Gerard Baden-Clay Committal Hearing Thread Part II

The committal hearing of Gerard Baden-Clay has now adjourned after hearing evidence over the past three days and will resume again on Monday, 18 March 2013 for a further 3 days.

Summary of first 3 days of committal hearing (courtesy of The Courier Mail)

Witnesses testify at committal hearing of Gerard Baden-Clay, charged with murdering wife Allison

Day two: committal hearing of Gerard Baden-Clay over death of wife Allison

Day three: committal hearing of Gerard Baden-Clay over death of wife Allison


Witness Statements/Reports (courtesy of a fellow kind poster who has very generously allowed them to be available to all)

Phillip Geoffrey Broom – former business partner

Jocelyn Anne Frost – former business partner

Associate Professor David Wells – Head, Clinical Forensic Medicine – Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine

Constable Kieron Ash – first responder

Neil Cameron Robertson – Investigative Computer Analyst - in his element analysing the 100 phones and 50 computers/iPads

Senior Sergeant Narelle Elizabeth Curtis – second responder

Record of Interview – Transcript

000 Call – Transcript

Forensic Procedure Order

Hydrology Report

Autopsy Report


Previous Committal Hearing Post

Gerard Baden-Clay Committal Hearing – 11 March 2013


Baden-Clay’s Sister Speaks (courtesy of 7 News)]

Update 20/03/13 Newly Released images taken the day Gerard Baden Clay reported his wife missing

Picture of  injuries police found on Gerard Baden-Clay on the day he reported his wife Allison missing. Image of injuries police found on Gerard Baden-Clay on the day he reported his wife Allison missing. injuries police found on Gerard Baden-Clay on the day he reported his wife Allison missing. COURT-Photograph of injuries police found on Gerard Baden-Clay's chest on the day he reported his wife Allison missing. Photograph of injuries police found on Gerard Baden-Clay's face on the day he reported his wife Allison missingGBC injuries

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301 thoughts on “Gerard Baden-Clay Committal Hearing Thread Part II

    • This was all at the time of his hearing. Verdict…….He will stand trial for the murder of Alison.
      The photos were released to the media at the time of the hearing.


  1. Brian what is happening wth the walk on the morning of 20th April? IF 14ks are too long, then what about a candelight meet at Kholo bridge? Suggestion only.


    • You could actually do both, with a walk for those so inclined, culminating in a meet at the bridge which would cater for those who walked, as well as those who prefer not to do the walk.


      • Evening Good Chaps. This may have already been mentioned, however I noticed late this afternoon as I drove over the dreaded bridge, that a small area has been mowed/slashed/cleared but nothing like what would be necessary for an event such as that being discussed.
        After seeing the 2 brown snakes last weekend on the road, I suspect even though it is getting cool, there would still be some nasty snakes in the grass. Maybe a bit like the deadly snakes-in-the-grass human beings who left Allison in that bloody awful place – they won’t care if someone gets hurt.


  2. Those photo’s of his scratches tell it all don’t they. Any wonder he went Doctor Shopping trying to con a GP into recording them as Shaving Cuts and self inflicted scratches of areas made itchy by a caterpillar. He must have known from the outset that he had failed yet again, as the QP were asking questions about, and photographing, the scratches on day one. If he had a heart, it would have sunk through the floor, but due to his Ego and overzealous sense of entitlement, he went about “Business as Usual” as if he was certain to get away with it all. I am sure it is this aspect of GBC’s Character that has us all keen to see him brought to justice.

    I am not sure which Photo I prefer, the one of him handcuffed in the Police Car looking straight ahead, or the one above of the scratches on his right cheek, again looking straight ahead.


  3. On the subject of TMcH

    Q; What is the difference between a Rooster and a Floozie ?

    A; One of them says “Cock a Doodle Do”, and the other says “Any Cock ‘ll Do”


  4. Reviewing above ‘photos again I see a definite fabric pull from a cheap century 21 polyester shirt under the right arm suggesting to me that someone was clinging on to a handful of shirt cutting into armpit. Like to know if QP have that shirt in their possession ?

    I see also an attempt to heal scratches with betadine as nose area is yellowed.

    I see also a rounded-shouldered, pocky, pasty-skinned, lily-livered individual without any muscle-tone whatsoever. I don’t want to mention, but I will, that obviously he has exercised one muscle only throughout his life. Hoping that Allison managed to get a fast upward knee into that area during her struggle for life.

    Maybe matriach phoned Avon to acquire a quick healing product for scratches. Hope she was told that good old Avon will never work on narcissistic skins. Oily, dry, yes but never on narcissistic !!


    • of course there isn’t its a year or so down the track.talking dribble again.or do you have a attention disorder.terminal case of stupidity.


        • Dear Witchetad,

          Please ignore Wayne or Bill (he actually has two names) he has a go at everyone, I don’t think he likes women and likes to attempt to perpetuate drama.

          Gerbilhuntingseason likes him here, to show us the contrast between he and others, which is very well thought, in my opinion.


      • So you are back Wayney-poo and we have missed you xxx you are such an inspiration here – you inspire me to keep hoping for justice in this and in the face of black-hearted b*&^%#@$ Have a great evening! : )


  5. Everytime I come into this site and see the photos of the damage Allison did to her murderer, I think ‘ yes!’.
    She left her mark well and truly on him and that to me will be the most damming evidence of all.
    Good girl Allison!


  6. Gerb calls on a prepaid sim… Dad um we um had a fight and I um smacked the bi?ch up pretty bad… She um managed to um beat the sh?t out of me as well … Aahhhm I think it’s gonna be a problem umm cause she um probably needs um to go to the um hospital this time . … No no she’s um still breathing .. Gees I’m not a killer dad hah hah ha… But um we kind of needed to see some people and umm if they see her um then you know um they might know um that um you know um we argue a bit .. .. She um was gonna tell everyone dad and leave with the um kids… Yeah that would be good dad …. No Nothing like that um I am um sure she will um get over it so we still have to um wait for the um money from you know the um policies you helped us organise .. Sorry I um couldnt um wait um you know like we planned aaaahm. . But she just um would’t do as um she was told anymore dad.. And it um you know um it just came out ….Ok dad see you soon…

    Conversation later that evening. ….. I tell you son it will be sweet .. You didn’t kill her so they can’t convict you .. Just think of all the problems we solved and you know you won’t have to worry about money anymore .. I’ll work through the finances and make sure everyone gets their share when it comes through… With the contacts we have this will be a breeze … A couple of weeks of heat son and it will be business as usual aye…. Gees your sis is a trooper … That military training was handy tonight…. Just remember you haven’t killed anyone so they can’t find you guilty … Just keep to the story and don’t say any more to anyone ok … Sweet ….

    Thoughts anyone?


    • WOW ICanCU!! Awful as it is (the event, not your writing!) I think this may not be far from what really happened….


    • I think you are right on to it ICanCU
      And as no-one has told him to say anything other than:
      “Just remember you haven’t killed anyone so they can’t find you guilty…”
      …that is where his mind is still at. And he will continue to defend the charges vigorously. That’s right Daddy?


    • Agree, except really doubt the creditors would be paid out once he had the cash. Reckon he’d cut n run.


  7. IcanCU , this is exactly as I’ve imagined also . You have made me post for the first time .thank you …many thumbs up to this post


    • Thank you Mandolin.. May your strings oscillate at a perfect pitch … And thanks for taking the time to read and post in support of Allison and justice ……


  8. The girls are the key. For GBC to end up looking like that and Allison dead, there must have been a hell of a fight.
    If Grandpa had to be bought in to deliver the fatal blow then how did he do it? Maybe a pillow held to her face, something like that that didn’t leave a mark.
    The girls will know because kids hear everything.


    • Has anyone considered the army girl’s involvement as opposed to the big game hunter in the final scenario?

      Just asking and that thought was triggered by a comment of another poster. The husband drops by Mummy and Daddy’s place to drop off the snags, would have to have been highly agitated, aroused, due to angry confrontation with his mistress over the phone, and, if true, failure of credit card at the supermarket, noise of the children in the pool etc and the older daughter wanting his attention and ‘interrupting’ whilst the main woman in his life ie the mistress has shit on her liver and demands action to ensure Allison does NOT attend the conference.

      So, I think while he may have gone home to sort this once and for all, left the kids with Grumps and Gramps, and maybe, just maybe, and probably an impossibility and just my wild imagination, his sister suggests she may come for the ride. Maybe she thought a ride in the car might give her time to have a heart to heart with her brother and that some girl talk might make Allison see sense and the importance of not disobeying the main woman’s demands of non-attendance (yes, I know, there is the chance she was unaware of his affairs at that point, but these are just wild suggestions, because the truth and facts can’t get much wilder).

      How much military training does the sister have? How protective of her brother is she? She knows he is vulnerable in the way of being unhealthy psychologically. She knows he has never quite got over the line in his father’s eyes regarding success and she knows that his attempts to shine in his father’s eyes and have failed.

      I recall the nervous lip biting so early in the situation, then the scampering away from the cameras etc etc….the desperate attempts to raise bail…the spokesperson. Does she feel intense guilt for something. Would the ruler of the family see it more fitting that his son does the time even if the daughter did the crime?

      Wild, wild, wild and fictional thoughts but until some of the clams open up, it is open slather as to whom might have pulled the trigger, so to speak. Yep, and now I will stop being silly, put my imagination back to bed, and get back to reality.

      Happy hump day everyone. I bet the prisoner is missing a bit if that humping business. I wonder if they might have medicated him to lower his libido as I wonder if ‘sex addict’ might be one of the multiple diagnoses.


      • Well according to MM’s chart it point to Bwana but let’s consider your theory. The screaming started much later that night, seems a bit strange for OW to go home with him so early but not impossible. As to military training, going into the defence force as an officer, as opposed to going in grunt-style, means you do a lot of leadership and tactical style training. After successful training you enter the force as a Lieutenent (which OW was). Pay is very good, even from day 1 as a trainee. I am surprised she left. I gather she had been posted to Townsville which is where she met OW? Anyone know? As you sign up for an initial 6 years I presume she had to be invalided out to be able to get out of her contract because after 6 years you can leave with notice for any reason.


        • Hi guys. My theorising this morning with respect to time frames etc were just stabs in the dark. Time-wise, event-wise, murder-wise, disposal-wise, well, it is anybody’s guess but we know that they are not being very-wise in being quiet-wise because one day I think a big-bad-monster, karma-wise will come along and eat-them-up-wise. Maybe I have lost my marbles-wise.


          • lol, I hope the whole damn lot of them get scooped up. Do you think they will get a family deal at AGCC? :) And one theory is as good as another and probably none of our theories are that far from the mark. They are all involved, I will bet the farm on it.


            • I’m thinking that Flegg and the Freemasons (sounds like a 60′s pop band) will arrange a cosy family bungalow in low detention for the Great Hunter and his family!
              Cost to the public…$300k a year!

              Not that I agree with a lot of the jive, but, Sharia justice can be so cost effective!


            • Agreed Ozmosis! It seems there is a multiplicity of involvement, possibly before (planning), during (executing) and after the fact (cover-up). Bwana, EBC, OW and TMcH are all on my POI list at this point. None have real alibis for the time frame concerned, all were in contact with GBC until just before the murder, and 3 of the 4 were at the house where Allison was murdered at the crack of dawn the next morning.

              Everyone’s behaviours were very abnormal from the get go, not to mention the severe battle scars that he sported, and immediately contacted a lawyer rather that searching for the supposed ‘missing’ wife. Kids were told a terrible story and sent to school, out of the way, no doubt so issues could be discussed freely by the conspirators and someone south of Brisbane could be visited in the afternoon by Bwana and GBC. No searching for a missing wife! They knew exactly where she was….

              None of them had anything positive to say about Allison, wrote ridiculously minimalist info about her on their website, not doing her justice at all, and did not appear to mourn her. There seems to have been a general acceptance of TMcH, no problem with him having an affair. I suspect they all knew about it.

              In addition in terms of finances GBC seems to have been supported even by the supposed financial guru Bwana, in taking out $million worth of loans from anyone and everyone he knew, even from Bwana and EBC themselves, without having any means or repayment other than his wife’s life insurance. This leads me to believe they were in on the planning of this awful act. It would have been no problem borrowing all this money if they anticipated him getting $million in insurance pay-outs. This conspiracy theory is strengthened by them handing over a 15 year old will which predates even Allison and GBC’s marriage, in which GBC is the sole beneficiary (which I do not believe for a moment would have been Allison’s most current will). According to files on Bwana’s PC he planned to cancel GBC’s life insurance, but not Allison’s. Hmmmm….

              Little Fish I think you’re right, Karma is coming….hopefully before Christmas….!
              (After the committal hearing it was reported in the media that GBC could face a jury anytime from 6 months on).


              • Other big murder cases haven’t made it to trial for around two years I think (in QLD). I’m with Little Fish and the karma thing too.


      • Or does she feel sympathetic towards her bro because she also doesnt quite meet the expectations of Grumps, so she listens, hears and really knows whats gone on but is doing a really poor job of covering for him our of brotherly lerve?


        • Test #2

          I thought you had all gone extremely quiet, then realised a new thread had been started (I am hopeless at sewing) so had been missing out on your contributions.

          If this, does in fact, make it to the blog, I would like to support the observations of ICanCU and Tibby with regard to Sister Olivia.

          Little Fish – I don’t care if she is as ugly as a hat full of gerbils – that is, as you say, beside the point.

          But there is something downright creepy about her nonetheless.

          I don’t know if it is her eyes/her body language/her lip-biting/her superiority/her professed loss of someone she “loved too”/her church’s messages of utter denial/her lack of being part of the search party/her plea (on camera) before Allison was found that the media let the family “get back to normal”/her apparent delight in playing family hand-maiden on TV/media addresses where tears welled in her eyes for all of 15 seconds/toting that document bag out of court as if she were Rumpole of The Bailey…..

          But the most damning indictment of her as a person, woman, sister-in-law and aunt was her freely proferred comment to police in the first hours:

          That she told her three young nieces that “Mummy has gone for a walk, fallen down a hole and probably won’t be homing home.” And then dropped them at school for “business as usual.”

          I would venture to suggest that for a so-called Woman of the (albeit slightly soiled) Cloth, Sister Olivia has shown herself to be heartless, brainless, spineless, and utterly complicit in a crime and its awful aftermath.

          And now that I think of it, courtesy of her many eager appearances on television, she IS actually Butt Ugly, inside AND out. (sorry, perhaps one step too far………)


          • Well according to Prentice Mulfords Masterpiece and guide to success “Thoughts are things” and you are entitled to your thoughts and things just as much as the rest of us. I cannot come to terms with the way the BC family has been so cold and heartless the entire time. Very little public emotions was shown. What I also spotted was in the video of the funeral at the church I feel sure I saw GBC do a quick scan of the horizon just before he knelt to comfort the girls behind the car. I need to go back and see what I saw again but thought I’d mention it here. Along with the scratches and other evidence and all the actions and inaction’s afterwards have me completely convinced that GBC knows all too well the fate of his future is sealed. All his friends can do all the praying they like but it is not going to change anything about this case because as MM says, its already recorded in the stars for that night.


          • Being the lack of seamstress that I am, and having been blissfully unaware of the new thread, have I missed MM’s explosive audit of the phone calls?

            If so, can someone PLEASE re-post?


          • I LOVE THAT POST GERBILHUNTING I couldn’t have said it better. After reading that I’ll sleep better tonight.
            You forget to mention reptile. Cold blooded and fish-like. I’m not being sarcastic just exactly how I see her. Something not right.


          • Agreed GHS. Theres an ‘ugliness’ on the inside which leaks outside; lacks ‘integrity’ somehow; she seems to have a similar problem as her bro, Gerbil, with ‘feigning’ emotion which slightly misses the mark. IMO theres somethin’ creepy bout her – same as momma bear.


          • Yes yes GHS … AND invalided out of the army? Invalid. She seems to walk and talk (lie) perfectly ok so what was the invalid discharge? Mental illness or personality disorder perhaps or liked to kill too much ( dead eyes) ….. Hope she isn’t on an invalid pension on the public purse …. There is a classic photo of her with her eyes darting and hand to forehead … Classic liar pose … Thanks for the pic collection RIP..


            • Inva-lid or In-valid? Either way she should be ashamed of herself for attempting to be the spokesperson for something she knows nothing about – or does she? Is she giving herself away by speaking out like she is? The other brother has nothing to say which is a wiser choice. I also hope she’s not on a pension but knowing this family they would probably suck every penny out of everything they could because their love of money is far greater than their love of life.


            • Yes ICanCU and Witchetad, I too hope we are not all subsidising an ‘invalid’s pension’ to fund her home schooling her kids and regular travels to and from Townsville, supporting her alleged murderous brother in court and by press interviews, and the like….


              • Um .. invalid pension? … This person has placed herself in full public view, as being capable physically [ i.e. running away from the cameras through a neighbours property] and capable mentally as an adult within the law [i.e. using the media to get public attention, etc] in defense of her bro. So clearly she has presented herself as not an invalid either physically or mentally.
                So, as she has opened herself up to public scrutiny, we may ask: what was the reason she was pensioned out of the ADF as an invalid?

                It is not right that her private choice in life [i.e. home schooling her children] should be funded from the public purse, that is, from our tax paying dollars.
                IMO she has portrayed in the media as physically & mentally capable and she is therefore capable to get employment and earn her own income to support her own family.

                Maybe the ADF need to review her ‘invalid’ case. It appears she may have recovered IMO.


          • Go for your life, GHS, we all live by different codes, moral and ethics. Each to their own, except of course if it is injurious to others. Re Olivia telling the children that story about their mother and a hole, I actually thought she relayed that to the police as something their father had told them earlier in the morning. Of course, I am often wrong and could be on this occasion also.

            Irrespective of our banterings, the outcome of the court proceedings etc, one can’t help but shiver at the legacy of this dreadful situation on three young girls. Goodnight.


          • Yeah … thats what we know from the documents. BUT what did OW tell the girls in the car on the way to school? Surely the children had some questions of OW about what happened to their mother?


          • That’s what I thought. She was parroting her brother ignorantly and the family was clearly panicking that morning. If they were really innocent and caring of Allison why?


            • I wonder whether those three innocent little girls have been so traumatized, and like I posted somewhere a while ago, that the unconscious brain has locked away those most traumatic experiences, to keep them safe presently.

              Allison’s family have the most important inherited by default role, of mothering those girls. They, themselves, having to heal as best they can, then raise oh my gosh, 3 females through the adolescent years. This ain’t easy under ‘normal’ circumstances, let alone the damage and legacy these girls have been left with. They will always be in my thoughts….the safety nets they will require.

              These are aspects of life that leave me numb, feeling helpless and sorely disappointed in some if our fellow human-beings.

              Justice should be and needs to be served, however at te end of the day, nothing, absolutely nothing will alter the course for Allison’s girls and in fact, the more that is revealed will one day be available to them to digest. And here we are horrified on their behalf, imagine how one would feel consuming and processing (or trying to), this information if it were in fact our own parents and family.


              • So true Little Fish! Parenting adolescents/teenagers can be a nightmare even in the best of circumstances – hormones peer group stuff and the rebellious desire. My dear sweet daughter got uo one day at age 14 and I thought OMG! she has been possessed by aliens – didn’t want to talk to me walk with me etc and then a couple of years later it passed. And she had a pretty loving good home with few issues. I remember at that time she started being surrounded by quite troubled kids with all sorts of problems! Pity the poor girls and the Dickies – I hope they all come through it unscathed. It’s the one’s left behind after death that can really suffer. Poor Allison


          • Thanks for confirming that Ms Brown. Fecking fantastic (Irish – you know Mrs Brown’s Boys). Fecking fantastic.

            I was thinking this morning about writing a little story about Allison’s nightmare in life with the Bad-Decays but wonder if my fishy ponderings are too elongated and boring for posters as I can’t add ‘real’ stuff, just thoughts.


            • Hello Little Fish (April 11, 2013 at 10:45)
              As with so many of your posts – Bad-Decays – that’s a very good one!


      • Hmmmm Little Fish….I am not sure about her doing the deed, but it will not surprise me at all if she was involved in a supporting role. It is one more of a great many ‘coincidences’ that she was in Brisbane that night, able to take on the PR role as from the next morning…. perhaps keeping attention away from a major accomplice who planned to fly below the radar…..???

        You say: “She knows he (GBC) is vulnerable in the way of being unhealthy psychologically.” The behaviour all round makes one wonder if this problem does not perhaps extend further than just GBC…???

        You also raise an interesting perspective regarding her continued involvement, seemingly against all odds and better judgement…..”Does she feel intense guilt for something?” Maybe she does for the part she played whatever that may have been, maybe she is trying to keep the involved out of jail because it will reflect very badly on this family including herself and her family if the truth is as ugly as we think it may be and it was to come out. Maybe trying to save her own hide….

        In time much will be revealed…..


    • Unless they were purposely drugged before hand…..this altercation could not possibly have happened quietly, not mentioning the blood-curdling screams which were loud enough to be heard quite some distance away…..

      Those poor little girls……what they have to deal with is horrendous.


      • …even if they were used to Daddy being ‘mean’ as they called it to Mommy sometimes, this must have been the mother of all ‘meanness’ playing out on that property that night….would have been devastating.

        I also think they will know a lot. Although no doubt they would have been bombarded with explanations afterwards in the debriefing sessions we heard about, and possibly threatened with something terrible if they ever spoke about what they heard or saw that night.

        They will need a lot of love and support to deal with what was flung upon them so cruelly and unfairly. My heart goes out to them.


  9. Thanks RIP Allison for the link to the many ‘photos with some that I had not seen before. Of particular interest is one of ebc being lead from her home by a dark haired woman wearing white pants and a pale blue top. Noticing that tmch wears her hair over left eye the same as this woman – anyone know if this pic is of her?


  10. There was mention at the comittal hearing of GBC having been provided a “Secret ” Phone by Bruce Flegg’s office. But despite reading all of the statements (Thanks to Mountain Misst”, i do not recall any mention of the date GBC received this phone, or if the Call History of such was made available.

    No doubt this phone was required by GBC to maintain contact with Jezebel, but is it was obtained prior to the fateful event, it may have been the means by which GBC summonsed his accomplices to assist with the dumping of Allison’s body, and the cleanup of the Crime Sceen.


    • There is certain to be much more to that information than we know. Again, borrow a phone, put a sim in it, use it, take the sim out, hand it back. Flegg’s phone should be confiscated but you know these guys who are so used to skirting their way around the law would have thought of all of this and attempted to cover their tracks. I wonder if any of GBC’s employees bought sim cards for him? I’m stuck on this issue because I really feel it forms part of this crime.


      • Reckon you’re spot on Witchetad.You can buy a sim at Woolworths and put it in any phone. These disposable sims could be used for the purpose of avoiding creating an ‘electronic trail’ – and as Gerbil was associated with a surveillance company, we could assume that he (and the B C family) would most likely know about these things IMO.


        • From my own experience in Phone and Sim Card Sales, Originally the Phones Handset Unique ID No was not recorded on calls made or received, which meant that handsets could be stolen and used with an alternate Sim Card and not be tracked down, however, in recent years, both the Sim Card id and handset id are recorded, which would require a user not wanting to be traced to use an alternate handset as well as an alternate Sim Card to their regular known Phone Handset and Sim Card.

          I expect GBC’s request of Bruce Flegg’s office for the supply of a loan phone was prompted by Allison’s insistence on being able to check his regular phone for evidence of further contact with Jezebel, which causes me to conclude that he obtained this phone before rather than after her murder, yet I do not recall any mention of when he obtained the phone, or any tabling of the call records from it.

          I am guessing that this handset is most likely the one on which the most incriminating evidence linking accomplices to the murder could be found, but it’s usage details may be suppressed pending corroborating evidence of the involvement of the accomplices who where communicated with via this phone.


          • That agrees with what I was told also. Circumventing the norm is probably more in tune with their style though given how they have acted out since the event. Who really is Flegg in the scheme of things and why would he loan someone a phone? Was GBC really that good of a manipulator?


            • I understand GBC’s role as the head of the local chamber of commerce, membership of the LNP, as well as a supposedly high profile and successful RE Businessman, and school chaplain (God Help the Children), had him under consideration as a future candidate as a State MP, which is why Flegg’s office may have coughed up a phone for him. I doubt Flegg or his staff had any idea what GBC was up to in his private life or why he needed a secret phone.

              Methinks his prospects of attaining higher office have been dashed Bigtime


              • TGIF and it has been wine o’clock time in our house. I always think it interesting how people can create an aura which gives the impression that they are ‘effluent’, well, according to Kath and Kim. Facades are amazing things, until they are penetrated,infiltrated or disintegrate and true colours revealed.

                I feel a bit bad for voicing this, however a few things have prompted it, including Dan’s comments about GBC’s ‘effluent’ community positions, and lets not forget his role on the school P & F committee, and MM’s comments about the Freemasons and the private schools and things smacking of elitism. It is important never to forget about illusion and delusion. People can create, in their own minds, whatever they desire and GBC is a classic example. A self-fulfilling prophecy. The only problem being when they are built on faulty foundations, there is the risk of them coming tumbling down.

                When the tragedy happened nearly 12 months ago, and I learned that GBC held a position on the P & F or school council (not sure how they are termed these days), one of the things I researched was the Brookfield SS and Minutes from their meetings. I was interested to know what sort of turn-out they would get to such meetings as it can be tough finding committed parents with the ability to fill such roles but also individuals who have a skill to contribute to the function and governance of a school, taking into consideration the difference between state, independent and catholic systems.

                The spiel on the school was right up GBC’s back alley (apologies to those associated with the school)… MM alluded to elitism in the private system and somehow connected the Freemasons in there (which of course I knew poor old Mr Dickie, a decent, salt of the earth, hard-working retired fireman was a member), however, Brookfield SS itself, alluded to to classism through its profile…I can’t recall the exact wording however it could be seen as offensive – in a nutshell something like ‘we cater to the residents of a catchment area where very special people reside – we are different, we don’t do Arthur Dunger’s, we don’t do morons, we are ‘us’. I am not sure if the spiel is still there, but if you were looking for a school that promoted and nurtured empathy, social justice etc for all including the basics of education, then the marginalisation along with the errors in the language and punctuation etc would alert one to the fact that the school ain’t, in reality, practicing what it preaches. Words can be meaningless. Actions speak louder than words.

                Imagine grandparents’ day… the B-C’s fronting up as moral, upstanding citizens of the community with their son on the P & F committee, sprouter of all things good at the local high school (I wonder if he saw his girls attending) to senior students (God help those children/young adults….who had GBC imposed upon them – probs had a quick root with one or two of his suppliers to pump up prior to this public engagement – shit! hope he didn’t have access to any of those kids in private)…. anyway I must away as I am required elsewhere but can you imagine the posturing.

                It is all so very sad and so very frightening.

                Can I be charge with TUI – typing under the influence as opposed to DUI?
                No harm done hopefully and apologies if I have offended anyone.


                  • Hi GHS… I love ya. I am still smiling. I have a distant connection to that lovely little school. They are unique places…sort of like bush community schools, which if you have access to them, it is a privilege, so to speak. One can make of them what one will… If that makes sense… The climate, the ambience etc.

                    To my mind, the most important priority of a school setting, is safety…environmentally, physically, emotionalIy and I find it difficult to process, when some of the more prestigious secondary schools around the country are upheld as ‘top’ educational institutions, when they have been a living hell for some students, especially where incidents of sexual abuse have occurred.

                    My purpose in commenting on the spiel on the website for the lovely little Brookie Ss is to say that while words are great means to express or create an ambience, a desired atmosphere etc, to know that within that environment there can be wolves in sheep’s clothing who sully the creation.

                    Poor Allison having to live a life of fear while trying to conduct a life of normalcy for her girls, filled with love and care. Really it would be anyone’s worst nightmare…especially at the end of all that toil, to be killed.


                • Little Fish. .. This class system of self perceived superiority definitely exists in the most inbred suburb in Brisbane, however IMO there also exists some decent genuine gifted and talented folks around here as well whose success allows them to choose to live in suburban acreage. … I think the perceived class comraderie which is great if you are “in” is what has gotten Fleggie in strife ….


            • I remember way back that Gerard also had a friend/contact/whatever in the spyware business, so anything is possible re phones or whatever else I guess.


            • I wonder what reason he gave Flegg for wanting a phone??? And why Flegg complied. He’s changed his story a couple of times.


      • …and remember a sim card was found on the Kholo bridge when Allison was found…..could be a real coincidence…..or not…..


        • Yes RIP, it always struck me as odd that a sim card would be found out there in the middle of nowhere. It is not something people routinely discard while out walking. Maybe it belonged to another case, in any event it was quickly dismissed as not relevant, which also raises the question, why?


  11. RIP and Blowing
    Regarding the woman in the photo and video. If youlook at her arm, elbow and hand, she’s a lot older that Toni. Although we referred to her as Old Tone that was only in relationship to the age of the other two women he was bonking at the same time. She’s actually six months younger than GBC but looks older due to her very hard makeup.


    • You guys are amazing – all of you.

      But in my catch up this arvo, I need to single out my thanks to The Shadow for “Flegg and the Freemasons”…bloody brilliant!

      And yes, Dan, what possible reason did Gerbil provide to Flegg in asking for the loan of a mobile phone (he was, after all, highly respected in business and community affairs and could surely have afforded to buy himself an extra handset)?

      And why in the name of God did Bruce Phlegm hand one over? Was it a taxpayer funded phone, or a personal gift as a token of his respect (for what??)

      And to Katikutloose – I am rather shocked to hear that Toni Sandshoe Face is actually younger than her lover.

      Clearly her extra-curricular activities have not worked to the advantage of her health, inner glow, nor appearance.

      Off now to make significant changes to my own make-up regimen…


    • Katikutloose (April 11, 2013 at 9:03 am)
      Hey Kati – always appreciate your posts.
      “looks older due to her very hard makeup looks older due.

      I’d say: “looks older due to her hard heart and lack of soul.


  12. Going off track a little here and saying with tongue in cheek……….If GBC needed money so badly, why didn’t he just get a job at Qld Health. He could’ve got a way with a couple of million, then resigned. (Not stick around and get caught like the Prince, cos GBC is smarter than that isn’t he?) And Alison’s kids would still have their Mum!!


  13. Hi Dan, yep still sending Gerb postcards. Lots of beautiful shots of food, beaches and scantily clad women. I thought it would give him something to share with his new best friend, Mr Big, in the showers.


      • Perhaps you should send him a map of the globe. He can go anywhere he likes in his dreams and it would make reality that much harder. I’m fast coming to the conclusion that he deserves it.


  14. …and on the topic of the search for Allison while she was missing. We have three BC’s all scout trained at least two in army training of some sort and a “big game hunter” – you would think they were ideal candidates for searching for Allison in countryside but NOPE didn’t appear. Makes me sick and adds to their involvement in this awful crime – they were “trackers” all of them for f%$&s sake!


  15. I know infidelity has been going on since the dawn of time but seriously how possessed was GBC to think he could get away with sharing his wee willie winky around so many without any one of them protesting? What drove him to be so obsessed with it? Sadly his long suffering wife probably never suspected that he would be prepared to kill for that freedom. I do hope that wee willie winky meets Mr Big and has not manipulated the care takers to protect him because he’s a BC untouchable. I bet there are a few who would like to see that wee willie winky shrivel up and drop off in terror. Cherish the thought.


    • I hope he is happy and has a really really passionate b%* buddy who gives him lots of attention that he craves and needs – after all that is what he deserves and is “entitled” to! LOL! Hope he is getting all the “loving” that he spent years “rooting” around for so to speak! What a dirtbag is he!


          • Hi again Bill,

            If you think you can give me a problem I cannot Handle, give it your best shot !.

            I am up for it, so let us all see what you made of, go for it.


        • Hey Bill/Wayne/BillXR6

          Do you have an identity crisis, this XR6 Extension to your latest post suggests so, are you unable to handle the power of an XR6 Turbo, or a V8 ?

          When can we start out battle of wits ?

          I am ready and waiting, and guarantee that you will not beat me, so bring it on big boy !


  16. There is a matter that’s been niggling away. Sorry if this is repetitive. But it doesn’t add up. Might post it as a separate post. It’s to do with the parking arrangements when the police first arrived.
    Unless I am picturing it all wrong it is plumb nigh impossible. (Unless the driveway is exceptionally wide.)


  17. On 15 March, I submitted the following post:

    The Scene as found by QPS at 8.00am.

    OW was walking three children down the front stairs and putting them (3 children) into a vehicle parked in driveway (blue sedan).

    1. Older model silver Holden Statesman BWANNA (parked directly in front of the house facing down the driveway)

    2. White Toyota Prado horizontally parked across the driveway. This vehicle was searched by Constable Ash

    3. Silver Holden Captiva reverse parked under the carport at the left of the house. This vehicle was searched by Constable Ash. Found an empty Zoloft packet on the dash. Placed box on the bonnet. (Allison’s car)

    4. Blue sedan parked at the end of the drive facing the house. (OW drove this car)

    Police vehicle parked behind the blue sedan. Requested to move their police vehicle so that OW could move the blue sedan.

    Have been thinking over this scene.

    Some anomalies noted:

    The silver Holden Captiva is reverse parked under the carport. This vehicle has the Zoloft packet on the dash.

    Gerard told police he had been out searching for Allison in her car, the silver Holden Captiva that was reverse parked in under the carport.

    Constable Ash asked if he had definitely taken the Holden Captiva. (There is a Silver Holden Statesman BWANNA reverse parked in front of the Allison’s car, plus a white Toyota Prado horizontally parked ACROSS the driveway.

    Gerard said he had reversed around the Toyota Prado. (And in under the carport)

    Then Sergeant Curtis and Sergeant Andrew Jackson arrived at 8.45am. And parked in front of silver Statesman BWANNA (that had the boot open and up.)

    And saw GBC placing a round shaped vacuum cleaner and NBC standing next to him.

    There is a beige coloured 4WD parked in the front yard. (???)

    Then OW arrived back. And explained “That Gerard told the girls shortly after 6.00am that mummy had gone for a walk and probably fell down a hole and would not be back. Is that OK?”

    Then NGB came back downstairs and went underneath the house and came back out with a vacuum cleaner and a green garden hose and began to load these items into the rear boot of the Holden Statesman BWANNA (that had the boot open and up)

    The first anomaly here is: How did GBC manage to reverse park Allison’s car around the two vehicles BWANNA and white Toyota Prado (parked ACROSS the driveway) then in under the carport?

    These two vehicles would effectively have blocked the access to the carport?

    Second: Why is BWANNA mobile reverse parked at the scene with the boot open and up? And how long has it sat there?

    Third: Which vehicle did GBC really use to go out “looking for Allison”?

    Try painting the scene on some paper. It’s a shame we can’t upload photos here. I placed some models on some paper to get the scene as described.
    Two vehicles reverse parked (Allison’s Holden Captiva and BWANNA Statesman) BWANNA parked directly in front of the house.
    One vehicle Toyota Prado horizontally across the driveway.
    The blue sedan that OW drove parked facing the house.
    Police vehicle parked behind blue sedan.
    QPS asked to move to allow OW to escape…er… I mean … leave. (So the driveway must have been fairly cramped)

    Nothing adds up.


  18. And if the driveway was so darned cramped how in blue blazes did GBC manage to wriggle into the carport either frontwards or reverse, past BWANNA mobile and the horizontally parked Prado? It would be hard enough with the Statesman BWANNA parked what sounds like dead in front of Allison’s vehicle. Let alone with another vehicle horizontally parked across the driveway. It’s not the reverse parking that I have a problem with; it’s how the hell did he mathematically bypass the two obstructions?


    • Hi QCL, There is no way GBC or any other BC actually went searching for Allison, as they all knew that she would not be found anywhere within Walking Distance. If GBC did go for a drive, it was perhaps to get some other locations on his phone to make it appear he had been searching just like a good husband would, and perhaps provide an opportunity to dispose of Allison’s Phone as he wouldn’t want that to be found in the house, as if it was still in the house, it would mean that he would have heard it ring, and it wouldn’t have made sense to leave further loving and concerned messages if he already knew that Allison did not take the Phone to Kholo Bridge.

      So if he did go for a Drive, for diversionary reasons, but wanting to appear to have been looking for Allison, why wouldn’t you take the last vehicle in the driveway, why would he claim to have used the least convenient one, or had all other cars been in and out of the Driveway since he backed it in, and in such dire and urgent circumstances, why would you loose time reversing a vehicle around two others when there was room in front of the others.

      But we all know his entire version is a Crock of Shit.


    • Also QCL, If GBC’s Beige 4WD was parked across the fron of the Bwanna Mobile, it had been used after Bwanna had arrived, and before OW arrived, so When exactly did Bwanna and OW supposedly arrive at the Crime Scene, obviously either side of the time GBC last used the 4WD that they had been cleaning.

      You are a real trooper QCL, like a dog with a bone, and you are onto something in regards to the order of the vehicles in the Driveway, as such is a very clear indicator of the order of use of these vehicles.


  19. Yes indeed Dan. The order of use of the vehicles. Thanks for thinking this one out with me too. I feel as if it is important. What time did NBC arrive in the Bwanna-mobile? Was it say before 1am on the 19th April? Or was it indeed more near 11pm? And had it done some galavanting around the night of the 19th April?
    And from which vehicle did Allison’s body leave on her final destination? Was only one vehicle searched?
    And was his the only vehicle Allison had been in on the night of the 19th April?
    Also I couldn’t work out whose vehicle was the beige 4WD and when did it arrive.
    Regarding OW’s timely appearance to take the children away at 8.00am, was this her first visit that day? Or since say 8.00pm the previous day?


  20. Interesting discussion about the number and arrangement of cars…..

    I just had a look in Google Earth, zoomed in on 593 Brookside Rd. The driveway looks very narrow for the most part, then in front of the house it widens to what looks like almost the entire length of the house. There is a car parked very close to the house in the picture, looks like it is partly under the eaves, and it looks like there may be one under the carport. The parked car gives one some perspective on what size a car is in relation to the driveway dimensions.

    I can see with much motivation someone reversing up the drive and around ONE car parked on the far left right in front of the house, to go in under the driveway in reverse, possibly to make exiting easier.
    But I can not see such a car reversing around 2 cars, particularly with the 2nd one parked sideways, if the sideways parked car was directly behind the other one.

    If I am correct that the carport Due to the width of the driveway near the house, I was wondering if the sideways Prado was not perhaps standing next to the statesman, not behind it. The text does not actually say BEHIND the Statesman. If it was parked sideways between the carport and the Statesman which could have been reversed in close to the house on the opposite side, I’d say it would be possible to reverse around the other two to get in under the carport.

    I can;t make out the topography very well. Is the house on a bit of a hill with the ground dropping away towards the church and/or the road, or is the ground fairly level?

    Either way, if GBC was really using the Captiva (which he did in the night to transport Allison’s body since her blood trickled down onto the carpet), I do not see an empty Zoloft packet remaining standing on the dashboard for very long. It would have fallen down as soon ass he went up a hill, put on brakes or turned. Allison also would never have left an empty Zoloft packet on her dashboard, advertising her taking this medication. So it was soooooooo obviously planted AFTER the car was last used, IMO.

    I hope the policemen had the presence of mind to check whether each car engine was warm or ice cold.
    It would have given them an idea which had been used and about how long before. That too would have been interesting.

    There was no need to go searching for Allison since he knew where she was. Any driving he undertook would have been to eg ‘pretend’ the phone received the messages away form home, hide the phone, and discard last minute evidence probably in public bins.

    He was so self-obsessed that he could not even bring himself to pretend to be searching for her after he reported her missing….no them it was time to contact lawyers and look after number one. Not find Allison – the police and volunteers can play hide and go seek with Allison for a week or so!

    Interesting that he prepared the kids that she would not be back due to being down a hole (under the bridge), but he omitted this vital information when he tells his story to the police. Grrrrrr……


    • Sorry guys, I see I really need to check what I write before I post it!

      Para 3 – supposed to be “go in under the CARPORT in reverse (not driveway!)

      Para 4 – First partial sentence “If I am correct that the carport” shoudl have been deleted, decided to phrase differently.

      Sorry! So silly!


    • Thanks RIP I fervently hope this part of discussion will not get obliterated. Dan and others here, please see this picture with me.
      Yes RIP Were the engines hot or cold?
      Re the empty Zoloft packets..Pfft! Planted for sure.
      Pfft again. Could even have been planted (thanks NBC) during the Ash interview.
      Was there dew under or around the cars?
      Which car was parked from what time?

      Number One: (Meaning this vehicle was parked first)
      Silver Holden Captiva reverse parked under the carport at the left of the house.

      Number two: (Meaning this vehicle was parked second)
      Older model silver Holden Statesman BWANNA (parked directly in front of the house facing down the driveway)

      Number three: (Meaning this vehicle was parked after the first and second)
      White Toyota Prado horizontally parked across the driveway. This vehicle was searched by Constable Ash

      Number four: (Meaning this vehicle was parked after Vehicles One, Two, and Three. Not saying blue sedan hasn’t ben here anytime within the past twelve hours or so)
      Blue sedan parked at the end of the drive facing the house. (OW drove this car, escaped the scene with three children)

      Number five: Between Constable Ash’s arrival and Sergeant Curtis’s arrival, Where and when did the beige vehicle materialize from?


      • Dear QCL

        If the coppers have not already had enormous alarm bells ringing in this regard, let’s hope they are now onto your observations like a rash (not of the caterpillar variety).

        Thanks for your vigilance and keep ‘em coming Sherlock…..


        • I agree that the Captiva interior was definitely staged. The toys were like a decoy as though they were normally there and the back couldn’t have been used to transport her body. It is like some liars become more elaborate when they are trying to cover a lie than when they are telling the truth. Same with the Zoloft packet. There is no reason on earth why that would be there.
          As for the distance measurement, I figure that as her car was not taken they were trying to suggest that she could have taken a bus???
          I imagine that what grabbed the police’s interest were Gerard’s general demeanour, the scratches and witnessing the attempted removal of a vacuum and hose. This would have sent massive alarm bells off.
          I wonder why Gerard lied about taking the Captiva out to look for Allison. I wonder if perhaps he was worried about the other vehicle being roadworthy. Clearly, the officer found it unlikely that he had taken the Captiva as it appeared to the officer that it would be nigh impossible to reverse the Captiva back in and past other cars. The police are usually excellent drivers and do alot of courses. I trust the officer’s judgement on this.
          I also believe that the responding police knew in their guts as soon as they saw Gerard that he had killed his wife. Proving it is another matter.


          • I think I understand why he wanted to keep the Captiva away from the Police because of the smell of bleach is hard to cover and the carpets may have been still damp. Was the vacuum cleaner a and ‘wet & dry’? Was it used to vacuum up the excess water from the seats and carpets? Was it used in the house carpets to vacuum up the excess water? I know car detailers who use a gernie inside the cars and just vacuum the excess with a ‘wet & dry’ vacuum. It would be interesting & important to find out what kind of vacuum this was because a lot of evidence would be in it. Ah but I’m sure there would be another lie to cover the bleach inside a vacuum cleaner!


          • I guess the proving part becomes less important with ALL the other evidence and witnesses in tact. By the time the case is closed even TMcH will have completely seen the light you would hope.


      • Given that much of what GBC has told Police was a fabrication, we can safely assume that his claims about what vehicle he used to pretend to search for Allison in would also be a fabrication, and the positioning of the vehicles in the Driveway is a far better indicator of the arrival and departure of the BC Clan.

        Bwannas vehicle nearest the carport suggests he may have been on hand early to babysit the kids while GBC did his diversionary run to get some alternate locations on his phone while he disposed of Allisons Phone.

        He returned and set about cleaning his $WD with help from dear dad. OW then arrived to take the kids to school, hence her vehicle was last in the drive.


        • Dan, I have lately come to the conclusion that the children were not at home on the fateful night, despite GBC providing “proof” by means of text messages indicating same. It was rumored that one child said words to the effect that “No, we weren’t home.” They were then quickly whisked away.
          But at this time that’s all this is, rumor. However, going by all the lies that have proceeded from GBC, then one might assume this too a lie. (Or an alibi.)
          I personally doubt that babysitting duties were of any significance to anyone but Allison. IMO.
          The Captiva parked under the carport may have been returned to that reversed position in preparation for a good private clean-out. (Many hours earlier)
          The Statesman BWANNA, similarly parked there for private or unobtrusive removal of evidences.
          GOK’s what and why the Toyota Prado was parked horizontally across the driveway.
          And who knows how many times the blue sedan driven by OW has visited within the previous few hours.


          • Hi again QCL, what are you doing on line at this time of day, shouldn’t you be out ploughing or sowing on the tractor.

            If my memory serves me correctly, wasn’t Bwanna and GBC washing the White 4WD when the Police first arrived ? That was possibly the reason it was parked sideways, but who on earth would be concerned about washing a car when your wife/daughter in law is missing ?, only someone involved in the dissappearance who needed to wash away any incriminating evidence !


          • Yeah … QCL out of the mouths of babes etc. Gerbil’s creative texting as the only alibi? Needs verification methinks. Where did the children stay that night? Captiva and Bwanna cars interesting! Blue car – same.


            • Hi Caro. Glad to see someone else with the same thoughts as mine re the children. Time will tell I guess. All speculative of course.


              • The whereabouts of the three girls may come out if the BC seniors or OW are subpoenaed to give evidence at some stage. Perhaps closer to the trial, if enough evidence is gathered to implicate any one (or more) of them. Or it may come out if the girls have been interviewed by QPS with child protection supervision, and their grandparents present.


        • It will indeed be very interesting when the trial unfolds, as to how much of our theorizing, assumptions and trying to piece the puzzle together actually fits.

          I wonder how many are on the QPS team, still toiling away to actually solve this case, to have the murder/s brought to justice? So many different aspects needing the most intricate and error-free research and investigation.

          I sincerely hope, that all is in hand, that the whereabouts of the children on that fateful night are clearly known, the explanation for the car parking arrangements understood, the vehicles involved in transporting Allison to Kholo Creek, whether it be 1 or 2, and why it was 1 or 2, the events which led to her death (even though no cause of death was established), is known but not disclosed, the players involved etc.

          I hope that we can have faith in the team who are going to the coal face daily to ‘leave no stone unturned’, to make no errors and to produce the best possible information available to nail the cold and heartless bastard/s who could take the life of an innocent human being. Her only crime – to be known by association with what would appear to be a callous, unfeeling, deadly and evil web of people who have expressed not one convincing ounce of sadness at what has left Allison’s family and friends, and the community as a whole, numb/gutted/confused/disgusted/frightened.

          Rest in Peace Allison. The world now knows how brave you were to endure such a life. If love, empathy, admiration and commiseration can transcend space and time and life itself, there is an abundance of same felt for you.


          • I think the police have probably made up their own minds about which car was possibly used to “search” for Allison. If it was the Captiva the engine would be still a bit warm, not hot but certainly not totally cold.


      • Hi QCL….BWANNA’s Holden Statesman car is in fact a golden/beige colour… this the beige vehicle?
        There is certainly something dodgy about the whole car placing and goings on though, I could’t agree more. The family may not have said much, but what they have/have not done and mentioned/not mentioned, is going to be a great undoing to them as well…..the stories just don’t gel. :)


  21. Slightly off topic. But, whilst out ploughing the paddock few days ago; …….only time I get to hear the radio…. The ABC was doing an interview with someone who has just finished a book. To do with corruption within the Queensland Police Force 1970′s era. Terry Lewis era.
    Same time as the murder of two nurses occurred near Toowoomba. Inquiry happening right now nearly 39 years later.
    What appears apparent was a vast amount of blunders, errors, cover-ups and turning a blind eye to bad people.
    (Not speaking of Joh here. Joh had to rely on his “best men.”)
    What I got to thinking was this: Sad for Allison’s post recently where she spoke to Constable Kieran Ash in Court.
    SFA are you here? Helloo? I have been searching for your all important post!
    I know you said “Thankyou” to Kieran Ash.
    I thought you said, Ash had indicated his actions hadn’t made much of a ripple (or words to that effect) within the Police Force. Did I miss something here?
    (Constable Kieran Ash is my personal hero in all this.)
    Had he, Constable Kieran Ash, not operated according to his intuition, and spoken up; this whole matter would have slipped under the radar. Allison would have eventually been found. GBC could have collected the delicious Insurance money. He could have given TMcH the flick or continued to string her along, so long as the sex was available. And business could have continued as usual.

    Question: Does this BC family hold some form of force with the QPS? (Can’t see why.)
    Can they make the QPS turn a blind eye?


    • I just hope that the police officer, (whom Gerard referred to in his chat to the guys first on the scene when they asked about his damaged vehicle – he said he had been in a bingle and it happened 3 cars ahead of *referred to QPS officer by name), was asked to make a statement and what his prior knowledge and involvement with GBC was. I think, but of course could be wrong, that the officer Gerard mentioned, is the local safe house or community person. Something along those lines anyway.

      I have enough confidence in the QPS to not suspect any favours and even if the old Commissioner was familiar with Nigel due to the scouting organisation etc, surely the connection would stop there.

      I think I would be more concerned if I was a local and had been involved in any sordid activities with Gerard which may come out at trial. I have heard that there is an active swingers’ network over that way, but of course, it is simply gossip and heresay.


    • Hi QCL, yes I’m still here. Your recollection is correct, Kieron Ash did say that his re/actions made no ripple. I agree, his intuition and radar was spot on. In fact he stated (as a poster here has suggested earlier today or yesterday) that GBC’s demeanor at the first response to the 000 call, sent his radar through the roof. Calm and not worried, totally out of context for the unfolding situation. KA did say that detectives would’ve been brought in ‘down the track’ as a matter of routine, but it may have been too late then, as you say. You may not be able to find the full post as I pulled much of it out of respect to KA and his position within QPS.


      • Thanks for reply SFA It’s been playing on my mind a bit. Amazing the thoughts that happen doing tractor work. It’s actually good clear thinking time. When the discussion on the ABC was on, I immediately thought of you!
        Might be a good book to look out. The journalist/writer was quite passionate about his subject. (Corruption in the Qld police 1970′s era.) Lets hope the corruption in high places issue is past tense.


        • It is clear that the Baden-Clays thought themselves ‘royther impoytant” and have spent years ingratiating themselves with anyone they thought might be influential. I have no doubt that they are members of the stupid little boys club as are many police officers but here is the thing-not everyone of influence is or would be willing to turn a blind eye to murder because of that. Also the Dickie’s are also members so there would be some very heavy discussions that we will not be privy to going on behind the scenes. I know through a contact of mine that very early on (before the funeral) members of the club had already decided that he was guilty and were very angry. I have no doubt that he will be “excommunicated”.


          • With regard to what action the Club should take in regard to the Baden Clay’s membership, I think that it would be more appropriate if they were all Dismembered.


  22. Oh you lot, I’ve had the best laughs with Lilly’s description of GBCs tender love making as ‘rooting’,
    Whitchetad referring to GBCs boy bits as ‘ wee willi winkie’ and
    QCL still trying to make sense of GBCs parking skills. Can you imagine the look on the two police officers faces as he was rambled on and on


      • Hi KKL, I am looking forward to a battle of wits with Wayne/Bill/BillXR6, but I think he is still comotosefrom his last drinking session.

        Hey Bill, give me my just deserts, I am ready and waiting, when can we start, this battle will give many readers an insight into your intellect. Or are we seeing such already with your silence ?.


        • G’day Dan

          I think you’ll find that Wayne/Bill didn’t get a suspended sentence this time around, or else his parole has been revoked.


  23. I hope this doesn’t sound terrible but seeing as we are looking at every angle I took a ride along the road to Kholo creek courtesy of google maps. I noticed just before the Kholo creek sign there is another sign called Ugly Gully. Could this have been some sort of metaphor for GBC to justify disposing of his wife so sadistically. MM feel free to chip in here.


    • Hi team. I am going to take a closer look at kholo crossing today to see if any further work has been done in preparation for the plans for some kind of commemorative get together. I have real concerns about safety etc. just my thoughts.
      I wonder too, what Allison’s family’s thoughts might be on these plans. Perhaps we could make some enquiries as I would feel dreadful if they felt it not appropriate but doubt that.


      • Little Fish, what are the plans as we have not heard much lately? Is something still going ahead for the morning of 20th April?


        • Hi there Caro. I am not sure what is happening re the walk etc. I just keep seeing little snippets here and there about it.
          As some of the previous posts (prior to new thread) have been all over the shop, it is hard to keep tabs.

          I will have a little look around a bit later when I have a bit of time to see where it is up to. Have a great Friday day.


          • Hi Guys sorry. been busy at work the latest about the walk is this.
            I had a call from a lady who we shall call W about the walk on the 20th she had some concerns as I have about the road and the time, 4am when its now very very dark.
            The latest idea is to walk through the parkland at 6am on Sat 20/4/2013 this parkland is situated on the left hand side of Mount Crosby Road heading outbound to Mount Crosby about 500 metres from the bridge and has walking tracks that end up about 20 metres from the bridge itself a bit safer than walking down Mount Crosby Road from Wirrabarra St.
            W wanted to contact Allisons family via a local member about this plan to make sure they felt it offered respect to Allison and her family and seek permission for a walk to take place.
            I am awaiting further instructions.


            • Thanks Brian. Plz keep us informed. Maybe 14kms was a bit far, but the candelight idea in memory of allison was a good one.


              • Yep Brian….I do think it is indeed respectful to check if it is ok with Allison’s family…..very thoughtful.
                I do hope it is ok, I see it as most honourable for Allison, but we do need to be respectful of the family’s view as well…..


    Allison Baden-Clay Murder: Is the Attorney-General planning to offer prosecution immunity?
    The apparent slowdown in the police investigation into the murder of Brookfield mother of three Allison Baden-Clay has triggered sensational suggestions the police may seek approval from the Queensland Attorney-General Hon Jarrod Bleijie to offer immunity from prosecution to a person facing charges over the murder, as an accessory before or after the fact.
    Speculation has also been rife that several acquaintances of the murderer face charges as accessories to the murder.

    Although the police reportedly have a prime suspect for the murder and apparently have little doubt whatsoever about that person’s guilt, they are supposedly facing some serious evidentiary problems in proving their case beyond reasonable doubt before a judge and jury.

    If the evidence of a reluctant accessory would overcome that evidentiary difficulty and ensure the guilty party is brought to justice, it would be a powerful inducement to a person in such predicament to give evidence against the murderer in exchange for an iron-clad deal to give them legal immunity from prosecution.

    Normally, such immunities are rarely given early in a murder investigation.

    But as this is such an unusual case which has captured the hearts and minds of all Queenslanders, any deal which the police consider necessary to put the actual murderer behind bars would be a totally appropriate way of ensuring that justice is finally done in this bizarre case.

    If reports are true, the Indooroopilly Police Station quietly nestled between Moggill Road to the south and Vincent Street to the north will explode into a hive of activity when the murderer is brought in for questioning and is formally charged with the murder of Allison Baden-Clay.

    Only then will the people of Brookfield breathe easy and her family will finally achieve the peace they deserve.

    In the meantime, the CMC may already be using its “Star Chamber” coercive powers to make people talk.

    The public is never told about this and those appearing before these secret CMC interrogations must answer the questions put to them – on pain of major fines and jail sentences. If the police have conscripted the CMC to do this – in order to get admissions and confessions from anyone connected with the case – then we are likely to never know.


    • It appears that this article was written prior to GBC’s arrest, and from all media reports I have read, as well as the evidence presented at the committal hearing, it does not appear that anyone of the accomplices has turned prosecution witness in return for immunity.

      It does appear that Jezebel has become a reluctant prosecution witness, but in my view, while she had acted selfishly and immorally, I do not believe there is any evidence that she was an accomplice to Allison;s murder, and is not a candidate to be offered immunity.

      I do wonder if there may be an increase in tensions between NBC and EBC that someday may lead to a split, and EBC spilling the beans about NBC’s nocturnal activities that fateful night.


      • Hi Dan, for a long time I thought the same about TMcH, but after hearing her evidence and how she is STILL only supplying the absolute necessary information and leaves out as much as possible, it is clear to me she is a liar just like GBC and is still fully in his camp.

        She had motive – she hated Allison with a vengeance and wanted to be rid of her – in fact she has pressured GBC possibly more than anyone else to get rid of Allison.

        She had opportunity – her teenage boys would have been sleeping and not known if she slipped out in the night on 19/20 Apri – no alibi.

        She had the means – there is no reason why she could not have been the person helping GBC dispose of Allison’s body. Her blue car could have been the one seen training a larger white 4WD in the night near the Kholo bridge.It is possible that her car was photographed going through the Moggill circle. She did not seem to have slept at all that night since she was so tired the next day she had to go go bed at 3pm.

        She is back on my POI list….


        • Just don’t see it sorry. She’s too besotted to have that capacity but I’m sure she would have wished Allison away just not in that way.


          • Hi Witchetad, you are likely right, it is more likely his assistants were family. But she had become so forceful in her demands to GBC to get his finances in order and leave Allison, that I think she was culpable anyway – she had helped precipitate the outcome, even if she did not participate in the killing.


            • RIP Allison (April 13, 2013 at 2:43 pm)
              Absolutely RIP, she is as answerable as they all are. Devastating and evil way to trash her own rep. She had free will, she chose to be ”involved” with a married male, father of three little girls, herself a married or in relationship with male partner, mother of two young sons – absolutely outstanding example she demonstrated to those sons.
              Devastating outcome, something she will have to live with for the rest of her life, if she had or has developed a conscience.


  25. re Paul Tully’s blog, if you notice the sweet little Christian advert at the bottom of the page – is that a coincidence or is providence signposting another member of the family? I would think he is couching his blog post at OW.
    I can’t see immunity going to any of the family, but that’s my personal opinion.


  26. Wayne/Ian wrote that he is from the Philippines.

    Perhaps, Little Fish, as you say, he finally waned…..


  27. Oh dear!!!! My literacy skills are terrible……my spelling must have gone on holidays. One wonders what Uncle Wayne is doing in the Philippines? Poor darling girls who might have to be subjected to him. Maybe we should be able to tattoo on the foreheads of some ‘B E W A R E’.


  28. I do not believe Wayne is in the Philippines but he might be in the Philippians (a member of a church). I also think he has been a friend of GBCs for decades and operates his business and private life in pretty much exactly the same way from his private life to his very public life. Why do I think this? Because my gut and experience tell me so.


    • Philippines I wish you fuken moron I can just picture you an old bag with a boring life past your use by date.and know kbc I wouldn’t piss on him.ok IDIOT


      • Haha, a person who can’t spell, use correct grammar or punctuation calling others morons? I don’t think so.


          • Wherever he is we’ve hit the spot somewhere somehow. Good work Wayneypoo you are as predictable as the rest of your clan.


          • Haha good one Penelope! Is that why GBC sleeps with his back to the wall? Rack off ‘Princess Wayne’ go bother your cell mate hahaha W.A.N.K.E.R.


      • Oooh Wayne….you’re back!

        Just knew you wouldn’t disappoint by leaving one of your special messages here.

        I’m guessing you only have limited access to a computer to keep in touch – perhaps blocks of only 15 minutes at a time per inmate – hence the brevity of your correspondence.

        Maybe they even restrict the number of characters you can type – that would explain your economy with punctuation.

        But you’ve really excelled yourself this time in referring to knowing “kbc”

        Now this, dear Wayne, is News! Particularly if, as you say, you “wouldn’t piss on him.”

        We know GBC, EBC and GBC, TMcH, Pastor and Pastoress Walton and even a younger BC who has apparently eschewed his hyphenated family.

        But “kbc”?

        Be a good bloke Wayne, and ‘fess up – we are waiting with baited breath for your next instalment, because you seem to know something we boring old bags and moronic idiots don’t.

        Don’t you go letting us down now Wayne – realise it’s probably past lights out for you by now Bro, but it’s always a real pleasure to hear from you, man.


      • Thanks Spy Hop – at least one message got through then!

        I am receiving some messages, but nothing is in order, and I don’t think my posts are showing except haphazardly (like the one you could obviously read)

        For example, I have extended the hand of friendship to Wayne this evening, but I suspect it has well and truly disappeared for ever. Which is a shame.

        Cheers and thanks for responding, even if to no avail.


  29. Look I don’t want to say too much about the kids except that many kids of similar ages seem to have been through extremely adverse situations … Eg refugee kids from war zones … And come out ok when placed in a healthy supportive environment…. I am optimistic that their future will give them positive opportunities for a successful life and whilst losing their parents in this way is huge and hard to imagine at their ages, they seem to still have a loving and supportive environment to help them get through … And Allison would have given them all her love in the important early years …. You would also imagine the community will give them every support in future years … I can’t begin to understand their father and his family’s disgusting behaviour in dealing with them and creating this situation in their lives just for some grubby currency …..


    • I agree that the children will have every opportunity to have a good life despite this loss. I must say that the loss of a mother at their ages by whatever cause does lead to a profound and lifelong sense of loss. The fact that it seems likely that their father killed her would create internal conflicts as they will experience love for him as well as hate. Whatever outward achievements they may have, they will be effected by what their father has done on the inside for the rest of their lives. Additionally,young children will often experience guilt and feelings of abandonment despite what is said to them. I daresay though that these children will receive a much larger amount of support than most children who have lost their parents due to the enormous interest in their case.


    • It would be naive, and wishful thinking to believe that the girls will come through relatively unscathed. It is however comforting to know that they are in loving hands.

      Thank God they had a safety net to catch them when it was least expected that it would be necessary. I don’t imagine in their wildest dreams would an ageing Mr and Mrs Dickie, imagine being placed in this difficult predicament – losing an adult child under such hideous circumstances and taking on a full-time job caring for 3 young people. Sad, hideous, unfathomable, sickening, wicked and should not have happened, except for the evil actions of an individual/individuals.

      The more vomitous it is for me to know that there are people out there with blood on their hands, or knowledge of those with blood on their hands, and their conscience has not operated to initiate a confession. That is deplorable, despicable and inhumanely cruel. Throw them to the lions.


  30. I hope the Dickie’s change their surnames. The name Baden-Clay is now notorious for all the wrong reasons and would stigmatise them forever.


  31. Something that has me curious is the gold badge NBC is wearing on his jacket in pics from Allison’s funeral. What organisation would be so relevant to his DAUGHTER IN LAW’s death that he felt it needed to be represented on his attire? Wouldn’t just being ‘the father in-law’ be enough in itself without pinning on extra bling for bonus points? Likely a scout badge I guess. [email protected]


  32. “”If a remand prisoner chooses not to work, they must be paid an unemployment allowance this is $1.30 a week. In addition, a hygiene allowance of $9.55 is payable per week,” QCS said.
    “If employed, they are paid (depending on the job) from $2.80 to $8.45 per week.””

    OK so now lets do the math. At $1.30 a week (and lets face it WORK is not something that GBC enjoys doing except when it involves ripping someone off or titivating in the tutu patches with his willie wonker) his debts could take a few short lifetimes to pay off because according to my calcs on a $1mil debt thats 769,230.76….weeks. He could improve that somewhat by choosing to do some real work reducing that incredible investment to swift maturity in just about 118,343.19 weeks or thereabouts give or take a few thousand. But hey, why would he, he’ll get three meals a day, bed, shower, shave, shampoo and plenty of sh**t as he claims he likes to do every morning. Way easier than putting on that baby poo jacket every day to do a real life job and lie, cheat, steal and bonk and stuff.

    Yep I agree [email protected] indeed.


  33. I have been mulling over the circumstances of this fateful event, and surmise that while there had been premeditation, as evident by inquiries to the holders of Life Assurance Policies, Promises to resolve financial matters, and to seperate from Allison, the actual execution of the plan was so botched that one can only conclude that it was not done to plan.

    I venture that Allison’s demise was premature, and the result of a massive heated argument as GBC raised the issue of TMch going to the Conference and therefore Allison may prefer not to attend, which clearly alerted Allison to GBC’s ongoing relationship with Jezebel, followed by her stating that it was all over, and that she wanted a Divorce. Given that this would not fit with his greater plans to resolve his financial woes, he escalated the dispute into a physical attack, and she fought tooth and nail as is evident.

    Some of his biggest mistakes were inquiring about Allison’s Life Assurance Policies in the months and weeks prior, googling “Taking the Fifth” in the days prior to the event, allowing Allison to Scream for Help, Allowing Allison to scratch the shit out of him, phone activity in the middle of the night, contrived lovey dovey texts from him in the morning, googling “Self Incrimination” on the morning after, and finally, Raising a claim with an insurer immedialty the Body had been discovered, but before it was formally identified. If none of these key issues had occured, GBC might have been able to pull off the perfect crime.

    There are a myriad of other events that have compounded his predicament, such as summonsing the Family for assistance so early the following morning ahead of even reporting Allison Missing, failing to finish the Crime Scene Cleanup ahead of calling the Police to report her missing. failing to get a plausible story together to relay to the cops, engaging a lawyer immediately after bungling his initial police interviews, driving a friends borrowed car into a pylon on the way to an arranged visit to Indooroopilly Police Station to delay such interview, Declining to submit to any further Police interviews, communicating and meeting with his beloved mistress for some further bonking, having his parents and sister appear on TV, failing to speak at the Funeral, removing Allison as the director of the trust relating to a house owned in conjunction with her brother, and arranging the sale of such to fund his legal bills. You Guys are welcome to add to this list.

    I do not see anyway whatsoever of GBC doing anything but making himself look an even bigger fool by trying to defend himself against all of the evidence that has been released to date, and I fully expect the Prosecution have more than that amount again which we are yet to hear of.

    I do expect there is growing evidence linking accomplices, and that it will only be a matter of time before others are charged.


    • I concur completely. There is also the issue of the phone usage, car placement, what he said to the children, beard growth,etc. etc.

      The fact that there is so much evidence leads me to believe that they all know that they have left themselves with no other choice but to fight to stay out of jail. That my friends will be the interesting bit. Won’t it be fun to sit back and retire to the lounge and have a drink to.


      • Thanks Witchetad, Those events belong on the list.

        I expect that there are parties already writing manuscripts for the book and the movie of this case, and who will have gathered much detail on many more events incriminating the Clan.

        I wonder if GBC will attempt to take out an injunction to try and prevent the publication of such ?


    • Dan .. you’re the man. That is a well put together overview.
      IMO it’s what he did not declare to the Police which shows calculation on his part. He did not declare the loud argument because it implicated him directly and he chose to hide this fact. BUT the neighbours heard the loud argument and the screams.


      • If he were half smart, he would have said that we had one helluva blew, and she lashed out at me, said she was going to divorce me and lft the house in tears etc etc etc, It was late at night, I assumed she would have gone to a friends house, I couldn’t go look for her as I had the kids to contend with etc etc etc,

        He would not have needed to invent blunt razor and caterpillar stories, and would not have drawn immediate suspicion to himself, he could have delayed reporting her missing, and done a better job of cleaning the crime scene, however, the majority of key events mentioned in my above post would still have bought him undone at the end of the day, but many of the subsequent events that further compounded his predicament might not have occured.


  34. I think that like a rabid animal, we need to steer clear and let those who wish to infect this blog with vileness, wallow in their own mess, and hopefully their interaction will die out slowly. Charter boat, charter boat! What charter boat?? Wayne, Waye, W! What W, W, or W?


  35. Good post Dan. He made another fatal flaw in his multi-faulty plan.
    He told his mistress when she asked what should she say; “Just tell the truth.”
    He forgot to tell her, “Do not tell of our telephone conversation on the night of the 19th.” The BIG BARNEY pressure cooked conversation which concluded with Toni suggesting she meet with him in an attempt to understand what was going through his head in regards to OUR relationship.
    He forgot to say, Loose lips sink ships.
    He forgot to say, Look, you’re not the only skirt I’ve been chasing.
    He forgot to tell her “Look, I tell you things on an “as needs” basis. You want to hear this, I say this. You want to hear that, I say that. The other women don’t bitch all the time. You’re starting to sound like a wife.”
    He told her they should lie low for a while. He should perhaps have whispered that, behind closed doors.
    He told her he would be a free man by 1st July. He never promised he would be faithful to her and her only. He never told her of his other dalliances.
    He forgot to mention that when he told her “he not had sexual relations with his wife for many years” (don’t they all say that?), that it doesn’t take a lot of arithmetic to work out the youngest beautiful angel never came out of a cabbage patch.
    In short, he appears to have dropped his Jezabel like a hot potato, and left her to fend for herself.
    He cares for her no less or more than he cared for Allison. The nature of the beast.


    • Yes QCL, those points all need to be added to the list, and in regards to Jezebel wanting to meet that night to understand what was going through GBC;s head, I know what I would like to see go through his head. it is about 1/4 of an inch in diameter, about half an inch long, is rounded at one end, and travels very fast despite id weight !


      • Hi QCL, absolutely….Tone was just another means to an end for him. She too would be disposed of in the near future when she had dried up like a jellyfish on the shore……..he would have sucked alll the life out of her too. I still can’t help but wonder if he’s got it in his mind to try to set her up as the murderer….I know this sounds far fetched, but hey what hasn’t in this nutso family??

        Hi Dan….that’s too humane for him. :/


        • Not far fetched at all Millie. Same thoughts running through my head after the March Court shenanigans. He turned his head away from her to avoid eye contact, when she was sitting quite close.
          What this woman doesn’t realize (even now for all intents and purposes) is that this sort of person’s behaviour is as old as the hills. Just the same. He told Allison what she needed to hear. No doubt he told all his other dalliances that his marriage was over, and that he was free for anyone who wanted him. As old as the hills.


  36. QCL, I replied earlier to your post regarding the car placings….not sure if you have seen it so I’ll mention it again, just so that you can be aware – Bwanna’s Statesman is actually a golden/ beige colour….


    • Thanks Millie. Ah ha! I wonder…. golden beige Statesman eh? Not the silver as described reverse parked in front of the Captiva? Interesting. I wonder if that suggests the BWANNA mobile has already made a quick sprint between the time Constable Ash arrived and when Sergeant Curtis arrived…..?? Surely not.
      Unless the number plates had been changed about. So that the silver Holden Statesman that is reverse parked in front of the Captiva has a different number plate.
      Hope the QPS wrote down the number plates and descriptions of these vehicles.

      Speaking of number plates, the SETTLE plates belong to the ex business partner and are registered in hi name. So unless GBC has managed to get them in his name, in the meantime, he or any family member, would be driving illegally with those plates.


  37. With regard to TMcH being a Person of Interest in Allison’s Murder, or an Accessory After the Fact, Such would appear to conflict with reports of her plans for the future. She had in mind that When GBC and ABC Separated/Divorced, that ABC would rent a unit somewhere else, and the kids would go turn about week to week between their parents, and GBC would keep the current House, but actually stay with her other than for the weeks when he had custody.

    There was no room in Jezebels Plans for her to be looking after three little girls. and clearly no idea of how much debt GBC had, or how he was going to fund the rent, and ay child maintenance.


    • I’m of that thinking too dan, I don’t think she knew anything at the time of the crime…..afterwards maybe?….hmmm but I really think the clan would keep all that to themselves, the least number of people knowing would be best for them. What I do wonder though, is are they (The Clan)going to some how turn the tables toward Tone being involved? Far fetched as I said previously, but nothing would surprise me with this desperate lot.


      • IMO we’re not quite sure of old Tone’s relationship with NBC etc. Was she knowlingly or unknowlingly part of the plan? Was she influened to put pressure on GBC? Did the pressure she exerted on GBC on 18th April emanate solely from herself about the conference? IMO it would not matter if she was present as Allison allegedly had no knowledge of the ongoing relationship at that stage?
        SO what was her problem? Why the need to force GBC to tell Allison that she would be at the conference? There is a piece missing here IMO as other have alluded to as well.


        • I think Millie put her finger on the reason Caro – see her post a little further down.


    • That is true Dan, she would not have planned this – I agree she did not want to be mother – justa lover.

      But I feel the pressure she put GBC under definitely assisted I believe in obtaining the tragic end result, even if the format was not quite as she had intended.

      I suspect she would have been informed in the night when the proceedings were past the point of no return.I agree she would not have assisted with the killing, but once informed it has happened, being so obsessed with GBC that she is still NOW covering for him, I would not put it past her to have assisted with the disposal and/or clean-up to save GBC’s hide. SO when I say she is on my POI list, I mean as accessory, not killer.

      I do not believe she had no inkling of what had happened, until lunchtime the next day. I believe she was up and involved in some way through that night, even if just by phone dishing out orders in the form of ‘advice’ as she seems in the habit of doing with GBC.

      For now she remains on my possible accessory list….


      • Ms brown was it midnight or was it midday? How would the friend know Allison was missing at midnight 19/04….that’s interesting…did I miss something?…that’s highly probable :/


          • Here is TM’s first statement. She rang GBC at lunchtime (from the conference) on the 20th April to ask why Allison wasn’t there (I guess hoping she had made a coup re GBC’s affections). He told her Allison was missing and according to TM he sounded shattered (which led her to believe that Allison and the ,kids had won over her again). It made her sick and she went to bed after her boys came home and was woken by a text from a friend at 12.30 am the 21st, telling her of Allison’s disappearance (which she already knew).


  38. There is one “small” character attribute that this Jezebel appears to be well endowed with. It is called JEALOUSY.
    Jealousy of the wicked kind.
    The same type of Jealousy that historically has caused murder and mayhem.
    Do not underestimate the power of this thing, Jealousy.


    • Hmmm, as Caro asked….why the need to tell Allison? Was she uncomfortable with confrontation? My guess is possibly that reason…….or quite possibly to “create” an argument that night. I think Allison was still suspicious of their affair ongoing and I think Jezebel was aware of that. Was she trying to create conflict? How would Gerbs explain to Allison how he knew Jezebel was going if he was not to have contact with her? Hmmmm one has to wonder. Caro, you are onto something there…..something doesn’t quite fit.
      QCL, yes, the jealous mistress needs to keep the marriage divided at any opportunity she gets….. hmm, but is she directly involved? I don’t think so….


      • Yes Millie I believe she wanted to create as much havoc in that marriage as possible, did not want to chance him changing his mind and choosing Allison again over her. So she wanted conflict all right. And she got it – more than what she had bargained on. She is guilty in IMO of helping precipitate this awful outcome on that night. She meddled and put the screws on GBC very tightly. She was fully going to make him to stick to his 1July promise, no matter what. I think her relentless pursuit of him over 4 years played a significant role in the tragic outcome in the end.


  39. Having followed the disturbing testimony in the Wilson/ Evans coronial inquiry in Toowoomba this week, at least we can be thankful we are in 2013 and not back in 1974.

    Then a gang of street thugs got away with assault , rape and murder because people looked the other way and the police seemed to be incompetent .

    If Allison’s murder had occurred then , GBC might have got away with it.

    There isn’t much difference really between the Hilton/ Laurie gang, and the Baden – Clay gang, one a group of thugs who thought their “toughness”put them beyond the law, the other a group who think their hyphenated name and status give them special privileges.

    It seems no charges will flow from the inquiry. We know that some of the worst of the gang died as they had lived -and I doubt ” Boogie”Hilton is doing too much partying now.

    Lets hope that justice is meted out to all of the guilty in the BC case.


    • Thanks for your post Southsider. Appears that at the time this occurred, everybody, police included turned a blind eye, because they knew that this gang was so bad. Apparently everybody knew this gang was bad. Best to give them a wide berth. Bad to the bone. Not to be crossed. Yes Toowoomba’s real Underbelly in action and at its worst.


  40. Hi Dan , can you imagine being in QPS on this case ? Releasing little bits of information to the media like “we’ve found a SIM card and gloves ” cameras at the roundabout, neighbours heard argument, etc … All designed to make him crack under pressure . And saying things like ” he is not a person of interest ” ( true …he’s now a suspect) and then arresting him as family were concerned about his mental state ? . He would have cracked and family knew he was close to spilling the beans on all of them .lets just hope that the little we know through media and the documents is just what QPS wants to put out there . I’m sure there’s lots more


  41. gerbilhuntingseason (April 12, 2013 at 9:08 pm)
    You GHS Sir just created a ‘poifect’ group name -
    Fits! Well done!


    • Thank you AV – does your reply mean that I am finally back with the pack and on-line again?

      I certainly don’t want Wayne to miss my message from earlier….I poured my heart into it.


      • Hello GHS,
        I’ve never known or seen any reason for you to be exited from the “pack”. In fact (IMO only) if there was a “positioning” of our posters pack you’d be right up at the top with many others who write insightful & valuable posts in our desire to see Justice for Allison – a beautiful human being, devoted mother to three little girls, daughter, sister, aunt, granddaughter, loved friend of many and significant contributor to our society.
        We would be significantly poorer if you were not with us. I’ve always valued your posts & by default you.
        At the bottom of I’ve written a little method I use to work with the WordPress idiosyncrasies.
        Cheers, AV


  42. Robbo/Yoshi/MM

    Can anyone get this train under control?

    From the limited amount I can see, lots of great stuff being posted, many other contributions apparently being lost.

    Certainly, the chronology is all out of whack.

    Much as I would love to volunteer my services, I am (as Wayne said) one of those boring old hags with moronic idiocy hanging around my neck.

    Quite selfishly, I don’t want to miss anything, as it just gets better day after day.


    • Am here this morning GHS – the posts are reading in order. If there is a problem it doesn’t appear to be the date order problem that we’ve had in the past.
      Millie’s posts are where they’re supposed to be. Her test comment came up under a reply to QCL. That’s the only one that’s out of place. I wonder which ‘reply’ they used – Millie do you remember? Depends on which ‘reply’ anyone uses as to where the post ends up nested.

      I’ll do a test here in the ‘reply nicely here’ and we’ll see where it comes up. If it’s in order at the bottom of the page, then it’s a human error. If it stuffs up, I’ll email Yoshi to pass the word along.
      Am not admin for this blog nor do I have the time to be if I were asked, I just hopped in to give Yoshi a hand as my blog had the same theme and I was somewhat familiar with the goings on. I’ve since upgraded my blog to another theme.


      • Hi MM
        I used the reply under RIP’s comment…where my comment says “hmm, I’m trying to reply to you RIP……”
        I wondered whether it was something that I said….but I can’t imagine it would be..? I didn’t swear…lol. I just wondered about the drawings of the outlay of Tone’s house/unit in Allison’s diary….. and wondered what the reason would be for GBC to draw them…and the possibility of a different plot involving getting rid of both of them…
        So we’ll see if this posts, as I’ve worded it little differently but basically the same.


        • yep….welll there we go….don’t know where the other replies from last night ended up then – I tried to reply twice…. weird, never mind.


          • The whole thing is a bit bizarre Millie. We can only puddle on until the site gets upgraded.
            Would be nice if some real money could be thrown at it to make a customised design, rather than relying on wordpress templates, but that’s not what we’ve got.
            Bread and dripping is better than no bread at all…


            • That’s ok MM…you are all doing your best with what is available….we just have to understand and can’t really be complaining if we want to be part of a forum without any financial support. Hmmm maybe we could all donate a few dollars again……


  43. On the Topic of Jezebel and her role, It is my opinion that she only had one goal in mind, and that was to steal GBC from Allison. Allison was her arch enemy, and had won the battle to date. The intended attendance of the both of them at the conference would have presented an awkward and upsetting time for both of them, but such is one of those things that was bound to occur from time to time given that the both worked in the same industry, and while upsetting for Allison,. if it happened by chance, and the GBC Affair with Jezebel was finished, it would not have been a big issue as I expect the conference would have been of a scale that they could have maintained some separation at the event, or otherwise one, the other, or both could have simply departed. However, Jezebel cunningly seized upon this as an opportunity a test of the Power of her Pussy over the sex starved GBC, advising him that Allison deserved to know (how very caring) that She (Jezebel) would be at the conference, and also wanting to meet with him that very night to fully understand the state of their relationship, and it appears her plan to further damage the relationship between GBC and Allison worked as she knew it would, with GBC being stupid enough to inform Allison, “umm arhh dear I think umm err you deserve to know umm arrh that I have heard arhh on err the grapevine err that Jezebel ahmm err is going arrh err to the Conference tomorrow”.

    Jezebel had found the perfect opportunity to set a trap, and a double barrel trap at that, with in addition to getting GBC to inform Allison of their resumed affair, she also attempted to get GBC to meet her that evening to help her fully understand where they were at with their relationship (Meaning we can do some more of that Bonking which you are so addicted to), which was no doubt designed to demonstrate to Allison that the tide had turned in their battle for GBC.

    And despite the best of planning on Jezebels part, at the end of the day who won ?, Nobody.


    • Dear Dan, your one deaf eye and partial sighted other one, apparently does not dim your powers of perception.
      How true are your words. Your post has just nailed why and when this dreadful event occurred.


      • Thanks QCL, it took me a while to write that up, and when I posted it, it vanished and did not post. I thought it raised an important point that would be of interest to the followers of the case on this blog, so I wrote it again and have posted a similar comment, so that may also appear shortly.

        Sorry about the duplication, but I gather the site is experiencing posting troubles at present.


        • Gee whiz Dan, Both posts are exceptionally good. Interesting sentence you used: Yes shows her true “caring” nature.

          “Allison deserved to know that she (Jezebel) would be attending that conference (How very caring of her is that)”

          I gather she had Allison’s phone number in her phone too. How “stalking” is that?
          Did she expect a call from Allison one day, saying, “Hi Jezabel, Lets go out shopping together”
          Pfft No doubt she had a plausible explanation for that (been getting lessons off GM)


    • Yeah … Dan IMO your’e on to somethin’ there with the feeling of ‘personal power’ of TMcH over GBC.

      Here is an alternative/additional way of putting it:

      Agree this woman wanted to divide and conquer.
      In her mind Allison became her rival (i.e. the wife of the man she wanted). It seems she had no regard for the ‘marriage’ between GBC and ABC. Marriages/families were disposable to her. E.g: In her statement she states that she was in a relationship and he was in another relationship when they met. To her it was ‘just another relationship’ and fair game.There was no respect for the commitment of marriage, children, family and building a life together. It was all about her wining/dining & bonking with GBC.
      Allison and the three little girls’s lives could be re-arranged in her opinion, so that she could have GBC.

      GBC did nothing to protect the ‘boundaries’ of his marriage/family.

      He allowed TMcH into a position of influence over him. Their resumed bonking, his promises, etc led TMcH to want more from this 4 year relationship. She had left her man for GBC. He should leave his wife for her.

      IMO TMcH gained ‘personal power’ over GBC, a power gained through continued secret sex; her intent was to influence his thoughts about separation to get what she wanted; she made suggestions such as solutions to finances, custody arrangements for the children and where they could live, legal advice, even where Allison could live post-separation!

      This worked both ways. GBC ‘gave her personal power’ by engaging in these separation discussions with her. This added to her sense of ‘power’ (i.e. I’ve got him, he’s talking about separation plans from his wife etc. I want to work it so that I have a future with him etc.).

      IMO the relationship dynamic changed, the power balance was between him and her. Allison was clearly seen as someone to be disposed of as ‘she was in the way’ of their relationship.

      I agree with other posters that TMcH wanted to create conflict between GBC and ABC. She had a personal investment in a future with GBC and she did not want their relationship to continue. IMO TMcH wanted to create conflict between GBC and ABC that night. Two contributing factors were TMcH’s heightened anxiety about Allison being at the same conference the next day and her heightened anxiety about their relationship and her future with GBC.

      I agree that she seized the opportunity to use her ‘personal power’ over GBC and ’cause conflict’ with ABC that night.

      She asked GBC to inform Allison that she would be at the Conference.
      She knew that GBC would be carrying her message to Allison. The more potent message contained a hidden message that TMcH & GBC were in a relationship again, placing the marriage and family unit under enormous threat. This could be likened to sending a ‘hand grenade’ to Allison that night.
      This was a powerful, interpersonal message from one woman to another.
      GBC carried the message. IMO TMcH was responsible for escalating conflict
      that night for her own personal gain.

      It appears her self-interest was to the fore; she was not looking after ‘the relationship’ between them. In order to look after ‘the relationship’ you need empathy for your partner and how things are for them, then take that into account. As she acted for her own personal gain, she missed the fact that her partner,GBC, was already under enormous pressure of a failing business, severe financial difficulties, a marriage that was not working and dependant children.

      As we know from evidence submitted at the Committal hearing, the neighbours heard a loud argument from the house that night, followed by female screams.

      However, despite the speculation that TMcH was responsible for escalating the conflict between GBC and ABC that night – the decision and ‘intent’ to murder Allison that night belongs to the murderer.

      Questions for the Court to pursue are: Did she knowingly ‘play with fire’? There may have already been plans afoot to ‘dispose’ of Allison for the Insurance money. Did she wittingly or unwittingly add to this? This is for the Court to decide.


  44. OK it’s a nesting problem. ****ROBBO**** you need to upgrade the theme to Twenty Twelve – the new theme has a nesting option in settings, which 2011 doesn’t have.


  45. On the topic of Jezebels role in this fateful event, it is, in my view, very significant. While there has been no evidence to date that Jezebel played any direct part in Allison’s Murder, or as an accessory after the fact, her actions on the evening before did trigger such.

    Allison was Jezebels arch enemy in her quest to steal GBC away from her, and to date, Allison had won the battle.

    Learning of Allison’s intended attendance at the Conference presented the perfect opportunity to evoke a cunning plan that would further damage the relationship between GBC and Allison, and hopefully turn the tide in her own favor. In fact it was a double barrel trap she so cunningly set. She advised GBC that given the conflict between them, it would be unwise for them to both attend the conference, and that Allison deserved to know that she (Jezebel) would be attending that conference (How very caring of her is that). There was absolutely no mention of Jezebel bowing out in favor of Allison, it was a case of I am attending, and you need to ensure Allison does not attend, after all, you are the boss, aren’t you, and Allison deserves to know. With Jezebel knowing full well that she was sending a message to Allison, via GBC, that she was still on the scene, and calling the shots, knowing that such would cause Allison to draw the dreaded Divorce card from her armory. The second part of the trap was her “Power of the Pussy” trump card, insisting that GBC meet her that night to allow her to fully understand the status of their relationship, which is Jezebel speak for “Let us do some Bonking tonight”, knowing that that would also drive the final nail in the coffin of GBC’s Marriage to Allison.

    This was a win win situation, She would get to avoid having an awkward encounter with Allison at the conference, and she would finally shatter the very fragile relationship that Allison had been trying so hard to resurrect with GBC.

    So despite the most cunning of plans on Jezebels part, it would appear that in the abscwncw of ence of any knowledge of the Deeply Disturbing Plans already forming in the mind of GBC, such plans collided in a most unexpected way.

    Jezebel thought she had just played the Winning Master Stroke, but with the benefit of hindsight, there could never have been any winners in this tawdry game of hers.


    • Dan, I love it when you guys write these longer posts, especially when it is such good reading and pretty well spot on. How sad to think that the consistent pressure jezebel kept placing on GBC to win him over from Allison ended in such an awful way. Sometimes I wonder whether it is all about the challenge most of the time….the “game’ played, with as you say….no winners. Jezebel was obviously so obsessed with GBC, it was definitely doing her head in not to be with him….she would never have given up, and I wonder if he saw that too? I wonder if he had decided she was a pain in the ass with all her whining and pressuring. I would not like to be in her shoes, she would have to feel somewhat responsible for what happened….even if it was going to happen.
      I agree with , I think SFA, that she’ll have a meltdown before the trial….I really can’t see her being a stable witness….. Her whole world has tumbled down around her, and I don’t think she can come back from that…..karma eh.
      Now, karma for the rest of them to unfold……..


    • Dan … agree with this:
      [Quote] She would get to avoid having an awkward encounter with Allison at the conference, and she would finally shatter the very fragile relationship that Allison had been trying so hard to resurrect with GBC.
      So despite the most cunning of plans on Jezebels part, it would appear that in the abscwncw of ence of any knowledge of the Deeply Disturbing Plans already forming in the mind of GBC, such plans collided in a most unexpected way[Unquote].
      Deeply disturbing plans may have already been forming in GBC’s mind and her plans may have ‘collided’ with these – with an unexpected outcome.


  46. Hi Millie,

    What happens with WordPress’ Automatic Spam System, is that if a post has a link, or is long, or has a word that Spam may not like (I have been advised that the system is automatic and cannot be changed), the post is automatically swept into Spam. The Spam folder picks up many hundreds of spam posts per day, many hundreds more than the genuine posts which are posted. As you can imagine, the job can be a bit time consuming to keep the site clean.

    In my observation, if anymore than 200 posts have been written in a thread, the posts then seem to go haywire and a new thread is needed.

    Unfortunately, this seems to be WordPress, with the situation being as it is, since I joined this site.

    Robbo did previously upgrade; however, he had to outlay the costs and it ended up, I believe, not being free but an introductory trial, so I think he went back to, understandably, what is free.

    We all have a voice here, which isn’t given in the Media, of this I am very appreciative.


    • Thank you moonlight for enlightening me on the way it all rolls. Perhaps it was to do with replying in the speech bubble…doesn’t really matter. I have attempted to post something similar and that too has not posted….there must obviously be a word I’m using or something which does not allow me to post the message. It is mainly to do with something which has always been dodgy to me (apart from a lot of other dodgy… :/ ) which involves pondering why GBC drew a plan of Tones house/unit in Allison’s diary. It’s all good, I would imagine….. and get that there would be so much spam to go through… I would be happy just to read along as there are so many wonderfully articulate and intelligent people here. As you say….it is good to have a voice….I trust what I say will be ok when it is…if not then not….it’s all good….love all you guys work and thanks again for your insight :)


      • Can’t wait to read your missing post millie. Your posts are very good, insightful and elucidating. Sometimes one person’s posts spark a line of thought with another poster. If that’s brainstorming, then that’s a very good and positive thing.
        IMO. And if it’s too far off track, then others will pull that thought into a more realistic line with a bit of discussion.
        Meanwhile moonlight has started a brand new thread Part 3
        Gerard Baden-Clay Committal Hearing Thread Part III


        • Thank you QCL, I am honoured you feel that way about my posts. I am not the most articulate one in the box and it’s good when people get what I share….. you are right….we all contribute to a bigger picture…thank you. And oh so thank you for being part of this forum….you have been here from the beginning and dare say will be till the end along with many others…. It’s a wonderful thing this forum, amazing really…..that there is such a strong support for justice. :)


  47. Hello Folks,
    re: Posts disappearing into the ether, out of sequence & other associated WordPress issues, with no immediate solution on the horizon. I’ve had it happen so often I’ve “trained” myself to write my post to a Notepad doc, save it to the desktop, when complete copy & paste to aussiecriminals. I’ve learnt if I do not do this Murphys Law takes over, it’s always the post I’ve spent most time on that will “disappear.” This method does not “fix” out of sequence probs, however is effective addressing other issues & ensures my blood pressure does not “go off the graph”.
    Cheers, AV


    • Hi GHS and AV
      Did you check out the new thread?
      Gerard Baden-Clay Committal Hearing Thread Part III


      • Thanks QCL, do appreciate your advice. Odd (new thread – NOT YOU!) I thought we were on the most recent thread.. Will check after a good sleep.


    • Hello GHS,
      you’ve probably already done this however if not the following may help:
      1) Delete all cookies.
      2) Shutdown fully device you are using.
      3) Restart and log into your WordPress account.
      Hopefully may help, if not have a good swig of whiskey and……. follow instructions to write posts to notepad so at least you’ll only have to do that part of posting process once, then…. hmmmm, not sure what else to suggest other than wait patiently for our administrators fix the gremlins. If we are lucky our resident schizophrenic gets some treatment. initially I was astonished that someone could be so vile, now I simply feel sorry for him.


  48. Thanks QCL – have received this one at least. And am trying to follow instructions re posting at Reply Nicely Here instead of direct to the correspondent.

    Am also going to try that suggestion of AV to see if I can forward something written earlier and get back on track and up to date.

    Fingers crossed.


  49. There you go, my post to QCL, another gem in our group has disappeared! Need some sleep.
    Goodnight all. Cheers, AV


  50. Copy of my posts from two to three – thanks again QCL.

    Hello Folks,
    re: Posts disappearing into the ether, out of sequence & other associated WordPress issues, with no immediate solution on the horizon. I’ve had it happen so often I’ve “trained” myself to write my post to a Notepad doc, save it to the desktop, when complete copy & paste to aussiecriminals. I’ve learnt if I do not do this Murphys Law takes over, it’s always the post I’ve spent most time on that will “disappear.” This method does not “fix” out of sequence probs, however is effective addressing other issues & ensures my blood pressure does not “go off the graph”.
    Cheers, AV

    AV on April 14, 2013 at 9:46 pm said:
    Hello GHS,
    you’ve probably already done this however if not the following may help:
    1) Delete all cookies.
    2) Shutdown fully device you are using.
    3) Restart and log into your WordPress account.
    Hopefully may help, if not have a good swig of whiskey and……. follow instructions to write posts to notepad so at least you’ll only have to do that part of posting process once, then…. hmmmm, not sure what else to suggest other than wait patiently for our administrators fix the gremlins. If we are lucky our resident schizophrenic gets some treatment. initially I was astonished that someone could be so vile, now I simply feel sorry for him.

    AV on April 14, 2013 at 9:53 pm said:
    There you go, post to QCL, another gem in our group has disappeared! Need some sleep.
    Goodnight all. Cheers, AV

    AV on April 14, 2013 at 9:49 pm said:
    Thanks QCL, do appreciate your advice.Found slippery little sucker!
    Odd (new thread – NOT YOU!) I thought we were on the most recent thread.. Will check after a good sleep.
    Cheers, AV


  51. Hello AV – I have just found a message from you and am dutifully replying via “nicely here” instead of directly.

    It pains me to prove Wayne right about my multitude of shortcomings, but I have to admit that I have not the faintest idea what “delete all cookies” means (although I have been on Lite n Easy for several weeks now).

    Thank you for you advice – in particular I am taking heed of your suggestion to “shutdown fully device you are using” – because my brain is very sore and deserves a good ‘lie down.’

    May tomorrow dawn with greater knowledge of technology on my part.


    • Hello GHS, at least you are compassionate, polite, generous, respectful, can spell & use grammar correctly, which is a whole lot more than can be said for whine. Even, the fact you’ve stated, in a public forum, you do not know something clearly reveals you are without ego (or close to)……. The same cannot be said for our poster with multiple personalities: Wayne, Wave, Whine, Wane, and Wain. And now he’s working his way through the B’s – Lord help us!
      What are cookies?
      1) Cookies, yummy ingestibles Mummies and sometimes Daddies prepare! :)

      2) However, in IT parlance, cookies are little files the computer system being used generates & stores info.
      Wiki says it much more succinctly than me:
      A cookie, also known as an HTTP cookie, web cookie, or browser cookie, is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored in a user’s web browser while a user is browsing a website. When the user browses the same website in the future, the data stored in the cookie can be retrieved by the website to notify the website of the user’s previous activity. Cookies were designed to be a reliable mechanism for websites to remember the state of the website or activity the user had taken in the past. This can include clicking particular buttons, logging in, or a record of which pages were visited by the user even months or years ago.

      Quite handy little files when tools are running smoothly HOWEVER, when things stuff up, ‘cuse the French, it’s late… These files may be referenced as opposed to, if the history has been wiped / cookies deleted, the search command will bring up / display current data.
      It’s good housekeeping & work practice to clear cookies on a regular basis additionally, interrogating cookies can certainly assist honing down to the exact nature / cause of the problem.
      Clearing cookies can be set-up to delete automatically, If you so desire. I’m happy to assist, perhaps you can be kind enough to yeah or nay in the Lounge & I’ll put it together there if it’s a yeah.
      I do hope your brain is less sore.
      Cheers, AV


  52. So as not to cause world war 3 on the blog and make suggestions about its workings and solutions, I watch with interest everyone’s comments and hope that this valuable blog will ‘right’ itself, so to speak :-). Fingers crossed that those who know what they are doing, are able to get it sorted but as someone else mentioned, we are free-loaders and therefore beggars can’t be choosers, whingers, or recreate the wheel.

    I agree with the comments of others that Toni would have known well before her call to GBC on the Friday, that something sinister had taken place the previous evening. She is very persistent and I can’t imagine her being content with the last conversation she alluded to in her statement, with Gerard. Especially, when one of his children had the audacity to interrupt. Goodness Gracious. No way. Fancy that hey, living with that kind of knowledge on your conscience.

    Night night good people and may tomorrow see this valuable avenue of conversation corrected to a degree, and that some semblance of order is restored.


    • Hi Little Fish

      This time I am being naughty and replying to you personally (rather than ‘Reply Nicely’) to see if it makes any difference!

      I’m sorry if it sounded like I was complaining – I treasure the site and just get frustrated when my own incompetence doesn’t keep up with my enthusiasm about being involved….thereby needing to call upon the skills of others, who must tear their hair out when I don’t have the capacity to understand!

      I think we are blessed that Allison has brought us all together as supporters of a just outcome, sometimes even vigilantes on her behalf…and perhaps even philosophers for other women enduring similar circumstances (I can hear Wayne gearing up for another attack, but never mind)

      All my kids, siblings, friends and parents are in disbelief that I have found my way into a “blog” as I am so challenged with regard to technology. So even if things go amiss, I remain a very grateful observor.



    Hope has two beautiful daughters; their names are Anger and Courage. Anger at the way things are, and Courage to see that they do not remain as they are.

    — Augustine of Hippo (354-430)


  54. Oh My Lord, My Love Gerbil Hunting Season….please forgive me as I was writing in riddles. I had a dummy spit a few months ago as a result of suggesting we find an alternative way of going about this most amazing opportunity of a coming together, so to speak. My intentions were misconstrued and I reacted to that. I have hardened up as a result of interactions on-line :-). I have learnt that personalities do show through posts but that it is easier to stay strong from afar especially when one is anonymous…you know, I basically don’t exist, I am just a weedy little fish floating through life, bending and weaving with the ebb and flow of the tide. I have no power to instruct, conduct or alter the course of the outcome of this terrible situation which has attracted an eclectic mix of unknowns to communicate.

    My comments were to acknowledge that yes, there are problems with the lines of communication and the functioning of this site, but that any pro-active suggestions about alternatives would not be coming from my end due to the previous issue. I believe my earlier comments were misunderstood as I never intended to steal away this valuable site, but to ask whether an equally accessible, better functioning avenue was available to ensure that this opportunity was not lost. It has had its ups and downs, so to speak.

    Please know, my comments were not in anyway directed at you but purely selfish on my behalf. My only hope is that it continues to operate, even at a less than ideal level, so that we can all come here to care and share.

    Have a wonderful day and week.



  55. Just checking whether anyone has had word from the family about their blessing for the planned or hoped to be planned gathering in Allison’s honour. If not, I can do same as I really think it is important to know how they feel/view/etc. Out of respect so to speak for those most intimately connected, however I am sure they would probably understand the depth of feeling of others, which in itself may be of comfort and a back-up crew, so to speak.


    • Little Fish… I am aware that the Lady from the council which had to give the OK for the walk to go ahead was going to check with Allison’s family as to whether it was ok with them. I assume, from Bri’s post on the latest thread that it has all been given the thumbs up, and assume also that includes with Allison’s family.

      on April 12, 2013 at 2:09 pm said:
      Hi Guys sorry. been busy at work the latest about the walk is this.
      I had a call from a lady who we shall call W about the walk on the 20th she had some concerns as I have about the road and the time, 4am when its now very very dark.
      The latest idea is to walk through the parkland at 6am on Sat 20/4/2013 this parkland is situated on the left hand side of Mount Crosby Road heading outbound to Mount Crosby about 500 metres from the bridge and has walking tracks that end up about 20 metres from the bridge itself a bit safer than walking down Mount Crosby Road from Wirrabarra St.
      W wanted to contact Allisons family via a local member about this plan to make sure they felt it offered respect to Allison and her family and seek permission for a walk to take place.
      I am awaiting further instructions.


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