NOTORIOUS recaptured rapist Cameron John Graham allowed privileges at Christmas? WTF

What the hell was a recently jailed rapist (for 11 years )  doing being flown to be “Near family” at Christmas in the first place? What sort of jail system do we have?Bloody law abiding folks often only WISH they could afford to see family…Absolute joke…What are your thoughts readers?

Jail transfers halted, prison escapees captured overnight

A NOTORIOUS rapist allowed privileges at Christmas and another fugitive were captured overnight after their shambolic escape saw Corrective Services chief James McMahon yesterday cancels all non-essential prison transfers.

CCTV from BP Cue petrol station showing escapee Cameron John Graham wearing orange cap and dark T shirt with “LA” in large letters on the front.

CCTV from BP Cue petrol station showing escapee Cameron John Graham wearing orange cap and dark T shirt with “LA” in large letters on the front.

Cameron John Graham, 22, sentenced in November to 11 years jail for brutally raping a mother, escaped from custody after being flown from his Perth prison cell to Geraldton to be close to his family for Christmas.

Kelden Edward Fraser, 23, who escaped from a prison van in Geraldton

Kelden Edward Fraser, 23, who escaped from a prison van in Geraldton

Graham and another prisoner, Kelden Edward Fraser, 23, were captured after police used a plane to find their bush camp in the Mullewa area, near Geraldton.

Officers were deployed to the camp where they arrested Graham and Fraser just after 1am this morning.

The pair were taken to Geraldton Police Station.

The escape has increased heat on Serco, the private company responsible for prisoner transfer.

After refusing to front the media yesterday, Corrective Services Minister Joe Francis told The Sunday Times last night when asked about Serco: “Of course I am disappointed in Serco. They are skating on thin ice.”

 In the wake of the security failure, Commissioner McMahon also ordered a review of the prisoner transfer process, as the State Opposition called for a parliamentary inquiry into the debacle.

CorrectIve Services Commissioner James McMahon faces the media today

CorrectIve Services Commissioner James McMahon faces the media today

Acting Premier Kim Hames and Mr McMahon were left to face a barrage of questions yesterday.

Mr McMahon said that as a result of the incident only prison transfers approved by him would go ahead.

 “At the department we take this very seriously. Our ultimate job is to provide safety to the community,” he said. “We failed. The ultimate responsibility for that is me. Let me very clear about that.”

He added: “I think it is an outrage. I am going to get to the bottom of it.”

Mr McMahon also put Serco on notice. Serco was transporting the escapees.

“There have been a number of incidents that have come across my desk that have involved Serco,” he said.

“Do I have concerns? Absolutely I do. And I am reviewing that in its entirety.

“I will be making my point very strongly and clearly to Serco that the minimum requirement I require of any organisation that are trans-porting people from a custodial perspective is that it needs to be done securely.”

Opposition spokesman for corrective services Paul Papalia said yesterday Labor would move a motion calling for the inquiry when parliament resumes next month.

Mr Papalia said it was “inconceivable” that one month after starting his jail term Graham would be transferred from maximum security at a Perth prison – believed to be Hakea – to medium-security Greenough Regional Prison to be closer to his family for Christmas.

Mr Papalia said that Graham did not deserve the festive season perk and the “risks were too high”.

 When Graham broke into the woman’s home on January 15 last year, he threatened to murder her children.

He then forced her to undress before repeatedly raping his terrified victim in her walk-in robe.

Afterwards he ordered her to drive to a nearby cash machine and withdraw $400.

At sentencing, District Court judge Christopher Stevenson said Graham’s offending was of “such gravity” that it was difficult to find words “as a human being to describe the nature and depravity of it”.

But one month later, ­Graham was rewarded with a taxpayer-funded flight to see his family in Geraldton.

Asked by the media yesterday why Mr Francis was missing in action, Dr Hames said: “I don’t know where he is. He is not my responsibility.”

“I don’t know the circumstances behind Joe not being able to talk today. The Minister has a full understanding of the implications of his responsibilities as a Minister. It’s up to him to make those decisions and up to the Premier to make judgments on whether those decisions are accurate or not.”

Mr Papalia said: ” Corrective Services minister Joe Francis needs to provide the community a full explanation as to why this perk was allowed.

“When parliament resumes we will attempt to have this investigated and (we) want the government’s support.

“In this case, it would appear the prisoner was transferred to Greenough so that his family could go and see him in prison – just one month after he was sentenced.

“This is a guy (Mr Francis) who chases publicity for self promotion and spin but is shy when there is an issue. I will be writing to the Minister and asking him for the specific process that occurs for transfers of Mr McMahon said a detailed investigation was also being conducted by Serco.

Mr Papalia said Serco should also be part of the inquiry.

“Serco has had a series of failures in the past few months,” Mr Papalia said.

Graham was being transferred back to Perth on Friday when he kicked the door out of a prison van at Geraldton airport and stole a rental car at 1pm.

Fraser, 23, on remand at Greenough for alleged armed robbery, also escaped with him.

The car allegedly stolen by the pair was found bogged 39km north of Mullewa.

Police officers had resumed the search at first light yesterday after reports the escapees were seen refuelling at a BP service station in Cue, 651km northeast of Perth, about 8.30pm on Friday.

They were seen by police travelling along Great Northern Highway but disappeared 15km north of Mount Magnet.

About 2.30am, police spotted the car on the Geraldton-Mount Magnet Rd heading east. A car chase ensued but officers lost them.

Police last night used helicopters and night-vision equipment to locate the men.

 Serco declined to comment

14 thoughts on “NOTORIOUS recaptured rapist Cameron John Graham allowed privileges at Christmas? WTF

  1. Forget about authorities patting themselves on the back about how they caught them so soon.So what, it should on NEVER happened and those bureaucrats who have been in hiding better come out and explain or resign. This bloke could of killed and raped anybody AGAIN


  2. The prison system in Qld if not in Australia is a joke. Marlene Morrison the EX commissioner who even as a human being and a woman let alone someone responsible for apparently running something as a prison system was and will go down in history for being the most useless, shameful, most hated and deranged individual. She alone put the accomplishments and behaviour, standards and decision making skills in an industry dominated by men for generations back to the middle ages. The beyond belief actions and behaviour toward the states worst prisoners by those employed in the public sector of qld prisons alone should be known to all the victims if those criminals. The so called transparency and accountability in the public sector does not have the same meaning as a dictionary would interpret those words. Covert and denial is the code of conduct within the prison system. The public pay for these facilities to keep these detestible beings and that includes the public paid for staff away from the general population. When if the truth be told the biggest rip of of sick leave and overtime is the public paid for staff and management, its a wonder more escapes havnt been reported as there are more but its kept quite and its a wonder this backward bunch of illiterate staff and management havnt let it slip out before. The public get a tit bit of what really goes on. Its beyond words…


  3. In Victoria, our Prison Holiday resorts are the same. A Bloody joke. But on a more serious note, they are a gross crime of injustice against, us all, the way they keep letting out these scum bg crims, prisoner rights to freedom of leave, on compassionate grounds and for the benefit of the future rehabilitation, from their pathetic short prison sentences. The Department of Justice Corrections Victoria and the Department of Human Services, mismanagement who supervise sentenced, imprisoned mentally disturbed ,”so called sex pest offenders with a disability”, and allow them regular reintergration leave from security fenced protection hostels, for their fast tracked preparation of release back into the public, to free up overcrowding prison accommodation space. Despite the heinous nature of these crims deviate crimes, the authorities continue to preferred use of criminal rights trained touchy feely welfare workers, instead of using strict uniformed tough discipline trained and experienced custodial Prison Officers. This limp wristed senior management hierarchy of rehabilitation, orientated, human rights softly softly, humane containment prison management of our most dangerous men and women in protective custody, are grossly failing the more important issues of protecting the generl public and all of the community from these dangerous convicted and sentenced to imprisonment beasts.! These Prisoners are a danger to the free world, but continue to be allowed and granted leave from their county club protection jails, by their do gooder correctional services management. These crims are known repeat offenders, recidivist habitual violent , and long records of sex offending creatures. But these” prisoner release programs” still continuing to happen on a regular basis, as they have for many years by the so-called experienced and softly softly do- gooder high ranking prison officer managers, who care only for prisoners humane containment and rights to rehabilitation, over the potential risk assessments of the safety and protection of the community and their property. These Prison Managers and their do-gooder supervising staff of these prisoners, need to become victims of these violent and dangerous sex pest scum bag rapists and murderers and violent offenders, who assault there victims without any remorse or conscience. ……………
    Had the liberal government not closed H.M.Pentridge Prison in 1997, and H.M.Geelong and H.M.Bendigo and H.M.CASTLEMAINE, IN 1990. There would be plenty of room, to hold all the current overcrowing in all Victorian and other States of Australias, bursting Prison system.


  4. The same stuffed up problems of incomprehension and incompetent prisoners release, regularly occurring all over Australia wide run overcrowded and under experienced State or Privatised Correctional services systems that continually cover up their arses, by their do-gooder un- accountably, and keep getting away with the dodgy results of their endless incompetence and the most extremely horrible outcomes to society, which has been the result and continued to be approved and allowed time and time again for more than twenty years, by” senior Government hierarchy managers and Prison Commissioners of Prisons Criminal Justice, unchecked by having no accountability by allowed the so called most violent dangerous High Profile recidivist parolees serial sex offending rapists, pedophilles and un-repentant dangerous criminals, of which there have been, and still are so” many occurrences ”of by the hundreds of victims, they have left behind. To name just a few, of these stuff ups in past years such as, and including the system failures to the community by heinous violent Victorian Prisoners Peter Norris Dupas, Adrian Earnest Edwards/Bayley, Steven James Hunter, Gary Collingwood, Jason Dinsley, etc, etc, etc, the list is endless, time and time again, enough to fill a telephone book with the stuff ups of Prisoners on Compassionate & Rehabilitation leave, un-supervised and freely able to continue running amok, with the worst possible outcomes by torturing, molesting, bashing, robbing, stalking and raping and finally slaughtering with cold calculated murder, and the final result, being the shameful and so unnecessary and avoidable ruining so many more innocent lives, while with out accountability letting loose their mangey dangerous biting dogs off their prison dog chains, by their crim loving ,dog keeping, do-gooder, high ranking screw minders behind bars, known as the Unit Management, Humane Containment, Office of Corrections senior Prison administration, and Department of Justice. Prisons Victoria. Of Which there have being many over the years, to the very present in the prison systems of all Australian and Victorian Correctional services, who for their stuff ups have been cleverly protected from legal actions, from their dangerous miss – management of the prisoners and parolees under their watch. A bit of Spin and bullshit by the higher authorities, a few escape goats, a white washed internal inquiry, and back to business as usual. And back to letting the wild beasts ”Prisoners”, rehabilitated and again set free for more mayhem. Hoping no one will notice. Out of sight and Out of mind! corruption of the highest level. Do – gooders keep looking after their crim loving mates!………………………………………………………………………………………………………
    Politicians instead of just spinning on Australias overcrowing prison problems. Need to take a fact finding tour of the United States OF Americas Federal Supermax Correction Prisons, and build real secure, large number accommodation prisons in remote areas, where escapes are rare, and parole is not a right. And indefinite sentencing is always the considered option, of keeping a dangerous violent inmate or prisoner safely locked away from the free world or communities. Zero Tolerance, Three Strikes Your Out. Life in Prison, with no Rights, ever. The Governors Pleasure, Never to be Released. The Australian Prison Overcrowding problems can be fixed by just toughening up the current do-gooder Australian Prisons. Follow Russian and U.S.A, Management prison styles and built tougher, larger, supermax correctional facilities or penitentiaries…………………………..

    No crims will want to go back to jail then, and the message will pass on like wild fire, if prisons are no longer retirement village country clubs, but once again Penal institutions of hard labour and solitary confinement and warehousing of criminals again. No more free time out of jail for rehabilitation, unless it can be proved beyond reasonable doubt, that the inmate or prisoner is harmless of reoffending again back in the free world of our communities. Risk Management !
    And many more thousands of ” Dongas” or Shipping containers behind razor wire in the middle of the remote dessert, or out at sea, isolated far from society. The Government can hire FIFOS, Fly in , Fly out, Prison Officers to kept these places, strictly and military, secure and escape proof. And Hire no Do-gooders or Welfare Workers as Screws…………….Also hiring more screws, as is the case in the U.S.A and Russia is good for solving UN-EMPLOYMENT, IN HARD TIMES….!.. Make our jails the place where no criminal wants to be. Russia has the Black Dolphin, Prison………Australia, with our Australian Defence Forces returning from Afghanistan can start to build and run many more new supermax inter- state national transfere, fortification prisons the ….Big Boomerang Penitentiary in Woomera!.
    or the The Big Rock in Marble Bar! or Lake Air Salt Lake Penitentiary! Tasmainia Southern Wilderness Remote High Security Prison! Cape York Maximum Security Remand Centre! Bungle Bungles and Port Headland Western Australia Supermax Facility! Longreach Queensland separation Prison! Hay Plains New South Wales High Security Unit! Mallee Little Dessert North West Victoria Maximum Security Sex Offenders Prison! Northern Territory end of sentence rehabilitation camp! Its time we treated our worst dangerous prisoners, the same as we treat military traitors, terrorists and Taliban prisoners. Tough Justice, Discipline, Rules, Segregation, Isolation, Solitary Confinement , Hard Labour, Humane Containment which is fair, but also very firm. Zero tolerance to escapes and prison incidents, by tough highly trained Prison Officers in High security Prison Management….One way in- know way out! The Shawshank Redemption or Walking the Green Mile…….!


    • That sums it up…….trouble is the military our australian military are a joke as well….if that military had to protect australia God Help US……they also need to look at a real military in a country that has actually been a military and fought a real war, not a made up one as in afganistan. The Australian Military need to role model themselves on a proud country like Israel. Every israeli citizen must and does so for the love of their country and belief in themselves, serves proudly in their military. This country has lost its pride and lost its direction.


  5. That sums it up…….trouble is the military our australian military are a joke as well….if that military had to protect australia God Help US……they also need to look at a real military in a country that has actually been a military and fought a real war, not a made up one as in afganistan. The Australian Military need to role model themselves on a proud country like Israel. Every israeli citizen must and does so for the love of their country and belief in themselves, serves proudly in their military. This country has lost its pride and lost its direction.


    • until someone released a so called damning video of abuse and found scapegoats to take the fall…..those accused and in there wouldnt have given us the same mercy, they would have proudly stood back and watched a brutal slaying of us so called infidels….


  6. The only way to treat terrorists and would be terrorists in the worst places of imprisonment , like Guantamo bay, Delta Camp X-Ray… Is to treat them with the same lack of mercy, they have, in their own terrorist countries where they brutally treat there infidel hostages victims of war.. These replacments of Sadam Hussain and Osama Bin Ladens, Al Qaeda and Pakistan Tailban forces and there radical supporting hardcore Arab Nations Allah muslim nutcases, think nothing of be-heading, cutting their enemies throats and shock treatment, water torture and finally murder by firing squads, or beheading by swords, not to mention on- mass suicide bombings which cause endless collateral damage. Harsh, brutal treatment is all they understand. The same treatments should be used on our worst violent criminal prisoners…who have committed the most gross crimes on innocent victims. No mercy, just brutal depravation , during their time in custody, to break them, both physical and mentally. These worst crims showed no form of mercy or compassion towards their suffering in agony victims, while they brutally raped, bashed or murdered them. And like wise they should during their incarceration in Maximum Security Prison, suffer the same wraith of torture, to their spirits and minds. But as usual the human and criminal rights academics and lawyers, make our prisons take the soft option on crime and punishment.
    And the dangerous criminals get let loose back on the streets, to do what they do best. Stalk more Victims to Assault, bash, molest, rape and Murder!………………………………………………………


  7. I wouldn’t totally blame Serco, sure they screwed up, but whats new with them. Graham and Fraser should never have been transported by Serco in the first place. Fraser in particular a month earlier with four others and had climbed on the roof at Greenough Prison and caused over 10 thousand in damage, he was an escape risk. Graham on the other hand was always going to take the opportunity to escape if given the chance. Cameron I personally believe will not survive 11 years, I presume will be at Maximum facility in perth, Guasarina. Graham by escaping i believe has sign his own death warrant, as commissioner has stopped or prison transfers ,this with Grahams crime all over the papers for crims to read, I have no doubt Grahams will be a target….


  8. any man who turns the key on another man should have to spend a night in a cell with one or two of these murderous or sexual deviots then they might see what its like to have no freedom prisoners are still human biengs get over it ex screws get a life


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