Max Sica found Not Guilty of child’s rape and abuse

This case is one I have not been following since it went to trial, but I see it reported this morning that Sica has been found Not Guilty of the 21 sex offences that date back from 2004. Report from Courier Mail below… 

Interesting that it has been reported that “Sica has become the latest in a growing long line of infamous criminals to win judge only trials – including notorious pedophiles Dennis Ferguson and Roy Schloss.” 

While Judge only trials are rare and difficult to obtain, if a trend develops such as has been suggested, I would be surprised if there are not many more defendant’s in the future who try to argue for a judge only trial.


Convicted triple murderer Max Sica found not guilty of child’s rape, abuse

CONVICTED triple murderer Massimo “Max” Sica has been found not guilty of raping and repeatedly abusing a young girl over a four year period.

Sica – who is already serving a record 35-years in jail for the 2003 murder of the Singh siblings – is the latest in a growing list of reviled convicted criminals – including infamous pedophiles Dennis Ferguson and Roy Schloss – to be a acquitted after a rare judge only trial.

Brisbane District Court judge Michael Shanahan delivered the verdict to a stunned packed court – including Sica’s parents Carlo and Anna and his siblings – on Friday morning.

Judge Shanahan deliberated almost two weeks before handing down his verdict 21 sex offences – including child rape.

Sica received three life terms of imprisonment – an”d ordered to serve a minimum of 35-years – for the savage murder of the Singh siblings Neelma, 24, Kunal, 18, and Sidhi, 12.

Judge Shanahan, in his written 50-page decision, said medical evidence revealed the girl physically showed all the hallmarks of being a virgin and could not have been subjected to the sexual attack alleged.

“There is one fact … which causes me significant concern,” he said.

“Considering the medical evidence I cannot be satisfied beyond a seasonable doubt that the penetrative (sexual) acts occurred as described by the (girl).”

Judge Shanahan also commented on the girl’s “credibility”, saying her evidence raised a “number of issues of concern.”

“I am not satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that any of the counts have been proved … (and) verdicts of not guilty are entered to each of the counts.”

Sica, who stood ramrod straight in the dock of Court 31 for the verdict, breathed out deeply and smiled as he heard Judge Shanahan’s decision.

Outside court, Sica’s jubilant brother, Claudio, said: “Justice has finally been served, but not fully.”

“There was no other verdict that could have been given.”

Sica has become the latest in a growing long line of infamous criminals to win judge only trials – including notorious pedophiles Dennis Ferguson and Roy Schloss.

Sica was granted the judge-only trial after his lawyers convinced the court Sica’s notoriety would make it almost impossible to find and impartial panel of jurors anywhere in Queensland.

Sica early last month pleaded not guilty to 21 sex offences, including two counts of rape and one of maintaining a sexual relationship with the child between November 15, 2004 and September 10, 2008.

Then aged 35 to 39, he was also charged with nine counts each of unlawful carnal knowledge and indecent dealing of a child under 16.

The court had been told Sica allegedly had sex with the child, then aged between nine and 13, more than 100 times during the four-year period.

In July, a Brisbane Supreme Court jury found Sica guilty of the 2003 murder of the Singh siblings.

He was sentenced to three life terms, with a record minimum non-parole period of 35-years.

Sica has appealed those verdicts, with a two day hearing scheduled to start in the Court of Appeal in Brisbane on May 27.

7 thoughts on “Max Sica found Not Guilty of child’s rape and abuse

  1. Yoshi

    I found it most interesting that the journalist used the term “a growing list of REVILED convicted criminals.’

    In my day, use of such a word would be deemed a comment/opinion of the reporter and quickly deleted by the sub-editors – particularly in a court reporting context.

    It has got me to thinking that Gerbil will be seeking a judge only trial too..


    • Very true GHS… There definitely has been a tendency in more recent time for journalists to cloud news reporting with opinion pieces. Laziness in my view. I followed US Presedential election late last year and WOW, we think reporting here is bad…

      But I had exactly the same thought about GBC seeking a judge only trial too when I saw this about Sica.


  2. I bet that the Judges are hand picked by the lawyers from these criminals. Unreal the next thing we will be hearing is that those who bring charges of rape etc. against criminals will be charged with persecuting them.


  3. the ddp can appeal a judge only trial.unlike a jury trial where there is no most other states it is a defendants right to a judge only trial if he so wishes.they were introdeced for complex trials like fraud ect which juries are mostly lost in the legal jumbo. fact


    • Just to clarify, in Queensland and at least 3 other States that I am aware of, the DPP or an accused can appeal against either a guilty or not guilty finding, either at a judge only trial a jury trial (e.g. s668E and s669A – Criminal Code Qld). The grounds of appeal are certainly limited, but an appeal is possible nonetheless. But given you’ve “forgotten more about the law” than I’ll ever know, I suspect you must have just made a typo ;-)


  4. It would be interesting to see the statistics on Judge Only trials based on all offences, and not just child sexual assaults. I certainly hope that it is not a developing trend, however I have a sinking feeling that those charged with child sexual assaults are treated kindly at sentencing time, due to the fact that they did not put the victim through any more hardship by electing a Judge Only trial, thus not subjecting the victim to cross-examination.


  5. That’s was really true and interesting one!! Thanks for sharing good interesting fact or stats about the judge trial. But the thing was that child sex assault is ongoing trend in Brisbane and around.


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