Gerard Baden-Clay Committal Hearing Thread Part III

Car Positioning

Car Positioning

BC CarportBC Driveway

Summary of first 3 days of committal hearing (courtesy of The Courier Mail)

Witnesses testify at committal hearing of Gerard Baden-Clay, charged with murdering wife Allison

Day two: committal hearing of Gerard Baden-Clay over death of wife Allison

Day three: committal hearing of Gerard Baden-Clay over death of wife Allison


Witness Statements/Reports (courtesy of a fellow kind poster who has very generously allowed them to be available to all)

Phillip Geoffrey Broom – former business partner

Jocelyn Anne Frost – former business partner

Associate Professor David Wells – Head, Clinical Forensic Medicine – Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine

Constable Kieron Ash – first responder

Neil Cameron Robertson – Investigative Computer Analyst - in his element analysing the 100 phones and 50 computers/iPads

Senior Sergeant Narelle Elizabeth Curtis – second responder

Record of Interview – Transcript

000 Call – Transcript

Forensic Procedure Order

Hydrology Report

Autopsy Report


Previous Committal Hearing Post

Gerard Baden-Clay Committal Hearing – 11 March 2013


Baden-Clay’s Sister Speaks (courtesy of 7 News)]

Update 20/03/13 Newly Released images taken the day Gerard Baden Clay reported his wife missing

Picture of  injuries police found on Gerard Baden-Clay on the day he reported his wife Allison missing. Image of injuries police found on Gerard Baden-Clay on the day he reported his wife Allison missing. injuries police found on Gerard Baden-Clay on the day he reported his wife Allison missing. COURT-Photograph of injuries police found on Gerard Baden-Clay's chest on the day he reported his wife Allison missing. Photograph of injuries police found on Gerard Baden-Clay's face on the day he reported his wife Allison missingGBC injuries

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321 thoughts on “Gerard Baden-Clay Committal Hearing Thread Part III

  1. On the topic of Jezebels role in this fateful event, it is, in my view, very significant. While there has been no evidence to date that Jezebel played any direct part in Allison’s Murder, or as an accessory after the fact, her actions on the evening before did trigger such.

    Allison was Jezebels arch enemy in her quest to steal GBC away from her, and to date, Allison had won the battle.

    Learning of Allison’s intended attendance at the Conference presented the perfect opportunity to evoke a cunning plan that would further damage the relationship between GBC and Allison, and hopefully turn the tide in her own favour.
    In fact it was a double barrel trap she so cunningly set.
    She advised GBC that given the conflict between them, it would be unwise for them to both attend the conference, and that Allison deserved to know that she (Jezebel) would be attending that conference (How very caring of her is that). There was absolutely no mention of Jezebel bowing out in favor of Allison, it was a case of I am attending, and you need to ensure Allison does not attend, after all, you are the boss, aren’t you, and Allison deserves to know. With Jezebel knowing full well that she was sending a message to Allison, via GBC, that she was still on the scene, and calling the shots, knowing that such would cause Allison to draw the dreaded Divorce card from her armory.
    The second part of the trap was her “Power of the Pussy” trump card, insisting that GBC meet her that night to allow her to fully understand the status of their relationship, which is Jezebel speak for “Let us do some Bonking tonight”, knowing that that would also drive the final nail in the coffin of GBC’s Marriage to Allison.

    This was a win win situation, She would get to avoid having an awkward encounter with Allison at the conference, and she would finally shatter the very fragile relationship that Allison had been trying so hard to resurrect with GBC.

    So despite the most cunning of plans on Jezebels part, it would appear that in the absence of any knowledge of the Deeply Disturbing Plans already forming in the mind of GBC, such plans collided in a most unexpected way.

    Jezebel thought she had just played the Winning Master Stroke, but with the benefit of hindsight, there could never have been any winners in this tawdry game of hers.

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  2. Excellent summation Dan!

    Thanks for posting the aerial view photo Yoshi. What I was trying to convey earleir is that the driveway opens up to a very wide area the entire length of the house, so a car can be driven (forwards or reversed, according to preference/habbit) into the carport, while another is parked lengthwise on the opposite end of this large are, nose in to the house, and a 3rd one is parked sideways BETWEEN the carport and the other car, not necessarily BEHIND it.

    As for the many cars at NBC’s disposal:
    Bwana had a white Prado with teh SETTLED plates on that GBC’s partner claims were still his:

    He also had his silver statesman which was searched by police :

    and if this is him he also drove a yellowy gold coloured car (suzuki?) on occasion:

    I do not know why so many cars were needed.
    Also if they already had so many cars, why did they have possession of the blue car that OW drove on the morning of 20/4?
    Was this the same one that GBC drove into the cement pillar a few days after?
    Maybe the same one that was seen in the early morning hours near Kholo bridge training a larger white 4WD?

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  3. Despite GBC’s desire for the world to see him as a very strong articulate and successful individual he has exposed himself for who he really is ……………………

    A very weak excuse for a man.

    Now the secrets out, time to come clean and get it over with.

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    • Well said Witchetad. I love the side on Pic of hime looking straight ahead as the Cops Photographed Allison’s final message to the world. GBC doing what he was told by the Cops, Stand up Straight, Turn to the Right, Look straight ahead, Tilt your head a little to the left, thats it, hold steady, Click, stay still, Click, and another one, Click, now take your shirt off, face to the front … what must have been going through his mind at that point ?. perhaps something along the lines of “Oh Shit, I think I am in Serious Trouble here, this didn’t work out anywhere near a well as daddy said it would, I want my mummy, can I just go home to my mummy please”.

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      • They have made the choice to have their stinking filthy rotten laundry aired publicly rather than getting it over with. And because that has been their choice, every single speck in the crotch of their crappy lives will be investigated and exposed. The BC family attitude of self importance will be paying them dividends from now on. Another page is being written in the Baden-Clay history book as we speak and what gripping reading it will be when its all over.

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  4. I had a look when GBC made his many personal loans from family and friends. It seems most were made between 2010 and June 2011, except for a further extension loan from Tarby in Jan 2012.

    The only one that appears to have had some repayments is that of Tarby – had to pay him so it would not be obvious his Century franchise was in dire trouble. The other personal loans appear to still be owing in their entirety if I understand the financial report correctly, which means he did not manage to pay off anything off them (this right?). So he was in deep trouble and well over his head in debt, which he had NO means of servicing through business income.

    One wonders when during this time did the awful possibility of using Allison’s life insurance to save him from imminent bankruptcy and rid him of the wife he no longer wanted, come to her killer/s mind/s…..???

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    • It would appear you are right re the loans, and even further borrowings that were supposed to paydown existing loans went into propping up the business, so the messages from his previous partners that the business was unsustainable while he was spending his time rooting around with Jezebel behind Allsions back, and their very departure of such, must have been top of mind. It would be interesting to establish when his first inquiry about the policies occurred, as I would say his Golden Plan was hatched at about that time.

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      • The trouble is their pride screwed up their lives. I’m sure plenty of people get to mid life and have to start again financially for whatever reason but very few of them have the drawback of owing family and friends a fortune because they selfishly want to fund their own dreams and dont give a shite about anyone elses basically let alone being a wife murderer. His chances of any future beyond his four grey walls and prison garb are very slim indeed and I doubt his children will grow to have any respect let alone love for him at all. Jezebel will high tail it to the next land of opportunity writing this experience off as a bad dream and the family will squeeze into an ever smaller emotional space to attempt to hide everything to death do us part. Pretty pathetic scenario but in keeping with the legacy it appears.

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        • Hello Witchetad – April 14, 2013 at 12:06,
          Yours & so many others on this site post great posts, often stimulate more in depth analysis, very valuable.
          The trouble is their pride screwed up their lives.
          I would say:
          “The trouble is their sheer arrogance screwed up their lives…..etc”
          Reflecting on the “pash” – it has always struck me as a “victory” exchange; they thought they had got away with it. As well as a (as many have said before me) public display the deluded patriarch & matriarch were shoving it up anyone, directly or indirectly involved in trying to find Allison. Additionally, the elderly maggots trying to appear nonchalant – their version of “business as usual”.

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      • Hmmm you are right Dan. it will be interesting to see the enquiry history.

        I know at least one of the enquiries were made by “Allison” – the real one or TMcH? He could have told Allison a story about something he needed to know for the sake of their finances, and she could have phoned in response, without being suspicious. His real reason would have been much more sinister though… The call would then likely have been form Allison’s phone number.

        Or he could have asked TMcH to phone saying she was Allison. It would have been very easy to do from his phone on loudspeaker, so he could overhear the conversation and write down any code words or other info they may have asked to check “Allison’s” identity for TMcH to parrot back to the person on the phone. I hope they taped this “Allison’ conversation so one can listen now to hear if it really was her or not.

        I remember he made some enquiries himself, probably would have got Allison suspicious if he asked her to get information more than once. It will be interesting to know if NBC supposedly as GBC’s financial manager had also made any enquiries – written or verbal – about Allison’s policies. Can anyone remember if it was mentioned if he had?

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        • Somewhere below is a mention that inquiries re the Life Policies where made on the 18th of April, one supposedly made by Allison, or perhaps someone pretending to be Allison. I als recall reading that there was another inquiry made via a third party, possibly a broker, from memory, a month or so earlier.

          I believe the July 1 Deadline that has been referred to in Jezebel’s statements may be the deadline GBC had to repay some loans by, and that as claims can take several months to process, he would have not been able to stage the required event much later than he did.

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          • Agreed Dan. As you said before, the first enquiry made re Allison’s life insurance would have been done post the hatching of this horrible plan….will be interesting to find out when exactly that was made, and by whom, and whether there was any involvement from NBC in the capacity of financial advisor either by phone or in documentation on his PC regarding Allison’s life insurance…..

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        • This in theory, could be a likely scenario. However, I would hope, hope and hope that his mistress wouldn’t have been that dumb to do such a thing without needing a reason and if it is the case that she was part of these enquiries, then at what point is she discounted before the tragedy occurred that she wasn’t a part of the planning, which from the majority of posters, this isn’t in the script of murder.

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  5. Thinking on Dan’s post very spot on post this morning, which supplied the motivation and timing of this despicable deed.
    Jezabel loaded the gun and cocked it, and GBC fired it.

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      • You may be right, but how will we ever know. Surely Jezebel would have had suspicions that he lost control in a heated argument over their resumed affair, given that she had orchestrated GBC informing Allison that she was still on the scene, and didn’t want her nemesis attending the Conference. Jezebel was controlling GBC;s actions that night, and wanted there to be an aufument that would end the marriage once and for all, and no doubt would have put the question of Did You Kill her to him at some time when they were alone, between post murder bonks.

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        • Well we would not know until all the evidence is revealed in the trial, but could eg find out if her car was photographed going through the famous traffic circle on 19/20 April after she like GBC claimed she slept like a baby all night…. or someone who lives in her apartment block happened to saw her leaving or coming in the early morning hours on 20/4….or the BC clan throws her in front of the bus so to speak….

          Claiming they never discussed this, is like standing in a little room almost filled with the body of a pink elephant and claiming not to see it….particularly if the very thing the person in the room’s heart most desired was a pink elephant. Not going to recognise it? Not talk about it? No way.

          I’m not buying it. Would have been a central part of the somewhat immature sounding IKYK stuff going on between the delusional lovers IMO.

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    • regard to the Target though, I believe that what Jezebel had in her sights was just to destroy GBC;s and Allison;s Marriage, not Allison’s Life, as from Jezebel’s statements to the Police, it is clear that she did not want the responsibility or workload associated with raising the three girls, not even during the alternate weeks that GBC was to have custody.

      But unbeknown to her, GBC had a far more sinister plan that her manipulating triggered.

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      • Agree totally Dan regarding the Target. Perhaps however, the moral of the story is “One shouldn’t play with guns.”
        Or more especially; Jealous females shouldn’t play with guns.

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        • An alternative:
          When married men, who feel like they have a ‘noose around their neck’ enter into secret sex on the side to escape from pressures in their lives, they could be courting disaster. Instead of a delightful, sexual escape, the affair partner starts wanting more, places another ‘noose around their neck’, demands they leave their wife and family unit and issues ultimatums.The moral is that there is no escape in this scenario – just more pressures.

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      • However, in this case it sounds like Peter Pan & Jezebel’s affair was only one part of his convoluted life. Agree Dan,it sounds like there may have been more sinister plans afoot – regarding the Insurance money – possibly hatched with others.

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  6. I am pinching a piece of Caro’s post here:
    (Quote) I agree with other posters that TMcH wanted to create conflict between GBC and ABC (Unquote)
    It is also possible that Jezabel had expected Allison to move over of her own volition. That way she, Jezabel, could say that her so called GM’s free marital status had nothing to do with her.
    “She was innocent of wrecking the marriage, because Allison had voluntarily walked away from it.”
    It’s part of a female cunning trap or snare that some females set. But Allison would not move over. Hence the need to make GM take some initiative.
    I sure do agree with Dan about the trap or snare, that this Jezabel set.

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  7. Eeek! I wonder if he will try and use this as an excuse for himself? To get a lighter sentence, I mean.
    Another thing I wouldn’t put past him is this. Jezabel develops some form of conscience, or desperation. And, realizing she is some sort of bind any which way she turns, suggests to lover boy, that life isn’t worth living any more.
    Very thoughtfully, utterly caringly, and astutely he says, well no need to waste a good life for nothing. Look here, how about a trade off? You take the rap and die. Or I take the rap and you still die. Mathematically speaking, option one is better. And I can still think of you ravishingly from a distance.

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  8. Yeah … Dan IMO your’e on to somethin’ there with the feeling of ‘personal power’ of TMcH over GBC.

    Here is an alternative/additional way of putting it:

    Agree this woman wanted to divide and conquer.
    In her mind Allison became her rival (i.e. the wife of the man she wanted). It seems she had no regard for the ‘marriage’ between GBC and ABC. Marriages/families were disposable to her. E.g: In her statement she states that she was in a relationship and he was in another relationship when they met. To her it was ‘just another relationship’ and fair game.There was no respect for the commitment of marriage, children, family and building a life together. It was all about her wining/dining & bonking with GBC.
    Allison and the three little girls’s lives could be re-arranged in her opinion, so that she could have GBC.

    GBC did nothing to protect the ‘boundaries’ of his marriage/family.

    He allowed TMcH into a position of influence over him. Their resumed bonking, his promises, etc led TMcH to want more from this 4 year relationship. She had left her man for GBC. He should leave his wife for her.

    IMO TMcH gained ‘personal power’ over GBC, a power gained through continued secret sex; her intent was to influence his thoughts about separation to get what she wanted; she made suggestions such as solutions to finances, custody arrangements for the children and where they could live, legal advice, even where Allison could live post-separation!

    This worked both ways. GBC ‘gave her personal power’ by engaging in these separation discussions with her. This added to her sense of ‘power’ (i.e. I’ve got him, he’s talking about separation plans from his wife etc. I want to work it so that I have a future with him etc.).

    IMO the relationship dynamic changed, the power balance was between him and her. Allison was clearly seen as someone to be disposed of as ‘she was in the way’ of their relationship.

    I agree with other posters that TMcH wanted to create conflict between GBC and ABC. She had a personal investment in a future with GBC and she did not want their relationship to continue. IMO TMcH wanted to create conflict between GBC and ABC that night. Two contributing factors were TMcH’s heightened anxiety about Allison being at the same conference the next day and her heightened anxiety about their relationship and her future with GBC.

    I agree that she seized the opportunity to use her ‘personal power’ over GBC and ’cause conflict’ with ABC that night.

    She asked GBC to inform Allison that she would be at the Conference.
    She knew that GBC would be carrying her message to Allison. The more potent message contained a hidden message that TMcH & GBC were in a relationship again, placing the marriage and family unit under enormous threat. This could be likened to sending a ‘hand grenade’ to Allison that night.
    This was a powerful, interpersonal message from one woman to another.
    GBC carried the message. IMO TMcH was responsible for escalating conflict
    that night for her own personal gain.

    It appears her self-interest was to the fore; she was not looking after ‘the relationship’ between them. In order to look after ‘the relationship’ you need empathy for your partner and how things are for them, then take that into account. As she acted for her own personal gain, she missed the fact that her partner,GBC, was already under enormous pressure of a failing business, severe financial difficulties, a marriage that was not working and dependant children.

    As we know from evidence submitted at the Committal hearing, the neighbours heard a loud argument from the house that night, followed by female screams.

    However, despite the speculation that TMcH was responsible for escalating the conflict between GBC and ABC that night – the decision and ‘intent’ to murder Allison that night belongs to the murderer.

    Questions for the Court to pursue are: Did she knowingly ‘play with fire’? There may have already been plans afoot to ‘dispose’ of Allison for the Insurance money. Did she wittingly or unwittingly add to this? This is for the Court to decide.

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    • Hi Caro,
      Thanks for adding some flesh to my point. It is interesting to note that in Jezebels statements, when she rang GBC at around midday on the 20th, no doubt anxious to learn how well her plan had gone, and he informed her that Allison was missing, she asked him if she was to blame, and he gave her the answer she wanted, being no, so for her to have asked that question suggests to me that her plan to have GBC inform Allison of Jezebels attendance at the Conference, and the underlying message that the affair was still current, did what she had hoped it would do, namely to be fracture the fragile relationship between Allison and GBC, so that he would finally be hers.

      Well Jezebel, you got what you wanted and deserved, and the Murderer is all yours. Enjoy Him however you can.

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  9. Does anyone know where TMcH is? I imagine her mental state would be pretty delicate right now and certainly until GBC is tried. In one way I feel sorry for her but in another I think she was a selfish tool because she contributed in some capacity to this whole saga. Maybe she accused GBC of being weak that fateful night and nobody tells a BC they are weak right.

    What I do think is that to a large extent what GBC did was premeditated and in his mind for a long time. Given the information that has surfaced it did not appear to happen on an impulse. While TMcH was without a doubt a trigger GBC had to follow through with HIS plan and I doubt TMcH knew about his plan before it was executed.

    How on earth he thought that murdering his wife and covering it up would make things better for him I don’t know. Whatever he did to Allison any future female would now be at risk of suffering the same fate. He kept a myriad of partners so every one of them can be thankful he’s locked up.

    You know what I wonder, is this something that NBC has experienced before? It just does not seem normal the way that this family has acted. It is as if an old hand had the last say to show how its done. Just my thoughts.

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    • hi Witchetad, At the time of her statements to QP around the time of GBC’s arrest, she was working as a Property Manager for another Real Estate Agency in Brisbane, I have heard since of her having returned to Sutherland in Sydney’s Southern Outskirts.

      I expect that her use of a Clients Rental Unit for a Close Encounter of the Bonking kind with GBC prior to the Department of Correctional Services putting an end to his Heterosexual Bonking activities might have presented them with grounds for dismissal. Just as GBC’s Name had turned to mud resulting in No Business as Usual, I expect that property owners would by then have considered Jezebel as the last person they would wand looking after their interests, given that her nature was to only concern herself with her own interests.

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      • Understandably – I wonder if Sydneysiders are less aware of her identity than QLDers. She may have to change her career, unless she is entirely exonerated during the trial, which I doubt will be the case. Must be difficult for her in the interim, since some of her dirty washing is now blowing in the wind for all to see, and no doubt yet more will be revealed.

        I wonder if her teenage kids are with their dad or her, it must be particularly tough for them. Two more innocent victims of her immoral selfish actions. The fall-out and repercussions for so many people in the wake of Allison’s brutal murder is quite terrifying. As for accessories – serves them right. But ones heart aches for the innocent family members, some only children.

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  10. TMcH evidently doesn’t realize just how close she came to wearing Allison’s shoes. And sharing her fate. Ending up in a hole.

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  11. W gave me a call and its on for next Sat at 6am walking through the parklands down to the bridge.
    good walking shoe’s or runners being the best kit.
    might have to jump over a fence.
    See you all then. B

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      • Thank you Brian for initiating this walk in memory of Allison….and thank you for keeping us up to scratch with what’s happening.
        As Caro has asked…what is the meeting point and what parklands are you referring to? Is parking available etc. Could you just give us a few more details.. thank you..

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    • Brian can you be more specific about the start point? Some members may wish to travel to Brookfield to attend for Allison, but not be familiar with anyone else – so clearly need to know which group of people to approach IMO.

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  12. Thought it may be good to refresh our memories to post the following…where are you mrs muddle??

    mrsmuddle says:
    June 22, 2012 at 1:11 pm
    2 0 Rate This
    Screw it, it is lunch time afterall!

    So I arrived about 9.45am. Olivia and GBC’s representation then arrived and we both stood outside the court. I stood two feet from Olivia and friend before going in. She was pretty non-descript and I can’t form an opinion either way. I think she knew he did it, but wasn’t involved. Danny Boyle and the rest of the DPP team showed up.

    We shuffled inside and sat and waited while the cases before were dealt with (callover).

    Basically, it went as follows.

    SC argued his point first, rebutting the submissions made by the DPP.

    Some of the facts:

    1. The children WERE home at the time.
    2. GBC lied to police about his affair being over.
    3. TMcHugh made a statement saying it was still ongoing and he had until 1 July to leave Allsion.
    4. ABC had a journal, and she had written in it in the days leading up to the murder. GBC had hand drawn a pic of McHugh’s house in the journal.
    5. ABC and GBC were undergoing counselling.
    6. TMcHugh was also attending the SAME conference on Friday as ABC, TMcHugh wanted GBC to tell this to Allison. It is alleged this is when an argument ensued.
    7. No visible signs of trauma on the body (no cut off hands), besides a chipped tooth.
    8. ABC had two life insurance policies, enquiries about the policy were made twice on on about 17th April. Once by ABC – she was aware of said policies. It is thought that they were struggling with the premiums and the call was made to roll them into one or to this effect.
    9. GBC hired his lawyer on day 3 after being made aware he was a suspect.
    10. ABC’s Blood was found in the back of the 4wd.
    11. On the day a body was discovered at Kholo Creek, GBC contacted Insurance company and initiated a claim. This was BEFORE she was formally identified.
    12. DPP believes the car crash was stage to hide the scratches. GBC claims the scratches on his face was caused by shaving, however forensics say they are not consistent with shaving injuries, but of scratches.
    The ones on his chest… wait for it, he claims came from a caterpillar.

    Here’s the nail in the coffin though peeps…………

    Gerbil claimed he was a heavy sleeper and was asleep from 10pm to 7am the night she went missing. Lo and behold, Gerbil’s mobile phone was removed from his phone phone charger at approximately 8.30pm. He phoned Nige at approx 12.30am, it was a video call that lasted approx 1.23 secs. GBC’s phone was then reconnected to the phone charger at 2.30am.

    But wait, there’s more. Searches on his computer found, that in the couple of days prior to the murder, Gerbil had done an internet search on “acting incriminating”. He also did another search, on “acting incriminating” just prior to phoning police on the morning he reported her missing. morning.

    I am really pleased I went, to clear up some of the innuendo going around.

    It is clear the motive is financial gain and the affair and new life planned with Toni. Toni has sold him out to save her own skin. I am just waiting for Nige to get arrested as an accessory now.

    There was nothing mentioned that it was premeditated and meant to happen in July though, as if Toni had said this in her statement, it would have been submitted to court today and it was not.

    They have no COD, it looks like suffocation. The judge wasn’t taking any of the SC’s sh!t either.

    IMO, no way in hell will bail be granted. .

    Also quoted from the Affidavit of June 19:

    “The defendant initially told police and other witnesses that it was usual for the deceased to take a morning walk on weekdays.

    “The defendant told another witness, Elise Nielsen, a long term friend of the deceased, that the deceased normally went for a walk at about 10pm in the evening.

    “Enquiries with the deceased’s parents and close friends indicated that the deceased was NOT known to walk for exercise and was unlikely to have gone walking late at night.”

    Some more snippets from The Affidavit, the details of which may have already been revealed, but perhaps not the time line:

    “* On 18 April 2012 at 10.08 pm, the defendant searched “taking the Fifth.” This internet search led to results including ‘self-incrimination.’ This search result was then accessed through the Wikipedia website.

    “The defendant told the police that he and the deceased had had a conversation on the evening of 19 April 2012 (about the infidelity and relationship issues) but would not tell police the exact topics discussed.

    “* On 20 April 2012 at 7.09 am (the day the deceased is reported missing by the defendant) the defendant searched the term self-incrimination on the internet.

    “* On 20 April 2012 at 7.14 am, the defendant attempted to access the Queensland Police service homepage (The defendant did not call ’000′ until 7.15 am after conducting all of these searches).

    “Uniform police officers attended the defendant’s home address at about 8.00 am that morning. Police observed that the defendant had what appeared to be a number of severe scratches marking his face.

    “The defendant volunteered to police, almost immediately that he had cut himself shaving.

    “Uniform police were concerned about the defendant’s comments and appearance.

    “CIB detectives were called to attend.

    “At the time of reporting the deceased missing, the defendant told police that he had had an affair with another woman (Toni McHugh)

    “* On 20 April 2012 at 9.34 am, the defendant searched for psychiatrists in the Brisbane West area.

    “The defendant initially spoke to police on 20 April 2012.

    “This was the only time that the defendant has provided a version of event to police.

    “Other than consenting to a Forensic Procedure Order on 21 April 2012, the defendant has not otherwise cooperated with police in relation to the investigation.

    “The defendant did not assist in the search for the deceased during the period of missing and did not attend the Command Centre set up in the Brookfield area.

    “On Sunday 22 April 2012, police obtained a further Forensic Procedure Order to examine the defendant with the assistance of the Forensic Medical Officer.

    “Immediately prior to attending the police station for examination, the defendant was involved in a single vehicle traffic accident in which his vehicle struck a concrete wall at the Indooroopilly Shopping Centre.

    “The Forensic Crash Unit attended the accident scene.

    “Preliminary opinion by the Forensic Crash Unit indicates that there is no evidence of the defendant’s vehicle braking prior to impact with the wall.

    “The defendant attended the Royal Brisbane Hospital and was examined by the Forensic Medical Officer at that time.

    “Again, medical opinion was that the facial injuries to the defendant were not consistent with shaving cuts and were consistent with scratches.”

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    • Thanks Octobeast!
      Time has clarified a few things at least, eg we know now not all of this was true. For example GBC contacted a lawyer within about 3 hours, not 3 days after reporting Allison missing. And also he did not sleep till 7am since he was up and sending Allison fake texts earlier. It is true what QCL says, GBC & co has lied about so many things that it is difficult to know what is true and what not. I guess we are going to have to wait for the trial to find out about many of the issues!

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      • Peter Pan contacted a lawyer within 3 hours of Allison reported missing? Well, IMO that speaks volumes. ‘Calculated’ is a word which comes to mind. Where was his worry & concern for Allison gone inexplicably missing that morning? Sounds like his worry & concern was present alright – but for himself, a police investigation and criminal charges in the future.

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        • He probably KNEW before he phoned the Police to report Allison ‘missing’ when he did a final google of how to avoid ‘self-incrimination’, that he was going to need a lawyer, so once the police attendance and all official tasks were over it seems contacting a lawyer was his next step – NOT looking for a ‘missing’ wife!!!!

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  13. Thank you Mrs Muddles and Octobeast for bringing this post to the fore.
    When all this was all first aired, I believe that everyone (self included) thought that the children WERE at home because the text messages indicated just that.
    In the meantime we have all learned that what comes forth from a BC mouth or a BC phone or a BC diary is to not be believed as the truth.
    In the meanwhile, we have learned how one BC is expert in deflecting the truth. In short he is a bald faced LIAR.
    In the meantime we have learned thanks to Allison’s diary just some of what she endured within the marriage. Appears she was married to a Narcissist. A sociopath. A conceited self centred individual.
    In the meantime we have learned that a certain Jezabel has lied by omission.

    One needs to remember that just because there is written “evidence” that ‘the children are not up yet” via the text message of a proven liar, does NOT constitute proof that the children were still in their own beds in Allison’s house.
    The texts IMO were no more than a decoy, So that an assumption may be drawn. Correct or incorrect, was irrelevant. The texts provided written evidence. Nothing more.

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  14. What spine chilling information when its laid out like that.

    What struck me was the enquiry about ROLLING THE TWO INSURANCE POLICIES INTO ONE!!!!

    What were the terms of one of these policies that were not conducive to allowing them to claim if it were a suicide or murder perhaps? There is something about these policies that is the crux of this entire case.

    Lust, Money and Greed

    Dear Lord, this whole scenario is just so terrible and sickening.

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  15. Or was the enquiry about rolling ABC and GBC’s policies into one? Is this possible? Because that makes the entire scenario even worse. i.e. $1mil to $4mil. I think the motivation is very very clear and $1mil was enough but $4mil now that would qualify for riding off into the sunset with Ms Jezebel.

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    • Good pick-up Witchetad! My word – is it possible that this man could have thought of doing this and raising the pay-out on Allison’s policy??? It is so incredibly cold and cruel, it is difficult to imagine that it may be a possibility……

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  16. Oh dear – things still seem haywire – finding posts that I have never seen, having my thanks to fellow contributors disappearing, trying to follow suggestions re “reply nicely here” rather than respond to another directly.

    I’m trying them all!

    This is my attempt to see if a “cut and paste” has worked as per instructions – unfortunately, I now cannot find the advice from whichever kind person advised me to try it…

    So here goes. And by the way, if Wayne has been back in touch since, could someone let me know (even if I don’t receive it).

    I would hate to miss a single blasphemy that dropped from his lips.

    on April 13, 2013 at 7:29 pm said:
    Oooh Wayne….you’re back!

    Just knew you wouldn’t disappoint by leaving one of your special messages here.

    I’m guessing you only have limited access to a computer to keep in touch – perhaps blocks of only 15 minutes at a time per inmate – hence the brevity of your correspondence.

    Maybe they even restrict the number of characters you can type – that would explain your economy with punctuation.

    But you’ve really excelled yourself this time in referring to knowing “kbc”

    Now this, dear Wayne, is News! Particularly if, as you say, you “wouldn’t piss on him.”

    We know GBC, EBC and GBC, TMcH, Pastor and Pastoress Walton and even a younger BC who has apparently eschewed his hyphenated family.

    But “kbc”?

    Be a good bloke Wayne, and ‘fess up – we are waiting with baited breath for your next instalment, because you seem to know something we boring old bags and moronic idiots don’t.

    Don’t you go letting us down now Wayne – realise it’s probably past lights out for you by now Bro, but it’s always a real pleasure to hear from you, man.

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  17. AV on April 14, 2013 at 10:10 pm said:
    Copy of my posts from two to three – thanks again QCL.

    Hello Folks,
    re: Posts disappearing into the ether, out of sequence & other associated WordPress issues, with no immediate solution on the horizon. I’ve had it happen so often I’ve “trained” myself to write my post to a Notepad doc, save it to the desktop, when complete copy & paste to aussiecriminals. I’ve learnt if I do not do this Murphys Law takes over, it’s always the post I’ve spent most time on that will “disappear.” This method does not “fix” out of sequence probs, however is effective addressing other issues & ensures my blood pressure does not “go off the graph”.
    Cheers, AV

    AV on April 14, 2013 at 9:46 pm said:
    Hello GHS,
    you’ve probably already done this however if not the following may help:
    1) Delete all cookies.
    2) Shutdown fully device you are using.
    3) Restart and log into your WordPress account.
    Hopefully may help, if not have a good swig of whiskey and……. follow instructions to write posts to notepad so at least you’ll only have to do that part of posting process once, then…. hmmmm, not sure what else to suggest other than wait patiently for our administrators fix the gremlins. If we are lucky our resident schizophrenic gets some treatment. initially I was astonished that someone could be so vile, now I simply feel sorry for him.

    AV on April 14, 2013 at 9:53 pm said:
    There you go, post to QCL, another gem in our group has disappeared! Need some sleep.
    Goodnight all. Cheers, AV

    AV on April 14, 2013 at 9:49 pm said:
    Thanks QCL, do appreciate your advice.Found slippery little sucker!
    Odd (new thread – NOT YOU!) I thought we were on the most recent thread.. Will check after a good sleep.
    Cheers, AV

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  18. gerbilhuntingseason on April 14, 2013 at 10:21 pm said:

    Hello AV – I have just found a message from you and am dutifully replying via “nicely here” instead of directly.

    It pains me to prove Wayne right about my multitude of shortcomings, but I have to admit that I have not the faintest idea what “delete all cookies” means (although I have been on Lite n Easy for several weeks now).

    Thank you for you advice – in particular I am taking heed of your suggestion to “shutdown fully device you are using” – because my brain is very sore and deserves a good ‘lie down.’

    gerbilhuntingseason on April 14, 2013 at 10:21 pm said:

    Hold on – maybe I have just inadvertently discovered something…are my posts going to the old thread even when I think I am replying to the new one?

    Oh it’s all way too hard….do they still sell Bex?

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  19. Sorry folks, I just don’t believe TMcH is as smart as you make out. Just look at her fantasy story of how she thought their future life would work with alternating the kids between “then” and Alison. Kindergarten thinking!
    I also believe the wiser members of her family and her legal team would have boned her up on the grim realities of her predicament and the course of action required for self preservation.
    Reality is that GBC is going down. There is no future there at all. Wait 15 years to fall into the arms of a 57 year old dead broke crim, reviled by his children, shunned by former friends, no chance of a job given his notoriety and probably very bitter and twisted as a consequence of his jail time? No, Toni, no future there.

    Best you stay out of the limelight, distance yourself from this, wait for it to blow over and then look to start a new life. New name, new country. But in the meantime, get yourself physically and mentally fit because when this trial starts you are going to cop the mother of all grillings and public acrimony.

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      • Hi Shadow,

        I agree with your observation re the childishness of her fantasy re the future living arrangements, but in my view, she is one extremely selfish person, wanting GBC to herself, but not the workload associated with raising his three girls, That was to be Allison’s Job.

        The girlfriend of a friend of mine has a similar nature to Jezebel, she is generally a bit dim, not very up to date with current news events and politics, but very canny at getting things she wants, convinced him he should get a 4WD instead of using his sedan when they went anywhere together, and she always uses that now instead of her own car, also organized a trip to Canada for them both, which he is paying for, and it turns out that she booked it at premium pricing, more than twice what that trip is listed at, we all refer to her as the Money Pit, yet our friend is too besotted to recognize that he is being milked of his money.

        So while Jezebel may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, I for one believe that she is an accomplished manipulator, and knows well how to play the love rival game.

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    • On the other hand, maybe TMcH has bought the family twaddle that GBC won’t be convicted. Could be, as she certainly isn’t a Rhodes scholar and has shown signs of been a dreamboat!

      But come on. Those around her would have to give her a serious lesson in life. Spend your life with a seriously flawed, non performing, commercially failed serial liar who has blood stained hands and a known propensity to stop at nothing to get what he wanted. Surely you’d have to sleep with one eye open and a revolver under the pillow!

      And can you imagine the atmosphere at a fam BBQ at Skull Manor for the non-convicted couple. Macabre to say the least.

      Does raise some interesting questions and possible future legal action though…assuming he beats it, that is…and frankly hell freezing over is a better chance IMO.

      Just where would the kids be situated on custody. Could they or the Dickies launch a commercial action.

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      • Hi again the Shadow,

        I am sure that many of Jezebels friends have been giving her good advice, but sometimes people can become so entwined in messy matters like this that they do not see things in their true perspective, and do not heed the advice they are getting.

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        • No probs Dan. Lets face it, we are both trying to interpret the entrails of a reasonably lightweight flibberty-gibbert! (Apologies to our female readers, I am simply referring to the subject person and how she has presented thus far)

          A bit like putting bullets into a frying pan! She could go off in any direction.

          But hey, we’re somewhat of a fraternity now. My bottle of Moët says she will steer a course well away from the B-C’s.

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          • Jezebel – cough up the truth bout GBC honey. It’s over now. He’s remanded to appear at Criminal Court for the murder of Allison. The truth needs to include your own part; IMO it is the only way you can move forward honey.

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  20. So those poor little girls were home when things went bad and the neighbours heard that sickening scream. What must they have endured? What memories will they carry? What trust will they ever have for the opposite sex?

    So this is (approximately) what ensued (as I see it)

    One helluva fight, one helluva scream, one helluva attempt to leave some evidence. GBC realises what he’s done, calls dad says I think I’ve killed Allison, dad comes over and assists with the finishing off and cover up. Then the real cover up begins and dad and dave are fully aware of what has just gone down. GBC calls OW to come take the kids to school because A’s just missing. OW obeys but puts her foot in it by telling others exactly what GBC told her and because of his state he doesn’t even realise what hes just said to her. The panic begins. Text messages, internet searches, phone disposal, lawyers, doctors and anything else required to fabricate the story begin. It all ends with an arrest …………………. the arrest of GBC. The person who knew exactly what went on that night. The husband, father, uncle, nephew, son, friend, lover, partner of other people who he has now shamed and affected forever. As for NBC I think its just a matter of time until the accomplice is brought in. GBC continued bonking after the event is just as incriminating. What a shameless disgusting character.

    I don’t for a minute believe that GBC slept a wink that night.

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    • Jezebel’s alleged continued bonking with GBC after Allison was missing, feared she had met with foul play, then found murdered – seems delusional IMO. DId she ‘love him’ more because he had allegedly ‘disposed’ of Allison for her – in her mind? It seems that she has effectively colluded as concerns for Allison’s safety was all over the news; there was a crime investigation going on.

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    • Witchetad, Just because the text message said ‘none of the girls are up yet” doesn’t mean that the text messages are portraying any truths.
      Only recently I corrected Little Fish about this matter. Fish seemed unconvinced re their whereabouts, and I reminded her of Mrs Muddles post. Emphasising that the children were home (because the texts said so). I was pretty adamant about this “fact” too, because it was set in my mind as a concrete fact. It had come out in Court as such. And the media reported the texts as factual evidence. Whether they meant to or not, is inconsequential.
      I was completely forgetting that all BC “evidences” written or otherwise re not to be taken on face value. At the time of Mrs Muddles writing, I don’t think anyone realized the extent of his lies, manipulation, and ability to deflect issues. Anything that would take the spotlight off himself.
      IMO The text messages provide written “evidence” that
      1. The children were home. Thus creating something of an alibi.
      2. GBC had tried to contact ABC. Thus creating the appearance he thinks she is alive.
      3. Their relationship is lovey dovey and hunky dory. Thus no reason to suspect the husband. Love G.

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      • [Quote] At the time of Mrs Muddles writing, I don’t think anyone realized the extent of his lies, manipulation, and ability to deflect issues [Unquote] by QCL. Agreed, his attempt to conceal has shown calculation on his part and on his family’s part. Their motto IMO appears to be ‘We’ll exercise our right to silence and let the Prosecution prove it’.

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  21. TIME-LINE regarding INJURIES

    19 April 2012 Evening The wife of the accused was last seen alive.

    20 April 2012 @ 08.00am Constable Ash and Constable Leah Hammond visit the accused and note facial injuries. Constable Ash is not comfortable with the version offered by GBC and calls for backup.

    20 April 2012 @ 08.34am Sergeant Curtis and partner arrive and interview GBC.

    20 April 2012 @ 09.34am GBC utilized his mobile phone to conduct a search via Google on subject matter “Psychiatrists Brisbane West”.

    20 April 2012 @ 09.54am Detective Senior Constable McLeod attended 593 Brookfield Road with other Detectives from Indooroopilly CIB and commenced investigation.

    20 April 2012 @ 10.00am Police interview the accused and photograph facial injuries, hands and the shaver.

    20 April 2012 @ 3.00pm A crime scene was declared at 593 Brookfield Road, Brookfield.

    21 April 2012 @ 08.30am Consultation with Dr Beaven. He asked Dr Candice Beaven to look at cuts on his face. He told Dr Beaven that police had advised him to have his injuries documented. (No police officer on the brief stated that they advised the applicant to do this.)

    21 April 2012 @ 09.34am Investigation commenced.

    21 April 2012 The defendant voluntarily attended Indooroopilly Police Station and in his lawyers presence he consented to providing a voluntary DNA sample and for photos to be taken of his person.
    Indooroopilly Scenes of Crime photographed the defendant, and upon removal of his shirt; injuries were evident on the body of the defendant consisting of a scratch under the right arm pit, an abrasion on the left side of his chest, and scratches on the left side of his neck which resembled fingernail scratch marks. The defendant asked police whether it could be identified whether the scratch marks were self inflicted. The defendant went on to state that he had made the scratch marks himself. The defendant did not remove his trousers during the examination.
    A series of 17 photographs were taken of the accused.

    21 April 2012 @ 4.00pm Consultation with Dr Khumer. Regarding facial injuries.

    22 April 2012 Firstly: Detective Senior Constable McLeod obtained a Forensic Procedure Order to conduct a complete forensic examination of the defendant’s body.

    22 April 2012 Secondly: Whilst proceeding to the Indooroopilly Police Station, the defendant was involved in a single vehicle crash into a concrete pylon. There were no brake marks at the scene and defendant refused to answer questions in relation to the cause of the crash.
    He was taken to Royal Brisbane Hospital after crashing his car outside Indooroopilly Shopping Centre.

    22 April 2012 @ 7.15pm Examined by Dr Griffiths following single vehicle collision. It is unclear whether subject sustained any injuries as a result of the collision. Dr Griffiths however found a number of injuries of “forensic interest.”

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  22. Thinking further on this scenario. I really think that OW is the innocent victim in this scenario. I think she wanted to believe GBC is innocent but now realises he’s not. To think that it may also involve her father is perhaps more than she can bare. So OW would be wise to shut up now for instance, and think about her own family, or look a complete fool and be known for it.

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    • OW seems so adamant that the truth will come out. What truth might that be? If she definitely knows the truth then she should speak, her silence speaks volumes.

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        • She is a trained INTELLIGENCE officer, isn’t she….???? Should be easier for her to put 2 and 2 together than it is for us, and we are not finding it hard, just hard to swallow…

          I think she knew right from day 1 what happened to Allison, including during that eye darting, lip biting interview with GBC. Just not sure how she was involved, and whether the real purpose of her being here that weekend involved her role in the drama. After all time was running out for GBC before the end of the financial year when his debts were due….he could not have waited much longer….

          As awful as it sounds I suspect if not intended for the Thu night, it was planned for the weekend anyway while OW was there……the plan was more or less finalised so in a moment of fury and with Allison threatening to sue him for divorce the next day, which could impact on him receiving her life insurance, sadly the plan had to be enacted immediately.

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          • Although repulsive to think, there are some surprisingly evil people in this world. Something like this may have happened, that is, the plan being brought forward
            unexpectedly once Allison informed him of her intention to divorce. IMHO.

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    • Perhaps GBC admitted to OW that he had had a fight with Allison the night before. That might be why she lied about him “falling over” . However it may be more along the lines of some previously posted scenarios, that she is saying GBC is innocent because it was someone else who did the final deed.

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      • Then she needs to inform the Queensland Police of her views IMO. They have the legislated authority to investigate the case of murder.

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      • Irrespective of whether or not someone else assisted eventually, one thing is for sure, GBC started it, intended it, and was in the thick of it (evidenced by his extensive battle scars). He is NOT an innocent man as OW claims IMO.

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  23. It might be timely to consider the manner in which this person, the accused, GBC operates.
    He is vey clever at deflecting suspicion or heat or questions away from himself.
    He also appears to think he is above our Law. So no problems with lying to protect himself.
    It might be necessary to consider that ALL this person says or does is to protect his own interests.
    It also appears this person is without remorse of any kind.
    It might also pay to check with our own selves if he has duped us also. First impressions often the correct impressions.

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  24. Regarding Cross Referencing data, clues, information, and drawing conclusions; a little story to help.

    It was April and the Aboriginals in a remote part of Northern Australia asked their new elder if the coming winter was going to be cold or mild. Since he was an elder in a modern community he had never been taught the old secrets.

    When he looked at the sky he couldn’t tell what the winter was going to be like. Nevertheless, to be on the safe side, he told his tribe that the winter was indeed going to be cold and that the members of the tribe should collect firewood to be prepared.

    But being a practical leader, after several days he had an idea. He walked out to the telephone booth on the highway, called the Bureau of Meteorology and asked. “Is the coming winter in this area going to be cold?”

    The meteorologist responded, “It looks like this winter is going to be quite cold” So the elder went back to his people and told them to collect even more wood in order to be prepared.

    A week later he called the Bureau of Meteorology again. “Does it still look like it is going to be a a very cold winter?” The meteorologist again replied, “Yes, it’s going to be a very cold winter.” The elder again went back to his community and ordered them to collect every scrap of firewood they could find.

    Two weeks later the elder called the Bureau again. “Are you absolutely sure that the winter is going to be very cold?” Absolutely,” the man replied.”It’s looking more and more like it is going to be one of the coldest winters ever.”

    “How can you be so sure?” the elder asked.

    The weatherman replied, “Our satellite images have shown that the Aboriginals on the north are collecting firewood like crazy, and that’s always a sure sign.”

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    • Hi QCL, That is a terrific tale. It reminds me of when we lived in Sydney many decades ago. There was a radio station in Woolongong where the radio announcers, after reading the official weather report, would follow such with their observations of a herd of goats on the side of the Escarpment. If the Goats were heading up the Escarpment, such would indicate that the weather was going to be fine, and if they were heading down then that indicated stormy weather was on the way. It was generally felt that the Goats were a more reliable prediction of the Weather than the Weather Bureau.

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  25. I’ve been looking through various videos on the net of Allison’s funeral, taking particular notice of who was standing where outside of the church (placement of BC clan). I cannot find a single frameshot of BC seniors comforting their son, be it a hand on his back or shoulder as he bunged on the emotion. I just find this so unnatural (in the ‘presented’ circumstances). It’s as if they’ve taken a wide berth, dispersed to avoid attention as a family group – lurking in the background with stiff upper lips. Brother Adam seems to be the only one who maintains a close position to Gerbil . Adam is also the ONLY one of the BC clan who can be seen offering genuine comfort to Allison’s mother at rear of the hearse. Just observations…. but I’m interpreting this as ‘one of these things is not like the others’

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    • Not a scenario I like to think about… but fast forward into the future & if it were my (innocent) son breaking down at the funeral of his murder/suicided wife – you’d need a crowbar to separate him from my arms. Of course, EBC may just be a cold ***** or not willing to be part of ‘the act’

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      • In the few funeral pics that I have seen – all the bad house family are hiding behind sunnies. Speaks volumes – disrespectful, arrogant, feigning sadness, don’t want to be here, get this over with attitude look to nbc, ebc and lip-biting ow.

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      • Oz, there is a photo of Adam following GBC into the Church. Adam has 3 roses in his hand if I remember correctly. Not that hard to pick out Adam..he has the same shaped head and hair cut as GBC.

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  26. Allison Baden-Clay’s sister vows justice – YouTube
    ► 1:47► 1:47
    May 11, 2012 – Uploaded by 7NEWS
    The sister of murdered mother Allison Baden-Clay has vowed to bring her killer to justice.

    I hope this this works..this is the video I was meaning where you will see quiet a few pics of Adam BC and you will see Allison’s brother and brother in law carrying the coffin…all so sad ..

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  27. I didn’t think it appropriate in the Timeline of Injuries to add my personal opinions. Just keep it factual.
    Course I have a few thoughts when they are laid out in Chronological order.

    The most noticeable and public was between:

    22 April 2012 Firstly: Detective Senior Constable McLeod obtained a Forensic Procedure Order to conduct a complete forensic examination of the defendant’s body.
    22 April 2012 Then Secondly: Whilst proceeding to the Indooroopilly Police Station, the defendant was involved in a single vehicle crash into a concrete pylon. There were no brake marks at the scene and defendant refused to answer questions in relation to the cause of the crash.
    He was taken to Royal Brisbane Hospital after crashing his car outside Indooroopilly Shopping Centre.

    Coincidence? Wonder how much the Forensic Procedure Order had to do with exposing more battle scars? Up to this point the photography was limited. To my understanding, that meant Daks on.
    Did he not fully co-operate when injuries were first photographed 20 April 2012? Interesting that this was required before any further examination occurred. Forensic Procedure Order

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  28. Between the 08.00am visit from Constable Ash 08.00am and partner who NOTICED the facial injuries…
    Then the the 08.34am visit from Sergeant Curtis and partner who also NOTICED and QUESTIONED the facial injuries….
    **Gulp!** Help!
    09.34am GBC searched via Google “Psychiatrists Brisbane West”.
    Then **Gulp!** Oh what? More Police???
    09.54am Detective Senior Constable McLeod with other Detectives from Indooroopilly CIB arrived and commenced investigation.
    Is he in trouble?

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  29. Apparently the B-C kids have recently visited GBC in AGCC. That info got deleted pronto. I’m finding WS very stifling ATM…thank goodness we have this forum : )

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    • Glad you are here Octbeast. Appreciate your input. Yeah it’s frustrating when important (IMO) posts there on WS get deleted. Seems like so many caring people there too. (Except when they use that forum to get on their soapbox re a case from 17 August 1980. Since exonerated.)
      I shared Bri’s Walk for Allison post with information for this Saturday 20 April.
      My own personal ethics prevent me from posting my interpretation of Bri’s post. Seems something of an insult putting my words over and above someone elses. Plumb rude. Therefore, I posted Bri’s post word for word, Not one jot or iota changed. Pow! Deleted pronto.
      This would be a wonderful opportunity for people to show their personal support for justice.
      A terrible despicable shattering event has occurred. People’s lives will never be the same. Some may even want to leave the area.
      The murderer whoever he is expected normality, business as usual, and no one to blink an eye.
      IMO A bit of debriefing (not the behind closed doors type) might be in order.
      Allison’s demise strikes a chord in so many people. All that was feminine and lovely and motherly; struck down and destroyed, in a selfish act, completely unnecessarily. May this Walk for Allison Baden Clay go well.

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      • Agree October, very stifling as you need all info to make judgements. Also sometimes there is no better descriptor than “douchebag” IMO.

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        • Definition of Douchebag:
          * An individual who has an over-inflated sense of self worth, compounded by a low level of intelligence, behaving ridiculously in front of colleagues with no sense of how moronic he appears.
          * A pejorative term for an arrogant or obnoxious person
          * A derogatory term, used most often to describe males; “jerk”, “asshole”.

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            • Believe it or not the definitions of “Douchebag” are straight plonk from Mr Google’s various dictionaries.
              Yeah, Mr Google and I meet quite regularly. Let’s say more often the average Jo Clay. (Like to get facts absolutely correct) However, never ever have I ever asked Mr Google to explain either the meaning of taking the fifth, or self incrimination or psychiatrists in the area, (er, ah um, even if I’m in a spot of bother.)
              See, when I talk to Mr Google, there is always a very good reason.
              I want to know the answer to something relevant at the moment, something that I want to know the correct answer to. Now.

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    • If true this is very interesting indeed, and it would be as interesting to find out who took them there.

      I wonder of it got deleted because this information is considered untrue, unsubstantiated or just considered too sensitive for public consumption…???

      Do they say why on WS when they delete stuff or does the info just disappear into the ether without any explanation?

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      • You can’t write anything that hasn’t been reported in MSM.
        Or information from other sites including this AC site)
        Or anything from any astrologer (Hence WS was unable to discuss MM’s court documents)
        Or anything that might prejudice a trial.
        Hence it is best to qualify personal remarks with IMO
        I will have to go back there and look out some rules because I am sure there is no-one here who would like to jeopardise this trial by breaking rules that could used for the likes of GBC who could claim God Only Knows What.
        If there is any Journalist or anybody else here who knows those rules of Law, your input here would be much appreciated.

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        • Further to post about rules, we have already witnessed GBC complaining about the Media camping outside his house so that they were like prisoners. No privacy. They all wanted to “get back to normal”.
          Does anybody know if this was indeed factual or was this GBC trying a one of his ploys?
          Those ploys appear to be along the lines of: If the Law can be played along with, then play it for all its worth.
          If one can Circumvent the Law, by any means, foul or fair; then that’s OK too.
          The Law has to prove he’s guilty. He doesn’t have to prove he’s innocent. That’s my interpretation at any rate.
          One needs to know the Law and all it’s nuances, in order to play it.

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  30. I’m sure I read somewhere that GBC spent a few days in hospital for assessment after he hit the pylon. Does that mean his accident was a means to delay having his chubby body photographed so Allisons scratch marks would be a little less obvious.
    MM do you have the dates the photos were taken?

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  31. KKL, That “accident” coincidentally occurred just after the Forensic Procedure Order to conduct a complete forensic examination of the defendant’s body was obtained.
    (Does that mean he had refused to de-robe prior to this?)
    My understanding is he was on the way to the station for that examination.
    That examination would have been highly incriminating. Would have showed all the rest of the battle injuries.
    But by pure coincidence he couldn’t make it to the examination. A single vehicle accident straight into a pylon. A few days later and those marks should have healed and the bruising faded.
    This was no more than a delay tactic in my opinion. Time being of the essence.
    He was “a little bit hurt.”

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    • I was hoping the police went to see him in hospital and still did the examination – sounds like not???

      I wonder this examination happened to be a full body one (remember that first day the police only examined his upper body). Would have been interesting if he had numerous injuries below the belt too…would be very hard to think up more ridiculous excuses, other than a screwdriver, caterpillar and blunt shaver….

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        • Absolutely bizarre if MM you weren’t tongue in cheek answering the question about the full body examination:-), as it is terminology used coloquially.

          It would be of grave concern, I would think, to not know what injuries might have been concealed, for those tasked with finding justice for Allison.

          Maybe I am just having a bad day, but at this point in time, I can’t see that there has been ANY justice for Allison. People have tried to defile her in death by casting all kinds of personal aspersions… Health, housekeeping, etc.

          Please, I find it incredulous that permission could not have been granted to do a more thorough examination of the suspects body, considering the other injuries. Please, also I don’t need to be reminded that at that stage, he wasn’t considered a suspect.

          Makes me sick to the pit of my stomach to think that a suspect has more rights than a victim in general. It is indeed a very scary world in which we live, let alone the at times, nauseating, antiquated beaurcratic and legal systems in which we must function.

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        • Not that no, but it would have been very incriminating if bruises from kicking or even scratches extended to this area too. Would have been near impossible to come up with yet more stories of coincidental means of injury to explain ever more injuries.

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  32. Muddied the waters so to speak. Appears he wanted to make it hard to differentiate which injuries occurred before the “accident” and which injuries occurred as a result of the “accident?”

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  33. Hello Bri1967,

    Today is the 16th April, gettin’ close.
    The start time is 6.00am. Where specifically do people meet up? i.e. the start point plz?

    Each person bring their own candle – if they wish.
    Just a reminder, given the time of morning, it may be cold, so dress in running/bush walking shoes, warm jacket/hat/gloves, etc.

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  34. Re that chest area graze, hubby says he sees vertical marks underlying that. He noticed by looking side on as I was on the ipad. Maybe the other irritation covers it nicely, easy to do by continually rubbing your chest.

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  35. Interesting Puzzler. You mean some of the marks could be his own fingernail marks? He actually did explain something like that to the Doc, even showed her how he did it! Gave her a free sample of just how such an injury might have occurred.
    What else was he trying to cover up?
    Just a thought here…how often would a person go to the Doc and show the Doc exactly how to create marks such as these?
    What he was after, was written evidence of shaving injuries plus written evidence of post caterpillar bites. IMO.

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    • that’s right Witchetad, all the Doc would have seen would have been this poor excuse for a man standing in front of her covered in fingernail scratches…yep, the Dr came face to face with a murderer…

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  36. I got thinking about some of the anomalies that the Police had to work with. Also anomalies that some other witnesses noticed.
    The list keeps growing.
    On Day One, Constable Ash observed G’s body language whilst G was engaged in conversation with Constable Hammond.
    When G was asked a question about himself, he would hold his head up straight and make direct eye contact.
    When asked questions about his wife Allison, he would look at the floor or table and fidget with his hands. G appeared confident about himself, but agitated when having to answer questions about Allison.

    Constable Ash also noticed: when informed of the shaving injuries, looked for evidence of same and found none.

    Later at the Doctor’s appointment, the Doc had thoughtfully made a longer appointment for the possibility of grief counselling.
    But GBC did not appear distressed. He appeared quite composed, though a little anxious. He appeared in a rush. In a rush. In a rush. He made it clear he was in a hurry.
    He did not appear teary or emotional, rather he was anxious. On edge and anxious to have his injuries documented.
    Then he queried the Doc about personal matters and discussed her real estate needs, and handed her a business card. He appeared jovial and friendly at this point.

    Those anomalies are just the start. I wonder if or where in all that did he appear upset, shocked, distraught or anything at all regarding his missing wife!
    I also noted that the Police felt it necessary from the beginning to look in strange places, industrial bins, vacant allotments. Searchers and horse back riders were called upon to search leaving no stone unturned.
    At the time Allison supposedly was only missing. But these were extraordinary measures to take for a missing person. Their suspicions were well founded.

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  37. Does anyone know the dates that TMcH said she last spent time with GBC? Did GBC and TMcH continue to bonk after Allisons body was found? Not a nice thought but would speak volumes of TMcH involvement in all of this.

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    • Hi Witchetad

      I understand from Jezebels statements that there was one encounter of the bonking kind in the week after Allisons murder, and another at a rental unit Jezebel was managing in the week before GBC’s arrest. I do not know if there were any other encounters, it is possible there were, but GBC is not admitting to anything, and Jezebel is probably only admitting to what the QP have established from their own surveiliance.

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  38. Thanks MM for posting that date so promptly.
    Allison inflicted those scratches on the evening of the 19th and we’re looking at photos that were taken of them on the 22nd, they still look very raw and fresh.
    Allison’s fate was there written on his face (so to speak), it must have been so terribly sad for her parents, children and friends to know, by looking at him, that Allison was well and truly dead and he did it. I don’t believe it came as a surprise to any of them. No wonder he grew the ‘beard of guilt’
    Dan – I’m going to send him another post card tomorrow and I’m going to sign it from both of us.

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    • KKL.. Is that true? You know that you do send postcards. I wonder if they are delivered and received. If so, I think we all have a right, as tax payers, to write to him and express our views. So long as we are respectful, non-threatening, etc I can’t see it as a problem. Worst case scenario is that he will bin them, best case scenario that he may show some gratitude to those of us who involuntarily support prisoners such as himself, the unemployed etc. and perhaps respectfully reply to our missives.

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  39. Little Fish, I’ve been sending him post cards since he’s been at Arthur Gorrie, I have no reason to think that they arn’t handed to him. I choose cards that normally show people enjoying food, fun and great outdoors. I always write ‘ bet you wish you were here’ and sign them KatiKutloose (with hugs and kisses.
    I have a friend who’s been writing to every high profile serial killer in America for years and they all write back!!!
    Drop him a line, you may hear back.

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    • What is the purpose of doing that? Is it to assist him to see truth for what it is? Is it to resolve hurt in ones self? Is it to rub in what he’s missing? Is it to try to get him to see that its best if he just comes clean NOW like? I just dont understand what the purpose of that is. Unless you do it in your dreams …… then I totally understand. Interesting.

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  40. Whitchetad, the point of the post cards is to show him what he’s missing but also that I’m free to run my own life and he’s not.
    I’ve sent cards from overseas countries as well as Aussie events like Tamworth Music Festival, Gympie Muster etc.
    Yes Dan, I’m rubbing it in and todays card is coming from the Whitsundays, noice!

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      • Willing to chip in for a custom photo wall calendar from us all at Christmas… but only if December features a massive seafood buffet & an assortment of premium beers ;)

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        • I’m hoping these postcards aren’t making his life more interesting behind bars, he doesn’t deserve any kind of happiness, pretty photos, not even air-NOTHING!
          In fact I hope he isn’t allowed access to the computer to read Aussie Crims! GBC this site is all about YOU. We are here to see you rot your life away in GAOL for the rest of eternity. Today we had an absolutely beautiful day (can you remember blue sky, freedom and fresh air?) ROTTING CARRION that I’m happy to see my taxpayers dollars being spent on. PLEASE PLEASE LET ME SCRATCH UP YOUR FACE TOO!!!!

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          • Personally, I doubt very much that he has the capacity to appreciate beauty in anything. Of course I don’t like to cast uneducated or misinforned or uninforned aspersions upon others, however my own observations, which are not debateable, are of a sad individual devoid of those very important traits which make us acceptable human beings. None of us is perfect, however someone lacking empathy, emotion and has the capacity to conduct themselves in the manner he has, have painted their own picture for public perusal. He would no doubt not see the beauty of the landscapes forwarded, but would understand the message. Whether it has any impact on him, ie his tinman composition is something we might never know.

            Speak the truth Gerard or accept whatever any outraged taxpayer wishes to send your way.

            I wonder whether his heart aches every second of every day, for the hearts and souls of those little girls he told us all he needed to take care of. I question that, but then again who would ever know what lies behind those eyes and face. Speak now, or forever hold your peace Gerard because while you don’t speak, I can only see you as a selfish, cold-hearted murderer, who has no soul nor conscience but capable of inflicting extraordinary pain upon your own daughters and their extended family, out of hatred, jealousy and greed. Have some intestinal fortitude, courage of your convictions and step away from Mummy and Daddy and allowing a sheila, your sister, to speak on your behalf.

            Man up, grow some balls, face the facts and reveal the truth. You think of yourself with little regard or respect for the innocents of this tragic situation. Repulsive.

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  41. Frankly I wouldnt be spending a cent on him but thats me. I would want him to rot in there with nothing thinking nobody gave him a second thought because thats what will happen when he’s finally incarcerated for a very long permanent time.

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  42. Caro, Re your post about the walk. I just responded to a question Little Fish asked on the previous thread and discovered some answers we my be looking for. I will copy Bri’s Post here and assume that where he explains the starting point to be is where it is if we don’t hear anything? I also assume when he mentioned in an above post everything has been ok’d by the lady from the council, it also includes Allison’s family’s approval ?

    on April 12, 2013 at 2:09 pm said:
    Hi Guys sorry. been busy at work the latest about the walk is this.
    I had a call from a lady who we shall call W about the walk on the 20th she had some concerns as I have about the road and the time, 4am when its now very very dark.
    The latest idea is to walk through the parkland at 6am on Sat 20/4/2013 this parkland is situated on the left hand side of Mount Crosby Road heading outbound to Mount Crosby about 500 metres from the bridge and has walking tracks that end up about 20 metres from the bridge itself a bit safer than walking down Mount Crosby Road from Wirrabarra St.
    W wanted to contact Allisons family via a local member about this plan to make sure they felt it offered respect to Allison and her family and seek permission for a walk to take place.
    I am awaiting further instructions.

    and then…..

    bri1967 on April 14, 2013 at 5:24 pm said:
    W gave me a call and its on for next Sat at 6am walking through the parklands down to the bridge.
    good walking shoe’s or runners being the best kit.
    might have to jump over a fence.
    See you all then. B

    Hmmm…so I’m assuming all is ok and from where Bri explains in the first post….

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      • hmmm I wondered that too witchetad. As far as I’m aware it has only been discussed in this blog….and personally, I’m hoping the media is not aware. There will hopefully be an abundance of flowers left there by those who choose to walk….and if the media is on to it…then hopefully it will be only the flowers they see as our thoughts being with Allison and her family on the day. Just MO.

        Something else…

        Donations can be made to the Late Allison Baden-Clay Children Appeal. Sanction No. CP5609, BSB 084 737, account 133196502

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        • Plz NO media. I assume this meet is a small, memorial walk for locals and those people interested in justice for Allison. Thanks Millie for your post.

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          • You’re welcome Caro. Totally agree there should be no media…..
            I think media will show the tributes left through the day……and i believe it should be left at that……out of respect for Allison and her family.

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    • I have just looked at google maps and it appears the starting point is almost opposite Moledina cres. There is a driveway into parkland there and a walking track to the bridge. Fits the instructions….according to me, what you guys think? Hmmm, hopefully Bri can confirm this…..

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  43. I’ve been thinking, as I do sometimes ;) This murder was never about the affair (I don’t think GBC really had any intention of going off into the sunset with TM). I think it was all to do with the money and something that never needed to happen. His big move into more expensive offices didn’t need to happen, he didn’t need to stop selling as one of his partners’? claimed. He could have continued selling and saved an extra employee. He could have cut down in so many ways, personally and in the business. Other Real Estate agents in the area would have faced the same downturn with the GFC and floods. Bottom line is that GBC was careless with money and really needed the help of a financial professional but he chose to live beyond his means and Allison paid the price.

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    • Hi Osmosis

      I also occasionally do some thinking, which generally leads to a headache, but my thoughts were that while the financial mess GBC was in was the major motivator in GBC’s plans, It was Jezebels insistence that GBC mention to Allison that Allison “Deserves to Know” of the prospect of a clash with both herself and Allison attending the same Conference, that triggered GBC’s to carry out his incomplete plan, with such mention designed to send a message to Allison that the Affair was still current, and Jezebel was calling the shots. This was a deliberate ploy, designed to fracture the fragile relationship that Allison was attempting to resurrect, but GBC had decided he needed another outcome if he was to resolve his financial woes.

      No doubt his mention of Jezebel desire that Allison should not attend the Conference destroyed any hopes she had that they could resolve matters, and would have caused her to declare that she “Wanted a Divorce” and rightly so. With GBC suddenly looking at the prospect of her walking out on him, and him not having any prospect of collecting his rightful payouts, he bought forward his plans, with the botching of such due to lack of detail in the execution of such plans being what has bought him undone.

      GBC may or may not have planned to join Jezebel in the future (Every time I look at a picture of her, I find myself thinking of such as being absolute;y impossible to contemplate) but her plans were for a future with him were foremost in her mind, as was her manipulating of him to such an end, and GBC’s independently conceived plans to resolve his Financial Woes, clashed that fateful evening in a way Allison could never have contemplated.

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      • Dan you’ve sent me off a thinking… Mars and Venus; Venus and Mars. Venus was in 13 degrees of Gemini in the 5th house that fateful night.

        At ‘the time of the crime’ according to MM’s calculations many, many moons ago, the 5th house was declared – the playing field of the mistress; Venus represents the women in gerbils life; Gemini is the dualistic sign (two women); the 13th degree is aggressive in astrology as it belongs to Aries/Mars. Hmmm, not too hard to put that into a sentence we would all understand; the females were being rather assertive that night. What does a weak man do?

        Overhead, Mars at 3degrees Virgo preens in the mirror opposite Neptune. The wisest move for gerbil and most predictable would be for him to get in his car and go off in a sulk for a while. What caused the rat to take the karmic route?

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          • Yeah … two possibilities IMO.
            1) GBC left the house in a rage BUT where did he go?
            a) NBC’s?
            b) TMcH’s?
            2) Allison left the house distressed BUT where did she go?
            a) NBC’s (maybe children were there?)
            b) TMcH’s ?

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          • Did Allison leave the house and head over towards NBC’s? Did GBC ring ahead to alert them? Was she intercepted around Rafting Ground Road?
            Alternative scenario: DId Allison threaten to confront TMcH, leave the house and headed out, BUT GBC rang ahead and alerted the troops, WAS she intercepted along Rafting Ground road? Chilling screams were heard around there at approx. 10.00pm that evening, one sounded muffled like a hand over a woman’s mouth according to Mr. B Flegg. Food for thought.

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            • Of course I’m no astrologer by any means, but just extralpolating from MM’s clues about Geminini – being the ‘dualistic’ sign – could it mean two against one? i.e.a father/son agaiinst one female, a brother/sister against one female, two lovers against one female? Just food for further thought.

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          • Oh dear. There is another possible scenario here. But I’ve been reluctant to suggest same.
            A certain Jezabel suggested a tete-a-tete with GBC ASAP. There was a seemingly heated phone conversation between 5.00pm and 5.30pm 19 April 2012.
            Did that tete-a-tete occur?

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        • Perhaps he roughed her up a bit and called daddy, who saw a perfect opportunity to take it one step further and see the end to their financial woes. Remember the parents are owed a bit too.

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        • If jezebel were to be in the area and involved somehow, I figure it is highly probable she would have to go through ‘the’ roundabout if she were to come from her home….

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              • A blue car was seen with a white 4WD at Kholo Creek around 4am 20th April..weren’t those 2 cars seen by Brians wife when she was on her way to work ?..then again being dark at that time of morning, the grey Captiva could have looked blue.

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                  • totally agree Caro, I sometimes wonder how the media are allowed to publish names at all ..and especially the witnesses address !!

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                    • Courts are public, anyone can hear names and things about cases. Court documents are available for anyone willing to pay for them. Which is why I don’t understand WS not allowing links to the photocopies of those freely available documents. Methinks in the case of WS is that they are on a power trip, just my opinion from reading stuff there and knowing what they don’t allow or delete.

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            • …and of some concern for GBC – remember he asked Flegggie if it is true that there are cameras there…. (which would not have mattered if he really slept like a baby from 10pm till 6am of course!!)

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      • Exactly, Puzzler. 4 years is a long time to string someone along. Allison was obviously dispensable so doubt he stayed with her for that long for her. For the kids? Maybe. For the sake of comfort? He might have thought it easier to keep in the marriage because it was already established and kids cared for etc and keep a tart or three on the side. Best of both worlds. But then something happened, as MM said about what made him take the Karmic path. I think Daddy played a much bigger part than we might imagine. A thumb in the right place on her neck and she’s gone. Somehow I see Bwana as knowing these little tricks for an injury-free death.

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  44. Wow Mountain Misst – again that is really interesting! Your astro forensics are such good for thought and give us another way of trying to work out what happened that night – Gemini two women and two sets of fights two lots of disturbances??? Can’t wait for your next analysis.

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  45. A WITNESS has told police of seeing two four-wheel-drives near Kholo Creek crossing early on the day Allison Baden-Clay was reported missing.

    It is alleged a white four-wheel-drive didn’t have its headlights on, only parking lights, and was closely tailing a smaller, blue four-wheel-drive at about 4am on April 20.

    The witness told of noticing the vehicles at Anstead in Brisbane’s west – within 2km of where the 43-year-old mother of three’s body was found 10 days later. Police said Mrs Baden-Clay was reported missing by her husband Gerard at 7.30am on Friday after she failed to return from her usual morning walk.

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    • That’s right – two ‘four wheel’ drives were seen by three separate witnesses along the Kholo Creek in the early hours of the morning.

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    • Gleaning from msm and bail documents, the Father had a ‘shadow-type’ relationship with this Son, who kept him ‘in the know’ on most things business & personal. Witnesses allegedly saw the Father at the bus stop that night, so we know he was out of his house, up and ready for action. On this basis IMO we can assume that he had some knowledge of this event. He would most likely help his son, then protect his son IMHO.

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  46. Hi All,

    Plan Plan Everywhere a Plan

    The Shadow and I have both posted recently on the topic of what may have been planned

    I have given much thought to this, and it is worth analysing the differences in the plans of three key people central to this matter, as it is those differences that represent the key to this tragedy.

    Planner Number 1 is Allison, who, in my opinion, seemed to have been dealing reasonably well with the aftermath of her husbands infidelity, and whose plan was to rebuild a future for herself and three daughters with him. Such involved having them both undergo relationship counseling towards rebuilding the trust necessary for a marriage to succeed, and keeping a reasonably tight reign on him to prevent him from straying again.

    It is my view that Allison”s plans were quite realistic, and far from selfish. Had GBC appreciated her preparedness to forgive him for his past infidelities provided he made an honest effort to regain her trust, bade a lasting farewell to Jezebel, and was absolute in his commitment to avoid encounters of the bonking kind with all other parties, Allison’s plans for a reasonably happy life raising her precious Daughters together would have panned out pretty much as intended. These plans did not resolve GBC’s significant Financial Woes, but those were not problems of Allison’s making. She was prepared to work in the Business which would have effectively saved a salary, and beyond that, there was little she could do to assist in resolving that aspect of their future together.

    Planner Number 2 is Jezebel, whose plans are also quite plain and simple. Jezebel simply wanted GBC to leave his wife and join her instead. She had already despatched her own de facto husband and sold their jointly owned house towards this end, but to date, Allison had won the battle in regard to having gained substantial control over GBC, rendering Allison as her.arch enemy. Jezebel was obsessed with winning the battle for GBH, and knew the key was to do whatever it took to destroy the fragile relationship that Allison was trying so hard to re-establish.

    Jezebel’s plans did not include contributing in any way to the raising of his three Daughters (which suggests she was oblivious of GBC’s plan to Murder Allison), or contributing in any way to resolving his Financial Woes. In fact, her plans were that GBC should continue to rent the current house, where he would stay during the alternate periods where he had custody of his Daughters, while Allison would rent a suitably sized place elsewhere for her to live and take care of the girls when she had custody.

    Jezebel did not have any significant funds to bring to the union, and divorcing Allison to join Jezebel meant that GBC would loose most, if not all, of any assets he jointly owned with Allison, and gain nothing from pairing up with Jezebel. In addition, under Jezebel’s plan, in addition to paying rent on a property he lived in only every second week, GBC would have had to pay Maintenance for his three Daughters, these plans would actually significantly worsen GBC’s Financial Woes.

    Planner Number 3 is GBC, who was fully aware of both other parties plans, and could clearly see the minuses with each of them. His plans were firstly based around his significant Financial Woes, and a future life with Allison did nothing to resolve such. Divorcing Allison and pairing up with Jezebel not only did nothing to resolve his Financial Woes, it actually worsened them.

    He had past business partners harassing him to be paid out for the shares of the business he bought back from them, he had friends and associates he had borrowed money from, supposedly to pay out the ex Business Partners, but which had vanished into the Century 21 Westside Money Vortex he was running, also chasing him to be repaid.

    There had to be a better solution, and of course there was, in the significant Life Assurance (perhaps better named as Death Insurance) Policies he had on Allison’s Life.

    From the calls made to the Life Assurance Companies both prior to Allison’s Murder, and immediately her body was discovered, it is patently obvious that GBC’s Plan was to resolve both his Dire Financial Woes, as well as the dilemma of being caught between two women, in one fell swoop. The major problem with GBC;s Plans, apart from them involving the crimes of Murder and Insurance Fraud, is that they were not particularly well planned and implemented. Such plans should not have included inquiries to Life Assurance Companies confirming Allison’s Policies, googling “Taking the Fifth”, screams, scratches to his person, midnight phone calls, family accomplices being present ahead of his loving wife even being reported missing, googling “Self Incrimination:, providing implausible explanations and misinformation in initial Police interviews, Lawyering up at the outset, crashing a friends borrowed car to acquire some chest injuries to avoid the discovery of further injuries left by Allison, refusing to provide further statements to Police, secret liaison’s with his Mistress in the period between his Wife’s Murder and his Arrest for such, etc etc, etc.

    For there to be any prospect of a reasonably fulfiling future between any two parties, each parties plan must be reasonably consistent with the other parties plan.

    The fact is that not any two of the above three plans could be overlaid on each other with any degree of commonality. Plan 1 was fair and reasonable, Plan 2 was unfair and unreasonable, and plan 3 was destined to end in disaster.

    GBC should have recognized that he had no prospect of getting away with Murder, and abandoned such a plan. He should have fessed up to Allison, Granted her the Divorce she deserved, Declared himself Bankrupt, and who would have cared if he lived happily ever after in the arms of Jezebel or not.

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    • Again, well said Dan the man. Agree with your last paragraph in retrospect under normal circumstances, however, in their reality at that time, we may discover something more sinister had been concocted here.

      I liked your comment: “the Century 21 Westside Money Vortex he was running”. Chuckle. Or maybe not? Question: was NBC squirrelling money away into GBC’s Insurance plan for $2million to mature at the age of 55 years or so?

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      • This whole thing was about Money and Greed and I hope the judge makes that very clear when the final bell tolls on GBC’s fate.

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  47. Just a thought with regard to Jezebel’s “forced to talk” statements to the police that we might like to consider. She would have either lawyered up or aligned with GBC’s lawyers and strategised. The lawyers are experienced. We cannot discount her making a statement stating that she had plans of the turn around weekly arrangements with shared custody between GBC and Allison, looking after the children jointly with GBC, to give herself an alibi for now and the future.

    To do so wouldn’t be rocket science, as we feel, going on the facts, that the murder was planned.

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    • Very good observation Moonlight – it is possible that people other than GBC could have said or written specific info ahead of Allison’s murder, to give particular impressions later and act as some sort of alibi or deflection…..hmmmmm I have not considered this re TMcH before…..

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  48. Ozmosis
    on April 18, 2013 at 1:28 pm

    so true Oz, re the courts being public and the court documents being available to the public for a very small price..I was just reading the link Robbo has above (under the photos) which names quiet a few witnesses and what they heard tonight twelve months ago and early next,so sad…

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  49. Was thinking about something probably silly. Jezabel said she hadn’t seen GBC for about three weeks. But she never stated when she had last been WITH him.
    What I mean to say, if it was dark, she mightn’t have seen him. Or she was looking away, or had her eyes shut, she could say she hadn’t SEEN him.
    The other thing was: Can she state her answer on the bible? Without lying about that or any other related matter, either white lie, real lie or any other type of lie. Without any other qualifying sentence or action or prayer for exoneration.

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      • she is one evil, EVIL person and I don’t think she will find it hard to tell more lies..I wonder what married man’s bed she is keeping warm now !!!

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    • Judging by her behaviour and value system, I do not think the Bible will mean anything to her, so we may never hear the whole truth form her mouth. The prosecution may have to prove it as they will for the loverboy who allegedly have balls big enough to kill his wife but not big enough to fess up….

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  50. Yes Dan, if hyphen-man had balls and a conscience….and, this time last year, he made the decision to call the marriage quits and call in the liquidators…how different things might have been.

    Sure it would have been traumatic for ABC initially, but she has/had a good support system. Right now she probably would have strode out on her own and because cream rises to the top…a decent, compassionate Mr Right would have emerged.

    The Hyphen-man would have spent 6 months assisting to clean up the financial mess and by now would probably have relocated to Sydney with TmcH…to sell real estate or whatever.

    It just didn’t have to be the way it panned out on April 19, 2012.

    Unfortunately, Pride, vanity, ego and greed intervened culminating in a tragic outcome.

    If only GBC could have had the balls to say “I stuffed up, and I will act honourably to repair the damage as best I can”.

    He still can…but won’t.

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    • I agree 100%. People like this find it very hard to see how they are wrong and how they can rectify any situation. Its almost like they are so far in the crap that they cannot see a way out. I wonder how much of the truth about the financial state of the business that the BC parents really knew. GBC probably felt pretty ashamed to tell them the truth so instead he chose to FAKE IT until he could MAKE IT. TMcH was just a distraction that gave him a temporary high because she as as useless as tits on a bull to him, he knew it, she wanted to believe otherwise and in the end GBC was OUT OF CONTROL and driven by pride.

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      • Witchetad I had the impression the BC seniors were both intimately involved in the business and as a self professed ‘financial guru’ NBC especially would have known GBC was in essence bankrupt, and would not be able to repay any of his debts, not even them. Even his last phone bill was in arrears as per the court documents. So he was totally down and out financially….no chance of asking his friends/family for more loans….even Fleggie did not even want to help….no way out of bankruptcy – he the business icon of the western suburbs bankrupt! No way to avoid that ….except for his wife’s life insurance….

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        • Yes agreed however I do recall someone saying that GBC was paranoid about keeping the finances to himself as he was the self professed expert of accounting or something like that.

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          • I believe GBC’s desire to keep the books to himself may have been due to the absolute mess they were in, being either not done at all, or done but showing the absolute mess the business was in.

            If the books were to show the loans involved in propping up the Money Munching Machine he had created, those looking at continuing with, or buying into, the Business, would have immediately bolted for the hills.

            The BC Seniors had previously been involved in working in the business, if you could call it that, but had retired, but still had money invested, which GBC had been attempting to conceal, possibly towards giving the impression to observers that this little Money Making (Read Money Munching) Machine was all his.

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  51. Wherever a beautiful soul has been there is a trail of beautiful memories.
    I’ll be wearing yellow tomorrow, for Allison. I believe she loved sunflowers? Thinking of all who knew and loved ABC.

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  52. RIP ABC xxxx I’m not religious, but I say this with the purest of intentions. By all accounts you were a beautiful woman who bore three amazing daughters. I wish you had the oppounity to rear them and that they are now thriving under the care of your beautiful loving parents. Such a tragic turn of events. Justice be swift and accurate please….

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  53. Channel 10′s report on the anniversary of Allison’s death here A very sad day for her parents, children, family and friends tomorrow. RIP Allison. No-one deserves what happened to you. Memories will come flooding back, and let’s hope each year will be a little easier for them to bear.

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  54. I think each and every one of us could try this, ‘Strive to be kind day’ as without being kind to our fellow men, we are lesser people. A day is planned in July, the month of Allison’s birthday, to celebrate kindness. There can never be too much kindness in this world.…257c%257c%257c

    Like this

    • well said SFA… how touching to set aside a day in July to celebrate kindness…that is just so beautiful…RIP Allison, you are missed with great sadness …

      Like this

    • “Her favourite quote was from Winnie the Pooh when he asks Piglet: ‘What day is it?’. ‘It’s today,’ replied Piglet. ‘My favourite day’, said Pooh.’

      So sweet :-)

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      • Holy shit! (And I haven’t sworn here before now)

        Did the otherwise completely gracious message from Allison’s family include the line:

        “And she gave to all who came into her life, friends and THIEVES alike.”?????

        Or has my computer had another one of its regular malfunctions…

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  55. 8.45 a m this morning 2 film crews at the bridge people walking down Mount Crosby Road who have parked in Wirrabarra Street not a good idea folks.
    I am going for a walk through the parklands across the road from Wirrabarra Street at 6 am in the morning the track ends very closs to the bridge [20m] much safer option but will be a bit muddy.

    Like this

    • thank you so much Brian for your updates and thank you for organizing the walk for tomorrow morning. I wish you all the best for tomorrow. I wish I could be there, however I live many miles away…I will be there in spirit though..
      RIP Allison x

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  56. I wonder how a certain prisoner is feeling it *business as usual* ..starting the day with his sh**, shower and shave (with a blunt razor of course ) he sure wont be sitting on the dunny reading his emails as he did the morning Allison was *missing*..WOW, your wife is missing and still find the time to sit there and read your emails…

    I wonder what the other prisoners are thinking after reading the newspapers and the lovely but sad letter from Allisons family (such a beautiful, loving family)..and to see the pain in Allisons brothers eyes..and how those little girls are coping today, and for the last twelve months…I hope the inmates give him a little touch up and he gets *a little bit hurt*

    Like this

    • I wonder if he has contact with the other prisoners…in the beginning he seemed to get preferential treatment. Judging by his weight gain this may have continued….I hope not! He does not deserve any IMO. He’s funded by taxpayer money, has already wasted tens if not hundreds of thousands in the needless ‘search’ for Allison and the prosecution case thus far. He should be treated like everyone else, no special treatment. Is that happening…???

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  57. Someone posted here recently that the three girls had visited GBC @ AGCC.

    Can anyone explain what good might be achieved by such. Surely there would have to have been very strict controls in place as to what could be discussed, and supervision to insure that the girls were not addressed by GBC in any way about the events of April 19/20 2012. We wouldn’t want any more debriefings to occur.

    But assuming that such protocols were in place and adhered to, what possible good could come out of such an encounter. I personally feel it would be best if the Girls were to be kept as far away as possible from their Monster of a Father until they have reached their late teens, whereupon they would have grown to understand the nature of the event, and could make up their own minds about whether they wanted to have any contact with him or not.

    Like this

  58. Hi Dan,

    I agree with you, what can be achieved?

    You know, what I was advised and was my knowledge until Christmas time, the details of this disgusting situation was actually kept from the girls, I don’t know how they did it; however, between the school being incredible and the Dickies, the girls weren’t aware of it all.

    Then, of course, the b&&*^( hyphenated people took the girls to the jail!


    Like this

    • Hi Moonlight,

      This would appear to be at least the second occasion where the BC Seniors have ignored protocol, I wonder if such might result in them having access to the girls terminated.

      Perhaps the message to the girls might be that it is better to follow the Dickie Family Values that the Baden Clay Values, Just look where you finish up when following the Baden Clay Values.

      Like this

      • Unfortunately GBC is innocent until proven guilty. If GBC wants to see his kids in jail then it is almost impossible for authorities to refuse. The Dickies would have no say in the matter, especially if there is no court order preventing it. Visits can be non contact ones but that would be up to the discretion of prison authorities. Even if he is convicted the kids have the right to see their father. Whether they want to is a different matter.

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    • Surely, the B-C’s would need permission to take the three little girls to visit their father, who is remanded in jail accused of their mother’s murder?
      Surely, Child Welfare would need to make arrangements made with AGCC for this visit to occur?
      Or did the B-C’s just take another liberty?

      Like this

      • I suspect it would be all closely organized and monitored and part of custody arrangements. There have been some F-ups but with respect to the children, the appropriate authorities would need to be on the ball. I also feel that while the children are in the Dickie’s custody for the majority, no liberties will be taken as they will be very well protected. I suspect again, that they, the Dickies themselves, would be the first people to object to anything, within their power, they even smelt as not being in the children’s best interests.

        RIP Allison Dickie. You brave soul.

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    • So the clan still have access to those girls? No way in HELL would I allow that – regardless of law being on my side or not!. Maybe there have been some difficult questions asked by the girls that should be put directly to their father? I don’t really understand what their needs would be in such horrible circumstances…. I just hope more arrests are made and damn-well SOON! You know, I often wonder how the BC’s would be holding up if someone had done the same to their beloved Livvy (murdered). How would they handle reading a horrific autopsy report, after someone had murdered their daughter and left her body to rot under a bridge for days on end. Not to mention the continual added torment that followed…. the murderer & co turning up to her funeral…. we all know the list goes on. When does the hurt and anguish start to ease for Allison’s family? Why are these poor souls still having to deal with the BCs? 12 months later!! Sorry… bit emotional today…. I wish the Dickie family much strength & continued public support on this difficult day xo

      Like this

        • WOW moonlight…that ‘s all I can say….. Father or not a most undesirable outcome under the circumstances IMO. Could counter their willingness to feel safe and freely share what they know, and I have no doubt they will know a lot about the dynamic in the family, if not the actions on that fateful night.

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          • One can only hope every second and all that was said in the visit was recorded, to so any attempt to ‘debrief’ or intimidate would have been recorded.

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  59. Hi Dan and Caro,

    As far as I am aware, when one family has care of the children, basically, legally, the family who is caring for the children at the time, can do as they wish. Morality isn’t something, from what I have experienced, that the Law is involved in. This is where Family Law stinks. If an arrangement has been made, the carers have to make sure that that arrangement takes place. The poor children can be pulled from pillar to post, they can say they don’t want to be placed in that situation; they have to be strongly encouraged to follow the Shared Care Agreement. Only, if the children have a complete “dummy spit” is when the situation can be reassessed in Mediation (if they are still at that stage with Custody) or between the lawyers, then, Court.

    As far as I’m aware, the children are too young, according to Family Law, to have their feelings factored into the situation. Of course the Dickies can’t say or do anything, that is what all these new Law/Custody arrangements are about. Shared care, the father has his rights, and who cares about the children :(. The Dickies could go to court, have a Court appointed Court Writer interview everyone, and from that person’s experiences, background, impressions, her dislikes and likes (it really is terrible), make her recommendation to the Court, and most lean towards Shared Care. If she decides someone can charm her and lie, she is human, she recommends what she wants.

    Furthermore, GBC hasn’t been convicted.

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    • I believe the word “THIEVES” is used in the loving tribute to her memory. “And she gave to all who came into her life, friends and thieves alike..”

      Like this

        • Indeed it does Spyhop. On so many levels.
          But these noble sentiments cannot be stolen:
          “A heart is not judged by how much you love, but by how much you are loved by others and Allison was loved so much.”

          Like this

        • We know one thing for sure Spy Hop..that there are THIEVES..and those THIEVES stole Allison life, the little girls Mum, her parents Daughter, her brother and Sisters Sister, her relatives Niece and so on….
          may justice be served to these thieves !!!

          Like this

          • And there are those who would thieve her reputation, as well as her life.
            Those who would thieve even the dignity of resting in peace. Even now…
            Those who would thieve the childhood from the innocents. And the innocence from children.

            Like this

            • But today and tomorrow we choose to remember Allison Dickie Baden Clay.
              Not the thieves. Their time will come.
              “The mills of the gods grind slowly, but they grind exceeding fine.”
              Justice may be slow but it will come eventually.

              Like this

              • I’ll never forget how dear Allison lost her remembering Allison we also remember how Allison lost her life and where Allison lay all alone at Kholo Creek and the heartache her family suffered knowing this and those that are responsible for Allisons life…they stole Allisons life from her, which has affected so many people..and yes I sure hope Justice is eventually served.

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  60. Family of Allison Baden-Clay release a letter to mark the one-year anniversary of the Brookfield mum’s disappearance

    AN OPEN LETTER from those who loved and knew Allison best – her family and friends.

    IN the past 12 months, Allison has been constantly in our thoughts.

    Not for the circumstances and uncertain nature of her passing, but for the wonderful person she was. For the joy she brought to us all.

    And for the lesson of selfless sacrifice she gave through the actions of her everyday life. Regardless of her own struggles and hurdles, Allison never stopped thinking of others first and foremost.

    Allison, who was humble by nature, was extravagant only in her giving.

    And she gave to all who came into her life, friends and thieves alike. She epitomised what it meant to be a loving mother, wife, daughter, sister, aunty and friend.

    After 12 months, Allison is missed more than ever, and she is most surely not forgotten.

    We all have special personal memories of the wonderful woman she was.

    She had done so much, yet had so much to live for and so much more to do.

    This has been a very public journey for our family and we appreciate everyone’s love and support.

    We, her family and friends, remain overwhelmed by the support from the broader community, and in particular from the Brookfield community who continue to offer love and support for her daughters. Allison too would be overwhelmed, and thankful for all your efforts.

    We must live as Allison did with goals to help us strive for excellence, with love for one another; with respect, and to put the happiness of others above our own.

    Life we have learnt is precious, and too short.

    We often cry because her life has come to an end but we also smile because we were privileged to have her in our lives.

    A high achiever, a model mum and unselfish soul, all of which were achieved under sometimes challenging circumstances, yet she rose above any adversity and endured many difficulties yet she still loved.

    She has impacted each of our lives yet she had a far greater impact on the world because of her nature, character and kind soul.

    A heart is not judged by how much you love, but by how much you are loved by others and Allison was loved so much.

    A year on from her death and we celebrate her life, her love and her strength each and every day.

    She will remain forever in our hearts.

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  61. Has anyone seen the photos of Kholo Creek bridge on the news. It is adorned with beautiful flowers, mainly sunflowers and lovely yellow ribbons..looks absolutely beautiful. I think it is very touching how many people from different forums come together as a group and take the time to do these special little things, also all those that knew Allison. It’s so nice for Allisons family to be able to see just how much people care about Allison and her family..I’m sure they already know how much people care, however seeing that people take the time to do this is just so precious.

    This is such a sad day ….

    Like this

  62. Quick update. The walking trails are not that muddy the section I was worried about is fine, just checked it out, the entry is across the road from Wirrabarra Street.
    More news people at the bridge at lunch time today so my wife tells me.

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  63. I wish I could be there but I’m way up north.

    I was reading the Dickies letter again and it dawned on me how much the Baden-Clay’s family could have learnt about love, humility, honesty, pride and class from such a decent family.
    Very sad day indeed.

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  64. Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal.

    Let’s think of those darling children having a beautiful angel forever watching over them…….

    Like this

      • Song? Just brilliant Octo! And I thought my generation (baby boomers 60′s) controlled the best music.

        Look…regardless of your thoughts on “why” the simple facts are that one year ago a beautiful mother left this planet.

        As a pretty rough and tumble bloke who managed to do okay…but only because of three very important people…my mum, wife and daughter…I know the importance of the fairer sex.

        So, salute to all the women folk.

        So, that’s the main message.

        In jest/ reality… Why do you take so long to get dressed, so slow to drive and surely, the toilet seat has a right to be left up!

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        • Hi The Shadow, your little text at the bottom cracked me right up…was so nice to feel a bit of happiness on such a sad day…love it !!!

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        • In Eastern philosophies, Feng Sui (bringing of harmony and wealth into your home) – the ‘dunny lid down’ explanation, dear Shadow, is so that your wealth does not go down the gurgler; pennies fall out of your pockets as you pull up your pants perhaps… All Feng Sui has a practical application.

          Before Thomas Crapp invented the water cistern, the lid down was to keep the odours from wafting and that my friend, creates harmony.

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  65. I live approx 1200k away, if I may ask one special favour, could the people who go on the walk tomorrow please take some photos for us to see? A BIG PRETTY PLEASE?
    I will be there walking along beside you in spirit. I so wanted to be there with you all………

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  66. I hope GBC has a sleepless night, with the events that took place on this night 1 year ago haunting him relentlessly.

    Like this

    • We can only hope, however I doubt if it haunts him..he is so cocky and believes he is innocent. I lit a candle at 8.30 tonight, as that is the time the first screams from Allison were heard…and I am letting the candle burn till 11pm as I think that is about the time the thieves stole Allison’s life from her and her candle ceased to burn. I just can’t comprehend how someone can take another persons life..and at this time twelve months ago Allison was fighting tooth and nail for survival, I’m sure the main thing on Allison’s mind would have been those precious little girls…..

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      • It is nice to see the words which describe memories of the good and not the bad today. I mean the words written today celebrating all the goodness Allison was, and represented. It would afford the murderer a kind of win, if only the negatives were focused upon and if, in the thoughts of another poster, justice will come in due course, let that be the time for her loved ones to reveal their intimate grief, and let down their defenses and guard. For to do so before seeing justice done may mean a weakening of the scouts (not boys) or guards, lookouts and battle wearing. Focus, focus and focus.

        Lost my train of thought due to Friday night drinks but initially set out to say that I doubt GBC will lose any sleep over Allison’s death, as she was never meant to be the main focus, just an irritant standing in his way in attemoting to achieve fame, fortune or stature.

        Remember to keep in mind his selective memory and mute status…. No I don’t think he will lose any sleep about her brutal death, nor the lifelong burden their girls will have to lug around.

        Good night all and let us be grateful for the people who enrich our lives and enjoy their company and remember to take the time to let them know what they mean to us.

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  67. RIP Allison. If I remember correctly, Moonlight was actually one of the searchers on horseback searching for Allison. In the inclement weather. With ZERO help from any member hyphenated family member.
    I would consider her words fairly close to the action. And very close to what is happening on the ground zero.
    A precious and beautiful reliable soul who does not big-note herself.
    Moonlight needs not ride on hyphernated names.
    She is not as is Commonly known in Australia as “Would be, if they could be.”

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  68. For Gerald Baden-Clay and family if you are reading any of this, please read this silently to yourself and think, really think.

    Too True, Too Often

    Too often we don’t realize
    What we have until it is gone
    Too often we wait too late to say
    “I’m sorry – I was wrong.”

    Sometimes it seems we hurt the ones
    We hold dearest to our hearts
    And we allow foolish things
    To tear our lives apart.

    Far too many times we let
    Unimportant things into our minds
    And then it’s usually too late
    To see what made us blind.

    So be sure that you let people know
    How much they mean to you
    Take that time to say the words
    Before your time is through.

    Be sure that you appreciate
    Everything you’ve got
    And be thankful for the little things
    in life that mean a lot.

    – Author Unknown

    Now if you would be so kind as to stand tall for truth and honesty, admit to your mistakes and allow whatever will be to just be. For those who are most affected by the loss of Allison.

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  69. Was thinking about how much the Baden-Clay’s family could have learnt about Love, humility, honesty, pride and class from such a decent family.?
    Well said KKL.
    Might be in the too hard basket for one hyphenated family. But will give it a try….
    * Love
    * Honesty
    * Pride
    * Class
    * Decent family

    Please may hyphenated family members examine each word and LEARN the meaning of each. The REAL meaning.
    Learn also honesty and integrity and trust. And what that means.

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  70. A small group gathered this morning with Bri for the walk in memory of Allison. It was a beautiful morning. I placed a bunch of flowers and yellow ribbon on behalf of us all. xo

    Like this

      • Hi there Mountain Mist.

        I am feeling more courageous than a few months ago and wondered if you wouldn’t mind reposting your hotmail email address please. Thank you.

        Like this

      • Thank you from me also. I wasn’t courageous enough to be there… Kind of like the small fish in the big sea and vulnerability of self and lack of confidence therein. I am mighty proud and in awe of those who went for Allison after all, it is she who as a woman, has united us all. Allison’s army armed and ready for action and to do battle on her behalf. Actually, in writing that, I realise I have acted in a cowardly way for not having been at the frontline, standing shoulder to shoulder with those who did the walk.

        I hope however, if push came to shove, I would get over myself and associated insecurities, and be there, if it were a matter of life or death, or as a support to push the battle onwards to assist in seeing justice carried out for Allison, her forever hurting loved ones, and change if necessary to see the evil people who traverse this earth held accountable for their inhumane deeds and action.

        Is the problem that people who are capable of murder and maintaining their silence, been able to operate in the world without ever having to answer for their lesser evils, marched forward with arrogance and pride and this has empowered them to consider taking the life of another, as just another notch in their belt to feather their own nests, to beat their chests with pride, to trample over other people in a violent, aggressive and arrogant fashion…..all for their own self importance, to create their own legends in their own lunch time.

        The world would be a much better, caring, functional place if it were made up of Allison’s, and devoid of not only the actual killer (whichever person that may be), and their bloodline and living relatives.

        Sorry, but that is my emotional rant done for the morning, the day, the week, the month.

        God bless the caring cotton sox of you all. I imagine you are all the sorts of people Allison would have liked to have seen more of in the world and spent her time with. As you see, or can see, that is in her breeding, her extended family are as she was, beautiful, kind and loving. So sad to know that there are many beautiful people who can be deceived, hoodwinked, initiated unknowingly, into a world of evil and bad and not realise until it is too late, and the worst case scenario is one that ends in death…of the innocent. Bad things do happen to good people? Where is the reason in that? No answer to that question I suspect, or to my mind.

        Referring to the quote we have learned was A’s favourite, perhaps rather than dwelling on the evil of the world today, we pay that no heed for today and see this as our favourite day and do something like was created last year for Allison…do something for yourself, family or friends, that if there was no tomorrow you could die knowing you hadn’t put off that which could be done today.

        Again, sorry to take up ‘air’ or cyber space with one of my waffly posts. It just amazes me the feeling I get in my entire body and especially my chest when my brain allows the fullness of A’s situation to come to mind as her death has created so much destruction for her family and loved ones. For Allison, and others who have suffered the same fate, there has to only be one path and I think it has to lead to truth, justice and appropriate punishment. Otherwise, the world might well go back to being lawless.

        Ps. Sorry Wane/Wain/Wayne/Wayn/W for any uneducated spelling or typographical errors as emotion got in the way of perfection.

        Like this

        • Little Fish, you have a beautiful, genuine sensitivity about you….and I get that. Being somewhere in spirit is the same as being there I feel. I don’t think you have to be at the forefront of an army to remember Allison and ensure there is justice….just being kind and understanding towards our fellow man, is more than any angel could ask……and I’m sure you are.

          Like this

    • Dear Millie and Bri,

      Would you have any photos of this morning?

      If possible, when you have time, perhaps you wouldn’t mind writing about your experiences?

      Like this

      • Hi moonlight,
        I didn’t take any photos this morning….it is something I did not feel comfortable with in the past (when I took photo’s of flowers at Allison’s house). I love my photography, but felt quite invasive for some reason. I’m not saying it is not ok, but for me, It didn’t feel right. There were a few bunches of sunflowers and quite a few ornamental flowers, which a lady from WS had placed some time ago and frequently replaces them. There is also a yellow cross which someone from WS made and placed there.
        There were two ladies from WS , one of their husbands, another lady who knew Allison, Bri and myself. Channel 7 news showed up and thankfully disappeared when we didn’t offer conversation :)
        The experience of this morning was a mixed bag. It was a beautiful morning and I reflected on how terrible this crime had been, how cold and disrespectful the people must have been to leave her body in such a lonely dark place and of the sadness I felt for Allison’s girls and family. I have not been to the bridge before and I doubt if I shall go there again. For me personally, I would be devastated to think someone left my beautiful daughter there and It would be a place I would not return to remember her. In reflection though, perhaps it is not so much the place, but the fact she was murdered and ‘dumped’ there. I apologise if this sounds terrible, I am truly grateful to Bri for organising the walk and it’s something I’m glad I did in Allison’s memory.
        I know it is a fact she was murdered and we cannot escape that fact….but I think I would prefer to remember her by lighting a candle as justdreaming did and donating to the children’s fund….. rather than visit where she was dumped….if that makes sense?

        Like this

        • Oh my goodness…I don’t mean one of their husbands as in they have a whole stash of them…..I hope you know what I mean…. Oh Dear!!! lol.

          Like this

        • Dear Millie,

          I understand you, completely.

          When we drive over the bridge, the feeling is so very sad, and heart wrenching. I reflect on what has happened, and am lost for words in disbelief. You can feel the area, it is very eerie, I’m afraid to say.

          Hugs and thank you.

          Like this

          • Moonlight,
            Yes, heart wrenching was certainly the feeling….and of disbelief; and it is eerie…thank you…you described it exactly.

            Hugs back….

            Like this

        • Hi millie
          It was so nice to meet you this morning and the legends from WS. We had planned a very special private walk amongst like minded people in memory of a special person some of us had known and some had not, only to be spoilt by a news crew forcing other private souls with kind hearts to drive on fearing a 6 pm Saturday night news mug shot photo.
          I counted 10 that slowed to turn in and then drove on after spotting the 7 van

          Like this

          • Thank you Brian….it was also a pleasure to meet you and the ladies from WS. I am not familiar with WS, however, the ladies were very nice.
            I noticed people slowed and also parked for a moment in Wirraburra st….you are right, I think they were scared off by the big red Van :(

            I hope you were not offended by my comments, I don’t mean the area is terrible, it’s just that bridge that has the awful ‘feeling’ about it….for obvious reasons.

            Like this

            • I understand millie it is not hard for anyone to understand unless you have been close to it .
              Gives me the creeps and shivers but its Allisons place I think it should be Allisons Park land

              Like this

          • The Channel 7 van was unfortunate. Spot on bri1967 “private souls with kind hearts who did not want to be identified in a 6pm Saturday night news mug shot photo”.

            Like this

            • Maybe I am trying to say, justice should be carried out with or without the intrusion or assistance of media. It has its place but let’s not be guided by what importance a certain segment of the community levels at any given circumstance. A murder is a murder is a murder, just ask the victim’s loved ones; those tasked with the investigation and associated professionals who have to be at the front line and see, smell and feel the ramifications of evil.
              Yes, indeed, peripherals like the media decide for their own benefit as to the priority of where news fits and one always hopes that they keep their manners in, their tact caps on and also remember to call on empathy, and remember their own priority in times of personal tragedies. They move onto the next item, whether it be beached whales, a murder, a dodgy politician. The family of a victim don’t.

              Use it if you need it, otherwise keep it at arm’s length, unless you know exactly who you are dealing with, along with their integrity.

              Like this

        • Millie you are such a sweetie…it was so nice for you to do that walk for Allison..many thanks to you, Brian and the two WS ladies and their hubby….

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