Special Treatment involved for an Accused Killer: GBC enlists Defense Team allegedly using family contacts on Grants Committee

Dear Allison

Dear Allison – Imagine how her children feel.

Should Gerard Baden-Clay, accused wife killer, be given special treatment?

Gerard Baden Clay allegedly has family working for Legal Aid Qld, according to searches in ThePeerage.com which links families.  Gerard Baden-Clay, through a relative who allegedly works for the Grants Committee of Legal Aid, has enlisted one of Brisbane’s most high-profile criminal defense teams to represent him at his upcoming murder trial.


Genealogy Royal Noble Peer Duke Count Lord Baron Baronet Sir Database Family Tree Europe Nobility

http://www.legalaid.qld.gov.au/publications/Reports/annual-report/annual-report-archives/2009-10/Documents/LAQ-annual-report-2009-10-part-4.pdf (Please refer to Grants’ Committee – page 20).

Grants staff members Amy McClelland, Leanne Lester,
Brett Newsome, Erin Ames, Rachael Broadhurst, John Cuthbert,
Aditya Reddy, Kirsty Poljak, Daniel Coates, Emma Bennet,
and Alex Baden-Powell.

GBC will be represented by solicitor Peter Shields and barrister Michael Byrne QC as he fights the murder charge in the Supreme Court.

Peter Shields michael byrne cropped

Mr Shields                                        Michael Byrne QC

Mr Shields, a former police officer, is one of few accredited criminal specialist solicitors in Queensland.

Did Gerard Baden-Clay’s lawyers discontinue to represent Baden-Clay to enable family contacts, through Legal Aid’s Grant System, giving Gerard Baden-Clay, an accused wife killer, free representation, while using our Tax Dollars?

Should GBC be receiving special treatment?



(Source:  http://www.legalaid.qld.gov.au/publications/Reports/annual-report/annual-report-archives/annual-report-2010-11/our-systems-and-processes/PublishingImages/grants_2010_mHR_fmt.png)

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199 thoughts on “Special Treatment involved for an Accused Killer: GBC enlists Defense Team allegedly using family contacts on Grants Committee


    Submitted on 2013/06/14 at 2:01 pm | In reply to queenslandcountrylady.
    It has been interesting reading all your posts over the last week or so… sadly, the cauldron gets more and more mixed and complicated – repulsive really. Poor Allison. What chance did she have if we are talking about conspiracies, dishonesty, manipulation, violations and surreal situations in real life from the level of her Joker common-man husband (as has been revealed and no disrespect to Allison) to the powers that be, who manage our state? Wouldn’t it be simply amazing if as a result of this murder investigation, some bad apples and maggots were eradicated from the system, indirectly. The code of silence isn’t just confined to the family of the accused killer…. I have wondered for many a long day, just what ugly and sleazy actions or behaviours could be revealed, if the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth were guaranteed. Could there be scandals of the century hidden away, with the hope of them never being revealed, now squeezing out of the box? Perhaps there could be a clearing out of the closet.

    I keep wondering, if in fact GBC didn’t actually stop Allison’s last breath, but another family member did, how ‘cult-like’ would their brainwashing have been to result in such a code of silence. A bit like the mafia or an outlaw motorcycle gang (no disrespect to those groups ).

    Do they protesteth his innocence because they know who the real killer is (if it ain’t GBC). While it would appear (to the common observer) that GBC is the only individual singled out as the prime suspect, if his innocence is somehow proven or … his guilt not proven, given the circumstantial evidence, that the real killer will remain free to maim, kill, or cause destruction in the future? Of course, I am not wishing to alarm anyone about their safety as we know that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

    Funny isn’t it, how in writing anonymously, one can learn quite a deal about other human beings? Writing is revealing so they say – ‘language most shows a man, speak that I may see thee’ (ben johnson)


    • Yeah, Little Fish. It looks like there may be some conspiratorial factors here, BUT we have a process of Law in Queensland, while not always perfect – it is what we have and aspects may be better than many other States and countries around the world. We must support the criminal legal process. The QLD Police are duty bound to investigate this crime. They have done so and the detectives have charged the man the evidence indicates is responsible for this crime. GBC has been denied Bail following two Bail Hearings for good reason. At the Committal Hearing, it was found that there was enough evidence for him to be committed to stand Trial for the murder of Allison Baden-Clay.


  2. Post from Caro:

    Submitted on 2013/06/14 at 1:34 pm
    Carried over from previous page:
    Justtdreaming on June 14, 2013 at 8:15 am said:
    Alex B-Powell also shows up in their Peerage…born 1973, went to Uni in Melbourne.
    Genealogy Royal Noble Peer Duke Count Lord Baron Baronet Sir Database Family Tree Europe Nobility

    on June 14, 2013 at 10:34 am said:
    Who is cited in the Peerage as being his parents JD?.From which Baden-Powell did he descend?

    on June 14, 2013 at 11:18 am said:
    Hi Caro, Alex is the son of Hon. David Michael Baden-Powell…David is the son of second Baron B-P.
    Seems it’s not what you know but who you know !!!
    It stinks that people can get what they want because of who the know !!!!!!!!

    on June 14, 2013 at 12:00 pm said:
    Right. Found it. So Alex Baden-Powell is related to Elaine Baden-Clay as listed in the Peerage. Interesting!


    • More from Caro:

      Submitted on 2013/06/14 at 7:45 am | In reply to judgejuryexecutioner.

      [Quote] “His huge 20-30 million dollar property investment portfolio has benefited from government decisions”[unquote] by JJE, Interesting association between Flegg & GBC – possibly mutually beneficial. I imagine this would have been a prized association for the B-C family who aimed to associate with pollies from the local electorate and in QLD State Government. What did they have to offer which would be mutually beneficial? Property dealings and the Surveillance company? Surveillance for political interests? Political ambition. Smell the smoke anyone?

      Allison clearly didn’t ‘fit’ the same mold as these people.


    • Yeah …it appears in the Peerage that Gerard Baden-Clay and Alexander Peter Baden-Powell are second cousins.
      Alex Baden-Powell is Nigel’s nephew.
      Nigel Baden-Clay and Hon.David Michael Baden-Powell are cousins.
      Nigel’s mother and David’s father (2nd Baron) were siblings and direct descendants from Hon. Lt.Gen. Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell, 1st Baron.


      • Thank you, Caro.

        What a web they have weaved, that blood that runs in their veins.

        Their presence in this world is depressing. Poor Allison and her family.


  3. This probably isn’t humorous but looking at the legal aid document where they show the Grants team and their role, the following jumped out at me…. gives new meaning to ‘family’ I guess if they are in fact related. Of course, I realise that is not how it is to be interpreted however I am sure you see my point.

    * refining legal aid application processes for family and criminal law matters

    Have yourselves a mighty fine weekend.


  4. Thanks Little Fish – you too :D. Did you intend to includ a link for us to read in your post? If so, it isn’t working (for me, anyway).


  5. Dear justdreaming,

    If it is true that Flegg heard Allison, in that context, Allison could have run down towards the showgrounds. Across the road from the showgrounds is a Brisbane City Council owned park that the Pony Club uses, which includes the Brookfield graveyard. Moons Lane is the hill overlooking the pony club grounds. The sound could have travelled up, over the grounds, towards Flegg’s residence.


  6. It was mentioned to me, Little Fish, from a poster here whom I respect a lot, that the theory is that “N” did the actual deed with GBC involved.

    I wonder how that pans out practically speaking?


      • What is that saying about fact being stranger than fiction?

        I wonder whether the actual events of, and leading up to, Allison’s death will ever be known.

        I can’t even begin to imagine what her family continues to go through and will no doubt for the rest of their natural lives. A life-sentence of grief.

        Sickening to think that somewhere, someone holds that knowledge. Just as disconcerting to think that all measures will be taken to keep it that way.


  7. Hi moonlight, no thanks to me..it was a team effort, after all it was redback ( I wont disclose his new ID :) that originally put us onto the Peerage about 12 months ago.


  8. I would love to be able to peer into the mind and heart of people such as Mr Shields, to observe. When they graduate, hang up their shingle, and get down to business do these individuals/professionals leave their conscience, gut feeling, humanity etc behind? Are those few words ‘innocent until proven guilty’ enough to sustain them through representations of criminals who may have committed the most heinous crimes, to do their business-as-usual. Are they doing a public service that others lack the courage to do? ie like the hangman, the executioner? I use the word ‘courage’ loosely in this instance as it is not appropriate but I cannot locate that which fits.

    Do they take on the role of an actor? ‘The world is a stage and we are all actors upon it’. Does the professional at work, put aside any judgement (except of course if they are slandering or belittling the real victim of the crime), empathy, etc to clinically (very objective and devoid of emotion – according to a free dictionary on-line) and with stealth navigate their way around the gruesome details, fact and/or circumstantial evidence in an attempt to clear the name of a person who is ‘innocent until proven guilty’.

    Are the rest of us just gullible, naive, finger pointing and misconstruing available information to come to the same conclusion as to who callously murdered/killed/took the life of a woman, Allison Baden-Clay nee Dickie. Do these professionals have special powers that separate them from the rest of society which allow/enable them to carry out their duty. A duty they have chosen. Do they have special powers which take them into the brain of suspected killers to see something we don’t see? Different horses for different courses I guess. I find it interesting to understand how they tick, in much the same way that I find it difficult to understand the mind of a person who can take a life, and get on with business as usual.

    While the following is from boring old Wikipedia, I did find it interesting:

    ‘A person who commits murder is called a murderer. As the loss of a human being inflicts enormous grief upon the individuals close to the victim, and the commission of a murder is highly detrimental to the good order within society, most societies both present and in antiquity have considered it a most serious crime worthy of the harshest of punishment. In most countries, a person convicted of murder is typically given a long prison sentence, possibly a life sentence where permitted, and in some countries, the death penalty may be imposed for such an act – those this practice is becoming less common.’

    The information from which this has been cut and pasted came with a warning/note: ‘This article may be too technical for most readers to understand. Please help improve this article to make it understandable to non-experts, without removing the technical details.’ Personally, the passage above makes perfect sense to me.

    Perhaps I am missing something which precludes me from understanding or applauding the work of professionals who take on roles to do their utmost to prove innocence where it may not exist. Perhaps the element of doubt is sufficient to keep their engines running. Maybe it is about winning and losing and wanting to win, irrespective of the carnage left along the way. If say, a criminal lawyer experienced the devastation of having a member of their own family murdered, would they support their colleagues in their quest to use whatever means possible to deny justice and truth being revealed. Just flipping the penny.


  9. If someone else in the family “did it” it means that GBC will of course, be released, and cannot go through a Trial again.

    Let us hope that these theories are wrong. We know GBC was involved, so whatever level he was involved – well, we all know how we feel on what should happen.

    That will also mean, that the Western Suburbs still has a killer in its midst :(


    • It was GBC who wore the battle scars. Not NBC. Were there two attempts at the deed?


      • Yes, didn’t we suppose that there were two attempts in threads last year?

        Dear Allison woke up in the car (explains screams that people heard too, at a residence near Moons Lane) to two people?

        Two people to take her to Kholo Creek?


      • Or an opportunistic moment for NBC after Allison got a flogging? I still like my theory of pressing on the neck artery. I believe NBC might know how to do that.


        • Dear Ozmosis,

          I agree Ozmosis, that horrible “Conservationalist” would know how to do it.

          When Allison was missing, we drove around the streets (before people were asked to look on horse back) and I kept thinking, “the drains, the drains, water” and it really bothered me. I kept looking at the drains, as well as Brookfield Creek, feeling strong emotions.

          Then, along Rafting Ground Road, my senses picked up that something happened there, too. Who knows; however, the feelings were so very strong.


          • Yes, I do remember you saying that moonlight. I never ignore gut feelings and those strong feelings that seem to come out of nowhere.


          • Thank you for sharing that Moonlight. Interesting. You were part right. Water. Creek. Something happened.
            Interesting too that you were out looking, possibly with a sense of foreboding, but none-the-less out looking.
            The husband meanwhile, was NOT out looking anywhere, except for himself. (Which I doubt he will ever find). He was too busy trying to secure his alibis, seeking top Lawyers, and making clandestine telephone calls to his lover. Well one of them.


  10. GBC b 1970
    son of
    NBC b 1943
    son of
    Betty St Clair Baden Powell
    daughter of
    Robert Stephenson Smythe Baden Powell 1857

    Alexander Peter Baden-Powell b 1973
    son of
    David Michael Baden-Powell b 1940
    son of
    Arthur Robert Peter Baden-Powell b 1913
    son of
    Robert Stephenson Smythe Baden Powell 1857


  11. Another riddle: How can someone be a Conservationist and a Big Game Hunter in the same breath?


  12. G BC is already getting special treatment. He will get a very lenient sentence or walk. The end is known from the beginning.
    Look at Beryl Birch. Son a solicitor. So many with contacts or family in law get special treatment.
    Just look at the female magistrate who got off easy and other murderers like Rose Mabo.
    Guilty go free innocent walk. But that`s Queensland. Corrupt.


    • Hi concerned,

      My partner also thinks he will walk due to evidence available being circumstantial.

      What are your thoughts?


          • You may be right concerned, but then why have a judicial system? Personally, I’m not convinced that the BC’s have that many contacts or “family in law to get special treatment”. Unless there is some huge leverage that we don’t know about, mates favours type of stuff. Is that what you’re thinking? As JJE pointed out, they don’t always get off.


              • This is an appalling crime against society, that is, the murder of a young mother of three little children, ostensibly for convenience and fiinancial benefit to the murderer.

                We have a Justice system which is performing its function in this case. We have eminent legal minds and well trained law practitioners within this system.

                Now what benefit to QLD politicians would there be in assisting this alleged murderer?
                What does Gerbil or the B-C’s have to offer them which would be of value?
                What would the ‘currency’ of trade look like?

                I recall that Gerbil and an associate had an interest in a Surveillance company.
                Could there be secret recordings and/or videos of political interest?
                To whom would they be of interest?

                Corruption is not without consequences if exposed to the media. Look at a few pollies sitting in AGCC now – careers ruined. They are eventually answerable to The Law.

                What would motivate them to ‘risk’ exposure and catastrophic downfall for an alleged murderer in this case?
                What benefit is there for them to take such risks?

                Hopefully the journos are on that trail.


                • I agree with you Caro, you have raised very good points. Journos will be rubbing their hands in glee if it involves politicians and corruption.


                • Hi Caro,

                  In my experience, corruption, sadly, is everywhere.

                  Journalists are silenced, as is happening in this case, or journalists are told to report items that aren’t true or make big deals out of things. Think of Lindy Chamberlain, the magazines that are supported by money from, well, you know the two high powered men, one lives in the UK.

                  Agenda, agenda, money, money, control, power, and puppets, that is, unfortunately, how it is.

                  Lawyers, well, they aren’t exactly on the “Most Trusted” list.

                  The general public, sadly, are the only ones who can change things. I hope that we can do it.


                  • Corruption exists.No doubt about that. However, my comments are directed only at Gerbil’s upcoming Trial. Yeah…his family have a strong interest to see him ‘acquitted’ as OW told the media. We have a Judicial system which has been doing its job and which will continue to do its job IMO.

                    The Legal Aid funding of one man’s ‘extraordinary & expensive’ defense raises anxieties about equity, when Legal Aide are cost cutting for the disabled etc.

                    We believe it inequitable, BUT what are we doing about it? Have we written to The Courier Mail or The Brisbane Times and asked them to investigate Mr. Alex Baden-Powell’s role in granting funding to GBC?

                    It seems Gerbil’s family are motivated & continue to work towards their goal, utilising their contacts to their advantage, what are we doing to protest inequitable distribution of our tax payers Legal Aid funds?
                    Or are we just posting our anxieties and leaving it to others?

                    Members of the public could write and protest to Mr.Jarrod Bleijie, the Attorney-General protesting, the DPP, and Mr. Campbell Newman, and/or their local Member.
                    “Evil prospers when good men do nothing”.


                    • Hi Chris71. You have been missed! Glad you dropped in. Have been wondering where on earth you had got to! Get well soon. Lots of love from QCL.


                    • Hey QCL – getting on top of things, thanks for the welcome back – looks like you guys have been busy :)


                • Exactly Caro, I wonder how many more recordings ther are …and whom … And who has access to them and who is feeling a little bit nervous right now .? And who was it that gave Fleggs phone to the cm ? I have read the articles over and over …and I think there may be some reading to do between the lines . They can’t report what they know ..we have to figure it out ourselves . Bruce Fleggs phone ….. Spring hill apartment … I don’t know but it sounds very bc connected to me


  13. A horrible thought has been niggling at me all day. It is to do with the family tree.
    I might say here, that I have a big interest in Ancestry. It takes a lot of time and effort to put it all together.
    Then sometimes lots of little “things” seem to fall into place. For instance;
    Take Robert Stephenson Smythe Baden Powell. He appears to have been a bit of an odd bod. Must have been an enormous sigh of relief within the family when he finally made good. Or did he?
    Now here is the niggling thought.
    To what lengths will a family go to see that that family tree stays untarnished? Unblemished. Appearances being all that count with some people.


  14. There is also the possibility there may be another Alexander Baden-Powell.


  15. To GHS and all those bemused at the latest instalment of the Misadventures of Dr Flegg MP…

    Here are my thoughts…

    This is internal housecleaning. The Opposition have nothing to do with it.

    For those who hail from south of the Tweed River the main difference about Pineapple State politics is while the two main parties loathe each other, they hate factions in their own party more – especially the QLD Libs-Nats (LNP) which have been dysfunctional for years and years (that is why Beattie had such a long run, not beause he was good but because the conservatives were at each others throats)

    Up here political infighting is a hard ball, blood sport – and they play for keeps. No one has perfected this art as have the QLD conservatives. The vitriol, invective, plotting and backstabbing that goes on internally would leave you gobsmacked – and these people are running the state! And the western suburbs Libs have been brawling and kneecapping each other for years. All the usual suspects are involved… Bruce McIver, O’Sullivan, Bob Tucker… it’s amazing.. while normal people like you and I lead normal lives and do normal things like have hobbies – their past time is political backstabbing, intrigue and whacking out their allies.. it’s like a Mafia family..

    And that’s what this is – a good old fashioned political assassination by the conspiring senators, QLD-style. Flegg has been pushed out of the ministry, made a number of bumbles, his latent corrupt activity has become visible, he had made any number of enemies within his own party over the years, he failed to clear out of the one prize he still holds – the seat of Moggill – and now he is vulnerable. It’s a classic episode of the QLD conservatives ganging up on one of their own; A nice mixture of backstabbing and political payback. We don’t know who is Cassius or who the troika are, who are clearly out for Flegg’s head… but it’s pretty clear someone wants his seat. And ironically they are using evidence of the failed bargaining and corrupt inducements, which was intended to gently ease him out of his seat – and which he didn’t go for (but denied ever took place in sworn testimony to the CMC) – that could land him in a real pickle.

    Flegg is once again being pushed under the bus. The pusher is from his own party but so is the person driving the bus! This is Moonshine politics at it’s grubbiest finest. Machiavelli would be reaching for his rubber stamp.


      • Totally agree. Thank you JJE.
        Hard for outsiders to understand the internal working chemistry.


    • Thanks JJE.

      But my questions remain:

      (a) Why did he tape those meetings?

      (b) If he had the recordings, why release them to the media?

      (c) If he didn’t do it, who else had access?

      (d) and why now? The timing doesn’t seem to be particularly strategic.


      • IMO it is interesting that Gerbil and the B-C’s have had a small win with Legal Aide paying thousands of dollars for top silk on the public purse – for one alleged murderer – when they make public statements of cut backs in other areas, such as Legal Aide for the disabled etc.due to financial strain on the funds.
        Is there a coincidence in the timing of the release these recordings? Is there a connecton with the surfacing of these recordings at this time?
        Is this a political warning that there is more which can be released to the media etc?
        Is this type of currency ‘stock in trade’ for some?


  16. Has it been verified if ABP is still working with legal aid ? Gen Y professional… ‘rise up or ride on’.


  17. This whole shebang give me the creeps. If these people are capable of infiltrating places of power that have an impact in this case then what hope have us laymen got?

    Its enough to send a person over the edge and what must the Dickies be thinking? Those poor souls, they deserve all of our retirement funds just for having had a daughter marry one of THEM.

    It just goes to show that when a human being wants something so bad they will take it at any cost. I find this so overpoweringly inexcusable. Lets hope the “hot” one has enough balls to see the money in the insurance payout only and he doesnt actually care what happens to the alphabet family.


    • Yes, Witchetad. I too hope the “hot” one has manliness to match. May he see truth integrity and justice. May he have eyes that truly see, not just the here and now but the future also. The future of three innocents.


  18. No, Spy Hop it hasn’t been verified.

    If anyone can please give advice as to this page’s content, in “Feedbacks” or on this page, it would be appreciated please, as we don’t want to be closed down when we are caring for Allison.

    The Aussie Paedophile site has been closed down, I don’t know any details, I clicked on the link, the page advised that the site was closed.


    • Moonlight, is says this has been archived or suspended due to a violation of ‘terms of service’. It could be to do with Robbo’s subscription, or lack thereof, as he upgraded the system in September or thereabouts last year. The paedophile link is part of the Aussie Criminals site I would think, not a site of its own. MM alluded to this earlier, unless Robbo does something, as in pays further fees to WordPress, the site will soon revert to another form (of which none of us know how it will appear.) If the worst ever came to the worst, you cannot shut down the human spirit, we will find another way to communicate together as we are not going away.


        • Hi millie, I don’t think the site will shut down, but the interface could look a little different in time. From memory Robbo upgraded the site last year by paying extra funds which many posters contributed towards. This could be coming to an end and we may merely revert to a simpler format.


  19. The other niggling thought:
    GBC comes out “innocent” Thus the family tree remains “untarnished.”
    GBC takes the Insurance money.
    GBC takes Allison’s girls back.
    GBC thus takes the monies donated through various fundraising for the girls.
    GBC sues the Government for “wrongful imprisonment.”
    And the whole BC Clan thanks Australians with the one finger salute.


      • Witchetad, QCL’s above post is the worst outcome possible.
        IMO it is most unlikely. It aint gonna happen.
        We’ve got our Justice system and it’s doing its job.
        Remember: Evil prospers when good men do nothing.


    • My stomach did backflips when I read that scenario. The sad thing is it could become fact. OMG I’m so dissolusioned with everything that’s going on in our country, criminals walking the streets freely ready to pick off ther next victim & I’m feeling so helpless right now. What we vote for at the ballot box is & can be changed without us fool taxpayers having any say! Pfft!
      So……could that recent court case have anything to do with the legal aid?? What was that about? The BC clan was there & didn’t reporter Sandy say she could report later?
      WHEN IS THE BLOODY COURT CASE??? How long & WHY??!!
      Aghh too many questions & no answers


  20. Been out of the loop for some time again and came back to this! Just checked some news articles to try to figure out wtf is going on here……… I’m a little lost and need some confirmation. There has only been an application to legal aid….right? And if so, how can one choose who they want to represent them through legal aid? Do you have a choice? hmmm…..and I’m confused about the whole legalities of being able to pay lawyers and then all of a sudden be able to claim legal aid? annnnnd what’s with the investigation of where all the money went that he had earned….swindled or whatever? Who’s going to be investigating that?? shite…I am really mind boggled right now…… Let’s just hope the application is not accepted….or has it been? And i still can’t see how? Crazy!!!

    QCL ….your niggling thoughts are like a sickening nightmare. No offence intended as indeed it is a horrible possibility… totally gut wrenching.

    Yoshi, if you are about, can you shed some light on what rights this dude has as far as representation etc…..


    • Hi Millie, I too have been away and upon returning is pretty gobsmacked by what appears to be happening….

      Has there been any indication why solicitors Jacobson Mahoney Lawyers no longer wish to represent him?

      I see the following in the June 11 Courier Mail: “A spokeswoman for Legal Aid said she was prohibited by law from revealing who the government-funded body was representing.

      However, in a statement and speaking generally, she said if someone was granted legal aid, they were represented by an in-house Legal Aid lawyer or private law firm.

      “Legal Aid Queensland will decide who represents a client. A client cannot choose their lawyer. There are no exceptions to this arrangement,” the statement said.

      “Because owners of restrained or frozen property are restricted from using that property, Legal Aid Queensland does not take the restrained or frozen property into account when deciding whether a person is eligible for legal aid to defend the confiscation proceedings or related criminal law proceedings.

      “If a person owns other property, that other property is taken into account when Legal Aid Queensland considers eligibility for legal aid.”

      This makes sense – legal aid does not allow people to choose who must represent them, and GBC can not use Allison’s insurance money for his defense unless he is innocent which seems highly unlikely. He has told too many lies and sported a myriad of battle scars, testament to a battle of life and death being fought in the night of 19/20 April 2012, not to mention bizarre behaviour since that day. Yet it sounds to me following your discussions that contrary to this statement by legal aid, they are allowing him to choose his legal team (and for us to fund this!!). This right??

      If so I am not surprised people are speculating about corruption at high levels and wondering what leverage the BCs could have to cause all of this high level maneuvering to be happening! I do hope all inappropriate actions and alliances will be exposed in due course and the justice will prevail.

      Has there been any indication when his trial may begin?


      • Somebody may have already speculated on this but I wonder if the same surveillance mob Gerard was cosy with provided Mr Flegg with a listening/recording device? Just wondering as it seems odd to think one would record such conversations and who else might have had access to same. Very intriguing. If it didn’t involve murder, that we were all here discussing, it would be easy to confuse the goings on of various pollies etc as a soap opera…..scary that it is reality.


  21. Good post and all Millie. Just wondering
    if you could clarify “all the money went that he had earned”
    Ummmm Do you mean EARNED like a normal taxpaying working Australian?
    Or do you mean swindled like a common crook?
    Sorry to be pedantic, and all, but the word “earned” to me means something to do with “worth.”
    Or another meaning: To earn, means “To acquire or deserve as a result of effort or action.”
    Or “To gain a position through hard work and the accumulation of experience, often in the face of difficulties ”
    Not altogether sure whether GBC either knows what “earns” means or if he has the wherewithal to Earn anything at all.
    No G, I don’t mean sue someone for money. And no, I don’t mean swindle anyone either. And no, I don’t mean cash in an insurance policy. And I most certainly do not mean murder anyone. Especially the real breadwinner. The true person.


    • :) QCL….aww please don’t do this to me….you know I’m not tooo damn articulate lol. Seriously though, I’m wondering about alll the companies the family was involved in and the money that did come into his/their possession through however means…where the hell is it alll? This really needs to be investigated…imo.
      And yes QCL I see what you are saying……he hardly ‘earned’ a damn cent.


  22. That, dear Millie is indeed the point!
    How articulate does one need to be to earn an honest cent?
    Ah yes, and back to a post only recently: Exactly WHICH crime needs investigation?
    PS LOL Millie!


  23. Hopefully all of them QCL….surely, given that the crime is possibly motivated by money….alll would be investigated…?? Do you think?


  24. Read this with an open mind folks – this is an Alex Baden Powell family in Brisbane… They are not in peerage…

    http://bit.ly/1bG3R8i This is the newspaper article which started the chatter last year. It took me a while to trawl my notes for you, however this is what I found – Lara and Alex Baden Powell are originally from Brazil Their name was “Baden Powell de Aquino” and they have dropped the bit off the end.

    This Alex’s family had adopted the name Baden-Powell out of respect for the chief scout and are not related to the chief scout’s family in any way – blood line or peerage. Alex was actually born Alexander Baden Powell de Aquino. His father was a famous guitarist in Brazil – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baden_Powell_de_Aquino

    As to whether there are more than one Alex Baden Powell families in Brisbane, I have no idea.


    • Thanks MM. This proves that there is more than one Alex Baden-Powell. The descendant of Hon. Lt. Gen.Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell is named in the Peerage as : Alexander Peter Baden-Powell (dob: 1973). He graduated from Monash University with B.A. He is genetically the second cousin to Gerard Baden-Clay. Hope this helps.


    • Cheers, MMisst. It seems the Alex BP originally from Brazil. is the one who appears in the pic in the legal aid doc AND in the cancer news item. His wife Lara C is on Fb, she is friends with a BP who in turn is friends with Nigelaine. Also, her husband Alex BP is friends with Nigelaine.

      What’s the story?????


  25. when someone applies for legal aid they have to declare their assets,i know of a person getting refused on an assault charge,he had $500 in the bank,being charged with murder he has to have a lawyer representing him,without; if he was convicted it would be overturned by the appeals court,and would either order a new trial or squash the conviction


    • Thanks Bill. That is another example of inequitable when compared to the funding given to GBC for private top silk.


  26. Hi Bill. Just wondering if this was a “family” matter: or as Little Fish noticed regarding Legal Aid “refining legal aid application processes for FAMILY and criminal law matters”
    Very Good pickup LF.
    Sort of puts a whole new light on the meaning of “FAMILY Law Matters.”
    Suppose what I am actually wondering is this: What defines Family Law Matters?


    • I guess before we get too carried away, has anyone with some credibility identified this Alex BP character as actually being whom we are surmising him to be. Don’t want to fall into any holes making false accusations:-).

      Would it be highly unlikely that there are more than one ABP living in Brisbane? If we were talking about someone whose surname was quite common ie White, Brown, Black, I guess it would be trying to find a needle in a hay-stack, but ‘Baden Powell’ kind of narrows it down somewhat. Poor dash guy if he ain’t connected!


      • Good point Little Fish. And a very important point.
        It was the “sued for money” words that made me think “similar ilk. BP/BC”
        It is my humble opinion that when a person sues another for money, they are either greedy, or stupid, or dishonourable, or that’s the next best thing for a lazy useless person to do to acquire money.
        These “No win, no pay” solicitors have very much to answer for.


  27. After reading a bit in the Courier Mail about the cock-up with political revelations, my last post re listening/recording device is null and void…as it was a mobile phone handed to Courier Mail…. Mmmmmmm….. Wonder where the phone is that he loaned to one Gerard Baden-Clay.

    Goodness gracious me, surely it isn’t all connected as even the most imaginative script writer couldn’t produce anything more murderous, sinister, tangled and life destroying.

    A comment was made earlier about whether anyone is being pro-active in protesting legal aid for GBC…. Be good to know whether the Alex at legal aid is related. Now if we had access to a QPS data base….


  28. Holy Toledo!

    The phone that recorded Flegg’s dealings with the LNP turns out to be the one he lent to Gerbil after the latter’s was confiscated.

    And Flegg has been trying through police to get it back – obviously unsuccessfully.

    The plot thickens.


  29. Which leads to the obvious question:

    When GBC couldn’t take “his” mobile phone into Arthur Gorrie, who would have taken possession of it?

    I think we all know the answer.

    This gets smellier by the minute.


  30. Let’s just surmise that Gerbil’s personal effects are handed to his next of kin when he enters prison, including the phone in question.

    I’m thinking nigelaine or possibly Saint Olivia.

    They find some dynamite revelations that could land one or more high-profile politicians and/or apparatchiks in deep trouble, even jail.

    After all, the recordings reveal those concerned have lied in their previous evidence under oath at a CMC enquiry into political inducements.

    What to do with tangible proof of such damning truths?

    Leverage for dealing with personal situations of inconvenience i.e. lack of ability to carry on ‘business as usual’?

    Threats to undermine potential prosecution witnesses under fear of disclosure?

    Blackmail for favourable treatment from Legal Aid through Government intervention?

    Or possibly just “pay back” revenge for not providing sufficient support when called as a witness at the committal hearing?

    This yarn leaves Days of Our Lives/The Bold and the Beautiful scripts looking comparatively believable.


    • Well it served a purpose in the Skull interest didn’t it? What are the benefits? Well it has played into the hands of political enemies, given them what they needed to politically assassinate a political enemy, and gain his prized seat.
      Has the negotiated reward been a decision to provide tax payers money for something they wanted? What do you think?
      It has also discredited a Prosecution witness.


    • I would imagine that any phone GBC carried at the time of the arrest would have been confiscated by police and checked out like his other phones were after Allison’s disappearance. I am presuming detectives have passed information on to the CMC after they had finished with it. Sounds like Flegg had been trying to get it back from the beginning, then approached police about getting it back too once he found out the B-C’s didn’t have it.


      • OMG! I was concerned I had planted a wild seed re the mobile phone and was about to post that it was just my wild imagination that had deduced this… Then I got to a link posted from the newspaper which indicates it wasn’t just wild imagination…..

        This really is an absolutely too ridiculous and scary for words unbelievable web of filth all around. Truly frightening, truly frightening. RIP Allison… What chance did you have, being a normal person in this surreal, deeply corrupt and powerful community???


        • Hi Little Fish, Do you really think your “wildest imagination” could concoct such a story; a web of deceit, hypocrisy, manipulations, duplicity, fraud, lies and cover ups?


          • Hi QCL :-)

            I guess not, if it weren’t for the stimulus provided.

            Murder most foul underlies this whole situation… Underlies, overhangs, surrounds, pervades, seeps through.

            Not only was Allison up against it from her husband and his family, there was a wall too big for one decent, honest, unsuspecting human being to comprehend and fight against. She was trapped…..I am trying to say something which I hope isn’t misconstrued but we can’t turn back the clock and retrieve Allison, and as discussed here previously if we can learn anything positive out of this negative, it will be (struggling here to articulate my thoughts), well maybe a result of the impact Allison’s life light that shines on after her death.

            I think back to those uneducated, unthinking and callous accusations as a means of explanation for Allison’s demise as being ‘her issue’ and therefore her own choice at life or death, the dreaded black dog, depression. This is indicative of, and further illuminates the lack of knowledge that surrounds mental health issues and which further stigmatises same. I think we could rename the reason Allison sought medical help I.e. delete the word ‘depression’ and replace it with stress and anxiety. For any medicos who would argue that the two latter states constitute the former, I say that I think in this instance, there needs to be a differentiation to sort the wheat from the chaff out of respect for Allison, to fully understand how wicked her environment was that ultimately led to her death. She would have constantly pushing shit uphill, in more ways than one.

            If for example, Allison had confided in someone, anyone, how could she even begin to explain the poisonous web that has gathered so many nasties, that she unknowingly/unwittingly became trapped within. So much deceit, lies, madness around her would no doubt have placed her in such a difficult predicament, that she probably started to question her sanity…. While all the while, she was probably the one and only person who remained civilised, honest and true to herself and fellow human beings. I have always believed for that reason, and being only too cognisant of the instability and dangerous nature of her ‘quiet, well respected?, pillar of society husband who held senior positions within community organisations’, that she would never have shared or relinquished custody of her girls, hence staying trapped in a nightmare.

            The narcissist husband who had the capacity to sell ice to the Eskimos, be incognito and sprout motivational talks to vulnerable and impressionable youth (unbelievable), etc etc etc etc, would have surely slayed her in a family law court with respect to gaining custody of his girls as even in death, he has shown only callous disregard and disrespect to perhaps one of the few decent individuals he knew intimately. Extrapolate that environment out to his extended family, and beyond to the local and state government connections (not to mention that scouts’ honour business), she was powerless. RIP Allison Dickie. You are owed respect from us all.


            • Good empathic grasp of the environment Allison found herself surrounded by and how this impacted her situation Littel Fish. Much appreciated.


        • Weird, but not… It seems that so much comes out of that community. And the B-C’s lives in the thick of it. I was thinking earlier that even though I think Campbell Newman is a rotter in his own right, I also think that he has been a puppet with the Moggill area faction being the puppeteers. As much as I hate to say it, I don’t think Newman was aware of a lot of the background stuff before the election. I feel the corrupt lot were planning and plotting and loving the fact that a relative political newby was standing up for the Premier’s job – someone they possibly hoped to manipulate. I think because the B-C’s hob-nobbed with that lot they thought they were special and able to pull strings.


          • Hob nobbing gives a sense of referred importance. An illusion in the real sphere of political influence IMO.


  31. From my admittedly limited understanding of the law, I believe there is every chance that both Flegg and McIver could find themselves sharing lodgings with people of the ilk of Gerbil.


  32. Yes ! I knew this was going to get political sooner or later . So many ridiculously unbelievable lies, cover ups , it’s all becoming much clearer now , finally getting all the pieces of the puzzle together … So sorry Allison


  33. gbh said “Or possibly just “pay back” revenge for not providing sufficient support when called as a witness at the committal hearing?”

    I do think the family wouldn’t have been impressed by him at the committal hearing. Sounds like the gloves are off. Desperate times calling for desperate measures.


  34. Woman to tell of offer for MP to vacate seat | The Australian

    EMBATTLED backbencher Bruce Flegg’s former lover is preparing to tell Queensland’s corruption watchdog that the Moggill MP told her he was offered a plum post to resign.

    The Sunday Mail can reveal Brisbane woman Sue Heath has hired a lawyer and will recant her statements to the Crime and Misconduct Commission that she was not aware of any offer.

    Ms Heath’s potentially damning testimony comes after the watchdog recently obtained one of Dr Flegg’s mobile phones containing covertly recorded conversations.

    While the watchdog previously investigated the alleged inducement in 2011, the recordings in which Dr Flegg discusses the trade post offer with a party official never previously emerged.

    In a bizarre twist, the white Apple iPhone containing the recordings was also the same phone of Dr Flegg’s which was lent to accused wife killer Gerard Baden-Clay.

    The phone was given to Baden-Clay by the couple in April 2012 after police had seized his mobile as they investigated the disappearance of his wife, Alison.

    “We did discuss it,” Ms Heath told a committal hearing at Brisbane Magistrates Court in March. “We agreed that I’d lend him the phone.”

    Ms Heath refused to comment yesterday when contacted by The Sunday Mail.

    Dr Flegg has publicly stated he will co-operate with any new CMC probe but insisted the matter was also the subject of an ongoing police investigation.

    “Under these circumstances I am unable and will not be making any further public comment at this time,” he said in a statement.

    It is understood the police investigation Dr Flegg referred to related to his own recent attempts to reclaim the phone containing the contentious recordings.

    The MP recently lodged a complaint with police about the missing phone as well as a dictaphone and two USB data devices.

    The complaint by Dr Flegg prompted police to issue a search warrant of Ms Heath’s workplace.

    Ms Heath, who recently quit the LNP, along with party president Bruce McIver and Dr Flegg previously denied to the CMC that an offer of a trade post was made in exchange for Dr Flegg resigning his seat for Premier Campbell Newman.

    The CMC found while Dr Flegg had been pressured to resign there was no evidence of any inducement offer.

    “During the CMC’s investigation, Mr McIver and Dr Flegg were interviewed under oath and both denied that an offer of a benefit was made or sought to influence the election conduct of Dr Flegg,” the watchdog said after its four-month investigation.

    However, during one of the recordings heard by The Sunday Mail, Dr Flegg discusses the potential of taking up a trade post with local party official Leigh Warren, who acted as his emissary in a meeting with LNP powerbroker Barry O’Sullivan.

    “Would you want to go to a cold weather place in London or a warm weather place in America? Where else have they got them? I think there is one in Asia,” Ms Warren asks.

    Dr Flegg responded: “Oh no, I mean, either of the aforementioned would be very attractive.”


  35. Gloves are off?
    Bruce Flegg’s FORMER lover ……………. Sue Heath………..


      • Very interesting. I think Sue Heath let the cat out of the bag during the committal when she admitted that she did give the phone to GBC. The webs we weave, the fall-out can be very damning when it comes to matters of the heart. Sue Heath’s loathing for Flegg is coming across loud and clear, talk about sticking the knife in and exposing a whole minefield of information.


  36. Talk about the plot thickening! GBC having possession of Flegg’s phone which had much volatile information on it, is clearly the leverage the BC’s have had to date. It’s sickening on so many levels, and I only hope that as this fact has now been exposed, while some very senior LNP members are deep in muck as a result, we as the public need to demand a extremely high level of scrutiny of the outcome in GBC’s murder trial. Allison Baden Clay, an innocent woman, was murdered, her children are motherless, and GBC is negotiating the proceeds of her life insurance to obtain and pay for legal representation through Legal Aid, using those funds if he gets off!

    Reporters can’t report certain things in a murder investigation, but they sure as hell are interested and able to when it comes to politicians. The damning ‘secrets’ the BC’s have been holding as blackmail on Flegg’s phone are now out there for the world to see. You can bet they’ve stored the taped conversations elsewhere and while this phone has now been handed in, they still think they can use the information as leverage to get GBC off. Very sick indeed.


  37. Just doing some googling re the Honourable? Flegg.
    Although this is “old news” December 2012, here is another person suing for money.
    I have previously made it clear what I think of people who sue others or threaten to sue for money.
    In fact this is the very reason much of the system here has broken down.

    Former Queensland housing minister Bruce Flegg is suing his sacked media adviser for defamation.


  38. More about the sacking and suing from end of 2012
    Bruce Flegg ‘unfit’ for position – 4BC

    A sacked media officer says he’ll unveil documents before parliament on Tuesday to prove Queensland’s Housing Minister Bruce Flegg is unfit for his senior position.

    Dr Flegg sacked his senior media officer Graeme Hallett on Monday, only days after firing his chief-of-staff Fraser Stephen.

    Both men have been working with Dr Flegg since the Liberal National Party won the Queensland election in March.

    It’s also believed Education Minister John-Paul Langbroek simultaneously dismissed his personal assistant Leonie Shepherd, a former electorate officer for Dr Flegg.

    Mr Hallett, a long-term Liberal operative, will hold a press conference at 8.30am (AEST) outside Queensland’s Parliament House.

    He told AAP he has documents that prove Dr Flegg is unfit to be a government minister but declined to give more details before the press conference.

    Mr Hallett has worked as a ministerial adviser in the Howard government and also helped Dr Flegg when he was Liberal leader in 2006.

    In 2005, Mr Hallett was at the centre of controversy.

    The then federal ministerial adviser was accused of trying to influence the Wyong Shire Council in NSW over a $1.5 million federal grant it was seeking to dredge a creek.


  39. I hope investigating journalists and QPS investigators ferret out every shred of information relating to possible corruption and/or preferential treatment of GBC and others involved on any level with this heinous murder of Allison and the quest to get him off the hook. GBC (and any others involved in the murder and/or subsequent cover-up) must get only what they are entitled to and no more. Definitely NO preferential treatment!

    It has been a suspicion all along that GBC is getting preferential treatment in prison, possibly being separated from other prisoners. And his substantial weight gain over the past year appears to indicate he is getting more to eat than general prisoners too….???

    This awful soap opera that has been going on for more than a year now and has all the hallmarks of corruption and collusion at high levels really has to come to an end soon, reality has to be faced by all concerned and justice must be served, not only for the sake of Allison and her family, but also to restore the entire community’s faith in the law enforcement, political and justice systems.

    One expects to find blatant corruption and miscarriage of justice in 3rd world countries, not in a prominent 1st world country like Australia! Time for a massive spring-clean in political and justice circles by the sound of it, and everyone involved in corrupt or criminal activities or the cover-up of them be exposed and brought to justice.

    One wonders of Maloney did not perhaps uncover such corruption and collusion and found it ethically wrong to support this. Maybe he needs to help fight for justice in the prosecution’s camp – after all as several people have reminded us already, all that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. It seems whether good men do nothing vs the right thing is going to make a massive difference to the outcome here.

    It seems it’s time for every person who has a voice in the political and justice circles to nail his colours to the mast and speak up loud and clear for what is RIGHT, and against what is WRONG.


    • … with you %100 RIP Allison. [Quote] “and justice must be served … for Allison and her family … but to restore the entire community’s faith in the law enforcement, political and justice systems” [unquote]. IMO this is what we are looking at in QLD.

      [Quote] “It’s time for every person who has a voice in the political and justice circles to nail his colours to the mast and speak up loud and clear[unquote].

      Bravo. Well said.


      • Thanks Moonlight, I took a bit of leave. Came back to to discover the web of deceit and collusion seemingly stretching even further and ‘higher’ than we may have imagined! I sincerely hope the strong light of truth and justice will be shone in every dark corner.


        • We missed you RIP Allison, I always enjoyed passion to help, your presence and posts, enormously.


  40. MUCH of our fascination with court proceedings lies in ordinary people plucked from ordinary lives and thrust into the extraordinary theatre of justice.

    At this hearing, for instance, a travel agent, a real estate agent, teachers and a receptionist, to name a few.

    There is fascination too, though, when the notable take the stand. On day two of the Gerard Baden-Clay committal hearing, that came in the unlikely form of a tall, grey politician in a dark suit and navy tie. Not just any pollie, but former Queensland Cabinet Minister Dr Bruce Flegg.

    But the former housing minister’s evidence was fascinating in its own right; an account of more than 45 minutes.

    The court learnt that not only was Dr Flegg a neighbour of the Baden-Clays in Brookfield, in Brisbane’s west, but he also had a personal and professional relationship with Gerard Baden-Clay.

    Dr Flegg told the court he’d heard a “blood-curdling scream”, “clearly a female scream”, on the evening of April 19 last year while sitting in bed on the phone to a friend.

    Dr Flegg recounted how he then went to wake his then-staffer Graeme Hallett, who had been staying in Dr Flegg’s spare room at the time.

    Mr Hallett, he said, sleeps “like a railway sleeper”.

    “I was unsuccessful in waking him up,” Dr Flegg told the court.

    Dr Flegg said at this time he heard a second, identical scream, and at one point he thought it had come from Mr Hallett’s room.

    “From his room? The room further down the hallway,” defence barrister Peter Davis SC asked.

    “Yes, perhaps,” Dr Flegg replied.

    Dr Flegg detailed his dealings with Gerard Baden-Clay, having known the accused through the local chamber of commerce and having bought and sold two properties through Baden-Clay’s real estate agency.

    In a statement to police, Dr Flegg said Baden-Clay had approached him about a loan of $400,000.

    “Gerard was straight to the point,” he said. “There was no beating around the bush.”

    When pushed on the reasons for the loan, Dr Flegg said Baden-Clay was “evasive” and declined to say if it was the result of a buy-out of partners in his agency.

    “I think it would be fair to say I closed the door on the discussion,” Dr Flegg said.

    But that didn’t mean Dr Flegg had closed the door on his relationship with the accused. Concerned for the family’s welfare after Allison’s disappearance, the court heard the ex-MP visited his friend at the home of Baden-Clay’s parents Nigel and Elaine.

    As he did on day one of the hearing, Baden-Clay sat in the deepest recess of the dock, avoiding any eye contact with the gallery, including a phalanx of Allison Baden-Clay supporters – mainly family – seated in the nine seats of the left front row.

    They’ve taken ownership of row one, having tacked a “reserved” sign to the end of it

    Read more: http://www.couriermail.com.au/national-news/queensland/former-minister-bruce-fleggs-evidence-compelling-in-gerard-baden-clay-committal-hearing/story-fndo4ckr-1226595994364#ixzz2WKtTFwu2


  41. How on earth could anyone confuse a scream coming from within the house and a scream coming from outside?
    And if one suspected the scream within the house, wouldn’t one check every room in that house, rather than become waylaid in trying to wake railway sleepers?
    I would even venture outside with a torch. (To hell with being scared of the dark.)


    • IMO there are unanswered questions about why the local MP heard these screams. Could an allegedly dead woman scream? Were such screams ‘set up’ near Mr Flegg’s house, so that he could testify that he heard screams? Would this confuse the murder time and place? Who would obtain benefit from this? Just a few questions for a Sunday morning.


      • The night Flegg heard the screams was the 19th April. So it is quite likely these were Allison’s. The time of the screams would set the time and date of Allison’s last utterances.


        • Dearest QCL,

          I was watching Flegg’s face while being interviewed – I don’t trust his word. His eyes were shifting.

          I am wondering if he made this statement as payback for anything the BC’s had over his head?



        • Just some lateral thinking QCL. Probing, taking a different angle …etc. No harm intended.


          • Dear Caro, Please keep that lateral thinking going! This whole matter is er…lateral…. Err…umm… Askew might be closer the mark.


            • Agreed. We are looking through the lens of murder,accomplices, lies, business-as-usual detatchment, hidden affairs, blame, conspiracies, scheming, cover-ups, political ambitions, financial skull-duggery, bribes, corruption, surveillance recordings, political assassinations .. and the list goes on. Far from being a normative scenario IMO.


              • So true Caro. I love the way you think outside the square. Nothing down the line about this case, that’s for sure.


      • Warning: This is a long post, and just my warbling with nothing new to add or contribute. Simply my thoughts when attempting to make sense of things….

        I thought it interesting when reading Mr Flegg’s words in court that he heard the scream, tried to wake his guest to see if he had heard them also (bit hard to hear if you are a heavy sleeper (sound familiar but also I wondered whether they had consumed some beverages)….. then goes on to say that he thought it most definitely a scream from a woman… and then continues to say after hearing the second scream, he was a bit confused…. as to whether the scream had come from the bedroom he had just been in ….. that supposedly only contained a male…. oh dear! He sounded a little vague in his response to a query re the location of the bedroom.

        All these webs of deceit and lies. Really, if there is filth from the bottom up, who can we rely upon to spring clean…. interesting to acknowledge that after months of investigation, the CMC cleared all the rats and rabbits in the burrow at the time, of soiling the common ground, based on evidence available, combined with the inhabitants’ ‘honest’ and under oath accounts. Then oops-a-daisy, a bloodied sword is handed up on a silver platter, upon which those involved in such a conspiracy, deserve to fall. But will they?

        At what point is enough, enough? Are there still even greater, stronger, more powerful forces sitting behind this obviously farcical regime we call government, to further cover up their indecent and despicable actions and operations, which according to what I have read, has been seen as ‘acceptable’? Must be just a given that is how things work at the top. Makes a mockery of governance. I gave up when Peter Slipper was handed the speaker’s role by our current Prime Minister…. if we the general public were aware of his dishonesty, how could she not have been. He was given the 3rd most powerful position in the country, and he too is filth and a slippery sucker of a slipper.

        Perhaps they are all in politics because they would never exist/survive in private enterprise. All those public servants who have recently had their lives turned upside down by the Newman government after losing their livelihoods, as he galloped in on his trusty steed, sword drawn to slay and eradicate the errors of his predecessor who he couldn’t paint in a bad enough light…. and yet he has no control of a government funded organisation which will spill unknown amount of funds on defending a suspected murderer, who happens to be a buddy of one of his ‘hand-picked’ ministers who he ‘knew’ were above reproach and would assist him in cleaning up the calamitous state that he had inherited (or according to recent information) acquired through means less than above board.

        Thinking about both Bruce Flegg and Peter Slipper makes me wonder about the tertiary education we rely upon to educate the more supposedly more capable (intellectually?) of our society, whom command respect due to their degree and profession.

        Everything associated with the circumstances surrounding the tragedy of Allison Dickie’s death, has been nothing short of sickening. I hope that all this faeces hitting the fan does not detract from the important issue at hand, justice for Allison, and that each and every person who directly or indirectly had a hand in her demise face the consequences of their actions. We are talking about a life, the life of an innocent human being – a mother, a daughter, a cousin, a sibling, a colleague, a friend, an aunt, a niece etc, cruelly ended. For what? Money apparently, but what about greed, sadism, power, ego, dishonesty, incompetence, pretence etc that led to the need for that thing called money.

        From this site I have heard a new term which I like as I often thought that money was the root of all evil, but then some wise poster shared that ‘it is the love of money that is the root of all evil’. Keeping up with the Joneses, or the Fleggs or whoever Gerard aspired to emulate which ultimately dictated that nothing, or nobody, not even the mother of their three children was going to stand in the way of his reaching that goal.

        Apologies for this long post but it helps put things in perspective for me as I continue to try to make sense of Allison’s unnecessary and untimely death. Freedom of speech and all that and the one and only reason I am here is to in some distant, disconnected way, show support for Allison and her family. I am not a voyeur, nor cashing in on someone else’s circumstances and grief, nor filling a void in my life as a rubber-necker. Blogs like this where people express disgust and outrage at injustices and unacceptable behaviours inflicted on people whom they may or may not have known, is indicative that the world isn’t all bad. That there are people with a conscience and murders such as Allison’s aren’t facts that are heard about and forgotten…. a kind of complacency about the value of life and a system which will deal with it.

        Technology reduces human contact and interaction however provides a positive with this kind of forum/media allowing individuals to converse, express and share.


        • No need for apologies Little Fish, I am here with the same intent. No voyeur, not cashing in on anyone elses circumstances, nor filling any void as a rubbernecker. I am here to express my complete and utter disgust at the circumstances whereby a beautiful life can be extinguished in such strange and questionable circumstances. Let justice prevail and yes I think it was I who said “the LOVE of money is the root of all evil” because I completely and honestly believe it.


          • Good morning Witchetad…. It is always nice to read positives with respect to the mutual comraderee and motives of fellow posters. It is always interesting to see responses to all posts. The responses inform how posts are interpreted by others, and also informs much about the responders themselves….

            Have a sun-shiny day to y’all.


          • Also meant to add to the salutations for a sun-shiny day, that those with a clear conscience are deserving of, and more than likely enjoy each day. I wonder how those with not such a clear conscience spend their days? Is each day filled with scheming to try to further cover up their scheming, do they rationalize their bad luck (only if those deeds are discovered), with a transference of blame onto someone else (never taking responsibility for their own actions and with no courage of their convictions due to lack of good old intestinal fortitude) etc etc.

            I would love to see a headline along the lines of: ‘hob nobs, legends in their own lunch time, nest featherers and other upwardly mobile persons with association to the Baden-Clay family come forth with the honest truth about their past and present relationship/dealings with G and his family and how upon discovering that Allison had been murdered, her husband the main suspect, did this interfere with, or disturb their self-centred progress….. Something along those lines would be really informative right through to the retired police commissioner who would have rubbed shoulders with them.

            As another poster noted, all has been quiet with accolades for any family members….just what dirty secrets could be revealed?


  42. What I can’t understand is why would Flegg stick his neck out, if he was involved somehow.
    If he was altogether crooked, he would have shut up. And known nothing. Done a cover up.


    • Maybe Bruce Flegg is unwittingly known by association, detached from the murder side of things.

      I just imagined him with a drawerful of tax-payer-funded gadgetry like iPhones, iPads, etc etc and his lover did a magic box trick and picked out something that felt like a phone, looked a phone and sounded like a phone.

      Can anyone relate to that awful moment when you realise you have made an error with something really important… You go cold, hot, and feel dreadful if someone else has been inconvenienced as a result? I kind of felt that feeling in trying to imagine Mr Flegg’s sheer panic and anxiety if it only dawned on him after the event…him thinking ‘bejesus, how could I have been that sloppy?’.

      If he reported it missing and needed police assistance to retrieve it, my thoughts are that it actually was an accident that Sue Heath handed that phone to GBC, and the terror in Bruce Flegg’s heart upon the realization.
      Would he not have expected the QPS to pull it apart?

      Of course, my imagination does wander sometimes and there will probably be another explanation, but I wonder if some our taxes are being used to replace plenty of pairs of clean undies for some government officials at the moment.

      I feel cranky to think that a pollie would happen to have a few spare phones lying around that we have paid for…. An iPhone no less…. Perhaps they should all go through their drawers and make some donations…


  43. Did Allison make a run for it? And head to Flegg’s place?
    The Baden-Clays’ home is between 500m and 1km away from his (Flegg’s) home.
    I am also very aware of how well sound travels at night, all the same.


  44. It is strange, with most alleged murderers waiting for trial you rarely hear much between arrest and trial. With GBC there has been nothing but new stuff being reported all the time. Way to keep a low profile B-C’s, not! They certainly provide fodder for the news. Just when you think this blog is going to limp along until the trial, up comes something else ;)


    • Indeed Ozmosis
      “WHY IS IT SO?”
      borrowing a line from Professor Julius Sumner Millar.


  45. RIP (Replying here to avoid column getting narrow)
    What a brilliant coup de grace should Mahoney decide to speak for truth and justice. Defend Allison and her integrity. Tell all as he has been thus far instructed.
    Reckon he would become very popular very fast.


  46. Another thought: If police had not suspected this a MURDER investigation from the start, the search would never have been conducted as it was, how it was, and with dedication and urgency it was.
    G$$, himself wanted this “ramped up”, but for different $$s reasons, I suspect $$$.


  47. http://au.news.yahoo.com/thewest/a/-/article/17599297/lnp-tight-lipped-over-alleged-secret-recordings-with-mp-bruce-flegg/
    Opposition Leader Annastacia Palaszczuk says the latest scandal to rock the LNP is the most serious since the election of the Newman Government.”Everybody knew what was going on and now there’s fresh evidence,” she said.
    “If a person has mislead the CMC, if a person has lied to the CMC – this is perjury.
    “Perjury means a maximum of up to 14 years’ imprisonment.
    “These are serious serious allegations that now must to be reopened and reinvestigated.”


  48. Just thinking out loud here.
    I was wondering if a letter to HRH Queen Elizabeth might help here……
    Or is that too much a slap in the face for appointed Governors or Premiers of this dear country Australia?
    Dunno…. Appreciate little bit of help here for from a very humble Queensland Country Lady not ofay with writing personal letters to Queen of England.
    Desperate times call for desperate measures.


  49. Why would you lend a phone to someone who is under suspicion of murdering his wife ? A phone that contains very sensitive information . He needed a phone that could not be tracked by police .in someone else’s name . So why THAT phone ? Surely Flegg is not that stupid . Any other phone would suffice . ???


        • I’m not sure if Fleggs evidence is helping or hindering gbc .its seems that Fleggs evidence is on the periphery of this case . The “coincidences” …the timing …the legal aid .. Someone knows the cold hard truth . Great witness Sue Heath …time to spill the beans.


          • Contributing to the confusion to get him off? I don’t know, we’ll have to wait and see on this one.


    • I’ve been thinking about this over the weekend Mandolin. I’m finding it hard to believe it was an accidental oversight – lending THAT phone to GBC. The phone contained a recording that could potentially put Flegg in the clinker. I think the average person would be very mindful of that. Extreme example, but I equate it to “Gee wizz… I accidentally lent that suitcase containing a kilo of heroin I had stashed to someone”. (I’m no druggie btw!). Unless Dr Flegg has umpteen mobile phones, I struggle to understand how he could ‘forget’ that recording was left stored on the phone & merrily lend it out. Just doesn’t make sense. The recording couldn’t have been used as a ‘get out of jail card’ without incriminating Flegg himself. Either way, I smell BC involvement – time will tell. Look forward to hearing anything further Sue Heath has to say!


      • Yeah spy hop , you would think that phone would /should have been locked up in a safe .


      • Maybe Ms Heath chose that phone…..She also lied about Flegg being offered a ‘transfer” to make may for Newman. But she has obviously been granted immunity in return for a tell-all.


        • It’s a pity that the truth can only be told if it’s self-serving.
          People, just tell the flamin’ truth, and let the chips fall where they may. Grrrrrrr!


  50. MM, relating the info you found :Alex Baden Powell is originally from Brazil, his name was “Baden Powell de Aquino” and they have dropped the bit off the end. This Alex’s family had adopted the name Baden-Powell out of respect for the chief scout and are not related to the chief scout’s family in any way – blood line or peerage. Alex was actually born Alexander Baden Powell de Aquino. His father was a famous guitarist in Brazil”

    I find somethings about this a little odd. If I was a proud Brazilian and especially if I had a famous father who no doubt would love his name to be perpetuated, I would be proud to carry my own name, even if I emigrate to Australia – de Aquino is after all not a difficult surname to pronounce.

    But to first add Baden-Powell to ones name supposedly out of sheer respect for a supposed total stranger and then to conveniently drop ones own name so as to retain only the famous person’s name is taking this to a next level……???? Very unusual….how many people change their names by deed poll to that of their idols??? Would it even be even allowed? One wonders if there is not perhaps a real (but undercover, maybe illegitimate?) genetic connection, or do we have yet another case of someone wanting to ride on the coat tails of someone famous?

    Something a little odd to me about this……a little de ja vu washing over me…….anyone else have thoughts about this?


    • Agree RIP. All a little odd. Illegitimate chlld? A possibiility. Clue: that adult child assuming the name Baden-Powell shows where they want to align themselves with regard to their identity IMO.


    • RIP, interesting isn’t it? Nothing would surprise me now with this ongoing saga. . . still trying to get my head around the mobile phone business.
      I’m also curious as to how this Brazilian BP de Aquino is friends with Nigelaine, on Facebook.


        • If you check Facebook with Lara C (of the cancer article) she has a photo of her husband and her daughter. This man looks like the man in the legal aid doc, then look at her friends which lists an Alex BP. Click on him and see his friends. . one of them is Nigelaine. If the BP couple in the cancer article are the Brazilians, how is it that they are friends with Nigelaine????


          • Bit of a long shot IMO. There is another brother of Alex (ander) , Myles, also a second cousin. Also went to University in Melbourne. And also friends of family on fb.


  51. Second Cousins definition:
    The children of two first cousins.
    GBC and Alexander Peter BP are second cousins because they are non-first cousins who share great-grandparents in common
    The great grand parents are
    Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell and Olave St Clair Soames


  52. The name Hummingbird is only a pseudonym for the name of the real person, but to protect that person’s identity, the name Hummingbird is used?


  53. The Alex Baden-Powell from Brisbane on Facebook is friends with Nigelaine Chitenje


  54. Jarrod Bleijie.
    What’s the connection with The Queensland Attorney-General and Minister for Justice
    and the BC’s including IW husband of OW?


    • I notice the False Prophet has recently ‘liked’ the Attorney-Gen on fb. Stumps me how this guy (given role in church) is so ‘out there’ with his political views. Politics & religion. Bet he’s found himself alone at the odd BBQ…. lol.


  55. Hope you haven’t been threatened MM.
    When you say despatches, my mind straight-a-way thinks: Hatched, Matched, and Despatched department.


  56. Web dictionary:

    noun /ˈhəmiNGˌbərd/ 
    hummingbirds, plural

    A small nectar-feeding tropical American bird that is able to hover and fly backward, typically having colorful iridescent plumage.


  57. I’m back on the subject of Alex(ander) Peter B-P, I am writing this to try and help us all as to weather Alex B-P photographed with Lara is the same Alex in the BC’s Peerage. I don’t wish to upset anyone with what I have researched, however we all want to know the truth.
    As one of our lovely ‘bloggers ‘gave us a link regarding B-P de Aquino and I did read it with an open mind ,however I was a little bamboozled as Roberto B-P de Aquino photos on the net seemed to show him as….shall I say….a little dark in colour. Something didn’t seem to add up to me as the Alex photographed with Lara looked very white in colour so I decided to do a bit more research.

    Roberto B-P de Aquino had two sons, both born in Paris and as quoted on here by our lovely ‘blogger’ is no relation at all to the B-C’s and as quoted Roberto did adopt the name of B-P out of respect for the chief scout and then dropped the ‘de Aquino’ at the end of his name. I seem to think Roberto’s real surname was just plain ole ‘de Aquino’…that’s just my personal opinion. However Alex is no relation to the Brazilian Roberto B-P.

    I did some research on Alex(ander) Peter B-P….there is only ONE Alex / Alexander B-P in the whole of Australia and that is the Alex from ‘the B-C Peerage. Alex lives in Brisbane and came from Vic, Alex studied Árt’( painting?? music?? ) at Melbourne uni. Lara also came from Vic….a little bit to coincidental to me that they both came from Vic so I did further research.

    Alex P B-P’s family live in Vic except for Alex Peter who is married to Lara Allie B-P and both live at the same address. I don’t wish to disclose their address, so I will just say they live in a lovely location of Brisbane. Alex Peter B-P is the same Alex who was photographed with Lara Allie B-P ( they are husband and wife and live at the same address ) and is also the same Alex photographed with Legal Aid.

    Anyone who has done their family history will know that there are sites open to the public which if you know someones name you can then find their address. I myself don’t agree with this certain site being open to the public, however it is totally legal and out there. Another site for anyone doing their family tree is ‘Ryersons Index’ that shows if a person you are looking for is deceased.



    • You have been very busy ;) I thought the pic of the legal aid Alex and the one on Lara’s FB page was one and the some. All very confusing isn’t it ;) needles to say it is just plain weird that AB-P is or was part of legal aid and OW’s hubby has befriended the attorney general who is responsible for running legal aid according to Newman. Geez.


    • Hi Oz,
      No I didn’t study, I’ve been stuck in the spam box(solitary confinement) for a long time now but looks like Moonlight has let me out on parole. I didn’t even need to apply for legal aid


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