Adrian Bayley Pleads Guilty to Rape – Not Guilty to Murdering Jill Meagher

Jill Meagher

Adrian Bayley admitted raping and strangling Jill Meagher in a Melbourne laneway, but has pleaded not guilty to her murder.  The 41 year old will stand trial in the Victorian Supreme Court after the Deputy Chief Magistrate found there was enough evidence for a jury to convict him.  Bayley pleaded guilty to one count of rape in the Melbourne Magistrates Court yesterday and not guilty to murder and another two charges of rape.


Adrian Bayley arriving at court 5th May 2013

Adrian Bayley arriving at court 5th May 2013

ADRIAN Bayley has arrived at the Supreme Court for a hearing over the death of Melbourne woman Jill Meagher, where he is expected to plead guilty to charges of murder. More to come…

Bayley, 41, pleaded guilty in the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court on March 12 to one count of raping Ms Meagher.

He pleaded not guilty to her murder and two of three counts of rape.

Bayley was set to stand trial over the murder in a Brunswick laneway in September – a year after the crime that shocked the nation.

Last moments of Jill Meagher’s life

  • by: Paul Anderson – From: Herald Sun
  • March 13, 2013 8:59AM

THE man accused of murdering Jill Meagher ran out of petrol after burying the Irish-born ABC employee in a shallow grave, according to court documents.

A police summary of the case against Adrian Bayley, tendered in court, was released to the media after Bayley’s committal hearing yesterday.According to the summary, on the night of September 21 last year, while Ms Meagher was out celebrating with friends in Brunswick, Bayley was arguing with his girlfriend at Swanston St’s Lounge Bar.

The pipeline layer, 41, was arguing with her about “jealousy and possessiveness”. His girlfriend left and returned to their home in Coburg.

“The accused (Bayley) attempted to contact his girlfriend by phone; however, she refused to answer or return text messages and phone calls,” the summary stated.

Bayley left the Lounge Bar at 12.25am and caught a taxi home. There, he changed into a blue hoodie jumper, the summary said.It was about 1am when Ms Meagher, 29, left the Brunswick Green Hotel with a friend and walked to the Etiquette Bar.

Her friend left soon after, twice offering Ms Meagher a ride in a taxi. But she declined, deciding to walk the short distance home.

On her way, outside Chemist Warehouse, she asked a group of three people for a cigarette and had a “short friendly conversation” with the trio.

She then continued on her way along Sydney Rd, towards Hope St. Bayley was in the area by that stage, and saw Ms Meagher walking alone.

“(Bayley) has run up from behind Ms Meagher before slowing to a walk as he approached her.” The Police summary said

Bayley would later tell police: “I was just walking ahead of her and we’d already interacted on Sydney Rd and that’s when she rang her brother. She was actually telling me about her father.”

Ms Meagher called her brother, Michael McKeon, at 1.35am to talk about their sick father.
Mr McKeon said he would call her back in a minute or two. He would try, but his sister’s phone would ring out several times.

Ms Meagher’s husband, Tom, knew his wife was out for drinks with workmates.

At 1.37am, he sent her a text message from their home: “Are you okay?”

The Chief Crown prosecutor, Gavin Silbert, SC, told the court it was 1.38am when Bayley “accosted” Ms Meagher and “proceeded to drag her into a laneway on Hope St between Oven St and Sydney Rd, where he has raped and strangled her”.A bin and parked car in a laneway off Hope St, Brunswick, where Jill Meagher's handbag was found

Bayley later told detectives: “I actually apologised. I can’t imagine how she felt but I know how I felt. All I thought was, ‘What have I done?’ ”

Mr Silbert told the court: “(Bayley) has left the body of the deceased in the laneway and returned to his home address, where he has collected a shovel and his white Holden Astra.”

At 1.47am, an extremely worried Tom Meagher sent his wife another text.

“Answer me, I’m really worried,” it read.

He sent another at 2.07am: “Please pick up.”

The court heard Bayley returned to the laneway at 4.22am and put Ms Meagher’s body into the boot of the car.

He drove to Blackhill Rd, Gisborne South, where he buried Ms Meagher by the side of the road.

“I cried, man, and I dug a hole . . . I didn’t cry for me,” Bayley told detectives.

Tom Meagher, meanwhile, had searched the Brunswick streets in vain.

Adrian Bayley as he was taken into custody in the back of a police car. Picture: Stephen Harman

“I kept trying to ring her but there was no answer,” he said in his police statement.

Bayley was driving home from Gisborne when his car ran out of petrol near the Calder Highway.

He managed to wave down motorist Dayle Watkins, who drove him to a nearby service station.

There, about 6am, he filled a jerry can with petrol.

Mr Watkins then drove Bayley back to his vehicle.

On September 27, after investigating the crime scene and gathering evidence, including CCTV footage and phone records, homicide detectives arrested Bayley.

“After investigators informed (Bayley) of the evidence implicating him, he made admissions,” the police summary stated.

“(Bayley) stated that it was due to the argument that he had had earlier in the night with his girlfriend, that (Bayley) had an angry and aggressive demeanour which he transferred onto the deceased.”

Yesterday, Bayley pleaded not guilty to one count of murder and two counts of rape.

He pleaded guilty to one charge of rape.


Adrian Ernest Bayley

BAYLEY: You know what? I hope I never get out, because you know why I hope that, because then no one else ever has to be hurt because someone hurts me. I don’t deal with – with hurt very well. You know it wasn’t really my intention to hurt her, you know that? When we conversed, I swear to you man – I swear to I’d – I’d just – I spoke to her and she looked – she looked distraught. Does that make sense?

DETECTIVE:Yeah it does.

BAYLEY:She didn’t look happy.

DETECTIVE:Yeah it does.

BAYLEY:And I spoke to – I spoke to hear, you now and said, look, I’ll just – I’ll – I’ll help you, you know. That’s what I said to her and she was like fu… anyway it doesn’t matter. She flipped me off and that made me angry, because I was trying to do a nice thing. You know that?

DETECTIVE: Yeah yeah.

BAYLEY: She looked distraught.

BAYLEY:She looked distraught, you know. She looked like she was lost … always try to do the right thing some – you know, most of the time and I didn’t take well to her response, you know. I just don’t wanna go through it in detail. That – I can’t.

DETECTIVE: What happened to Jill?

BAYLEY:They should have the death penalty for people like me.

DETECTIVE:I can’t tell you what’s gonna happen.

BAYLEY:No well – that’s what I hope.

DETECTIVE:So you said she fobbed you off and you got angry. Tell me what happened then?

BAYLEY:Oh I just got pissed off and I actually walked off and she followed. I actually walked in front of her and she followed.


BAYLEY:And it just got worse.

DETECTIVE:Tell me what happened.

BAYLEY:(Starts to cry) … like a big sissy man.

BAYLEY:I wanna do the right thing. It’s not fair on any of this to – it’s not fair of any of this stuff to have happened, let alone her family and stuff too.


BAYLEY:Not knowing.

DETECTIVE:Would you be willing to come with me and show me?

BAYLEY:I’ll try. I’ll do my best man.

DETECTIVE:I appreciate that.

BAYLEY:I’m not sure how to get there.

BAYLEY:I know what I’m saying to you. It’s not fair for this to have happened, and it’s not fair on her family and its not fair on them not knowing. It’s not fair.

DETECTIVE:Um. I understand why you don’t want to go into the detail. I understand that totally. Um how – how did she die?

BAYLEY: (Starts to cry). I strangled her.


BAYLEY: (Continues to cry). What have I done? What have I done man?

DETECTIVE:And where did that happen?

BAYLEY:On Hope Street.

DETECTIVE:How did she come to get in the laneway?

BAYLEY:we – we walked past it.


BAYLEY:That far down Hope St. I didn’t take her from the street, or – you know?

DETECTIVE: Yeah and then?

BAYLEY:And we were just talking you know? We weren’t – there was no argument, there was no – it was just talking. And then um …


BAYLEY:I was just walking ahead of her and we’d already interacted on Sydney Rd, and that’s when she rang her brother. She was actually telling me about her father.


BAYLEY:You know? And I was just – I was trying to be nice and – she kept going from being nice to nasty, to nice, to – you know what I mean?


BAYLEY:And it just sort of ended up in the alley. I cant remember yeah, you know what I mean, 100 per cent, like how it ended up. We were just sort of – we were standing there.

DETECTIVE: Um how did you – how did you strangle her?

BAYLEY:With my hands.

DETECTIVE:With your hands. And once that had happened, what did you do?

(interview interrupted by knock at door, then resumes)

BAYLEY:I didn’t run.

DETECTIVE:You didn’t run?

BAYLEY:(starts to cry) That’s not it man. I actually apologised.


BAYLEY:But I didn’t run. I didn’t – didn’t know what to do. It’s a horrible feeling man.


BAYLEY:I can’t imagine how – how she felt, but I know how I felt. It’s not nice man, its not nice. And all I thought was what have I done? That’s all I thought. That was the thought in my head, what have I done after I said sorry. I didn’t know what else to say, man. I don’t know what else to say.

DETECTIVE:And what happened to her belongings?

BAYLEY:The phone I smashed. Just the other stuff I threw.

DETECTIVE:You walk to the side, you get the shovel. Tell me what you do.

BAYLEY:I cried man, and I dug a hole.


BAYLEY: I cried man, And I didn’t cry for me, you need to understand that. I didn’t cry for me, just like I’m not crying for me now.

Jill Meagher


Saturday September 22, 2012

  • 1.30am: Jill Meagher leaves Bar Etiquette in Sydney Rd, Brunswick, in Melbourne’s inner-north to walk home. CCTV from the Dutchess Boutique captures both Ms Meagher and Adrian Bayley walking past.
  • 1.38am: Mr Bayley allegedly grabs Ms Meagher and drags her into a nearby laneway off Hope St.
  • 1.40am – 1.45am: Neighbours hear a woman yelling from laneway. After a few minutes the yelling stops.
  • 2am: Tom Meagher tries calling his wife’s mobile phone.
  • 4am: Mr Meagher leaves his home in Lux Way – not far from the scene – to go and look for his wife.
  • 4.22am: It is alleged that having gone home to Coburg in Melbourne’s northern suburbs for a shovel, Mr Bayley returns in his white Holden Astra.
  • 4.26am: Car allegedly drives off with Ms Meagher’s body in the boot.
  • 6am: After continuing to call his wife’s phone all night without luck, Mr Meagher reports her missing.

Sunday September 23

  • 12.30pm: A Facebook page is set up in the hope somebody saw Ms Meagher.
  • 3.15pm: Police release public call for information about Ms Meagher’s disappearance.

Monday September 24

  • 6.30am: Ms Meagher’s handbag found in lane off Hope St. Police believe it was planted the day before.
  • 8.50am: Homicide squad takes over the case.
  • 1.45pm: Forensic officers recover evidence from the lane way. Detectives interview Mr Meagher.

Tuesday September 25

  • 12.30pm: Forensic police search the Meagher home and take away their car and bags of items for testing.
  • 3.55pm: Police release footage from the Dutchess Boutique of Ms Meagher and a man in a blue hoodie.
  • 6.15pm: Police return to the Meagher home and search again.

Thursday September 27

  • 2.30pm: Mr Bayley arrested in Coburg.
  • 3.58pm: Police interview with Mr Bayley begins.
  • 10pm: Interview suspended while police travel to a site allegedly nominated by Mr Bayley.

Friday September 28

  • 3am: Mr Bayley remanded at an out-of-sessions hearing after being charged with murder.
  • 4am: Ms Meagher’s body is taken away by coronial staff after being recovered from a shallow grave at the side of Black Hill Rd in Gisborne South, north of Melbourne.

252 thoughts on “Adrian Bayley Pleads Guilty to Rape – Not Guilty to Murdering Jill Meagher

  1. Now ADRIAN EARNEST EDWARDS/BAYLEY, you will have the 35 years you deserve in Port Phillip Prison to watch your back, with all your hardcore one jail bitches. Your pathetic piece of human trash. May you live in of rapes and do hard time.. What comes around, will go around. Victims of crime karma. Your challenge now Bayley is not an appeal against your sentence, but will you live longer in the slot than Carl Williams. 35 years and counting maggot, ROT IN HELL……And wear some tin underpants you sick RAPIST MURDERER!……..



    Tom Meagher, Jill’s husband, slammed Bayley’s appeal against his 35-year non-parole term [for his conviction of the rape & murder of Jill Meagher] – a “waste of public money’’.
    Furthermore, Attorney-General Robert Clark has issued Victorian Legal Aid a “please explain” after it bankrolled the failed bid.

    We’re right behind you Tom!
    Well done for the public comments raising awareness of these issues.



    VICTORIA Legal Aid will re-examine its decision to fund murderer Adrian Bayley’s sentence appeal, the Napthine Government says. This rethink is justified as the public want Legal Aid Victoria to be accountable for these decisions. It must be followed by implementation of constructive change to the policy and decision making process.


  4. Sunday 29 September 2013:..Moreland Road Brunswick, …..March for Jill Meagher Remembrance Day and for the loss to Tom Meagher and Families,12 Months on. Hopefully more and more outraged people will march, 30,000 plus and continue to grow every year , to show that Jill and other victims who lost their precious lives, most horrible , at the hands of the pure evil living amongst us in the names of PRISONERS: ADRIAN EARNEST EDWARDS/ BAYLEY, and STEVEN JAMES HUNTER AND PETER NORRIS DUPAS. PAUL DENYER, JUILIAN KNIGHT ,CHRISTOPHER WAYNE HUDSON etc..etc!….We all pray that the rest of their oxygen thief lives are spent locked up in the confines of HELL in a solitary confinement cage, where their only interaction for the remainder of their worthless lives on earth, will be a cockroach to talk to in their cells. And the isolation of solitary protection will torment their minds into eternal insanity at the length of their life sentences and tear their odium souls apart……..
    Jill Meagher you will always live on in Thousands of caring people hearts and be a guiding light for all victims of crime, at the hands of parolees and a legacy to bringing about, due to your tragic loss, a major change to the toughening up of law and order and longer sentencing in Victoria Prisons………………………. God bless you Jill and Tom Meagher. The shake up of the Victorian Prison System and Parolee monitoring and more truth in sentencing is long overdue. Thankyou for your pressure on the Victorian Government, and forcing them to act on tough justice, of our most worst violent criminals.
    I personally salute you for your bravery, after what you have and are continuing to go through with your loss. CHEERS, TOM MEAGHER…… I will be marching in respect for Jill.



    Jill Meagher remembered as thousands march down Sydney Road in Melbourne
    Updated Mon 30 Sep 2013
    Thousands of people have marched past the place where ABC employee Jill Meagher was abducted last year to remember her death and protest against violence against women.

    Victorian Premier Denis Napthine joined today’s crowd and said it is important people continue speak out against such crimes.

    “We’re all devastated and affected by the tragic murder of Jill Meagher, and our hearts go out to her husband Tom and her family,” he said.

    “I think there was a spontaneous feeling right across Melbourne and Victoria that we need to take a stand…against violence against women and violence in our society.”


  6. As a former Victorian Prison Officer, I salute you for your endless bravery, by making a stand against and exposing the weak system failures, for years made by the Victorian Justice Departments softly softly sympathy towards our worst criminals,and trying to bring about change to the legal systems favour of criminals over victims of crime, at the hands of these criminals.
    Just like the excellent interview, you got aired into Australia, with the get tough on criminals , and naming of repeat offenders, by the sheriff, in the U.S.A. The State of Victoria should be honouring you Derrin, not send you to jail. ITS TIME FOR A BIG SHAKE UP IN THIS COUNTRIES LAW AND ORDER, AND THOSE IN POWER WHO HOLD THE DO-GOODER CONTROL OVER IT.
    While the untouchable criminals in the State of Victoria, call you a maggot, and threaten you with harm. You Derrin are making a big legacy, by your speaking out of PRISONER:ADRIAN EARNEST EDWARDS\BAYLEY, and all the other sex offending low life convicted criminals, That you have exposed over the years, since the legal eagles last sent you away to H.M. MORWELL RIVER PRISON. I wish you well Derrin and keep strong, if they lock you up again………
    OUR JUSTICE SYSTEM IS SO BLOODY UN-FAIR………You get punished, while the Parole Board, gets away with its failure to all Victims of Crime, over the years.


    • I see that Derryn Hinch has a petition going. And a most worthy petition at that.
      “We, the undersigned, insist, that by the end of 2014, the Australian governments, state and federal, through their attorneys-general, unite to publish an ongoing national public register of all convicted sex offenders similar to Megan’s Law in the United States.”
      In Derryn Hinch’s own words:
      And if you really want to achieve something, then sign my petition calling for a national public register of convicted sex offenders by the end of 2014. If you are one of the 26,000 who have signed then tell your family and friends. They can find it at:



    Prosecutors Granted More Time in Adrian Bayley Rape Trial (2014)
    PAUL Anderson, Herald SUn, October 03, 2013

    Bayley, 42, of Coburg, is facing 14 charges, including multiple counts of rape.The alleged offences date back to 2000.The trial date is set down for May 26, 2014.

    The case is listed before the County Court for a mention on December 5, 2013.


  8. Just think that had this beast, been under proper surveillance, from the word go, way back in 1990, and up to 2000 and onwards, and securely held in a sex offenders prison, with his long police record of violent rape, that he had built up from when he was first let out of prison in the 1990,s.
    Jill Meagher and who knows how many other women, would never have become his victims. The Victorian Prison and Justice Departments and Parole Boards, must learn from these deadly mistakes, that they have allowed to happen, because of their failure to keep constant watch over dangerous predators like ADRIAN EARNEST EDWARDS/BAYLEY, and other serial rapists before him, that committed the most brutal crimes, some of which to this day still remain un-solved.


  9. I am unable to understand how Derryn Hinch becomes the fall guy. The real crook cops protection. Where is the justice in that? Indeed, where even is the common sense?
    There is a saying: “The Law is an Ass.”
    Well, it’s about time for that law that is so stupid; it should be changed or ended.

    Might need another petition to Free Derryn Hinch.
    Hinch speaks up for common decency, common sense, normality.
    BTW, Thanks Former, for alerting us to Derryn Hinch’s activities. Looks like a hero to me. And looks like he could do with support.


    • There are too many of us, Queensland Country Lady. It’s out of control now. The saying is that communities of 500 or less are self-policing – think the villages of old, long before organised policing. People did their own. They knew everyone. They kept their eyes open. Not as many distractions. Weird kids were watched and often they became weird adults, prone to setting fires, theft, animal cruelty, etc. When the village had had enough, it dealt with the problem in a fairly permanent way

      Yes, sometimes they got it wrong, but the saying, ‘ No smoke without fire’ stems from those days and they were right more often than they were wrong. Bad buggers were spotted young and usually became bad buggers in adulthood, same as today. Psychologists could, if they chose, weed out the problems early in the piece. But it’s not politically correct. Truth and honesty are considered politically incorrect, i.e. Derryn Hinch. He says it like it is and although it resonates with the majority, those at the top seem determined to turn black into white. Victims are trodden into the ground while nothing is spared in the attempt to make good-guys out of ratbags – chance after chance after chance. All at our expense

      These days we live in cities with populations numbering in millions. We’re kept with our noses to the grindstone and have to trust those in ‘authority’ know what they’re doing. And they do. They know exactly what they’re doing, which is to pervert decent society whilst paying themselves very well. It’s the Frankist mentality run amok. They programme us to accept that War is Peace, Bad is Good, etc. And because we no longer live in villages and no longer know our neighbours life-long, no longer even know those who share walls with us — we’re all left wondering, alone in our little houses and units, if we’re the only ones who think society has gone insane. But then it’s nose back to the grindstone again and every day’s news brings new horrors, new anxieties, increased costs. We can’t keep track of it all and those at the top use that to their and criminals’ advantage

      Tucked away in taxpayer funded offices are people who’re half nuts, plotting to get murderers and paedophiles out of prison. It’s as if they live in a parallel universe, as if they have no connection to wider society. They’ve done some bodgy TAFE course in social-welfare and then they’re into the system, all with a little title, all with chips on their shoulders seemingly, and all sticking it to the general public because they can. Ugly women, quite often, thinking they’re regarded by prison scum as sexy angels of mercy. They use our tax-dollars to make themselves popular with crims who’re playing them like fiddles. These taxpayer-funded aiders and abetters have deep feelings of inadequacy, very often. They bolster their low self-esteem by making themselves ‘important’ and indispensable to prisoners and to hell with the ultimate price to be paid by society once those prisoners are let loose again.

      How many prison ‘psychologists’ parole-board members and legal-aid workers, prisoners’-rights groups, etc. do you think Bayley has conned, time after time. And where are those responsible when Bayley strikes again, content in the belief he’ll get out of it as he has so many times before ? Those who granted him his freedom are nowhere to be heard or seen. Maybe they live vicariously through Bayley and his ilk. Or maybe, as I’ve always suspected, Bayley is similar to Savile in being a panderer, a supplier, in return for being given an easy time whenever the law does catch up to him

      We lost a lot when we grew beyond the village, when we had to hand justice over to governments and nameless half-wits in the public service, the police force and the laughable joke known as the ‘justice system’

      The majority want a return of the death penalty and never mind the stitch-up (ala Port Arthur) which resulted in the death penalty being taken off the table. We want it back. We didn’t want it to go. We want to know that the same 10% that causes problems life-long are dead and gone and unable to harm us ever again. We want the problems dealt with, instead of seeing the same criminal element front the courts repeatedly, only to be released repeatedly on our dollar while victims are pushed to the back

      Bayley should be terminated. Hand justice back to the people and Bayley and those like him would be six feet under in days. But of course, certain types need the Bayleys. They need them to do the dirty work in return for being allowed to prey on you and me. And the foul joke that is the ‘justice system’ needs the Bayleys too, as do all those psychopaths in all those departments who earn their living by pandering to rapists, murderers, paedophiles, contract-killers. They and an army of solicitors and the entire farce that comprises the ‘justice’ and prison systems would be unemployed if not for the Bayleys of the world — and then how would all those cretins pay for their 4xwheels and false nails and cheap holidays in Bali ? Our economy would suffer if we didn’t have a steady stream of criminals to keep the entire system employed — all the privatised prisons — the suppliers of porn to prisons — the security armies within prisons – the bleeding hearts and useless ‘psychologists’. It’s an entire industry – a lucrative industry. And those dragging dollars out of it don’t want it to end

      More to the point, the crazies who pander to the Bayleys of the world in the guise of psychologists, mental-health ‘professionals’, prison guards, solicitors, parole board members, etc. etc. — they’d all have to face their own parlous mental health, their own issues which are kept tolerable as long as they can pretend to be doing ‘good works’ for prisoners. There’d be an explosion of admissions to psychiatric institutions if those people could no longer hide their own mental illnesses behind ‘the justice system’.

      The law is more than an ass. The law is insane. In fact the law is a criminal enterprise in itself. And at least part of its purpose is to send the mentally healthy population insane, in addition to perverting the course of true justice every chance it gets. It’s testimony to our mental stability that we’re still standing, that Derryn Hinch is still speaking out and gaining our support despite the foully corrupt climate within government, the media and the insane ‘legal/justice system’


  10. Well written ,Burleigh Beach, Hang em High. And sack all the criminal rights psychos, in the name of legal defence councillors , and all their cash cow hangers on, in the justice departments and modern do-gooder correctional country clubs, who are making a good dollars , out of victims of crimes misery. Its time the Aussie Prisons, returned to the dark old days of the 1960,s,where the crims only rights were to stand on a cross in the H.M. Governments Gaol Cells, and do hard time and hard labour, breaking rocks, and corporal punishment, to break them, ever hurting anyone again. And if they did, lock them away in Maximum High Security for the terms of their natural life.
    As and old school, crim hating Prison Officer who watched and locked away the worst of the worst evil crims in the notorious ”’H”. Division of H.M. Prison Pentridge, which was once known to crims, Australia wide, who had been locked away there, as Hell Division or the Slot as it was known in prison slang.
    Crims feared the rock crushing labour yards, and the screws brutal strict military discipline as punishment, brought down hard on them. This may sound very hard, to many people, but what the violent crims had done to their victims was hard and brutal also. That is why Australian gaols were once places to be feared, not like today, where crims commit a crime to get a holiday, and a rest from the outside pressures of the modern world and the high cost of living. Its easier now to just go to a holiday resort modern prison, where the do- gooder screws and welfare workers are now the crims loyal servants and their service of providing them rehabilitation and reintergration for early realease, regardless of the horrible crimes committed.. No punishment any more, just the loss of liberty for a short sentence. ADRIAN EARNEST EDWARDS\BAYLEY is just one typical example of the last couple of decades, softly softly, slap on the wrist, weak lack of punishment that the prisons have released, back on our streets, with no fear of jail, after committing the most brutal of all crimes.
    Back in the 1950s, 1960,s and even the 1970,s, he would have been harshly and strictly punished, and if he could not be broken and reformed, instead of letting him out of gaol, he would have been committed to H.M. ARARAT ”J”. WARD Prison for the criminally insane on the Governors Pleasure.


    • Great comments here. We are thankful to social media – which facilitates various views, opinions on our present day legal system which seems to be in need of serious review.


  11. You’re right, Caro — just when they thought they’d destroyed the village and isolated us in cities & towns filled with Little Boxes Made of Ticky Tacky …………….. along came social-media to fill the vacuum. Thank God. Social-media is the return of the mag over the backyard fence. It’s a return to the Country Women’s Association halls where women would swap ideas and learn new ones while planning the next fete or knitting blanket squares. Humans are going to communicate. Communication is what propelled us from the swamps and drove us to develop language and writing. Exchange of ideas. Voicing of joys and outrage. Soundings of alarm and warning. We will always find ways to communicate :-)

    We have to become more active than ever now. They think they have us on the ropes and they believe their total control is imminent. So we have to become more vocal, determined and organised

    This is my idea for a fairer and more sane society: we would all be provided with a card, similar to a bank-card. All across the country would be machines similar to ATMs. Before any politician could make a move on anything at all, he/she must comply with the majority vote. And the majority vote would be delivered via our little cards. We’d go to one of the machines (which would be similar in convenience and location to ATMs) and we would vote ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ in response to any government proposal. All the proposals would be there in front of us on a screen. We could scroll up or down to see them. For example, *Proposed return of the death penalty as punishment for convicted murderers *. One person might vote ‘No’. Another might vote ‘Yes’. With everything computerised now, the government would be provided a running-tally from moment to moment. And to safeguard the results would be an independent body which ALSO had access to the votes as they came in from all around the country

    Majority rule. It’s the only way societies can successfully function. The reason current day societies are collapsing is because the Usual Suspects have thrust minority groups into prominence at the expense of the majority. It’s the same thing which resulted in the downfall of the Roman Empire, basically

    The ATM type voting-booths would ensure majority rule, simple as that. And legislation should be created to ensure our government heeds the majority. After all, isn’t that what elections are supposed to ensure? Then, when they’re in power, they ignore the majority and weaken our society by catering to minorities. So we need to move out of the 17th century with its elections every X-years and get into the Present with a system which allows the population to have a say on everything the government does. And it could be easily achieved, as described in basic above

    So, with regard to selling off of our land to foreign powers, if the majority voted ‘No’, then ta-ta foreign powers and too bad corrupt politicians and their anticipated golden-handshakes

    Anyway, that’s the general idea for my utopian society. We get a say in every damn thing that’s going on, from minute to minute. And it would return governments and politicians to their intended role — that of servants of the people. It would result in a GENUINE, ‘ OF the people, BY the people, FOR the people’

    In addition to being provided a 24/7 Voting-Card, everyone would have a password. And there would be stiff penalties and fines for anyone who lost their Voting-Card or allowed it to fall into the hands of anyone else


  12. The Judge gives Derryn Hinch a $100,000 fine and 90 days to pay it, or fifty days jail, for contempt of court, he breached during a media and social media ban, suppression order, while BAYLEY was still pleading not guilty for the most horrendous crimes, he had knowingly committed, and police and forensic evidence proved that fact, before he was to go to trial, and he later change his mind and decided to plead guilty to one count of rape and one of murder. All the while, the legal systems convicted contempt of court public enemy number one, The human headline Derryn Hinch, only tried to warn and expose to the publics interests, what the legal system bureaucracy had failed over and over many years and on countless occasions to protect the community from, violent dangerous, ADRIAN BAYLEY, who had a very long criminal record, that has been going back decades ,in and out of prison on parole, a recidivist convicted violent rapist, on the loose again and again, stalking and raping and assaulting more victims and finally committing the ultimate crime of the most heinous and brutal nature, a cold blooded murder and covering up the indictable crime by using and burying the victims body in a secluded country grave. Then going home and watching a dvd and having a pizza. This is what our criminal justice system, feels that it needs protecting from a contempt of court, and a fair trial, from the likes of crusader Derryn Hinch. All the while,the parole board has let murders and violent repeat offenders free on our streets again, and cost Jill Meagher her life and made the community feel un-safe because, we don’t know what has been let out of prison early and lurks in the shadows and lives and stalks amongst us, looking for their next victim of crime.
    The Adult Parole Board of Victoria, decision makers, all walk away from any punishment for the un- accountable negligence and dangerous granting of parole to Murder serial Rapist Parolee Prisoner : ADRIAN EARNEST EDWARDS/BAYLEY.and others like STEVEN JAMES HUNTER, PETER NORRIS DUPAS, etc, etc. Had our courts not had such a criminal rights merciful stance to violent recidivist, unknown quantiy violent cunning sex offenders and stalkers, by handing out generous light lenient remission sentences for jail time, prison good behaviour, and for doing education and prison sex offender courses on the proviso of conning the parole board, that they have been rehabilitated and allowing prisoners like Bayley to con the Adult Parole Board on numerous occasions on his many terms of imprisonment, and picking up on his cunning conniving evil, There would have been no need for Derryn Hinch to have to expose deviouts, the likes of ADRIAN EARNEST EDWARDS/BAYLEY, and the other known sex- offending Priests PEDOS, etc, that Derryn Hinch has been made a scape goat of and had to do jail time before, because a sensitive touchy feely judiciary thinks he is prejudice and harmful to a criminals rights to a fair and just criminal trial. What about the rights of the communities safety and well being, to know that evil like ADRIAN BAYLEY, should have been kept in prison more than 20 years ago, when he was only a nineteen year old , up and coming serial sex offender and violent rapist. The very same with PETER NORRIS DUPAS, a violent sex offending rapist as a teenager, and after numerous releases from prison on parole over the years, went on to be Victorias worst serial murder, mutilator and violent rapist. We the community and victims of violent crime, rest our case. Criminals that have been convicted and imprisoned before for a record of violence and sexual assault have forfeited human and legal rights to any form of appeal or mercy from the courts. And should be locked away for ever and ever, with hard labour, in a real hard, tough prison, where they should remain out of sight and out of mind. And no prison reformers or lawyer should ever be allowed access to these type of recidivist, hardened criminals.
    The return of the old days of Australias Hardest Prisons of strict military solitary confinement, punishment, silence and reformatory model pentonville designed prisons like the Old Melbourne Gaol and Pentridge Prison, Maitland Gaol, Fremantle Gaol, Bogga Road, Yatala Goal; Grafton Gaol, Long Bay Gaol, Old Sydney Gaol, etc etc. with hard labour rock crushing yards and armed warders in towers with razor ribbon watching over them, to make sure the prisoners don’t escape……..This should be the new criminal justice systems order of the day. Save the rehabilitation and reintergration and unit management regime of the touchy feely style do-gooder modern prisons to non violent and proved repentant offenders. And send all the rest of the evil hardened violent end of the line dangerous prisoners to a specially built super max high security maximum punishment jail for the terms of their natural life.



    by Paul Anderson, Herald Sun, October 21, 2013.

    ADRIAN Bayley’s life sentence with a 35-year minimum term for the rape and murder of Jill Meagher was fair because features of the crime were “particularly callous” and “warranted condign punishment,” three Court of Appeal judges said today.

    “The applicant was a violent sexual predator who killed his victim,” the justices said in their judgment.

    The justices mentioned facts including the viciousness of the “stranger rape”, the fact Bayley was a large man and Ms Meagher a smaller woman, the fact he killed her to stop her reporting the rape to police and his “appalling history of violent offending “against individuals smaller and weaker than him – most of who were women”.


  14. Cheers Caro, its interesting to note that the three appeals judges in their judgment ,state the obvious, that in 10 minutes they made up their mind based on the horror and viciousness of the crime scene exhibits and photographs they observed, and also were of the opinion that the appealing applicant Prisoner: ADRIAN EARNEST EDWARDS/BAYLEY, prior history, had a known appalling history as a violent sexual predator, stranger rapist and was a large man who preyed against individuals smaller and weaker than him and most of who were women?……..
    So why does Legal Aid continue to fund expensive lawyers and continue flog a dead horse, by representing these end of the line, hardcore recidivist vile evil crims. In recent and current high profile appeals in and before the courts…….. Victorian Legal Aid Lawyers have wasted large amounts of tax payers dollars, and failed in their appeals against Prisoners: PAUL DENYER, TONY MOKBEL, JUILIAN KNIGHT, PETER DUPAS, and now ADRIAN BAYLEY and STEVEN JAMES HUNTER, who have all been found guilty by a judge and jury for their most heinous, brutal crimes of cold blooded murder, beyond all reasonable doubt. But still Legal Aid just don’t get it, that these low life scumbags should never even be considered to ever be released from jail again, in the interests of the dangerous prisoners, community protection ACT of 1990. Which a Victorian Government in power, can apply to a supreme court judge to keep a Dangerous notorious Prisoner
    which is very likely to re-offend and commit more violent crime if granted parole and or released from jail after their prison sentence has been served. It was last used in 1990 at Pentridge Prison against Dangerous Attempted Murderer and criminally insane self mutilater Prisoner: GARY DAVID WEBB. Who was then held indefinitely at the Governors Pleasure in H.Division High Security Unit. This Prisoner later bled to death in his H.Division cell, by the cause of his own hands of self mutilation suicide, which he had been attempting over and over on himself, for the long years, from which he had been in Maximum Security. Had this Prisoner been not held by the
    Dangerous Prisoner ACT of 1990, and been released un-checked back into the community. He would have more than likely committed a worst violent act on a innocent member of the public. Just as Prisoner : PETER NORRIS DUPAS, committed after he was release on un-supervised parole back in 1994. And the Parole Board or the powers that be, didn’t use the Dangerous Criminals Act of 1990, on him, because they considered him rehabilitated. Just like they did Prisoner: adrin earnest Edwards/Bayley who was released from Pentridge Prison a few years before it closed in 1997. And after several later terms of imprisonment for violent assault and violent rapes over a period of 20 more years, un-checked, when on to the 2012 brutal rape and murder and burial of innocent Jill Meagher. And to think that Legal Aid, would have been privy and known all about BAYLEYS past history of violence and rape, but still tried to fight for him to get his 35 year sentence reduced or overturned. When in fact his sentence was not even close to being long enough, for the brutal predator that he has always been known to be. …………..He should have been sentenced to life imprisonment with no parole date, and never to be released for the term of his natural life…. He is serving his 35 years on the highest prison management, 24 hours in his suicide proof cell protection. contantly monitor by Prison Officers who have to be accountable for his duty of care,And like they all do in high security protection, There very polite to the screws but are very unpredictable and they at any time try to self mutilate or hang themselves in their cell, so have to be placed on 15 minute observation, suicide watch, to make sure that does not happen to them and also the screws have to make sure no other prisoner in the high security unit, can get near the obso prisoner cell
    and do harm to them. So it is going to be a very tence and on edge, 35 years that ADRIAN EARNEST BAYLEY has to serve in maximum security prison, because he is at the danger of harm from many other dangerous prisoners in Victorian high security Jails, that would like the opportunity to get access to him to make a name for themselves. He would not last long in main stream general population prison. So his 35 years will be hard time, if he can survive that long in isolation, that is. And even if he still has friends in jail, from his previous terms of imprisonment, he will still have to be very careful and watch his bum or his back, so to speak….
    That is the ever present danger of being held in maximum high security management units, prisoners still can not guarantee their protection from their enemies.


  15. Yeah ok that Adrian dude is a dh eveybody knows that but let’s look at Jill for a minute. What was s he doing at 2am walking around drunk obviously everybody knows that’s when the criminals appear and like hello your a news reporter you should know this s***. Well it happened and we can’t go back to the past and were all feeling for you Jill. May you rest in peace


  16. Women and men, that are intoxicated and not causing any harm after a social night out, from any nightclub, pub, or even a friends house or just the park. Should be able to safely walk alone, any time of the night or morning in the knowledge that no worthless pieces of human trash and sleazy filth like the lowlife dickhead” Bayley Parolee ”violent, registered sex offending- scum bag crim, isn’t out on the streets, to cause any of us harm. ….. Mongrals like Adrian Bayley sould be feeling un-safe from us. Not us the community from him, the turd. And even worse a serial rapist like Adrian Earnest Edwards/Bayley who the justice system had always known he was a unreformed sick rapist with form and a very long dangerous criminal record of in and out of prison on parole for the last 20 years. And for crimes of stalking and raping women and violent assaults. And many of them he got away with over the years. Maggots like Adrian Bayley- serial rapist and now murderer and many other scumbags just like him, who have also been let out on parole, and free on the streets, to continue their sickening spree of violent crimes with their long as your arm, records of violence. Just this week the Herald Sun and Victoria Police Crimestoppers showed a list of Photographs of recidivist, dangerous violent repeat offending low- life crims, who were out on parole. And had also breached their parole. This is why our streets are not safe places at night, or anytime for that matter. Because the Criminal Justice Departments of Justice, courts and prisons are to soft on known violent criminals. Instead of locking them away and throwing away the bloody key on these maggots, the do-gooders are giving them another chance, to go back on the streets and un-supervised, to be predators, all over again, back on our streets. ITS TIME the government got a large block of land in the middle of the desert, and filled it with thousands of cheap second hand shipping containers, with only the basics, a bed bunks and a communal toilet blocks and cold showers to wash the fithy scum bags. And wrap the whole prison up with rolls and rolls of razor sharpe razor wire and a high voltage electric electrified fence to make escapes, near impossible to escape from, with out death or serious injury to deter them. These monsters all belong in the garbage bin, and don’t ever deserve anymore mercy or rehabilitation from the powers that be in the justice department. Prison for these dogs should be real tough, mean conditions of prison. With only one way out of prison. No parole ever, no exceptions. Only punishment by being left to fend for themselves in their shipping containers, where they can catch and kill there own in their new gladiator pits, to rot in hell, and only get out in a coffin…………….



    Jill Meagher killer in prisoner protection
    ninemsn staff 11:17am February 19, 2014

    The man who raped and killed Melbourne woman Jill Meagher has been placed in prison protection, as fellow inmates blame him for recent changes to the parole system.
    Many long-term criminals now believe they will spend more time jail due to radical reforms triggered by Meagher’s case.


  18. Thanks Caro,
    That’s very interesting, he might reconsider his future and get a bit more serious than last time, with paper-cuts on his arms and ankles, the boys will be tossing in a scalpel to let him do it right.


  19. Finally, some much welcome legislative changes to the Victorian Parole system:…-1226851955710

    Tough Reforms to Parole Laws To Be Introduced in Parliament Following Scathing Review of Parole System

    TOUGH reforms to parole laws will be introduced in Parliament today after a scathing review of the parole system. Corrections Minister Edward O’Donohue said the laws would deliver on the 23 changes to the Victorian Parole system recommended by former High Court judge Ian Callinan.
    “The new parole system announced today, together with the reforms that have already been introduced, ensure that community safety is the highest priority in parole decisions,” Mr O’Donohue said.


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