that Tom as was taken off the suspect list on Tuesday afternoon after the “revealing” evidence the CCTV tape gave them. So whatever they saw on the tape on Tuesday was a real revelation and changed the course of the investigation dramatically. I think they knew exactly who their man was the minute they viewed that tape.

  41. Crims cost $90k each at Geelong jails

    EVERY prisoner in Geelong’s jails is costing us almost $90,000 a year, according to Corrections Victoria.

    More than $55.2 million was spent to house the 624 prisoners at Marngoneet Correctional Centre and Barwon Prison, near Lara, between June 2009 and June 2010.

    The average operating expenditure per prisoner was $242.65 a day, which included security, food and accommodation.

    Crime Victims Support Association president Noel McNamara said the cost was outrageous.

    “Why should we pay for them?” he said.

    “They get the best food, they don’t go to work, they sit back and watch television.

    “They get it too easy and that is why they keep going back.”

    Mr McNamara said inmates should be forced to pay for the cost of their incarceration.

    “Bring on the chain gangs, they should be working around the floods,” he said.

    “And if they can’t pay it, they should pay it back when they get out.”

    The Corrections Victoria dhstatistics for the 2009 financial year also showed a surge in the number of inmates.

    Barwon Prison’s population peaked at 350 in June 2010, up from 271 prisoners in June 2009.

    The new inmates included 12 murders, 26 sex offenders, five drug criminals and two prisoners charged with traffic offences.

    Marngoneet Correctional Centre’s population rose by 29 inmates, who would now be out of jail because they had only six months remaining on their sentence.

    Convicted terrorists and gangland figures, including some Barwon inmates, created “complexities to prison management”, according to the report.

    The cost of Geelong jails will continue to rise when a new accommodation unit opens in the Marngoneet Correctional Centre later this year, housing a further 80 inmates.

    Who’s in our jails

    Murderers: 78

    Sex offenders: 39

    Robbery and Extortion: 41

    Offences against property: 63

    Offences against government or unlawful possession of a weapon: 44

    Drug offenders: 25

    Traffic offenders: 7

    Sentence length

    Unsentenced: 6

    Less than 12 months: 38

    1 to 5 years: 126

    5 to 10 years: 70

    Over 10 years: 110

    Source: Corrections Victoria June 30 2010

    • But they haven’t listed how many psychotic repeat offenders are enjoying life outside the prison system. I can think of one right now who enjoyed a charmed existence right under the noses of seemingly disinterested police, even when he was reported for twice stalking a complete strangers all through the environs walked regularly by JM

  42. ACCUSED rapist and killer Adrian Ernest Bayley will receive the state’s highest level of protection in jail amid fears he will be attacked by other inmates.

    The Herald Sun can reveal Jill Meagher’s death has been met with fury, with some prisoners wanting to kill him while others have prayed for her during a church service at the Metropolitan Remand Centre.

    Prison officers have been warned not to use social media to vent views about Ms Meagher’s death after posts were found on Facebook.

    Mr Bayley, who faces danger from other inmates because of the high profile and nature of the case, may be moved as early as today.

    “Even the crooks are saying they want to kill him because she was an innocent,” a prison source said.

    Ms Meagher’s husband, Tom, and Victoria Police Deputy Commissioner Graham Ashton on Friday called on the public not to post inappropriate messages on social-network sites, fearing that they could jeopardise court proceedings.

    Mr Bayley was arrested at his Coburg home on Thursday and, after being interviewed, took detectives to Ms Meagher’s body – found in a shallow grave off Black Hill Rd in Gisborne South.

    He was remanded on Friday morning to Melbourne Custody Centre then later moved to the Metropolitan Assessment Prison in Spencer St after a filing hearing at Melbourne Magistrates’ Court.

    The gym junkie, 41, underwent a psychological evaluation on arrival and was put under observation in the protection unit. It is believed drugs were not in his system.

    The major offenders’ unit, which handles high-profile and gangland inmates, has been assigned to handle his placement.

    He is likely to be transferred to the MRC or Barwon Prison.

    In a mark of the significance of Ms Meagher’s death, 40 inmates prayed for her at mass with chaplain Joe Caddy.

    “One of the prisoners asked to pray for Jill,” Fr Caddy said.

    • Ha

      Bastards are really rubbing salt in the public’s faces now, aren’t they ? The so-called authorities, I mean

      As to the 40 prisoners seeking permission to pray for JM — do me a favour. We’ve heard from the accused how he played the system like a fiddle with nonsense such as this. I don’t ask anyone’s permission to pray — does the average person? If they were so concerned, they could pray in their cells, on the loo, or instead of viewing those nightly porn videos. But if they ‘ask’ to pray — looks nice on their record. The ‘rehabilitators’ and prison shrinks would highlight that in lolly-pink in their glowing reports to the parole board

  43. BB, in response to your post of September 30, 2012 at 4:54 pm “What sort of corrupt half-wits are running our legal system ?”
    …. Exactly. And what a shame that wasn’t the reason behind or the question/statement being made by the thousands of people walking down Sydney Road today.

    • We could/should re-create the walk in any state as neccessary.
      am IN, that’s for sure.
      We need to keep an eye on trials like this one, see the outcome and start from right here.

      • Ideally, we should start with the records going back decades

        Hopefully this will give Victoria it’s own Fitzgerald enquiry

        particulary after the revelations about hard porn and kiddy porn being freely available to repeat sex offenders and paedophiles within Victorian jails

    • Alan you are right about our legal system. It needs to be rebuilt from the ground up. The current masters of this system do not want change because it will financialy disadvantage the legal industry. Accountability will mean that lawyers will earn less money. The processing of legal matters will be cheaper quicker and more accurate. Go to Annett Marfording`s report. Civil Litigation in New South Wales:
      Empirical and Analytical Comparisons with Germany Annette Marfording Ann Eyland.
      Link to
      This report was created by the University of Sydney and hidden by the Australian Legal Industry.
      It is a comparitive study of our adversarial legal system as against the european inquisitorial Truth seeking legal system. The people who are at the top of the legal system have also infiltrated our governments are only interested in money and power.
      The development of Australian families such as Jills family are not part of their mission.
      Somebody needs to submitt a complaint to our Ombudsman about the magistrate, the parol board and the legal aid lawyer that represented him on the assult charge where the parol issue was some how omitted?
      The complaint could go to Michael Mgarvie our Legal Services CommissionerHis response or lack their of would only add to the pile of evidence already available on how corrupt our legal proffession has become. To the point that we have now reached.

    • My sentiments exactly alan k. The protests need to have direct purposes. The call for safety is just a result of the leniency in sentencing – the core cause has to be dealt with. Throw the book at serious offenders.

  44. I am appauled that people are calling for the introduction of the death penalty. This case is tragic, but to have this cruel punishment hanging over all our heads is no solution.
    The alleged perp. obviously has issues in controlling his sexual urges. This is a reality that the justice system chose to ignore by releasing him into society.
    The penal system must share responsible for this crime. Where is the investigation into why the alleged perp. was on the streets?
    Forget baying for his blood, when will the calls for a justice system to be made fit for purpose begin?

    • The death penalty doesn’t disturb me one whit in certain instances

      However, you’re speaking of widely voiced cries for the return of the DP. Natural, isn’t it, when the blood and death of an innocent and worthwhile individual has been tossed in a shallow grave in the bush ?

      People want RID of killers. They don’t want them breathing the same air as the rest of us. They want to CLEANSE the world of the killer and his crime. I find that to be a perfectly natural response. A healthy response

      Life is not sacred, no matter what anyone claims. Millions of aborted foetuses attest to that. Millions of civilians killed in phony wars for profit attest to that. The same people who whine about the death penalty think nothing of taking a morning-after abortion pill, or of going for an abortion at lunchtime because a pregnancy would be ‘inconvenient’ and would disrupt their plans to go to Bali next month. ‘ Anyway’, they rationalise, ‘ I don’t even know who the father is. Could be X or could be Y. And I’m not maternal ‘

      The execution of a perverted repeat killer does not disturb me. I also want the world cleansed of such creatures. There are eight billion and growing on this little globe. Tell me why we should put monsters in cupboards and minister to their needs? I’d rather save one of those abandoned kiddies and spend the money on that. I’d rather see the money spent on sterilization, on condoms, on anti-drink campaigns, on beautifying the streets, on saving whales, etc.

      Funny thing is, the governments of this nation are actually terrified of calls for a return to the death penalty. They’re terrified. In WA, after a particularly horrendous multiple murder (entire family, little girls raped, etc.) the WA govt. held secret night time sittings and decided to withhold details and the true extent of the crimes FROM the public, because they were so afraid that if the public knew the truth, people would *demand* a return to the death penalty. So the media was unable to print the truth.

      The average person agrees with the death penalty. And now it’s been learned that prisoners in multi-million dollar prisons are sitting in their cells each night free to view hard and kiddy porn, the public is going to be more convinced these creatures need to be eliminated rather than pampered. I have a fair idea who’s behind the push to create sexual monsters from prisoners. They’re the same cultish group who produce, star in and distribute porn around the globe. But the average person isn’t interested in that and won’t be until monsters like the guy who killed JM are filling our streets and by then, it will all be too late

      Those whom many wish to see executed are considered beyond redemption, such as a certain accused in the news right now. How many chances should someone be given? Why was he given so many? Why was he on the streets? Why didn’t all the ‘rehabilitation’ take with him? Why no improvement, despite the hundreds of thousands of taxpayers’ money that’s been spent on him one way and another? When is enough enough?

      No, wouldn’t bother me if they executed repeat violent and sexual offenders. They’d be better off dead, imo. Better for them and much better for the rest of us. Hand them back to God so we can go back to work and struggling through with one less menace to worry about. Just my opinion

      • Anyway, there will not be a return to the death penalty, not in our lifetimes most likely. Instead, we’ll condemn kids to death in phony wars because they needed a job so badly they signed on with the armed services. They come home in body bags. And we accept that. The same people who hold midnight vigils when some perverted, twisted serial killer has finally exhausted his appeals and cost the nation millions of dollars in the process and is at last scheduled for execution, think nothing of learning another dozen young people have been blown to pieces in another phony war overseas, do they. No, much more melodramatic to sit out in the dark waving stupid candles around and chanting about ‘Free the serial killer’

        Want to know about the REAL death penalty? Why not look at the number of people in this country who’re killed by truckers. Nice suburban mums taking the kids to soccer. They end up unrecognisable, along with their kids because wrong time, wrong place and a truckie on speed is hurrying to get goods from A to B to keep his job, even though he hasn’t slept for 25 hours. And the boss of Big Trucks is a great donor to political parties and is member of so many prestigious boards and rubs shoulders with Prime Ministers. He’s a killer. A monster. For profit. His minions are truckies, some good, some insane pieces of worthless shite. And between them, they’re responsible for hundreds of deaths and thousands of mutilations and ruined lives, each year

        Take a good look around at who’s doing the killing in this country. There are death penalties being enacted every hour — by doctors, hospitals, care workers, psychiatric staff, child welfare departments, drug dealers, big industry, Big Pharma, etc. etc. Look at what you and your kids are eating. Find out the true dangers in fluoride in your water and toothpaste and table salt. Check Nanna’s arthritis medication. Research the truth about chemotherapy. Executions being conducted every hour of every day

        Return of the death penalty is nothing. Won’t happen and even if it did, by some miracle, you’d be lucky to see one excuted felon every ten years, after millions had been spent on the waste of space. Far bigger problems to worry about than a return of the death penalty. Far bigger. Watch yourself on the roads, huh ?

        • Loads of points.
          Answering just one-I dont think the average person agrees with the death penalty at all. Sounds like all the people you speak with might since you’ve said so. None of my friends, family colleagues of acquaintances do though. Everyone I know who went to the peace march yesterday was walking for non violence.

          • KatyM, that’s my point in another thread. We can’t reduce certain kinds of violence without keeping some people off the streets indefinitely. The sentences need to fit the crime. People serving less than 10 years for murder? It’s a joke. Without the kind of sentencing that can keep certain types of criminals (JM’s murderer for example) off the streets for a very long time or until they die, then we are fighting a losing battle.

      • I agree BB. Even in the US, where in some states they still have death sentence, that sentence is given to only the worst of the worst. And they are usually on death row for many years beforehand. More than enough chance to prove their innocence if they can. Its not like it is handed out willy nilly like Malaysia and Indonesia for example.

  45. Have just found this great blog and have been following the case. It is absolutely shocking that he was allowed to remain on this streets to commit this crime, with all his previous crimes. I mean wtf!! On a positive note this should be the catalyst for change so that this is never allowed to happen again.

    May I just also add that I am absolutely amazed and overwhelmed when I read about the 30,000 people marching through Brunswick. What amazing people you are and just because of one scumbag your reputation as great people and country has not changed and has gone up in my estimation.

    Thank you from Ireland

  46. People calling for the death penalty is all well and good, but is very unlikely to happen. And personally I think this is letting them off lightly.

    Over in this part of the world there has been a lot of discussion about chemically castrating(as much as id prefer physical castration) rapists and paedos. I think this is what needs to be done after ONE offence. You lose the right to sexuality if you destroy another persons.

    If Bayley was chemically castrated as a condition of his parole Jill would still be alive today

    • I’m committed to non violence. I dont see that the death penalty has reduced crime on other countries who use it, and I dont see how bringing in the death penalty would honor the memory of Jill.
      Chemical castration, though….I think you’re on to something mate. These slugs- if this is the way their brain & bodies are re wired, then we need to lock them away and rewire them for everyone’s good.

  47. There are still so many unanswered questions.
    1. Someone on this site claiming to be Sly of the Underworld who is a respected crime writer said that Bayley was not responsible for the Perth murders, Sly, how can you be so sure, birthdates may me mistaken, records altered. MO’s seem similar. Statistically what are the chances of 2 Adrian Edwards? What is known of Adrian Bayley’s childhood, did he grow up in Perth?
    2. The eye-witness said that Jill did not make it to Hope Street, that means she was abducted on Sydney Rd, if so, someone must have seen this. This witness also didn’t hear the reported scream so not sure how reliable he is.
    3. I have read that the Police/media have reported that the crime was horrific, but in what way was it horrific above the normal murder cases? What details have been left out?
    4. How tall is Bayley? Looks solid and from footage appears to be approx 6 ft tall, poor Jill would not have stood much chance and she was reputed to have taken Taekwondo lessons.

    • Edwards is a very common surname and Adrian is a fairly common first name. So it’s not particularly freakish that, among the thousands of convicted criminals in the last 20 years, another with the same name shows up in a search. The possibility that the date of birth in the legal judgment is wrong is extremely, extremely small because it would have been very closely scrutinized by lawyers for both sides and corrected if it was wrong before the judgment gets published.

  48. A friend posted this on fb this morning:

    Like thousands of other people, I too have been deeply affected by what happened to Jill Meagher this past week. So tonight, along with two treasured girlfriends I took the walk along Sydney Road, wanting to make sense of the gut wrenching ache that had burrowed deep into my solar plexus. With each step towards Hope Street, I felt a mixture of vulnerability, violation, deep rage of and for the feminine, defiance, but most of all a deep, deep sadness. Stopping in front of the church memorial, in our own time, we each lit a candle and incense, reflecting and feeling into the palpable collective energy of grief and reverence for Jill and her family. Surrounded by beautiful heart felt words written by strangers, fresh spring flowers, elaborate bouquets, flags of Ireland, cards, and candles, candles everywhere, dancing their light in the cool evening breeze, I asked the collective for deep peace to all the troubled souls out there. And that starts with me, finding deep peace in myself to help effect change – hate breeds hate, love breeds love…. I know I don’t have the power to change others’ thoughts and deeds, but I do have the power to change my response. RIP Jill.

  49. If she went directly for the eyes and gouged them out he wouldnt have been able to chase her down, and right now he wouldve been caught in hospital. Psychologists purporting that rehab and therapy have an effect on the violent predator population is also a cause for scum like the accused getting out of prison in the first place. System is corrupt from the bottom up, only way to fix it is to start it over with the publics safety above the privacy or safety of those who take it from the general population. He probably raped and tortured her to death, thats whats being left out and why he is isolated in the highest level of prison protection. If .1% of the population are the worst of the worst, why does Australia not have 20,000 sex offenders / violent predators locked up?

    • @ Serendipity, I would gladly use the names of offenders within the Victorian area along with any evidence you have. 1 life lost is 1 too many. Name @ Hotmail to send any relevant information should you care to. Lets actually get the ball rolling on helping the general population not leaving them as targets for those with no respect for life.

  50. Bit of food for thought in response to “carrying firearms to protect ourselves” posts earlier on.

    Reasons why guns are not the answer…just google “accidental shootings” OMG! Scary stuff!

    I personally feel that they would create more problems then they would ever solve! (unless of course I was the ONLY one who had a gun then I’d feel differently I’m sure!) If I ever brought myself to actually pulling the trigger there would be a negitive aftermath domino effect of guilt to deal with which would no doubt change who I am? We should focus on bringing the best out of humanity not the worse.

    People get nervous (& just like Victorian Police!lol) seem to shoot first ask questions later! For example just this week…………    

    “Man accidently kills son wearing mask
    Updated: 06:51, Sunday September 30, 2012
    An American man has shot dead a masked teenager in self-defence outside his neighbour’s house, during what he thought was an attempted burglary before discovering it was his son.

    15-year-old Tyler Giuliano was shot in Connecticut.

    The neighbour – his aunt – was alone in her house and believed someone was breaking in. She called the teen’s father, Jeffrey, who grabbed a gun before confronting the teen who was wearing a black ski mask and black clothing.

    It’s unclear if the teenager was trying to rob the home or if it was a type of prank gone wrong.”

    …….guess we will never know now!
    I would feel less safe knowing people had access to guns. It would surely be a recipe for disaster & an accident waiting to happen in the wrong hands….this idea would no doubt potentially eventually backfire (sorry no pun intended!) on us & do more harm than help. 
    Imagine what could happen by adding guns to an already increasingly violent drunken nightlife scenario or even a daytime random road rage attack? It’s about as effective as mixing antibiotics and the contraceptive pill together! (yeah I learnt that one the hard way…your welcome!lol) 

    Curious…to those whom wanted the right to protect themselves with a gun, do you still feel the same way now?

  51. An Australian woman will face a Malaysian court on Monday on drug trafficking charges.

    If found guilty, the mother-of-six faces the death penalty.

    Emma L’Aiguille was arrested in July after she was allegedly caught with one kilogram of methamphetamine in Kuala Lumpur.

    Malaysian laws state that anyone who carries more than 50 grams of methamphetamine is a drug trafficker.

    The crime carries a mandatory death sentence.

    Her mother, Amanda Innes, and sister, Amber lawn, recently visited L’Aiguille at Kajang Prison as a show of support.

    L’Aiguille’s 18-year-old daughter Tayla Walton recently revealed to the Sunday Herald Sun that she learnt of her mother’s arrest from a Facebook message

  52. the w.a. jail adrian in the god blog is not the same guy. i knew adrian edwards and his family when he was about 12 or 13 and living in the yarra valley.

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