Gerard Baden-Clay Committal Hearing Thread Part V

Kholo Creek Bridge


Summary of first 3 days of committal hearing (courtesy of The Courier Mail)

Witnesses testify at committal hearing of Gerard Baden-Clay, charged with murdering wife Allison

Day two: committal hearing of Gerard Baden-Clay over death of wife Allison

Day three: committal hearing of Gerard Baden-Clay over death of wife Allison


Witness Statements/Reports (courtesy of a fellow kind poster who has very generously allowed them to be available to all)

Phillip Geoffrey Broom – former business partner

Jocelyn Anne Frost – former business partner

Associate Professor David Wells – Head, Clinical Forensic Medicine – Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine

Constable Kieron Ash – first responder

Neil Cameron Robertson – Investigative Computer Analyst - in his element analysing the 100 phones and 50 computers/iPads

Senior Sergeant Narelle Elizabeth Curtis – second responder

Record of Interview – Transcript

000 Call – Transcript

Forensic Procedure Order

Hydrology Report

Autopsy Report


Previous Committal Hearing Post

Gerard Baden-Clay Committal Hearing – 11 March 2013


Baden-Clay’s Sister Speaks (courtesy of 7 News)]

Update 20/03/13 Newly Released images taken the day Gerard Baden Clay reported his wife missing

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114 thoughts on “Gerard Baden-Clay Committal Hearing Thread Part V

    • I was being humble Oz, as I knew you liked to be 1st….so I wrote on the older thread and sat here waiting for you :)…Have a nice day everyone x


      • Hopefully, we can continue to discuss the Baden-Clay murder case this thread.
        Why were two cars needed that night?
        Could it be that an accomplice/accessory did not want to be in the Captiva with a dead Allison?
        Why were the two cars witnessed at three separate locations along Kholo creek that night/early hours of the morning?
        If a smaller, blue car was sighted, could this fit the description of the car driven by OW on the morning of the 20th April 2012?
        We note that OW changed cars before returning to the BC residence in a beige car while Police were there?
        A screech of wheels was heard by a neighbour around 10.00pm which sounded like a vehicle leaving the BC residence in a hurry.
        Witnesses saw NBC up & out of his house, sitting at the bus stop near the roundabout around 11.00pm on the evening of the 19th April 2012.
        Was he waiting to be picked up and taken to the BC residence, so that he could drive the second car?
        The phone records, as far as we know, do not show phone communication between GBC and NBC that night – which is unusual – because GBC had regular and frequent phone contact with his father at all other times. SO – how did they communicate that night? Disposable phones & disposable sims?
        It is alleged that GBC had a business association with a surveilance/investigations company, and would most likely be familiar with covert techniques.
        Unfortunately, IMHO, based on limited evidence available to date, it seems more likely that there was a degree of planning with this event.
        It is alleged that one of the daughters contradicted GBC when he told the Police that they were home all night. Allegedly she said: “No we wern’t”.
        SO do we assume that a convenient distraction was created in that OW and her children, together with EBC, looked after the BC girls most of that night at the BC Snr’s house?
        Food for further thought.


        • Hi Caro, TMH also had a blue car….NBC and GBC could have made contact with each other with the home phone…I wonder why the home phone records were never released.
          Wan’t the sighting of NBC at the roundabout just gossip, didn’t that turn out to be untrue ??..just like the no hand bit where someone started the rumour and most people believed it.
          Myself..I believe it was premeditated for sure…..MOO


          • Annie Swinbourne, 64, said the crime had dominated local discussion, with many focusing attention on the roundabout.

            “I have a neighbour who thinks he saw something,” she said.

            The neighbour declined to elaborate on what he believed he saw, saying “I’d rather leave it in the hands of police”.

            He did, however, say that it happened “the morning after” her disappearance and that he had reported it to police.

            this is a little snip from the Courier Mail…

            It will be interesting to hear what this neighbour saw…..


        • I really think two cars were used ‘cos one person alone didn’t have the courage to drive alone and dispose of Allison’s body….or even play the total part in her murder…….
          Like a pack of dogs,…….so to speak…… No doubt there was more than one person involved in this crime …According to me…doesn’t make me right…. :P


        • Jusk asking, but can anyway recall or confirm where the ‘no we weren’t comment’ came from. Just helps to sort the chaff from the hay, so to speak.


  1. As someone said before “out of the mouths of babes”

    Also interesting comment regarding the neighbours observations. I’m sure there is a lot more to come out yet and it will likely be a heck of a lot more damning than what is already out there.


  2. yep…..witchetad, the evidence yet to be revealed……wonder what that will be?

    All the theories and stories/rumours….wonder how many will be revealed as truths….

    All of a sudden i feel confident :)

    Happy weekend everyone xo


    • lol, too funny. Actually, I get the blog messages in email and need to actually post in a new thread to get the automated subscribe message. Once I subscribe I get the emails. So, I just did a smiley, that sufficed ;) But I do like to be first in things… :)


  3. I love your Avatar Millie. killer lips, goggle eyes and spaghetti arms. Kinda stands out don’t you think. Best weekend to all.


  4. oh yeah Witchetad…been down that road numerous times. lol….not the most flattering of avatrs on this blog…. :/ what can one do? :) lol


  5. Funny Witchetad…got me kinda thinking about appearances………there you have ol’ GBC lookin’ all cool, socialite, looking the goods……… Then you get some spaghetti big lipped avatar……….


  6. Am creating a window in time – sitting down with the phone records over the weekend. Anyone want to throw me anything in particular that they’ve noticed?


    • Yeah … an absence of phone calls on the evening/night of the 19th April 2012. This was not the usual pattern for the BC clan according to patterns observed in the phone records for pre and post the 19th April 2012. Did they use a covert form of communication that evening/night?


      • Yes Cara, There is something mysterious about the absence of calls between suspects that evening. I have tried to connect the associates that evening by studying the calls between parties, but am left wondering if they didn’t need to call each other as everything had been prearranged

        It will be interesting to see what Mountain Misst can come up with. The calls made in the preceeding few days about the overdue Life Assurance (should be renamed as Death Assurance in this case), has me suspecting a meeting may have been had between GBC and an associate advising him on such matters, in which the schedule of steps to be taken was agreed upon.

        In the committal hearing, the Prosecutor needed to release sufficient evidence to ensure the court would be convinced that there was sufficient evidence to achieve a conviction, and that they did, however, there is much more evidence in their possession that is yet to be tabled, including Jezebel’s 5th statement, that they are still sitting on, and I am sure there are many pointers in such to the possible or probable involvement of others in the murder and disposal of the body, and the coverup of.evidence such as cleaning the house and vehicle, etc, etc, etc.

        I would expect life at Skull Manor would be far from tranquil these days.


        • Why was OW at Skull Manor that week? Why did she take the kids just that evening or part thereof (seeing as one of the kids are supposed to have contradicted GBC and I sure as hell believe the kids)? Was this “normal” for them to have part nights at Skull Manor or with cousins during the week? The kids would recall a phone call as they usually run to grab the phone before parents can get it (that’s my experience with all the kids I’ve known anyway). My gut tells me that those little girls testimonies will be the final straw for GBC and if there is a 5th amendment (pardon the pun) to Jezebels statement then we have a lot of entertainment to look forward to. I don’t know how anyone at Skull Manor can live a normal life these days. The worst is yet to come it appears.


  7. Oooops…. I have been’ off the air’ for a while so had a bit of catch-up reading to do, and only just noticed we have a new thread……

    I was interested in the discussion of a phone call made to GBC from the office phone at 4:17am in the night that Allison died …..was it answered by the one who claims to have been sleeping like a baby till 6am? It seems it had to have had something to do with Allison’s murder – why else would someone phone that time on such a fateful morning. I wonder if he perhaps used the office phone when leaving the home to dispose of Allison’s body to avoid his own phone to be tracked to Kholo bridge? In that case it would have him making not receiving the call…maybe to report to whoever stayed at the house looking after the kids that the ‘job’ is done and he is on his way home….????? Chilling, either way….
    Re his enquiries about Allison’s life insurance, this seems very telling….especially considering he was in such financial strife that even his telephone bill was in arrears, but he went to trouble to ensure Allison’s life insurance remained current…..hmmmm …

    Thanks for reminding us of GBC’s “Westside story” justdreaming …wow….industry-leading business, professional integrity, market expertise, accountability, transparent ethics…principles…lofty ideals…it takes one’s breath away knowing what we do now… It is indeed a great pity GBC seemingly chose not to walk his own talk…

    Caro (May 3, 9:40am)Re ” It is alleged that one of the daughters contradicted GBC when he told the Police that they were home all night. Allegedly she said: “No we weren’t”.

    It seem very possible that the kids had to be removed from police enquiry asap before any more contradictions surfaced. This definitely makes it look as if it was possible that they did not sleep at home in order for the evil plan to be executed without witnesses…very sad…

    Justdreaming (May 3 11:06am), I too am convinced there must have been sightings and photographic evidence that warranted so much police attention to be given to the traffic circle. It is probably best (although frustrating for us ☺) that some evidence remains secret until the trial – to surprise the accused with some facts to answer for, not give him/them the opportunity now to concoct more lies to try and cover up their tracks.

    Why 2 cars were used is still unclear….depending on whether the blue car was the one they had in their possession the next morning or another one like TMcH’s that would have come from a different location ……or it could just have been as simple as if anything suspicious happened one could have driven off and acted as if it was not involved with the other….or could its purpose have been to block a distinctive Century 21 logo in the back window of the white Prado ….???

    Caro (May 4, 12:11pm), I too have wondered all along if they used some covert mode of communication (perhaps older style pay as you go phones) during that night. If so I hope QPS is onto those records too!

    Dan’s suggestion (May 4, 1:57pm) for the absence of calls could also be very valid – that they did not need to due to thorough pre-arranging.

    Witchetad (May 4, 6:05pm), I also am a bit suspicious that OW was arranged to come over that weekend specifically. She has played quite a crucial role ever since that morning, so I am not altogether sure her presence was coincidental.

    I agree with Witchetad (May 3, 1:47pm) “ I’m sure there is a lot more to come out yet and it will likely be a heck of a lot more damning than what is already out there.” We’ll have to hold onto our seats once it all starts coming out in the trial, I think some of it will blow our minds. If as it appears more than one person was involved, this may go down as one of if not the worst Australian murder conspiracies in history. Time will tell…..


    • RIP Allison, the 4.17 am call was made on the 19th, not the 20th. Allison disappeared sometime after 8.30 pm the 19th and 6 am the 20th. About the kids saying they weren’t home all night. Perhaps they were taken in the car when dirty deeds were done or perhaps, as kids, they took it literally and are referring to the afternoon and evening before when they were at the grandparents while mummy was at the hairdresser. It is my belief GBC stopped to get sausages on the way home from business as usual and brought them to skull manor where the rest of the family were. I prefer the second scenario :(


      • Oh thanks Ozmosis for clarifying. It is nevertheless a strange time to receive a phone call by someone who claims to always sleep like a baby…???


    by Marissa Calligeros, March 21, 2013.

    He’s the Brisbane business identity charged with his wife’s murder.
    Gerard Baden-Clay, the great-grandson of famed Scout movement founder Robert Baden-Powell, was a prestige real estate agent in the affluent suburbs of Brisbane’s west.
    He befriended wealthy politicians as a chamber of commerce president and spruiked his successes as a motivational speaker.

    Now, he sits in a prison cell awaiting trial for murder.


    • How the mighty fall ;) That photo of OW below the video is the one where I reckon it is Nige in the background.


      • I think GBC was much like many Real Estate a\gents I have met over the years, A Legend in his own lunchbox !


      • I see it is a bald guy, it may be him Ozmosis. Maybe deliberately turning away from the cameras?


        • hmmm, i’m thinking the media would have shown more of him if it was? Sure does look like him from the back though Ozmosis….


  9. The phone records have quite a bit to share. I’ve picked them up and put them down a few times over the last few months, whinging …if only I were office/excel proficient, but then I wouldn’t get the fermenting process working if I were. It would just be a mathematical exercise.

    After two days of shuffling numbers as promised, I have gerbil and cookie whispering in my ear so bear with me a little longer and we’ll see how we can get around the censor. ;)


    • GROVELLING MEMO TO: The Powers That Be At WordPress

      FROM: Gerbil Hunting Season

      Please, please let me have my email messages back in time for MM’s forensic audit from number shuffling.

      I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a “humdinger!”


    • MM we can wait as long as it takes……your work is always well worth waiting for.
      Thank you so much for the time and passion you put in to provide us with really interesting reading.
      Still wonder about the timing of internet connection from Allison’s phone and Snr’s Computer the following morning…..


      • Good question about the internet connection from Allison’s phone and Snr’s computer the following morning. Speculation was that GBC had interest in a surveillance/investigation company along with a friend of his. Also being computer savvy, it’s possible that he /they were well versed with technology. more than the average person. IMO that phone disappeared because it clearly had incriminating evidence on it. If someone suicided their phone would most likely have been found because it wasn’t of any importance.


      • Haven’t forgotten Millie. Have several hats on here and one of them is creating a one continues timeline with all blended together, which I will put up for all to see once I have it. Is just a bigger job than I realised.


    • It wont hurt GBC to wait it out in his prison cell and get used to his soulless surroundings. The family will be used to him not being around by then and will probably feel a bit more distant which could be a good thing. Maybe he will have driven himself mad repeating “I am not guilty your honour” and he might change it to something a bit more honest.

      I would think if this was suicide A’s phone would be left at home or be around her body, it would not just disappear. Seriously whose phone just disappears?

      GBC’s phone/s certainly got up to some calisthenics that night when he claimed he slept like a baby. Seems he slept so well he didn’t even realise his own children weren’t home all night.


      • Those first 4 weeks. With their mother missing, then found dead, their sense of security and safety in the world would have been shaken to the core;
        Sadly, the three children lived with their father for the next 4 weeks.They were under the influence of the BC Snr’s as well for that period of time.
        Firstly, their strength was their sibiling group i.e. they had each other for security.They had each suffered the loss of their mother.
        Secondly, they had strength in the Dickie grandparents who provided a ‘secure base’ by visiting them at the school during that time. This would have been reassuring to them.
        Thirdly, there was safety and security in the familiar environment of the school and its teachers etc.
        However, was there sinister adult influence? They were forbidden to speak to anyone outside the family – until they had a nightly ‘de brief’! How many ‘de briefs’ did they have in those 4 weeks? One may ask ‘What did these ‘de briefs’ do to change their own thoughts and their recollection of events?’
        They would have been extremely vulnerable and pliable emotionally and psychologically IMO.
        Im my opinion, the arrest of their father was managed well by the Police and child welfare organsiation involved. The security of the children was paramount in the scheme of things. Well done QLD Police. The decision to ‘shield’ them from it was protective; the decision that they live with their loving maternal grandparents on the Gold Coast removed them from the ‘heat’ of that moment and provided ‘safety & security’ for them. Much work was done with relevant parties involved to ease their way back into the Brookfield school – a familiar environment where they had a sense of belonging and which was associated with their mother’s memory.These three children are fortunate to live with their maternal grandparents, to have that sense of belonging and connection with their mother. IMO this is another ‘protective’ factor throughout this trauma from which the girls will benefit in their development. Well done to the Children’s/Family Court for some protective decisions.
        My opinion only and fair comment based on information released in msm and court documents.


        • If this is fact: “They were forbidden to speak to anyone outside the family – until they had a nightly ‘de brief’! ” then it would certainly contribute to the belief that there was another person/s involved in this. Why do children need the trauma of a debrief? Or did I read this incorrectly?


          • You read it correctly. It was alleged that the children told a carer that they were not to speak to anyone until they had their ‘de brief’. That Carer allegedly informed the authories about it as they considered it unusual for children to say that.


          • Witchetad

            This is a direct quote from the Objection to Bail Affidavit tendered to the court:

            “Police have obtained a witness statement from a woman who cared for the children on 26 April 2012.

            “One of the children, Sarah, stated that “I am sorry I know I am not allowed to say anything until the debrief at night.”

            “The witness had not heard the Baden-Clay children use a term such as “debrief” before.”

            Now isn’t that chilling?


            • Bizarre to say the least GHS to subject children of this age to debriefing sessions! Very military in nature, isn’t it? And if there was nothing incriminating for them to relay to people, why would they need to be debriefed??? Hmmm….sounds as if there was an intense drive to intercept and control what these kids may have known, heard, seen, concluded etc…..

              Makes me think the other strange BC act, of taking these children whose mother had just been murdered to school – business as usual style, likely happened for the same reason as the debriefing sessions – extreme concern about what they may have known, heard, seen or concluded, and that they may pass this info on to the police or others.

              Again, the military nature of the debriefing sessions as well as her involvement with whisking the kids off to school as soon as the police arrived, the co-media interview with GBC all place OW in the thick of the aftermath, doesn’t it? One can’t help but wonder if it was really completely coincidental that she was there that weekend, or was she assigned very specific roles to play in the saga???


        • Well thought through, Caro

          ” Those first four weeks ”

          ” Lived with their father for the … four weeks ”

          ” Under the influence of the BC seniors as well .. first four weeks ”

          ” Forbidden to speak to anyone outside the family – until they had a nightly ‘de brief’! ”

          As we now know, short term memory can be manipulated, even erased

          Shock/intense emotion — numbing effects, altered perceptions, etc

          and in the hands of individuals with admitted interest in psychological programming

          for four weeks immediately afterwards


          • Their self serving skills will probably not be sufficient to outwit the law. Many claim to be experts but the only person they are kidding is themselves.


        • IMO, no matter how well or not so, the arrest of GBC was handled by QPS, in reality, any child would be unsettled (?), to be collected by a blue light taxi – unexpectedly! -, remembering here that their lives have already been turned upside down and inside out after the disappearance and burial of their mother, and suddenly their father also vanishes.
          Realistically, it is very sad, sickening and unsettling. I believe it would be very naive to assume each and every trauma has not scarred those girls. Just saying, and just my opinion.


          • This is the issue isnt it , the children had no choice. If it had just been sparring adults it would be a completely different case but it involves three beautiful little girls who through their life will want answers. Truthful answers.


            • I can understand a discussion at the end of the day along the lines of “how was your day, what was said to you and how do you feel about that”, but DEBRIEFING. . . .that implies something else altogether. I’ll bet they regret ever using that word in front of the girls. It is definitely an unpleasant scenario and I hope the older girls were able to remain focussed.


    • I found it disconbobulating. I wonder if those three little girls have taken an oath not to tell like good little brownies?


      • Witchetad – had to look up the meaning of ‘disconbobulating’. Found this definition:
        **American Heritage Dictionary – Cite This Source – dis·com·bob·u·late (dĭs’kəm-bŏb’yə-lāt’) tr.v. dis·com·bob·u·lat·ed, dis·com·bob·u·lat·ing, dis·com·bob·u·lates
        To throw into a state of confusion. See Synonyms at confuse.

        Yeah … one wonders about the application of scouting/masonic influences mixed with their version of religion on those little girls. DIdn’t one witness state that GBC used military ‘field signals’ with the three little girls? I, too, wonder if those three little girls have been led to believe that they are ‘good little girls’ if they take the OATH not to tell – just like the Brownies?


    • Interesting reading. I was a Brownie and it all seemed so innocent and fun. . didn’t know of the baggage attached.



    QLD Police raid Bruce Flegg’s Brookfield mansion, arrest and charge him with being an accomplice in the murder of ABC & interfering with her corpse.. He has made a full confession that he assisted his buddy…

    Hahahaha just kidding… (I wish not)

    But actually I would like to briefly re-examine Mr Flegg’s role in this debacle. At the very start he was the ‘concerned local pollie’ doing a welfare check on his pal and his family… But his involvement has gradually grown. Every month has bought a new revelation.
    We find out how he offered a room for GBC to crash at his place during the initial stages of the police investigation. Then there are some suspicious phone conversations relating to placement of traffic cameras near certain roundabouts. Soon enough we learn that GBC had been hitting him up for rather large cash loans and discussions about equity investment. An examination of witness statements reveals they had exchanged gifts in the form of bottles of wine… (wonder how that bottle of plonk went down…)

    Then at the committal hearing, he plays down his relationship with Mr Business-As-Usual. But his (government funded) assistant revealed to the court that he had lent GBC a mobile phone…

    Hmm I don’t know about you but when I need (another) mobile phone,, like most ‘normal people’ I go to my local phone shop and buy one. I don’t call up my local state member and hit him up for a mobile phone.. I mean, how many people get phones from their state MP ?!? What was this phone for ? Did this moron Bruce Flegg bother to ask ? And why didn’t he tell this to the court, or is just another thing that slipped his mind ?

    Although some people were saying “leave politics out of this” and, by implication, leave Flegg alone, his involvement has only grown deeper – and I predict we have not read the last chapter in the gumby-style Adventures of Dr.Flegg MP.


    • The way I see the Flegg thing is that Flegg was in awe of knowing people with a famous relative and sucked up. In turn GBC thought he would be a pal when he was in a tight spot but Flegg got sick of him to the point of not answering the phone to him, he also said he heard a scream the night of the murder and I am not sure I have seen that Flegg actually gave him a phone, just that GBC asked for one. I would imagine when you have secrets and need a phone not in your name and have no money then it is ok to approach awe-struck “friends”.


      • I think it has been mentioned before that the BC clan have special manipulation techniques they have used as part of their amazing life experiences. It amuses me how people go to a seminar and then claim they are experts at something then think they can use it on other people with justification. I’d like to borrow the term “legend in his own lunchbox” for Flegg.


        • Witchetad, wouldn’t surprise me to learn they DO have a smattering (at least) knowledge of ‘special manipulation techniques’. We’re familiar with a few, i.e., (paraphrased) ‘ Repeat a lie often enough and the masses will come to accept it as truth’. The only barrier to the success of that one appears to be the adage, ‘You can’t fool all of the people all of the time’. But these ‘special manipulation techniques’ rope in a sizeable percentage

          Based in experience and observation over the years, I’ve come to regard higher- level Freemasonry as a powerful and corrupt influence. I’ve seen a little of what they’re capable of. Power does corrupt and Freemasonry is powerful, which is why every Tom, Dick and Harry at least considers joining in the hope of gaining advantage over the rank and file – under cover of ‘good works’ and sausage sizzles

          Recently, I’ve been trying to learn how much truth lies behind the veil and rumour. It’s a deep, deep hole. A bottomless pit. Freemasons do appear privy to very ancient knowledge although it isn’t made available to the lower-degrees (who’re merely the big base necessary to support those at the pinnacle of the pyramid)

          Numerology, astrology, astronomy, patterns, musical chords, chants, colours, etc. apparently DO have power for those who know how to utilize them, which is why it’s pooh-poohed before the masses. Higher-level Freemasons are granted access to some of this knowledge, particularly as it may be used in mind-control. It provides these individuals with a sensation of power, advantage, immunity. They have their little gangs. They operate as a mafia. They’re *obliged* to help a brother out via any means at their disposal. They boost each other up the ladders — in politics, business, the legal professions, etc. — they engineer cover-ups, vendettas, etc.

          Freemasonry breaks its neck to convince that Baden-Powell was not a Freemason. When in truth, that family goes back — way back – to the times of the Livery Companies of the City of London. That family was member of the Mercers, one of the most powerful of the guilds, back in the 13th century if not earlier — which, we’re told, is when the Templars were going underground. The original Masons (actual stone-workers possessing considerable esoteric knowledge) were co-opted by a certain group which screams at mention of its name, and today’s Freemasons are basically a sayanim system described as ‘speculative’. ‘Sayanim’ is a Hebrew word which basically describes much of the attitudes of Freemasons insofar as they run clandestine operations supporting whatever causes or agendas they’re called to defend and assist. They could also be described as members of those feuding and feudal families we see in books and movies (the McCoys, and Godfather series for example) whereby members pull together regardless of the injustice and corruption of their actions, in defence of their group or individual member/s of their group

          The similarities between Freemasonry and the Scouting and Guide organisations cannot be denied and it’s a matter of record that Baden-Powell’s friends included a number of connected Freemasons. To be suspected is that there were several within his immediate family and ancestral tree. Oh, and those ‘mischievous’ goblins, elves and other elementals featured in Brownies lore? Cute little things from children’s fairy stories? Harmless? Fictional? No, no. Not harmless or ‘cute’ at all according to the Native Americans, the Hawaiians, the Scots, the Irish, the Icelandics, Brazillians, etc. What they are is inter-dimensional entities. Able to shape-shift. Probably what are regarded these days as ‘space aliens’ or ‘Big Foot’, ‘Mothman’, etc. Responsible for abductions. Known as ‘jinn’ to muslims. And they do not like humans, take my word

          So, we have a well-connected, very old family with strong associations with occult lore, much of which these days hides beneath speculative Freemasonry. Personally I believe it’s safe to assume they know a thing or two that was handed down through the ages and which … again … lurks beneath the supposedly benign face of Freemasonry, sausage sizzles, charitable works, etc.

          It looks as if not too much money made its way down the tree and of course the more recent family-fame and name likewise drifted apart (grasped back via hypenation). But the lust for power and fame apparently attached to the dispersed genes and who knows what tid-bits of useful ‘techniques’ were passed down, father to son, in the same way your parents tried to equip you with tips for survival

          These days old techniques lurk behind newly-coined names, such as NLP, ‘positive thinking’, etc., but it all comes down to what a few decades ago was called ‘mind control’. A lot of it hinges on mesmerism/hypnosis/hypnotic suggestion — and that’s as old as the hills. It’s the mainstay of tv and religions. I just think in the BC’s case, it seems to have back-fired, lol. They hypnotised themselves :-) And they still haven’t worked that out

          That’s not to say many other members of the … uhm … ‘gang’ aren’t actively working for their benefit, though. Who knows what ‘dib dab hocus pocus’ type rituals aren’t being conducted right now amongst brothers as far afield as Africa, UK, US


        • hi Wichetad

          Permission to borrow the term “Legend in his own lunchbox” is granted


          • And in fair exchange you are welcome to make use of disconbobulate. Dang useless word that.


        • There is. It was discussed at the Committal Hearing. Flegg denied he had knowledge of it, but his associate stated that he knew about it before she gave it to GBC. [In court documents available for public scrutiny].


  11. And for those of you from south of the Tweed River who saw Flegg’s media interview outside the courts, you can see what we have to put up with up here…

    The man is a bumbling clown and if you put him in front of something – say a TV camera or any type of audience, such as a packed courtroom for instance, the man turns into a dribbling idiot and rambles on like a wino handing out free advice… everyone is left scratching their heads…

    It’s unbelievable to think this man was a state cabinet minister, until he was surreptitiously pushed out by Cash-&-Carry-Campbell and his “LNP-brown-paper-bag-don’t-you-worry-about-that” government for being corrupt… he was too crooked for even a systemically corrupt, banana republic-style government… But they killed two birds with one stone… they knew while they could tolerate his corruption, that other elephant in the room – namely his involvement with Mr.Business-As-Usual would be more embarrassing for the LNP… they wouldn’t be able to “feed the chooks” on that one…. and it would be especially embarrassing for Reichsfuhrer Newman, who envisages himself in the Lodge one day…


    • Was Mr Flegg, or is Mr Flegg, not a medical practitioner? I am often curious about the intelligence of some individuals possessing degrees who move onto government positions. Mr Flegg comes to mind and Slippery Slipper who held, for a short while, the 3rd highest ranking position in the country.

      Now, do we know whether Gerard actually graduated or bodgied up his credentials?


    • Wow MM….I think I see a pattern here…..did she have a key to the C21 office and went there outside of office hours to call her beloved GM??? How shrewd is that – right under everyone’s noses but well under the radar!!! That what you were thinking MM?


      • That’s exactly what I mean RIP. If you check the C21office phone records – every phone call I have used in my blog post is exactly right. You can check them. I haven’t made them up.
        Note that the calls were made outside of normal office hours or on holidays.
        TM had the key to the office (she admitted having sex with him in the office in one of her statements).
        So she let herself in and probably even sat at Allison’s desk… it was her old desk after all. Plot thickens – who do you reckon has immunity now?


        • WOW….MM loved your account!! Shocking to discover the desk was Allison’s in the day and TM’s a/h – shockingly brazen act! Risky too – anyone could have arrived unexpectedly early or late (unless GBC controlled the office key??).

          Got me thinking….when driving between the C21 office to the GBC home, would one come through the controversial Kenmore Rd traffic island?


            • WOW MM – great work piecing this together! No wonder BGC was worried about video footage at the roundabout!!!!

              Another piece of the puzzle has just come together for me…..I seem to remember reading how GBC changed his work patterns at some point – came home early to have supper and sit on the couch with Allison showing the children (and likely pacify Allison too) how ‘together’ they were (not!!).

              Then he would return to the office again to ‘work’!!!!!!!!!! Poor Allison must have believed this but it is becoming more clear now what the nature of his ‘work’ in the office would have been….and it does not look as if real estate business would have featured….no, it seems it was the unlikely but very shrewdly chosen love nest of the two fateful lovers……


          • Hypothetically, it is not an affair for itself with a future, but an affair in rebellion against someone else who is made out to be the ‘bad’ one. Important consideration for the murder investigation because they chose to act against Allison’s image they had jointly created. This image was far removed from the real Allison. It was one they jointly created.


            • What on earth have I missed. How in the world did we discover the sex venues and aids!!!???? Now I am really confused about fact, fiction, cyber space and transcending space and time.

              Queensland Country Lady, Queensland Country Lady, where-for-art-thou. Come back for semblance of order and balance. :-)


          • yeah but a further thought … that would’nt be unusual would it? The Police asked the public did they remember something unusual at the roundabout that night.


        • Hi MM on your website you say “I left the clue in the post above and will write more on it later. I believe that Allison found the photos and that was the basis for the escalation to violence and murder. I believe he unconsciously wanted to get caught. That’s the way that the addict cycle works.”

          It certainly looks as if he wanted to bring the issue to a head in a violent and explosive way. He wanted to have an excuse for murdering her…maybe that she attacked him or something ridiculous like that. That would require extreme provocation. These photos would have done it. They probably could not have thought up a more provocative way of showing her she was no more than a pawn in their cruel game…awful!

          The fact that TM phoned him several times to check that he does NOT forget to collect them also speak volumes….why was she so terribly keen….was she part of the planning of the awful event that took place on 19/20 April? Was it her blue car seen trailing a white 4WD near Kholo bridge?

          These while an dblue cars still puzzle me a bit too. We know that Allison’s body was transported with her Captiva, that’s the one in which her blood trickled down into the carpet.

          So if they were involved with this case, what was the purpose of the 2 cars seen later in the early morning of 20/5? Moving the body to a more suitable than the initial dumping place? Maybe he dumped her alone around midnight, but was not satisfied with the security of the site and someone else followed him out there later early morning 20/4 to move it to a better site…??? Bwana or TM? It would have taken 2 people to swing and throw, or physically move it to under the Kholo bridge.

          Moving in the thick mud is difficult, whilst carrying a load would be very much so. And residue/seeds from the area could linger in the cars….although they vacuumed them….then again NBC was keen to remove the vacuum….I wonder if it was removed as evidence by the police or if they sadly bought the story that he wanted to vacuum some property???

          I wonder if QPS ever investigated the whereabouts of the clothes the different players including Allison wore the day/night of 19/4? Looks to me there could have been some important information locked up in this…


          • I will be asking the question in a future post – WHERE did he murder her? They may have fought at the house, however did Allison take the envelope, jump in her car and head off for a confrontation… Ponder that one for me RB.


              • If she took off I don’t think she made it out of the Brookfield property :( I think perhaps she was at least outside because of how many people heard screams and the fact she had Brookfield vegetation in her hair etc.


          • I think we need to keep our speculations in perspective. Unless some posters are more than they appear, and what we read is touching on fact, which would verge on the dangerous, given the sensitivity of the case regarding evidence etc and not jeopardizing a conviction, then lets not take the bait and run with summations for our entertainment and filling in space and time until the real deal starts.

            Saying this because when some points have been said enough times to become ‘fact’, and then knocked on the head, so to speak, the fiction gets extrapolated on exponentially until put out of their untrue misery.

            It would be difficult to forgive ourselves for doing or saying anything (ie loose lips sink ships), that made a mockery of, or damaged Allison’s right to justice, so we can feel like ‘legends in our own lunch box’.

            Just my unlearned and inexperienced opinion.


            • All of this is just speculation really, we have no idea about much except that a lady is dead, her husband is accused, three children are parent-less and lots of other weird stuff went on while all that was happening. The truth is in the detail and that detail is only available to a select few at this point. We’ll know what we need to know in due course and maintain our interest by speculating in the meantime.

              Speculate: Meditate on a subject; reflect

              Lots of reflecting going on here.


      • Perhaps GM would not have confiscated GG’s office key upon dismissal and from memory, she did talk of after hours trysts at the office.

        I have just deleted a paragraph here which got a little saucy and imaginative as one day, I realised, those 3 young girls may venture to these sites and as none of us, I assume, have access to the truth exacerbating things with non-truths in sensitive areas would be cruel.

        Wouldn’t it be a great day, if the truth was finally revealed, even if not disclosed to the public, but to secure some recompense/come-upance/punishment/karma/what goes around, comes around/whatever you like to call it, for the person or persons who have killed an innocent human beings and caused such utter devastation for so many.

        It would be great to be able to think the odds are greater than seeing it raining cats and dogs, or pigs flying.


    • Is everyone away on a mid-week break? :o

      MM, something else among the records are of interest to me – that of the phone calls to Breeze Photos, Pullenvale. Re the portraits they supposedly had taken, was that a bit of guesswork on your part, or has the existence of such photos been established as fact?

      I am particularly interested, since the only time I had briefly encountered a psychopath was one who had lured an innocent acquaintance of mine into his web of lies and deceit – and guess what – before she got a grip on reality in a matter of months and ‘escaped’ from his clutches, he convinced her to go for a very costly photo shoot with him! He had casual photos of them, but this was not enough – he wanted these beautiful perfect portraits…..was very odd to me at the time but in the light of your explanation MM it too is beginning to make a bit more sense in retrospect. Somehow this idealised ‘visible evidence’ of her with him was of extraordinary importance to him. Was it to try and keep the dream alive in a tangible visual form?

      Likewise GM and his Cookie could have taken casual photographs of themselves or each other during any of their encounters, but if MM’s account is factual, they wanted proper portraits…..

      It will be interesting if there is a psychologist among us to find out if this need for beautiful portraits with their ‘victims’ is common among psychopaths, or whether this similarity that I noticed between my past experience and GM’s involvement with Breeze Photos pure coincidence……

      In the case of my acquaintance there was a definite stalker and victim. With GBC and his Cookie it’s less clear to me who was pursuing whom….. Or was the momentum of the relationship so destructive because both perhaps had psychopath tendencies? Golly, what is the chance of two such worlds colliding? Could this perhaps explain the inability of either to let go….the disconnect with reality….the brutal and very sad outcome intended to make two very self-focused individuals’ delusional dreams come true…????


      • I wonder if ‘Breeze Photos’ is an actual business. And if so, whether their business has been affected, as a result of their ‘outing’. Free advertising or free damage?


        • Little Fish
          You’ve made quite some posts in the last few days.
          A couple of which have implied your derision of other contributors.
          Breeze Photos is not just an actual business, but a franchise.
          Look it up. And then perhaps retract your insinuation.
          Little Fish, you are an enigma – at times thoughtful, often self-deprecating, sometimes stirring the pot at whim, and then critical of others.
          So if you perceive yourself as a fish (as you have so often opined), I’d venture to suggest you are a “flake”
          By all means keep on swimming, but just be aware that bigger and better fish dwell in this pond.


    • … and very likely too. I had previously thought that somebody had access to the office. Now we can put a name and a face to that person.
      Well done clever MM.Thanks


  12. On a lighter note, I got this email forward today:

    In prison you spend the majority of your time in a 8’ x 10’ cell.
    At work you spend most of your time at your desk in a 6’ x 8’ cubicle.

    In prison you get 3 meals a day – free.
    At work you only get a break for a meal and have to pay for the meal yourself.

    In prison you get time off for good behavior.
    At work you get rewarded for good behavior with more work.

    In prison a guard locks and unlocks the doors for you.
    At work you must carry around a security card and unlock all the doors yourself.

    In prison you can watch TV and play games.
    At work you get fired for watching TV and playing games.

    In prison they allow your family and friends to visit.
    At work you can’t speak to family and friends.

    In prison all expenses are paid by taxpayers, you don’t have to work.
    At work you get to pay all the expenses to go to work and they deduct taxes from your salary to pay for the prisoners.

    Hmmm….makes one think, doesn’t it? :o


  13. I just made a post intended to sit at the bottom after the last post (Little Fish’s from tonight May 8, 6:44pm, and it ended up much higher up – not in such a sensible place……above Witchetad’s from 9:05am this morning. Is there a gremlin in our posts’ order again?? I am posting this and will see where it sits – should be below Little Fish’s from 6:44pm……..let’s see….


    • Dash! I just posted, or at least tried, in response to MM’s scary post, only to have it vanish. I fear not, as MM’s capacity to delve is limitless and therefore if my post is available I am sure MM will find and read it. I would live to possess some if MM’s powers!


    • Beggars can’t be choosers hey? An alternative better functioning means of communication would be helpful, but alas, we are destined to persevere with what we have. I guess it is better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.


    • Wow AV, all the best to you. It seems you’ve had a rough time of late and I’m sure you will keep on keeping on. As you said, you are one of the lucky ones. You’ve lived to tell the tale.


  14. WOW…. lots to ponder on here in last 24hrs eh! I’m curious to hear what everyone’s first initial thoughts were about the ‘something unusual at roundabout’. Given that I once saw a horse painted & dressed up like a rainbow unicorn standing on a roundabout (en route to a birthday party?), I am keeping an open mind on this one! But logical voice inside my head keeps thinking 2 things : a car/s seen using the roundabout anticlockwise or a sudden stop for someone not feeling well / being sick out of car window. My 2 cents doesn’t mean much but I’m very curious to hear what other posters have thought regarding what was possibly witnessed at the roundabout??


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