Disappearance and Murder of Sarah Cafferkey

Hi folks, I am not in a position to contribute much with so much on my plate at the moment but I am creating this post so you good people may discuss the sad situation here.

Two more arrested over Sarah Cafferkey’s murder

Wayne Flower, Paul Anderson

November 22, 2012 3:01PM

Memorial for Sarah Cafferkey

Cafferkey accused remanded in custody

Sarah’s mum mourns a life lost

Homicide squad detectives arrested two men today at a home in Tarneit about midday.

A 32-year-old from Tarneit and a 34-year-old from Point Cook are assisting police with their inquiries.

They are being held at the St Kilda Rd police complex.

It comes as community members will hold a candlelight vigil to remember Ms Cafferkey tonight.

Point Cook residents, shocked by the discovery of Ms Cafferkey’s body in a house in the suburb, will attend the vigil at a local park at 7.30pm.

Organiser Alice Osborne said the community wanted to show their respect for Sarah and her family.

“The community is devastated … we are also wanting to show Sarah’s family we are very saddened about what has happened and we care for them and are supporting them,” Ms Osborne said.

Yesterday, the man accused of stabbing Ms Cafferkey to death and dumping her body in a wheelie bin sat silent in court.

Cafferkey accused remanded in custody

The man charged with killing Sarah Cafferkey has been remanded in custody after a brief court appearance.

In an olive polo shirt and with a shag of bleach-blond hair, Steven James Hunter appeared briefly in Melbourne Magistrates’ Court charged with murder.

His lawyer noted the case already had received significant media attention and, while asking that Hunter’s street address be deleted from the charge sheet to be released to the media, he told Magistrate Donna Bakos he hoped the press would “be mindful” that Hunter had now been charged.

Prosecutor Luke Exell said that the police brief of evidence would be served on Hunter’s solicitors by February.

Hunter sat staring into his lap during the procedural filing hearing. With powerful arms, one bearing a visible tattoo, he stood when Ms Bakos addressed him.

She noted he had no custody management issues and had no intention of applying for bail.

Homicide squad investigators arrested Hunter on Tuesday after he was tracked to a flat in Caroline St, Hawthorn.

The special operations group locked down the street before telling Hunter to come out with his hands up.

It took Hunter less than a minute to emerge from the second-storey unit.

An out-of-sessions hearing on Tuesday night heard Hunter fatally stabbed 22-year-old Ms Cafferkey with repeated blows at his Bacchus Marsh address on November 10.

Detective Sen-Constable Damien O’Mahoney told the court Hunter had made admissions about the killing. He will appear in court on March 27.


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  1. Great to see you back Robbo – if only in a limited way.

    Mountain Misst has been all over this story from Day One, so probably has much more to share now.

    What the hell is going on in Victoria??


    • We all have our crime and accidents etc Kaz, but it seems that every time I hear about a disappearance, murder or multiple death in a car crash, especially involving young teenagers, it is from Victoria ;(


      • What is going on in Victoria? Seven young men mostly aged 15, 16 & 17 have been arrested in Victoria for attempted robberies in Melbourne’s Western suburbs tonight.


  2. There is no reality, only perception. A killers perception is that a human life is worthless, These are the Killers who show no remorse, no reaction and seem to be just a cold hard shell. This is what drugs do to your soul, they control you, they change you, till there is nothing left of who you once were. JMO.


    • Educate yourself a bit further on drugs, alcohol and their effects before making such profound statements. You’re wrong, just so you know. There are numerous factors that can contribute to someone acting in such a way. Domestic, psychosocial and psychological things should be taken in to account too. Sure, drugs and alcohol can account for such actions as well, helps to look at things in a holistic view and take in all the factors. But hey! Go for it. Jump in the deep end and blame drugs for everything! Everyone needs someone to blame. Also, reality exists but our perception is how we choose to make our reality. You’re entitled to your opinion, but jumping to conclusions gets no one anywhere quickly, especially when they’re clearly not so educated.


      • Open your eyes and and think outside the box…drugs are in our food, our water supply, toxins,chemicals ,enviromental…. the question was…. “What the hell is going on with Victoria?…How can you say im entitled to my opinion and in the next sentence say “But” thats contradictory. I accept your view,im not making you accept mine..


        • Nope, its drugs, a particlar combo. Ice and speed. I been into drugs for a long time, and i have never seen this ICE drug impact a society as bad as this drug. Young girls are on it casually. Sadly, the set up tha Cafferkey and Hunter had, is very common place i Victoria now, young girls take the drug and immeadiatly become hyper sexual, within seconds of taking a hit. The guys take it and it turns them into highly aggressive even rapist like men, mix that with speed, and you have a dangerous combo, as to why poeple take drugs yes, thats pyscholiogical, but this ice drug is about sex, thats it./ Cafferkey was most likely buying it or, had a freindship with hunter to get it. I am guessing, like many of these situations, that Huter thought he would get sex for the drug, as its very very common for women to trade sex for it. It sounds like Cafferkey didnt want to have sex with him, rejected him, and i bet its just oments after they both took ice together. He would have been VERY HIGH, so high, it alters your perception of reality, If hunter wasnt on drugs, he wouldnt have done it, if he had just beena speed freak, he probably wouldnt have done it. But ice? yep, you cant win with it. It destroys a person. turns women into… “whores” and men into “rapists’ and even murderers. Ice is crack, its crack but worse. the worst drug to ever hit our streets. The older gen have to play catch p if they wanna fight it, its causing about 50% of our crimes.

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          • I think you’ll find people either get on the ice or the speed, considering ice is basically just a stronger version of speed with worse come downs etc…

            Mixing Ice and Speed doesnt do what you claim either, I know plenty of people who use drugs and mixing Ice and Speed just turns you into a scatterbrained moron who repeats everything 500x per hour.

            I think if you actually had a clue about drugs you would find its the fact they go on ice binges for a week at a time, then start coming down at the end of the week and from when they start coming down the next couple of days after that is where you get the super aggro, violent iceheads from, couple that with the fact they have a week of no sleep behind it and you get some very irrational irritated people.

            Almost every single person I have met who uses the sh.. is like that, get them when they are on the sh.. they are still nice, get them when they are nearing the end of a bender or coming down and the next couple days after that and you got an unreasonable irrational possibly violent pain in the a… on your hands to deal with.


  3. No surprises that the guy who lived at the Point Cook address has been arrested. Everyone was feeling sorry for him but he struck me as a shady character all along. Does anyone know if the other guy is T.B.? That was Steven Hunters good mate on FB and it appeared he also befriended Sarah recently on FB. Farking maggots, whoever was involved should be doing lengthy prison time. Hunter should never be released if convicted. Perhaps the Point Cook guy could be deported to Tanzania if charged and convicted, as that’s where his family are living now. After serving a sentence of course. Sentencing needs to be reviewed in Victoria.


  4. No surprises that the guy who lived at the Point Cook address has been arrested. Everyone was feeling sorry for him but he struck me as a shady character all along. Does anyone know if the other guy is T.B.? That was Steven Hunters good mate on FB and it appeared he also befriended Sarah recently on FB. Farking maggots, whoever was involved should be doing lengthy prison time. Hunter should never be released if convicted. Perhaps the Point Cook guy could be deported to Tanzania if charged and convicted, as that’s where his family are living now. After serving a sentence of course. Sentencing needs to be reviewed in Victoria.


  5. ummm..so now the crime was committed by more than one person? Steven Hunter admitted to the killing, but now the media are saying “two more” were arrested and released subject to further investigations???? Did Steven name the people who were arrested?


  6. From working in a prison I can tell you the main reasons people commit their crimes: stupidity, to protect others, greed/gambling, alcohol and drugs. It’s as simple as that. And yes when you delve into their history there is an identifying reason why they took that path: childhood trauma, grief, loss, separation or being young and dumb. Very very few are actually evil people. From the prisoners I know, my opinion would be that Adrian Bayley and Hunter have a serious flaw in their make up and should never ever have been released.


    • Well said Maggy ‘a serious flaw in their makeup and should never have been released’. The question is why did the Parole Board with all its academics not recognise this? Academic pathways alone are not the answer. They are too limited, yet we progress up the academic ladder without concurrent Supervised practice to integrate theory and practice. Read on Universities because this is a big problem evidenced by the failure of the Victorian Parole Board’s highly educated, highly academically qualified membership of people from middle class socioeconomic backgrounds who grew up protected from the harsh realities of daily life. Many criminals already have their Masters in street wise approaches used to survive the system.


      • I have heard a member of the parole board say “we are in the business of getting you out of prison, not keeping you in” for most, it is a wonderful opportunity at a new beginning, for some it is an opportunity to commit serious offences again. How do you know which is which?? The only way is to have very long mandatory sentences for murder. Particularly random, opportunistic murders.


        • Maggy, if that’s true, then it is a disgrace. A terrible aberration of justice.
          Since when were prisons designed for rehabilitation?
          What ever happened to having the punishment fit the crime?


  7. Over in the forum Caro posted on 20 November that “on the Sarah Cafferkey thread on WS there is a poster who sighted FB of the alleged murderer before it was taken down. Poster speculates whether Jill Meagher’s alleged murderer (AB) is in a photo shot along with Sarah’s alleged murderer. It was a group shot of ‘da boiz’ or something and they referred to the house as a ‘rape dungeon’.”

    When I read that it reminded me of this article about AB’s arrest:

    When I read the bit where the neighbour said “he saw at least two cars pull up outside the house about 2am on Saturday – 17 minutes after Ms Meagher was last seen on CCTV on Sydney Rd, Brunswick” a chill ran down my spine. AB either had accomplices or he called his mates to tell them what he’d done. Maybe one of the mates was SH? No one seems to have pursued this aspect – whose cars were they and why were they at his house at that time?

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  8. If you look up Veronica Sabo (SH ex-girlfriend) and then find Barbie on her friend list and through Barbie’s friend list you will find SH. Someone with access to his FB has now made his page not available through public search; but due to privacy flaws with FB, you can still find him through friend of a friend.

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      • I also wonder if Adrian Bailey and Steven Hunter were incarcerated together back then??? Did they become friends in Prison? They both have a striking resemblance to eachother…..I’ve also noticed that the Sarah Cafferkey case hasn’t caused as much interest as Jill’s – could it be that Jills case was a situation that touched a cord within all of us because it was random? in contrast to Sarah who actually had a friendship with her murderer…..no-one seems to be commenting on Sarah and her reasons for her friendship with such an olderman – could it be a connection with drugs? meaning SH was her supplier – someone she would meet up with to do exchanges??

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        • I agree,there must be a reason,for the connection,i’m sure i read somewhere about a neighbour commenting,that there was young girls coming and going all the time,so the question is why? there has to be a reason,I doubt a girl like her would associate with such an old guy without a reason,it could even be some swingers site link or something. But another possibillity for drugs is her lung condition,it could have been medicinal,if she has read about it online somewhere,according to this article it was a very big deal to her. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/sarah-cafferkey-the-girl-you-never-had-a-chance-to-know/story-e6frf7jo-1226523439335


          • The publican in Bacchus Marsh said that SJH had recently frequented the pub and was often buying rounds of drinks and shots for many of the local young ones. I believe SJH would have, could have murdered anyone of these young girls. He was renting a flat in Bacchus Marsh, renting a room in Point Cook, and requested that his “other” addres, listed on his charge sheet not be disclosed to the publilc….how many addresses does SJH have and why?? Because he has something to hide. Who picked him up when he dumped the vehicle?

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      • Hello Ozmosis
        I haven’t been able to make hear nor tail of the last couple of days’ posts, so had no idea that SH has previously been incarcerated for serious crimes.
        Are you able, please, to re-post the link?
        Many thanks.


        • He did time for killing an 18 year old girl and served 8 years of a 12 year sentence (or something like that). I know prisoners that did time with him who knew nothing of his crime but who thought of him as a wanna-be gangster. Loser. I will do some research into whether Adrian Bayley and Steven Hunter did time together, but I do know that Adrian Bayley did most of his time in WA and Hunter in Vic.


          • Thank you Maggy – had no idea, but the order of posts has been sadly wanting of late.

            I am shell-shocked by this news – how long ago would this have been?


            Has he been a fine, upstanding, totally reformed pillar of society ever since?

            Contributing generously to his local community, counselling errant young people against crime, helping little old ladies across the road?

            Or does the Parole Board of Victoria have blood on its hands once again?


          • Maggie the Adrian Edwards who served his time in WA prisons has a different middle name and birthdate to the one who killed Jill Meagher. Adrian Bayley (Edwards) had various incarcerations in Victoria not WA.


          • Dear Ozmosis
            Thank you
            I am clearly way behind on the news you have all been discussing, so apologies for that. Something has gone awry with regard to Robbo’s site over the past week, so this is all news to me.
            I just posted info from what I believed to be THE SJH facebook page, and immediately felt dreadful that I may have had the wrong man.
            But what you have just sent me would indicate they are one and the same.
            I’m pretty much speechless.


  9. SH’s fb page is still accessible via a public search. He is waaaay down the list, but its there. It has definitely been made more private. He has a very long nasty criminal history!

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    • Having read the following article:


      (post it into your Google search bar and it will work)

      I understand the Court’s requirements not to post comments which may prejudice the Judge or Jury, but I remain uncomfortable about the ‘silencing’ of public information. The media has been effectively silenced. IMO we do need to be informed to be able to make informed comments on our Judiciary, their judgements, Sentencing, Parole Board decisions and their practice of releasing parolees who remain a danger to others.

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      • Cops Vow: Sian’s Killer Will Rot In Jail http://www.heraldsun.com.au
        Policeman who brought Sian Kingi’s killer to justice vows Barrie Watts will never be released from jail. “I want to make sure enough pressure is brought to bear so that this guy is never released,” he said.”No one should ever forget what this person has done to an innocent girl.” “If the community forgets, the more chance this killer has probably of getting out.”

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  10. Yes indeedy – he is still up on Facebook.

    THAT IS, OF COURSE,, IF (AND I REPEAT “IF”) he is the Steven Hunter who has chosen his main image to be a collage of faces over which is written “DA GANG”

    This Steven Hunter attended Niddrie High School, apparently graduating in 1985.

    His self description is “I’m totally cool.”

    His favourite quote is “Follow your heart and you’ll have no regrets.”

    Most recently, he laments the fact he received a “Dear John Letter” from his girlfriend Veronica Sabo.

    He is later comforted in a post from Barbie Cashmore.

    He writes with a certain degree of flair, and from what little I can see, his punctuation and grammar are spot on.

    So does leaving school in 1985 (at any of Years 9,10,11 or 12) equate with the age of the Steven Hunter who has been charged?

    My email has been devoid of posts the past few days, so if I am repeating what you already know, I apologise. But I’d certainly still like to hear if all this has been established and I’ve just missed it.

    Thanks to all of you who care.

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  11. The media has been effectively silenced so that the Judge or Jury be not prejudiced.
    I see.
    By this silence, animals like SH can roam the streets freely.
    They are free to behave as they so desire.
    The general public is kept in the dark. And real lives are at risk.
    It is too late for Jill. It is too late for Sarah.
    It should not have to be too late for the next potential victim.
    These animals have already enjoyed the softly softly approach.
    And abused that thoroughly.

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  12. Just a year after graduating from Niddrie High School, Hunter murdered Jacqueline Mathews, 18, in a fit of jealous pique.

    Hunter was incensed that his advances — made in a car parked outside a Tullamarine supermarket — were rejected, so he stabbed her seven times in the heart and throat.

    The two had worked together at the Safeway Hypermarket in Gladstone Park. He once fell on top of her, kissed her, and was heard to say: “Now that I have had a taste of her, I won’t rest.”

    Hunter burned Miss Mathews’ body, threw the knife into a rubbish skip and twice in the ensuing days denied to police, in the face of pressure from friends to confess, that he was responsible.

    That side of Hunter, who more recently has lived in Bacchus Marsh and Point Cook, sits in stark contrast to his adoration for the chihuahua he refers to as his “Lil’Girl”.

    He has posted several photos of the pooch over the past 12 months on Facebook, where he told of his affection.
    22-year-old Sarah Cafferkey went missing from Bacchus Marsh last week. She was last seen by her family at home on Ross Street on Friday 9 November. THE AGE . news . 16 NOVEMBER 2012 . police pic . sarah

    Sarah Cafferkey’s body was found at a house in Point Cook.

    “Doing it DOGGY STYLE with my newest BABY GEEL xo” read one post.

    Another photo had this caption: “Playing with my baby before work and wondering how can I possibly leave her for a 3 day rock climbing trip next weekend????”

    A third read: “Thinking of my baby all day, so good to get home for cuddles.they say it’s puppy love??… It really is!”
    Steven James Hunter as he appears on his Facebook profile.

    In another, he talks of how his “early starts are killing me” and his “doona is hard to leave behind, not to mention my Lil’Girl”.

    A jury convicted Hunter and in sentencing in 1988, Justice Howard Nathan told Hunter he would not be jailed for life because he had chosen not to “extinguish all the chances in life” he had.

    But, Justice Nathan conceded the chances for Hunter, then a father of one in a de facto relationship with the boy’s mother, were limited.

    “A penalty should not extinguish all the chances in life you may have,” Justice Nathan said.

    “But you will serve so long in prison that your chances of setting up a career, your chances of obtaining any worthwhile job experience, your chances of being a father again, or in fact, even being a father to your existing child have all but gone.

    “Your son will be brought up fatherless to all intents and purposes … you will be a drain on this community for many, many years with very little chance ever of returning to the community as a useful or decent citizen.”

    Hunter’s counsel tried to have his moral culpability for the murder reduced by submitting that his regular use of the drug speed had reduced his inhibitions and was taken to keep him awake so he could keep working. Hunter had two full-time jobs and worked a third part time to support his family.

    Justice Nathan accepted that the drugs did reduce Hunter’s inhibitions, but said that it was relatively insignificant in sentencing.

    Jailed for 16 years, to serve a minimum of 13, Hunter had his claims of remorse rejected.

    “Your efforts to obscure your part in this crime were compounded in a cowardly and heinous way by attempting to burn the body beyond recognition,” Justice Nathan said, adding that the only remorse Hunter had was for “self-preservation”.

    He went to court with three prior convictions — two lots in 1983 for burglary, theft, criminal damage and discharging a missile and for assault, assault occasioning actual bodily harm and carrying an offensive weapon. In 1984, he was convicted of trespass.

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  13. Regarding people keeping silent over murderers for fear of prejudicing Court proceedings…
    The media was pretty much “silent” over GBC. Even appeared to be sympathetic towards him.
    Investigative work done by general public has revealed much of his true colors. And those of his family. Facts have emerged that would never have seen the light of day, but for this type of media.
    That general public was sympathetic towards the victim and her family.
    And THAT is where the general public’s loyalty should lie. Not with the murderer.

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  14. Apparently Sly of the Underworld (crime reporter in Melbourne) has suggested the reason SH was wearing a white forensic suit in first court appearance is because he must have been having a cup of tea when the police pounced and spilt it all down his front. i.e. SH pissed his pants when police pounced. The Victorian Homicide squad have done an awesome job on this and JM cases, as have Brisbane homicide squad on ABC case. If only the judiciary and parole boards would get on board with the Police and Public sentiment.

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  15. “Unlike the way your mind works, not everyone operates on a sexual basis. Mature people of opposite sex’s are able to have a friendship based on a genuine interest and care for each other. Stop being immature over Facebook please I’ve had enough. I will delete you if you are unable to be civil.”
    November 4 at 11.22pm.

    This communication by Sarah Cafferkey was on her Facebook page.
    If I am not mistaken, this post was directed to Steven Hunter.
    As SH was the other writer.

    This communication appears to be that of a girl who has had unwanted sexual advances made towards her. And she is trying to say politely that she is not interested in the sexual side of a relationship with this person.

    “I will delete you if you unable to be civil”, implies that he has been “uncivil” and she doesn’t appreciate that.

    Was this piece of communication the reason SH decided to delete Sarah?
    Bearing in mind this was not his first murder. Based on a similar “offense.” Rejection.
    “Just a year after graduating from Niddrie High School, Hunter murdered Jacqueline Mathews, 18, in a fit of jealous pique.
    Hunter was incensed that his advances — made in a car parked outside a Tullamarine supermarket — were rejected, so he stabbed her seven times in the heart and throat.”

    Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/killers-messages-of-love-for-his-lilgirl-20121120-29n63.html#ixzz2DH6oyfNY

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    • On closer look there appears to be a deleted person in that conversation as SH and her seem more amicable than to whoever the person is whose post can’t be seen. Someone mentions a Chris. The way I see it, someone commented on the amicability of Sarah and SH, who are the opposite sex to each other, and Sarah wrote what she did to them. Maybe the Chris person?


      • From what I saw a few days before she was found, an ex of hers Chris was being abusive and calling her names because of who she had become friends with. Hence the comment about people of opposite genders being friends.


        • I saw those posts too, it was Chris, he was her ex and he was being abusive. Re the constant references by SH to his dog (his girl), I noted on a tv report that Sarah adored her pet dog. I think the posts by SH about his dog were specifically aimed at gaining her trust


  16. The media and majority of people have gone awfully quiet on this case??? …unlike Jill which people still talk about….surely there are people out there who know about the association between Hunter and sarah….why isn’t anyone talking??


  17. Hi team… I’ve come in late – been elsewhere engaged. Have been in touch with locals in Bacchus Marsh so the following info comes from when I was preparing my blog on Sarah Cafferkey – http://wp.me/p2Cfe3-xq The info comes from those on the ground not me…

    The facebook ‘da gang’ page is ‘the’ SH.
    The reason he had several addresses is because he was an ICE dealer (plse don’t quote me this is what I have been told) and dealt drugs in different areas – Melb and surrounds.
    He groomed and befriended all the young-uns for that reason – he sold them drugs
    SC went to the Pt Cook address on many occasions with C.
    The facebook comments on SC page in relation to ‘being able to be friends’ was a conversation between SC and her on-again off-again boyfriend C. C removed his comments afterwards so that is why it looks confusing. How the conversation unfolded was that SH commented on CS’s new photo with the lollipop – on her facebook profile (sexual flirting) C jumped in with sexual innuendo about threesomes and then SC told him off by saying …being able to be friends… I will delete you etc. The comments were directed at C not SH.
    C was excluded from the funeral at the request of SC’s mother.
    The frenzied attack by SH was reminiscent of his first murder and what he did with SC’s body afterwards I refuse to discuss.
    The ‘rape dungeon’ is a party house and was just a stupid name – no raping went on there. They thought they were cool. (We’re not of that generation so we can’t possible expect to understand!!!)
    All the persons of interest are still out on the streets bold as brass… nothing’s changed on the streets except for one dealer who is now on remand for murder.

    IMO, SC was very simplistic in believing that she could have a platonic friendship with an ICE dealer, a man 20yrs older than herself.

    As long as ICE is the drug of choice the criminal element will be involved. Sweet young things need to know that…..


  18. GUILTY:
    Steven James Hunter, 47, who served a 13-years for stabbing 18-year-old Moonee Ponds woman Jacqueline Mathews in 1986, faces the prospect of spending the rest of his life in prison after entering a guilty plea this morning at Melbourne Magistrates Court. Hunter today pleaded guilty to a count of murder and was remanded in custody to face the Supreme Court on April 11, 2013.. It’s believed Ms Cafferkey’s body had been left at Hunter’s property for some time. He then moved her to a property in Point Cook where she was placed in a bin which had been filled with cement.

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  19. Rap sheet of Steven James Hunter revealed after pleading guilty to frenzied stabbing murder of Sarah Cafferkey


    Steven James Hunter has twice claimed the lives of vibrant young women in the most brutal way.
    His criminal past reveals a frightening history of anti-social behaviour, violence, disregard of the law by reoffending on parole.
    November 1, 2012: Parole period ended.
    November 10, 2012: Fatally stabbed Sarah Cafferkey at his Bacchus Marsh home

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  20. Steven James Hunter formally pleaded ‘GUILTY’ to the murder of Sarah Cafferkey today in the Supreme Court. He had been remanded to appear on June 26 for sentancing.
    Steven James Hunter pleads guilty to killing Sarah Cafferkey
    by Shannon Deery, Herald Sun, April 11, 2013, 11:41AM.
    A suspected ice dealer, Hunter had argued with Ms Cafferkey before hitting her with a blunt instrument, possibly a dumbbell, and then repeatedly stabbing her. Post mortem results revealed Ms Cafferkey had been stabbed 19 times to the head, chest and abdomen.
    Hunter then moved her body to Point Cook, and dumped it in a wheelie bin.
    He served a 13-year term for stabbing 18-year-old Moonee Ponds woman Jacqueline Mathews in 1986. Hope his file is stamped NEVER TO BE RELEASED.

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    • Thanks Caro

      It would appear to a layperson like me that certain murdering creeps of late are taking advice from their lawyers to plead guilty.

      But anyone hyphenated eschews such advice from their legal representatives, despite mounting and incriminating evidence.

      Have a feeling in my bones that Gerbil’s hitherto highly-paid protectors will walk away sooner rather than later, particularly if Papa Skull is about to join their list of clients…

      Pro bono doesn’t last forever when you’re busy picking up new defence cases every other week, particularly from scumbags who can actually afford to pay (ill-gotten gains or not)

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  21. NEWS:
    Families of murder victims to sue State Government, by Anthony Dowsley, Elissa Hunt,
    Sunday Herald Sun, April 14, 2013 12:00AM

    MURDER victim Sarah Cafferkey’s family will launch an unprecedented legal assault against the State Government over criminals who kill while out on parole.

    Other victims’ families have been invited to join a class action, amid claims danger signs were ignored as potential murderers roamed the streets.
    The campaign includes a push to get the Government to register “high-risk offenders” on a public internet site.
    In a bid to launch its case, the Cafferkey family has reached out to Erin Brockovich, made famous in the movie about her life, who organised a meeting with her firm Shine Lawyers this week.
    Ms Cafferkey was stabbed to death by career criminal and convicted killer Steven James Hunter, who murdered the 22-year-old in November last year, nine days after his parole ended.

    Well done Cafferkeys. A high public profile to draw attention to the failure of The Victorian Parole Board with their assessment of prisoners for parole is timely. The meaning of Parole may need to be redefined and the management of parolees needs to be reviewed regarding safetly to the community first – not parolees rights first.

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  22. This post copied & pasted here by HAL9000:

    Hi all,
    I stumbled across this Herald Sun law blog from April 2012 which may be of interest.

    “Concerns about the efficiency of the state’s parole system were first raised when the Herald Sun disclosed a year ago that a confidential police report had found that 11 Victorians had been murdered by parolees in less than 2 years.”


    I also understand the recent murder of a young mother in Ballarat is yet another likely to be added to these statistics, as indicated in the article mentioned by the previous poster. Something very seriously has to change in the way dangerous prisoners are dealt with here in Victoria. There should be ZERO acceptable level of repeat violence once a person is already established as a potential danger to the community, and the people who are setting these vicious creatures loose need to be held accountable for poor judgement and negligent decisions. I hope the Cafferkey family taking legal action helps bring this into the mainstream for debate so that in the future thugs like Hunter and Bayley et al don’t get the chance to do any more damage than they’ve already done.

    Power to the Cafferkey family!!!!

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  23. STEVEN JAMES HUNTER, who was all ready doing time for a sadist brutal murder of a young girl back in 1986, was a low life maggot murderer rapist when I new the piece of dogshit as a Prison Officer in A division, Pentridge Prison , back in 1990. He was part of the heavy gang of prisoners in maximum security A and J division along with his mates Clive and Anthony Stone, Rodney Minogue, Paul Haigh, Rodney Collins, Paul Cremmin,and other heavy crims who hated Juilan Knight. It is alleaged that they nearly succeded in killing Juilan Knight who was in the exercise yard with them at the time, but Juilan Knight was quickly moved to protection in H division, by the do-gooders before he got his right whack, pity they didn’t get to him before he got protection, the world would be so much better off. one scumbag killing another scumbag. Anyway it was,nt much long after a pistol was thrown over the wall at pentridge, and landed in the Jdivision prisoners swimming pool, luckly a prison officer saw it land in there on a security patrol. What was,nt known about at this time was that STEVEN JAMES HUNTER had made up some ladders to scale over the two pentridge outside security no mans land wall in an attempted and nearly successful escape over the three large rolls of razor wire with a planed mass breakout with other maximum security prisoners, he did get over the wall, but got very badly cut in the security wall razor wire and hurt himself when he jumped down the otherside of the bluestone wall near Murray Road Coburg. He got a fair distance from pentridge prison badly bleeding and injured, hide in a north Coburg houses backyard, but the dog squad found him and he was quickly recaptured by police.
    If only they had shot the low life from the pentrige towers when he was escaping from prison. 20 years on there would have been no rotten Steven james hunter to once again rape and murder his latest victim. He should be put in a rubbish bin and covered in concrete and buried near the old pentridge bluestone wall from where he escaped back in 1991. And a big plaque with his photo on it should be bolted on to the pentridge prison wall as a warning to other currently serving Victorian prisoners, that this is what happens if you breach your parole…….but the government prefere to to , CARE FOR THE CRIMS AND STUFF THE VICTIMSjust give these maggots a concurrent little 3 month sentence and a feather duter $4500 fine, this is the future of victorias prison system, total injustice to victims of violent crime and a joke and insult to their families. VICTORIA DEPARTMENT OF IN-JUSTICE, SHAME SHAME SHAME. MAKE DERRIN HINCH A SUPREME COURT JUDGE AND HE SHOULD BE GIVEN A KNIGHT HOOD AND A BRAVERY MEDAL FOR THE WAY HE STANDS UP FOR VICTIMS OF CRIME, AND EXPOSES THE CRIMINAL SCUMBAGS. IF THE LEGAL SYSTEM AND THE JUDGES PUT HIM IN JAIL AGAIN, THIS WILL JUST SHOW WHAT MONGRELS THEY ARE AND THIER TOTAL DISREPECT FOR ALL VICTIMS OF CRIME. SOME OF THE CRIMINAL LAWYERS AND JUDGES AND PAROLE OFFICERS SHOULD BE LOCKED UP WITH STEVEN JAMES HUNTER AND ADRIAN EARNEST BAYLEY, THE CRIM LOVERS.


  24. Regarding the front page of Monday,s July 1st 2013, Hearald Sun Newspaper.
    To Mrs Noelle Dickson, mother of Sarah Cafferkey.
    I am just writing to say that having read the article in the newspaper, that I hope you receive the
    PRIDE OF AUSTRALIA MEDAL, for your courage in taking up your fight against the state government and the Victorian Parole Board and Department of Justice, Corrections Victoria with your campaigning and starting a landmark legal assault against the in-justice over criminals who kill while out on parole.
    I wish you and Tom and Jills family and other victims created by the in-justice of our parole board and the judiciary and the poor decisions , and weak sentences and discounts they hand out to the worst criminal offenders for the priviledge of pleading guilty. heads must rolls for there failure to all past and present victims of violent crime.

    ”NEVER TO BE REALEASED” And the Dangerous offenders Act, must become law again into Victoria. By an ACT of Parliament. ASAP. Zero tolerance, No more victims of crime!!!
    And their must be an appointment by the governments both state and federal to appoint judges whom will enforce these sentences, Australia wide.


  25. THE currant parole board must be forced to resign, or the government must sack them from there position of legal unaccountable powers to released recidivist and or dangerous habitual convicted prisoners charged with violence or sex crimes, murder, armed robbery with violence or abductions or terrorist crime, regardless of where by the defence lawyers got then sentenced with the plea bargained lesser sentence of manslaughter , no guilty by reason of insanity.
    The current review by the high court Judge Ian Callinan , must not be seen as a white wash cover up of political and criminal justice system spin doctoring. A serious risk assessment has to be done , over the failure, and the absence of a duty of care, to the heath and safety and wellness and protection from dangerous and violent parolee prisoners released from the Victorian Prison service.
    Justice must done and justice must be seen to be done.
    The Adult Parole Board of Victoria, must include a mandatory number of VOCAL members on it,
    and must also include Victims of violent crime, and a HOMICIDE detective to supervise over the decisions made by the board, and if necessary, have the power to appeal, or stop the prisoners release under the community protection act 1990. And or ORDER parole denied if the risk assessment, safety and duty of care , cannot be assured, beyond reasonable doubt, and that the prisoner may reoffend. The Adult Parole Board of Victoria, must also be put under the strictest , review and assessment, by the Victoria Police, on a regular basis, to ensure it is more accountable against making more dangerous and un checked prisoner releases, which could let a dangerous offender out of prison with no supervised 24/7 restrictions and surveillance.
    Because a dangerous or violent prisoner may seemed to have been rehabilitated and reformed, their is no sure guarantees that they will not reoffend, so the must be keep under the strictest security checks, just as the Prison Officer keep close watch on them while they are high profile dangerous inmates in prison.


  26. Friday the 16th of august 2013: On the front page, of the Melbourne, Victoria,s Herald Sun newspaper, there is a couple of pages article, On yet another very recent ADULT PAROLE BOARD, COMMUNITY CORRECTIONS AND DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE PRISONS CORRECTION VICTORIA. Breech of parole, by Another rapist, with more than 100 prior convictions of violence and forced sexual and murderous rape, by another crim, let out on parole, and even after the ADRIAN EARNEST BAYLEY and STEVEN JAMES HUNTER, cases of negligence and failed rehabilitation parole experiments. And now the country city of Ballarat, Victoria, has had a most horrible heinous rape and murder committed on a nice well respected women,just like the AEB crimes and this time its getting worst, the victim was raped and murdered, near her child , who was in another room, and once again the perpetrator, who I better not name just yet, to protect the guilty, as the case is still in the politically correct, Victorian courts. Should be able to name him, after he is sentenced soon again. Just like the AEB, case, got of be careful what is said on the internet. But : He is a recidivist, extremely violent well known serial rapist who, has been coming and going from Victorian prisons, for years, and has already had several prior releases from jail on parole, and always raped again and re-offended time and time again, just like AEB and S JH and PETER NORRIS DUPAS. And as usual, the blame game is going around, and no one is taking the responsibility of having more blood on their hands in The Department of Justice. They are a law unto themselves, meanwhile and the government in power, and the Premier, are just looking into them, and giving the citizens of Victoria a lot of spin, and insulting the victims of crimes intelligence, by protecting and covering up the Parole Board and Department of Justice, and their secrecy of the poor and rushed decisions made, because of prisons in Victoria are overcrowded, and they need to make room, for new prisoners. and only a slap on the wrist, for parolee breeches, then back in jail they go , with an extra, three months sentence and a $3000 fine.and no real action or change to the failing parole board outcomes, and mistakes, no accountability, just more spin. its always ,just business as usual and talks held in the cloak of secrecy, also there is news reports of some very disturbing parolee breeches secret documents, but the current government don’t want them made public????????????????.And are fighting to make sure the media and newspapers, don’t get hold of them.!………..They must be very shocking, what ever is being withheld in these files of parolees prisoners atrocities committed by the legal mismanagements of public safety, over the rights of dangerous and violent prisoners to be endlessly being released, in spite of the continual of public safety not being considered. Heads should be rolling, and mass sackings should be happening. This is a gross miscarriage of justice, when will it ever end. ITS ALL ABOUT THE RIGHTS OF CRIMINALS RIGHTS TO PAROLE AND REHABILITATION AND MINIMUM SENTENCING, ABOVE THE RIGHTS TO NATURAL JUSTICE AND CLOSURE TO ALL THE VICTIMS OF CRIME……… BUT WHAT DO THEY CARE, THE POLITICANS OR JUDGES OR LAWYERS, ARE NEVER VICTIMS OF VIOLENT CRIME!!!………………………………..


    • Well said:






    Thanks Caro, maybe when the Victorian Government Corrections minister and his Department of in-justice and the Adult parole board of Victora : hierarchy, who are now trying to butter the voters up, before the next state election, and feed us all spin, and half truths and duck and run for cover aided by their Government QC Lawyers and human rights justices of legal defence powers that be. The civil libertarian criminal rights- activists, do-gooders, crim lovers, slap on the wrist feather duster, bleeding hearts, managers and their legal eagle Aid public servants , who are trying their best, to be very selective, on the information in the documents, that the coroner has asked them to be made public. ? And the Government will make sure at all cost they keep everything that is too sensitive , :.. shocking and disturbing , is never to be made public and kept legally, hidden, covered up and lock away, forever out of sight and out of mind, and classified in safe storage some where, like the catholic church does with their documents on priests and their sexual offending of victims………. A big secret from the community, by knowing the public outrage the secrets would cause, and the protected heads of power, that would roll and have to be sacked.!!!…….. If the parolee victims and their families were legally successful in their fight for answers, and. Justice and…….. Were to win with a major, Class action payout to the families and victims of parolee crimes committed , and The State Government are sued for large crime compensation, and legal damages, to be awarded to all families and victims of crime, whose lives have been destroyed by the bad parolee decisions and negligent and unaccountable outcomes, over the years, that the Adult Parole Board have continued to allow to happen, with no regards to risk assessments, and the potential danger of putting dangerous recidivist violent prisoners, with multiple violent sexual and heinous convictions of previous imprisonment, un-checked and un-supervised, back into the community. ???…………………………Such as,!…………..
    , From:parolee Prisoner PETER NORRIS DUPAS , IN 1992, and up until parolee Prisoner ADRIAN EARNEST EDWARDS/BAYLEY, Prisoner STEVEN JAMES HUNTER, and just recently the Parolee Prisoners : GARY JOHN COLLINGWOOD, who had been recently released early from H.M. ARARAT PRISON, Registered Sex Offenders Protection UNIT, CORELLA, or as it is better known as THE VILLAGE OF THE DAMMED, because the prisoners are to dangerous to be released straight back into the community, because of their history of violent sex crimes, also the prisoners need to be protected from other main stream prisoners and even need to be protected from civilian people in the community, that if they got their hand on these sex crimes prisoners, might have reason to get revenge on them and harm them. So The Victorian Department of Justice holds them for a time in the highest protection, until they can safely resettle and relocate them in a area, and location, where no one no them, or what the have been in prison for. They are also given a new name, and only the police are to know that they are register dangerous sex offenders! .This Prisoner: GARY JOHN/ new alias COLLINGWOOD, NAMED AFTER HIS FAVORITE FOOTBALL TEAM , Collingwood, then was secretly given freedom to the country Victorian city of Kangaroo Flat, Bendigo, and while he was living there, looked for single woman, on-line on a a internet dating site, he met a woman, who he then violently committed another rape and violent assault on, tried to kill her, but she escaped from him. He has now just been this month, been found guilty, and the judge……….. has just resentenced him back into prison, with another reduced minimum sentence, for him to try and rehabilitate himself again, and another chance at leniency of a mere 10 more years for yet another violent sadistic rape, and last , but not least the latest released parolee , who is yet to be re-sentenced for the most horrible crime of late………! PAROLEE PRISONER : JASON JOHN DINSLEY, who with 100 prior convictions of imprisonment for violent crimes of sexual rape, has just committed his worst rape and now murder yet , on a innocent mother in Ballarat, country Victoria, where he went into her home, violently raped and assaulted her with her young child, close by in another room, and then brutally , bashed her to death with a baseball bat, and committing the most vile form of murder rape on her! : JASON JOHN DINSLEY, has now been remanded back into custody of a Victorian Protection Prison, he plead guilty to being on drugs at the time of his murder, rape.”[ On drugs, while he was on parole.”] Good to see he was being supervised…..[. NOT!,] BY COMMUNITY CORRECTIONS VICTORIA AND THE BLOODY ADULT PAROLE BOARD???????? and will in the near future be sentenced again, JUST just like AEB, and SJH and DUPAS, ………But for how long this time, considering he needs more rehabilitation and correction,IN DO-GOODERS JAIL, only his sentencing judge can decide that.,,And then just like BAYLEY he will try to appeal against his sentence, thinking it is to harsh!!!……….. ITS A WORRY WHAT IS OUT THERE UN-BEKNOWNS TO ANY OF US, AND LIVING AMONGST US, JUST LOOKING FOR THER NEXT VICTIM OR VICTIMS. THERE IS NO BLOODY JUSTICE ANYMORE.
    ”.NO JUSTICE- JUST US !!!.”…………………………………………………………………..Cheers, to all readers and writers to Aussiecriminals.com.


    Hon. Justice Bell sentenced Steven Hunter.
    He was determined to be a danger to the community for the rest of his life.
    Sentence: LIFE without commissions. He will remain in jail until he is a very old man.
    Justine in sentending was done today for Sarah Cafferkey and her family & friends.


  30. http://www.abc.net.au/
    Cafferkey’s murderer sentenced to life without parole
    The man who pleaded guilty to the murder of Melbourne woman Sarah Cafferkey has been sentenced to life in jail with no parole.

    Supreme Court Justice Kevin Bell called Steven James Hunter, 47, a “serial violent offender” and says he will remain a threat even in old age.


  31. NOW, let’s build some Supermax Prisons, Arizona style, in the Australian desert for the lifers. Make them work for their daily bread & water & privileges.


  32. Thanks Caro, for the latest up dates on PRISONER:STEVEN JAMES HUNTERS, SENTENCING TO LIFE IN PRISON, AND NEVER TO BE RELEASED. Now it should be made public for all to see the Department of Justice and Correction Victoria, and The Adult Parole Board of Victorias, Documents and HUNTERS Prison and criminal record files, printed in The Herald Sun and Age newspapers, it would make some very shocking reading, on how on earth they ever even considered him to be released from Maximum Security Prison, as many times as they did. HUNTER had already in the most violent and brutal way, stabbed and murdered a young women, and tried to dispose of her body, by burning her in her car. He Should of got a LIFE SENTENCE, AND NEVER TO BE RELEASED, BACK IN 1987. But after all these years later of thinking he was rehabilitated and giving him parole on many occasions, when he was drug trafficking to young people in the western and outer suburbs of Melbourne, and right up to be-friending young Sarah Cafferkey, and stabbing her to death in a rage, with a knife and a screwdriver, then disposing of her body in a wheelie bin filled with quick setting concrete from bunnings in an attempt to hide the body before it would have been tipped into a rubbish truck and dumped at a landfill site, and probably would of never been found. I just don’t no how sarahs family could ever get over the brutal horror he inflicted on Sarah…… They are going to have a life sentence, and never are going to be released from the suffering, the anguish, and the powerless feeling of never seeing their daughter again. While PRISONER: STEVEN JAMES HUNTER is now serving a life sentence and never to be released again from jail, which for once the sentencing Judge, Justice Kevin Bell, we all thank you for being so harsh, and giving him the maximum sentence……………..
    However it is to little and too late , over the heartache that this low-life HUNTER has caused, and unfortunately it will never bring back sarah………….. SO HUNTER : MAY YOU ROT IN HELL, AND ONE DAY GO OUT LIKE DEREK PERCY, WITH LOTS OF PAIN AND SUFFERING.
    HUNTERS parents have said he shouldn’t, be locked up forever like a caged animal.!……….Well parents of your son, STEVEN JAMES HUNTER, at least he got to live to 45 years, and will go on living, in a Comfortable Modern Victorian Corrections Motel,, with three good meals a day , with no rent, an a private cell, to reflect on his years of horrible crimes committed on the powerless and weak, unable to defend themselves. And you his parents, will still be able to regularly contact visit him inside and give him gifts, and write and telephone him…………………. While poor young Sarah Cafferkey , can only get a visit from her grieving and heartbreaking sorrow filled parents at the cemetery with some flowers to put on her grave stone……………..THE ONLY REAL PEOPLE THAT ARE UNFORTUNATLY, THROUGH NO FAULT OF THEIR OWN , AND ONLY BECAUSE OF THE LOW-LIFES, LIKE STEVEN JAMES HUNTER, and ADRIAN EARNEST BAYLEY, PETER NORRIS DUPAS, JASON JOHN DINSLEY, PAUL DENYER, JUILIAN KNIGHT, PAUL HAIGH, GREGORY BRAZIL,CRAIG MINOGUE, STANLEY TAYLOR, CHRISTOPHER WAYNE HUDSON, IVAN MILAT , JOHN TRAVERS, THE MURPHY BROTHERS, AND SO ON!!! THEIR BLOODY VICTIMS ARE THE ONES THAT ARE SUFFERING IN HELL!
    Aussie criminals readers and writers, please go on to youtube, and watch the four part documentary on THE ANITA COBBY MURDERS, and BEYOND THE DARKLANDS ON PETER DUPAS., and PAUL DENYER AND JUILIAN KNIGHT!!!!.ETC….EXCELLENT AND INSIGHTFUL VIEW OF THE WORST AUSTRALIA.CRIMINAL MINDS AND CRIMES THAT HAVE SHOCKED A NATION!!!………. These Doco,s should be compulsory viewing for all present and future Parole Board Panel Members, to understand first hand the pain and suffering and loss and hell families and friends of victims of violent heinous crime and homicide, have to go through, and also that evil bad and mad violent criminals, unstable deranged psychopathic tendencies, can never be guaranteed beyond a reasonable doubt, that they can be rehabilitated and reformed, and should never be granted parole or early release, on the ground of protection to the community. And if ever released from prison kept under life, house arrest, with a GPS, tracking ankle bracelet, and 24/7, alarm activation if the at any time or place breech their curfews, and should have to daily report to a community correction officer and or the nearest police station, to keep a very close monitoring of their every movements. And if the criminals, don’t like it then back to prison they go!!!…………………………………………………


  33. 24 years ago, PRISONER: STEVEN JAMES HUNTER, who was held in A.DIVISION, wing of H.M.PRISON PENTRIDGE in 1989, After being sentenced in 1986, for 13 years for the brutal, violent murder of a young woman and burning and disposing of her body, because she rejected his advances on her…….. In 1989 he successfully planned and carried out a complex mass prison break out with other scheming notorious and dangerous maximum security murderers and armed robbers and rapists. First over time they gathered up and stashed around Pentridge Prison, a quanity of timber off-cuts, and nails and rope, smuggled from contractors working in the prison and smuggled from the Pentridge industries factory, which prisoners worked in at the time, and they cleverly, unknown to the prison officers, built two make shift improvised ladders, to throw up and over the inner and outer, 24/7 camera monitored and security patrolled electric and touch sensitive fences and cross the noise sensitive stone covered clearway road, no mans land and up over the tangled barb wire and three rolls of razor wire covering the bluestone outer walls. Also a machine pistol luger hand gun and ammunition was thrown over the bluestone, no mans land outer bluestone wall and landed in the prisoner swimming pool, of A. DIVISION and J.DIVISION, prison wings, where PRISONER JUILIAN KNIGHT was held on protection at that time, after being held since 1987, in H.DIVISION HIGH SECURITY UNIT, after being sentenced to 28 years for The Hoddle Street Murders and later for security reasons and a attempt on his life by other prisoners who did not like him, was transferred to H.M.PRISON BARWON ACASIA HIGH SECURITY UNIT…………….. The handgun was by luck, quickly found in the J.DIVISION prisoners swimming pool, by patrolling security Prison officers, before the unknown prisoners got hold of it, probably to be used in a prison escape hostage attempt, in one of the many planned and attempted prison breaks in Pentridge prison at that was being schemed up by desperate maximum security prisoners at the time. One possible scenario was to take a prison officer hostage, and to take over the prison and release the many escapee prisoners being held in H.DIVISION HIGH SECURITY UNIT, and the many held, life sentence prisoners, including the famous prison escapee and master bank armed robber and murderer PRISONER: RUSSELL MAD DOG COX, who was the only prisoner to have escaped from H.M.LONG BAY GAOLS, KATINGAL HIGH SECURITY UNIT, in the 1977 and was later on the run for more than 12 years, before his was captured robbing a bank in a Melbourne shopping centre, and was then returned to Pentridge Prisons H.DIVISION, and released on parole about 2007, and now lives in Queenland.
    Back to PRISONER: STEVEN JAMES HUNTERS ESCAPE……WITH some very good military style timing, and cunning commando style tactics, HUNTER and another prisoner quickly grabbed their hidden ladders, and ropes and grappling hooks, while other maximum security prisoner distracted the prison officers, who were short staffed, and HUNTER, then steadfastly carried and placed the ladders, up and over the two inner and out prison walls, right under the view in of armed Prison Officers, who were in the security towers of 4 POST and 5POST and the armed H.DIVISION TOWER. HUNTER then climbed the ladders, cut through the sharp razor wire, throwing prison issue blankets and prison clothing over the razor wire, but still cutting him self badly,the process. He cleared through the razor wire, and before he could be shot at by the security tower prison officers, was able to jump of the high bluestone wall and down on to the busy public Murray Road, which is just out side of Pentridge Prison. Hunter injured his leg from the high jump, but was able to run with a limp, a short distance away in to the housing area of the Melbourne suburb of Coburg. But it was to late for him to escape to freedom. Because the Victoria Police Air /wing and the Special Operation Group, SOG, and the Police and Prison Dog Squad, quickly tracked him down, and found him hidden in a Coburg house back yard..! PRISONER: STEVEN JAMES HUNTER, was restrained and arrested for escape from H.M.PRISON PENTRIDGE, and was escorted back to H.DIVISION HIGH SECURITY UNIT, and locked up in solitary confinement. A few more years later he was given
    the remission , which is a reduction of his original sentence, by a third of his original 13 year sentence, for rehabilitation, and good behaviour for the remainder of his time in Pentridge and Barwon Prisons, and was then granted his parole by the Adult Parole Board. And the rest is now history, how he went on to breech more parole conditions, re-offend, carrying out more worst crimes of violence, ultimately his current horrific murder of young Sarah Cafferkey, for which HUNTER, will now finally be sentenced to life-never to be released ever again…………..
    But its a now to late for all the victims he has created over his long years as a dangerous, violent cunning ,manipulating , un-rehabilitated, un-reformed , hardened master criminal, who got away with a lot of crimes , because of the cracks in the legal system, didn’t pick up on his true criminal form, sooner rather than later?……………………..To little justice and to late, now un-necessary lives have been lost and ruined for ever. And life sentences of pain and suffering, will forever remain and have been horribly, coldblooded and in the most vile way, dished out on his victims, by this………………… ” ODIUM”……… and the infamy, vile, opprobrium, abomination, detestation, execration, repugnant, odussas, ignominy of this human filth and scum!……”.ROT IN HELL”….IN THIS LIFE AND IN DEATH IN HELLISH..PUNISHMENT, SUFFERING AND MISERY! S…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..AS, Former Victoria Police Homicide Detective: Charlie Bezzina,states :Types of ,Criminals like BAYLEY and HUNTER , need to be thrown in the bin!!!…………………………………………………………………………………………………………….


    What would it take to get more Prison Officers to speak up as you have here. So enlightening. So educational.
    Hmmm, I wonder how many “normal” people would have such insights on Criminals as you have?
    I never rubbed shoulders with these sorts: and because of this, I have no understanding into the psyche of the criminal.
    Hmm, check that.
    Regarding a Narcissist; I can smell one a mile off! A word, a sentence, an action. Doesn’t take much. Easy to spot. He is the One who considers his own comforts first. Stuff every body else.


  35. Cheeers ,queenslandcountrylady, The reason other Prison Officers wont risk becoming whistleblowers, and sticking their necks out, and speaking up. Is that It would ruin their reputations and careers and be a serious criminal breech of trust and bring about disciplinary and legal action, taken against them and even instant dismissal , for a current serving commissioned Prison Correctional Officer, to go public,or communicate outside of their duty and write or talk to the media or use social media internet or facebook, about their Prison workplace environment, or about any Prisoners that are currently under sentence in Her majesties Prisons custody and supervision in all of the Victorian or other Australian States Correctional services Prisons Also because it is , conduct unbecoming and a failure to abide by the good order and management of the Department of Justice Corrections Victoria, protocol.
    I myself paid a very heavy price for rocking the boat, by stepping up as a crown witness, and giving crown evidence, on my own, against many famous gangsters of ,the old Melbourne painters and dockers , serial contract killer, armed robber and Pentridge Prison drug king pins: Prisoner Keith George Faure, whose prison gang, along with his brother Noel Faure was called the Keithy George Boys, KGB, OF H. DIVISION and B.DIVISION and A.DIVISION and Raymond Kane, Brother of Les & Brian Kane, Nicholas the greek Apostiledis, Mick Devlin, Peter Nicola, Shane Fellows, Terry Flannery who all ran a major drug trafficking ring operating in H.M. Prison Pentridge at that time and which, I now know was controlled further up the chain by the Melbourne Gangland which later went to war with each other in 2000, and exposed some corrupt Victoria Police Drug Squad corrupt police officers, who were later sacked and jailed for controlling the drug scene with Alphonse Gangitano, Lewis, Mark & Jason Moran and Carl The Premier Williams, Peter Allen, Victor Pierce, Tony Mokbel who supplied the drug use in all Victorian prisons and the nightclub& street scene and OMG Biker gangs…………………,(And I was thereafter branded for life, a Whistleblower or DOG,RAT informer,) back in 1994 and was ostracized and bastardized ,harassed, threatened by prisoners with contant death threats, and even assaulted off duty on two occasions since and given the silent treatment by my colleagues and was finally placed under disciplinary charges on mental issues grounds and found, unfit and unsuitable to be a Prison Officer and dishonourably forced to resign, because of my stupidity, and not going with the flow, and turning a blind eye to the endemic graft, caused by the power of the drug trade in and out of jail and the greed of corruption it created back then inside., and still does up to this day!…………. I became to dangerous a liability to the corrupt prison system of that time, and the police/ prisons internal investigations ethical standards unit, ordered that I resign, because I was psychologically and mentally unfit to serve with the,Department of Justice Corrections Victoria.
    After I resigned from the Prison service, applied to join Victoria Police, as a Police Officer. but they kept rejecting me and turning me away, because they decided my entrance exam academic marks were not high enough for entrance into the Victoria Police Academy …………….Such is Life………….
    In 2012, Now 25 years later, I applied to become a Prison Officer, again in one of the Department of Justice Corrections Victorias, new modern rehabilitation prisons………The bastards, would even give me a interview, or let me sit for the entrance exam…….. I should have known they never forgive or forget, that I once spoke up on there system……….Funny how there justice system forgives parolee prisoners though and gives them another chance at changing their rotten lives..


  36. SO Prisoner :STEVEN JAMES HUNTER thinks his Sentence is too long and he wants to appeal with legal aid, at tax payers expense and get it reduced………..HUNTER you piece of shit…. Sarahs young life which you inflicted most violently and brutally a sentence of death, barbarically and cold blooded is too long, and is for ever for her family, and your other murder victim…….. You rotten maggot low life HUNTER., I hope any appeals .Judges that are worth their salt, will make sure the stamp your filthy file with NEVER TO BE RELEASED!!!……And you die a miserable death in ACASIA HIGH SECURITY UNIT…………………………………..ROT IN HELL MONGRAL……


  37. Prisoner Steven James Hunter and his appeals Lawyer, think his sentence is to long, and does not allow for his chance to rehabilitate himself, and he will still be in gaol, when he is of old age.
    Am I missing the plot or just a hard unforgiving person. But in 1986, this low life violent grub, in cold blood, murdered a innocent young girl. This was victim number one. She will for all of eternity, never get to come back to life, and live to old age. And Hunters victim number two in 2012, young Sarah. Again in the most brutal and violent way, cold blooded murder, and her body disposed of in a wheelie bin. Again innocent Sarah, has had her young life, horribly and senselessly taken away, and never got the change, because of Steven Hunter to life a long and fulfilling life. His victims, can never have it taken back. And Hunter and his lawyer think he should be given mercy and have his sentence reduced…… Like his gaol mate Adrian Earnest Bayley, they gave up their rights to ever to released from gaol, the day they carried out their most heinous brutal notorious crimes. Victims of Crime should have the final say on the future release from Maximum Security Prison by these low lives. …..Life imprisonment and Never to be released for the term of their natural lives. And life should for ever mean life, no possibility of parole or remissions, ever………………………They can never bring their victims back and they should also have their life and freedom forever removed, and remain locked up in high security prison………….


  38. Prisoner: Steven James Hunter, Finally Locked away for life, never to be released and throw away the bloody key.!……………..Today Justice has served the community well and all the Families and Victims of Violent Crime. Thankyou Your Honours…!…….For listening to the Victims of these beasts of humanity…. and locking them up forever, where they belong, removed from the free world..!……where they will never hurt an innocent person ever again……..


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