WA Senior Constable Dean Tapper charged with child sex offences

Here we have another copper thinking he was above the law. I have it from a good source in WAPOL no doubt disgusted with a colleagues behaviour, more charges may be laid.

A 44-year-old senior constable has been stood down and charged with having sex with an under-age girl

Fri 20 Dec 2013

Police Internal Affairs have charged  44-year-old Senior Constable Dean Tapper with child sex offences.

Dean Tapper from the East Metropolitan District, is facing two counts of Sexual Penetration of a child under the age of 16.

He has been stood down from duty. you would hope so

Mr Tapper was not requires to plead to the charges during a brief appearance in the Midland Magistrate’s Court.

He is due back in court in February

He recently transferred, I wonder if the above had anything to do with it?
East Metropolitan DFIO
Ellenbrook Police Station


7 thoughts on “WA Senior Constable Dean Tapper charged with child sex offences

  1. Yeah Robbo never ceases to amaze me how many coppers are out their raping kids ,I lost count for 2013 at 14 cops charged ,and one pig who held a gun to victims head while in uniform what a dog hey ! and that’s where the masons come in at the station and at court ,usually on full pay for 2 years and then dismissed or leave and evade punishment and scrutiny the law sucks ! I have a list for the stories al be it in reality triple what I know but that is the main stream liars by omission murdog and fagfax . Zionist’s ?


    • He now uses the name Dean Matthews and is photographing very young girls as he is administrator od facebook site AA model Mayhem . we have advised Police , he is due to appear in court October this year. He also goes by the name Sammy Dean and Dee-T Photography


  2. Hi aus50, wow you have some disturbing info there to share. I do agree on one thing, WA police have their fair share of bad eggs.
    WE cannot go talking about rape though. However let me say this
    I’m talking long term doubtful investigations and cover-ups, protection rackets, botched investigations as well as wider crimes that have gone un-investigated over a long period of time.
    Like South Australia which was infected with a culture of secrecy, protecting mates and really at the end of the day with all the bastards as they got older, Self preservation. That is from the highest judges and politicians and trickles down.
    It may never be known who really did what or covered up who.

    I can assure you though in 2014 with even the most vulnerable having a phone with a camera we will have much more “Evidence” than we ever had before.
    Maybe all these ancient bench sitters may find a reason to retire regardless of the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ on offer to stay rusted hard to the old institution of cover ups.

    I am certain some of these old pricks are lets say very keen to hear of learned colleagues sad passing.


    A Former Victorian Detective and Commando with ADF, who left the Victoria Police under a cloud of Corruption in 1998, is a former business partner of a Firearms Dealer, licenced by Victoria Police as a official Weapon Supplier to the Australian Defence Force. The ex Commando arm dealer has been questioned over weapons permit breaches and suspected Underworld Connections. He also has business or former military links with other Ex crack commando soldiers who are suspected associates of Mick Gatto or a close mate Jay Malkounof , Ex: Convicted Prisoner in a 1990,s Heroin Trafficking sydicate and former Boss of the Comanchero Outlaw Bikie Gang, Jay Malkoun is at present living in the Middle East. And his Brother Eli Malkoun is serving time in a Mexico Prison for Drug Trafficking?………..
    The Arms Dealing firm has won more than $ 3 Million Dollars worth of contracts with the ADF? since December 2009. While the firm has as far back as 2007 by Federal Government had special assault rifle heavy fire power permits?, but has been and labelled as a major recidivist for five times and once in 2008 in documented audits where there have been concerns of where those guns end up.? But it has still recieved over 90 high powered weapons permits since 2007. Investigations have found that Weapons had been improperly documented and two high powered assault rifles were missing for three years.? Later found in the possession of the military, after the Attorney- General,s Department, State Police Forces and Customs went looking for them? Australian Customs say that the Military Firearms Firm routinely gives limited detail on paperwork, making it hard to keep track of its export high powered military weapons.? Victoria Police continues to stand by its decision to licence the firm. The Firm has supplied the Australian Defence Force with 9mm Pistols, German- designed MP5 Sub-machine gun parts and assault rifle parts. The Government have unsuccessfully tried, because of court challenges, to confiscate some of the imports by the firm.???……..
    The Firms Director insisted that his firm business is all above board, and he no longer has any contact with the Former Victorian Detective, or the other ex solders who are mates with the Comanchero Outlaw Bikie Boss: Ex Prisoner Jay Malkoun……………….


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  5. This piece of filth – don’t even get me started. My daughter shared a house with him and my grand children were often left with him while she was out. There is no mention of the girl that he started dating after he attended her address for a complaint she made. He then smashed her head in the gutter and left her there bleeding. I know so much about this filthy dog. He goes back to court in October.


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