Merry Christmas to all in our community

Aussiecriminals has been quite absent for 12 months but he would like to wish everyone a safe and happy Christmas holiday period. We see tragedies every day, yet when we see them happen days before Christmas it hits that little closer to home.

Santa is watching

Santa is watching

I want to thank the folks who have kept this place running. No pay, no slaps on the back, no acknowledgement no fanfare. Just wanting to help been enough.

Aussiecriminals does plan to come back in January 2014, and put the effort in equal the effort the community contributes.

I will not comment on my private life other than to say I am coming out the other side a better person still with a price to pay, which I accept. I have much repairing to do

Have a great Chrissy, stay safe, enjoy time with family and friends and do NOT let the little things get in the way, it is only once a year. Same again for New Years Eve.

It may be the last Christmas gathering you have together


13 thoughts on “Merry Christmas to all in our community

  1. Thank goodness, Robbo. You wouldn’t believe the threats, the nuts, the sickos. Perhaps they won’t be game now you are back.

    Merry Christmas and Merry Christmas to all. Wishing you all a wonderful day tomorrow :D

    (My email address in the system is no longer current).


  2. Merry Christmas Robbo and everyone on Aussie Criminals. I hope you are doing okay Robbo and it will be good to have you back in January (especially for Admin, who has done an amazing job in the interim.) Thank you Admin and wishing you all a fantastic 2014.


  3. Hello Robbo – it’s so great to see you back. My heartfelt best wishes to you and yours for a blessed Christmas and a New Year full of positive renewal. Admin deserves praise of the highest order for his/her preparedness to keep the site running, administer the necessary boundaries, and ride out the criticisms and vitriol which have come his/her way (most of which I assume we have not actually been privy to). You have had a guardian angel acting in your best interests with regard to your site for a really lengthy period of time,often I suspect at a personal cost. I really hope that your Christmas spirit will extend to an acknowledgement of the major part he/she has played in nurturing your important site.


    • She does and I belatedly have.Very bad of me not to read the comments in order, in order to know what is happening, darting here and there does not work….grrrr I am very sorry.


  4. To Robbo and Admin, Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2014.
    And also a big thankyou, and commendation for your most excellent and professional visual, pictorial and informative, written layout of the Aussie Criminals sites well researched information on current and past criminal information that you and everybody assisting you involved, have collated for the Aussie Criminal Communities informing research and reading. By exposing our worst Aussie Criminals for all to see, in a often Criminal Justice System, political, police, corrections and legal world, that covers up, lies and that cares more for their legal representation and criminal rights of their criminal clients , than for the rights and justice of the criminals- victims of the horrible crimes.
    Also a big thanks to all the Aussie Criminals Community of writers, who regularly write an try to expose the high profile criminals that they are not above our laws, and will eventually pay dearly for the innocent victims of all the crimes they have perpetrated . Everyone in the community keep up the good work, soldier on and shame these criminals for what they really are. Cheers..all……………….


  5. Hi to all you guilt ridden people who over indulged over Christmas. Get in line I started it. Thank-you for the words folks, a good community makes it through thick and thin.
    Without being specific I was contacted over Christmas by a father who lost his kids to a despicable mother some time ago. It was a jolt to the head about how we see our own problems.

    For him to write to me at Christmas is indescribable. None of us can feel his pain and loss now or any other time year. His words have inspired me into overdrive for 2014 for those victims and the ones left behind.
    All the other petty shit should never be forgotten but maybe put in perspective when thinking about a parent/family member who is suffering this holiday season


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